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yooo-lets-go · 15 days
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Some background character somewhere: is named John Kowalsky
Me: 👀👀😳🇵🇱🇵🇱🦅🇵🇱??
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Misja „Alone” to był po prostu szybki spacer po Sosnowcu
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archiviststar · 2 months
✨Cod characters as parents P2✨
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isabella-kr · 5 months
Hiii I saw your post about Gromsko and I was wondering if you would want to write for him🤍 is it possible you could do a fluff fic about him. Like maybe some cuddles with him. No rush at all and if you don’t want to write it that’s totally okay💕 have a wonder day or night 🌙
Hello!! First of, I’m so sorry this took so long! And second of, thank you so much for requesting! I hope you like this! I made this a GN reader because you didn’t specify, so I hope that’s alright!
Welcome Home
Do not repost
Synopsis: He was always exhausted when he returned home, but feeling her warm embrace him around him made him want to stay up just a little longer.
Pairing: Gromsko x GN!Civilian!Reader - second-person pronouns used
Warnings: None, just fluff
Word Count: 948
General Masterlist | COD:MWII Masterlist
Had to make my own gif for this… that’s how underrated he is 😔🤚
Tumblr media
He was tired, exhausted even. After weeks away on deployment, he wanted nothing more than to cocoon himself in his own bed – to feel the warmth of his soft duvet, to be enveloped by the floral scent of the laundry detergent, and to feel your soft fingertips against his skin once more. He was desperate to go back home, and when the sight of your small, shared home came into view, his heart began to race in his chest.  
The air was cold, and prickled on his skin when he got out of his car. His cheeks quickly turned a bright, pink colour and his nose began to feel numb as he made his way to the front door. His hands were slightly shaky when he pushed his key into the lock and twisted it, smiling at the satisfying click of the door unlocking.  
The warm air and smell of a home-cooked meal greeted him the moment he stepped foot inside his home, and he barely had time to put down his bag, let alone take off his shoes, before your excited figure rushed towards him. He welcomed you with open arms, eager to feel your warmth pressed against his as he nudged his nose against the side of your face. He shamelessly inhaled your scent, his shoulders relaxing and arms tightening around your form as he pressed a loving kiss against your cheek.  
God, he missed you.
Pulling away just enough to look at your face, he couldn’t help but grin once his eyes locked with yours. “You okay?” he asked, his voice soft, barely above a whisper.  
You nodded, eyes searching his face; he had a yellow bruise on his temple, and a faint cut above his lip. Even though there were many times when he returned looking worse than he did then, you couldn’t help but frown at the sight. “Are you?” you turned the question around.  
He breathed out a chuckle, “I’m fine,” he assured, pressing a quick kiss against your lips.  
“Would you like to go take a bath, the-”  
“Are you trying to say I stink?” his tone was light-hearted, and a toothy grin appeared on his face.
“Honestly?” you couldn’t help but laugh, “A little, yeah.”  
He feigned offence at your words, “Wow,” he shook his head at you, “Can’t believe you’d say that to me.”  
You sent him a look, rolling your eyes at his dramatics before speaking, “I was going to say the food isn’t done yet, so you might as well use this time to have a bath.” You placed your palms against his cheeks, and he practically melted into your touch, “And then you can go sleep... you look exhausted.”  
“Okay,” he wasn’t going to argue, only pressing another kiss to your lips before disappearing in the bathroom.  
The moment his sore muscles submerged under the hot water, he let out a sigh of relief. The warmth felt delicious against his body, and he could feel the knots in his neck begin to relax, the tension slowly leaving his tired and beat up body. He let his eyelids fall closed, and his lips parted slightly at the comfortableness he felt for the first time in what felt like months.  
The second he felt himself slipping, he shook himself back awake. If he was alone, he would have let himself fall asleep, but as relaxing as the hot water was, he would rather be with you. Pushing himself up, he moved to clean his body, slightly wincing whenever he pulled on his strained muscles.
When he made it to the kitchen, you were already waiting for him, a smile ever-present on your soft lips. He couldn’t help but mirror your expression as he happily sat down at the table. He only realised how truly starved he was when the food was placed in front of him, and he scarfed it down like an animal that hadn’t eaten in a month.  
You were happy to see him enjoy the food you made, but the way he inhaled it made you afraid the man was going to choke and die right in front of you. Pressing your hand against his shoulder, you urged him to slow down, “No-one’s going to take it from you,” you told him with a laugh.  
He snorted at your words, but in the end, he listened.  
It wasn’t long after he ate the food that he made his way to your shared bedroom, the exhaustion quickly catching up with him. Even when he tried to act as if he wasn’t tired – eager to spend more time with you – the purple circles under his eyes betrayed him.  
You followed him to the bedroom, and happily joined him under the covers when he asked, nay begged you to. It would be a lie to say you didn’t miss the way he held onto your form, pulling you impossibly close as if he needed to feel you beside him – needing to feel you to know that you were there, and that you were not leaving.  
You were laid on your back, and once your fingers drowned in his brown hair, he hid his face in your warm neck. His arm was securely wrapped around your torso, thumb drawing invisible circles on your skin after he pushed your shirt up just a little bit.
“I love you,” he whispered, his lips brushing against your skin as he spoke.  
You hummed happily, tilting your head to press a soft kiss against his forehead when you responded, “I love you, too.”  
He always slept best when he was next to you, your scent comforting him even in the state of unconsciousness.  
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shadow0-1 · 29 days
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Hammer meet skull
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gyarunie · 22 days
Made by bruised_peach on tik tok
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silesianangel · 3 months
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Hey besties I’m still alive and I’m coming back with yet another ✨Gromsko Headcanon ✨
|Gromsko x reader (platonic)|
I see Sobi as someone not really vocal about who is or isn’t his friends. But he show this in his actions. When he was still part of GROM task force he never said “this one or that one is my friend and I trust them”. Partly because I’m this kind of work it’s inappropriate, you aren’t there to make friends.
But instead, to show someone that he sees them as friend and trust them, he would do drinking ritual called “Brüderschaft”.
|A brüderschaft is a drinking ritual to consolidate friendship. Two people simultaneously drink a snifter each, with their arms intertwined at the elbows.|
You and Gromsko were on good terms, but you never knew how good. Teammates. You two were always seen together. Your best performances were always when you two worked together. You didn’t think much of it. Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Simple as that.
Well not for Sobi. He had a hard time adjusting to new team when he left GROM. But you made it more bearable for him, always smiling and cracking jokes with him, asking about his country and culture. He didn’t really trust anyone in the team. But you grew on him. And as always he didn’t know how to express it. Didn’t really know if he can.
So when you asked if he wants to go to bar with you and rest of the team, he thought it will be the best moment to show you how thankful he is.
The whole team was sitting at the table drinking and talking about not so important things as always when a little tipsy. Next round of pouring vodka, Gromsko raised his shot glass and said “Hey Żabka, wanna do Brüderschaft with me?”.
“Sorry a what now?” You asked confused. He slowly intertwined your arms as to not spill any of the alcohol. “You do it like that and then just drink”
“Haha okay but what for?”
He stopped for a second. Thinking. “Just for fun, come one Y/n”
Without a lot of thinking you did the drinking ritual with him and carried on with the night. Brüderschaft, you did a mental note to check it later on the internet because from what you know there is always more to what Gromsko says.
The night ended quickly, you really weren’t in the mood for drinking. When you reached your room and got into more comfortable clothes, you decided to check meaning behind this mysterious word. “… drinking ritual to consolidate friendship. “ Your heart melted because this means Sobiesław really likes you and it’s not just him being nice for the sake of it.
Later you will remember this day as the exact moment when your amazing friendship started.
HI SO YEAH ITS ABSOLUTELY NOT READ PROOF OR WHATEVER YOU CALL IT IM POSTING THIS AS IT IS. Hope you liked this idea. Whenever I’m drinking with my best friend we do this drinking ritual and I thinks it’s really cute and heartwarming idea. It really can strengthen your friendship, this nonverbal act of saying “you are my best friend and I would do anything for you”.
Aight I’m gonna dip now byeee 🥰🥰
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boringgothgamergirl · 6 months
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As a child, Sobiesław Kościuszko had nightmares of a winged soldier on an armored horse, a painting he frequently saw in his grandmother's living room. As he grew older, he learned that the soldier was a hussar and his nightmares became his dream.
Kościuszko was determined to bring his country the glory it enjoyed in the days of the Hussars and enlisted in the Polish Armed Forces hoping to join the Special Forces. After extensive medical training, he eventually passed the selections for the Jednostka Wojskowa 2305, or JW GROM. That is how he earned his nickname "Gromsko", made from the unit's name GROM, the first letter of his first name and the first two letters of his surname,
By 2022, Gromsko became a contractor for the SpecGru private military company.
Now don’t y’all dare ignore my baby 😭
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erzsebetrosztoczy · 2 months
Today's mood is me dying over Eastern European men again
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Pic credits goes to @namedlunagoddess 😁
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canwaym · 20 days
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It was a hit on Twitter, but maybe you guys will like them too. Your fav military men with neon cat edit by yours truly free to use
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
More yet to come, you can suggest whoever you would like me to do next~
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astr0nautspam · 1 month
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Two weeks later, I decided to do a redraw (and a fun thing with silhouettes.
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quietsimp · 5 months
I have a thought, Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley is seen as cold hearted and stoic and all of that WHICH i agree with bUt i also can’t help but think about the way he kept joking with Soap on that one mission AANNDDD the way he said “a huevo” to Alejandro when told not to get lost🤔🤔
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yooo-lets-go · 26 days
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Translation under the cut if you’re interested:
The name Sobiesław Kościuszko sounds like his parents quickly googled "Polish culture" as soon as he was born and then fed him nothing but pierogi his entire childhood
Top left:
“Avada kedavra kurwa”- “avada kedavra bitch!!”
Based on this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P1tE7S1F4-4
in the center:
“Bejba,” - phonetic spelling of the way our Eurovision singer Blanka sings the word “Babe” (people make fun of that)
Top right:
“MOJE OHV CHCE MIODU” - “my OHV ( engine) wants honey (motor oil?)”
Based on this video with old Polish cars: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=m_m0WFTAn0E
bottom left:
“nic się nie stało, Polacy, nic się nie stało” - „it’s fine, Poland, it’s fine”
A song, sung after our national football team loses a match (which is, unfortunately, often)
bottom right:
102 on the tank - reference to popular old Polish tv series “Four Tank-Men and a Dog”
their tank was called “Rudy 102” (rudy means red, like red hair)
Tumblr media
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archiviststar · 4 months
💛This is for you gorgeous @southernbluebellereader💛
Gromsko, sits next to them : You really have been through a lot, haven’t you?
Y/N : . . . More than you can possibly imagine.
Gromsko, takes their hand into his : Is there nothing I can do to ease the pain?
Y/N, looks at him : ……stay with me? Please? Just for a little while longer……
Gromsko, nods :
Gromsko, laid their head on his chest & softly caressing them : I’m here now. I’m not going anywhere. 🤗
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isabella-kr · 4 months
Polish!Reader: Co?
Gromsko: Jajco
I just know he says this any chance he gets
Translation for non-Poles:
Co? = What?
Jajco = egg
It’s basically something people say when you say ‘what?’ too many times or if they’re in a sour mood. Of course, some people say it just to say it💀
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solaredarisen · 5 months
Does Gromsko developed a fear of horses after he saw the hussar painting?
Like if everyone sit down and have a casual chat on why they joined the army, his answer gonna get the most weird look
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therealghostofsparta · 2 months
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Slavic boi
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