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includes: könig, ghosty pooh and price
Tumblr media
content: black fem!reader, penetrative sex, different positions, cream pie, slight power dynamics, hair pulling, nudes!, size differences, minor sub/dom themes, spanking (briefly hinted at), each individual has their own tags!
notes: FINALLY WRITING FOR VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS THAT DAY DREAM ABOUT DAILY😣 i feel like i just worked off a heavy load, please enjoy this though it was very short. i hopw with this i’ll feel more comfortable with writing for them, plus some more in the future! feedback is greatly appreciated 🫶🏽
Tumblr media
KÖNIG > missionary ☺️
| könig loves this position for many reasons, but his biggest reason for pinning your legs up by your chest, folding you in all the right ways, is because he absolutely adores looking at your face during sex. your praise, soft coos and gorgeous expression’s makes his cheeks burn out of embarrassment and how easy you make it to lust for you.
…“a little harder,” you pant and plead with the heavy man on top of you. könig has sharp ears and everything you say is responded to in little to no time. he’s come to learn that when you ask for it harder, you don’t mean fast and hard, but slow, and really sensual.
he realizes that he loves this position so much, because he loves seeing how much of his dick you can take, and he loves insatiable the both of you become.
his hips swing down harder, it’s skin to skin. your pussy takes all of him, but not without a little resistance. not without him knocking the air out of your lungs. your pants grow louder, and your body is getting pounded into the mattress with each of his thrust. you can feel him all in your stomach, placing all his weight into each individual thrusts. he’s itching to hear something though, forgetting that he’s fucking you absolutely senseless.
sometimes he hates that he likes this position so much, because when he ends up fucking you harder, listening to your every command— you lose all ability to respond. he’s fucking you relentlessly. making your body tremble, the words you can manage, rarely make sense; everything’s slurred. “come on, y/n? is’t good?”
“gimme something, please?”
he gives you those sweet, innocent puppy eyes of his. soft, warm kisses to your lips — that he ends up tugging on cause he loves, loves, loves your lips and how they make him feel… during other activities.
“‘s goo’” you mumble, your finger nails dig into the skin of his back, and you squeezing him in all the right places. könig grows so overwhelmed during missionary with you, he gets so loud and whiny. your pussy is the perfect fit, every ridge gets a feel, he scratches that itch so sweetly — he’s in so deep and won’t pull out. is the absolute king of ‘i tried to, really, i did, i just couldn’t you felt too good.” let’s not talk about how embarrassed he gets either, and how much he loves letting every single drop of cum empty out of his balls right into your pussy. do
and his eyes.!.!..!.!.!. puppy eyes all through missionary omg 🥺 <<< looks at you like that when you beg for his strokes to be not so deep
GHOST > doggy/backshots, asphyxiation, little bit of brat taming
| myself, personally, thinks that simon’s favorite position doggy. there’s something enticing about seeing how your ass and thighs ripple from each thrust, and hearing the sound of skin clapping together. and he definitely likes ass, no questions asked. him and his buddy price who i will get to next☺️
…simon has some obsession with being in control of many things. he needs answers, solutions and plans that keeps him in charge. but all that kinda goes away during sex. sex with you ends up being different. first your snobby, giving him attitude, then you’re begging for his attention, and then somehow you end up crying because he tends to get really aggressive and dominant when it comes to sex.
so it’s taken quite a while to find out how the both of you could find some common ground during the deed; which just so happened to be learned when you both tried doggy.
it keeps him grounded, the feeling of his fingers digging into your hips, being able to pull your hair, and all the ways he can finesse your body and make you feel just how pent up being GHOST gets him. hanging with dudes all day, and getting soft core nudes/videos from his s/o doesn’t make his days any easier. which explains why he comes through the door fuming, a bulge you can clearly see through his work pants and an irreversible silence.
he’s all big, strong, hot, an overwhelming and brute full man. he rarely gives you time to think, he’s pulling you onto his lap, tossing whatever spoon of food you have into the sink, parting your legs and stuffing two fingers into your mouth. then he’s filling you up with them. he’s stirring your insides with his fingers, just enough to get you wet and prepped, because every time you have sex with ghost, it feels like he’s reaching your throat. it feels like he’s stretching you out for the first time, “s-simon.”
AND HE’S LITERALLY CHOKING YOU. thick fingers pressing into the sides of your throat, tears streaking your eyes, yet, you’re getting wetter on his fingers. he love’s that look in your eye when you start to get a little dizzy. eyes rolling into the back of your head, and you’re so close to cumming on his fingers. don’t ask me why, and if i get into it i will lose my mind.
and little you just loves to tease. you like to cry and act all innocent when he’s getting ready to put it in. he lines up his tip, and he’s literally throbbing, his dick feels like it’s ready to burst. just thinking of putting it in makes him squeeze your ass a couple of times, but then you’re always moving around or shying away from it. he’ll spank you a couple times, “stop acting like a fucking brat, or i’ll fuck you like one.”
“mhmm,” one wiggle of your hips, “do it then.”
a mission he never takes lightly. your face is stuck in your pillow, moaning and whining as he fucks you like a slut. one foot up on the bed, your ass all up in his hands, your back hurts from how deep your arch is, but you find it physically impossible to deny how good it feels. on top of that it doesn’t take long for him to cum — in this position, but it takes him a while to get burnt out. which causes long nights of sex, and love making, and it leaves you bruised and fussy for the next couple of days until your begging for more, which is a common reoccurrence.
CPT. PRICE > reverse cowgirl, daddy kink 🪖
| now listen… price loves when his partner is in control of sex, not because he’s submissive, but he likes when you control your pleasure, and he’s a man who loves to please. just lay him down, hop on top and you won’t here the end of it, and he likes it in reverse cause he gets to play with your ass while you ride him.
“who’s daddy’s good girl?”
you sniffle, ruby red lip stick smeared all over your cheeks — puffy sore eyes from so many tears that bled black from your mascara.
“good girl, keep riding daddy’s dick just like that.”
he plops his hand down right on your ass, with one hand gently positioned behind his head as he falls in love with the view of your ass completely swallowing up his dick with each bounce of your hips. pussy managing to accommodate his girth, how’d he get so fucking lucky.
price is one helluva man, and he truly adores making you overstimulate yourself til you’re twitching on his cock, sensitive and bruised all over. every inch of you, from the fluff of your hips, to the dips in your back. when he’s doing anything, really, he likes to keep his hands on his pretty baby at all times, and he stands by that. it’s full on princess treatment with him.
but back to this position, price will gently tell you how he wants it, he’s a totally different man when he’s talking to you, but is nurturing about it. “let me help you, princess, gimme your hands.”
you pull your hands from his thighs and extend them backwards, and he will literally pull them back. hips pistoning up into you, carving his shape into you till you feel numb. it’s tiring, but he’s a soldier who’s done work far more excruciating. the moment he has your hands threaded among his own, your ass his big meaty thighs, that he definitely loves to see you sitting on, connect over and over. the sound of wet smacking, ‘plat plat’ ringing through out the room.
heeeee adores it! and will never not have sex without letting his favorite girl sit on her throne and take a sweet ride.
tagging: @p-powerr @blkcupid @takemichiluvr @lovelyyceleste @nneedynymph @privateparty3 @lemmetreatya @mochadollz @h3llokttybrat
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Tumblr media
The king's royal tiny booty
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"The Gentle Giant & The Mermaid"
König x GN|Y/N
Warnings: Fluff, Violence
Never trust humans.
That was a rule instilled into you from a young age, too many humans simply wanted to hunt your kind.
Taking innocent lives and treating their corpses like trophies.
Though no matter how careful- you were bound to some day make a mistake. Like so many others.
"There it is!!! Right there!!!"
Yells ripped through the night, you tried to dive back below the surface only to feel something tangled around your body.
Helpless screams did you no good, how you ended up in this scenario was blurry to begin with, a painful haze.
Hands grasping at your body and their skin felt so awful, it made you crawl with hate that these foul creatures dare touch you.
Thrashing desperately you finally broke free, though not before an unknown object was sank deep into your tail, blood billowing into the water around you as you swam away.
You laid in the sun leaned against a rock, the forest was peaceful along the shore near the creek. Nobody ever came out here so it was the perfect place.
There was some form of a harpoon lodged into your tail, hooked deep into your flesh. No matter how hard you tried you couldn't get it out.
Is this how you died? Like some sort of sad fish with a hook trapped in it's mouth?
Suddenly you were alarmed by heavy boot steps heading towards you, head snapping up and scooting closer to the waters edge- there he stood.
The biggest fucking man you have ever seen in your life.
His eyes met yours from behind his snipers hood, he looked absolutely dumbfounded as well at the sight of you- a mermaid?
An injured mermaid?
Your body tensed up naturally not trusting him, staring at him as though he was some horrid predator.
His gaze softened slightly as he studied your form, questioning how anyone could do that to you. He didn't know you but- he was aware of the tales of those who hunted mermaids for sport. He was certain this was the case for you as well.
"It's alright- I won't hurt you. I can help."
His offer sounded genuine and you didn't fail to pick up on that strong accent, you still didn't trust him but- what other choice did you have?
Either accept his help or lay here and accept your fate.
Slowly you nodded and he moved closer to you, squatting down he touched you in such a careful way. He slipped off his gloves to handle your wound.
His skin didn't feel the same- this touch wasn't the same. It didn't disgust you or make you feel hate- it was comforting.... Warm.
He's never handled a mermaid before so he was surprised by how smooth your scales were- he kind of expected them to be slimy like a fish.
The way they glinted and shined in the light was mesmerizing, his deep brown eyes never left them or your wound.
"This is going to hurt- a lot."
You took a deep breath and carefully he removed the harpoon, cautious to not cause any more damage to you.
It did hurt- so bad you thought you might pass out. Tears rolling down your cheeks as you choked out soft sobs, he did his best to talk you through it and comfort you.
Bringing out his med kit he tried to clean you up best he could and stitch you up, he wasn't sure if this was the right way to go about it- but he couldn't exactly bring you to a proper medic or something.
"It's okay. It's okay."
Finally it was over- your eyes drifted up to lock with his and you felt your breath hitch slightly.
Such a gentle giant.
"Thank you..."
You choked out softly and he simply nodded, it was difficult to look away from him. You couldn't stand the thought of not seeing him again.
You didn't know why but you were fond of this human- and he seemed fond of you as well.
"Can you come back to visit me?"
"I'll try."
{Yes- I HC König has brown eyes.}
{@a-small-writer-in-a-big-world @sofasoap }
{More Content}
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I’ve come back, but I am not the same cabbage as before. And for that, I am truly sorry.
Tumblr media
You know the drill— tap for ✨better quality✨
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honeymoon-ss · 2 days
toxic!konig pervy and reader who wears sundresses
"wear that, whore." he'll say, throwing a sunflower sundress at you. "kön- kön, i need a bra. and panties."
"no, you don't. because I'm not giving you one."
he loves making you dependent on him.
"oh- oh, okay, kön, baby. thank you for my clothes, kön." you smile kissing his cheek. "s fine. get changed and go cook." he demands.
you nod and get over to the kitchen. 10 minutes later, you've began to serve up his breakfast. "kön! your eggs are done!" you shout. he walks out of the bedroom, silently walking out behind you, sticking his hand up the dress. you squeak when his cold hand grabs your ass. "Ah-! Kön- kön, u..uh your..your food."
"then you can fucking cook me another breakfast, can't. you."
"y-yes, sir."
@lillianastuff @lucyisdoingfine @madamemelancholysstuff @hearts-for-mason @kristopher-1105 @handholdinghomie @fartybraind
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luwuca · 3 days
To be honest I think the fact that König despite of being rejected from the Snipers STILL chased his dream,even if only by wearing a sniperhoodie is the most important thing about this whole affair. He made it himself and decided to wear this part of him with pride,isn't that really inspiring and beautiful? I think it is ❤️👑 He deserves the world.
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so tiny~
(könig x gn! reader)
Tumblr media
a/n: had a fever dream and I just HAD to write this 🤭
cw: dead dove do not eat, just filthy smut, mention of being fuckbuddies, possessive sex, size difference, tummy bulge, claiming, fucking while unconscious, cumming inside without permission, noncon near the end, mention of kidnapping
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“S-So fuckin’ tiny~..” König never failed to choke out every time that he pushed inside of you. It was like a tradition now, praising how tight and small you were compared to the massive, hulking man on top of you.
You never failed to shed a tear every time he pushed in, his cock practically breaking you apart the first time. It luckily had gotten easier, but your hole still struggled to take him every time. He made you cum better than anyone else ever had, so it was all worth it in the end.
This time, he was too excited to wait for you to adjust before thrusting his hips, his dog tags jingling softly from his pace. Your moans made him growl, burying himself deep inside to watch your belly bulge from his massive cock. He loves doing that, your moans get so loud and cute!~
He suddenly presses your knees to your chest, making you squeal as he fucks into you over and over. König huffs, biting lovingly into your calf as he watches his big dick disappear into your hole and reappear again, his hips kissing yours every single time just to hit that spot that he knows makes your eyes roll back.
“Mmh… gonna cum in you this time- you’ll be mine-“ The giant man grunts, his grip on your thighs even tighter as he quickens his pace. Your veins run cold. He’s never done that before. You two agreed that this was just a hookup thing, not anything serious!! You try to pull yourself away from him, your legs pushing off of his broad and scarred shoulders.
“Ah ah!” He shouts, pausing his relentless thrusts to hold your down at your arms, his leg coming around and hooking his knee over your leg to keep you from kicking too much. Sweat dripped from his rough skin, mixing with yours as he descended onto you once again.
“M’ sorry… I jus’ need you so bad…” He slurs slightly, a telltale sign that he was close to cumming. He resumes the desperate thrusts of his hips, managing to pound against your sweet spot with every stroke. “Mine, mine, mine~” He chanted, punctuating every slap of his skin to yours with a claiming note. You couldn’t stop yourself from cumming all over him, gushing and shaking as he fucks you through it to reach his own high.
König’s end came quickly, his thick and hot cum spilling into you like a waterfall as his shaky hips press against yours to keep it all inside. “Alles meins…~” He whispers into your ear, his breath heavy from his orgasm. His grip stays, his fingers digging into your skin just to feel it under him. You belong here. Right here, under him. All pretty and full for him~
His eyes were blown wide, staring at your beautiful figure as he started to move again. He didn’t need long to cool down, he was so insatiable when it came to you! Orgasm upon orgasm wracked your little body, sending you into cockdrunk stupor with your eyes barely open; and even then, König refused to stop using your pretty hole. You were long unconscious, but he was still chasing that high of the crown of his cock catching on you and sinking in. He lived for that, his head falling back from how tight and perfect you are.
He planned to never let you leave. You are his, and you’ll be happy, he knows it.~
Tumblr media
~i do not condone yandere behavior/noncon irl~
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inhan---inhan · 2 months
Tumblr media
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crimsonbubble · 3 months
cw. nsfw, gn!reader, implied short reader, size kink, mention of being drunk, creampie *not proofread, just pure horny
[mayhap twt and lucy influenced this @lucyisdoingfine]
Tumblr media
Konig loves using his height to his advantage. so when he listened to your drunk mumbling about how easy it is for him to move you as he pleased and how you wanted something more, who was he to deny you?
that's how you ended up where you are, not even a day later.
your toes barely grazed the ground as Konig had you bent over your kitchen table. your nails scratch at the wood, eyes rolling back when Konig pressed into your g-spot. his hands are gripping your hips tightly, practically bruising as he pistons his hips.
you're reduced to a puddle of lewd moans and cries, desperately trying to regain the balance that Konig took away. Konig can't help but let out short whiny breaths and an occasional deep grunt each time he feels your hole clench and pulse around him.
Konig leans down, pressing sloppy kisses to your back as he held your hips against his. pushing in as deep as your body will allow him, to spill his thick seed into you. he rested his forehead on your shoulder blade as his cock twitched and pulsed in your stuffed hole.
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archiviststar · 5 months
Y/N : I’m so hot. *standing in front of electric fan*
König : Yes you— I mean— yeah. Yeah its- its hot in here.
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dropped-their-sniper · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
if you enjoyed this set, please reblog!
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judethejudas · 6 months
Asking them on a date— Ghost and König Imagines
How would the boys react to you asking them on a date? How do they behave on the date? It’s quite fluffy.
Tumblr media
- He’s shocked. Shocked and embarrassed, only because he’s never been asked out before.
- He’s immediately ridden with anxiety and deathly afraid he’ll disappoint you.
- But he agrees, a very quiet ‘yes’ is what he gives you.
- It’s dinner at his place. You know how he gets so shy in public that you’ll give him a home field advantage.
- He’s beyond relieved you suggested his place, but still nervous that he has to vigorously clean his apartment to make it spotless for you.
- He’s an incredible cook and he knows it, but he’s cooking for you so it HAS to be perfect. No room for flaws.
- He dresses nicely but he’s not overdressed. He wears his good dress shirt and slacks— which he still frets about because what if he looks ridiculous?
- When you see him, you tell him he looks very handsome and all his worries about himself are gone. You look incredible yourself and he definitely lets you know— very quietly and shyly though.
- König is a perfect gentleman. He takes your coat and pulls your chair out, offers you any beverages aside from the wine at the table.
- Of course he’s still quiet and sometimes stumbles on his words when he speaks but you don’t poke fun at him. And he greatly appreciates it.
- You gush about dinner and how delicious it is, König has to hide his little smile at that.
- The more wine he has, the more talkative he is. He’s less shy and expresses his interest in you, showing attentiveness when you speak, and talks about himself too if you ask him a question. Hardly a stutter.
- Soon you’re both wasted on wine and decide to sit on the couch. It’s only when you’re a bit more touchy with him that his blush returns.
“Are you alright, König?” You ask him, leaning in so closely to inspect the red tint on his cheeks. You’re painfully unaware of how close you are to him and it’s driving König insane.
“I-I’m alright, I swear..”
“Hm..” You squint your pretty eyes at him and see that the tips of his ears are pink too. “I don’t know, I feel like you have a fever coming on.”
You lean closer to his ear and he feels your wine ridden breath touch him. He has to suppress his shiver and turns his head away.
“I’m not sick.. I’m just..”
“Just what, König?”
He feels your fingers holding his chin and turning his face to you, and his eyes widen slightly in surprise.
“I…” He starts, but can’t find the words to describe how he’s feeling. He’s so lost in your eyes and the blush only intensifies. The wine is messing with him. One side fights to show you a confident man, the other wants to remain timid.
One of them wins this round.
Without thinking, the confident man in him kisses you.
You’re the one who’s surprised now and you gasp into the kiss.
He mistakes it for displeasure and immediately pulls away, going back to his shy personality.
“I’m so sorry, I should have asked for permission first-“
You quickly cut him off by kissing him and he falls back from the force, now laying on the couch with you on top of him. His eyes are wide in shock but he’s happy, so happy you like him too.
The two of you continue to kiss, with your hands gently stroking his chest and shoulders while his own nervously hold your hips.
But he’s not overthinking for once. There are so many things he could be worrying about but he refuses to ruin this moment.
Then you pull away and stare into his eyes, both of you panting quietly.
“Do you really feel the same way..?” He breathes out.
And you kiss him again.
Of course you feel the same.
Tumblr media
- He could tell how nervous you were when you asked him on a date. How could he say no to that?
- He plays it cool, giving you a ‘sure, sounds like fun’ and you nearly die on the spot.
- In reality? He’s not used to dating. He prefers his own company and because of his past, he doesn’t want to burden anybody. So he never gets into anything serious. He’s more confident in the field with his teammates, but alone? With somebody? He’s a tad bit afraid.
- His social skills aren’t up to par, but he fakes it until he makes it. He’s confident but doubting himself on the inside.
- He’s going in casual attire, nothing fancy or else he feels as if he’s performing himself.
- You invited him to your place for dinner and he can tell you put a lot of effort into it. He thinks it’s so cute.
- Dinner is amazing and he tells you that, he hasn’t had a home cooked meal in so long so it’s much more special to him.
- You both chat and eat, mostly about how difficult it is to maintain and separate your civilian lives and the military. He’s happy he’s not alone in that. You both feel comfortable just being at the base and being with the team. It’s hard to connect to anyone outside of work.
- Ghost is a hard man to read and he knows you’re nervous the whole time. He hardly makes facial expressions and his voice is one toned. He worries inwardly about that but doesn’t show it. All he could do was hope you think he’s being genuine in his compliments and what he says to you. He just doesn’t know how to change.
- After dinner, you’re both on the couch with glasses of wine— continuing to chat with each other. He’s hoping the alcohol will make it easier for him to express himself. It does not.
- The wine doesn’t relax you either, if anything, you’re even more shy now. It was only when you didn’t want to look at him that he decided that this had gone far enough.
“You know I like you, right?”
You’re shocked at his words and nearly choke on your wine.
You quickly look at him after he says that, seeing his flat expression and hearing that monotone voice.
No way. He can’t possibly feel the same as you do.
“Are you sure?” You blurt out. And mentally slap yourself for asking such a dumb question. All you could do was berate yourself in your mind and tell yourself he doesn’t like you. His expression says it all and so does his voice. You have to look away again and lose yourself in lack of confidence.
You don’t even notice him moving closer.
“(Y/n).” He says, in a strangely softer voice than usual. It startled you and you silently gasp, seeing how close he is to you now.
You feel his hand taking the glass from your hand and putting it on the coffee table.
That’s when you’re looking into his eyes and he’s staring right back at yours. You see the emotion there, the softness he held for you. It wasn’t about the facial expressions or how he sounds. You were focusing on the wrong things.
He does like you.
His calloused hand comes up to hold your cheek and neither of you speak a word. You let yours and his actions do the talking now.
You both connect your lips together.
He’s gentle with you at first, showing that he doesn’t want to intimidate you or ever mean to. After a while, he shows more passion and interest by deepening the kiss and you have to lay back— with him crawling on top of you.
You feel him smiling in the kiss but you don’t dare open your eyes, you only let him show his emotions the way he’s comfortable doing it.
The tears dampen your lashes as you’re overwhelmed with joy.
You know he’s feeling the same.
Hope you guys enjoyed— by the way I do take requests. I’m just a slow writer so you have to be patient-
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loneghostwolf · 3 months
Tumblr media
looking for something?
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cod-dump · 16 days
Ghost: Price, you need to fix this pothole
Price: It’s not that bad, Simon
Ghost: König get in the hole
König: Was?
Ghost: Get. In. The. Hole.
König: A-Ah, yes lieutenant
Ghost: See how our favorite giant’s head is BARELY sticking out?!
Price: maybe it’s a little bad-
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moonshinemusings · 6 months
Call of Duty (mw2) characters as text posts (Pt.2)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Finding good pictures of some of these guys should be an extreme sport tbh
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ohoh-inmortal · 1 month
Random König headcanons <3
Fluff! And NSFW under the cut.
Raised by women vibes, has two older sisters who would use him as their living doll and dress him up
100% malewife
Most of his scars are actually from his childhood because he was one of those kids who couldn't spend a day playing without getting hurt
Loves to bake and it's actually good at it.
He's very aware of his strength, but not his size. Like he knows he has to be careful when closing jars, shaking hands, hugging or when he gives someone a pat on the back but he's always stumbling and bumping into furniture because most houses/bases are so small compared to his that no matter how much time he spends in them he never gets used to it.
He was that boy who sits at the back with headphones and wears all black in his teenages (he may or may not also had long hair)
Kitten sneeze. It made you laugh when you first heard him because how the fuck someone of his size makes such an adorable noise unintentionally
Loves head scratches.
Very little experience. May have tried it with someone in his teens but since both were virgins and he was so big they settled on giving him a handjob
Later on when he was already an adult he carried with all the years of exclusion and bullying, so he was very self conscious and didn't even tried. Also since he joined the military he hadn't much time to anyways.
The few times he would go out some people would approach him very bluntly, fetishizing his height and how big he was. Of course he'd hate it, it was clear they only wanted him for that and nothing more.
He still needed some form of release, so he would jerk off when he feel like it.
Not a porn guy, prefers reading steamy stuff than actually watching it.
But once you and him start to actually do this? He's insatiable, it doesn't take much for him to get super horny.
You look at him fondly for a little too long? My man already has a bulge in his pants. You're cuddling and your ass barely brushes his crotch? He's already grinding against you.
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