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This one was a hit on the groupchat
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
’why would you bust open my window...’
‘you locked the door and we ran outta milk.’
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Cod - You use the safeword
Requested: Yes [hiii i’m actually dying for angry sex with the 141 boys/könig where the reader uses their safe word (i am not at all projecting my need to feel protected/cared for that is ridiculous.) (yes i am.)]
Warnings: A smidge of angst but mostly just some soft boys taking care of you
A/N: In which I reach the tag limit for the first time
Price isn’t surprised when you use your safe word, having already been observing the way you seemed to be gradually getting more and more uncomfortable and stressed. So he pulls away without a fuss, shushing you softly as he wraps you up in a blanket, leaving the room only to come back a moment later with some tea and snacks to help you get your energy back. He’ll gently cup your cheeks in his big hands, pressing soft kisses to your forehead and shoulders as he tells you how good you did for him.
Tumblr media
Gaz is definitely surprised when you use your safeword, and his poor pleasure drunk mind literally doesn’t comprehend anything for a moment, so he’s frozen above you, brows furrowed as he tries to remember what that word meant again. But then it finally clicks with him and he’s so gentle as he pulls out, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead as he turns you both to be laying on your sides, your head tucked under his chin as he rubs up and down your back to soothe you.
Tumblr media
A pause, then a nod and a grunt before he’s pulling back. He’s more than a bit unsure of what to do. He knows he should comfort you but he doesn’t know how exactly to do that so he simply stands up and grabs a rag and a warm bowl of water, his hands oh so gentle as he helps clean you up. Anything you ask for, you’ll get it. Your wish is his command. Whatever snack, drink, or action you want, he’ll provide.
Tumblr media
Soap is startled by your use of your safe word, giving you a look that resembled a concerned puppy as he carefully pulled away, his eyes carefully examining you for any physical injuries. If he finds any, he’ll never forgive himself. He’ll hold it over his own head forever. But if there isn’t any then he’s relieved, massaging your thighs and then your back, kissing at the back of your neck.
Tumblr media
Alejandro blinks, stilling above you, voice gentle and soothing as he asks you to repeat yourself. He hums when you do, pressing sweet kisses on your face as he asks you what you need from him. He’s so gentle with you now, murmuring sweet things in Spanish in your ears, holding you to his ever warm body, firm but loose enough that you could wiggle away if you became uncomfortable.
Tumblr media
Rudy looks at you with concern when you utter your safeword, asking you repeatedly if you’re alright as he helps you get clean with a warm washcloth, nuzzling his nose against your cheek. Rudy will probably set up your favorite movie and get a variety of snacks for you to enjoy as you both wind down, his head in your lap as he keeps glancing up to check on you every few minutes.
Tumblr media
König jolts away like he’s been burned, apologies already on his lips as he cups your face in his hands, his eyes wide and puppy-like, already letting himself be guilt tripped by the voices in his head. If you try and reassure him then he just feels guilty, shaking his head as he kisses your knuckles and palms before getting up to get you some comfy pajamas and then orders your favorite take out.
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Ok hear me out;
Ghost + voice kink but we uno reverse that shit and he’s got a kink for your voice
Here me out pt 2; in the reboot it’s established that Ghost prefers solo missions. Mayhaps he’s got some military overwatch thing where someone’s at base observing via imaging, cameras, etc, and acting as an extra pair of eyes and ears. Reader digs him out of a shit situation and he’s like “cheers love I owe you a drink”
He’s got no idea what you look like, and of course you know his get up so when you see him in a bar you mind your business- the behind the scene workers don’t usually intermingle with the soldiers too much, and you thought it was just a show of appreciation and therefore have zero intention of hitting him up for that offer.
Until you go to the bar and order yourself one, and all you hear behind you is “I’d recognize that voice anywhere- told you I owed you a drink.”
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141 + los vaqueros with reader who is VERYY flexible ifykyk
So many of my requests are like a month old sorry guys if I haven't gotten to yours it'll be there soon. Headcanons , Gender neutral reader , slight nsfw mentioned , Minors DNI.
Tumblr media
Cpt. John Price
When he found out how flexible you really were, he wasn't as surprised as you'd think he'd be.
If he'd help you stretch before sparring, he looks at how your muscles stretch along with your body.
Insists on giving you massages for your his sake.
If you're bottoming during sex, he'd pull you like a puppet just to see how far you can go before breaking.
Simon " Ghost " Riley
He was never super flexible himself.
He had muscle mass, so he never required to be sneaky or climb around like a spider. [yo spiderman Ghost AU??]
But I feel like he'd try out yoga atleast twice in his life, so if you already do it, invite him along.
When you ride him, he's fascinated at the way you can move your body to express how good you actually feel.
John " Soap " MacTavish
Little fuckin demon.
Constantly makes teasing comments on how you can move your body in several ' positions ' and ' maneuvers '
Sometimes he'll just sit there for awhile after working out and watch you practice takedowns using your flexibility as an advantage.
Gets so turned on when it doesn't hurt you when he twists you around like a wild animal, so he'll just have to break you some other way.
Kyle " Gaz " Garrick
My lil pretty boy
He's super curious, so he'll ask whatever questions that come to his mind about you.
" Does it ever hurt? " " Do you have any disadvantages cause of your stretchiness? "
Puts your legs so far up during missionary while he bites on your shoulder and gives you silent praises.
Alejandro Vargas
Feels along your muscles after you workout to ' feel for any strains. '
Pure bullshit btw. He just wants to feel up on you but he does want to check if you're okay.
Loves doggystyle, so he likes seeing how much your back can arch when he shoves your face into the pillow to muffle your moans.
Rodolfo " Rudy " Parra
He barely notices your freakish flexibility.
Only realized once when you were sparring with him and you managed to pin down his biceps with your knees while bending back to keep his thighs still.
He didn't being pinned down like that turned him on.
Loves the Lotus position, so your skills are a mutual gain. Helps him make sure you're not hurting whenever he fucks up into you roughly or grabs onto you tightly.
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Hii, request for König, railing you so hard in pronebone you gasp and cry for him but he insists, and he talks you through it all the time(dirty talk, praising, whatever you prefer) thank you 🥰
"Focus Next Time"
König x Fem|Y/N
Warnings: Smut, Dacryphilia, Kinda Dub-Con?, Unprotected P in V, Praise Kink, Dirty Talk, Doing it in an inappropriate time and place lmao
He was supposed to be helping you, giving you proper pointers and advice-
Instead here you laid beneath his hulking form, dick buried so deep into your poor weeping cunt as he pounded into you. Desperate body pinned between him and the hard ground, cries falling on deaf ears as he kept going.
"Shhh... You're doing so well. Just stay focused."
He proceeded to whisper instructions in your ear, occasionally grunting a little and murmuring softly in German.
"Fuck... Maus."
"König- please..."
His grip on you only tightened on you as you pleaded with him.
"Just be good for me... Taking me so well."
He couldn't deny that seeing your tears gave him a thrill, everytime you clenched on him or begged. Something about having you so helpless beneath him got him going.
How was he supposed to resist you when you got into position so perfectly? Such a pretty view couldn't be wasted.
"Good girl... Just like that."
Eyes blurred from tears and the feeling of him, just him taking over all your senses. He slid his hand down and began toying with your clit making your eyes roll back.
"O-Oh god... Oh god... S'too much..."
Your moans and sobs egged him on as he rubbed rough circles on your clit, by this point you had completely forgotten what you were supposed to be doing... You could worry about that later.
"We need to work on your focus, schatz..."
He knew damn well he was the problem- and he loved it. Finally urging you into your orgasm watching you totally fall apart.
He came soon after flooding your tight hole full, pumping a few more times for good measure before pulling out. Admiring the mess he made of you before promptly tugging your pants back up.
"König I can't just walk around with-"
He chuckled as he adjusted his dick back into his own pants, the sound of them fastening back in place.
"Of course you can, Maus. Don't you like being filled to the brim?"
He hummed softly and tilted his head.
"Focus next time."
"Next time?!?"
{This has sat in my drafts so long. Idk why but I just am not satisfied with how it turned out lol.}
{More Content}
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Tumblr media
I keep forgetting Tumblr exists, pardon me 🫠
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blackssuunn · 2 days
hiii !! i’ve loved ur writing so much and it genuinely brings me so much comfort <3 i had a question, if u do take requests, may I ask for a angst / comfort of some darker topics? i’ve had this idea in my head for so long. the reader has self harm scars and is scared to have intimate time with simon as they think he may not understand. simon however thinks he is the problem and the reader just isn’t attracted to him and his scarred body. like a misunderstanding via mutual fear and it ends with both of them having a heart to heart then intimate time idk u don’t have to at all i just adore ur work it’s so wonderful
Tumblr media
Hello! Thank you so much, your words mean a lot to me hon. I hope you like this <3
By memory.
Warnings: mentions of sh scars, implied past self harm, insecure Simon, insecure reader, angst, hurt/comfort, suggestive themes, mentions of scars by bullets/knifes/surgery, happy ending.
Tumblr media
He tries his best to not let it get to him, at first.
He doesn’t know the reason, after all. It's not like he has approached you about it, sat down with you and talked, like he should. So he swallows it down and forces himself to ignore it.
It's not like he can't live without... sex, not really. Maybe you're not that into it, not that into him. And that’s okay, right? It's okay.
It doesn’t help the constant ache inside his chest though.
"Everything okay?" You ask him, low and soft, wrapped around him in bed.
He swallows, willing the thoughts out of his head. "Yeah, all okay."
He squeezes you tighter to him, and acts like he doesn’t notice how you keep your hips from touching him.
Simon is warm. He always is, no matter if it’s winter or spring. And even when you're dripping from sweat, when even breathing feels like too much in summer and not enough in autumn, him and his heat are always there.
But you wonder sometimes, if it would stay that way if he found out.
You're terrified of the outcome, absolutely petrified by the possible consequences or even the idea of him leaving you over it. Your logic part tells you he would never do that simply because he's not that kind of person, but most of the time the irrational thoughts win, and you’re so scared of seeing disappointment or something worse on his face that it stops you from talking about it. You’re not sure he will understand, not sure if he will take the time to pull away from judgement so he can see what they mean, where they come from. You don’t want to risk it.
But you're starting to think he may have already noticed, judging by the way he draws a bigger gap between you by the day. He's more serious-and you didn’t think it possible-, more distant and quiet. The smiles he gives you don’t reach his eyes, the hand on your back when you're walking is barely there, his kisses are not as deep. He's withdrawing, and the piercing pain inside your chest is worse than you imagined.
But still, at night when the lights are off and it feels like before, you can close your eyes and pretend nothing is happening.
He's standing in front of the mirror not even five minutes after you leave his flat.
He takes off his shirt, his pants, stands just in boxers and ignores the scarred face that stares back at him, because it's the only part of his body that you've never hesitated loving.
He runs his hands through his chest. He has a bullet wound scar right beside his nipple, a knife one that runs from his last rib to the edge of his hip. A third part of his left side, almost at his back, has the remants of a third degree burn that almost took him to Hell. There's also a line that crosses his clavicule from a surgery that put it back together, and the skin is pink at the edge of his shoulder when just pushing his arm back in place wasn’t enough.
He doesn’t understand why, but he has more marks on his right leg than anywhere else. A strip of skin lighter than the rest runs up his shin, his knee has a white patch that takes up more than half of it and hurts when it’s cold outside, a pink line is wrapped around his calf. He has 2 different bullet scars on his thigh, a knife scar inside that is not that old, a small dent almost touching the crease of his hip where a chunk of meat was cut off. He only has a fucked up left ankle and a line dividing his thigh on his left leg.
His arms are full of scars left by knives and cigarettes. He doesn’t even try to count them or recall where they come from, they're too many.
His eyes burn a little. Are they too many? Too much? He always tried to think they were almost like medals, like proof of him doing a good job and coming out alive. But if you don't like them, if you can’t wrap your head around his body being so marked up, what good can they be?
He sits down on the floor and stares straight into his own eyes. At least you love that, he supposes.
"Aren’t you hot?" He asks you softly, walking hand in hand with you in the middle of summer and sweat dripping down his brow.
You don’t turn to look at him, opting for just shaking your head. In truth, you're almost asphyxiating from the heat. Your pants are making you itchy, the long sleeve is sticking too much to your skin, every breath you take feels like inhaling fire. But what are you supposed to do? Wear shorts so he can see the lines of scars? Pull your sleeves up and risk yourself to rejection?
"I'm okay," you tell him, rubbing your thumb against his palm. You see him smile slightly from the corner of your eye, but it looks so forced you're glad you didn't turn.
He's wearing all black, but definitely more weather appropiate clothing than you. His shorts reach his knees, and the short sleeved shirt clings to his body so perfectly you have to stop yourself from staring.
His scars are on display, too. You want to touch them, ask how he got them and kiss them in a silent thanks for bringing him back to you. He’s so beautiful, he looks gorgeous against the sun and sweaty, frowning at everything and nothing and relaxing only when he looks at you.
But you're so afraid. You're scared of things getting heated like always and having to stop and see his dejected face, only for him to tell you that it's okay and hug you until the pain subsides.
"I want ice cream," you request, hugging his arm and ignoring the way he tenses. "Can we get ice cream?"
He kisses the top of your head. "Whatever you want."
He leads you through the park and buys you the biggest cone they have. His smile is genuine again. It's so easy to act like everything is okay.
He shatters your heart in the most unexpected way possible.
He's in your flat this time, with you sitting on his lap and his hands running up and down your back while you make out. His breathing is jagged, you can feel how excited he is through your clothes, he has his eyes closed and his face flushed.
But when his fingers try to get under your shirt, you stop him.
Everything stands still for a few seconds. You don’t say anything and neither does he, but his palms lay flat on your back and he has hidden his face on your chest.
"Just tell me," he mutters. His voice is dripping with frustration and what you think is disappointment. You swallow.
"Tell you what?"
He knows, doesn’t he? He knows, he just wants you to tell him so he can stop pretending. Your eyes get filled with tears.
"Tell me you don’t want me," he says, voice breaking in the middle. It gives you whiplash, you don’t understand where this comes from. Why did he say that?
"What do you mean?" You ask him, confused. You try to pull his head away from your chest, but he doesn't let up. You feel your shirt get wet.
"If-if you don't want me, that's okay," he tells you, so afraid his voice shakes. "I get it, just don’t do this to me anymore."
You can feel your heart turn into dust when you hear his words.
That's what he thinks? That you don’t want him?
It dawns on you when he clutches your shirt between his fingers. That's what you've made him think by pulling away, by not telling him the truth. He thinks he's the problem.
You take a deep breath. "Simon?"
He doesn’t answer. You envelope his hands with yours, and move them until they're at the edge of your shirt again. "Help me get this off."
Finally, his head snaps up. His eyes are red, his face is wet and he looks so astonished a nervous laugh leaves your lips.
"You don’t have to if you d-"
"I want to."
He doesn’t insist. You can feel your hands shake when he pushes your shirt up, slow and hesitant. But you don’t let him stop, and he never looks away from you.
Once it's off, your entire body is shaking. He squeezes your hands, not understanding where your fear is coming from but still looking for a way to make it better. It makes you smile.
You move his hands to the seam of your pants, standing up so he can pull them down. He gulps, but his eyes never leave your face.
"Just promise me you won’t leave," you plead. He frowns, almost angry by your words. But he knows that's the last thing you need, so he keeps that to himself.
You do it quickly, pushing it down with his hands without stopping to think too much in case the fear wins and you change your mind. You're standing in just your underwear right in front of the man you love, feeling so naked and bracing for the worst.
When you see him notice them, it’s not rejection you catch, it’s sadness.
He doesn’t let go of your hands, but he moves until they're at your hips. He pulls you closer, until you're milimiters away from his face.
Then, he kisses your thighs.
He kisses and kisses and kisses until tears run down your cheeks. He grabs your arms and kisses your wrists too, with such reverence and love that you can't understand how you ever thought he would do otherwise. He traces every line and kisses it like it's the most precious thing in the world. Not a single part of them goes without a touch of his lips. A weight has been lifted off your shoulders, he banished it.
"You're still here," he whispers against your skin. "You're here with me, that's all that matters."
You brush his hair back, moving him so you can sit on his lap again. He lets you, leaning back and staring at you with pools of adoration inside his eyes. His hands end up flat on top of your thighs, tracing circles to calm you down.
"I do want you," you tell him, tracing the scars on his face. "You're the most beautiful person I've ever seen, Simon, and I want you like crazy. I was just..."
"Afraid," he finishes. You can see he understands, can see him get what was really going on. You nod.
"It didn’t feel like it," he explains, looking down. "I get it now, but it felt like you didn't like how I am."
You wrap your arms around his shoulders, and he pulls you closer until you're flush against each other. "I'm sorry."
He takes a deep breath, letting go of all the ideas that had been simmering for so long. It's okay now.
"I understand."
You pull back to cup his face in your hands, giggling when he smiles and you catch his dimples. This is your smile.
You start kissing him again, soaking in his heat and his love. You try to pour into it how much you love him, how happy he makes you.
His hands squeeze your skin, climbing up until they're at your hips. He squeezes again, making you rub against his legs. He groans.
"Take off your shirt," you ask him, breathless.
"I'm full of scars," he whispers against your lips, hesitant.
"Then let me love them," you tell him, "let me thank them for bringing you back to me."
He takes a shaky breath, and nods.
He doesn’t doubt you want him anymore, lets you touch and ask all you want about the marks he has.
You learn them all by memory.
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cabbag35 · 2 days
I’ve come back, but I am not the same cabbage as before. And for that, I am truly sorry.
Tumblr media
You know the drill— tap for ✨better quality✨
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soaps-loverrr · 1 day
141 + König sleeping HC’s
Not proof read
Tumblr media
Johnny ‘Soap’ MacTavish:
-He’s a heavy sleeper.
-and very rough.
-He’ll sleep through every single one of his alarms
-It takes you about 30 minutes to finally wake him up😭
-mumbles a lot in his sleep.
-one time you woke up because Johnny hit you in the face as he was moving around
-you got a bloody nose from it
Tumblr media
Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley:
-complete opposite of Soap
-he’s a fairly light sleeper
-he does mumble a little here and there but not much
-doesn’t move around much
-has a lot of nightmares
-sometimes he wakes up crying because of them
-will wake up if you even move just a little bit
-needs the room to be freezing in order for him to sleep
Tumblr media
-full on sleep talker
-you’ll wake up to him talking about how much he loves you
-it’s the cutest thing ever
-can’t sleep without you in the bed with him
-snores a little, not too much though
-absolutely lovesss sleeping on top of you
-has a lot of weird dreams
-often laughs in his sleep
-moves around a lot
Tumblr media
John Price:
-snores very loudly
-sometimes you can’t even sleep because of it
-doesn’t really like cuddling but he will if you want to
-gets hot easily
-like Ghost, he needs the room the be freezing for him to be able to sleep
-literally has no dreams at all
-will wake up to his first alarm but falls back asleep and sleeps through the other ones lmao
-falls asleep pretty fast
Tumblr media
-Like Soap, he’s also a Heavy sleeper
-can’t sleep without you laying on top of him
-or him laying on top of you
-snores here and there, not too loud though
-mumbles every 10 minutes or so
-moves around a lot
-sometimes you’d wake up freezing because König had pulled all the covers off of you
-it was pretty hard trying to pull it back
-if he wakes up to you trying to get some of the covers back he’ll apologize and wrap you in the blanket and pull you closer to him
Requests are opened!!
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Ghost lost and mourned his family. He was certain he will never have something like that again.
Until the first Christmas he agreed to spend together with 141 and not hide in his baracks for the whole holiday season. Soap convinced him, who else could?
Ghost was scared of the Christmas Eve dinner. He was sure it will be awkward and the whole team will be walking around him on egg shells - rightfully so. He was awfully sensitive during this time.
But he was wrong- the dinner felt... homey? Even though they were all stuck on base. Laswell and her wife showed up and helped Gaz making various dishes in their small base kitchen.
The trio shouted at anyone who dared to enter the busy kitchen and bother them. The rest of them could only salivate at the amazing smells coming out of the room.
Soap made them all wear silly sweaters so he could take a picture of all of them and send to his mother. Mama MacTavish wasn't too happy about Soap's absence in Scotland so he tried to ease her nerves.
When they finally sat at the two flimsy tables put next to each other Ghost was afraid of the silence that will come, the awkwardness. But it never came.
Price raised a toast for all of them, happy that they get to be together another year. Simon noticed that Price was smiling right at him, like he was happy to see him at the table.
When Gaz served them their first meal- which smelled delicious, Soap immediately snatched the mashrom filled dumplings right out of his beetroot soup.
Soap remembered that Ghost did not appreciate the slimy texture of the mashroms but the soup was great.
No one expected him to talk so he was happy to listen to the chaotic banter and several conversations going over the table engaging only when he felt like it.
Gaz shared his fish recipe with him later getting carried away and telling Ghost about his grandma's delicious pastries. Ghost loved every minute of the conversation.
And when a familiar Christmas song played on the radio- the exact same song that played at his brothers house that awful day he lost his family- he spaced out a bit.
But his family was right there with him.
Soap putting his hand on his thing the minute he noticed something is wrong. Prices raspy laugh pulling him out of his head. The pleasant noise of people's voices happy and alive.
The pleasant noise of his family around him.
My head hurts so sorry if it's gibberish, love ya all
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tobbotobbs · 2 days
what about cod men with reader who BLASTS music like ayesha erotica, nikki minaj and etc randomly while chilling or has headphones and does that while on field
Ohhhh I think they would probably be all so confused or worried if it happened in the middle of a mission lol, here my thoughts to that scenario:
Tumblr media
When Ghost heard you playing Nasty from Ayesha for the first time on the middle of interrogating someone they captured and kept alive on their mission, he was very irritated. Soap tried to get the new, right information out of the soldier meanwhile you two and Gaz stood in the darker corner, staring at the horrified man as you quietly sang the lines of the song playing over your headset.
,,Damn I'm sorry I blew you off, I was doing lunch with Microsoft. I'm sucking off a C.E.O, if he's not a millionaire then I've got to go~"
,,What the hell?! Y/n quit that singing! What even is that?", Ghost looked disgusted at you, questioning why he was even befriended with you in first place but quick to remember that you're actually his favorite person on earth, except for when you were listening to sich filth. In the middle of a mission. He quickly became used to it though, just told you once in a while to keep it down or put the music off if the operation was in need of your attention. He didn't enjoy the music as it was, the text too vulgar and flithy for his liking, but he couldn't deny that the melodies of some of your songs were quite catchy sometimes. Of course he grew even more annoyed when you and Gaz would play songs together on base and Soap would jump in on it with his ugly singing.
Tumblr media
He didn't knew you were listening to that kind of music. He sometimes heard you playing some songs as loud as you could in your room, but he never understood a thing of what was sang and your door was always locked, as if to keep people out from seeing you dance some kind of risky dance to this music. Oh boy, if he knew.
Emo Boy was suddenly playing. It scared the shit out if Soap, Kyle and yourself even though it was your ringtone.
,,Oh shit! Sorry guys, Mama's calling. Don't wait for me with the movie!", you were smiling at them and quickly picking up and talking to your mum over the phone.
,,Was that-", ,,Emo Boy by Ayesha Erotica?", ,,Oh. My. God. I heard that right?!!?", ,,Yeah...I didn't know Y/n would listen to that type of music Soap!", ,,Me neither Gaz...it's a catchy song though", ,,Oh it really is. Probably why he chose it?", ,,Yeah...you think he's also into other songs of that genre?", ,,Maybe. Are you?", ,,Oh hell nuh. Not me, no no".
Gaz raises a brow at that and smirks. Then they both start laughing. ,,Oh you are so listening to this kind of music man!", ,,Pah, and if I am? You knew the song by name and artist by just a few seconds of melody playing!", ,,Ah yeah you got me there mate heh"
,,Alright guys, I'm back! Let's start this movie night shall we?", you grinned and sat next to Kyle again, who just smiled at you and nodded, reaching for the remote control. ,,Tell me, is that the music you alway listen and dance to in your room?", ,,Uhm yeah, whx Kyle?", ,,...Wanna show me one of those dances someday?", he grinned suggestively and you just giggled at that.
Tumblr media
Oh this man showed you this tyoe of music, actually. He was playing some song from Doja Cat on the radio of the car from his so nicely called "Hype or Horn Me Up" playlist. You were confused at first. The words used in the songs were...interesting. And Soap was dancing and tapping to it like he was in some dance off. It was amusing and fun. Of course his taste in music wore off on you and so it surprised noone on the team when you were running past them on the field, gun in hand while looking as if you had the time of your life, the could hear for a short time the music blasting through your headphones as you went to go for the next kills.
,,I ain't tryna be cool like you hmmhmhmhmm", you sang while aiming to shoot an enemy, the new song coming on another Doja Cat favourite of you and soap. Hitting the target clean in the head you smirked. ,,I'm bitch. I'm a boss. I'm bitch, I'm a boss, I'm a shine like gloss!", ,,Oi yes you are Darlin!", Soap beamed from behind you. Price was just sighing and pinching his nosebridge while Ghost was just standing next to him like an annoyed older sibling.
You guys would play this type of music all around the base, 24/7. All week long. Until Price got so mad he made you do the dishes and gave you one month of cleaning duty. You did in fact not keep it down afterwards and everyone just had to live with it. Some of the younger recruits actually enjoyed it and envied you guys for that, made them feel less stressed and more relaxed.
Tumblr media
Oh boy. Oh. Boy. He nearly died. First time you blasted that music on the car ride to some pub out of town because you guys all got some time off duty? He was thinking about how he could never go to heaven now, or even just into a church. He would perish just standing on the steps of a church. But then he remembered, he wasn't even religious. So that was fine. But then he thought "Why the fuck is this muppet listening to THAT?!!?!?". You currently sat in the driver's seat and danced to S.L.U.T by Bea Miller. Before that a song way worse was playing, Price recalled (it was I Want Your Bite by Cara Cunningham). This one now wasn't too bad. It was quite nice actually. Way more innocent than ghe other one. John was thankful for that, he grew very hot and was all flustered by the other song which made him feel a little uncomfortable.
,,Oh we're nearly there Cap!", ,,Y-Yes. Just...just put the car to a stop yeah?", ,,Whatever you say Captain!", you smiled while the next song came on. ,,Oh my god this one is so good!". Price looked over to you, awaiting something more innocent again like before. He thought wrong.
,,Ride it, slide it, bite, get inside it
Come on, touch my body
I know that you like it, you can't hide it
Come on touch my body
Hotter, bigger, faster, longer, thicker
Come on touch my body!", you sang loud and proud to the lines of Treat Me Like A Slut by Kim Petras. John officially was a tomato now. He loved seeing you having your fun, but this was surely and never will be his kind of music choice.
,,Treat Me Like A Slut, little dirty bitch I love to fuck!", ,,Okayyy I think it's- oh look there's the pub! Get us a good parking lot and then we'll have some fun kid, a'right?", ,,Yes!".
Poor guy always gets all red when he hears some of his boys play such music. And with Soap and you, and occasionally also Kyle, on his team that was a lot of times. But he wouldn't be too mad about it. Just sometimes id you played it too loud or while he was in an important meeting. He did enjoy seeing you all have your fun so he is not too strict with punishments.
Tumblr media
You are playing some pretty filthy, nasty song in your shared house. Ale just came back from grocery shopping, Rudy in tow helping him with the bags. You were wearing just a shirt and boxers while singing to the song, looking through some magazines on the couch and just waiting for Alejandro to be back. He new of your guilty pleasure for those songs, this kind of music. He adored the way you would get all red sometimes when he talked about it to you, but he doesn't judge. He actually listens to songs like this as well. Obviously in spanish. He showed you some in his native language and you enjoyed them, even if you didn't know what was said.
Alejandro would laugh sometimes when you randomly put the music on while you were in a fight. It always made his mood go all the way up hearing and seeing you enjoy this music, especially if you would listen to the spanish ones he had shown you. For him it is no problem. He trusts you with being focused on missions so he allows you to listen to music, sometimes you even listen together over the radio.
The same goes for Rodolfo, but the poor guy would be worried sick if you would start blasting loud music on missions out of nowhere. Give the little guy a warning beforehand so he doesn't shoot you out of shock hehe. He also shows you songs in spanish, some that are not as filthy as yours but have the same kind of energy and he translates them for you.
Tumblr media
Little german/austrian boy listens to filthy music himself. He is the biggest Rammstein fan there is. One of his favourite songs is probably Bück Dich (Bend Over) and Dicke Titten (Big Boobs/Big Tits). He also really enjoys Labyrinth by OOMPH! It's not really filthy with words but the meaning is pretty dirty. It's also a banger like, he was so happy you enjoyed listening to music with him. To that kind of music as well. He really wantes to visit a Rammstein concert with you someday, if you said yes.
He doesn't listen to music on the job though. And because he's your colonel he asked you kindly to not do it either. On the flight to wherever the mission was? Yes of course he will even listen with you to calm his nerves. At the base? Sometimes he even gets Horangi to join you guys, who really hates this kind of music because he heard too much of it in hia home country (he absolutely hates kpop and all the horny people coming with it).
When you showed him some of your favourite artists and they would sing too fast or use words he didn't understand, you would try to translate for him and the most funny german ever. He told you it was fine to try to explain in english but you really wanted to make him happy and maybe even laugh a little when you tried to explain that the person in the song just sang "Ich möchte in deinen Titten ertrinken" (I wanna drown on those tits/boobs of yours). He is so sweet if someone came up and would make fun of you listening to such music, like he would finally use his rank for once and make them regret for ever saying that to you.
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first time making something like an animatic, was very interesting and fun (it took me at least 30-40 hours please send help /j)
IB this art from @yooo-lets-go!
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Cod - Eating Their Ass
Requested: Yes! [EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THE COD MEN SITTING ON THE READER’S FACE?? I THINK THAT’D BE PRETTY NEAT] + [HI, ANON WHO ASKED ABOUT COD MEN FACE SITTING HERE👋👋👋 . I had ass eating in mind!! I don’t see a lot of content on it and I thought it would be such a cool idea. I love all of them but I just know that Ghost would have a biggest ass bc GODDAMN. And I imagine König would have to be really careful with the reader since he’s so big and tall but once he gets into it, he’s grinding against their face and moaning like a WHORE]
Warnings: Face sitting, 69
You look at me. You look me right in the eyes and you tell me that you don’t think Ghost would love to 69 like this. You, eating his ass out as he returns the favor. He’s been wanting to do it since before you even asked, probably for as long as you’ve been together. Maybe (definitely) even for some time before that. He just didn’t bring it up because he was a little unsure of if you would even like it. So he’s more than happy when you’re the one to bring it up. He’s practically in the shower the second you’ve finished bringing it up, dragging you with him so you both could get in bed as soon as possible. And once he’s on top of you, he’s grinding at the same pace that he’s sucking and licking, his thighs on either side of your face as your own clamp around his head.
Tumblr media
Roach is surprised but not displeased when you bring up the idea. He is a bit hesitant at first, afraid that his weight will hurt you even though he’s literally yoinked you down onto his face before when you voiced the same thoughts except with the roles reversed. It doesn’t take much convincing though and he is kinda eager to try it. The day you both actually get to try it is filled with excitement as he climbs atop your face, his grinding slow and steady as you lick at him, his voice raspy and soft as he moans. He’ll apologize when he unexpectedly cums a little early, his seed spraying onto the top of your head and the pillow, both of which he’ll insist on cleaning up even though his legs are shaking horribly and he keeps stumbling while he attempts to get a washcloth.
Tumblr media
König is definitely terrified of hurting you when you bring up the idea, denying you the first few times you ask to try it. You’ll have to really pester him about it before he’ll reluctantly agree. He will, however, go over things with you for like an hour. His safeword if he gets uncomfortable, how you would signal him to stop if you needed it, Etc. Soon you both set a date to finally try it. König is so nervous that the shower he took beforehand lasted two whole hours. He’s very pruny when he comes out and no less nervous then when he went in. He’s slow to kneel on top of you, his knees on either side of your head, careful of your body as he grips onto the headboard so tightly that his knuckles turn ghost white. But then your mouth is on him and he’s lost, moaning and whining, grinding on your face like he’ll die if he doesn’t. It becomes a new favorite thing of his and he’ll shyly bring up doing it again and again and again.
Tumblr media
Rudy is another one that is hesitant but not all together put off, but I would say he is the most reluctant out of these four. A little because he’s afraid of hurting you but mostly just because he doesn’t know what to do. He’s never even thought about it if he’s being honest. But Rudy can never deny you anything, especially when you look at him so pleadingly. You’ll have to guide him on what to do, his hands hovering in the air as he struggles to find where to place them, his body kneeling too straight and much too frigid until you drag him down to the perfect angle. He’s still tense but gradually relaxes as you work your mouth, eventually growing brave enough to start slowly rocking back and forth, his cheeks warm as he struggles to keep his breathing steady. He finds he actually quite likes the sensation, even if it’s a bit unusual at first. He’d definitely like to try it again, as long as he gets to return the favor.
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Tumblr media
Stay strong Lt ✨
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Price with Reader who just can't help but sit in his lap at any chance he gets
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this is just another ramble.. i don't have writing inspo :/
Tumblr media
I mean, can't blame you, Price's alwaays sitting with his legs wide open, stretched out as he listens to whatever the person in front of him is saying.
And when he's not discussing plans in his office he's just all stretched out on his chair, moanin' n groanin'– god its like he's indirectly asking you at this point! His lap just looks so empty.. and comfortable, just cant help yourself!
He loves when you're sitting, head on his shoulder while your arms rest loosely around his neck, and he gets to hold you like the prince you are. His cute little boy just needing attention! If only he could he'd take you to all his meetings, just hold you in his lap while he scolds the 141, patting your head n just treating you like a pet, an accessory on his hip to help him manage his stress.
Reader being apart of the 141 doesn't change this at all, if anything, just less frequent! He'd probably try to keep your relationship together a secret, but y'know how nosy those boys can be.. they'd find out anyways‐ whether he planned it or not. They'd definitely tease you both about it often as well, Soap making cheesy kissing noises whenever you two were in a room together, or Ghost giving Price the craziest stank eye.
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