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cod-dump · 3 days
Soap: I can’t believe that Laswell said that I couldn’t be a spy
Gaz: Hilarious because she said I would make an excellent spy with some training
Soap: *gasps*
Ghost: She’s always trying to snatch me from Price and she’s always telling him she’ll “win custody” one day
Nik, appearing in the room: I told her if she tried to take you I would turn Chimera against her
Soap & Gaz & Ghost: *stares*
Nik, smiling: No one takes my boy. Her and John have plenty. I would like one
Nik: Congratulations, Johnny. You’re Chimera when I “win custody”
Nik: *leaves*
Soap: … I was unaware I was adopted
Gaz: I hope, for the sake of the universe’s survival, that Nik does not “win custody”…
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homicidal-slvt · 2 days
*Walks in wearing a pink stethoscope*
I'm your doctor for today- what happened to the old one? We don't talk about that.
*Scribbles on a sticky note and places it on your forehead*
I diagnose you with 'needs fictional dick REAL bad'
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And this is how it's going
Tumblr media
Zhar belongs to @nrdmssgs and stars in A Heart Full Of Pity and Darker Matters
С днем рождения! Желаю самого-самого
Love you <3
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shkretart · 1 month
Some drawings. Again I tried to remember how I drew Ghost and all sorts of sketches.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sleepyconfusedpotato · 3 months
Tumblr media
⚔️ MWII (2022) Character Ages (as of 2022) ⚔️
I was on a character age brainrot back in January and now It's back because of @angelsarewatching so I'm gonna go ahead and post this on Tumblr. Tell me what you think tho and discussions are open!
🐑 Gen. Shepherd - Around late 50s, Pushing 64. I searched it up and apparently, the mandatory retirement age for all general officers is 62, in some cases 64. But if he got into the recommendation list after Brigadier General (O-7), it's allowed to be more than 62. He's a Lt. Gen, so that's O-9. Also, Glenn Morshower (Shepherd's actor) is 64 so let's go with that.
🧠 Laswell - 47-ish. At MOST 55. (Rya Khilstedt is 52. AMAZING BEAUTIFUL SHOW -STOPPING)
🚁 Nikolai - 45 as well. I would go with 48 though.
🪦 Graves - 40. He gives Texan cowboy energy. I just know he's an old dude and is actually older than the rest of the gang.
🛖 Alejandro and 🦂 Valeria - 37. Maybe 38. I don't know at what age someone could make the rank Colonel 'cause that's quite high up the ladder. (They might as well be older than Price. Shit, they might be 40.)
🚬 Price - 37 (Canon) c. 1985.
🐎Rudy - 36. He's been close with Alejandro for 20 years now. Assuming they're bestest of friends and knew each other even before military, Rudy would be around 36/37 as well.
💀 Ghost - 35 or lower. As far as I know, lieutenants are usually young, unless he enlists first before a few years later he went to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS). OR. His preference and efficiency of working alone are far better for use on the battlefield. The higher you are in the ranks, the more soldiers you are responsible for. So the higher-ups might purposefully don't promote him (and he prefers and agrees to it as well) so that he can continue working alone rather than leading a squad. He surely can lead a team, but he's better at doing shit alone. Crazy theory but hey, it's fiction.
🦿Alex - 35 (Alex was a Delta Force until 2013. Assuming he's around 26 when he finally goes to the CIA, that means he's around 32yo in 2019 and 35yo in 2022)'
🔭 Hadir - 33/34 (Canon) 1989/1990. I’m choosing 34 tho since in the ‘Hometown’ mission he was almost a teenager.
☀️ Farah - 30 (Canon) January 12th 1990.
🧢 Gaz - 26 (Canon). The bio says he enlisted in the British Army in 2014. Assuming Gaz finished high school first, he must’ve enlisted when he was 18yo. That means he was 23yo in MW19 and 26yo in MW22. 
🧼 Soap - 26 (Canon). He’s canonically the youngest one in Task Force 141. The bio mentioned that his cousin is in SAS and he often time visits the base. Setting aside the fact that the cousin brought a fucking kid to a top-secret base, lil’ Johnny must’ve been like “I DON’T WANNA GO TO SCHOOL I WANT TO BE AN SAS SOLDIER” and he canonically LIED about his age. Apparently, he went in when he was 16 but got caught several times, until finally when he was 18 he got in. 
That's it folks! Tell me what you think (。・∀・)ノ゙
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mizushibart · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
safe travels
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mehh141 · 6 months
Tumblr media
Another soft nikprice sketch 🤲🏻🥹
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natelia-aldelliz · 7 months
Soap & Gaz : =(
Ghost : What's going on with you two?
Gaz : Old people flirting =( it's like my divorced dad flirting with his new girlfriend in front of me all over again
Ghost : What happened?
Gaz : Well he and my mom got a divorce, which was for the best honestly, and then he got himself a girlfriend that was closer in age to me than him and -
Ghost : I don't give a shit about your parents Garrick, what happened right now.
Gaz : Oh =(
Soap : Nikolai was teaching us insults in russian, and Price told him he had a dirty mouth and Nik just smiled at him, y'know, like a smirk, and Price smiled back, ewwww
Ghost : Wait, you think Price flirting with his... friend is gross because they're old? You do know I'm not that much younger than Price, right?
Soap : Yeah, but you're not flirting with anyone, so it's okay =)
Ghost :
Gaz :
Soap : =) ?
Gaz : I can't believe you just said that. With your full chest too...
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snootlestheangel · 11 days
I've cracked the code
@cod-dump one of your recent posts made me think of this and I don't know why but I've figured it out
They're all tired but in different ways
Ghost: "dead inside" tired
Soap: so sleep deprived he's manic
Price: tired but feral
Gaz: "just wants to go home" tired
Nik: chilled out tired
Laswell: "sick of this shit" tired
Tumblr media
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gomzdraws · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Credit to Apollo on twitter for providing the goobies (part 1 and part 2) I used em to redraw cod characters <3
Someone on discord said Price looks bald....so er....some "lore" were made
Tumblr media
and also putting Ghost and Rudy together:
Tumblr media
we need more fanart of Rudy loosing his shit i wont lie
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etienne01 · 6 days
Tumblr media
Some captain Price doodles
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cod-dump · 12 hours
*zoom meeting shenanigans*
Laswell: John, before the boys join, you should put more clothes on
Price: I’m not putting on pants. They won’t be able to tell! The only reason you know I’m not wearing pants is because you saw me get up to get tea
Laswell: John. I’m warning you now. If Nik realizes you’re not wearing pants, this meeting is going to become uncomfortable really fast because you know his filter is practically non existent
Price: He won’t know! You need to calm down
Laswell: Fine. Don’t say I didn’t warn you
(An hour later)
Nik: I love how you tease me when I’m out of country
Price: Wha-
Nik: Are you wearing the silk ones?
Price: NIK-
Soap: *crying/laughing off screen*
Ghost: *fell out of his chair and is currently on the floor dying*
Gaz: *horrified, staring into the camera like someone threatened to skin him alive*
Farah: *logged off as soon as Nik said ‘tease’*
Laswell: *silently sips her iced tea*
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shadow0-1 · 7 months
Tumblr media
Old comrades
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shyravenns · 2 months
Tumblr media
Some headshot requests I did for practice!!
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shkretart · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Well, I drew portraits to understand how the faces of the actors are arranged. I'm having trouble with that... I hope you don't mind pencils....
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anothercrisis · 7 months
Wake up, I’ve been brainrotting over the civvie au (with healthy enablement from @alexgalaxyboo) and I’m here to share some thoughts.
Here’s some of the groundwork and some who will be here and how they get introduced:
Price, late-thirties, decides he’s tired of the city and wants to move into a quieter neighborhood. He can work remotely and doesn’t have any real ties or reasons to stay in the city so he doesn’t.
The house he purchases is a shabby thing at the corner of the street. His neighbors are the Laswells, Kate the American and her British wife, along with Kate’s nephew, Alex Keller.
Their houses are a little closer than standardly comfortable. But there is a large oak tree between them (remember that, it’s vitally important later on) that shadows and gives them a bit of privacy.
The neighborhood is friendly enough with each other, but they’re not like a community. Which suits Price fine because he isn’t there to make friends; he just wants some quiet. But the Laswells see this man move in next door, alone, and adopt him. They check up on him regularly, invite him over for tea, and bake and cook for him occasionally.
And it’s good for several years, this little life. But Price didn’t account for the loneliness he would start to feel. So, because of the heart he has and the fact he always wanted to be a father, he signs up to foster kids.
Soap and Gaz, who are about 10 and 9 respectively, are two halves of a pair. (I’m not sure yet why they’re in the foster care system but that’s where they are.) The system has tried to separate them, but Soap is crazy and does all kinds of wild shit any time Gaz is taken away from him, like setting things on fire or running away.
Chaos Incarnate and his Accomplice get assigned to Price, who is nervous at first because of what he’s heard, but this man (in every universe it’s a Constant) can and will adopt and wrangle these boys with his firm father hand and his depthless love.
The fact that Alex Keller, who is Soap’s age, lives next door has nothing to do with why Soap behaves. It’s totally not because Gaz has a crush on the American boy and asks Soap to behave so they can stay. (I’m lying to you.)
But it’s not just that. Soap and Gaz fit in really well with Price. They like him, he likes them. They make a good family. So, after having them for a time, he starts the process of legal adoption. They’re about 12 and 11 when they legally becomes Price’s sons.
Some months later, the Riley family moves into the neighborhood, bringing with them another boy their age. Simon is about 13 and is immediately welcomed into their merry little band of preteens. Which he joins, because he takes any opportunity to be away from his father.
Time passes. The boys are getting bigger and stronger. They play rough, and sometimes do it inside despite Price’s insistent that they don’t. Soap accidentally puts his shoulder through the wall while trying to evade capture. Insert Nik, the big Russian carpenter/repairman who Soap and Gaz immediately decide will be their second dad.
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