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wispscribbles · 2 months
Tumblr media
i wolf-ified them :)
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guineapigzwei · 5 months
Platonic 141 x Wolf
Tumblr media
I have NO idea how to write a fight scene bare with me.
"Give up Jonny, your beat." Soap wriggled and squirmed under Ghost.
"Alright alright, I give up you win." Soap sighed as Ghost released him, "One day Lt one day I will beat you."
Gaz snickered, "Yeah that will be the day."
"Ok, who's next?" Ghost cracked his knuckles.
Wolf walks onto the mat, "Don't go easy on me just because I'm a girl."
Ghost looks to Price, "Just don't kill her."
Ghost nods and readied his stance and Price gave the go-ahead. Ghost charged at Wolf and swung. Wolf dodged and kicked the back of his leg forcing Ghost to kneel.
Taking this opportunity, she wrapped her arm around his neck and swung her body around Ghost, knocking him off balance and sending them to the floor. Ghost tried to grab Wolf, but she now had him in a headlock with her thighs around his neck and his arm pinned.
"Holy shit!" Gaz and Soap gasped
"Alright, I yield." Ghost tapped out. Wolf unwrapped her legs from Ghost's neck and released his other arm.
"You good?" Wolf helped Ghost to his feet.
Soap, Price, and Gaz sat with their jaws on the floor. Wolf steps out of the mat.
"You beat Ghost." Gaz said still in disbelief. Soap had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming.
"Nice job kid." Price smiles and pats her on the head. "First time I've seen Ghost get his ass handed to him."
Ghost grunted
"Now there are three people who can kick Soap's ass." Gaz chuckles
"Bloody hell, you got lucky and I slipped when I fought Wolf." Soap grumbles.
"Wanna rematch Soap?" Gaz smirked and he walked on the mat.
"Don't go crying to Price when I kick your butt." Soap gets into his fighting stance.
"Funny I was about to tell you the same thing." Gaz
10 minutes later
"Bloody hell!" Soap grunts as Gaz pins him to the mat.
"You give up?" Gaz taunts.
Soaps sighs, "Yes."
"Wells that's the end of training today, good job as always boys and girl." Price grabs his hat off the bench, "I have a meeting in ten, Soap Gaz, don't do anything stupid."
Price leaves
"Hey Soap you still owe me a rematch in mario kart." Wolf says.
"Oh, so the wee lass is feeling lucky today." Soap chuckles.
"No, I just feel bad for you losing your fights today. She giggles.
Soap frowns, "Why are you so mean."
Gaz and Wolf snicker, "Alright you lot, let's go." Ghost sighs.
"Come on Soap, after lunch you beat me in any game." Wolf pats Soap's back.
"Shoots and ladders"
"I fucking hate you." Wolf groans.
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natelia-aldelliz · 3 months
More werewolf au because I can :
Graves wasn't supposed to know about the werewolves, but Shepherd knew so maybe that's how he got the intel. As he's betraying them, he asks, almost begs, Soap to come with him, to join him against Alejandro and Ghost.
Alejandro because of the 'drug affiliation' thingy and his blatant dislike of Mexicans and Ghost because he's a monster. A beast, not even human. And he wants to protect Soap, believes him to be in danger, doesn't listen to Soap trying to de-escalate the situation, trying to ask him not to do that.
(Because he believes he knows what other people need more than them)
And Soap still has that very primal fear inside of him everytime he's around his the pack, that prey instinct that his predators are there, waiting for him to lower his guard. That's true, he does, he's even too scared to admit he's also not fully human.
But never, ever, has he considered betraying them, going against them in anyway. He wouldn't be a good cat if his fear of bigger predators wasn't overtaken by his very cocky very wrong feeling that he could take them all in a fight if he had to.
His cat-self was scared of their lycanthropic-selves, but he himself had never been scared of them as people. Well. Scared that they'd reject him, that they'd never consider him a member of the pack, yes. But scared that they'd hurt him? Not really.
Graves doesn't appreciate rejection, getting told no. He opens fire, Soap gets a bullet in his shoulder, Ghost begs him to get up and run.
He roams the streets with his head swimming from the blood loss, fighting against his instincts to just turn into a cat, curl up in a hole somewhere and lick his wounds, purring to himself to try and comfort the betrayed-hurt-helpless feeling in his gut.
But he can't, because he's not like the were-people, he's not a werecat, he doesn't heal faster. And his human biology makes surviving a bullet wound easier than the cat biology for some reason. (He tried, it just made him go in shock faster.) The hands keeping the blood from flowing freely definitely help for one. And what if Ghost contacts him and he can't respond and his LT thinks he's dead and leaves him here?
The Shadows are everywhere. The good thing is that his eyes see better in low light than theirs, than even the night vision helmets. His hearing is also better, though not as good as his cat-self's. That means he always knows where they are around him and he can avoid them.
When he's finally reunited with Ghost, the man keeps throwing him weird looks, but doesn't say anything. Soap can't really focus, he needs all his remaining blood doing actually important things and analysing your superior-officer-that-you've-been-lowkey-flirting-with's looks isn't one of these.
They reach Alejandro's safehouse, are reunited with Rudy, then Ghost sees him wobbling in place and drags him in the little medbay to see to his wounds. He gets stitches, incredibly thankful for Ghost's steady hands. As he finishes up though, his hands stay a bit longer on his shoulder, one of them climbs up to his ear and tugs it slightly, his eyes still staring.
Soap knows what he's doing, has seen Price lightly tug Gaz' and Ghost's (through the mask) ears, knows that it's a stand in for nipping them when they're in human form, as a way to say hello, or assert dominance or comfort them. Reserved for pack members.
Has... has he been accepted in the pack? His heart is beating faster, which isn't good with all the blood he's lost and the fact that the adrenaline is running out fast. His head is spinning. He looks up at Ghost with dilated eyes, trying to focus everything on him to try and understand before he passes out.
Ghost is looking straight at him, as usual, his head slowly tilting, his eyebrows furrowing in incomprehension. His peripherals are darkening more and more, darkness seeping in, and his eyes suddenly feel very hot while the rest of his body is getting cold and tingly.
Ghost's hand makes its way to the back of his neck, helping him hold his head up as his vision gets more and more blurry.
"What even are you?" Soap thinks he hears whispered as he finally loses consciousness.
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Tumblr media
Gaz pup and Johnny pup, you can tell who’s the scrappy doo of the litter
"play? PLAY!!" soap is so puppy coded i love him and i love how you gave him his cute mohawk. i am going to sob <3 <3
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callsign-bunnie · 3 months
I am Kind of obsessed with Matteo as Alejandros "evil" twin
Do you have more headcanons on him?
Ahhh, yes I do
Rodolfo calls him Matty. He hates when anyone else does it
Of course, that means Alejandro has to call him Matty at every fucking opportunity
He and Alejandro are constantly fighting each other
Rodolfo just sees him as a friend, he's not in love with him like he is with Alejandro
Huge angst potential when Rodolfo finds out that this entire time, he thought he had a friend and Mateo was just trying to ruin his relationship with Alejandro to get with him
Throwing in my other oc, Mateo HATES Ale the wolf, just fucking despises him
It's okay, though, because Ale fucking hates him back
Ale and Alejandro are constantly being scolded for being mean to Mateo
The only time they're even willing to work together is to gang up on Mateo
Alejandro wishes Rodolfo could see that Mateo is manipulating him
When Alejandro and Rodolfo get engaged, Mateo tries to ruin it
Mateo has been in love with Rodolfo since all three were children, it's why he hates Alejandro so much
Alejandro knew Mateo was trying to steal his best friend/crush so he kind of treated him like crap
Mateo was Marcus's favorite, another reason Alejandro cannot fucking stand him
Alejandro joined the military, which his family wasn't too happy with, Mateo went to college
Mateo almost fucking lost it when Rodolfo followed Alejandro into the military
Mateo is real fucking weird about Rodolfo's relationship with femininity. (I'm going with the same backstories for Mimesis, just... without the whole selling thing. They grew up normally)
Valeria has offered to off Mateo for Alejandro
Mateo and Valeria have also never gotten along because Valeria can see Mateo for the snake that he is
In fact, she frequently calls him Snake.
Rodolfo keeps telling her to knock it off, but she refuses
Ale the wolf has bitten a chunk out of Mateo's ass at some point
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lluvguts · 6 months
about to make the whole ass task force into werewolves and they each get a different type of wolf based on their character and they're all in love and they are defiant experiments of society and
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deltavia · 6 months
Not to jump on the Soap x Ghost Bandwagon but how cool would a Witcher X COD AU be?
Just beefy Witcher boys teaming up to hunt, and as much as Simon gripes he hasn't actually tried to shake Johnny off yet.
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kinkyconnotation · 2 months
Tumblr media
Rudy and Gaz in wolf onesies inspired by COD Shifter AU by Bennyhatter
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little red riding hood ghost au.
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Cod Monster Au Facts and Snippets
Requested: Yes! [Would love to see more headcanons on ur monster au, if you have anymore to spare 💖💖💖]
Warnings: slight angst and mentions of death in Ghost’s, implied mental torture in Alejandro’s
A/N: Enjoy!
As mentioned in the previous part, Ghost is a fairly new vampire, turned back around the 50’s or so
He’s not sure exactly WHEN it was for two reasons
1) because of how much time had passed
2) because he spent like twenty or so years in a coffin six feet under after someone found him lying in an alley with his throat ripped out (and the poison takes a WHILE to fully set in)
Digging himself out of that one was…..weird. And disorienting.
Part of him was a bit sad to have probably missed the rest of what was left of his family’s lives with no clue on any of the future generations
But at the same time, he always felt himself a burden, something that brought torment into the lives of everyone he knew
He thinks they’d be better off without him anyways
Until you convince him otherwise
“Tommy had a kid, probably had another one or two after I was gone.” Ghost grumbles quietly, wondering why he let you talk him into this. Whatever sucker cursed with sharing blood with him was probably better off without his interference. But at the same time…..he yearned to know what had become of the rest of his family. To set things right for being forced to leave them behind all those years ago. “He’d be about 80 or so now, I think.”
“That’s a good start.” You tell him, resting your hand on his. With you, he was sure that he could do this. Even if it hurt that everyone he knew, even Tommy’s little baby, were probably gone.
Tumblr media
In love with snout rubs and kisses
But not opposed to belly rubs as well
He takes such pride in his skin, making sure it’s always clean and pristine, shiny and smooth
Once he’s gotten a bit more comfortable with you around his skin, he’ll be begging you to touch it all the time
Might even ask you to wear it (*coughinbedcough*)
Low key curious if there’s a way to turn you into a selkie
If not, he’ll try and find just about anything else to turn you into cause he doesn’t want to live the rest of his very long life without you
Can and will explain selkies in depth to you with little to no prompting
Which leads to him blabbering about his family as well
“I’m the best swimmer in my family!” Soap tells you one evening as you walk together in shallow water on the beach, his smile full of excitement.
“Oh?” You ask, your own smile full of amusement.
“Yeah! My eldest brother, Jack, is the slowest. But my dad is pretty fast. And my sister, Isla, is pretty slow too, but not as slow as Jack. And my littlest brother Luca is almost as fast as me but not quite, and my little brother Harris is almost as fast as him. And my older brother Leo is-” Soap continues, blabbering so fast that the words all seem to blend together. But at least he was happy!
Tumblr media
So so fluffy
Like a big giant reddish-brown cloud
I hope you’re okay with slobber cause once he’s transformed, he’ll be all over you
Licking anywhere he can reach
He’ll also be very whiny if you try to stop cuddle sessions for any reason, even if it’s a necessity like going to the bathroom
It’s all part of his territorial thing, needing you to smell like him
HATES scented soaps and lotions and stuff for this very reason, cause it washes away his scent so much faster
“Seriously?” You asked, your arms crossed over your chest, eyes narrowed.
The giant bipedal wolf in front of you at least had the decency to look a little bit ashamed, surrounded by all the shredded up bottles of scented soaps and shampoos and other washing material. His ears folded back, a low whine rising from his giant maw.
“You’re lucky you’re so cute.” You grumble, making him perk up a bit, a dopey look of joy rising onto his face as his tail starts to wag, slapping against the wall and knocking over various items from the shelves. “…..you’re cleaning that up.”
Tumblr media
Alejandro likes to hang out in dreams a lot, even when he’s not making them sexual to feed off of someone
For you, he’ll always make your dreams good (when he’s not making them sexy anyways)
And while usually he doesn’t interfere in the dreams of others, he will not hesitate to give anyone who pisses him off nightmares
This includes people who get close to you
Nobody is safe on the off chance that they’re unkind to you
“Yes, Mi Amor?” He asks, an innocent look on his face. One that means he is certainly not innocent.
“Why is my cousin in a mental hospital spouting about demons in his dreams?” Your brow twitches as you say this and Alejandro can’t help but find it cute.
“I don’t know! Maybe someone thought he was treating his family horribly and deserved to be taken down a notch or two.” Alejandro says, his smile growing mischievous, even when you flick his ear. “Ow.”
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yeyinde · 6 months
I'm gonna mention this to you because you also like slashers and COD so I imagine there's a little monster fucking in there possibly? But god imagine Ghost as a non-human tho. Just like an actual beast of a man. Sharp canines, solid black eyes, bigger than what you had thought possible for a human. You barely notice when you first start because you don't want to inconvenience your Lieutenant. But things start sticking out. When he's not working, you notice the way he moves is like he's stalking something. Sometimes he huffs like a wolf. You make eye contact on a mission and really finally look, but there's nothing there. Just glossy black.
You're getting fucked by Soap in your cot, on top and facing a wall and he clicks his tongue and something moves behind you. Ghost steps out of the shadows, panting like a dog, and Soap is like "you don't mind if he joins do ya?"
Also calling him a good boy and patting his head 😌
I just think it would be hot and would explain some of the ways people write him as if he's an inhuman creature
sooooo on board with all of this!!!!
i try to be sneaky about it but i've described this man as a Cimmerian not just for the darkness aspect but the mythos too since it kinda fits him (and i love relating things that have no right to be related).
Ghost AU where he's some primordial being. a monster. a werewolf, perhaps. it has so much potential. i kept thinking about it, and this kinda got away from me. sorry!
When you join the 141, there is a heaviness in the atmosphere. A strange, stifling weight you can't make sense of. Tension. An unease. 
They tell you you're full of life when you walk in the room, smiling at them—but it sounds like a curse. They whisper it, as if they're afraid of speaking it aloud. Eyes filled with a gravity you can't begin to understand. 
You turn to leave, and they say stay away from him.
The him in this equation is made known when you set your eyes on the behemoth they call Ghost. 
When you cross his path, he stops completely. The world around you falls dead. Deafening silence. His eyes are a perfect polynya when he gazes at you. His head tips back, baleen lines stretching out. And then breathes in deep. Scenting the air.
His broad chest expands with it. A rumble sounds from low in his chest.
No man can be like this. 
(He was once a man, Soap muses. Maybe. Probably. Called him Simon. Simon Riley.
How can someone probably be a man?
His eyes are grave, shrouded in the mourning fog that sits low on the tombstones. You don't wanna know, bonnie.)
They tell you little about him, but you notice things. They keep their distance, and drop their chins when men go missing. No one looks. No one says a word. 
They're just—
Gone. Forgotten. 
Everything they once were is hidden away in a closet that can barely shut. 
Don't worry about it, hen. 
Just happens sometimes, mate. 
Don't go sticking your nose where it shouldn't be. 
You should listen. Heed their advice. 
But he's enthralling. A being made entirely of death. 
A strange feeling that settles low in your chest. There is a yearning inside of you that wants to know everything about this behemoth shrouded in tenebrose—a siren's call, beckoning you closer. It calls to you in the dead of night. spools over your thoughts until your head is full of him, him, him—
He's an enigma. A mystery. 
And then you see in battle. A shadow. A myth. No man can spill that much blood. 
Dread spools thick on your guts. A man like him should not exist in this moral realm. He does not belong. 
You turn to Soap—a man (human: flesh and bone, real)—but it does little to stem the fever inside.
He catches you when you sneak out of his room, smelling of alder and sex. 
He stares at you. Midnight hour, devils night—the warnings are tucked into the recesses of those unfathomable depths. Fear pools, knots inside of you.
"Have fun, pet?"
There is a chill in his voice, a growl deep in the pits of his being that resound through the corridor and make your bones shake. 
He stares at you—a greedy, covetous tinge in those Stygian depths. 
You're playing a dangerous game. Waving your breakable fingers in front of the maw of a starving beast. 
Stay away, Soap says. You really don't know what you're getting into, bonnie.
You smile. I know. I will. (Liar)
Something breaks. Curiosity. Obsession. Your neck prickles when he's close. You hear a rush of water when those black eyes pierce you; the call of a river thick with the stench of death. You think of the Styx when he turns to you. Hands shackled to your wrist; grip tight. no escape. terror blooms inside of you.
run run run run
"Watch your step, rookie."
Is that a warning in his voice? Why does it sound so—
Beguiling. Taunting. He gets under your skin. spellbinds you. You can't stop thinking about him.
You feel him in the shadows. Liquid black; death. Sometimes, you look at him, and you think you hear a hiss in the back of your head when your feet move, bringing you closer. An augury. a portant. 
Aeons ago, they warned naïve wanderers like you to be wary of the quietus in the fog.
—he leads you not into salvation—
You find him waiting for you, covered in blood and reeking of death. His head lifts. The Styx in his eyes. Damnation in the tilt of his head. He'll be your ruin. Your demise.
Your name falls from his lips.
(Too lost in the magnetism, that primal draw that brings you closer and closer, you miss the anathema that taints the word.)
His hand reaches out to you. Deadly, dangerous. Each breath he takes rumbles the ground around you. He smells of hellfire and rot. Sulphur. Ichor. It leaks into your lungs, your marrow. 
You're drenched in the ashes of Zaqqum.
A distant, almost atavistic warning rears in the back of your head tells you to run. But why? He's just a man. Just your Lieutenant.
Your fate is sealed the moment you place your fingers in the cup of his palm.
—but into perdition—
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wispscribbles · 5 days
Tumblr media
failing at being normal with new obsessions when u used to be a wolf kid 
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guineapigzwei · 5 months
141 x Wolf
Tumblr media
This is my Poc Ashanti "wolf" James or AJ (only family and Kate are allowed to call her this)
I don’t own Cod MW 2
Name: Ashanti James 
Alis: Wolf or AJ (Only Laswell and her family can call her this)
Age: 25
Gender: Female 
Height: 5'2
Place of Birth: U.S Virgin Islands
Race: Black American Trinidadian
Occupancy: N/A
Affiliations: US Marines (honorably discharged) 
                    Another task force created by Shepard
                    Task Force 141
                    Ghost Team
hand-to-hand combat
close-ranged weaponry
a biter
very agile
Wolf is the youngest member of the 141. She's a tomboy and has a good heart. She earned the name Wolf after she accidentally called a pack of wolves on a mission and then they attacked the enemy. The only reason the 141 didn't get attacked was because Wolf had the wolf's pups and seeing as they weren't harmed the wolf pack left them alone. She's also been known to bite enemies to the point of bloodshed. 
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pitruli · 1 year
Minecraft headcanon worldbuilding with player species !
A bit ago already, I wanted to have consistency in my headcanon designs of mcyt, so i started making categories of players depending on how their skins look to headcanon them as part of the same “species”
Since then i quite developed the thing and have… quite a bunch of species haha
Either a player is assigned to a species because of how the character looks, or for some lore reasons (canon, fanon, or for my au DatD)
And I finally sketched and detailed every species, so here I go !
(also assigned every (or most, might have missed some) members of hermitcraft and dsmp so they’ll serve as exemple o7
edit: Now with Empires peeps !
player ability: what differs a player from a mob. Consists in being able to manipulate material around them, like a kind of telekinesis power (grab chunks of material and move them easily). Also included protective black out, allowing them to escape and regenerate from what would be a mortal hit to a mob, granting them a conditional immortality.
(a * means that the drawing doesn't represent the whole species, which have many variantes possible)
Tumblr media
Quite a special species; mythical winged players, linked to a certain deity or legend. The only species possessing wings and the ability to fly, can look like any type of bird, bat or flying bug.
Known players: Pearl (moth), Phil (crow), Scott (owl)
Tumblr media
Humanoid players with horns and tail, one, if not the most, common species of player
(artist note: Elves weren’t supposed to have horns. But i just drew one of them like this without thinking, and a friend encouraged me to keep every elf like this. Cause yeah actually, i don’t have to follow common standards :D)
Known players: Cub, False, Impulse, Scar, Wels, Sapnap, Punz, Purpled, Nikky, Connor, Joel, Joey, Katherine
Usually nocturnal species, with features akin to cats and owls (mostly the eyes, with good night vision). Their behavior can get pretty wild at night, making some of them avoid the darkness or the moon by sleeping more than most players.
Known players: Bdubs, Keralis, George
Usually smaller than most humanoids, with visually missing facial features. Their mouth is invisible most of the time, appearing and revealing their fangs and split toung only when laughing or singing, which makes them one of the scariest species.
known players: Grian, Wilbur, Quackity, Shubble
Glitchy players who survived a perma kill, although with consequences. This species includes every player based on or looking like skeletons, zombies and other undead creatures.
Edit: In their past life, all Deads were humans, as surviving a perma death is their particularity
Known players: Cleo (drowned), Jack (husk/burn victim)
The closest species to us, though the name is misleading. You should be scared of them, player ability is a pretty big business if applied in real life
this species does not exist because i didn’t have idea yet for theses players, no no no,,,,
Edit: Humans' particularity is, in fact, their ability to survive perma kill, turning into Dead players
known players: Etho, Hypno, Iskall, Joe, Tfc, Xb, Zedaph, Ponk, Karl, Fwhip, Sausage, Pixl
Mob derived:
Tumblr media
The notion of species is a bit more blurry for this one, it is more of a porte-manteau term which includes several variations. There’s two more common types of mob-derived players:
Humanoid players with mobs/animals features, though the features of humans and animals are quite well mixed together making them look like a creature of their own.
known players: Gemini (reindeer), Beef (bull), Tommy (chicken), Tubbo (bee), Puffy (sheep), Hbomb (cat), Jimmy (cod)
Players looking way more like their mobs counterparts than humanoid players. Usually smaller, still keeping physical abilities an animal can possess (strengh, agility, etc)
known players: Ren (dog-wolf), Fundy (fox), Techno (hoglin), Ant (cat), Lyzzie (axolotl)
Both of these “species” can be derived from any animals, existing in minecraft or not. This also includes striders and piglins. If one player is based on a flying animal, their wings would be too small or too weak to lift them. Only angels are able to fly on their own.
Others, more precises, species of mob derived player exist;
Slightly smaller variant of endermen and closer to humanoids in proportion. The horns and eyes can be of any shade of purple. For some enderians, the player ability can make them possess off colored horns and/or eyes, although rare
Known players: Ranboo (gold horns)
Tumblr media
This species is a special case on its own, as these players are litteral creeper mobs born with player ability, with minimal physical change (bigger than wild creepers). Although their form can be a disadvantage for some aspects of the game, this often makes them the most ingenious players.
known players: Doc, Sam
Type of invertebrate player, looking more or less like humanoid players, depending on their will to ressemble another player or not. Can technically be of any color.
known players: Jevin (wild blue), Charlie (humanoid green)
Species of players derived from villagers, pillagers and other mobs of the same family. One of the strongest species, but often underestimated. As natural villager mobs possess some aspect of player abilities, being a full player emlified their strenght.
(following personal headcanons of villagers, these mobs and players are almost looking like land shark people, we can thank Foolish for this)
Known players: Foolish (dwarf/totem based)
Group of species with more unusual features compared to the rest
Tumblr media
Humanoid players with some pretty wild anormal features, transforming their body while still somewhat looking like a human to some degree (mostly affecting the eyes, more or less keeping a classic form) can be seen as external corruption or glitches
known players: Stress (demon/fairy), Tango (nether spectre), BBH (full demon), Eret (white eyes), Hannah (half thorns/plant based)
Glitchy players looking like nothing else, neither like mobs nor like other players. They have peculiar body shape, quite simple but disproportionate, either with uniform colors or abstacts/graphic patterns
Known players: Dream, EX (clonning accident)
Special players who have been constructed, mechanical objects, plants or rocks containing the essence of a player.
Known players: Mumbo (robot), Skeppy (gemstone)
Players unstable enough to change shape as they wish. Need to be contained from time to time to rest and keep their form.
Known players: Xisuma (animals only)
If you read everything, thank you so much ^^ I'll glady answer any ask about the species or if you want to know which player (or yourself) belongs to which species !
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ilikeyoualive · 27 days
Anyone else bored of wolf/cat shifter Ghost AU’s? Well, if that is indeed the case, might I interest you in the concept of albino saltwater crocodile Ghost shifter? Because, of the 26 species of crocodilian currently recognized, 8 are known to regularly attack humans. Saltwater crocodiles in specific are known to actively hunt humans and will even crawl out of the water to take humans from the shore. Crocodiles, in general, are much more bad-tempered and far more likely to attack humans, even unprovoked. Still not convinced? Why don’t you take a peek at my CoD AU Masterlist and read a few sneak peeks? Who knows, you might just change your mind…
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brittle-doughie · 7 months
Okay Jelly walker Crunchy Chip, Eclair, The whole Republic, Ancients or Legendaries. Sorry if it’s a lot, since you probably have business with requests and personal life, you can choose one or more if you like, your choice!
Various Cookies as Jellywalkers #2
All is well, though I will try to summarize a group of cookies like I did with the CoD in the previous part. May have tidbits from Cookie Odyssey, but will try to refrain from much spoilers.
Tumblr media
Crunchy Walker and his now jellied Cream Wolf act similarly like Tiger Lily Walker and her jellied tiger, hunter walkers who are the first to respond to an event where you’re missing from the horde, Crunchy will raise a fuss against her over the role of providing your getaway in case of danger. He remembers you when Brave and the gang visited their kingdom, so he was already feeling uneasy on the fact he had to fight you. He wouldn’t need to, the horde showed him the light and now he understood, he shouldn’t be fighting against you, but for you! He hopes Cacao, Arrow, and his fellow Cream Wolves understood as well…
Tumblr media
Eclair Walker still continues to collect anything he deems of substantial value, however what he deems as a wonderful specimen was you! You were the greatest specimen of them all with how you manage to control the horde to your command, this is something he has to look into! Not sure actually getting infected was the initial plan, but it works. Now he still messily records what he finds and saves the best ones for you to look at, this tainted bear jelly will surely have you amazed! As much as a walker can anyway.
Tumblr media
The Council of Elders gave them the task. Financier and Clotted were ordered to not only convince the Ancients with the soul jam, but due to your influence on Earthbread as a good cookie, hopefully score a meeting with you. Caviar and Oyster being eager to see you in particular. They’re SHOOK when the two cookies came back with you…..and a group of jellywalkers within the airship, it didn’t take long for the republic to fall under siege. It starts within the group with Baumkuchen Cookie examining a cookie when the infected lunged at him, force feeding the tainted jelly. He saw many things, Y/N Cookie being a major one. Every positive thing about you was correct, and so much more…it was why the mob followed in the first place. The others had to see this, no, experience this…experience you….first it was Mille, then Canele, Sable, Caviar, Vanilla Sugar, Custard, Mulled Juice, before finally reaching Oyster. They’re now one of many within the mob, a passive role of taking care of you with Caviar and Oyster capable of defending you. Perhaps they did manage to score that meeting with you after all…
Tumblr media
For this AU, Lily is still within the group and nothing bad happened to her :)
The Ancients, outside of the legendaries, are THE most dangerous of the horde and the last cookies you want to see stand against you. It is recommended to not, under any circumstances, approach the horde if you see them. It starts with White Lily and Pure Vanilla showing sympathy and worry over your infected self, signaling the mob to keep back. They wish to reunite with you, and you did just that. Now you wish for the others to follow, you didn’t want the horde to possibly hurt them. Cacao tried to refuse, but seeing Cheese and Holly willing to be with their dearest again had left him alone with his decision. He..does not wish for that. All of them are now your fiercest protectors, their power alone means that every manner of filth stand no chance. Cacao is especially violent with them, he hates to see his dearest get hurt on his watch..
Tumblr media
Black Pearl Cookie would always expect you to see her out in the Duskgloom Sea, she’s grown far too attached for you to simply allow you to disappear on her. When you didn’t show up for at least today, she’ll be at the shore searching for you. She waits until you eventually showed up, an infected you. She shrieks at the group beyond you, she acts quick and held onto you in her arms and splashing away the mob with a wave. She would later return to the shore, a now infected sea monster. She feels if she was also infected, she could be way closer to you then before, and when she felt the two of you become one through a hivemind-like link, she was very much giddy. She’s your partner of the waters, though she could care less about the rest of the horde, they can become soggy for all she cares, but tolerates them for you.
Frost Queen Cookie would’ve never had let you leave her ice palace if she knew there was a infection running around, and now she faces you and your mob. Like BP, she could care less about your mob, but would take you with her, care for you as she tried to find methods for a cure. You were her warmth through the endless cold, she won’t let you escape her grasp. The horde would batter at the doors, angrily screaming as they demand the return of their heart. Why can’t they all freeze to death already, but her getting infected would come quicker. The circumstances to her infection is undetermined, but the doors would open to see you and her hand and hand, now sharing an infectious bond that brought her warmth like none other…
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