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Be Mine? (request)
Tumblr media
Tags: Swearing, my shitty attempt at jealous!Ghost, kabedoning (I TIRED OKAY?!), written with f!reader in mind
A/N: Alright listen I tried my damnest to write a jealous Ghost. I tried. I had to really poke my brain for this one but I know I can do better. Regardless, I do hope you enjoy! Also I think I’m running out of gifs of Ghost UH-OH
Tumblr media
It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. Then again, how did Ghost expect things to go?
He couldn't exactly remember how he found out about your little crush. Soap probably told him. Or maybe you did. Either way, once he had that knowledge in his head, Ghost was quick to notice those lingering gazes or how you paid extra close attention whenever he was talking. Not to mention the way you always brought him a cup of tea once you learned he preferred it over coffee.
Yet Ghost didn't do a damn thing about it. There was no way you didn't know that he knew you had a crush on him. You were much smarter than that and yet, you still behaved and acted as you normally did. As friends and teammates would. After all, he was your LT and you were a Sargent, same as Soap and Gaz. It was against the book for anyone to have a relationship with someone of a lower rank but then again, Ghost was sure there were exceptions to the rules. He knew of married couples in the army who were, more often than not, different ranks then each other.
Yet he didn't bother really looking into those exceptions even after he found out you had a little thing for him. In fact, he forced himself to not go looking into those exceptions. He just had to wait it out right?
So why couldn't he get you out of his head?
It got to the point that seeing you talk to others were doing something to him. It was pings of anger directed to not you, but the person you were talking to whenever he walked in to find you in the middle of conversation. Why you were even talking to other guys when you had a thing for him he wondered.
Unless you had moved on finally? Though that idea sent a sharp ping through his chest and he was quick to drop that idea as soon as it hit. You wouldn't confess to a guy and just move on to the next guy just like that, wouldn't you?
You wouldn't and Ghost knew that. You were too kind for that.
It hit a peak when he noticed one of the recruits from the last class started making moves towards you. The recruit was a decent guy from what he heard. Good scores from training and hardly a discipline record. Just a couple of counts of being late to a training session once in a blue moon.
Aside from that, he was good looking guy if Ghost had to guess. He'd probably make a good partner to someone. But not to you.
No one would be good enough for you.
Except for Ghost maybe.
The idea of the two of you, shortly after that thought, started plaguing his mind on the near constant basis. It didn't help the two of you worked together and had to spend a fair bit of time together as a result, which only worsened the thoughts.
What were you like outside of this life? What was your place like? Was it decorated in a certain style or was it just random stuff thrown together? Did you go out to eat often or did you cook your meals often? What were you like in the mornings at home? What did you do for fun?
Days passed as Ghost continued to daydream about you being his while he watched over you go about your day at the base. All while talking to the recruit that wanted you as well. Ghost could only watch for so long before he finally decided one day enough was enough.
It was bad enough that the recruit had you almost cornered one day as he tried to talk to you into going on a date.
Ghost had turned the corner when he spotted the two of you in that position and at first, Ghost wasn't sure what he was seeing. But something in him snapped when you glanced over towards him with those eyes. Those eyes he had only seen once some time ago and refused to see again if he could avoid it.
Before he could say or do anything else, Ghost moved forward and was quick to place himself between you and the recruit, brown eyes locked on the recruit as the arm closest to the recruit leaned against the wall behind you to act as a barrier, effectively trapping you between the wall and himself.
"She said no mate." Ghost grunted out, forcing his voice to stay calm and steady while his eyes screamed murder at the recruit. "Get out of here."
"Y-yes sir!" The recruit stammered out, realizing that the LT of the 141 was right in front of him and clearly pissed off. "Sorry sir!" He added, quickly turning on his heels and rushing off. Ghost kept his eyes on him until the recruit turned a corner and vanished out of sight.
"Thanks." You sighed, glancing up at Ghost.
"You alright?" Ghost asked in turn, turning to look down at you. He found himself a little stunned by how close you were. Not to mention how small you looked pressed up against the wall.
"I'm okay. He just…really wanted a dinner date." You nodded, staring up at him with those same doe eyes you gave him shortly after he found out about your crush. Still, the idea of that guy taking you out on a dinner date. "I told him no but…"
"He didn't like that answer." Ghost finished for you to which you nodded. Even under the mask you could see the way Ghost's jaw seemed to move side to side as he tried to calm himself down. The idea of what could have happened if Ghost hadn't rounded the corner sat heavy in the LT's mind.
"Yeah." You sighed, lowering your eyes with a nod.
A silence fell between the two of you as you stood there, Ghost not moving from his spot while you stayed put leaning against the wall while he stood in front of you. Ghost wanted to say something, anything but the words kept getting caught in his throat, even as he slowly lowered his arm from the wall, A silent reminder that you two could leave anytime and go about your days.
And yet, he found himself glued to his place, staring down at you as you stared at the ground, avoiding his gaze.
"Would you say yes if I had asked?" Ghost finally asked, startling you as your head snapped up.
"If I asked you to dinner," Ghost continued, knowing damn well what hole he was digging himself. "Would you say yes?"
There was a silent, sharp inhale as you took a breath in while staring up at him. Meanwhile, Ghost stayed silent as he waiting for your answer, whatever it may be. He could see in your eyes you were taking a moment to contemplate your answer and how you wanted to proceed.
"I-" You paused, taking a breath before nodding. "I would've said yes." You told him, staring up into his eyes.
Ghost took a second to consider your answer, then nodded. "Good." He hummed, taking a step forward while you took a step back despite the wall behind you, watching as both of his arms reached up and rested next to you.
"Then let's go out to dinner." He said, watching as your eyes widened. "Let me make you mine."
Ghost made the mental reminder to look into those exceptions for married couples.
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Cold Nights
Pairings: Simon "Ghost" Riley x F!Reader
Summary: Reader doesn't show up for morning training. Ghost doesn't know what to think.
tw: fluff, angst, mentions of being sick, soldiers being scared of simon lol, ooc simon probably, he calls reader kid, i think that's it🤭
A/N: I'm sick and this came to my mind, I just want simon to take care of me okay???🥹🤧 this is super bad as usual. still hope you like it. pls remember english isn't my first language, corrections are welcome ✨💖
Tumblr media
Ghost doesn't see her at the cafeteria, nor the training room. He's disgruntled. His eyes keep drifting apart from the soldiers in front of him, waiting for the next round of endless push ups he's gonna make them go through.
Why isn't she here?
His body feels restless, pacing back and forth.
Soap doesn't say anything, just shifts his weight from one foot to another.
"Johnny," he calls him. "You're in charge."
"Lt.?" He quirks a brow, not understanding. That's so unlike him.
"Got things to do."
He storms out of the room, the walls rattle when he closes the doors.
It's a cold day. Just like the day before.
Days used to mean nothing to him.
Until she came along. Three years ago.
That woman... he sighs.
Was it something he said? Didn't they talk about it last night?
Everything was fine.
Or so he thought.
"We shouldn't be out here, kid." He mutters. It's freezing, he can see her trembling even beneath her hoodie. Well it was actually his. The hoodie completely swallowing her small form.
"I know, I know!" She laughs. Her cheeks a beautiful shade of pink. "I just... it was too loud inside." That he can agree on. "Is it true?" She asks a few seconds later.
Simon stills. Choosing his next words carefully.
"What Soap said." A heartbeat. "About us."
There's a silence that falls between them.
"Those were the words of a drunk man."
"Were they?" her smile is contagious. Damn her and her beautiful soul. "Would you come with me if I asked you to?"
He stares directly at her, trying to find any sign of doubt. He's always mesmerized by her gentle nature. That's something he never knew. Perhaps that's why he was so drawn to her. Longed to be wherever she was. Breathe the same air.
"I'd say that's highly inappropriate." He states. "And that you've had too many shots of whatever poor excuse of a whiskey Johnny made you drink."
"Price called it piss water." She shooks her head. "You're changing the subject!"
Simon chuckles. He really does.
"You've got such power over me no one else could ever have, kid."
And he's doomed.
He's trying so hard, going through the events of the night, trying to remember. What happened? Nothing out of line was said. She seemed content when they parted ways, right after he had kissed her good night outside her room. Simon saw the way her eyes lit up with a spark he never saw before. The longing stare. Remembers vividly how she had stopped him, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt pulling him down for another heated kiss.
He walks down the corridor with long strides. Hands balled into fists. He shouldn't be this mad. But that was the effect she had in him.
He tries to cool down. Ghost was scared too. What if she had changed her mind and didn't want anything to do with him? He was messing up his head at the mere thought.
He finally makes it to the room, knocking twice before her soft voice tells him he can come in.
Inside the room, all the curtains were closed, not a single ray of light made it inside apart from the lamp casting shadows around. Furrowing his brows he closes the door behind him with a low click.
"Kid?" He calls her. Immediately rolling on her side she welcomes him, red eyes, stuffy nose and looking disheveled.
"Sorry I missed training." She apologizes. Changing to a sitting position and waits for him to sit next to her.
"What's wrong?" He demands with a soft voice. She's still wearing his hoodie from last night. Rubbing her eyes she gives Simon a tired smile.
"I'm just really sick Simon." She answers, he can hear her hoarse voice now.
"Bloody hell, love." His hand goes straight to her face, caressing her cheek. "Did you go to the infirmary?" Closing her eyes, she rest her head against his hand.
"Mhm. Got some painkillers prescribed. Still feel horrible."
"Good, it'll take some time for you to feel better. You need to rest, okay?". The look he gave her leaves no room for discussion.
"Wasn't planning on leaving my bed you know?" He smiles ever so slightly. "Would you stay with me?" When he doesn't answer right away she adds: "never mind you'll catch whatever this bug is and i don't ..."
"Sweetheart," he interrupts her rambling. "Scoot over."
She looks at him wide-eyed.
"You... you don't," she stutters.
"No, I don't mind at all. If there's anything you need just tell me, copy?" She nods, staring at his blue eyes. "Told you we shouldn't have been outside last night."
"Even if it meant catching a cold, I'm glad we did, Simon."
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Task force 141 found out about your soft spots | Part 2
Summary: Ever since they saw the softer part of you, the task force 141 has been trying to see more of them. a/n: This is a follow-up from the previous part! It can be read separately but part 1 gives more context :)  Also! The dividers were made by @gomzdraws (which is also me lol) apologies if I took too long! I'll have to admit I got a bit carried away with part :>
Tags: incorrect military terms, fluff, can be read as platonic or romantic, horrible attempt at Scottish accent(I gave up near the end xD), mention of dog bites, x gn!reader
Captain John Price
Tumblr media
The two of you returned to base after just recently completing the mission; the target was secured and handled, and you rested in the general area as you looked through your phone again, updating your to-do list as you had stumbled upon the photo of the cute latter art previously. You stop and lean on the counter as you smile. It's so freaking cute, you think to yourself before a nudge takes your attention.
"Come", was all the captain said before you quickly followed along without questions. You’re always eager to follow any instructions he gives; maybe he needed to discuss the upcoming mission. But it’s obvious it's not going to be that as you sit in his car. Where are we going?
You ask curiously as you fasten the seat belt. The Captain only gives you a smile as he presses the gas pedal. "Just getting something to eat", he replies as you nod and relax into the chair. Well, it's nearing evening, and you are, in fact, quite hungry, so a small bite before dinner doesn’t sound too bad. It wasn’t long before you finally reached your destination. It’s a quiet town that has a few stalls and shops, and you walk alongside the captain until you stop before a small cafe, tucked nicely at the end of the street.
You look through the window as you watch the few people and barista chilling inside. It looks warm and cosy; there were soft fairy lights lining the pale yellowish wall with brown pillars supporting the structure. The captain gently places his hand around your back as he guides you to enter the cafe. You follow along as you take in the fresh smell of coffee and pastries and the sight of the small place. Price let you wander around for a while before taking a seat near the stairs, and a waiter quickly came as he greeted him. 
"Ah John! It's been a while; I see you brought company." The older man then hands you both the menu as he chuckles and bumps the captain’s shoulder. Price nods back as he glances back at you and says, "Pick anything you want, it’s on me", You give him a surprised look before you nod and take a look. You smile as you look through the list on the menu; it has a lot of cute drinks and desserts, so he saw. You thought to yourself as you ordered a latte; it's apparently their best-selling drink with the 3D cat milk foam on top of the drink. The waiter nods as he looks at Price, to whom he orders tea and some apple strudels. The waiter takes down the order on his notepad before promptly returning to the counter and preparing the orders.
How did you find this place? You ask the captain as you take in the surroundings again; it's a hidden gem, that’s for sure, and the prices on the menu were not bad as well.
"I knew this place because Oliver, the man who took our order just now, used to go to the same college", you hum as a reply and nod.
It's a nice place, and I can’t wait to try the drink, you reply back with a smile as your eyes twinkle with excitement. The captain chuckles as he nods. 
"Well, I didn’t take you as someone who likes these kinds of things, but it's a pleasant surprise, don’t worry. So I figured I'd bring you here." 
He raised an eyebrow out of amusement as he watched you blush slightly. You huffed out a puff of air before you replied sheepishly, 
Ah well, I guess cute things are my weakness after all; who would’ve guessed? 
"Just don't let the enemy know, and you’ll be fine", the captain jokes back as your drink arrives, and you immediately close your mouth as you watch the foam wiggle around when it was placed gently on the table. 
Oh my god, you whisper to yourself as you gasp and take in the sight, quickly taking your phone out and taking a picture. You glance back at Price with sparkling eyes as you tilt your head, giving him a "are you seeing this?" look as he chuckles and nods. He can feel the joy radiating from your face as you go ahead and stare at the drink, and the way you carefully turn the cup around to see the whole thing? Precious.  
He watches you take a sip. You close your eyes and give a nod as you savour the taste. Not only was the drink cute, but the flavour was perfect as well. You can smell the coffee's aroma and see how smooth the drink is. You didn’t realise when you had a bit of foam below your nose as you smiled back at the captain. Price couldn't help but laugh slightly as he took a tissue and wiped off the foam from your face. "Guessing you like it then?", you nod as you place down the cup and cover your mouth slightly to hide the pink blush that’s creeping up to your cheek. 
Yeah, it's not too bitter, and it tastes pretty rich. I like it. You reply as you watch him hum and take his strudel and tea. 
"Good, we can come here again next time". He says this as he gives you a warm grin and a wink.
John Soap McTavish 
Tumblr media
It was another week of training with the two military dogs, specifically Max and Judy, two German Shepherds who have been quite fond of you as they follow the training. Over the course of the regimen, you are supposed to reinforce essential handling techniques and carry out a few conditioning exercises like generalised commands. You may not be a military dog handler, but the training has definitely improved your skills to be one. Soap has joined you on a few training sessions and watches on the side as you smoothly handle the dogs, carrying out the essential steps and watching as the dogs follow you obediently. He finds it inspiring to see you train with the professional dog handler, Sergeant Sam, who has been offering a lot of help and tips. 
Today, Sergeant Sam guides you through controlled aggression training for Max, something the dog has had some trouble with for the past few days. Max has shown a good level of precision when commanded to attack a target, but its restraint technique still needs more practice, as Max tends to move before you give your words. You coo and guide Max as you carry out the demonstration, pointing at the volunteer as Max growls. You hold onto the leash firmly when Max tries to run towards the target, and you speak with a steady, calm voice as you patiently coo at the dog. 
Alright Max, steady. Not yet. Stay. 
Your voice hushed Max as it reduced his growl and made him stand on the ground, no longer pulling on the leash, and wait for your next command.
Okay, good boy Max, you don't forget to praise it immediately. This is one of the many bits of advice given by Sergeant Sam, it is said to give the dog motivation and let it know it’s doing the right thing if you praise its action immediately. 
You finally gave the signal after a while, and Max immediately went to jump and bite on the protective coat the volunteer was wearing, growling and displaying its aggression as you guided the dog. Sergeant Sam and you continue to practise a few more times with Max to properly train him to improve his restraining skills. 
After a few hours, you were finally given a break as you sat on the floor, sweating as you gently rubbed Max’s head. 
There you are, good boy Max~ So proud of you!
 You whisper to Max as you feel something poke your back. You glance back and smile as you watch Judy (the other military dog) wagging its tail and giving your cheek a lick. 
Ah! Judy, did you miss me? Hey now, who’s a good boy~?
You immediately shower Judy with attention and pat its head as you glance up to watch Soap approaching you. You wave to him as he stands at a distance. You watch his nervousness show as he rubs his neck and taps his foot repeatedly on the ground. You then stand up and order Max and Judy to sit and remain still on the floor as you walk to Soap. 
Sergeant Soap, good to see you. You greeted him with a smile as he relaxed slightly and smiled back at you. 
"Aye, I saw da training todae; it seems yer gettin better at this!", he said as he nervously glanced back at Max and Judy before staring back at you again. You nodded appreciatively as you chuckled and spoke. 
Yeah, Max and Judy have been behaving well, and the training with them is running smoothly. They remind me of my own dog back home, you say fondly as you watch him glance back at you with a surprised grin. 
"Wut? You owned a German Shepherd? That’s perfect, then, actually", You watch as he shuffles around his pocket as he holds out a bag of snacks; it’s Milk-Bone dog biscuits! You smile widely as he hands you the snack. 
"Well, I wanted to give it to ya as a wae to say thanks since yer took the job for me; you seem close to dogs anyhow; I hope I bought the right thing". Soap says as he laughs and pats your shoulder, "What’s the name?", He asks before you take out your phone and proudly show him photos of your own German Shepherd. It's big, and it has a golden sable pattern that shines ever so slightly under the sun. 
Named it Meatball because he always managed to steal some from the kitchen. He is my little ball of sunshine, you explain with a soft giggle as you show him more pictures, swiping the gallery before stopping on one where you were carrying Meatball with a struggling look, face scrunched up with a frown with a grin, you chuckle as you look back at Soap, 
He’s almost 5 years old now and still jumps and expects me to carry him around like a baby, even when he's 60 pounds! 
Soap laughs along as he stares at the photo. You looked so happy and content, and he likes how cheerful and giddy you are when you start talking about your dog. He’s still scared of dogs, but he felt like with you, he might be able to overcome that fear a little as he listens to your stories. 
I'm sorry for babbling so much, by the way. You stop halfway when you realise you’ve been talking for the past 10 minutes about your own dog, but Soap quickly shakes his head as he rests his hand on your shoulder, giving you a reassuring look as he speaks,
"No, no, go on. I love hearing yer talk about Meatball. He’s really cute!", Soap says as he gives you a nudge. "might even visit the fella with how sweet he sounds". Your eyes beamed when he suggested that,
Really? I mean, I don't want to force you to meet him if you’re still uncomfortable and all
Soap nods again as he gives a chuckle. 
"Well, I think I'm still a bit nervous, but it's something I want to try again, ya know?", You nod in understanding before you think for a moment and give a reply as you glance back at the military dogs. 
How about you start by warming up to Judy? Max is a bit bigger and more intimidating, but Judy is smaller, and he’s more obedient. Do you want to try it? Soap sucks in a breath as he contemplates for a few minutes before finally sighing as he nods slowly. You smile as you rest your hand on his thigh to soothe his nerves. 
It's okay; you’re with me. It will be alright. You say gently as you call for Judy to come around. Soap watches as Judy slowly makes its way towards you and Soap, his legs shuffling a bit as his muscles tense up when Judy comes and sits in front of you.
Be good. Soap is going to touch you, okay? You coo at Judy as the dog gives a nod and rests its head on your knee. You glance back at Soap as you hold his hand and speak.
You’re going to be okay; Judy won't bite, I promise. Soap nods with a gulp as he lets you take his hand and guide it to Judy’s head. You watch as he retracts his hand a bit when Judy tilts its head to stare at Soap. 
"y-y/n…" Soap says nervously before you pause and rub his hand in small circles, 
It's alright; take it slow and don't worry. You speak patiently as you watch Soap nod and take a few deep breaths to calm himself down. You don’t move and continue holding his hand in the air, and wait to let him take the initiative to move, and not long after that, he starts running his finger along the head of Judy’s fur cautiously. Judy remains still as it closes its eyes and wags its tail slightly. You give a small chuckle as you whisper back to Soap,
You’re alright; look, Judy likes you. You say as Soap relaxes more as he watches in awe, smiling slightly when he watches the dog press its furry chin onto your knees and melt into his touches. It’s certainly a much different response to what he imagined, and the memories of dogs biting into his legs and arms still haunt him sometimes. He can feel those sharp teeth sinking into his skin and drawing blood in those nightmares, but now? This dog he's touching is peacefully laying on your knee, not moving an inch as he strokes his fur softly with his palm, it's unnerving to him still, like he still expects the dog to bite him if he lets down his guard. But slowly, he gets more comfortable when he sees no signs of that happening, he also knows that if you're here with him, he'll be alright.
Soap glanced back at you as he held his gaze. "Thank you...", he said with a tone full of appreciation as you smiled back at him and nodded. 
No worries, I'm happy you’re able to come this far, you say back with a soft tone as the both of you just continue like this, chatting idly back and forth as Soap slowly strokes Judy’s fur. By the end of the conversation, Judy was resting its head on Soap’s tight, and Soap was no longer trembling as he rests his hand on its head.
Kyle Gaz Garrick
Tumblr media
Ever since Gaz dropped off the bear in your room, you’ve been trying to reach out to him. But many times that has not happened because of the busy schedules, and it also doesn’t help that you’re not often teamed up with him. 
However, when you do see him, you make sure to give him a nod and an appreciative stare as he returns the same. You’ll admit you were not as close to Gaz when compared to Ghost, but ever since the IKEA trip, both of you have been trying to change that, even if it’s just a bit. Sometimes he brews you a cup of tea in the morning; other times you’ll secretly take on his paperwork when you notice those tired eye bags in the morning. 
But you wanted to return the favour with more than just these small gestures. You’ve thought about a lot of options; the first thing was perhaps to buy him a game of sorts. You heard from Soap before that Gaz is a gamer himself and owns a Switch. The problem is that you’re not aware of what kind of games he’s into, and asking those questions will raise suspicions. You have a rough idea that he might like action role-playing and multiplayer games like Elden Ring and World of Warcraft; sometimes you know Soap and Gaz will play Mario Kart because of how loud their laughter can be in their room. But you don’t like guessing and would rather get him something you’re absolutely sure he will like. The other thing you wanted to get him was perhaps a hat or a scarf, seeing as he likes wearing those. But you learned that he is very attached to his scarf, so buying him a new one didn’t seem right to you. As for the hat, you actually found a blue beanie that might look good on him, but you decided to save it for his birthday. After many sleepless nights of trying to figure out what on earth to give him, the opportunity finally presented itself one day. You just finished a mission with the team, and as the crew made their way back to base, you noticed how Gaz’s gloves were damaged; the thumb side was burned off, most likely due to the explosion previously. Gaz took notice of your gaze and gave you a smile.
"It's alright; the rest of it is still fine I can live with it." 
You give a nod as he turns around and speaks to Soap again, back to their usual banter as Gaz elbows Soap for not warning him when the bomb goes off. You secretly thank Soap for his recklessness because now you know exactly what to get him.
You tip-toed around the base during the late hours, being quiet and stepping cautiously on the floorboard to avoid generating any noise. You rest your hand along the wall as you walk before finally reaching the door. You glance around once and finally bend down to put down the little green box with a cute yellow ribbon. You smile softly to yourself as you stand up, only to yelp slightly when Gaz taps on your shoulder from the back. 
"Hey, erm, what are you sneaking around for?-", he stops as you quickly glance back as you nervously stand before the gift, shuffling it behind your feet as you shake your head. Gaz watches your demeanour before he smiles as he looks down, noticing a small gift box. "I didn’t know it was my birthday today", he jokes with that charming smile of his, chuckling softly as he tilts his hand and leans closer.
"You don’t have to be so shy around me. Come on", He bends down to pick up the box as he opens the door. You were about to leave before he stops as he looks at you, motioning to enter his room. You gulp as you nod and follow along, deciding to sit on his bed beside him. You have never entered any member’s room at this point, and you’re surprised at how cosy his room is. A few blankets here and there; he even has a few plushies himself! You get distracted by his place without realising he has already pulled off the ribbon and taken out the gift. You turn around and face him when he lets out a gasp.
Gaz said excitedly as he held a pair of Moto gloves, navy in colour with a dash of blue camouflage, lined with hard leather that protects the knuckles. You watch as his eyes shine and he smiles so big that you can see his prominent canine teeth protruding, silently satisfied with yourself when he thanks you for the gift.
I've been wanting to return the favour since you got me the bear.
You say softly as he nods and tests out the glove. It’s a perfect fit as he feels the texture and size.
"This is amazing! I love it. Thank you so much", He thanks you again as he gives your head a pat. Both of you decided to stay for a while and chat idly after that.
Simon Ghost Riley
Tumblr media
You were awake the entire night, blinking and shuffling around your bed as you sighed deeply. 
Another sleepless night 
You thought to yourself as you pressed a pillow to your own face. You usually have trouble sleeping sometimes—more than you would like to admit. Whether it's because of the stress that lingers after missions or because of nightmares, They plague your nights without mercy. 
You groan and sit up as you stare at the clock. 
It's about 5 a.m. already, and I still can’t sleep. 
You grumble to yourself as you stand and stretch, pissed that you can’t even enjoy a day off without getting a good night's sleep. You decided to run some laps around the field to tyre yourself out and nap afterwards. 
And you did just that, running around the field for the past half an hour already, yet somehow you can feel that you’re more awake than usual. You know you’re physically tired, but your mental state refuses to calm down and screams at you. You sat on the ground hopelessly before lying on it, staring up at the sky as you let out a long, defeated sigh as you let out a few more grumble.
"Good morning, y/n" comes a voice as you glance to your left, recognising it as you divert your gaze from his shoe to his mask.
Good morning, Lieutenant Ghost, You reply back as you sit up and frown, slightly embarrassed that he saw you like this. 
"Grabbing coffee for them, coming along?" He asks as he shakes the car key in his left hand, his other resting in the pocket of his black hoodie. You nod as you stand up by yourself and brush away the dust as both of you head to the jeep.
You’ve done this routine before with Ghost, sometimes doing it yourself. The group likes to take turns buying coffee and breakfast every weekend near the base; even the barista and workers have already recognised you guys at this point. 
"Ah, it's you, 3 black coffees and 2 Earl Greys as per usual, yes?" Ghost nods to the shorter barista as she promptly prepares the drinks. You stood beside Ghost as you glanced around when you waited for the order before catching your sight on the fridge that displayed pastries and other small bites. 
swiss roll!! 
You take notice of the delicacy as you step closer to the glass. They rarely have cakes, at least whenever you come to visit anyway; mostly they display croissants or sandwiches, and you have to admit that the swiss roll they sell looks pretty good and tempting. 
Matcha, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate
You take a close look at all the options as you stare excitedly. Ghost watches as he stands closer and bumps your shoulder. 
"Chocolate is good."
He whispers into your ears as you blush slightly at the sudden closeness and glance back at him. You nod as you stare back at that specific swiss roll. It even has what you assume is chocolate whipped cream with a small cherry on top. You whisper back softly as you grab his sleeve timidly. 
Can I try the cake with you?
You know you can finish this cake yourself, but you wanted to share it with him since he suggested it in the first place. 
Ghost blinks before nodding as he pats your hand, ordering the chocolate swiss roll as you smile and happily take a seat in the corner of the cafe. You watch as he brings the plate and sets it on the table. He hands you a fork as he watches you poke through the cake and take a bite.
Your eyes beam as your face lights up when you have a taste; the soft, spongy chocolate cake is perfect, and paired with the chocolate whipped cream? It tasted like heaven. Ghost chuckles as he watches you take another bite. 
"Told ya"
You nod as you glance back at him with a giddy smile. You were right. You say as you take a much bigger part of the cake and hand the fork to him, and he nods as he pulls his balaclava to eat the cake, making sure he watches you from the corner of his eyes as he eats it. He likes seeing you take in the sight of him shamelessly, even if it's just his jaw and lips. He liked how you always stare and trail along the faint scar he has around the chin; it's as if you’re mapping him out and memorising his features. He gives a hum of approval as he finishes the bite and hands you back the fork, urging you to take more as you shake your head. 
"It's okay, kid, I’ve tried this cake before already. Eat."
He says this as you frown slightly and nod along, then enjoy the cake again as your brows slowly relax. He smiles as he continues to watch you eat; he knows that you’re always eager and tend to be more compassionate than the other members, even if you don't show it. Gestures like how you always save a seat for him in the planes beside Soap, or how you silently wipe and clean Soap’s guns after missions, or how you always helped Gaz with reports, and you always brew a cup of coffee for Captain when he needs it, your actions doesn't go unnoticed by him. 
Do you have a sweet tooth? 
The question caught him off guard as he watch your eye. He took a few moments to ground himself before nodding. He watched the glint of amusement in your eyes as you smiled and leaned in to ask another question. 
Then what’s your favourite dessert? 
He smiles at your question as he leans in and rests his arm on the table as he stares back at you. 
"Chocolate, if that wasn’t obvious enough already."
You chuckle as you shake your head and slightly poke his muscular arm. 
Yeah, I have an idea, obviously, but you know, like, what kind? Like chocolate bars? Cocoa drinks? Chocolate brownies? You know what I mean, you list out the example as you bite on the fork. 
He chuckles as he goes on and answers back, then you shoot another question and the process repeats. They may be small and mundane questions, but moments like this make him feel human again, to remind him that he is not just a war machine in this world, that he too has cravings and such, plus it also feels like you get to know him better, and perhaps this friendship can flourish more.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= a/n: am I biased towards Gaz? yes, yes I am(and yeah the gloves are from CSGO lol), like and reposts are appreciated! Have a good day/night! <3
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d0youc0py · 1 day
Can I you do the 141+Konig (or whoever you’d like) realizing that reader feels safe with them?
Love your work!!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
To outside eyes it was something so simple- but to him it was the highest form of a compliment.
The group was sprawled out all over the living room preparing for the weekly movie night and somewhere between Gaz and Soap arguing who’s turn it was to pick the movie- you had fallen asleep.
Not just that- you had fallen asleep on him. His arm had been draped over the back of the couch and when you could no longer fight back sleep, his side was the perfect pillow. He knew you probably didn’t mean too, but just the fact your bodies natural instinct was to fall in his direction was enough to send a warm buzz through his body.
Sleep had always been a touchy subject for Ghost and Simon. He was lucky if he slept more than four hours a night. Being a light sleeper and falling victim of night terrors made nighttime his least favorite time. He disliked the vulnerability of it.
So the fact that you trusted him in your most vulnerable state was rather precious.
And a mission he wouldn’t take lightly.
Tumblr media
Your skin had been crawling for the last fifteen minutes. You’d hope that by ignoring his unspoken advancements he would take a hint, but you were wrong. You peaked at him from the corner of your eyes. He wasn’t unattractive. He had nice features- chiseled but still approachable. Yet something about him just twisted your stomach. Maybe it was the way his eyes were glued to your ass.
Could you handle it yourself- absolutely. Did you feel like having to prove yourself in a bar full of people that you could take care of it yourself- not really. Especially not when you had a Big Bad Captain who could handle it with just a glare. You quickly excused yourself from the rest of the 141, heading over to where Captain Price and Laswell were gossiping.
“Sorry if this is confidential, but a guy over there is giving me the creeps.” You explained.
“The one in the blue jacket?” Price smirked. You went wide eyed and nodded your head wondering how he knew. “Been eyeing you since we walked in. I’ve been keeping an eye on him.” He held out his arm for you and you quickly linked arms with him. The simple action was enough to cause the man to sneer and grumble something to himself. You shot Price a smile and he shot you back a wink.
“That’s why I come to you when I’m scared.” You complimented. You didn’t know it but that comment was the ego boost of a lifetime for him.
Tumblr media
Your vision was starting to turn foggy. Buildings became less sharp, people became blurry figures and the ground was looking mighty comfortable. You hands gripped your abdomen the other pressed against the wall.
Your eyes scanned the area, hoping to come across a familiar mohawk. You thought the best route would be to follow the sound of explosions, but that was just bringing you closer to the action.
“Y/N?!” Johnny boomed from behind you. You sighed in relief your back hitting the wall. He caught you before you could sink down completely. “Steamin Jesus.” He grumbled. He worked quick, tearing off a piece of his sleeve and holding it tightly against you wound. He called for an evac. “Why didn’t you call for help?” He scolded. You rested your forehead against his.
“I wanted you.” You mumbled. His hardened face softened- a smile almost ghosting his features. You were sure if you weren’t bleeding out he would’ve made some snarky comment, but neither of you had the energy.
“I’ve got you.” He whispered, letting you rest against him.
Tumblr media
You don’t know why you agreed to this. Well technically you all voted and you lost but you probably could’ve put up a bigger fight. You hated horror movies. You’d think they wouldn’t bother you given your line of work but you were wrong. You had your sweater pulled up to your forehead trying to block out the urge to take a peak at the TV.
You eventually caved and peaked just in time for a jump scare. You heard a stifled chuckle come from the couch across from you. Kyle was biting back a smile, mouthing a ‘you good.’ You nodded feeling determined to not let the movie get the best of you. That plan was sort lived as a scene so brutal even Ghost had to look away, crossed the screen.
“Don’t be babies!” Soap yelled. You had had enough. While the others were engrossed in the movie you quietly crept over to Kyle’s side of the couch.
“Can I sit with you?” You mumbled. He quickly nodded his head expecting you to sit near him- not press yourself against his side. He chuckled softly, removing his arm from the back of the couch resting it around you.
“You know, performing an exorcism has always been on my bucket list. You’d be in good hands.” He’s always so cheeky.
“Not nice.” You grumbled, sending him a glare. He put his feet up on the coffee table and relaxed against the couch. The calmness in his body started to spread to yours, and pretty soon you had fallen asleep. He was absolutely going to tease you about this later- but for now he was enjoying the prideful bubble in his chest. You had chosen him.
Price tried to take a picture of you two but his flash went off causing everyone to scream.
Tumblr media
“Colonel.” You hummed, knocking at the door. His eyes shot it away from his IPad trying to adjust to the darkness of the room.
“What’s wrong?” He questioned, beginning to stand up. You shook your hands.
“Nothing.” You lied. You had a nightmare. One so bad your body was still trembling.
“It’s three in the morning. What’s wrong?” He pressed. He stood up, cracking his back. His eyes had finally adjusted enough to see your tear stained face and shaking shoulders. Suddenly he realized. He had woken up enough times like that himself. He walked around his desk and grabbed a spare blanket from underneath the couch. “Come here.”
You did as you were told, smiling softly as he wrapped the fluffy blanket around your body. “You can sleep in here. I have to pull an all-nighter anyways.” He grumbled that last part to himself.
“I won’t bother you?”
“No.” He assured, grabbing a pillow from under the couch. “You’re not the only one who could benefit from some company right now.” You could hear the smile in his voice. You snuggled into the couch and he trudged back over to his desk.
“Thanks Konig.” You mumbled before you finally fell back asleep. He took a moment to stare at your sleeping form. There had been many times he wished someone was there for him in moments of weakness. He was honored you had chosen him to be that person for you.
Thank you for your kind words!
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crimsonbubble · 3 days
Hiii, didn’t know if your requests were open, but thought I’d drop this by anyways because it’s been on my mind
Sub König that the reader leaves a whiny whimpering mess <33
cw. nsfw, gn!reader, sub!konig, handjobs, minimal oral, edging, mentions of hickeys *not proofread, just pure horny
[I love making big scary men whimper <33]
Tumblr media
the cutest whines and whimpers
such a sweet boy :((
his body is shaking
his thighs are twitching
tears are welling in his eyes
trembles each time you work him up just to pull away last second
his tip is so so sensitive, all rosy and leaking
he's practically crying when you constantly thumb at his tip, suckle around the head of his cock and squeeze your hand around his length
he bucks his hips into every single one of your touches
he craves so badly for release, but that means that the fun is over
he's trying so hard to keep his hands to himself just like you told him to
but there's a strong urge to push your head down when you take him into your mouth
and when he does you minimize how much you're touching him
from stroking him with both hands to barely using three fingers
from lapping at his cum to just smearing it over his tip and using it as more lube along with your residual spit
he's shaking harder than before
and his chest is heaving with each battered breath
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warenai · 2 days
Y/n: if I punch myself and it hurts, am I too weak or too strong?
Soap: you’re weak
Gaz: you’re strong
Ghost: you’re stupid
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pastelalchemy · 2 days
your first date:
Tumblr media
warnings: none.
Tumblr media
simon 'ghost' riley took you to your favourite restaurant for dinner. he made sure everything was perfect, even booking out a private room so the two of you could have conversations without anybody listening in.
when he first saw you, simon's breath hitched in his throat at how beautiful you looked. you were wearing a floral sun dress and had your hair styled so perfectly, simon could have sworn you were an angel sent down from heaven. "you look beautiful," he whispered to you, holding out his arm for you to take.
you blushed, muttering a silent 'thank you' before wrapping your arm around his own and walking into the restaurant.
simon pulled the waiter aside and whispered something before the two of you were directed into a side room. although the room was small, it was beautiful and elegantly decorated, a single table for two in the middle of the room. "here you are," the waiter said, pulling out your chair and motioning for you to sit down.
you smiled at the waiter and sat down, watching as simon sat down too and the waiter disappear. "this is beautiful," you smiled softly at simon.
"you deserve the best," simon replied, taking a menu from the middle of the table and passing it to you.
"you're going to make me blush," you said, taking the menu from him and scanning the pages. you already knew what you wanted, it was your favourite restaurant of course, but you pretended to look anyway as to seem so eager.
finally the waiter returned to take your food and drink order, disappearing and reappearing promptly with your glass of wine and beer for simon. "food shall be with you momentarily," the waiter said. you both nodded.
"so, simon," you said, sipping your wine. "what do you do for work?"
simon looked away from you awkwardly as if you had just asked an extremely scandalous question but cleared his throat and answered. "i'm in the military."
"oh," you said, placing your wine on the table. "i suppose there's nothing much you can tell me about your job then?" simon nodded his head, gulping his beer. "don't worry simon, i understand."
"you do?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.
"of course," you replied, the ghost of a smile spreading across your lips.
the two of you continued talking throughout the night, eating your food and ordering more drinks: all-in-all having a great time. the two of you talked a lot about your life since there wasn't much simon could tell you about himself. but, simon was more interested in hearing about your life than talking about his anyway.
when you had finished your food and packed up on the drinks, simon looked at your pink-plush cheeks and grinned. "you ready to head home?" he asked, standing up and holding his hand out to you.
"but i'm having such a good time," you responded with a pout, but taking his hand and standing up.
"well if it's okay with you, i'd like to take you out again," simon said, gazing deeply into your eyes.
"i'd like that," you replied softly. you realised you were still holding his large hand and let go slowly, letting your hand drop to your side nervously.
"come," he said leading you out of the small room. he paid the rather large bill and waited outside for a taxi. as you were waiting he noticed you shiver silently to yourself. "cold?" he asked, eyeing you up and down.
"a little," you replied, wrapping your arms around yourself. "i should have brought a coat."
"here, take mine."
before you could even protest, simon had taken off his coat and wrapped it around your frame. you immediately melted into the warmth and whispered "thank you."
"it's no trouble."
when the taxi arrived, you and simon funnelled in, quickly putting your seatbelts on. simon gave your address to the driver and within a few minutes you were parked outside your house. the two of you climbed out of the taxi and simon walked you to your door. you turned on your heels and placed your hands on his broad chest, smiling up at him. "i had a wonderful time tonight, ghost," you said, mocking his nickname.
"as did i," he replied. you went to take off his coat and hand it back, but the giant shook his head causing you to frown.
"it's your coat!" you exclaimed.
"yeah but, if you keep it, i know i'll see you again," simon smirked, winking at you.
"you'll definitely be seeing me again, simon," you smiled. you pressed your lips to his cheeks and turned back to your door, unlocking it. "i'll see you soon."
"see you soon y/n," simon smiled, watching as you walked safely into your home and lock the door behind you. simon's heart was racing as he turned off your porch and began to walk himself home.
Tumblr media
könig took you out on a picnic at the park. it was the height of summer so it was lovely and warm outside, a slight breeze settled in the air. although it was 9pm, the sun was still shining overhead as the two of you found a secluded spot near a lake and laid out the picnic blanket. "i hope it is to your liking?" könig asked, looking you up and down as you settled yourself on the blanket.
"are you kidding? it's perfect!" you exclaimed, looking through the picnic basket at all the goodies he had brought.
könig couldn't help but blush and smile at your enthusiasm. "i am glad."
you giggled at his shy nature and grabbed onto his arm, pulling him down to sit next to you. "get comfortable," you said to him.
"yes ma'am," he replied nervously, his body relaxing slightly as you smiled at him.
being an extremely shy person in general was difficult for könig, but being around you, well, just seemed to make him shyer. you picked up on this immediately, placing a hand on his and smiling at him softly. "don't be so nervous," you cooed.
"y-yes ma'am," he stuttered, causing you to laugh.
"and stop calling me ma'am," you teased poking your tongue out at him.
"sorry y/n," he smiled at you.
his smile made your heart flutter and you swiftly removed your hand from his and began to dig around the picnic basket. "what to have first," you mused, fingers dancing along all the sweet treats placed neatly inside.
"anything you want, liebe," he whispered, watching as your beautiful eyes twinkled in the sunlight.
"what does that mean?" you asked, taking a bite of chocolate.
"liebe?" you asked, swallowing down the chocolate and looking up at him.
"oh," he rubbed his neck awkwardly. "means love."
"that's so sweet," you blushed. it was then that könig slipped his hand back into yours, lacing your fingers together. both of your hearts were beating rapidly at this out-going but neither of you said anything. instead, you rested your head on his shoulder and watched as the world went by, enjoying the comfortable silence between the two of you.
it was 11pm when you decided it best to head home, your hand was still laced with könig's as you both stood up. it really was peaceful outside and as the stars set overhead, you didn't want to be anywhere else. you slipped your hand out of his for a moment while you folded up the picnic blanket and placed it back inside the basket. all the while könig watched you, a soft smile on his face when you laced your fingers back with his.
"did you have a good time liebe?" he asked.
"it was perfect," you replied as you both began to stroll back to your home.
"would you maybe like to do it again sometime? maybe, something different?" he asked nervously, refusing to look at you while you answered.
you giggled at his nervousness once more and responded. "i'd love too."
könig breathed a sigh of relief at your answer, "gut, gut."
you blushed as he mumbled his response in german and continued to walk along park. it wasn't long before you reached your house, könig walking you to your front door before taking the picnic basket off of you - you had insisted you carry it home. "thank you könig," you whispered, dropping your hand out of his and placing it on his shoulder. "i had a wonderful time."
"me too," he breathed heavily at your touch, his face heating up. "i will see you again soon?"
"yes please," you said, dropping your hand from his shoulder and turning to unlock your front door. "stay in contact, yeah?" you smiled.
"of course," könig replied, watching as you stepped into your front door. "have a good night y/n."
"you too, liebe," you smirked, closing the door.
könig's face was bright red at this point at your attempt to speak german. he he turned around and began to walk to his house all while a smile sat on his face.
Tumblr media
johnny 'soap' mactavish took you to the movies to see a film you had been dying to see for ages. he picked you up from your house in his car and had a bouquet of flowers ready to hand to you. when you opened the door and saw him, your eyes lit up, taking the flowers gently and muttering a shy 'thank you' before inviting him in.
you put the flowers in a vase and turned to johnny with a smile on your face. "i'm ready," you said.
johnny just nodded and offered his arm out to you, which you so graciously took. walking you to his car, johnny finally spoke. "you look beautiful."
you looked down at your casual clothes and blushed. "you don't look so bad yourself johnny." the car ride to the cinema, although short, was filled with laughter and catching up on how your week had been.
when you arrived, you funnelled out of the car quickly, waiting as johnny locked it before offering you his arm again. you took it and walked into the cinema, collecting your tickets, a large drink to share and loads of sweets treats. "are you excited?" he asked as you found your seats.
you nodded eagerly, "hell yeah! i've been waiting to see this film for ages! i think you'll like it too," you replied.
you watched the trailers and engaged in chit-chat while waiting for the actual movie to start. johnny listened intensely as you explained the plot of the movie, nodding his head in understanding. "sounds good," he said, stuffing his face with some sweets. you giggled and turned your attention to the final trailer, turning your phone off as to not be disturbed during the movie.
half-way through the movie, although you were enjoying it, you found yourself getting tired and so, you rested your head on johnny's shoulder. he looked down at you, eyes widened slightly, but relaxed as you nuzzled your head into him. "you okay?" he asked in a hush whisper.
"i'm good, just tired," you replied with a yawn.
"wanna go home?" he asked, looking down at you.
you shook your head and pouted, "no, now shh and watch the movie." johnny found himself chuckling at your childish antics before turning his attention back to the movie, watching with great interest.
when the movie finished, you stood up from your seat and looked down at johnny who stayed sitting down. "wasn't that amazing!" you exclaimed, throwing your hands up in the air.
"it was half decent actually," johnny smirked, standing up.
"just half decent?" you asked narrowing your eyes. "you don't know good films when you see one," you grinned pushing him lightly.
"let's get you home," johnny smiled softly at you, holding his hand out for you to take this time. you blushed at his gesture but took his hand and walked out of the cinema.
the car ride back was filled with chatter once more. you didn't want this date to end, but unfortunately it had too. when you parked up outside your house, johnny looked at you with soft eyes. "i had a great time," you said, looking deeply into his eyes. "even if you didn't enjoy the movie."
johnny's mouth hung open at your words and he laughed slightly. "i never said i didn't enjoy it," he protested. "i said it was half decent."
"we both know what that means mactavish," you grinned, turning to look at your door. you let out a soft sigh before turning your attention back to the man next to you. "i really did have a good time."
"me too," he responded.
you leaned over the seat and pressed a kiss to his cheek, leaving him almost too stunned to speak. "i'll see you again?" you asked hopefully.
"i'd be sad if you said no to another date," he smirked causing you to blush.
"next time, you can choose what we do," you both agreed silently as johnny nodded at you. "goodnight."
"sleep well y/n," johnny said, watching as you climbed out of the car and walk towards your door. he waited until you were in before driving off, thinking about where to take you on your next date.
Tumblr media
john price took you to a coffee shop, one where you didn't work. you met at the coffee shop and immediately his face lit up when he saw you walking towards him. "glad you could make it," he said, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his warm embrace.
"i'm glad too," you smiled.
"you want some coffee? one you don't have to make?" he joked, walking into the coffee shop with you trailing behind him.
"sounds lovely," you replied, giving him your order.
"great, you grab us a seat and I'll be back with the coffees."
you grabbed a seat for two by the window and watched as john gave the cashier your order. it wasn't long before he was making his way to the table, two drinks in hand.
"here you go," he smiled, popping your drink in front of you.
"thank you john. hold on i have the money in my purse," you said, reaching into your bag to fish out some coins.
"no need," john chuckled, causing you to stop in your tracks, a shocked expression on your face. "this is a date, y/n. it's on me."
you blushed profusely as you put your purse back in your bag. "sorry, i just feel bad."
"don't," he said simply.
you eyed him wearily but realised he was being serious. your facial expression softened as he smiled at you. "so," you said, attempting to change the conversation. "how have you been?" you asked awkwardly.
"can't complain," he replied with a smirk. "yourself?"
"good," you responded.
the two of you talked for the rest of the date, laughing and making jokes. you quickly found out there was a lot of chemistry between you and john, something you had been yearning for for a long time. when the sun started to set, john offered to walk you home. naturally, you said yes, and the two of you began walking back to your apartment. it was a lovely walk, not too hot, not too cold and the company was much appreciated. as you reached your home, john turned to you.
"would you maybe like to go out on a second date?" he asked, looking down at the ground.
"i'd love that," you smiled as the two of you walked to your front door. "i guess this is goodnight."
"i guess it is," john repeated, a slight snicker in his voice.
"goodnight john," you said before pressing a quick kiss to his cheek. he stammered out a goodnight and watched you head inside before turning his back. he let out a soft laugh as he thought back to the kiss you had gave him on the cheek before he began to make his own way home, whistling a tune of joy as he did.
Tumblr media
phillip graves took you to the fanciest restaurant he could think of. he was all about trying to impress you immediately, and impressed you were. when you walked into the establishment, your jaw dropped as you looked from the chandeliers hanging from the ceilings to the exotic paintings on the walls. "phillip," you whispered, trying to grab his attention. "are we in the right place?" you asked, eyes wide with amazement.
phillip couldn't help but chuckle. "of course," his southern accent had you hanging on every word he said. the two of you waited a few moments to be seated and eventually were placed at the back of the restaurant, away from the noise.
"this is exquisite," you mumbled as you sat down.
"not almost as exquisite as you," Phillip responded.
a blush rose to your cheeks at his words and you giggled like a school girl. "thank you, phillip."
"not a problem doll," he winked at you. it was then that you both looked over the menu before ordering and waiting for food. "so y/n," phillip spoke, cutting the silence between you. "tell me about yourself."
and so you did. you told phillip all about your life: your job, your passions, you told him absolutely everything. and in return, he told you as much as he could about himself. you were interrupted momentarily when food was brought to you, but you immediately got back to the conversation at hand.
you found yourself becoming more and more entranced by phillip as the date went on. you wanted to know more about him, but he told you that you had to go on a few more dates with him before he truly opened up to you. you couldn’t help but smile as he said those words, knowing he wanted another date made you beyond happy.
when the time came to say goodbye, phillip was disappointed. he had really enjoyed his time with you, but was already planning your next extravagant escapade. “i had fun tonight,” you smiled at him softly.
“that makes two of us doll,” phillip smiled, his face leaning in closer to yours. you felt your heart leap through your throat as he pressed his lips to yours softly, albeit quickly, before pulling away. “see you again, Y/N.”
you blushed as you made your way into your house, touching your fingertips against your lips. you waved him goodbye before closing your door and slumping into it, a huge goofy grin on your face.
Tumblr media
a/n || hey guys, i got a little too excited with simon and könig's first dates hah - i hope that you guys like this!
commissions are open here!
tags: @sarahs-secrets2 @alewesker
Tumblr media
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syd-vixious · 2 days
“I Need a Big Boy!!”
Tumblr media
(Picture credit to @akavendeta on twitter)
Pairing: König x gn!reader; “Simon “Ghost” Riley x gn!reader; König x gn!reader x Simon “Ghost” Riley
Warnings: Groping, language, strong men being strong (not proofread)
2nd Person POV
A/N: Hey everyone! I’m so, SO sorry that this took so long. I’ve been having a lot of stuff going on and haven’t gotten the chance to finish this. Sorry if this sucks too. Also I was thinking about instead of doing just the biggest, sweetest boy, I figure I’d add the other big boy. This is definitely gonna be cringe but whatever, I need to get this out of my brain. My apologies if there’s any spelling mistakes, it’s been a minute since I’ve written anything lol. Also this is going based off of my personal headcannons for these guys, which I do plan on posting in the future. For now just a heads up König is Pansexual and goes by he/him pronouns. Simon is Bi and goes by both he/him and they/them pronouns. Obviously they’re in a poly! relationship with the reader. I’m going to try my best with making it gender neutral and not have it just be non-binary!afab!reader, which is fine on my end but I’m trying to be as inclusive as possible.
Anyway, enough of my ranting, I hope you enjoy!
(Btw italicized words is anyone thinking unless it’s in quotations.)
It’s been about two weeks since your partners have come home from deployment. Simon was out running errands for the house while König was getting the kitchen set up for dinner. Thankful for both of them letting you relax on your day off, you were watching the most recent episode of SNL that you missed last weekend on the sofa in the main living area. The episode had Keke Palmer as the host and SZA as the musical guest. After watching the episode for about 20 minutes, SZA and the other actors that were a part of the SNL crew began singing a song about wanting a “big boy,” or “big girl,” for the holidays. A brilliant idea popped up in your mind while you were reaching for your phone during the commercial break.
If I recall my bluetooth speaker should still be in the kitchen from this morning. Hm, let me check.
You went to the settings on your phone to see of the speaker was on to connect, even though it was on the charger.
It was.
You smirked, hitting the button to connect your phone to the speaker. König was still preparing everything when he heard the noise from the device. 
Shit... “Yeah..?”
“Were you connecting to the speaker?”
You quickly turned down the volume on your phone in case it accidentally played anything. “Uh no, why?”
“It just made an odd.. boodoop noise? I guess you could call it...? I’m not really sure.”
You smiled softly at the curiosity in his voice, even though he couldn’t see your face from the other room, “It just makes that noise sometimes when it’s charging, babe.”
He shrugged and continued prepping any veggies that he wanted to add to dinner.
You sighed in relief and quickly pulled up Youtube on your phone and found the video within typing the artist’s name in the search bar. You turned your volume back up and began playing the song. 
He jumped from the sudden song playing on the device, startled by the heavy beat it was erupting. 
“Uhh... Schatz...?” He asked as he heard voices and heavy bass coming from the speaker.
You walked into the kitchen on the beat of the song singing out loud, “It’s cuffing season and now we got a reason,
To get a big boy,
I need a big boy,
Gimme a big boy!~”
You slowly made your way towards him while pointing at him whenever you lip-synced “big boy.”
Meanwhile König froze and looked at you with wide eyes. You could begin to see red spread across his face as he started to get flustered. “(Y-y/n)... w-what’s happening...?”
You smirked and continued “singing” the song,
“It’s cuffing season and all the girls are leaving to get a big boy, I need a big boy, gimme a big boy.~”
You couldn’t really remember the rest of the lyrics but kept on dancing as you made your way to him on the other side of the kitchen. He was flustered and began stammering, “W-What’s all this about..?”
You pulled a cheshire cat grin and simply hugged him, resting your head on his torso with your arms around his slutty waist. “Just singin’ about one of my big boys is all,” you slowly slid your hands down to grab his ass, causing him to yelp and jump slightly in your arms. 
You could hear his heartbeat racing, it began pumping even faster when you two heard the front door open, signaling Simon was home. “Ohhh Siiii.~” You sang from the kitchen. 
He heard you call and walked into the kitchen, not really paying any mind to the music, until you pointed it out...
“It’s cuffing season and everyone is leaving to get a big boy, I need a big boy, give me a big boy.~”
Needless to say he was confused, “how and where did they find a song like this?” he thought to himself as you sauntered over to him, once again wrapping your hands around his waist and slowly moving them down. He glanced up at König for some sort of answer, but the gentle giant only shrugged, red still tinting his cheeks.
“Love, have you been drinking? Are you horny? If so, it’ll have to wait because we haven’t even had dinner yet.” He asked, pulling off his face mask from running to the store earlier. 
You sighed and smirked a little, pinching one of Simon’s cheeks, “No, it’s just a song that I heard on a show and it reminded me of you guys.”
He quickly snatched your hands off his ass, “Oi!”
He quickly picked you up and placed you on an empty part of the island countertop. He leaned over to your ear, “Love, you better watch it, or you’re just gonna have to watch us eat dessert tonight...”
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daisies-daydreams · 3 days
Under the Desk (John Price x F!Reader)
Tumblr media
Pairing: John Price x F!Reader Category: Smut (18+) Warnings: Oral Sex (M!Receiving), Semi-Public Sex, Swearing, Spanking, Hair Pulling Word Count: 1.2k+
A/N: Just a little something I wrote while I'm working on a few requests. 👅💦
You squealed as you wrapped your arms around Price's thick neck. A small squelch erupted from your lips as he thrusted his tongue inside of your mouth. A small jolt of electricity shot through you as your clothed sex bushed against his stiffening cock. The action earned you an eager squeeze to your bum, your boyfriend’s hand kneading the flesh in his rough palms. Price parted lips with you, his chest heaving as he gazed at you with blown pupils.
“Get under the desk, sweet girl. You know what to do,” Price rumbled, his wet lips dancing over yours. You nodded, your hands trailing down his t-shirt as he pulled back in his office chair. You gave a harsh grind of your hips one more time, savoring how he gasped at the friction. You slowly slid off of his lap, maintaining eye contact the whole trip down. Price stared at you through half-lidded eyes as you shuffled onto your knees, your hands working at his belt.
Price pulled out one of the desk drawers and fished a fresh cigar out. He flinched when your fingers slowly pulled down the elastic of his blue boxers. His hard cock jumped out of his pants, the red tip dripping with precum. You licked your lips, taking his burning hot shaft into one of your hands as you pumped it slowly. Price grunted as he flicked his lighter, setting the tip of his cigar ablaze. He puffed at it a few times before releasing a stream of smoke from his nostrils.
“That’s a good girl,” Price praised as you continued to stroke up and down his length. He inhaled another drag of smoke, only to nearly choke on it when you kissed the tip of his cock. “Bloody fuck,” he groaned when you swirled your warm tongue around his plump, bulbous head. His balls ached as you worked your hands in tandem with your tongue. You raised his dick before licking a stripe from the base all the way up to his leaking tip.
“Fuck, lovie,” Price grunted as he shallowly bucked his hips. You sighed and closed your eyes as he slid his hand down to your head, threading his fingers through your hair. He puffed at his cigar again as he massaged at your scalp.
You moaned around his cock, taking it an inch deeper into your wet cavern. You let your hands fall to his inner thighs as you shifted closer, allowing him to sink in even further.
“That’s right-use your mouth just the way I like,” he rumbled, billows of smoke pouring past his lips. You suckled around his dick before starting to pull your head back, leaving his head between your lips. Price released a subtle moan as you bobbed your head across his length, his cock stuffing your mouth full. His fingers began to grip at your hair as you used your tongue to smooth over the vein on the underside of his cock.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck-“ he grunted. Price quickly set his cigar in his ashtray as you watched the resolve slip from him. His free hand clutched at the arm of his desk chair while he used his other to guide your head up and down his shaft. You repressed the urge to gag as his cock began to hit the back of your throat.
“Mmm, love how your lips wrap around me, baby,” Price swallowed thickly. You squeaked when he thrusted his hips into your mouth, his cock nearly splitting your jaw apart. Tears pricked at your eyes as your fingers raked down his pants.
“Shit-gonna cum,” Price growled, his cock twitching inside your wet cavern. Your eyes opened to look up at him and his face scrunched up.
Knock. Knock. Knock.
“Captain? Mind if I have a word real quick? It’s urgent," Gaz spoke from the other side of the door.
Price’s head whipped forward before looking down to you. You reflected his gaze of panic, his cock still lodged deep in your throat. Your love’s breathing stuttered as he pushed himself forward.
“Not a sound, bird,” he demanded softly as he scooted you beneath the desk. You nodded as Price straightened his clothes out. He sighed as he held his hands on his desk.
“Come in!” he called. Gaz opened the door, his brows instantly knitting when he saw the Captain's red face.
“You alright, Price? Look a bit feverish,” Gaz stated as he approached the desk. Your heart thrummed against your sternum as you felt some of his precum slide down your throat. Your mind was swimming with arousal, numb to any consequence of being caught. You fluttered your eyes closed as you cracked a wry grin.
“Ah, well, I’m not faring too well-Gaz,” his voice strained as you hollowed your cheeks around his cock. Price's hands squeezed together, his knuckles turning whiter by the second as you swiped your tongue against a prominent vein. Gaz raised a brow, his eyes scanning his Captain.
“Right. Well, there’s some important news from Las Almas,” Gaz stated. Price kept his hands tightly wound together and nodded as Gaz explained the most recent report given by Alejandro. You shallowly drove your mouth up and down his length, careful to not make too many wet sounds. Price’s hands twitched every so often, his left eye twitching whenever his head tapped the back of your throat. Gaz paused.
“You sure you’re alright, Price?” the Sergeant asked. Price nodded and gritted his teeth as you deftly massaged his heavy balls with one of your hands.
“I’m fine, Sergeant,” he seethed as you stroked your thumb across his raphe. His hand slipped down to the arm of his chair, grasping at his as Gaz finished his conversation. Your eyes widened as Price snatched your hair, squeezing his fingers around it roughly. You didn't cease your ministrations as Gaz saluted and saw himself out. You released his dick from your mouth, smiling up at him.
"Little minx," Price huffed. You squeaked as he shoved his cock far down your throat, using your hair to guide you along his thick shaft.
“Think it’d be funny to make me cum in front of one of my men, hm?” he asked. Hot tears streamed down your cheeks as he relentlessly drove himself into your mouth, each squelch louder than the last. He groaned as your eyes rolled into the back of your head, your wall clenching around nothing.
“You're gonna take all my cum like a good girl,” Price grunted when he gave a few more hungry thrusts. He bit his other hand as he stiffened, his cock twitching over your tongue. Your moans were muffled as he came down your throat.
"(Y/N)..." he slurred as you felt the warmth drip down your esophagus.
He panted before shifting his gaze down. You looked up at him with wet doe eyes as he kept your hair in a tight grip. You felt the tension in your throat loosen as he slid you off of his cock. You gasped and sputtered for air, some of his cum dripping down the corner of your mouth. Price clicked his tongue before swiping at the drop and shoving his fingers between your parted lips. You clamped your mouth down and swirled your tongue around his fingers, suckling his spend greedily.
“Fuck-look at you,” he groaned as his chest heaved. You whined as he withdrew his digit, wiping it on his pants leg. You rested your cheek on his inner thigh, your hips wagging like a dogs. Price patted your head before rolling back in his chair.
You blinked as he nodded his head towards the desk.
“Come up here,” Price softly commanded as he curled his finger. You quickly bounded up, squeezing your thighs together as you stood in front of him. The Captain hummed, a dangerous glint in his eye as he rose from his chair. He splayed his hands over your hips before leaning his face down to your ear. You yelped when he laid a sharp smack across ass, the flesh instantly stinging.
“Turn around and bend over," Price rasped as he lined his cock up to your soaked entrance. You shuddered as he raked his teeth over your pulse, his hand wrapping around your hair.
"I'm gonna make sure you truly understand what it means to listen,” he husked.
Thank you for reading! ❤️
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mikotoguilty · 3 days
Angel’s Kiss
You finally get through Ghost, obtaining your first kiss with Simon— your Simon. Even if it's only for a minute.
Tumblr media
Her kiss felt so good, and it took Simon a moment to recover. Her flushed cheeks after the kiss seemed to make her even more beautiful than before. Her smile was so charming and sweet. Her face was so close to his, her kind and gentle presence reminded him so much of a sunny day.
"You're a good kisser, Angel."
For a whole minute, she forgets about all her worries and problems. Forgets about her job and his; the risk of it all. For a whole minute, she just stands there as her thumb continues to rub against his cheek gently and she holds back the strong urge to drop the 'I love you' bomb, because as sweet as this feels, all of it just seems so.. playful.
It's too early, she reasons with herself, so she plays along like a string of her violin.
"You're not so bad yourself, Lieutenant."
He feels his heart beats faster as he thinks of the word 'love'. She didn't actually say it, but it's there in the air, ready to be claimed.
"I can't wait to kiss you again."
For another minute, Angel is speechless. She knows she's given it away to him— her thoughts. And as she processes them, she struggles to hear his words. She settles on trying to decipher his thoughts through his eyes.
His eyes were probably her favorite thing about him, she believes. It's the first real part of Simon she's seen.
"I can't wait to see you again, Si." She finally responds, smiling sweetly as she continues to embed each detail of his face and his skin into her mind.
She gives him one last kiss, because she knows that when she steps into this god forsaken clinic again, he won't be Simon anymore. He won't be her 'Si'. He'll go back to being Lieutenant Ghost, with that skull balaclava of his.
This work is available on AO3 as well. :)
© 2023 mikotoguilty - I do not give permission to copy, repost, and/or translate any of my works on other platforms.
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mrsmidnight15 · 1 day
Tumblr media
Imagine going to a petting zoo with Simon. It's not often he interacts with animals that much so he's extra focused on the handlers when they're explaining how to properly hold and interact with the animals :( He's oh so careful softly petting them, trying to be as gentle as possible. I think he would especially love the bunnies, content having one just sit in his lap while he admires its fluffy ears. He melts when you both get to the duckling area, the tiny things making his hands look even more massive then they already do, waddling around and quacking aimlessly. He pretends to be annoyed when you jokingly call him their mother duckling, the fondness in his interactions and blush betraying his humour.
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nrdmssgs · 2 days
Königs first time with the reader
Pairing: König x afab reader
Summary: you two have been dating for a while, but you always thought that of the two of you, you were always the needy one, and he was just too humble to make the first move. König proves you wrong.
Warnings: smut (under cut), there is almost no plot there, just pure shameless smut
AN: this is an experiment, I wanted to find out if I can write smut without 5 years of prior story and slow tension buildup) I`m still too ashamed to ask for beta reading, so prepare for loads of mistakes.
You were patient. You didn't touch him, when you two weren't alone. Didn't want to make him uncomfortable, and besides the wait was always worth it. Königs` kisses were an absolute unearthly experience. The first one was always light as a touch of evening breeze against your skin. Just a humble request. Hope burning in his chest. But as soon as you answered, pressed your lips to his, moved in unison with him, he was lost. Hope gave way to desire, necessity. His arms wrapped around your waist, pressing you against his broad chest. His tongue slipped between your lips, in a desperate urge to taste you. Königs` heavy sighs and muffled moans echoed in your head as he tortured your lips with the most intoxicating touches, cupping your face with his tremendous hands. And then there was his piercing gaze. Silverish eyes never leaving yours, roaming around your face, lingering on your lips…
But this all was reserved for the times you were alone. You knew it well and waited, till your friends leave, and he stays to help you clean up after the party. "Leave it to me," he says behind your back as you put a stack of dishes in the sink. You don't leave the sink. "I need something to keep my hands busy. Otherwise, I'm risking... never mind."
He takes your hand and lifts it up to his face. “Leave.” A soft kiss is pressed against your knuckles. “It.” His hot tongue leaves a wet trail down to your fingertips. “To me.” He gently sucks on your fingers, holding your hand in a tender, yet firm clasp, stopping you from trying to get back to washing dishes. Now that's quite bold of him. You were convinced, it was always you, who was so impatient for his touch, who craved his kisses. But right now, he was proving you wrong. He didn't even wait, till all your guests were gone.
It was a miracle, you lasted so long and behaved so well, saying goodbyes to your friends. König was standing right behind you, waving at the last person leaving your place. No, he hasn't touched you more since that few blissful minutes on your kitchen. He just stood there, so close, you could hear his heart beating faster with every next minute.
As soon as the door closes, you turn around and press yourself against him. König knows what that means. Permission. He leans towards and lifts your chin. This time, the first kiss is not at all meek and reserved. His short muffled sighs are quickly filled with groans. His tongue is so hot, it makes you wonder if König caught fever. In a few moments, that could as well be a few minutes, you are absolutely drunk on his kisses. You grind ever so slightly against his hip to release tension, coiling in your body. You two never went this far, and you don't want to scare him off, if he is not yet ready. But gods, you need him. 
His massive hand slides down your spine and clasps on your soft tight. For a split second you think, he wants to stop you from whatever you are doing. But he instead presses you closer to make friction stronger. He is so eager, you are almost taken aback, and you break your kiss for a moment. König only shuts his eyes and presses you even closer. “Bitte… bitte hör nie wieder damit auf*”- he desperately pleads and finds your lips once again, going for a much deeper kiss this time.
You may not understand Königs mother tongue, but he is good at explaining everything without words. You've been patient long enough, might as well let yourself be more daring this time. So you unbutton his pants, reveling in his moans, while he goes down from your lips to your neck. He lets go of your hips, allowing you to pull back a little, giving your hands more space. You slide your fingers under his boxers and a soft shiver runs down your body. You've never felt anything like that. So huge, so unbelievably hot, you didn't believe, human body could produce such temperatures… So painfully hard and veiny. You release his cock, and König pulls away from your neck and desperately bites his hand, holding back a loud moan. He looks up at you with craving, wet eyes, dark with desire. “Bitte…” he whispers breathlessly. You aren't sure if he wants you to stop or go on, until he pushes his hips slightly closer to your hands. “Bitte,” you hear his barely audible whine.
You smile and put your both hands around his girth, spreading his precum around. He tries to hold back but can't keep it for too long and starts to move, sliding himself in your grip. You look down and feel your mouth watering. He is so massive, so beautifully entangled with an ornament of veins, glistening, like the finest desert. You wrap your fingers around his cock tighter, and make a few bolder, quicker moves. He closes his eyes, and you notice tears glistening at the corners of his eyes. "Oh no," he tries to grab your hands, but fails to do that in time. Heavy drops fall loudly on the floor. It goes on long enough, like he's been holding back too long. "I'm sorry... so sorry, Schatzi*." His breath is absolutely stuttered, he digs into his hand so hard that the skin under his teeth turns white. You press your lips against his cheek and whisper, "It's okay. I wanted this," as he continues to apologize.
"You don't have to apologize, König. We just... shouldn't have taken so long... Don't worry, let me get some tissues and you can rest, okay?" You unconsciously raise your hand and lick your fingers. This does not escape König. He looks up at you and you don't recognize his eyes. Hungry and lustful. When he answers, even his voice is different. Raspy and deep. “Oh no, I'm not resting tonight. Not until you feel as good as I just have.”
*Bitte… bitte hör nie wieder damit auf - Please… please don`t stop *Schatzi - treasure
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mistydeyes · 10 hours
Tumblr media
opposite occupations
┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊
summary: all the 141 boys have different plans while on leave, each having their own idea of how to spend the time. but when they run into a lovely civilian, they realize that all the long hours, deployments, and trainings worth it.
pairing: 141 x civvie! afab!Reader
warnings: swearing, all fluff :)
a/n: I love me a good little meet cute
┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊
Tumblr media
price - florist
Everyone knew that the minute Price went home, he would be making the trek to his favorite cigar shop. It had been one he frequented for years, the familiar sign welcoming him home. Most shops on the street stayed the same. He liked the constancy, the familiarity.
As he rounded the street corner, he noticed a new shop had filled the unoccupied next door. The pale pink awning and rose-tinted glass were a new sight to see. "Sentiments of Carnations" he read as he walked past. He could see through the window that the shop had not yet been opened, noting the smell of fresh paint and empty displays. He wondered what grandma had put their retirement money into this florist shop.
He continued, opening the cigar shops store and smelling the musk of smoke and tobacco. "Ah John, I have your regulars set aside," the old shop owner said with a smile. "Back again for long?" he asked upon his return with a dark oak box. "Just waiting for another phone call from his majesty," he joked and slid over the usual bank notes. "I'll be seeing you," Price said as he opened the door and exited with the familiar chime of the bell.
As he embraced the warmth of the summer England weather, he pulled out one of his fresh purchases, excellently wrapped and balanced. He flipped open his lighter from his pocket and sat down to have his first smoke at home. He closed his eyes and savored the notes of espresso and hickory. As he sat in his small nirvana, he heard the florist's doors open.
He turned as he saw you, a flower behind your ear and a pink apron that perfectly matched the outside of the shop. You were not the grandma he had expected and instead were beautiful, the sun catching your lovely features. You had placed an antique table outside, along with a bucket of a colorful array of flowers adorned with a handwritten tag. You hung a small sign on the table that read, "Take one for a friend, family member, or loved one." You smiled at yourself, proud of the little display. You turned your head and noticed the mature man enjoying his smoke only a meter away from you. You picked out a scarlet carnation and walked over to the man, handing it to him.
"Here, you go," you said as his calloused fingers held the flower delicately. "A flower to brighten someone's day," you said with a smile. "Thank you, although I am not a man for flowers," he replied and extinguished his cigar. "Well, flowers can be for a variety of reasons, a friendly gesture, a gift for someone you fancy, or even something to brighten up your flat."
You ended with a sweet smile and he could feel himself melt on the spot. Something about the floral aroma emanating from the flower behind your ear along with your soft voice and pleasantries added to his current state of nirvana. You were so radiant in this light and he appreciated the kind gesture, especially upon his return home.
"No one to give a romantic gesture to, but thank you," he replied. "Well if that ever changes, my shop opens later this week! The shop's number is on the tag" you said before giving him a small wave and wink. He could hear the shop's door close as you began to set up your display and paint a mural on one of the walls. As he twisted the carnation in his hand, he knew he would be adding your shop to his routine becoming your most frequent customer.
Tumblr media
soap - tattoo artist
Soap looked at his phone, making sure he was in the right place. His favorite tattoo shop near his Scottish home had closed and he was taking a recommendation from Ghost.
"She's got an attitude but her work is amazing," Ghost had said before Soap's deployment. He couldn't deny the craftsmanship of her work on Ghost's arm. He marveled at the attention to detail as Ghost proudly shoved off his ornate sleeve.
Soap had an appointment for today, previously approving of the artist's rendition of his vision. A black-and-white thistle, a charm his mother had said. It was commonly known to keep its owner away from danger and bad acquaintances. Something Soap needed on the battlefield.
He pushed the maroon door open, admiring the many gold frames with what he assumed were some of the artists' work. He let out a light chuckle as he noticed a framed sketch of Ghost's sleeve. He was just about to snap a picture when a voice called out, "Hey Mohawk, this isn't a museum."
He turned around to see a woman, a gorgeous one at that. You were wearing a tank top that showed off a collage of various tattoos in different styles. You had been taking a break and relaxed, sitting behind a desk, feet propped up.
"Actually, lass, I'm here with an appointment," he said, walking over to you. "Name's John MacTavish." he finished with a cheeky smile.
"Ah MacTavish, one of Riley's military boys I'm guessing. How's that masterpiece of mine doing?" you joked, Soap didn't know what to say. Were you and Ghost a thing?
You laughed at his pause, "My tattoo, Mohawk. There's no way I'd be shagging his Halloween-looking-arse." Soap appreciated the heads up about your attitude and knew this was gonna be a fun session.
"Looks gorgeous, Sweetheart. Just like yourself," he poked back and you let out a loud laugh, almost doubling over. "Don't flatter yourself, you can go make yourself comfortable in my station over there. Looks like you're only getting a bicep tat, so I better not see your shirtless arse back there."
Soap made his way to where you motioned, sitting down in the black velvet chair. You came in a few minutes later with your sketch and supplies. You closed the scarlet curtains behind you before walking over to prep his arm.
As you sat in relative silence, Soap asked, "So what do the tattoos mean, Lass?" You finished your prep work and were working on the correct tattoo placement. "Travels from around the world. I took it upon myself to get a tattoo in every new country."
With that, you offered him a mirror so he could approve of the sketch and placement. The tattoo rested on his right bicep and he made sure to look at it at every angle and made sure to flex for your enjoyment.
"Alright, muscle man, this should only take a few hours as long as you don't pass out on me," you said and began to tattoo your next masterpiece. During the next two hours, you made conversation about the tattoos meaning, his life in Scotland, and you even shared more intimate details about your travels.
The hours flew by like minutes to Soap as you let him know you were finished. He admired the detailed flower and you handed him some care instructions with some cream. "And your buddy paid for you ahead of time, so you're all set, Mohawk" you replied and Soap got off of the chair.
"See you around, my world-class woman," he joked as he exited the door. You slightly cringed, wondering if writing your number on the tube of aftercare cream was a good idea or not.
Tumblr media
gaz - primary school teacher
Gaz looked at himself in his flat's mirror. He brushed a hand over his freshly cut hair and evened out his dress shirt. "Just a favor for a friend," he said to himself as he walked to catch the next tram. Two days ago, an old colleague during his days working with the metro police force had reached out to him. They called in a favor, "Kyle c'mon it's just a couple of primary students, all you need to do is give a little talk about stranger danger." Knowing he had nothing else better to do, Gaz agreed.
As he signaled the tram to stop, Gaz looked at the brown brick building reminding him of his younger days. Gaz walked in, checking in with the receptionist who directed him to the classroom where he'd be giving his talk. He was early, the school had not yet opened but he was asked to have the presentation at the beginning of class before the children's lessons. He admired the walls filled with the artwork of the students, silly attempts at drawing their families. He finally reached your classroom, noting the smiling sunflower on your opened door. He knocked softly and he saw you lift your head to greet him. If he had known you would be so beautiful, he would have not needed his friend's encouragement.
"Ah you must be Sgt. Garrick," you said, beginning to get up from your desk to greet him. You smoothed out your skirt and placed your glasses down. "It's just Kyle," he said and returned your friendly smile and warm handshake.
"Well Kyle, the children should be arriving in a few minutes. I'll get them settled and introduce you for your small talk today," you said with a grateful nod. You motioned for him to sit at your desk as you stood at your door to greet your excited second-year students. Gaz played on his phone and smiled as he heard you return the children's happy good mornings with a similar high-energy one. The students began to file in, placing their bags in their cubbies, and sitting with their friends. You heard small whispers from the children, wondering what you were doing at their teacher's desk. He let out a chuckle when he heard one boy whisper, "Is that Miss Y/N's husband? He's sitting in her chair."
Finally, with all the children in their seats, you walked to the front of the classroom and greeted your students warmly. "Good morning everyone, today we have a very special guest with us. This is our friend, Kyle, and he's here today to tell you all a little something before we start our lessons."
Kyle knew this was his cue, he rose from your desk and swapped places with you at the front of the room. "Hi everyone, today I'm going to teach you smart kids about something called 'Stranger Danger'." The children oohed in response as Kyle waved his hands in a fake menacing manner. You smiled as he was a natural. The children were attentive, writing down the information as he spoke and working together with their classmates to fill out the worksheet answers. Kyle ended his talk and asked if anyone had any questions. One child raised her hand and Kyle called on her. "Is Miss Y/N a stranger? I'm confused."
"I'm your teacher, Amelia. Teachers that you know aren't strangers," you responded and Kyle nodded in agreement. Another kid raised their hand and asked, "But you aren't Kyle's teacher, so you're a stranger to him."
Before either one of you could respond, his friend boasted, "It's because they're married, your Mum and Dad aren't strangers to each other." Both you and Kyle shared a look and he saw the soft blush rise to your face. "Ah we're just friends," he said and saved you the embarrassment.
Little did Kyle know, his email would chime that night with a thankful message from you along with your number at the bottom asking him to breakfast that weekend.
Tumblr media
ghost - veterinarian
Unlike most people, Ghost loved the quiet ambiance of London's rainfall. The streets were empty and peaceful as people were cozying up in their homes with a blanket. Enjoying the evening air and cold, he walked with an umbrella in one hand and a warm cup in the other. His boots resounded on the cobblestone street as he sipped his Earl Grey tea. His chest was warm from the bold citrus and bergamot liquid. This was, in his opinion, an ideal leave well spent.
The rhythmic rain fell and his walking was interrupted by a soft mewing. Simon hurried down the street to find the source of the noise. In front of a grocer's, he noticed a small cardboard box being drenched by the unrelenting rain. He placed his cup down and gently lifted the box. Underneath was a small grey cat, cuddled into a ball to experience some semblance of warmth. Simon placed his umbrella to shield the box and lifted the tiny meowing animal into his hands.
As he cradled the cat to his chest, he heard a click of heeled boots behind him. He turned his now-drenched head to notice you walking up with a bright orange umbrella adorned with cat paws. "Excuse me, Sir, but is he yours?" you asked gesturing to the ball of grey that laid meowing in his arms. "Uh he's not, I found this little fella underneath this box here."
"Ah a Good Samaritan, I see. Well, I own the veterinarian shop down the way, I can take him off your hands if you'd like and make sure this little lad gets the care he needs," you said and offered a hand to hold the kitten. You noticed his slight hesitation and said, "If you'd like, I'll give you my card so you can take the little one home when he's all better."
"That would be nice," he smiled underneath his black face mask. Simon loved animals, never being permitted to have one as a child. As you held the kitten in your arm, you handed him your umbrella. He initially tried to refuse but you insisted saying, "You're soaked, I'll be alright." You ended with a small giggle which made Ghost warmer than his now cold cup of tea.
"The least I can do is walk you back to your shop," he replied a little too quickly. He instantly realized the surprising force he had said that with and followed up with, "You know, just so you and Earl Grey can make it there in this weather.
"Earl Grey, I like that. That's my favorite order, especially on days like this." Simon moved slightly behind you, holding the umbrella to shield the three of you on your walk. The air was filled with the familiar scent of rain and the notes of your floral perfume. "I'm Dr. L/N by the way, but most people just call me, Y/N," you said as you continued on your way. "I'm Simon, a pleasure to meet you doc."
Three weeks later Simon's house was filled with all the necessities for a new cat father. As he grabbed his coat, he pulled out a water-stained business card with the vet's office address and your number written on the back. He smiled to himself as he traced his fingers over the small handwriting saying, "To Earl Grey's owner, fancy a cup of tea with me?"
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gomzwrites · 2 days
The taskforce 141’s favourite steamy moments 
Contain smut(18+), minors do not interact
a/n: I wanted to write something that the 141 members like the most whenever they have some spicy moment with the reader >:) so I decided to give smut writing a go! These are arranged based on length, I apologise for writing such a short one for Ghost as I was struggling to make it as gender-neutral as possible(if it still comes out as fem, Im so sorry!), maybe next time I’ll do specific gender one post at a time, but for now enjoy this mess :> Tags: xgn! Reader, dry humping/grinding, eating out(reader receiving), submissive, teasing, riding(implied sorta), biting, slightly possessive behaviour, hand job - let me know if i missed any tags reader's text is in purple PLEASE DO NOT RESHARE MY WORK ON OTHER PLATFORMS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Simon Ghost Riley - taste
Ghost likes it when you run your fingers along his hair, soft and gentle as he closes his eyes and savour the gesture. But he likes it best when you scratch his hairline and lock your hands in his short blonde curls. 
Ghost has been in between your thighs since he dragged you into his room, he laps on your entrance as he sloppily licks up your sensitive sex, sinful slurping and moans filling the room. He works his tongue expertly, mixing those arousal juices with his saliva as he grunts and groans. You watch with teary, half-lidded eyes as he slowly retracts from your aching sex and trails teasing kisses around your thighs before he bites down as you jolt.
You whine out his name as he hums and graze his teeth along your thighs, taking his sweet time as he watches you grow increasingly desperate, turning into a whimpering mess on his bed because of him.
He spread your leg further as he let his tongue dance against you, watching your back arches up as he moan into your sex, causing a shiver to run down your spine as his deep husky voice reverberated through your entire body. He looks up to you with those dark eyes that are blown out and filled with desire, hungrily pinning your hips down with his eyes alone. 
“Be good”, was all he said before he latch onto you again as he devour you like there was no tomorrow. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
John Soap Mctavish - wants
You struggle to breathe properly as your chest is fully pressed on top of your desk, now messy and with papers and reports that are scattered about and long forgotten. 
Grunts and moans filled your room as Soap has your hands pinned on top of your head, his other hand grabbing your hips, fingers digging into your hips that always leave purplish-red marks the next day. 
“Fuck y/n…..” Soap slurs as he buckled his hip at your ass, both of you still have your gears and clothes on, leaving only the bulky vest on the floor as he grinds on you, so desperate, so fucking desperate. 
He leans down to bite on the back of your neck causing you to moan as you feel his tongue lap at the bite marks and suck gently to soothe the flesh, now littered with goosebumps. You can feel how warm and hot he is from your back despite the layers of clothes, and you can hear his heartbeat too when he starts thrusting you faster, harsher, pressing his chest and his hips on you, as if he’s moulding your entire body as both of you are mushed together perfectly. 
‘It's not enough…” he growls as he continues grinding on you, voice getting lower as he frowns and bites down on your neck again, another mark as he lets out pants of frustration, you gasp and moan at his bites as you push your hips back to meet his.
‘Yeah just like that…fuck…..fuck. me.” he lets out a deep sigh as both of you fight to push your hips towards each other to be impossibly close, you can feel it too, you can feel how he angles his hip so that every time he snaps and presses onto you, you can feel his tip poking at your entrance, making you roll your eyes back as you sob softly.
You want him, just as badly as he wants you.  God it’s not enough, it’s never enough at all and yet every single fucking time, he does it still, it's too painfully good to stop, to pause this heating moment to remove some fabric, no, there’s no way he’ll stop, it's as if he’s afraid that doing so will result in these pent-up emotions and arousal slipping away.
Captain John Price - voice
John likes it when you hold back your moans and voices whenever you guys do it in his office, since his room is in the centre of the base, that means there are other rooms besides, and the walls are not exactly the thickest.
Sure, he absolutely loves your moans and the way you scream his name whenever he pounds you hard never fails to make him lost in ecstasy. But nothing riles him up more than hearing the voices you make that only he gets to hear.
He loves it when you suppress your moans, because it makes it so your voice tends to become whinier, and more desperate, reaching a pitch that sometimes has surprised him and yourself. He loves it because when you try to be quiet by squeezing your head into his neck, mouth biting on his collar as he drags his thick cock in and out of you, he gets to hear all those little gasps and pretty little moans that are barely audible.
John loves it, and he absolutely likes to break that resolve of yours, he likes to push all the buttons to see you crumble before him, and he knows when he is on the right track when you start to pant harder, and those whimper escapes more as you shakily grab onto his arm, 
he smirks as the pleas come spilling out from your mouth whenever you feel like you couldn't hold in your moans more.
“Awwww….too much?” 
He would whisper back into your ears as he draws out each word in his deep honey voice, hands coming down on your waist before he slams it down hard on his hip, causing a startled yelp and a jolt of shiver running down your spine and let out a string of suppressed curses and moans.
He chuckles deeply, hot breath fanning against your neck when he watches your eyes tear up and your mouth opens as you let out a silent scream, still holding on as you shake your head and mutter to him, “N-no…m-my voice-” you didn’t finish your words as he clashes his mouth with yours, swallowing your pitiful pleas before biting down your lower lip as he pulls back, smirking as he bites down your shoulder.
“Let it out”, he challenges you with a raspy voice as he kisses the bite marks around your neck and nibbles softly when he coos at you, watching you squirm around as he gives you a mischievous look, oh he is going to, and will bully you until he has you screaming his name.  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Kyle Gaz Garrick - hands
Kyle loves it whenever you take your time and tease him with your hands, you can feel how his thigh muscle tensed up and how he let out his breath shakily whenever you trail your finger around him. He always likes it when you start slow, gently trailing along his neck first as you kiss and softly nibble his ears, before you slip your hands down lower as you rest it on his chest, and those eyes….those big doe eyes of yours whenever you look up to him and whisper so sweetly, honey tone dripping out from your irresistible mouth absolutely drives him mad every time, and send his head into a spiral heat of want.
You like it, hm?
He gives a nod as he lay back on the sofa, completely melting under you touch as he squeezes his eyes shut when he feels your teasing hand trailing around his chest, sometimes flicking his nipples that cause him to jolt as you giggle,
Mhm, you do like it…
Fuck, you’ve barely done anything and he already feels like his losing his mind, only being able to nod frantically as words fail to come into his mind. As you slowly reach down, resting your palm just shy above his pants, his grip on your hip tightens as he desperately wants you to go lower, to give him what he wants. He loves it because you always manage to rile him up, giving some relief but never enough, it's like you knew exactly how he works. 
Hmmmmm what do you want…pretty boy?
You whisper back teasingly as you brush your lips against his ear, you watch as his boxers get tighter when his arousal increases, even a small stain was visible now the more you tease him with the nickname, his favourite one, among all the other things you call him.
“Ah fuck….please y/n…”
He begs as you slowly pull down his boxers, bit by bit as he lifts his hips up on instinct to help you remove them, then you slowly let him free of these hellish restrictions, and you make sure your hand doesn't touch his hard cock that flings up as you remove the boxers, watching the red angry tip leaking as he lets out a content sigh. Yet as free as he is at the moment, he needs more.
He whines softly again as you rest your hand on his V-line, trailing those deep beautiful grooves as you hum idly and press your body against his. You continue moving your hand along the V-line before you lightly ghost his cock with the middle knuckle of your index finger, running it all the way from his tip to the base. 
Please what hm?
He lets out another whimper when you tease him again, trying to be good as he bites his lower lip to stop himself from flinching so much from how sensitive and needy he is, he nuzzles into your neck as he pleaded with a desperate tone, voice crackling at the end as he gulps in between words. 
“Please….fuck….please touch me….touch my cock…need to feel you please….”
You chuckle as you kiss his cheek and snake your hand down to hold the base of his cock, watching him buck his hip up to seek those sweet, sweet friction. Who are you to deny him when he begged so nicely?
Good boy~ 
you whisper back huskily as you wrap your hands around his length, he takes a sharp inhale and lets out a trembling moan as he slung his head back to the top of the couch, his hand holding your hips, to ground himself as you start moving your hands around his cock, sliding upwards as you wipe the precum of the tip, teasing the tip as you slowly pump your hand down and watch another string of precum leak and flow down his length, you run your thumb along that one prominent vein as you press on it slightly, the agonizing slow speed you’re doing makes Kyle gasp as he frown and grab your hips tighter,
“fuck, so good….hmm fuck your hands….ah…”, he lets out a loud moan lightly when you kiss his ear lobe, whispering sweet nothing as you attack his ear with your tongue, moaning and letting sloppy noises consume his head, you take this opportunity to reach out and interlace your finger with his other hand as well to overwhelm him in every sense.
He prays internally as he tries his best not to come right here right now, you just started stroking him but he already feels like he’s about to explode. He can’t help it when he can feel your hands, every crease of your finger swiping along his girth as you pump slowly again, god and your thumb? Whenever you use it to press down on him he swears his vision goes white for a moment.  
“Don't stop….” 
a/n: yes yes I know yet another longer section for Gaz, I am, and forever will be biased towards our babygirl, YOU CAN'T STOP ME *runs*
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d0youc0py · 15 hours
I am ✨obsessed✨ with your page rn and would absolutely devour literally anything you give us.
I’d love to see your take on a kidnap/break in fic though!
Something like they’re coming home from deployment and their girlfriend/wife calls them (or laswell) freaking out about a weird car outside, or someone following them home.
Just damsel in distress x protective husband vibes all the way 💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“If we’re gonna go after them we’ve got to do it tonight. They’re expecting us to wait till they get further south.”
“What about all the civilians in the city?”
“No explosives. Everyone keep your silencers on. They won’t know till mornin’.”
“Ghost has a point. If we wait till next week our chances of hittin’ ‘em are slim. They aren’t expecting it now.”
“Yeah, they aren’t expecting it because it’s too damn risky. We do it tonight they have home advantage. We wait- all of us are on an even playing field.”
“They outnumber us 10-1. We’ll never be even.”
A knock at the door halted the conversation. A errand boy stuck his head in.
“Sorry to interrupt but this came for Lieutenant Ghost. Labeled urgent.” He held out a yellow package for Ghost.
“Thanks.” Price nodded his head, politely dismissing him.
“Johnny I’ve dealt with groups like this before.” Ghost spoke tearing open the flap of the package. “We need to get ‘em while their sitting pretty.” He blindly reached his hand into the package, his brow furrowing when he touched something soft. He pulled out a clump of hair.
His right leg gave out and he grabbed the table to steady himself.
“Ghost?” Price questioned. He gripped Ghost arms to steady him- and also urge him to give him an answer.
“No.” Ghost mumbled. He ripped open the rest of the package frantically searching for any sign that this was a prank. It couldn’t be real. Couldn’t be. “No.” He growled out. He pushed his way out the door his whole body shaking from anger and distress. The rest of the 141 followed quickly behind him. “Laswell.” She jumped as the door slammed open. “What the fuck is this?” The sight of him was enough to send a spike of fear through her heart. He threw the package with your hair on the table in front of her.
“Oh no.” Her eyes were wide and she wracked her brain for any answer she could give him.
“You said it would be alright.” He was seething at the point. Tears welled up in his eyes and he couldn’t be bothered to hide them. The air felt like it was being choked out of the room. Everyone’s skin was crawling. “You said they couldn’t trace her.”
Laswell looked over at Price for some relief, but he had not the slightest clue as to what was going on- or how to fix it. Just that Ghost was more worked up than he’d ever seen. Even Soap was shifting nervously from foot to foot.
“What going on?” Price asked. Ghost growled not answering the question, his eyes still trained on Laswell.
“I didn’t think they could.” She said calmly. “I didn’t enter it into the computer- it’s in your file, but not electronically.”
“Someone clarify what’s going on.” Price snapped.
“Ghost, let’s not jump to conclusions. Are we even sure this is Y/N’s hair?” Laswell tried to soothe.
“You think I don’t know my wife’s hair?” Ghost gritted. Wide eyes and jaws hung open around the room.
“Wife?” Soap whispered.
“Yes, my wife.” Ghost affirmed. “After I had that accident a few months ago I thought it would be a good idea to finally make her my emergency contact. So if I died she wouldn’t be locked up in the house waitin’ for me.” He explained. “You told me it was safe.”
“It is. They had to have gotten her info somewhere else.” Laswell insisted. “I’ll start tracking her down. You need to calm down.”
“Fuck off.” Ghost sneered. Price gave him a warning shoulder shove.
“We’ll go see if we can find anything on our end.” Price sighed.
It only took an hour to find you. Gaz was able to PinPoint your location- conveniently the sight they were debating on hitting tonight. They could barley keep up as Ghost began to load up. The odds weren’t great for them. They knew they were coming, they were outnumbered and they had a hostage- who they knew at least one of the team members would die for in a heartbeat.
“Ghost you need to keep your cool. Stick to the plan. You can’t help her if you’re dead.” Price was trying to talk him through it. Ghost had completely shut down. He’s had nightmares just like this before. You being tortured- just the way he had been. He swallowed back bile just thinking about it. He paced back and forth on the plane, growling and grumbling like a caged bear.
They were ready for the 141. All waiting patiently in their places ready to take down the infamous task force. Smirks spread across their faces and they could practically taste the celebratory dinner that awaited them. What they weren’t ready for was the absolute hell that was about to be unleashed on them.
They all had barley stepped off the plane before Ghost was blowing through people like they were paper. Soap would bet his life on the fact that he saw Ghost go through a wall at one point. He wasn’t sticking to the plan. He was moving at inhuman speed. It was impossible to keep up with him.
“Found her. Back building, fourth floor second door on the left.” Soap’s voice rang through the comms.
“Hey, I’m a friend of Ghost’s.” Johnny spoke softly. You seemed to be relatively unharmed. When Johnny pried open the door he caught a glimpse of you diving under a small cot- your hair peaking out from under it.
“I’ve told you I don’t know who that is.” You murmured. He could hear the fear in your voice. Johnny sat down a few feet away from the bed.
“Oh right.” He whispered. “A friend of Simon’s.” Soap corrected. Your head peaked out from the bed. You had a bruise on your cheek- a slap mark?
“Simon?” You repeated slowly. Soap nodded his head. “Johnny?” You asked. Soap smiled.
“So he does talk about me.” His humor was wasted on you, but it did calm you a bit. Suddenly Ghost practically tumbled through the door. You shrieked not realizing who it was and dove back under the bed.
“Sweetheart.” Ghost quickly ripped off his mask, (not wanting to scare you more) laying on his stomach to get a look at you. You shot out from under the bed wrapping every limb you could around him. His hand gripped the back of your head pressing your forehead against his lips. “I’m sorry.” He pressed a few quick kisses against your head, before pulling away, worried eyes scanning all over you.
“I’m fine.” You assured. You had been lucky- well as lucky as one could be in this situation. Your worst wound was a slap to the cheek and a shitty haircut. The worst part was the fear. Fear of what they would do to you. Now that Simon was here you were at ease. His fingers skimmed over your cheek. “Got that because I bit a chunk out of someone’s hand.” You smirked.
“Good Girl.” He growled, pressing another kiss to your forehead. “We’ve got to get out of here, yeah? I’m goin’ put my mask back on and you’re going to stay between me and Johnny, understand?” You nodded your head, while Johnny was still reeling from all the affection Ghost had displayed.
Safe to say the mission was a success.
Tumblr media
You thank the stars above that John always picked up on the first ring.
“Not to worry you”-
“You need me to come get you?”
“No, can you meet me somewhere? There’s a red car that’s been following me and I don’t want to lead it to our house.” You explained, checking in your rearview mirror. Sure enough, a bright, red sports car was bearing down on you.
“Go to the coffee shop. Don’t park until you see my car in the parking lot. Don’t hang up either.”
“Affirm.” You snickered. John was in absolutely no mood to joke with you. You could hear the sound of his car starting.
“Hope I don’t have to get in a fight tonight. Only wearing my boxers and a shirt.” He wasn’t trying to be funny, but it still made you laugh.
“Could’ve thrown a pair of pants on.” You commented.
“If the difference between you being worm food and you being alright was me wrestling with a pair of jeans I’d never forgive myself.” He grumbled.
“I’ll be fine John. Captain’s coming to save me.” Normally he would melt at that but he was too focused dodging in and out of cars. You could hear a horn from over the phone. “Please be safe.” You sighed. “I’m here.” He said suddenly. Your eyes glanced to your phone. You had only been on the phone for seven minutes and it took at least fifteen to get to the coffee shop from your house.
“Don’t worry about it.” He said as if he could read your mind.
“It’s still following me John.” You whispered. Your fingers dug nervously into the steering wheel.
“Don’t get scared on me now, Sweetheart. How far away are you?”
“Ten minutes?” You weren’t entirely sure. “I can take a shortcut through the neighborhood.”
“No.” He interjected. “Stay on main roads with traffic. Doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to get here, just make sure you stay with people.” You nodded your head. “You hear me?”
“Yes sorry. I nodded my head but you couldn’t see that.”
“I’m standing outside the car. Pull up next to me, don’t get out, I’ll get your door for you.” He had his Captains voice on. You wondered if this was how team briefings went.
“You always get my door for me.” You smiled.
“Damn right I do.” He scoffed. “But it’s important this time. I don’t just want to leave your car in the lot because who knows what type of things they’ll put on it.”
“Like a tracker?”
He hummed in agreement.
“You’re scaring me John.” You gulped.
“Don’t need to be scared. I won’t let anything happen to you, you know that. Just want you to be aware of what’s gonna happen when you park. Just stay in your car, yes?” His voice was calm. Like he had done this a million times before. You nodded your head again. “Did you nod your head again?” You swore you could hear a chuckle.
“Yes, sorry. I understand.” Time seems to slow as you finally pulled into the cafe parking lot. It hadn’t closed yet people still wandering in and out even as the sun has set. You were surprised no one noticed the large man in a pair of light blue boxers and white t-shirt. A t-shirt so thin you could see his chest hair. You did as he told and pulled up right next to him. The red car pulled in right next to you. Your eyes quickly fled to your left to look at John. He had a look on his face you weren’t familiar with.
The sound of the red car door opening caught your attention. A medium sized man stepped out. He just looked greasy. He shut his door and began walking over to your side of the car, seemingly not noticing John.
John met him in the middle, using one hand to grab him by his shirt and slam him against the hood of his own car. You covered your mouth, your eyes going wide. John’s face hovered over his. You couldn’t hear anything that was said, but when John finally let him go the man scrambled to get back into his severely dented car. John stood at the front of the car as he started it up and ripped out of the parking lot.
John tapped at your window signaling for you to unlock your door.
“You alright?” He checked, crouching down to your level. You eyes were still wide and you slowly nodded.
“What did you say?” You mumbled. John took your shaky hands with his, pressing a kiss against your palms.
“That’s a secret.” He smirked. “Didn’t scare you too bad did I?” He asked softly. His brows furrowed and he ran a hand up and down your arm.
His face paled. He hadn’t thought about scaring you. He didn’t think he acted too rash. In fact he was holding back.
“Honestly.” He affirmed.
“That was really hot.” You admitted, a hot blush across your face. His face went blank for a moment before a wide smirk crossed his face.
“Then we better get home.” He murmured, pressing a kiss against your shoulder. “Safe to drive?”
“Yes!” You said a little too enthusiastic.
You’re so sweet! I absolutely loved this request and probably went a little overboard. I was only able to fit Ghost and Price in this but would gladly do this with the rest of the 141 and other cod characters! Hope you liked it and thank you for making my day!
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crimsonbubble · 1 day
This is so funny to me
141+Los Vaqueros with a fem!reader who is used to her partner slapping her ass as she walks by him and one day he doesn’t so she turns to look at him like >:( and he’s like “what???” “You didn’t smack it 🥺”
ghost, soap, gaz, alejandro and valeria are the ones who tease and poke fun at you. the ones to trap you against the wall and make you explain why you want it so much. they just love seeing how flustered you get.
price, rudy and graves are the ones who are confused, but then proceed to tease you. the ones to turn you around mid sentence to give your ass a sharp smack followed by a kiss on the cheek and they move on with their day.
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