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Can you do cockwarming w cody?? Pretty please w a cherry on top
For you? Yes. 🥹
Keep Warm
Tumblr media
Cody Rhodes x Fem Reader | 18+ ONLY, IT'S SMUT GIRLIE | 1,509 words
Happy reading! Read my first Cody story and other stuff here, if you'd like. ✨
Tumblr media
Nights were supposed to be for resting. Retiring from the long stretch of day that stretched even longer with work bleeding you dry of energy that you tried to salvage once you returned home to crawl into the shower, into bed, and into Cody's arms as he tried to rest, as well.
His work was just as draining yet rewarding, at least, but he, too, looked forward to nights with you, the room dark, cool, and quiet as the moonlight peeped at you both lying in bed together under the covers as you awaited for sleep to fall over you.
But after forty minutes, it did not come, and instead, you felt your boyfriend shift behind you, keeping one of his arms secured around you as he twisted onto his back in hopes of the position helping him to drift asleep. You lay on your side still but flipped over to face him and put your head on his warm chest, helping yourself shake the slight chill of the room without his other arm while the one that was still around you slid down to hold your waist.
"Why aren't we tired? Or is it just me?" you asked in a soft voice as you listened to his soft heartbeat in your ear. Cody sighed as his fingers slightly dug into your pajamas along your belly.
"You're not alone. What time is it?" he asked you but used his free hand to reach over to the nightstand on his side of the bed to grab his cell phone. When his screen lit up, you both glimpsed at the time as 1:39 am. He sighed again but added, "At least I don't have to be anywhere until late tomorrow afternoon. I can sleep in with you..."
"I work, though," you reminded him as you rubbed your hand up and down his abs and chest behind his white tee shirt. That made him pout as he squeezed you to his side. "Just not sleepy yet for some reason. Maybe you're not cuddling me good enough," you joked.
"Oh, it's my fault?" Cody piped up with a little laugh, his chin grazing your forehead as he tried to look down at you with faux-astonished, blue eyes. You laughed, too, when his fingers on your belly tried to tickle you.
"Gotta be. Because I usually fall asleep like that when I'm in your arms." You snapped your fingers before returning them to his chest where you swirled them up and down the valley between his pecs. You glanced at him and propped up yourself a bit to kiss his chin and then his lips as you whispered, "So, what are you going to do about it, baby?"
"I guess since it's my fault, I gotta fix it, huh?" Cody whispered back as he craned his neck just a bit to reach your lips for another kiss when you tried to settle back down onto his chest. He kept your mouth on his with his fingers that slipped beneath your chin, his mouth soft, warm, and comforting, a familiar passion that lulled your restless mind yet quickened your heartbeat. His arm that held you by the waist turned into his large hand gripping you there instead as his other hand joined to pull you from his side to on top of him, cuddling you to his chest with a warm, tight grip that made you cozy on him. "Better?" he asked with another kiss.
"A little," you goaded him just as softly with a small shiver. Even though you were indeed cozy, the room was still chilly and you needed more to keep warm...
"Just a little? Are you cold? Not sure why we keep it freezing in here at night," Cody remarked with his hands lazily falling up and down your spine, sending more of those small shivers through you.
"That's because we usually cuddle and stay warm."
"Trying my best to cuddle you 'good enough' now, sweetheart."
You giggled at his cute, teasing tone before an idea popped into your head. "You know they say the best way to keep warm is to cuddle naked..."
"Yeah? That's what 'they' say or that's what you say?" Cody mumbled with an adorable grin when you planted your chin on his chest to look at him with bright eyes from your idea. His fingers that trailed down your back were already trailing back up, pulling your pajama shirt with it. You leaned back to help him peel it off of you before you helped him do the same with his shirt.
"Both," you chirped proudly and he giggled at you, rising to cover your throat and collarbone with more of his warm, sweet kisses as his big hands rounded over your butt to tug down your pajama shorts. You were straddling him but eased up to let him slip them off, along with his sweatpants, before you straddled him once more, throwing the covers back over yourselves where the heat you made together was now intense yet comfy.
Cody's skin was now hot, soft, and hard with his muscles rippling beneath it, muscles that wrapped around you as you nestled back onto his chest, your nose nuzzled to the crook of his shoulder and neck as you let out a content sigh. Yet that sigh swiftly rolled into a hushed moan as you felt him roll his hips beneath you, just a bit, just to get comfortable, seemingly, but in the process, the smooth shaft of his dick that hung between his thighs nudged to your bare clit.
"Mmm, shit," you whimpered to his throat, your warm breath making his skin rise with goosebumps that you felt on your lips when you kissed him there. Your pussy was warming up, too, as Cody shuffled underneath you again, and this time you knew it was on purpose as he tilted his hips up a little to rub himself against your warmth that was beginning to grow wet, as well.
"Now, now. I'm doing this specifically because friction creates heat and I want to keep you warm...no other reason," Cody reminded you when you whimpered again from him growing hard as he did so, the tip of his dick slipping between your slick folds with ease and caressing up your clit again. You felt his chest rumble with his own little whimper, too, however, his precum slipping from him and mixing with your wetness. 
You heard the smirk on his mouth when he said it but now you saw him bite his lip when you reached your mouth to his for a kiss. Your hips rolled with him, his hands palming your butt, your hands palming his strong jaw, both your quiet moans yet smacking kisses mingling together as you grinded together.
"You should slide it in, baby...to keep it warm, I mean," you huffed with another moan on his lips that he pulled into a messy kiss. The new idea tempted him, you saw it in his eyes when he gazed up at you and felt it when his length twitched while still being lusciously wedged along your soft and slick folds.
"That's one way to cuddle, I suppose." Cody's deep tone rose just one octave with his beautiful groan after he picked up his dick to press at your wet opening, sinking inside to the hilt in just two thrusts as you were soaked and needy to hold him as he held you with needy hands on your butt. "Fffuck. This is what you wanted, sweetheart?"
"Yesss, mmm. Now keep still. We're just...just cuddling," you said to him sweetly as you rested your head on his shoulder, trying not to groan from how he perfectly filled you and fit you. Yet your pussy betrayed your own rule when it throbbed around him as he squirmed for less than a second under you, his head pushing up to the back of you and making you stutter a breath, "I-I said stay still, baby."
"Trying," Cody breathed, too, burying his face in your hair to stifle how it hitched from his dick twitching inside you. A few moments passed as he tried to settle down before he squeezed his arms around your waist, adding with a sensual, trembling breath, "Are you going to finally sleep if I hold you like this...or are you going to let me make you cum first?"
You couldn't help the moan that tumbled from your lips as he kissed the shell of your ear, his dick still but both of you trembling now as you tried to keep warm and motionless. Cody kissed your jaw then as you clenched it from how delicious he felt all over you, in you, his sultry breath on your skin, compelling you to purr to him, "The way you're shaking, baby...I think I'll make you cum first."
His laugh was low and sexy as his kisses moved to your cheek as he softly growled, "Yeah? I want to see you try...and by that I mean ride this dick, sweetheart."
🫶🏾 tagging: @femdisa @crimbabyops @crxssjae @southerngirl41 @alyyaanna @joannasteez @purplehairgawdess @sikoazayn @codyswhitebelt @empressdede @cyberdejos2 @theninthwonder @iguessilikewrestlingnow @armanibook 💗
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His Nightmare | C.Rhodes
Tumblr media
Not my gif
Parings: Cody Rhodes x fiancé!reader
Summary: it’s Cody’s day off and you want him
Warnings: oral (f!receiving), fingering, dry riding, reader has a tattoo for Cody and he does for her, swearing, dirty talk, illusions to more smut.
Word count: 525
a/n: first imagine, was actually nervous about posting this but anything for the new champ.
Being engaged to a professional wrestler was an adventure every day. The days Cody wasn’t working were the days he still had to maintain his persona and start Instagram and twitter beef. “Cody.” You whine from the couch, scrolling through twitter and seeing Cody tweet for the tenth time in ten minutes. “What’s wrong?” He says, coming down in a dress shirt and sitting beside you. “You realize how rare days off are in wwe, right?” You ask, snuggling up to his side, running a finger up and down his chest. 
Cody nods in confusion, not really knowing what you’re getting at. “It’s your day off and you’re more on your phone than you are on me.” You clarify. “I just wanna feel the American nightmare.” You whine into his ear, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. “Jesus, love, have you been this needy all day?” He taunts, leaning further back into the couch. You swing a leg over his lap and fully straddle him, unbuttoning the rest of his shirt.
You pushed apart the opening of his shirt seeing the tattoo of “𝒽ℯ𝓇 𝓃𝒾ℊ𝒽𝓉𝓂𝒶𝓇ℯ.” It replicated yours, however yours said “𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝓃𝒾ℊ𝒽𝓉𝓂𝒶𝓇ℯ.” The memory of getting the tattoos together makes your heart race. Your finger traced along the cursive ink in his chest while placing kisses along his neck and his hands running up and down your back, pulling you further into him, practically placing you on his bulge. 
Cody bunched up the bottom of your shirt, pulling it over your head and unclasping your bra, letting your tits feel the coolness of the room causing your nipples to harden. “Fuck baby. All this for me.” Cody says, grazing his thumbs over your nipples. You arch into his body, your breathing uneven all into his ear. “Cody please. More.” You beg, letting out a low moan as he attaches his lips around your nipple while his hand plays with the other. 
You pulled off Cody’s button up, wrapping your arms around his biceps as you arched forward. Cody let his hand wander down your stomach to the entrance of your pant line. You gasp at Cody, cold fingers tracing your fold. “That’s it baby, just relax.” Cody flipped the two of you, allowing your back to hit the couch, making Cody on top, peeling your panties off. 
Cody's hands rubbed against your thighs, back to your clit. He slowly rubbed it over with his thumb while placing wet kisses along your neck. He trails his mouth along your body, inserting a finger ever so slowly, finally allowing you to feel undeniable pleasure. His tongue circles your clit, creating endless figure eights. Your thighs try to clamp around his head, but he uses his hands to keep them apart.
 “Cody, please. I need you.” You whimper thrashing in his hold. You let out an anguish cry of pleasure as Cody caught your orgasm on his finger. You perch up on your elbows as Cody gets off the couch. “You better make it to our bedroom before I do.” He says giving you a smirk making you blush, biting your lips slightly as you rushed to the bedroom. 
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Last Night Lonely
Pairings: Cody Rhodes x Reader
Chapter 1/?
Warnings: none yet...eventual smut
"By the way a Slammy, interesting thing to give somebody with a lisp to say..."
You stifled a laugh behind the camera. Cody was such a goofball sometimes. He was a natural entertainer and effortless in front of the camera, and even more so after tape stopped rolling.
Once the take was over he sauntered over to where you were sat, his broad shadow engulfing your hunched form as you uploaded the footage ready for editing.
Looking up from the laptop screen and into Cody's grinning face, his icy blue eyes glittered with warmth in a beautiful contradiction.
"How was that?" his earnest tone melted your heart.
"I said some people... Didn't say who."
" Perfect " you smiled, tilting your head in thought before adding "... You know, some people think lisps are sexy."
His grin grew wider, "You think my lisp is sexy? Noted." He raised his brows in quick a flash. Of surprise.
"Riiiiight." he leaned down, hands braced on the table edge, lips drawn into a smirk before he whispered in your ear
"Cody!" You shrieked, jumping up from your chair but he was already retreating from the room with head back, cackling out the door.
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you made a mark on me (a golden tattoo)
Tumblr media
welp, here it is! cody has been my favourite wrestler since 2007/2008, and i NEVER thought i'd write a fic about him, but here we are! after mondays segment, i couldn't get this out of my mind and i hope you all enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it!! please reblog & comment, they are really helpful & motivating to fic writers!
taglist; @nightmare-viper @harmshake @wrestlezaynia @alyyaanna @xtripleiiix @afterdarkprincess @courtninacole @crxssjae @wrestlingprincess80 🫶🏻 (if u wanna be taken off the list or added, lemme know!!)
warnings; teasing in public, f receiving, m receiving, slight praise kink, p in v penetration, slight exhibitionism, jealous!cody (if i've missed anything please let me know!)
word count; 2.7k
summary; once again, teasing Cody works wonders.
Even from the other side of the room, you could feel those blue eyes on you, staring so hard you were sure you'd find a burn mark on your cheek when you looked in a mirror. You leaned your elbow on the bar, twirling a piece of hair around your finger as you half listened to Damian; giggling and playfully slapping his arm or chest at the right times. You could barely pay attention to Damian. All you could think about was Cody and how he was reacting to the very obvious flirting happening. You could picture his face clearly in your mind; the way his usually soft gaze would be hardened watching the scene play out, the way he'd be clenching his jaw or biting the inside of his cheek; waiting for the moment he could drag you away without causing suspicion.
The moment came sooner than anticipated when Dom dragged Damian away to rejoin the rest of The Judgement Day in the booth they'd occupied all night. You looked around the room, searching for Cody, but when you couldn't find him, you opted to join Sami and Jey, who were waving at you wildly. Before you could, someone came up behind you, and their hand gripped your bicep tightly.
"I know what you're doing," Cody said, his voice low in your ear.
You craned your neck so you could smile up at Cody. "What? I was just having a very lovely conversation with Damian." You said innocently.
Cody spun you around and glared down at you, his eyes looking brighter under the dim lights. "It won't work." He told you, and you tilted your head, pouting slightly.
"I don't know what you're talking about." You replied, batting your eyelashes, making Cody roll his neck. "You wanna dance?" You quickly asked before he could say anything else.
He glanced at the mass of people dancing and pulled a face. "We really shouldn't..."
"Come on, I was dancing with Jey earlier. It doesn't -"
"You were dancing with Jey?" He asked, his nostrils flaring as he narrowed his eyes. "Fine, let's dance." He conceded, unable to hide his jealousy as he pulled you to the dancefloor as you giggled.
You took advantage of the number of people on the dancefloor and pressed your body up against Cody while snaking your arms around his neck. His hands rested on your waist, and he raised his eyebrow, to which you shrugged, a smile dancing on your lips. "Sorry." You mouthed, and he shook his head, unable to hide the smile. "You're terrible." He replied, making you grin.
"Oh, you know you love it." You said, massaging the back of his neck with your fingertips, just like you did when you were curled up in bed together. Being this close to him was driving you wild, and if you couldn't touch him the way you truly wanted to, you'd revel in driving him just as wild.
You pushed your pussy into Cody's bulge as you danced, and his grip on your hips tightened. "Don't tease me," He warned, his voice almost a growl. "I'm not sure I'll be able to control myself."
You lifted yourself onto your toes and whispered in Codys' ear, your breasts pushing against his chest. "Who's asking you to control yourself? You could just let go."
Your breath on his neck and your scent in his nostrils was intoxicating. It sent a shiver down his spine, and he closed his eyes as he inhaled through his nose; a futile attempt to control the effect you were having on him. His hands made the journey from your hips to your ass and you glanced around the room, thankful that nobody was paying any attention to the two of you. Considering neither of you was ready for people to know about the two of you, you were playing a very dangerous game. Teasing each other and flirting around other people, stealing kisses and secret moments in crowded rooms, sneaking into each other's hotel rooms or onto Cody's bus; it was all so thrilling, and it was a miracle nobody had caught onto the two of you.
"Baby, you gotta stop." He groaned, squeezing your ass. "You're killing me."
Your eyebrow arched upwards, followed by a smirk. "You want me to stop?" You questioned, slipping your hand in between your bodies, sliding your hand down his shirt until you stopped at his belt buckle. "Just say the word, and I'll do whatever you want."
Cody dropped his head onto your shoulder, a low, almost animalistic sound emitting from his throat. He rutted against you, nipping at your neck as he did, the action making your pussy throb as you caught a moan in your throat. Before you could move your hand lower, Cody promptly grabbed your wrist.
"How about we continue this somewhere more private?" Cody said into your ear. He'd posed it as a question, but it wasn't intended as one— which was apparent when he didn't wait for your answer and practically dragged you out of the main party room and through the hotel lobby.
With his hand on the small of your back, he pushed you through the doors, the cold night air pinching your naked arms. Cody guided you around the corner, and before you knew it, you were up against the wall, his lips attaching to yours, forcing his tongue into your mouth. You reciprocated the kiss, tongues wrapping around each other; both moaning in harmony as he fondled your breasts over your dress. You unbuckled the belt and popped the button open, and when he bit down on your lip, you grinned. You tried to slip your hand into his boxers, ready to feel his cock in your hand, but Cody pulled away, breathless.
"Not here." He said, lacing his fingers around yours. You walked hand in hand across the parking lot, towards where trees lined the edge of the lot. The closer you got, the more you noticed the large outline of Codys' bus, hidden in the shadows of the trees, tucked away from the moonlight. 
"You brought your bus here?" You laughed. "You couldn't use the car?"
Cody unlocked the door and ushered you up the steps. "It's a good thing I didn't, isn't it? I knew you'd try something." He teased, slapping your ass lightly. You turned to face him.
"I knew it'd work." You said, reciprocating the soft smile he sent your way as the lock clicked. He took a few steps towards you, his eyes boring into your soul. They were mesmerising, like two oceans you were certain to drown in, and you wouldn't mind a single bit if you did.
"Of course, it worked," Cody said softly. "It'll always work."
You couldn't wait any longer. You pulled Cody towards you by his tie, your lips smashing together forcefully, his fingers tangled in your hair as he tugged slightly, deepening the kiss. He was like a drug you were addicted to, one that you'd never want to give up.
Cody spun you around and slowly unzipped your dress, peppering your naked back with kisses. The black, velvet number fell to the floor, and you turned to face him, standing in just your heels and black panties. He took a step back and carefully studied you like he was looking at his favourite work of art. He grinned and licked his lips as he arched his eyebrow.
"Get on the bed." He ordered. You stepped backwards until your legs hit the edge of the small bed, and you lowered yourself down, the mattress dipping under your weight. Cody pulled at his tie until it loosened and unbuttoned his shirt, smirking at you as he did.
He stood in front of you, his trousers still open from the make-out session outside, and you maintained eye contact as you pushed them and his boxers down his thighs, freeing his cock from its restraints. Cody's tongue poked out of between his teeth as he smirked, his eyes dark as he flicked his thumb across your bottom lip before he lined his cock up against your mouth.
You stuck your tongue out just enough for it to brush the tip, the simple action making Cody buck his hips. You opened your mouth wider, taking as much of Cody's cock as you could. His hand bundled your hair into a ponytail and as you closed your mouth around him, a groan left his lips as he pulled on your hair, throwing his head back. You dragged your tongue up the underside of his cock, the sensation making it twitch in your mouth. You flicked the tip before curling your tongue around it,and you grasped the base of him, taking a moment to look up at him while you pleasured him.
Cody's eyes were glazed over, profanities spilling from him while he guided your head and fucked your mouth. You loved the noises he made, loved the look on his face whenever you were together. He was usually so calm and collected, so to be the one who made him lose control, to fall apart because of you, it made you feel incredibly powerful and confident; something you didn't have much experience with until you met Cody.
He found himself in a rhythm— one that you wanted to disrupt and so you rolled his balls in your hands, massaging them gently as you took the rest of his cock, choking slightly as the tip hit the back of your throat. The noise Cody made was sinful, and you weren't sure you could be any more turned on until you looked up at him through teary eyes. The sweat was beading around his hairline, his teeth almost biting through his lip as he grunted and thrust into your face.
You wrapped your tongue around his cock and he forcefully pushed your head into him before he couldn't take anymore. He tugged you off by your hair, a Pop! echoing out around the bus. You watched him lean towards you and you crawled up the bed slightly, until Cody was leering over you, his eyes full of lust. He wiped your wet cheeks with his thumbs and kissed you; so much passion in the soft and tender embrace. The longer the kiss went on, the more fierce it became, and your back hit the soft sheets, bringing Cody down with you. His mouth followed a path, planting little butterfly kisses down your jawline, your neck, down to your cleavage  — where he latched onto your breast, sucking and biting as your hands ran down his shoulders, fingertips scratching his back. His mouth then continued its journey down your sternum to your stomach while his hand caressed your breast and rolled your nipple with his fingers. 
Cody hooked his thumbs under your underwear line and ripped them clean from your body. He threw them over his shoulder and held your hips down with one arm, his other hand snaking back up to your throat. He flattened his tongue against your slit and slowly dragged it up your cunt, beginning his feast.
Your hands grabbed the back of his head, and you attempted to buck your hips, but his arm wouldn't let you. "Ohhhh, Cody," you whimpered through little gasps, "feels so fucking good!"
You felt him smile against your thigh as he kissed along the insides before burying his face back into you. "You're such a good girl." He said. "You're my good girl." He said, before flicking your clit with the tip of his tongue. Your hips bucked again, and his grip on your throat tightened as did the grip on your hips. Cody was great at everything he did, he had that Midas touch, but he was incredible at making you feel amazing.
You squeaked as he pushed his tongue into your entrance, releasing your throat so he could caress your clit with his thumb as he fucked you with his tongue. You writhed underneath him as much as he'd allow, pushing his head deeper into your cunt, gripping your thighs against his head, unintelligible sounds leaving your throat as your toes curled.
"Co-Cody, please! I'm gonna cum!" You gasped. He chuckled, picking up the pace and your moans got louder. You were certain that everyone in the hotel would be able to hear you, and that the bus would no longer be hidden from everyone— but you didn't care one bit.
You came undone in seconds, and Cody released your hips from his grasp so you could ride his face, his name spilling out of your mouth. His kept working as you rode the wave of your orgasm and when he came up for air, you giggled breathlessly.
Cody climbed up your body like a lion hunting its prey. He needed to be inside you, to feel your walls clench tight around him as he fucked you hard. He rubbed his cock against your slit, sliding it between your lips, without penetrating. You wrapped your legs around him, attempting to pull him closer to you, trying to force him to give you what you craved. He laughed, his tongue poking out the corner of his mouth and rubbed your entrance with the tip of his cock.
"Cody, please -" You whined, your heels digging into his ass cheeks.
"Use your words, baby."
"Cody- I want your-" His tip teased your cunt again and you groaned, your eyes rolling to the back of your head. "Cody, please fu-fuck m- ohhh ffuck!"
He slammed into you, guttural groans passing through his lips at the euphoric sensation. He would never tire of any of this— of being inside you, making you scream his name and lose control at the slightest touch. He loved feeling your body underneath him or on top of him. Even the smallest of gestures; the slightest touch of your pinky fingers secretly interlocking around people and his favourite— when you placed your palm on his cheek before a match, a little good luck ritual you'd implemented long ago. He would never get enough of the sparks that coursed through his veins when you touched.
His pace quickened when your walls clenched around him. Your moans echoed around the room, in harmony once again, and as another orgasm reached its peak, your arms reached around Cody's neck and pulled toward you, pressing your lips together. The kiss was messy and toothy, and he interlaced your fingers together, sending his free hand between your bodies, his finger circling your clit. You quickly became unglued and your head thrashed against the bed, screaming Cody's name, just the way he liked; as Cody reached his own orgasm, his mouth found your neck, biting down hard before he lapped at the skin with his tongue.
He dropped his body onto you, and you wrapped your arms around his back, enjoying the weight of him on top of you. He nuzzled his head into your neck, pulling the sheets over the both of you, and you closed your eyes, feeling content. With his chest on yours, your heartbeats combined, like your two hearts were one. There were so many reasons for you to go public with your relationship, to let people in on your secret. You wanted to scream from the rooftops about how lucky you were to be the one Cody Rhodes wanted to be with. But you also wanted to stay in your bubble, in your own world where it was just the two of you, nobody else mattered, or even existed.
Cody lifted his head off your chest and leaned onto his elbow, tilting his head as he grinned at you. "You okay?" He asked and you turned to face him, reaching your hand up and placing your palm on his cheek, smiling at the beautiful man with the hearts in his eyes that were for you, and only you.
"I'm starving." You whispered, grinning at him. He rolled onto his back, reaching for a phone that was on the bedside cabinet. He settled back onto the bed, and you found your usual space on his chest. "What do you fancy?"
"Apart from you?" You asked, tracing circles around his chest. Cody laughed loudly, and you grinned wider. "Chinese."
"Whatever you want, you shall receive." Cody replied, making you blush. "Yeah?" You asked, and he nodded, planting his lips on your forehead softly.
"Of course. Always."
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caramelcleopatraa · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just imagine… Cody Rhodes
Just imagine Cody Rhodes stroking himself to his favorite cam girl, you. Your hypnotizing body left him in a trance. Those beautiful salacious moans were his favorite sound. Your soft hands rubbing your clit made him imagine what they would feel like wrapped around like his dick. He watched your every movement, eyes glued to the screen. He had been painfully hard on his way home, receiving the notification that you were going live halfway through his drive home. And he rushed home, making it just in time after you talked to your viewers for a little bit. Opening his laptop and joining the live to see your legs spread and pussy glittering from your wetness. 
“Fuck, I’m so close daddy!” Those screams of pleasure and the image of you fingering yourself had him responding back to you. “Come for me baby, I’m coming too,” he huffs, clutching onto the sheets and moaning into oblivion. Ropes of cum spill from his tip and drip down his shaft, reaching his balls. His euphoric orgasm made him buck his hips as pleasure ripped through his body. He looks over at you on his computer screen, seeing you out of breath as well as him, cum dripping onto your silk sheets. Your lives were going to be the death of him. It was so addicting watching your body shake, your pleads and begs as you came. But as soon as he thought you were done, he saw your hand slowly teasing your folds. “More, I need more.” Unconsciously, his hand moves up and down his length, giving him overwhelming waves of overstimulation. He’s never going to stop watching his favorite cam girl.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🏷️ tags :) @reignsboy19 @2-muchsauce @theninthwonder @harmshake @alichesmi @thesamoanqueen @alyyaanna @empressdede @badbitchcentralinc @christinabae @fame-ass-ers @southerngirl41 @cyberdejos2 @murrylove @sassginaswanmills @pixiedust4000
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hurricanrxna · 9 months
balloons & birthday bashes .
Tumblr media
pairing : husband!cody rhodes x reader genre : pure fluff! synopsis : it's your birthday this weekend and your lovely husband Cody has been working hard to make sure that it's the most amazing day you've ever had. surprises and tooth-rotting fluff ensue!
a.n. : my first post on this new blog, weeee! I have always been such a softie when it comes to Cody, and I hope that my fellow lovers of this man will enjoy this onslaught of fluff and cuteness <3
send in your requests here!
Cody wondered if, in another life, he would've been a party planner. Maybe it was the excitement of getting everything organized for your birthday party, or how all the perfectly coordinated decorations made him strangely giddy. The joy he got from visiting the local party supply store was a strange but not unwelcome new sensation that made him laugh all the same. No matter what his alternate universe self could be, where he was now was making him happy.
Ever since Cody had fallen in love with you, he had wanted to take care of you. Not in an infantilizing way, but a spoiling-you-with-the-best-stuff kind of way. It was true that he wrestled because he loved the sport and wanted to build his reputation and honor his family, but the money he earned gave him the chance to give you the life he knew you deserved. That was evident in the way that he just burst with happiness when you both bought your first house together and said "I do."
So giving you quite literally the most extra birthday celebration possible was kind of a no-brainer. You were onto him, mostly because he was an awful liar and it was impossible for him to hide his smile around you. But you also weren't aware of the true extent of the situation, and he wanted to keep it that way until the last minute.
"What are you up to..?" You had asked suspiciously with a big grin as Cody shuffled you out of the house. He had made sure your friends, who were all in on the surprise party, were able to keep you occupied for a few hours while everything got set up. Cody chuckled sweetly, leaning forward to kiss you before he opened the front door with a gentlemanly air.
"Me? Up to something? Babe, I would never! I'm an upstanding man, I'll have you know." He feigned incredulousness, placing his hand to his chest for added effect. "I just thought it'd be fun for you to hang out with your friends a bit on your birthday! Plus, I heard there may or may not be a bottomless brunch in your immediate future if you go with them..." He said with a sing-song lilt, gently urging you forward to where your best friend and a few others stood waiting. Cody still held your hand, though, up until the last minute.
"Alright, alright, you had me at bottomless brunch. Damn you!" You laughed, kissing him on the cheek with a big grin. "See you later, then?"
"Before you know it!" And with that, it was time for Cody to get to work.
Everything had already been planned for months, and now it was just a matter of getting everything set up. Oh, and making sure that all the guests made it on time plus the caterers and the-- Okay, he needed to breathe. Everything was gonna be fine! Cody was nothing if not a stickler for detail, and everything was about as planned as it could possibly be. So he took a minute to gather himself before heading to the bedroom to change. Of course he was gonna wear something snazzy for your special day!
Cody spent the rest of the next couple crucial hours decorating. While he could've easily hired someone to do all this without him even needing to lift a finger, he thought it was more important that he do it himself to show how much you mean to him. That meant he busied himself putting up streamers, blowing up what felt like a 1000 balloons, setting up tables, you name it. By the time all the setting up was said and done, your house and backyard was bursting with your favorite color.
An hour before you were due to return home, all of your friends and loved ones began to pour into your home. Everyone you could possibly want at your birthday party was here, eager to see you and your husband! They marveled at the impressive spread of decorations and food (which was a generous smattering of all of your favorites) in your honor, including the very cute photo of you that Cody had gotten printed as a centerpiece for the whole celebration.
It was only a moment longer before you returned home to find your backyard lit up and the sounds of a roaring crowd calling you inside. Maybe you had expected just a small get together with your closest friends and family, or maybe even just an intimate dinner with your husband. But an entire party?! Yeah, he was so extra~
Cody was the first to welcome you back, of course, practically sprinting over to you to pick you up and swing you around in his arms. Pharaoh hung close to your feet and barked excitedly, clearly enjoying all the attention he was getting from the guests too.
"Welcome home, y/n! Whaddya think?" He asked, clearly hoping with every ounce of his being that you were happy. "You know me, I get a little carried away when it comes to you. You mean the world to me, and I wanted to show you." The cheerful crowd of your favorite people behind him was painted beautifully like a dreamy backdrop.
Without hesitation, you answered. "I love it, and I love you. Though I think you might spoil me a little too much," you chuckled, pulling him in closer with a gentle kiss (with him looking as good as he did, how could you resist?!) "How am I supposed to keep my ego in check when my husband plasters up a giant photo of me at my surprise birthday party?!"
"Who said you should keep it in check? I don't see anything wrong with knowing how amazing you are," he beamed. Reaching forward he grabbed your hand and tugged you further into the party, never straying too far from you. "Besides, just wait 'till you see the pile of presents."
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plentyoffandoms · 1 year
Cody anon here, I’m excited to hear you’ll write for him!! Could you write something kinda angsty or enemies to lovers-esque? Like the reader being concerned about his peck injury before his match with Seth at Hell in a Cell and it resulting in an argument between the two, or the reader & Cody becoming a mixed tag team and neither one liking each other very much at first?
I’ll read literally anything you write, so if you decide to do something different and don’t like these suggestions it’s no problem! :)
Tumblr media
Cody Rhodes x f/Reader
Main Masterlist ♡ Miscellaneous Wrestlers Masterlist
Warnings: Some swearing
Just like all my other stories, this has not been proofread, but please enjoy.
I hope you like it.
WC: 1374
Gifs & Photos do not belong to me. 1st gif @goodtimesgreatmemories 2nd gif @womenwwe 3rd @juliahart
Summary: Cody & f/Reader fight over his upcoming match with Seth. Cody wants to wrestle with his injury & f/Reader tries to stop him.
"Gahh! Why do you have to be so damn difficult?" I asked the man in front of me, crossing my arms over my chest, trying not to slap him in the face.
"I know my body YN and I know I will be just fine to wrestle," which just made me roll my eyes at the stubborn man.
"You are just going to make it worse. You even got told not to wrestle this weekend by medical professionals, but oh yes tell me you know your body."
Tumblr media
I held up my hands in mock defeat as he just sighed at me. "Will you just let it go, for fucks sake YN, I am a grown-ass man who has wrestled through worse."
"And every single time you had to take a long ass time off to recover."
I would know this as I am head of the Physiotherapy for all the wrestlers here at WWE.
"I am doing this and that is final."
I wanted to stomp my foot like a child and throw a tantrum just because I didn't get my way, but I just turned around and left the man standing there with a smug smile on his face.
He doesn't get that he now has a massive target on his chest, literally. He can seriously fuck up his chest and every other muscle and tendon attached to it.
Cody can ruin his whole career just because he didn't take this one time to recover and he knows this, or he should know this.
But he refuses to listen to reason and I will have to watch from the back as Colby attacks him over and over again.
"What has got you muttering?" Bianca asked me with an amused smile on her face. I went to answer her but she just held up her hand and then placed said hand under her chin and a thinking stance.
"I got it, does it have to do with Cody 'the man who you say you hate but secretly love' being a stubborn asshole about tonight's match?"
"Okay, first off, I do hate the man, and secondly, yes."
"He is a Runnels YN, you know how hard-headed they can be."
"I know, I just don't want him to mess this up. He left AEW and came here and I don't want one injury that he has control over, to mess up not only this one shot for the title but could also end his whole career."
Bianca placed her hand on my shoulder in a friendly manner and gave it a quick squeeze, knowing how frustrated I am with him.
"Come on now Bianca. It is time for your appointment anyway. Gotta make sure you're in tip-top shape tonight."
Tumblr media
The moment she turned and left the room, I wanted to go after her and try and talk some sense into her but I know that isn't gonna happen.
When my medical reports came back and landed on her desk, she sought me out and asked me why I was even thinking about wrestling tonight. Why I couldn't give myself more time to recover, I tried to explain to her why, but she wouldn't listen.
YN knows how important this match is to me and knows that I have to prove to everyone here and the fans out there that I belong here in WWE.
I left AEW because of personal reasons that I have yet to disclose to anyone but I have to make this work here at WWE. I have to win this match against Colby or else people may just believe that I am some just washed-up hack.
I looked in the mirror and noticed that the bruise seemed to be getting worse, and no amount of makeup to help cover it, trust me, we tried.
"You know she is right you know?"
I looked and saw that Kevin was standing there, smiling at me. I just glared at him.
"You of all people should know that we wrestle through all kinds of shit. Why care so much about this one injury?"
"And you usually never give a damn when one of the medical staff gives a shit about you. Why her?"
I opened my mouth to give some lame ass excuse, but nothing came out. "It is time to move on from Brandi and you need to stop fighting with your feelings about this. That is why YN and you fight constantly. You two are more alike than you like to think."
YN didn't even look at me as I passed her to walk out. She would usually wish me luck, but this time she just stared down at her phone and refused to acknowledge me.
Colby and I wrestled with everything we had and in the end, I won. I held up my arms in victory, and I hope I didn't show how much I am in.
I walked backstage and YN was waiting for me, with a concerned but angry look on her face. She indicated to follow her and I did after a few moments of my friends and colleagues congratulating me.
Once we got to her office, she slammed the door shut and I could just feel the anger radiating off of her body.
She looked me over and tutted every single time I made a noise in pain. "Are you going to not speak to me this entire time?"
"Why waste my breath, Cody?"
"Ha, got you to finally say something," I smirked but that quickly left my face as she glared at me. She worked in silence for a bit longer and then told me that I could go.
"Any tips?"
"Just relax for a couple of days. Ice it and no working out. Don't be shocked if the bruise gets bigger and works its way down your arm and side."
I muttered a soft thank you and left her alone, contemplating how I can win back her friendship.
Tumblr media
"Delivery for YN LN."
I closed my eyes and counted to five and said that was me. I was handed another bouquet. I thanked the Delivery Person and looked around for another vase or even a mug to place these flowers in.
Three days of flowers Delivery and Cody hasn't given up. I know he wants me to talk to him and I will, but damn, let me finish being angry at my own pace.
Three hours later, a giant Teddy bear was delivered and now enough is enough. I sent a text to him demanding he comes to my office.
His head was barely through the door and I was telling him to sit down. "I see you got my gifts."
"Yes and I forgive you, now will you stop the deliveries, please? I like flowers but not this much."
"Only if you go out to dinner with me."
"Fine." Knowing deep down it was a dinner between two friends.
"I don't think you are understanding what I am asking. I want to take you out on a date. No talk of work or wrestling. Just us, on a date."
"I am not just some backup because you are lonely Runnels."
"For the love of God YN, it isn't like that. I like you, fuck. I have moved on from Brandi and my thoughts are filled with you and you alone."
"You better mean it, Cody. I am no one's second choice," he reached across the desk and took my hand in his. He ran his thumb over my knuckles.
"I mean it. I have just been too damn stubborn to realise why we fight so much is because, well I like you. Kevin had to practically give me a swift kick in the ass to make me realise."
"One date Cody."
One date turned into three, which turned into two years of dating. Then one full of year of us being engaged and tomorrow is the day we get married.
We still bicker but it usually ends with one of us apologising with a kiss, and our favourite food.
Who knew one fight over an injury would make us finally come go terms with our feelings?
Well Kevin did.
Tag List: if you would like to be added, please let me know. @lghockey @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @anaeve @crowleysqueenofhell @thenerdybaker523 @nicoleveno14 @malakaiblacksgirl1989 @1rsolideranna @legit9thlunaticwarrior @melissahausen @wwenhlimagines @blaquekittycat
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dirtywrestling · 10 months
Cody Rhodes - Masterlist
Tumblr media
💦 = Smut, 💖= Fluff, 🌩 = Angst, 🚫 = No Warnings
One Shots:
Play Dates and Business Meetings -💦
Summary: Cody is trying to score this meeting with a big CEO, James Flaken only to find out that him and James have the same kink interests. Cody uses this to his advantage and sets up a Play Date for their Little Girls while the Daddy’s have a business meeting. (18+, Smut, Minors DNI)
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mamirhodessxox · 2 months
He seems like a major pain in the ass 😭😭😭
🏷️ list: @alyyaanna @ginswife @coolpastelartshoe @greatkoalawizard @cokolin044 @kotoriarlert @alicerosejensen @bunnybot55 @agent-dessis-posts @adollonyourshelf @mini-rhodes @southerngirl41 @harmshake @femdisa @kabloswrld @claymoresofinfamy23 @jeysbvck
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I am usually shy and don't like requsting stuff but.....
Imma just leave this here....
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh, angel. For you, it's a done deal. 😘💗
Cody Rhodes x Fem Reader | 18+ ONLY, NSFW, fluff, and smut | 2,099 words
Happy reading! Read my other Cody stories here, if you'd like. ✨
Tumblr media
The excitement buzzing through the bedroom could likely be felt down the hallways of the hotel, each corner, wall, and floorboard reverberating with that palpable joy for what was to come once you and Cody left it.
Only four hours to go. Four hours to get ready and head out to the Lincoln Financial Field. Fours until WrestleMania began where your husband, Cody, would grace the squared circle and become the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. 
You could see his excitement marking his adorable cheeks a light pink as they balled up from a dazzling smile. He stood in the bathroom, half-hiding behind the door he held onto as he was getting dressed, his bare, muscular shoulders and pecs peeking at you as did he with that smile.
"You ready to see the gear of a champion?" Cody called out to you as you sat on the bed, already dressed in your turtleneck dress as you pulled on your knee-high boots to kick away the Philly chill.
"Hell yes. You've kept it a secret long enough, babe," you remarked, thinking of how he usually showed you his new gear even in its design stages on the pages of a notebook. That let you know this outfit was one he knew would surprise you with its grandeur. Cody nodded once with a cute smirk before he closed the door for a few seconds, opening it and strolling out in his jacket, tights, and boots, deep hues of red, white, and blue with luminous gold accents such as the American eagle adorning the broad shoulders. His pretty, cobalt eyes wrinkled with that handsome smile of his again as he strutted towards you with his hands out and did a quick spin that made his jacket tail flit through the air. He made you smile, too, with pride before you felt tears sting your eyes to see him so regal and opulent—and you couldn't wait to see the big gold around his waist to match.
"Let me guess. You hate it?" Cody teased before he noticed you wipe at your eyes with your sleeve. He came closer to you and slid his big hands onto your cheeks to tilt your face up at him as he gazed down at you with concern turning down his pink lips. "What's wrong, baby?" 
"Nothing. These are happy tears, I swear," you piped up as his wide thumbs brushed your cheeks, his right one catching a tear as it slipped down your skin. You were telling the truth as you felt nothing but pure elation to see your husband who busted his ass for years week in and week out finally earn the opportunity to be the face of a company that he—and Roman Reigns, respectively—carried on his back already. You added with a sniffle, "Just can't wait to see you looking good like this out there tonight when you win."
"Don't think I've ever made you cry because I looked too good," Cody laughed quietly and made you giggle, too, before he bent over to plant a soft kiss on your forehead. "God, you're precious. You know that?"
"If you say so," you replied with your hands covering his still holding your face as you rested your head on his warm, slightly hairy abs exposed in his open jacket.
"I do," Cody reminded you with one more kiss atop your hair before he carefully pulled away to retreat backward to the bathroom with a sneaky grin. "Ah. I forgot...there's one more part of my gear I want to show you."
One of your arched eyebrows raised at him as he disappeared into the bathroom once more with the door closed, hearing him rustle with something before seeing him emerge in a mask—a skull mask with an almost silver sheen, golden wings, and a patriotic, thorned crown.
You couldn't help the gasp that slipped out of you as it startled you, you never saw him wear something like it. But at the same time, a smile crept onto your lips when he approached you with his hands out again as his muffled voice chirped behind the mask, "Badass, right?"
"Wow, baby. Yeah, actually. Wow," you marveled as he stood between your thighs to let you run your hands up his chest until they cradled the mask. It was denser than you expected, almost like real bone, and smooth. You could see glimpses of his skin through the jaw and eye sockets, but you nearly couldn't see his eyes in the contours of it. Yet you knew Cody was looking right at you as you admired the details of his mask, your fingertips tracing along the grooves of teeth where his warm breath escaped through it to graze your skin. You shivered a bit from the feel and from his fingertips tracing along your spine.
"Wait. Is it badass or is it scary? Because you're shaking a little, sweetheart," Cody asked softly and made another shiver roll through you as he continued caressing your back. 
"Um...both. In a good way..." Your voice was just as soft, threatening to taper off with a little moan when he let his other set of long fingers wrap around your nape as your head fell back to study him looming over you looking menacing, charming, and seductive all at once. If your thighs weren't spread open to let him stand before you, you would have squeezed them shut as that shiver trickled down between them and into your panties. 
Cody studied you back for a moment like he felt it, too, and you heard the smirk in his voice when he said, "Yeah? Or maybe it's a third thing...maybe it's sexy."
His fingers that stroked up and down your spine began to stroke only down as he slowly made a trail from your lower back, your left hip, and to your thigh where those fingers gathered the hem of your dress to tug up. Your eyes followed his movements, watching as his fingers then traced your bare thigh, close to where his touch made you shiver and drip and mumble to him, "Maybe..."
He let out a deep yet light chuckle before you heard a sigh follow it as his fingertips followed the deep shade of magenta where your pink panties formed a damp spot. You sighed, too, as he gently pressed the pads of his pointer and middle fingers to that spot, your clit behind it that he nudged with small circles just enough to turn your sigh into an airy moan.
"I didn't anticipate you'd like my mask this much, darling," Cody moaned back to you when you couldn't resist putting your hands on him, as well. Your head was still leaning back on the palm of his hand as you gazed at one another, yet you didn't need to see his thick bulge to know where it was and feel it twitch when you ran your fingers across it.
"Hmm...you must like it, too," you goaded him with a tiny grin and another tiny moan when he slid his fingers into your panties to bury in your warm slick. The delicious way he swirled them on you with his thumb nudged back to your clit made it a bit difficult to focus your fingers on the hem of his snug pants you wanted to pull down. He moaned with you when you carefully caught and caressed his length in your hand as it bounced free after you finally rolled his pants and red boxer briefs to his thighs. Now you had to look and soak in how his pretty, brown-pink dick throbbed in your grasp, all hard, thick, and long with his round tip trying to spill his pre-cum onto your thumb.
"I like feeling how wet you get for m—unghhh, shit. Mm...I like that, too, baby," Cody grunted with a heavy breath when your tongue swiped along his slit to taste him before you pushed his length into your mouth altogether to taste all of him. You knew he could feel the moan vibrating in your throat as you suckled him into it—a moan that grew deeper as his fingers thrust deeper into your pussy—when he trembled on your tongue and tried to balance himself with his fingers entwining with the hair at the back of your head. 
Cody's moans grew just as deep as you wove your tongue around his shaft that stretched your lips around it, your drool from his yummy, savory taste dribbling from the corners of your mouth and down your chin as your wet dribbled from his knuckles that tapped at your sticky pussy lips with each thrust. He was trying to make you cum, you could feel it with his thumb fondling your tender and tingling clit and his fingertips lingering with unhurried taps on your g-spot. 
He would be successful and soon as you felt yourself clench around his diligent touch, heard your husky moans fill your ears, and saw a flash of his angelic eyes on you in his devilish skull mask as he encouraged you with a husky growl of his own, "You must want me to cum the way you're swallowing me...fffuck. Unhhh, I want you to cum. Please, sweetheart...I need to feel you cum on my fingers."
His grip on your hair tightened just a little to make you keep your eyes on his that leered beyond his mask as he flexed his fingers in you with sweet, short taps on your spot that began to flutter as you whined for him, from that swift and overwhelming rush of warm tingles that flooded your body. It felt damn good, just as good as it felt to feel your husband pulse in your throat a few minutes later with his hips flinching forward until his cute tuft of brown hair brushed your nose. His warm, slippery cum as it started to pump down your throat felt good, too, and his moans sounded good with your name laced throughout them as his deep voice floated from behind his mask once more.
"God, baby...look at you. Beautiful," Cody murmured with another breathy moan obscured by his mask. You wished you could see his beautiful face as he cherished yours that he messied with your saliva and his cum on his tip that smudged your lips once he pulled out. Yet you enjoyed seeing your husband look like a sexy nightmare come to life as he revered you. He took his time drawing his fingers from your wet warmth that still throbbed on them, placing his fingers on your lips to join his mess and compelling you to lick it off. You whimpered as he let you suck on his thick fingers and pouted when he pulled them away, only to whimper again at the lovely sight of him pushing his mask off to reveal his handsome face again and taste you on his fingers, too.
"Thought you would try that with that mask on," you teased and bit your lip when his gorgeous, blue eyes held yours.
"I considered it for a half second," Cody chuckled before he took a step back from you and let his eyes fall on your bosom in your dress. "Uh oh. Looks like you might need to change. I'm sorry, baby."
You glanced down to see where your combined love juices had dripped to your chest and left a nice, big, wet stain that you wouldn't attempt to dry when you both had to head out the door soon. You nonchalantly waved your hand in the air as you replied, "It's alright. I knew I was going to need to fix my makeup again, anyway, too."
"Ah. Sorry again. I hope you don't blame me, but this." Cody jiggled his mask still in his fist and you both giggled to each other. "Don't know what came over me when I put it on..."
You then rose from your seat at the edge of the bed to soothe your hands to your husband's chest, but not before skimming your fingers on his mask first, as you said, "I didn't mind...you could, um, wear it again sometime. If you wanted."
"Is that so?" Cody tossed his mask onto the bed to free his hands to wrap around your waist as he eyed you with his stunning smile. It made you want to blush, especially as he added in a low purr, "Does tonight work for you, sweetheart? I'll wear it and my championship belt just for you...and I'll take it all off for you, too."
Thanks for reading! 💙
🫶🏾 tagging: @mamirhodessxox @femdisa @crimbabyops @crxssjae @southerngirl41 @theninthwonder @alyyaanna @joannasteez @purplehairgawdess @sikoazayn @codyswhitebelt @empressdede @cyberdejos2 @iguessilikewrestlingnow @armanibook @jeysbvck @headoftheetable @alichesmi @johnnieluvr @sassginaswanmills @vintage-pvssy (if you like Cody fics, let me know if you'd like to be tagged in the next one!)
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Tumblr media
Cody Rhodes empty
CM Punk empty
Finn Balor empty
Rhea Ripley empty
Liv Morgan empty
Tiffany Staton empty
Requests are open. Feel free to request people to add to the list.
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Last Night Lonely
Chapter 2/?
The Angel in me sees the Devil in you
Pairings: Cody Rhodes x Reader
Warnings: Smut
When you saw him next you were walking across the parking lot to your car. 
"Hey!" you whipped your head around to see him waving at you from his tour bus stoop. 
 "You got a sec?" 
"Sure" You covered the distance quickly and he stepped aside, ushering you up the steps with a barely-there hand on your lower back. A whispering hiss and the door closed behind you both. You turned to face him, taking in a breath. The warm white downlighting cast a candle-soft glow, illuminating Cody’s sharp features and darkening his neck tattoo. 
“ I uh, I had an idea for a promo I wanted to run by you real quick.” 
“OK, shoot.”
“Yeah so I was thinking…I need to expand my character some and maybe take the chance to show a different side to me more than just a baby face…you know um… show some depth and angst or…romance…” he stepped forward, thumb rubbing at the corner of his mouth as he looked at you through lowered lids, long lashes punctuating his questioning tone.
The creative in you mused, nodding along as Cody spoke but unsure of how you could help given that you weren’t Talent. 
“Do you think that…I mean, you’ve been behind my camera for a while now, producing my segments, you think I have what it takes to pull that off?”
He stood square in front of you now, so close that you had to tilt your head back to see into his face. Your heart fluttered under the intensity of his gaze; a mixture of lust and longing. Too good to be wholesome was the phrase that sprung to mind. 
You opened your mouth to say something but nothing came out. You close it, rinse, and repeat. You shook your head trying to snap out of your inopportune mutism but it had no effect. 
Cody recoiled with a wince and flumped down on the couch, wringing his hands in his lap. 
“Is it the lisp? Cause..I mean….” He half scoffed through the hurt. He had taken your negatory head shake as an answer to his question. 
“What? Oh, no, what, um…” You moved to sit next to him and reached instinctively for his hands, body finally catching up to the situation. As your thumbs rubbed gently over his knuckles he dared to look at you with hopeful vulnerability. 
“Like I said, lisps are sexy…you’re…very sexy.” Now it was your turn to wince at your own words, wishing the bus would suddenly slip into a sinkhole. 
A smug smile tugged at Cody’s lips. The bastard. 
“Kiss me” he teased, but you heard the command in his tone. Before you could gather any brain cells to say something, your body moved of its own accord. Moving a hand to his chest you tugged at the collar of his half zipped hoody and he let you lead him to close the distance between your lips, stopping only a hair's breadth short. You felt his hot breath on your lips for only a second before he swiped a lick of your lips from bottom to top with his tongue. 
The lightning move sent a thunderbolt to your groin and ignited an ache between your legs. You gasped, lips parted, eyes closed. Cody then brushed your bottom lip between his pulling gently before kissing you again, this time with his tongue gently pressing against yours: sweeping, licking, tugging, at a sensuously slow pace. 
The kiss deepened and as the tip of Cody’s tongue traced a line up the roof of your mouth you let out a shuddering moan, throwing your head back and breaking the contact. 
You were half laying and half sitting on the couch, completely unravelled. Cody followed you with his body, moving you both horizontal and placing his leg between your thighs. You immediately pushed up into the friction and Cody welcomed the movement by grinding down, rocking you with pressure.
By this point you were completely gone, a slave to your carnal desires. Cody began nipping and sucking at your throat eliciting the most pornographic sounds you’d ever made. 
“Jesus. Shit. Fuck.” Cody exhaled, nosing against your skin now peppering kitten kisses to that spot beneath your ear. With one hand you grabbed his hair and raked your nails against his scalp. With the other hand you gripped his shoulder and pulled him down to you, leveraging his whole weight. You rolled your hips desperate for more of him, his erection throbbing against your core. 
“Cody!” You let out a petulant harumph. Now pushing your breasts up into his chest, needing him to be touching you everywhere, desperate for total contact. 
“Y/N, fuck. Shit. I can’t. I’m…shit. I..” He couldn’t string the words together to make any sense. Instead, he doubled down on your neck and began sucking, biting, marking your skin. He only came up for air with the most obscene pops to accompany the heavy breathing and guttural moaning that filled the air. 
“Pleaseeee…I…!” You pushed at his face, cupping his jaw as he stared stupid into your eyes. He was a sight to behold: pupils blown, cheeks flushed, pink lips swollen and glistening. 
You moved your hand to his shoulder and with the other pushed him back to sitting so you could straddle his leg. He squeezed your ass tight with both hands, head coming forward to nuzzle between your breasts. You whipped your v neck sweater off with one swift movement and cupped behind Cody’s ears as he immediately moved to suck at your breast through your bra. 
“Ahh!” you yipped as he pinched your nipple between his teeth, hands coming to massage the other, this time rolling your nipple through his fingers. 
All you could do was tip your head back and grind down chasing your release, tears pricking at the corners of your eyes. It wasn’t enough, you needed more. 
“Cody!” you begged, taking his hand bringing it to your mouth and sucking on his fore and index finger. Wild with pleasure you almost forgot what you had wanted them for and with a gentle graze of your teeth you released his fingers and guided them down your torso. With his palm against your navel, he used his other hand to unbutton your jeans. The moment his finger brushed your clit your orgasm overcame you in stuttering bursts. You collapsed on top of Cody, riding out your high to its twitching end. 
Cody held you all the while, big palms sweeping circles across your back. Once you arrived back in your body you pushed yourself up to face him. 
“I….” he began, fully flushed up his neck. He almost looked bashful. You moved your hand to the front of his tracksuit bottoms, eager to assist his release. Pressing down with your palm, he jumped with a hiss, bringing his forearm over his eyes. You looked down and saw the wet spot already darkening the emerald green material. 
“Did you….?” you started. 
Cody nodded, chancing a look at you, smile tugging at his lips.
" I guess your pussy likes my lisp as well..."
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blondieeu · 10 days
cinnamon. simon “ghost” r.
Tumblr media
on a rare saturday night when it’s just you and him, laying on the couch watching some ratchet ass show you always watched together in the dark of your living room.
he’d just gotten home from deployment that thursday and you’d been meaning to watch that show that you saved strictly to watch with him— your show.
it’s late. he knows it. but you insist on watching this show together because you haven’t really had the time during the week and you didn’t wanna watch it without him.
so here the two of you lay, you with your head on his lap and him with his arm on the arm rest. spending time.
but when he looks down at you your eyes are fluttering shut and your quicker breaths slowing down to a calm rhythm.
“let’s get into bed.”
he says, voice a little raspy from not talking for a few hours and his accent still thick as he shuffled from his spot, tossing the blanket you to were sharing away while he moves to scoop you up.
“what? why? it’s saturday we still have time to watch our show”
he watches you rub the sleep from your eyes, but you don’t really try to fight him on it. you were too tired to.
“well watch it another time lovely.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
blondieeu xx
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enderfenderdragon · 27 days
you have no idea/i wont be messing with you anymore.
request open for anyone :D.
warnings:readers parents divorce, mention of world war 2, fem!reader, she/her pronouns, ghost x reader, reader gets hit on, reader gets into a fight, ghost being protective, drunk dipshits (drunk guys), use of 'y/n'.
let me know if i missed anything :D.
background on the reader (you).
your grandfather was the chief/general/very high person in world war 2. but after the war, he retired, and spent most of his time with reader (you). you and your grandfather were the best of friends. you spent your childhood with your grandparents because your parents were going through 'something' (divorce).
so while reader was growing up - she was taught the ways of the war and the ways of being a living, killing machine. your grandfather is still around, and you do spend time with him when ghost/Simon is on deployment.
but the thing is, you didn't tell or let Simon know that you were brought up as a killing machine by the general of world war 2.
you were walking out of a bar with some girlfriends (close friends), from your 'girls night'. but were abruptly stopped by some guys hooting on you.
"hey pretty ladies" guy 1 stumbles up to your group. most likely drunk off his ass.
your friends get in front of you. most likely trying to stop you from being seen so you don't get rilled up and kill the men.
"why don't you guys come with us?" guy 2 walks some what sober to your group.
"whats going on?" you speak up from the back of the group.
"nothing babe....just.....getting hit on by drunk dipshits" the 'mom' of the group friend speaks to you in a comforting way.
"ooooo got a little teeny tiny baby back there?" guy 1 slurs his speak. leaning towards your group.
"the fuck you say?" you quip back. squeezing through the group. stopping in front of guy 1.
"y/n. don't. please." your friends all say in unison. looking horrifed.
the guys crowd around you. looking you up and down. slurring their speak while saying their dirty, disgusting thoughts about what 'they were going to do to you'.
"call Simon." one of your friends say to another. she rushes to get her phone out, quickly taps on Simons contact and calls.
"whaz up?" Simons voice speaks through the phone
"we've got a problem, y/n is being hit on" your friends says to Simon through the phone.
the phone call ends without anything else being said.
few minutes later Simons car is seen pulling next to the curb.
"thank god your here. we can't seem to settle her down" the 'mom' says to Simon. already climbing into the truck.
Simons eyes are blown wide as he watches you beat all of the guys up. leaving them laying on the road, all blooded up and briused.
"oh hey babe" you say releasing guy 1 from a head lock. his lifeless body tumbles onto the road. the truck was right behind you.
you climb into the passenger side and peck Simon on his cheek. his eyes still blown wide.
"what? something happen?" you ask, starting to get worried.
"since when did you be able to do that?" he asked in a high picked voice compared to his normal voice. it seeming as though it was normal for you to beat people up on a regular basis to the girls.
"ohhhhhhhh. you mean me beating them up" you mention towards the 'dead' bodies.
"yes?" Simon asks looking worried.
"oh yeah- me grandfather was in world war 2 and he taught me the ways of being a killing machine. don't worry" you say nonchalant.
"r-right. noted. remind me to never get on your bad side" Simon says, turning his body so its facing the road.
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dirtywrestling · 1 year
Hi I see your requests are open. If you are still taking them, can you do a Cody Rhodes x Male Reader fic. Reader is new to Raw and is just naturally shy and Cody is just smitten by him. Cody courts the reader until the reader finally says yes to a date. Bonus if Cody and male reader have hardcore sex
Tumblr media
Pairing: Cody Rhodes x Male!Reader
Warnings: 18+ Blog, Shy!Reader, Rough Sex
Commission Requests: Closed!
Imagine Requests: Open!
Follow My Main Blog!: @dirtywresling102
Tumblr media
"I'm glad you finally said yes to my date." Cody said, wiping his mouth with a napkin.
You smiled towards the blonde male. "I'm glad I said yes." You teased back at him. You've been dodging Cody and his questions as of late. Being the new guy in the big leagues everyone was a bit intimidating. After hearing Cody had a crush on you, you were hiding away from him.
Not because you were disgusted. No. You also had a crush on the male but was too scared thinking you'd do something stupid in front of him to make him cringe at the sight of you.
"So, I was thinking we could head back to my hotel and have... dessert?" The corner of Cody's lip twitched into a smirk.
That was the best decision you made as you were now pressed up against the wall, ass slightly out while Cody gripped your waist and fucked you from behind. "Shit- Cody." You groaned as your cock throbbed in between your legs from Cody hitting your g-spot.
"Fuck, ass so sweet." Cody moaned, slapping your cheek harshly. "Already make me wanna come- squeezing me so tight." Cody groaned.
This was indeed your favorite dessert you've had in a long while.
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