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No thoughts. Pussy dwelling on Erwin's fingers edging you until you're a begging mess though. (Because let's face it, we all know the calluses on his hands feel like heaven when his tongue eases the feeling soon after-)
"whore mouth" // erwin smith x f!reader
word count: 2.4k
a/n: Oh god I'M SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG I'M SORRY I'M SORRYYYY :( This was supposed to be a drabble but I got carried away... Anyways. ENJOY <3
tw// porn with very little plot. impact play. slapping. jealous!erwin. sugardaddy!erwin. dom!erwin. sadist!erwin. edging. cunnilingus. breath play. dumbification. spitting. forced orgasm. slight blood. squirting. clit slapping. slight consensual non-con (reader and erwin have a dom/sub relationship). prey-predator if you squint. usage of "whore, slut, bitch". aftercare.
Erwin isn't the jealous type in your eye. He is a confident man, he is fierce. He is the CEO of the Corps Ltd. after all. He isn't jealous, people are jealous of him.
But the look he gave you at the party made you lose your ability to breathe.
He bought this black silk dress for you a couple of weeks ago. It arrived at your door by his assistant, Armin, a pretty young boy. He reminded you of Erwin, only young and naive. You felt incredible in the fabric, it felt as if the dress was made for you and you only. Everything was right about the dress. But you didn't have any opportunity to wear it. Until tonight.
"Here we are, madam," Armin spoke, his eyes met yours from the rearview mirror. It was obvious that he was having a hard time keeping his eyes away from your beautifully exposed chest and perky nipples showing through the dress. "Mr. Smith is waiting for you inside."
You thanked him and carefully got out of the car not letting your dress go even higher. As you entered the hotel where the party was being hosted, your eyes found your pretty CEO. Surrounded by his close friends Miche and Levi, he was laughing. He was wearing his brand new black Hermes set with a gold detailed Versace tie. Then he saw you, his whole expression changed. The bright, playful eyes turned into loving ones.
"My sunshine," he greeted you with open arms, calling you in. "She is finally here!"
You walked towards him. "Traffic hold me hostage!"
A little laugh escaped his lips as he hugged you. But his words were far far away from his laugh. "Why the fuck are you wearing that?"
You hugged him, hiding your surprised and sad face in his neck. "I-I thought you'd enjoy it..."
He let you go, fixed your hair a bit. Cupping your cheeks, he said: "We'll talk about it when we go home, okay? Now let's enjoy our party." And, uh, what a bastard he is, to put the smile back into your face, he added. "You're looking like a swan."
And the rest of the night was almost perfect. Erwin introduced you as "My cup of sunshine!" to his friends, co-workers, business partners. He complimented you, let others compliment you and he even let Miche steal you for the dance and touch your bareback with his enormous hands. He let Zeke kiss your hand which was decorated by the ring Erwin gave. Everything went smoothly.
And yet, here you were, in front of him. Couldn't even look at his face because of the humiliation and mockery he possessed in his eyes.
"Tell me, princess. Why did you wear that?" he asked, emphasizing the word 'that'.
"I'm sorry-"
Your head went to your right with the impact. Your left cheek was burning and you were in shock. Did he slap you?
"I'm not asking for your apology. I'm asking for the reason."
You lifted your head, eyes filled with fear. "I-"
Another slap. This one hurt more than the other. "Stop this fucking nonsense and answer me." His voice was calm, steady. It contained no anger or fury.
"I thought..." A tear left your eye, you wiped it with the back of your hand. "I thought y-you'd like it."
Another slap. "Did you get the note I sent with the dress? I remember putting it into the box myself. I even attached it to the dress with an anklet. Remember?"
Another slap, you fell onto the ground. "What did it say?"
A sob left your lips. "I-I don't..."
"You don't what, princess?" He kneeled down. He grabbed your chin, lifting it up and looking directly into your teary eyes. "Tell me."
" I don't remember!" You screamed it out. Humiliation now took over your body, making you ache in pain. It was also creating a pool between your legs. "I don't remember, Erwin! I'm so-"
Another slap. "You don't get to say my name tonight." He took his jacket off, then his tie, he threw both across the room. He talked as he rolled his sleeves up. “You don’t deserve to say my name with that whore mouth.”
He yanked your hair making you scream in pain, he slammed you into the wall. The photos fell down, shattered. His rough hands ripped the dress’ straps, making it fall onto the floor, pooling around your feet. “I bought this for my eyes. My pleasure.” He slapped your right breast harshly. “You are mine.” He pinched your cheeks together, making you open your mouth. “That’s what I wrote, stupid whore.” He spitted onto your tongue, it tasted like whiskey and cigar. Then he covered your mouth and your nose, not letting you breathe. “Swallow.”
You did as he said. How couldn’t you?
“Open your mouth, tongue out.” He let go of your mouth, wanted to see your mouth empty. You inhaled in relief, brain too hazy to understand anything. He slapped you again. “Open your fucking mouth.”
“Erwin!” You screamed with pain again.
He laughed and let your hair go, you fell down with the sudden movement. “Your stupid brain can’t understand a word I say, right?” He grabbed you by the neck, lifting your fragile body up. “What are you good for? Oh, right! Being a whore, now I remember.”
You grabbed his forearm, nails digging into his skin. You couldn’t breathe, couldn’t do anything. You tried to push him away but he didn’t budge. The worst part wasn’t him being harsh with you. It was him being calm as usual, never shouting, never talking with clenched teeth. Even his damn expression was calm. His damn eyebrows weren’t furrowed. That scared you.
“Stop,” he said, pushing your hands away with a harsh move. You made his arms bleed a little. He looked at you unimpressed. “You never understand, do you?”
He took you to your shared bedroom, threw you onto the bed. You tried to get away, silly you, where could you go. Your makeup was a mess, mascara running down onto your cheeks as your tears left your eyes, painting your face black. Crying loudly, you screamed once more. “Please! Please don’t!” You tried to stop him. “Daddy please!”
He choked you, again, harsher this time. You held onto his arms, wishing he would let you breathe just once. Slammed your weak body into the mattress, he ripped your panties. “You’re begging me not to do anything, yet you’re soaking like a fucking slut.” Without warning, he pushed his thick middle and ring finger inside you. “See? You take my fingers like a slut too!” Amusement coated his tone. “You either want my fingers or my dick. You just want to be my pocket pussy, right, slut?” He was pounding into you like there was no tomorrow, wet noises filled the room. “Stupid whore.”
Your eyes rolled back. Everything was too much. Too much pleasure, too much pain, too little air. Your brain was shutting down slowly, you couldn’t think straight. You wanted to kiss him, wanted to beg him to fuck you with his huge cock. Wanted him to take you then and there, without preparation. Yet, the only thing you could do was to moan, like a stupid whore. His voice echoed in your brain. You got closer, his fingers curled inside you, finding that pretty spot. It was too much?
“You’re cumming already?” He mocked, his pace quickened. “You won’t. Hold it.”
Your fingernails once again found the little cuts they made previously, digging even harder as the pleasure built up. You were losing consciousness due to the lack of oxygen in your body. You couldn’t do anything. Couldn’t breathe, couldn’t hold your orgasm, couldn’t stop him.
Erwin felt your orgasm before you. He pulled his hands away from you. “Open your legs. Ruin it. Don’t cum.”
You couldn’t.
The pleasure hit you, hit your body like a truck. With the sudden feeling of air coming into your lungs, your legs started trembling. Your whole body clenched, shaking like your vibrator Erwin bought you for your birthday. Your eyes snapped open and you felt something coming out of your cunt, wetting your legs, the bed and Erwin in front of you. You squirted.
“Fuck…” You heard Erwin cursing under his breath. His pants were soaking wet.
“D-Daddy...” You reached out for him, eyes barely functioning after the intense orgasm. “I-I’m sorry, I co-uldn’t hold it… I couldn't ruin it!”
He tsked. “Princess, what have you done?”
Your eyes filled with tears once again. You were slowly regaining your ability to think. “Daddy... I’m sorry…”
He sat next to you, pushed the hair from your face. “Shh, don’t talk…” He cupped your cheeks. “Maybe I was a bit too harsh for you.” He leaned down to kiss your puffy lips. “But you still need to be punished baby.”
Before you could protest, he spanked your clit.
“You were being a whore today.” Spank. “And you were also being a bad girl.” Spank. “You didn’t listen to me.” Spank. “But now,” Spank. “You’ll be cumming from this.”
You did. You didn’t know you could. But you did. And he didn’t stop.
“Daddy! S-Stop! I’ve come already” You tried to close your legs, the pleasure was turning into pain with each slap. “Can’t take it! Daddy I’m cumming!”
“Yes, babygirl,” He whispered. His eyes were locked into your, his pupils had expanded. “You’re cumming again. And you’ll be cumming again. And again. Until I’m done with you.”
His spanks became even faster and harder, hitting that sensitive bud throbbing in a mixture of pain and pleasure. When you opened your mouth to moan, he spitted onto your tongue once again. “Don’t swallow. Stick your tongue out, slut,” he said as his other hand caressed your hair. “Let yourself drool like a stupid whore.” His words, his actions… Everything was so complicated. Making you feel even more stupid.
After cumming another four times you were a drooling, dripping mess. You were lost your sight. Everything was spinning, the ceiling, Erwin in front of you, and you. Your breaths were unsteady, you couldn’t even hear your heartbeat because of its speed.
Erwin patted your cheek. “Don’t faint on me now, bitch.”
He smiled. “Shh, princess. I know.” His hands came down on your face to wipe your tears away. “I’m proud of you.” He kissed your forehead. “Now, I’m going to eat you out, ‘kay? I wanna taste my pretty pocket pussy.”
You squinted your eyes to see him. Your eyes filled with tears once again. Your makeup was already ruined and smudged into the sheets. “Please daddy! I can’t take-”
“Shut up, baby.” He stood up, got between your legs and pulled you towards his face. Erwin loved your pussy so much, he could live in there forever. He inhaled the heavenly scent and licked your slit, drinking everything you offered. “It’s my pussy and I chose to do whatever I want.”
You tried to push him, kick him away. Nothing worked. Erwin Smith, ate your pussy like it was his last day on earth. He ate your cum, drank your juices, sucked on your clit and fucked you with his tongue. His face was sweaty, his perfect hair stuck onto his forehead. His naked chin was now coated with your nectar. He made you cum again, leaving you breathless, sucking your soul out of your body. He made you cum, made you squirt onto his face. He was pussy drunk, couldn’t let you go. Couldn’t stop sucking your clit. He loved the way your legs trembled after each orgasm. He loved the way you screamed “Daddy!” first and when he didn’t stop you screamed “Erwin!”. He loved the way you babble nonsense trying to apologize from him. Stupid slut, he thought. And ate you out until your whole body went numb.
When he was finally done, both of you were panting. You were barely awake, holding onto nothing but trying your best not to lose consciousness. Erwin was tired, tired from eating you out, fingering you and taking your soul away from you. He got up, laid right next to you. He adored this sight; you, completely fucked up and ruined. He did this without putting his cock in you. He was proud.
“Are you with me princess?” He whispered into the night. He was being cautious.
You nodded weakly.
“Good girl,” he said. Kissed your forehead slowly he cupped your cheeks. “Can you give me a color baby?” You were using a color system alongside your safeword. It was for your safety.
“Y-Yellow…” Your voice was hoarse after all the screaming.
He furrowed his brows. He was too harsh on you. “I’m sorry, kitten.” He carefully flipped you onto your side, hugging your back tightly, he kissed your shoulder. “I was too harsh on you. I’m so sorry baby.”
A sob escaped your lips. “But you didn’t cum…”
“It’s okay baby, it’s okay. You’ve done so well. I got pleasure from your pleasure. I'm not important. You are. Your pleasure is. You did so well. So well baby. That’s what is important. I got you now, okay? I’ll never let you go. You’re my everything. I got you. I’ll never leave you.”
You stayed there, tangled together for a long time. Erwin kissed your shoulders, back and hair, his calloused hands caressed your arms. When the extreme pleasure made you clench again, he hugged you tighter, whispering. “Calm down, baby. I got you.” He made sure you were fully okay after your intense session.
His heart shattered into thousand pieces after hearing that tone in your voice. “You can say my name baby, it’s over now.”
“Erwin,” you said almost hesitantly. “C-Can I go to the bathroom? I need to pee.”
His eyes snapped open. Right, you had to. “Yes baby, let me take you there.” He took you into his arms bridal style. “And we’ll take a bath, I really want to try that lavender bath bomb you bought. Is that okay baby?”
You snuggled into his shirt, it was still wet after your countless orgasms.
After you were done with everything, you were in your marble bathtub with Erwin. A purple color was prominent in the water, making you feel safe. You leaned into his chest filled with little patches of thin gold hair even more. He was your home.
“Erwin?” you asked, melting into his touches.
“Yes, princess?”
“How many times did I cum?” You asked, lifted your head to look at him. You loved that expression. You could see surprise, confusion, calculation and answer in seconds.
“Thirty..” he furrowed his thick brows, he was counting. “Thirty-nine.” Then he realized what he said. His eyes opened up with amazement. “Oh.”
“Yeah..” you said, a chuckle left your chest.
“We broke our record!”
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Letter for the dead
Tumblr media
Warning/s: a little bit of angst, slight mentions of grief, homophobia, death.
Word count: 849
A/N: happy one year for this account!! i finally had the motivation to write something. requests are open! enjoy :)
December 15th
Dear Neil,
I didn’t even get to say goodbye. I regret not having the chance to hold you for the first time and describe to you the things I was nervous about. My consciousness bears millions of regrets with me, this one will haunt me evermore.
I used to overhear people say they want to repeat the day before an incident, over again. Their feelings were unknown to me. I was vain, indifferent. Now, destiny showed me what they went through. The Universe would bless me if a genie would come to me one day to grant me a wish. I'd say I’d love to have one more day with you, only the two of us. We deserved one.
I should’ve asked before. The guilt I express currently would be more tolerable. You think you have the whole time on your hands. Then something shifts in the wind. It alters the timeline. How cruel can the minutes be? They pass, even though we implore them to stop, so we can linger the moments we experience. I did want to spend more time with you. I promise you that. My words couldn’t aid me.
I fear I will forget your gentle voice, your radiant face. The picture of the way you used to laugh and light the room more than candles will wither. A lack will be that of how you used to recite poems to me every night before bed. All the memories owned with you will fade. It’s my worst thought when I lay in bed. I rather stay awake, reliving my moments with you than going to sleep. Even there you appear in my dreams. It's the only way I can still hear you call my name. Remember when I had nightmares. You welcomed me in your bed and made me feel safe. I live my nightmare, and you are nowhere to calm my restlessness. Do you recognize the times when I cried in the middle of the night and you were there to wipe the tears on my face? My handkerchief dries them off instead, because your hands are somewhere unreachable. I will not be able to recall the images, yet my brain will deep-bury the evidence that you existed. My biggest concern will show itself. I will grow old. The things we did will burn out. None of us will tell the story we had to write. I wish I could at least have a piece of your something to help me see that, even if you aren’t here, your soul lives. I’m sorry if I do forget you.
The world is a beast. A survival of such an act would be a scandal and you would have hurt yourself more. It wouldn’t have allowed you to heal from the wounds, nor would it have let me speak. I accept the fact you’re gone, I can’t do anything about it, but here, on paper, I can confess and pretend you’re reading it. I love you, Neil. I always have. After the play, I planned on showing you who my heart beats for. I wanted to bring you to the cave, read you the poem I wrote for you. Your father was an obstacle. He took you away. I ensured myself to do it the next day. It was the worst idea I have ever had. So much love in my veins only for it to evaporate. Where we live, my darling, they would have executed our love. I couldn't care less. I would have risked my life for you to squeeze me in your arms. My life would have not been worthy if you didn't kiss the rivers my eyes drained. We would have run away, far, far away, where you wanted. I didn't believe the myth of first sight love. My unbelief cursed me. The things we had together sank me in forever longing. It's not the time to love a ghost, nor the remains. You're a photograph. You are the wind hitting my window. You're the snow I bury myself into. You're the missing piece I need. You're the flock of clouds hugging my street. I regret not telling you sooner... I fall in love every day with the objects of reality that embrace you. They also stab me as I remind myself I can't tell you the three holy words. You left for a place where you can be the actor you desire to be. I am surrounded by the sorrow of your passing, but at least I am happy you can have what you merit - peace.
Though you will not write back, wait for me instead! The day where we will hold each other without shame will come! We will enjoy our home there... I hope you rest well until then. When I become ashes, stand by the nearest pond. You will see me have a bouquet of forget-me-nots in my hands. It will be for you. I meant every word in this letter. I love you.
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What is your writing advice for young people who want to write fanfiction and original stories in the near future?
If this is just Way Too Much, skip to the end (#16). My most important piece of advice is there. I also happen to think #5 is pretty good.
1) Literally just write. Write whatever you want, and do a lot of it.
2) You don’t have to post everything. In fact you don’t have to post anything. You can, don’t get me wrong, but it can be intimidating to sit down and think “I will now write something that other people will see and read and judge with their eyeballs.” Because that’s probably gonna lead to nerves and writer's block. Just write down the ideas that you have, the things you want to write, whatever’s in your brain that you want to explore and expand upon and make into something. And then if you want to, share it. Or don’t share it. I have plenty of half-baked ideas and documents and random story chapters and shit hidden away on my Google Drive that will never see the light of day, for a whole number of reasons. I wanted to write it but it wasn’t ~Spicy~ enough to warrant posting, or it’s only like an eighth of a good idea, or it’s like one scene with no story around it, or it’s just something incredibly self-indulgent I just wanted to write for my own enjoyment.
Point being, don’t write for other people. Don’t write so that other people can read it; write what you want, write for yourself, and then if you want to share it, do.
3) You can pretty much ignore any and all of these for fanfiction. In fact, you can ignore pretty much any rules or guidelines you want for fanfiction. Fanfic is a sandbox. You don’t have to be a “professional writer” to post fic. No one expects you to be Stephen King or Margaret Atwood. Fanfic is just for playing in a fandom and having fun. If you wanna write a 50 chapter slow burn with very little plot aside from the OTP slowly getting to know each other, and no real stakes or central conflict, I guarantee people would read that. Really, fanfiction is the Old West of writing: lawless, wild, unpredictable, and free.
However, here are the rules you must follow:
-Separate your paragraphs. (I’m sure you know this already, but I’m gonna say it anyway just in case.) Do not post one big block of text. Make a paragraph break when someone new is talking, when the characters are in a new place, when a new event occurs that changes the scene, when a chunk of time has passed, and when there’s a major change in subject.
-I know it’s obvious, but... grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. They exist to make writing easy for readers to read, and more people will read your stuff if they don’t have to stop and try to figure out what you meant.
-Use tags and labels, as is possible with whatever site you’re using. Especially if you include possibly triggering content in your story. Again, I know it’s obvious, but it’s common courtesy. Bonus: tagging the themes and content of your story helps readers find it and read it :)
-If possible, limit the use of all-caps and exclamation marks / question marks. 99% of the time, one ! or one ? will do. If you overload the page with a lot of all-caps and long rows of exclamation marks or question marks, it hampers readability.
... That’s literally all I can think of. And, like I said, it’s all pretty basic stuff. You were probably rolling your eyes like, “Uh, yeah, Gwen, I know.” But that’s literally it. You can pretty much do whatever you want in fanfic.
That being said, here’s my advice for both fanfiction and original work...
4) A quick and dirty rule for coming up with a plot, starting a story, keeping up pacing, or maintaining tension: figure out what dreams, desires, and goals are nearest and dearest to your main character’s heart (see #16). Then set up the main conflict to be directly in opposition to that goal. It doesn’t have to be in a tangible way, though it could be. But, if your main character wants more than anything to reach the ships on the southern coast of your world and sail to a new life, make sure the main conflict immediately prevents them from doing that - in fact, make sure to send them north. If your main character just wants to keep their loved ones safe, kidnap the loved ones. If your main character just wants to date their best-friend-turned-crush, make sure they think they have no chance - or, make them cocky about it, and make sure it makes Person B determined not to ever like them. You get it. Figure out what your character most wants, and then keep them from having that. Boom - your conflict now ties in with your character's motivation. It's like instant yeast for plots.
5) If you’re anything like me, you want your first draft to be Good, despite all that advice about how the first draft doesn’t have to be good and it’s just to get words on the page, yadda yadda. And if you’re somewhat of a perfectionist (like myself), it’s easy to get stuck looking at a blank page because you don’t have The Perfect Words, and you want what you write to be Good the first time.
Here’s how I cheat that:
Instead of trying to write a Good First Draft from a blank page, hit the enter key a few times, skip a little down on the page, change your ink to red (or blue, or whatever - just something immediately identifiable as Not Black) and just thought vomit. Write whatever the hell you’re thinking, exactly as you think it. Don’t worry about it being readable, don’t worry about narrative flow for now, don’t worry about covering all the details, don’t worry about anything except either a) getting all the details of your idea out onto the page, whether that’s a lot or whether it’s just a sentence or two, or b) if you don’t have an idea yet, finding your way there.
Because this method is also very good for finding your way to ideas when you’re stuck in writer’s block.
Because of how human brains work, getting this stuff out onto the page - in all its messy, stream-of-consciousness glory - will likely spark more thoughts. As you write your original idea about the scene, it’ll likely spark more ideas. Creation begets creation. If you just start thought-vomiting your ideas onto the page, chances are you’ll think of more things as you go, and you’ll start filling out description or dialogue or tone or action or whatever, and pretty soon the scene starts writing itself.
Not sure where you’re going with the scene or which ideas you wanna use? Use a lot of ambivalent language in your “thought-vomit draft.” My pre-writing notes are chock-full of the words “maybe,” “perhaps,” and the phrases, “At some point...” and “...or something like that.” In this way, I don’t tie myself down to one idea; it’s just an idea, and I’m keeping it on the page in case I use it, but I might chuck it in the trash or change it or whatever.
And then, once your ideas for the scene (or story, or chapter, or whatever) are on the page, then go back to the top and start translating them into a “real” first draft. Use black ink, and start copy-pasting chunks of the thought-vomit up into the top part of the document and translating them into Draft 1. Separate out paragraphs where paragraph breaks should be. Add the correct punctuation and whatnot. Change “describe the lobby here - include potted plants, fancy carpet, blood stain, etc.” into an actual description of the lobby. Flesh it out, or condense, or whatever it needs. And if you’re still stuck, change back to red ink and ramble some more until you find a path that feels right, then plug that in. This keeps you from looking at a blank page, and it allows you to generate a kind of Draft 0.5, somewhere between a plan and a first draft.
You don’t have to use every idea. Like I said, jot down whatever comes to mind, put a “maybe” before or after it, and keep working. If the idea grabs you and you wanna keep expanding on it and exploring it, cool. If you just wanna jot it down so you don’t forget it and then move on, also cool. Red-ink draft / “thought-vomit draft” is your time to jump around in the timeline, add or finesse details at whatever point your brain moves to, etc. Don’t try to do it exactly in story order, because you will get tangential thoughts and ideas, and you will not remember to write them down five pages later when you finally get to taking notes on that scene. Trust me. On that note...
6) Write everything down the moment you think of it. Seriously.
“I’ll remember it when I get around to writing that scene in a couple days / weeks / months (/years).”
You won’t.
Write it down.
Phone, journal, google docs - hell, my family regularly laughs at me for grabbing a napkin during dinner and scribbling thoughts down alongside pasta sauce stains.
And then, once you have it written down somewhere...
7) Consolidate your writing ideas in one place.
Maybe this isn’t really your style, and that’s totally chill.
Buuuut, if you’re Type-A like me - or if you tend to be somewhat unorganized and you know you’ll lose track of your writing notes if they’re scattered across multiple notebooks, journals, napkins, phone notes, etc. - having one consolidated document of notes is a life saver. I keep mine on Google Docs so I can access it, add to it, and look through it for inspiration anywhere at any time. When I have one of those Shower Thoughts that I jot down on my phone or on a napkin during dinner, I set myself a reminder on my phone to type it up in my Story Ideas document later.
(Or, if the idea I had was for a story of mine that I’ve already started planning / drafting / whatever, I put it in the document for that story instead of the Big Random Story Ideas doc. You get it.)
8) Have other ways to collect and save writing ideas, besides just writing stuff down. If you like Pinterest, make pinterest boards of your characters or stories or settings or whatever. If you’re big into playlists, make a playlist for your character / setting / story / etc. Or both. Or something else. I’m not good at drawing, but maybe you are, and maybe you like to draw your ideas. Whatever form it takes, having another way to save ideas and think about your stories is invaluable.
9) Some writers can just start writing with no idea where the story is going, and they just kind of figure it out as they go. I envy those writers. And I do that sometimes for fanfiction, where the stakes are somewhat lower and the audience is reading more for scene-to-scene enjoyment (and to see their OTP kiss) than for a Driving And Compelling Narrative.
But here’s the thing: especially if you’re just kind of starting out, writing without some sort of plan is really, really hard, and will likely lead you into a slow, meandering narrative that will likely frustrate you.
Even if you think you’re someone that just can’t write with a plan (and again, I have the highest respect for pansters out there - I don’t know how you do it, you crazy bastards, but you keep doing you) - even if you think “I can’t work with plans, they’re too prescriptive, I just want to write and see what happens -”
Try at least making the most skeletal of plans.
Even if you have no clue what 90% of the story is, yet. That’s fine. But you need to have some idea of what you’re building to, even if that’s nothing more specific than a feeling, or a turning point for your character. Even if your entire plan for everything beyond Chapter 1 is, “At some point, Charlie needs to realize that Ed was lying to her.”
This is where those Draft 0.5 notes come in handy. Because, more than likely, working on your current scene that way will spark ideas for later scenes, which you can put down at the bottom of the document and save for when they become relevant. In my experience, the line between planning ahead and making a Draft 0.5 is exceptionally thin. One can quickly turn into the other.
If you’re really, really resistant to the idea of planning ahead, that’s okay. It’s not everybody’s style. But for the love of all that is holy, write down your ideas for future scenes, even if you’re a person that doesn’t like to plan and writes only in story order, because you will not remember that idea once you get to that scene.
10) You don’t have to write in order.
Here’s the thing: I’m a person that can only do my Draft 1 in story order (meaning, chronological order). I just have to be in that flow; I need to write in story order for me to best channel where the character is at from scene to scene, both narratively and emotionally.
But my Thought Vomit Draft is another thing entirely. By using the brain hack of putting my notes in red (or another color, it doesn’t matter) and going down to the bottom of the document / page and taking notes there, and then integrating them into whatever plan I have, and then translating them into Draft 1 once I get there in the story - by doing that, I can get my good ideas onto the page (and expound upon them and let my muse carry me and ride that momentum while I’m in the moment of inspiration) without writing out of order.
Maybe that’s just me. But if you’re a person who really prefers to write in story order, that could be hugely helpful to you. It is to me.
11) Emotion and motivation will do more for your story than technicalities of plot.
If your characters really care about something, and their journey through the (shaky or weak) plot is emotionally engaging, it will be a much more compelling story than a story with a “perfect” plot and unrelatable or unmotivated characters.
If your characters care about what they’re doing, and it means something to them, and their goals and actions are driven by dreams or fears or emotions that are integral to who they are, your audience will care too. If you have a perfectly crafted plot that hits all the right beats and has high stakes and fast pacing and drama - but your characters don’t connect with what’s happening in a way that’s deeply meaningful or emotional for them? You’re gonna have a hard time engaging readers.
When in doubt, prioritize character emotion and motivation over plot. Emotion is what drives story.
This power is highly exploitable. (Just look at pulp novels and shitty but entertaining movies.) You can even use it to glaze over plot holes or reinvigorate a limp narrative. Use it that way sparingly, though. It’s a band-aid, not a surgery. 
12) Evil villains are hard to write - mostly because there are very few truly evil people in the world. (There are a few. Billionaires and several big name politicians come to mind.) But by and large, there aren’t that many evil people. There are plenty of bad people, but bad people have some good in them, somewhere in there. Trying to write an evil villain is hard, because they often turn very cartoony.
Here’s a tip: it’s much easier to write antagonists who aren’t evil. Even if they’re bad people. Of course, there’s no reason you can’t write a villain that’s just truly evil - a serial killer, or an abuser, or a billionaire, or someone who legit just wants to hurt people or blow up the earth or stay in control of an oppressed population, or whatever. But chances are, it’s gonna be really hard to make them feel real, and even harder to create a plot around them that doesn’t feel forced or contrived.
Instead, try writing an antagonist / villain whose motivations and goals directly clash with your protagonist’s - but not because they want to take over the world or see people suffer. Write an antagonist who’s chaotic good, but whose perception of the situation is completely opposite from your hero’s. Write an antagonist whose only desire is to save people, and who will do anything to achieve that goal - anything. Write an antagonist who believes in the letter of the law, and will hinder and oppose the hero’s methods even if they agree with the hero’s motivation. Write an antagonist who got in way over their head and did some things they regret, and now they don’t know how to get out, and they’re doing their best but whatever they set in motion is too powerful for them to stop now.
Write villains who are human. Write a killer who thought they were doing the right thing by taking their victim out of the equation, who vomits at the sight of the body and sobs over the grave they dig. Write a government leader who truly believes she’s doing what’s best for her people in the long-term, even if it might hurt them in the short term, and is willing to endure the hatred and belligerence of the masses if it means securing what she thinks is a better future for her people. Write a teenage bully that thinks they’re the one being picked on by the world, and they’re just fighting back, standing their ground. Write a scientist who will break any code of ethics and hurt anyone he needs to - in order to bring back his baby sister from the grave, because he promised her he’d protect her and he failed. Write an antagonist who is selfish and self-centered and capricious - because in order to survive they had to look out for Number One, and that habit ain’t about to break anytime soon.
Write villains who aren’t even villains. Write antagonists who oppose the hero because of moral differences. Write antagonists who are trying to do the right thing. Write antagonists who treat the heroes with kindness and dignity and respect and gentleness.
They don’t have to be good. They don’t have to be Misunderstood Sweethearts who “deserve” a redemption arc. They can be cruel and nasty and dismissive and callous and violent and etc. etc.
Just hesitate before you make them Evil-with-a-capital-E. Because evil is hard to write, and honestly, boring to read. Flawed human beings with goals and motivations that directly oppose the main characters’ are much easier to write and much more interesting to read.
Ask why. Why is your villain trying to take over the world? What does that even mean? Are they trying to create a Star-Trek-like post-capitalism utopia, but they know that won’t happen in a million lifetimes, so they’re trying to do it by force? Are they actually super in favor of human rights, but they got very impatient waiting for the world to do anything about poverty and war, so they decided to take it into their own hands? Are they determined to fix the world - no matter the cost? Are they terrified and overwhelmed, but committed to see it through to the end? Or - maybe they’re just doing it on a dare. Maybe they don’t really give a shit about world domination, they were just a mediocre rich white guy who decided to fuck around and find out, and now he’s kind of curious how far he can take this thing. And now he’s kind of an internationally-wanted criminal, so he’s kind of stuck living on his hidden private island in his multi-billion dollar secret base, strapping lasers to sharks’ heads for the hell of it. Gross, selfish, uncaring, and dangerous? For sure. Evil? Depends on your definition. See, now we’re getting somewhere.
13) It’s tempting to let the plot control the characters. It’s easy to drop your characters into a situation and see how they react. But here’s the thing: that doesn’t drive plot. In fact, it bogs down pacing. Instead, try to build you plot off of your characters’ actions and decisions. Let your character build their own situation. Not to say it should go they way they wanted it to go; in fact, usually, their grand plans should go to hell very quickly. But having the characters take action and make decisions, and letting the plot develop based on that, is much easier to make compelling than making a rigid series of events and then trying to herd your characters into them.
14) Having trouble justifying a character’s actions? Consider having them make the opposite decision, or having them approach the situation in a different way. For example: you need your character to go meet the bad guy, for plot reasons, even though there’s no way it’s not a trap. If the character goes, readers are gonna be groaning with their head in their hands, because c’mon man, that was really fucking stupid. But he’s gotta go, because the plot needs that. Two ways you might handle this: a) He knows it’s probably a trap. He decides not to go. The plot conspires to get him near the villain anyway. Or, b) He knows it’s a trap. But he needs to go, for (insert reasons here). So, he approaches it in an unexpected way. He brings backup, recruiting a side character we met earlier in the story. Or he arrives on the back of a dragon, because ain’t nobody gonna fuck with a dude on a dragon. Or he goes - early, and ambushes the villain. It may work, it may not. He may get himself kidnapped anyway. But it moves the plot along without having Stupid Hero Syndrome.
15) This is a legit piece of advice: if all of this sounds overwhelming, literally just ignore it and write what you want. For real. Writing should be fun, and every single writer operates differently. If you’re sitting here like “I’m getting stressed just reading this,” just flip me a good-natured bird and get on with your life. I promise I won’t take it personally. Same goes for literally any other writing advice you see. Lots of rules and guidelines can very quickly make anything thoroughly un-fun. Just write. If you’re passionate about it and you do it for long enough, you’ll start figuring out the tips and tricks on your own.
16) Here’s the best piece of advice I can give you: know your characters. More importantly, know what’s important to them. Build their personality and decisions off of that, and build your plot off of their decisions.
I see a lot of character building sheets that ask a shit-ton of questions like “What’s their most prized possession?” “Do they like their family?” “What’s their favorite food?”
And while these are good questions, my problem with this type of character building is that if you start there, with the little stuff, you’re building on nothing. IMO, to make a truly strong character (not strong like Inner Strength, strong like effective), you need a strong foundation.
Here are the things you must know about your character:
a) What are their greatest fears / deepest insecurities? And I don’t mean “wasps” or “heights.” I mean the deep shit. I mean fears like “living a meaningless life,” or “turning out just like their parents,” or “that no one will ever love them,” or “being powerless.” You may say, “But they’re really scared of wasps! They fall into a wasp nest when they were little and got stung so much they almost died!” Great! That’s a fantastic bit of backstory. They should absolutely be afraid of wasps, and that should absolutely be an impediment later in the story. But dig deeper. What about that event actually scarred them? Was it the helplessness? Stumbling around, swatting at the air, not being able to do a single thing to stop what was happening to them? Was it that they were alone, and no matter how loud they screamed, no one was coming? Was it the bodily horror of feeling themself turn into an inhuman creature as they swelled up from the stings, unable to move their fingers or face normally anymore?
And don’t forget insecurities, because those factor in, too. Are they deeply insecure about their identity? Do they believe, deep down, that they’re ugly? Did they grow up poor and they’ve always been really touchy about that? Why? Dig deep. Figure out what really, really bothers them.
b) What are their hopes and dreams? What do they truly want out of life? What do they consider the most valuable to their experience here in this thing called life? Is it the freedom to forge their own path and be independent? Is it the approval of their family or peers? Is it a home? Is it knowledge, or understanding? Spiritual fulfillment? Is it deeply important to them that they contribute to their community, or protect those they love? What do they need in order to feel truly and deeply fulfilled in life?
Figure out those two things (each one encompasses several things, btw, you don’t have to stop at just one for each), and then use that to inform how they behave and the types of decisions they make within the story. 
It also informs character behavior and personality. 
Let’s say we have a character who’s afraid of helplessness. They’re probably gonna be the person that always wants to do something, try something, no matter how hopeless the situation seems. They’d despise just sitting and waiting, probably, because it makes them feel powerless. They might even be the person that makes rash decisions and acts impulsively and puts themself in danger unnecessarily, because in their mind it’s better than being at the mercy of fate. This is one way you could use a character’s personality to inform their decisions, which in turn helps to inform plot.
Or, let’s say we have a character whose greatest fear is being left behind or forgotten. We may have a chatterbox on our hands. They might be obnoxious. They might love the spotlight, constantly vying for attention no matter the situation, because deep down they’re so afraid that they’d be forgotten otherwise. Or, it may go the opposite way. They may be so afraid of people leaving them that they’re terrified of bothering people. They don’t want to do anything that could annoy people, anything that might give people a reason to leave them. They might be exceedingly polite, quiet, accommodating. A push-over, really.
These are two nearly opposite types of personalities, both stemming from the same core fear/insecurity. You can go a lot of different ways with it. But if you build on that strong foundation, you’ll have a strong character, and a stronger plot.
Likewise, the structure of your story can and should inform the design of these character traits. If you need your characters to team up near the end, it may be impactful if you give your main character a deep fear of commitment, an insecurity about being unwanted or left behind, and make them highly value independence and freedom. That could make their team-up for the final battle very meaningful. Conversely, you can use your character’s deepest fears and desires to help design the plot. Is your character deeply insecure about voicing their opinions or taking a stand, because of trauma they faced in the past? Make them face that. Build that into the climactic third act. Give them the big inspirational speech where they stand up and talk about what they believe to be important, what they think the group should do. And then design that character arc to run through the story, giving you more handholds and stepping stones, more pieces of foundation on which to design the plot.
In this way, character should inform story as much as story informs character. It’s a feedback loop.
Bonus: if you build your character and your plot off of each other in this way, it automatically starts to build in the foundations of that emotional investment I mentioned earlier. If your character’s decisions are based on what they most want and do not want in life, you basically have your character motivation and stakes pre-built.
Note: you need to know these things about your villain, too.
I’m genuinely sorry about the length of this, lmao. But you did ask.
Best of luck!
Edit: I forgot an important one:
17) Start when the scene starts and end when the scene ends.
What do I mean by that?
If your notes say “Danny asks Nicole out after school and majorly flubs it,” start the scene when Danny approaches Nicole after school. Better yet, cold-open the scene on “I was wondering if, you know, you’d wanna. You know. Hang out some time?”
Don’t start that morning when Danny goes to school, unless you’re gonna cover the school day in like one or two sentences. Don’t spend whole paragraphs going through the school day, unless it’s to cover other plot points first (in which case apply these same guidelines there), or if the paragraphs are there for a specific reason, like to illustrate how stressed he is and how it seems like every little thing is going wrong. Even then, trim the fat as much as possible. Expounding and describing everything Moment-to-moment is for the meat of the scenes, not the leading-up-to and coming-away-from.
Here’s my rule of thumb: study how and when movies cut from scene to scene. Movies have exceptionally strict, limited time for storytelling; they’re excellent examples of starting a scene when the plot point starts and ending when it’s over. If you can’t picture a movie showing everything you showed, start the scene later and end it earlier.
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hotwings0203 · 2 years
Bully!Dabi pt. 3
Tags: @shikamaruscumrag @pinkiy13l @an-ambivalent @luno614 @sukunasleftkneecap
Tw:dubcon, noncon, bullying, manipulation, Russian roulette
“Doll? Come on out and I won’t hurt you too bad.”
You wait with bated breath as he walks right past your hiding place behind some crates, blue fire licking up the sides of his body and held in the palms of his scarred hands.
He’s mad, you know he is. He’s teasing you, of course he is, why else wouldn’t he just turn on the lights and pounce?
No, this is another punishment of sorts. A punishment for escaping your previous punishment from being locked in your room.
Another lash of burning cobalt strikes against a wall about 10 feet away from you, and you curse yourself internally. If only you had just stayed in bed a couple days more, if only you hadn’t snuck out when he left, if only, if only…
It sounds so wrong and uncharacteristic coming out from his gravely voice.
You huddle your limbs even closer to yourself, paying no mind to the cramping in your knees from being squished for so long.
It’s been about 25 minutes or so from what you can remember. It’s hard to remember anything that happened this bland morning anyways when the climax of your life was seemingly taking place here, after you entered the wrong room.
You had honestly just wanted a peek outside of Dabi’s room and maybe a drink of water, nothing more.
Or so you tell yourself.
But can you really be blamed? Who else wouldn’t have run out the moment they got a chance after spending almost two weeks in the same shitty room, being used as fuckmeat and only given bread scraps and salty cum as meals.
It didn’t matter how close he held you at night, how his strokes seemed to brush up against all the right places, how he tried catching your eye every time he wanted to talk about anything (which you would never really indulge in, only giving him a soft grunt or a nod). He was a monster, a demon in disguise that was keeping you against your will in his clutches.
A loud crash closer than before hits your ears, and you stifle an impending whimper. You can tell he’s roamed closer than before, finding nothing from his earlier place in the front of the storage room.
“I’m getting pretty fucking tired of repeating myself doll. You must be even more of a masochist than I thought since it’s like you want me to fuck you up even worse than I did before.”
His words are quiet but they do enough to cause a loud beating in your already-pacing heart, so loud in fact that you fear he can hear it racing a mile a minute.
You wonder if anyone is nearby, if they even remember you’ve been missing for a while now.
“Come out, pretty girl. You know I miss you”
But you don’t miss him.
What you do miss, however, is not being chased into an empty storage room and hounded like a fucking dog. You miss joking with Twice, painting your nails with Toga, making Shigaraki chuckle.
All of a sudden, the crate next to you is covered with hellfire. The flames that are thrust from Dabi’s hands are so wild that they seat through your shirt and prick your skin.
You scream and scrabble backwards, the light of his fire illuminating his face leering up above you in the dark like a ghoul from a children’s book.
You clap your hands over your mouth, ignoring your bubbling skin as fear overrides premonition, but the damage has already been done.
It’s eerily quiet for a minute. Then, he whispers,
“Found you”
Even in the pitch black room you can practically see him lunging towards you, and you scuttle backwards on your hands and feet in terror. His hands miss your bare feet by a few inches, and he snarls before making another swipe.
“Fucking bitch, this is the thanks I get for taking care of you, bathing you, feeding and fucking you?”
You yelp as he lights up the floor on both sides of your trembling body, and you see his figure once more as the blue fire shows the sick grin twisted up on his face.
“Leave me alone,” you sob, clambering up on your feet and running backwards as he advances on you. The smoke from his quirk is filling the room, and you erupt in hoarse coughs as it’s filtered through your aching lungs.
Everything about him is toxic.
“Nah. That’s not how this works sweetheart. You see, I take care of you, and in return, you do whatever the fuck I say when I say it.”
He raises his palms to you and you flinch, covering your head and colliding with the wall behind you. You’re too scared and tired to evade him again as you feel his body cover you and brush against yours as you shake in place, your arms still above your face.
He cooes at you. “There there, my stupid little bitch. You were scared daddy was gonna hurt you, right?”
His stitched palm caresses your bitten bottom lip and trails up to your tear-stained cheek.
After a moment of you saying nothing, he slaps the side of your face, hard, and you gasp in pain. Now it wasn’t just your stomach that felt on fire.
“I asked you a question, you brain dead whore. Are you scared daddy’s gonna burn you? ‘You scared he’s gonna beat you black you blue? ‘Scared he’s gonna cut a gaping hole in your burnt tummy and fuck the gash?” He leans in and lets his raspy words settle over your ears as he tenderly brushes your hair away from it. He softly kisses the shell of you ear, and when you sob quietly he wraps his arms around your middle and hugs you close, paying no heed to how you uncomfortably squirm when your raw torso burns from the contact.
You squeeze your eyes shut and try not to inhale too much, lest the smoke embedded all over his body gets too close for comfort in your system.
“Y-yes daddy. Please don’t hurt me, I was…a bad girl.” You cringe when the words are wobbled out, but you know it’s what he wants.
To humiliate you, to hurt you. Who was he kidding when he said he loved you?
Dabi, however, feels butterflies in his own stomach.
See, this is what you need. To answer to Daddy, to submit to him so that he can take care of you. That’s why you stayed so long in his room, right? It’s cause you knew it would make him happy if you listened to him. You let him make love to you, and treat you like his little girl because deep down, you know this is where you belong.
So why are you fighting him? You never raised a complaint for a week and a half, you only stayed quiet and kept your eyes shut when he asked if you were okay. That means you liked it, right? No real opposition, after all.
Except for now.
Dani is honestly disappointed in you right now, you were doing so well…so why’d you have to go and ruin it?
He might’ve softened from the way your body shakes and your sobs are muffled by his smoke-scorched jacket as you press against him for comfort, but the image of you turning around and running away when you saw him earlier hurts him too much.
It angers him.
Why the fuck were you so scared? Hasnt he shown you enough that he loved you? What, does he need to fucking spell it out for you?
Why were your eyes filled with such terror when he caught you? Did you turn away from him and run because you thought he was going to make you look like him, all burnt up and hideous?
Honestly, he would never, but if you’re so hellbent on making him the bad guy, then fine, he’ll play the bad guy.
Anything for his precious little girl.
And so he tightens his arms around you and chuckles cruelly when you whine at the lack of air.
“Well, you were right. I am pretty pissed, I mean I told you to come out and you didn’t listen right?”
“S-sorry,” you weakly choke out.
He laughs even more crazed now, crushing your ribs so tight he could actually hear your breath wheezing out of you, could feel your weak little punches against his back.
“Sorry isn’t going to cut it. No no, I want you to beg for your fucking life now.”
Your eyes widen as his arms begin to warm up and become unbearably hot.
“Dabi, no, no please!”
You writhe in pain as he cackles above you, savoring the choked breaths that emit from your wetted lips.
As soon as you begin to see spots, he releases you, and flings you against the corner of the room.
You go flying and bang your head against the concrete wall, his voice muted and swimming around in your ears as you fight for consciousness.
He saunters towards you in all his flaming glory, hands in his pockets as if he were walking out for some fresh air. He crouches in front of you and lifts your head with the pads of his fingers.
“Awww, my poor little girl. That had to have hurt, huh? You’re bleeding,” he cooes and blows a strand of hair away from your eyes.
He’s not lying, you can feel hot blood trickle down the side of your head as your vision sways.
“Stop this,” you pant. “I get it, I’m sorry- you were right and I was wrong, I shouldn’t have ran. I’ll listen to you from now on-“
“-But you said that last time, didn’t you?” He cocks his head and with the light of his turquoise fire against the shadows of the room, he looks like a being from hell itself.
“Remember? When you sucked me off like the dirty whore you are? Remember that you stupid cunt?” His grin becomes more reminiscent of a wolf baring its fangs, and you’re rendered silent in complete terror.
He takes your silence as an encouraging factor to continue his fun.
“You ever played Russian Roulette, Y/N?”
You have enough sense to quickly shake your head, a sinking feeling in your stomach forming at his implication.
“Me neither. But I kinda wanna try it right now. So, back against the wall. Stand up straight and spread your legs.”
You look at him incredulously. “You can’t be serious Dabi.”
He raises an eyebrow and a fire grows in the palm of his hand. “Wanna find out? Oh wait, you already are- now do what I said otherwise you’ll have one less leg.”
You don’t need more motivation to act on his orders.
Taking a deep breath, you hesitantly spread your legs and place your palms flat against the wall.
“Spread ‘em more. That shouldn’t be anything new to you.”
You wince at his dig but continue to widen the stance between your legs.
He smiles at your compliance.
“Good. This should be fairly easy, I mean the room is already dark enough to count as having a blindfold. Whatever you do, just don’t move.”
You wouldn’t know it, but he’s sincerely saying it for your sake. He’s glad for the safety of the dark, because he doesn’t want you to see the way he hastily wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans as he prepares himself for his next move.
The room goes dark, his fire has been put out.
You inhale softly, blood pounding in your heart as your hands shake in anticipation.
Then all of a sudden, a fireball comes barreling right towards you, in between your parted legs.
You shriek and jerk, but luckily you’re saved from being singed.
“I told you not to move, babe.” He clicks his tongue and rubs his erection absentmindedly.
A second, then third bolt of fire comes at the side of your head, singing your hair and then dangerously close to your already burnt stomach.
At each one you sob and do your best not to move, not to take in Dabi’s utterly emotionless face as you wail for mercy.
The last one comes so powerful that as it strikes the wall next to you, flecks of ash sting your cheeks and lips.
Your knees are jelly, your mouth is aching from begging for your life as he wanted.
But you know he’s done when he lets out a loud yawn and groan as he stretches his arm and flexes his fingers.
“A-are we done?” You sniffle.
He says nothing at first. You just hear him ask a couple steps towards you, his boots echoing in the room. You assume he stops in front of you because you can feel his body in front of your kneeling figure.
His hand descends and feels around until he reaches the top of your head. Stroking softly, he twirls locks through his fingers and gently shushes you until your hiccups subside, and you lean your forehead against his thigh.
“‘You happy it’s done? You did so well for me, sweetheart.”
“Yes Dabi. Thank you,” you utter softly, knowing it’s what he wants to hear.
“Yeah? How thankful are you?”
You still at that.
He starts to unbuckle his belt.
You pull your head back, and he pulls his pants down.
“Shhh, don’t ruin this. Just keep your mouth shut and let your body do the talking. Show me how grateful you are that I spared your fucking life.”
The gentle way he handled you clashed with his harsh words, and you have a moment of whiplash.
He kneels down in front of you and lets his hands wander in the dark until he meets your torso.
You hiss at the sensitive flesh, but he doesn’t stop. He just moves his hand under your shirt and higher, pushing your bra up until your tits spill from the bottom of it.
He bites his lip as you whimper from his touch, his thumbs swirling around your nipples and prodding the squishy flesh.
Dabi gets more eager when you throw your head back at one particularly rough squeeze and shuffles even closer, his pants and underwear at his knees, member bouncing out in the open air.
“Take your panties off,” he rasps, furiously stroking his cock.
You surrender and slowly pull your sweats off, and then your panties as you hear him lightly panting in eagerness.
The second he hears them drop to the floor he lunges for your feet and yanks your forward, catching you in his lap as you yelp.
It’s pitch black, but he can feel you clear as day.
The tickle of your hair hanging in his face, your sweet smell clouding his rationale, the melodious sounds of fear and pleasure mixed with pain make his prick stand painfully at attention, weeping at the slit for your pussy.
He doesn’t even bother taking your shirt off in impatience, he simply barks at you to hold the hem up so he can feel your breasts bouncing against his face when he motorboats them.
You, however, shakily hold his hand at your waist when he pulls you forward until your bare hole presses against his length, coating it with light juices.
“Oh fuck, doll, your pussy’s practically begging me to fuck it. ‘You like having your life in danger? No wonder you keep fucking up,” he groans as he moved beneath you, letting his hips rock back and forth to gain friction from under you.
“Wait, go slowly-“
“No the fuck I won’t,” he interrupts. You have enough sense to bite back any retorts from the subtle growl in his words.
He lifts you up from underneath your ass, and you raise your hips in compliance as he grabs his dick, circling it around your swollen nub and then pressing it against your entrance.
You breath shakily and run your hands through his hair, not so much in a loving gesture but tightly in futile hopes to deter him in any possible way.
He takes it either way as you wanting him equally, and without further ado he slams your hips down on his whole length.
You howl in pain as he begins bouncing you, pressing down on your shoulders and forcing your poor cunt to envelope him fully at each stroke.
The room is filled with the lewd sounds of your ass clapping on his dick, the mixed fluids from both of your bodies and the harmonies of his low grunts and your high pitched whines.
You can feel his dick twitch violently inside of you as he nears his climax. He flips you over on your back and starts pounding into you, laughing cruelly in your face as you cry out from the intensity of his strokes.
“D-Dabi! Pull out, I’m not on birth control!”
You open your eyes to stare at him in horror, barely making out the marred features of his face.
“I’m gonna fill you up with my babies. You’re gonna be plugged with my cum from now on, ‘s the only way you’ll stop running.”
“Get the fuck off me, this isn’t funny-!”
He grabs your rising fists and pins them back against the floor, crushing your wrists in the process.
“Who said I’m laughing?” And he isn’t laughing anymore, no, on the contrary he looks the most serious that he’s ever been, and that terrifies you the most.
The upper half of his body is suspended in midair above you as his pelvis smashes against your clit in a steady rhythm.
“‘Bet you’d like that, bet you’d like having all your holes stuffed with my kids. They’re gonna grow up and know how slutty their mommy was, they’re gonna watch and learn how Daddy earned his name. You think they’ll cry when they hear you scream for me?”
You want to rip out your ears from the filth pouring from his mouth, but unfortunately your hands are trapped under his grasp.
All you can do is chant “no, no, no,” under your breath as he’s pushed over the edge.
“Or maybe I’ll tie your legs against the barstools outside and let every man out there have his way with you. You missed them, right? I’m sure they missed you too, I’m sure they missed the way you’d fuck them the second they made you laugh,” bitterness seeps into his voice as ropes of cum shoot out.
He moans loudly in your ear and collapses against your body, sweat intermingling in the cervices of your entangled limbs.
It takes around three minutes for you both to catch your breaths, and for him to shakily raise himself on his elbows to peer down into your ruddy face.
“Clean yourself up. You’re going back to my room. And this time, if you try to run we’ll repeat this entire process again, but I’ll actually let everyone have their way with you. It’ll be like an orgy version of Russian Roulette, well all place bets on whose kid it is.”
You don’t miss the rest of the League, anymore
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verus-veritas · 2 years
Revenge, Technology, Mind Transference, with a dash of unrequited love. What’s not to love? /Verus
"Dude! P-please! I'm sorry! Whatever you think I've done, it must all be a mistake!" Andew yelled, thrashing against his confinements and eyeing the only point of exit in the room. His firm muscles were wet and taut against his clothes, and his handsome face flush red with terror and worry.
"Are you really sorry though? It didn't seem like it from the way you acted during Gavin's funeral. The sneers and laughter you made as his parents said their final words to him..." I said, hiding in the shadows. Only my feet and the contours of my body was visible for him to see.
"N-no offense. I just found it funny when the parents said they wish he'd atleast gotten a girlfriend before he passed away-" The same devious sneer returned on his perfectly handsome face, as he most likely remembered the scene in his head.
Tumblr media
"Of course you found it funny. Because you knew he was completely gay. Gay, and had a massive crush on you for ages. He literally worshipped the ground you walked on, and spent most of his waking hours wishing he could be with you." I explained, slowly walking around him as I pulled out a flimsy latex cap with electronical nodes attached to it.
"And I let him. I did no wrong." Andrew talked back. His eyes following my figure until I stood directly behind him.
"No! You lead him on, made him believe you were actually interested in him. And then you destroyed him. You are the reason he ran out of the house crying, and you are the reason he didn't see the truck speeding towards him!" My voice was shaking as I quickly slapped the cap onto his head, accidentally pulling out a few strands of his hair.
"Ouuch! Get this thing off me!" He shook his head and began thrashing about again.
"You know. He really loved you... He said he was going to make you the happiest man on earth. Showering you with gifts and undying love, and be by your side forever and ever. That's why he trusted you so wholeheartedly and let you do whatever you wanted."
"Naive..." He quietly muttered under his breath.
"He was even fine with you staring and drooling over other girls. As long as he could stay by your side."
"What a fag..." I could hear him gritting his teeth.
"But that evening when you invited him over, only to have him find you in the bedroom hooking up with a random girl... that completely ruined him. You shattered his dream, his self-confidence, and his sensitive soul! He didn't know what to do and where to go, which is why he ran straight out into the traffic..." My voice was uncontrollably going up and down now, as I was unable to hide my emotions.
"Dude only had himself to blame. He should've known I only had him around for the free stuff he bought for me." Andrew snickered, as he looked down at the expensive shorts Gavin had bought for him a few weeks prior.
"How dare you!" I tried to punch his shoulder, but knew I was too weak to do any real damage against his hard muscles.
"Y'know... it almost sounds like you had feelings for him- Wait a minute! You're that pastry white kid that always walked around with him aren't you?! Hah! 'Ghost boy' we called you!" The tone in his voice shifted - with more confidence and arrogance. Back to the way he normally talked - a manipulative bastard at heart. "I see. So you best friend Gavin never had feelings for you, and now that he's gone you blame yourself for not having stopped him."
"......" I clenched my hands till my knuckles turned white.
"Hah! Maybe you really were a horrible friend. Have you thought about that you might be the reason he's dead?" He laughed, obviously enjoying the way he was toying with my feelings.
"...you have no idea..." I mumbled, as tears began to flow down my cheeks.
"Maybe you should be the one sitting in this chair - tied up and wearing this stupid cap on your head. Hehe."
I took a deep breath and calmed myself, before walking around him once again and turning so he could see me. See the real me... one last time. "I will. Soon."
"W-what do you mean with that? And why are you also wearing that ridiculous cap?" He asked. His tone in voice once again becoming panicked and anxious.
"You see. The reason why I'm so pale is because I spend so much time at home playing with my inventions and devices. Coding is one of my favorite things to do. And for the last few months I've relentlessly been working on creating this device we're both wearing right now. It was originally only meant to be used on you, recoding the patterns in your brain into loving Gavin as much as he loved you. While also erasing all of your bad traits and turning you into his ideal boyfriend... but there's no reason for that anymore, is there? So, I upgraded it into 2.0, which can now be used with two people."
"P-pff... yeah right... and what does this new version do then?"
"It can transfer the consciousness between two human brains. Even recoding the brain into believing the new consciousness have always been in control of its own body. All the memories, habits, and even muscle memory will be easily accessible to the new permanent owner." I explained, as I began fiddling with a machine by our side. The nodes on our caps lit up.
"Permanent?! Wait a minute. Let's say all of this freaky sci-fi stuff is actually real, what's going to happen to my consciousness?" Andrew asked, as he began to get more anxious by the beeping sound of the nodes on his head.
"All gone. Overwritten by mine. Erased out of existence with no way of restoring it." I answered nonchalantly. Flicking the last switched around, the device was now ready to be activated.
"What the fuck! Then you're basically killing me?! Get me out of here, you sick freak!" He began violently thrashing against the back of the chair, and flung his head around to get the latex cap off... but to no avail.
"Am I really though? Your memories, your body, and your relationships will all still be here, under my complete control. I'm just... discarding a small part of you that's no longer necessary."
Tumblr media
"No...no... Help! HELP! SOMEONE!! THIS CRAZY MOTHERFUCKER IS GOING TO KILL ME!" He shouted at the top of his lungs, but the soundproofed walls would do him no good.
I flicked the final switch and walked over to him as the machine began buzzing. Standing in front of him, I suddenly sat down on his lap and grabbed hold of his face. I stared into his fearful yet piercing blue eyes and slid my hands across the cheeks and contours of his face.
"This beautiful face of yours that Gavin loved, I promise I'll take good care of it and cherish it until the day I die. It's the least I can do to honor my friend Gavin." I leaned forward and gently laid a kiss on his sweaty forehead, while holding him in place as he screamed for all he was worth.
"No! Noo! NOoO-Uoogguuughhhh" His scream turned into a gurgle as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. At the same time, my eyes went white and hazy as my pastry body slumped over and fell on the cement floor. Most likely cracked open its head or something from the sound of it.
"NgOOuoouughhgguuuhh!!!" Andrew's head flung back and forth as if to fight whatever was invading his head, but it barely took a minute before the thrashing suddenly stopped and his head slumped down.
Tumblr media
His eyes were closed, his face flushed red from exertion, and the sweat and drool pooled down onto his expensive shorts. A further five minutes of stillness and blinking nodes passed before any activity was seen.
I awoke to the cap on my head giving me a quick electric shock. In front of me laid my old withered body, lifeless and without a doubt stone dead. My throat felt dry and tired, and the ties on my arms hurt like hell. In fact, everything felt, looked, and smelt different. The smell oozing from my sweaty clothes that once smelt great now stunk in my nose. I could recall from Andrew's memories that he showered atleast twice a day. I showered atleast twice a day.
After some fiddling with the special knots in my back, I easily slipped the rope off. Massaging the sore parts on my wrist, I soon relished in how big and strong my new hands looked now. Hands who should've been holding Gavin's...
I explored further up till I reached my new bulging biceps. Squeezing them I felt how firm and taut they were. I never in a million years would have managed to get myself this big, but here I was, standing in the body of a perfect specimen. The body of the man who my friend loved, but who didn't truly love him back. If only I could've done this before Gavin died... Would he have loved me instead, or would he have hated me for what I had done? Well, atleast he would've been alive.
My focus went to my Andrew face, as I caressed the blemish-free skin and the small stubble forming on it. The face of the man I had hated for a while, the face of the man whose identity I would have to take over, and the face I would see in the mirror for as long as I breathed. It was one of the most handsome faces I've ever laid my eyes on no doubt, so I'm perfectly fine with that decision.
My hands continued to explore what was now mine; running fingers through my lush but wet hair, following the outline of my cobblestone abs, and shaking my strong and muscular legs awake from sitting too long.
Tumblr media
Not long after I finally slipped the drool and sweat-soaked shorts off myself and watched as the tool between my legs arose to its new owner. It might not have been as long as my former one, but the very girth of it made up for it. As I enveloped it between my palms, I realized that no one had ever been as intimate with Andrew's tool as I was now, and no one would ever be. Not even Gavin would if he was somehow resurrected. Only I, Andrew would ever know how this throbbing member would feel in my own hands, the endorphins and pleasure its touch would send throughout my amazing body, and the ultimate earth-shattering orgasms I would experience as I edge myself to climax every day from now on.
The very thought of it immediately brought me to the brink of orgasm, so I quickly spread my legs apart and thrust the member fully through my grasp. It was all that was needed as I suddenly began shaking with pleasure and exploded shot after shot of Andrew seed all over the floor, myself and my former lifeless body."Ugh! Uuuugh! UUUuOOGggHH!!"
“.... Holy shit.....” I moaned, slightly shocked by the unfamiliarity of the new voice coming from my throat.
Reeling from my first ever orgasm in my new body and life, I sat back down on the chair and took a breather. I was sweaty, my crotch sticky, and my armpits stunk. Yet, I know I still looked glorious. How couldn't I? After all, I am Andrew. The man who Gavin loved, and who loved him back just as much, if not even more...
I will dedicate this new life of mine to worship and care for this body just as much as Gavin would have. His legacy, Andrew's body and life, and my consciousness have finally become one... and I promise I will carry them with pride and confidence to the grave... even if it is the only thing I will accomplish in this short insignificant life of mine.
Tumblr media
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luimagines · 2 years
Reader Reacts to the Chain’s Secrets Part 2
Tumblr media
Part 1
Part 2 will include Time, Twilight, Wind, and Legend.
And @moon-beam-wishes​ helped out with this one a bit, (mostly Time’s and inspiration for Wind’s) so thanks go to them!!
Content under the cut!
Let it be known that Time never was and never will be a morning person.
The whole group knew this at this point and there was no hiding it. Not to say that he woke up the latest or the heaviest.
The opposite in fact
He was one of the lightest sleepers and due to his routine on the ranch, he woke up as one of the earliest.
But that didn’t mean he was happy about it.
He was always a little slow when he immediately would wake up and it took him a solid hour or two to get back into the groove of consciousness.
One things he always did though was check his things in the morning. It seemed like he had the thought that one of the boys would look through his things and or that his things would just magically disappear if he didn’t keep an eye on them himself.
You thought it might be a little overkill but everyone had their own pre-day rituals and superstitions you supposed.
But Time was in a little worse shape than you imagined at first because while he was looking through it, he managed to knock his bag over, spilling the contents all over to forest floor.
“Hoo boy.” You sigh and make your way over to help.
Time stared for a second, computing the mistake he made and slowly reaches down to pick his stuff as well.
You don’t think he’s registered you yet as you shove his things unceremoniously back into his bag. You it’s not your place to pry into his stuff, so you don’t investigate any of it. You just pick it up and into the bag it goes.
But one item catches your attention in a borderline violent manner.
It’s a mask with white hair, parted just like Time’s... with similar looking tattoos on the forehead and cheeks.
You stop and stare at it in shock.
It had a powerful and dark energy... something that you knew immediately was not some normal mask.
“Drop that!” Time snatched it from your hands as you studied it, startling you back into the present. “Don’t ever touch this one!”
“Ok, ok.” You put your hands up and gulp. “I figured that’s no normal mask... I’m sorry.”
Time glares at you for a moment before sighing, dropping his defensive stance entirely. “I... know you didn’t. It’s just dangerous. I apologize. You scared me when you grabbed it.”
“Why do you have it?” You asked instead, putting your hands down slowly.
“It’s a long story...” Time pinched the space between his eyes. “It’s also not one I’m not found of telling.”
“Did it give you your tattoos?”
“You can say that.”
You stare at it for a while and watch as Time puts it away with the rest of his stuff, presumably never to be seen again... or at least for a while... hopefully.  
“Did it hurt you?”
Time pauses and looks into his bag, not making eye contact with you as you patiently wait for him to collect his thoughts. 
“You can say that.”
You hum and go to stand up. “I’m sorry you still have to carry that kind of weight with you still.”
“Don’t be. I’ve brought it upon myself.” Time scoffs bitterly and tosses the lid over his bag to forcefully close it.
“It doesn’t mean you deserve it.”
Time pauses again but doesn’t turn to face you. Too tense and clearly upset with how it happened and how he’s been forced to deal with it.
“You can say that.”
You nod, drop the conversation and leave him to finished getting ready for the day.
You hissed through your teeth and pushed yourself up against the tree.
You’re leg had been caught in some hunters trap while you were off exploring on your own and man! You might have some broken bones in there. It went deep.
“HEY!” You cried, at the top of your lungs, hoping someone would hear you. “HELP! ANYONE?!”
You whimper through the pain and push yourself forward, trying to not jostle yourself too much.
Every little movement hurt and it felt like the trap was digging further into your leg even now. 
You tried to pull it off at first with your own hands but your blood made it difficult to get a good grip on it. It began to stain your hands and your pants and as more time passed you were having a harder time gripping it and even seeing where to grab in order to get the death teeth out of your leg.
You can see on the side a small hole where you figure is where one would put a key to unlatch it... but you’re in too much pain to think and it’s at an angle where you’re sure would be borderline impossible to reach.
You don’t have a lot of options.
And no one is around to help you.
You might be too far for even your friends to hear you.
You begin to cry from the pain, the frustration and the helplessness of being stuck in place to the mercy of whatever comes finds you first.
The bushes rustle on cue and to say you are terrified is an understatement.
You hold your breath and go completely still, waiting to asses whatever dangerous creature is about to find you.
If it’s a rabbit you might just piss yourself laughing.
But no- it’s a wolf, yay you- wait a minute- that your wolf. Wolfie!
“Wolfie...” You could almost laugh of relief if it weren’t for the amount of pain you were in.  “Yay, you found me. I knew you’d come get me at some point. I tried calling but I think I’m too far away.”
Wolfie whines and makes his way toward you, sniffing the ground around you as he goes. He settles on top of the trap and whines some more.
You try to clean your face of your tears to the best of your ability, trying to not spread your bloodied palms across your face. “I can’t get out. I tried but I’m stuck.”
Wolfie pauses and steps close to your face. He tries to shove his nose in your hands but you pull them back before he can. You figure he noticed the blood on your palms as well. 
“I know it looks bad but my hands aren’t hurt…It’s all from my leg. I don’t want to get blood on your pretty fur.” You say and try to chuckle weakly.
You’ve seen Wolfie with blood on his muzzle before and it’s never failed to make you a little queasy you don’t think you’d be able to stay conscious if you knew that it was your blood... intentionally or otherwise.
Wolfie studies you for a minute before a dark fog descends over him.
Ok, you figured the wolf was magic but you have no idea what he’s doing.
In fact, you’re not entirely sure what you’re seeing either.
It’s dark and thick and it conceals completely until a new form is visible through the mass. It looks remotely human. And the fog begin to dissipate- leaving the form clearer to your untrained eyes.
You know this guy.
“Tw-Twilight? You’re Wolfie?!” You screeched not believing what you just saw.
It makes so much sense suddenly- how he seems to be able to smell more- hear farther- see farther, in the dark especially. And how the wolf seemed to always be able to follow your group even after you’ve switched worlds...
No wonder, Twilight was never around when Woflie was.
Twilight never actually answers your question as he reaches for your leg. He tilts it ever so slightly and an electrifying charge shoots up your entire leg. “H-HEY! Don’t! It hurts!”
He still doesn’t respond- he stays observing the trap and titling it a little more carefully at your wishes. 
The pain in your legs keeps you from thinking too much about the information you’ve been hand delivered. But his silence is unnerving. “Twilight please say something.”
“I’m going to get you out. Just hold on a little longer.” He glares at the metal for a moment before placing both his hands around it.
With in seconds he places all his weight onto it and pushes down. To your surprise it actually begins to give and the pressure on your leg lessens. More blood begins to seep through the wounds even more now but the lack of metal in your leg feel better.
Twilight takes a while to push the entire thing down but he does manage to do so. “Go. Get out.”
You begin to push yourself backward on your hands, away from the tree. You see Twilight struggle to keep it open and you worry about the possibility of him losing his fingers. When you get your whole foot out of there, Twilight lets go and the trap clamps together with a horrific metal clang.
You take a deep breath and swallow the lump in your throat. You’re still on horrific pain but this is better. You know you’re safe and you know you’re about to get help. “Twilight?”
Twilight take a deep breath of his own and rubs his hands together. “ “You’re going to be just fine, ok? You’re actually pretty far from the others so it’ll be a bit of a trip but then we’ll get Hyrule to look at you, clean you up… find you some new clothes… You’ll be back to where you were in no time.”
He doesn’t sound confident and you’re a little more concerned about what he’s envisioning about the future treatment.
You nod and reach up to him when he comes your way. He bends down on your good side and picks you up. You don’t hesitate to cling to him and try to hold your leg up to avoid bouncing it around. 
You can only imagine what went through Twilight’s brain when he found you. You didn’t realize he’s done so much for the group even when no one would have thought to credit him. “Thanks Twilight. I promise I wont tell anyone.”
“Well you’re going to have to tell one of us what happened.” He responds. “The other are going to ask what on earth happened to you.”
“I meant about you being Wolfie.” You smile. “I’m fully prepared to explain my stupid decisions.”
Twilight trips over his own foot but catches himself so it’s a quick bump in the road. You bite back the hiss when your leg moves more than you’d like it to and simply tighten your grip on the man. He laughs nervously and gulps. “I’d appreciate that.”
You hissed under your breath as you watched Sky unleash the fury of a stal-lynel onto Wild for “breaking” the Master Sword.
You didn’t think it was possible and you thought that the voice inside was simply playing a trick for the hell of it, but that didn’t mean you wanted to get in Sky’s way right now.
Wind couldn’t seem to look away from the scene in front of you and even seemed to worry his lip enough to draw blood.
You gasped and found yourself forcibly pushing him away from it. “Stop doing that! You’re bleeding. Wind, calm down.”
Wind follows you without much thought as he stares, completely captivated in some sort trance as the display of Sky’s rage.
You push him successfully though and manage to block the sight- not the noise unfortunately, but it’s out of sight.
“Wind.” You tilt his head slightly to the side. “Are you ok? Why did you do this?”
“Sky is going to kill me.” Wind whimpers and shuts his eyes tightly. He slowly begins to tremble and wrap his arms around himself.
You have no idea what he’s talking about but you know that this isn’t good in any way shape or form.
You begin to lead him away even further away in hopes of lessening the noise.
You also drape your cloak around the young boy and hug him close. “Sky’s just a little upset right now but he wouldn’t hurt anyone. He’s not going to hurt you. Sky wouldn’t do that.”
“But he loves the sword so much.” Wind whimpers and hugs you back. “He’s going to want to kill me!”
You mentally swear at Sky in the back of your brain.
You know that sword is important to him but this has gone to far- he can explode whenever he wants but you draw the line at scaring the children. That is not ok.
You sigh and begin to rub calming and hopefully soothing circles on the boy’s back. “Sky won’t kill you. I won’t let him.”
Wind hides against you and you let him gather himself for a minute before you speak again. “Why do think Sky is going to hurt you?”
Wind tenses and slowly.... slowly looks up at you. There’s some unshed tears in his eyes as he looks up at you fearfully. “I don’t have the Master Sword.”
“Hyrule doesn’t either.” You furrow your eyebrows, not understanding his point. “And I didn’t.”
“No I...” He gulps and lowers his voice even more than before. “I abandoned the Master Sword.”
That’s different. You blinked and crouch over to hide him some more. “What do you mean?”
“I had it.” Wind admits. “But I left it at the bottom of the ocean and it’s still there.”
You’re widen and hiss again and glance in the direction where Sky is still raging against Wild even when he knows that it will reappear sooner or later.
You take a deep breath and hug Wind tighter. “I won’t say anything if you don’t.” You whisper to him. “He doesn’t have to know. It’ll be hundreds of years after him anyway, right?”
Wind sniffles.
You nod and glance back once more just in case. “This can stay between the two of us, ok? I won’t let anything happen to you, ok Wind?”
Wind looks up at you and it’s the most fearful you’ve ever seen him. “Promise?”
“I promise on my life.” You maintain eye contact.
Wind nods and lowers back down to hug you for support and comfort.
You stay there until you can no longer hear Sky rage... and even longer until a somewhat concerned Wolfie comes looking for you.
It’s not everyday that your groups gets a break from hero work.
Even less so when you get to spend it at the beach.
You took turn doing an activity with each of the boys from dawn until dusk. Each of them wanted to do something different but you tried to spend at least an hour with each of them on their own. 
Whatever they wanted to do, you were right next to them.
There was just one guy you couldn’t quite pin down though.
He more or less disappeared from the group as soon as your feet touched the sand. 
Considering you had no idea where he went, you decided to look for him before it got too dark and you had to come back together for dinner.
It shouldn’t have been to difficult.
But you should have known that when Legend doesn’t want to be found, he won’t be.
You sighed and tried to climb up one of the adjacent rocks to get a higher view point. Maybe you were missing something. Maybe there was a hidden alcove you couldn’t see that Legend had hidden himself away in.
You wouldn’t know until you got up there.
But no need!
Legend was sitting at the top of it, back to you with an ocarina in his hands as he faced to ocean, watching the sunset... supposedly. He was looking at the instrument in his hands seemingly in deep thought.
You considered calling out to him but he took a deep breath and brought it to his lips.
The notes that filled the air were unfamiliar to you but beautiful nonetheless and it called for your silence to listen to it. There was a story here, of hope, of loss and of an inevitable end.
The song finishes and Legend still doesn’t know you were there the whole time. You freeze over the agony of trying to make the decision to come closer to him or not. You stay latched onto the rock in front of you with just your head peaking out of the top as you stare at Legend’s back, trapped in your head.
You sneeze.
Legend almost jumps ten feet in the air from where he was sitting and spin around to look at you.
“Sorry.” You smile awkwardly and climb the rest of the way up, getting onto your knees to sit a little more comfortably. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”
“How long were you there for?”
“Not long.” You lie. “I was looking for you. It’s getting dark and we’re supposed to regroup soon.”
“Is the Old Man looking for me?” Legend turns away from you stubbornly.
“Not yet. But I wanted to get past all the trouble before it reached that point.” You creep close to him and sit cross legged on the rock. “That was pretty song.”
“Got a name?”
Legend tenses before his sighs and looks back toward the ocean and over the seagulls that fly around trying to catch their own dinner before bedtime. “Ballad of the Wind Fish.”
You nod and look away from the boy, swinging your legs over the edge and leaning on your hand behind you. “Never heard of it before. I suppose it’s also from a place that I’ve never heard of.”
Legend snorts but you can it’s bitter and disbelieving. “You wouldn’t be wrong.”
You nod and don’t say anything else, letting it rest between you two and seeing if maybe he’d talk some more without your prompting. You know him and don’t want to push him more than he’s willing to bare. This is although subject for him for reasons you don’t understand- but it’s not your business to understand.
“It was an island.” He says.
You hum and don’t give him the attention that’ll shut him down.
“It was a place called Koholint. Small but lovely.”
“I’m sure.” You smile and shrug. “I’ve never been outside of Hyrule myself but everyone has such cool stories... I almost wished I’ve traveled farther..... Well not as far as I am currently but I’m sure you get the picture.”
Legend smiles a little in what appears to be an attempt of a laugh, but nothing comes out.
You look over and nudge his shoulder with your own. “We have an hour or so before we’re really needed back. Tell me about it. What was it like?”
“I don’t think-”
“Humor me.” You tilt your head. “Where they the kind of people to eat frog legs and spiders on a stick?”
“What!? No!”
“Hm. Shame.”
“No. They were nice and the town had a handful of houses outside of animal village. There’s an elderly couple, a family with five kids, a man...and his daughter.” Legend rattles off.
You smile encouragingly and keep him going.
You end up sitting there for more than an hour and get a small lecture from Twilight about staying past dark but you don’t really care.
You think Legend needed to talk about it.
He doesn’t look so sad when he goes to sleep that night.
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pure-kirarin · 2 years
Silvers Rayleigh x f! insecure reader (tw)
Tumblr media
A/N: Please someone make gifs with young Rayleigh from today’s episode. I beg you. So okay, this is a young rayleigh x reader because the ep made me thirst for him... Enjoy :B LOVE YOURSELF everyone. Have some Rayleigh wisdom your way~ 
Warning: body dysmorphia / VERY sweet Rayleigh 
« I am sorry. I don't feel like it tonight. »
You say as you push Rayleigh gently away from you. You were sitting on his lap and things were taking a rather interesting turn. However, when his hand slid gently under your sweatshirt, you begun to feel self consciousness crawl into your head. The damn dark thoughts erupted in your brain like dark fog, stopping you from thinking straight.
Don't think. Don't think. Don't think.
You try to suppress the thoughts, of how unworthy you are to be with such a good-looking man. Of how disgusting and sorry you feel. Guilty for your own existence, sorry that he has to be with someone like you, as if he haven’t chose you, as if he didn't see the beauty within you.
All logic has left your destructive mind. A strong desire to run away and hide under the sheets stroke you. You refused opening up about this, you didn't want to seem like an annoyance or an unconfident little girl in front of him.
He was much older than you, much more experienced. He must have known all types of women. He could have any of them at the snap of his fingers. Why were you the one for him ? What was it that he saw in you ?
« -(Y/N), are you okay ?  he frowns, taking off his hand immediately.
-I am sorry, I-I don't feel my best. »
You look away, you didn't want to see his handsome face, it only made you feel worse. You felt self-conscious, as if he had never touched you before. You instinctively wrapped your arms around your upper-body, muscles clenching. When you try to jerk away from his lap, his arm held you firmly, pulling you closer to him.
Irises in irises, your face was just a breath away from his. You were frightened that he might see the distress in your eyes and feel your insecurity. You weren't comfortable yet sharing that vulnerable side of you. He was good, too good, and you didn't want to show him that weakness. Your eyes sway back and forth, unsure where to look while his narrowed. His voice came, assertive.
-Anything you need to tell me ?
It wasn't really a question but rather an order. He knew something was wrong, you felt naked under his piercing gaze. There is no way to hide anything from a man like him. Your lips parted, trying to say something. You hesitated then just said ;
-Nothing. I'm just not in the mood. 
-Don't lie to me, (Y/N). You can tell me anything. His voice was now nothing but a whisper. Trust me.
He puts a strand of hair behind your ear and says ;
-What's bothering my princess ?
That nickname out of his lips sounded like a magical spell, making you relax instantly, trust him more. You were the one he chose. Even in this moment, he considered you as his princess. You drown your head in his neck, unable to face him. Your hands start to play nervously with the fabric of his shirt.
Rayleigh started stroking your back gently, as if he was inviting you to open up and to drop the defenses. His steady breathing, delicate feel and distinct fragrance were soothing and pacifying your soul. You burried your nose in his blond locks, inhaling the fern and incense mix with every breath.
-You're too good for me...Rayleigh...I feel ugly and...Unworthy of you...I hate the way my body looks and feels...I feel so sorry that you have to be with me...
You couldn't help but feel some tears start pearling in the corner of your eyes, leaving wet areolas on flowery-printed shirt. You sighed and mumbled in an almost inaudible voice, full of shame ;
-These last days I just feel so terrible about myself. I feel trapped in this body. I don't like looking at it. I feel ashamed. I feel disgusted. I feel like I don't deserve to be loved, let alone loved by someone like you. You are strong...You say as you tug on the fabric of his shirt -You are handsome and you are popular around girls...What are you doing with someone like me, Rayleigh ?
As an answer to your soft sobs, Rayleigh can't help but laugh. No, it wasn't a mocking laugh at all. It was one of disbelief, an endearing one. He laughed like he was faced with a kid saying nonsense. Or more like he knew too well what you were feeling. Your cheeks were now flushed out of embarrassment. You didn't understand his reaction at first. Was he...Laughing at you ? You straighten out your neck now looking into his ebony orb.
He wipes out a tear off your cheek with his thumb and spoke ;
« -Sometimes I forget the age difference between us. But here you remind me of it. There is no need for you to feel this way, little fawn, you are stunning. Here. »
To your surprise, he gets up from the chair you were both sitting on. You hold on to him pretty tight so you don't fall, unsure about what he is about to do. He goes in front of the big mirror that was in the corner of his cabine. You reach out for the floor.
«-Take a good look. You are gorgeous. »
He positions himself behind you and envelops you in his arms. His lips start laying silky kisses on your skin, making you embarrassed. The sight made you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.
« -This is the girl I am in love with. Every part of you just drives me insane. You are a young woman, still blind to your own charm. So I need to show it to you. »
His reaction was unexpected and turned you into a blushing mess. He puts his hands on your shoulders ;
« I want you to look at yourself everyday and remember that you are in one hand, and that all the other women in the world are in another. 
-Wow...Rayleigh... »
Your eyes widened and you felt your heart drop as he said these word in a voice so suave that it felt indecent. You didn't know that the man was so good with words. He caught you offgard.
«-Don't say such thiings. » You whine, hiding your face in embarrasment, turning around and hiding your face on his chest.  « It's embarrassing. »
« Well, since you don't know your worth, I will have to remind you everyday till you never forget about it. »
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lilyrachelcassidy · 2 years
Birthday Cake
A/N: Suprise folks!!! *me laughing maniacally* The whole scenery for this fic somehow appeared in my head and I just COULDN’T let it slip away, so... My biggest inspo for that was @drawlfoy!! Remember her posting the fic where Draco and Reader work at McDonald’s and are total suckers in their job (arguing with the customers; preparing wrong orders; etc.)? Dee unfortunately, deleted this precious, but it’s stuck to my head ever since (lol lol, it’s the moment where Dee wants to get rid of something, but I kindly remind everyone it existed). Therefore I present to you the next Draco x Reader fic related to our fav fast-food rest. This time, however, they’re not working at the same workplace but... I'm going to stop here cuz I don't want to spoiler :P
**The second thing that triggered me to write this fic is the YouTube video I recently saw with a lady who orders the 'specials' appearing to be out of the menu list of McDonald’s, through the Drive-Through. She asked for a birthday cake, was laughed at a few times, but eventually got what she wanted. Applause for the attitude!!
About the fic (context, my bitches): ofc it’s the modern AU, non-magical world. Draco’s the worst boyfriend ever but always manages to turn things into their righteous place. 
Summary: The birthday is upcoming, and Draco is in a rush to think up an idea for a perfect gift. His ingenuity fails, however, and leaves Y/N very unsatisfied with a disaster that has been forged. 
Word Count: 3.6k
Warnings: my brain playing a total psycho, language, alcohol, sexual undertones/allusions to sex, Pansy being too much of her self... deal...
Tags: @drawlfoy @eltanin-malfoy
Such an unrestrained desire to strangle somebody you hadn't felt in a long time.
Today was your birthday, which you had been widely announcing for almost a whole month to people you might have accidentally forgotten about it. Having your boyfriend, Draco, on your mind in particular.
You doubted he would have the guts to omit your big day, though as repeatedly as he had done for a few years back. But something between foresight and the second sense of prevention told you to keep reminding him every day of the upcoming event, with a heap of birthday-themed emojis and uppercases in the messages.
Everything was planned out in your head: him picking you up from your house with the sharp-red cabriolet that he used only for special occasions; him driving the two of you to the fanciest restaurant he could find in town; him bestowing you with a nice-looking, golden necklace or a different piece of jewelry you had been suggestively pointing out in the store's exhibition; him booking up a hotel room for you two to celebrate.
Either way, that was much beyond your expectations, as it turned out. And now you were sitting in the front yard of your house, waiting for him to show up.
'If he was going to at all.' This thought invaded your mind for the last hour, try as might to subdue it. An hour you had been sitting tight, hoping it was only a delay caused by a traffic jam or other irrational explanation he could come up with. But you were deceiving yourself, you eventually presumed -- you had been checking up your phone every one minute, only to see if any message notification popped up on the screen, other than birthday wishes from friends who actually cared for you.
2.02pm: Nothing.
2.03pm: Susan 'Happy birthday bitch!'
2.04pm: Instagram notif. (Someone liked your photo, which you had posted before leaving your room, posing in front of the mirror in the best cocktail dress you could find in the wardrobe.)
2.05pm: Nothing yet again.
2.06pm: Still... Peace and quiet.
"Fuck it...Enough," you muttered under your breath, an annoying disillusionment falling like a heavy mile stone on your chest. Tears suddenly started sprinkling in your eyes at the regret, and you were very reluctant to admit that your friends were right -- Draco Malfoy was an egoistic, negligent, self-absorbed pri--
"Hi." You heard the raspy, panting voice says. "Sorry for the delay."
You blinked slowly, stupidly. You raised your head to assure yourself it was him. That his expression actually corresponded to his words and showed some kind of remorse for standing you up. But no... There he was: standing in front of you, plainly confident and unashamed, with his cocky smirk provoking you to slap him.
Oh, how much you craved to slap him right now. "Where to the fuck have you been?"
"I've tried to pick this up," he explained, simultaneously lifting up the paper bag he'd been carrying in his hand. The big, exclaiming letters 'McDonald's' with the brand's logo were printed on its exterior, and it was fully stuffed with something inside.
Not quite comprehending, you furrowed. You attempted to hide the venom in your voice, but somehow it found its way to leak out. "Couldn't you do that in advance?"
"Nope..." It was his turn to furrow, looking almost shocked with the question. And thanks to all those years of your relationship, you knew it was his piss-poor estimation of time taking over. "It was a last-minute surprise."
"Sounds like it," you commented irritably. "What's that?"
"Your birthday present, sunshine," he drawled happily, ignoring your remark. He sounded positively delighted and satisfied with himself at surprising you with that because he saw a slight crease of shock painting on your forehead. "Here you go."
You took his deposit out of his grasp, still quite unsure. What if his gift would only make a situation worse? Can it get any worse with Draco's total lack of tact? Yes. But it was only one way to find out.
Without even stealing a second glance at him, you ripped off all of the packaging that had been folded around, protecting the contents. You tried to do it carefully and without any impact of emotions revealing the way you felt inside, but your hands were shaking with rage, and you couldn't quite contain yourself. You had been highly aware you shouldn't have expected much from him, but still...
You wondered if the universe was playing against you.
There was a moment of tense silence as you struggled to deal with all the wrappings. Rather unfortunately, you wished you hadn't put so much effort in opening your so-called 'gift' because as you finally did, it only angered you more, seeing as the disappointment laughs at your face. And yes, as a matter of fact, the universe was against you today...
"Are you kidding me?" you asked in disbelief, fury reappearing in your eyes. "A birthday cake?! From McDonald's?" Ugly, little cake with the creepiest smiley face of a clown. It wasn't even fresh, you realized, when you smelled it and felt a musty reek of a freezer, it probably had been kept in. A confusing sense of sadness in your chest couldn't reach any higher at this point.
"Don't you like it?" he asked, detecting the wrath in your eyes. At that, you felt the dumbest urge to laugh and never stop. "I thought it'd be something original."
"Oh, I love it," you said sarcastically, a faint voice of hope telling you it was only a very bad joke was still lingering in your head. But it wasn't a joke.
"It's not just--" He struggled to form a coherent sentence. "I've been asking Blaise and Theo about any ideas. I told them, what you had said to me -- 'you didn't want anything fancy.' So we decided it's... something."
"Of course I didn't tell you I want anything, you dolt!" Your voice raised up almost two octaves, and the pulse sped up so fast it entailed a headache along. A neighbor from the opposite garden who was watering the flowers looked at you, startled, and eyes widened your exasperated tone. You didn’t care. "It's how it works: you don't tell other people you expect them to buy something!"
"But I'm your boyfriend. You shouldn't -- er-- feel uncomfortable to tell..."
"Exactly! As my boyfriend, you should have known!"
"Well... I didn't. If that's what's bothering you, we can...we can..."
"Stop." Listening to him and his pathetic excuses was the last thing you were going to do now. "What – why would you even – " You sputtered out, unable to process or express exactly what you were feeling. There was definitely anger and indignation. Curiosity, for another, as to why Draco would even fall for such foolish and ill-considered idea, and -- to the top of it -- hope it would make a good fit. And possibly, the last and most satisfying part, was the wicked impulse to throw the cake directly into his arrogant face, letting him taste his own medicine he had been serving you for years on each failed birthday.
"You know, for once, you could pay more effort and try doing something nice for me," you told him firmly, deflating to calm down your buzzing nerves.
"I've been tr--"
"Do you realize how much it costs me to pretend to be happy when you forget about me? Last year, I organized a big-ass party for your birthday, inviting over all of your friends and buying the best booze I could find to celebrate it properly," you said harshly and pretentiously, as you intended. "The best part is, you didn't even thank me." You stared at him, wringing your hands and expecting to perceive any trope of shame in his eyes. For the first time, you actually did.  
"Listen, about that--" he calmly attempted to cut off your monologue.
"No, you listen..." Did you really want what was upcoming next? Maybe it was about time. "Today, I decided I'm standing up for myself. So, for the last time, get out from my porch."
He bristled, the thunderstruck air hanging around him. "Because of the stupid cake?"
"What?! No! It's just... I feel like you don't give a damn about me anymore." Gulp formed in your throat, and the tears finally left your eyes at the consciousness of what was happening. "I think we both deserve some time."
Your eyes moved to his, and you almost wished you hadn't looked. He was watching you, with pursed lips and a pure mixture of every emotion: anger, sadness, resentment, pretension, dejection. The faintest of his flustered blushes appeared on his cheeks, and you suddenly wished you could hug him. "So you are putting us..." His finger pointed at him and you as if expecting clarification. "...on a break? Is that what it is?"
You were truly torn, to be honest. Becoming single on your birthday was the last wish you had for this day, but you felt a strong sense of adequacy and pride for building up the boundaries of tolerance. Besides, seeing as it was heading nowhere, it was only a matter of time that your relationship came to an end.  
Although, it hurt. A lot. "Yes."
You darted your eyes from him, not wanting to study his reaction in case it caused you to meltdown and jump to his embrace, apologizing endlessly for your words. You loved him. But you didn't regret what you had just said.
Something like a dry chuckle of disbelief escaped out of his mouth. "Is that what you really want?"
'No,' your thoughts prompted you instantly before you could even contemplate. 'I want you to say so many things you're never willing to say. But you don't know.'
So instead, you lied: "Yes."
All expressed, you spun around without peeking back and rushed into your room, already knowing there was no more sense in strives to make this day any better; all of it would bring only bad associations. It would be depressing, even more than it already was.
God, was it how the break-up pained? Because if so, you wanted to be deceased. The world spun suddenly, and you sank to your knees, shaking madly and doing your best to find your way back to your bed, located a few mere meters from you. Part of you felt numb, but your head was wide awake and alarming you that something in terms of a disaster had just happened. Because it did. The clutching in your chest was unbearable, and tears were dashing out of your eyes like a living waterfall, which made you bury your face in your hands. Never have you ever wanted to be so drunk before.
And so many questions rung up in your head at once.
Did you make a good decision? What if you are going to miss him, yet knowing you could never call? What about college -- are things about to get awkward?
No answers.
But you knew someone who would be able to reply to them.
With the blurred by tears vision, you struggled but managed to find your phone in the purse, and then clumsily scrolled through and tapped in your list of contacts before holding the phone to your ear.
Please answer, you begged. Please, please…
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Pansy's voice roared from the other side of a line, as always, enthusiastic.
"Pansy." You tried to sound less brokenly than you were, feeling marginally worse at the reminder of your birthday. "Is Daphne around?"
"Ouch, you're a really nasty bitch sometimes, you know. I'm not goin' to point out today, but since you didn't let me end my wishes, I'll note that for the future reference." You were sure she was grinning at the teasing, seeing as much as she liked that. Normally, you wouldn't mind, but... "How--"
"Pansy, please..." you sobbed out, almost desperate to have someone to consult and share emotions with. Daphne -- contrary to Pansy, who could be very judgy sometimes -- was someone you had especially on mind now. "I need to talk to her."
You heard her sigh; the kind of sigh she used to either prove her resignation or concern. But, as much as it surprised you, she suppressed her curiosity and, without a second word, obediently handed the phone over to Daphne. At least, that's what you assumed because you heard a pause and subdued mutters in the background.
"Y/N?" the milder tone spoke up, and you felt suddenly very strange as if submerged in water of relief; relief to hear the familiar voice. That released you from keeping a distant attitude, and yet again, a sadness washed over you, triggering a loud wail to come out of your mouth. "Y/N, is everything alright?"
"No..." you sniveled, unable to collect yourself together. "I-I... We br-brok-e up."
"You and Draco?" Daphne asked, astonishment evident.
You nodded but then remembered she couldn't see you nor read your expression. So instead, you forced your vocal cords to work again. "Mhm..."
"What happened?"
Restoring the story in your brain again, you told her everything, still tearfully but much more coherently this time. You avoided the details, briefly skipping from one utterance to another, as your conversations had gone, and you were very much thankful she didn't press for more information about the prospect of the situation. If it hadn't been her sporadic gasps or loud inhales of breath, you would have almost presumed she wasn't listening. However, she was, and as soon turned out, Pansy was as well.
"That's bananas!" Pansy shouted somewhere from the back as you had ended, and despite your gloom, you giggled quietly at her comment.
"Shush," Daphne tried to silence her, covering up the fact she had put you on the speaker. You didn't mind because you knew Pansy, who would definitely expect Daphne to cite the whole conversation if needed. But knowing Daphne as well, you could bet she flushed more than she would want to at that point. "So it all started because of the cake?"
"And the delay," you added. "But it's not just about that, obviously. It feels like... he completely stopped caring. And I don't want to be stuck in a relationship where everything is about sex and having fun only. Draco wasn't looking for a commitment, which..."
"Sucks,"ended this time Pansy unhesitatingly, who wasn't now screaming from the other part of a room but openly participating in the discussion.
"Yeah," you agreed.
"As for me, I think he might love you more than you know, Y/N." It was Daphne talking again, and she sounded positively convinced about her view as for someone who had hardly exchanged any word with Draco for the past few years. As if reading your thoughts, she continued. "I've observed you a lot. I know he might seem unemotional, but it's you who discovered him. That must require a lot of trust, you know."
You contemplated, and some of the memories and images from your first encounter run across your brain, try as might to suppress it: spotting each other at the party; binging some whisky shots together; flirty teasing; the very masculine scent of cologne; and then... more spicy recollections -- eager lips pressing against each other; against each others' necks; against other parts of the body; stripping off the clothes in the passionate haste...
Receiving a long moment of silence, Daphne took a second chance and asked. "And what's with you? Do you want to end it?"
It felt like standing before the oracle of truth. Therefore, you couldn't deny it in front of yourself. "No."
"So what're you still doing there?" commented Pansy impatiently, and you could imagine her rolling the eyes. "Get out and find him!"
She was right. You will.
"I thought I'd find you here..."
No. Actually, you didn't. 
You had tracked Draco's phone with your own one with some help of an app that, as the two of you had established still in the relationship, would be a good idea in case of an emergency. That in itself proved to be more than helpful, believing that your argument may be pinned as something in terms of an emergency, right?
So having access to his location, you had found out he was in the park where he had taken you on the first date, shortly after dinner, to watch the sunset that, as he had described, 'was a typical cliche from every romantic movie.'
But you had fallen for that. So much.
You hadn't been aware the place had actually some meaning for him until now, and that... God, that he had even remembered it. Time showed, however, that it indeed did, to which your heart reacted with a happy jolting. But also with a nasty sting of nostalgia following shortly after.
Yet, that only had encouraged you to make up your mind and go looking for him, which hadn't been such a difficult task per se. He was sitting on the bench, in the shade of a tree, and hiding his a little too delicate skin from the sun rays. As soon as he had heard your voice, his gray eyes flew up to see you standing a few meters away.
"What are you doing here?" was the immediate question that tumbled out of his mouth. He arched his eyebrow, and to your surprise, he didn't even look angry or sad with you. Nothing near the edge; actually, almost something like the amusement was painting on his face.
"Aren't you mad with me?" you asked intrigued, completely forgetting about his question.
He frowned. "Why would I be?" His tone was so mild that you weren't sure if he was referring to the double meaning; but then he smirked playfully and said, "Besides, I knew you were coming."
"Wha-- How?" you asked, eyes dilating a fraction, in shock.
He smirked, pointing at his phone in an explanatory manner. After a moment, you finally figured out what he meant: the app must have registered he had been tracked and that your phone was trying to find his. At this notice, you reacted with a wave of flush, suddenly regretting your previous lie. His smile only widened at your expression. "Wanna sit? It's plenty of room here."
"Mhm..." You nodded, pleased to accept his offer, and walked over to the bench, doing your best to hide the evident embarrassment on your face. You felt strange he had taken you with such ease, seeing as merely two or three hours ago, you had burst at him like a cram-full volcano of unspoken emotions.
Draco shifted a package from his side, making more space for you to sit, and it took you a moment to realize it was a McDonald's cake from earlier. Everything started from that -- a stupid, little piece of cake which stood up between...
You shook the thought away, taking a seat next to him, close enough to smell his sandalwood cologne. "You didn't answer my question," Draco reminded you. "What's so important to make you track my phone?"
"I'm sorry, okay?" You rounded your face to him, flustrated, leaning at the backrest of a bench. "That's why I came. I wanted to apologize."
"Oh... Couldn't you call?"
You sighed. "I figured you wouldn't want to talk to me after...you know... our quarrel," you said half-despondent, half-desperate, watching your feet as if it were the most interesting thing to peer at now. "I didn't mean what I said earlier."
"I know," he said. Out of nowhere, he was gently grasping your palms which forced you to look up directly into his intense gaze. His eyes were swirling like molten silver at you. "But I should be apologizing, love. I made a mistake, okay?" His hands traveled all across to your tense shoulders, squeezing them lightly. "I know I should be more... affectionate with you. And this was...dumb. A dumb mistake. With that cake. But I'll try to be better if you give it another shot."
He looked so serious that you instantly believed him. You wanted to actually, with all force of longing, which grew up too rapidly in you when he wasn't around. Draco was a fool, you could easily say. But he was your fool, which was a thing you couldn't be more proud of.
Peeking slowly in the other direction, you asked, out of the topic, "You remembered the place?"
"Of course," he puffed jokingly, smiling. "Our first date. Officially our place from then on."
"Right..." You smiled back.
Honestly, the mere fact that he had called this spot 'yours' warmed up your heart, and you felt yourself grinning at his never-before-discovered emotionality. To assure yourself you weren't the only one caring, it was all you needed to hear.
The whole moment was intense, and now, you realized, is when you should have hugged him. Kissed him. Said something back at his sincere endearment.
But instead, spotting plastic cutlery next to your 'gift', you asked, "So what's the taste of the birthday cake?"  
And you knew he had caught the subtext of your playful inquiry. And you knew that soon you would work things out again. But, as for now...
"I thought you would never ask."
A/N: Looooooool. Such a drama-comedy, right? And I could easily say It feels like 50% Draco-x-Reader / 50% Draco-x-BirthdayCake... But whatever (2am is working like a drunken bud, folks). Happy beginning of August :)
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gtanddragons · 2 years
Try Again?
Hey all, finally have some G/t writing to present for the first time in a long while. ^^ Based on this post from @miniature-knight because it’s been living in my head rent-free for a long while now and I’ve been on a D/anganr/onpa kick lately. Also giant!Hajime content is VERY good. 
Content warnings: Brief descriptions of blood and surgery, mild swearing, major spoilers for DR2, and minor spoilers for DR3 (Despair Arc)
[ Connecting… ]
[ Connecting… ]
[ Connection to server lost. Try again?]
[ Stabilizer_01: Offline ]
[ Stabilizer_02: Offline ]
[ WARNING: Cellular instability detected ]
[ Vitals_Monitor: Offline ]
[ WA7RNiN6: #%^R01 ]
[ … ]
[ …? ]
He wakes up very suddenly, an involuntary cry of pain tearing its way from his throat.
It hurts. Everything hurts. His body aches and protests with every tiny movement he makes, and his brain feels as though it’s threatening to crack right out of his skull. It hurts and his mouth and throat are dry— so dry— and there’s dust everywhere, even coughing hurts, there’s screaming—
Hajime finally cracks his eyes open, wincing at how crusty they feel— like he’d been asleep for a long, long time, but… he’s sitting upright, isn’t he? When had he sat up? When had he gone to sleep, for that matter…?
As he begins to reorient himself, so too does his vision. It takes a frustratingly long time, but when everything begins to come back together into a single, clear image—
“H… huh?” He croaks, barely noticing the rasp in his voice in favor of trying to make sense of literally anything before his eyes.
There’s rubble everywhere, surrounding him on all sides and tumbling off of him with every little movement. But more importantly— he can see people running in the distance, far below. All of them are wearing white and black uniforms. It’s familiar… but he’s not quite sure why. 
He’s also not sure why he reaches his hand out. Maybe it’s out of shock, maybe it’s instinct.
But what he doesn’t anticipate is actually touching one of the fleeing bodies, feeling his fingers brush against warmth.
He freezes. The student— the tiny student— is screaming. He didn’t mean to knock them over with that careless little touch but now they’re crying and screaming and—
Hajime’s breaths quicken as he recoils, pulling back his hand as though he’d been burned. He frantically looks at the fleeing students, the rubble, the buildings around him— the buildings that all seem to match him in height.
(They’re not… they’re not small. I-I’m…)
He lifts his arms, wincing as more rubble tumbles off his body and smashes to the ground below. He’s gripping his head in his hands, he can’t breathe, he’s breathing too fast and his vision is blurring and everything hurts and he’s terrified and where is he and—?!
[ …Why are you so upset? ]
Hajime tenses up, lifting his head at the sound of a voice. 
[ Why are you scared? They cannot hurt you like this. ]
His gaze darts to the ground, but most of the students nearby had already run away, including the one he’d accidentally knocked over. This voice was… close, but not. Familiar, but not. He knows he heard it, but… he felt it, too.
“Who… who’s there? Where are you?”
[ They cannot hurt us when we are like this. ]
In the back of his head, he has the inexplicable feeling of… something foreign. A sense of self-satisfaction, but one that isn’t his own. 
“You’re… in my head…?” Hajime whispers, gripping his shoulders in a desperate hug. “G-get… get out of my head! What are you?!”
A sense of miffed confusion is prodding at his consciousness now. He shifts uncomfortably, wincing at the feeling of invisible fingers poring through his brain.
[ You are not… satisfied? You were crying out for help, so I offered my assistance. ]
Hajime opens his mouth to protest, but images and feelings are suddenly flashing through his mind, not of his own control. 
His body, flailing, gloved hands pinning him down. His throat, hoarse from screaming. Fear. Desperation. Pain, as a needle is forcefully poked into his arm. 
A starched white bed. Restraints. Seeing an operating knife plunging into his body. He doesn’t know if he’s begging out loud or if it’s just in his head.
The voice. It’s there, too, and he can feel it pulsing at the back of his head. It doesn’t come in the form of words, but in the form of an invisible hand, reaching out. Feelings of reassurance. A silent offer.
It’s one he takes. He’s grabbing onto the hand with everything he’s got, like a drowning man.
And then… nothing.
He’s snapped out of those memories as quickly as he’d been submerged in them, the… thing in his head pushing them aside. Like putting files back into a cabinet.
[ We are free now. ]
Hajime doesn’t respond. His head is swimming, distress and confusion crashing over his thoughts like tidal waves. His memory feels… hazy. Incomplete. But he remembers trusting the Hope’s Peak research team… he thinks. It was supposed to be a series of ‘small tests’. When had it escalated that far?
Why is there something else in his head? Why and how did he get like this? He’s surrounded by rubble and a collapsed building— the same one he’d been interviewed in. 
The same one he’d been experimented on in the basement.
He can’t help it. His body is starting to shudder with sobs, confused and aching and distraught. The voice doesn’t pipe up this time, but he can feel its presence lingering, uncertain. 
He covers his face with dirty, dust-covered hands. It’s hardly a comfort.
(What… do I do now? I don’t know, I… am I… stuck like this forever—?)
He flinches at the sudden shout, close in range yet… distant. He peeks between trembling fingers, his gaze traveling to the ground—
And then he freezes.
Hazy memories are becoming more and more vivid. Even at this distance, that voice is so familiar— that hoodie, that hair— he’s seen them plenty of times before. Thought about them even more so.
“Ch… Chiaki…?” he croaks, his eyes widening.
Unlike the hundreds of students before her, she was running towards him. She halts only once she’s gotten as close as she can get to his leg, the rest of her path blocked off by debris.
She rests her hands on her knees and leans over— even from this height, Hajime can tell that she’s panting.
“H-Hajime… so this… this is where you’ve been!”
His other thoughts are overshadowed by a surge of relief at her familiar (and very much welcome) presence… and a crushing sense of guilt. Had she been waiting for him this whole time…? How long had it even been since he agreed to participate in the Hope Cultivation Project?
He finds himself reaching out for her, the ache in his heart getting stronger— but then he tenses up, his hand stopping only a few feet away from her small frame.
[ Why are you afraid? She cannot hurt you. ]
(Shut up.)
His thoughts drift to earlier. How he had accidentally knocked over that poor student with a simple nudge of his fingertips. How they had screamed in terror and ran—
His hand reflexively twitches, a slight tremble shivering through his arm.
[ …You’re afraid of hurting her? How peculiar. ]
(Shut. Up.)
However, even though he was frozen with indecision, Chiaki had other plans. 
Hajime inhales sharply as he feels a little pressure against the tip of his finger, startled as he glances back down and sees the girl grabbing onto his finger without a shred of hesitation.
“Hey, Hajime. It’s going to be okay. …I think.”
His lower lip trembles, even as he lets out a weak attempt at a laugh. “That… doesn’t sound very reassuring, when you say it like that, you know.”
“Got you smiling though, right?”
He sniffles, letting out a soft chuckle. “Y-yeah, fine. Guilty.”
[ What is… this feeling we’re experiencing? ]
Hajime’s shoulders tense up at the sudden reminder that he’s not exactly alone in his thoughts. He huffs quietly, shooting a scowl at nothing in particular.
(Didn’t I already tell you to be quiet?)
[ Yes. But I am curious. It feels very… warm. You care a lot for this human, correct? ]
(...Yes. Now shh. Go away. Something.)
[ I cannot ‘go away’, much as I would prefer being my own separate entity, Hajime. ]
[ Perhaps you should have taken into consideration the future ramifications of allowing yourself to be subjected to human experimentation. ]
(I wasn’t signing myself up for that to get an obnoxious backseat driver, you know!)
“...jime? Ah… Earth to Hajime…?”
He pauses in his bristling to look back down at Chiaki, who is looking up at him with a rather concerned look on her face.
“...You’re acting strange.”
Hajime clears his throat sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand.
“...S-sorry. It’s just, uh. Been a lot to process, and… uh…”
He trails off as his fingertips trace up the back of his neck. His hair feels… longer than it did, but on a more concerning note… he can feel a raised, bumpy line going from the back of his neck all the way up to the back of his head. Stitches.
Hajime glances down at his hand worriedly as he pulls it away from the back of his neck. Unfortunately, it came back wet with splotches of blood, like he’d suspected. It was no surprise that he’d torn at least a few of them in the… chaos? He’s still not sure what had happened while he’d been unconscious, but judging from the destruction around him… his escape from the facility below the building couldn’t have been very peaceful.
“...It’s been a lot,” he concludes awkwardly.
“I can kinda tell, yeah.” Chiaki pauses, a mournful, distant look entering her gaze. “I was… really worried. That you might not come back.”
He glances away at that. He’d known he’d be leaving Chiaki for a while, but he hadn’t expected… whatever they had tried doing to him.
(And if that process hadn’t been interrupted… would I even have been able to come back to her at all?)
[ Doubtful. As far as I can assess, your memories and consciousness would have been stifled entirely, leaving me a clean slate for a host body. ]
(It was… it was a rhetorical question.)
[ Ah. ]
That being said, Hajime can’t help a heavy gulp and a shiver at the voice’s interruption before he turns to look at Chiaki again.
“I’m… I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, I never-- I never thought it would turn out like this,” he offers weakly. Feeling somewhat emboldened by Chiaki’s continued safety despite being so close to him, he shifts his hand a bit so that he’s delicately ‘holding’ her hands between his forefinger and thumb. 
Chiaki hums softly, smiling faintly at the warmth encompassing her hands all the way up to her mid-forearms. It’s… disconcerting, to say the least-- she’d be lying if her instincts weren’t a bit freaked out at having her arms held like those of a figurine, or a doll-- but when she looks up at his face, she’s smiling even more warmly than before.
“Just don’t do something like that ever again, ‘kay?”
“I won’t. I promise.”
She takes a moment just to bask in his presence before her smile returns to a more neutral expression. Then, she pops her lip awkwardly.
“...So I’d really like to know what happened. If and when you’re comfortable sharing, yeah? But, uh. Right now, we might… need to get out of here.”
Hajime’s head perks up at the distant sound of approaching sirens, his eyes shooting open wide.
“Oh no.”
[ Don’t worry. We can take them. ]
“That’s not the--!” Hajime catches himself mid-tirade, instead lifting his free hand to pinch the bridge of his nose in frustration. “Chiaki, you need to get out of here. I can’t let you get caught up in whatever is going to happen next.”
(That’s not the point. I’m not getting myself into more trouble-- I already have enough of that as is.)
[ ...So you do not wish to be this size, then? Even though it will keep you safe from any number of this city’s local law enforcement, and with my assistance, I believe the national guard as well-- ]
(No, I don’t want to be a giant freak, thank you very much.)
[ Mmm. What a boring answer… but, very well. Focus on settling your breathing-- and try not to panic too much. ]
(Wait, why would I--?)
Hajime sucks in one last breath before he suddenly can’t. He can see himself moving, see himself blinking, but he’s not controlling any of it. He’s formless, drifting endlessly, gasping for air to fill nonexistent lungs.
“A-ah--! Wh-what-- what the fuck did you do to me?!”
He can see his fingers releasing their hold on Chiaki, can see her gasping down below as he-- his body-- moves to stand upright, a shower of rubble clattering to the ground in his wake.
“No! Chiaki--!”
[ Shh. I’ve already calculated the amount of debris and where it’s falling-- none of it will fall anywhere near her. And I am merely borrowing your body for a minute while I resolve this matter. ]
“Borrowing--?! Are you kidding me, this is my body!”
[ You need to settle down. You’re interrupting my focus. ]
“No, I’m not just gonna ‘settle down’! Give me back my body, or I’ll--!”
It’s all too sudden, the shift from drifting formlessly through the void into something… a little more corporeal. He still can’t control his body, but in the surrounding darkness… he looks down. He can look down, at slightly-translucent, softly-glowing arms and legs.
This is… better, at least. It’s not his own body, but it’s better than… the nothingness.
And then he looks up.
He suddenly regrets his previous thought.
Looming over him, for lack of better words, is a giant shadow. It would almost look human, if not for the vast expanse of flowing, pitch-black hair that eventually trails off into the nothingness, or the piercing, glowing-red gaze peering down at him like he’s a mere insect.
[ You’ll… what? Tear your brain back open to get me out? Really now. ]
Hajime flounders desperately in an attempt to scoot backwards, but he doesn’t move an inch. He’s stuck floating in the same spot as impossibly-large hands come at him from both sides-- and proceed to cup around his ‘body’. Whatever form of gravity this place has suddenly comes into effect, his softly-glowing form tumbling into the palms of the shadow’s hands.
He lets out a terrified gasp as he’s lifted higher, to about the same level as those emotionless eyes.
For a moment, they both remain in silence. The shadow cocks its head, ever-so-slightly-- as though it were curious about its catch.
[ As I’ve already said, this is far from an ideal situation for you and me both. However, if there were a way to split our consciousnesses into separate entities, I would already be pursuing that course of action. As it stands, we are stuck together for the time being. ]
He flinches as its fingers move around him, thumbs moving closer and closer until they’re…
...Stroking him. Running over his back and head, impossibly gentle for such a massive creature.
[ Just know that I do not intend to harm you, Hajime Hinata, nor do I seek full control over your body. You will have it back once I am finished-- it would get boring very quickly if I held the reins for too long. For now, I just need you to calm yourself-- it’ll be irritating attempting to focus while also having to quell your struggling. ]
Seemingly involuntarily, Hajime finds himself letting out a long sigh, tenseness beginning to melt away from his ‘body’ and his actual, physical body at the same time. The shadow continues to carefully rub at him, massaging his shoulders and back-- it’s distracting enough that he can almost avoid looking at the unchanging, ominous eyes staring down at him, and enough that he almost doesn’t recognize how his physical body is changing.
The buildings around him are shifting, seemingly getting taller and taller with every breath. The process starts speeding up until, in a matter of seconds, they’re all looming over his body-- and Chiaki comes up to his chin instead of barely reaching his ankle.
And just like that, Hajime is gasping and coughing and swaying on wobbly knees, disoriented by suddenly regaining control of his lungs-- and the rest of his body-- once more. He nearly flinches at the sudden sensation of touch, as Chiaki’s hands quickly grab onto his shoulders to keep him from toppling over.
“I’m… Hajime, you’re really going to have to tell me what they did to you when we get out of here.”
He clears his throat in embarrassment and stands up straighter as he gets used to the feeling of his own body again, though he doesn’t exactly protest against letting Chiaki continue to support him.
“...Yeah, I’ll… I’ll try. It’s kind of a blur…”
(...Why didn’t you do that sooner?)
[ For protection, mostly, on the off chance that the facility staff attempted to incapacitate us. 
...That and it was rather enlightening to watch you and the girl attempting to get around the mental and physical barriers of your stature to display affection towards one another. ]
(Are you fucking kidding me.)
[ No. Also, please bathe at your earliest convenience. I regret that my brief experience with the sense of smell was fouled by your own body odor and the dirt clinging to your skin. ]
(Shut up. For the love of everything holy, shut up.)
[ I do not carry any particular fondness for any objects deemed by many cultures as ‘holy’-- ]
Hajime groans in exasperation, choosing to focus instead on Chiaki and being led away from the remains of the building behind them.
It… feels good just being near her again. Knowing he has a friend close by is comforting in and of itself-- probably his only friend at Hope’s Peak Academy, for that matter. One he’d come close to never seeing again, if he hadn’t been given a second chance.
“...So what’s going on with your eyes?”
He blinks, confused, before glancing over at her. “What do you mean?”
“One of them is red. And when you went back to normal, both of them were red. That’s not normal… I think.”
He freezes up momentarily at that-- and then he lets out another exasperated sigh before continuing to walk.
“It’s… a long story.”
(...But at least I’m still here to tell it.)
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mrs-cavill-wife · 2 years
Safe And Happy (One Shot)
Pairing: Henry Cavill x Female Reader (Barbara)
Warning: Language. Fluff. Minor Injury. Zombie Apocalypse. Gun shot. Persecution. Please, say if I miss something.
Author's Note: My second fanfic, YAY! Henry is not a celebrity in this fanfic. Duh! It's a zombie apocalypse so it's kinda obvious but I wanted to say it anyway. Hope you guys enjoy it and reblog if you do. I'm all ears to feedback!
Tag List: @lexyvaldez26 @thereisa8ella @natura1phenomenon @mrsavery @number1chonie @themanfromu @littlefreya @legendarywizarddetective @lovingbearherringhairdo @zealoushound @deangal-101 @everydaymultifandom @summersong69 @jgtfvhsg @tellingyouastory @sillyrabbit81 @nuggsmum @pussyverson @oh-for-fic-sake @foodieforthoughts @fanficlover91 @r-t-doll @its--fandom--darling @poledancingdinos @hlkwrites @rmtndew
Summary: The world is a dangerous place now, but in the arms of the man she loves, she always finds security.
Tumblr media
Barbara's P.O.V
Shit. I miss when the world used to be good. It was never perfect but no doubt it were way better than now.
An zombie apocalypse, who could have imagined that this could actually happen? Who knew that one day I would be armed, with a "beautiful" wound on my leg, hiding in an abandoned store, running away from a horde of about fifty zombies, crazy and thirsty for some human flesh.
I got hurt entering here, there was a piece of wood that grazed my leg, but luckily I had some bandage on the bag, I tied it to my leg to stop the blood. I looked at my leg and sighed, frustrated with myself.
"What the fuck dressing did you do, huh? My man is going to be pissed"
I live with my boyfriend, well husband, wasn't exactly official but we are together, he's amazing with dressings, but of course, I never pay attention when he tried to explain it to me. I'm hiding, trying to calm my breathing and think of a new plan, I don't know if I'll be able to run with my leg like that, but I think partially, it's really my fault. I'm often on those situations, I have my skills but I might not be the best, I still remember when I meet my boyfriend, on this type of shit cliche situation, today I don't complain for being dumb back there..
We met a year ago, I was running away.. again. I remember going into a dead end street, my gun had only two bullets left, I managed to kill some of those brain eaters, but I had about ten still behind me. I was already out of breath and couldn't think of anything else.
It was all very fast, suddenly my hero appeared, super skilled, I can't say where he came from but he managed to cut the heads of some of them, cut one in half, he stopped in front of me and fired with a super powerful machine gun, spilling a little blood and a disgusting substance on both of us.
"Hey are you alright, princess?"
He spoke to me after all those butchers fell dead. I was in shock but in seconds, I regained consciousness and was able to notice the man in front of me.
Broad back, fair skin, incredibly neat curly hair, a sharp jawline that could cut my soul, kissable lips.. a beautiful ax, a weapons in the waistband and at least two powerful shotguns in the back. The sun was setting and the light reflected in his eyes. The brightest blue eyes I had ever seen. There was a small brown part in one of them, I had heard about cases of heterochromia, but it was the first time that I saw it right in front of me.
"Your eyes are so beautiful.."
He laughed softly and a little shy. The sweetest laugh I've heard. Oh God, he's so wonderful, I think I died and went to heaven and that angel came to receive me. Maybe I'm not too unlucky after all.. wait, what did I just said? Oh fuck, what a good way of cause a first impression. First you almost die then act like a dumb ass needy teen. I rolled my eyes realizing what I done and he touched my arm.
"Thank you, you're beautiful too.. but are you hurt? What are you doing all by yourself?"
I nodded looking down and blushing red like a tomato.
"Huh I'm fine. I was searching for a place to stay. I heard on radio there was a small group of survivors around here. I'm always alone, so I decided to look for it but I obviously didn't payed attention on the munition I had before risking my butt."
He giggled and soft touched my cheek, wiping away some of the dirty. Gosh, I'm not going to handle and he's not making it easy..
"So it's your lucky day, pretty girl. I am from that group of survivors. They always told me to go round and look for possible new survivors."
I looked at him frowning.
"Now it's my time to ask. All by yourself? Why?"
And he smirked, looking like a made a silly question. Your hot bastard.
"I'm a prepared person. Not bragging but I always check my munition"
Touchee. I crossed my arms looking at him, trying to keep my posture but I was really melting inside.
We heard a loud noise, making us concerned. He grabbed my hand and started walking.
"It doesn't seem far, we must walk. Let's go"
"Where are you taking me? I.. I don't even know your name?"
I stopped moving and he stopped looking a little mad then he sighed.
"I will take you to our shelter. I saved you, you can trust me. We both need a bath and some rest.. and I'm Henry."
He said smiling and I nodded starting to walk by his side.
That day, he took me to the survivors. There were at least four people, some couples and children, all of whom welcomed me very well. But despite that, I thought about leaving the next day, I was always alone and until then, it was how I wanted to be and I would be like this today, if Henry hadn't insisted that I stay. I said I would stay for some days but during that, he convinced me to stay for more weeks and when I realized, we were closer than ever. Actually, those days made me found love. One of the guys of the shelter was a priest before the world was destroyed, Henry and I decided to get married and so it happened. Simple but a beautiful ceremony.
After a few years, we both decided to leave, maybe it was not a smart idea in the current situation, but we were certain of it, so we did. It was difficult, at first from hiding to hiding, sleeping on uncomfortable places, sometimes without enough food for both, we almost died a few times but together, yes, we were unbeatable. But finally, we got a place, safe enough to call home.
Henry's P.O.V
One hour left. I trust her, she's a little clumsy but my girl knows what to do, I taught her some tricks when we met but still, my heart is desperate. Today I received a radio message, it was Stuart, a partner, we have known each other since I was part of a group of survivors, he provided us with food, ammunition and weapons from time to time, even now that I am no longer part of the group, he's a great friend. I always went to get it, alone, I didn't want to risk seeing my Barbara hurt. But today, Stuart said he couldn't come, because of some injuries, so I would have to go, but Barbara decided that her chance to do it this time.
"Barbara.. baby, you don't have to.."
I remember I said trying don't sound like I was doubting her capacities.
"Well on my mind, I do need. You always do that, I feel useless, I'm no princess in danger, i can do that"
I got closer touching her back while she packed her bag with "travel" supplies. She looked at me, touched my face and smiled. I love this smile.
"I'll be alright, I know that area is dangerous but you know I know the way and I had a good survivor teacher"
She said and wrapped her arms around my neck and I hugged her feeling defeated. She never had to say much to convince me of anything. I know she was feeling bad about me doing the hard work and I think she deserves a chance. I need to show I really trust her.
"I will be counting the seconds.."
I sighed and she smiled widely packing my lips many times. She grabbed her bag, her gun and went through the door but before leaving she looked at me one last time.
"I love you"
We both said at same time, making our hearts beat at same rhythm.
She gonna be alright, I know.. at least I hope.
Barbara's P.O.V
I heard a small noise that made me wake up. I dozed off for a while when I expected the horde to calm down and preferably leave. I got up and checked outside by one of the windows. Empty. Thank God. My leg didn't hurt so much anymore, but the fact that the street was clean was a relief to m. I wouldn't have to run, just be careful.
I opened my bag and ate a chocolate bar. Stuart wasn't lying when he said that had good things this time, I got things I hadn't ete in years. I left the store quickly after eating and started walking my way back home.
I was almost closer, I smiled seeing my home. Finally, safe house. when I got on the home's street, had three zombies, between me and my house. Great.
I tried to carefully pass behind them, I was almost there, but again, I didn't pay enough attention, I tripped over something and fell to the floor, over my injured leg, I couldn't contain the scream. They heard and were already walking towards me. F U C K M E.
I looked at my house. It's not so far, I can do it. I ran, fast as I could, my leg was hurting a lot, the bandage already red with my blood but I did it. I could climb the special secret passage through the wall and done. I layed in the grass for a second trying to recover my breath, closing my eyes, finally feeling safe then something fell on top of me. I got scared until I could open my eyes. A beast. A fluffy beast.
"Hey Kal, you scared me baby"
I hugged the big black and white American Akita. It's mine and Henry's dog, our loyal companion, our dog son. We found him on our away to find a new safe place, he were a little injured on the front paws. Of course we felt in love with him and took care of him, we had to keep him and we did.
I petted him a little more before getting up.
"Alright, mommy needs a good break now. Promise to play later. Where's daddy? He had a heart attack?"
Oh he will when see my situation. I walked to inside our house and pulled the food supplies on the kitchen. I was focused until I hear the shower on bathroom upstairs. I smiled.
"What a good way of relax, huh?"
I walked upstairs, taking off my clothes though the way. When I opened the bathrooms door, I was fully naked. Oh that vision. My man, all naked.. that furry defined abs, those strong muscles.. that round booty.. and that big veiny dick, shit, even soft he's huge.. I'm so freaking lucky.
I licked my lips and tried to close the door softly but i ended up making noises.
"Thought I had told you need to be stealthy"
When I turned around, he was looking at me, with those gorgeous eyes that left me speachless since first time. Then he's face changed to worried and I realized he were looking at my wounded leg.
"Barbara, what the fuck just happened?"
I rolled my eyes then got into the shower with him. Before he could say something, I kissed him softly. He kissed me back of some type of way that I could feel how worried he were. Was a intense kiss, our tongues battling against each other, oxygen wasn't this necessary for us at this point. He quickly grabbed me tight and gave me a little boost then I had my legs wrapped around his waist. We ended our kisses with soft pecks and smiles. I looked at him. He had one hand around my back and another softly rubbing closer my wound.
"Hey are you alright, princess?"
I smiled way more with his soft voice and nodded.
"Yes, now I'm safe and happy"
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eveningstar1516 · 2 years
Rise Of The Demon King ~ Chapter 3
Rise of the Demon King
Fic: Multi Chapter Paring: MC x Everyone (Mostly Lucifer) Type: Angst with a Happy Ending Total Word Count: 26,758 TW: Major Character Death, Reader gets stabbed with a sword through their chest so…, Abusive Parents, Past Child Abuse, Demon Hunters, Loss of Control Summary: You’ve done it. You’ve finally done it. You’ve managed to anger the demon king. Now you hold your head high as he hands down your sentence. AO3 Portal: https://archiveofourown.org/works/27065362
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Previously:
“It seems you 7 forgot that you don’t dictate what goes on here. You are but a guest to the Devildom and the Sins, my subjects. MAKE NO MISTAKE! I AM YOUR KING AND YOU LOT ARE NOTHING!”
Chapter 3 - Things Never Seem To Go Y/N's Way Huh? (1404 words)
“It seems you 7 forgot that you don’t dictate what goes on here. You are but a guest to the Devildom and the Sins, my subjects. MAKE NO MISTAKE! I AM YOUR KING AND YOU LOT ARE NOTHING!” The brothers jumped in front of me to try and shield me from the king while Asmo and Barbatos tried to pull me back to get me out of the room. Diavolo jumped in front of the king trying to stop his father.
“Father stop! Please! There isn’t a need for this! Y/N is harmless to the Devildom and the Lords! They are the only human that accepted us for what we are, they even BOWED down to YOU and not because of your status but because they accepted you as their king! Can you not see that this is a step in the right direction and that everything you’re doing undoes all that we’ve worked towards?”
“What YOU’VE worked towards. I am not interested in inter-realm relationships. It seems I have been too lax with you boy. I will deal with you once this human has been eradicated.”
The king snapped his fingers and purple chains started to wrap themselves around me. I felt my energy leave my body like the chains were siphoning it. The last thing I saw before losing consciousness was Diavolo kneeling before his father and pleading for my life as the others in the room followed suit then, black.
Sometime Later…
I woke up to the feeling of a cold hard floor. Snapping awake I felt a sharp pain in my right foot. Looking down I realized that my ankle had been chained to the wall. I was put into a cell that looked to be somewhere underneath the palace. Taking some deep breaths I curled up into a ball reaching out trying to feel for the connection in my pacts only to feel an immense sharp pain in my brain.
“These cells are enchanted to nullify magic, pacts included.”
The king spoke while entering and I steeled myself as I stood with as much strength as I could muster while glaring at him as fiercely as I could.
“You have made quite the commotion for a mere mortal haven’t you?” He started looking at me with a sharp look in his eyes, a sickeningly sweet smile on his face as he continued.
“To think a mere mortal of a human was able to sway the hearts of my 9 most powerful and coldhearted demons, my son included, although he always had a soft spot for the weak. You should count yourself lucky human, my son, as well as the Lords, all pleaded for your life. I have to say, I was quite disgusted by their behaviour.” He snarled at me with the most hateful expression I’ve ever seen in a demon. I tried my hardest not to quiver in front of him as I locked my gaze on him. All that time spent with Lucifer paid off as I schooled my expression into the hardest one I could muster in these circumstances.
“You’re quite lucky to have this many demons care about you. Seeing as how my son had just gotten me back, I have decided to humour him and hold a public trial deciding your fate tomorrow. If I am going to make an example of how demons should be treating humans, I might as well make it public so that all of Devildom can see that you mortals will never be able to hold such power over us, wouldn’t you say?”
He asked his question with such a disturbing smile showing off his fangs trying to get a rise out of me. On the inside I was having a full-blown panic attack, on the outside, however, I just continued to stare at him, not dignifying him with a response.
“Ah well, I didn’t really expect you to answer that. Although, before we go through with this trial, you will have to dissolve your pacts and if you won’t I will dissolve them by force.”
At this, I burst out laughing. Tears came to my eyes as I grabbed my stomach trying to stay upright while I addressed the king between laughing breaths.
“Hahaha! You think dissolving my pacts is the way to go?! News flash! The pacts are the only reason the brothers haven’t attacked you or tried to break me out! They are the only thing keeping them in line, take that away and they will have nothing to anchor them. Diavolo may have pacted with Lucifer but we both know they would side together to get me out and even if Dia were to try to stop him, he would fight it with his brothers. You’d have a war on your hands.” Smirking, I looked to the so-called “king” to gauge his reaction. Growling dangerously low he replied.
“You think me afraid of Pride and his so-called “family?”
“No, no I don’t, but it would be very hard to fight a one-sided war especially with The Morningstar leading the charge with “your” 9 most powerful demons backing him.”
I turned around and sat on the makeshift bed folding my hands behind my head, I finished speaking with a genuine smile across my face.
“The pacts will be staying and I will make sure the brothers don’t interfere with the trial. Whether you like it or not, my pacts are the one thing keeping them at bay. I’ll see you again tomorrow at the trial?”
He growled and with a scoff turned on his heel and left me alone in my cell. I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding, breaking down as the gravity of the situation set in. He was either going to kill me or banish me and not allow any of them to come to see or stay in contact with me. Tears started forming in my eyes as I let them fall silently not having the energy to scream. I don’t know how long I was in there for but by the time someone came to drop off my “dinner” which really only consisted of a piece of bread and some water which I guess is ideal for a prisoner, my tears had completely dried, a rock hard emotionless expression on my face had made itself at home. Ironically, instead of praying to God to help me, I found myself thinking of Diavolo and my fellow demons, wishing I could see even just one of them. I thought about the desserts Barb and I never crossed off of our to-bake list. Poison Cherry Tarts were next on the list. The pranks Dia and I have yet to pull off. We were supposed to do a lyric prank on the boys. The places I have yet to nap with Belphie. We were going to build a treehouse with Beel and sleep in there. I thought about Asmo and his make up line and how he wouldn’t be able to ask me to help him test them out anymore. Satan's birthday is coming up. I have a memory book I made for him starting from the first day I met him in the council room. A picture and story for every day since I’ve known him. The number of games Levi and I have yet to play. He recently got an escape room game based on the House of Lamentation! The schemes I wouldn’t get to pull off with Mammon. We never even caught a picture of Lucifer caught off guard! My thoughts then drifted off to Lucifer. The firstborn Avatar of the Cardinal Sin of Pride. The Morningstar. My Morningstar. I thought about the late nights we would no longer have. The brief brushing of our fingers. The caresses that we would no longer share. I remembered how he was when I first arrived. He was cold, distant, he wouldn't really give me the time of day. Now we spend late nights together. He anchors me and I like to think that I do the same for him. How will he handle it when I’m gone? Not wanting to stay in my head any longer, I drift off into a dreamless slumber awaiting the day that will ultimately decide not only my fate, but the fate of the demons I’ve grown to call, family.
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bipridemoth · 2 years
You only get what you grieve [Stolitz Week Day 5 Hurt/Comfort]
Ao3 Link
Event Info Link
Stolas has been drifting in and out of consciousness in his tight restraints for hours by the time Blitz, Millie, Moxxie and Loona break down the door to his holding cell. It’s a big, empty room, all metal and a single cupboard. Stolas is tied to a chair, has been for days, no food, no water in his reach. To get it, he would depend on Stella’s mercy and she has shown him none.
It takes him a moment to force his eyes open, and attempt to feel his own limbs when they all pour into the room. He can’t, the ropes around his body have cut off all sensation in them. He can faintly remember them hurting when he was first put in them, but all the pain has long been replaced by unbearable numbness.
Blitz rushes towards him to hold his face between his hands. “Millie! Give me your knife!” he yells and cuts Stolas free the moment he receives the knife.
Stolas’ arms fall to his sides uselessly. “Blitzy?” he says weakly, his voice barely more than a rasp.
“Sir, I think he’s dehydrated,” Moxxie remarks.
“Then get some water, Moxx!” Blitz yells, making Moxxie scurry into the back of the room, stands in front of Stolas again and takes his face back between his hands. “Stolas? Hey, it’s… It’s okay, we’re here now, you’ll be okay.”
“Stella?” Stolas asks, it’s all he can get out.
“She… She’s dead. We… Took care of that. It was… I was… Sorry, there was no other way.”
Stolas doesn’t say anything, but is overcome with a hefty cough.
Moxxie comes running back with a large bottle of water. Blitz yanks it from his hands and holds it carefully to Stolas’ beak. “Slowly,” he says softly, perhaps more softly than Stolas has ever heard him speak.
He drinks, trying to slow himself down, but he hasn’t had a drop of liquid in three days and his body is aching for it with every fiber. His arms start to itch again, so that’s a good sign as well at least. He stops drinking for a moment to whisper “Thank you.”
“Don’t mention it, I wouldn’t just let you die in this hole.” There’s a rumbling above them. Blitz looks up in obvious concern. “Can you get up?”
“I don’t know, I barely feel my limbs.”
The steps above them grow faster. “Loona, you’re strong, can you throw him over your shoulder when we get in a hurry?”
She shrugs. “I guess. Either way, we should probably get running.”
“I thought…?”
“Yeah, we got rid of Stella, but unfortunately Striker still has a bit more of a personal problem with us,” Millie explains while she gestures for Blitz to give her her knife back.
As if on cue, Striker appears in the doorframe, already bleeding from his shoulder, but his eyes hungry for a fight. “You killed my source of income, you destroyed my job and you’re even trying to save this pompous asshole?”
“I’d rather have a pompous asshole than a deranged one!”
“Hand him out to me, I’m sure there are enough overlords and royals in Hell who would be more than willing to pay a good bounty for him. And I would even be generous and give you all 10%. As a peace offer.”
“Fuck you and your peace,” Blitz says, draws his gun and takes a single shot.
The bang echoes throughout the small room and leaves Stolas’ ears ringing. A stinging pain takes over that makes it hard for him to look up and focus. But when he manages to lift his head again, he sees Striker on the ground, struggling to hold onto this bleeding leg.
“Let’s get out of here,” Blitz sighs and motions for everyone to follow him as he jumps over Striker and leaves him behind on the ground.
“Sir?” Moxxie says as though to raise an objection.
“Shut it, Moxx. Loona, take Stolas. Now.” Blitz doesn’t even look back at them.
Loona throws Stolas over her shoulder with surprising ease and carries him outside.
They make their way through the abandoned warehouse building in uneasy silence, only the sound of steps on metal between them.
When they make it outside, the light almost burns Stolas’ eyes. “Let’s go to the office,” Blitz offers.
“But Via…” Stolas says weakly, still hanging over Loona’s shoulder, suddenly overcome with fear for his precious baby.
“She’s there, we got her out of the palace first thing before we went on our little rescue mission. Took one of your butlers, too, so someone can look after her.”
“Oh thank the stars.”
“No, thank me maybe, but you can save that for later.” Blitz fishes his phone out of his pocket and stuffs it back in, frustration all over his face. “Moxxie, would you call an ambulance?”
“An ambulance. Weee-oh, weee-oh. Takes people to the hospital, do you even have a brain up there?!”
“Sir, I know what an ambulance is, but why?”
“Well, Striker is bleeding out in there, for one.”
“Don’t you want him dead?”
Blitz laughs. “Are you insane? He’s the only motherfucker in Hell to put up a real fight, do you really think I want to deprive myself of that fun?”
Moxxie sighs, shakes his head, but calls the ambulance without further discussion.
Loona sits Stolas down on the couch of their waiting room. Stolas thanks her and feels sleep gnawing at him more intensely than ever before.
It takes not even two seconds before Octavia storms in and throws her arms around him, “Oh my God, Dad! You’re safe!”
Stolas weakly lifts his arms, thankful to feel them again at all, and wraps them around her. “Of course, Via. I would never leave you alone.”
“I assume Mom didn’t make it?”
Stolas’ looks around helplessly, unsure of how to respond.
“She was on the way to fully execute your dad, so we didn’t really have a choice,” Blitz says, as a matter of fact, but he doesn’t seem particularly happy about it. “I… I’m sorry.”
Octavia nods. A thousand emotions run through her big eyes in a matter of seconds. Grief, relief, anger. “I… I’m glad you’re safe, Dad. I just… I need a moment.” She lets go of him and gets up. She leaves the room.
“Via-” Stolas tries to get up but his legs don’t quite allow him to yet.
“Leave her,” Loona says, “Her mom might have been a bitch, but she was still her mom and it’s hard to lose that. I’ll check on her later.”
Stolas wants to protest, run after his daughter, but simply gives her a sad nod. He’s not running anywhere yet.
“How are you feeling?” Blitz asks as Millie enters the room with some hot chocolate for everyone.
Stolas can only shrug. “Like shit, mostly. I can sort of feel my body again, at least. But, I just… I can’t form a clear thought, it’s all so… foggy. I… I can’t even think of how I feel about Stella being dead. It doesn’t feel real. Nothing feels real.”
Blitz nods and hands him one of the hot chocolate cups. “That’s okay, take your time.”
“You’re being extremely nice to me,” Stolas remarks.
“Stolas, I’m coming off a 72 hour rescue mission and I’m mostly just glad you’re alive. I don’t exactly have energy left over for snarky sarcasm, okay. Being as charmingly abrasive as I am takes work.” Blitz plops down on the couch next to him with a shaky laugh. Stolas leans against him.
“Thank you. I don’t think I would still be alive without you.”
“I would never let you die,” Blitz whispers.
Across the room Millie is gesturing at Moxxie and they excuse themselves from the room moments later.
“Where are they going?”
Blitz sighs. “Ugh, they want to give us the room. As if I’m gonna drop a whole confession speech on you when you barely function.”
Stolas stops. “Confession?”
“Oh crap.” Blitz blushes. “I… Don’t worry about it today, okay? Worry about your daughter and the very awkward funeral you’re about to attend soon. Just… Just let me help you put yourself back together.”
Stolas stays silent.
“Let’s start by massaging your shoulders, those must be killing you. Sorry, maybe not the best time to make jokes about murder. Uhm, anyway.” Blitz puts his mug down, gets off the couch to walk behind Stolas. He starts carefully massaging Stolas’s shoulders.
It feels good, it takes some of the edge off, it brings warmth back into Stolas’ body. It makes everything feel a little less horrible. It makes everything horrible he has experienced in the past few days feel a little farther away. He doesn’t want Blitz to ever stop touching him. He wants to feel these hands on him for as long as he lives. It should be some earth-shattering revelation, but it simply feels like the culmination of everything they’ve been through. “I love you,” he whispers, without thinking.
Blitz stops massaging him for a moment. “You should call a therapist.”
“Because I love you?”
“No, because you’ve just spent three days tied up in a storage unit without food or drink and your wife had to be murdered to get you out of there. You might need some help processing that.”
“Were you even listening to me?” Stolas asks, a little heartbroken.
“I was, Stolas. And I love you, too, you big idiot, but I’m not going to talk about this with you now. Not before we’ve slept for 24 hours. Not before things aren’t somewhat okay with your daughter. I don’t… I’m not going to take advantage of you like that.”
“It’s not-”
“Please, Stolas. Let me just… Be there for you for now. Platonically.”
Stolas swallows but then he nods and that’s all that’s said about it for the evening. It’s enough, though, for now, that Blitz brings him hot chocolate and massages him and helps him talk to Via and helps him get up and walk again. And Blitz is right, he has other concerns for now. The horror of the moment is over, but there’s so much work ahead.
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thiswasinevitableid · 2 years
For the Meet Ugly Prompts-38, NSFW Danbrey?
Here you go! Note: there are mentions of blood in this.
38: overhear you ordering your coffee in a coffee shop and I’m trying to place your voice when I realize that you’re the phone sex operator I’ve been calling on and off for the last few months but the realization startles me so much that I accidentally spill my drink on you and you’re pissed
“One spiced mocha, one oatmilk latte!”
Aubrey reaches for her mocha just as a painfully cute blonde in overalls grabs the latte.
“Oh, excuse me” the blonde calls over the counter, “could I get a lid, it looks like you’re all out at the station. Thanks, you’re the best.” She smiles at the teenager who hands he the lid while Aubrey tries to figure out where she’s heard “thanks, you’re the best” said that exact way before.
Oh shit. Oh shit.
She’s heard that voice every Tuesday and Friday when she calls LoveBites, the premiere service for people who really like vampires. Really, really, like vampires.
Honeysuckle, as the woman on the other end of the line calls herself, probably isn’t a vampire. Aubrey figures most of the people who work that line are just very good at pretending to be fictional monsters. She is, however, incredibly good at getting Aubrey to cum with vivid descriptions of where she’s going to sink her teeth.
“AH! Hey, watch what you’re doing.”
Aubrey snaps back to the coffee shop to discover her drink is now all over Honeysuckles shoes.
“Ohmygod, I’m, I’m so sorry.” She grabs a fistful of napkins, drops down to clean the mess of coffee and chocolate syrup from the floor. She reaches to help clean off the other woman's shoes only for her to wave her away.
“It’s fine, I got itshit” she glares as Aubrey, in her attempt to get out of her space, stands too quickly, bumping her head into Honeysuckle’s cup and sending it all over both of them.
Okay, she can totally salvage this. Right?
“...then I just ran away.”
Duck laughs so hard on the other end of the phone that he startles Dr. Harris Bonkers.
“Oh come on, like you’ve never done something embarrassing in front of someone cute.”
“Dunno, you might have just beaten my ‘six Freudian slips in a row trying to ask ‘Dird how his weekend was.’”
“It’s okay, Lady Flame” he manages to sound genuinely sympathetic through his giggles, “lots of cute folks out in the world who you ain’t spilled two cups of coffee on.”
“Yeah.” She checks the neon orange clock on the wall, “I gotta go practice my tricks for this weekend. Thanks for listening to me whine.”
“Any time, Aubrey. See you at the show.”
She gets through two tricks, including the one where Dr. Harris Bonkers disappears from a box, but she can’t focus. It’s not nerves; instead, she feels like if she got off just once, she’d stop feeling so tense and be able to run through the rest of her act without issues.
It’d be a very bad idea to call LoveBites when she spilled a drink on her favorite operator. She doesn’t feel like talking someone new through her preferences, and she knows with Honeysuckle she’s guaranteed to get off, which wasn’t always the case with previous operators. Besides, the length of her calls must be enough to pay for a replacement drink.
She grabs her phone and dials. Soon a familiar voice purrs down the line.
“Hi, Aubrey. How’s my favorite human tonight?”
“You don’t sound so sure about that, fireblossom.” It’s a new pet name; ever since she mentioned her stage name, Honeysuckle likes to give her ones woven through with flames.
“I, um, I'm fine?”
“Did something happen today, hot stuff?”
“Uhhhhh. Um. I, uh, I made a fool of myself in a coffee shop. I, um, I spilled my drink on a cute girl. Also hers.”
Honeysuckle goes quiet.
“I, um, I think the person I spilled them on was you.”
“..............spiced mocha?”
“Yeeeeah” Aubrey curls inwards, trying to cringe away from her phone, “I’m really sorry about your shoes. And your overalls. And your drink. I, um, I wasn’t gonna mention it but it feels, like, weird not to and I really was going to offer to replace your coffee except I was kinda worried I’d somehow spill that too. I’m, I’m sorry. I just really like talking with you.” She smiles shyly, “you’re my favorite vampire.”
Dead air, then “you really want to make it up to me with another drink?”
“Yes!” Aubrey sits up, hopeful.
“Even if the drink isn’t coffee?”
“Sure it, it can be whatever you want.”
A hungry purr that makes Aubrey reach for her trusty vibrating wand, “In that case, don’t go anywhere.”
“What? But you’re-”
The line goes dead. Aubrey stares at it, frowning. What is she supposed to do now? Did they get disconnected accidentally? Should she just call back?
She shoves the toy back in the drawer, paces back and forth between the kitchen counter and the table where her cards and flashpaper are strewn about, unsure whether she should make dinner, practice, try to get off, or just give up on everything and go to bed.
From his hutch in the corner, Dr. Harris Bonkers honks, thumps his feet in alarm, then turns his bugged-out eyes on Aubrey and thumps again as if to say, “what the fuck, why aren’t you heeding my warning?”
“Aww, it’s okay buddy. Is that cat on the fire escape again?” She looks out the window, finds nothing but some mist. Mist that’s hovering on her tiny balcony and no one elses. She blinks.
Honeysuckle is standing on the other side of the glass; she’s wearing a loose green tank top and grey yoga pants, golden hair taking on the tint of the nearby streetlights. She gives a demure wave as Aubrey throws the back door open.
“Holy fuck I thought the vampire thing was just, like, a gimmick.”
A shrug, “There’s more humans than vampires working the line, but some of us are the real deal. I know a few vampires who do it because it lets them work nights and keep an actually nocturnal schedule. But some of us do it as a side job and go out during the day. Which means we see cute girls in coffee shops who we think we might ask out who then spill drinks on us.”
“Aw beans. Wait, were you checking me out for real.”
“Uh huh. You must have been doing something super interesting on your phone to not notice.”
Aubrey resolves to delete Candy Crush immediately.
“Um, so, not that I’m not happy to see you again, but like how did you find my house?”
“We can trace numbers on our end. It’s a security thing; back when the line started some hunters kept trying to use it to go after vampires, so we needed to know where calls were coming from.”
“Blegh, that sucks.”
“Yeah, not my favorite.” She flutters her eyelashes, “any chance I could come in?”
“Absolutely, uh, here” she holds the door--which has no risk of closing without a lot of force--so the vampire can step into the apartment.
“Do I, um, should I still just call you what I always have?”
Golden eyes look her up and down hungrily, “Dani is fine.” Then she squeaks, “ooooh, hi there little guy, can I say hi? Oop, okay, some other time.” Dani smiles as the rabbit ducks into his covered box, “animals can be kind of skittish around me at first. Which makes sense.” When she turns to look at Aubrey, her fangs are visible.
“Hooboy that’s, that’s, uh-”
Dani steps back, “I can back off. I just, um, I thought since we’re both into each other and you were, um, already in the mood for some lovebites maybe we could -”
“NoItotallywantto!” Aubrey grabs her hand, pulling her towards the bedroom, “sorry, the fangs are apparently an insta-horny button in my brain.”
“Good to know” Dani spins her by her shoulders and pushes her back onto the bed, fangs now on full display, “take your clothes off, fireblossom.”
Aubrey thanks herself from two hours ago for changing into her pajamas so she doesn’t have much to rid herself of. When she gets her shirt off, Dani is down to her underwear, green boyshorts showing off her legs and completely distracting Aubrey from any unwelcome self-consciousness.
“Mmmmmm” Dani crawls onto the bed with her, “I thought you were cute before but fuck, you look incredible like this.”
“Thanks” Aubrey’s breath catches as Dani bumps their noses together, “can, can I kiss you?”
She raises up on her elbows, mapping Dani’s mouth with her own. Aubrey’s kissed plenty of people in her life, and there have only been a few where the gesture felt like coming home, like she was slotting against a body that was meant to be with hers. All of those pale in comparison to the way Dani’s body seems to meld with hers. She gasps when the vampire cups her right breast, teasing the nipple with her thumb as she eases Aubrey all the way down. Her other hand finds her face, traces from there to the base of her neck, touches moving from light to sharp as she curves her nails down her skin.
When the fangs scrape her sternum she moans. Dani snickers against her, kisses and nuzzles her way down her chest, sighing when Aubrey threads her fingers into her hair.
“So, my pretty snack, what were you going to ask me for when you called?”
“I, I was kinda hoping we’d talk about you eating me out.”
A kiss above her belly button, “I was hoping you’d say that.”
“OhgoodOH, ohfuck” she opens her legs wider as Dani dips her head between them, “ahhhn, please, a little higher, ohfuck, god.” Her hips twitch as Dani sucks her clit. There’s a muffled laugh as two fingers tease her cunt.
“Wow, you really do like the fangs.”
“I mean yeah, but that’s more because you’re really hotOH, ohyesfuckthat’sgood.” She moans as Dani presses two fingers in, stroking and rubbing in time with the vampire’s increasingly wanton groans.
“Fuck, Aubrey, that’s it, you look so pretty like this, be a good girl and cum for me.”
“Trying” Aubrey squeaks as Dani laves her tongue across her clit and curls her fingers inside her, “fuck, right there, yeah, ohyes, that, just like that.” She squeezes her eyes shut, clinging to Dani’s head and to the hand gripping her thigh. When she cums it’s intense enough that she’s terrified she’s going to kick Dani accidentally, but the vampire simply holds her thighs down, lapping at her until her moans die down.
“Uh huh?”
“You still owe me a drink. Whatever I want, remember?”
“Yeah? Oh, oh fuck yeah.” She squirms in excitement as Dani drops to the floor and pulls Aubrey towards her until she’s able to hook her knees over her shoulders.
Dani pushes stray hairs from her face, “If you start feeling lightheaded, tell me okay?”
Aubrey gives a thumbs up, winces at how dorky it is, then giggles when Dani cranes forward to kiss it.
The vampire kisses a line from her right knee to her inner thigh, sighing loudly when she noses a certain patch of skin.
Fangs sink into her skin and Aubrey clamps her hands over her mouth to avoid waking the neighbors. It’s a sharp, precise pain, flooding her body with the urge to lay back and let Dani take her fill. Then the teeth retreat and Dani’s tongue takes their place, licking the red rivulets and moaning as she sucks at the punctured skin.
“Such a perfect snack.” Dani looks up at her, heavy-lidded and scarlet-mouthed.
“Dani” Aubrey reaches for her, not sure what she’s even asking for.
The vampire takes her hand, rubs it against her cheek, “Does it still feel okay?”
“It feels so good.”
Dani smiles, turns her head to pierce the left thigh, Aubrey moaning weakly as she drinks from her. The moan is echoed, and when she manages to lift her head she sees Dani’s hand is not between her own legs.
“Oh god that’s hot.”
The vampire grins at her, “I get dinner, you get a show. It’s perfect.”
Aubrey watches her lick the bites until they cease bleeding, her moans pitching higher as she fucks herself, getting off on the taste of Aubrey’s blood-tinted skin. Then she tenses, tipping her head back, fangs glinting in the light from the windows, and gasps Aubrey’s name as she cums.
Then a blonde head rests on her knee. Aubrey sits up, Dani’s hair as they catch their breath.
“I, um, I should clean you up. Do you have band-aids?”
Dani stands, cheeks much pinker than before, and returns a minute later with the Pokemon band-aids that Aubrey bought solely for the Charizard ones. She wipes her legs with a warm hand towel, gently pats the bandages into place, stealing giddy glances at Aubrey the entire time.
“You know that fucking ruled, right?” Aubrey rests her head on her shoulder when Dani joins her on the bed.
“Glad you liked it, fireblossom. Can’t believe I’m lucky enough that the hottest human I’ve met in years has a thing for vampires.
“Pretty sure I just have a thing for you. Which, um, I mean this can totally stay casual but, um, do you want to go out sometime?”
Dani nods, leans in for another kiss. She must have borrowed Aubrey’s mouthwash, since she tastes of mint instead of iron.
“I’d love to, Aubrey. But, um, let’s avoid coffee shops for awhile?”
“Good plan.”
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thewriterinbeskar · 2 years
Mand’alor haar Babur Ch. 1
This story was originally written based on the wonderful idea that Plo Koon survives Order 66, but has strayed wildly. While the story bounces between Plo’s situation and Ahsoka’s, it centers on found family as a whole and explores some families I would have loved to see. Strap in for some Father-Daughter Plo and Ahsoka, Mand’alor Ahsoka, and So Much More. Credit to @lychgate for putting this wonderful idea out into the universe.
Rating: Teen+
Pairings: Plo Koon/Adoption (There are a ton of platonic and parental pairs though! Found Family is a right not a luxury!)
Chapter Summary: Jedi Master Plo Koon barely survives Order 66. Confused by the actions taken by his boys, Koon must find a way to save both his sons and himself.
[Read on AO3]
Jedi Master Plo Koon has never been more thankful for his thick Kel Dor skin than he is right now. He pulls himself from his wrecked fighter, and his head swims with the death radiating through the force. He needs to leave. He goes to stand, to push himself upright against the rocky cliff he’s crashed into, but he falls to the left. He reaches out in vain to steady himself, but his arm isn’t there to catch him. He looks down, finally registering the knarled edge of what was once his arm.
He doesn’t feel the pain because of the shock, but the burning sensation of oxygen in his blood tells him that he’ll have to get it looked at sometime soon. For now, he worries about his boys. There was no reason for them to shoot him down. He could feel their turmoil through the force, their panic hidden beneath their stoicism as they fired, as they watched him fall to Cato Neimoidia’s surface.
He reaches out to them, mind quiet as he finds Wolffe, who is somewhere on the ground with the rest of the Pack. The commander is calm in a way that feels wholly unnatural; stiff. Plo clings to Wolffe’s force signature, not wanting to raid the man’s mind but needing to influence him. He needs Wolffe to work with him.
Plo reaches out again, this time reaching deeper into his commander’s consciousness, but something blocks their bond. Plo is left with an empty feeling, as if Wolffe is locked away in his own head. Instead, it’s just the idea of traitorous Jedi bouncing around the clone’s skull. Plo sighs. He has two options: flee or confront his commander.
He knows it’s safer to leave, to find somewhere to hide before he dies from Oxygen poisoning, but Wolffe is his. Wolffe is his son, and so are the rest of the Wolfpack, and Plo can’t imagine going on without them. Plo pushes back a wave of pain, making up his mind. He’s going to try to save his boys; it’s the least he can do.
Making his way down the pillar of stone is difficult with one arm, but not impossible. Plo’s claws work well against the tough rock, but as he settles lower into the atmosphere, the slight increase in oxygen is making his arm burn like sithspit. Plo groans as he looks down at the city beneath. His vision swims and he takes a deep breath, trying to be silent and avoid whatever search party that may have been sent out to confirm his death.
For a moment, he wonders if his mangled arm is enough to convince his boys that he’s dead, that he died in the crash and their job was done, but Plo is conflicted. If the pack thinks he’s dead, he can escape without encountering them, but then he will lose his chance to speak with them and see what’s wrong. A wave of dizziness forces Plo to refocus on his descent. He’s almost at the bottom, where he can see the Wolfpack waiting for him already. He reaches out to them with the force, praying that they’ve fought off whatever is controlling them, but he can feel the echoing emptiness in all of them.
Wolffe is holding them off, but they’re all pacing as if they’re waiting for their commander to order Plo’s death.
“Commander Wolffe,” Plo says as gracefully as he can manage, stepping away from the pillar to face the commander.
“Jedi Master Plo Koon. You have been found guilty of treason against the Republic and the Chancellor. For this, you will be killed.” Wolffe said, helmet off and brow furrowed.
“Then why haven’t you killed me already?”
Wolffe smirks, as do Sinker and Boost.
“Well, sir. The Wolf Pack has always been one for a hunt.”
The words send a chill down  Plo’s spine. The Hunt had started as a game, a way for Plo’s boys to blow off steam while training to go up against dark force users after word of Master Krell’s betrayal made its rounds. The boys would give Plo a five-minute head start before hunting him down and playfully tackling him. This time, The Hunt wouldn’t be so playful. This time, the game would only end when Plo died.
Wolffe raised a neat, smug brow. “You have one minute, Koon. Make use of it.”
Plo dashes off before Wolffe can even finish his sentence. This isn’t a game anymore, his sons aren’t playing, so Plo has to treat this as seriously as possible. He goes towards the less populated areas, not wanting to hurt any civilians or draw too much attention to himself.
All too quickly, Plo can hear troopers following him. He tries to lose them by diving between buildings, but his boys know how to track him. Plo’s overwhelming fear leads him on a minutes-long run to the very edge of town. There are only a few homes here. Ahead of him, a man hops off his speederbike to run inside, and Plo thanks the force when he notices the bike is now on and unattended.
He hisses as he presses forward, gripping his arm as he gets ready to jump on the bike and take off to safety. Suddenly, the burning sting of a blaster bolt hitting his skin registers. The force of the shot is what sends him falling onto his face. Before he can get back up, he is surrounded by the Pack.
He rises to his knees, ready to die, when Wolffe stops his men.
“I’ll do it myself,” Wolffe orders. The rest of the Wolfpack backs off, leaving the commander and general alone.
“Wolffe, please,” the Kel Dor begs as Wolffe steps up to him. The Jedi knows he could overpower his son and escape, but the idea of hurting Wolffe leaves a rancid taste in Plo’s mouth. So instead he begs.
Wolffe raises an eyebrow and scoffs, “What was that?”
“Please, Wolffe. I’m not sure what is wrong with you, but you must snap out of it. I thought...” Plo pauses, taking a step towards Wolffe, “I thought we were family.”
Wolffe takes a step back and barks out a laugh, the sound so different from his usual scoff. “Family? With you? You Jedi used us like slaves and then turned on the Republic! I stand with my brothers, with the Republic, and if that means you have to die for your crimes, so be it.”
Wolffe reaches for his blaster and Plo barely gets any time to think. Is this Wolffe revenge for how the Republic treated the clones? What is going on?  Plo needs to figure this out if he’s going to save his boys, but if he dies, he’ll never be able to.
Against his own heart, Plo reaches out to the force and sends Wolffe flying back into the side of a building. The impact shouldn’t be enough to seriously hurt the Commander, simply knock the wind out of him
“I am so sorry, Wolffe. I will come back to save you, I promise you that,” he says as he stands. Plo hops on the speederbike and zooms down the street, ignoring the shouts of civilians and clones alike. His eyes dart around as he makes his way back to the populated side of town, and Plo lets out a breath of relief as he spots a boarding transport.
Not wanting to get caught, Plo abandons the bike, pulls his hood over his head, and wraps himself in the force. He moves through the plaza unseen, save for the locals who brush up against him. A wave of his hand keeps the transport conductor from asking for his ticket.
Plo sighs, tucks himself into a dark corner of the ship, and checks his mask as he leans back in his seat. His stump is swollen and almost bubbling as his blood reacts to the oxygen around him, and Plo tries to think of something that would help. He has been a Jedi for over 300 years, he has to remember some sort of healing technique.
Alone in his corner, Plo racks his brain until he remembers something. Force healing was a transfer of one’s force to the person they were healing, but he had never learned to use the technique to help himself. It felt almost selfish to think of it that way, using the force to heal himself instead of healing another, but he would have to if he wanted to survive, if he wanted to save the Wolfpack. It shouldn’t be too different from healing someone else. Plo would pull the force into himself as he always would, but maybe he can funnel the energy into his arm rather than out into another person.
He leans back, falling into a meditative state as he attempts to heal himself. Hopefully, he’ll get some rest as well.
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Chronicles of Galar - Chapter 2 Part 2: A little adventure with Leon
Here is the Leon-fluffy part of the chapter. Because now that you want to show him Alola, many funny stuff awaits you. And even manages to bring you to closer to the handsome champion.
For the rest of the flight was a pleasant and exuberant mood, while you two talked about all kinds of things. You learned more about the local Pokemon and Leon has already been educated a little about the customs in Alola. In fact, you were so absorbed in your conversations that you didn't even notice that the Corviknight taxi had already landed. It was only when the taxi driver knocked on the window of the gondola when both of you noticed that they were no longer in the air.
"Huh? Are we there yet? ", You asked astonished and blinked. You took out your smartphone to check the time. Indeed. The flight started 4 hours and 13 minutes ago. "Time passed by in a flash, Haha.", Leon smiled and got out of the gondola to offer you his hand. You let him pull you out of the somewhat high vehicle and you both thanked the taxi driver. “If you want to go back to Galar, here in Alola, Charizard will be used for transportation. However, if you are interested in the Corviknight taxi, just let us know and we will send a taxi to you. However, you have to calculate the flight time there too, ”the older man explained.
“Haha, thank you, we'll be happy to take the Corviknight taxi again. As someone who owns a charizard, I do not want to make these wonderful creatures have to carry someone like me. Especially over this distance. ", Leon laughed and waved him off. The taxi driver nodded and said goodbye to both of you as he took the taxi back to Galar. "So .. We are now in Alola. And what do we do now? “, The purple-haired male wanted to know and curiously put his hands on his hips. He was curious to find out what his spontaneous kidnapper had planned for the two of them.
“Well, first of all we have to get Alola ready. We sweat ourselves to death with our clothes on at these temperatures. Unfortunately, I left my Alola Vulpix with father in the laboratory, which could refresh us with its ice. ", You mused. "I could offer Mr. Rime," Leon suggested with a smile. You giggled lightly, then waved your hand. “I don't think that will be necessary. We will find out why. Now let's pay a visit to Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet first. ", You said and you made your way through Hau'oli City to the Pokemon Laboratory.
It was a very tranquil island with a very exotic flora that Leon only knew from books. Most of the Pokemon, such as the rock Pokemon Rockruff, he had never seen before.
Your gaze fluctuated to her companion from time to time, as he often turned around his heel in astonishment and let out an 'Ah' and 'Oh' every now and then, which caused you to laugh softly. “You can be impressed quite quickly, right? After all, Galar has a beautiful piece of nature too with his Wild Area. ", You teased him and pushed your elbow gently into the side of the sturdy man. Leon laughed embarrassed and scratched his cheek. "Yes, but it's kind of .. different. This sea air is so refreshing and all the new Pokemon .. I feel like I'm 10 again and have just started my journey, "he then admitted with a laugh. "That makes me happy. To be honest, I felt the same way when I first visited this region. Alola is just beautiful. “, You agreed happily and the two looked at each other briefly in the eyes with a satisfied smile before you arrived at the laboratory. Kukui sat there with his wife and his now 2-year-old son, Kemiri *. Kemiri played with two Rockruffs and had his face licked with a giggle. Burnet was basking in the sun and seemed to be dozing, for she was oblivious to the visitors. Only Kukui blinked and then looked up. "Oh? We have visitors. “, He said and woke up his wife Burnet. The white-haired professor took off her sunglasses and looked at the two young people before smiling and standing up. "[Y/n] ..?! How nice that you are coming to visit us! And you grew up, child. ", Burnet began and ran up to you to hold you close like a worried mother. "Um .. I was here when I was 18 .. I haven't grown anymore.", You sighed softly and returned the sweeping embrace. "Of course you can! I can clearly see your maturity, as if you had used Growth several times. You've been around a lot since you've been here, haven't you? ", Kukui then remarked when his wife finally let go of you. "I guess I have.", You smiled and then leaned down to the little Kemiri. “Your little one is cute too. I haven't even seen him yet. As far as I can remember, you were in the second month when I left, right? Is he talking already? ", You wanted to know. "Yes! He can already say  dad! Come on, Kemiri! Say it !! ”, Kukui grinned and proudly lifted his son. The little boy just blinked several times and looked around. "... You know that you can do it ..Say daddy ..", Kukui tried again. His answer was again embarrassed silence until you began to giggle. "He can do it, I swear ..!"
"I believe you.", You laughed and didn't notice at first that you hadn't even introduced your companion. Burnet got ahead of you, however. She looked Leon up and down, which was no wonder considering his strange outfit.
“And what a handsome boy you brought with you. You have my respect. Are you here on your honeymoon? ", The white-haired woman asked with a grin. The young couple blushed again, not alone because someone had mistaken this trip for your honeymoon again. "N-No, that's very different. Um, we're not a couple. This is Leon. He is the champion of Galar. Professor, you ought to know him. You were at the last WorldChampion Cup, weren't you? “, you asked perplexed. "... There is a World Champion Cup?"
You put your hand over your face. That was just so typical of Kukui .. ".. Hahaha. I was just joking. I heard from you, Leon. They say you haven't been defeated once in your region for 10 years, ”Kukui said and shook hands with Leon. Leon smiled and gladly accepted the gesture of greeting. "That's correct. And are you a part-time champion? That is remarkable. “, He praised the older man. “Oh, we don't have that many children who do Island Challenges. That's why my dear husband has a lot of time to pursue his stupid hobbies. ", Burnet waved off with a grin. "Stupid hobbies?" Leon blinked. "For example, as a masked wrestler in Battle Royale ...", Burnet added. “Harsh words for someone who hugs posters and large cuddly pillows with the masked wrestler's faces. You're the biggest fan of 'Mask Royale'. ", You winked and Kukui looked surprised at his wife, who was now sunken in shame. "H-How do you know that ..?" Burnet wanted to know. “You told me yourself when we had a drink with Selene *, Olivia and Mallow in a bar before my league match. You were so tipsy that you trumpeted in front of everyone in the bar that you wanted to marry Mask Royale. And as we know, you have that too in the end. ", You added, whereupon Kukui had to laugh. "Oh, I see. I didn't even know that my wife is my biggest fan too. ", He teased her and Burnet rolled her eyes briefly, but then had to laugh too. “You are sure to be hungry when you come from Galar. Join us for lunch and enjoy a delicious Malasada with us. "
"Mala-what?" Leon asked.
“Oh, you will definitely like it! It's a delicious dessert and Alola's specialty! ", You said and dragged your companion into Kukuis home.
You talked at the dining table while you ate the desserts. Among other things, Kukui and Burnet also learned how this "spontaneous vacation" had come about and immediately had to laugh again. “So, you're still so impulsive and spontaneous. You even went out to free the Vulpix from Team Skull's clutches back then , even though you only had Popplio with you. That was very risky and you had to listen to a proper sermon from Hala after he had praised you for your courage. ", Kukui thought. "Your Vulpix was captured by an evil organization?" Leon asked. He remembered how afraid it was of him when they first met in the Slumbering Weald.“That explains its behavior towards Charizard and me. What happened to the poor thing? ”He wanted to know. “When Selene and I visited Paniola Town, because I wanted to see the Paniola Ranch, we overheard a Vulpix being followed by a group of thugs. It looked very battered and to be honest .. also hurt. Because it dragged one of its hind legs afterwards .. “, while telling the story it became quiter at the table and Leon also stiffened a bit. How could humans do such bad things to Pokemon? He just didn't get it. “We followed the guys unobtrusively until they cornered the Vulpix. They just wanted to paralyze it with their poison pokemon and get ready so that it no longer struggled. Then I intervened. " "I would have intervened as well .. did you threw Popplios Pokeball at them?" Leon asked. "No .. I think my thinking mechanism must have stopped at the time, because I threw myself in front of Vulpix and took a Venoshock attack that targeted Vulpix."
"I BEG YOUR PARDON?! Do you realize that poison attacks can also be fatal for humans? ", Leon's question was a bit loud at first, but of course he understood that you only wanted to protect the Vulpix. He would probably have acted exactly the same in such a situation. "I told you, my brain switched itself off when my feet started moving .. I also didn't notice much what happened afterwards, because everything went black. I got so dizzy and I must have lost my consciousness from the poison .. ", you continued. Kukui then cleared his throat to get attention. “Selene contacted me. We, Hala and I, made our way to them. After [Y/n] was hit by the attack, the Team Skull members had fled because they thought that a murder trial was about to begin. They thought she was dead. After Selene told us [Y/N] had been hit by a Venoshock attack, I asked my wife to get an antidote elixir from Mallow. Mallow is an island captain in Alola, who is responsible for examining people on their island challenge. You can compare her with a gym leader. In any case, Mallow is experienced with herbal Pokemon and can make medicines from many herbs. Of course, also against Pokemon poisons that have affected humans. We arrived in time to give [Y/n] the antidote.“ “When I woke up, I was in a small room in Paniola Town where Kukui had taken me. You can imagine that I had to listen to how inconsiderate it was. ", You smiled. “It was. But .. you did it for a Pokemon. Just .. don't try to jeopardize your life so carelessly in the future, okay? ”Leon scolded you calmly. "I'll try.", You laughed defensively and raised both hands. “But enough talked about old stuff. After lunch, we'll stock up on beach clothes from the boutique and go to the beach for Mantine surfing, ”you said then. "Mantine surfing?", Now Leon was curious and grateful about the change of subject. “One of the biggest attractions in Alola. It's so much fun, you'll see! ”You promised him. Kukui and Burnet watched the couple in silence, then giggled at each other. "I bet 3000 poke dollars that they're married until next year." Burnet grinned. "Deal."
"Did you say something, Professor?" You asked. "No everything is fine. We hope you enjoy surfing. You're lucky, the weather today is perfect for some big waves. ", Kukui grinned and gave a thumbs up. After lunch, Leon and you thanked them for the hospitality and said goodbye to the permanently grinning professor couple as you made your way to the boutique to dress appropriately for the water adventure.
After you provided yourself with swimwear, a large beach blanket, a parasol, an inflatable beach volleyball, snorkel and fins for diving, as well as a neoprene suit for maximum safety when Mantine surfing, you could finally go to the beach. Leon was eager to plunge into the waters. In fact, he hadn't been that relaxed in years, as Rose kept sending him from one appointment to the next. There wasn't much time for relaxing and have some free time, which is why he became more and more grateful to you and his mood was also much happier than usual.
When you got to the beach, you set up a nice place for yourselves with the parasol and the large blanket, with a good view of the wide sea. Leon set up the parasol while you put a picnic basket on the blanket with small sandwiches and drinks that you had previously prepared with Burnet. Yes, today both of you were allowed to have a good time.
However, you had to admit relatively quickly that you couldn't really concentrate on explaining Mantine surfing to Leon when you stood with him in front of the Mantine rental. Due to his physique, you were already aware that he had to have a six-pack, but seeing so much bare skin through his swim shorts was different than simply relying on your imagination and just guessing how he would look underneath his clothes. His muscular chest shone in the sun, and his abdominal muscles twitched slightly when he stretched to warm up. Leon noticed your look at some point and blinked. "Uhm, weren't you about to explain to me what you have to watch out for while surfing?" He began, waking you out of your trance. You blinked several times and felt caught. You had stared at him longer than you wanted ... Leon was definitely a very handsome man and his personality was in no way inferior to his looks ... "Err .. Yeah, I'm sorry. Surfing itself is less of a normal sport here in Alola. It's art. Because you can perform various tricks on the Mantine while you ride the waves and avoid obstacles like buoys or wild water pokemon. ”, You explained, after you cleared your throat. "Mhm, but Mantine are not exactly big and strong. I guess this sport seems to be more suited towards kids and slim women. The Mantine would carry you with ease. But me .. ”, Leon stopped you and crossed his arms. "Ah, don't worry about that, buddy.", the man from the mental station interrupted him. - You already prepared Leon on the flight that Alola villagers speak to strangers in a friendly manner and call them buddy as it was normal. You were formal with Kukui though, although of course he had offered you being less formal too, but you were just too polite for that. After all, he was still a Pokemon professor. “Of course, we also have bred Mantine in all sizes. We crossed the Mantine with Wailord to breed larger specimens. And with success. Just take a look at this darling here .. ”, the lender began and showed you a male Mantine with a diameter of about five and a half meters. "Woah ?! It's gigantic compared to normal Mantine! ”Leon breathed in amazement and stepped closer to the water. "May I touch it?" He asked like a child in a petting zoo. "Go ahead, the Mantine are all tamed, otherwise you could hardly ride them.", the lender nodded and you had to giggle again at Leon's manner. This man was really unique. He looked beefy and strong, but had the disposition of a large teddy bear. You thought it was a good mix. Leon knelt over the railing to the Pokemon and held out his hand. The Mantine sniffed at him and then greeted the purple-haired man with a shout. "Maaan." “That would be your Mantine when you're here for surfing. Of course I have a smaller one for the petite young lady. ”, The lender explained and got another Mantine, a female that was about two meters long. "That makes 500 poke dollars for an hour." "Understood. We would like two hours, please. I'll pay. ", You said and got your wallet, which you had taken with you. "And then I would like a few more berries for the Mantine."
"Alright. You really like Sitrus Berry . "
"Then I would like a bag full of Sitrus Berrys ."
Leon let you pay involuntarily, because it was your idea and he had to admit to his shame that he hadn't taken any money with him. After all, it was a spontaneous trip and Leon had nothing with him except his Pokemon. Now that all formalities had been clarified, it was finally time to go into the refreshing water to see the Pokemon. Before that, the two of you had to put on your neoprene suits over your bathing suits, because such a wave ride also resulted in unintentional immersion in the waves and the neoprene protected you from the cold of icy currents from the northern parts of Alola that could find their ways to all islands. You were the first to get into the water because you showed Leon how to sit on the Mantine properly. “You can sit, kneel or stand, whichever is most comfortable for you. Though you have more control over your balance to make it clear to the Mantine in which direction it should turn, when you are standing.“ you explained and decided on a standing position when you took the reins of the saddle in your hand. “We shouldn't swim too far from the beach. It's best to only take the smaller waves. Especially since it's your first time too. ", You commented. "Not for you?" Leon asked, trying to take a standing position as well. Unfortunately, it was easier thought than done and the big, strong man stumbled on the Mantine to both sides until he lost his balance and fell into the water. "No. When I was here I rode the waves on Mantine almost every day. It's also the most effective way to get from one island to the next. Alola consists of four main islands and countless uninhabited secondary islands. ”, You explained and suppressed a giggle at Leon's clumsiness. The purple-haired man emerged and spat out the salt water before attempting to mount the Mantine again. "You love water, am I right?" He asked with a smile and tried to keep his balance in a sitting position. That seemed to work better. "Maybe. Even as a child, I loved swimming. My mother never got me out of the bathtub because I could have just kept splashing for hours, ”You admitted with a laugh. “When I was with Cynthia, we dived in front of Sootopolis City for the first time when we were in Hoenn. That was an awesome experience. “, You smiled and reminisced. "And despite this love you didn't become a pure water trainer?", Leon smiled and patted the Mantine after he had found a good balance. "Well, my signature Pokemon has water as its second type, does that count?" You replied with a grin and Leon laughed slightly. "I think that's okay.", He joked and the Mantines started moving towards the first wave.
“There is already the first one! Hold on tight and don't try to play cool. ", You warned him and slightly repositioned yourself on Mantine to maneuver it to the wave. The Mantine seemed to understand what his rider wanted from him and began to swim to the current of the wave. Once there, it held one of its huge flippers in the current in order to have a safe position itself and to be carried by the wave. "Woah ..! I'm afraid I'm a little rusty after all .. ", You added, as you lost your footing due to the movements of Mantine. You tried to pull your body onto Mantine with all your strength, while your lower body was already in the freezing waters. "Hey, everything o-" Leon began, leaning to the side for a better look. What turned out to be a treacherous beginner mistake among surfers. "No, don-", too late for your call, because the next wave surprised Leon's mantine and due to the collision with the masses of water, he fell into the water too. "Leon ..!" You shouted, worried and let go of your Mantine so you could dive for Leon. Before you could take a breath and go under the water, however, Leon emerged in front of you, coughing slightly. "Is that also part of the instruction, Ms. Teacher?" He asked jokingly and you gave him a mindless look before you sighed in relief and had to laugh a little. “Well, that's a water sport. And if you haven't fallen off the surfboard at least 100 times while surfing, you've never really practiced the sport, haven't you? ”You smiled and the two of you floated in the sea, laughing. "Where are the Mantines?", Leon then asked and you looked around. "...Damn."
There was no longer a trace of the Mantine to be seen and  Melemele Island  could no longer be seen. The waves must have carried you further out than you had noticed. "Didn't the lender gave you a whistle with which you can call the Mantine in case they get lost on the way?", Leon remembered. You nodded and grabbed your neck, where you wore the whistle around your neck under your suit.
"Shit .. I must have lost it when I jumped after you ..", You sighed in frustration. "And now? We don't have our Rotom smartphones with us either and we can't make ourselves noticeable. And we shouldn't stay here too long either. Wild Sharpedos also attack humans because they think they are their prey. ", Leon then explained. "Wait!! We always have our pokeballs with us. The neoprene suits have brackets for the poke balls! Do you have a water pokemon? ”, You then asked. “Yes, Inteleon. The final stage of the water starter from our region. But I'm afraid he won't be able to carry us both back. ", Leon answered thoughtfully. “He doesn't need to carry us! Get Inteleon out of his Pokeball! ”You ordered. Leon nodded slightly and grabbed the pokeball as he freed the large lizard pokemon from its prison, which minimized it in data. "So what now?" He wanted to know. You smiled and picked up a red Love ball. "Now just watch.", You said and took the Pokemon out of the ball. It was a beautiful mermaid-like Pokemon, which had features of a seal and a human woman. Her long blue hair was parted with pearl necklaces and her little red nose was vaguely reminiscent of a clown. "What kind of Pokemon is that? It's ... beautiful, "Leon commented curiously and Inteleon also uttered a few calls of approval when it saw the unknown Pokemon. “That is the signature Pokemon I told you about. Primarina. Primarina, that's Leon and Inteleon. ”, You then introduced your Primarina to the others. “We'll have time to get to know each other later. Primarina, can you use Sparkling Aria  among us and - "
"Wait a minute, doesn't that attack heat the water until it boils?" Leon interruped you, shocked. “Now wait, that's exactly why we need your Inteleon for! It's supposed to keep the foam away from us with a combo of Snipe Shot  and Soak. When Primarinas attack heats the waves, they evaporate into the air. The waves pull the steam up so high that it should be seen from the coast - and maybe even as far as the Pokemon Laboratory. Do you know a better SOS signal in our situation? ", You explained your plan and Leon shook his head slightly. “You see! So you two, are you doing us this favor? "
“Water vapor is transparent. I don't think you can see that from a distance ... ”Leon mused as he went through the plan again in his mind. You started to grin. “That's why Primarina then uses Fairy Wind on the steam. This is a fairy attack that gives the water vapor a pink glow. With that they can definitely see us. ", You said and Primarina nodded before she started to use the attacks. With Soak, the boiling hot water flowed around both of you and your Pokemon while the Snipe Shot changed the flow. Inteleon shot into the waves, creating a kind of flow of energy with which the Sparkling Aria could flow up the wave and heat itself to the boiling point. As a result, the salt water evaporated within seconds and when the steam rose, Primarina breathed in a Fairy Wind, which laid a pink veil over the water vapor and it actually shone in the sky.
Leon opened his mouth. It was almost as overwhelming as a gigantamax and he could only watch in amazement as the steam rose higher and higher and spread over them like a blanket of clouds. "If we don't attract attention now, then I don't know either." He laughed and You patted Primarina and Inteleon to praise them for their attacks. "I know? You both did really great. ", You said and Leon swam to you to pet the Pokemon as well and to express his praise.
About 20 minutes later, a motorboat drove to your direction. You were holding onto Primarina afloat and Leon holding onto Inteleon when Kukui and two Coast Guard men picked you up. On board, you told them what had happened and that you had lost the two Mantine. “Ah, I spoke to the manager. Today, there was probably an apprentice at the rental who did not yet know that the two Mantine that were given to you were in their mating season. All Mantine migrate north to the unmanned islands while mating. Because they can raise their younglings there in peace. In order to prevent the breeding Mantine from disappearing, they are placed in a breeding tank. These two shouldn't have been accessible anymore. ", Kukui explained. "Oh no. Then 2 breeding Mantine ran away because of us .. “, You sighed, but Kukui waved it off. “Don't worry about that. The breeding Mantine currently follow their nature, but they are also loyal partners Pokemon to the operator of the stand. After the breeding season is over, they will come back with their babies, ”he explained, which made you sigh in relief. "Thank God.", you sighed and dropped to the floor. That was not how you had imagined the end of the excursion. Leon sat down next to you and gave a soft laugh. “That was a little adventure. But that was amazing how you solved our problem, how did you come up with the steam idea so quickly? ”He wanted to know. "Uhm .. I was lucky, I think ..", you laughed uncertainly and scratched your cheek. Leon blinked and then heard amused laughter from the other side. Kukui. “Because this sea rescue is by no means the first. We were allowed to pick up [Y/n] at least 15 times from the sea between the islands, and even three times from the unmanned islands, because she had gone so far with the Mantine that even the trained water Pokemon could no longer orientate, ”he said teasingly . "Professor .. You shouldn't have reminded me of that ..", You sighed ashamed and put both hands in your face to hide your embarrassment. Then you heard a masculine laugh next to you. "That's not funny," you said to Leon.
The purple-haired man put his hand over his mouth and stifled another snort. "Excuse me. I only found the performance so wonderful when you raved about it half the flight and stated how good you were at Mantine surfing. And then such stories come to light. It's just .. cute. ", He uttered the last sentence a little quietly, but you still understood him and blushed briefly. Did he actually just call you cute ..?!
"So .. just for your information .. I just lost my way because I had so much fun surfing and then spontaneously swam somewhere. My spontaneous nature is nothing negative. We owe it to her that we got to know each other. ", You protested and crossed your arms with a slight pout. Leon stopped his amusement and then smiled at you. “That is correct. And without you, I wouldn't have this relaxing day on vacation. Thank you very much for that. ", He said then placed his hand on your shoulder in a friendly way to give you a slightly affectionate squeeze. He probably expressed gratitude and also trust and loyalty to the person he touched. A circumstance that  honored you and could give back to him as well. You smiled too now and put your own hand on his. "You don't need to thank me. I'm glad that I could help. And besides, I missed Alola. ", You confessed to him. “I can understand why. It is a paradise. And I think Primarina is your absolute favorite Pokemon right? ", He asked knowingly, teasingly. "H-How do you know that again?", You stuttered. Leon's smile turned into a grin and he took out his own Pokeball with Charizard. He looked at the ball and his gaze softened a lot. "Because Primarina ... looks a lot like you. You know .. Each partner Pokemon becomes similar to its trainer after a certain amount of time. Personality-wise, with the aura, his gestures, demeanor. Anything. And when the bond connects a Pokemon and its trainer so closely, these similarities are even more visible. When you got Primarina out of the ball .. I recognized you in her happy disposition. How gracefully she lifted her head and her hair waved in the sea breeze .. Her feminine demeanor during the attack. .. Everything about her somehow reminded me of you. Your band has to be very tight and you looked like a mermaid too in this neoprene suit. You are a suitable counterpart to Primarina, if I may say so. "
His words made you blush again. The things he said were true. He could tell all this from a single glance at Primarina? It was remarkable. This man was rightly the world champion. You laughed lightly and then picked up your Love Ball with Primarina. You hugged the ball to your chest where your heart was and closed your eyes. “You are right. Primarina and I have a special bond. I've fallen in love with her preliminary stages since I first saw them. I can't even say exactly why. ", You mumbled and then looked up. The sun was already setting and was just dipping behind the horizon by the sea. It looked like the sea was devouring the sun. “Fateful encounters can neither be explained nor influenced. After all, we are the best proof. ", Leon said and winked at you. You smiled and nodded again before you closed your eyes again and the last rays of the evening sun warmed your slightly hypothermic skin.
“I hate to tear you lovebirds out of your momentous discussion, but ... we are now back on the coast. You should put on something dry and look for a hotel. ”, Kukui spoke suddenly. "Of course you can also stay with us."
“Thanks for the offer, Professor. But .. Leon is a very busy man in Galar. One day is actually enough to kick off a huge scandal in Galar that the "unbeatable champion" has disappeared without a trace. That's why we allowed ourselves exactly this one day here. We want to go straight back to Galar. ”, You explained. “But the Corviknight taxi takes four hours to get here. Then it's almost midnight. And we'll be back in Galar around 4 o'clock ... shouldn't we wait for the night? ", Leon asked thoughtfully. You put your index finger under your chin. “I guess you're right. Fine But we do call the taxi driver to ask that he send the taxi off so that he picks us up around 10 a.m. Then we can sleep in and even have breakfast.“ You offered, holding your hand to him. Leon laughed and accepted. "Sure, deal."
You spent the night with Kukui and Burnet. The laboratory, where the family lived, had enough guest rooms. The next morning Burnet also served the three of you a hearty Alola style breakfast, before you and Leon said goodbye to them shortly before 10:00 a.m. and got into the Corviknight taxi that was supposed to take you back to Galar. During the return flight, Leon thanked you about 30 times for this day of vacation and how much he had enjoyed it in Alola. The people were also very personable and he wouldn’t mind if he ever made another trip to Alola with you. You made a mental note of this and the two of you enjoyed a quiet flight to Galar. The champion gladly accepted the moral sermon that followed from Oleana and Rose and you could certainly claim that this little experience had strengthened the friendship between the two of you. What else would you expect in Galar in the future?
* Kemiri comes from Kemiri nut and is another name for the light walnut tree, from which Kukui's name is derived (because another name is the kukui nut) * Selene is the official name of the female protagonist from Sun / Moon
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