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Tumblr media
Objectober Day 4: Maple
Identity talks with your friend, the corpse :)
(please click for better quality!! rbs > likes!!)
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synthwave-set · 10 months
Anyone have any easy birthday ideas for headmates? Church’s birthday is tomorrow, and it wants to celebrate but not anything that requires actually doing much.
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deadeyecourier · 1 year
everybody look at my epic boyfriend!!! cor is so cool and i love corpse so much <333
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𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮
Tumblr media
pairing: corpse husband x afab!reader
summary: reader makes the bold move of posting a cover of 'something about you' directed towards a certain faceless man.
wc. 1.60k
Tumblr media
(𝐲/n) sighed for what felt like the millionth time that day, she was contemplating on wether to post the cover song on her platform or not.
she rubbed her hands on her eyes to rid her of any desperation and replayed the song once more.
in my room,
singing along with you
and my baby
you know that i got you
(y/n) closed her eyes as she leaned back on her gaming chair remembering every face-time call they've had just to listen to music. they'd simply sit and take in each other's presence, corpse' eyes would remain on his screen as he watched her write on her journal or feed her cats(or just breathe), his longing stares would always remain unnoticed seeing as every time (y/n) glanced at the camera she'd be met with the comforting sight of darkness—
not that she minded, she loved seeing his outline, she'd memorized it by how often they'd call just for (y/n) to go on with her day as corpse watched with soft music playing in the background.
it was a safe space for corpse to come to when he needed a small escape from reality, every second spent with her was a moment more where he truly felt happy.
hit the road
i'm taking off with you
not in a hurry
there's something about you
late night drives were the highlight of her day, (y/n) loved how either her or corpse would randomly jump into their car and drive up to the others place to pick them up. most of the time corpse would appear on her doorstep late at night when he couldn't sleep, he'd ask her to take a drive with him—usually with (y/n) driving since she preferred having corpse fall asleep mid song. it'd give her a peace of mind knowing he at least slept for a few minutes with her.
aside from his naps, the air around them would be filled with loud chuckles and spilling of secrets, they'd always have some sort of calming music in the background mostly consisting of piano or guitar. (y/n) could always tell he had the biggest smile on his face underneath his signature face mask, she loved to know he was happy because of her. she loved him.
he looks just like a dream
the prettiest boy i've never seen
from the cover of a magazine
(y/n)'s shaky hand lifted up to press pause once more. she took in a deep breathe, deciding to post it once and for all. what's the worse that could happen?
her fingers moved efficiently across the keyboard, matching black nails that she'd done with corpse clicking against the letters. ' something about you cover — for you, bear; the man i'm fucking in love with ' she'd type, using the same nickname she'd given the older man long ago. (y/n)'s mind drifted back to what this decision might cause, the pain, the loss. . .she took in a deep breathe allowing her mind to relax before allowing herself to upload the video—patience is all that was left.
the video didn't take long to upload, in fact in less then 10 minutes the video was up and running on her youtube—fans had already begun their attacks, many were already suspecting and other were painfully clueless. she received dms and tags on all of her social medias but none were from the man she wanted most.
a few fans began a chain on twitter, they pointed on the fact that she was wearing corpse's hoodie and the painfully obvious one which were the lyrics. (y/n) let out a sigh of relief, everyone was taking it somewhat okay and the weight was finally lifted from her sore shoulders.
the pretty girl lifted herself up from her desk to make her way over to her bed but before she could even move a muscle the familiar ringtone flared noisily through the air. she winced at the sudden noise but accepted her fate, and with a shaky hand she answered corpse's call.
heavy breathing filled the tense atmosphere that surrounded the pair, no one dared to say a word. "cor—"
"do you mean it." corpse's voice ripped through her like a cut to the heart and suddenly everything became much more realistic. there really was a chance she'd loose him.
"i mean it." (y/n)'s voice wavered slightly, she shut her eyes tightly waiting for his rejection to come but nothing came. his heavy breathing filled her thoughts before suddenly it disappeared, she snapped her eyes open only to see he'd ended the call. . she should have expected it, she shouldn't have done it. words of rejection filled her head, voices flared their thoughts around her and loud ringing made its way to her ears. she was dying. she couldn't do anything about it, she felt herself explode yet nothing had happened, she still remained in the quiet room, everything was in order.
(y/n) lifts her hand as if to delete the video but decides against it knowing that it'd cause problems among their fans.
an hour passed, she'd lost any and all hope she had.
two. suddenly she was hyperventilating, the song she'd sang so lovingly for her best friend played over and over again in the background. large, hot tears made their way down her face, leaving a wet trail in their wake. she sobbed and sobbed yet no one heard, her heart hurt inside of her chest, she didn't feel a thing. a knock ripped through the moody air and straight into her chest, she stood, hope evident in her dull eyes as she walked over to her door. she hesitated slightly, her hand pulled back to wipe away her tears and runny mascara.
corpse waited patiently outside of her door. he had paced around his room in the brinks of a panic attack, the only person that could help him through it wasn't there—he was in disbelief, he felt stupid for how he ended the call. he couldn't imagine how terrible she felt at that moment, he punched himself repeatedly, over and over. he couldn't say those simple fucking words over the phone. he needed to tell her. corpse had determinedly made his way over to her apartment.
the door creaked open only to uncover her, oh how he wished he came sooner.
her eyes were rimmed with red, purple ish bags were already forming underneath her eyes from all the stress she—he had put her through along with the furious scrubs of her sweater clad hands against her weak features.
he despised himself. the way he felt now seeing her in such a fragile state pained him to the rim. he wished only to make it right and hoped that he wouldn't make a fool out of himself for trying.
upon opening the door the weight on her heart multiplies, the man of her dreams stood a few inches away wearing the same stupid mask he wears out in public that she unknowingly adored.
(y/n) takes in a deep breathe while pacing along her thoughts for words.
"i- what're you doing here corpse?" her voice broke slightly off at the end and the man whom it was directed to winced.
"i had to come see you.." her eyes casted to her feet before she took a few steps back into the comfort of her home, allowing him to move in and shut the door behind him.
as if he were in a trance, corpse practically ripped his mask off along with his beanie, then throwing it somewhere in the room.
as if on instinct (y/n)'s eyes cast down to the floor, suddenly the small cracks seemed interesting. she felt the taller man walk up in front of her which caused her muscles to tense. "look at me." he demanded, yet his voice was far from stern and his hands which now rested on her cheeks were far too gentle.
her eyes slowly trailed up his figure until they finally met his eyes. she took her time in memorizing his perfect features. he was everything she's imagined him to be and much more.
the slight tremor in corpse hands didn't go unnoticed, she gently placed her own hands on top of his, uttering those three little words that had corpse flush like a little kid. "you're so gorgeous"
his hands moved swiftly and efficiently as he pressed her against his body. his back hunched over as he shoved his face in the crook of her neck. (y/n) gently stroked his back as he took her in, "d. . .did you mean it?"
"i-i did." she took in a huge breathe, her muscles slowly tensing underneath his weight and soon he was laughing. laughing.
she closed her eyes, heavy tears building up and piling over as she waited for his rejection. but it never came.
corpse moved away from her for a split second before his lips came crashing down to hers, the salty mix of both their tears caused them to smile and soon enough the contagious sound of laughter forced its way out of their throats and their lips were no longer able to meet.
corpse held her tight, and she held on just as tightly.
a childlike demeanor overcomes the darker male as he excitedly asks her to sing the song to him.
(y/n) nods with a loving smile on her face as she sits on the beanbag with her guitar.
corpse on the other hand has the widest smile he's ever had, his cheeks were almost strained and red from the amount of happiness he displayed for her, yet there he was,
asking her to play it again and again as he listened to her talking so lovingly about him.
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squidthing · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🎀 Nagito Komaeda names && prns !! Requested by 🎀🐾 anon . . ♡( ^ . ^ )
Clover / Klover
Clovette / Klovette
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Catch/ Corpse Husband x reader
Summary: You want to scare corpse. Thereby he catches you
Warnings: fluff
Words: 824
Corpse is sitting at his desk and is very concentrated in a round among us. Which is why he doesn't notice you sneaking into his streaming room.
You sneak up so close to him that you are standing right behind his chair. You stretch out your arms and are about to scare him when he suddenly turns his chair in your direction and grabs your wrists.
"What is this, my dear? Do you think I don't notice? I saw your reflection in the screen." Because you didn't expect it, you flinch.
You make a disappointed face and act as if it was the worst thing in the world that he caught you. "Oh man! Can't you pay a little less attention to your surroundings?" You shout and wriggle out of Corpse's grip.
You turn and run away. You hear Corpse hastily speaking into his mic, apologizing briefly, and then getting up from the chair. His footsteps come closer and closer.
You quickly run into the kitchen as Corpse enters. "Do you think you can escape me?" He says with an even deeper voice than usual and an evil glint in his eyes.
You run a little around the island that is in the middle of the kitchen.
Since you are behind it, Corpse now calmly steps to the other side of the kitchen island with a look that means 'I'm going to get you anyway'. So that he has the door behind him.
That means you have to manage to get Corpse once around the island so that you can run out the door and save yourself in the living room.
You twitch to the right for a moment, but then run to the left and stop just before you get around the island. Corpse thinks you want to run to the right, which is why he also wants to run there, but then he notices that you have changed direction and runs towards you.
You change direction and run away from him. Since Corpse is already very close to you, he makes no effort to change direction to intercept you in front of the door, but simply runs after you.
"Come here." Says Corpse in a calm tone and the still evil but also somehow attractive smile. Nevertheless, his deep voice makes this sentence even more frightening.
You hurriedly run around the kitchen island and towards the door. You reach the living room. In front of you the couch.
You skitter lightly across the floor as you run to your right. Corpse, who was so close behind you and apparently didn't think it necessary to slow down a bit, runs full speed at you and wraps his arms around your hips as you run.
A soft scream escapes your mouth as Corpse spins with you so that he lands on the couch first to lessen the impact for you. Besides, this way you don't have to carry his weight.
"Gotcha." Corpse mumbles into your neck, slightly out of breath. As he does, his arms wrapped around you pull you even closer to him. If that's even possible as close as you are pressed against him.
You let your head drop back and briefly let what just happened go through your mind. At the same time, you start to laugh out loud.
,,That was almost movie ripe." Corpse joins in. You turn in Corpse's arms so that you are lying on his vibrating chest. Your belly on his.
Suddenly, a soft thump is heard. "Where did that come from?" You ask, giving Corpse a startled look.
You look at Corpse who is now trying to suppress his laughter with a big smile on his face.
You can't help it and have to smile at the sight of him. After a short time you have calmed down.
Corpse lifts you slightly while lying down and lifts you off of him. You now lie next to him while he gets up from the couch.
"Come here." He says and stretches his arms out to you. You sit up and stretch your arms up to him. Corpse squats slightly and lifts you up. Your head rests on his shoulder.
You wrap your legs around his hips for a better grip. Your arms around his neck. To prevent you from falling down, Corpse wraps his arms around your hips with his hands on your butt.
You lift your head and give Corpse a soulful kiss. Corpse returns it and walks towards the bedroom.
Once there, he sets you down. He stands between your legs.
"Princess, I'll be right back." He says in a calm voice, and puts a strand of your hair behind your ear. He bends down to you and gives you a loving kiss. Afterwards he breathes: "I just have to quickly tell the others that they have to continue playing without me today". And quickly makes his way to his streaming room.
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astrilien · 7 months
Hi, May i have a croissant with dark chocolate and raw chocolate, with some jasmine tea. May I have it with zhongli?
AN: Thank you for the request dear traveler! Sorry if it kinda took longer I was kinda busy today hehe~ but here is your order!
Warnings/TW: death, hurt no comfort, bittersweet
Tumblr media
It was 3 days, 3 days ever since your fight with zhongli. The fight wasn't really that big of a deal. It was just about your lover having financial problems and you couldn't help but be annoyed everytime he would purchase anything without even thinking how much mora he had.
Now here you are, doing commissions for random people in liyue to gain some money to buy a gift for your lover. You had decided to buy him a lovely jewelry made from cor lapis.
"Ugh, seriously? I mean this can be enough" you sighed at the mora you had gained from your commissions thinking about how much the jewelry could cause
You went to the jewelry store and get the jewelry. "That would be 20,000 mora" the woman said as she handed you the jewelry
You turn to look at your bag of mora, 'great, I saved up alot huh. I guess we'll have a great dinner later' you thought as you payed the exact amount leaving you with 10,000 mora left
But at first you wanted to get home quick and gift zhongli the jewelry hoping that he could atleast forgive you.
But on your way home, you had ran into some abyss mages "Oh my archons, why are there abyss mages here!?" You complained as you get ready to attack.
Then it started to rain
'Where is he? It's been 3 days... ugh I feel so guilty' Zhongli thought as he tapped his foot on the wooden floor of his and his lover's home
It turns out that his lover hasn't come home yet, ever since their fight 3 days ago. He thought he was just busy with commissions. Which was also the truth.
But now he had enough of waiting so he grabbed his coat and went out to look for you.
On the way to the harbor, he had encountered a hydro and cryo abyss mages near the harbor which he had decided to kill so that he could keep both his home and the harbor safe.
But as he was getting near, he saw a familiar figure laying on the ground near the mages that were dancing around the body.
His eyes widened as he recognized whom the body had belonged to.
By that he lost himself and ran towards the mages. As he killed them, he walked forward to your body.
Holding it close to him. He knew this was going to happen one day, that you're going to leave him behind in this world and go back to your own reality. But he wouldn't have thought it was this soon.
Much worse, he wasn't even there to say goodbye.
Holding you close to his body, your cold corpse against his warm one. "I'm sorry my dear..... I wasn't here for you.." he hugged your body and kissed your forehead
He noticed that you were holding something, a small box. He opened the box and had started crying. It turns out that you had been wanting to gift him this beautiful gift.
Yet wasn't able to, "I swear to protect this gift even until you decide to forget about me. I love you" he said as he kissed your dead body
"Y/n!! Wake up! You're gonna be late for breakfast again!" Your mom woke you up
"H-huh?" You just woke up from a dream. "And how many times do I have to tell you to stop sleeping beside your phone! Didn't I sent you about a kid dying because they keep playing on their phone!?" She scolded you as you felt tears in your eyes
"What day is it today...?" You asked as you yawned and sat up "it's December 31st! Oh my goodness. Get up and go downstairs to eat!" Your mom said last time and slammed your door shut as she finally left your room.
"Ah... it's Zhongli's birthday.... ahh.. why is that the 1st thing I remember the moment I woke up abt that game." You rubbed your eyes as you opened your phone.
It was genshin. With zhongli and a new skin? Somehow he had a bracelet on his wrist made out of cor lapis.
'Did I bought this yesterday?' You thought as you checked the mail for the birthday letter.
"Thank you,
Traveller, may l thank you for the cor lapis. I genuinely love your gift. I will forever protect this. Take this, a beautiful pin made out of crystal cores. Thank you for the memories" it read
"Maybe i should give you the staff of Homa then.."
Tumblr media
Thank you for your request! I hope you enjoyed reading this! Have a great day/night!!
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transolar · 3 months
Tumblr media
↳A gender that relates to the phrase "i was born of the corpses of stars"
❀ Requested by @starclusters-super-dumb-reblogs
[Flag ID: A symmetrical rectangular flag with nine stripes. From out to in the stripes are black, dark forest green, muted forest green, silver, and light silver. The silver stripes are very thin and the light silver stripe is thick. /end ID]
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faintingheroine · 7 months
I know you've posted about it in the past, but would you mind sharing some more of your feelings about Heathcliff and Catherine's sexuality, where you stand on the "horny vs. asexual" debate, and why you sympathize more with the "horny" argument?
Firstly I reject the notion that Catherine and Heathcliff are elemental symbols that are above anything so petty as human sexuality, which was the reason for the “asexual” view in that Twitter argument. I view them mostly as representations of human beings, as much as any other characters in novels are. This doesn’t mean they can’t be asexual, it is just that I reject them being symbols which is often brought forward as a reason why they are.
As for why I sympathize more with the “horny” side:
First of all, I think there can be no doubt that their love is romantic in nature. We went over this: They want to marry each other, their love is very very intense, their love is jealous, their love is exclusive especially on Heathcliff’s part, there is a focus on Catherine’s physical features on Heathcliff’s part… And I don’t think that their love being viewed as romantic by the reader is reliant on them being a man and a woman who can marry each other: If they were of the same gender we would read their relationship as “queer”, if they were explicitly siblings we would certainly view their relationship as incestuous.
It is true that there is less a focus on physicality here than in many other love stories and that they aren’t explicitly portrayed as actively sexually desirous - even the physical feature of Cathy that Heathcliff obsesses over are her eyes. But still, their last scene together is quite clearly a love scene, as much as one could expect from an Early Victorian novel. There is an emphasis on them having slept together in childhood and death, and Heathcliff wants their corpses to mingle and become one - it is a physical and even an erotic wish in a morbid way.
I think there is no way to view their relationship as completely platonic and asexual. I don’t think that they had sex in the story, I don’t think that bodily desire is foremost in their motivations, and I can certainly agree that the two characters don’t seem to view each other through the prism of an established adult sexuality - I guess they are almost too close to one another for that? But I think there is definitely an erotic aspect to their obsession.
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maythray · 4 months
her GUTS !!! AHHHH!
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custards-neopronouns · 4 months
gore themed pronouns? pronouns that are just really gory
Sure! [Warning for gore, of course, and horror below]
🫁🫀Gore Themed Pronouns (Medium List!)
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angy-mouse · 3 months
Chapter 7: Sweet Boytoy, Broody Boytoy
<Pev Next>
You stared down the beast, so much bigger than you and so fierce, but you stood your ground. You wouldn’t- couldn’t- succumb to intimidation. You were the ruler of an Empire now, the protector of thousands, and you were going to act like it.
“What happened to your shoes?”
“They hurt my feet, so I took them off,” you informed, head held high to ensure you didn’t show fear- they could smell fear.
“You’re a child,”
“I know you are-”
Minx’s arm wrapped around your neck, slapping a hand over your mouth just like when you were younger and would try to threaten generals to a fistfight. “I have her shoes right here, Jack. No need to throw a bitch fit.”
Your great foe turned back into your sweet advisor with a draining sigh and a rub at his temples that made him seem much older than he was. “You’re killing me, both of you. Just- Just sign this, please.”
“Once again, the beast admits defeat,”  you thought smugly as you scrawled your name on the lines he pointed out. You poked your tongue out to just barely graze Minx’s palm so she would remove her hand from your face, ignoring her grumbles as she dried her palm on her trousers. “What am I signing?”
“I want you to understand,” Sean said, exasperation thick in his voice, “how easily I could take over your empire if I wanted to. You just signed four different pages without reading them. I don’t want to think about what else you could have signed while I wasn’t around.”
That was the reason you didn’t sign anything he didn’t hand to you, but no need to inflate his ego. “Get to the point, so I know what still has to be done,”
“It was the music schedule and the final approval for the menu.”
“I thought I approved that with Babish?”
“Yes, but now it’s in writing, so you can’t claim you didn’t approve it and jail the cooks.”
You wrinkled your nose in disbelief. “Is that something people do?”
Minx barked out a laugh and wrapped her arms around your shoulders, pulling you back against her so your head was tucked under her chin. “Oh, pumpkin, stay like this forever, okay? Promise?”
“I don’t get it,” you huffed with a pout.
“You don’t need to,” Sean promised with a grin and a light tap to your nose. “I’ll get it for you, and you just keep being cute.”
“This feels patronizing. I think I’m being patronized.” 
“Don’t worry,” Minx giggled as she let you go with a light box on the ear. “You’ll forget about it as soon as you remember how much work there still is to do.”
“... Oh, gods, the seating chart!” You ignored their laughter as you hiked your skirt up to your knees, bare feet pat-pat-patting across the floor as you dashed to the head table, circling frantically as you skimmed the place cards. “No, no, I can’t have a prince on either side. Sapnap on the left- oh, then we have to move Prince Dream-”
“Poor lass,” you distantly heard. “Force her into bed early tonight for me, Minx?”
“I don’t take orders from you.”
“Stop plotting and hold Prince Corpse until I decide where he goes,” you huffed, holding out the card with his name on it. Oh, this was dreadful, you didn’t even have an idea of who would get along with who or what they would be wearing and what they would clash with-
“I’ll take that.” 
You spared a fleeting glance as the card was plucked from your fingers before swapping Punz with Prince Dream. “Thank you, Prince Cor- Prince Corpse!” You spun on your heel, gripping the table behind you as you started slipping on the polished floor. He wore the same intricate mask he always did in public, but he smiled with his eyes, and boy was he smiling. His dark eye crinkled at the corner as the apple of his cheek rose, a sparkle in the deep pool of brown telling you exactly how much of your panicking he saw. Before you had the chance to try and make up for your embarrassment, you noticed the man on his arm, just as impressively tall and practically vibrating in place. “And Mr. Jacobs! I’m so sorry, I didn’t hear you-” You suddenly found yourself smothered in a bright blue sweater.
“Oh, you don’t have to be so formal! Not when we’re going to be living together! And you’re so pretty! I got your picture, of course, but you’re just gorgeous!”
“Heel, boy! You can’t jump an emperor, they have laws about that!”
“It’s alright,” you rushed to say, waving off both Corpse, who was clearly worried he’d be witness to a slaughter, and Minx, who was ready to commit it. There was a soft smell coming from Karl’s sweater- clean, but sweet. The color was calming, and the material could compete with your coziest pieces. Karl felt like home.
But no matter how much you wanted to melt into the embrace, Minx had the hilt of her sword in a tight fist, and you knew she would kill dozens before asking questions if it meant potentially protecting you.
 You could just barely see over his shoulder since he was hunched over to wrap his arms respectably around your waist, (you were sure if they wandered he’d be dead) and you peered at Prince Corpse. “Did he…”
He nodded, getting that sparkle back in his eye. “Oh yeah, the second I introduced myself. He’s a cuddler.” Luckily, there was only fondness in his voice, even as he turned to Minx. “Please don’t kill my new friend.”
“I’m just so excited,” Karl chirped against your hair, sighing happily before he gasped and pushed himself off of you. You couldn’t deny you missed the heat and tenderness, but pushed the feelings away as he dug through his satchel. “Oh, I almost forgot, I hope I didn’t crush- aha!” He fussed over it for a moment before holding out his cupped hands, offering you a crown of flowers.
“Oh,” Blues and purples and whites, beautifully woven together by the stems. Blossoms full of delicate petals that looked as fragile as china, and the knowledge that he crafted this delicate work of art just for you… “I love it, Mr- Karl. Really, it’s just- put it on for me?” He practically glowed from your praise, nodding eagerly. He was tall enough, you didn’t even need to curtsy for him to arrange the flowers around your golden crown. His long fingers barely brushed your scalp, manicured nails only dully scratching once or twice as he loosened the weaving to make it fit- as if you were another delicate flower he didn’t want to damage. You found yourself missing his gentle touch as he pulled away, and by the way his hands hovered, he felt the same way.
“There,” he breathed, lips stretching into a broad, sunshine-inducing grin. You took a look around at everyone’s faces. Corpse had that sparkle again. Sean wore a fond smile- the one that made him look like your big brother who just taught you how to sneak sweets before dinner. And Minx- well, Minx still looked like she was plotting Karl’s murder for touching you. But from it all you could tell without a mirror you looked lovely.
“You really know how to make a guy feel inadequate, you know that?” Karl whined at the prince’s words, but before either of you could reassure him, Corpse’s hand was in yours. His fingers were calloused- a musician’s hands- but still soft enough that you could tell he took care in his appearance. “It’s alright,” he mused as he removed one of his silver rings, slipping it from his finger directly onto yours. The ring held his body heat, letting it seep into you in a gesture that felt entirely too intimate to be done in front of everyone as the silver settled heavy at the base of your ring finger. His visible eye closed in a way that you just knew it was a wink. “Because this won’t be the only ring I put on your finger.”
You were a master at political conversation. You’d sat in on your father’s meetings since birth and became quickly accustomed to how you changed what you said, what expression you showed, even how you thought in those situations. There was no one better at keeping the peace in a war room.
You knew all that, but you couldn’t control the heat creeping up your neck as Corpse’s lips pressed against the back of your hand through his mask, letting his words- his promise- sink in. You knew he was smirking as you failed to find words, your tongue swiping across your lips as you became hyper-aware of how dry they were- had you put on product? Yes, your favorite hydrating red lip paint- was it still okay? Was it smeared? Oh, god, was it on your teeth?
“We should leave you to your hard work,” Corpse purred (people don’t purr!) as he pressed the card with his name neatly printed into your palm. “I think I should go next to Karl, by the way.” 
You’ve never been happier for Sean to butt into your private life. “I couldn’t agree more- this way, gentlemen, let’s get you some tea and a contract to look over.” You watched them walk away until Karl’s bouncy gait and Corpse’s strut went right out the door. Then you watched the door, willing your face to cool off. 
“You okay, pumpkin?” If you opened your mouth, you didn’t know what would come out. “I knew I should have cut his hands off when he put them on you- both of them. I still could, you know. Sean wouldn’t say anything. And if he did, it wouldn’t really be a loss without him around, let’s be honest-”
She faltered, lowering herself to meet your gaze. “Yes?”
“I… may have… made a miscalculation.”
“What’s that, pumpkin?”
You finally looked up, feeling the self-control you’d so carefully rebuilt crumble as your blood came flooding back to your cheeks. “I’ve never even kissed a boy, and I just enlisted five insanely handsome ones to have sex with.”
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hypnosiacon · 3 months
Neopronouns Suggestion: Gore Themed 2nd Person
✖ Tagging @lavylav
Tumblr media
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heyo ! i'd love some neopronouns related to: goth, grunge, punk, horror, halloween & clowns ! tysm.
bat / bat / bats / bats / batself bit / bit / bite / bites / biteself blood/blood/bloods/bloodself bo/bone/bones/bones/boneself Cat/Cat's/Catself co/coffin/coffins/coffinself da/dark/darks/darkself Dus/Dusk/Dusks/Duskself fa/fang/fangs/fangself mon/monster/monsters/monsterself Moon/Moons/Moonself na/nail/nails/nailself Nix/Nix/Nix/Nixself no/ir/nos/irs/noirself ro/rose/roses/roses/roseself sha/shado/shadow/shadows/shadowself spi/spite/spites/spiteself tee/teeth/teeths/teethself vei/veil/veils/veilself ⚰️/⚰️/⚰️/⚰️ 🪦/🪦/🪦/🪦 vam/vamp/vamps/vamps/vampself Te/Tear/Tears/Tearself dar/dark/darks/darks/darkself des/despair/despairs/despairs/desself ha/haun/haunt/haunts/hauntself cor/corpse/corpses/corpses/corpseself gra/grave/graves/graves/graveself sku/skull/skulls/skulls/skullself magic/magic/magics/magicself night/night/nights/nightself lyr/lyra/lyras/lyrself Skell/Skeleton/Skeletons/Skeleton's/Skeletonself 🖤/🖤/🖤s/🖤's/🖤self 🦇/🦇/🦇s/🦇's/🦇self poison/poison/posions/poisons/poisonself rot/rot/rots/rots/rotself phan/tom/phantoms/phantoms/phantomself doll/dolls/dollself Trick/Treat/Tricks/Treatself  (trick or treat themed)
rot/rot/rots/rots/rotself skull/skull/skulls/skulls/skullself ash/ashes/ashself spike/spikes/spikeself rock/rocks/rockself dirt/dirts/dirtself Nothing/Nothings/Nothingself Hate/Hates/Hateself
Boing/boings/boingself Honk/Honks/Honkself Balloon/Balloons/Balloonself Silly/Sillys/Sillyself Funky/Funkys/Funkyself Bounce/Bounces/Bounceself goofy/goofys/goofyself XD/XD/XDS/XDSELF Weird/Weirdo/Weirdoself Sun/Suns/Sunself Glitch/Glitchs/Glitchself hop/hop/hops/hops/hopself clown/clowns/clownself Juggle/juggles/juggleself Jest/jester/jesterself
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squidthing · 3 months
hiya squid! i hope ur well ~ 〔´∇`〕 i was wondering, do u have any horror themed names/pronouns? preferably masc! please n thank u!!
🩸 NAMES : Butcher, Organelle, Demise, Sanguine, Mortem, Bloodrop, Killier, Viscère, Viscèrie, Carnage, Masacrè..
🔪 PRONOUNS : kni/knife, kniv/knives, kni/knives, stab/stabbing, rot/rots, hor/horror, horror/horrors, saw/saws, gut/guts, intestine/intestines, slash/slasher, grotesque/grotesquely, fle/flesh, flesh/fleshly, death/deaths, blood/bloody, bloo/blood, blood/bloods, blood bucket/blood buckets, gri/grime, grime/grimey, cor/corpse, vis/viscera, vi/vio/violent, gur/guro, guro/guros, gor/gore, gore/gores, gore/gorey, slit/slits, cut/cuts, slice/slices, ki/kill, kill/killer, tear/torn, tear/tears, en/entrail, entrail/entrails, vei/vein, vein/veins, org/organ...
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idoltelephone · 2 months
hello !! the adored one was wondering if the idol could share some pronouns based off of cutesy and pastel gore aesthetics ? preferably feminine or neutral in nature !!
Of course ! The idol thanks the adored one for this request ~ it was fun to do for her ! Pronouns will not include her typing quirk for others ' convenience !
ge/gem/gems/gems/gemstone kyu/kyuu/kyuus/kyuus/kyuuself ador/adorb/adorbs/adorbs/adorable char/charm/charms/charms/charming gli/glitter/glitters/glitters/glittering lo/love/loves/loves/lover (( or loving ! )) ang/angel/angels/angels/angelself co/cotton/cottons/cottons/cottoncandy la/lace/laces/laces/laceself bun/bun/buns/buns/bunny kit/kit/kits/kits/kitten Pastel Gore gut/gut/guts/guts/gutted (( or gutself )) kni/knife/knives/knives/knifeself si/sick/sicks/sicks/sickself bl/blood/bleed/bleed/bleeding de/dead/deads/deads/deadself pas/pastel/pastels/pastels/pastelself cor/corpse/corpses/corpses/corpseself ey/eye/eyes/eyes/eyeself pai/pain/pains/pains/painself
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