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The coronation coach of Charles X in the courtyard of the King's Great Stable at the Palace of Versailles built by J. Hardouin-Mansart.
Le carrosse du sacre de Charles X dans la cour de la Grande Ecurie du roi au château de Versailles édifiée par J. Hardouin-Mansart.
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Portrait of Napoléon from David’s "Coronation of the Emperor and the Empress"
by Jacques-Louis David
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@aalittlebitofeverything Here are a few Anon submissions @the-cat-with-the-emerald-tiara-1
Personally I dont think anyone knows the actual birth dates for Meghan's invisibles. After 4 years of playing hide and go seek games with the public, she should expect them both to be ignored. No one cares and it's her own fault. Last year Harry celebrated on a polo field in Colorado. This year we wish he would play polo.
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Day 21 : Coronation
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Nameless Danny au: The twin
Danny phantom being damians twin and ghost king au.
It had been years since Damian walked the cold halls of the league. In that time threw acceptence from Dick he learned that no, his twin was not a waist of life. That he and his twin had been pitted against each other. That the hatred Damian had held for his twin wasn't healthy and neither was relishing in his death.
Bruce tried not to think about it, about a boy around damians build lying limp on the floor. Nothing made him feel better when he thought about it, so he pushed it to the back of his mind. But his mind was a steal trap, one that baby that was never even named could never escape from.
Talia was the one who threw soon to be danny in the pit. Not out of love (at least that's what she tried to tell herself) but to be rid of him. She thought of it a final chance. A final mission. If her son could find a family that would raise him, after being abandoned in the middle of a random city, then she would permit him to live.
Ras was glad to be rid of the other twin. Why waist resources on such a weak child. Honestly he knew what Talia had done and simply didn't care to correct her. The child was gone and he didn't have to worry about someone bringing him back out of spite. After all his daughter already did that.
And as years passed, and the dust settled the nameless boy seemed to slip threw the cracks into the world of memories.
That is until years later when the envelopes appeared.
An rsvp letter to a coronation. The ghost kings coronation. All in silver and gunmetal and ectoplasm green. But no reason to why the letter had been sent to it's recipients
Damian held it limply in his hands and for a brief moment it felt like home. He couldn't explain it, didn't understand it. In the end he assumed it was the pit stirring inside him calling him to this so called ghost king. He took the letter to his father.
Bruce, also having received a letter was running tests and doing the work to find out what exactly could protect him (and by proxy the world) from ghosts. Having talked to colleagues (who were both thrilled and nervous to hear that there was a new ghost king) he settled on blood blooms. So he and his son readied themselves for a fight may there need to be one. They checked the box and green surrounded them.
Talia didn't know what to think. Ras wanted her to check the box already, but she felt it could be a trap. Yet there was a part of her. A quiet voice inside telling her to do it. Check the box, sign the letter. In the end she gave in. The light surrounded her, a green brighter then the pit ever was.
Ras waited for Talia to check the box first. He wanted to know what would happen. If she would die. After all he could always throw her in the pit. When she didn't die but disappeared he decided, yes he would go to this...coronation. It would be a good time to make an ally after all. The light absorbed him and he disappeared.
Bruce, Damian, Talia and Ras stood in front of what had to be the ghost castle, decorated with garlands and other displays.
When the four made eye contact is when Bruce put two and two together. Whatever this was it had to do with either Damian or...
He didn't get to finish his thought. A girl rushed out of the castle doors holding the finger of a massive knight and pulling him along. The child looked remarkably like him and he wondered if this was the new ghost king.
She curtsied and began to speak until she got a closer look at those before her.
She paled and whispered
"Oh...Oh no. You're not supposed to be here."
But it was too late. The procession had begun and they were pushed in with the crowd.
The boy. He really was a boy and not some big frightening being stood at the throne.
Damian gasped.
Talia froze.
Bruce's eyes narrowed.
Ras backed away a bit.
They had all done their research on how powerful a ghost king was... and there was a boy exactly Damians age. Eyes a little greener, white hair, and barely paler in a dead way.
Each of them knew at once.
Danny look into the crowd. He recognized almost all of them. He had studied well for this after all. Cause even if he didn't exactly want to be king, a king was needed to keep the infinite relms in check.
It was Jazz standing beside him who pointed them out. The four people he didn't want there more then anything.
He had forgotten about them for a time, until the lab accident brang it all back. His bio family.
He knew it must have been a mistake.
He had told Jazz about them after some time. Sobbing in the middle of the night. Asking why neither set of parents loved him.
Jazz squeezed his hand. They'd get threw this.
And with that the ceremony commenced...
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Ectober 2022
21. Coronation
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The Crowns of the British Consorts since Queen Victoria.
The Royal Family has informed that Queen Mary’s Crown will be used by Queen Camilla at the Coronation on Saturday, 6th May 2023.
This is the first time a Queen Consort’s Crown has been re-used since the 18th century (when Queen Caroline, consort of George II, wore Mary of Modena’s crown), in the interests of sustainability and efficiency.
Some minor changes and additions will be undertaken by the Crown Jeweller, in keeping with the longstanding tradition that the insertion of jewels is unique to the occasion, and reflects the Consort’s individual style.
The Crown will be reset with the Cullinan III, IV and V diamonds. In addition, four of the Crown’s eight detachable arches will be removed to create a different impression to when the Crown was worn by Queen Mary at the 1911 Coronation.
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don’t even lie this was a serve
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Cathédrale notre-Dame de Reims.  (Our Lady of Rheims).
Notre-Dame de Reims, is a Roman Catholic cathedral in the French city of the same name, the archiepiscopal see of the Archdiocese of Reims. The cathedral was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and was the traditional location for the coronation of the kings of France.
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The modern habit of doing ceremonial things unceremoniously is no proof of humility; rather it proves the offender's inability to forget himself in the rite, and his readiness to spoil for every one else the proper pleasure of ritual.
- C.S. Lewis
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The Coronation Of The Dread Eldritch king
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Ghost: “This is quite normal.  The sudden influx of power usually drives the crown’s wearer mad temporarily.”
Jazz: “How long will he be like this?”
Ghost: “Hard to tell.  It’s different with each monarch. He should likely come to his senses anywhere between tomorrow and, oh say, two thousand years from now.”
I love Danny as a mad, Eldritch, ghost king.
I designed him with the crown of fire, frosted devil Horns, a ghost tail full of stars, Glowing hollow green eyes with a glowing Lichtenburg scar across the face, a smokey cape, a wreath of dead and dying blue roses around his neck, and frosted fingers. He makes it snow lightly everywhere he goes.
Feel free to imagine that: 
Danny was saved when his friends knocked the crown from his head and he reverted back to normal, but there are some who insist that Danny put the crown back on.  He can’t become the true ghost king until he finishes going through this phase.
Or that he thankfully only spent a night or two in this form and got control of his new power quickly. No one back home in Amity park is aware of what he went through.  He’s the ghost king now, what’s one more secret on top of everything else in his life?
Or that he spent long enough in this form that when he finally came to his senses, everyone was a little bit older and he had to deal with that.  Danny Fenton was considered missing for years and now suddenly he just shows up again looking the same as he did the day he was last seen.
Or that when he came to, it was 2,000 years later and everything he ever knew was long gone. He’s a lonely immortal.
Or whatever you like
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God’s Eye (1 of 8) - Satine Zillah
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Making an $18 lunch an issue, tho.
They realise Charles is spending over $100 million on his coronation, right?
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[ Ectoberhaunt 2022 : Sketches galore ]
Hi, so this is moreless all the unfinished sketches I was planning to draw for Ectoberhaunt but didn't have the time and focus to actually get through them before Halloween orz
They look super fun maybe I'll finish em... one day qwq
Prompts used :
Day 7 : Infect (the first two)
Day 5 : Banshee/Wraith (the second two)
Day 21 : Coronation (5th one)
Day 27 : Soul Shredder (Last one, Ectoberweek)
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