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elzorton · 2 days
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The power of ✨friendship✨
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toeffelphi · 3 days
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local empire siblings beat up an old man for crimes.
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henleycraft · 3 days
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100% needed that Bells Hells helped Umudara, the Sentinel Beast of Veluthil Forest.
C/O Critical Role campaign 3, episode 53. Deanna, a character played by Aabria Iyengar (welcome back!). Umudara, the Sentinel Beast, played by Matthew Mercer
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yashley · 1 day
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#fearne's okay
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marvelousbelladonna · 16 hours
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I love how they all match
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pocketgalaxies · 2 days
ashley turning the hamilton reference into george michael and laura validating her so hard in the face of her judgmental theatre husband
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copperhawkthoughts · 2 days
Caduceus is going to wake up two days from now to that cow eating his roses
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isagrimorie · 3 days
It’s the way some people don’t listen to what Imogen says. In episode 49, that talk with Laudna was pretty clear after she made the connection— her magic, their weirdness is the things she loves!
That magic is what could very well kept Laudna alive.
Also, Laudna’s non judgmental conversation with Imogen helped. After that whole conversation there was no way Imogen would want to willingly join the Vanguard.
“Willing” being the operative word, because its become increasingly obvious that whatever makes Exaltant Ruidusborn Exaltants is the part that’s programmed to find being part of the Predathos hive very alluring.
It’s like being a werewolf or a vampire— its part of their nature that is hard to resist.
Imogen doesn’t want to. But something inside her is being drawn (against her will) into the Red Storm.
But also the fight in the Apogee Solstice when she begged her mother to stop and not go through with the Predathos plan and Liliana still did?
Liliana fell from the pedestal there.
“She is a bad guy FCG.”
This is a pretty damning statement coming from Imogen, who was desperate to save her mother, desperate to rationalize and make excuses for.
Liliana fell from the pedestal and might be the reason magic is dead and if magic is dying, Laudna might be dying.
And that’s not something Imogen can forgive.
Imogen has a list of people in her head, the first is Otohan Thull, the second is Ludinus, and the third is Liliana Temult.
Imogen’s favorite thing in the world is Laudna. And Imogen begged her mother not to do what she’s planning to do, but Liliana pulled the trigger anyway, and Imogen is living in a Schrödinger’s world where Laudna could be both alive or dead. Or Laudna is alive and dying.
“She’s left me once before.” Imogen told Ashton.
So, yes, Liliana is on her list. Imogen might not and could never kill her, but I don’t think she would be as sad if someone else killed her.
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artandhijinks · 2 days
"Don't you even dare"
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Well I finally finished it. So I hope you all enjoy my drawing of Vax's return from critical role campaign 3
Prints available
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just as a point of information: for some reason, Flot or cliffneck goats (8 feet at the shoulder, muscular) are just as big as Umudara (8-9 feet tall at the shoulder, muscular)
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quinn-of-aebradore · 3 days
You know, Apogee Solstices are lauded as peaks of magical power, the time when the greatest of arcana can be done.
And instead, this time around, magic is being Dispelled and suppressed by the Weave itself (supposedly). How much more terrifying must that realization have been, going into this event expecting everything, only to come out with a negative count of great magical works?
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pstelwitchcraft · 2 days
Rewatching the last 4-Sided Dive episode and Liam's description of what a Bells Hells tower would be like (in Caleb's voice!) just hits me very hard. The thought that they would just live in a treehouse with a bunch of tunnels that connected their rooms like an anthill will not leave my head.
Because that really hits their dynamic on the head imo and it made me think. For the Nein, at the very beginning, they were very distrustful, very cutting and even harsh with each other on occasion, they saw each other as allies and not friends. Most of them didn't even want friends aside from their immediate pairings, and that made for some delicious drama, some brutally honest conversations, and the whole evolution of their dynamics as the campaign went on was very satisfying and fun to watch. They were allies first and eventually became friends by proxy of working together and sharing time.
With Bell's Hells it feels like they were allies for .5 seconds before becoming friends. They tiptoe around each other SO MUCH because they care about each other's feelings more than they care about saving the damn world. Aside from some exceptions (both ashton/laudna showdowns come to mind), they very rarely will be brutally honest with each other or even risk crossing a line, and that, in the situation they're in, is absolutely dangerous.
It so perfectly feeds into each of their self-destructive tendencies that I'm actually surprised they are all still alive. For example, they consistently would rather coddle FCG and let them believe whatever they want even if it puts them in danger because the alternative is possibly crushing their spirit when they already struggle heavily with understanding their place in the world.
The point is they care a lot from the very beginning, and I feel like the real challenge for Bell's Hells is going to be the complete opposite of what it was for Mighty Nein, the friendship comes easier to them than it came to the Nein, but the allyship and sincerity came easier for MN than BH, and if they want to survive this, we are going to have to see them become allies too, instead of just friends, and that means learning to call each other out on their bullshit. Hopefully Beau is still alive to give them a crash course 😅
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sparring-spirals · 3 days
made and then deleted a tipsy post yesterday that was probably about two paragraphs longer than it needed to be, so a much shorter (more coherent?) version of it:
fcg's decisions around his purpose and his framing of current obstacles as trials for the Changebringer is fascinating, especially in how it interacts with F.C.G's general willingness to give up everything (especially himself!) for his designated purpose. Be it Dancer's wellbeing, the party's wellbeing, or the Changebringer's desires.
F.C.G's general willingness to self martyr was never going to be an isolated loss, no matter what they thought of themselves. But now- it's not just a "its my job to see this done", but a "its what we need to do" and its both a little heartening to see the shift from "i" to "we" and the push towards a grander scope for their own life. and a little worrisome, feeling like seeing old patterns repeated in a different font.
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beauregardlionett · 2 days
Fearne watched Umudara lumber off, her peach colored ribbon wound around one of his horns, a spot of vibrance against the snow.
He was free, but lost and wandering. Fearne wondered how much freedom Umudara really had if the only thing he wanted was to go home.
She had given Umudara the ribbon on an impulse, a token of luck, a reminder. Fearne was in the habit of giving little trinkets to those she cared about who left. She had snuck little items into Opal, Dariax, and Fy’ra Rai’s bags before they had separated, after all. And last she heard, they were relatively okay, so her good luck charms must be working.
Maybe it was more indication that Fearne hoped to meet those she marked again some day.
She thought of Dorian and the length of ribbon she had tied into a necklace for him before he left. She thought of Orym, and how he didn’t have a piece of ribbon from her.
Umudara vanished amongst the drifts and snowfall. Fearne’s chest ached with an emotion she didn’t have a name for yet as they turned back to Uthodurn.
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yashley · 3 days
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“You are voicing some of our fears right now.”
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marvelousbelladonna · 12 hours
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Looks at Sideshow’s unpainted figures for Nott the Brave, Yasha, Mollymauk, and Caduceus
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