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amazeingartist · 19 days
simon with his j̶o̶h̶n̶n̶y̶ creature
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thinking about creature 141
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matchingbatbites · 10 months
Supernatural Creature AU where everyone thinks that Steve is the token human, but it turns out he's actually the descendant of an angel. The weapons he uses are all hallowed while he weilds them and he has a top notch healing factor, which is why he doesn't mind putting himself on the front line and taking the heavy hits.
When his heritage finally comes out, the party asks him all of these questions about it, and Eddie, his vampire boyfriend just blinks and says "Is that why my mouth tingles when we kiss? Because you're fucking holy?"
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Campfire Stories
woohoo thanks dreamweavers I hit✨️ 500 ✨️followers and wanted to write a creepy little something for y'all for Friday the 13th. It ended up being kinda cutesy instead. Unintentional cute. I also was going to try and keep it 500 words for the milestone I'm ever so grateful to you all- instead this turned into 1.4k of well....this:
1.4k | T/M | language/themes. Steve goes into the woods & meets a monster.
Steve’s father’s voice replayed in his mind, “You’re a man now Steven, this solo camping trip is important to our family. Just like I did before you, and your grandfather before me, and so on down the line. Traditions are important.” He had stressed time and time again.
But what Steve idly was thinking as he lugged his camping pack, hunting rifle, and tent deeper into the woods was that- down the line were fathers who invested time with their sons camping and hunting together. He had camped with his grandpa up through middle school before his grandparents relocated to warmer climates. With his own dad though? Maybe once.
He didn’t plan on killing jack shit. He had no clue how he had been given this rifle. He cursed having to be alone in the woods overnight. The shadows already playing tricks on him and it was still hours before true darkness. A twig cracked loudly underfoot as he startled himself back into the real world.
One night.
He could do one night.
Once he found a clearing in the designated camping grounds to his liking and not too far from where he had parked at the visitor center Steve started to unpack his tent. He deftly slid rods into place and the pins into the still giving ground without too much effort. He did feel proud of himself. Maybe this was part of the solo camping trip? To feel confident in your skills.
The wind picked up causing the cascade of shadows to play over the side of his bright orange tent. He looked up at the over cast sky and sent up a silent prayer for the rain to hold off. There was something eerie in the way he hadn’t passed a single other camper on his hike here.
He felt truly alone in the wilderness.
He had heard the ghost stories from Tommy H. and Rich M. from when they did boyscouts. Steve hardly believed in that kind of stuff anyway. He unzipped his tent and crawled in. Laying out his sleeping bag and digging out a granola bar. He munched in the quiet comfort of his tent.
It grew darker outside as he turned on his lantern.
The noises he kept chalking up to the wind.
What else could they be?
He checked his wristwatch, just eight more hours if he got up and left right at daybreak. He could kill time grabbing breakfast at the diner before heading home and facing his old man.
His lantern started flickering as the noises seemed to get closer. The hair on his arms raising as he sat alone and pounded the bottom of the lantern- he had put brand new batteries in before he had left.
That’s when he saw a shadow that in no way could just be the trees. It looked starkly outlined on his tent walls. A form distinctly human-shaped with protruding buck-like antlers growing from it’s cranium.
Steve felt the air rush from his lungs and his heart beat trip over and start back up pounding double-time. He felt around for the rifle by his side as the lantern continued to flicker, giving him away, feeling like a sitting duck.
He thought back to the campfire story Tommy had spun.
A grostesque flesh eating creature.
Spindle long fingers brushed against the material of the tent as Steve struggled to hold his breath. They were a person consumed by greed or weakness that in turn consumed human flesh- becoming more and more starving after each victim.
Steve was going to be a monster meal.
He felt the fear response of tears flooding his eyes.
The fingers brushed along the outside again, “Open up little one.” The gravelly voice suggested like wind caressing his cheek. Barely there but he felt it.
“All alone in the wilderness, don’t be afraid. You smelled so nice before you soured it with fear.” The fingers danced along the seam of the tent zipper. Steve listened to it be pulled down one notch at a time as he clutched the rifle and switched off the safety.
The voice tsked, “No need for violence, you’re safe with me.”
The flap opened as the lantern decided to shine back on at that moment. Steve curled in on himself as the top half of a man pushed through and looked down on him, “Such a beautiful human, so afraid, little one- no need for your fear. Come with me. The woods aren’t safe all alone.”
Long wild hair hung down, some strands woven around the base of the antlers, he had a necklace of assorted animal teeth. His body covered in inked designs runes and shapes- graphics Steve didn’t understand. His hands double the size of Steve’s own as he peeked out from trying to play dead.
One palm skated over his arm, “Come with me, it isn’t safe here.” The suggestion in his tone spurring Steve into action almost against his will.
“But you’ll eat me.” He squeaked out. Anxiety coursing though him.
Deep, earthy brown eyes met his own as a pleasant laugh escaped. The man, no- creature couldn’t be less than seven feet tall. That wasn’t counting the antlers, “I tend to stick to a different diet. Human doesn’t tend to digest well. Is that what they speak of me nowadays? A cannibal out to hunt you down? Oh sweet one, I’d just like some company. Seems a hell of a storm brewing, come?”
For whatever reason, Steve did.
The fear coursing through him before had ebbed to a curiosity instead. He needed to follow. To know.
“They say you feed on hikers and never get full.”
The creature shook it’s head as he lead Steve further into the forest. The ink markings on his back just as intricate as those over his chest.
“I ran from the greed and from society. The forest took me in. It tends to change you over the years, decades-“ He shot a dimpled grin at Steve, “Centuries.”
He curled a long finger under Steve’s chin, his thorny nail a pinpoint on soft flesh.
“I feed mainly on seasonal plants and fruits, some animals, very rarely weary hikers.” He winked.
Steve felt an all encompassing need to know more, “Centuries?” He asked.
The creature gave a derisive snort, “Townsfolk didn’t take too kindly to my magic. The woods were far more accommodating.”
“Pretty one, who sent you out here?” He asked seemingly done talking of himself.
Steve watched the graceful way he moved as lightning flashed in the distance. He told him, about his dad, about traditions, about the expectations for his life.
The creature tilted his head as they approached a cave, “Perhaps the woods would be more accommodating to you too, little one.” He looked Steve over with a heavier weight to his gaze.
Steve blushed under it. Blushed at being called little one.
He bent down to be face to face with Steve as he traced over the angles of his face reverently, “Come into my home.” He invited as he guided Steve with a hand between his shoulders and a shiver down his spine.
Steve blinked owlishly in the darkness.
The thing tended to a hearth fire that started to alight the small space.
Steve cleared his throat, “I keep calling you creature in my head.” He said just above a whisper.
“You wish to have a name to call me?”
Steve nodded not trusting his words. The woods witch- creature? Smiled again, like a secret shared between them, “You may call me Eddie.”
“Eddie.” He breathed out.
The sinewy form moved to him, “And I may call you mine.” He said into Steve’s ear and nuzzled his nose against Steve’s throat. Steve could feel the movement of the antlers in his vicinity his hands reached up. One rested on Eddie’s chest over where his heart should be and the other reached up and stroked along an antler.
Eddie let out a rumbling moan into his throat.
“Yes, the woods offered you to me little one. And what a glorious offer it is.”
The campfire stories now heeded the warning of camping alone in that specific part of the forest, “His tent and backpack were found his rifle discarded nearby, but Steve Harrington? He went into the woods and was never seen again.”
More spun of monster walking among them in the woods and their all consuming greed and visceral need for human flesh.
But Steve knew the truth. The woods had been much kinder to him. They had brought him to Eddie.
Hot damn! 500 followers? Thank you all so very much, forehead kisses all around!🥰❤️
*edit 10/14 it has been brought to my attention the original naming i used of the creature is taboo and has been edited out, my deepest apologies if it brought offense.*
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averyshittyseal · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A stupid comic I was thinking about.
So... centaur have bridle and saddle, too...?
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lynnchardart · 2 months
Tumblr media
Centaur Harry inspired by @averyshittyseal ‘s creature au!
I’ve given up on inktober I’m just gonna try to draw everyday and see if any prompts interest me
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hood-ex · 3 months
The way that I need a fic like this with Dick and Bruce...
...except Bruce is some creature who appears like this:
Tumblr media
Batman: Ego
No because Creature!Bruce introduces himself to Dick after Dick's parent's die, and he ends up taking care of Dick and raising him in the dark forest. While there, Dick learns to harness the power of the shadows, and he becomes known as Robin of the Dark Forest.
However, Dick is still mortal, and as he grows older, he has a longing to explore life outside of the dark forest. Bruce balks at this for selfish reasons as well out of worry for Dick's safety. He becomes a bit more protective and controlling, and within this time, Dick realizes that he must make himself take the leap into the outside world even if Bruce disapproves.
It takes all of Dick's courage to leave Bruce a note and to depart for his journey. At the edge of the forest, his shadows pull him to a halt, and Dick realizes with great sadness that he can't take his shadows with him, or at least, he can't harness their power so strongly outside of the dark forest. Feeling conflicted yet determined, he leaves the dark forest's comforting embrace.
He ventures into the real world, makes new friends, and goes on exciting adventures. He misses Bruce, of course, and sometime he thinks he even sees Bruce watching him from the shadows, but he doesn't try to contact Bruce, and Bruce doesn't try to contact him.
After half a year goes by, Dick's friend Raven is attacked by her father on the night of her birthday, and to try and save her, Dick calls upon the shadows to assist him in freeing her. Word spreads quickly after people report Dick's power over the shadows. "Demon" they call him. "Witch" they call him. "Evil spirit" they call him.
Dick is captured in daylight, and with his shadows weakened, he's unable to free himself. He's sentenced to death for utilizing demonic energies.
Dick, once Robin of the Dark Forest, now lies against a slab of stone with his neck stretched out for death. He directs his thoughts to Bruce, telling Bruce he's sorry and that he loves him. With his eyes squeezed shut, he misses the way the sky and the lights change in the blink of an eye, but he doesn't miss the call for the sword to end his life.
Steel meets flesh. There is a shattering, only, it's not Dick's neck that fractures, it's the sword. Dick opens his eyes, and when he sees the familiar looming shadow in front of him, he is enveloped in a feeling of comfort, and he smiles in relief.
Bruce looks back at him, and while others would find his emotions impossible to distinguish amongst the mass of darkness, Dick can read him perfectly. The concern. The fear. The anger. But... the anger isn't directed at him, rather, it's directed at those that rallied for Dick's execution.
Dick relaxes, knowing he's safe.
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fishybehavior · 5 days
Tumblr media
They’re trying to welcome the new kid
This is now a ninjago movie au
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colliequacksalot · 1 month
I was looking at sneeg mutuals creature au and had a "what if.." moment and uh.
Tumblr media
I ended up making a creature hetch-
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ronnica-sinp · 1 month
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Some ChanSaw creature au thing...
And yes Veronica love's mushrooms
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ghost-bxrd · 2 months
Jason feels his grip on the Replacement’s neck slackening like an afterthought, too caught up in the surge of pain-drakeling-young-alone-betrayal-why-please-pack-help to do anything but try and weather the storm.
The pain, he expected. Jason is a Church Grim, a vile creature of death and darkness, enslaved by his duty to the dead and dying. Pain is in his nature.
But this—
He expected indignation, fury, rage, pain, hate. Hate, infesting everything around it, corrupting and damning and just waiting to sink its claws into the only family Jason had ever known under the guise of misplaced philanthropy—
He didn’t expect a child.
A tiny drakeling, soul like clear water down a forest stream, running untouched over moss and stone. Loneliness, core deep, freezing what should have been a hearth with roaring flames into tiny, glimmering embers, lost in the echoes of pack bonds that are frayed and torn and rotting.
— sneak peak of “Shuck”
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cupidcreates · 1 year
What Lies Below
Tumblr media
My Hero Academia Fic
Pairings: Reader x Various Yanderes
Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugou, Shoto Todoroki, Rody Soul, Tenya Iida, Eijirou Kirishima, Denki Kaminari, Tokoyami Fumikage, Hitoshi Shinsou, Tamaki Amajiki, Mirio Togata, Shouta Aizawa, Keigo Takami, Touya Todoroki, Tomura Shigaraki
Genre: Mystery, Horror, Yandere, Creature Feature, Alternate Universe, Modern AU, Quirked AU, Reader Insert
Rating: 18+
Tags:Race Ambiguous Reader, Gender Ambiguous Reader, Reader They/Them Pronouns, Horror Themes, Sexual Themes, Kinks TBA
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/n has been working at the Musutafu Facility for Anomalies for seven years now and though they never amounted to more than a desk jockey in that time they’ve been able to gain in-depth knowledge of the facility layout. There is something going on deep within the bowels of this place, something that Y/n is sure precipitated their grandmother's disappearance decades ago. They’re going to find out what it is. They’ve got a month to explore the facility while it’s evacuated and “under construction”, and they intend to leave no stone unturned, no area unsearched, and no truth uncovered…much to the delight of the creatures within that have developed a particular fondness for Y/n….
Status: Upcoming
Updates: TBD
Notes: All Characters 18+, Yandere Characters displaying Obsessive and Toxic Behavior, Specific Creatures TBA
Tumblr media
Chapters/Taglist Below (Not yet filled out, Still WIP)
Chapter one
Taglist! :D
@smileybokuto @furfoxsake22 @iambashfulperson @sailorcorgis @barnesparkers @fucktheworlddude @andrastesbeard @chaosatmidnight @thepuckishrogue @black-rose-29 @loveinhaikyuu @katsumi-sumi @rvgrsbrns @andrastesbeard @fantasyismyreality​ @kara062284-blog​​​   @ofinkandpaper​​​  @askingdaniella-blog @sparklylanddetective​​ @sunnywonki @riderpurplefox4221​
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tomakehimfreeart · 6 months
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staysaneathome · 5 months
Since the wonderful @johndead answered some pressing concerns about Martin Care, decided to write a little something set in their universe!
Emil frowned at the creature sat on the countertop before him.
It was short and squat, about the size of a kitten. Its…hair? Fur? Was long and stringy, and matched the rest of its ragged appearance.
Its large eyes stared at him, unblinking and wet.
Emil blinks first, and frowned harder at the creature. His thumb hovered over the contacts in his phone.
Alexa was the most sensible one in the office, and the one most likely to know what this was and tell him with the least fuss, but she also had said when she left work that she and her boyfriend were taking a long weekend to Bath for a romantic getaway, and so any emergencies would have to wait til Monday.
Danny was probably next best, as his hyperfixations meant he could spout off detailed knowledge about any number of random subjects, but if this thing didn’t fall under that umbrella, then he and Emil would both be stumped. He was also still on that urban exploration kick, and might be bowels deep in a sewer somewhere with no phone reception.
Which left…
Emil sighs, then stiffens at the way the creature stared at him, leaning forward slightly.
He didn’t want to have to do this. But desperate times…
He hits the video call button, and waited a few tense minutes for it to ring.
“Hello? Emil, is that you?”
His heart most definitely did not skip a beat at the face filling his screen, peering at him in concern. “Lynn.”
“Hi Emil!” His boss (who he certainly did not have a crush on, shut up) chirped, a smile splitting their face. It wavers slightly. “Um. Not to be rude of anything, but you never call me outside work hours—is something wrong?”
“I got home and found something had got into my flat.” He stated. “I’ve no clue what the hell this thing is. Hold on, I’ll show you.”
He turned the phone around to face the creature. It reared back slightly, wet eyes darting between him and the screen, nose twitching.
Whatever Emil expected to happen, it was not for his boss to let out a small squeal of delight.
“Aw! Hey there buddy, hello! Oh, you’re so little, Emil he’s adorable!”
He raises an eyebrow at the creature, whose fur/hair/whatever was beginning to lift like a cat’s. “If this thing is adorable then I’m about to win Love Island. What is it.”
“Oh, oh right,” Lynn said, sounding flustered. “Well, that’s a Jon! I don’t know as much about them as I do about Martins, but they’re really fascinating creatures! A bit shy and prickly at first, but really quite sweet once you get to know them. I’ve only ever seen them in pet shops before or videos online, where did you find him?”
“I got home and found it drinking water from my sink.” Emil reports, keeping a firm eye on this “Jon” thing. “I must have not turned it off right when I left this morning—Oi. Stop that. Lynn, it’s doing something weird.”
A set of floating, glowing eyes are starting to manifest out of the air surrounding the Jon, staring hard at the phone as it bristles and lets out a low hissing noise.
“Is that the first threat display he’s made?” Lynn asks. “Didn’t he do this when you got in?”
“No,” Emil grits out, crossing the kitchen with a hand hovering over his phone protectively. Thankfully the eyes can’t follow more than a few inches, and the Jon’s hissing died down some, though it still glares imperiously at the phone. “Little bastard just walked over and stared at me the entire time.”
There’s an excited gasp from the other end of the line. “Oh wow, Emil, I think that means he likes you! Most of the videos I’ve watched say that Jons usually do a lot of threat displays to people or animals they’re not sure of. Maybe he thinks you’re a kindred spirit?”
Emil can’t help the scowl and slight flush that comes to his face. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He snaps. “It’s not like I’m keeping the damn thing.”
“O-oh.” Lynn’s face falls slightly, before they smile again. Emil steadfastly ignores the pang that sends through him. “That’s fair. Not everyone has time for a pet, I guess. Though I think most shelters might be closed tonight, and I’m not sure if they open on weekends?”
Emil closes his eyes and groans. Great. Just great. Now he has to deal with a little eyeball creep staring at him for potentially two days. How’s he going to make sure it doesn’t get sick or starve during that time? He’s not even sure he has food in for himself.
“I could send you some care instructions, if you like?” Lynn offers tentatively. “There are a few good websites online where I’ve got advice for caring for my Martin before, and I think their basic needs are similar—wide, shallow bowls for food and water, soft materials for nesting in, plenty of space and enrichment, that sort of thing. There might be some differences though, because I know my Martin loves poetry—”
As if on cue, the Jon hisses loudly at the word “poetry”, it’s fur standing on end and several glowing eyes (plus one tape recorder) popping into existence around it.
“Fucking—!” Emil rears back.
“Sorry! Sorry, I shouldn’t have said the p word!” Lynn apologizes. “Yeah, there are loads of videos online of people putting a book of K-E-A-T-S behind their Jon to make him jump or start mauling it. It’s really not nice for the little guys, but I suppose since it gets their owners views they think—”
“Lynn.” Emil interrupts, before his boss can go off on another tangent about ethical treatment of pets on social media. “Just, just send me the links. Please.”
“Alright!” Lynn chirps. “I’ve also got some old stuff I had that my Martin didn’t end up using, like a carrier and toys and stuff. Would you like me to give them a wash, bring them over to see if Jon likes them?”
“Sure.” Emil says, without thinking. “Why not. I’ll be in all weekend.”
“Great!” Lynn looks almost nervous, smiling at him. “I’ll send the links and see you tomorrow then?”
It finally clicks in Emil’s brain that he’s just invited his boss (his crush) over to his place to try and help him wrangle a weird eyeball creature.
Rather than say anything sensible to abort the situation, Emil instead chokes out. “Y-yeah. I’ll send you the address. See you.”
They beam at him, and then their picture vanishes with a small bloop.
Emil puts his phone down on the countertop.
Then he promptly sits on the floor, puts his head into his knees, and screams mentally.
What was he thinking?! Sure he can just about survive during the workday, when there’s a veil of professionalism between them, and Danny and Alexa besides, but coming around to his flat?! In casual clothes, with their glow-in-the-dark nail polish and their general personality in his space?! Alone?!
He’s done for. Doomed. He may as well quit now, he’s so sure he’s going to embarrass himself and make them hate him and screw everything up forever.
There’s a weird pitter-patter sound, interrupted by small vibrations.
When he looks up, he sees the Jon is staring meaningfully down at him.
He heaves a bigger sigh. “Can’t I have a crisis in peace?”
That only makes the Jon’s eyes grow bigger and wetter, almost hungry-looking. Apparently not.
He gets to his feet and unlocks his phone. Alongside all the links Lynn has texted, they’ve also sent a picture of a much rounder, more ascetically pleasing creature in glasses, blinking happily at the camera from a nest of shredded paper, wool and scraps of fabric, and teabags.
The caption under it says “Martin says to say hello! :D”
He holds the picture up to the Jon, ready to pull it away at the first sign of hissing or floating eyes. “See this? This is cute. What do you have to say for yourself, huh?”
The Jon leans towards the screen, nose twitching, eyes wet and huge and unblinking.
It reaches out a paw and rests it against the shoulder of the Martin-picture. Then it leans its head against it.
Emil ends up slowly letting go of his phone until it is lying flat on the table again for the Jon to curl up on it.
Its unblinking eyes slide closed. It begins to make a rusty sound, almost like a cat’s purr, if a bit more…mechanical maybe? A tape recorder running, perhaps.
Emil reaches out to try and pick the phone up.
The purring stops. One eye opens and stares at him.
“Or not.” He scrubs a hand through his hair. “Hell, you’re just as hopeless as me, aren’t you.”
The Jon’s eye closes and he begins purring again at a louder rate.
Emil huffs a breath of laughter. Still. If he’s not getting his phone back soon, he’d better try and get started on the things Lynn told him about so they don’t arrive tomorrow and find he’s somehow managed to kill the Jon.
Wide shallow bowls for water, for a start…
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unhingedlesbear · 14 days
Ok I did it
TDIM creature au
Tweaked my creature au and now EVERYONE has changed except for Charlie lmao. Anyway some of these headcanons/lore were created during a conversation with Kagoa, so credit to them for a few of these.
Also yeah in this au Du’met is like a creature hunter of some sort and likes to collect “specimens”
Charlie - Phoenix
-Only one that remains the same really.
-It’s obviously bc of his achievement
-He doesn’t look like your typical Phoenix, but this is because he’s got lucky and been able to grow older without dying and having to be reborn.
-Because his feathers are grey, people often doubt that he’s really a Phoenix until he sets himself aflame or something.
-he’s about the size of a large buzzard.
Mark - Giant
-Bros a gentle giant but literally
-Really big. Like REALLY fucking big. Shadow of the colossus looking ah. The others are like mice compared to him and don’t even get started on Erin
-His fear of heights is made worse by the fact that to him, everything seems higher up because of his size.
-The others will often use him as transport, sitting on his shoulders or head, or hiding in his pockets or sleeves.
-When it comes to food, he simply eats large portions of regular human food, as small as it is.
-His fight with Du’met would be some straight up SOTC shit in this au omg.
Kate - Vampire
-Don’t have much of a reason for this one except that I liked the concept of a vampire x giant
-Kate is compatible with Mark because she can safely drink his blood without issue since he’s so big
-Can only drink blood, it’s the only thing in her diet.
-Fuck it, she probably has a bat form.
-Her weaknesses are the usual for vampires. Silver, sunlight, garlic and pure water. So you can imagine what’s used against her in the ultimatum trap.
-Her weakness to sunlight is another reason she’s so compatible with Mark. She can often use him as shelter.
-She carries around blood on her at all times, but it doesn’t stop people around her from being slightly afraid of her. 
-She has DEFINITELY tried to do a bit of trolling and bite Jamie. That’s how she found out Jamie doesn’t like to stay corporeal.
Jamie - Ghost
-She can switch between corporeal and incorporeal forms
-She is able to go completely invisible at times but only for short amounts of time or she risks literally disappearing from existence
-She’s not actually dead. She’s just a ghost. Always was one.
-Brings cold air around her. When she enters a room, it gets immediately colder.
-She has a glow around her, and on occasion the hue can change based on emotion.
-Because she’s a ghost, she doesn’t need to eat or drink. She simply borrows energy from others and it fuels her. 
-She’s very compatible with Erin because she’s usually incorporeal, so there’s less of a risk of her accidentally hurting Erin. 
Erin - Fairy
-she’s about half the size of a rat idk.
-She has her own tiny desk she works at in the studio
-The reason she works in audio is because she’s so small and everything is loud to her, but this can also lead to her becoming easily overwhelmed.
-She cant fly in storms. If the weather is bad, one of the others will offer to escort her to a safe place whenever they can.
-When it comes to food, she does have access to tiny versions of food, but she usually just consumes small pieces of regular food and that’s enough for her. A crumb she found on the floor would be like a 5 star meal to her.
-Iron is painful for her to touch, and one of her weaknesses.
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n-ico-ando · 5 months
So wrote a Lewis/Seb fantasy folklore (mild horror) fic! It's a bit different to my normal stuff but yeah. Ft. autism coded sea creature Sebastian my beloved.
You can read it here!
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