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archenemisis · 2 days
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this was a reply to an ask but its so silly!!! I love my boyfriend so much smhcdeinhjijerjni He changed it like a few times after i sent it in to the ask blog though !!! thank you for continued love on my bf's art!!! SMH >:)
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Hello Toby!
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multi-fandomedfreak · 5 months
Creepypasta - Kissing headcanons
Authors note: Severly dehydrated of Creepypasta content. The pastas in this  are Toby, EJ, and Jeff
⚠WARNINGS⚠: Mentions of blood, scars, and sharp objects
🪓Ticci Toby🪓
-The DEFINITION of awkward
-During the beginning of the relationship anyway. He just got so flustered and red in the face no matter where you kissed him. 
-It legit made him go like: 🧍 without fail
-He used to rarely be the one to initiate kisses but after a while, he didn’t hesitate to kiss you but isn’t too keen on doing it in front of the other pastas. He isn’t a big fan of PDA
-He loves to kiss you on your cheek, your forehead, your temples. Usually doesn’t kiss you on the lips because it flusters him too much but never complains when you’re the one to start it
-He’s definitely the kind of guy to not like PDA but lovess making out when the both of you are alone
-He MELTS when you kiss around his scars and whisper about how beautiful he is. You do this and he’s all over you
-Loves giving neck kisses but isn’t a fan of hickeys 
-His hands are always cupping your face whenever you two kiss, it just seems right to him definitely not because he likes to squeeze your cheeks
🕳Eyeless Jack🕳
-A little less awkward than Toby because he’s been a relationship before (before the whole sacrifice thing)
-Doesn’t like kissing in front of the other pastas due to it meaning he has to lift and/or take off his mask so he’d rather do it in private
-Doesn’t mean he minds PDA. So you gladly kiss his hands whenever you can
-He specifically likes it when you kiss his hands because he hates his claws with a passion, so seeing you lovingly and gently kiss his hands almost brings him to tears 
-When you both are alone he’s much more confident and usually is the one to initiate the makeout sessions
-Gets a little handsy but not really, like the most he’ll do is put his hands on your thighs and waist but nothing more
-Oh and since he has sharp teeth/fangs, will absolutely lose it when you swipe your tongue across his teeth
-Try not to cut your tongue tho
🔪 Jeff the Killer 🔪
-Not awkward at all, he could care less if the other pastas are watching, he’ll kiss you without warning
-Like the little gremlin he is, he’ll make eye contact with the other pastas as he kisses your neck
-Buuut if you were to ever show him like, really fluffy affection, that’s where he gets embarrassed
-Will literally push you away as he’s blushing
-Maybe stab you if you start teasing him about it but no worries, you can take it (plus he never actually stabs you in any fatal places)
-kissing in private tho?
-This man WILL NOT take his hands off of you
-His hands are EVERYWHERE, literally no part of you is safe from his touch; you’re thighs, your butt, your waist everything
-Probably likes to have you on his lap as you two are making out
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r0s3m4ry-mp3 · 6 months
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I stand by that some the older creepypastas probably barely know how to use twitter and cant change their pfp💔❗❗
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chasingthe2000s · 5 months
Tumblr media
This stupid fucking meme
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startheskelaton · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Redesigns for the characters
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ozzy-lot · 2 months
Tumblr media
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cadavercrypt · 7 months
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girls will have ominous looming figures following them in the hospital and act like nothing is wrong
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angelwowings · 1 month
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I checked all of this is kastoway art and it’s related to toby I just realized I posted some pictures twice but doesn’t matter👍🏻
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spoookypasta · 5 months
Do you think you could do Ticci Toby,Masky, Jeff the killer and EJ realizing they like someone & what they do abt their feelings?? thank you sm if you do! :]
Tumblr media
.◦˚✧Realizing their feelings✧˚◦.
Featuring: Ticci Toby, Masky/Tim, Jeff the killer, EJ Reader: Gender neutral / not gendered Authors note: Sorry it took me so long to get to this! Ive got some other asks in my box I'll be getting to soon. I combined these two asks cause they asked similar things. Toby will always be written as adult in my posts (because he is.)
Tumblr media
Ticci Toby
Toby didn't exactly have crushes on people growing up seeing how much he wasn’t around other people so he doesn’t know what to do about his newfound feelings. He gets crushes on people who are nice to him easily though. He doesn’t realize it at first but he gets nervous and flustered around you. It takes him a long time to figure out why he’s so nervous around you, but when he does he does not know how to go about it. Eventually, he writes his feelings out in a letter so he won’t get sidetracked when trying to confess. But he finds it so hard to actually get the words out so he just hands you the letter and hides in his hoodie until you’re done reading.
Tumblr media
Honestly, at first, Tim just thinks he likes you as a friend. Finally someone around this damn place he can actually tolerate! Takes a bit of teasing from Brian to realize that, oh, those aint platonic feelings. He will suddenly start being more of an ass to you in hopes that it will push you away. He wants you to snap at him and be angry so he can stop feeling this way. You’d have to be the one to confess to him to start any kind of relationship with him.
Tumblr media
Jeff the killer
Jeff is of course as mentioned before, a dick. He would be treating you awfully until you push back against him and he realizes he kinda likes when you put him in his place. It definitely confuses him at first. He has to take a while to process what those feelings say about him. He’ll test it out a few more times and realize that he is in love. He’d eventually ask you out in the most “I don't care if you say yes or whatever” kind of way to protect his own feelings.
Tumblr media
Jack is a very silent guy, he feels his emotions on the inside and does not show them outwardly. He catches onto his feelings quickly. He won’t show any signs that his feelings for you are anything but platonic. He doesn’t want to. He is nervous about relationships. What if he does something wrong? What if he hurts you unintentionally?? He couldn’t live with himself if he did anything that would hurt you. He doesn't trust himself, so he keeps it to himself. Maybe on occasion, he will let some small things slip like wrapping his tail around your waist when sitting together. Similar to Tim, you’d have to be the one to ask him out for him to get into a relationship.
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mythicalmyles · 2 months
Can we get a masky/Tim x reader where he makes jokes about fuckin us but then he actually does it? Please
step father!tim x reader tims p much implied to be demonic of sorts
(reader met tim at 19 is currently 20)
(18+stomach bulging, daddy kink, dubcon, predator/prey(?), voyeurism, minor inflation, feminization )
Being home was usually a relaxing time for you, finally getting away from the stresses on university. Lately though your mum's husband had been setting you on edge, his hands seemed to linger whenever he touched you. He was also pretty gruff and sexual with his humour, most of his words leaving you flushed and fidgeting.
“You look good like that.” Was all Masky muttered after staring at you for five minutes. You had laid down on the floor, legs spread as you huffed and panted after a workout session. Before you could say anything he left the room.
You couldn't deny your mother had spoiled you from the moment she had been born, your belated father being a high paid agent. You had no idea what for but he was always gone and always came back black and blue. You had hardly knew him, the last time you had spoken must have been when you were seven and he called you an idiot for a B you had gotten.
You were indifferent when he died and you hadn't cared much when your mother did remarry, she was her own person and you could kick and scream or accept it. But her husband, your supposed step father was another issue. He had this creepy aura surrounding him, his eyes were always squinted and calculating. He stood almost a foot taller then you with rock hard muscles, you hadn't asked but assumed he worked in constructions. It was the only logical answer your brain could come up with, Tim seemed to like being alone. You did your best to not bump into him.
You couldn't deny your stomach turned whenever you caught him walking out of your fathers old study, your mother had never touched it after he passed.
Somehow every other time you've been showering he's walked in and you stood as frozen as a deer in headlights. He would grumble and walk back out after eyeing you from top to bottom.
You tapped your pen on your notebook, you had one last night to complete and you were done for the year. Instead your head swelled up with fog, eyes distorting text no matter how hard you concentrated. You were sat in your boxers and a loose shirt that still somehow clung to every inch of your torso, the heat of the sun unbearable.
You had barley even noticed Tim creeping up behind you, his hands dropping onto your shoulders had you jolting. Tim held you in place, his thumbs rubbing against the back of your shoulders. All you could do was sit still, red shooting up your neck and over your cheeks. You bit your lip when Tims hands moved to start playing with your nipples.
"You're moms away for a week." Tim's voice was deep and sent shivers up your spine. All you could do was squeak as he pulled your top up and putting it behind your head, pinning your shoulders back and pushing your chest out. "I thought about doing this the last time, but that bitch wouldn't leave." Before you could snap at him he appeared in front of you, grabbing your cheeks and squeezing hard as he held you close to his face.
"What did your dad do?" His eyes were blank and dark, your body beginning to shake as things finally fell into place. He never was here for your mother.
"I-d-don't know!" You choked out, fear flooding you as you looked him in the eyes. Desperately hoping he would understand that you knew nothing. Tim sighed hard, anger clouding his eyes. He barely missed a beat before ripping you off of your chair and slamming you over the counter, your legs trying to kick his torso. "St-stop it, you fre-freak." You groaned out, failing at moving him a single inch.
Tim pulled his belt off, wrapping it around your neck and using the excess to tie your hands up behind your head. Tim ignored your begging, latching onto one of your nipples, his teeth scraping the sensitive bud. You tried your best not to struggle, the belt choking you whenever you extended your arms. Tim let out an exhausted sigh as he stood over you, making you feel small as he glared down at you. "Of course he didn't tell you jack shit." His voice was deep and he sounded pissed.
"Well. We have a week." He suddenly grinned, his change in demeanour setting you on edge. His hands ran up your bare chest, stopping to thumb your nipples. He watched you as you bit your lip and squirmed, trying not to choke yourself and keep yourself silent. "C'mon pretty boy, I've heard you playing with yourself. You moan like a whore." You shook your head, not trusting your voice. Tim chuckled, dragging his hands back down to just above your boxerss. He dug his fingers into your flesh, focused on your shaky breathing.
Tim had your boxers around your thighs before you had time to comprehend what was going on, he wasted no time in pulling them off. He left you bare with only your shirt that was currently thrown behind your neck. You felt incredibly embarrassed under him, the cold counter pressing against your back. His still fully clothed form stood still, watching you wiggle.
He suddenly turned, making his way towards one of the cupboards and pulling out olive oil. He smirked back at you, dark eyes ringed with even darker bags. You felt like you were in a horror movie, just waiting for the big scary monster to snap you in half. "If you be a good boy for daddy, it wont hurt." You felt filthy when your cock twitched, already half hard.
You ignored the sound of him opening the oil and slicking his hands up, he made his way back between your thighs, easily lifting your legs with one arm and pinning them to your chest. "Please, I-I've never.." You blushed while trailing off, looking to the side and away from Tim as best as you could.
Tim's slippery fingers wrapped around your jaw, yanking your vision back to him. "I'll take real good care of you." His hand dropped from your jaw, quickly making its way to your hole. You shuddered as he circled your hole, lightly pressing his finger in and teasing you. You wanted to deny how good it felt, ignore the sirens in your head warning you of danger. It was getting harder to get your thoughts intact when he was sliding a second finger into you, you let out a loud groan as you curled your toes. Tim was rough, but he used a lot of oil. You could feel it running all over your skin, making it easier for Tim to slam his digits deep into you.
"Ah-sto-stop." You cried out when Tim began scissoring his fingers, it caused a sting to run up your spine. "Daddy's got you." Was all he said, his shark like grin looming over you. His fingers were thick and rough, you were grateful for the oil when he began roughly fingering you, leaving you squealing on your back.
Your eyes rolled into the back of your head, stomach burning as you felt your orgasm stirring. Tim smirked when he felt you clench harder around his digits, your eyes furrowed closed as you prepared yourself. Just as your high was about to come crashing into you, Tim pulled his fingers out.
You couldn't help but cry out in frustration, tears lining your eyes as you looked up at him in desperation. Tim used his last moment of restraint to get his jeans down and his cock out, your eyes bulging once you noticed his size. He was cock was thick and red, he must’ve been hard for a while. Before another thought could run through your head he wash pushing into you, despite his earlier stretching it still burned. It took everything for you not to sob as his cock finally pushed passed your rim. He paused once he had managed to bury half of his cock into you, he licked his lips his hands keeping your thighs up by your ears. He had you completely trapped. His belt dug into your skin, choking you occasionally when your body spasmed.
His fingers dug into tour thighs, his fingers leaving red, angry indents behind.
A scream was ripped from your throat when he suddenly bottomed out inside of you, your wide eyes staring up at the roof as you tried to catch your breath. It felt unbearable how much he filled you up, it felt like it should’ve been impossible with a cock that big. You took deep, sobbing breaths and jolted when Tim suddenly grabbed your face, forcing eye contact.
His hand moved down, wrapping around you neck and letting your leg drop to his shoulder. You let out a strangled gasp with the sudden movement, his cock rubbing against your prostate. Stars appeared in your vision, mouth dropping open in a silent scream when you realised his cock was going to rub up against your prostate with every thrust of his hips. He let your other leg fall to his shoulder, using his now free hand to land a harsh slap to your ass.
You yelped out, moaning loudly when Tim began picking up his speed. “Tell daddy how much you love his cock, be a good boy now.” There was something scary in Tim’s eyes, his face deadpan as he fucked you. “N-no, this is weird. You married m-my-.” He cut you off with a particularly hard thrust, he pulled you up by your neck. He forced you to look at the bulge in your stomach, the sight of his cock ramming into your guts had you sobbing. You couldn’t believe he had really managed to get all of it inside of you, it was inhuman. “M’sorry daddy.” You choked out, his hand not choking you too tight as you watched his cock ramming deep into you.
You could barley feel your own drool leaking out of your mouth, eyes rolled back as Tim assaulted your insides. “Da-daddy please.” You choked out, his cock rubbing against your prostate and sending sparks running throughout your body. You broke down, sobbing when Tim began fucking you at a deliriously inducing pace.
Tim felt himself coming close, the feeling of being wrapped up tight in your insides was driving him to the edge. The sight of you choking and crying, calling him ‘Daddy’ while he fucked you into the counter wasn’t helping. He almost felt feral seeing his cock stretch out your tummy, knowing no one could fuck you like he could. Tim felt himself growl, quickening his pace as he felt himself coming undone.
You could only explain it as being hit by a car, the feeling of the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had washed over you, your nails digging into your own flesh as you wailed on Tim’s cock.
Flopped back against the counter gasping, Tim giving you a last few thrusts before cuming deep into you. The feeling of his cum flooding into you was almost intoxicating, mouth dropped as you watched your stomach expand to accommodate Tim’s load.
You felt like jelly, your body felt incredibly heavy as you tried to catch your breath. Tim continued slowly trusting into, watching you intently as his cum came dripping out of your ass. He pressed his hand onto your stomach, your sob causing his cock to twitch inside of you. Suddenly a ringing filled the room, Tim letting out a sigh before pulling his phone out of his sagged jeans. You felt yourself tuning out of the conversation when Tim began slowly thrusting into you, his soft cock still pushing against your prostate.
Suddenly Tim’s thrusts became sharp, your moans echoing the room along with the sound of skin slapping. “I’m just having some fun with Mr (L.Name)’s little son, he’s just the cutest little thing.” Tim roughly thrust into you, your choked out moans easily heard through the phone.
“You wanna play with daddy’s friends?” He smirked, his thrusts getting harsher. You sobbed and shook your head. “D-don’t you da-dare.” You tried to be firm, instead moans slipping out along with your words. Tim’s cock had hardened up again, dragging against your prostate. You could feel cum and oil dripping out of your sensitive hole, every thrust Tim gave seemed to pull out more. Suddenly he pulled out grabbing your hips and pulling you off of the counter. He shoved you over it, the marble cold against your nipples. “Wa-wait. Plea-please.” You sobbed out, two of Masky’s fingers back inside of you. Instead of answering he continued with his conversation on the phone. “I’ve already been here a year, i would’ve found it already.” Masky’s fingers were getting rough, four of them already stuffed into your puffy, abused hole.
Despite the burning pain of overstimulation you couldn’t help the moans that poured from your throat. You found yourself whining and sobbing as your hips twitched. Tim chuckled and untied you from his belt, throwing it of to the side and watching as your numbed arms fell to the counter. He pulled his fingers out, slapping your ass before pushing his thumbs into your hole and stretching it. “God, what a pretty pussy.” You whined at Tim’s words, you could hear voices suddenly speaking from Tim’s phone. You looked over only to sob out once you saw yourself on camera, Tim’s equally scary looking friends peering back at you.
Tim spat into your hole, pushing his thumbs deeper into your hole. You could feel your entire body shaking. “I got a pretty little cock slut here, she’s got a real cute pussy.” Your voice was high when you argued back, tears in your eyes. Instead you were met with a chorus of laughs.
“Should dress him up, get him in a skirt.” You tried not to react to the voice coming from the phone, instead you twisted your lips together. “This part of the deal then? We help you, you let us fuck cutie there?” Your eyes doubled, shooting to look back at Tim. “Yeah, if you want. He’ll be here. He’s nice ‘n weak.” You wanted to hate what they were saying, trying to pretend you weren’t close to cuming despite Tim’s now lazy pace. Their words had you involuntarily squeezing around Tims fingers are grinding yourself back against them, whining as you felt your nipples dragging across the marble. Images of rough hands playing with your nipples and ass had you spilling over, screaming as you came hard.
“Thats my good boy.” Tim smirked as he patted your ass.
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xxsweetoothxx · 7 months
Tumblr media
Blah blah blah Character design. Blah blah blah playing with art styles blah...
I'm just now seeing mistakes but I'm not going to point them out because you wouldn't know they were my ass being forgetful. :o) I'm happy with these regardless of them.
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marzipandle · 27 days
Tumblr media
can we get more content of them being normal brothers and not incest thanks?
(If you like these two as a ship i will personally hunt you down and skin u <3 get off my fucking page)
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multi-fandomedfreak · 2 months
Creepypasta headcanons // how they would react u getting catcalled
Authors note: This is prob gonna be kinda shorter than my usual ones so sorry about that but I've been having terrible writers' block 😭
Characters: Jeff, Hoodie, Toby
⚠️ WARNINGS ⚠️: Mentions of a fight, mentions of knives, catcalling, mentions of hatchets, stalking
🔪 Jeff the Killer🔪
-Jeff will NOT have it
-As soon as some creep cat calls you, he’s throwing hands immediately
-Pretty sure he won’t remember he has a knife on him until after he’s beaten the creep to a pulp
-it’s best to close your eyes after he remembers his knife lol
-After that he’ll immediately start making sure your ok
-Checking to see if you’re upset, hurt in any way, ect.
-He’ll put his arm around your shoulders or waist to comfort you
-And to just protect you in general
-Even though Jeffs not much of a softie, he’ll be checking you’re ok a lot
-Probably in a much more subtle manner than when you first got catcalled
-But he’s constantly on the lookout for any creeps
🫥Hoodie 🫥
-If someone catcalls you, Hoodie would obviously be mad about it
-but he will just pull you away from whoever it is that's doing it
-He wouldn't do anything...yet
-Once he left you somewhere safe, he'd track down and stalk whoever it is that catcalled you
-Probably follow them home or their work
-Just waiting for the right time to strike
-Chances are that you'll never see the person who catcalled you again
-Afterwards, he would be a bit like Jeff in the sense that he would be very protective over you but kinda silently
-He won't be so obviously all over you but the subtle things he does are pretty noticeable
-Like asking if your comfortable when there's a lot of guys around or holding your hand to comfort you
🪓 Ticci Toby 🪓
-As soon as someone catcalls you its a hatcher to the face
-Like I know Toby might be mostly portrayed as shy and stuff
-But when it comes to the people he loves?
-He’s got like no chill
-After the catcaller is dealt with and stuff he’s definitely fussing about you
-He’s making sure you’re ok and feel good
-He’d probably buy you your favorite food/snack if you need comfort food
-or steal it who knows
-But yeah if someone were to ever mess with you in that way he would not hesitate to throw whatever he has in his hands at the moment
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bergaposting · 1 year
Tumblr media
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fujjithecharsi · 17 days
Tumblr media
A rough drawing of Tobes from early August.
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