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A new world 鈽侊笍馃挮馃寵
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Jon Foreman
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The Temple of Poseidon with a captivating Crescent Moon and Venus, Cape Sounion, Greece
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Caspar David Friedrich (1774 -1840, German) ~聽Schwaene im Schilf, 1820
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Crescent Saturn and Titan
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transparent Moon looking like a gum ball.
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See more like this.
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Crescent, Moon Girl and their beastly partners are ready for round 2 when Jimmy Woo breaks up their fight.聽
- Marvel鈥檚 Voices: Infinity Comic #33, 2023
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鈥 bodyguard! bucky barnes x popstar! reader
summary || you cannot resist your mysterious, grumpy and sexy bodyguard, Bucky Barnes. (bodyguard au)
warnings || unprotected sex. car sex. daddy kink. dom/sub undertones. fingering. dirty talk. petname (princess). pining. PWP. 鈥 MINORS DNI
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thank you for 6k followers! I love you guys!
Tumblr media
The glitter on your eyelids and the sweat dripping off your forehead sparkled in the focus of bright lights as you bent down for a final bow.
The audience roared rowdily as you as you waved them goodbye and walked away from their eyes and into the darkness of the backstage.
You shut off your mic and discarded all the wires on your body before starting to jump around in excitement. 鈥淚t was amazing! Everyone loved it!鈥 Wanda, your manager, clapped with exhilaration.
鈥淥h my god! Oh my god! Wan, I can鈥檛 believe this!鈥 You hugged her tightly and you were both jumping on the spot with excitement.
鈥淚 knew you鈥檇 do it! I just knew!鈥 Wanda wasn鈥檛 just your manager but your best friend and confidante too. And when no one else had believed in you, she had.
This wasn鈥檛 your very first concert, but still every concert for you was just as important. The thrill of singing in front of the mob of people who loved you was better than any drug.
鈥淐ome on! Let鈥檚 get you into the car before they come swarming in.鈥 Fame came with pros and cons. The love of your fans was both, a pro and a con.
Sometimes it got a little too much and people forgot you were a real human with emotions rather than a part of your their fantasy.
You nodded to Wanda and your eyes search for one man specifically among the mass of people working backstage.
鈥淲here鈥檚 Bucky?鈥 You asked Wanda as you both started walking. 鈥淗e鈥檚 waiting outside to escort you to the car.鈥 Wanda informed as you two hurried past everyone.
You were wearing a short checkered skirt and thigh high boots. You paired that with a corset top which made you feel sexy as fuck.
You had defied expectations and marched to your own rhythm right since the beginning. And at this point, you didn鈥檛 care what people commented about your body.
You were tired and exhausted after performing for so long but the instant you saw Bucky, you quickly improved your posture and tried appearing energetic.
James Bucky Barnes code named the winter soldier, was a high profile bodyguard, you had hired. He previously worked for President Steve Rogers, and even you didn鈥檛 know till now how you afforded him.
He was broody and mysterious and mouth-wateringly handsome. His sharp jawline and steel blue eyes could make you dizzy with just one look.
You didn鈥檛 know much about him, but at the same time, you knew his weirdest little habits like how he listed down all the things he had to do in a day and that he owned a cute white cat, alpine.
He just gave a quick nod, and didn鈥檛 even say a word more as you walked besides him. He was constantly checking your periphery to see if you were away from harms way.
You sighed when you finally hoped into the limousine and Bucky followed close by while Wanda stayed back to ensure everything ended smoothly.
鈥淒id you like the show?鈥 You wiggled happily as you asked him. Bucky was in a grumpy mood 24x7 and today was no different.
鈥淚t was good.鈥 He stated flatly as the car started. 鈥淥nly good? Not excellent? Not outstanding? Not out of this world?鈥 You always shamelessly flirted with Bucky and he resisted.
鈥淚t was really good.鈥 Some days you wanted to punch Bucky, this was one of those days. 鈥淥kay.鈥 You just grunted and turned your head away. But what you didn鈥檛 notice was the way his lips smirked up as you acted out.
Bucky wordlessly thrusted a water bottle in your hand and you greedily gulped down the much needed water with some droplets slipping past your lips.
Bucky鈥檚 eyes refused to move away from the stray droplets as they disappeared past your cleavage. He knew he should avert his eyes but he was just not able to.
He wanted to lick clean each of those droplets and fuck you until you begged him to stop. He always acted restrained and grumpy because otherwise, he wouldn鈥檛 be able to stop himself.
You caught him staring and you didn鈥檛 know what was in the air, but you wanted nothing more than Bucky to just hold you down and fuck you into oblivion right in this car.
You purposely let the bottle slip out of your hand and spill on the floor. 鈥淥ops!鈥 You you giggled and bent down to pick it up from the floor.
You knew Bucky was getting a great view of your ass from beneath the really short skirt, and that鈥檚 exactly what you wanted.
You wiggled your ass, pretending to be innocent, as you chased the bottle which was laying right in front of you.
Bucky鈥檚 hand was itching with the need of grabbing your ass. But Bucky was nothing if not professional. He folded his palm into a fist and clenched his jaw tight.
鈥淟ike something you see?鈥 You teased as Bucky鈥檚 eyes were locked upon your ass. 鈥淒on鈥檛 tease me.鈥 For the first time, you were seeing his professionalism slip.
鈥淥r what?鈥 You bit your lower lip as you asked and the next thing you knew, you were being pulled into Bucky鈥檚 lap.
鈥淵ou gotta learn some fucking manners, princess.鈥 His hands kneaded your ass and you let out an unholy moan at the slightest touch.
鈥淧lease鈥︹ your panties were dripping already. 鈥淧lease what princess?鈥 His hot breath on your neck was making you shiver with anticipation.
鈥淧lease fuck me..鈥 you were breathless and pure lust was flowing through your veins. He swatted your ass and your eyes flew open, when you hadn鈥檛 even realised when you closed them in the first place.
鈥淵ou know better than that princess.鈥 You just knew what he was asking for and you were more than willing to give it to him.
鈥淧lease fuck me鈥 daddy!鈥
鈥淣ow that鈥檚 my girl!鈥 His lips were instantly on yours and he kissed you like a desperate man finally finding his elixir.
You weaved your hands through his short trimmed hair and held him close to your face as you both kissed passionately.
It was as if all that pent up sexual tension was poring itself out of the box you had both sealed it shut with. You could feel his hard cock near your core and you grind down on it.
鈥淔uck princess!鈥 His fingers wrapped around your panties and ripped them right through the middle giving him access to your pussy. 鈥淒a鈥 daddy!鈥
His fingers rubbed your arousal around before entering your dripping hole. You choked on your breath as his thick fingers stretched you.
He pumped them in you and you writhed on his lap as he pulled out and pushed them in. He placed his other hand around your waist to hold you steady.
You couldn鈥檛 stop the moans that spilled out of your mouth. All you cared about, were Bucky鈥檚 thick fingers fucking your cunt.
鈥淒addy I need more! I need you!鈥 You panted as he continued his ministrations. 鈥淵ou are still too tight princess.鈥 You shook your head and protested.
鈥淚 need you now! I need to feel you, please daddy!鈥 You whined and Bucky pulled his fingers out. 鈥淧lease please please!鈥 You mumbled as Bucky pulled his cock out of his pants. It was long and curved slightly and thick with veins running down his length.
You stroked it before lining it up with your wet hole. You sighed when his head entered you, but then, Bucky gripped your waist and thrusted up in a single movement making you squeal out. 鈥淒addy!鈥
鈥淪hhh princess, you don鈥檛 want the driver to listen to your pretty moans, now do you?鈥 The screen between the driver and you was down. Yet you both knew that by now he definitely had heard what was going behind his back.
The fact that you could get caught was making you drip with arousal. Bucky鈥檚 hand gripped your nape and the other held your waist as he thrusted up into you.
鈥淥h.. fuck..! Hnnggg..鈥 you were reduced to a whimpering mess as kept hitting your spot repeatedly. You threw your head back in ecstasy and his lips attached to your neck.
He nipped and sucked on your neck and shoulders and that combined with his hard thrusts, was making you quiver. You just knew this was going to be the best fuck of your life.
鈥淗arder Bucky! Please, I need more.鈥 Bucky was an itch you just couldn鈥檛 scratch. 鈥淵eah? God, princess, what am I gonna do with you?鈥
Bucky pulled out and you clenched around the air, pathetically begging for more. Bucky flipped you on your stomach on the car seat and swiftly entered you from behind.
鈥淚s this what you wanted, huh? You wanted daddy to fuck you hard?鈥 This time he was fucking you hard enough to choke on his dick.
You tried clutching the leather seats but they didn鈥檛 have any give to them. So you just laid with your face down and ass up, and took what Bucky was giving you.
鈥淚鈥 I鈥檓鈥.鈥 You could feel the coil in your stomach was close to snapping. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e gonna cum?鈥 Bucky could feel you clenching around his length.
鈥淵es! Yes please!鈥 Bucky was getting off on you begging for him. 鈥淐um for me, princess.鈥 His words were enough to send you spiralling down the deep crescent of climax.
Bucky clenched his teeth as you squeezed his cock. Feeling you flutter around him, he couldn鈥檛 stop himself either and after a few desperate thrusts he was coming deep inside you.
鈥淲e鈥檝e reached your house ma鈥檃m.鈥 You both heard the driver speak through the speaker and you and Bucky, both dissolved into a fit of giggles.
You both were panting and sweating while Bucky was still sheathed in you and yet, you both couldn鈥檛 stop your laughter.
Bucky groaned as he pulled out of your heat and saw his cum dripping down your messy folds. The animalistic part of him proudly preened as he had finally marked you as his.
鈥淒id you like it soldier?鈥 You asked as you got up in a sitting position. You could feel his cum drip down your legs and your rubbed them together as you squirmed.
鈥淚 loved it princess. What do you think about a second round?鈥 You almost gawked when you noticed that his cock was already half hard. 鈥淚鈥檓 always down for a second round daddy!鈥
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The moon is magic for the soul 馃寵鉁ㄢ榿锔
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Homemade Flaky Crescent Rolls
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Updated tier icons on our Patreon this summer and boy, I still love them.
The Parba Traveller 鈥 The Jeweler 鈥 The Melalo 鈥 The Fire Worshiper
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Venus and Crescent聽 - 聽Greg Mort ,2017.
American, b. 1952 - 聽
Oil on canvas , , 40 x聽 聽30 in.
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Started watching Sailor Moon and it made me want to draw Clawdeen cosplaying as her and dressing up Crescent as Luna.
I like to imagine she entered a costume contest, with the goal of winning against Cleo specifically, and used her adorable purple cat to basically guarantee her win.
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