spiral-gender · 11 months
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• crow / crows / crowself pronouns flag
- - -
Flag designed by me. Requested by anon.
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sunkissed-mogai · 1 year
crow/crows pronoun flag
Tumblr media
REQUESTED BY: one of @gendermerchant​ ‘s lovely anons that i hijacked. also @gothamisforever​ .
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pronoun-asks · 5 months
Hi! I have a few names and pronouns I want to try. sorry if this is too much.
Decay / DK, Marian, Deirdre
with the pronouns
and some things I like
The Magnus Archives, writing (i've recently gotten into writing ominous poems), drawing, witchy things, snakes, crows, bugs. and The Hearse Song. and recently bbc Sherlock i guess
Hey Decay! No problems, this isn't too much. You provided a lot of info, which helps a lot.
Decay has some pretty cool names. I've never heard of Deirdre or Marian before, but it's cool! DK likes The Magnus Archives. I've heard of that before! It's a podcast, right? Maybe lichen listens to it while writing. Gli mentioned writing ominous poems, which sound super cool! Sku also likes to draw. Sku seems quite creative!
Marion also does witchy things. I wonder what kind of witchy things wi does. Maybe tarot cards? Crow also likes some creepy creatures. I wonder if crows favorite animals are snakes, crows, and bugs. I'd take a guess for crows since that's also some of skulls pronouns.
Deirdre likes The Hearse Song. I haven't listened to that in so long! It's very catchy and creepy, so it's right down glitches lane (or whatever the saying is)! Ey also mentioned liking BBC Sherlock. I wonder if lichen got into that not too long ago. Wi said recently.
Anyway, I hope Decay has a good day and crow takes care of wireself!
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pronoun-checker · 9 months
Can I get a name and pronoun check for Jude with it/its and crow/crows/crowself pronouns? Thank u 💜 8>
Of course! By the way, I love your name!!
Look, it’s Jude! It’s dressed so well today! Don’t you just love crows sweater? Crow has always had such a great style. Wait, look- it dropped its hat! Quick, let’s go help crow get it back!
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xenohcs · 2 years
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Howl Pendragon from Howl’s Moving Castle is a bisexual agender wildmasculine guy who uses he / him, it / its, and crow / crows pronouns!
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candyic · 2 years
Hi could I get some name/pronoun validation for Fedya with it/itself, vamp/vampself, and crow/crowself? Thank u <3
i went to the library today. while i was there, i ran into feyda who was reading by itself. we talked, and i learned that it was studying for a history exam. afterward, it took me to its favourite store.
i went to the library today. while i was there, i ran into feyda who was reading by vampself. we talked, and i learned that vamp was studying for a history exam. afterward, vamp took me to vamps favourite store.
i went to the library today. while i was there, i ran into feyda who was reading by crowself. we talked, and i learned that crow was studying for a history exam. afterward, crow took me to crows favourite store.
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secondlina · 1 month
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Check out my ongoing comic Crow Time. It has crows, and also neat pantheons of epic beasties.
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tcustodisart · 8 months
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Happy Pride Month 2022!!!
Faust the Crow loves you even more than she did last year!
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bluedietcoke · 3 months
book quotes that i will never recover from
"he is half of my soul, as the poets say. " - song of achilles
"write me a letter telling me how to live the rest of my life without you." - how to make friends with the dark
"they were my birthday presents." - shatter me
"she had realized that she had forgotten the precise blue of his eyes and the depth of his laugh." - clockwork princess
"my name is sam cortland... and i will not be afraid." - assassin's blade
"you chose me four years ago. would you choose me still?" - these violent delights
"we were all supposed to make it." - crooked kingdom
"i remember everything." - the invisible life of addie larue
"come home and shout at me. come home and fight with me. come home and break my heart, if you must. just come home." - cruel prince
"i wasted all those yesterdays and am completely out of tomorrows." - they both die at the end
"you hated the idea of me." - the final gambit
"bob says hello." - house of hades
"abuse can feel like love. starving people will eat anything." - nightfall
"i missed you only with an ocean between us. but if death was separating us... i would find you." - queen of shadows
"i loved him. i love him. as best i could." - we were liars
"i'm the villain, even in my own story. but you were supposed to play a different role." - finale
"i will find you again in the next world—the next life. and we will have that time. i promise." - a court of wings and ruin
"i spent half of my time loving her and the other half hiding how much i loved her." - the seven husbands of evelyn hugo
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dashedwithromance · 6 months
i love it when you read multiple works from a writer and you start being able to pick out the things that stick with them. like the themes they keep thinking about, that can’t be satisfied with just one poem or novel or story. or the motifs they like to reuse and recycle throughout their works like an extradiagetic thread. it’s like drawing a map through a writer’s collection of all the things that keep them up at night
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ode-on-a-grecian-butt · 6 months
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art by the talented @Secondlina  
you can read her comic on webtoons
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mysharona1987 · 5 months
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shhhhimwatchingthis · 6 months
You want to know why Inigo Montoya remains such an iconic and beloved character even 35 years after the Princess Bride came out?
It's because he's one of the few characters in fiction who has a story where he has dedicated his life to revenge, his whole motivation is about getting revenge....and he gets it! and then he isn't empty or despairing! he doesn't regret it! he's totally satisfied!
because so many stories about revenge or rage are about characters "seeing the futility of their actions" or learning "their desire for revenge has only made them the monsters they hated" FUCK THAT.
Inigo Montoya kills the man who kills his father, is allowed to live in the narrative after and be happy about it and it is so satisfying. it's fantastic. it's iconic.
let more characters rage against the world, bring it down with bloodied hands, and let them be FUCKING RIGHT about it. Let them celebrate their success with sharp grins, and let them live happy, full lives where they always remain proud/fulfilled for what they've done
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fyanimaldiversity · 3 months
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A beautiful grey American crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) [x]
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fishtrouts · 7 months
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Crows are kinda bad at this kind of thing..
Webtoon | Patreon
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weaver-z · 7 months
There was a really big cowboy-looking dude in the coffee shop, and after a while I realized he seemed to be staring at me, and I was getting uncomfortable until he suddenly startled and came over to say "I'm so sorry, ma'am, I wasn't trying to stare at you. There is a HUGE bird behind you." And lo and behold, right outside the window, there was an absolute unit of a crow.
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