lord-of-0blivion · 2 days
An AU where Danny is VERY tired. Like doing anything other than just living activily saps him of his strength. Because life and death are not meant to be balanced.
Now, onto the important part. When people make clones they activily try to make them better then the originals, even if they don't realize it.
Dani/Ella is like that, it just took a little time to kick in. So now we have an overpowered Dani, like use Dark and Dan as toothpicks overpowered. A Dani so powerful she could waltz up to have and demand the key, and the angels would aske her if she wants the throne to go with it. An Ella who sees Danny as her dad.
So what happens when this literal God of a child sees that her dad is dying from everything other then breathing?
She starts fixing his problems. The ghosts don't dare cross the Fenton portal without her permission. The GIW dissappears of the map. She strong-arms Vlad into getting rid of the anti-ecto acts by threat of nuking every property he owns (He is a bit proud ['read' a lot] of her for that one).
She forces the Fentons to revise every. single. one. of their theories by making them think they have miscalculated some equations in them or something (The guilt quickly cracks concrete with their teeth).
And cuddles in the side of a giant cujo with Danny.
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jamiethebeeart · 2 days
Tumblr media
lineart by @echo-084
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tanglepelt · 3 days
Tumblr media
Sometimes you just want to draw young Danny and cujo 🤷‍♀️
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herbatahleb · 5 months
Tumblr media
part 1
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Danny is invited to the waynes
So danny was taking cujo out for a walk in in the fancier neighbourhood because cujo liked to steal their toys and fuck billionaires
Danny let cujo off his lech and cujo went running in a random direction
About 40 minutes later danny decided to call cujo back with his dog whistle
What danny wasent expecting was for a violent looking 12 year old to be following him with a hellhound looking dog following aswell
Danny picked up cujo, planted the violent child with the most deadpan look he could and said "so you like my dog"
The violent child had a name, thankfully, and it was damian
Aparently damian wanted cujo as a pet and was not deterred by the collar he was wearing
When cujo got called back damian made the impulsive decision to chase him
After a few months talking with damian invited him over to his house
His rich house
Danny told him that he made no promises to behave
The wayne family was currently having an emergency meeting discussing the youngest family member
Damian wayne...
What spured this meeting?
When damian come in and announced
: i have invited the peron i desire romantic relation ship with over for dinner, make a good impression
Or for those who dont speak damian
: i have invited my crush over, dont mess this up
Now they love damian, really...
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goryhorroor · 6 months
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80s horror girls
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ultimatedirk · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i think ben and danny should be friends
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sleepy-bebby · 7 months
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Au where Danny gets deaged by a magical artifact in the GZ and gets lost in a different dimension with Cujo. While exploring Gotham as Phantom he decides to play up the little kid routine and use his puppy friend to do it.
At this point Danny had finally trained the pup and he actually listened to him. Needless to say there's a certain flock of bats and birds who keep pestering him at night. All he's trying to do is explore the city and play with his dog. Is that so bad?
Danny doesnt usually bother hiding from them. Not much point considering he shines like a spotlight in Gothams gloom anytime he's in his phantom form. Plus Cujo is glowy and green, so that doesn't help matters.
Danny usually runs them on a wild goose chase in the name of "Tag" before disappearing. He stole Batmans cape by phasing it off of him and he now uses it as a blanket at night (its surprisingly warm), he stole another one at Red Hoods request and gave it to him, he's set up play dates between Cujo and Harleys hyenas, he's pied Joker in the face, he's pet Penguins pet penguins right in front of him, he's been trapped in an elevator with Brucie Wayne for two hours, he's had a tea party with Catwomans cats and may have broken into her apartment to do it, he's kidnapped Red Robin and made him go to the park and play on the swings with him, he's gotten into actual fights with Robin and last but not least, he came up with the Puppy Paw of Approval.
Nightwing stared at the kid they had been chasing every other night for the last three months now, confused. "Whats the Puppy Paw of Approval?"
The kid moved the puppy, Cujo (which Jason finds hilarious) up in front of his face, holding him there by his armpits.
The dog was making the "no thoughts head empty" face with his tongue sticking out just a smidge. Dick was tempted to coo. "The Puppy Paw of Approval is an award! Arf!" The kid said in a higher pitched pretend voice.
"Its awarded to people we really really like! Arf!"
Nightwing gasped dramatically, playing along with the boy, "You really like me that much?"
"Of course!" The boy floated over to Dick and places one of the dogs paws on the man's chest. "Da da da daaa!" The kid sang, "You now have the Puppy Paw of Approval!"
The vigilante sniffled, "I will always cherish this! Thank you!"
The kid giggled and Cujo barked at him. The little green rottweiler panted up at him with a giants smile and his little nub tail wagging a mile and minute.
God, Nightwing couldn't wait for his newest little brother to join the family.
Dick was dismayed to learn he was actually the second person to get the PPA. The first being Tim, the third being Harley and the forth being Catwoman. Ivy was apparently salty about not getting one but the kid was scared of her for some reason.
Danny makes friends with lots of people throughout the city. Scarecrow learns of the bats recruitment attempts on this boy and decides to use the fear toxin on him. This has the unexpected outcome of making the child cry.
And then the whole city was out for his head.
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mizartz · 5 months
Tumblr media
a good boy
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Tumblr media
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tourettesdog · 5 months
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Ectoberhaunt 2022 Day 14: Costume Party
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stormikitty · 14 days
"Sometimes a family is 2 halfas, a liminal girl, a half dragon lady, a plant lady who also has dragon powers, a reincarnated Pharoah/techno-geek, and their ghost dog. All of which are teenagers who have never met a trustworthy adult in their lives, except for the younger halfa, who is arguably a baby but still looks like a teenager and sometimes acts like one anyway."
Superheros responses to this:
Wonder Woman: "Does your family have room for an Amazon warrior?"
Kon: "Got room for a half kryptonian clone?"
Any speedster: "Got room for a few speedsters and their ordinary family members in that family?"
Batman: "...Alfred call the guy."
Add more reactions if you'd like. It honestly depends on who's around.
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tanglepelt · 22 days
Random Dc x dp idea 2
I love when the justice league finds out about the GIW or how Danny gets bombed with the news he is ghost king so why not mash them together.
Imagine a ghost council warning Danny that if the GIW/Fenton parents continue experiments the infinite realm will start an inter-dimensional war. Danny and crew are obviously freaking out. Working their butts of freeing ghosts from labs and getting them back in the zone.
Then the GIW catch cujo and instead of going to labs located near amity they go to a newly built lab. One that’s in a city with known dc hero’s such as gotham. So off Danny went to free cujo.
Danny would have to sneak in human with all the ecto detection and anti ecto weapons. The bats are suspicious of this new building. Perhaps seeing medical equipment or other nefarious items being brought in. So when they see a child geared up sneaking into said facility they intervene.
The bathfam wasn’t expecting the kid to be unstrapping a glowing green dog from a table guys in white knocked out unconscious. Danny clutching cujo in one arm is like hey I’m just trying to stop an inter-dimensional war.
He ends up in the watchtower. Constantine and any magic users are freaking out and confused. You just don’t mess with the infinite realm the ghost king wasn’t merciful. Danny is just going off about the laws and ends up emptying his backpack and out comes the ring of rage and crown of fire. Constantine just stares at them then Danny and just asks how. Danny shrugs and says that clockworth said they were his problem cause he lead the attack on pariah that ended with him locked in the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep.
Danny grabs the notebook he was looking for and keeps going with his rant now citing different labs and attacks the GIW have done and the anti ecto laws. Constantine interrupts and just starts talking about the right of conquest. Danny and him just argue cause as far as Danny cares he did not defeat him he sealed him away.
After bickering and going back and forth he only stops when an observant makes an appearance stating he is indeed the king hence why he was informed the council was considering war. Danny just has a surprised pikachu face.
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herbatahleb · 5 months
Tumblr media
idea belongs to @reanimatedgh0ul​  part 2
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norisus · 9 months
Tumblr media
Can’t say I expected a Danny Phantom hyperfixation from 2022, but here we are
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