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fox-guardian · 2 months
As funny as it would be for there to be another sans vs reigen standoff, I Do think it'd be really funny if we got Cecil to go all the way. Especially since, in my opinion, he stands the test of time and has come all the way around to the new brand of sexyman.
Like, yes, he was, in WTNV's early days, given the twink treatment. Dapper style, youthful features, etc. But he was never like that canonically.
He dresses horrifically (affectionate), he's canonically an older man even in the podcast's beginning, and he is and never has been a twink (he is neither thin, nor fat. Implying at thinnest, straight-sized, and at biggest, mid-sized).
Obviously this doesn't change the fandom's sexymanification of him, but it does lead him to fit more nicely into the sexyman that the aging tumblr userbase has recently developed:
The Babygirl.
Listen. Apart from the above, he can't cook for shit, he's petty, he's written Jaws slash fic and had his intern beta read it, he is CANONICALLY a dilf, he grows his own weed, he loves his husband So Goddamn Much, he won't shut up about how much he carnally desires said husband, he mentions his kinks on the fucking air, AND HE EVEN HAS A FUCKING TUMBLR.
I think he fits the bill for the pathetic older queer man that tumblr has grown so very Normal about. He is so very powerful. And after ten years of being this way I think he should be allowed to go all the way to the top. I think he's earned it.
Sure, if he doesn't stand a chance in the final four, I'll accept sans vs reigen. But if it gets close enough, say, above 40%.... Maybe we could push to go all the way. For the bit. For one of the original sexymen of tumblr history. For our dear gay uncle, Cecil Gershwin Palmer. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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Based on these posts (1) (2)
I watched that Baymax show and cried but also wondered if Baymax swears so here's a shitty comic about hitting your toe on a fucking table
No reposts - reblogs absolutely appreciated
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craykaycee · 2 months
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@vurelly Ask and you shall receive
I think the language filter malfunctioned-- good thing the kids just left xDD
((here's the vid link with the audio that inspired this))
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emett-sidecast · 1 year
Americans shut up literally shut the fuck up no one needs to hear your jokes about Ukraine and WW3, shut the fuck up about the cold war and getting nuked, this isn't about you, no one will force you to join the army, you aren't getting drafted, you will be safe and sitting on your asses on the other side of the world, you are politically untouchable. This impacts you only through the TV screen and if I see one more distasteful joke you can easily throw away mid-conversation without a care in the world I am blocking you. You are not funny.
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prismartist · 6 months
absolutely obsessed with omar's delivery here
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illogicallyinclined · 2 months
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Honestly, what a fucking relief.
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saintbleeding · 18 days
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[ID: Digital art of Martin and Jon from TMA. Martin is a short, fat, white man with slightly greying ginger hair and round glasses. He wears grey sweatpants and a pink, oversized jumper with the text “CEO of gay shit” in capital letters on the chest. His sleeves are rolled up, and he holds a smartphone to his ear, looking down sheepishly as he speaks, seated on a light-brown sofa. Jon is a tall, thin, British-Indian man with shoulder length, salt-and-pepper hair tied back, a patchy beard, and several scars across his face, neck, and arms. He wears rectangular glasses, dark, loose trousers, and a grey t-shirt, with “got abducted from a fuckin Greyhound and all I got was this shitty t-shirt” scrawled amateurishly across the front, also in all-caps. He holds a corded phone receiver to his ear, the base of which is resting on the table beside which he is seated. On the table are a few papers with handwriting scribbled illegibly on them. Between Jon and Martin is the coiled cord of a telephone, separating them. Both appear to have the other’s translucent, grey-toned, ghostly arm wrapped around them. Jon appears to be smiling fondly at Martin as he speaks. Above them is written the text “I shouldn’t have talked to you over the phone/It’s your voice, almost made me feel like I was home”. The background is a gradient of pink tones. End ID.]
season four is probably legitimately my favourite of all of them, but honestly tbh to be honest season three is a close second, because YEARNING, but not the kind that makes me need to get on the FLOOR
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fluffyquill · 7 months
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One anxious feathered baby, coming right up.
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whumpberry-cookie · 24 days
Whumpee's mind is really fucked up and they never voluntarily show it.
But the circumstances do.
(Cw: magical whump, mention of waste fluids)
An Empath that they freshly met strongly refuses to even be in the same room with Whumpee. No one understands why except of Whumpee themself.
A Mind Reader tries to get inside Whumpee's mind for some reason. Focuses, closes their eyes, places a hand on Whumpee's forehead. But then sudenly gasps, breaks the connection and runs out of the room to vomit.
There's some terryfying situation that makes all of the Teammates freeze in mindless fear. Whumpee however stays focused and takes actions to protect the rest. Because Whumpee's used to being in constant stress and fear.
"I trade my magical services for human memories. Pick one person from your group to make the sacrifice of their past. Anyone except of that guy over there. I don't want theirs."
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lilybug-02 · 1 month
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Local idiot bullies Ghost Child.
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effinbirds · 3 days
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fox-guardian · 11 months
he's a sweetheart he's a bitch he's just a little guy he's so very powerful he's the kindest of souls he's SO rude he means everything to me
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Tommy in Charlie's new video got us all like
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hermit-wizard · 2 months
Baneful Spellwork positive post
There are so many valid, reasonable, understandable things that would warrant a practitioner casting a baneful spell against someone else.
Your biggest ally in a baneful working: GIVE YOUR SUBJECT AN "OUT"
a change in behavior, a sincere apology, returned items. Whatever your reason is for your working, give them a way to break it themselves.
Pavlov that fucker into righting their own wrongs. "If you're honest, genuine, & kind, things will start to go your way again. If you continue in your malice, your life will fall apart."
In my personal practice, I don't follow any bastardized karmic retribution, or a rule of three. I believe that the Universe is a perfect balance of positive & negative forces, and it isn't fond of anything throwing that balance too far off kilter.
Without a "breaker" built in, your spell will eventually start to backfire. And it will backfire in the direction it came from.
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Any character portrayed by Natasha Lyonne, experiencing horrors beyond human comprehension: “Oh, hello, very good, okay then, understandable. Horrors, horrors, horrors, et cetera, I’ll be getting the fuck out of here now, thank you for your time.”
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