#cuz it’s not something i’m proud of. 😂
kitchenisking · 2 months
my live take on teen wolf movie!
I think it's fitting that Dereks the first one to mention stiles, but was it so hard to day that stiles was working on a case or busy at the fbi. that does ‘has his own fires to put out even mean’?
Jackson’s entrance was everything!🤣
Ok so I love Jackson now! also I love that's its confirmed that Ethan an Jackson are still a thing! they deserve that!
So lyida meets Eli, I kinda got a vibe. Lydia took one look and Eli and kinda dismissed him. but I think it was more than that. and maybe im seeing this through sterek colored glasses, but it was like she saw him as the thing that got between her and stiles. anyone else get a vibe like that? like she knew more about Eli then everyone else?
Coach is everything!
Melissa a doctor! Go her!!!!! she's such a badass, and I love her!
Also the sheriff speech to Eli in the school… I’m a 100 percent certain that he gave the same sort of speech to stiles at one point🤭😂
So malia knows about Eli, they must have spent sometime together
I think it’s disgusting that they had Scott boost Eli to heal😤🤬 but of course is has to be Scott cuz go forbid it’s anyone else😤😤Like Derek is  his dad😒😒
So they had lyida play stiles 😒
And Derek’s not even mad that’s Scott helped him! He’s just a proud papa! 😍
Jackson ‘ supposed to be dead, is starting to be a recurring theme around here’ 🤣🤣🤣
I thought wolfsbane had to be brunes out with the ash of the same strand that infected the wolf?🤨🤔
You’re telling me that the nougistune didn’t go after Derek and eli cuz their stiles family? Sure ok😐Also it’s fitting that the first persons to mention stiles is Derek!
So they put Scott on the fleid! That’s just😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
When the oni took Eli, maila was really upset. Which just shows that she’s spent engorge time with him to love him. And I love that for her and Eli. also you see how upset she is when Derek dies. I truly believe that they sent time together as a family and im sad that we didn't get to see them together. (also I feel like it would be more fitting it she and Parrish took Eli. (thought I would prefer if he went with the sheriff) also mail and Parrish were weird)
Thé face that Derek hasn’t fully shifted in year cuz he was scared to scare Eli just goes to show how much control he has an show much he loves his son! He didn’t hide the wolf away, but he didn’t let it all out also and I think that’s just incredible!
And then Eli scores the winning goal just like stiles 🥰
Derek becomes a true alpha. he was always an alpha and I really don't think he's dead.🤨
Derek dies, because Scott can't make the hard choices. someone else always has to make it fro him and then he gets all the credit! it's stills all over again! Scotts misses something, stiles fixes it 98% if the way and then Scott gets all the glory. again.😒😒
So the sheriff speech about Derek is the only one I recognize! he took one look at Eli and knew that Scott was spurting bullshit and went and talked to him about his dad that it should have been done! and I truly believe that Derek and noah are friends and noah just laughs at Derek every time Eli doesn't something. like ‘now its your turn’ while he drinks a beer and watches. 
God Scott🫣😒 so your future is with Alison and Eli, yeah I don't think so!
also sterek is basically canon, sheriff is Eli grandad, and Eli takes after stiles cuz he thinks he's awesome!
my all over review
ok, so this movie was the dumpster fire we all knew it was going to be! I didn't even watch it all the way through. I skipped to watch the scene with the people I like in It and I still didn't miss anything. this movie was a love letter to Scott and Alison and fuck anyone who got in the way. everyone is this move was an extra to hold their story up and nothing made snese like it should have. between the plot holes and the characters who didn't interact with one another when it would have made sense was just not good. you're telling me the Lydia never said even hi to the sheriff when she supposedly was something with his son? or mason and liam not saying one world to each other even though they were kidnapped together? or Peter who just showed up out of no where for no good reason just to be there? look I love Peter and I love watching him but unless he was just leaking and esdropping (which would make perfect snese) how would he know where and what was going on? or how nobody was together in one room all at once but for Dereks funeral? like I get it but it just didn't make a lot of snese, they didn't even talk to on another properly. also what I don't get was scott their alpha even though everyone was spread all over the place? how does that even work?
I came in knowing that Derek was going to die. it wasn't a shock to me and that is why I think I saw the foreshadowing for what it was. he thinks he's dying twice in the movie. if I didn't know that he dies at the end I would have thought he dies by Alisons arrow in the school. it was blatant foreshadowing and I hate it. I also hate watching him thinking he's dissing and being ok with it. liege truly believes that this was how it was going to die. and in the school when he days that him and Eli have a getaway plan broke my heart!😔😞😔😞 this poor man had to be ready at a moments notice cuz he wasn't going to lose his only family he had left. and it breaks my heart😣
and here's my biggest plot hole; lyida said she hasn't walked in a really long time but she does know when there was a death. she can feel it. but she wails for alison to hear her but not for Derek? and there's no body? she and Jackson are not of the fight not seeing what the others are seeing, and of all of a sudden their on the field all together, how to they know that he's dead? she doesn't turn to Jackson and say ‘someone dies’ or ‘Derek gone’ they just hug Alison right away. its like something is missing! 
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dirtychocolatechai · 5 months
i can taste your skin in my teeth | h.c/p.b teaser
🩸pairing | henry creel/peter ballard x f!reader
🔪wc | 433 out of ???
🩸warning(s) | 18+, smut; dark, handwavy vecna powers, nightmares, horror/body horror cuz dude be crispy af, fear play, rough, dub-con, degradation, pet names, teasing, d/s undertones, creampie/minor breeding kink, praise, begging, squirting, more to be added
🔪summary |
He ate up your wide eyed expression with unabashed relish, and savored the heavy, oil slick stench of fear that bled from your pores.
”You’re a monster...”
A wide grin nearly split his face in two, his teeth shining like a knife, “The scariest you’ll ever know.”
🩸notes | ig we’re doing this now lolol. it’s been a long, long, long time since i’ve written a dark fic and peter just makes it too easy 😂 i’m still very much planning on how i want this to go, but figured i’d share to gauge interest/drum up a possible tag list... and let you all know i’m not dead 😘
🔪requests: open | tag lists: open | masterlist
Tumblr media
little bit of poison in me
i can taste your skin in my teeth
The world broke open with an almighty crack, hairline fractures in the very fabric of reality ripped asunder as not-so-pathetic little Eleven burned him up - away. One minute he’d been in the lab, bloodthirsty and free. The next, well…
All he knew was that breathing felt like dying as fetid air settled in his lungs oil thick; the unpleasant smell of charred meat clogging his nose. Every inch of his body was an exposed nerve, his skin peeled red and raw. Shifting shattered bone. Needles of pain lanced down his spine, carving so deep he scarcely believed he’d ever been without it.
He was surely mangled beyond recognition - felt the truth of it with every rasp and rattle of his chest. And then came the darkness - just as savage and starved as he was when it swallowed him whole.
He opened his eyes.
On his back in a garden surrounded by fire and trees, he watched through burst capillaries as electricity danced in swirling motes of starlight. Wine dark clouds rumbled overhead, almost indistinguishable from the clamor of his heart.
Time collapsed in on itself as he laid in fits of half-awareness, his mind sluggish to comprehend this strange new land he’d been banished to. Though as clarity came, so too did the rage - so intense he almost choked on it.
How dare she?
After everything he’d done for her - for them! He made a space in his world for Eleven, he let her see him - know him and yet she still decided to reject his gift. What a surprise…. what a disappointment.
He’d been wrong, and it stung to realize his judgement was so off. There was nothing special about her. They were not kindred souls. She was just like all the others, and she deserved what they all did. For what was this strange place of crimson strangleweed and bone if not a glimpse into the question, who burned the world?
Humans; such proud, empty, hollow things.
But oh - now, now he could really do something about it. No more Soteria. No more Papa. No more foolish sentiment. No one to stop him from enacting upon the bitter black malice that burned supernova bright just beneath the surface of his disfigured flesh. 
Where others might have seen horror in this place, he saw opportunity - possibility. Now he was truly uncaged, unchained. Unlike Eleven, he knew he was being offered a rare gift. It was not one he was keen to squander.
It was time he reminded the whole of the human race why they once feared the dark.
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sophiewagentje · 8 months
hii bestie how was your weekend?? you sure picked the right race to go to, i would've completely freaked out if i saw any of that in person😂
It was fucking awesome! Friday was very very hot and tho the practice sessions weren’t very exciting, the practice starts we’re something else! Those cars make so much noise then compared to when they’re driving. Saturday was very very wet😂 like our ponchos weren’t good enough for the initial downpour so ya girl is the proud owner of a rbr team rain jacket now😅 works great but I did have soggy shoes the rest of the day☹️ practice in the rain is insane! Just the huge spray behind those cars.. I’m surprised they can see anything driving in that! And I had a very nice dinner in a cute restaurant Saturday which was very nice! We were all so damn excited in q1 and q2 and q3 was just heartbreaking😭 It was quite cold today, which tbh I prefer over the heat, and the circuit was absolutely packed with people. The bulls got prepared in front of us🥰 so I got to see that start from up close! Sadly no overtaking in front of us (we were sitting just before the weighing point in the pitlane) but we had a huge screen in front of us too so we could follow everything very well! The whole tribune has a heart attack when GP said the word ‘fail’ and afterwards when we saw the smoke from the spin😂 the vibes were amazing and I got the entire podium ceremony on film🥰 so yeah I went into Sunday thinking Maxy might get p3 and instead he spun and won from p10 😍
(Pro tip if ya wanna go to this gp: fly back on monday cuz flying on Sunday will only give you stress.. we had to wait an hour and a half for the train)
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crowning-art · 4 days
How I'm feeling regarding the entirety of what I have read so far:
Tumblr media
Xie Lian said, quite matter-of-factly, “Didn’t you ask me to believe you? I believe you. That’s it.”
Me saving you is just me following my own principles, that’s all,” Xie Lian replied.
HE SAID IT!!! I saw a lot of art and stuff about this and I finally got to read it! It was so sweet thoo lmao Feng xin is so savage tho
Feng Xin piped up. “You said it yourself, you very much wanted to be His Highness’ f-f-friend!
LMAOOOO MU QING HERE!! My man here really said ya, so plan A is DIE and forgot there are 25 more letters of the alphabet 😂
Mu Qing was so full of spirit earlier, but now his face paled. He raised his palms, closing his eyes, looking as if he was going to smash through his own skull first before he got burnt to death, so he could die more straightforwardly.
Mu Qing opened his eyes again. “WHAT PLAN?
Loool them going from this:
“Will you both not air out each other’s dirty laundry at a time like this? What’s the point in hurting each other…”
To this:
Sweat rolled down Xie Lian’s forehead and he looked back. “Wait a sec, there’s no need to air mine out either?
Goushi leaves NO survivors lmaooo, def my fave dude ever
“I’m sure there’s at least a million vicious ghosts that have paid a visit to Mount Tong'lu,” Mu Qing said.
“DON’T INTERRUPT!” Guoshi exclaimed.
Literal chills at the whole battle going on but especially....
Since every one of Jun Wu’s strikes were aiming straight for Hua Cheng’s right eye!
“Xianle, did you actually believe that something like being pierced by the sword is something I have less experience in than you? Did you think I would care?”
Damnnnn I have no words
Jun Wu was expressionless, but his hand was ramming Xie Lian into the rocks like crazy, asking him repeatedly: “Does it hurt? Does it hurt?”
Guoshi exclaimed, “Your Highness!!!”
But, who knows who he was calling for.
Xie Lian’s bloody hands pushed against the uneven surface of the rocky wall, gritting his teeth as he roared, “…IT HURTS!!!”
It was as if Xie Lian had gone mad too, and he gripped Jun Wu’s arms, roaring, “I WON’T! I WON’T! I WON’T CHANGE!!!”
Even though the smashing was making him see stars, incomparably painful, he held this breath in stubbornly, refusing to give the desired answer at all, and cried out as he roared. “I JUST WON’T CHANGE! EVEN IF IT’S PAINFUL I WON’T CHANGE, EVEN IF I DIE I WON’T CHANGE, I WILL NEVER CHANGE!!!”
I'm just..... I cant....I love Xie Lian so much..this dude deserves the whole world and I'm just so emotional and proud of how far he's come and who he is as a person and he STILL Goss through trials and tribulations but look at how strong he stays in mind, body, and soul and the-
But Hua Cheng gripped his shoulders. “So what? They’re just millions of fools, they’re all useless trash! But for you, one person is enough!”
One person was enough?
Xie Lian hadn’t yet wrapped his head around it before Hua Cheng pulled him close.
Xie Lian’s eyes widened.
Spiritual power exploded and rushed in.
Those two bands of fetters, that had constrained him for eight hundred years, had burst and shattered!
Tumblr media
but the way the power of love is what helped them win lmao
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hatchetation · 1 year
Surprise! It’s me back again with my take on this week’s episode. Sorry to always bombard your inbox, but I love talking #kacy with you! Okay, so I didn’t get to watch the episode last night so had to wait until today and oh my gosh I actually loved it!! I was scared as I had by accident seen the “there is no us” quote floating around, but I actually feel optimistic for these two after watching.
Firstly, I need to bring attention to Lucy’s bicep as she hugged Kate (pretty sure I almost passed out 🥵 I just want to be held by her like that 🥵)
Now that’s out of the way (lol); this episode was so damn good for #Kacy! I love that they talked to each other and that Kate listened to what Lucy was telling her and that she acknowledged that with her apology. I’m proud of Kate for understanding what Lucy needed at that moment. And I’m happy that Lucy finally received it. Plus the eye contact between them in that scene was incredible 🔥! I know Kate said she was worried that it would mean the end if she apologised, but I personally didn’t think that it felt like that. It felt more like them coming to an understanding that will (hopefully) be a foundation for them to grow. So all in all, though I know some others aren’t, I’m actually pleased with how they are progressing.
Also, Jane was so done with these idiots (the way she said is that a problem?!) 😂
Omgggg I was hoping I would hear from you this week!! I always look forward to your thoughts. Also cuz you're as thirsty for Lucy as I am sooooooo
First of all, yes okay you're so right her bicep 🥵🥵🥵 Her arms in general rlly do smthg to me......Also Lucy's hair in that scene 😍😍😍 Like, they are SO GOOD at doing her hair, the hair people really never miss for her and I love them for that1!
Second of all, I 100% agree this episode was so good for Kacy!! It felt like a real turning point for them!! And we're on the same page that it didn't feel like an ending at all, it felt like the start of something stronger for them. I was so so pleased and even though I wanted them to kiss, the hug was PERFECT!!! Like Lucy had requested no touching earlier in the ep but once she heard the sincerity in Kate's apology I think the walls that have been up for the past few eps came down. And Lucy's a very loving and affectionate person, so I think a hug felt very right and natural for her.
Also I'm obsessed with Jane's reaction to them. She was like I do NOT care about your gay drama, pull it together ladies!!! Queen.
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cocoamoonmalfoy · 2 months
Payback time🤣
Which fic did you have the most fun writing?
What does writing look like for you i.e. laptop/phone/paper , music/quiet , public places/private place/both?
Have you ever had a fic idea and thought 'oh no, that's just scandalous'?
Which fic are you most proud of and why?
Which fic, if any, finished up being different from how you imagined it in the beginning?
Damn this really is payback 😭😭 but im not mad at it in the least!
Hmm most fun may be my Total Drama Island AU birthday crackfic because I had so much fun rewatching the show while writing!
Writing for me is done on my phone or on my laptop. When I want to really focus on writing, I do it on my laptop cuz I can have multiple tabs open easily. Im always listening to music in general but definitely so when writing too. Either a playlist or a fitting youtube ambience going in the background to help me stay in the mood. But my phone is great for getting ideas out as soon as I get them because I dont trust my memory for beans
Too scandalous? 🤔🤔 I did but then I wrote them anyway lol or at least im in the process of writing them. Every time I think “am I taking too many liberties?” I usually follow it up with “bitch who gon check you??” and open a doc 😂 if ppl dont like it they wont read it 🤷🏽‍♀️ and I’ll still read it as a smutty bedtime story every night 😌
Fic I’m most proud of… I feel like I always say Tessellate but it may be true. It really just became something I didn’t foresee at all when I randomly wrote down the idea of “gwen matchmakes medium!reader and peter” it completely evolved until peter was basically the side plot in a beautiful story of two girls falling in platonic love and I just really really hold that story close to my heart
Lol so as you can see Tessellate didn’t come out how I imagined 😂 on my dark blog, my followers there know Pay the Toll took a slight left once I started writing and Paul was way more into reader than I planned. I let him do him 👐🏽. Other fics are ones I didn’t expect to get so attached to, like the househusband!Timmy fic I just posted I thought was gonna be a one and done but oops I love him. My Timmy in my darkfic Brick by Boring Brick is actually such a sweetheart and im attached. And then I have a lot of wips that are becoming series and multi part fics without asking first and its a whole mess 😖
Thanks for all the questions!!! 😘😘😘
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gimmethatagustd · 11 months
fic authors self rec!
i was tagged by @ahundredtimesover - thank you so much! i love these types of tag games 
When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written/fics you’re most proud of, then pass on to at least five other writers. Let’s spread the self-love 💗
i only have 3 released fics right now lkhfds so i will just comment on those 3 and then i can share some sneak peak info about some of the ones i have queued! 
Only Here to Sin (Chapter 1) - this was my first fic. i was honestly so stressed about releasing it because i thought it would flop 😂 i literally had like 5 followers when i posted it. it started off as me just trying out some plain ‘ole smut, but i realized there was a lot of potential for a real plot. i originally wrote it from tae’s point of view, but i decided to edit it to be from the reader. i think that made it feel a lot more emotionally empty? in a good way, because the topic is hard - what do we do when we feel backed into a corner by those we love? how do we live with ourselves when we break someone’s trust? 
Only Here to Sin (Chapter 2) - this is my most recent fic, and i plan to continue this series with at least 1 (maybe 2) more chapters! this series is really ‘go with the flow’. i’m proud of this chapter because i’ve focused a lot on character development and trying to reshape how we initially view tae, namjoon, and the reader compared to the first chapter. also RIP to namjoon for being an asshole in this one lol it was hard to write!! but yeah, the fic very much speaks to this idea that just because we have experienced pain doesn’t mean we should hurt others, too. 
Paint Me Naked - this one has been everyone’s favorite so far (because jk, duh)! ngl this is heavily influenced by my real life - except the guy jk is based off of is just a good friend (although i think he was lowkey in love with me but that’s a whole other thing khsds). my friend really inspired me throughout college and helped me become a better writer, and i’m extremely grateful that i got to know him. people didn’t give him much of a chance because he was standoffish, but we vibed really well. just two quiet, lowkey people trying to navigate a world that doesn’t let people just be themselves. he taught me how to be vulnerable and how to love my writing - even when i thought my work was shitty. art is about the journey for him, and that helped me a lot with my emotions. i hope this fic can make you feel like it’s okay to accept that life sucks sometimes, but there’s always going to be someone in your corner to walk this earth with you.  
Nectar (to be released) - my next fic is my first supernatural one! it features jimin, the vampire reader’s new human roommate. i LOVE supernatural shit, so i hope y’all like it! it’s kinda angsty and i really wrote it in a Mood cuz it’s a lil kinky too.
Marry Me (Again & Again) (to be released) - another jimin one, this time a best friends to lovers. it’s my first attempt at something purely fluff with no smut and very little angst. i’m not that great at writing fluff, so i hope this works out! 
THIS ENDED UP SO LONG smh sorry i just have a lot of #thoughts, mostly because i’m very new. i only started posting fics in april. anywayy if y’all haven’t done this yet, i tag @jjkeverlast  @seokoloqy  @yutasthetic   @spideyjimin @lookingforluna @7deadlysinsfics @parkdatjimin
pls make sure to check out everyone’s fics! it’s nice to celebrate together what we’re most excited about as writers
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mars-wants-candy · 3 months
3, 13, 15, 19 (end-of-year fanfic ask)
3.favorite line/scene you wrote this year?
My favorite scene is probably from Chapter 1 of Bird In A Cage where Ducktor reveals his plans to Gyro. I think it was a really good start to that fic and I was really proud of myself when I wrote that. Especially cuz that was my first time writing Mads as a Villian lol
13.favorite writing song/artist/album of this year
Pretty much anything by Taylor Swift is my favorite writing song of the year 😂
15.something you learned this year
Well, apparently I learned not to start writing a multichapter fic until you plan every last detail out first lol. And also that my spelling and grammar is absolutely atrocious :)
19.any new fics to start next year
Well, I haven’t really announced this yet but I’m taking a breaking from writing for a little bit but so you probably shouldn’t expect a new fic to come out in January and maybe not even in February lol. I do have a multichapter fic I’m going to start working on but I haven’t even finished the whole outline yet, and I don’t plan on posting the fic until every single chapter is done. So nothing new for the start of the year, at least not the first two months, until I get this one done
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youlightmeupfinn · 4 months
“Hey Taylor my dear! I’m alright, hopefully ur doing good 💗 Update we are still on set it’s late so I don’t know when your getting this message or reading it, BUT remember when you said something about Tom running around…welllll he was running around a lot and ran away twice and didn’t bother to tell me. So imagine tiny little ol’ me (cuz we both know I’m very short I ain’t tall at all) running after the fastest man alive over here 😂 not fun I couldn’t keep up.
He has so much energy I don’t know what you gave him to eat this morning or what BUT GOD DAMNNNN—goodness gracious great balls of fire ☄️ , was he fast today, laughing and smiling doing so much in one go. I’m exhausted just thinking about it oh dear god. How are you doing sweetie? I might send him over to you, come tucker him out and such, I believe you have your visitor pass with you ofc. See you soon sweetheart, ttyl ✌🏻” - Minnie 💕
of. course. he. was. GOSH! i don't know what we're doing to do with that man. i told him if he keeps it up, I'm chipping him. it does hardly any good to have him on a tracker phone-wise, because normally when he's running around on set, i find that his phone sits in the dressing room the entire time 💀. i get my needed exercise at home when Tom's here... and not in the way you'd think. more like I'm chasing laps around the backyard trying to get him to sit down!
but i'm so proud of him, but you TOO! thanks for taking such good care of my hubs, Min ❤️. I'm grateful he comes home in one piece ☺️
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kithtaehyung · 4 months
Wrtiting update for Ryen! Because I feel like it's been a minute??
Chapter 10 is done!!! and 12.7k....
Important side note: How do you just, do that? all the time???? 18k here, 15k there, 22k!!???
Praise! Praise for Ryen and all her gifts and talents and hard work!!
I'm definitely more of a 3k-8k chapter writer.
11's actually done now too, and a much more reasonable (for me) 4.7k. It took a turn I wasn't expecting, wasn't in my outline at all, but it just came out as I went, and I feel it was more realistic reaction to the situation at hand that what I had originally planned.
It was all about getting through a really awkward patch (directly related to the snippet i sent you) and how to navigate situtations between friends when the awkward situation is one sided and the other doesn't know about it, but knows something's up.
Learning I'm not the greatest at small conflict, but what I have so far does what it needs too, and the sorcery that is editing is making it easier.
Also: current stats, cuz its like actually blowing my mind.
Draft Total: 71.5k Outline Total: 10.7k
Project total!: 82.3k (rounded)
(I've never written anything this long in my life, I'm so excited!!)
As always, thanks for listening.
Orchid ❤
ORCHID THIS IS AMAZING‼️ love to see all the progress and that you’re both having fun and learning🥺 and ahaha thank you for the praise and all but the reason i write that much is because I truly love what I’m writing. And I’m excited to show y’all what the end results will be every time, so that always helps, too.
The scene you sent paired with your context here makes me even more happy/excited👀👌 this is gonna be quite the ride, I just know it!! And of course editing is the wizard that saves the day😂
You’re doing so well, babe. Proud as hell🥹
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lysanderavagoth · 10 months
Hiii bestie how are uuuuu??? 💙💙💙
HI LOVE!!!!!!! I’m good!!! I’m actually super pumped up cuz I drew something so cool and I’ve never been more proud and I feel like jumping 😂😂😂 KSKSKS SO HAPPY-
How r u my beloved???🌸🌸
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zenyteehee · 1 year
WIP Tag Game
Tagged by the lovely @darlingandmreames thank you! 😄 i love doing these
Rules: List all your WIP titles, all meaning even the ones that are vague or nonsensical. Tag as many people as there are WIPs.
Hehe lol I don’t think I know that many people
Futuro - this is my angsty Encanto fic where I take all my problems out on very convenient characters. It also happens to be the work I’m most proud of and have had the most fun writing.
La Cosa Nostra - my gay Vincenzo fic that’s also about not romanticizing the mob and talking about family (found and blood.) And also extreme amounts of angst and trauma
How Do You Measure Seven Years - part 2 of my Kingdom series where I map out what happened in the seven year timeskip at the end of season 2. Basically an excuse to write more Changshin
Memory - the Fiery Priest, Sweet Music from Hae-il’s POV because I always wanted to write through his eyes and also had a lot I wanted to see play out but couldn’t put it in Sweet Music because Seong-kyu didn’t see it and Hae-il sure as fuck didn’t tell him. I’ve got a couple other ideas for this series too cuz if one thing will always be true, it’s that I’ll never stop having opinions about this show
Sinister Secrets of the House of Finwë - trashy niche fic for the Silmarillion. Mpreg. Enough said.
Snapshots of a Family - trashy niche fic for The Originals. I used to have a lot of opinions about it. Now I just need to rewatch the show and also rewrite the whole series cuz my writing changed so much. Mpreg.
“The star wars one” - dinluke. Luke in the battle of mos eisley cuz I wanted to talk about him having trauma from fighting the rancor the first time and also wanted him to confirm that grogu knows mando’a. Mpreg. Because I can. Kind of an AU for certain events in my other star wars series
It Wasn’t Love - Matteo/Luca Changretta from the Peaky Blinders cuz the line “even you, Matteo?” at the end of season 4 wouldn’t leave me the fuck alone. Also an excuse to talk about first generation immigrants, language barriers, and being a part of two worlds but a member of none
Oh, Where Do We Begin? - obikin for my star wars series. I majorly fuck up canon. Also mpreg. Who tf do you think you’re talking to here 😂 also an excuse to talk about trauma. See previous sentence
“OHHHHH STAr wars” - “Ahsoka visits luke, right? yeah no, it’s bout time we talked about anakin. In my series” and that’s everything I have in my notes for it.
“Another idea for designated survivor” - in which everyone falls in love with Park Mujin because everyone did in the show. Seriously, look at how they look at him.
“Along with the Gods pt. 2” - a continuation of pt. 1. An excuse to write more smut
“Aguni/Takeru” - Alice in Borderland. You were thinking it too.
The Wrong Choices for the Right Reasons - part of my star wars series. In which Han Solo gets a chance to defend and explain himself
There Was No Child - Gotham. An excuse to write about trauma and other terrible things. This is my coping mechanism
“Of Faults and Sins” - Stranger Things. Something bad happens to Billy Hargrove and Hopper’s the only one who cares. More terrible things
“It Used to Be True” and “For the Job” - parts of my Blue Bloods series that I’ll probably never finish cuz my opinion on police has drastically changed since I first watched the show and wrote this, and now acab. But again. More terrible things
Pay the Price for Foolishness - Silmarillion mpreg. Mairon’s got a kid. I haven’t touched this since 2015 and probably still won’t.
Colic - star wars. Grogu gets colicky
And a note called “Fanfiction/Fiction ideas” that has another 34 half baked shit from 2012 and on, most of which I’ll probably never get to cuz it’s in fandoms I’m long out of
Lol, and all my encanto readers have lost all respect for me now 😂 then again I did make a disney movie into a story about major trauma so…🤷🏻‍♀️
Oh boy….let’s see, I’ll tag @xraiyax @cityofperpetualgloom @cookiedoei aaaaaand anyone else who wants to play! I think that’s fair enough, and unlimited number of people matched my unlimited number of ideas
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lilac-fangirl · 7 months
It's all good don't worry ! Also are you feeling better ? And you have contacts ? I just got glasses !
Ooh okay okay ! I got it ! Yeah, I understand when you say it kinda sucks, it looked so fun !
So it was last year, we were in Chemistry and we were outside for some shady reasons- and Leo thought it would be a good idea to throw dirt and rocks at people ! And he was aiming for Thomas ! And he didn't throw it correctly and it went flying to my jaw, and it was supposed to be only dirt be there was this big ass rock in it and it hurts like hell honestly!
I don't mind don't worry ! ( Just so you know, I'm a ✨ girl ✨ and I comfortable with she/her/they pronouns ( I actually never used the they/them pronouns, but I don't really want people to use them, it's more like if you use them, I don't mind ) ) the butterfly 🦋🦋 !!
And I couldn't eat for 2 days, and moving my jaw was painful for a month or 2-
Haha, I learned how to roll R's last year ! I'm very proud about it, but honestly, it will come the more you speak !
I really didn't think I could pass for an English speaker !! Like, I really started to like English 3/4 years ago and got good at it like, 2 years ago ?? Actually English isn't that confusing ! I mean, yes a few word an sentences don't make sense to me, but compared to French, it's super easy ! Even as a native speaker it's still super hard !
Of course B is a fucking decent grade !! And average A oml-
I literally could live only eating bread- like that shit is delicious
And flaky croissant-y bread ? Like, puff pastry ? I think it might be good ( by the way my mom just made bagels! And they were pretty good for a 1st time!) You should come to France ! See the pink roof of Toulouse, other things from France and all, except I don't know anything about France I barely know where I live-
What time are you going to school ? ( And also in which grade are you if you don't mind me asking ?)
And yes every fucking things is a competition !!
Yep soo so cool ! And it's a pretty good job that your mom is doing, no ?
Haha yes, I hope it won't die !
😂😂 I feel like it's definitely something that would happen to my plants !
Have a good day love ! <33
I’m feeling a lot better, thank you! <3 Though OH MY GOD IM SO TIRED UGH
Soooo ye. and today we went on a two-day one-night trip to Camp Friendship! It was sooooooo fun! They took our phones though, that’s why I wasn’t active yesterday cuz they always take our phones on school field trips. I just scheduled the El x reader post to give y’all something lmao. But we went boating, fishing, did a low ropes course, did archery, had s’mores and then showered and went to our cabins. But then me and one of my friends were gossiping (like the girlies we are lmao) but our teacher caught us and yelled at us 😭 she called us out this morning too ugh- Anyways though I got NO SLEEP! It was prob a couple of hours but like 3-4-5, completely MISERABLE! I forgot a pillow so I was sleeping on a towel as a pillow and the ‘mattress’ if you could even call it that was like a gym mat 💀 girlie I wanted to DIE I was SO TIRED but I couldn’t fucking fall asleep and for what 😭 thank god I’m pro at getting no sleep cuz of morning practice. But OMG IT WAS SO FUN TODAY! We tie-dyed some shorts and attempted bracelet making, then learned how to start fires! It was pretty neat-o. But the best part was that we got to SWIM IN THE LAKE IT WAS SO SO SO FUN!!!!! I jumped off a two story zip line like 5 times, did a rope swing into the water, and went down a (albeit designed for smaller children lmao) water slide a couple of times! And I just swam around w/ my friends it was so fricken fun oml. But here’s the tea from it:
so me and my ex are cool now? Like we were kinda arguing yesterday and he was doing stuff to piss me off (so were his friends who’re my friends too tho) but like today we were talking and it was fine. Like I don’t hate him anymore, and I don’t have any feelings for him anymore. I wish I could read minds sometimes though! But here’s friend tea:
So this girl Fin I thought hated me! But my other friend Annabeth and her fought- because of me?! So Annabeth was talking about how the broccoli at lunch wasn’t cocked and I just go ‘lmao I would eat it raw when I was younger’ cuz that’s how I did, my mom would just wash it then cut it up and give it to me and she kinda started harassing me about it and saying how her respect levels had gone down and she was getting kinda aggressive about it before Fin just completely snapped at her and said “oh my god who cares how she ate it?! Like that literally doesn’t even matter, who cares?!” And I go “exactly Fin! That’s what I was saying! Who CARES how I ate broccoli when I was five, like ten years ago?! I’m gonna go get another croissant” so I walked ofc to get a croissant (they had them at lunch for some reason lmao) and when I came back it was a lil bit tense, but I fixed it when I started talking again, then Lucille called me over and told me how it got really tense between Fin and Annabeth after I left! So I’m really happy that I’m friends with Fin, and she does like me after all. We have been talking and stuff on the trip, so I’m really happy about that.
I’d be more than happy to tell you more about it, if you’d like! And if you don’t mind sharing some of your own school tea too, that’d work too! Though no pressure ofc if you’re not into that stuff or anything (I get the vibe that you kinda are though lmao)
Yup, I got contacts! I got made fun of last year (they called me nerd emoji 💀) so I got contacts over the summer. That’s pretty neat that you got glasses! Tbh I love mine, tho I’m actually really good at contacts now so I’m really proud of myself! Okay
Yeah, it’s kinda mid. Though normally at lunch we get to sit with whoever we want, so it’s good.
Omg stop 💀😭✋🏻 That Leo guy kinda sounds like a total doofus or smthn- like the guys at my school lmao.
Okay, I gotchu bestie! Understood!
Oml that sucks- feel so bad for you girlie, oof
That makes me feel a little better lol, thanks for the encouragement!
Oh cool! Well, you’re really good at it now, and I’m glad it came in handy so we can talk now! <3
Oh really? I had no clue French was pretty difficult, I didn’t pay attention in language class very much last year (heh 😅) Some of my friends are taking French, I might have to ask them about it!
Omg thank you lmao- all my friends tell me that too and it makes me feel so much better
Please, I’m such a carb girl! If I could with no consequences, I’d just eat bread and carbs the rest of my life. Fruit too though, I love fruit. And chocolate too lol. Don’t they have good chocolate in France too? Or is that somewhere else? I think Toblerone came from France but I’m not sure lol.
Omg that sounds like me lol not knowing stuff about where you live- our country’s just too damn crazy sometimes, I’ll stick to my school and swim thanks-
My school is 8:15-3:40 in my time zone! It seems like while, though it’s usually pretty short 🤷‍♀️ Idk 🤷‍♀️ I’m in ninth grade! What grade are you in, if you don’t mind me asking?
Please everything is a completion at this point 💀 I’m super competitive though so I love it lol
Yeah, it’s not a bad job it just doesn’t seem that interesting lol and being a florist is just so aesthetic lol.
I hope it won’t die too lol!
Morning/evening/night bestie! Love ya! <3<3
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sophiewagentje · 1 year
Hey babes! I’m here with my thoughts and things I noticed during Max’s interview with Olav for Ziggo
The Miracles Happen interview with Max Verstappen
He has a new shirt!! And he looks so relaxed and happy and tired😂 almost no sleep and very croaky voice too😂
Joking about the awful start he had and admitting it could’ve been the nerves
Doesn’t completely understand why there was no penalty for Lewis after the whole leaving the track and gaining an advantage thing, the rules are the rules and the wdc shouldn’t be an influence on that
The fact that he tried to stay as close as possible has really been a big factor in him winning, cuz that created the option for free pitstops!
All the praise for Checo and his amazing defence 🥰 thinks Checo’s defence was absurd, says it was hard racing and absolutely not dangerous driving
When he got the chance after the safety car to overtake Lewis, he really really put his teeth in it cuz he needed to get the most out of that opportunity. And of course the cramp story😂 which also could’ve been from the nerves and the stress
Watching Max get emotional seeing/hearing the footage of his radio, getting out of the car, with his team and his dad makes me emotional and then Olav hits us with this:
‘This is what you’ve spent hours sitting in a van with your dad for, started in Gent, the Pex family standing there, Kelly standing there, everyone and everything standing (important) standing there’
And Max is losing it and Olav is losing it and I am losing it😭😭 and he’s trying so hard not to break down
Saying Christian and Helmut keep the team balanced 😂😂 and really just taking it race by race
Getting chills from the recap of Max vs Lewis
Just seeing him talk about Silverstone, it so clear in his face that that will stay with him for a long long time…
Joking about the Italy curse😂 but the team fucked up the race themselves with that pitstop, according to them, and the crash just made it even worse, which I find a very interesting and fair opinion from them
Little dig at the merc flexy wing in Brazil😂
The Jeddah circuit needs to be looked at for safety with next years slower cars according to Max👀 very sarcastic Maxy😂 and he really didn’t enjoy that race even a bit😞
Joking about giving Nicky trays with Redbull😂
Very honest about his mistake in the qualy in Saudi👏🏼👏🏼 and apparently we should be very glad that the car was even alright cuz it could’ve been bad👀
Being surprised about how good a teammate checo is and that he’s a family man too🥰
And only wanting to work with GP🥰🥰 and he gets so happy talking about it 🥰
There’s something very sexy about him saying he decides the pitstops more than the team in some situations…
Not wanting to be the favourite in the team and wanting to start at zero every year 🥰 and so happy with Honda🥰
He really doesn’t like the sprint races AND I AGREE, awful awful format
He’s very excited about the Redbull powertrains👀 so now I’m even more curious
I love seeing him so happy, open and relaxed🥰 I’m so proud that I can’t even bring it into words properly, I actually can’t describe it🧡🧡🧡
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rabbits-of-habit · 2 years
Howdy again! I hope ur doing well also idk if I asked this HC already (I think I asked 2 people this HC but I’m not sure which one 😅) so I apologize if I’m repeating myself. But can I have an HC w both the EMH & TT boys where their so is in art school (specifically animation major). And their s/o needs them as a reference for an assignment? Idk the thought a few of them having to sit there in a complicated ass pose for like 2 hours while their s/o draws them or animates them is hilarious to me. 😂 cuz I know damn well some of them would have no patience for that!
You did not ask me so you're all good! Also im doing awesome. I got to go to the zoo yesterday and I'm still pumped by it. -Mod Dirk
Tumblr media
When you asked him if you could use him as a reference he said yes absolutely.
He would try pulling some manly pose like flexing his muscles. To which you would roll your eyes and laugh.
"What? I have to show off my muscle tone so you can get it right!"
He can't stay in the pose. 5 mins in he asks to switch poses.
Sad for you he does that every 5 mins.
You finally have to just stand him straight up and make him wait.
You get a c+ because most of your time was spent getting him still than using him as a reference.
You went to him and it took a bit of resistance. Only a few pretty pleases and he caved.
He sits like a normal person. Always the lawful neutral.
"Is sitting okay? Or do you need me to stand? How long will we be doing this?"
He continues to ask questions and partially distract you.
He cannot handle a quiet room I am so sorry.
You get a B because you were able to get the work done but not focus fully.
You made sure to hit him in a moment he wasn't busy with Alex. It was a definite yes of course.
The tamest boy out of the three.
Can stay still and be in a quiet room.
Just happy to be able to spend time with you like this to be honest.
Also happy to have a moment of fuckin peace.
"This is the nicest break I've ever had."
You get an A and your animation studio prof shows it to other classes as an example.
This asshole only said yes because his ego.
Has knives on a belt and an axe in his hands.
He can stay still but will he shut up? Absolutely not.
"You better make sure to get every angle right"
That is indeed a thinly veiled threat.
He also had an exception it had to be a small animation about him completely.
You got an A but only because the teacher was freaked out by the animation. And Habit threatened them.
Oh boy...You love him to death but it was kind of hard to get him to agree.
He knew he wouldn't be able to stay still very well and tried to tell you no so you wouldn't waste your time.
He stands awkwardly and stiff.
Hes trying his best okay? He's never done this before.
"Well how am I supposed to stand?" To which you respond with, "Like a normal human?"
He doesn't move on purpose but he twitches and shakes. He cannot physically stay still.
You get a B+ and you start using him for references more often.
This boy was so flattered when you asked him.
Honestly? Super excited and was just waiting for the moment you could use him as a reference.
But, he asks you a lot of questions.
"Do you think you'll get a good grade? How long have you been doing animation you've never told me before."
He just wants to learn more about you and saw this as the perfect opportunity.
Of course you answer them. But you only get half done.
You get a C and a week to redo. But you tell him you got an A.
Cocky. Said he knew you'd ask him eventually so sure.
"How long do we do this for? I mean I have all eternity."
He stands less awkward and more confident.
Doesn't twitch but does like teleporting away when you aren't looking to do something else.
You catch him once. He laughs and promises he won't do it again. He does several times more but you don't catch him again.
You get an A- and boy he's fucking proud.
The observer:
Think Habits ego and Firebrands cocky attitude and you see why he agreed to this so fast.
He crosses his arms and does a wacky pose.
Which would be great.
But everytime you look back up he's in a slightly different pose.
"I'm not doing anything!"
You get an A because like Habit, he scares the shit out of your prof when he sees you almost got a D.
Flustered but said yes because you asked so sweetly.
Hes tame and good at sitting still.
Has idle conversation with you the entire time. It's like a nice date.
"Can I see it when you're done?"
Of course you show him and he has stars in his eyes.
You get a B+ and Milo asks you all the time if you need a reference now.
Prebrand (As a treat)
Agrees to agree.
Cannot stay still.
Forgets why he's there so you have to consistently remind him.
Talks so fast you can't even understand what he's saying.
Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.
You don't even finish the project and you get an F. :( Sorry babe.
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surrealsunday · 1 year
jaime baby ! first i’m gonna say how happy i am with the way everything has turned out. i think i’d said i’m a killer for angst and miscommunication 😂 and you my friend !you really scratched the right spot with these two chapters. i’m super satisfied with them, god if i could say that enough! usually, when i read fics or watch movies i don’t get emotional and cry over things that are purposely intended to trigger your feelings you know? it’s always the unexpected things that just hit too close to home that get those tears out of me. and with punzel? so many things hit too close ! when i first started to read i was sooo into the way lucas thought, this rarely happens but i identified with him a lot throughout the whole fic. i was fascinated with the way he thought and acted. most of those very thoughts had passed my mind before too. i felt all the pain, the anger, the sorrow, the joy and happiness way too close to myself. and i just want you to know how beautifully you have created his and eliott’s characters in this fic. you said punzel is the fic you are the most insecure about and here i was thinking “man jaime must be so proud of this one !” the whole damn time 😂😭 cuz i love this fic with all of my heart ! i’ve read two of your other fics if i remember correctly (and yes both incredibly intriguing and hella FUN to read) but this one really got me hooked and i got pretty much obsessed 😂 istg i been thinking about it at the most random moments during my day, like something hit me right there 3 days after reading a new chapter lmao ALL IN ALL even tho i’m a little sad it’s coming to an end i think punzel is indeed one of the best fics you’ve written among the others and you should be proud of it with no doubt 🤏🏻❤️
I'm so glad you're happy 🥰! I love that you are a sucker for angst and communication lol. Most people are so fearful and yelling at me about it and here you are just like 'GIVE IT TO ME' lmao. I'm kind of the same actually in terms of what makes me emotional - I'm not particularly easy to affect in that regard. So I do take this as such a high compliment that the story and emotions could get to you. And that Lucas's feelings and thoughts struck you so strongly? God, I love that a lot. That's really wonderful as a writer to hear.
It's so funny how my brain works but yeah this is the fic I was the most nervous about. So I really am so thankful to hear words like this from you. I love when something I've written causes obsession in someone else. That is just the COOLEST thing ever! So thank you thank you thank you so very much for sending me this messages. It really makes my whole day to read 🥺❤️❤️❤️.
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