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chocolatecakecas · 9 months
i know we've all made 8 million posts about this but like. they really took a character that sacrificed his own happiness multiple times, was suicidal for years, placed everyone's needs before his own and canonically wanted to retire, settle down and just live a normal little life but believed he could never have it......and they killed him in the end. a character that people saw so much of themselves in. a character that people loved so deeply for 15 years.....and they killed him and proved him right. what the actual fuck.
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uhhh im so sorry guys all i've got for the anniversary of that shit finale is some chuck won truthing
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shallowseeker · 2 months
Becky Rosen-Baron, MIA.
Becky's "death" + Dean's side of the fireplace mantel
Becky loses her husband, then her "junior" and daughter...and then she herself dies. Just like Dean.
The two sides of the mantel:
Ahh, the mantel, nestled as the hearth of home. Hearths are associated with home and family because the hearth was historically the main source of heat in the home, as well as where the cooking was done.
The left side is Chuck's side, black chess pieces. Sam is driving the car with TFW safely confined to the roadhouse at the end. The monster hand is pointed away from Sam.
The right is Becky's side: white pieces, glass half-fall.
It's also Dean's side, with Dean driving the car and heading towards Cas and "mini Cas," plus a family portrait showing what Cas and "mini Cas" are to Dean. The monster's hand is reaching for Dean's side, as Dean-action-hero figure frantically fights against it.
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Awww. the cute little family picture with Rod Baron, Rod Jr, their daughter, and Becky Rosen, which also foreshadows the order of the losses (hub dies first in the form of Cas and finale-dad).
This is right next to...Dean in a car, Cas, and a "mini Cas." (Becky doesn't know about Jack.)
Other suspicious details: Dean prime is in the car driving towards Cas in front of a reddish Hellscape.
Alternatively, the photo behind Cas bears some resemblance to a blossom, like the Leviathan blossom he was searching for, crazed, as he rushed through the lands of Purgatory on the verge of losing Cas. They even look like they could be two blossoms straining towards one another. Who knows? It could be a famous fanart I'm just not familiar with.
Anyhoo, both Cas and "junior/little" Cas are turned away from Dean.
This is a nod to Dean...without? Bereft. A la The Winchesters companion series. Here's Dean's ending. Limbo. Wandering. Searching for a happy family he doesn't have.
If the more-discussed left side was Sam's ending, then the less-discussed right side is Dean in The Winchesters. It's the head side versus the heart side.
And the heart ending, which we sort of get from The Winchesters is a wandering, driving Dean, looking for this nebulous happiness he can't seem to find without Cas and..."mini Cas/Cas junior" Jack.
Becky was "doing great"
But Becky's life is so cute, y'all. That hub is adorbs.
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ROD: "We'll be fine, babe...it's just Lake Michigan. Hardly any chop!"
Famous last words, Rod. You don't know that it's you who is going to mishandle that "Michigan chop."
Becky/Rod - But OMG can we just take a minute? They LIKE each other. They tease each other. They know the motion sickness comes from him, probably. And he knows she's gonna be nerding out during her relaxing weekend (that's part of the point of getting away--to let her have that time).
Rod knows about Becky's writing and her superfan status (hard to miss in her office hehe) and loves her for it. And it's just so damn cute.
BECKY: Four hours in a boat? Rod, Junior gets seasick in the tub. ROD: Where would I be without you? BECKY: Covered in puke. [BECKY taps on the window.] Have fun, sweeties! JUNIOR: Thanks, Mom, we will. [ROD and BECKY kiss.] ROD: (fondly)Wow. Felt that. You can’t wait to have the house to yourself. BECKY: (flirtatiously) Oh, you have no idea.
Along comes Chuck, the metaphorical stop sign to Becky's life; her "off-screen murderer"
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Chuck sees her big house and her van and her fam and notes sees that she's doing "great" for herself. She doesn't know it yet but he is the end of her life--he even appears in front of a stop sign!
BONUS: Becky's wearing the gray duster/caretaker warrior/hearth of house/"dead guy robe!"
Instinctively, she runs. See, even with their baggage, Becky's already got a bad feeling, "Well I don't need or want to see you."
So naturally, he worms his way in.
CHUCK: I’m sorry, I… I know we’re not together anymore, and it seems like you’re doing great. I just – I… I wanted to talk. Catch up. It’s been a rough couple of weeks. BECKY: That’s not my problem. [She turns to walk into the house.] CHUCK: Wait, Becky, please. I don’t have anywhere else to go.
So then, after denigrating her POV:
BECKY: I’m a writer, too, Chuck. CHUCK: Oh. I mean, fanfic… it’s not really the same thing… BECKY: Writing’s writing. The self-sabotage, the doubts, the struggle against time. So, whenever I have a spare minute, I write.
He steals.
He will wind up taking everything
First, he steals her rosy little laptop with her cute little rose decal-skin and the rose keyboard cover and he even puts on HER GLASSES:
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Then, clever girl that she is, she fakes liking it to try to get him to leave! The LYING motif. "It's so good! I loved it....it's so good I'd love to get back to my own work."
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CHUCK: "No...no no. You're shining me on. ...Come on, one note."
Then Becky makes her fatal misstep
She gives concrit, which is what Chuck said he wanted but not what he actually wanted. Just look at this face. Becky's starting to feel that...wrongness.
Something's off.
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It's the same subtle change--that same whiplash we saw when he cruelly turned on Metatron in the diner.
After he writes his hopeless ending on her computer, and she lets her criticism rip. He sadistically enjoys her discomfort. He's sticking it to her, with her love of laundry and conversations and banter, which will appear in the terrible finale. Then, he says this:
[BECKY walks but turns to CHUCK.] BECKY: You have to leave. CHUCK: Nah, I kinda like it here.
He took a crap on her computer, wore her glasses, sat in her seat...now he's taking her office. Her house.
Chuck takes all
[ROD enters the living room.] ROD: Babe, you wouldn’t believe what happened.
JJLKgj! Aw, Rod. He cannot wait to tell her that he's the one that wound up puking. KJALGJAGH get you a man like that!
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Then he kills Rod right in front of her.
[BECKY looks at CHUCK.] BECKY: Please. ROD: Junior was fine, but I puked everywhere. [ROD walks in and sees CHUCK. He looks at BECKY, confused.] ROD: Babe? CHUCK: Hey. [CHUCK snaps his fingers. ROD disappears in a puff of dust.] BECKY: (screams) Rod?! What happened? Where is he? CHUCK: He’s gone. BECKY: What?!
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Her children enter next; we can only hear them off-screen. Rod Jr. can't wait to tell her about the puke incident either. They just know she'll love it.
Chuck will take Rod right in front of Becky's eyes, but her children will die off-screen. "Away."
[ROD JR. enters.] ROD JR.: Hey, mom! We’re back! Dad got sick! He threw up all over the side – [CHUCK snaps his fingers again. The kids disappear.] BECKY: (gasping for air, on a whisper) No! (shudders) The kids. CHUCK: Oh, don’t worry. They’re not dead. They’re just away. [BECKY turns back to CHUCK.] CHUCK: Oh, yeah. I’m God. [BECKY looks horrified.] BECKY: What are you… No. You bring them back. You bring them back! [CHUCK smiles.] BECKY: Please…you can’t do this.
It echoes both Dean pleading with God in 13x01, "Now, you're gonna bring them back," and his 15x18 "Don't do this, Cas." Yeup. Becky is now bereft. Without. Rod's gone, like Cas will soon be gone.
CHUCK: Oh, Becky. I can do anything. [CHUCK steps closer to BECKY. He snaps his fingers. She disappears in a puff of dust.]
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Becky faces him defiantly but quickly unravels into grief. "You bring them back...please."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And then he kills Becky.
And here we have these "withouts" culminating. The fun motifs about having the house to yourself end with a cheeky disappearance of the things Becky loves the most. It's cruel. She'd been trying to help Chuck, and he did not show the slightest glimmer of gratitude once her "fluffing" ceased.
And then she herself is gone.
It makes you think of this too from 15x18:
DEAN: "She's gonna kill you. And then she's gonna kill me."
Girls named Becky take things and break things?
In 13x01, the angel Miram ranted and raved about the specter-like example of a "super bitch named Becky."
This Becky would "take things and break things."
But the funny thing is...here? As Chuck settles into her office and takes her house…
He's the one taking and breaking. He stole everything from her the same way he tried to wrap himself up in Dean's gray MoL robe.
Just 'cause he can.
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cockworkangels · 11 months
Tumblr media
bad news for you sam: your brother will eventually be killed in a clown vampire attack
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mrcowboydeanwinchester · 11 months
do you see it. when dean is dying and he asks sam "tell me it's okay, tell me it's okay," he is asking one final time for forgiveness
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emzwolf · 1 year
thing is Jackles' whole 'if Dean were to stay alive, with Cas and Sam gone, he would waste away in bars...' is utter bullshit. like I get that he wants to believe that because he wants his death to make sense but it doesn't. Dean Winchester is literally THE most adaptable motherfucker alive. that bitch was a father at 5, started killing monsters at 13, and went to school as if there was nothing unusual about his life. he lived on the road by himself for a couple of years, he sold his soul and kept going as usual, he went to hell and blended in after a bit, he gave up the life and lived like a normal person in the suburbs. when confronted with angels and demons he rolled with it once he realized it's all real. he went to prison and fit right in. he got trapped in an alternate universe and ate lizards as if that was the only logical thing to do. he had accepted responsibility for three kids, all of which were a surprise. what the fuck do you mean he would not survive by himself? yes he would be devastated. yes he would probably cry himself to sleep for the next 10 years or however long it takes him to find a way to bring them back. yes he would probably obsess over this. but Dean motherfucking Winchester would not give up. When. WHEN did we ever see him just walk away. WHEN?! NEVER.
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gaytedlasso · 1 year
Dean literally just wanted freedom
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angelcasendgame · 5 months
Tumblr media
and then he literally dies bloody and sad before he gets old fuck off
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i can't believe they ended the show with dean k****** himself like i forget about that sometimes and then it hits me like a ton of bricks. andrew dabb what the fuck is your problem
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crazyrainbowgirl221 · 4 months
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The gay shot
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strawlessandbraless · 7 months
You know when Jensen Ross Ackles gets the hashtag right, he means business
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I just want him to be able to finish his fanfic in peace, and I refuse to believe the cast threw him a mental illness party for Dean Winchester only to be for nothing. And I’m begging, I need to see Cas
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the-golden-vanity · 16 days
Tumblr media
Captain Pike, Dean Cornwell (1892-1960)
I'm in love with this dramatic painting of a ship's officer facing Age of Sail-era justice, which was sent to me by @habemuscarnificem. After much searching online, and seeing this credited as an illustration for every maritime story from Treasure Island to Moby-Dick (neither of which involve anyone being hanged from the yardarm), I came across the painting's title, Captain Pike. However, I'm having a hard time finding out who Captain Pike was, or whether he was a real or fictional sea captain. Age of Sail Tumblr, can you help me out?
@ltwilliammowett @clove-pinks @benjhawkins @ anybody else who knows their boat stories
Thank you so much! Fair winds and following seas to you all.
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bloodydeanwinchester · 7 months
hmmm not sure how i feel about this but i just counted and the only seasons that i could think of that didn't have either a dean death, very near death, or dean trying to find a way to kill himself were s4 and s8....
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cockworkangels · 11 months
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well what nails him in the end is an ACTUAL nail
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mrcowboydeanwinchester · 11 months
"finally free" says dean winchester, 1 episode before he dies
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xofemeraldstars · 7 months
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SUPERNATURAL -> 2x17 ❝ heart ❞
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