sootchild · 20 hours
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Burrow's End episode 10 moments.
That was a wonderful season, thank you Dimension 20 / Dropout for it.
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one has a doctorate in nuclear physics from oxford. the other is a gold medalist in the olympics. i'm not crying, you're crying
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audible301 · 9 hours
I love Lukas Burrows End! He’s furry and he’s allergic to dander! He’s a ride or die! He loves his mommy! He’s the only one appropriately reacting to dying! He’s just a little guy and it’s his birthday!
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brionbroadway · 6 hours
the season of siobhan is far from over with adaine returning to us next month (!), but let's stop down and acknowledge what an absolute joy jaysohn has been. i loved everything siobhan did, so in character not only with her words but with her physicality. i looked forward to every moment jaysohn was the focus. she is such an anchor at the table even when she's playing goofier characters.
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gaspipe-geoffery · 7 hours
Thorn Vale loves his niece and nephew so much that watching them go far beyond what any stoat before has accomplished makes him think "Lila is BRIGHTER THEN THE SUN, and Jaysohn is swifter then the wind! Im a prophet bc i prophesied these two wonderful young stoats and they happen to be my family" like. it made me want to cry so much.
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peachcandraw · 24 hours
i want to be in the timeline where a stoat becomes a fucking nuclear physicist and SOLVES CLIMATE CHANGE and her twin brother WHO IS ALSO A STOAT makes an entire stoat country because he's so good at jumping HE JOINS THE OLYMPICS
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starkju0 · 21 hours
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i just gotta say, dimension 20 has truly tackled so many issues, traumas, lgbtq+ stuff, mental health stuff, family shit, etc etc
but it's truly so difficult to cover the topic of extended su*cidal ideations when you're playing a dnd character. the mechanics just make it really difficult, either because role playing-wise it sucks to have one person who tries to die every battle, or because most people won't try to improve their adventuring stuff if they're at that mental health point. moments can be done, but extended character stuff is just so tricky to do in dnd.
and brennan just did it so well. as someone who has dealt with this stuff at varying degrees over my life, his stuff with Tula tore my heart out. not just in the worst of it, but in the healing, in the finding peace, in the finding a way to want to live because you WANT to not because you HAVE to.
i just think he did a really good job and deserves to be appreciated.
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mintcrows · 11 hours
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not bad for a cult leader
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rrat-king · 21 hours
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"and I deserve to find that day too"
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forensics-and-wands · 23 hours
Category five meltdown event at Brennan tying his character arc and storyline up with “I have all this free time now, and I can’t wait to find out what’s gonna happen tomorrow.”
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Viola, Tula, and Ava's epilogues: "I'm having children and becoming a leader," "I'm entering my slut era," and "I'm reforming our community's support systems." (You know.... things without long-term international implications)
Meanwhile, Thorn, Lila, and Jaysohn's epilogues: "I, a stoat, look into a camera and explain to all of humanity the existence of a large community of human-like stoats," "I become the first stoat with a DOCTORATE in NUCLEAR PHYSICS from OXFORD," and "I represent my Stoat Country in the motherfucking Olympics"
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counterspelling · 23 hours
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Endless Burrow's End
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heytherecentaurs · 23 hours
Burrow's End is an absolute masterpiece.
In the span of ten episodes Aabria and Co. weave an exciting and emotional adventure story about a family of sentient stoats. It delivers huge laughs, interesting societal criticism, remarkably emotional and well-acted scenes and concludes with a series of epilogue scenes that feel appropriate for each character, some heartfelt and subdued and others bigger than life and all the funnier for it.
Siobhan and Izzy play the perfect pair of siblings. They fight and argue but they also love each other. Jaysohn (Siobhan) looks up to Lila (Izzy) and believes she's the smartest stoat in the world (and by the end she probably is) and Lila hypes up her little brother's athletic skills. They both fully embodied these kids and I could watch them do fun stuff for more episodes. Give me a version of Saved by the Bell with them. Stoat by the Bell.
Brennan and Rashawn, playing sisters, also knock it outta the park, showing a more mature sibling dynamic. Brennan portrays Tula as the quintessential overtired single mother of excitable kids, and Rashawn as younger sister Viola straddles a very interesting line of being intimidating to outsiders but very much more naive and looking to her older sister when she starts a family.
Jasper as Thorn, a guy everyone just lets be a cult leader because he really wanted to, is fantastic. His is a difficult role as the only non-blood relative. Jasper plays Thorn with such real humanity of a guy in over his head and letting his ambition wife call the shots, but also one who agrees with her goal, really loves her and has moments of real menace. He has some very funny scenes, his big speech is perfect, and I just enjoy him.
Erika is wonderful. They play the epitome of generational trauma as many have said but as much trauma as Ava has, she is also loving and willing to learn. The fact Erika took this adversarial role is incredible. The tense dramatic scene primarily between Ava, Tula and Viola is amazing. They act their asses off and make hard choices that I imagine are difficult even for such an experienced player.
Aabria's DMing always feels fun. She doesn't get bogged down in the rules. She knows them. She plays by them. But as a master, she knows how and when to break them too. Her seasons on Dimension 20 have all had a tenseness, a particular edge to them that can give me anxiety during dramatic scenes between two characters. It always feel like one of her NPCs may say something devastating and the tension between characters reaches really thrilling heights. This is present in other seasons, but I don't think anyone does it as well as she does. The first season of hers to have battle maps, Aabria really swung for the fences and gave us some of the wildest maps to date.
Shout out to Carlos Luna's voice acting. He did an incredible job. And shout out to the whole crew who have put together one of the best seasons of D20. They keep finding ways to build on what's come before and they should be commended for it.
Dimension 20 is most successful when the concept is very streamlined. They don't do huge 100 episode campaigns capable of handling huge winding complex narrative, but short focused D&D stories, which is why many of the Side Quests have been so fantastic. They embody this philosophy most clearly, but it's apparent in the most beloved Intrepid Heroes seasons as well—John Hughes/High Fantasy, Game of Thrones/Candyland, Retrofuturism, Film Noir but in a Brain... Burrow's End fits this perfectly. It's streamlined concept paired with great storytellers and great chemistry sets it up to be a smash hit before it begins. And goddamn does it deliver.
Thanks Stupendous Stoats!
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hazeofeleven · 23 hours
with a season full of heartbreak and loss due to humans, the ending diplomatic speech being a request to continue being able to love is so beautiful
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allonsy-gabriel · 21 hours
also hi thorn thought he was stoat jesus but he's actually just stoat john the baptist, foretelling the coming of twin stoat jesuses. one of them has a PhD in nuclear physics and is going to solve climate change. the other one won gold in the long jump at the '84 olympics in LA. they killed a bear, once.
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