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Why Are You Here?
pairing: rockstar!Touya Todoroki x ex girlfriend!reader (fem), model!Keigo x reader (implied)
warnings: quirkless!au. exes to lovers. reader's wearing a dress. no cheating involved. reader & Keigo aren't exclusive, but it's still a little shady. Touya has low self worth. bathroom sex. wall sex. unprotected sex. biting if you squint. dacryphiia if you squint. v mild degradation. praise. reader gets picked up. creampie. emotionally charged sex. tiniest bit of angst, but it's immediately resolved.
word count: 3.5k
notes: based on the MGK song of the same title. his music always makes me think of Touya, so I couldnt resist 💕
also shout out & credit to @emotionalsupportemoboys for making me fall so deeply in love with rockstar!Touya that it actually hurts sometimes. every version of this man that you write is just *chef's kiss*
💕Heartbeats & Handgrenades Masterlist 💕
Tumblr media
“Why are you here?” 
You recognize the voice behind you immediately. Recognize the ire permanently laced into his words. Ire that was never truly directed at you, even now. He’s always had plenty of reasons to be angry, but not with you. Not for long, anyway. 
After inhaling a silent breath, you turn to face him and, unfortunately, he looks as good as he ever has without even having to try. It’s unfair, honestly.
Snow white hair perfectly mussed atop his head. Dark, ripped up jeans. A black button down that’s half undone, offering you a generous peek at the smooth skin of his well toned chest, covered in various tattoos that you know you could trace without even having to look at them.
And then there’s that fucking look on his face. The handsome smirk that has your knees turning to gelatin, but you’re determined to try and prop up your walls. They always seem to be made of cardboard when it comes to Touya, but something is better than nothing. 
“Getting a drink? I could ask you the same question. This was my bar first.” You offer nothing more than a nonchalant shrug as you lean against the countertop in the dimly lit dive bar. “Some people just say ‘I’ve missed you’, y’know.” 
“Oh, so you miss me? S’that why you showed up with pretty boy?” He cocks a brow as he sidles up beside you, cheating his body towards you as he rests an elbow on the bar. 
He’d seen you walk in Keigo and he’d also just outed himself, because no sooner than the blonde had left your side did Touya seize the opportunity to say hello to you. He mentally kicks himself from slipping so soon into your interaction.
He leans in a little closer and the aroma of his aquatic cologne mingling with the ever present scent of smoke hits your nostrils. He smells like a bonfire on the beach and it catapults you back into the memory of the last morning that you’d spent together. Tangled up in the sheets, limbs intertwined while your noses brushed against one another’s. The taste of cigarettes on your tongue, despite the fact that you don’t smoke. You’re a little ashamed to admit that you bought a pack just to burn one whenever you miss him a little too much. 
“Why? You jealous?”
“M’sure you’d love it if I was,” he says as he turns toward the approaching bartender to order himself a whiskey. He orders you your usual. 
“If,” you scoff once the bartender busies himself with fixing your drinks. He hates the way you threaten to cut through his entire facade with a single syllable. 
“Didn’t miss your fucking attitude, that’s for sure,” he mutters, but there’s no truth to his words.
He’s missed you. He’s always missing you. Constantly. It’s exhausting, actually. He’s well aware that he has a tendency to obsess over things, to fixate, and you’re no exception.
He’s only at this bar, because he knows that it’s your favorite. He was so used to attending exclusive nightclubs, posting up in the VIP section to party to his heart’s content, which was fun in the beginning of his career. He loved the attention that it brought him, but eventually the charm wore off and he realized that most of the people around him were after something. 
Not here though. He was just looking to get a drink without having to entertain anyone. He wanted to unwind and take his mind off things, so he happened into this place. Strolled up to the bar the two of you are posted up at right now and there he found you. The only thing worth thinking about from that point forward. 
You and your gentle touch. You and your kind words. You and your concern for his well being. You and your Godforsaken love for him. He can still feel it too. It’s practically radiating off of you, even through your veil of sarcasm; he’s practically drowning in it and he’s ready to take a deep, deep breath. 
But he doesn’t. He’d rather suffocate like a fish on dry land when the ocean is right there, waves outstretching over and over again, offering assistance to see him home where he could finally breathe again. He knows he doesn’t deserve it. 
“Bullshit,” you laugh and the sound is genuine. It makes his heart skip a beat and he knows that he’s helpless now. 
“What do you mean, bullshit?” He quirks his brow, narrowing his eyes and offering you the slightest hint of a smile. 
“You miss my attitude,” you state plainly, shrugging as you accept your drink from the bartender with a polite thank you before you turn to look at Touya. “It’s the only one that can keep up with yours.”
The tension finally breaks. It doesn’t shatter, but there’s an obvious crack in it. Enough to relieve some of the pressure that’s so violently palpable between you. You focus back on your drink, taking a generous sip as you start to study the few other bar patrons here tonight. 
“Ya got me there,” he chuckles, looking down at his designer combat boots as his smile grows and turns a touch wistful. 
He quiet for a moment, fingers tapping against the glass of whiskey on the bar. He studies the amber liquid until he can’t fight it any longer and he reluctantly fixes his gaze on you. His eyes slowly travel along your frame, pulse quickening when he finally gets a good look at the way the stark white dress that you’re wearing suits your body. You look perfect. Hair done and makeup perfect. He’d still think the same if you were sitting here in sweats, barefaced. You were always perfect in his eyes. 
“What?” You ask as you peek over at him, innocent as ever. 
“I miss you like hell.”
Your eyes meet and everything seems to slow down for a moment. You study his features, your gaze briefly flitting to his lips that you wish you could just lean in and taste again, but you told yourself that you had to quit him. It isn’t healthy to keep doing this same old song and dance. Even if it’s the only thing that makes you feel alive these days. 
“We can’t keep this up, Touya,” you whisper, meeting his eyes again to see the same sense of longing you feel reflected in his own.
“One more time.”
It’s a plea. He’s desperate, holding his breath and praying to a God that he’s never believed in that you won’t turn him away. 
“We always say that.”
“And one day we might mean it, so c’mon. We can’t hurt each other more than we already have.”
“You’re underestimating us.”
“You’re avoiding this,” he counters. “Because you don’t wanna say no.”
And he’s right. You don’t want to. You can’t. 
“Ya got me there,” you admit, feeling a little sheepish all of a sudden. Despite everything that you’ve been through together, which has definitely involved hell and high water, there’s always an invigorating sense of newness and novelty with Touya. A fire that you can’t put out. 
He grins, nodding towards the back wall of the bar before he tips his glass back to swallow his drink in one gulp. You fight the smile on your lips, taking one last sip of your own before you abandon it in favor of following a few paces behind him towards the men’s restroom. 
He slips inside and you wait nearby for a beat until he just barely kicks the door open to signal that the coast is clear. With a quick glance around, you’re assured that no one’s paying you any mind, so you slip inside and are immediately welcomed into his arms.
“You didn’t say it back,” he points out, pressing you against the counter as his hands slide from your waist down to the hem of your dress. 
“You didn’t lock the door.”
He huffs a laugh and steps away to twist the lock on the bathroom door, sauntering back towards you to seize your waist again. 
“Smartass,” he murmurs, shaking his head as he leans in to capture your lips, silencing whatever remark you had brewing. 
Both of you had tried to put distance between yourselves, in vain, clearly. None of that mattered now. All that seemed to matter was getting closer. Your arms wind around his neck, hand cradling the back of his head, so that you can kiss him more deeply. His tongue parts your lips, begging to explore your mouth while his hands slip beneath your dress. He wastes no time in finding what he’s really after. His index fingers hooks into the crotch of your panties, tugging them aside to slip his middle finger between your folds as he pulls a moan from your throat.
“This wet for me already? So you have missed me, huh, doll?” He smirks, teasing your slick entrance as he pulls back to look at you before he starts peppering kisses along your jaw. 
“Don’t flatter yourself,” you murmur, shifting your hips forward in search of friction, which he grants you in the form of his thumb gently circling your clit. You rest your hands on the counter behind you to keep yourself steady. 
“Don’t hafta. You’re the one doin’ that,” he whispers in your ear, his voice low and sensuous. “Keep it up, baby. You know I like hearing the sounds you make for me.”
He doesn’t give you much of a choice when his lips find the skin of your neck. The tip of his tongue slides over your pulse before he nips at it with his teeth, making you gush a little around his finger when he effortlessly slips one inside of you. 
“Touya,” you moan, already too pliable in his capable hands. “We don’t have a lotta time.”
It’s an unfortunate truth that he can’t argue with. He wants nothing more than to make this last, but he’ll always take what he can get as far as you’re concerned. 
“I know,” he grumbles and you swear you can see a pout on his lips for the briefest of seconds as he cups your jaw. 
He kisses you like he means it. It’s not searing, but it’s comfortably warm. His soft lips move against yours again and again, slow and deliberate. He savors every second that he’s able to taste you and he uses each one to try and tell you without words just exactly how much he’s been missing you. 
“Guess we oughta do this efficiently then, yeah?” 
The signature smirk is back when he pulls away and you hardly have time to process before he’s spinning you around to face the dingy mirror in front of you. He guides your hands to the counter as the bulge in his already tight jeans prods at your ass. 
“Just shut up at fuck me already,” you beg impatiently, too wound up to deal with any more banter while your cunt was still empty. 
He chuckles, eyes gleaming with amusement as he looks at you through the mirror and pulls his cock from his pants. Long, pierced, and swollen with need. 
“I love it when you boss me around,” he rasps as he guides the head of his cock between your folds, quickly gathering your slick on his length before he sinks himself inside of you with a sinful groan that he doesn’t bother stifling. 
“Oh fuck,” you gasp, sighing with relief as he fills you. 
Your eyes fall closed and you hang your head while he slowly starts shifting his hips, dragging his cock back and forth along your walls to inch himself deeper with each pass. 
“You feel so good, doll. Shit.”
His head lolls back and he loses himself for a time, too distracted by the feeling of you finally being wrapped around him again to focus on anything else. 
You eventually pick your head up to look at him through the mirror, your moans echoing off of the glass. He meets your gaze a moment later and neither of you dare look away from one another as he starts thrusting harder and faster. 
“Fucking missed your cock, Touya. Missed it so fucking much,” you whimper, clutching to countertop as tears start to well in your eyes, because it truly just felt that good. 
“Don’t cry, doll. You’re gonna ruin your makeup and we can’t have that,” he says with an edge of condescension in his voice. “I gotta send you back to pretty boy in good condition.”
He looks down to watch where your bodies are joined, never missing a beat as he continues drilling himself into you. 
“M’not w-with him,” you feel the need to clarify while you can still form words.
“But you came here with him. Could have any man you wanted and yet you show up here with a friend of mine. M’not stupid, doll,” he pants, gradually slowly his pace as he finds your eyes in the mirror yet again. “And neither are you.”
“Ssh,” he hushes you, pulling out to grab onto your waist and spin you around. “I don’t give a fuck about who you’re here with.”
You gaze at him, allowing him to walk you backwards towards the wall that he pins you to. He lumbers over you, delicately taking your chin between his thumb and forefinger to tilt it back, so that his eyes can bore down into yours, allowing you to see the unadulterated desperation in his eyes. 
“Why didn’t you just say it back?” He asks quietly, his voice hardly above a whisper. “I know you miss me, doll. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t, right?”
You don’t know what to say. Of all the times that the two of you had slipped and ended up like this, neither one of you had ever let your guard down so completely. 
He’s impatient and painfully aware that all of his insecurities were bubbling up to the surface, so he changes course again, throwing the two of you right back to where you were. 
“You said you missed this, yeah?” 
He grabs your thigh to hitch it up onto his hip and palms his erection, slowly sliding it into your core again and breathing a little easier when it still tears a moan from your lungs. The tension lessens once you’re connected again, but it doesn’t dissolve and he thinks the only solution is proximity. 
“Up,” he instructs as he slides his hand behind your other thigh. 
You comply and jump high enough to let him catch you and hoist you up, your back flush to the wall as he starts rocking his hips again, slowly pistoning his cock in and out of you. 
“I missed you,” you admit breathlessly, draping your arms around his neck and holding him close. “I always miss you.”
Hearing those words brings him some relief and it shows on his face, but he realizes then that just that alone  isn’t what he really needs. He needs more and you know that already, because you need it too. 
“Say it. Please. Please just fucking say it. I need you to,” he outright begs, too lost in the moment to care about the fallout that might occur after the fact. 
“I love you, Touya. I love you so much,” you confess, feeling an immense weight slide off of your shoulders. 
“I love you too, doll,” he replies without a second thought, sighing with relief as he picks up the pace again, spurred on by your reassurance. 
“Fuck! Touya, baby,” you whine, clutching to him as he starts hitting an angle that makes your eyes roll back inside your head. “B-baby, m’gonna cum. M’so close. So fucking close—ahh!”
“Cum for me, doll. Cum right on my fuckin’—oh fuck yeah, baby. That’s it. Such a good girl f’me,” he praises you through grit teeth, feeling his own end rocketing towards him as he fucks you through your own. “Such a tight fucking pussy. Gonna make you all mine again. All fucking mine.”
The cacophony of noises that ensue as both of you enter nirvana is likely enough to alert anyone standing too close to the bathroom, but neither of you care, too wrapped up in the glorious feeling of being reunited once again. Hearts thumping. Bodies pulsing. Adrenaline running high. It almost feels like flying.
It isn’t until you start to recover from your orgasm that you realize what goes up, must come down. And reality was likely to hit both of you once you walked back out that door. 
He seems to have the same sad epiphany as his breathing even out. He nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck, refusing to let you go just yet, even if it was just prolonging the inevitable. 
“We can’t keep doing this,” you echo your words from earlier in a remorseful whisper, closing your eyes as you knit your fingers into his hair and cradle his head. 
“I know,” is all he says. 
He feels empty all of a sudden and he hates it. He doesn’t want to let you go. What if this really was the last time?
“But I don’t wanna stop,” you add more quietly. 
His lips curl into a barely there smile against your skin and he presses a kiss to your pulse. 
“I don’t either.”
Not two minutes later, you stroll out of the bathroom. Thankfully, no one seems to notice, but you do see Keigo across the room searching for you. 
Touya steps out of the bathroom to see you joining the blonde at his side. He watches you take a seat beside him at a table and sip on the drink he’d ordered you as his arm slips around your waist. 
He’d love nothing more than to tear his friend’s arm off at the moment, but he plays it cool, pretending like he’d just happened into the bar as he approaches the table. 
“Hey, how’s it goin’?” He asks coolly, standing with his hands stuffed in his pockets as he surveys the two of you. 
“Oh, hey. Didn’t think we’d see you here,” Keigo says as he looks up, his arms subconsciously tightening around your waist. 
You smile up at Touya, having fully prepared yourself to put on this dumb little act, but your expression falters when you see a scantily clad blonde step to his side and practically throw herself onto him. 
“Hey, Dabi,” she says in a sing song voice that makes you want to hurl. 
He doesn’t look thrilled to see her, but he slips an arm around her anyway. 
“I see you’re busy,” you say as you lift your eyes to his face. “It was nice to see you, Touya. We should catch up soon.”
The woman on his arm must recognize you as his ex, because she slips her hand through his and starts not-so-subtly tugging him towards the bar. 
“C’mon, baby, let’s let them get back to their date,” she says, shooting you a judgemental look that you know you could wipe straight off of her face, but you don’t. 
“We were just leaving, actually,” you explain as you slip out of the booth and Keigo follows. “But I’ll see you around, Touya?”
Your tone is sweet and he understands that there’s more meaning behind your question than either of your respective dates would pick up on. He flashes you a knowing grin and nods. 
“Yeah, I’ll see you around. Take care, doll. Keigo,” he nods to him as well before he walks off towards the bar with the now disgruntled blonde still attached to him like a leech. 
When you finally get back home that evening, alone and grateful for it, you plop down on your sofa to kick off your shoes, feeling the effects of the alcohol you’d downed at the next bar you’d ended up at. 
You sink back into the cushions and sigh, staring at the wall as you consider whether or not you’re drunk enough to text him before you realize that you’d do it sober, so who the fuck cares? 
You grab your phone and it buzzes the second that it touches your hand. The preview shows that it’s from Touya. 
I can’t wait any longer. I know we can’t do this shit anymore, but I don’t wanna play any more games. I want this. I want you. Always. Not just sometimes. 
He sends another. 
Can I come over?
You chew on the inside of your cheek, thumbs hovering over the keyboard while you read his message over and over and over again. 
Finally, you take a deep breath and punch in your response. 
Took you long enough. I’ll be waiting 💕
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thank you for reading! likes, comments, and reblogs are always very much appreciated 💕
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how their interaction really went
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Just a lil Dabi doodle
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warnings: +18, friends to lovers, fluff, masturbation, protected sex, fingering, slight spanking, overstimulation, pet names, dirty talk, dabi is a huge tease who’s actually losing it inside, reader is “dabi touch” starved (yup, i made a whole new category only for him, so what about it? 🤨), let me know if i missed anything!
pairing: dabi x fem!reader
synopsis: it’s been days since you’ve last seen dabi. you just can’t help think about him and his touch that always has you melting, that’s why you thought of taking care of the heat between your legs yourself only to get caught by someone who chooses to lend you an hand, by all meanigs.
words count: 5,4k (well damn...)
notes: dabi is hot as hell and i’m terribly late, that’s it...
Tumblr media
you just came back to your apartment after having the most stressful and awkward dinner with your date that your parents set for you; they were becoming just so unbearable with their talks about marriage, at 24! marriage! when as of now you were so busy with your studies and all, like... they were so noisy about it too. it came to the point your father went and set a blind date for you with one of his friend’s sons and you shivered repulsed by the idea of having some arrogant, narcisistic, stuck up dumbass as boyfriend who’s sole purpose in life is buy expensive cars, name them and care more about those junks than their partner. so yeah! thanks, but no thanks.
besides, you already had someone you liked, a lot too. it took you some time to actually realize it, but in the end you did it and that’s what’s important, right?
it was a very weird relationship the one you have with this guy; you two met at a bar, that nobody knew about, some months ago and he had the aura of someone that didn’t want to be bothered so you thought better to not approach him, the guy approached you instead when after you’ve had one two many drinks you stood from your seat and wobbled nearly falling on him who caught you right away with no problem.
his hands were so warm against your skin and it made you lean on him more. when you looked up at the boy your eyes locked with his beautiful turquoise one and everything around stopped suddenly. that night he accompanied you home after your drunk blabbering and clingy self whined about wanting him to, so he did.
since then it had become a routine for you to go at the bar, find dabi and chat with him for hours until he would accompany you back to your apartment. sometimes he would also stop by between every mission of his and spend some time with you, under your pouty request. he has never declined though, so it was safe to think he wanted to spend time with you too. a very good chemistry has been forming between the two of you.
now that you think about... maybe you’ve actually always been in love with the villain since day one, so what took you so long?
if you knew that he was a villain? of course you did. he and the other members of the ‘league of villains’  would appear on the news every day, so how could you not? did you care? no. where you scared? no. why? because dabi has never tried to hurt you, not even once. he would tease you relentlessly and poke fun at you from time to time, but he has never hurt you once until now. that’s why, for you, there was no reason to be scared of him.
you threw yourself on your bed face down and sinked into it exhausted from that night (you know it won’t even be the last until you find a partner...), on top of that while thinking about dabi you’ve started to miss him! it has been weeks since the last time he has visited and you’re starting to worry, but also miss his warm touch on you like crazy.
the way he would sometimes brush his hand across your cheek to move away a strand of hair, when he's sitting with elbows on the head of the couch and his hand would go to rest on your shoulder after a while or when the back of his hand ever so slightly touches your thighs when he moves on the couch.
an image inside your brain of his hand sneaking between your legs and touching your cunt made you jump on place, hands resting on the cushion as you lifted your upper body staring in front of you horrified with cheeks flaming red.
oh my god... have i lost it? am i that sexually frustrated?, you thought with yourself plopping onto your bed with a ‘poof’ once again, face smashed against the cushion in pure shame. your whole body has started to feel hot all of a sudden too and your eyes were becoming watery, the amount of power dabi had on you even when he wasn’t there is actually unbelievable. the cushion and sheets has also started to smell like him... when he has never been in your room once since you two met! god this was another whole level of absurdity.
you peaked your eyes from the cushion biting down on your bottom lip unsure of what to do, especially since you’ve now started to feel your panties get soaked after that image your brain made for you. do friends actually do those kind of things while thinking about each others?
but well... h-he will never know about this... so maybe... just a little...?, you reassure yourself while turning your head to the side and reaching down between your legs with an hand, resting index and middle finger against your pussy through both panties and stockings too, an heavy sigh leaving your parted lips.
you imagined your fingers being either dabi’s or even better... his cock, the thought only made you start stroke yourself with a quicker pace swallowing hard as your brain drew inside your mind the image of you two being tangled together and his dick deep inside you while you moan, moan and cry out his name, just like your doing right now. it was such a blissful feeling, even though it wasn’t enough to quiet your longing for him and his touch, but guess you just had to deal with it.
when a knot started forming inside your lower abdomen and you felt your pussy start aching for a release, you started to stroke it faster and faster while moving your hips to meet them, pitiful sobs leaving your mouth as you tried to reach your climax. all this while thinking of being fucked in every way possible by dabi.
“ngh–! ahh... ahh... urk! ahn...”, you kept moaning while gritting your teethes moving your fingers up and down, even in circles quickly only to find your on wanted and needed orgasm.
while moving them frantically, you suddenly moved them in a way that made that knot tighten up more and you feel your hips stutter for a moment there, but it wasn’t quite there yet... that’s why you kept on stroking at an erratic pace, finally after few last strokes your whole body felt a jolt of pleasure that made you tense up and stop any movement while your orgasm hit you strongly.
“dabi!”, you moaned aloud in a heavy pant, mouth open in an ‘o’ shape as your breath hitched inside your throat.
“did you call for me, princess?”
at hearing that deep husky voice, you froze on spot coming down from your high in a second, completely pale on your face. this wasn’t really happening. this was all a dream. please let it be!
you stood quickly from your bed turning toward the door and, god, he was right there in the doorway leaning against the side with arms crossed over his chest, a smug grin on his face that made your heart skip a beat and look down completely embarrassed by that situation. you should seriously start lock the door of the balcony, because what the hell is this?!
“now, would you look at that? did you really just masturbate thinking of me?”, he teased you, of course, bet he found it revolting that you just touched yourself with him in mind. you wanted to disappear! get swallowed by the ground! oh my god!
trying to collect yourself, for as much as you could, you breathed in from your nose before looking up at him awkwardly, cheeks burning with embarrassment under his intense gaze.
“this... ehm... it’s just that...”, unfortunately for you your brain was in a total black out the more you tried to justify what you just did, one hand going behind to push down your skirt and the other doing the same from the front, trying to hide the proof of your misbehavior like a kid who has taken a candy without permission from their parents.
dabi left his arms fall down to his sides and walked up to you until he wasn’t an inch away from you, turquoise eyes gazing down at you darkly as you swallowed a lump in your throat before parting your lips to speak, only to get beaten on it by the villain:
“what a dirty girl you are, princess”, he spoke with low voice and a cocky smirk on his lips; something about him was so... intimidating right now, he looked more than ready to devour you and that sent shivers down your spine.
“i’m sorry... i–”
“want me to help you with it?”, dabi cut you off placing both hands on your hips and pulling you flush against his body, a spark of pleasure erupted right between your legs making you gasp an inch away from his lips. “bet you thought about my fingers, or maybe my dick.”, he concluded with a mischievous full teethes grin that made your legs tremble, mind becoming fuzzy because of the sudden heat that started to invade every corner of your room.
“what? no! that’s–!”, you got cut off by a little shriek leaving your lips when feeling his hands cup your butt cheeks giving them a squeeze, he then started fondling them slowly making you curl up against his chest as you bit down on your lip.
“god, the way your ass was wiggling... it was so hot to watch... i nearly came at that sight you know...”, dabi spoke huskily in your ear while giving a brief spank to your left butt cheek, you jumped at that straightening up your back right away.
then you suddenly felt his right hand lift your skirt from behind and sneak it inside your stockings pressing his index and middle fingers against your pussy; when feeling how wet you were the boy hissed between his teethes before letting out a dragged groan as he kept on coating his digits with your juices making you whimper and moan while holding onto his white shirt, knees bucking as pleasure started to build up inside of you once again.
“ahh... dahbi...!”, you started moaning as you felt his fingers stroking you from behind eagerly, he wanted to hear you moan much louder than this. your voice moaning his name was music to his ears.
“tell me, why were you touching yourself thinking of me?”, the villain questioned surrounding your waist with one arm to hold you closer, peeking at his hand inside your panties moving and... damn... it wasn’t enough, at all.
you looked up at him panting and pressing yourself against him more, eyes filled with lust as he kept touching you through your panties slowly but pressing hard between your clothed folds, even going as far as to tease your clit.
“because... i m-missed you...?”, was your answer that sounded more like a question, the overbearing pleasure making you drop your arms to your sides while staring up at him with gaping mouth.
“and you masturbate only ‘cause you miss me?”, you nodded dazed, wanting more of his touch, he stared down at you with a wolfish smirk. “be honest princess, come on now.”, he added snorting sarcastically as he took his hand out and then lifted the front of your skirt sneaking it inside your panties right away, at feeling his fingers touch your cunt directly you gasped holding onto the sleeves of his black jacket letting out a shaky moan.
“because i– i missed your touch...”, you answered him sighing heavily, turned on by the way his gaze had turned even darker with hunger and yearning for you plastered all over his face.
“and?”, he kept on, a groan coming out from his gritted teethes as he felt his fingers getting drenched in your juices.
you bit your bottom lip while pressing your chest against his, hips eagerly moving in sync with dabi’s strokes to get more friction.
“i love you...”, you finally confessed panting right in front of his lips, your honey dripping gaze locked with his and screaming at him how this wasn’t nearly enough for you.
“that’s it good girl. that’s what i wanted to hear.”, and as if on cue his middle finger went inside your hole leaving you breathless at that new found sensation, his long sturdy fingers stroking your walls slowly, savoring the pleasure radiating from your face. “god... do you know what that expression does to me? here, look.”, he took your hand with his free one putting it over his crotch, letting out a dragged groan while throwing his head back with a devilish smirk on his face.
feeling the bulge inside his pants so huge and hard against your palm, your mouth started to become watery to the point you were afraid you would drool right there on the spot and the way dabi was feeling it made everything so much better.
you were so entranced by the gorgeous sight in front of you, that when he looked back down at you while licking his teethes you jumped slightly and that made him grin wider.
“oh you have no idea of the things i want to do to you...”, he whispered before shoving his tongue inside your mouth, adding his forefinger to the other digit inside your pussy making you moan into the kiss.
at hearing his words your walls tightened around his fingers humming against his lips, hand starting to move up and down on his shaft making his breath hitch before he groaned tilting his head to the side.
after a while you two parted from one another and your eyes looked toward him feverishly, heart thumping hard in your chest and you kept moving on his hand feeling his fingers curl up along your walls while the end of his digits stroked against your clit, creating the perfect friction.
“show me then... please...”, you practically begged resting your hands on his hips hooking your indexes to his pants tugging them down, cheeks completely red both from the embarrassment because of what you just said but also the unbearable heat exploding inside of you.
his eyes widened for a brief second before he smirked wolfishly while taking his hand out of your panties, a needy whine coming from your parted lips that made him chuckle lowly, pleased by that reaction.
“don’t worry princess, i’m not letting you go until i won’t be balls deep inside your greedy pussy.”, dabi reassured you as he sucked your juices off of his fingers, licking his lips at the end while staring directly at you like a lion ready to jump his prey.
you stopped breathing for a second there, the way he kept talking since he came in was making you so dizzy; this man was just too much honestly.
dabi rested his hands on your waist and leaned down to kiss you with open mouth, tongue licking your upper lip before sliding it inside your mouth, bending a little to rest his hands behind your thighs and then lift you up, your legs closing around his slim waist right away.
he climbed your bed never parting from the kiss, a very hot, sloppy and possessive kiss that nearly made you faint under him after he laid you down on the mattress. the villain only parted from the kiss to take off his jacket and shirt throwing them somewhere across your room.
“you got all dolled up, care to tell me what for?”, dabi questioned running an hand through his bangs, to move some strands away from his eyes, staring down at you while raising an eyebrow arrogantly. and oh! you understood now why that underlying possessiveness. “and do not think of lying.”, he added undoing the first two buttons of your blouse lifting it over your head, leaving it there to cage your arms up, kissing you ferociously once more.
“mhn! ahh... i– my parents– they set up... a blind date for me... mmh!”, you admitted arching your back slightly, meanwhile he hooked his fingers to the borders of your laced black bra pulling the cups down to expose your chest letting an amused scoff come out from his mouth.
“guess the dude wasn’t all that, seen you went to masturbate thinking about me as soon as you came home.”, he commented smirking satisfied an inch away from your swollen red lips, hands going under your skirt tugging at the hem of the stockings you were wearing taking them off and then throwing them on the ground.
you blushed like crazy up to your ears and turned away peeved by the way he was teasing you, as if you weren’t embarrassed enough by being caught on the act while moaning his name, he wasn’t going to let you live this down.
dabi grinned full teethes excited staring at your beautiful profile leaning down to lick the spot under your ear, making you gasp in surprise, while taking off your panties too and stroking once again your slit slowly, savoring every second of it because he has waited for this moment more than you can even imagine.
“i want to eat you out so bad, baby... but that’ll be for another time.”, the black haired boy confessed panting against the shell of your ear, he then moved back staring down at you with a fake sorrowful expression as he palmed the throbbing erection inside his pants. “‘cause this guy right here can’t wait any longer to have his treat.”, he spoke with a full on lips smirk while undoing his belt under your careful stare; you were aroused to the unbelievable.
“then...”, you reached for the drawer of your bedside table and took out a silver envelope handing it to him, eyes watery sparkling with desire. “hurry up and do me.”
he might’ve looked collected and calm from the outside, a little stunned too, but inside? ohh inside he was losing it so bad! his brain had stopped functioning after hearing your words, that was so filthy in the best way possible for him.
“whatta dirty mouth you’ve got there y/n...”, it should be illegal, but he kept that for himself and hurried to take off his pants together with his boxers; he couldn’t wait to be deep inside of you, completely messing up your guts and brain.
“look who’s talking...”, you retort back pouting at him extricating your way out of your blouse, he let out a snort while putting on the condom long his throbbing shaft that had your mouth watering.
“touché, but you like it princess.”, dabi shoot back staring at you from under his eyelashes with a devilish smirk on, especially after seeing you blush profusely glaring speechless at him.
don’t look at me like that..., you begged inside feeling your lower abdomen start to knot up only because of stare, insanity.
“woah there, i didn’t even put it in yet, so how are you clenching up like that already hm?”, he teased while resting his hands at the side of your face and getting between your legs, hovering over your figure with a shit eating grain on his lips. “do you want me that bad?”
“i do... so hurry and put it in...”, you replied softly surrounding his neck with your arms and resting your hands on his nape, eyes looking straight into his screaming about wanting him to fuck you so much.
dabi didn’t expect that at all. his dick twitched so hard it made a groan come out directly from the back of his throat; god he was going to blow your spine off.
“say no more.”
he rubbed his cock a few times between your folds, coating his length with your juices, making you moan languidly and then aligned its tip with your entrance, swallowing hard as he stared down at your cores.
you were looking down there too shivering at feeling his dick press hard against your pussy’s hole until the head didn’t got inside. it was happening for real!
“ahn–!”, you choked out a moan shutting your eyes while letting your upper body fall onto the bed, back arching as your hips trembled from the pleasure of feeling him slowly fill you up to the brim.
“fuck–! shit, shit, shit–! a-argh–!”, he moaned out with low husky voice as his eyes rolled up to the back of his head, mouth gaping as he kept pushing his dick inside of you until his pelvis didn’t smack flush onto yours. dabi leaned down pressing his chest with yours. “you’re clenching so hard... ahh shit– this is gonna be so damn bad for me...”, he groaned against your neck pressing his lips on it, parting them to start suck harshly on a very visible spot, hoping for your parents to notice it.
“dabi!”, you moaned onto his shoulder feeling his tongue run down from the spot he sucked on to your shoulder and bite into it hard enough to leave his teethes mark, you shrieked in surprise turning to him puzzled.
“put a repellent on you.”, your cheeks flushed at the reason behind what he just said and did, making his grin widen in utter satisfaction. “now we can start.”, with that he put his hands under your knees and pushed your legs up to rest them on his shoulders, he held your wrists toward himself and slowly pulled out ‘till the tip before slamming his dick inside of you roughly knocking the breath out of your lungs.
“ah–!”, you choked out looking up at him shocked by the sudden move, that seemed only to amuse him though and so, just like that, dabi started to pound hard into you making you moan loudly at every thrust.
hearing you he burst into a fit of amused giggles, eyes staring arrogantly down at you as he slapped your pelvis together roughly, making it so that your brain would be filled with him more than it already is and from what he was hearing, he was succeeding in his intent.
“look at yourself, princess... there’s no way you’ll ever be able to be with someone who’s not me.”, and moved his hips against yours in slow wavy motions before snapping them forward making you let out another choked out moan as groaned at every thrust, he did the same thing a few times enjoying how you let out staccato moans with that beautiful face of yours contracted in full on desire.
“g–od dabi yes! that’s it! right there! r-ah-ight– ah!”, you moaned holding his wrist back looking up at his scrunched up face as he kept thrusting against the spot that made you let out those heavenly sounds.
“fuck– you’re tightening up so much... it’s driving me crazy...”, he groaned panting as he kept pounding into you, a throaty moan leaving his gaping mouth as his eyes nearly crossed at how you were clamping on him so hard, wide satisfied smirk on while his brain was becoming all mushy.
dabi then slightly bent forward lifting his hips changing angulation before he started thrust into you at a fast pace, hitting continuously the spongy spot inside your pussy that made you let out a moan louder than the previous ones.
“ah–! i’m so close–! i’m–!”, you moaned before biting down your lips feeling the pleasure even more now that you were about to come, as expected... it just felt so different with dabi.
“it’s okay baby– ngh! just cream all over me.”, he demanded with a groan and an hint of kindness in voice while rubbing his thumb tenderly on your wrist, before moving an hand up to you brushing away a strand of hair that fell in front of your eyes from all the bouncing. “that’s what i’ve always wanted.”, dabi ended with an enamored smile on his lips that you genuinely thought of having dreamed of, but no it was actually real.
“what–?”, you asked staring back at him flabbergasted, choking out a moan when feeling a particular drag of his cock long the inside of your cunt just being so good.
he furrowed his eyes pouting while blushing slightly before resting his forearms at the side of your head and leaning down toward your ear, you let out a cry of pleasure because of how his dick went even deeper in that position; it felt way too good.
“i love you y/n...”, you jumped slightly from the surprise and surrounded his chest, hands resting on his shoulders blades. “ungh! i love you so– fucking mu-ah!-ch...”, he finished resting his forehead on the cushion and starting to thrust faster than before, groans the erupted from between his teethes and echoed not only inside your ear but in the whole room, he had also let out few choked moans that surprised you. god it was such a beautiful sound to come from him and that was enough to undo the knot inside your belly.
“dabi!”, you moaned loud enough for everyone in your condo to hear, but that didn’t matter right now as you hugged him tightly, creaming all over his cock to its base.
he pulled back panting heavily while staring with dazed eyes down at where you two were connected, a thrilled smirk forming on his lips as he watched your cum pooling against his pelvis; god he felt on a high over that only, that was crazy seriously.
“i’m still rock hard here, princess.”, he broke the silence moving his hips slightly twice to make you feel the truth of his words, his lust filled gaze darkening when he heard you cry out another moan. “so bear with me a little more okay?”, the villain pulled out only until the tip was still slightly inside of you, then let you move down your legs from his shoulders and resting both hands on your hips he carefully flipped you over, hands going to hold the back of yours as he leaned down to rest his chin on the crook of your neck and chest flush against your back.
he pushed his dick inside your cunt once again making you let out a breathy whine while throwing your head up, when his length was all in your eyes rolled to the back of your head, mouth gaping at that fantastic sensation that you were feeling.
“no, wait– th-is– is– too much–! ahn!”, you slurred staring in front of you but not actually seeing, too focused on him drilling his cock so hard inside your pussy, his pelvis slapping against your ass so loudly that you could swear anyone of your neighbors could hear it.
“no princess, actually this is nowhere near enough ungh–!”, dabi groaned with raspy voice against the shell of your ear, he then licked behind it pounding hard inside of you feeling your walls clench around his dick and that made him jolt slightly, his thrusts stuttered a little before he pushed them flush against your ass hugging you from behind tightly while coming with a dragged throaty groan.
he stared down at your profile, looking a how you were breathing hard resting the side of your forehead on the cushion; the villain put an hand under your jaw turning you slightly as he leaned in to kiss you with his tongue already ravishing yours, humming into the kiss thrusting slowly and making your breath hitch against his mouth.
“you’re so fucking gorgeous.”, he stated after parting from the kiss, a string of saliva connecting your mouths and your cheeks flushing crimson as you stared back timidly into his adoring eyes.
“again... look who’s talking...”, at that response he huffed amused before moving back and gripping your waist strongly with both hands pressing you hard down onto the mattress, hips snapping forward sharply as he thrust into you hitting your weakest spot (that he has already memorized) over and over. “ah–! dabi– dabi!”, you moaned for the fifth time that night gripping onto your cushion hard, teethes clenched and eyes closed as you creamed all over his dick once more.
“there goes my babygirl...”, he praises you again with a satisfied smirk while bending down and moving your hair from your cheeks kissing it lovingly, moving but staying still close to your face as he stared down at you, eyes dripping with adoration. “coming for me once again, like the good girl she is.”, you clicked your tongue looking away embarrassed but still being super happy about his words, the villain cackled amused at your behavior while pulling out and giving you a playful spank that made you lift your upper body and throw the cushion at him; needless to say that the little shit avoided it easily.
after the two of you got cleaned up, and you also got out of the clothes you were wearing, you both laid on bed with you resting your head onto his chest while dabi was drawing figures on your arm staring up at the ceiling, complete silence falling upon you two:
“when did you even fall for me anyways?”, you broke it lifting your head to look up at the boy, eyebrow lifted and curled up lips in curiosity, as he stared down at you calmly.
“you might not believe it, but since the first time i saw you...”, you widened your eyes at that answer and were ready to brush him off all embarrassed, but he continued to talk. “in that magical moment where you threw up on my boots, i knew you were the one for me.”, he teased dramatically grinning down at you cocky, even more satisfied when he saw you fuming basically.
“didn’t we agree to never talk about that again?! you’re such a little bitch i swear!”, you roared raising from your position and smacking him on his chest while he giggled amused; you were just so funny to tease honestly.
you were about to argue back with him but dabi sneaked an arm around your shoulders and pushed you down on his chest, hugging you close as his lips rested on the crown of your head.
“i seriously fell for you the first time we met, for real.”, he spoke with soft voice as the back of his index, of the arm he had around your shoulders, went to caress tenderly your cheek. “the moment i locked eyes with you, inside my mind i was like ‘ah... so this is what love at first sight feels like, huh?’”, dabi confessed while reminiscing that night inside his head with a smile on his lips; he never felt like himself anymore after that day. whenever he tried to focus on his missions, the image of you waiting for you at your house would never leave his mind and that made him commit mistakes in the attempt of finishing everything quickly and go back to you, his heaven.
when he didn’t hear anything from you, dabi tilted his head curiously to look at your face seeing it completely red, his eyes widened briefly before he took your chin between thumb and index lifting your head up kissing you sweetly, like you were made of glass. after he parted the boy smiled down at you.
“i’m going to become so fucking annoying from now on, so brace yourself princess.”, he commented with his usual half-lidded eyes looking at you intensely as a little smirk formed on his lips, he meant every single word by the way.
you huffed amused while staring up at him with a mocking expression on your face, eyebrow lifted arrogantly.
“so as per usual?”
“you little–”, he whispered in a grim tone gazing at you exasperated with a pout while getting ready to tickle you to tears.
“i’m kidding! i’m kidding! no tickling!”, you panicked holding his hands by the wrists, keeping them as far as possible from your waist under his amused and victorious stare.
he snorted and easily shook himself off from your hold going to surround your waist with his arms holding you to his chest, face buried against the side of your neck breathing in your scent that made him feel awfully at home.
a scent that told him he belonged there with you, and nowhere else.
“i love you so much...”, dabi whispered against your skin, kissing it briefly.
you smiled happily surrounding his neck with your arms hugging him back, hand sinking into his black locks that you started to cradle fondly.
“i love you so much too.”
Tumblr media
2023 © kelin-is-writing — do not repost or translate my work. likes, reblogs, and comments are welcome!
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lionalicelives · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you’re toxic, i’m slippin’ under
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hosfish · 2 days
Tumblr media
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Endeavor: Oh my god!! What is wrong with you?!
Dabi: Everything.
Dabi: Except for the way I dress.
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emmyrosee · 3 days
Dabi is better as a memory.
He told you from the beginning to never fall in love with him, it was dangerous and too risky for you to do. He’s loved very seldom times in his life, love was a sham and nothing he was willing to provide for anyone, lust being the quick and easy patch for affection he’d occasionally need.
You were broken when he’d found you. He liked it like that. You were quick and snappy and rude to him, but it drove him more and more wild each time you’d bite. He’s a creep, he liked the way you sent him glares and eye rolls at his flirts.
He liked the way you’d finally caved, the way you’d given him plenty of fight rather than submit to his deviously dominant ways, making him work at every little demand you had to keep you satisfied.
But then you fucking did it.
You fell in love with him.
It was a slow slide, he knew it from the subtle ways you’d act from the nonchalance of first meeting; your arms clinging to him a bit more when he tries to leave, setting up an extra plate in case he came in for dinner- he might’ve done it all of twice, but you accidentally let him know you did it all the time.
Then it became him wanting you, craving you, desperate for the way your fingers weave his hair and grip at the root when he’s got you in euphoria. Eager to curl behind you under warm sheets. Rub your sore back and dodging a swift smack when his hands may wander.
But the he moment you’d let him in, take him and his ugly love in every crevasse of your soul, he knew he was in too deep. Dabi knew that emotionally, there was barely room for himself in his rotten heart.
He’s not so criminal to take and corrupt yours.
You’re good. You’re too good. You’re so good it hurts him, so good he can’t stand coming over some nights, so good that you could have any person with a pulse who you wanted, yet you chose for the absolute ugliest the world had to offer.
He can’t do that to you. He feels the way you try to cling to him for warmth when he first comes in. He knows you hate saying no to your friends invitations to hang out when he’s over- they never liked him, but to be honest, he wouldn’t spit on any of them if they were on fire, either- but it always meant you were missing out. The way you patch up his wounds and scars at ungodly hours of the night, it’s not worth it.  He sees the way you look at him after a fight, eyes swelling with tears he had no right to conjure onto you, and the way you creep towards him in a desperate plea for forgiveness you never had to beg for- even if he made you.
For a man with nothing to lose, except for you.
You’ve had enough of his lonely love, even if you don’t know it yet.
Even if it’s the hardest thing Todoroki Touya is going to do, he needs to leave you as heartless and loveless as Dabi could.
He needs to leave you. Shatter your heart into tiny pieces where you hate the mere reminder of him, where someone new can take the patience you deserve to puzzle the shards back together.
It has to hurt you. Nothing less than the worst to make you hate him more than he hates himself. 
The light from your alarm clock is dark, but he can just barely make out the red lights of 03:24; a little later than he wanted, but you were so warm, so comfortable he didn’t want to wake you up.
You toss an arm over his torso, and he cringes because he knows it’s the last damn time. Your cheek nuzzles into the scarred skin of his chest, and even if he knows he shouldn’t, slender fingers gently stroke the warm skin of your shoulder. 
You’re so fucking perfect when you sleep, your mind and body restoring the heartbreaks of the day.
He sniffs the air for courage. He blinks up at the ceiling he’s already killed countless spiders off of, the dark remains dried on the plaster. Your blankets never felt heavier, weighing him down and drowning him like rocks tied to his ankles.
All the while, next to him, you grunt in your sleep, resting easy.
He looks at the clock, brows furrowing in frustration as he’s already spent three minutes doing nothing.
Fuck. It’s time.
Before he changes his mind like a fool.
His head pounds as he takes the agonizingly slow sit up, the darkness of your room just barely mapping out a path he can take to sneak out the fastest. His arm slips out from under your head, and he lets out a tight breath when you roll onto your stomach.
With a soft sigh of relief and a nuzzle of your hair, he pulls the blankets higher on your shoulder so you keep warm, his rough hands smoothing down your back to soothe you into an impossibly deeper sleep. You smell sweet, you always do. Dabi prays to whatever entity to at least allow him to keep the memory of your addictive aroma in his mind.
He balls his hands into fists and stands up with haste, grabbing his jacket and trying his hardest to tiptoe silently out of the bedroom.
A floorboard creaks. The gods clearly don’t want this to be an easy task.
“Touya?” You whimper, and he winces at the familiar name that passes your sleepy lips.
“Yeah, baby?”
“Whe’ ya goin’?” You ask, voice still drunk with sleep and warm against the cold air, and he furrows his brows and snarls internally at the knowledge that you know he’s leaving for somewhere.
He wanted this to be a simple band-aid rip, a quick flurry of anger and tears, before succumbing to your scorn for his mere soul.
“Goin’ to piss,” he lies, shuffling back over to the bed to plant a kiss to your temple. “Go back to sleep.” He hears you hum happily, and you curl deeper into the pillows. He grits his teeth, fingernails biting into his palms as he lets out the quietest and most genuine “I love you,” he can muster. It’s not something he says often, but he may as well say it before he leaves your life for good.
“I love you, too,” you murmur back. You don’t ask or tease him about the random confession, nor do you seem to question it, and he decides to use that to his advantage. He takes one more long, selfish inhale of your addicting scent before working up the courage to push up and off the bed, long fingers scooping his coat once again before tiptoeing down the hallway.
Trembling fingers find the small amount of stationary next to your fridge, and he scribes a small little note so you can have the smallest bit of closure. He hates doing this at all, but it’s for the best.
Keys in the mailbox. Didn’t want someone comin in to steal you.
Im sorry. But you’ll be happier.
He tries not to imagine the way you’ll crumple to the floor and cry. He tries not to imagine the way you’ll spend days pleading, asking yourself what you did wrong when he knows it’s all his fucking fault. He doesn’t want to think of how you’ll now put every guy who wants you against him; he knows you’ll always put him on the highest tier.
He’s done so much already.
His shoes lay long discarded by the door, and he gnaws at his lip when he toes them on. He heart aches for you, the life you could’ve had, and he can only pray to whatever will listen that you can go back on the path you were supposed to take before he crashed into your life.
Until then?
He hopes you can despise him for doing this to you half as much as he does, himself.
He toes on his shoes. Takes one more longing look up the stairs. He shrugs on his coat and takes the spare key to lock up. 
He walks down the driveway that you’ve run down to greet him so many times. He places the key in the mailbox he helped fix when little rat-ass kids hit it on their bikes. He takes another look up into the window the peers into your room where in a few hours, you’re going to sob and shake and plead and scream and ask the air why he’s gone and if he ever even cared, where you’re going to call him the most obscene names and taint every single memory you share with your heartbreak.
He soaks it in.
And then he walks down the street.
And he doesn’t look back to see the light in your room suddenly flick on.
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moodyvoid · 17 hours
Thinking about the Bnha smash comic where the league is stranded on an island and Dabi is the only one taking it seriously and trying to help everyone survive and now I realize it’s because he still wants to prove himself useful 😢
Tumblr media
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unnamed-arcade · 2 days
Tumblr media
Due too lack of girls some of the boys are forced to participate in girls night lol
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dabislittlemouse · 23 hours
Dabi having you on full display for him while you’re laying on your back. Your legs on his shoulders and he’s inside you while keeping an agonising eye contact with you, making you touch yourself and you’re begging him to move. But he stays still, refusing to move an inch until you’re crying for him to touch you and unless you make yourself cum first.
I don’t even know if this makes sense, I should head to bed. 🙂
The bastard would stay there, clear amusement on his face as he hears your pathetic needy whines, you tell him that you can’t cum by yourself.
“Awh, my pretty girl wants to cum? Wanna see ya do it yourself, c’mon” He leans forward, his cock twitching inside of you as he gives you a deep sloppy kiss, his warm stitched tongue intertwining with yours as you whimper in his mouth. He does this purposely to see you suffer more, to drive you more feral, sometimes he really is a big jerk <3
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prettylittlebunnys · 3 days
Incoming phone call… hello? Part:1
Stalker dabi x fem reader (implied reader is chubby and used she/her pronouns.)
Tumblr media
A/N: idk how's many parts I'm making this one but part two is where the smut happening if you want a part two give this 200 likes👀👀 and also writing the smut part so this one is kinda long lol AGELESS BLOGS AND MINORS DNI. *dabi is total creep in this one*
Tumblr media
Silence on the other end as you answer this call.
" hello? " It's always the same dead silence or sometimes heavy breathing that makes you feel uneasy so you normally hang up or just don't answer.
This time there are more rings coming from the same number, you don't know what to do.
You were at the bar with your girlfriends having a great time getting drinks.
You felt it again, the phone vibrating as you sigh heavily, your childhood friend notices your expression and goes.
" Is it the same phone number? " you nod your head.
" (your friend's name) I don't know what to do.. Whenever I answer it, it's always eerily silent.. " They tilt their head and say." Why don't you block it, maybe it will stop. " You shake your head sadly.
" I did but they always make a new number every time I block it. "Your friend give a worried look.
" yikes.. That sounds like a stalker y/n. " You tilt your head at them and feel sadness. You never thought about it, you always had a boring life nothing interesting happens but a stalker? That has to be crazy.
There is no way someone would be interested in me or want me.
It's impossible..
Your friend rubs your back as comfort.
" I'm sure it's nothing.. I hope they lost interest in-.."
" It's been three months. "Your friend's eyes widened.
" three months?? " You nod your head as you sip your drink.
Before your friend could ask more, a group of men came up and asked your friends for a dance.
They're all agreed, leaving you in your thoughts while you sip your drink.
You look at your friends grinding the men while you watch people dance, nothing interesting until you notice a guy leaning on the wall with a cigarette as he stares right at you.
His blue eyes are… so intense, you're imagining things and think he is just staring at someone else. Your eyes move away from his stares to your friend twerking a blondie.
Fuck not this again, you thought. You pull your phone out to expect it was another phone call but this time it's a message.
[ I'm watching you, you look beautiful doll. ]
 you got chills just reading that as you look confused and read it again, the person is typing again.
[ yeah I'm talking to you the one that sitting by herself, in your black tight dress you're wearing. ]
Now your heart was pounding hard and felt like a panic attack close by.
There is no way, this can't be real.. Your friend comes back as they sit next to you.
" hey y/n, how's it going-... Wait what's wrong? " You didn't realize you were breathing heavily and tears were sliding down your face.
You give your phone to them as they read it, they are unsettled as they look at you again.
" Did you notice anyone suspicious? " You thought about that guy who was leaning against the wall and you look back at that same spot but he already vanished.
" yeah but it's hard to tell he was mostly covered up and had a cigarette.."
After that incident, you try telling the cops about it but they would blush it off since they need this person to get physical. You were left with anxiety and stress, you were at your childhood friend's house since you were afraid of living alone in your apartment.
After a few days, you notice less calls or unsettling messages. Maybe he finally left you alone.
" Are you sure you're going back home? " You looked up at your friend and said,
" yeah I'm sure plus I haven't gotten any calls from that creep. "Your friend smiles softly.
" okay if anything bad happens, you can always call or message me ok? " You nod your head as you pull them into a hug and say.
" I will, I'm gonna be a fine bestie. "
Quietly enter your home, you check anything unusual but it seems normal as you sigh softly and stretch a little.
God maybe he finally left you alone.. You took a shower as you begin to relax at how quiet the apartment is.
The shower helps calm your nerves a bit. After you finish a hot shower, you quickly put on your sleepwear and head to your room.
Your room seems normal too, maybe that creep left you finally as you sigh happily.
You lay in the comfort of your bed and your tired eyes can rest.
You were randomly woken up.. Huh? It's still dark. Why am I awake? you blink a bit until you feel something wet between your legs.
Maybe you're having a wet dream but you froze in place when you see your blanket covering what looks like a person underneath.
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yanderemyheroacademia · 17 hours
Dabi who treats you like glass. He’s a terrible human being but all you see is a sweet man who catches when you’re about to fall and defends you against creeps. You never saw him as a villain, but that was what he was, or at least what everyone else said.
This man loves you and wants to hold you. He only wishes he found you sooner, maybe he wouldn’t have gone down the path he did. You couldn’t believe that he would really want to hurt his family. His brothers, sister, and even his mother. You never saw this side of him and said he had become a monster but this is what he’s always been and you were to blind to see it.
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itsmattibad · 2 days
Tumblr media
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