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petit soirée avec @bbben1234 double couché
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Daddy's Boy, Chapter 6.5 (Biadore) - Imafuckinglibra
Ummmm. Hi. I don’t really know if anyone on here cares or if I’m shouting into a void. Obviously I’ve been gone a minute. I’m making this one 6.5 bc technically it’s supposed to be 7 but I don’t know if I’m publishing it yet or If it’s worth publishing it I should say. As an apology though I’m including a bonus at the end for whoever wants it. If there’s mistakes I’m sorry if there’s a part 7 it’ll be fixed. 
This is just pure smut btw enjoy.
“Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.” Kenzo Takada. If you we take his words to actually mean what they literally say, you could say he’s implying we should change our choices. Kind of like…"
“Who the fuck wrote this shit?” Roy grumbled out loud, trying to find the name of the culprit on the loosely stapled pages in front of him. 
He tossed his glasses off onto the bed and tried rubbing the frustration out of his weary eyes with his thumb & index finger.
‘I’m too old for this’ He thought. ‘Go be a costume designer, no I want to TEACH. Be a LEADER.‘ sigh “Yeah right.” 
He had to come to realization we all do that - inevitably - when we’re alone for too long we kind of go, batshit. You start thinking about your life choices and just where oh where did you go wrong. And man did he feel alone.
His apartment, although my no means small especially on a teacher salary, suddenly felt massive. Without his near constant companion running around in baggy jeans, ill fitting hoodies or singing about every day activities the apartment felt like he did. Vast & vacant. Tad dramatic perhaps.
The living room once just books, dog beds and a TV was now littered with photographs, guitar picks, knick knacks so many empty bottles of various sodas or beer. 
The bathroom once so pristine now riddled with long hair everywhere, toothpaste splatter against the mirror, bottles of all sorts of hair and face lotions.
Food smeared and discarded left and right in the kitchen area, boxes and boxes of old take out. Empty bags of chips or half eaten cookies just scattered about without a care in the world. 
Not to mention the bedroom. 
“Just look at how he left these pillows!” He thought. 
Well, to be honest none of it was that bad. Not even close. Everything was immaculately clean. It just been so long since he’d seen Danny he had to start making things up to be mad at him at. If he didn’t he’d start to think of the good and then he’d just miss him.
In true college student fashion the punk rocker had taken the opportunity summer vacation presents to travel with his friends. Him and his roommates packed their bags into Brian’s busted little car and decided to travel the US and hit at least one new bar every night. It may have only been 12 weeks but god it felt like 5 years. 
Some times they’d just stay in one place, sobering up in some dodgy hotel before they head to the next place. Which Roy absolutely despised, causing many a fight between the two. At least 3 times. At least. 
However. Some times, most times, fine. Pretty much every city to be honest, Danny and Brian would perform some of their music and they’d have gas, food and hotel money the next day. Which Roy had to admit, made him proud. 
The fact that he could take responsibility and provide for himself like this with his craft was absolutely endearing. Roy envied him for it once in a while. 
Granted. He didn’t do it all himself, he had 4 others with him. Jason included, the only one with a head on his shoulders who’d pre planned every last detail of their trip before they left. 
Summer comes and goes every year though and so does financial independence and adolescent freedom. Danny and his friends had to finally return to school, and finally back to Roy. Not before making a stop at his mom’s house first though. 
He’d been in Azusa for 2 weeks at this point, getting his school work in order, doing laundry, buying school supplies, being babied by his mother and bullied by his brothers as 20 somethings do. 
“God I miss him though.” Roy said to Dede who’d been strolling through the empty hallway. Realizing the essay from hell was finally over and done with. 
‘D!!’ he scribbled on it. ‘You at least managed to get your own name right, now try getting other people’s name right! Baloney!’
His phone vibrated on the bedside table next to him. He carefully dropped the stack of papers  onto the portable work bench he kept close by and picked up his phone. 
Incoming Call
Danny put the heart next to his own name, don’t question it. 
“Hey, you headin…” Roy asked before he realized what he was looking at and grabbed his bottom lip with his hand to keep from laughing. 
“Shhh.” Danny gestured softly with his index finger over his lips, whispering the command. “Quiet.” 
Danny had propped his phone against some shampoo bottles and a tub of conditioner at the bottom of his mother’s shower. The front camera pointed directly at center stage just for Roy.
His head was tilted in the corner of the tiled shower, his body contorted to fit into the small cubicle. Bent long legs either side of his chest to give his partner the best possible view of the skinny middle finger gliding slowly in and around both entrances. 
His mouth agape in ecstasy at the hot water spraying down from the shower head against the wall onto his growth and down his inner thighs. 
“Naughty boy.” Roy whispered to himself with a devilish grin. He knew Danny only ever teased or fingered himself in both holes when he was desperate. Something which he didn’t frequently do up until right before he left. During finals when he was too stressed to see each other. 
“It must’ve been a minute since he’s been able to jerk off.” He thought but hey can’t blame him. He might have been a liiiitle pent up too. 
Roy picked up on the hint and put the phone down on the bed against his headboard so Danny could enjoy his own show. 
Sitting back on his ankles Roy undid his shorts zipper and pulled his semi erect cock out. Slowly tugging at it to match Danny’s rhythm. Eager to catch up with him but not eager enough to ruin the moment too fast. 
Driving his young lover wild with his fist steadily opening and closing, squeezing the pre cum out of the tip. The same pre cum Danny spent hours teasing him with. 
He reached for the drawer or toys they’d accumulated in their time together and pulled out a fleshlight Danny bought him before he left. 
“No.” Danny mouthed shaking his head. “Pillow” 
“Pillow?” Roy whispered. 
“I want to see.” He gestured back with one now freed hand. 
Roy realized what he meant and happily obliged.
With one hand still around his shaft and the other gripping under him he slowly lowered himself as he would if Danny had been there rather than his hand. 
“Like that.” Danny smiled biting his lip. Watching carefully for when Roy’s cock would slide into his palm again. Sliding 2 fingers into his asshole at the same time. 
He’d grown accustomed to pretending Roy was the one pleasuring him rather than himself, especially when they played together like this. 
He still felt the same butterflies in his stomach he had the very first time they slept together, the same giddy high from watching Roy’s head twitch at every gentle touch. The veins wrapping around his thick tan cock. 
‘Oh fuck he’s gorgeous.’ He thought, watching his body tense and relax with every thrust. His skin becoming shiny with sweat as he picked up his pace, probably without realizing. 
Or maybe Danny was the one who picked up his pace first, who knows. He couldn’t tell anymore. All he wanted was Roy to fuck him hard right now, even if it was just pretend. 
“Dan!” His mom yelled snapping them to reality. 
“Yeah?” Danny yelled frowning at Roy to hush. His fingers slowing down significantly but not stopping. As if he’s been caught in the act before but knew he could get away with it. 
“We’re heading to dinner soon, when you gonna be done?” 
“Like 10 more minutes I’m just washing my hair.” He lied winking at his audience. 
“Okay Hun, we’ll wait for you.”
“AirPods.” Roy whispered quickly gesturing with his hands while they were still unoccupied. 
“But they’ll get wet?”
“I’ll buy you new ones.” Roy rolled his eyes. Danny had dropped these AirPods in everything from salsa, mountain dew to even the mud at the dog park but this was one step too far apparently. Really?
Without missing a beat Danny simply reached his long legs over to his pants that had the case still inside. He put just one in, being careful to keep his head out of the splash zone. Reassuming his position when he was ready with the water perfectly hitting its target again. 
“Ready?” Roy growled into his ear.
“Yeah…” Danny melted into his voice. Thinking how close he could get to cumming right then and there just at hearing his rasp again. 
“I can’t. Wait. To. Fuck….ugh, you.” Roy grunted emphasizing each word with a thrust into his palm. Watching as Danny nodded lost in his own desires, his fingers pounding into himself with him. Making his top lip quiver each time, distorting his face into a silent cry as he tried to control himself. 
A year ago he’d be too embarrassed to act like this over a video call but dating someone long distance like this changes a person. Especially when that person begs so nicely for it each time. 
“I know you want both holes filled, don’t you. I need to fuck you, I need to taste your cum running down my chin again.” He continued.
Danny whimpered a near silent “uh huh” at him drifting his eyes closed as his hands took over with a mind of their own. His left hand finding the same path as his right. A single lanky finger curling into himself, enough for now to apply just the perfect pressure for release.
“Fuck you’re gonna cum right, uhng…now.” Roy panted thrusting himself harder and harder despite his legs burning. His breath ragged. “Right now, aren’t you. Oh fuck.”
“Uh…huh.” Danny nodded again to the best of his ability as his hips bucked, his fingers and toes all curling in as his orgasm overtook him.
Roy watched him writhing around, the sight pushing him so close to the edge he didn’t think he could come back from it. But he didn’t want to look away yet, he didn’t want this moment to end so soon. 
Watching Danny melt into the floor as his hips instinctively kept riding his own fingers were too delectable to let go just yet. His bottom lip clenched tight between perfect teeth as he fought back from making a sound. His chest puffed high as he fought for air. 
“Hngh I can’t wait, fuck, to fill you with cum. Watch it drip out of your tight little ass”. He kept teasing. Knowing Danny hadn’t had enough yet, he could see it in the brief flash when their eyes finally met again. 
Rhythm be dammed at this point he was uncontrollably humping his pillow chasing his own orgasmic high as he tried leading Danny to a second.  Wether ready or not he couldn’t escape it now. “C’mon baby, I know you got one more. Keep that hand there.” 
Danny took a deep gulp for air and moved his left hand towards his growth instead, jerking off furiously in unison with his hips’ gyrating. 
“I…hm huh.” He squeaked softly. The coil inside his body near snapping again despite never going down. 
“Aaah!! Fucking…Dan. Shit.” Roy cried, looking down at his cock pulsing violently. Cum shooting out from his hand onto the sheets beneath him. Splattering across the pillow, the bench next to him and nearly on his phone. 
He kept his chin pressed against his own chest trying to catch his breath, his eyes shut in ecstasy as he heard a faint squeak between the shower splashes coming from his phone. 
His eyes fighting open as he watched Danny completely drop into a mess with his legs uncontrollably shaking through his second orgasm. His face scrunched up, bright red and dripping in probably sweat if the water hadn’t gotten to it yet. 
“Holy shit.” He sighed wiping his hair out of his face. “Fuck baby you made me cum a gallon.” 
Danny softly chuckled under his breath as he straightened his legs up and out against the tiles. Ass still on the floor as he felt the water washing away his sins. “Shhh.” He joked again.
“See. What am I supposed to do with this?” Roy teased pretending to be mad as he turned the camera to give him a view. 
Danny took his phone and started typing quickly. 
You better save some for me then when I get back. You promised to fill me up remember.
“Yeah I remember.” Roy laughed. “Gonna make up for all the times you blue balled me this summer.”
Danny’s face went flat when he read it. Looking into the camera with fake distain. 
Nevermind. I’ll just find some other professor to do it, fuck my way to an A this semester. 
“Dirty bitch…” Roy growled. “We’ll talk about it later, go wash your hair and enjoy dinner. I have papers to grade.” 
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If you are at work or in church or your parents are looking at your phone over your shoulder...
...then consider yourself warned.
Coming in 10...
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It's okay to cry:
Little Zach was playing with his toy tool kit while you and your husband were downstairs. "I think it was so sweet that you bought him that toy set," you said while turning the page of your book. Dylan glance over and gave a prideful smile. "Thanks, I think it's really going to help him with his hands. It teaches him how to use problem solving."
But right in the middle, you heard a yelp and a cry coming from upstairs. Dylan rushed upstairs, flying into Zach's bedroom. Zach was holding his thumb, massaging a quivering lip and constantly sniffling up tears trying spill. "Hey buddy what happened?" Zach shook his head but Dylan knew better. He nuzzled Zach closer to him and let him bury his head into Dylan's shoulder. "It's okay, let it out," Dylan hugged Zach closely and let him cry out in frustration and pain.
"Here I can make it better," Dylan said with a babyish twang to his voice. He pulled Zach's thumb to his mouth and puckered a sweet and loud kiss on it. "There, now the boo boo is all better, and it won't hurt as much." Zach regained his smile before Dylan scooped him up and plopped kisses on both cheeks. "Now you play nicely with that hammer okay?"
"Yes daddy." Zach said. Dylan ushered him down and joined you in the living room. "What was that?" You asked wanting to know about Zach's cries. "Dad business." Your husband replied before laying his head down on your lap.
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This look is enough to bring anyone down to their knees.. 🧎🏻‍♂️ fan-boying HARD right about now.. damn! 🥵🥵🥴😈🔥⚡💫
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Wanna cuddle?😇💦👶🍼
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