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The Great Longchamps Day (1820) by François Courboin, 1898.
On higher rungs of the social ladder, English dandies and their French counterparts provoked similar shock within Paris salons. Even more than England, France was caught up in an orgy of accessories such as trinkets, charms, signet rings, seals, lorgnettes, collar buckles, breech buckles and gold slides for suspenders. Commentators observed, often with alarm, the increasing use of “little round mirrors with mother-of-pearl handles for cleaning your teeth, curling your hair, darkening your eyebrows.” Dandies spent “entire hours in the morning gazing at themselves and preening,” noted Le Journal des dames et des modes in 1820, concluding in the following year that “as women become more straightforward in their dress, young men are becoming more clothes-conscious.”
— Farid Chenoune, A History of Men’s Fashion (translated by Deke Dusinberre)
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September 1993. 'Fall's fresh twist: Artful Dodger urchins and Edwardian dandies mix it up in uncommon white shirts.'
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As a fop expert, here are some cute fops for people that love Stede Bonnet and want more foppery :D
Aziraphale - Good Omens. Adorable fussy book-loving angel who strikes up an unlikely friendship and love with a Demon.
Gilderoy Lockhart - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Dumb blonde wizard teacher who is too vain to live, lies about everything, wears fancy clothes.
Viago - What we do in the Shadows. Cute dorky vampire dandy what’s not to love, as a bonus he’s played by Taika AKA Blackbeard. :D
Horrible Histories - Educational comedy musical show that features a ton of great foppish characters. Their fantasy show Yonderland has a lot of good fops as well.
Vince Noir - The Mighty Boosh. Noel Fielding as a beautiful ditzy glamrocker with an endless wardrobe. Also features a kiss between the male leads!
Ted and Ralph - The Fast Show. Ralph is a shy foppish aristocrat hopelessly in love with his quiet older groundskeeper. This is old but you can find stuff on youtube.
Bonus: the Pirates of the Caribbean series has a lot of foppish characters, along with having the comedy & pirate themes going on. Another series to look into is Interview with a Vampire or anything by Anne Rice, about foppish vampires, often gay as well. More on the glamrock side is Velvet Goldmine, about the glamrock scene in London.
Watch these shows while eating macarons and cupcakes with a nice cup of tea or a unicorn frappe. Go get your fop on, people <3
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An Exquisite alias Dandy in Distress, 1810s.
Rating: NOT CUTE.
The title alone is a giveaway, but there will always be cruel people who see something like this as a joke (probably the same people who deliberately frighten their pets and record it).
The poor dandy is of course distressed because he cannot bend to retreive his handkerchief, "stocked and stayed laced and bound." Even if someone were to assist him, this early 19th century man is wearing an excessive amount of body-shaping garments that could possibly lead to long-term health problems. Everyone wants an Exquisite, but what about when he has trouble breathing or accomplishing simple tasks? He is NOT a toy!
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1956 Superman Dangle-Dandies
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Source details and larger version.
Have you given someone a vintage kiss today?
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New official Dandies portraits made their debut at Emerald City Comicon this year.
We created four variations for our Dandies in Danger business cards- one for each lad!
Would anyone like to see these as prints someday? 😗
New episode airs tomorrow, btw! We're really in the thick of it now, trying to stay on our feet in the belly of the Church.
Portraits by @chessalbaneze
Golden frame and decorations by @foolcreature
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On their way to a bazaar in a tin can... or maybe a bar in a pristine hat box.
Recently rewatched The Great Mouse Detective and was possessed by the need to draw the LADZ as mice, living in a smaller world, parallel to their human counterparts. 🐭
I wanted to capture the look of animation cel on top of painted scenery, so I refrained from detailed shadow/highlights on the mice themselves.
(Credit to @readingrobin for the cute caption ^^♡)
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Working tiny and wee this week!
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When I was recently in London, I saw an exhibition on menswear at the V&A that included this incredible print from 1819 called Laceing a Dandy.
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The caption read: "This satirical print illustrates the use of corsetry by men while lampooning male vanity and effeminacy. The dandy, with exaggerated coiffure, neck and waist, begs his servants not to 'spoil my breasts! The depiction of this Black man and French hairdresser reflect racist and homophobic stereotypes. A loss of manhood is further implied by a large pair of phallic-shaped shears hanging on the mirror."
Thought you'd appreciate this!!
Thank you for sending this, and my apologies for my very delayed response!!
You're actually the second person to send me a picture of this satirical print from the "Fashioning Masculinities" exhibit! (But the first on tumblr, which is better for discussion). I reached out to people who are more knowledgeable about women's dress history for the names of the doohickeys at the bottom of the stays, turns out they're called tabs. I may not have known the name, but I know that I've only seen them on extant women's stays, not men's. Other caricatures I've seen also put tabs on a man's stays, with the obvious intent of ridiculing him as womanish.
Here is a possibly more realistic(?) depiction of a contemporary (c. 1820s) dandy getting dressed (Rijksmuseum):
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I question the padding worn directly on the body. I'm not saying this never happened, but as far as I know only the clothing was padded to give a more desirable silhouette, and we have extant examples, like this 1830 Royal Marines uniform with padded chest, that the National Maritime Museum Greenwich states was probably worn with a corset:
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Edward Bulwer-Lytton's 1828 novel Pelham has a scene where a tailor talks about padding the clothes of the dandy protagonist:
“We are a very good figure, Mr. Pelham; very good figure,” replied the Schneider, surveying me from head to foot, while he was preparing his measure; “we want a little assistance though; we must be padded well here; we must have our chest thrown out, and have an additional inch across the shoulders; we must live for effect in this world, Mr. Pelham; a leetle tighter round the waist, eh?”
Pelham protests, and the tailor rejoins that "all the gentlemen in the Life Guards are padded, Sir."
So I suspect that the pads attached to the body are only to make caricature dandies look as silly as possible, but I could be wrong!
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'Dandyism, on the other hand, is far closer to a compulsion than it is a philosophy. It is an obsession, more often than not irrational, and occasionally bordering on a psychological disorder. The true dandy cannot behave any other way. Like homosexuality, dandyism is rarely a choice and its practitioners must live by its dictates or be doomed to a life of hypocrisy, unhappiness, and the secret suffering of the underdeveloped and unfulfilled, to say nothing of cargo shorts, Croc shoes and baseball caps. A dandy unable to be a dandy would atrophy and die, which is exactly why one sees dandyism appearing in the most difficult of circumstances, defeating capricious circumstance - it cannot be easily squelched'
Nathaniel Adams, 'Dandies and Aesthetes'
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My post ‘cute fops for Stede Bonnet fans’ https://cottoncandiescupcakes.tumblr.com/post/681541201692917760/as-a-fop-expert-here-are-some-cute-fops-for was such a success I offer you more good( and not so good this time ) fops! :)
The Scarlet Pimpernel - Brave gentleman pretends to be a silly fop to save aristocrats from the guillotine. A rare heroic fop! This is a must-see for it’s new take on foppery.
Pride and Prejudice - by Jane Austen, Mr. Bingley is Mr. Darcy’s sweet,  innocent foppish friend who stands in stark contrast to him. Pure cinnamonroll.
Pirates of the Caribbean - Has a TON of fops, most noticeable evil tiny fop Lord Beckett, dreamy navy Commodore Norrington and Elizabeth’s sweet derpy father the Governor. Wigs reign freely up in here.
Downton Abbey - evil/misunderstood gay valet Thomas Barrow, who has the reddest lips I’ve ever seen, and pretty footman Jimmy are a more dandy or victorian take on fops.
Barry Lyndon by Stanley Kubrick - An aesthetic movie featuring foppish characters, beautiful ladies and a wonderful sumptious rococo look. Every scene is a painting.
Guy of Gisborne from Robin Hood BBC - Richard Armitage as vain evil henchman who wears eyeliner and suffers. Not sure if he’s not too rugged to be a fop but he’s just really attractive and the people must know.
Labyrinth - David Bowie as the Goblin King. This is a stunningly beautiful glam fantasy film starring David Bowie as the prettiest goblin that ever lived. Fans of Thranduil from the Hobbit will love this character.
Harry Potter - Lucius Malfoy, I posted about Gilderoy Lockhart in my last post but forgot all about this other evil foppish wizard, Death Eater Lucius and his perfect hair deserve to be here too!
Please add more suggestions if you have any.
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Mads Mikkelsen
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The Taynor Gang.
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