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chachavroomvroom · 3 days
2023’s Top Ten Chaotic Moments of the F1 Season (in no particular order)
The De Vries ➡️ Ricciardo ➡️ Lawson ➡️ Ricciardo musical chairs
The Mclaren boys getting their laptimes deleted live on camera post Qatar Quali under the befuddled eyes of George Russell 🧍‍♂️
George’s T-pose, Estie’s slayful catwalk and Charles’ soulful longing look in the F1 intro 💃
Charles’ triple threat of DNF/DNS/DSQ in one season 🥲
Several broken trophies this year (starting with the one Lando sent to the shadow realms with his champagne pop) 🍾
Max smacking that RBR sticker on Charles, shaking him around and then turning to the camera like 😀
Mika Häkkinen’s gift of prophecy: the man said McLaren would suddenly become competitive and we laughed at him 👁️
The stressed pairs of Merc/Ferrari guys being summoned to the stewards about the planks in Austin and showing up with the power of a piece of paper and a vape 💨
So many inter-teams padel dates?? 🎾
Perez’s Japan run: crashed, changed wing, got a penalty, crashed again, changed wing again, retired, unretired, served his penalty and retired again 🪦
Honourable mentions 🥈 :
Carlos illegitimate child rumour one hot afternoon on f1twt
Dany Ric sniped by that flying tyre in lap 1 of Brazil despite not being involved in the accident
Vegas Hunger Games opening ceremony
Seb’s bee corner
1644 mood collaborative insta post after joint DSQ in COTA
A lot of James Vowles thirst on the TL
Charles Leclerc, known non-believer, plans a pilgrimage to Lourdes to get rid of his curse
Lance falling off wet stairs
Nando being a tik tok celebrity
Dishonourable mentions :
Qatar heat
Vegas drain cover
Piastri being a punching bag on wheels for other drivers for a few races straight
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blamemma · 3 days
They were so cute omg 😭
"My parents went to Honda Thanks Day and I saw this from a ridiculous seat.This is when Verstappen came out when Ricciardo said that next year's goal was to be the world champion."
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rickybaby · 21 hours
redbullracing: A very wholesome maxiel moment
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july-juneandsummer · 3 days
Daniel Ricciardo on his way to take the most candid and gut-wrenching photos of Mr. Max Verstappen
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Collage seen on: @VERSAlNZ (Twitter)
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yesloulou · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Max, Daniel and Yuki at the 2023 Honda Thanks Day event 🏁 (full clip)
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cherry-leclerc · 1 day
bye bye baby ☆ dr3
genre: angst
word count: 2.5k
inspired by this !
cherry here!... the req was to write about danny boy, but the concept of this was that i was feeling very dramatic, per usual, duh. wrote this today since i’ve had bye bye baby stuck on REPEAT. 2 posts in 1 day, YIKES. enjoy! :)
The ups and downs that take place in your relationship once Daniel is left without an F1 seat. 
Tumblr media
“What do you mean you’re out?”
Furiously, Daniel unzips his fireproofs as he ties the sleeves around his waist. Rummaging through his duffel bag, he grows more and more impatient. Taking a cautious step forward, you hand him his water bottle. “Thanks,” he lowly mutters as he takes a long sip. He shakes his head as he looks blankly towards the white wall. “They want someone younger. More talented.”
“But you’re talented, Daniel! You’re better than anyone here!”
Letting out a weak smile, he angles himself lower to hug you before pulling away and brushing your hair behind your ear. “No, I don’t think I am anymore.”
That was 2 months ago when news came out that your boyfriend would no longer be driving for McLaren. It was a complete shock, considering everyone loved the bubbly Australian, but it honestly didn’t hurt anyone more than it did you. Often, he would remind you that he was the one left without a seat and that you should be glad you would both have some time to disconnect and be together. 
Shaking your head as you munch grumpily on a stack of pancakes, you say, “I love that you’re around - of course I do - but what they did to you was completely unfair. Who in their right mind expects good results for a shit car? That’s their fault, not yours.”
Walking around the kitchen island, he lets out a smile. “Relax, baby. I get it. You don’t want me around.” Narrowing your eyes, you fling a pair of gloves at his chest - from his recent addiction to dirtbiking. Don’t even, you warn. He lets out a sigh as he opens his mouth for you to pop in a bite. Digging your fork on a piece of pancake, you raise your arm up to feed him. He hums at the taste. “I was kidding, but seriously - it’s okay. I’ll get over it. You should, too.”
As much as he said he was doing fine, you knew something wasn’t right. He was hurt; felt betrayed and it did him no good to keep rejecting his feelings. But you didn’t bring up the topic anymore. You knew he didn’t like the reminder of what once was.
Dirt crunches underneath your boots as you walk up to him and Scotty. The Australians are hunched over, trying their best to fix their bikes as they share a bottle of cheap beer underneath the blazing sun. The 29 year old spots you first as he squints his blue eyes at you. You’re up early. You flip him off as you pretend to kick a pile of dirt at him. He comedically raises his arms as he wiggles his brows. “Chloe is looking for you. I think she’s gonna beat your ass.” 
He quickly stands up as he blows a deep breath directly to your boyfriend's face. You cringe. They share a quick look before Daniel shoots a thumbs up. “You’re good.” Thanking him, Scotty rushes past you as he hands you his left over beer. Making your way over to the brunette, you take a seat next to him as you spill the remaining dark liquid.
“Isn’t it too early to be drinking?”
“Isn’t it too early to be looking so beautiful?”
You muster a glare. “Don’t change the subject, Daniel.” Avoiding eye contact, he just keeps his tired gaze entertained on an Acacia tree. Bringing the bottle up to his lips, he lets out a low whistle. It’s hot. A cold beer helps. “Right,” you mumble as you flicker your own eyes towards the green tree. You can still spot it - your initials and his engraved. He had done it one evening when he and Scotty had one, too many drinks. He had stumbled all the way to you just to drag you and show you. Because I love you. Even when I’m drunk, I love you like crazy.
“Trees getting old. Might be time to cut it down.”
You flinch at his words. “Can I have a sip?” He raises his brows as he hands you the bottle. You just had one, he tries to joke as he watches the way you chug it down. Drying your lips, you crane your neck to look up at the blue sky. “You never minded sharing before.” He can distinguish the way your voice sounds - as if you’re upset over something he might’ve said - but he knows he hasn’t done anything wrong. Standing up, you hand him back the glass bottle.
“Cut the tree. I don’t care.”
“And to my beautiful girlfriend - you’re everything to me and I love you. Without a doubt, the best birthday present I could ever ask for.” Raising his Coca-Cola can, the brown eyed boy sends you a wink with a bright smile plastered across his face. A face you’ve grown to recognize. The one you love.
Making his way over to you, he throws his arms over your shoulders as he rocks you side to side. You smile against his chest. “How does it feel to be 34? Do you have bad knees already?” He lets out a toothy grin as he slaps your ass. “It’s just a question!”
“My knees are fine. As long as I can still kneel down in front of you - that’s all that matters, no?”
You blush at his words as you jokingly push him away. This only makes him cling onto you harder. Squinting your eyes up at him, you trace heart shapes against his biceps. You sincerely feel the happiest you’ve felt in ages. This is the Daniel you knew like the back of your hand. “I was thinking maybe we can take a trip. Anywhere, really. To celebrate-”
“My birthday?” He beams. “This is why you’re the sweetest girlfriend in the entire world!” No problem, you shyly respond as you pinch his t-shirt in between your fingers. Kissing you one last time, he excuses himself to go welcome some late-comers. Chole zig zags her way over to you as she gives you a side hug.
“How’d it go?”
You sigh. “He forgot. He completely forgot. I don’t think I can entirely blame him - I mean it is his birthday.” The fact that you have to defend him makes the blonde furrow her dark brows. Shaking her head, she hands you a slice of chocolate cake.
“Never in a million years did your guys’ anniversary slip his mind. What a dick.”
But you’re not even listening. You’re too flabbergasted that he cut his cake without you being there with him. 
Whether it was a trip to Vermont for his birthday or your anniversary, it didn’t really matter because you loved every second. It’s almost like he needed this break. To do something different that didn’t feel like a forced routine. You went hiking, apple picking, to a million bars that only served barbeque ribs - and you never felt more at peace.
Handing you a bouquet of flowers, he kneels down in front of you. You roll your eyes as you take the colorful peonies from him - though inside you were shaking like a 17 year old getting her first glimpse of love. “What’s this for?” He shrugs as he takes a seat next to you.
“Just because.”
Those were your favorite types of flowers. Intertwining his fingers with yours, you both continue chatting about anything and everything that crossed your mind. As you both pass by a peach tree, he lets go of your hand as he brings up his camera with sudden determination. Stand right there, baby.
Trying to express your happiness as best as you can, you hug your gift close to your face as you smile so wide, your eyes nearly shut. 
“You’re mind blowing,” he murmurs as he snaps the picture. He takes a moment to admire you as you jog over to him. Show me! He clicks his tongue. “It’s digital. You’re gonna have to wait.” You pout as you pinch his cheek. Bringing your hand up to his mouth, he presses warm kisses.
“I have something to tell you.” Your heart stops; suddenly filled with nervousness as he smiles with giddiness. What is it? “I’m going to be driving again! I mean it completely sucks for Nyck, but I’m just so happy to get back into an F1 car.”
“Nyck? As in the Alpha Tauri driver?” 
He nods. “I got the call last month - a few days after my birthday. Best present ever.” Once again, his words cut you deep without him even noticing. Nevertheless, you force a tight smile.
“I’m so happy for you, Danny. You’re finally getting what you’ve wanted for so long.”
When you both get back to Australia, it surprises you a bit how normal things have stayed. He’s smiling more - if that was even possible - he’s laughing louder, too. Roaming the house, you rub your eyes from sleepiness. Scotty and Chloe share a laugh when they spot you. “And Sleeping Beauty has finally woken. I didn’t think that was possible.” Chloe smacks his chest as she sends you a wink.
“Humor me, why don’t you?” Your gaze flickers across the living room. “Where’s Danny?” 
Sliding the door open, you step out as you try your best to adjust your eyesight to the bright sun. As soon as it does, your stomach drops. You run up to the brunette as you pull the ax from him.
“What the fuck are you doing?”
Startled, he jumps up as he takes his earphones out. “Holy shit. You scared me, don’t do that!” Tears fill your eyes as you analyze the chopped tree. You’re no expert, but even you can tell that there’s no going back. The only result that comes out of this would be for the tree to fall down. Rushing over to you, he checks you everywhere to make sure you weren’t hurt. You brush him off.
“Why would you do this?”
He cocks his head to the side, brown eyes filled with confusion. “I’m so lost, what did I do?” Anger bubbles up inside of you as you force yourself to not yell at him. “You’re okay, so why are you crying? Oh no. Did Scotty wake you up again? I told him not to do that anymore!”
“I’m done.” You wipe your tears as you let out a bitter laugh. “I am so done.”
“What do you mean you’re done?”
“I’m saying I give up! Fuck, I give up. That’s it. You win. I just - can’t.”
He tries to take a step closer but you only distance yourself twice as much. “You’re scaring me. What’s wrong?”
“I’ve tried so hard to understand you, I really did, but I’m just as tired as you are. I tried to ease your pain when McLaren let you go, but you kept pushing me away. I tried to be there for you on days you felt like nothing, but to me you were always everything. I tried to not let you see how much it hurt me when you forgot our 5 year anniversary. I tried to not act like it bothered me when you cut the cake I spent hours baking for you, without me. I tried to not act surprised when I found out you kept the news from me about you returning to F1 for one fucking month. But I can’t try and pretend that you cutting down this tree hasn’t broken my heart.”
“It’s just a stupid, old tree-”
“I don’t think you understand! It may be old and it sure as hell could be stupid, but it was ours.” You grab his hand harshly as you drag him to the other side of the tree. His eyes grow wide. I didn’t remember - I swear I forgot that was even there! You let out a wet laugh as you toss your hair over your shoulder. “You’re hurting me, Daniel. Can’t you see?”
“You’re the one who said I should cut it down. You can’t seriously just be blaming me.”
“And who came up with the idea first?” 
He lowers his gaze as he runs his left hand against his clenched jaw. “I’m sorry.” He connects his desperate eyes to your glossy ones. “But don’t say all those things, please. You’re right. I’ve been an awful boyfriend, but no one understands me better than you.” Placing his hands on either side of your face, he lets out soft pants. “You’re everything to me, how could you have possibly felt that way? I love you.”
“Love me like what?” He furrows his brows as he searches for an answer. You scrunch your nose as you push his hands down. “I thought you loved me like crazy.” His stomach churns. “Listen, I love you, Daniel. I love you so fucking much, but even I can see that I’m not you’re happiness anymore. Not the way I used to be, at least. You have other priorities; other plans-”
“No, you’re my priority. You always have been.”
“Except I haven’t. For a moment, you went radio silent. It was a one-sided relationship, but I loved you so much that I stayed. I pushed past it. Then - one random day - your shine came back. You were insanely happy and I thought-” You shut your eyes. You can feel your salty tears trickle down your face. “I thought it was because of me. Now I realize, it hasn’t been about me for a while now. It’s so obvious that the only reason you were cheerful once again was because you got what you wanted. You got a seat.”
“You’re wrong-”
“I’m not.” You let out a shaky breath as you bite down on your lip; a weak attempt to not out loud sobs. “I would have gladly taken part in your pain, but you never let me join you. You never let me get close enough to help you out.” Making your way up to him slowly, you tippy toe as you lean in for a kiss. What hurts the most is that all of a sudden - he’s kissing you the exact same way he did when he first told you that he loved you. He was giving it his all. Pulling away, you let out a low whimper as you feel your chin tremble. Your smile wobbles. “Can’t force something that’s not there anymore, can you?”
Taking him in one last time, you rub his forearm as you gently pat it before you walk away. Daniel feels paralyzed as he watches you go. He’s expecting you to turn around at least one last time and he’s expecting his body to let him run after you, but neither of those things happen.
Hesitantly, Chloe and Scotty make their way to their frozen friend. They had heard the fight, but decided it was best to not intervene. 
“She left.”
The couple share a concerned look as they take in the weak tree that was clearly about to fall at any moment. Chloe sighs as she walks away, making a beeline to find you. Though, she knows you better than anyone. You weren’t going to return. And she completely understood.
Scotty takes a step back as he shakes his head in disbelief. 
“She fucking loved that tree.”
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Tumblr media
The chances of a wild max lurking waiting to pounce are slim but never zero 👀
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maxielonceagain · 2 days
The way Daniel's eyes light up when his brain registers that it's Max's voice… ❤️
Tumblr media
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maplesyrupsainz · 1 day
ur hot call me | GR63
pairing: george russell x florist y/n faceless reader (she/her)
genre: social media au
warnings: none jus fluff :)
summary: in which a mysterious boy leaves a note for you to call him in your workplace, so you do
a/n: got a super vague request for george content so hope i did him justice!!! i luv george sorry if it's soo short
my masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourusername this is me trying not to exclusively post 🌻🌹🌷🪻!!
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yourbff i miss u!
yourusername i miss u too come visit the shop this week! 💐
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georgerussell63 🌊🌺👯‍♂️🍷
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charles_leclerc thanks again for the flowers george
alex_albon ?? he got me flowers too
landonorris the boy is mineee
georgerussell63 can everyone relax
user1 my favs fr
user2 who r the flowers for george russell 63⁉️
user3 me
charles_leclerc me
user4 😭
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yourusername posted a story
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yourbff where are you
yourusername on a date 🤫
yourusername with flower shop boy
yourbff tell me everything
georgerussell63 posted a story
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charles_leclerc the mystery woman
landonorris interesting
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourusername 🐱💐🌼❤️
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georgerussell63 nice caption
yourusername i copied (u)😊
yourbff the note lol
yourusername 🤫
user8 wait
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourusername some of my favourite bouquets from this week 🌷
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yourbff the last one is insane & my favourite ever
yourusername this is exactly how i feel about u
user10 this is george's new gf's account??
comment deleted by yourusername
user11 she doesnt seem like george's usual type
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user12 this is george's gf?? why is she a flop lowkey
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georgerussell63 pic haul
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user17 no girl this time
user18 she cant handle it i think
yourbff make dinner for me next time too im left out
georgerussell63 are you sure you want that
user19 who is this girl ?? what is going on 😭
user20 how many gfs george got 💀
charles_leclerc everyone is obsessed with your personal life george
georgerussell63 i know, how boring
user21 yikes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yourusername it's u & me thts my whole world <3
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georgerussell63 oh my god
yourusername hello bf 👋
georgerussell63 hello my perfect perfect gf
user22 OMG
user23 omg
user24 we knew it
yourbff awww & i rmmbr the day he gave u his number on a lil note
yourusername come a long way
georgerussell63 it was love at first sight
charles_leclerc we lost a real one today
alex_albon fly high 🕊️
georgerussell63 so dramatic for what?
user25 new favourite wag
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annawritesblog · 16 hours
When I first saw you (o.p.)
Tumblr media
Summary: Oscar falls for y/n instantly.
A/N: enjoyed writing this a lot. just some pure fluff for my Oscar girlies out there. also we need more Oscar imagines. please remember that my english is not my first language, so excuse me if something's not correct. enjoy
Oscar knew. He knew the first time he saw her. The way her navy blue dress hugged her body, the way she laughed, the way her hair fall into her face. He just knew he had to get her.
He didn’t know who she was or why she was there then. He did know that he had been mesmerized by her beauty.
She just wanted to leave. She wasn’t a very sociable person. She had her close friend group whom with she very much liked spending time with. And although she did have her best friend by her, it was just awkward for her. She didn’t know anyone there, except Lily and her boyfriend. But the pair of them had disappeared minutes ago to have a chat with Alex’s boss. Time didn’t seem to pass and y/n grew anxious. She was standing all alone with a glass of champagne in her hand.
She didn’t know why she came. Maybe because her best friend had convinced her that it would be fun ‘hanging out’ with f1 drivers, at a formal dinner party. Tho she liked f1 and being in the same room as most drivers filled her with joy, the being alone thing didn’t. Neither did the fact that she felt like an outsider.
On the other end of the room, Oscar stood with a glass of champagne in his hand. He had spent the entire evening looking at the heaven brought angel. He wanted to go up to her several times, but never actually worked up the courage. So he just stayed with the staring. Which might have resulted in some confused looks. Mainly from his teammate. After a while, Lando decided that it was enough.
“Come on now Osc. Go up to her.” The Brit looked at the brunette standing next to him.
“And what do I do? Just stand next to her?” Oscar pointed out, although he knew his point didn’t make any sense. He didn’t make any sense.
“Oh, I don’t know let me think. Maybe talk to her?” Lando joked and Oscar just rolled his eyes. If it would be that easy, he wouldn’t think twice.
“I can’t. She would think I’m an idiot.” The young driver sighed and sipped his champagne.
“Go up to her and ask her if she’s enjoying the party.” Lando suggested, hoping that his friend would finally make the step. “Look, she’s alone. She’s been for a while. I’m sure she would even enjoy your company.” He laughed and Oscar wanted to disappear.
He was right tho. She was standing alone for some time. There’s nothing wrong in accompanying someone who’s standing all alone. And who knows, maybe Lando’s right. Maybe she would enjoy his company. More or less.
“Okay fine. I’ll go talk to her.” Oscar tightened his tie and inhaled nervously. He was going to finally do it.
“That’s the spirit.” The McLaren driver exclaimed. “Just keep it light, crack a few jokes. You have pretty funny ones.”
“Thanks.” Oscar said and left Lando on his own.
She wasn’t that far away actually. But the whole way there, he had ran things through his mind. Keep it light. The words from his teammate kept repeating in his head. It shouldn’t be that hard. Right?
She was ready to leave. Ready to go home and make a hot chocolate while listening to real music. Not this jazz that was making her head hurt. She would come up with some shitty excuse for Lily, something like a headache. She grabbed her clutch from the fancy table and started heading towards the exit. That was until she heard someone behind her.
“Did you drop this?” The brunette boy asked her. She looked confused, annoyed even. It was a penny in his hand. She did not drop that for sure.
He knew this excuse was terrible. It was everything but keeping it simple. And he felt like a fool. Did you drop this? Seriously? God he was so mad at himself.
Daniel joined Lando at the other end of the room. Lando had his eyes glued to the scene. He was cheering for Oscar when he had started going towards her. Then, not so much. He examined the actions of his teammate with wide eyes. What was he doing? He’s messing it up big time.
“What are we watching?” The Alphatauri driver asked.
“Oscar flirting.” Lando simply answered and tried to figure out his plan. Daniel shrugged his shoulder and decided to roll with it and catch up with the plot. He soon realized what was happening. And God, he was surprised.
Everybody knew Oscar as a professional and serious driver. Always had his eyes on the prize and nothing could get him out of his concentration. Although he was a rookie, he walked with confidence and broke down any wall that had blocked him in his career. But now, he looked like was completely changed: nervously scratching the back of his head as he was explaining something to the girl in front of him, probably mumbling and so on.
Near the exit, y/n stood with the racing driver. The Australian still waited for her answer although he knew she in fact didn’t drop it. She couldn’t have, because he was the one who took the penny out of his pocket and acted like someone dropped it. Just so he could have an excuse to talk to her. God, was he just an idiot.
“I didn’t, no.” Y/n said and smiled lightly. She found him attractive. Not like intimidating, more like he was a pretty boy. He stood tall infront of her and she could smell his cologne. It was pleasant.
“Alright then, sorry.” Oscar looked at her and boy he was falling. Now having heard her voice, he was hooked. He never thought that love at first sight could happen to him, but here he was. Making a fool of himself.
“Maybe you should keep it. It gives you luck apparently.” She explained to the driver.
“Well I guess it already did. Otherwise I wouldn’t be talking to you.” He said without thinking. The girl blushed and smiled which made the butterflies in Oscar’s stomach erupt. Maybe he wasn’t that bad at flirting after all. “I’m Oscar.” He offered his hand.
“Y/n.” She shook his hand. Their hands fit perfectly. Perfect for them at least. The way her small hand stood in his big one. It was comfortable. And both of them could feel it. They eventually let go.
“That’s a very pretty name.” Oscar said and he was well aware of how blushed his cheeks were. So were hers. “So, are you enjoying the party?”
“I-it’s okay.” She chose her words carefully. She didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.
“Very convincing.” He laughed and y/n felt her knees go weaker at the sound of that. She wouldn’t mind hearing that more.
“I just don’t really know anyone here.” She confessed and felt a bit small. He must think she’s some kinda antisocial person. Which she was, to an extent.
“Well, now you know me.” The brunette smiled. “It’s not the best dinner party, but also not the worst. The music tho, horrible.”
“Right? It makes me want to sleep almost.” The two of them laughed and y/n felt comfortable for the first time that night.
The pair of them kept talking for a long time. In the mean time y/n had placed her clutch on the table, signaling that there’s no way she’s leaving. Although that was exactly her plan not that long ago. The talked about her studies, his career, where they both came from, and many many things. Before they knew it, people started leaving. Both of them acknowledged that the night had come to an end, though neither of them wanted to leave. But they had to.
“I had a really great time talking to you, y/n.” Oscar said as he escorted the girl out the place. He placed his hand on her lower back, not too low tho, no need to scare her away. Goosebumps ran through her whole body from the combination of his hand and the cold air. She didn’t want the night to end.
“I had too.” The girl answered and smiled up at the boy in front of her. As soon as they stepped out of the venue the could hit them both. It was the middle of the night so it was no surprise.
Oscar still kept his hand on her back but the girl had turned to face him. They were close, not too close but close enough. “Can I see you again sometime?” He asked and felt his cheeks burning, luckily it was dark.
“I would love that.” Y/n smiled and felt like nothing would ever top this feeling. Oscar actually wanted to see her again. Like a date. They would meet again and talk just like they did before. Unbelievable yet true.
The wind was blowing, messing up the girl’s hair. It didn’t really bother her, she just wanted to freeze the moment. Stay like this forever, that’s what they both wanted to do.
A strand of hair had escaped her elegant bun and Oscar quickly noticed. He put the strand behind her ear and inhaled sharply. Both of their hearts were racing. He lightly caressed her cheeks lovingly and the girl felt the warmth of his fingertips on her face. It was truly magical, until.
Until someone shouted out y/n’s name. Both of them pulled away awkwardly and just stood there. Lily and Alex walked up to the girl, at first not noticing the McLaren driver.
“Oh thank God, you’re here.” Lily hugged y/n and she felt awkward as hell. “You didn’t answer your phone, I thought you left without us.”
“I was-“ she was cut off by Alex who was the first to notice that y/n was in fact not standing alone.
“Oscar?” The Williams driver furrowed his brows in confusion. Oscar just waved then shook his hand. It was all becoming too much. For y/n at least.
And then it hit Lily. The two were together. Of course they were. And they just disturbed them.
“Oh.” Lily looked at the two of them. “So we’re just gonna wait for you in the car. Whenever you’re ready.” She smiled and grabbed her boyfriend’s hand who was still very confused.
As soon as the pair left, y/n and Oscar bursted out laughing. What could have they done? The moment was gone anyway so why stress about it more?
“So listen.” Oscar started. “I would be really happy if you’d go on a date with me.” He came out with it clear and simple.
The girl nodded. “I would love to go on a date with you, Oscar.” God, his name sounded so good from her mouth. He wanted to hear that playing on loop in his head.
Y/n gave the tall boy her number and he promised to call very soon. Little did she know, he would text her that night telling her again ho w much fun he had. Both of them started heading against different cars, y/n having carpooled with Lily and Alex, while Oscar drove himself home.
“I promise we’ll finish what we started.”
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thef1diary · 2 days
What You Need | D. Ricciardo
Requested by @imacutiepatootie “thought about Daniel with what you need by the weeknd, like maybe with smut idk just him and the weeknd 🤭”
Tumblr media
Warnings: 18+ smut, daniel and his filthy fucking mouth, mature language, fingering, reader cheats on unnamed bf with daniel, penetrative sex.
Pairing: daniel x fem!reader
wc: 2450
Note: literally had no idea how to summarize this
Looking back at your house one last time for the night, you focused your gaze ahead of you.
I just want to take you there
You spotted the bright blue McLaren parked further ahead, away from your house and already had a smile gracing your face.
As many times as you told him to drive a less flashy, unrecognizable car whenever he's coming around to your place, he would never listen.
You walked around to the passenger side and opened the door. As soon as you turned to greet him, he was already looking at you with the most beautiful smile you've ever seen.
Before you could utter a word, his lips were already on yours, but you weren't complaining at all. A small groan left your lips, having missed the feeling of his soft lips.
He don't gotta know where
"Hi Danny," you muttered against his lips once you separated but your foreheads were still touching.
"Hey sweetheart," he whispered back, placing a brief kiss on your forehead before parting away completely.
As he began to drive and focused his gaze on the road, yours was still on him.
"You had to bring this car?" You asked, attempting to look stern but he just chuckled.
"Only the best for my girl," he held your hand, bringing it closer to his lips before placing a light lingering kiss.
Does he touch you here like this, this, this, this?
"What if someone sees? Or worse what if he sees?" You ask, still suspicious of being caught by the person who was your boyfriend.
Your boyfriend was unfortunately not the one sitting next to you, but he was at home, already sleeping due to an early morning shift at work tomorrow.
Daniel sighed but didn't say a word. Stopping at a red light and spotting no other cars around, he placed both of his hands on your cheeks, bringing you in for another kiss.
Let me take the friction from your lips
This time, it was slow and sensual. He knew you well enough to know he could make you forget about your lover you left at home with a simple kiss from him.
There was some light music in the background, but all you could hear were his low grunts as you lightly grazed his bottom lip with your teeth. You teased him further by slightly pulling it, before letting go and pressing your lips harder against his.
There were few streetlights around, making the sin you're committing with him seem more enticing in the dark.
The red turned into green, and Daniel parted away. Fortunately, there weren't any cars as he looked at you for a moment too long before releasing the brake.
And I'ma love you girl
"you were saying?" Daniel asked, a cheeky grin on his face as you failed to remember the topic you were speaking of moments ago.
"It's not important if I forgot," you shrugged, sitting back in your seat properly but your sights never moved away from his face.
As he continued to drive, the streetlights illuminated his face perfectly.
The way you need
You trailed your eyes from the curve of his nose, to his sweet soft lips that you just can't get enough of, down to his neck.
You couldn't help yourself but reach over to his side and place one of your hands behind his neck before attaching your lips right underneath his pulse.
For a moment, he was allowing your actions but then he blinked and realized that he wouldn't be able to drive in a straight line if you continued.
Ain't no one gon' stop us
"Baby," his voice had deepened and you internally smiled at how your actions affected him. But you didn't stop.
You grazed your teeth down his soft skin before using your tongue to drag back upwards. "I missed you so much, darling," you muttered in his ear.
While one of his hands remained on the steering wheel, the other settled on the back of your neck to pull you away.
"Behave," he instructed sharply, but both of you knew how much it affected him as he shifted in his seat.
"Where are you taking me?" You asked, choosing to behave for now, but you would resume your ministrations later.
His hand that held the back of your neck was now resting on your thigh as you sat back down properly. "Are you in the mood for some ice cream?"
Ain't no one gon' stop us
You nodded, "I'm also in the mood for something else."
"I know, but unless you want me bending you over the hood and fucking you while everyone around us watches, be patient."
You clenched your thighs together, forgetting that his hand was resting there until it was too late. He smirked, "you want that? Want to show everyone how fucking wet you get for me?"
"Only you," you shook your head and slid your hand down to cover his, slowly moving it closer to where you need him the most.
And I'm gon' give you girl
Although he riled you up further, he continued driving until he reached the drive-thru line, a few cars up ahead.
Once he started strumming his fingers on the steering wheel, matching the beats to the music playing, you knew he was intentionally ignoring you.
You should've been used to it by now. At how he riles you up til your soaking and needy for him, and then he praises you for doing so well.
But you weren't. You just needed him and your patience was running thin.
What you fiend
His hand inched towards the inside of your thigh, moving higher. You held your breath, not wanting to say anything that would make him move away.
Four cars were queued up in front of Daniel's McLaren.
His fingers lightly skimmed over your clothed pussy, feeling the heat through your shorts.
You couldn't help but whine as he retracted his touch, instead teasing his fingers across the waistband. He pulled it away before letting it snap back in place.
"Danny," if he didn't do anything soon, you were convinced that you'd combust.
He looked over at the pout hiding your smile, and laughed at your state. "That desperate?"
You closed your eyes before nodding, giving him what he wanted. But then, your eyes quickly snapped open when you felt his fingers slip underneath the waistband, teasing your folds over your panties.
I'm the drug in your veins
"Fuck, you're so hot," he almost gasped once he felt the damp patch, wishing he could see it.
Three cars ahead, and Daniel didn't even stop moving his fingers as he released the brake pedal for a brief moment.
His own restraint was slowly breaking apart, especially after feeling what he did to you.
His fingers skillfully moved your panties to the side, finally dipping the tips of his fingers in your wetness as he glides through your folds.
The back of your head hit the headrest, eyes rolling back as you tried moving your hips closer to his hand.
You shifted your hips forward, giving him more access to your body. This allowed him to dip his finger deeper, almost to the second knuckle.
"Fuck Danny," you moaned, your hands eager to hold onto something as the pleasure radiated through your body.
Just fight through the pain
He couldn't take his eyes off of you, his gaze stuck on the way your pleasure takes over your expressions. The heat rising on your cheeks, reddening them. The little bead of sweat forming on your forehead.
"Spread your legs," Danny swiped his finger through your folds once more before stopping his movements until you listened to him. 
You brought your right leg up, the heel of your foot against the edge of the seat while spreading your other leg.
Despite spreading your legs, Daniel could feel how your pussy was attempting to clench around his fingers, wanting to envelope them.
He gave in, not inserting only one but two fingers. One of your hands grabbed his arm to ensure he doesn't pull away while the other made its way to the headrest.
He's what you want, he's what you want
Only two cars in front, and Daniel looked at you with a mischievous smile as an idea popped into his mind.
"Cum on my fingers before I order, or I won't let you cum at all tonight."
Your eyes widened as your head snapped to look at him but before you could protest, his fingers curled just right, making you let out a loud moan.
He laughed at your desperation when you started grinding yourself on his fingers.
While his fingers were deep inside you, his palm teased your clit. Moving ever so slightly in circles, making your vision blurry as you fought to keep your eyes open.
"Please Danny," you pleaded, wanting his help.
I'm what you need, what you need, what you need
"What do you need sweetheart?" He asked even though he knew the answer, he just needed to hear it from you.
"I need you, your fingers," your voice was beginning to become hoarse.
As soon as those words left your lips, he slipped in a third finger without any resistance.
He couldn't thrust his fingers faster due to your shorts restricting his movements so he resorted to thrusting deeper.
He's what you want, he's what you want
There was only one car remaining before it was his turn to order.
Daniel replaced his palm with his thumb rubbing your clit, bringing you oh so close to your sweet release.
You groaned his name, "so close, 'm so close" you muttered, not being able to string a proper sentence together.
"I know baby, let go," he dragged his middle finger against the inside of your walls, finding the spot that made you quite literally see stars.
As Daniel pulled up to the drive-thru speaker, you had become putty in your seat. His fingers remained inside you, stilling, while his thumb continued rubbing your abused clit in slower circles.
He looked at you once he ordered the ice creams, pulling his hand out before lightly tapping your lips with his wet fingers.
You eagerly opened your mouth and lapped your tongue around his finger, tasting every last drop of your own cum.
He reached over quickly to press a kiss to your lips. "You were so fucking good for me," he whispered in your ear before driving forward to the window.
I'm what you need, what you need, what you need
Your mind was wandering in the blissful nothingness with a smile on your face so you didn't realize when he paid until he held the ice cream cone in front of you.
He continued driving until he found a secluded spot surrounded by nature. Daniel turned to face you, a smile growing on his face as he listened to you speak, and a small part of him hoped that he could have you like this everyday.
But he quickly dismissed that thought knowing that if he mentioned it, it would ruin the mood for the rest of the night.
Instead he focused on your tongue darting out to lick the ice cream, the white creamy sweetness gathering in your mouth.
If you weren’t looking at him as you did the action, he would’ve thought it was unintentional. But your teasing smile told him otherwise.
You flattened your tongue against the cream, making direct eye contact as you dragged it upwards. You watched as his own eyes darkened, and he brought his face closer to yours.
“Do you want some of my ice cream?” You asked him, seeing as he already finished his.
He nodded, but instead of taking the cone you offered, he kissed you and used his tongue to take the melted ice cream gathered on your tongue.
“You’re so fucking needy, made you cum and you still want more?” He gripped the back of your neck, his thumb right on your pulse point feeling the beats quicken.
I'm what you need, what you need, what you need
“Fuck yes, I need you so bad, don’t you want me?” You looked up at him with the most beautiful eyes he’s ever seen.
He didn’t respond, pulling away and opening the car door. You watched him with confusion but it all made sense once he opened the passenger door and helped you out.
“Need you so bad I can’t wait anymore,” he placed his hand on your lower back before pulling you into him.
He trailed his lips down the side of your neck, inhaling the familiar scent of your body wash. Your arms rested on his shoulders, a hand crawling into his hair.
I got everything you want with me
Daniel grasped your hips, urging you to wrap your legs around his waist and you obeyed easily.
You hadn’t adjusted your panties back in place, so your wetness stained your cotton shorts making it stick to your skin. He settled you on the hood of his McLaren, pulling you even closer.
You tilted your head back to look at him, your hands teasing the waistband of his pants.
I do everything he does times three
As the light rose, the darkness began to fade. The sin you had committed many times before with Daniel was hidden in the darkness, but for the first time, you had spent the entire night until early dawn with the man you had begun to love.
Daniel had bent you over the hood of his car wearing nothing but your shirt barely covering your ass as he thrusted in and out at a steady pace.
You rested your cheek against the warm hood, but it was quickly pulled back as Daniel had wrapped your hair around his fingers.
“So good, fuck you feel so good Danny,” you whined, feeling your pleasure tenfold as you forgot how many times he made you cum.
He leaned over you, bringing his lips near your ear as he whispered, “better than him?”
Your eyes rolled back as he thrusted deeper, and you nodded. “Yes, better than him,” there was no doubt that Daniel was better than your boyfriend in so many ways, and now you began to question why you’re still with him.
And he don't gotta know
Unbeknownst to you, your phone had been buzzing incessantly on the car seat. Loads of messages and a few calls, all from your boyfriend as he only had one question; where are you?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
attending a kart racing event 12 yrs apart
more proof of my belief: the more things change, the more they remain the same
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1337wtfomgbbq · 1 day
Lestappen Vegas wedding be like
Yuki: If any person here knows of any just cause or impediment why these two should not be joined together in holy matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.
Daniel: Yes! I do.
Everyone: *stares at him *
Daniel: Max is already married! He married me three years ago. And don’t let him deny it! I’ve got the marriage certificate to prove it! *waves paper *
Charles @ Max: 😠
Max: 😅🤷
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vetteltea · 19 hours
Tumblr media
Daniel Ricciardo and Putting on Snow Gear [no warnings]
Day 6 of the Vetteltea Advent Calendar
Tumblr media
Note: Dedicated to one of the most amazing people in my life, @lxnceclercs. Kay is such a sweet human being and it's a genuine pleasure to share our love of F1 together. ALSO GOOD LUCK WITH FINALS! YOU'RE GOING TO DO AMAZING!
Tumblr media
There are some sounds in life which are recognisable from their tones alone; a baby crying, the sound of wedding bells. More importantly, Daniel Ricciardo’s laugh. 
Of course, it was audible before it was visual; the sound of his laughter as you stood in the center of the bedroom, the dark ski suit which you had bought on a complete whim less than three days ago, currently stuck around your waist, huffs of annoyance only growing stronger as you tried to shift the stupid garment.
This entire trip had been a complete whirlwind; Scotty had approached Daniel less than a week ago, insisting his best friend came to Switzerland; Red Bull were hosting an event day for all members of the sporting family and who would Scotty be, if not to invite his best friend and soon-to-be Red Bull coworker? (Alphatauri was a baby step, his place was already secured for the future.)
Your boyfriend is spontaneous, it was one of the things you cherished about him. However, being told you had less than four days to find and buy skiing gear, warm clothes and something formal for the fancy dinner the entire group would be happening. You had been rushing through the airport less than twelve hours ago, Daniel’s warm hand laced with yours as he pulled you both to the right terminal, already knowing too well he had forgotten half of his own things and would have to purchase them when you tapped down in Switzerland. 
The first day had been elating; walking through the blankets of snow with your boyfriend, his hands gently resting on your waist as he guided you to the half-pipe, eyes wide as you watched Scotty take to the ramp, both yourself, Chloe and Daniel cheering when it was time for him to perform. The event had made you excited enough for the next day, when you would be able to try out snowsports yourself. 
At this rate, you wouldn’t make it out of the hotel, let alone to the ski slopes. Daniel’s laughter was beginning to grate on you for the first time in its existence. 
“It’s not funny.” You huffed, attempting to wiggle the suit into a more comfortable position. It didn’t assist the matter; if anything, you felt yourself getting further tangled, the laughter only growing at your stubbornness. Part of you, a tiny part of you thinks that you will stay like this for the rest of the day. It’s only lifted when you feel two warm hands through the thick fabric, adjusting the suit until it sits comfortably on your body, the hood flopped over your face. 
One hand reaches up, pulling away the hooded garment and revealing the sound of the laughter. Daniel’s face is always calming; his bright smile and warm eyes. Gently, one tanned hand reaches to cradle your cheek, the other matching in synchronized movement as he leans forward, pressing a chaste kiss to your nose. 
“My little snow bunny is so cute!” He teases. “You look so adorable all wrapped up!” Daniel pulls you closer to his chest, looping your hair behind your ears and pressing a soft kiss to your temple. He’s giggling now, it’s almost as if he can’t help it, sometimes. Your eyes flicker, looking up, head cocked in confusion. 
“Why are you laughing now?” You mumble, watching as Daniel unloops himself from your body, stepping back to the bed in the center of the room, his fingers slipping up and picking your hat from the bed. His eyes are soft, pressing the hat to your head, his hands trailing down and holding your face in his touch. 
“You’re so perfect.” He mumbles, closing the gap and pressing his lips to your own. He’s warm, even through the body of your thick snow suits. Your kisses become frantic, his head tilting to deepen the kiss. Your hands wander, tracing around his neck and pulling him into your lips. Weight is unevenly distributed, Daniel gasping as he falls back onto the bed, laughing as you land atop of him. 
The laughter soon dies down when your lips find his again, one warm hand tracing underneath the ski suit he had previously spent his time fixing for you. You’re both so lost in the moment, you don’t hear the door to the hotel room open, Scotty’s voice echoing through as heavy footsteps skip into the bedroom.
“Where are you-” He’s immediately cut off, the only sound present is Daniel’s lips leaving yours, looking up with wild eyes to his best friend.
“Get out.” He snaps. Scotty doesn't need telling twice, the loud slam of the door echoing around the hotel room. This time it’s your laughter which echoes around, Daniel only joining in when his lips return to your neck, hands trailing to unravel you from the Ski Suit once again.
He would be all too happy to help you put it back on, after all. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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arturleclerc · 23 hours
Tumblr media
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slutforpringles · 1 day
Tom Clarkson: What's the end game here, DR? Is it the Red Bull racing seat for 25? Daniel Ricciardo: I'm not even going to put a day or date on it or year, whatever. It's just that is I think coming back into it and jumping back in with the Red Bull family, doing the test in July. All these things, getting back working with Simon again. That's really the dream. Honestly, to end my career as a Red Bull driver would be perfect. And I say end, not that I'm looking at the end, but if I got back there, then I'll certainly make sure I finish there.
via: Daniel Ricciardo: Dreaming of a 'perfect' Red Bull return | F1 Beyond the Grid
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