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thingsinlife990 8 months
This Soft life is mine
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hesperidesfragrance 15 days
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Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia DUPE. 馃き
This smells like a bee had collected nectar from a gardenia flower and made honey with it. IT'S SO GOOD. 馃嵂 馃悵 馃拹 And it's so versatile??? You could easily wear this on an outing, at school, or even on dates.
Miel B茅b茅 by Le Monde Gourmand, released in 2018, is a honey scent with a citrus accord.
The notes of Mandarin orange, honey, praline, and sandalwood make this a really great summer fragrance (think: Gorgeous Gardenia), but the honey note is distinct enough for those with experienced noses to differentiate between the two. Despite the lack of floral notes listed, I also smell a floral accord, but it might just be added sweetness from the praline.
If you're looking for something for a fraction of the price, then this is the one for you. The only downside is that the lasting power is weaker, but can we normalize spraying multiple times per day?? 馃槫
Lovefool by The Cardigans
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sirpepperston 21 days
omg at work while I was cashiering, I rang up a butch and she told me she was buying shirts and cologne bc she was having date night with her girlfriend of 3 years tonight. I'm going to scream I love lesbianism I love women being in love with each other I love butches I love that she felt comfortable telling a stranger about it in public I love that we can be GAY
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socalscents 6 months
This is inviting! Halloween Man Shot
Halloween Man Shot by Halloween is a Amber Spicy fragrance for men. Halloween Man Shot was launched in 2016. Its top includes brisk lemon daiquiri cocktail notes with spices of cardamom and black pepper. The aromatic floral heart of iris and sage is placed on the intensive base of leather, vanilla and amber wood. Top notes are Cardamom, Daiquiri, Black Pepper and Lemon; middle notes are iris and Sage; base notes are Vanilla, Leather and Amberwood.
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jeonjcngkook 2 months
incandescent | jjk
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pairing: jungkook x female reader
genre(s)&au(s): fluff, established relationship
rating: pg
wc: 1.3k
warnings: theyre so in love with each other馃き! koos singing voice lulls us all 馃げ馃徎 makin鈥 out, playing with koos pretty hair bcs its exactly what he deserves !!!
summary: you and your boyfriend spend a comfortable romantic night in together.
note: unedited. repost bcs the last one stopped showing in tags 馃檭.
Tumblr media
Is there anything more beautiful than the sound of your boyfriend's voice?
The deep tenors and sweet cadences lull you into a state of calm as you stretch yourself out on the couch below, listening to Jungkook reach the notes in a perfect sequence to the song he is currently singing on his karaoke machine.
Friday nights are typically spent with each other as you participate in different activities. Your relationship's own version of a 鈥榙ate night鈥, you could say. However, this time it had been agreed between you both that staying in and enjoying each other's company in the cosiness of the home you built together was exactly what was needed.
Earlier, Jungkook prepared dinner for you both 鈥 a spread on the table of both your favourite foods and glasses of alcohol to wash it down with. Every detail had been carefully thought of, all the way down to the scented candles, that he personally chose to match the fragrances of the food.
Now, with full tummies and even fuller hearts, you both lie within the blanket of reds, blues and greens from the stars of his favourite LED light system and a spread of mandarin & grapefruit scented candles decorating the living room.
You could listen to Jungkook鈥檚 voice all day and never be tired of it. The calming effect he has on you with his words alone is something you have always admired. It doesn鈥檛 take much for a yawn to slip through his lips, catching the attention from yourself as he continues to sing through the verse of the next song. You watch as he attempts to stifle it underneath his breath, pulling the thin knitted throw up to his face to conceal the motion.
A sweet smirk is on your lips as he continues his lacklustre attempt at concealing his tiredness. Tears cling to his lower lash line from the yawn, head falling to the side and landing on your shoulder.
鈥淵ou should get some sleep,鈥 you鈥檙e quick to say as you feel him wriggle further into your warmth, his hand finding your spare hand that isn鈥檛 holding your phone and intertwining his fingers with your own.
鈥淚鈥檓 fine staying here with you, baby,鈥 he mumbles back in retaliation, cutting himself off mid-song to rebuttal back, voice half asleep and rubbing at his eyes like that will do the job of removing the sleep out of it. 鈥淚 like laying here with you.鈥
You huff a little at his words. He is too darn cute for his own good and it makes your body warm knowing that he is licking being with you over much needed rest.
鈥淏ut we could lie together in bed, snuggle up nice and cosy, and then in the morning come back here and cuddle all day into the night. Doesn鈥檛 that sound like the perfect way to begin our weekend?鈥 You reason with him.
Jungkook鈥檚 lips part open for a moment as if he had the words to argue back with but is quick to shut them and opts for putting his microphone down on the coffee table instead. He finds the remote control for the TV and lowers the volume to something less deafening and one a little more relaxing as the lofi sounds act as a background ambiance.
He turns towards you and you watch as the flickers of the candles scattered around the room flicker and dance against his skin; bathing him in an ethereal glow 鈥 just like how an angel should look. The bright vibrant amber candlelight beautifully illuminates the melanin of his skin, extenuating his tanned skin stunningly.
It doesn鈥檛 help that his shirt is loose and baggy on his upper body, sleeves cuffed half way on his upper arm showing off his pretty tattoos of striking colours and bold black lines, only for the muscle under his skin to thicken as he brings his hand up to his hair. You watch intently as both hands comb through the long curly tresses from forehead to crown; again and again and it only magnifies just how pretty your boyfriend is.
The tip of his tongue presses against his inner cheek, his cheek protruding from the outside鈥n action he usually does when he is deep in thought. With the way the light hits his soft skin, it perfectly shows off how sharp his jawline is and how his gentle pink lips rest in a natural pout, leaving them looking plump, pink and irresistibly kissable.
鈥溾榤 not tired,鈥 he argues, a grin on his face as he lies himself down next to you on the L shape of the couch, pulling back the thin blanket that has been resting on the headrest of the sofa and engulfs you inside the fabric before laying his head into your lap and effectively trapping you against the back of the leather and his body. Another yawn takes over his body as you feel him stiffen as he rides it out.
You lift your hand up to his face and let your fingers play delicately with the strands of his hair, twisting it around your finger and curling it around his ear away from his face.
Jungkook鈥檚 eyes flutter closed as you continue playing with his hair, adding to his tiredness and lulling him into a state of slumber. The atmosphere is exactly what Jungkook had promised earlier鈥osy.
Jungkook鈥檚 eyes slipped shut, just long enough for you to see before he is prying them back open again with as much willpower as he can possibly muster. With the feeling of your fingers gently twisting and pulling at his hair, he has no argument against his exhaustion as it finally reaches him.
You reach the tight curls at the base of his neck, fingers playing with the curls as you make sure to let your nails scratch lightly at the base of his scalp, knowing that Jungkook has no bone in his body to make this stop, enjoying your touches so much.
You have him exactly where you want him.
Jungkook鈥檚 eyes are glazed over with sleep and yet all the same still looks dreamy 鈥 the browns are rich and deep, flakes of amber dotted within his irises. Love songs are written about eyes like his. It wasn鈥檛 hard to peer into them and to see your own smile reflecting back when he looks at you.
He runs his thumb over your lower lip, parting them just slightly before he leans down, pillowy lips connecting to yours in a soft kiss.
The feeling is so fulfilling that it is enough to make your eyelids flutter shut and your heart racing in your chest with blissful warmth as he presses his mouth deeper into yours. Even in a state of sleep, the kiss is still filled with emotion 鈥 passionate and sensual.
Jungkook moans as his mouth continues to work over yours, his teeth catching your lower lip and biting down with little pressure and letting it snap back before chasing your mouth for a second kiss.
Your hands run through his hair,nails grazing his scalp enticingly, eliciting another moan from deep within his chest. The way you kiss him has him seeing stars; dazed and lost in the touch of your lips. You caress his face with delicate touches, tongues flicking across his mouth and the way you counter back by nibbling in his own bottom lip before breaking the kiss.
Endearingly, you both press your foreheads together and close your eyes with a smile on both your lips.
Jungkook鈥檚 hand finds home on his hip before slipping underneath the cotton material of your t-shirt and resting his hands there. His thumb runs tracks over your skin in back and forth strokes as you bask in the calming, soothing sensation.
You feel his foot nudge open your legs as he tangles his limbs with yours and pulls you impossibly closer to you, your own leg now resting on top of his lip as you lock each other within the other's arms.
The feeling of Jungkook鈥檚 breath against your skin causes goosebumps to travel over your body, the warmth now turning into a small bonfire as love for the sleepy man in your arms ignites and burns bright.
It isn鈥檛 long before his breathing becomes drawn out and even, loud snores whistling through his nose and his thumb slows its movements as he eventually falls asleep in your arms.
鈥淪o much for not being sleepy,鈥 you mock him as if he could hear, when deep down you wish that he had taken off into a dreamy slumber.
With gentle ease, you press the palm of your hand against his full cheek and brush your thumb over his cheeks the same way he did with your hip moments ago. You press your head against his forehead and land a tiny, light, airy kiss on his pouty lips.
You close your own eyes, listening to the flickering sounds of the small candles around the living room as well as concentrating on the rhythm of Jungkook鈥檚 breathing, hoping to ease yourself into your own slumber.
What felt like a moment later, Jungkook tightens his hold on you, whispering a small 鈥榠 love you鈥, before sleep eventually blankets over you.
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fueledbysano 5 months
what fragrances I think tokyo revengers characters wear
so if yall wanna smell your mans go sniff this at your local store. also most of these are unisex! u can do ur research and get them for yourself or a similar one!
鈾 ft: Mikey, Shinichiro, Izana, Rindou, Sanzu, Ran, Inui, Koko, Taiju.
鈾 a/n: just my opinion as a fragrance connoisseur. bc my flight is delayed and I wanted to pass time. also I was in the middle of writing if then chapter 12 when this came in mind so watch out for that too. also, if u want other characters just suggest them. I need something to work on while on the flight anyways.
Tumblr media
Mikey - Straight to Heaven by Kilian
Tumblr media
you will audibly moan when you get a whiff of this. very mysterious, dark, and elegant. it's sweet, boozy, and very commanding. hell, I think this was made FOR HIM. literally straight out of heaven. and i think it really adds to his attractiveness and vibe. it stays on his skin when you're cuddling after sex. which eventually, lingers on yours too which will stay for hours, reminding you of the intense night you had together.
Shinichiro - TABAC 28 by Le Labo
Tumblr media
might have a bit of a bias because I wear Le Labo too but THIS. when I first smelled this, he's the first man that came in mind. it's super musky, has tobacco notes, and overall smells very fresh and comforting. really gives off the good bad boy vibe. he wears an extra spray when you cuddle so it lingers on you too and let the others know that you're his, without speaking a word.
Izana - NAXOS by XerJoff
Tumblr media
this scent is so intoxicating, I'm telling you. almost seductive, if you'd ask me. it's bright, sparkly, and warm. it's a little lavender citrusy, dominated by honey, vanilla, and some sweet tobacco. and it's unisex too! much like Izana, it's inviting, unique, and unforgettable. When he leaves, he sprays it to your clothes as a reminder that he's not so far away.
Sanzu - Bergamote 22 by Le Labo
Tumblr media
another Le Labo man. LISTEN鈥 he's arguably the most difficult one to assign a particular scent to. I thought of Suavage, Eros, and a lot more very manly scents. While I very much think that he wears those, I think this is his signature scent. Very androgynous, fresh, and expensive. It is fruity and musky in scent. smells like your boyfriend who drives an expensive car and lets you be the passenger princess.
Rindou - Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male
Tumblr media
it's very bright and sweet鈥 minty, pear-y, a little musky, and vanilla in scent. youthful and fresh. I heard that it is amazing for clubbing, perfect for Rindou who owns the club. he sprays it on you on club dates to note to everyone that you are untouchable and taken by him.
Ran - YSL Y La Parfum
Tumblr media
we all know that Ran loves Mont Blanc and YSL. But I think he wears scents from the latter one. Now this man knows his fragrances. He has a big collection and probably wears them in layers too. But when I think of a YSL scent that screams Ran Haitani, it's the LP. It's seductive, sweet, and dark. It's fruity, sage-y, and powdery, in a way that it smells manly. and I read somewhere that this scent attracts the women; but that isn't his goal when he already has you, smugly watching the girls who turn their heads to follow that sexy scent only to discover that his arm is already linked with yours.
Koko - Fucking Fabulous by Tom Ford
Tumblr media
Koko is in fact, fucking fabulous. this fragrance is so expensive-smelling (and literally so expensive), which is his brand. and yes, it's a unisex scent. It's lavender, leather, and vanilla in fragrance鈥 a beautifully formulated combination of sweetness and musk which is a masterpiece. I just know that Koko is a fragrance man too and this is his signature. He does not gatekeep and gets you a bottle so you can turn heads together.
Koko - Santal 33 by Le Labo
Tumblr media
okay, fine. maybe there is a bias but Le Labo is just the goat when it comes to unisex fragrances which I think would be Inui's preference. I personally wear this scent. It smells like an expensive hotel. it is musky, powdery, and woody in scent. It's comforting, calming, but strong. Inui also dresses well so this really compliments his overall style. when you ride his motorcycle, you always get a whiff of it and Inui could tell from how much you cling onto him and rest your chin on his shoulder. and he thinks it's adorable.
Taiju - Gentle Fluidity Silver by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Tumblr media
SO SEXY. fresh, crisp, and sophisticated. while it may seem like it's a manly scent, it's unisex. people on the internet like to describe it's scent as young, sexy ceo vibes and I couldn't agree more. I think Taiju would go for this instead of smelling like every other mothefucker in the streets. He sprays it in your car too so you are reminded of his presence, and whoever dares to get in it.
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bitterie-sweetie 1 month
This is how we fall
Pairing: Mingyu x reader Genre: fluff, light angst, fake dating au WC: 18.5k Warnings: swearing, mentions of blood, alcohol A/N: happy belated mingyu day!! this is an updated ver of my fave fic i posted for another fandom, but i think it fits mingyu the most <3
Tumblr media
You should know better than to make a deal with a stranger, but the need for a date to Minghao鈥檚 party has you desperate. It can鈥檛 be too bad though; all you have to do is show Mingyu what you saw in your reading, and he would be your date for one night. Simple enough, right?
Tumblr media
The fates were playing with you.
That much you can be sure of鈥攖here is absolutely no way you should be seeing yourself in one of your clients' readings, in the same way that you aren't able to see what lies in your own future. And yet, here you are, getting a glimpse at the same hairstyle, the same smooth skin and face shape that you see in the mirror every day. It isn't entirely clear when your client doesn't look at his lover's face directly, but surely those features are enough to conclude that it's you, right?
"I see myself in your future."
"Is that a terrible pickup line or are you serious?"
You vaguely notice that Mingyu is laughing. It makes you realize that neither option was a good one really; a pickup line would imply you're interested in him, while seeing yourself in his future certainly implies a lot more than that. Perhaps you silently pray to the fates that those words didn't make their way to your boss in the other room.
But as the scene progresses, there are some other details that you notice. The kitchen in the background doesn't look familiar at all, nor do you recognize the light fragrance of oranges surrounding you鈥攏ot a bad scent, though it isn't one you have lying around at home. What his lover is wearing is different from anything you own too, which could only indicate that you were wrong: they have to be someone else.
"Nah," you shrug, quickly trying to brush off your mistake, "I was just kidding."
That earns you a bemused smile as Mingyu raises an eyebrow, entirely unconvinced. "You sure about that?"
With a nod, you quickly pull your hands back to break out of the visions and internally curse yourself for being stupid enough to think that the lover in the visions was you. Just how delusional are you now? Sure, you've always been a head in the clouds type of person, falling in love with the possibility that everywhere you go, the next person you meet might just be the love of your life. Eye contact with the cute dog walker at the park turns into getting lost in their eyes while walking under the stars, and a brush of hands with the hot barista at the local coffee shop turns into holding hands while reciting wedding vows.
And admittedly, Mingyu is good-looking. But this isn't the same鈥攈e's a client, and you're working. It was silly to have thought of the possibility of being in his future in the first place, but even more ridiculous to have said it out loud.
You immediately shake off the thoughts when you catch him staring.
"So?" He leans forward, looking at you like he has some big secret to share. "What did you see?"
"Um, your love life will be just fine."
"Yeah." You avoid his gaze, choosing to stare at the small piece of lint on your sleeve instead. "Things will run smoothly with your partner. I could sense your love for them and how committed to them you are. And similarly, how in love with you they are."聽
This is the part you've always hated the most about the job. Jeonghan may have thought that hiring a "real psychic" was a good idea, but you think otherwise鈥攕urely anyone who knows anything about palm reading would immediately be able to tell that you're a fake. A fraud. You're not here to look over the love lines and life lines on your clients' palms when the visions come to you as naturally as breathing: they let you see a few scenes from the client's future, usually scenes involving a lover from what you've gathered over the years. And while it's no surprise that Jeonghan put you on love readings because of this ability, it's not like you can tell clients about the exact scenes you see.
Hence why you resort to vague summaries of the readings that make you feel like an imposter.
"Really?" Mingyu cocks his head, still watching you carefully. "Anything else?"
There were three scenes that you witnessed: holding hands across the table at what looked like a dimly lit restaurant, with tiny scars on his lover's hands. "There might be some dark times in your life or your partner's, but the two of you will be able to support each other." A kiss in what seemed like an open-air market, with the sweet taste of apples on your lips and the warmth of sunshine against your skin. "They'll bring you warmth." Then there was the final scene where you thought you'd seen yourself鈥攕low dancing in the kitchen at midnight with faint music playing in the background and Mingyu's soft whispers reaching his lover's ears. "And your partner will make you believe in love again."
A fairly normal set of scenes compared to some of the things you've seen from other people, although it's a bit strange that they happen to be scenes where he's not looking directly at his lover.
"Hmm, okay." Mingyu nods slowly and then purses his lips, seemingly deep in thought. Maybe it's the dimness in the room, but it's like you can see the gradual change in his demeanour as his smile falters. "That sounds great and all, but I'm single as hell right now."
It takes all your efforts to not let your shock show. "Well, it can be your future partner."
"Sure, I guess." He shrugs, but the gloomy expression never leaves his face.
You open your mouth to give a retort, to defend yourself or to convince him somehow, but nothing comes out. Plenty of skeptical people have sat in that very seat before, but you've never dealt with someone who reacted like this. It almost seems like a prank or a test that Jeonghan is giving you to gauge how well you can react in these types of situations.
"Things didn't really end well with my ex, so I don't know if I'd want to go through all of that again." He grimaces. "But I'm kind of curious as to know how you came up with that."
"Well, what did you expect?"
"I'm not sure. Maybe something more realistic? Like telling me why my past relationship failed and if I'm destined to have bad luck with them."
Destined to have bad luck with them? Now that's a first. Many clients have argued with you before that any bad readings would never come true, but you're surprised to hear that it's the other way around with Mingyu. Just what has he gone through to make him doubt a good reading? You almost want to convince him, to have this reading be what helps him out of this turmoil that he's going through.
"I can show you, if you want." The words are out of your mouth before you can process them, and it isn't until you see the stupefied expression on his face that you realize just what you said.
"I can show you what I saw in the reading," you repeat, figuring it's too late now to back out. Show him? Are you out of your mind? At least the worst that can happen is it'd make you look stupid; there is no way he'd accept鈥
"Oh. Um, yeah." Mingyu's shock gradually disappears and turns into something else that you can't quite pinpoint, but you might say that it almost looks like hope. "Okay, sure. How would that work?"
"I can show you the locations that I saw and, um, the鈥" You pause because how are you supposed to word this? "The events that happen in them."
This should be when he says you're joking, that he's not going to fall for some scam. But against all odds, he nods, and a smile gradually appears. "Is this a part of what's included in the reading, or do I have to pay extra?"
You're about to open your mouth and tell him that it's included鈥攖o essentially own up to your own mistake of offering in the first place鈥攂ut something else comes to mind.
There is the party coming up. You've been complaining to Jeonghan all day about your lack of a date for Minghao's party, since receiving the invite and figuring out just who would be there. And while normally you wouldn't care about whether you had a date or not, this would be the first time that you're reconnecting with your old college crowd since graduating and leaving certain people behind.
"It's not included, but you don't have to pay; I'd gladly accept a favour instead. There's this party that I'm going to, and I need a date鈥攏ot even like a real date. You could just be my fake date and鈥" You force yourself to stop when he doesn't react and simply blinks at you. "Never mind, forget I ever said anything. I'll just ask Jeonghan to be my date鈥"
"Y/N, you know I can't go to that thing," Jeonghan voice comes floating in from the other room. "I have a business to run."
Mingyu's face brightens, eyes twinkling in amusement, and you have to resist the urge to sink into the ground. "Okay, so a party? Sure, I can go to this party with you if that's what you want."
You want to stop this thing in its tracks. Your joke of an offer coupled with the mention of the party to a complete strange surely would be a recipe for disaster, and besides, why would he would even care to know what you saw in the reading? Why would he believe you if you do show him the scenes? But you can't bring yourself to say any of that. At the prospect of being handed a solution to your dateless party problem, you decide to bite your tongue and go ahead with it. Showing him a few locations that you saw in your reading would be nothing compared to being alone with certain people from your past.
"Okay, deal. Let's do it."
A few minutes later, he's leaving the shop with a little wave, and a new contact has been saved into your phone.
"You good?" Jeonghan raises an eyebrow, stepping out of the back room as he gives you a look that says he heard everything. His glasses are halfway down his face and hair ruffled like he tugged on the strands in frustration way too many times, which isn't surprising when the shop is on the verge of needing to be shut down. "Were you serious about asking me to be your date?"
"No, you must've heard wrong." You quickly shake your head, plastering on a smile. "And I'm great. Wonderful. Amazing." You're definitely not. "Everything is fine." It definitely isn't.
The only reaction you get is a teasing grin. "Well," Jeonghan pats you on the shoulder, "let me know how it goes. Maybe you really did see yourself in his future."
It was at this moment you knew you fucked up.
Tumblr media
"You look like you just lost your job," Soonyoung says right when you step into the apartment that night.
You shoot him a glare. "Unprovoked?"
He's slouched in yet another strange position on the couch, eyeing you with the concern that should probably be going towards fixing his posture, and his phone screen in hand is flashing with probably some show he's been bingeing despite the TV being only a few feet away.
A typical night at your residence, really.
"Should I leave?" he asks, sitting up straighter.
You kick your shoes off, too worn out to think of a smart retort tonight. Then you slump onto the couch beside him. "Is it that obvious?"
"Uh huh. You want to talk about it?"
With a sigh, you start from the beginning. Mingyu had been friendly when he walked in that evening, all charming smiles and lingering stares. There wasn't anything particularly interesting about him, though you may have thought he was good-looking and may have been a tiny bit glad that he made a last-minute decision to switch from the career reading to the love reading.
You tell Soonyoung about the readings, dragging on the details until he's waving you on impatiently. And then comes the end鈥攖he deal you made where you'd show Mingyu what you saw in the reading in exchange for having him be your date to Minghao's party.
"Why the hell would you do that?" Soonyoung narrows his eyes, stare seeming to bore into your skull. "He was hot, wasn't he?"
"Um, well..."
"I knew it." Then he put his hands on your shoulders and shakes you a little. "Y/N," he looks you dead in the eye, "you need to stop being so nice to people you find hot. Well, except for me; I'm an exception."
You scoff. "It's not that. I need a date for this party, okay? You know he's going to be there so there's no way I'm showing up alone."
"Forget the party," he gives a dismissing wave, "how are you going to show him everything? The guy seems like someone who doesn't believe in this kind of stuff."
"Yeah," you mutter, "maybe he knows I'm a fraud and is secretly filming all this for his YouTube channel. Can you imagine the title? Delusional psychic makes up romantic scenes."
If Mingyu really did think you were a fraud, he wouldn't be wrong. After all, you only learned about the different palm lines as a cover for the real abilities you used for these readings. Maybe it isn't such a bad idea to switch over to regular readings now though; if only you'd been blessed with Jeonghan's bullshitting skills instead of this ability that's starting to feel more like a curse.
"No, Y/N. Who does he think he is?" Soonyoung abruptly gets up from the couch, hands balled into fists instead of laughing at your joke like you thought he would. "No one forced him to go to you. And we all know that fortune telling is a big sham; surely he should know to take everything with a grain of salt."
You nod, but then you think back to the reading. "Well, I did think that I could be wrong. The reading was... well, it was weird. I couldn't see his lover's face, like, it either went by really fast or he wasn't looking at them at all."
"Those scenes don't necessarily have to be with the ex he mentioned, right? You have no control over what point of someone's life you see."
Soonyoung is right. You can't control the time frame of someone's life you witness, so it's plausible that the love interest is someone else entirely. Perhaps from a future relationship, or maybe Mingyu and his ex if they get back together one day.
Or maybe the visions are wrong. Just because they haven't been wrong before doesn't mean it can't happen.
"Or," Soonyoung flops back onto the couch excitedly, "do you think it's because he has bad eyesight?" He leans in until his face is mere centimeters away from yours, pretending to examine you through squinted eyes. "Maybe he never sees his lover's face that clearly anyway."
"There's a big difference between having bad eyesight and simply not looking at something, you know."
"Then do you want to use me as practice?" He holds out his hand, placing it on your knee with his palm up. "You can check if futures can change or if eyesight really does affect the readings."
You give him one last skeptical glance before going along with it. Then you press two thumbs at the edges of his palm with your eyes closed and wait for the visions to arrive.
It's been years since you've glanced into his future, but still you immediately recognize the images. There's Soonyoung laughing while on a picnic with Wonwoo in the same sunny field, Wonwoo playing the guitar in your current apartment, and a final close up of the ring on Soonyoung's slender finger. You wonder if he still remembers this last one; you're at the age where all of your friends are getting engaged left and right, and you're half expecting a wedding invitation any day now.
But just before you can pull your hands back and ask him if the first two events have already happened, the vision changes. A new scene takes shape this time and it confuses you at first because the view starts off with an unfamiliar ceiling. Then as Soonyoung glances down, Wonwoo's face comes into view and鈥
"What the hell?" You immediately jerk back, scrambling to break out of the vision. "Please don't get me to do your reading ever again."
Soonyoung gives you a confused glance. "Why, what did you see? Did it change?"
"Let me just say that I really don't need to see the things that you and Wonwoo do."
"You鈥攜ou saw what?"
"I heard it too." You bury your face in your hands, trying to wipe the memory away. "The visions really just had to give me first person seats to a show I never wanted to see."
Soonyoung chokes on his spit.
Tumblr media
If Mingyu forgot about this agreement entirely once he left the shop, it wouldn't surprise you. You'd just take it as one of those situations where friends tell each other to hang out but never end up making plans, so why would this be any different?
What surprises you is that he does text you a few days later.
So through your text conversation, you tell him all about the first scene you saw鈥攖he restaurant with the hand holding across the table. A dinner date, essentially. It's a good thing that this is the easiest scene to reenact; maybe after this he'd decide that he's had enough of this fake fortune telling stunt while still upholding his end of the agreement.
But despite how simple the scene is, the thought of doing this makes you all kinds of nervous. Your stomach twists at the thought of spending a whole night on the receiving end of Mingyu's intense stare, especially when this would be so different from your interactions with him while working that day. At least at work you knew what you were doing. This on the other hand, is completely out of your range of knowledge. Like, what do people talk about during these kinds of events? What if whatever you're eating gets really messy? What if鈥
"Wait, where are you going today? Soonyoung didn't tell me about this." Wonwoo glances over at his boyfriend in confusion before turning back to you. "And what did you agree to do?"
"Um," you say slowly, glancing between the two perched on the couch. "I made a deal to show a client what I saw in his reading."
"But why?" Wonwoo puts his hand on your knee, leaning over with concern written on his face. "You haven't done anything like this before for your other customers, have you?"
"No way. I probably wouldn't be doing this if he hadn't agreed to be my date for Minghao's party."
Maybe it was weird to have agreed to this鈥攖he look on Wonwoo's face said as much. After all, Mingyu is a stranger, and you don't know anything about him other than the flashes of his life you witnessed through the reading. But won't it simply feel like an awkward first date? All you have to do is take him to a restaurant that resembles the one you saw and hold hands across the table. It can't be too challenging when there is no need to do much talking nor get to know each other.
"Oh. Because of..." Wonwoo trails off, giving you a feeble smile. "Right."
"Well, don't mention him," Soonyoung elbows him in the ribs.
Wonwoo waves his boyfriend off. "I'm not sure how you're going to make this client believe you, but your time with him today doesn't have to be a bad thing."
"But babe, you didn't see how upset Y/N was that night after agreeing to this." The dramatic pout on Soonyoung's face has you rolling your eyes. Then he turns to you. "He might be hot, but he could still be an asshole. This guy seems like bad news. What if you get kidnapped? What if you go missing? Who's going to help pay the rent then? And鈥"
"Don't act like you're not waiting for me to move out so that Wonwoo can move in," you reach over to flick him on the forehead. "Thanks for your concern but I think I'll be just fine."
"At least share your location with us, okay? If you need an emergency phone call to get you out of there, I have my scream perfected."
"Unfortunately, I am very aware of that." You definitely don't want to think about the last time Soonyoung called to pull you out of a group meeting back in college and nearly damaged the hearing of your entire group. "Okay, I'm really going to go now."
"Oh and," a hand wraps around your wrist just as you stand, "don't fall for him."
"Shut up, it's literally one meeting."
One meeting won't be a big deal. It'd be a nice dinner date with some innocent hand holding, and then you probably wouldn't have to see Mingyu again until the party. Nothing can't go wrong when you'd be in public the whole time anyway.
Soonyoung shouts something that sounds like, "At least wear something nicer!" but you're already out the door.
Tumblr media
"Oh, you actually came." Mingyu comments, face instantly lighting up when he spots you. "I almost thought you decided to back out."
"Me? Never." You try for a smile, but you know he's referring to your tardiness.
It'd be easy to blame your annoying roommate for holding you up today, but embarrassingly enough, it wasn't because of him. Your shortcut through the park's uneven grounds was the culprit, causing your massive tumble which ultimately led to being much too late for this date. It's times like this when you wish your ability would let you see more useful things than random points in other people's futures.
Upon arriving at the restaurant though, you realize that something else you wish you'd seen is how your choice of restaurant is nothing like what you expected. You picked the place after scavenging through the depths of Google Maps, digging up pictures left and right from various reviews, and the single review of this place was the only one that seemed to match the one in your visions. In the photo, the restaurant was just as dim, and looked like a casual place. But now, in front of you, is a restaurant that looks nothing like the one in the photo.
In front of you is something much fancier鈥攕mall chandeliers hang above every table and elegant decorations line the walls. There is no doubt that it must've gone through a major upgrade since the local reviewer posted those pictures from five years ago. Now not only was your attempt at finding the restaurant in your visions futile, but this place also makes you wish you chose a different occupation entirely. Preferably one that pays more than the meager amount your readings are worth.
"Well, this is an interesting choice," Mingyu comments, eyeing the walls. "Seems like a nice place."
You debate pulling him right out of there. "Um, actually, it's not鈥"
"Hi, do you have a reservation?" the hostess asks, looking between the two of you. And before you can even answer, there are two menus in her hands and she's leading you to your table. Great. Perhaps you'd just have to take off one of your rings and fake a proposal for the sake of a free meal if it turns out to be too expensive. You heard that it worked for a friend of a friend once upon a time.
Once seated, you nearly do a double take. There is no dim lighting obscuring Mingyu's handsome face this time, and under the glow of the chandelier, you can finally see his smooth skin, plush lips, and large eyes that seem to twinkle when he glances at you for whatever reason. If you thought he was good looking before, you have to admit that he looks even better today.聽
You turn to the menu instead, studying it intensely despite having immediately picked out the cheapest option. Five minutes go by. The waitress comes by to take your orders. Another five minutes. Are first dates always this awkward? It's been years since you've gone out with anyone, but if this were the reality of the dating scene, maybe third-wheeling your friends for the rest of your life wouldn't be such a bad idea.
Mingyu clears his throat. "Should we start with the basics?"
"A story to tell people at the party if they ask about us." He swirls his drink around, eyes flickering to yours occasionally. "We need to be on the same page with our answers to make it convincing."
Right, he's going to be your fake boyfriend for the party. You haven't thought that far yet when you've had the scenes to worry about, but he's not wrong. "Oh. Um, okay. So how did we meet? It wouldn't be through mutual friends because most of them would be there. Maybe a dating app?"
"Hmm," he hums, looking over everything on the table as he thinks. "We met at your shop when I got a reading done. Then you showed me how everything happens."
"We're just going with the truth?" You're slightly doubtful of whether this story would be believable, yet the same time you're relieved you wouldn't have to be lying. Soonyoung has always said you were a terrible liar. "I guess that works. So then how did we fall for each other?"
Mingyu presses his lips together and thinks for a while. "Through reenactments of the things you saw in the reading." As if for emphasis, he moves his drink out of the way before putting his hand on the table between the two of you, and then beckons for you to do the same.
"Oh. This is what you mean by reenact it."
Of course you knew this might be what he wanted, and you came here fully prepared to reenact this with him. But because of your fall at the park earlier, now the fresh scrapes on your palms are telling you to stop in your tracks. You shouldn't be touching anything and sure as hell don't want him to see the state of your battered hands.
You opt for a shrug, feigning nonchalance. "Um, yeah it was just hand holding. You know, we don't have to actually鈥"
"Come on, Y/N." He puts on a pout and the longer he stares at you, the more his eyes somehow start to have the effect of puppy eyes. "Just humour me?"
So you give in, reluctantly. You reach out a hand and rest it on his with your palm up to show him exactly why you don't want to do this.
Mingyu's eyes widen at you before he's holding your hand up to examine it closely. "Oh shit. What happened? Did you fall on your way here? Is that why you were late?"
You nod a little.
"Hey, you should've said something. I'll go ask for some bandages, okay?"
"No, it's fine鈥" you start, but he only shoots you a smile before leaving his seat.
Looking down, you can see that your palms already appear to be much better than earlier鈥攖he red splotches are mainly dry now, and the dirt has been wiped off. Thankfully, Mingyu didn't see the worst of it, but that does little to stop the embarrassment in its tracks. You only hope that the heat at your cheeks fades when he comes back a few minutes later waving a handful of bandages around.
You think that it would end there, but it doesn't. Mingyu insists on putting these bandages on your wounds. His fingers are light where they graze your skin as he carefully places them on your scrapes, and it's such a nice gesture that you're suddenly taken aback. This is supposed to be a quick dinner, and he's supposed to hate you for the bad reading. But now you question if any of that is true when he continues to act so kind and friendly.
"This is not how it's supposed to go." You frown, trying not to stare at his face as he works on the bandages in total concentration. "Not at all."
Because your hands may be in his across the table as you wait for your food to come, but he's only holding them to bandage your wounds. And while this restaurant does seem romantic, it's nowhere near the look of the one in your visions.
Mingyu's eyes fill with amusement when he looks up. "Holding hands across the table as we wait for our food, right? Isn't this close enough?"
"You're bandaging me. This isn't remotely romantic."
"Love isn't always supposed to be romantic, Y/N," he says dramatically, rolling his eyes. "Haven't your readings shown you the small things that people do for each other?"
You wonder just what kind of readings he thinks you do. "Um. I guess."
He does have a point. Maybe this moment, no matter how embarrassing or ridiculous it seems, is better than having to sit through faking or pretending everything. It may force you to be vulnerable, but each gentle brush of Mingyu's fingers and each press of a bandage against your palms hint at a vulnerable side of him too.
You study him, wanting to figure out just what kind of person he is. Why is he being so kind when the two of you are practically strangers? When this meetup should be a quick meal at a casual food place, involving no more physical contact than two seconds of hand holding? Well, perhaps five seconds. But now, it seems like the two of you have gone beyond your original plans of fake pleasantries.
"All done." He lightly presses the last bandage onto your palm, and you're grateful for the arrival of your food as an excuse to pull your hand back.
"So, um," you rack your brain for literally anything to say, "why did you come in for a reading that day?"
"There was a career decision that I was stuck on," Mingyu picks at his food then looks up with a twinkle in his eyes. "I don't believe in this whole fortune telling thing, but I needed some advice on what to do. Figured that maybe while you were telling me to look deep inside myself and to follow my heart or whatever, I'd suddenly get an epiphany about what to do."
"And did you?"
"Even without the reading? The boss would've done a good job on it." That part is true; you may be the real psychic of the two of you, but you can't deny how good Jeonghan's readings are. Heck, you'd rather choose to believe his words over what you see in your own visions.
A nod. "Just going there gave me what I needed. I decided it would be good to start fresh, to try something new." He pauses to take a sip of water, but then his eyes snap to yours. "Wait, hold on. Did you say he's your boss? You were going to ask your boss to be your date? For the party?"
"Oh, Jeonghan?" You want to laugh at the incredulous expression on his face. "Nah, he's not exactly my boss. We met in college as classmates."
Your previous thoughts about not needing to talk completely disappear as you tell him about how this little psychic shop started. It had been Jeonghan's idea, a backup plan for a backup plan essentially. He'd always joked about starting a business if nothing else worked out after graduation, and the opportunity came around sooner than expected.
"Damn, I wish my boss was chill like that. Mine really makes everyone stay back to finish the projects that he deems urgent when they aren't."
"You mean you're not in school?" You have to wipe the shock from your face. "I would've thought that you were some frat boy in college."
Mingyu stares at you blankly, blinking a couple of times. "You know, I'm not sure if that was a compliment or insult." He frowns. "Well, I guess it's good that my job hasn't aged me too much yet. But frat boy? Really?"
"Hey, maybe that should be our cover instead," you tease. "Frat boy Mingyu who I met at a party in college years ago but only recently reconnected with."
He rolls his eyes at you, suddenly starting to chew so aggressively that you have to laugh at his expression.
The rest of the night goes by similarly, allowing you to forget all your worries about awkward first dates. Mingyu is a good conversationalist and surprisingly funny to, and when he drops his fork and later bumps his head on the chandelier is so endearing that you find yourself smiling every time you look at him.
As the two of you walk back to the shop afterwards, your time together leaves you thinking about how he's not the person you thought he would be. Maybe you should know that already based on the glimpse into his future because the warmth that you'd seen from those scenes alone could've been an indicator.
"There are two more things you saw, right?" Mingyu turns to you, sparkles in his eyes from the reflection of streetlights right outside the shop. "Are you free next weekend too?"
"Wait." You're almost sure you heard wrong. "You鈥攜ou want to see the rest of them? The scenes I saw?"
"Yeah, of course," he says like it's obvious, seemingly unable to understand the surprise that must be on your face.
This is a possibility that you never considered at all. You don't get why he would want to see you or spend time with you again, or how showing him what you saw in the visions would possibly convince him that they're real. "Oh, um. I didn't think you would be interested."
"Why not? We still need to figure out more of our cover story for this party too." He gives a shrug and then raises a hand up in a wave. "See you next week?"
"Yeah, okay," you manage to say. "Next week."
The rest of the way home is filled with Mingyu's words echoing through your mind.
When you open the door to your apartment, Soonyoung drops his phone mid-scroll, giving you a onceover that makes his eyes as big as saucers. Then he's running over to you.
Right, you completely forgot about your state of being until this reminder.
"What the fuck happened to you? Did the Mingyu guy do all of this?" He stops you in the middle of the hallway, hands on your shoulders to spin you around as he glances over every inch of the mess of blood and dirt on your clothing. You understand what it would look like from the outside鈥攖he result of your fall must be fueling his thoughts about Mingyu being a bad guy. Maybe it looks like you bravely jumped out of a moving car and managed to crawl back home.
"See? I told you he was bad news," he huffs and then guides you into the kitchen where he sits you down on a chair. "What happened? Did he pull something weird? Should we be calling the police?"
You feel a laugh on the verge of escaping your throat, but you bite it back. Soonyoung's questions are so absurd that you almost want to keep quiet and make him frustrated by his overwhelming curiosity. That'd certainly be one way of annoying him the way he always annoys you.
"No, nothing like that," you say instead, shaking your head. "I tripped and fell while walking through the park." Then you hold up your palms to show him the small bandages where they're peeling at the corners. "He helped bandage me at the restaurant."
Soonyoung nods slowly, but judging by his narrowed eyes, he's entirely unconviced. "Okay, but you look like you got into a fight with him or something. And why would you go through the park?"
"You're the one who made me late, okay? I had to take the shortcut." You go to push him then instantly regret it when the contact makes your palms throb. "Anyway, Mingyu was really nice. Though the, um, reenactment didn't really go as planned."
Then you begin to update him on everything that happened during your date, starting from the restaurant and how it didn't match the visions, to your fall and the bandages. But as you go over all of the moments, you realize there are a few things you intentionally leave out, like the tiny crinkles that appeared at the corners of Mingyu's eyes whenever he smiled. His soft hands that bandaged you so tenderly. Maybe he was right that love is all about the small gestures鈥攅ven though you initially thought the moment paled in comparison to the one in the reading, the more you replay the day over in your mind, the more you realize that it was indeed romantic in its own way.
"And? Is that it?" Soonyoung gestures wildly. "You won't have to see him until the party, right?"
You can feel the smile on your face fade. "Um, actually. He wants to meet again for the next scene that I saw."
"Don't tell me that's the kiss scene?"
"Yeah... the kiss."
"Well, good luck with that one." Soonyoung's smirk only grows at your reaction. He gives you a pat on the back, but it feels just as insincere as his words. "Try not to fall for him."
As your roommate leaves the room, you can only sigh. This is exactly why you left out those details about this date鈥擲oonyoung would be making fun of you forever. Yes, that has to be the reason. It definitely wasn't because you considered those moments special.
Tumblr media
All week, you try to come up with a plan to avoid showing Mingyu the next scene from the visions. You think about making up a more PG-rated scenario since there is no way he would know if what you're showing is real or not, but how can you lie about it when he'll experience the real thing in his future? Besides, Soonyoung tells you the scenarios you come up with are lame. 聽
So your choices for this scene are really limited鈥攅ither you would have to share a kiss with him in public or watch as his face contorts with disgust at the thought of having to kiss you. Or perhaps you would be dealing with the awkwardness of dead silence between you once he turns down the kiss. Either way, today is not looking good for you.
On top of that, the location for this scene gives you even more trouble than the first one did. You hadn't exactly gathered much information from it; without being able to use your sense of sight, you only know there was kissing, the smell of the outdoors, and light chatter in the background. A park might seem too public, too open of a space to be doing this, and a forest trail might be too isolated and not sunny enough compared to the sun you'd felt on your skin.
In the end, you decide on the market. A cute date at the market seemed like it could be the perfect balance, and today it bustles with the afternoon crowd of couples on their date and the elderly running their errands. When you look at Mingyu, your hypothesis is confirmed鈥攂eside you, he watches the rows of vendor carts and tents with amazement in his eyes.
"You've never been here before?"
Mingyu shakes his head. "Nah. I've been meaning to, but just haven't had the chance to yet." Then he turns to you with a teasing smile. "You chose the perfect spot. It's like you actually read my mind."聽
"I can assure you I'm not psychic like that," you mutter, stunned for a second. "Let's take our time exploring and see everything today."
So the two of you slowly walk through each aisle and you watch him marvel at different items from each of the stalls you stop at. It's merely an excuse, though. You're stalling. You still haven't told him about what is supposed to happen in the second scene, and you've been carefully dancing around the topic each time he asked. How are you supposed to blatantly say that the two of you are supposed to kiss? All you can do is hope that the wonders of the market would distract him enough so that he forgets why you're here at all.
"So how long have we known each other?" Mingyu turns to ask as the two of you walk to the next stall. "And what kind of party is it? Don't tell me I unknowingly signed up to go to a wedding with you."
"It's not that much better actually鈥攊t's an engagement party."
He stops dead in his tracks. You laugh.
"A year minimum," you continue like he's not giving you a deadpan stare. "Maybe two? We should be pretty serious about... each other."
"Do you think I could watch over the shop for you while you take your boss to be your date?" He pauses, looking at you with hopeful eyes that immediately dim when you shake your head. "What have I gotten myself into?" Then he's walking to the next stall with dramatically loud steps, though you manage to catch the smile he tries to hide.
The rest of your cover story slowly comes together over the course of the date鈥攈e asked you out, some of the places you frequent are last week's restaurant and today's market, and you sometimes spend the weekend at his place which is why Soonyoung and Wonwoo haven't met him yet.
After exploring the majority of the stalls a while later, Mingyu finally turns to you.
"Hey, let's head over there." He nods at the field behind the market, shooting you a grin when he takes your hand in his.
You hope he doesn't hear the startled sound that escapes from the back of your throat.
Tucked away behind the row of vendors at the very edge of the market is a field with a few empty picnic tables. And while you aren't sure if this is how the kiss happens in the vision, you get the feeling that maybe he knows. The bit of privacy behind the stalls and the way the noises of the market gradually fade into the background as you approach the table tell you as much鈥攊f you were looking for an opportunity to reenact the scene today, it would be here and now.
You climb onto the table, letting your legs dangle off the bench while Mingyu follows suit beside you.
"You haven't said anything about why we're here today." He eyes you up and down with amusement playing on his lips. "Why? Is it something bad?" The teasing tilt in his voice paired with a slight eyebrow raise is enough to have your cheeks quickly burning up.
Then the embarrassment kicks in. You know that there is no avoiding it when the two of you are already at the location of the second scene in your vision, and now it's just a matter of telling him. But no matter how you try to phrase it in his head, what could possibly be a good way of telling your client that you're supposed to kiss him? That's what Mingyu is, right? A client that wanted to see and experience the things in your reading of his future.
"Um. It's... a hug," you say hesitantly, testing the way it sounds in your mouth. Picturing the way his face would fall at the word 'kiss' is enough to scare you into changing your mind at the last second. "A hug is supposed to happen here."
As if he knows you're not telling the truth, Mingyu cocks his head. "Oh yeah? Here of all places?" Maybe it really was a bad idea to lie; you should've believed Soonyoung when he said you can't tell a lie to save your life.
"Yeah." You try to swallow the lump in your throat. "I'm not sure why it's here either."
If he does detect your lie though, he doesn't say anything about it. Instead, his expression morphs into something softer. "Love can be found everywhere, Y/N. Even in a hug at the market if you want it to." Then he gets up and holds his arms open, eyes twinkling with the question of whether you want this.
And do you want this? It might be too soon to be doing this when you barely know each other, but it's also too soon for your heart to be speeding up the way it does, for you to feel a small burst of butterflies in your stomach every time he so much as stares at you for a moment too long, and for this cover story and the reenactments to feel more tangible than the abstract concepts they are meant to be.
But despite all that, you find yourself getting up from the table and carefully stepping into Mingyu's arms. You slowly relax in the warmth of his embrace and let the faint scent of his cologne envelop you, and though it's a tender, loose hug, you can feel the steady beating of his heart and the rises and falls of his every breath.
"Is this how it happens?" he whispers, the rumble of his voice vibrating through his chest.
You can't respond. You don't know how to, nor do you know why he's even the slightest bit willing to act out a scene from a stupid reading that he probably deems a scam anyway. So the obvious answer would be to say yes and call it a day.
The answer is at the tip of your tongue. But as you open your mouth to respond, something stops you from continuing the lie. "No, not quite."
It's the same feeling that tells you to cup his cheek and bring him closer to you, and it makes you lean forward, just until you can see his smooth sun-kissed skin and the small mole at the tip of his nose. And then you're slowly squeezing your eyes shut and bringing your lips to his鈥攌issing him, like how it happens in the reading.
Mingyu's surprise is evident in the way he freezes momentarily, and the rational part of your mind would think that this is it. This is your big mistake and now he's going to back away and鈥
He kisses you back.
He pulls you even closer and you expect it to feel like the delicate kiss in the reading, but it's completely different in that he kisses you like he wants this. Like he wants you. Those supple lips glide across yours, consuming you, making you feel like you're sinking into the depths of his touch and his body. And all you can do is hang on, grasping weakly at his collar as every essence of your being is filled with want for a person you shouldn't want.
Mingyu breaks the kiss just as you start to think this might be too intense to be done in public.
He catches his breath and then gives you a shy smile, not quite meeting your eyes. "Oh, so that's how it happens?"
Your head is still spinning, but when you look at Mingyu, it's like he's glowing. The way the sun glistens on his skin and lights up his face makes him so beautiful that you almost forget to breathe. If the kiss hadn't felt so real, you might've been thinking that this moment, and Mingyu himself, are straight out of a dream.
You can answer him easily now. "Yeah, it is."
When he takes your hand a moment later, all the thoughts about cover stories and readings and Minghao's party disappear from your mind, leaving only the warmth of him beside you and the memory of his lips on yours.
However, reality hits you very soon. There, by one of the nearby stalls, is someone who looks like Mingyu's lover in the visions. They have the same hairstyle as you, the same smooth skin, and even the same face shape. Without directly glancing at their face, you can assume that you are looking at yourself.
But even though they don't turn your way as the two of you walk by, simply seeing them has your heart sinking. It sinks at the thought that the kiss might be nothing more than a figment of your imagination or of a world where you're both pretending that you really are the lover from the visions. That Mingyu's eagerness to kiss you, to want you, wasn't actually meant for you at all, but rather for someone he hasn't met yet.
And you don't get it. You don't understand why you're disappointed by this when it isn't even real. It shouldn't ever be real. Regardless of whether it was a good kiss, of whether it felt wonderful and realistic and enticing, you should know that it wouldn't mean anything.
Because you're not the lover from the reading.
Tumblr media
Perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise to you at this point, but Mingyu agrees to reenact the third and final scene of the vision. You were sure that he would say no, that he definitely wouldn't appreciate having a stranger barge into his home for this one. So to have him actually agree to it has you thinking that maybe if you tell him you're going skydiving he'd agree to that too.
This time it's not as difficult to tell him what happens in the scene鈥攊t's just slow dancing, which should be easy to reenact at least compared to the kiss at the market. All you have to do is rest your hands on his shoulders and then step side to side to the beat of the music. How hard can it be?
"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Soonyoung peers at you from the doorway of the bathroom. "You barely managed to escape from this guy during your first meeting, and now you're walking right into his home." He comes closer to where you're checking your outfit in front of the mirror, and says in a loud whisper, "where you'll be alone with him."
Right, that is the part you're trying not to think about.
"You sure you can handle it? After," he gestures in the air, "what happened at the market and all."
Internally, you grumble. Externally, you ignore him.
"I know you're picturing that steamy kiss." He rolls his eyes, which you can all too clearly through the mirror. "But anyway, if you're sure about going to his place tonight, just remember to be safe, yeah? Share your location just in case. Hold your head if you're about to jump out of another moving car."
"Don't you have a boyfriend you should be bothering instead?"
That earns you an enthusiastic nod. "He should be coming soon. So take your time on your date tonight."
You finally get some peace and quiet when you step out, once again leaving your roommate mid-sentence about how you picked another terrible outfit.
You're the first to arrive at the restaurant, though it isn't long before you spot Mingyu coming from a block away鈥攈e's late for your date and clearly running to make up for it by the way he dodges other people on the street, nearly knocking them over. He gives a big wave when he sees you.
"Sorry for being so late," he pants as he bends over to catch his breath. "Thank you for waiting."
"Guess that makes us even. Although I hope you didn't trip on your way here."
That puts an instant grin on his face. "Nah, I just had to clean up the apartment a little. Well, actually," he pauses, the grin fading, "a lot. Can't have it be a mess for when you come over tonight."
"Oh, right." You still don't know why he would agree to all this, especially if it takes that much work.
The dinner goes well. It's one of the few moments of peace, considering your first meal together was ruined by the remnants of your nasty fall, and the market date was interrupted by an abrupt awakening. Despite the mishaps, you don't exactly see these events as losses when your memories are brimming with Mingyu's gentle touch when he bandaged your hands, and the warmth of his lips fitting so perfectly with your own.
And tonight? You know that there will be another moment for you to commit to memory forever.
When you arrive at your destination, you finally understand why he was late for your dinner. The place is spotless; unlit candles fill the room, a bottle of wine with empty glasses are on the counter. There are flowers in a beautiful vase on the table. It's like he spent all day running around just to set up for this moment.
"It's presentable, right?" Mingyu cracks a smile, slipping off his shoes and sliding his jacket onto the rack, followed by taking your coat as well. "Not sure how it's supposed to happen, but I figured I should at least try to make it鈥攚ell, as romantic as possible."
"Wow, you didn't have to do all this," you manage to get out. You're still standing right in your spot as he goes over to light the candles, in shock and confusion over why he would possibly do such a thing.
He turns back to give you a small shrug. "I wanted you to have a good time."
When he finishes lighting the candles, he puts on some music by selecting it on his phone, seemingly having put together a whole playlist for the occasion. And if you didn't know any better, it would be so easy to believe that he simply put together a romantic date night at his place for the two of you. That he did all this because you're someone special to him. That this means something.
Well, if he can pretend for a night then maybe you can too.
You shake the thoughts from your mind and replace them with a smile as a song you don't recognize starts softly in the background. Mingyu heads to the table, beckoning you to follow, and then pours two glasses of wine.
"You know, I'm really glad I went to you that day." He takes a sip of his wine and then swirls it when he puts it down. "For the reading. I'm glad I met you. And um, I should thank you for showing me all of this."
"Shut up," you scoff, rolling your eyes. "Don't lie. You still don't believe in any of this fortune telling stuff, right?"
Mingyu bursts into laughter. "Okay, you're right. I don't. I just wanted to see some acts of love after going through a breakup, to kind of feel like there could still be hope for me. Honestly though, when you offered to show me what happens, I thought you would make up random scenarios just to date me or something." He waves dismissively at the frown on your face. "But it doesn't matter to me. Real or not, I like spending time with you, and... well, maybe you've convinced me."
"I convinced you that the reading was real?"
You're met with a shrug as he takes another sip of his wine, and in that brief silence you ponder about what he's referring to. There is no way he believes in fortune telling, so what else is there to convince him of?
But then something else pops into your mind.
"Can I ask you something?" You take a deep breath, letting out a sharp exhale when Mingyu nods. "What happened with your ex?"
It's clear that he hesitates with the way he swirls his glass, pressing his lips together and avoiding your gaze.
"Never mind. We don't have to鈥"
"It's okay. It was a long time ago and I'm over it." His eyes meet yours before flickering away. "Actually, I think I knew it was over long before it was really over. But I kept hoping that things could be fixed. I was stupid and kept trying."
"Hey, no, that's not stupid." You reach over and take his hand. "You were willing to put in the effort to save your relationship, and that shows you care."
But he merely shrugs. "Seems like a waste when they were busy cheating on me."
"That's not your fault, and it's not a waste. The love that you show the world is never a waste." There's a flood of emotions running through you, you belatedly realize鈥攜ou're clutching the glass so tightly in your free hand that you begin to fear it might crack. It's directed at Mingyu's ex, at the thought that someone would hurt him like that when he's done nothing but fight for their relationship.
"It's kind of ironic now that I think about it," he continues. "Right before I found out they were cheating, I went to a psychic and got a reading done on the relationship. Apparently the reading said everything would be fine, and I just stupidly believed it."
"Mingyu... is that why you don't believe in this stuff anymore?"
He nods.
"I wish I didn't either." You swallow the lump in your throat, letting go of the glass. It's not only the mention of his ex that's making you feel this way, but also the lover from the visions. You want to hate them, to curse at them and at your fate for ripping away what could be a beautiful relationship before it's even within your reach.
But it all makes you want to try harder to prove it to Mingyu. That he's worth more than what his ex had made it seem, and that he doesn't need to be closed off to the idea of love because someone in the future is going to walk into his life and show him exactly that.
"Why?" He squeezes your hand lightly. "What makes you say that?"
"It's also because of an ex."
It was Junhui. Or rather, what you saw in his future. Two years after the start of your relationship and four after the start of your friendship, you'd trusted him enough to tell him about this little fortune telling party trick, and he'd trusted you to take a look at his future. Maybe that's where things went wrong.
Looking back, you aren't surprised that you saw someone else in his future. They appeared so happy together, he made her laugh, and she seemed to fit in all the ways you didn't. But there was no point in waiting for fate to inevitably bring them together while pulling the two of you apart, so you ran鈥攜ou didn't want to stick around to find out what would happen.
"Wow." Mingyu blinks at you, seemingly unable to speak after your story. "Do you know if they ever met or got together? Your ex and the person you saw in his future."
You shake your head. "Haven't heard anything about him since we broke up."
"And he's the one who's going to be at this party?"
"Yeah. He's one of Minghao's close friends."
"I'm sorry that happened to you," Mingyu drops his gaze as he gently traces circles into your palm with his thumb. "I see why you don't want to believe in that stuff now. Actually, it's kind of funny how it was this fortune telling thing that screwed both of us over."
"Right? I should get Jeonghan to close the shop and we could open a boba store instead or something." You roll your eyes, chuckling at the thought. "Probably makes better money than this ever will."
"That's not a bad idea." Then he sets his glass down and stands, coming to your side to pull you into a hug. "But Y/N, don't beat yourself up for what happened, okay? You didn't know what you would see, and you have no control over it."
"I guess."
"Besides, I'll be such a good date that you won't even notice him the entire night." Mingyu releases you and steps back, smile turning shy as he holds out a hand. "Shall we?"
"I have to warn you that I'm not great at dancing," you mutter, taking his hand anyway and letting him guide you towards the space in the living room. "Don't hold me accountable for any injuries you might sustain."
When you put your hands on his shoulders, you can feel yourself tense up鈥攜our body is awkward, and your arms are too stiff as if not wanting to rest your weight on him. But when you hear a bubble of laughter and see the way Mingyu looks at you so fondly, you feel the same pull as you'd felt at the market. The pull that makes you want to relax and sink into the warmth of his body.
His touch is gentle when he places his hands on your waist, all too carefully and delicately. It makes you wonder if it's even possible that those are the same hands that his ex had willingly let go of, and if those light steps that he takes when swaying to the music are the same footsteps that will walk into the life of the lover in the visions. You wonder if this Mingyu, glancing back at you so tenderly, is the same as the one that will forget about you as soon as this moment is over.
But most of all, you wonder if the you that had originally agreed to do this is the same as the you whose heart beats faster and faster when he meets your gaze now. If the you who only wanted a date, any date for the party, could possibly be the same as the you who now finds yourself wanting to lean into his touch, wanting him to want you.
"You okay?" he murmurs, pulling you out of your thoughts.
"Yeah. Perfect."
Mingyu breaks into a soft smile. "You know, I've always wondered what you keep thinking about. When you get lost in that world in your head, what do you see? What do you dream about?"聽
"It's different every time." You try to ignore the way your palms feel all too hot against his shoulders. "But these days... it's you."
You don't tell him that it's also getting to know him, falling for him, and imagining how you should be the one doing all those things with him like in the reading. It's picturing a love that flourishes ever so slowly, one that silently rests between the two of you, growing steadily until a day when it becomes the only thing you notice.
And though you leave all that out, your answer seems to be enough for him.
"Yeah," you say softly. "Whatever happened in the past鈥擨 really hope it doesn't keep you from experiencing the kind of relationship you deserve. You're not hard to love, Mingyu." Just a brief moment of hesitation before you admit, "Not at all."
Your words feed the twinkle of hope in his eyes as well as the one that seems to have been blossoming in your own heart for a while now. Maybe you can finally admit it; this would be the last time you see him, so maybe it wouldn't matter what happens tonight.
The thoughts swarming your mind are soon forgotten though. Mingyu pulls back slightly to gaze at you with a bright grin that sends your heart back into the frenzy it never recovered from. And a moment later, when his lips are on yours, the dancing, the music, and the entire scene are long forgotten in the background.
This time you let yourself believe that it's real.
You fall deeper into the world where you're the lover from the visions, a world that contains just the two of you. And this time you aren't afraid to kiss him back like you want him because you do. You pull him close until your bodies are inseparable, and you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the heat of his mouth and the burns of his touch. You let yourself want, as your back hits the wall and you're trapped between it and the weight of Mingyu's body pressing against you, and you let yourself take, let your hands trace over the defined lines of his muscles, the smoothness of his skin, and the softness of his hair.
You kiss until you're breathless, until your knees are weak and you're sinking once again. Until his little breaths come out in fuller moans, and hands are wandering into dangerous territory.
"Is this how it happens?" Mingyu whispers, gaze dropping as he leans in to press his forehead against yours. "Is this how we fall for each other?"
No, you immediately think, not at all. The apartment is dim with only the small lamps at the sides of the room and the candles lining the table as the only source of light. The music, despite being slow and romantic, feels much too loud for some reason. It feels forced. And the way you manage to step on his toes on all the wrong beats surely can't be the right path to falling in love.
But maybe you're not afraid to admit it anymore.
"Yeah," you say instead, "it is."
Mingyu eyes snap to yours, and what you find in them makes you want to repeat your answer again and again. You're not sure why he would be hoping for this answer or why he would be satisfied if his own creation were to match perfectly with the one that you'd seen. Even more uncertain is why he would choose that particular set of words to say. But none of it matters when his lips are back on yours, writing an answer of their own.
And for one night, you let yourself be Mingyu's lover from the visions.
Tumblr media
One thing becomes painfully clear after that鈥攜ou cannot be seeing Mingyu ever again. Not even for one last party date.
On the surface, you know that your job is done. You showed him all of the moments that are supposed to happen in his future, and you upheld your end of the deal. But the truth is that every time you were with him, it became difficult to remember that you're not the lover from the reading, and every time you talked to him, you found yourself wanting more and more to be that person.
Your plan to avoid him doesn't go as expected though, for he keeps texting you. He sounds normal, continuing to send memes and share posts like he's been doing for the past while. And when he asks you for a movie date the following weekend, he acts as if the past three meetups were exactly that鈥攄ates. It's like it never occurred to him that you were there only to show him how everything happens, and not to actually date him. Though now, you're no longer sure if that's true.
So you say you're busy, you limit your texts to once per day, and you don't pick up when he calls. You follow the textbook formula for ghosting for days to the point where Soonyoung hides your buzzing phone under the couch cushion while spewing threats about throwing it out the window, and even Jeonghan's sighing at you tiredly, telling you to call Mingyu back.
You give in eventually. You call him back and schedule a meetup, and now you find yourself sitting at a cafe with him across from you.
"Hey, thanks for agreeing to meet with me. This won't take long." There is no smile on his face this time, and you realize that it might really be the first time seeing him like this鈥攅yes devoid of emotion, face a neutral mask. It reminds you of the first time you met him at the shop, when he was spiraling into a hopeless void, but perhaps even worse.
You nod slightly in acknowledgement, trying to hide the way your heart sinks at his words. They are something you should be relieved to hear, but you know you're still clinging onto the inkling of hope that you can go back to pretending the two of you mean something to each other.
"Have you been doing okay?"
"Just busy," you repeat the same kind of boring answers from your texts. "You?"
"Yeah," Mingyu says slowly, dragging out the word. Then he takes a deep breath. "Are you avoiding me?"
Yes. "I didn't really see any reason we should stay in touch." A partial lie. It barely makes it out of your mouth.
"Are you for real? Y/N, where is this coming from?"
"I did what I said I'd do." The mask on your face was threatening to crack, especially after seeing the flash of pain in his eyes. "I showed you all of the scenes I saw in the reading. What more is there?"
"I鈥攚ell, yeah." He frowns. "That might be what we initially agreed, but you can't deny that we had something special. There is no way you didn't feel anything when we were together."
You merely shrug and try your best to harden your eyes instead of giving in to the tears that threaten to spill. Because how can you tell him the truth? How can you give him hope just to crush it with the reality of your doomed fate?
"So鈥攕o what, all of it was just pretend? The things you said鈥攜ou lied, didn't you? When you said I'm not hard to love..." He looks away, biting his lip. "I should've known."
"Hey, no. Everything I said was true, but this has nothing to do with that."
"Did you want to do this at all or were you doing it out of pity? Did you hate every moment of it?"
"Mingyu, stop. Okay, you're right. Let's say I did feel something and that I do like you. But does any of it matter? You're forgetting that I'm not the one in your future. You might not believe in this stuff, but my readings have never been wrong before." You can't do it anymore; it's too hard hiding it. Everything comes tumbling out all at once when he looks so broken. "You're going to meet them someday, and you're going to love them. Whoever they are. It just won't be me."
His jaw goes slack, mouth opening but nothing coming out. It's as if he finally realizes the truth that both of you had forgotten along the way.
"Oh and also," you say, clenching your fists at this final difficult lie you have to tell. "You don't have to hold your end of the agreement. I'm not going to the party anymore."
You know that what you said today would definitely change things since people tend to be averse to anything that goes against what they believe to be their fate. So when you get up from the table and leave, you know that Mingyu won't be chasing after you. 聽
You're right.
Tumblr media
Mingyu stops texting you.
It should be a good thing; now you would both return to your normal lives and pretend like this entire thing never happened. But even though you know all this, there is still something weighing you down. It weighs down each step you take, becoming a salient presence that you can't seem to wrap your mind around.
And despite knowing that your relationship with him was only temporary, that you would be no more than a filler until the person in his future arrives, you still look over at your phone in the hopes that maybe the notification would be from Mingyu. You can't help but want him to still want you.
"You're in your head again, you know," Soonyoung jabs you in the arm, dragging you away from the thoughts and back to where you're seated in your living room. "Can't you think more quietly?"
"Can't you shut up for once?"
"See? I told you he was an asshole!" He flicks a piece of popcorn over at you, hitting you perfectly on the head. "I told you that he was all kinds of bad news. Didn't I say you were too nice for your own good? I knew something like this would happen."
"You said," you roll your eyes at him, throwing the piece of popcorn back, "that he might try to kidnap me. And to stop being so nice to hot people鈥攏o, I'm not making an exception for you."
"He really said that last part?" Wonwoo asks incredulously.
You nod. Soonyoung shakes his head.
Wonwoo clicks his tongue at his boyfriend and sighs with disbelief. "So about this fate thing. I know you believe you're not the one in Mingyu's future, but do you think a relationship with him is something worth pursuing regardless?"
"Why would it be worth pursuing if I know it'll just end?"
"Well, how do you know that for sure?" Wonwoo puts a hand on your shoulder and pats you comfortingly. He shakes his head a little. "Y/N, maybe you weren't meant to see his partner's face. Look at the rest of us鈥攚e don't have your abilities and we all go through it blindly. I started dating Soonyoung because I liked him, and not because I knew that he was the one who would be appearing in my future."
"But鈥" you start, and then stop. It takes a few replays of his words to let their meaning sink into your head.
"Hey," he continues, "if you think this is something worth going for鈥攁nd by the way you've been moping around, it sure seems that way鈥攖hen you should talk to him. See what he thinks."
Maybe Wonwoo is right, and part of you really wants to believe him, but you can't help but think that you should be using the information you have to your advantage. Surely, your ability has to be a blessing at some point, right? Isn't it a good thing to have put an end to your relationship with Mingyu now so that it wouldn't hurt even more later?
"You never know what could happen in the future." It's as if Wonwoo can hear your thoughts. "Maybe the future can change, or maybe the person in the reading really is you. There may be other people who can fit what you saw but that doesn't discount the possibility that it might be you."
"Yeah, yeah. All this talk is nice but that doesn't mean that Mingyu isn't just an asshole who's playing with you," Soonyoung stuffs a handful of popcorn in his boyfriend's mouth and turns to you with a serious look. "You need to think this through, okay? Do you really like him or do you just like the attention he gives you?"
"Y/N can't possibly fall for someone that easily, right?" comes out muffled from where Wonwoo is still trying to chew through the popcorn. He raises a brow at you.
"You'd be surprised." Soonyoung rolls his eyes then turns back to you. "Do you really like him or do you just like kissing him?"
You feel the full force of their scrutiny when Wonwoo also peers closely at you, searching your face for answers. Maybe the heat on your cheeks is enough to provide one.
"Do you really like him, or do you just enjoy fixing broken people?"
"Do you really like him or is he just hot?"
Wonwoo snorts. "By that standard, I'm quite surprised that Y/N never had a crush on you."
"They did鈥" Soonyoung quickly stops himself, but it's too late. Wonwoo's judging eyes are already on you, making you slowly sink into the couch and hoping you can disappear.
Tumblr media
Not going to the party was a lie that you told Mingyu鈥攁n excuse so that you would have no reason to ever see him again. However, the problem is that scrapping the agreement hasn't only left you with a broken heart, but it also brought you back to square one: you still do not have a plus one for Minghao's party.
Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad though, or at least that's what you tell yourself.
From the outside, Minghao's house looks massive. He has fancy lights installed at every corner, lighting up the exterior walls every couple of feet, and giant windows through which you can already see people mingling about. Wonwoo pulls into the driveway slowly and turns back to give you a worried glance just before the three of you step out.
The interior of the house is just as impressive. A chandelier hangs in the front foyer, and symmetric spiral staircases spread off to either side. Minghao stands near the front, a drink in hand, and his shy smile is plastered all over his face as he greets everyone that walks in. He greets you with a hug.
"Congrats on your engagement," you say, taking in his new look while trying not to glance around the room. His hair is a bit longer than what he had back in college, and you don't recall ever seeing him wear anything remotely formal back then.
"Y/N, how long has it been?"
"Considering the last time I saw you was when you were single?" you laugh. "Yeah, it's been a while."
"It's good to see you again," Minghao grins and then goes to peer behind you. "Oh, is your boyfriend here too?"
"Um, he wasn't feeling very well so..." A lame excuse but it's the best you could come up with at the moment. "He couldn't make it."
"That's okay," Minghao's face falls for the briefest second before it lights up again. "Oh, you even brought the Soonyoung? What a rare sight." And then he goes off to wrap Soonyoung and Wonwoo in a big hug before dragging them off into the living room. At least he wouldn't be the one questioning you about your non-existent fake boyfriend tonight, though Minghao isn't who you should be worrying about.
You follow along, sticking to the walls in the hopes you'd be just as invisible as wallpaper. Even without seeing Junhui here, this is what you fear the most鈥攂eing amongst your college crowd would bring back feelings you haven't touched in years. Feelings that you're not sure you want to ever unpack. But soon it gets a little easier when Minghao pulls you with him to greet everyone around the room, and so you catch up with Vernon and Seungkwan, and then later, you say hi to Chan and Jihoon.
It isn't until you reach the kitchen when you finally spot him. Junhui has his back turned to you, helping with preparations, and beside him, Seokmin greets you silently with a nod as your eyes meet. You smile at him, thankful that he's not alerting everyone of your presence especially when you know just how loud he can be.
Just before you turn to leave and make your escape, you see her. From far away, she's another face in the crowd, though you can feel a spark of familiarity as if you've seen her somewhere before. Perhaps in one of the readings that you've done over the years for clients? You've read somewhere that the brain never forgets faces, after all.
She greets you and then heads over to the kitchen.
"Hey, Junhui, right? It's so nice to finally meet you," she says, holding out a hand. Her voice seems just as familiar as her face, and now you're sure you've seen her before. "I'm Minghao's cousin."
When Junhui takes her hand, she smiles. It's a full smile that reveals her teeth, and her eyes disappear, and鈥
The drink you're holding falls to the floor.
It all rushes back to you. The reason why she's so familiar is because you've seen her in the scenes of the fateful reading you did years ago. You've seen her on an amusement park ride, with one hand in the air and the other in Junhui's. On a dancefloor at a wedding鈥攖hat you now assume to be Minghao's鈥攚ith arms wrapped around him and later, lips against his. And then there was this very moment where their handshake was interrupted by a glass of wine hitting the floor.
This is the moment they would meet. The one that you've been running from all those years ago, the one that would start everything between them.
This is how it happens.
"Are you okay?" She comes rushing to your side without missing a beat, paper towels in her hands. "Be careful of the glass."
You're frozen on the spot, unable to feel bad about dropping the glass and unable to help clean it up. Unable to feel anything except for the one thought that flashes through your mind: you have to get out of there as fast as you can.
Everything is a blur after that. Somehow your feet get moving, slowly at first and then quickly after that, and you hear your name being called a few times as you head to the door, but you don't stop until you're outside and halfway down the steps.
Outside it's quieter and the air is cooler, and it's enough to slow down the thoughts running through your head. You end up sitting on the steps and leaning against the cold metal of the railing in the hopes that it might numb your feelings.
"Y/N? You okay?" a voice mumbles above your ear. It's familiar for a different reason this time, and you look up to see the person you least expected but wanted the most. Mingyu steps out of the house and closes the door behind him, glancing at you with an unreadable expression. You hadn't seen him inside, but he must've arrived sometime after you鈥攖oo late to be your date, and too early to miss your embarrassing moment.
"Mingyu? Why are you here? I told you I wasn't going to the party."
"I hate to break it to you, but it wasn't exactly a believable lie." He gives a weak smile then sits down beside you on the steps. "I wanted to make sure you'd be okay."
"I really should've stayed home. I knew this would be a bad idea but鈥" You quickly turn away to get rid of the tear that slips out.
"Hey, Y/N. Talk to me. What's wrong?" Mingyu takes off his jacket and wraps it around you, and then gently moves you until you're leaning against him, buried in the crook of his shoulder. "Was she who you saw in his future?"
"Yeah, but it's鈥攊t's not just that. This was the moment that I saw in his reading. This is how they meet."
He tenses slightly. "This was in your reading? That's tough. Y/N, I don't even know what to say. I'm sorry, I should've gotten here earlier to be here with you from the start like we planned."
"It's okay, it's not your fault. But Mingyu, what have I done? I broke up with him thinking that he would leave me for her one day, so I didn't want to find out if and when they would meet." You have to swallow the sob in your throat. "I've always held onto the hope that it would be wrong. But now, I got to witness it anyway, right in front of me."
"Do you regret your decision?"
"No." You shake your head. "Well, I don't know. I'm over him but I just鈥擨 hate it so much. I hate feeling like I'm helpless and unable to do anything about fate."
A silence stretches out between the two of you with only the music from the house and the distant rumble of cars filling the night. It hasn't been long since he sat down beside you, but the warmth of his arms around you and the rising and falling of his chest are enough to slowly wipe away the worries from earlier.
"Look, I thought about what you said," Mingyu breaks the silence, pulling away to meet your eyes instead, "and I don't think it changes anything."
You immediately know what he's referring to. "How does it not?"
He takes a deep breath. "You want to know why I don't believe in fortune telling? This is exactly why. I don't like the idea that we are locked into our fates, or that certain things will or won't happen no matter what choices we make."
"What about when you really meet them one day? And inevitably fall for them?"
"I get why you would be afraid of that, Y/N, I really do. But none of that matters. When I say I want to be with you, this is my choice. It doesn't matter who it is that you saw in your reading; I want to choose you and love you on purpose. Not by accident, and not by fate."
You know he's right and Wonwoo was too. This entire time, you've been trying to run away from a fate that you can't escape, and what you saw today only proves that.
But maybe now, it's time to stop running.
"Do you really think that we can change things?"
"We can do anything we want to do." Mingyu nods firmly. Then he takes your hand, squeezing you gently. "But first, let's get out of here?"
"Yeah." You smile for the first time that night and let him lead the way.
Tumblr media
A small diner at the corner of the street near your place is what the two of you decide on. When you enter, the first thing you notice is how much it reminds you of the "before" images of that nice restaurant. Half of the diner is dark with the overhead lights flickering once in a while in an attempt to turn on, while the other half is cast in an unpleasant fluorescent light. There are pieces of garbage on the floor that an employee sweeps up as she greets you. In short, the state of it almost makes you want to walk right out.
But instead, you order your food. You sit down at a table towards the darker half of the room as you wait.
Mingyu clears his throat. "You know," he starts, a shy smile on his face, "I can read your palm too."
"What?" That isn't remotely close to anything you might expect him to say. You give him a questioning look as you put your hand on the table, palm up. "Um, sure. Go for it."
He takes your hand and then gently runs his fingers over the lines on your palm, tracing them as he closes his eyes and pretends to envision something the way you do. Soon, your confusion fades into amusement at the effort that he's putting into this. Each of his feather-like touches causes your heart to speed up a little, and you have to try to will your palms not to start sweating because that would not be attractive at all.
"So? What do you see?"
"Shh," he whispers with his eyes firmly shut. "The spirit is still talking."
You use the chance to really glance at him. Not much has changed since the last time you'd seen him, but somehow he looks even better now鈥攑erhaps healthier or more radiant, like he's completely healed from the remnants of a broken heart plaguing him before. Maybe even happier. You wonder if what Soonyoung said about you healing broken people is true.
"I saw a lot of things," Mingyu finally says as he opens his eyes, and his lips automatically curl into a smirk when he catches you staring. "First, I saw myself in your future."
"Yeah? What were we doing?"
"We went on a picnic and ended up getting chased by bees," he chuckles. "Then we went to a bookstore but ended up making out between the shelves, but we got kicked out by a tired employee who looked like it wasn't his first time kicking people out for doing that."
You stifle a laugh. "Why does it seem like our dates are always being interrupted?"
"Hmm, there was one where we had some peace, actually. It was when we were skating, and I fell right on my butt. Then you asked if it hurt when I fell for you鈥攚ell, you tried to say it as a pickup line, but you messed it up." Mingyu pauses for a second, biting his lip like he's almost hesitant. "Instead, you ended up asking me if I've fallen for you."
"And? What did you say?" Your heart speeds up tenfold.
"I said yes, Y/N. I've fallen for you. I think you already knew it by the time I said it, but you just smiled. Then you suddenly fell too, and we laughed about it."
The way he says it with all the confidence in the world tells you that maybe it's okay for you to admit it too, that there's no need to be afraid to confront your feelings like you'd always done before. Now the insecurities that had been plaguing you suddenly fade away, leaving only one thing clear in your head: there would be no more running.
You break into a smile. "Then I said I fell for you too, right?"
"Yeah, you did." It takes a moment for the initial shock on his face to disappear, and when it does, he's smiling so widely that small crinkles appear near his eyes. "And if you want, I can show you how each of these scenes are supposed to happen."
"Okay, sure. Show me."
Mingyu lets out a loud exhale. "That's a relief. For a second I thought you were going to complain about everything the way I did with your reading."
"Hey鈥攕ee? I'm nicer than you are." You shoot him a glare. "Who even does that?"
"Yeah, I'll admit that wasn't the greatest impression. Maybe we can start over?"
"Well," you pretend to think about it but can't help the smile creeping onto your face. "This is kind of a shitty place for a first date."
"Maybe our first date will be that picnic I saw in my reading then. But without the bees, yeah?"
You nod.
"Oh yeah, have your wounds healed? They didn't leave any scars, did they?" He lifts your hand to examine it carefully before taking your other hand as well, turning both of them over to look for the evidence of your wounds from the fall. Then he simply holds them.
And suddenly, it clicks into place. The small scars you'd seen on the hands in the vision, the dimness of the diner, and the blurred face of the lover. Everything seems to line up so perfectly that it has your head spinning for a moment with deja vu. Had it really been you in the vision?Was the lover not someone with your hairstyle, nor Mingyu's ex, but actually you yourself? And wasn't this moment at the diner鈥攚ith your hands and the tiny, healing scars on them enveloped by Mingyu's鈥攖he first scene in the vision? Maybe this is how it happens. You really hope that this is how it happens.
You don't know whether you should tell him or not, but when you look up and see the small smile dancing on his lips and the sparkle in his eyes, you get the feeling that Mingyu already knows. And whether he's purposely trying to recreate the scene or whether he merely lets it occur, the gesture ignites a sort of warmth in your heart. It fuels the seed of hope that maybe, just maybe, you won't have to say goodbye one day.
Tumblr media
It takes a couple of weeks for life to settle down after that. Between working your regular hours at the shop and then coming home to Soonyoung and Wonwoo's invasive questions, you also have to deal with the aftermath of Minghao's party. Which, surprisingly enough, is not as scary as you once might've thought.
Junhui is actually the one who reaches out to you first. He sends a text asking if you're okay after what happened, and you nearly jump at seeing the name flashing across your screen; admittedly, you never did end up deleting his contact info. And with a bit of encouragement from Mingyu, you end up not only texting back but also meeting him for a chat about everything that's happened since college.
He's grown up since you'd last seen him, but otherwise, he's still the same Junhui: quiet, smiley, and laughs easily at the things you say. Most of all, he doesn't resent you for what you did and rather understands. You're not sure if he says this because he's finally met who he's meant to be with, or whether he remembers the scenes at all, but you don't bring it up. You want to save him from going into this new relationship with any expectations, whether that be the failure or the success of it鈥攕omething you only learned recently. Regardless of what happens, you hope he can be as happy with her as he was in all the scenes of his reading.
The weekend after that, the picnic date that Mingyu jokingly mentioned in his reading finally happens. Well, it's not exactly a picnic date since he switches it up at the last minute and the two of you end up going apple picking instead.
It's a beautiful day鈥攖he sun is shining brightly with no clouds to be seen鈥攁nd it gives you a sense of relief when the past while has been so hectic. Mingyu picks you up at your apartment, and you rush out while ignoring your roommate's terrible advice and continuous questions about what you'd be doing and where you'd be going. Although even after you go downstairs, you're almost sure you can see Soonyoung peering from your seventh-floor balcony; knowing him, he's probably got binoculars out too to watch your every move.
"So what happened to the picnic date that you saw?"
Mingyu shrugs without missing a beat. "The reading changed, and I just went with what I saw."
"Oh, did it?" You give him a questioning look, but he only smiles back at you and doesn't give away any more information.
The drive to the orchard is slow with the busy traffic of the city around you, and you enjoy your time relaxing in your seat and listening to Mingyu talk about his week. He tells you about his new job and moving to new place and says that Seungcheol is a much better manager than his previous. And when he asks about meeting Soonyoung, you're ready to spill all the details about all of your roommate's silly antics鈥攆rom avoiding baking because he didn't know to use oven mitts when taking things out of the oven, to setting an eight-hour timer every night in place of an alarm. There was also a time when Wonwoo had unknowingly poured salt into Soonyoung's coffee instead of sugar, and being the considerate boyfriend he is, Soonyoung drank it without so much as a grimace.
They are stories that have gotten old to you, yet Mingyu laughs like they're the funniest thing. The way he turns to you at each red light to simply look at you with a smile is enough to have your heart speeding up and your palms sweating. He takes you in like he's committing each moment to memory. Well, at least until the cars behind you start to honk impatiently when the light turns green.
It turns out that Mingyu does that a lot. During your time at the orchard, you could be saying something as you reach up to grab the apples, and he would just be staring at you as he listens intently.
A nonchalant shrug. "Just appreciating the view."
"So tell me," you say, glancing at him up and down, "what's supposed to happen here? What did you see?"
"Hmm, we picked two bushels of apples."
"That's it?"
"Yeah," he confirms enthusiastically. "And they got quite heavy to carry."
"Were you expecting something more? Hmm?" A small smirk rests on his lips when he leans in a little closer. He's so close that you have your lips parted and eyes nearly shut, anticipating the feel of his soft lips on yours. But instead, he pulls back with an apple in his hand. "Found a good one right behind your head over there."
You roll your eyes, turning to leave so he doesn't see the embarrassment on your cheeks.
"Hey, I'm kidding. But if you want me to kiss me, you should just say so." He stops you from leaving, and this time he traps you in place with hands on the branches on either side of you. "I'm all yours, Y/N."
Then he finally closes the distance. You expect it to be like the last time, for hands to wander and for lips to consume you, but this time his lips are barely there. It's almost achingly slow the way he kisses you so tenderly, lighter than you thought possible, like a gentle breath against yours with the taste of apples lingering between you. His hands reach up to caress your jaw as if any more pressure would break this fragile moment, and then your senses are overwhelmed by sweetness. The sweetness of apples, the sweetness of Mingyu's lips and the warmth of his mouth, and the sweetness of the sun against your skin and breeze in your hair and voices floating over from a world away.
When you pull apart and open your eyes again, something about this suddenly triggers a memory. You thought the second scene of Mingyu's reading would take place at the market because the faint taste of apples in it reminded you of the cider at the market. But maybe the answer isn't the market at all, and rather an orchard. And maybe it is this particular moment.
Your heart races a little faster at the thought that it really could be it. You really could be Mingyu's lover from the visions.
"Oh, watch out." He steps aside, pulling you with him to avoid a bee flying by.
"Hey鈥擨 thought you said no bees?"
That gets you a laugh as Mingyu takes your hand and tugs you along. "Maybe it's good that it interrupted us."
And you simply smile, brushing off your thoughts and letting yourself enjoy the moment.
Tumblr media
"I know you said he's hot, but I didn't expect him to actually," Soonyoung gestures, "be hot."
You turn away from the rink to shoot him a glare. "I am offended."
Initially, you thought Mingyu's idea for turning your skating date into a double date would go terribly. How were you supposed to let him meet the two friends who thought he was a creep? Especially Soonyoung鈥攜ou were sure he'd make some crude comments that might entirely sabotage your budding relationship. But to your surprise, a charming smile and an offer to help lace up their skates is all it took for Mingyu to have them wrapped around his finger.
Pretty privilege, that's exactly what it is.
"Hey! I wasn't sure if you were serious or if you only found him hot because he gave you attention鈥" The rest of Soonyoung's words get cut off as he goes to dodge your punch. "Anyway, you're treating him well, right? Are you nicer to him than you are to me? Don't hurt him, okay? Don't break his heart."
"I can't believe you," you snort. "Whose side are you on?"
"I'm saying all of this for your sake, Y/N. We can't have you moping around like you did for the past few weeks."
You turn back to the ice and pretend you didn't hear him at all. Should you be laughing or crying in this situation? While you're glad your friends are getting along with Mingyu, it's all too ironic how a pretty face is all it takes for Soonyoung to go back on his words about not being so nice to hot people.
After Mingyu and Wonwoo finish up their laps around the rink, Mingyu comes back to drag you with him this time. You go, albeit reluctantly. The feeling of falling at the park was still too fresh in your mind, and so you skate with one hand in his while the other is grasping at anything to avoid a hard collision with the ice.
"You're not going to fall." Mingyu raises an eyebrow at you, eyes brimming with amusement. "I was only joking about that."
You glance at him warily. "You said that you would."
"Maybe, but only for you."
He smiles, and despite the anxiety that courses through your veins, you find yourself smiling too. Every step you take with Mingyu squeezing your hand reassuringly, you're able to relax like you're basking in the warmth that radiates off of his happiness, and slowly but steadily, the two of you make it safely around the rink without falling.
By the time you stop to take a break, Soonyoung and Wonwoo are nowhere to be seen. You scan the rink, trying to find the familiar faces amongst the larger afternoon crowd now, but your search is unsuccessful. What you find instead, strangely enough, is that people are suddenly gathering around on the opposite side. The rink seems to quiet down with a silence now lingering in the air as if everyone is waiting with bated breath, and in your curiosity, you pull Mingyu over with you to join the crowd.
And that's when you see it: Wonwoo on one knee, Soonyoung covering his mouth in shock, and a ring resting in the box in Wonwoo's hands. The same thin, silver ring that you've familiarized yourself with from seeing it in Soonyoung's future. This must be the exactmoment you saw. 聽
Soonyoung smiles brightly when he gives his answer that you're a little too far to hear, though you don't doubt it's a good one judging by the looks on their faces. The crowd erupts into applause and then Wonwoo is tackled to the ice by Soonyoung enveloping him, and two of them are lost in their own world, too busy to notice anything or anyone else.
"And this is how they fall for each other," Mingyu murmurs into your ear. "Guess my reading was wrong鈥攊t wasn't us. It's them."
Once the crowd dissipates, the two of you wait for the newly engaged couple by the bench. Soonyoung flashes the ring on his finger before heading to the snack bar, and while later, Wonwoo joins you with an endearing grin on his face.
"Wow, congrats!" You pull him into a hug as soon as he steps off the ice. "But why didn't you tell us? We could've helped you prepare for it, or we could've taken pictures or something."
"That was..." He lets out a loud exhale. "It wasn't supposed to happen like this. I was going to do it over dinner鈥擨 had one of those private rooms booked out at the restaurant and all. But the ring fell out of my pocket when I fell on the ice, and well. It landed right in front of him. So," he gives a wry smile, "I didn't really have a choice."
Mingyu pats him on the back reassuringly. "Hey, it's about the simple things. Love doesn't always have to be romantic."
You remember him saying these exact words from your first date at the restaurant but hearing them again now makes you wonder if you had it wrong this entire time. Maybe you've been focusing so much on making your reenactments romantic to match the scenes in the visions that you never realized the scenes are meant to happen anywhere. They're meant to happen in between the normalness of everyday life. They're simple acts of love, just as Mingyu always says.
Later when the four of you are sufficiently warmed up with hot drinks and laughter is in the air, you think you have it figured out. Each of these moments can easily be something that you witness in a reading, but maybe the point isn't to go out searching for them or to run away from them. Maybe it's to make choices that will create a future that you want鈥攐n purpose, and not by fate.
"What do you think, Y/N?" Mingyu pulls you out of your thoughts, gently wrapping an arm around your waist.
"You can come over tonight," he suggests. "Since Soonyoung will be out all night anyway."
"Wait, are you sure? I don't want to intrude or鈥"
"Yeah, it's fine. Besides, you haven't seen my new place yet."
Your heart gives a loud thud at the thought of being alone with him again, all too reminded of what happened the last time. But you swallow the nerves away, put on a smile, and agree.
The two of you leave the couple to go to their fancy dinner as fianc茅s, and afterwards, you find your hand in Mingyu's as you head back to his place.
Right when you step into his apartment, you get the strangest thought that you're relievedto see nothing is set up. There are no fancy candles lining the room this time, no vase of beautiful flowers on the table, and no strings of sparkling lights hanging from above. Mingyu's place looks entirely normal, albeit slightly messier than before since it's clear he hasn't fully unpacked yet.
"Don't judge," he says, quickly going to collect the few pieces of clothing left in the living room while avoiding your gaze. "I just moved in recently."
It's a smaller space than his previous apartment, but much nicer鈥攏ewer looking and without any cracks at the seams like there were in his previous. As if this were a fresh start for a fully healed heart, one that was ready to love again.
Mingyu cooks a nice dinner and as you try to help out in the kitchen, you start to think that you could really get used to this. Watching him add all the different ingredients and seeing the gears turn in his head, and then when you're seated at the table, feeling the smile lingering on your mouth until the last bite of the first proper meal you've had in a while. You think that maybe this is it.
And a while later, you're settled on the couch to watch a movie though it quickly fades into the background when the warmth of his body is pressed against yours. His lips are soft, mouth sweet from the wine, and all around you is the faint smell of oranges from his bodywash and a hint of citrusy detergent from his clothes clinging to your skin.
It has to be past midnight when the movie comes to an end, with the credits slowly fading out. Mingyu gets up to refill your glass of water and you follow him into the kitchen grab a snack when suddenly a blast of music comes from the other side of the wall. It's noticeably loud at first but is soon turned down into a quiet melody in the background.
Mingyu frowns, pausing to listen to the song. "These walls sure are thin, huh. It's generally been pretty quiet around here until now."
"You could probably Shazam their entire playlist like this," you joke. Or, well, maybe it's not so much of a joke when you feel like looking it up yourself because there is something familiar about the song. You can't quite place it, but it's so familiar that it almost bothers you like an itch you can't scratch.
The corner of his lip twitches. "It's okay, maybe they also have something to celebrate."
You're still thinking about why the song sounds so familiar when Mingyu gently takes your hands and guides them to the back of his neck, and then wraps his arms around your waist to pull you in. And when you look up, everything clicks. The familiar walls and familiar music, the snacks on the counter, the light scent of oranges from the bodywash, and even the clothes that you're wearing鈥擬ingyu's clothes. This is the final scene you saw in your vision. This is how dancing in the kitchen at midnight is supposed to turn out.
"You're not going to step on my toes again, are you?" Mingyu's eyes twinkle with amusement as he slowly starts to move with the music, dragging you with him.
The two of you step and you sway, and it's not quite to the beat of the song. You do end up stepping on him, your knees bump a few times and your foreheads nearly do too. It's every bit as awkward as the first time you did this, and even more so without the blanket of darkness or the pretense of romance.
And yet, you hear the endless bubbles of laughter coming out of your mouth. You see the sparkles in Mingyu's eyes, the bright smiles like he can't contain his happiness. You feel it in the way you dance together at a rhythm that belongs to no one else but the two of you.
You know it when he leans in, breath but a whisper at your ear as he says, "Thank you for making me believe in love again."
Now you don't have to look into his future to know that all the scenes you'd seen were about you. Now you can picture it鈥擬ingyu looking up from your laced hands on the table and seeing your smile, face no longer out of focus. Pulling away from your kiss in the orchard has you seeing your own gaze, surprised but content. And then there is this very moment when you see yourself in Mingyu's eyes and you just know.
This is how you fall in love.
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sanjis-all-blue 1 month
Kiss and Make Up | Shanks x Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: shanks left for months and didn鈥檛 even have the decency to let you know he was alive. now that he鈥檚 back in town, he鈥檚 determined to make it up to you.
wc: 2.6k
NSFW - 18+ Only - Minors/Ageless Blogs DNI - You Will Be Blocked
warnings: female reader in mind, yearning, mirror fucking, fellatio, cream pie, breeding, language, pet names (baby, darling, my love)
AN: dedicated to @lawsvalentine who wanted to read a breed-y shanks fic. hope you like it! 鈾(麓蔚锝 )
Tumblr media
You stood at the marina of your home island, watching as the Red Force became bigger and bigger on the afternoon horizon. The light breeze cooled your warm cheeks as your heart fluttered in anticipation.
Because you knew the moment Shanks hit solid land, he was going to get an ear full from you.
He left you for months, and you had no clue where he was. He didn鈥檛 bother to call, or even write. You had reduced yourself to reading the crime columns and the obituaries of the newspaper, scanning for his name in case he had ended up arrested or dead.
Loving Shanks was not easy, given his occupation, but you foolishly kept at it. So when the crew dropped anchor, and the men filed off the ship, seeing him for the first time in a long time made you almost forgive him.
鈥淒arling!鈥 He called, waving his arm. His boyish grin and excitement was so endearing. The way the sunshine illuminated his already fiery hair, the way his sun-kissed skin stretched over his musculature - it was almost too much.
But when he scooped you up, landed kisses all over your face and neck, his facial hair tickling your skin, you remembered you were supposed to be mad at him.
You pushed him off of you, and he gave a playful pout in return. 鈥淒o you know how long it鈥檚 been?!鈥 You scolded. The rest of his crew let out 鈥淥oo鈥漵 because they knew he was in trouble, but knew it wasn鈥檛 their place to eavesdrop and dispersed to go about their chores. (Some of them kept a nosey ear tuned in, however.)
鈥淚 know it鈥檚 been a while baby.鈥 Shanks replied, voice low and intimate, while you averted your gaze. One look at him and it would be game over for you. He snaked his arm around your waist once more, pulling you close, and kissed the side of your head. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry.鈥
You caved, burying your face in his chest, forgiveness already melting away any residual anger. 鈥淵ou can鈥檛 just do that to me.鈥 you mumbled.
鈥淚 know, I know.鈥 He said. After a moment of pondering, he then asked: 鈥淗ow about we catch up tonight? Just you and me.鈥 His chin gestured to his companions around him. 鈥淚鈥檓 kind of tired of these guys anyway.鈥 He joked. You nodded, still pressed against his skin, trying to soak in his presence.
A few hours later, you stood in front of the inn and tavern you and Shanks first met at. He had to finish his docking duties, and you had to get ready for your date. You agonized over what to wear, hoping that some dress in your closet somehow had the power to keep him from ever leaving you alone like that again. Maybe it would be this perfume, or that lipstick. Anything.
You were pulled from your thoughts by the familiar sound of his sandals slapping against the ground behind you. As you turned, his lips met your forehead, and you swooned internally.
鈥淚 thought we could eat alone tonight.鈥 He said, holding up a room key, jingling it softly.
Your heart swelled at his thoughtfulness. The two of you climbed the stairs to your lodging for the night, him right behind you, directing you to the correct room.
He leaned around you to open the door, and once you stepped inside, you saw a bouquet of your favorite flowers on a table under the window. It was a huge arrangement and the fragrance filled up the room.
You rushed over to take a better look and next to the vase was a small card. When you opened the card, nothing was written on it, but a smaller piece of unmarked white paper fell out.
鈥淚 think you should have one of these.鈥 He said to you over your shoulder. The Vivre Card fluttered slightly in the direction of Shanks. 鈥淭hen you鈥檒l always know where to look for me.鈥
Emotions overtook your senses - a mix of happiness, adoration, love, with a tinge of longing because you knew this meant he had to leave again. Regardless, you wrapped your arms around him and gave him a deep kiss. His hand rest on your lower back, pulling you closer.
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 know how much this means to me.鈥 You muttered between kisses. Shanks again proved he was the hardest man in the world to stop loving. Not only did he apologize but he also took steps to rectify the situation without you even needing to ask. What a gentleman.
Well, he was a gentleman until you felt something poking you in the stomach.
You looked down to see his patterned pants tented between you. Looking back up at him, he was blushing slightly and glancing away from you. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e not the only one who missed someone, y鈥檏now.鈥 He said sheepishly.
With a slight giggle, you walked him backward until his knees buckled onto the bed. The pirate captain sat with a bounce and a huff.
鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 quite hungry yet anyway,鈥 you said, spreading his knees apart and taking a place on the floor between his legs. Your impatient fingers started to undo his pants and Shank鈥檚 shaky breath grew shallower as he tried to contain his excitement.
His already rock-hard cock sprang free, looking swollen and wanting. Before letting you go any further, Shanks hooked his pointer finger under your chin and tilted your face upwards, giving you one more loving kiss. Desperate hands bunched the fabric of his pants as you leaned into it. His tongue lightly swiped the inside of your lip, which only encouraged your hands to explore higher.
Sliding your palms against his thighs, they met in the middle. One hand wrapped itself around his shaft, slowly stroking him, while the other wrestled the fabric of his pants and underthings to massage his full, heavy balls.
Your touch made Shanks hiss, and he adjusted himself to pull his pants out from under his seat so you could work him unobstructed. After helping him discard of his troublesome bottom garments, you got back to work. With a quick spit into your palms, you continued to pump him, squeezing your fingers as you neared his leaking head, rubbing your thumb over his sack as he muttered your praises.
Even you were surprised at your own patience. You needed this man inside of you, yet you were also content just listening to his little moans, watching as his body relaxed under your touch.
When you thought he was going to lean back in pure bliss, you used your tongue to lap up the dribble of pre-cum he produced. Shanks hunched over with a moan that you could hear his smile through. 鈥淢ore of that, baby.鈥 He coaxed.
Encouraged, you took his head into your mouth, swirling your tongue around his ridges. You could feel Shank鈥檚 gaze bore into the back of your hair, so you looked up to meet his lidded eyes. His eyebrows furrowed in pleasure and his hand rested on the back of your head. You took more of him in your mouth, inch by inch, still using your hands to stroke him, your spit leaking from your lips making you both sticky.
Shanks groaned as you stretched your jaw open to take more of him. Your lips met your fist, and you bobbed up and down, letting out soft moans of your own the more he gripped your hair.
鈥淪hit, shit, shit-鈥 he muttered as he pulled you off his cock abruptly. You looked up at him, spit all over your chin and cheeks. He took sympathy on you with a smirk. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to finish quite yet, my love.鈥 He grabbed your elbow, guiding you to stand up.
He pressed his face between your still-clothed breasts and inhaled your scent, his hand reaching around to cup your ass. Your hands escaped under his white shirt and rubbed his shoulders and back, feeling every scar from his long journey.
鈥淭ake this off,鈥 he muttered, lightly pulling the fabric of your dress with his teeth. Obeying, you pulled it up and over your head, adding it to the pile of clothes. His lips touched your bare skin, making it erupt with goosebumps. He reached behind you and expertly undid your bra clasp, then you helped him shrug off his top.
The only thing that stood between him and you now were your panties.
鈥淭urn around.鈥 He commanded. You indeed turned but were slightly surprised to see yourself staring back at you in a mirror. 鈥淣ow, take those off. Slowly.鈥
Your fingers hooked under the waistband then started peeling them from your body. You bent at the waist, which elicited a groan and a 鈥淔uck yeah, baby鈥 from your lover. The discarded panties were added to the pile. You turned your head to see that he had scooted himself back against the headboard. He tapped his thigh and said, 鈥淐ome sit.鈥
You turned and crawled over to him, but he motioned for you to turn back towards the mirror. Sinking down on his lap, you adjusted so that his cock rest between your wet folds.
鈥淚s that all for me already?鈥 He asked, also noticing the slick that lubricated your pussy. You nodded biting your lip. His calloused hand slid over your thigh and pulled it outwards, spreading your legs so you could see every detail of the way his member sat between your lips in the mirror.
He leaned his hips backward just a bit so he could angle his cock to tease your wanting hole.
鈥淭ell me you missed me, baby.鈥 He said, his arm wrapped around your hip, stroking his cock.
鈥淚 missed you, Shanks.鈥 You whimpered, as you complied with his teasing. You leaned back against his chest.
鈥淲hat else did you miss?鈥 He asked, slapping himself against you, the contact making lewd noises, watching your every movement in the mirror.
鈥淚 missed your cock.鈥 That answer didn鈥檛 seem to be all he was looking for as he continued to tease you.
鈥淲hat else?鈥 He kissed your shoulders.
鈥淚 missed getting fucked by you!鈥 You cried, almost ready to take this situation into your own hands.
鈥淪o if I fuck you, you鈥檒l forgive me?鈥 You could hear the grin on his voice.
鈥淵es, Shanks, just fuck me!鈥 Your cock-hungry brain didn鈥檛 have time to decide if that was a lie or not before he obliged.
His thick cock pushed past your muscles, which your pussy hungrily accepted. You moaned in unison, both of you satisfying months-long urges. The man鈥檚 wanting cock speared you, but the stretch felt like bliss because you had been dreaming about it for so long.
Shanks鈥 powerful legs fueled his thrusts as he pressed upwards into you. His face was buried in your neck, his hand reaching up to squeeze whatever he could grip: your tits, your tummy, your waist. One of your hands gripped his hair that smelled like salt water. The other shadowed his exploratory hand as it surveyed your body.
Despite your heavy lids from the pleasure he doled out to you, you caught a glimpse of your union in the mirror. It was naughty, it was intimate, it was hot. You could see his cock disappear into your body, you could see how he worshipped you. Your eyes met his in the mirror, and you watched a grin crawl across his face.
His hand abandoned your torso and then found purchase on your clit. The added stimulation sent another wave of pleasure through your body, resulting in your pussy becoming wetter around him. He circled your sensitive nub and listened to your moans as they slipped out of your mouth.
Even with time apart, he knew what made you click.
He paused his thrusting momentarily to focus on the actions of his fingers. Your eyes shut reflexively as you got closer to your climax.
鈥淣o, no, baby, this is the best part, you gotta watch.鈥 He cooed, his lips brushing your skin. Not wanting to disobey you took a peek, putting an image to the feeling of your core tensing and your chest panting before the flood of endorphins.
鈥淪h-Sh-Shanks-鈥 you stuttered, right at the edge of precipice. With a satisfied hum, he began to quickly pump his hips up into yours again, giving you just the push you needed.
Your orgasm flooded your body, feeling like you were being constricted, with the only outlet you could find being the moans echoing in your chest. A creamy white ring formed on Shanks鈥 cock as your body flushed its pleasure through your sensitive hole, which made him gasp in delight.
鈥淥h you did so good my love,鈥 he praised, giving you a kiss on the cheek as the waters of your orgasm receded. 鈥淵ou did so good, in fact, I have one more gift I want to give you.鈥
You smiled warmly at his reflection, eyes filled with satisfaction and adoration, still breathing heavily.
He rolled the two of you over so that you were laying on your chest, your bodies accidentally separating. With your ass slightly up in the air and your legs spread wide, he used his hand to guide himself back in. He traced your spine with his palm as you lazily and lovingly pressed your cheek into the pillow.
He started to thrust into you again, slowly, intimately, trying to savor the feeling.
鈥淢mm, what鈥檚 my other gift?鈥 You asked, voice thick with post-orgasm daze.
Shanks shoved his whole cock into you, causing you to yelp. 鈥淵our other gift is for me to breed this perfect pussy of yours.鈥
Your walls fluttered around him at his words.
鈥淭hen you鈥檒l always have a part of me with you, hm?鈥 He said, voice low and gravely. You could tell he was trying not to bust right then and there. 鈥淭hen I wouldn鈥檛 have to worry either. Everyone would know that this pussy is mine.鈥 He gave you long, controlled strokes of his length. It wouldn鈥檛 be awful, you thought, to have your pussy unquestionably owned by him.
If anything made it evident you wanted it too, it was the gush of your cunt at the idea. To confirm you moaned: 鈥淚 want you to fill me up,鈥 His hand gripped your ass at your directive. 鈥淕ive me your cum.鈥 you begged.
鈥淎nything for you.鈥 Shanks said with a smile. He pounded into you, but you knew it wouldn鈥檛 take him long to finish. His balls slapped against your clit and you rocked backward against him to coax his cum from them.
鈥淥oooh fuck baby,鈥 he moaned, his voice low and deep. You could tell by his erratic humping that he was going to unload at any second. The thought of his cock planting his seed in you made your cunt constrict around him which sent him over the edge.
He froze, and you felt the spurts of Shanks鈥 hot cum coat your walls. The spasm of his balls and his throaty moan filled the room made the situation so erotic, you could feel yourself wanting more. All you could think about was how greedy you were for this man.
He milked his cock with your pussy to make sure he got every single drop out of him and into you, but pulling out caused some to slide down your folds. Two of his fingers collected the excess and shoved it back to its rightful place.
You moaned as his fingers re-entered you and you bucked against his digits, looking over your shoulder at him. His blushed, post-orgasm face glowed and his hand didn鈥檛 move from its place. Again, you rocked back against his fingers, testing him.
Shanks raised an eyebrow at you while curling his fingers up against your walls. 鈥淒on鈥檛 let me stop you now. We have months to make up for and I have way more cum to give you.鈥
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simpforrooster 9 months
stand in my way. pt. 2聽
Tumblr media
Bradley 'Rooster' Bradshaw x F!MitchellReader
read part one here!
rooster tries so hard to win back y/n. a/n: here it is!! long awaited part two! I hope y'all like it! tag list at the bottom, I hope I got everyone! so sorry it took so long! perfectionism started setting in, and I was afraid y'all wouldn't like it o.O
& tried again when he was sober, Rooster did.
He sauntered into the Hard Deck in one of his fucking Hawaiian shirts the next night. Thinking he was hot shit.聽
He knew he was.
Rooster鈥檚 lips dropped into the most sensual grin you鈥檝e ever seen. He pulled a single red rose from behind his back. He was hitting low. The boy knows how much you love the Bachelor.聽
You took the rose in your hand when he held it out to you. Taking a long whiff of the sweet fragrance, you looked him in the eye and delivered your blow.聽
鈥淭hank you, Lieutenant.鈥
That grin fell from Rooster鈥檚 face so fast.聽
The next time was very similar.聽
Your dad had the crew out on the beach for some dogfight football.聽
Watching your boyfriend-ex?-dance around in the sun shirtless was almost your undoing. His Ray-Bans kept falling down his nose, and he鈥檇 send you a quick wink when he鈥檇 catch you staring.聽
You鈥檇 be certain to turn your attention back to Penny.聽
Can鈥檛 have him thinking he was going to win you back that easy.聽
Once the game concluded, a Rooster-sized shadow covered you. Placing a hand on the back of your chair, he leaned down, situating his mouth right by your ear.聽
鈥淵ou, me, and The Island. 8pm.鈥澛
The Island was where the two of you had your first date. It鈥檚 one of few swanky restaurants in Fightertown U.S.A. The date ended with you tangled up with Rooster in the back of his Bronco.聽
鈥淭he Bronco is a given, of course,鈥 he added, seemingly reading your mind.聽You prayed silently, hoping Rooster didn鈥檛 see how he affected you.聽
鈥淏ut, my dad鈥檚 been in the best mood ever, you know, with you 鈥榮taying away from his little girl鈥.鈥澛
Penny hid her chuckle in her drink almost expertly.聽
Rooster didn鈥檛 respond. Just nodded and walked back to the crew with his tail tucked between his legs.聽
His next showcase allllmost got you. He decided to take a page out of his and your dad鈥檚 book.聽
While you were drowning your Rooster-less sorrows in your third glass of wine, he and Bob came up to you. Bob鈥檚 face was beet red, and Rooster kept sending him encouraging looks.聽
Rooster cleared his throat, and broke out into a terrible rendition of 鈥淵ou've Lost That Lovin鈥 Feelin鈥欌. The entire bar was into it. Cheering them on.聽
Your face was just as red as Bob鈥檚. All that attention on you wasn鈥檛 your favorite.聽
What got you, was your dad chuckling across the bar. You met his eye, and he sent you a wink.聽Rooster had talked to him. That鈥檚 where he got the idea. Maybe they fixed things?
You still felt so bad, knowing you kept this huge secret from Rooster.
But he still hadn鈥檛 apologized. Rooster thought he could just waltz back in and charm his way out of this.聽He was always charming his way out of things.
Not this time.聽
You were standing your ground.聽
When the men finished singing, Rooster looked at you so expectantly, his brown eyes full of hearts.聽You swallowed your want to pull him into your arms, and answered him with a swig of your wine.聽
The heartbreak that settled in those brown eyes was almost too much to bear. It was like a little boy who just found out his little caterpillar just got squished.聽
You caught your dad鈥檚 similar expression.聽
Not being able to handle the eyes on you, you set your glass down and ran out of the bar.聽
Rooster catches you as you struggle to open the door of your car. Tears have made it hard to see what your doing.聽
You hit the lock on your keyfob, didn鈥檛 you?
The tears have started falling harder and harder. You can鈥檛 shake the look on Rooster鈥檚 face when you basically rejected him in front of a bar full of people.聽
鈥淵/N, baby, calm down.鈥澛
His arms slide around your shoulders, holding you up as you try to slide down onto the ground. You instantly relax into his strong chest, finally feeling like you were home. Your sobs rock deep in your chest.聽
Rooster pushes you out at arms length. His finger comes under your chin, tilting your face up to look at him. Tears rim his own eyes, and his hurt hits you like a ton of bricks.聽
鈥淗oney, I am so sorry.鈥 His voice breaks. 鈥淚 should have never insinuated I ever started dating you to get back at your dad.鈥
You don鈥檛 respond, wanting more. Needing more.聽
His hands rest on either side of your face, holding you like you鈥檙e his whole world.聽
鈥淵/N, I have been broken these past few days. No contact with you, it鈥檚 worse than almost anything. You鈥檙e my constant.鈥澛
His thumb reaches over, wiping away a stray tear that rolls down your cheek.聽
鈥淕od, I鈥檓 lost without you, baby. I can鈥檛 fly my fucking plane right, your damn picture in the cockpit distracting me every time I go up.鈥
He leans in with every word, stopping a breath away from your lips.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 so fucking sorry.鈥澛
"Rooster, I am sorry too, I should have told--"
Rooster cuts you off with a vehement shake of his head. "No. No. Mav and I talked. I shouldn't have taken it out on you. He's your dad, I get it."
You answer him by grabbing the collar of his hideous Hawaiian shirt. Pulling him against you and attaching your lips onto his. You鈥檝e caught him off guard, and he presses you against your car. Rooster鈥檚 kisses are urgent, like he鈥檚 afraid you鈥檙e going to disappear right from under him.聽
One hand rests against the car, keeping most of his weight off you, and his other wraps around your waist. His strong fingers press into your skin, pulling your lower half against him.聽
He鈥檚 drinking you in, and it almost feels inappropriate to be kissing him like this, knowing anyone can walk out the bar and see the two of you.聽
Especially your dad.聽
鈥淔orgive me, girl,鈥 Rooster says against your lips. You can鈥檛 get a word in with the way his lips work against yours. 鈥淚鈥檓 so fucking sorry.鈥澛
鈥淩ooster, you big stud. Take me to bed or lose me forever,鈥 you murmur against his lips.聽
You鈥檙e not the only one who talked to Mav.聽
tag list:
@n3ssm0nique @alana4610 @seasonswinter @stevesdick @multiplefandommess @hope-love-quality2 @slut4bradley @welpthathappened @its-murphy-time
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s0ulryo 1 month
Boyfriend Azul Headcanons 鈾 鈰喡匪
[Azul Ashengrotto x Reader] Synopsis: Oddly specific (but also vague) boyfriend Azul headcanons.聽 Tags: Soft, established relationship, reader owns hair ties and chains, reader is not yuu聽 Notes: Probably ooc, not proofread, azul is so pretty, also this style was supr fun guys
(Reader is always gn unless specified otherwise.)
Tumblr media
BOYFRIEND AZUL, who loves it when you visit him during his work鈥攈e knows that he works a lot and can鈥檛 help but feel like he sometimes neglects you.
BOYFRIEND AZUL, who stares at you with so much adoration when you sit with him in his office.聽
BOYFRIEND AZUL, who keeps trinkets you gifted him in his room and not in his office after a client of his broke something you gave him鈥攈e鈥檇 never admit it, but he cried after that event.
BOYFRIEND AZUL, who takes notes on his phone about your interests, likes, dislikes, and overall everything you tell him鈥攈e just loves to learn about you.聽
BOYFRIEND AZUL, who keeps track of the things you tend to stare at in stores so he can buy you them as a surprise gift later.聽
BOYFRIEND AZUL, who 鈥渂orrows鈥 whatever fragrances you own to make his scarf smell like you.聽
BOYFRIEND AZUL, who steals your hair ties and chains to wear because he likes having a part of you with him at all times.聽
BOYFRIEND AZUL, who carries around the 鈥渟tupid鈥 octopus keychain you gave him because it reminded him of you.聽
BOYFRIEND AZUL, who always makes an effort to plan the best date nights because he loves how you smile at him through the night.聽聽
BOYFRIEND AZUL, who has a private photo album on his phone of photos of both of you (mostly you) from your dates and whatever random photos you send him throughout the day.聽
BOYFRIEND AZUL, who always looks starstruck and flustered after you cover his face with kisses.聽聽
BOYFRIEND AZUL, who writes letters about you to his mom detailing how 鈥榳onderful鈥 you are.聽
BOYFRIEND AZUL, who hugs you a little tighter at the end of every night when you both have to go back to your respective rooms because he knows he鈥檒l miss you.聽
BOYFRIEND AZUL, who is so absolutely in love with you.
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lunalockley 10 months
1. The Neighbor
Steven Grant x Fem!Reader x Jake Lockley
Warnings: 18+ soft smut, just some making out (for now hehe, the whole I wanna be yours series will be NSFW 18+ so beware)
Summary: Your new cute and sweet neighbor Steven has you鈥 intrigued.
Words: 1.3k
Notes: At the end of the chapter 鈫
Next chapter
Tumblr media
There are three people you know in the building. Two of them are friends with you, kind of. The first you met was your landlord whose flat is precisely underneath yours and he has complained already twice about how much noise your footsteps make in the afternoon, twice in the whole month you have rented it to him. So definitely not a friend. Your actual friend is the old lady who lives on the same floor, at the beginning of the hall, Miss Claire. The same day you were moving in she knocked on your door with a fruit basket as a welcome gift. You returned the gesture with an apple crumble. Since then she has shared her wisdom about the cheapest markets nearby, guidance on the fastest ways to get to your new job, book recommendations, and crochet tips over a warm and homey tea date at her place.
And there is Steven. Steven with a v, he had said. Your cute neighbor with messy hair, baggy clothes, and a gentle smile, whose door is in front of yours.
He was nice the first time he saw you, making time to introduce himself and having small talk even when he was running late for work. There you learned he worked in the gift shop at the London museum, that he was late because he had a sleep-walking problem and that he fought it by trying to stay awake but had slept at the last minute, that he was very into Ancient Egypt and spent a great part of his time studying the culture, that he had a goldfish named Gus and even offered to give you a tour around the best libraries and book shops around the neighborhood when you told him you worked as a translator and book editor. All of that in a cute rapid babble that got you smiling while he walked backwards through the hall to the elevator. Laters gators, he had screamed waving his hand before the doors closed in front of him.
That was the very best first impression of all the people you had met in London. The nicest and sweetest one. You were definitely interested on get to know him better.
But, of course, you weren鈥檛 in a place to call him a friend yet. More of an occasionally friendly-like person. Because a few days later, when you bumped into him in the elevator, it took you a moment to recognize him. But when you finally greeted him he just stared at you for a few seconds, nodded, and stormed out as soon as the doors opened.
That鈥檚 why you were even more intrigued by him a few days later when he showed up at your door.
鈥淚 came to honor my word, you know. The book shops I told you about last time we saw each other? Remember? I thought we could set a date. Since I鈥檓 a regular they often give me discounts so maybe if they see us together they鈥檒l give you discounts too. Or I could just buy them for you. And I thought maybe I can show you my favorite coffee shop, bloody amazing tea鈥 and coffee. I don鈥檛 know which one you prefer but uh鈥擜ll this if you are still interested, of course. There鈥檚 no problem if you鈥檙e not. And if you are not busy because I guess you might鈥斺.
His rambling makes you giggle, but some of it confuses you. 鈥淵eah, I remember, Steven. And I would love to. But that鈥檚 not the last time we saw each other tho鈥.
鈥溾hat do you mean?鈥 He asked, puzzled.
鈥淭hat time in the elevator at night?鈥. That got you no reaction. 鈥淵ou were wearing a dark jacket, with a raised collar and a hat. I greeted you but you didn鈥檛 seem to remember me鈥.
This makes him giggle in return. 鈥淗ow could I forget about you? You must have confused me with someone else鈥.
And even when you are almost certain that it was him in the elevator you let it pass because you get distracted by the way he鈥檚 smiling at you, how good he smells 鈥攁 mix between a woody floral fragrance and freshly washed clothes鈥, how his whole body seems to vibrate with contained energy, and how cheerful his brown eyes look when you both finally set a date.
He鈥檚 not the only one who gets thrilled though. As the day of the date approaches, you get more and more excited. A nervous know forms in your belly and a soft giggle escapes your mouth every time you remember your cute neighbor.
You even bake an apple crumble for him the previous day to share before you two go on your bookshop tour. Since Miss Claire called it an absolute delicacy. Her words.
But then you wait and wait, and wait.
He doesn鈥檛 show up. Neither the next day nor the day after that. Nor the week after that.
Days and weeks passed and you didn't get any news from him till the point you actually started to get worried about him.
So you were concerned, disappointed鈥 and intrigued. Your slippery neighbor frequently coming to your mind. Thinking about the first time you met him in the hall, that time in the elevator when he just stared at you without saying a word, the intensity of his eyes in contrast with the way he looked at you a few days later when he came to you to set a date. All of it running around in your mind.
Until one night you wake up to strong knocks on your door.
And there he is. Steven.
But not the cheerful and energetic Steven you had talked to. No, in front of you was that one you had met in the elevator. The controlled and silent one. He鈥檚 just looking at you, but this time there鈥檚 a fervor in his eyes that leave goosebumps all over your skin.
And when you open your mouth to ask him what is he doing here, what has happened to him all this time he鈥檚 kissing you. His hands suddenly on your hips and your lower back, leading you inside your flat, holding you by your naked thighs and pressing you against the closed door.
You try to push away to breathe, to try to think. But now his lips are on your neck, on your collarbone. And you need to hold into something, so your hand finds his way to the curls of his head, his hat falling to the floor in the process. But he doesn鈥檛 seem to care. Because he鈥檚 taking you to your bed. His mouth finding its way back to yours.
He takes a moment to admire you, once he has placed you onto the mattress. You open your mouth for the second time, trying to make any sense of what鈥檚 happening. But he just shakes his head before you say anything, his eyes fixed on the way his hands are lifting up your shirt. Revealing little by little more of your body.
And you don鈥檛 even feel like asking any more questions as long as he keeps touching you like this. Because now his mouth is making its way over your thigh while his hand caresses your ribcage under your shirt.
And every second he gets closer and closer to where you want him the most鈥
But then, again, almost like a deja-vu, you wake up to gentle knocks on your door.
And there he is, just like you would鈥檝e summoned him with your steamy dream, your 鈥攕ort of鈥攆riendly neighbor Steven with what seems to be a souvenir of the pyramid聽of Giza in his hands.
Next chapter
Hi! This fanfic will be NSFW and contain smut so please 18+ readers only. Until the moment, I have planned ten chapters for this fic. This one, the first, starts with the Steven from the first episode. The one who doesn鈥檛 know about Marc yet, that鈥檚 when he and the reader meet for the first time. Those three or so weeks he spends away comprehends the whole Moon Knight Series timeline, so when he comes back to the reader he鈥檚 already gone through all. He鈥檚 been in Egypt, has a good relationship with Marc, and doesn鈥檛 know yet about Jake. Lastly, even when I love her I鈥檓 going to take a creative license and erase Layla from my fiction world. Not completely, I think she and Marc were married and divorced, and that鈥檚 it. There鈥檚 not any hate intended, just it would be easier for me to do it this way. This is the way hehe.
And yes, Miss Claire is the friend of the old lady scared of Steven in that elevator scene in episode one.
That鈥檚 all I wanted to say, thanks for reading <3
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socalscents 6 months
This smells GOOD! Wanted by Night by Azzaro
Wanted by Night by Azzaro is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men. Wanted by Night was launched in 2018. Wanted by Night was created by Quentin Bisch and Michel Girard. Top notes are Cinnamon, Mandarin Orange, Lavender and Lemon; middle notes are Fruity Notes, Incense, Red Cedar and Cumin; base notes are Tobacco, Vanilla, Leather, Cedar, Benzoin, Iso E Super, Cypress and Patchouli.
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masonjpg 3 months
eau d'amour (mason mount)
you fall for mason over the course of your shared fragrance campaign.
warnings: fluff, result of a spur of the moment idea?? sm!au
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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valentino.beauty Top notes of oud, vanilla, amber and a touch of linen mimic the seductive blend created by a long night spent together between lovers. Valentino welcomes @ yourusername & @ masonmount as the faces of our new fragrance, perenne.
The emotion that @ yourusername brings to the big screen, and the passion that @ masonmount brings to the pitch are sure to combine to deliver an unforgettable campaign.聽
#freetobe #perenne @valentino.beauty
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yourusername 鉂o笍
yndotorg mother stays winning!
yn444 with mason? 馃憖
masonmount 馃榿馃敟
kaihavertz29 are you going to wear all white? ride in on a horse?
benchilwell 馃槀馃槀馃槀
yourusername 1h
Tumblr media
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You were on your last day shooting a small role in Busan when the news broke about your new brand deal. Congrats poured in from your loved ones and fans as usual, but you encountered something different after this particular announcement.
The partner you had seemed to have some very intense followers. All of a sudden you were being bombarded with questions about your love life, past and present. That was annoying enough, but what made you even more irritated were the comments where they talked about you like they weren't under your pictures. Is she really dating Mase? Idk but if she is it's probably PR...
You'd never even met Mason or spoken to him. Valentino reached out to your agency to ask if you had any beauty contracts in the works. There was another option, but their pitch was better so they were chosen. You assumed that things were done the same on his end too.
The two of you would eventually connect in a few weeks in Italy to do your initial shoot for all the photos that would be distributed for marketing and advertising. It was exciting since this was your first experience being the face of a fragrance, and you believed it was his as well.
Hopefully things would go smoothly between you and Mason. To reach out in good faith and establish contact prior to your trip, you followed his account. He appeared to have the same idea because despite the time difference, his follow back came quickly.
yourusername 4h
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
masonmount 4h
Tumblr media
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Even though you were in between movies, there were still countless other engagements that required your presence. The most important of them brought you to London for a red carpet dress fitting officially. Unofficially, you'd be reading secretly for a lead part in a major upcoming film.
You never really got nervous any more given that you'd been acting for years now on an increasingly larger scale. This audition was different though. It could take you from mere starlet to full blown movie star.
Meeting up with Mason for a coffee was just the activity you needed to calm your spirit. He showed up with a hat pulled low over his face, but you recognized that nose in an instant.
"It's pretty dead here, you can lose the disguise." You laughed.
The museum coffee shop was intentionally chosen because crowd control was easy for your security. It being the middle of a random weekday also meant that there was no crowd to control.
"Right," Mason grinned, fluffing out his hair. "Nice to finally meet you in person, Y/N."
"Likewise." You rose from your seat.
He gave you two quick kisses on the cheeks and you both went on to order your drinks. You just wanted an Americano to which Mason scoffed, so bitter. His choice left you in just as much distaste. Did he want coffee with his caramel syrup?
Despite the differing tastes in coffee, you shared quite a bit in common. He was really into fashion-streetwear in particular like you were. There was also a lot of overlap in the artists you listened to.
Mason was funnier than you expected him to be. Not in a practiced, polished way either. It was almost nerdy. From the goofy faces he pulled to the comparisons he was able to draw between the artwork you saw and modern day memes, you found yourself cracking up.
"This was really fun." You smiled sadly, actually feeling quite disappointed that you had to leave for your reading.
He managed to ease all the stress you'd been weighed down by when you showed up. Being in his company was comforting, warm. Like snuggling under the covers after a long day.
"Promise not to leave me on read when I reach out again, superstar." Mason pulled you into a hug.
"Wouldn't dream of it." You assured him with a squeeze.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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valentino.beauty Dream team @ yourusername and @ masonmount effortlessly embodying the sensuality of perenne. Tag your other half:
#freetobe #perenne @valentino.beauty
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masonmount my partner was an absolute beast on set
yourusername I can see why you were a "pleasure to have" in class 馃槀
cmpulisic the duo I didn't know I needed...
lalalalisa_m you both look stunning! 馃槏
yourusername ty lili 馃ズ馃
Not long after you left London, you were due in Milan for the promotional photos of your fragrance. It would be nice to finally see Mason again. Chatting with him online when time permitted had been holding you over in the meantime to the best of its ability. You'd rather see his dimples when he smiled in person though.
Mason was already blocking for his solo photos when you arrived to set. Hair and makeup did their thing quickly for your first outfit and ushered you into the same space.
"I want you two to look at one another as if you're what each other wants more than anything in the world ." The photographer directed. "Long for each other, ache."
You felt fine, confident with the instructions given to you. That was to be expected considering your profession. Mason, on the other hand, looked nervous. It wasn't the first time you worked with a less experienced co-star.
Your eyes widened when his met them, signaling him to hold your gaze. Once he complied, you nodded slowly. Just watch me, you mouthed.
Mason swallowed and leaned back into his seat. The photographer called for you two to begin. It was as if a switch flipped in your mind. You felt your nose burn, eyes welding just enough to gloss them over. Your lips parted as you inhaled softly, neck elongating as the camera swapped from him to you.
Mason's eyes followed the column of your neck. Conscious or not, his tongue darted out to touch the corner of his mouth. Your head titled back more, but your eyes stayed on him. A small smiled played on his lips as he realized what this was.
It was a conversation regardless of the lack of words. I want you but I know I can't have you, was what you conveyed. You already have me, Mason responded, just stop being afraid to accept us.
"Fantastic! Get them ready for the bath and we'll wrap up." The photographer clapped.
From the proofs you saw, your jaw dropped. They weren't even yours. Mason had a smolder in his bag of wonders that you would not have guessed at first glance.
Even though he was literally looking at you when the pictures were taken, you felt a weird tinge rise up. The angle the image was captured at made it look as if his eyes were on the lens, so now everyone was on the receiving end of that gaze. Were you jealous?
You shook off the thought while you were restyled into a thin strapped maxi dress. The makeup artist packed you with setting spray before shuttling you off to crawl into the tub with Mason.
He held his arms out for you and helped you settle on top of his body. It was a very nice body, you might add. His ab covered torso had been left exposed by his shirt not being buttoned at all, and his soaked trousers clung to his muscular thighs.
"I want you guys to seduce the camera, make me want to join you." The photographer stood above you in a way that made you want to burst out laughing.
That was where your professionalism kicked in. As much as you wanted to crack up at the absurdity of the poor guy twisting and stretching overhead, you kept it together.
Your eyes slanted slightly, lips offering a soft pout. Movement came very naturally and fluidly with Mason. Your hand went from gently stroking his chin to laced with his that dangled off your shoulder. Your brought his fingers up to your mouth, lips grazing over the knuckles.
After getting a few more positions, the photographer was thoroughly pleased with what he had to work with. You had never been more upset to board a plane to go to an award show than you were straight after this job.
"I'll see you in Ibiza!" Was all you managed to get out to Mason before you were shuffled away and onto your jet.
Tumblr media
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yourusername dimples out like i'm cheesin'
yourassistant vacant late night parisian street activities
yourusername you're the realest 馃
ynisgoated MA'AM???
mm19stannn are you dating @ masonmount ?
ynsangel what if she was? y'all are so corny w this shit
Tumblr media
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masonmount deffo cheesin' 馃榿
benchilwell looking too leng brother
declanrice are you proposing?
masonmount you sound a bit jelly deccy 馃 @ declanrice @ benchilwell
mountnationzz are y'all seeing what i'm seeing? 馃馃徏鈥嶁檧锔
masec0ded omfg if they're actually together...
Since the shoot, the photos had dropped and you were seeing yourself and Mason everywhere. He started sending you pictures of the weirdest places he found the campaign, and you did the same. Never thought you'd see yourself plastered onto a building right next to an outlet sized sex store, but there was a first time for everything.
Whether it was convenient for you or not, you found the time to message Mason. He'd quickly found himself to be an essential part of your day somehow. Maybe it started with him asking how do you like your memes in the morning?
Debatable origins of his daily presence aside, you loved waking up to something that made you smile. You talked about it all with him-best gelato flavors, most likely of you two to end up in a foreign jail, how sick public transport is in sci-fi movies.
Speaking of movies, that was also something that you and Mason shared. He suggested one night that you both watched some new thriller on Apple TV over video chat and of course you said yes.
You might've been miles and miles apart, but you felt closer than ever. It was so hard not to be distracted by how cute he looked in his hoodie, eyes darting between his tv and his propped up phone.
By the third time you two had a movie night, you were able to divide your attention more equally while the film was rolling. Ultimately, once the call ended, the time you spent speaking to Mason was longer than the entire movie alone.
"Only a few more days until I get to see you smile that hard in person." Mason held back one of his own as he carried you with him through his home.
"I am not..." You admittedly, at the point of his words, began to do exactly as he'd described.
"You're cheesing!" He cackled playfully.
"So are you, I can see your dimples!" You tried to deflect.
Mason flopped onto his bed, light from his phone offering the only illumination of his face before he flicked on his nightstand lamp. God, you could stare at his red nose and gorgeous cheeks all night.
"I, unlike you, won't deny the truth." He sighed. "You make me happy."
Though he could've meant that in so many ways, there was only one way that you took it. How could you not when he was so charming and beautiful and dorky, and made you feel like you were in an indie music video for a song about love?
"Fine, I'll admit it." You rolled your eyes with a smirk. "You make me happy too, Mase."
valentino.beauty 2h
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As soon as you got to set in Ibiza, you ran to Mason. He met you halfway and scooped you into his arms. You laughed, squeezing him so tightly like you couldn't believe he was physically here.
There was a second that passed where you thought he might've kissed you. Mason's eyes dropped to your lips as he set you down on your feet. His own parted, tongue darting out to wet the bottom one slightly. You were very much into the idea when you were interrupted.
"This is great!" The same photographer clapped. "You guys seem to have gotten close since the last shoot. You're going to need that today."
He elaborated on the vision he had. Since you would be doing the commercial this time, he just wanted to capture a bunch of different moments that would accompany the music and voiceovers.
The vibe was an escape. Two lovers that took off on a whim to be alone with one another by the sea. You got done up very minimally by hair and makeup. They loosely curled your hair, and went foundation free on your face before you put on the white bikini left out for you.
Mason was dressed in black swim shorts to contrast your look when you stepped back out onto the beach. For the first scene, the director got his camera all set and told you two to just walk.
"So," You tilted your head up to look at Mason. "What was it you were saying about cheesing?"
His face lit up, a grin making him glow from his hairline to his chin. You let your ego inflate for a bit, soaking in the fact that you made him smile like that with ease.
"Those pictures we posted..." He shook his head.
"Do you regret it?" You whispered.
Your body gravitated towards his naturally the further you walked until you wrapped your arms around one of his, head resting on his shoulder.
After that last FaceTime, you found yourself walking around Paris with your assistant who snapped a few pics of you. The dimples in your back made you remember your conversation, so you posted it as an inside joke or whatever. Mason saw it and responded in a way that left you know he got the message loud and clear.
Your little game got you into some warm water with the online community. It didn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that you two were communicating indirectly, and once that clicked, the dating rumors started going nuts.
"Nah, we didn't do anything wrong." Mason chuckled. "You should run, by the way."
"Run?" Your brows knitted.
He nodded, flexing his fingers. "Uh-huh."
Your eyes widened and you immediately bolted. You told Mason on one of your previous calls that you were horribly ticklish. Terror spread through you instantly.
No matter how well you were doing in the gym these days, there was no way you were going to outrun a professional athlete. Stop, ohmygod, Mase please-ah! He laughed manically as he hugged you tightly from behind, tickling your sides.
Your head flew back as you cried and giggled, desperately trying to wriggle free from his hold. Right before you reached the point of screaming, Mason eased up on you.
"So unfair!" You whined, spinning around in his arms.
Mason made cooing sound followed by a soft sorry. You pulled him in for a hug, needing a comforting touch now more than ever. Your arms wrapped around his shoulders and his around your waist. He kissed your hair, body pressing even closer.
"Perfect!" The director clapped. "I think we'll set up by the cabana to get the sunset in the background and wrap for the day."
You made your way to get quick touch-ups for the second half of the shoot. The team freshened your makeup, fluffed your hair out and cleared your body of any stray bits of sand.
"Same idea as last time, just act like I'm not here." The photographer instructed when you rejoined the crew.
Mason held out his arms much like he did when you were getting with him in the bathtub. You bit your lip as you crawled into the bed, lying face to face.
"Is it okay if I get really close?" You asked him.
"I'm comfortable with whatever you want to do." Mason reassured.
You nodded and pressed your hips forward slowly until they were right in front of his. Your leg hitched over his waist, tugging him flush against you. Mason's breath caught as he looked down at your conjoined bodies.
"I've been wanting to do this, you know." You breathed. "Just lie down with you and look at how beautiful you are."
Seeing him this close in person was almost overwhelming. It made all of your video chats seem like child's play in comparison. You could easily find yourself getting lost trying to count his freckles, and use them to draw endless shapes. You already felt your eyes growing dry, not wanting to blink in fear that you'd miss the upward tilt of his lips.
"Can we do this again then? Off set..." Mason gave you one as if on cue.
"I'm free tonight." You returned it.
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maybank-archives 5 months
dating jj maybank would include
Tumblr media
warning: none, just a fluff canon.
summary: a little random canon about how would be like being jj's girlfriend.
pairing: jj maybank x fem!reader
words count: 500
author's notes: i got carried away, it's kinda messy but it was a draft that i had here so it can be altered and improved later :)
i don't autorize reproducing my works as yours in any platform
feeling like you couldn鈥檛 live without his love
feeling safe
feeling like everyday is an adventure
waking up with cuddles
jj's love language is for sure physical touch
whenever he has the chance he is touching you.
while driving, watching or hanging out w/ the pogues聽
he would always find a way to have his hand around you.
he also loves to be touched by you.
he felt so peaceful when you hugs him
or hold his hands.
or when you play with his hair.
he鈥檚 shy and romantic
but also very protective聽
gets easily jealous when guys look at you.
he always has a eye on you
god forbid if someone makes you feel uncomfortable in front of him
you鈥檙e the one that puts some sense into his head
whenever he鈥檚 a fight, you鈥檙e the one the he will listen
you鈥檙e always aware聽
and always scared for him
when the two of you are alone he always apologies for the fights
and let you take care of him聽
and eventually lecture him.
he鈥檚 very sincere, has 0 filter.
he has no shame on being known as the bunnies of the crew
he only gets shy when he鈥檚 trying to do something nice
and romantic for you.
but that鈥檚 all a little bit rare
because of all the physical affection you鈥檙e the one who is always shy
鈥渆veryone heard you鈥, 鈥渟top with the looks鈥, 鈥済et a room鈥 鈥測ou鈥檙e hickeys are popping y/n鈥 are common phrases for both of you
you wish you were dead when they caught you.
jj plays it cool but can鈥檛 stand a joke about others staring at you
especially in the beach
because just thinking of you in a bikini drives him crazy.
you鈥檙e honestly a couple that makes people jealous
you always win at games as a duo
you even has a matching bracelet that he made you
being called princess, babe and hot stuff
late night walk on the beach
kissing his neck and smelling his fragrance
borrowing his shirts and hoodies only to have his perfume stuck in you
falling asleep in the hammocks
cuddling literally everywhere
having him hyping you all the time
鈥渨ho is the gorgeous woman, oh wait, it鈥檚 my girlfriend鈥
he would be the most supportive boyfriend ever
he always picking flowers to you
he鈥檚 constantly taking pictures of you
at sunset or just candid pics
and you loves snapping pictures of him too
or having him 鈥渞uin鈥 you photos
he loves spend time with you
and honestly he would do anything for you
and you for him
he never knew he could love someone that much.
asking for a jj in my life is too much?
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byhees 15 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
what love feels like鈼airing bf!enhypen x female!reader genre fluff , established relationship w.c 0.6K warnings not proofread ( library )
love with heeseung feels like a gentle breeze that caresses skin, reminding you of the beauty that the world shields under a veil of reality.
whenever his warm embrace envelops you, a sense of security pulsates through your veins鈥 you feel safe when you鈥檙e with him.
when you both lie together in silence, a hand of yours lazily fiddling with the string of his hoodie, you can鈥檛 help but to relax your shoulders at the moment of comfort, even amidst the world of chaos yonder.
love with jay feels like a symphony that fills your soul with beautiful melodies, each note a tribute to the depth of emotions that bubble within your heart.
when you brush his hair for him, whilst attentively hearing the ramble of words falling from his lips鈥 that鈥檚 your favourite song.
when you both hold each other close, and pepper kisses all over the other鈥檚 face, you can鈥檛 help but to hold onto every second, wanting this moment to replay itself.
love with jake feels like a garden that blooms with the most exquisite flowers, where fragrances of life mingle and intoxicate your senses.
the pure giddiness that appears when spending moments alongside jake prompts you to fall into his warmth further, not wanting to leave the budding flower unattended.
when you go in for a kiss, and accidentally bump noses with him, his laugh serenades your ears and warms your soul, a sensation akin to loving hands patting against moist soil to secure a seedling in place.
love with sunghoon feels like a journey that takes you to the depths of your soul. it鈥檚 a voyage of discovery, where you explore the mysteries of your heart and the intricacies of your mind.
when he cups your cheeks, loving gaze casted on your eyes, staring into your orbs, you feel an unusual sensation, whereby your heart feels like it does somersaults beneath your ribcage; it鈥檚 a feeling that you hadn鈥檛 realised you were capable of.
when you manage to make him laugh out loud, a sense of warmth bursts throughout your body, and the unfamiliarity of it feels surprisingly satisfying.
love with sunoo feels like a starry night sky that twinkles with infinite possibilities and fascination.
when he takes pictures for you while out on dates, and even goes an extra mile to compliment you after every captured photograph, you can feel your stomach erupt with the flutter of butterflies.
when he hugs you from behind, you just want to stay like that for a bit鈥 you鈥檙e fascinated by how healing a simple action as that can be.
love with jungwon feels like a book that tells the story of your life; each chapter is written in the language of the heart.
when he nuzzles his face in the crook of your neck whilst hugging, the feeling just seems impeccably right.
when he helps you wear a flower behind your ear, you feel your breath hitch at the close proximity, the scene seeming straight out of a romance novel.
love with riki feels like a flame that burns within you, illuminating your heart and bringing light to your life.
when he kisses the corners of your lips as you smile, you feel your heart skip multiple beats; nothing could ever outdo the sheer elation painted on his face.
when you two do the most questionable things together, and wind up laughing out breathy giggles, you wholeheartedly send a mental appreciation for riki鈥檚 presence.
net @kflixnet taglist @wondipity @yjjungwon @shysakuno @niktwazny303 @syrxiee2 @g4m3girl @minhosify @haechansbbg @yeomha @stepout-09-15 @chansburgah @sp22sworld
cupid鈥檚 arrow ) planning to look through my requests soon,,! && prompt @novelbear
漏 byhees | tumblr
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