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Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia DUPE. 馃き
This smells like a bee had collected nectar from a gardenia flower and made honey with it. IT'S SO GOOD. 馃嵂 馃悵 馃拹 And it's so versatile??? You could easily wear this on an outing, at school, or even on dates.
Miel B茅b茅 by Le Monde Gourmand, released in 2018, is a honey scent with a citrus accord.
The notes of Mandarin orange, honey, praline, and sandalwood make this a really great summer fragrance (think: Gorgeous Gardenia), but the honey note is distinct enough for those with experienced noses to differentiate between the two. Despite the lack of floral notes listed, I also smell a floral accord, but it might just be added sweetness from the praline.
If you're looking for something for a fraction of the price, then this is the one for you. The only downside is that the lasting power is weaker, but can we normalize spraying multiple times per day?? 馃槫
Lovefool by The Cardigans
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thingsinlife990 1 year
This Soft life is mine
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sirpepperston 5 months
omg at work while I was cashiering, I rang up a butch and she told me she was buying shirts and cologne bc she was having date night with her girlfriend of 3 years tonight. I'm going to scream I love lesbianism I love women being in love with each other I love butches I love that she felt comfortable telling a stranger about it in public I love that we can be GAY
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socalscents 11 months
This is inviting! Halloween Man Shot
Halloween Man Shot by Halloween is a Amber Spicy fragrance for men. Halloween Man Shot was launched in 2016. Its top includes brisk lemon daiquiri cocktail notes with spices of cardamom and black pepper. The aromatic floral heart of iris and sage is placed on the intensive base of leather, vanilla and amber wood. Top notes are Cardamom, Daiquiri, Black Pepper and Lemon; middle notes are iris and Sage; base notes are Vanilla, Leather and Amberwood.
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saerins 3 months
饾拝饾拹饾拸鈥欚潚 饾挊饾拏饾拸饾挄 饾挌饾拹饾挅 饾挄饾拹 饾拡饾拹
Tumblr media
+ itoshi sae x f!reader | wc 2.1k | content: fluff, slight angst, hurt/comfort, mentions of jealousy/insecurities
notes: of course when i鈥檓 back i write for sae 鈥 who else is possible of holding me hostage like this ? :鈥)
summary: he鈥檚 stupid and stubborn and bad at being a boyfriend. you make him want to be better though. always.
Tumblr media
itoshi sae has a bad habit.
he鈥檚 not used to relationships, or the notion of having to care for someone in a certain romantic way that tests his own boundaries. this much is apparent in the way he鈥檚 only ever had one relationship before you and it was over before he started, because he鈥檇 chosen career over his ex.
and no, the situation right now with you isn鈥檛 like that. even so, it鈥檚 tough; when you feel down for no particular reason and sae doesn鈥檛 know how to handle it. and sometimes he鈥檚 tired too and you catch him at the wrong timing and you both end up sulking the entire night.
you won鈥檛 lie鈥攜ou have a bad habit too. you can鈥檛 really bring yourself to express exactly how you feel. it鈥檚 difficult to open up just like that, especially when you aren鈥檛 used to it. but sae鈥檚 especially confused with how to handle these situations, like right now.
right now; when you鈥檙e sobbing in front of him and he鈥檚 feeling frustrated. when you can鈥檛 really handle the heat well鈥攈e鈥檚 a world-renowned soccer player, one of the world eleven. and next to him, no one even knows you. not when you have a non-disclosure agreement and have to keep everything super private.
it鈥檚 funny how you thought it鈥檇 be simple. then again, you didn鈥檛 factor in all the external disturbances. it tests your patience whenever sae makes the headlines when he鈥檚 out for a simple lunch with friends and makes it to the front page with a dating rumor with a top model. it鈥檚 tough for you to hold it in when you see people shipping him with someone you can only wish to be.
insecurity just hits you sometimes.
鈥渋s it really that hard to just assure me, sae?鈥
that includes now, when you鈥檝e just had a shitty day and he鈥檚 so so tired from all the events he鈥檚 had to go to now, having to parade around with that top model, all to promote a brand鈥檚 upcoming fragrance line. emotions run high, neither of you have the capacity to deal with this right now.
鈥渓ook, i鈥檓 so fucking tired, can we just deal with this in the morning?鈥
some pessimistic part of you is telling you he鈥檒l just brush it off in the morning鈥攁ll the jealousy, the frustration. you don鈥檛 even think you can last staying mad at him for that long.
鈥渨hat鈥檚 the problem with talking about it now?鈥
鈥渋 don鈥檛 want to talk about it now, could you just let it go for the night?鈥
both of your voices get higher and higher, just a hair鈥檚 breadth away from actual shouting. that鈥檚 when sae reels himself in, averting his gaze.
and there goes sae鈥檚 bad habit; grabbing his keys and walking out of your shared apartment, no umbrella even though it鈥檚 raining outside and he鈥檒l get soaked just trying to walk to the car.
you can鈥檛 find it in yourself to tell him to stay safe because you鈥檙e all out of energy tonight. everything has been sucked dry into your anxiety, and you鈥檙e spent. now what can you even do besides curl up on the couch, wondering if you鈥檙e too much?
when your phone lights up, you catch the wallpaper鈥攁 picture of sae looking off camera while he presses a kiss on your head.
it just makes you feel worse.
Tumblr media
he鈥檚 tired. his efforts are spent. on soccer, not you. but still. it鈥檚 exhausting. couldn鈥檛 you have just waited for a few more fucking hours?
he鈥檚 tired. so fucking tired.
it鈥檚 a lame greeting, but that鈥檚 all he can manage right now. shidou鈥檚 in his doorway, a cock in his brow and a very annoyed look on his face.
鈥渙i, i got a girl here鈥斺
鈥渄on鈥檛 care, i鈥檒l just crash on the couch,鈥 sae cuts him off, trudging through the door and settling himself on the leather black couch, the familiarity sinking in. he used to live here with shidou before he got together with you after all.
shidou mumbles something like suit yourself before he leaves his old roommate be, mulling over the remains of his relationship with you.
sae opens his phone, the picture of you at the beach that he snapped glaring at him in this dim light. he swallows the lump in his throat鈥攈e doesn鈥檛 know how to feel. part of him knows that you feel like shit each time he does this; you鈥檝e made it known over at least three different occasions now. but his head鈥檚 throbbing way too much and his muscles are way too sore and all he really wanted was just to come home to you, to the peacefulness he always loves.
is he really the asshole here?
a notification pops up on his phone an hour later. sae鈥檚 first train of thought is to wonder if it鈥檚 you. but it鈥檚 nothing important. it鈥檚 just oliver going over the next training鈥檚 details. the same old thing. but then sae looks up at the date and he curses inwardly.
it鈥檚 your second year anniversary. two years since you鈥檇 dated this fickle, troublesome guy.
sae鈥檚 head ducks between his palms, elbows resting on his thighs, as he considers the weight of his words.
this morning he woke up without even so much as a greeting for you; all he knew was he鈥檇 be late for practice if he didn鈥檛 leave in exactly five minutes. he鈥檇 rushed out the door and only responded to your morning greeting with a grunt. sae didn鈥檛 spare you any time for the rest of the day either, when you鈥檇 attempted to ask him out for dinner. he left you on read before ultimately tossing his phone to the side. when he came back home you鈥檇 given him a kiss and he barely reacted, too tired to give you anything even when you showed him the big dinner spread you鈥檇 cooked.
now he鈥檚 here鈥攊n an apartment at the other end of the city that鈥檚 no longer his while he left you alone in your shared apartment, leaving the argument unresolved and letting you stew in your own thoughts.
sae lets the time fly right by, staring at the ceiling while he contemplates everything. but the answer is plain and simple to him: you.
he鈥檚 tired and he鈥檚 hopelessly invested in soccer and he shouldn鈥檛 have time for anything else in his life but he wants you. he doesn鈥檛 know nearly half the right things to do in whatever situations, but the thought that he could really possibly lose you this time is enough to overwhelm him鈥攕ae grabs his car keys and leaves just as shidou and his girl leaves the room.
鈥渙i, made up already?鈥 he shouts after him through his front door.
sae rolls his eyes and ignores him; all he needed was some time to himself anyway. he鈥檚 glad shidou wasn鈥檛 there to poison his head with anything (or more like, he wasn鈥檛 there to convince him to drink his guts off).
Tumblr media
ten minutes later he鈥檚 in his car and speeding back to the apartment, back to you. because no, it鈥檚 not too hard for him to assure you鈥攊t鈥檚 what he should have done. just because he鈥檚 used to being the center of dating rumours doesn鈥檛 mean you are. just because he knows it鈥檚 nothing doesn鈥檛 mean you don鈥檛 get insecure because of them.
after all, he remembers what he told you that night he asked you to be his. that he鈥檒l make sure you鈥檙e happy. being happy all the time isn鈥檛 realistic, but at the very least, sae should鈥檝e known better than to keep leaving you alone with your thoughts.
he speeds through the familiar city roads, however fast he鈥檚 going just doesn鈥檛 seem fast enough. but he still makes it safely back to your shared apartment within twenty minutes, and hopefully still fast enough to make sure you鈥檙e not completely disappointed in him.
it鈥檚 still raining and the living room lights are still on and he can faintly make out where you鈥檙e pacing the room through the blinds. sae feels like a creep staring at you from his car, but his heart鈥檚 pounding loudly in his ears and he can鈥檛 help but think he鈥檚 seen that sleek black car parked next to his somewhere before.
keys out the ignition, rain pattering lightly on his head, he gets out only to meet who he knows has been there for you since day one.
鈥渄one running already?鈥 the hostility of your best friend irks him, but he can鈥檛 say he didn鈥檛 earn it. 鈥渢hat鈥檚 faster than i thought.鈥
your visitor rakes his hand through his purple hair, sighing and rolling his eyes. thanks to sae鈥檚 busy schedule, he hasn鈥檛 really had time to hang out with any of your friends, and probably hence their usual animosity towards him. though, well, nagi seems to be more indifferent than anything.
鈥渋f you鈥檙e here to break up with her, don鈥檛 worry, i鈥檒l take care of her,鈥 reo tells him, an air of indifference surrounding him. three guesses who you go to whenever you feel upset about your relationship.
sae clenches his fists, reminding himself that reo鈥檚 your best friend and punching him would do more harm than good. 鈥渋 won鈥檛,鈥 is all sae says before he pushes past him, already done with whatever this conversation is.
reo scoffs, 鈥渇or a guy who loves her, you do a shit job of showing it.鈥
and although sae shuts the lobby doors right after, reo鈥檚 words stay ingrained in his head. it鈥檚 not like sae doesn鈥檛 know it, but fuck if he knows what to do about it. but when he opens the front door and is greeted by the sight of your red puffy eyes, he forgets everything. forgets the frustration and the anger and the stupid excuses in his head鈥攖hey鈥檙e all secondary when it comes to you anyway.
his feet take him straight to you, pulling you against his chest and holding you tight.
鈥渋鈥檓 sorry,鈥 he says, and that鈥檚 the easiest it鈥檚 ever come out.
from your lack of response, sae finds himself hoping for the best, hoping that he didn鈥檛 just lose you because of his stupid impulses. but then he feels your arms wrap around his waist and he hears himself breathing a sigh of relief.
鈥測ou鈥檙e an ass, you know that?鈥 you sniffle, and it鈥檚 kind of hard to breathe when he鈥檚 pressing against you that much but you鈥檙e more relieved than anything that you don鈥檛 really care.
sae chuckles, weakly, the tension leaving his shoulders. 鈥渋 know.鈥 he can feel you pouting without even having to look at you.
鈥渋 should really leave you,鈥 you whine, though your actions betray your words, holding him even tighter.
鈥渢hen why do you put up with me?鈥 it鈥檚 a funny thing, how he can be afraid to lose you yet he can tell that you鈥檙e not someone who gives up so easily.
that鈥檚 exactly why he has to prove that you didn鈥檛 choose the wrong person to be with.
鈥渋 guess i鈥檓 just stupid too.鈥
you鈥檙e not. sae鈥檚 going to make sure no one else thinks you鈥檙e stupid for staying with him. it鈥檚 enough having your best friend think that, but that鈥檚 fine, sae鈥檒l prove him wrong soon enough. it sucks that he鈥檚 only good for soccer, but at the rate you鈥檙e going? you鈥檒l teach him how to be a good boyfriend. he鈥檚 two years in and learning slowly but he鈥檒l get there.
you鈥檙e the only one who can get him there.
鈥渘o,鈥 sae says, all of a sudden, and you pull away, confused.
鈥渘o what?鈥
鈥渨hat you asked earlier鈥 it isn鈥檛 too hard. i鈥檒l work on it.鈥
oh, must be right before he left, when you鈥檇 asked if it was hard for him to just assure you sometimes. to be honest, you didn鈥檛 think he鈥檇 even listened. but sae is sae and he鈥檚 stubborn and stupid and a little bit of an ass, but he still listens to everything you say.
you try not to break out into a smile鈥攜ou don鈥檛 want to show him how whipped you really are. 鈥渋鈥檒l hold you to your word, then.鈥
sae smiles, ruffling the top of your head before slowly pulling you in again. 鈥渟o鈥 don鈥檛 leave me, okay?鈥
it sinks in what he鈥檚 saying. you didn鈥檛 think you鈥檇 ever hear sae say those kinds of words. but it鈥檚 unfair, really, because how can you say no when he鈥檚 like this?
鈥測ou already know i won鈥檛.鈥
and somehow, you鈥檙e right. sae knows you won鈥檛. doesn鈥檛 mean he鈥檒l get caught lacking though.
鈥済ood then.鈥
because he plans on keeping you forever.
Tumblr media
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sanjis-all-blue 5 months
Kiss and Make Up | Shanks x Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: shanks left for months and didn鈥檛 even have the decency to let you know he was alive. now that he鈥檚 back in town, he鈥檚 determined to make it up to you.
wc: 2.6k
NSFW - 18+ Only - Minors/Ageless Blogs DNI - You Will Be Blocked
warnings: female reader in mind, yearning, mirror fucking, fellatio, cream pie, breeding, language, pet names (baby, darling, my love)
AN: dedicated to @lawsvalentine who wanted to read a breed-y shanks fic. hope you like it! 鈾(麓蔚锝 )
Tumblr media
You stood at the marina of your home island, watching as the Red Force became bigger and bigger on the afternoon horizon. The light breeze cooled your warm cheeks as your heart fluttered in anticipation.
Because you knew the moment Shanks hit solid land, he was going to get an ear full from you.
He left you for months, and you had no clue where he was. He didn鈥檛 bother to call, or even write. You had reduced yourself to reading the crime columns and the obituaries of the newspaper, scanning for his name in case he had ended up arrested or dead.
Loving Shanks was not easy, given his occupation, but you foolishly kept at it. So when the crew dropped anchor, and the men filed off the ship, seeing him for the first time in a long time made you almost forgive him.
鈥淒arling!鈥 He called, waving his arm. His boyish grin and excitement was so endearing. The way the sunshine illuminated his already fiery hair, the way his sun-kissed skin stretched over his musculature - it was almost too much.
But when he scooped you up, landed kisses all over your face and neck, his facial hair tickling your skin, you remembered you were supposed to be mad at him.
You pushed him off of you, and he gave a playful pout in return. 鈥淒o you know how long it鈥檚 been?!鈥 You scolded. The rest of his crew let out 鈥淥oo鈥漵 because they knew he was in trouble, but knew it wasn鈥檛 their place to eavesdrop and dispersed to go about their chores. (Some of them kept a nosey ear tuned in, however.)
鈥淚 know it鈥檚 been a while baby.鈥 Shanks replied, voice low and intimate, while you averted your gaze. One look at him and it would be game over for you. He snaked his arm around your waist once more, pulling you close, and kissed the side of your head. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry.鈥
You caved, burying your face in his chest, forgiveness already melting away any residual anger. 鈥淵ou can鈥檛 just do that to me.鈥 you mumbled.
鈥淚 know, I know.鈥 He said. After a moment of pondering, he then asked: 鈥淗ow about we catch up tonight? Just you and me.鈥 His chin gestured to his companions around him. 鈥淚鈥檓 kind of tired of these guys anyway.鈥 He joked. You nodded, still pressed against his skin, trying to soak in his presence.
A few hours later, you stood in front of the inn and tavern you and Shanks first met at. He had to finish his docking duties, and you had to get ready for your date. You agonized over what to wear, hoping that some dress in your closet somehow had the power to keep him from ever leaving you alone like that again. Maybe it would be this perfume, or that lipstick. Anything.
You were pulled from your thoughts by the familiar sound of his sandals slapping against the ground behind you. As you turned, his lips met your forehead, and you swooned internally.
鈥淚 thought we could eat alone tonight.鈥 He said, holding up a room key, jingling it softly.
Your heart swelled at his thoughtfulness. The two of you climbed the stairs to your lodging for the night, him right behind you, directing you to the correct room.
He leaned around you to open the door, and once you stepped inside, you saw a bouquet of your favorite flowers on a table under the window. It was a huge arrangement and the fragrance filled up the room.
You rushed over to take a better look and next to the vase was a small card. When you opened the card, nothing was written on it, but a smaller piece of unmarked white paper fell out.
鈥淚 think you should have one of these.鈥 He said to you over your shoulder. The Vivre Card fluttered slightly in the direction of Shanks. 鈥淭hen you鈥檒l always know where to look for me.鈥
Emotions overtook your senses - a mix of happiness, adoration, love, with a tinge of longing because you knew this meant he had to leave again. Regardless, you wrapped your arms around him and gave him a deep kiss. His hand rest on your lower back, pulling you closer.
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 know how much this means to me.鈥 You muttered between kisses. Shanks again proved he was the hardest man in the world to stop loving. Not only did he apologize but he also took steps to rectify the situation without you even needing to ask. What a gentleman.
Well, he was a gentleman until you felt something poking you in the stomach.
You looked down to see his patterned pants tented between you. Looking back up at him, he was blushing slightly and glancing away from you. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e not the only one who missed someone, y鈥檏now.鈥 He said sheepishly.
With a slight giggle, you walked him backward until his knees buckled onto the bed. The pirate captain sat with a bounce and a huff.
鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 quite hungry yet anyway,鈥 you said, spreading his knees apart and taking a place on the floor between his legs. Your impatient fingers started to undo his pants and Shank鈥檚 shaky breath grew shallower as he tried to contain his excitement.
His already rock-hard cock sprang free, looking swollen and wanting. Before letting you go any further, Shanks hooked his pointer finger under your chin and tilted your face upwards, giving you one more loving kiss. Desperate hands bunched the fabric of his pants as you leaned into it. His tongue lightly swiped the inside of your lip, which only encouraged your hands to explore higher.
Sliding your palms against his thighs, they met in the middle. One hand wrapped itself around his shaft, slowly stroking him, while the other wrestled the fabric of his pants and underthings to massage his full, heavy balls.
Your touch made Shanks hiss, and he adjusted himself to pull his pants out from under his seat so you could work him unobstructed. After helping him discard of his troublesome bottom garments, you got back to work. With a quick spit into your palms, you continued to pump him, squeezing your fingers as you neared his leaking head, rubbing your thumb over his sack as he muttered your praises.
Even you were surprised at your own patience. You needed this man inside of you, yet you were also content just listening to his little moans, watching as his body relaxed under your touch.
When you thought he was going to lean back in pure bliss, you used your tongue to lap up the dribble of pre-cum he produced. Shanks hunched over with a moan that you could hear his smile through. 鈥淢ore of that, baby.鈥 He coaxed.
Encouraged, you took his head into your mouth, swirling your tongue around his ridges. You could feel Shank鈥檚 gaze bore into the back of your hair, so you looked up to meet his lidded eyes. His eyebrows furrowed in pleasure and his hand rested on the back of your head. You took more of him in your mouth, inch by inch, still using your hands to stroke him, your spit leaking from your lips making you both sticky.
Shanks groaned as you stretched your jaw open to take more of him. Your lips met your fist, and you bobbed up and down, letting out soft moans of your own the more he gripped your hair.
鈥淪hit, shit, shit-鈥 he muttered as he pulled you off his cock abruptly. You looked up at him, spit all over your chin and cheeks. He took sympathy on you with a smirk. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to finish quite yet, my love.鈥 He grabbed your elbow, guiding you to stand up.
He pressed his face between your still-clothed breasts and inhaled your scent, his hand reaching around to cup your ass. Your hands escaped under his white shirt and rubbed his shoulders and back, feeling every scar from his long journey.
鈥淭ake this off,鈥 he muttered, lightly pulling the fabric of your dress with his teeth. Obeying, you pulled it up and over your head, adding it to the pile of clothes. His lips touched your bare skin, making it erupt with goosebumps. He reached behind you and expertly undid your bra clasp, then you helped him shrug off his top.
The only thing that stood between him and you now were your panties.
鈥淭urn around.鈥 He commanded. You indeed turned but were slightly surprised to see yourself staring back at you in a mirror. 鈥淣ow, take those off. Slowly.鈥
Your fingers hooked under the waistband then started peeling them from your body. You bent at the waist, which elicited a groan and a 鈥淔uck yeah, baby鈥 from your lover. The discarded panties were added to the pile. You turned your head to see that he had scooted himself back against the headboard. He tapped his thigh and said, 鈥淐ome sit.鈥
You turned and crawled over to him, but he motioned for you to turn back towards the mirror. Sinking down on his lap, you adjusted so that his cock rest between your wet folds.
鈥淚s that all for me already?鈥 He asked, also noticing the slick that lubricated your pussy. You nodded biting your lip. His calloused hand slid over your thigh and pulled it outwards, spreading your legs so you could see every detail of the way his member sat between your lips in the mirror.
He leaned his hips backward just a bit so he could angle his cock to tease your wanting hole.
鈥淭ell me you missed me, baby.鈥 He said, his arm wrapped around your hip, stroking his cock.
鈥淚 missed you, Shanks.鈥 You whimpered, as you complied with his teasing. You leaned back against his chest.
鈥淲hat else did you miss?鈥 He asked, slapping himself against you, the contact making lewd noises, watching your every movement in the mirror.
鈥淚 missed your cock.鈥 That answer didn鈥檛 seem to be all he was looking for as he continued to tease you.
鈥淲hat else?鈥 He kissed your shoulders.
鈥淚 missed getting fucked by you!鈥 You cried, almost ready to take this situation into your own hands.
鈥淪o if I fuck you, you鈥檒l forgive me?鈥 You could hear the grin on his voice.
鈥淵es, Shanks, just fuck me!鈥 Your cock-hungry brain didn鈥檛 have time to decide if that was a lie or not before he obliged.
His thick cock pushed past your muscles, which your pussy hungrily accepted. You moaned in unison, both of you satisfying months-long urges. The man鈥檚 wanting cock speared you, but the stretch felt like bliss because you had been dreaming about it for so long.
Shanks鈥 powerful legs fueled his thrusts as he pressed upwards into you. His face was buried in your neck, his hand reaching up to squeeze whatever he could grip: your tits, your tummy, your waist. One of your hands gripped his hair that smelled like salt water. The other shadowed his exploratory hand as it surveyed your body.
Despite your heavy lids from the pleasure he doled out to you, you caught a glimpse of your union in the mirror. It was naughty, it was intimate, it was hot. You could see his cock disappear into your body, you could see how he worshipped you. Your eyes met his in the mirror, and you watched a grin crawl across his face.
His hand abandoned your torso and then found purchase on your clit. The added stimulation sent another wave of pleasure through your body, resulting in your pussy becoming wetter around him. He circled your sensitive nub and listened to your moans as they slipped out of your mouth.
Even with time apart, he knew what made you click.
He paused his thrusting momentarily to focus on the actions of his fingers. Your eyes shut reflexively as you got closer to your climax.
鈥淣o, no, baby, this is the best part, you gotta watch.鈥 He cooed, his lips brushing your skin. Not wanting to disobey you took a peek, putting an image to the feeling of your core tensing and your chest panting before the flood of endorphins.
鈥淪h-Sh-Shanks-鈥 you stuttered, right at the edge of precipice. With a satisfied hum, he began to quickly pump his hips up into yours again, giving you just the push you needed.
Your orgasm flooded your body, feeling like you were being constricted, with the only outlet you could find being the moans echoing in your chest. A creamy white ring formed on Shanks鈥 cock as your body flushed its pleasure through your sensitive hole, which made him gasp in delight.
鈥淥h you did so good my love,鈥 he praised, giving you a kiss on the cheek as the waters of your orgasm receded. 鈥淵ou did so good, in fact, I have one more gift I want to give you.鈥
You smiled warmly at his reflection, eyes filled with satisfaction and adoration, still breathing heavily.
He rolled the two of you over so that you were laying on your chest, your bodies accidentally separating. With your ass slightly up in the air and your legs spread wide, he used his hand to guide himself back in. He traced your spine with his palm as you lazily and lovingly pressed your cheek into the pillow.
He started to thrust into you again, slowly, intimately, trying to savor the feeling.
鈥淢mm, what鈥檚 my other gift?鈥 You asked, voice thick with post-orgasm daze.
Shanks shoved his whole cock into you, causing you to yelp. 鈥淵our other gift is for me to breed this perfect pussy of yours.鈥
Your walls fluttered around him at his words.
鈥淭hen you鈥檒l always have a part of me with you, hm?鈥 He said, voice low and gravely. You could tell he was trying not to bust right then and there. 鈥淭hen I wouldn鈥檛 have to worry either. Everyone would know that this pussy is mine.鈥 He gave you long, controlled strokes of his length. It wouldn鈥檛 be awful, you thought, to have your pussy unquestionably owned by him.
If anything made it evident you wanted it too, it was the gush of your cunt at the idea. To confirm you moaned: 鈥淚 want you to fill me up,鈥 His hand gripped your ass at your directive. 鈥淕ive me your cum.鈥 you begged.
鈥淎nything for you.鈥 Shanks said with a smile. He pounded into you, but you knew it wouldn鈥檛 take him long to finish. His balls slapped against your clit and you rocked backward against him to coax his cum from them.
鈥淥oooh fuck baby,鈥 he moaned, his voice low and deep. You could tell by his erratic humping that he was going to unload at any second. The thought of his cock planting his seed in you made your cunt constrict around him which sent him over the edge.
He froze, and you felt the spurts of Shanks鈥 hot cum coat your walls. The spasm of his balls and his throaty moan filled the room made the situation so erotic, you could feel yourself wanting more. All you could think about was how greedy you were for this man.
He milked his cock with your pussy to make sure he got every single drop out of him and into you, but pulling out caused some to slide down your folds. Two of his fingers collected the excess and shoved it back to its rightful place.
You moaned as his fingers re-entered you and you bucked against his digits, looking over your shoulder at him. His blushed, post-orgasm face glowed and his hand didn鈥檛 move from its place. Again, you rocked back against his fingers, testing him.
Shanks raised an eyebrow at you while curling his fingers up against your walls. 鈥淒on鈥檛 let me stop you now. We have months to make up for and I have way more cum to give you.鈥
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jeonjcngkook 6 months
incandescent | jjk
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x female reader
genre(s)&au(s): fluff, established relationship
rating: pg
wc: 1.3k
warnings: theyre so in love with each other馃き! koos singing voice lulls us all 馃げ馃徎 makin鈥 out, playing with koos pretty hair bcs its exactly what he deserves !!!
summary: you and your boyfriend spend a comfortable romantic night in together.
note: unedited. repost bcs the last one stopped showing in tags 馃檭.
Tumblr media
Is there anything more beautiful than the sound of your boyfriend's voice?
The deep tenors and sweet cadences lull you into a state of calm as you stretch yourself out on the couch below, listening to Jungkook reach the notes in a perfect sequence to the song he is currently singing on his karaoke machine.
Friday nights are typically spent with each other as you participate in different activities. Your relationship's own version of a 鈥榙ate night鈥, you could say. However, this time it had been agreed between you both that staying in and enjoying each other's company in the cosiness of the home you built together was exactly what was needed.
Earlier, Jungkook prepared dinner for you both 鈥 a spread on the table of both your favourite foods and glasses of alcohol to wash it down with. Every detail had been carefully thought of, all the way down to the scented candles, that he personally chose to match the fragrances of the food.
Now, with full tummies and even fuller hearts, you both lie within the blanket of reds, blues and greens from the stars of his favourite LED light system and a spread of mandarin & grapefruit scented candles decorating the living room.
You could listen to Jungkook鈥檚 voice all day and never be tired of it. The calming effect he has on you with his words alone is something you have always admired. It doesn鈥檛 take much for a yawn to slip through his lips, catching the attention from yourself as he continues to sing through the verse of the next song. You watch as he attempts to stifle it underneath his breath, pulling the thin knitted throw up to his face to conceal the motion.
A sweet smirk is on your lips as he continues his lacklustre attempt at concealing his tiredness. Tears cling to his lower lash line from the yawn, head falling to the side and landing on your shoulder.
鈥淵ou should get some sleep,鈥 you鈥檙e quick to say as you feel him wriggle further into your warmth, his hand finding your spare hand that isn鈥檛 holding your phone and intertwining his fingers with your own.
鈥淚鈥檓 fine staying here with you, baby,鈥 he mumbles back in retaliation, cutting himself off mid-song to rebuttal back, voice half asleep and rubbing at his eyes like that will do the job of removing the sleep out of it. 鈥淚 like laying here with you.鈥
You huff a little at his words. He is too darn cute for his own good and it makes your body warm knowing that he is licking being with you over much needed rest.
鈥淏ut we could lie together in bed, snuggle up nice and cosy, and then in the morning come back here and cuddle all day into the night. Doesn鈥檛 that sound like the perfect way to begin our weekend?鈥 You reason with him.
Jungkook鈥檚 lips part open for a moment as if he had the words to argue back with but is quick to shut them and opts for putting his microphone down on the coffee table instead. He finds the remote control for the TV and lowers the volume to something less deafening and one a little more relaxing as the lofi sounds act as a background ambiance.
He turns towards you and you watch as the flickers of the candles scattered around the room flicker and dance against his skin; bathing him in an ethereal glow 鈥 just like how an angel should look. The bright vibrant amber candlelight beautifully illuminates the melanin of his skin, extenuating his tanned skin stunningly.
It doesn鈥檛 help that his shirt is loose and baggy on his upper body, sleeves cuffed half way on his upper arm showing off his pretty tattoos of striking colours and bold black lines, only for the muscle under his skin to thicken as he brings his hand up to his hair. You watch intently as both hands comb through the long curly tresses from forehead to crown; again and again and it only magnifies just how pretty your boyfriend is.
The tip of his tongue presses against his inner cheek, his cheek protruding from the outside鈥n action he usually does when he is deep in thought. With the way the light hits his soft skin, it perfectly shows off how sharp his jawline is and how his gentle pink lips rest in a natural pout, leaving them looking plump, pink and irresistibly kissable.
鈥溾榤 not tired,鈥 he argues, a grin on his face as he lies himself down next to you on the L shape of the couch, pulling back the thin blanket that has been resting on the headrest of the sofa and engulfs you inside the fabric before laying his head into your lap and effectively trapping you against the back of the leather and his body. Another yawn takes over his body as you feel him stiffen as he rides it out.
You lift your hand up to his face and let your fingers play delicately with the strands of his hair, twisting it around your finger and curling it around his ear away from his face.
Jungkook鈥檚 eyes flutter closed as you continue playing with his hair, adding to his tiredness and lulling him into a state of slumber. The atmosphere is exactly what Jungkook had promised earlier鈥osy.
Jungkook鈥檚 eyes slipped shut, just long enough for you to see before he is prying them back open again with as much willpower as he can possibly muster. With the feeling of your fingers gently twisting and pulling at his hair, he has no argument against his exhaustion as it finally reaches him.
You reach the tight curls at the base of his neck, fingers playing with the curls as you make sure to let your nails scratch lightly at the base of his scalp, knowing that Jungkook has no bone in his body to make this stop, enjoying your touches so much.
You have him exactly where you want him.
Jungkook鈥檚 eyes are glazed over with sleep and yet all the same still looks dreamy 鈥 the browns are rich and deep, flakes of amber dotted within his irises. Love songs are written about eyes like his. It wasn鈥檛 hard to peer into them and to see your own smile reflecting back when he looks at you.
He runs his thumb over your lower lip, parting them just slightly before he leans down, pillowy lips connecting to yours in a soft kiss.
The feeling is so fulfilling that it is enough to make your eyelids flutter shut and your heart racing in your chest with blissful warmth as he presses his mouth deeper into yours. Even in a state of sleep, the kiss is still filled with emotion 鈥 passionate and sensual.
Jungkook moans as his mouth continues to work over yours, his teeth catching your lower lip and biting down with little pressure and letting it snap back before chasing your mouth for a second kiss.
Your hands run through his hair,nails grazing his scalp enticingly, eliciting another moan from deep within his chest. The way you kiss him has him seeing stars; dazed and lost in the touch of your lips. You caress his face with delicate touches, tongues flicking across his mouth and the way you counter back by nibbling in his own bottom lip before breaking the kiss.
Endearingly, you both press your foreheads together and close your eyes with a smile on both your lips.
Jungkook鈥檚 hand finds home on his hip before slipping underneath the cotton material of your t-shirt and resting his hands there. His thumb runs tracks over your skin in back and forth strokes as you bask in the calming, soothing sensation.
You feel his foot nudge open your legs as he tangles his limbs with yours and pulls you impossibly closer to you, your own leg now resting on top of his lip as you lock each other within the other's arms.
The feeling of Jungkook鈥檚 breath against your skin causes goosebumps to travel over your body, the warmth now turning into a small bonfire as love for the sleepy man in your arms ignites and burns bright.
It isn鈥檛 long before his breathing becomes drawn out and even, loud snores whistling through his nose and his thumb slows its movements as he eventually falls asleep in your arms.
鈥淪o much for not being sleepy,鈥 you mock him as if he could hear, when deep down you wish that he had taken off into a dreamy slumber.
With gentle ease, you press the palm of your hand against his full cheek and brush your thumb over his cheeks the same way he did with your hip moments ago. You press your head against his forehead and land a tiny, light, airy kiss on his pouty lips.
You close your own eyes, listening to the flickering sounds of the small candles around the living room as well as concentrating on the rhythm of Jungkook鈥檚 breathing, hoping to ease yourself into your own slumber.
What felt like a moment later, Jungkook tightens his hold on you, whispering a small 鈥榠 love you鈥, before sleep eventually blankets over you.
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takotakigum 15 days
summer, night 鈥 itoshi sae
Tumblr media
characters: itoshi sae x gn!reader
warnings: tooth-rotting fluff, established relationships, sae and his skincare, absolute word vomit, sleepy reader, and idiots in love.
word count: 1.3k
synopsis: itoshi sae loves two things: listening to you talk and doing skincare with you.
note: the nicknames/callsigns 鈥渕i corazon鈥 means 鈥渕y heart鈥.
aged up characters | please read at your own risk!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
when out after a long day, a quick shower would certainly suffice enough for you to comfortably rest, right?
not really. at least, not when itoshi sae is your partner.
鈥渄o you want to do a face mask tonight? we鈥檝e been out all day.鈥 sae states鈥攏ot ask; like it should be. 鈥渘o. i want to sleep.鈥 you whine when sae places you down on the counter near the bathroom sink, gently clearing away the bottles and containers of moisturizer out of the way. 鈥測ou can sleep in a bit. i mean, after this.鈥 as your arms try to hold onto sae鈥檚 nape for longer, stray droplets of water acting as a bond between the two of you for you to decide that you can鈥檛 let go; however, sae easily breaks the embrace apart to look at you directly with his eyes.
much to your weak protests, sae takes two identical hair wraps to secure over your hairline, his fingers dropping slightly to soothe over your pouting cheek. 鈥減ink suits you.鈥 a smug smile itches to widen on sae鈥檚 mouth, but his gaze is as still as ever. 鈥溾榗ause it鈥檚 your color, right?鈥 his lips now form a smirk, his eyes half-lidded as he takes in your face blooming a casual smile.
your own fingers mindlessly play with the loose threads of sae鈥檚 towel, and despite your exhausted demeanor, you grab the other headband from sae鈥檚 free hand and prepare to place it on his. however, even though it鈥檚 a quick process, you move with slow steps. your palm hovers over sae鈥檚 forehead while your fingers diligently comb through his damp hair, untangling some fractions of hair鈥攂ut ultimately鈥攎essing with sae鈥檚 blunt bangs.
鈥渢hat鈥檚 enough. i thought you were tired?鈥 now, he pouts; and sae drags your hand away from his ruffled, messy hair. 鈥渋 am. reaaally tired!鈥 sae listens to your exaggerated complaints, one hand holding onto yours as he rummages through the miniature refrigerator on the other side of the countertop in which he stores his face masks. 鈥渕hm,鈥 sae hums to you until he finally finds a perfect mask for the both of you to relish in.
鈥測ou had fun though, didn鈥檛 you?鈥 while sae opens the packet, he awaits for your answer. his knuckles graze over your cheek to ensure that your skin is dry, although sneaking in a subtle boop on your nose as he passes by it. 鈥渋 did have fun, lots of it.鈥 and as your grin is competing with your droopy eyes from the memory of the day, your body suddenly jolts and your eyebrows scrunch together. sae curses himself, perhaps鈥攂ecause he frowns at the realization that he wasn鈥檛 able to glance at the possibility of that toothy of a grin you might鈥檝e showed. however, when his fingertips softly start to smoothen out the creased material, you start to relax: eyes fluttering for a few more moments before fully closing as your lungs let out a deep sigh of breath. so, somehow, it makes up for the lost smile.
鈥測ou were saying, mi corazon?鈥 with the excess moisture of the face mask left on his fingers, he rubs it on your neck as if indicating for you to speak. 鈥渋t鈥檚 so cold, it鈥檚 like you鈥檙e purposely trying to wake me up.鈥 you mumble, head feeling heavy when you tilt your head up to look at sae from your eyelashes. 鈥測ou- i meant about you having fun today, stupid.鈥 sae pokes at your side with a sting of annoyance, and once more you jolt, letting out a sore squeal. 鈥渋t was really nice, i missed going on long dates with you. well, you know, when it鈥檚 that peaceful. it was鈥︹ as you鈥檙e reminiscing, sae starts to open up the second face mask for his face; and you only realize because of the cool fragrance making it鈥檚 way to your senses in unintentional attempts to wake you up.
your arms feel light鈥攐r perhaps heavier than usual, you can鈥檛 really tell at this state鈥攚hen you reach up at sae鈥檚 bare face. your vision dims, it goes so blurry that the only illuminating figure in front of you is sae. right now, he looks ethereal. sae鈥檚 features鈥攖he overly gentle ones you are exclusively only allowed to see鈥攕taring right at you. your breath hitches, and it almost stops. because sae鈥檚 face looks like it鈥檚 inching closer, his own breath of air being shared with your proximity.
鈥測eah? come on, tell me more.鈥
and so you do.
you tell him how nice the weather was, how surreal the day was because everything you stumbled upon seemed purely out of luck. then, you tell sae how you felt the whole day, how you had to stop yourself from doing little jumps of excitement when he took you to the multiple local street vendors all around the area where you both had the main date. and you continue on, recalling every little detail you had felt, remembering every little gesture sae had done鈥攁ll of it, you tell to sae.
somewhere along you babbling on, sae鈥檚 already removed the lukewarm face masks from both your faces and disposed of it already. and when you finally notice, you鈥檙e beyond hyperaware of sae鈥檚 light, gentle fingers massaging the excess hydration serum that came with the face mask all over your face.
it鈥檚 so soft, you realize. warm, too. your eyes follows the subtle movements of sae鈥檚 wrist as you feel all the precise motions sae does on your face. 鈥渁nd鈥hm鈥︹ even your voice starts to drift off, your head going blank as it weighs itself completely on sae鈥檚 palms. 鈥渕i corazon,鈥 sae calls out once, and it echos through the bathroom much like a whisper from a dream. 鈥渆verything you said wasn鈥檛 a lie, no?鈥 sae鈥檚 voice keeps getting quieter, but you鈥檙e still aware that you鈥檙e not yet asleep, only heavy eyes are your challenge. 鈥溾榮 all the truth, loved it so much.鈥 sae now removes your hair wrap with a level of caution he鈥檚 never even known is possible, afraid of disturbing such a moment with you.
鈥溾 see. would you like to go on a date like that again?鈥 soon. sae also hopes. and his own excitement bursts through the limits when he feels your head attempt a weak鈥攂ut repetitive鈥攏od on his hand caressing your cheek. 鈥渕hmm. but,鈥 you murmur so timidly it worries sae. 鈥渂ut? what鈥檚 wrong, mi corazon?鈥 sae stops himself from pinching your cheek for an immediate answer, so instead, he waits. he waits for over what feels like his whole life as his thoughts come circling over his mind invasively.
鈥渂ut i鈥檓 really sleepy right now.鈥 it鈥檚 laughable, really. at least, for sae it is. because his cheekbones are so evident, he doesn鈥檛 know if he wants you to see his less composed self or if he wants to keep the feeling a secret for the time being.
鈥渋 know you are.鈥 with sae鈥檚 tender smile not faltering, he leans into you a bit closer, grabbing something from behind you. 鈥渓et鈥檚 skip everything else but this for now.鈥 sae wants to laugh, truly. because you nod, even if you didn鈥檛 know what he鈥檚 talking about. with exactly four pumps of his moisturizer, sae carefully spreads it all over your face until it鈥檚 perfectly coated all over. quickly, sae does it for his own face before abruptly stopping when you weakly whine for wanting to go to bed to finally fall asleep properly.
and so, sae complies. he picks you up from the countertop, securing your legs around his hips as he walks you both to your shared bedroom. thanking sae, you bring your head away from his shoulder to place a feather of a kiss on his cheek. 鈥渢hank you,鈥 once more, you kiss his porcelain skin. 鈥渇or always taking care of me.鈥 sae slowly descends you onto the bed, you back immediately sinking on the mattress as sae鈥檚 body hovers over you. his parted lips dare not leave a mark on your cared for face.
鈥渨hy wouldn鈥檛 i care for you?鈥 is the last mumble of words sae releases into the solemn moonlit night as his body delicately cuddles on top of yours with a body and soul all mended for you.
Tumblr media
漏 takotakigum | do not repost, translate, or plagiarize my works.
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cherrychilli 2 months
AFAB reader, Oral sex(m), mentions of P in V sex
A/N: This one's silly but so is most of the stuff I write I guess.
Consider this: "Pavloving" Steve into popping a boner whenever you wear your favorite perfume.
It's the one you had been eyeing in passing for the past few days. The pretty tinted and textured glass bottle caught your attention but the fragrance, a particular blend of subtle and powdery sweet, is what made you fall in love with it. You reluctantly set the bottle back down and leave it behind however, knowing you couldn't afford the purchase until your next pay day. Maybe.
You're not down about it for very long though because you're dating Steve Harrington. Adorably attentive and partial to spoiling his favorite girl, he surprises you with a bottle the following morning along with plans for dinner that night so that you have a chance to use it.
It's hard not to feel as good as you do, all dressed up, pulse points spritzed with your new gift. Steve compliments you all night, pulling you close to breathe you in, hands roaming your body discreetly, fingers lingering where no one else can see. You know just how to thank him for the thoughtful present and dinner when you get back to his place.
On your knees, hand cupping his balls, tongue pushed out to rest the head of his cock on. You kitten lick at the swollen, ruddy tip, drawing choked, ragged pleas of "baby- oh, fuck- please", from his kiss bitten lips. It's a slow, sinful descent as you kiss down the underside of his shaft, whatever's left of your lipstick leaving faint traces on the sensitive skin there. " Y' take such good care of me, Steve- 'wanna show you how thankful I am", you lick a wet stripe all the way back up before finally taking him into your mouth. It's cute how worked up he gets despite how slow and gentle you're being with him. How red he gets in the face. Sputtering praise, moaning and whining while you leisurely suck and stroke him till he spills into your mouth.
You hadn't meant to but it ends up becoming a habit. It's one of your favorite perfumes and you save it for special occasions and that included date night with Steve. He can smell it when he leans over to kiss you as you buckle yourself into the passenger seat. He can smell it on you at the restaurant, soft wispy hints of it when he sneaks a peek or two at your cleavage. And he can smell it the whole time you're pressed up against him in the backseat of his car, riding him fast and hard on some lonely road because you're too impatient to wait the 15 minute drive back to yours.
It begins to linger in his subconscious after every romp, memories of you, all bare skin and angelic moans intertwining with the sweet fragrance. The next time you're getting dolled up for date night he comes over to pick you up, waiting for you on the couch while you finish getting ready. You apply the fragrance as your final step before greeting him, wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him in for a kiss. That's when you feel something stiff poking you.
Looking down to see the bulge that definitely hadn't been there a few moments ago and then back up at him, you see that he's just as surprised as you are. It didn't usually happen this quickly. And especially not when you hadn't even done anything yet.
"I- I think it might be your perfume...", he explains, clearly embarrassed. You don't understand at first until you see his cheeks turn that familiar shade of red and it suddenly clicks. One hearty giggle from you and a sheepish laugh from him later and you've collected yourself. "Guess we're gonna have to flip the order of events tonight", you run your hands down his shirt and slacks as you ease down on to your knees, fingers seeking his belt and a fleeting thought flashing through your mind.
Gonna need to go back for a second bottle.
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zapreportsblog 2 months
鈫 the other woman 鈫
鉃 summary : Gwen suspects that her boyfriend miles is doing something behind her back, turns out she鈥檚 right
鉃 @fezcossidepiece you made this post so I had to deliver 馃槱馃馃従
鉃 a/n : no hate to Gwen but I feel no pain when writing this :) maybe it鈥檚 cuz it鈥檚 a fic where we ain鈥檛 the ones getting cheated on lol oh and I lowkey was thinking of Lana del Dey song the other woman since it鈥檚 playing in my head.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gwen stared out of her apartment window, her thoughts clouded by a persistent unease. Something had changed between her and Miles, her boyfriend of over two years. At first, it had been subtle, a missed phone call here, a postponed date night there. But as the weeks turned into months, the distance between them grew more tangible.
She remembered the days when Miles couldn't keep his hands off her, their shared laughter resonating in the air as they explored the city together. Now, their conversations were strained, punctuated by awkward silences that seemed to stretch endlessly. Even the affectionate touches and stolen kisses had become a rarity, replaced by a cold distance that she couldn't fathom.
Gwen had always been perceptive, attuned to the slightest shifts in people's behavior. She knew when something was amiss, and this time was no different. A gnawing feeling in her gut told her that Miles was keeping something from her, but she had hesitated to confront him about it. She clung to the hope that whatever was troubling him would pass, that they could find their way back to the warmth they once shared.
But then came the day that shattered her fragile optimism. Miles walked into the apartment, his familiar smile plastered on his face. But Gwen's sharp senses immediately picked up on the foreign scent that lingered around him. Floral and delicate, it wasn't a fragrance she recognized.
Unable to contain her concern any longer, Gwen questioned him about it. She watched as his expression flickered with surprise before he hastily dismissed it, claiming it was his mother's perfume. A lie so fragile that it shattered under Gwen's scrutiny.
"No, Miles, I know that's not true," she said, her voice a mixture of hurt and anger.
An argument erupted, filled with accusations and defensive rebuttals. Gwen's heart pounded as she tried to make sense of the situation. She loved Miles, trusted him implicitly, but the evidence was overwhelming. The perfume, the distant behavior, it all pointed to a betrayal that she couldn't ignore any longer.
Their voices echoed off the walls as the tension escalated, reaching a crescendo that left them both emotionally drained. Miles, his face flushed with frustration, abruptly stood up. "I need some space," he muttered, his voice strained. "I'll be back later."
Gwen watched him leave, a mixture of sadness and determination burning in her eyes. She couldn't just let this go, not when everything pointed to the truth she was so reluctant to accept. After he left, she waited a few minutes, her mind racing with thoughts of what to do next.
With a resolute exhale, Gwen grabbed her jacket and slipped out the door. She needed to know the truth, even if it meant crossing a line she never thought she would. As she followed Miles from a distance, her heart pounded in her chest, unsure of what she would discover but determined to find out.
Gwen's steps were cautious, each footfall measured as she followed Miles through the labyrinthine streets of the city. The weight of her suspicions and her pounding heart made each step feel heavier than the last. She kept her distance, ensuring she remained unnoticed as she trailed him to an unfamiliar apartment building a few long blocks down north.
Positioning herself atop a building across the street, Gwen concealed herself in the shadows. From her vantage point, she watched as Miles approached the building, his movements seemingly hesitant. Her breath caught in her throat as he disappeared from view, making his way up the fire escape like a shadow in the night.
Once he reached the desired floor, Gwen's pulse quickened as she witnessed him slide open a window with practiced ease. Her heart hammered against her chest as she watched him slip inside the apartment, disappearing from her sight for a moment that seemed to stretch into an eternity.
And then, as if the universe itself conspired to confirm her fears, her eyes widened as she saw a figure approach the window. A girl with (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes, an image that would forever be etched into Gwen's memory. Her stomach churned as she saw Miles and the girl embrace, their bodies pressed together in a way that spoke of an intimacy that went beyond friendship.
Gwen's grip on the edge of the building tightened, her knuckles turning white. A mix of emotions surged within her: disbelief, anger, and an overwhelming sadness that threatened to engulf her. She wanted to look away, to flee from the scene that shattered her reality, but something compelled her to stay.
Her breath caught as she watched them, unable to tear her gaze away. Questions filled her mind, each one a stab at her heart. Who was this girl? How long had this been going on? Why would Miles betray her like this?
As minutes turned to what felt like hours, Gwen's mind raced, torn between the need to confront Miles and the agony of witnessing his betrayal. But the sight before her was like a train wreck she couldn't look away from, a collision of emotions that paralyzed her.
Just as she was about to turn away, her eyes drawn by the pain and devastation of what she was witnessing, something inside her snapped. Determination flared within her chest, mingling with her hurt and anger. Instead of leaving, Gwen clenched her fists and forced herself to stay put, to continue watching them, desperate to understand the extent of the deception that had been woven around her.
And so, perched high above the city streets, Gwen remained, a silent observer of a moment that would forever alter the course of her relationship and her life.
Gwen's heart raced, her determination giving way to a surge of adrenaline as she activated the special feature of her suit that rendered her invisible. Ghost mode engaged, she carefully approached the open window, her movements soundless and unnoticed by anyone nearby. With a steadying breath, she slipped inside the room, her senses heightened and every muscle taut.
Once inside, she concealed herself in the shadows, her invisible form a mere whisper in the dimly lit room. She strained to catch every word of the conversation between Miles and the girl named (Y/N). The tension in the air was palpable, thick with unspoken truths and hidden intentions.
"What's with the sudden visit?" (Y/N) questioned, her voice soft but laced with a knowing edge.
Miles hesitated, his voice carrying a weight that Gwen had never heard before. "Gwen and I had a fight," he replied, his tone heavy with guilt.
A pang of hurt shot through Gwen's chest at the mention of her name. She strained to hear every word, her heart aching with the realization that Miles was talking about her.
(Y/N) moved closer to him, and Gwen could practically feel the heat of their proximity. "Don't worry about it," (Y/N) purred, her voice seductive. "You're here now, with me."
Before Gwen's eyes, (Y/N) leaned in and pressed a kiss to Miles' lips, their embrace filled with a familiarity that made Gwen's stomach churn. The sight was like a punch to the gut, a confirmation of the suspicions that had haunted her for so long.
"Relax, Miles," (Y/N) murmured against his lips. "You don't have to think about her anymore."
Gwen's invisible form trembled, her emotions a chaotic whirlwind as she watched them draw closer, their connection deepening in a way that left her feeling like an intruder in her own life. The room seemed to pulse with their shared desire, a stark contrast to the numbness that had begun to settle within her.
Realizing that she couldn't bear to witness the intimate moments that were about to unfold, Gwen turned and swiftly left the room, her invisible presence gliding through the darkness. Tears welled in her eyes, a mixture of heartbreak, anger, and betrayal overwhelming her senses.
Ghost mode still engaged, Gwen hurriedly made her way back through the building, her steps as silent as a whisper. As she reached the fire escape, she took one last glance at the open window, where Miles and (Y/N) were lost in each other's embrace.
With a heavy heart, Gwen slipped away into the night, her invisible form a phantom in the darkness. Her mind was a tempest of emotions, and as she retreated, leaving behind a moment that she wished she could erase from her memory, she couldn't shake the feeling that her world had been irrevocably shattered.
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mikeysbabygirl 3 months
饾懟饾拹饾拰饾挌饾拹 饾挀饾拞饾挆饾拞饾拸饾拡饾拞饾挀饾挃 饾懙饾懞饾懎饾懢 饾懐饾拕'饾挃
Warning : you read it pretty well. NSFW. Which means minors do not INTERRACT.
Ft : Rindou, inupi
饾檷饾櫈饾櫍饾櫃饾櫎饾櫔 饾檭饾櫀饾櫈饾櫓饾櫀饾櫍饾櫈 :
Perfect boyfriend, right ?
You'll never run out of playlists to listen to with Rindou as boyfriend.
Cold ? He's got about ten hoodies that he likes seeing on you, hanging lose on your thighs, would spray them of his own fragrance after washing them just to know you have his perfume on you wherever you are.
I'm getting at the main point which is...
The jealousy of this man is vice.
As you know, Rindou is a man of few words. Your boyfriend would never tell you straight forward that he is jealous, or have a healthy, honest conversation with you.
He would rather...
Why did he introduced you to Haruchiyo at first ? He should have known that guy would always go out of his ways to make him mad. Just like he was doing now, brushing his lips every now and then against your cheeks as he tells you jokes that Rindou thinks really do not deserve such overdone laughs from you.
The uncomfortable feeling makes his chest tingle, yet Rindou would rather die than admit it to you. But don't you think he would forget, this guy is like a ticking clock, registering every little thing you do for the right time.
In the mean time, you would never get to see Haruchiyo again. Nor any other Tenjiku member.
Rindou really thinks he loves you. Though he still holds that grudge, he can't help but driving you home from school every evening, can't help but think about you randomly during the day, or at night when he's fucking that fist on a pretty nude from you.
But he's registering, and he secretly hoped you would not make any other "mistake", but you do.
You were having so much fun tonight, and if Rindou was anyone else, he would have felt guilty.
But he is Rindou fucking Haitani, and he warned you. These days, Tokyo, at night was not one of the safest places, Kanto Manji was having some troubles with an opponent gang. Would you have been any other girl he dated, he wouldn't have cared. But again, you're so more than that.
He thinks you're so pretty, so eyecatchy. As always, your eyes are the shiniest, and when you spot him from the other end of the club, making his way toward where you're dancing with your friends, they widen the slightest.
He is not the type to embarrass you in front of your friends or anything, believe me.
Close your eyes, imagine this.
The crowd, the dancing bodies, and everything disappears as soon as his lips brush against your cheeks. His blonde locks tickle your neck, and his hands too gently lays on the small of your back. Rindou's fragrance invades your nostrils as much as his deep voice does with your ear.
-" have it your way, love. 'm just gonna sit here and wait for ya. Just be sure you're ready for whatever I got for you. "
Then, just as if it was a dream, his touch flies away, as much as his perfume which lingered a little longer behind him, reminding you just how fucked up you are.
From the other end of the club, your boyfriend looks... Devilishly handsome, first buttons of his white shirt are undone, hair slightly messy, you could almost see his bloodshot eyes from afar watching every move you make. At some point, you're pretty sure you've seen those pretty lips smirk.
This is where I'm getting at, my next main point.
The most important thing I could say as a nsfw fact about Rindou, is his relentless dominance.
He is, the perfect boyfriend from outside. The most protective, caring lover you could ever dream of.
Perfect boyfriend, has his hands around your neck, his tie wrapped tightly around your wrists, that purple gaze usually soft for you looks like it could kill you right now.
-" I'm sorry- Rin', move please, I'm so... So, so fucking sorry, just move " moving your core to chase some friction doesn't even work, he's hell bent on making you cockwarm him all the night, watching you slightly struggling to breath with his hand on your throat.
Usually, he is a man of few words mainly because he is a good listener, especially when you are talking. But tonight, he doesn't even care to hear a word you're saying. He dives deep in the feeling of your pussy wrapped up around him, an expressionless face while he presses kisses on every damn inch of your face and neck.
You both know that these kiss also aren't meant for reassuring, just because he can't seem to get enough of you.
The cold metal of his rings tightens slightly around your throat, having your eyes widening, a groan leaves his mouth so much your doe eyes make his cock throb.
-" Love the way you're taking me. Got me goddamn obsessed. "
Just because you're his own little addiction, just because your walls clench tighter around him at his words, he rolls his hips the slightest bit, making your eyes roll back in your head.
-" You look just as good as a Haitani's wife, laying all pretty under daddy, hugging my dick like my lil pillow princess ".
Because that is what he had wanted to make you, and no matter how independent you are, there is no other way being around Rindou. He lived to mold you into his perfect girl, no way of taking the lead, a simple sharp glance from him makes your heart drop.
Best Tenjiku boyfriend, they say. Yes, he is. So caring, always so much...
And the smirks, small laughs from that pretty face seeing the pain mixing with pleasure on your face are the proof. The perfect, most sadistic boyfriend. Giving a sharp, rough thrust inside you so suddenly that it had you crying his name, balls rubbing against your abused clit.
-" cry all you want " he crooked an eyebrow. "Your screams only got me wanna ruin this pussy. Ain't it the best way to make sure my baby's gonna behave ?"
-" Hm ? Say, love ?"
-" What a man gotta do to protect his best fucking girl, nah ?"
饾懓饾拸饾挅饾拪 饾懞饾拞饾拪饾挃饾拤饾挅 :
What a sweet guy, he is sugar coated, honey dripping.
You two could have met after a kinda hard time of your life, you were lacking a lot of trust in people in general and particularly in men.
But Seishu was so soft with you, so careful and fair-play that you ended up trusting him with your life, going around everywhere calling him your...
Your best friend.
Maybe he hadn't been perfectly fair-play into that last one... But he swears he had wanted to be your best friend, at a time.
It was just about how your hands moved around your face as you talked with excitement, about your teeth flashing and eyes sparkling with every smile you reserved only for him. It was about your scent lingering in his t-shirts after hours of hugging him from behind on night rides on his bike, the scent he never truly wanted to wash.
And soon, he started noticing his eagerness to have his hands lingering on you ( what was honestly foreign for Seishu), began feeling the need to find hidden meanings in the books you recommended him, and being even more protective toward you than usual.
Now Seishu would never disrespect you, or your will. If you wanted him as a best friend, then he would take what you had to give him. He would rather suffer that way than lose you at all, believe me, for someone who experienced loneliness, he would rather not go through your absence.
And so it goes, the play starts, he puts the mask, some make up on the ugly unwanted feelings, carries your shopping bags for you, helps you chose your outfit of the day, listen to all your stories about you how much of a loser your ex was, and kisses your cheek goodbye right before turning his back, dropping the mask, and untying his lacerated heart.
But deep inside, Seishu Inui is not as sugar coated as you think he is. Seishu Inui wished he was as innocent, honest with you as you thought he was, but he was not, and the first time you discovered it was...
-" You're my best friend, Sei. It's pouring outside, no need to argue, no bike. you're staying the night. "
It's too late now, you fell asleep, and he should've known, not even a king size bed could've prevented this from happening.
Your ( his) shirt was riding your hips, the covers sliding lower, the cold weather pushed you closer to his heat radiating body. A sigh escaped your lips, just as a beat escaped from his heart as you trapped his leg between your thighs, unconsciously laying your head on his arm.
Picture this, Seishu's blonde hair sprayed on your pillows, his flushed face, sleepy eyes, not moving an inch, frozen.
Or maybe just an inch, just to get into a more comfortable position-
But the friction his leg brought between your thighs had you knitting your eyebrows, a small gasp leaving your lips, something to awaken few things in Seishu.
As the respectful man he is, Seishu tries pushing your thighs away, but that only adds to that friction. And now he has you in your sleep, unconsciously rubbing yourself against him, he thinks he lost it.
Your t-shirts hangs on your waist now, Seishu hates the way his abdomen contracts seeing your bare lower half. And you're wearing nothing but your cute white panties, thus making him feel every move of your clit against his thigh.
He hates himself, and you would probably hate him too, but he swore he saw your eyelashes fluttering at some time, as you desperately chased more friction, and that convinced him to bounce his thigh harder against your clothed cunt.
-" Fuck... " He swears he's gonna stop, but he freezes the moment he hears a broken whisper.
-" Sei- ?"
Your interrogating eyes feel like a stab in the chest, Seishu would bend the knee, apologize until the end of the world, but-
But it seems your little dry humping made you unleash all of the restraints, you roll on your side and find yourself on top of him, legs on each side of his waist.
Seishu's just so pretty, mouth agape, the blue of his eyes is a meer ring around those pupils dilated from pleasure, you think he's gonna push you away. But some god must have been generous enough to give him that chance, he'd be damned to let it go. His hands find your bare hips.
-" You sure 'bout this ? " He hesitantly whispers, though his dick throbs crazy in his sweatpants, he would never neglect your needs. " Just a word, pretty girl. Just a word and I'm giving you all of my fucking love. "
From now on, Seishu solely believed that good things come to those who wait for it. Since after months and months of running from the shadow of his feelings for you, now his eyes were in bliss, swallowing every inch of you sinking on every inch of his hard cock.
Now now, Inui is a gentleman, a respectful, harmless guy.
But with your walls so tightly wrapped around him, he can't help but buckle his hips harder to meet your thrusts, can't help but grab your tits, kneading the flesh in his hands until he had you crying from pleasure and pain. Yes, Seishu is such a sweet guy, he solely believes this behavior is only what months of frustration have made of him.
And his best friend, Kokonoi had already told you once, though you didn't believed it " Seishu can be blunt sometimes ". Another thing you were yet to discover.
Those pretty lips that usually talked so nicely to you, those words that comforted you through your worst times seemed to get trapped behind the pleasure ravaging his lower half, because-
-" gotta slightest idea what you do to me ?" He thrusts his hips once again, circularly, giving particular attention to your clit. " How many times your slutty little skirts made my cock hard ?"
It drives him crazy, how your eyes widen innocently at his statement, meanwhile your pussy clenches in such a sultry around him. Intoxicating. You never knew you'd like those dirty words from the softest man you've known.
-" Pretty girl got me fucking my fist nearly every night. Shit- can feel you close, you like it dontcha ? My gorgeous baby, that's everything you truly ever wanted, right ? Having me fucking obsessed ? Pushing me to my damn limits ? Uh-"
But Seishu Inui is a dirty talker, behind closed doors, Seishu Inui is a hard groper, a carelessly harsh fucker, a sweet lover. Seishu Inui is the perfect mix.
Does anyone even remember who I am ?
Yeah I'm back, I guess ?
Hi everyone 馃 Hope y'all doing fine and all, wassup ?
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shibaraki 4 months
Tumblr media
synopsis: you鈥檝e been dating your close friend and roommate, todoroki shouto, for almost a month. it鈥檚 new, and scary, and easier than you ever expected.
tags: GN reader, friends to lovers, newly established relationship, living together (+they were roommates), support engineer reader, pro hero shouto, fluffy fluff, implied class differences, casual affection (plenty of kisses etc), first date!!!, feeding each other, they鈥檙e in love your honor
wc: 4K
a/n: this takes place after my other fic 鈥榯o build a home鈥 however!! fear not! it can also be read as a standalone ^_^ enjoy!
Tumblr media
The vanity is littered with pieces of your life. Work you鈥檝e brought home, tissue discarded after wiping down your dirtied hands, old draft sketches drawn haphazardly and set aside for sentimentality鈥檚 sake. Hero merch has been hung around the mirror frame. Small things. Keychains, magnets and bookmarks. A chibi shouto hangs on a ring, fist high and enveloped in ice.
Colour hems your peripheral vision, stems cut from a meadow and displayed in your room. Pink, green, purple and red. Shouto gave you a flower bouquet, roses and carnations and others that you cannot name without a guide; one he loaned expressly to learn the language of flowers for you.
The balmy, summer fragrance lingers, drawing a subconscious grin. You see it in your reflection, and you don鈥檛 look away. Not that you were unhappy before鈥攂ut lately you can鈥檛 stop smiling. It is ever present, in your tone, in your disposition, in the pleased glow your coworkers liked to point out. Undeniably, things have been good.
Almost too good.
Dating Shouto changed everything and nothing. It was a uniquely embarrassing experience to reconcile just how obvious you had been throughout the years. You had prepared for wobbling baby steps. However, in many ways, it was as if you鈥檇 completely skipped the awkwardness all together, and Shouto became more emboldened than ever.
Exhaling, you push the thought aside. Your reflection relaxes once more as the tension bleeds from your shoulders. You鈥檙e all done up; donning your best clothes, an almost unrecognisable version of yourself compared to the oil-stained, work-swept appearance you usually took.
Tonight would be your first official date. Despite having been together for a few weeks now, your misaligned schedules and general lack of free time made it difficult to take that next step. You initially suggested setting up dinner at home. Candlelight and wine. Good food and good company is all you needed. As tempting as it was, Shouto insisted on treating you to somewhere proper鈥
His own words. 鈥楶roper鈥 was not your department. You didn鈥檛 know what to expect.
But the memory resurfaces, and at the vision of his soft pout, you ease. Things would be fine regardless of where the night took you.
Echoing through the hallway, Shouto鈥檚 bedroom door quietly clicks shut. You watch his silhouette appear beneath the crack of your own. He shifts his weight. The knock you anticipate never comes. Instead your phone lights up where it sits on the end of your bed. You stretch to grab it. The screen unlocks, opening onto your messaging app. Shouto鈥檚 name sits unread at the very top.
shouto : just now
Here to pick you up :)
鈥淗e鈥檚 trying to kill me,鈥 you breathe, biting back an affectionate laugh and smoothing your thumb over the text. Filled with a sudden urgency to see him, you get to your feet. You pat down either side of your hips, ironing out the creases and give a last look to the mirror鈥攑leased, beautiful.
Behind the door, Shouto anxiously waits. Fingers combed through his hair, the bicoloured strands have mixed into one another, brushed over to one side. The light glints. Gold studs sit in either ear, warming his complexion. He鈥檚 wearing a light sweater and dark trousers cinched with a belt. The sleeves are rolled midway along his forearm, casting light on a thin gold chain that hangs delicately around his wrist below the watch his older sister bought him for his birthday.
鈥淵ou look really good,鈥 you murmur, moving into his space. What would make an otherwise clumsy first encounter for any other came naturally to you both. Eyes drag over the length of your body. Shouto licks his lower lip, gaze heavier, and he pulls you in by the hips. A warm musk fills your senses. Pleasant notes of sandalwood and cinnamon. Your hands come to rest on his chest as you kiss his cheek.
鈥淎nd you look beautiful,鈥 he says. 鈥淎re you ready to leave?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 ready,鈥 you concur, voice steeped in contagious excitement, 鈥渨e鈥檙e going on a date鈥.
Shouto sways on his feet, your body moving with him, and his fingers dig into your hips as though restraining himself. 鈥淲e are. Our first date,鈥 stepping away, he gestures for you to take his arm. You coil around his bicep. Quiet, he continues, 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry it took so long to organise鈥.
You swat at his shoulder, falling in line with him as you make your way through the apartment. 鈥淵our needless apology is not accepted. I鈥檝e told you it鈥檚 completely fine鈥.
Shouto hums a small, gratified sound, and then bends to take his shoes from the rack. You move to do the same. As you straighten he is pulling on a dark brown leather jacket, the collar flicking up when he shucks it around his chest.
A clink echoes out. He hooks his car keys through his forefinger and slowly looks you over without intent. 鈥淏ring a coat. The nights have been getting colder,鈥 he tells you. You concede, endeared by his concern.
The car journey is mostly spent in a comfortable silence, feelings of anticipation tainting the air. You don鈥檛 ride with Shouto often, usually opting to take the subway, thus reclining into the plush padded leather is still relatively new. Shouto presses a button and a gradual heat gathers beneath your thighs. Your gaze drags to the gear stick, where his fingers are flexing. After some hesitation he shifts gears and rests his hand above your knee.
You stroke his forearm. His thumb moves in idle shapes. The traffic thins out when he takes an unexpected left onto an unassuming street and regretfully releases you. Car parked alongside a few others, strikingly expensive, Shouto cuts the ignition and you step out.
A clandestine entrance comes into view. Through double glass doors awaits a polished, minimalist lobby, leading to a flight of winding stairs. Upon reaching the top you realise the building houses a pair of adjacent restaurants. Traditional and Western, respectively.
Shouto encourages you toward the more traditional archway, and intermittently squeezes your hand. Your palms kiss, his skin a little clammy. The thought of him being nervous charms you. He glances over as you stroke your finger across his knuckles and his temperature seems to cool.
You startle. A server had approached at some point during the intimate moment, stoic and lingering; dressed in a pale kimono, not a thread out of place. With your attention she bends into a perfect bow. 鈥淚t鈥檚 a pleasure to have you this evening. Will it be a table for two?鈥
鈥淭here should be a reservation under the name Todoroki,鈥 Shouto replies with silvery cadence. Expression waning in recognition, the server nods.
鈥淩ight this way sir鈥.
You trail through the restaurant. The architecture is luxurious and calming, woodsy tones and warm accents. Thick sticks of bamboo hang over the ceiling, and pale structures formed to resemble cherry blossoms overhang the chef鈥檚 bar. Most notable is the fish tank behind it, pulsing gently as the filter whirls.
The server maintains a strict posture as she guides you to your table. Positioned in an intimate corner next to the window wall, overlooking a blushing cityscape, streaks of sunlight threading between buildings.
You take your seat and sink into the curved back. An illuminated centrepiece gently breathes, coming to life and casting a glow across the tablecloth. Cutlery of which you鈥檝e never seen before is set out before you. 鈥淚 will return to take your order in a moment鈥︹ you hear from your left.
Shouto voices his gratitude. His focus turns to you as the server retreats. 鈥淓verything okay?鈥 he asks, too perceptive for his own good, somehow managing to make it feel as though he is still holding your hand through all this, even with the distance.
You hum, not trusting yourself to immediately speak. The menu is thick and glossy and heavy in your grasp. 鈥溾ll good, handsome,鈥 your eyes skim over the eclectic dishes. You squint at the small font, mind unspooling at the assortment of food鈥攎ost you hardly recognised. 鈥淲hat do you think you鈥檒l order?
With the tilt of his head, Shouto鈥檚 focus returns to his menu. While he reads through you wonder if it鈥檚 obvious that you鈥檙e out of place here. That you came home hours earlier and scraped the grease from your nail beds after tinkering with Ingenium鈥檚 suit for most of the afternoon.
鈥淭heir signature dish, maybe. I鈥檝e heard the meat is good. They make it with an iron griddle,鈥 Shouto鈥檚 thumb plucks restlessly at the corner of the card. Voice pitched lower, he adds, 鈥淎nd it鈥檚 the only thing I find appetising on here鈥.
Your brows raise at his admittance. Partly relieved by the shared uncertainty, though more surprised he felt it at all. 鈥淵ou鈥檝e never been to a place like this?鈥
Shouto gives a plaintive blink. 鈥淣o, I have. Years ago when I first debuted my father would drag me to places like this to network,鈥 he says, setting down the menu. Sheepishness colours his features, 鈥淏ut I鈥檝e never been here specifically. Momo recommended it鈥.
鈥淢omo did?鈥 you echo, subconsciously leaning onto the table. Shouto nods and shifts in his seat. 鈥淐ool. Has she ever brought Kyouka here?鈥
A wayward curl of crimson falls over his forehead as Shouto tilts. He brushes the stray hair back. 鈥淣o, not that I鈥檓 aware. She mentioned that her parents often spent date nights here and they loved it鈥.
You smile helplessly, restless with the urge to pinch and pull at him. It was obvious that he鈥檇 put effort into organising this鈥攎aybe a little much. He had overthought things in true Shouto fashion.
鈥淲hy do you think that is?鈥 you muse, hoping he鈥檒l see your sincerity and hear you out. 鈥淚t鈥檚 because Kyouka doesn鈥檛 like鈥 extravagance. It makes her uncomfortable鈥.
Shouto considers this. 鈥溾o you want to go somewhere else?鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not it, baby. I told you I鈥檓 happy to go wherever with you,鈥 Shouto鈥檚 gaze momentarily drops, the corner of his mouth curling up. 鈥淭hank you for bringing me here. It鈥檚 just鈥攄on鈥檛 always feel obligated to go to these lengths. Or spend this much. We can save all the fancy stuff for our anniversaries鈥.
You sit in a brief, comfortable silence, skin warming at the realisation of what you鈥檝e said and the weight it carried. As he studies you carefully in the low light you hear the far off sound of food popping on the hot stove-top and smell a sweet, buttery aroma.
鈥淚 understand,鈥 he exhales, resting his chin in the cup of his hand. A smirk teases his lips. 鈥淚 guess I鈥檒l need to find some other way to spoil you鈥.
鈥淪houto. You do more than enough鈥斺
The server is approaching from the corner of your eye. You lightly kick his leg beneath the table to alert him, and he catches your foot between his ankles. There鈥檚 a small notepad and pen in her hand. She gestures to the menu.
鈥淓xcuse the interruption. Are you ready to order?鈥
Shouto recites his choice and you choose the same, trusting his palate. 鈥淐ould we have a pitcher of water for the table?鈥
鈥淥f course, sir鈥.
Your eyes linger on his jawline, the flex of his throat. Shadows dance across his face. The live music flows supple and amorous through the room. You want to lean into it; find yourself in Shouto鈥檚 arms and move as the rhythm dictates.
鈥淒id you have a good day at work?鈥
The normalcy of the question catches you off guard in such a setting, and you blow air into your cheeks, embarrassed to be caught staring. He sits with arms folded atop the table to lean closer, unabashedly staring right back. 鈥淲ork is work,鈥 you reply, giving the routine answer. 鈥淲hat about you? Anything interesting?鈥
At that Shouto reaches to rest his hand over yours. Broad palm and paling bruised knuckles. He鈥檚 cool to the touch. Your heartbeat picks up as he begins to play with your fingers. 鈥淚 caught a man trying to flash his genitals at an all girls school,鈥 he says, attention drifting as he recalls what, for him, is a monotonous day. 鈥淪topped a train from derailing鈥攁h. One of the students we saved had an interesting quirk. I thought Izuku was going to ask her for an autograph鈥︹
The evening unfolds. Darkness envelops the city and one by one people switch on their lights. It comes to life. You share laughter. You rub his calf and wisps of steam flutter around him. You talk, settling into a natural conversation, a complimentary rhythm, as you would鈥檝e at home. Your once friendship hung lightly between you, an ephemeral thing, lacking weight or gravity. Any other first date experience paled in comparison; this didn鈥檛 feel like a first date at all.
Sitting there, now with an empty plate and your glass half full of liquor, a different spirit seems to sift inside you. Uninhibited contentment. The dressed up, high class onlookers fall away. Shouto looks at you over the lip of his mocktail as if you are the only thing he can see.
鈥淎 little weird, isn鈥檛 it?鈥
Shouto raises a brow and hums, 鈥淲hat do you mean?鈥
鈥淲ell, this is the part where people learn about each other,鈥 you say. 鈥淲e already know almost everything鈥.
鈥淣ot everything,鈥 he stops to think. 鈥淪ometimes I swallow my gum instead of taking it out鈥.
鈥淵ou鈥斺 startled, breathy laughter overshadows your reply. You cover your mouth and shake your head. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 gross. You鈥檙e ridiculous鈥.
A dazed smile teases Shouto鈥檚 lips, 鈥淵ou wanted to know鈥. The ice in his glass remains, cradled in his right hand, while condensation gathers around your fingers. 鈥溾e knew each other as good friends. That鈥檚 different鈥.
You take a quick sip, 鈥淭hink so?鈥
鈥淚 know so,鈥 he murmurs, his leg sliding between your own. 鈥淣ow I get to learn about you all over again, in a new way鈥.
The thin hair on your arms prickles. Warmth and desire seeps through you, soaked into adipose tissue, tenderising thought and thew. 鈥淲hat a charmer,鈥 you say, voice a little thick, seeing the night with new clarity. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e right. We just started a few steps ahead鈥.
Pleased at that, Shouto鈥檚 attention falls to the empty plates. 鈥淪hould we get dessert?鈥
You consider the idea. It pulls you away from the moment, and everything sharpens in your periphery. Coalesced voices, the clink of cutlery, dulcet piano notes flowing beneath it all. 鈥淣ot here,鈥 you decide, an excited grin unfolding. 鈥淟et鈥檚 go get ice cream鈥.
Despite your protests Shouto pays the bill. You allow it, begrudgingly, since he had organised the date. In passing you bow your head toward the chef working behind the bar, and he gives an effusive 鈥榯hank you鈥.
鈥淭hank you very much,鈥 another server calls politely, delicate hand raised to wave from behind his drink tray. 鈥淧lease come again鈥.
Already too late into the evening, any ice cream parlour would be closed. Even so you clasp Shouto鈥檚 hand, bracing against the warmth, and direct him to a corner store on the far end of the road.
The cashier鈥攔eclined in a fold up chair, feet propped on the counter and cigarette in hand鈥攕taggers, almost tumbling to the floor as he registers Shouto鈥檚 identity. Though few, other customers stop to stare.
That feeling of unease returns once more. Amidst the bliss, and mellow, alcohol induced haze, you had completely forgotten about his status as a public figure and the scrutiny that might befall your new relationship as a result. You鈥檝e been linked to various heroes before for business but never romantically.
Shouto is oblivious to it. Rather, you suppose he is used to the scrutiny. You recoil from their staring, and subsequently from his side, your anxious mind assuming some distance might cause them to think twice. In that instant an arm wraps firm around your lower back. Anchoring your hip, Shouto keeps you tucked against him, searching your face for objection.
You chew the inside of your cheek and relent, because you feel better when you鈥檙e close to him. The apprehensive and moderately starstruck atmosphere barely tickles him as he rummages through the large freezer. Ice creams and pops of every shape and colour. With a quiet, pleased sound, he plucks out a packet of bite sized matcha ice cream.
The cashier has steadied his hands by the time you鈥檙e ready to pay. Shouto deliberately frowns at the cigarette butts on the counter, discarded in an Endeavor themed ashtray. Not on account of any suspicion or disapproval, just simple pettiness. You know that but the poor young man does not, as he continues to nervously explain that his manager is 鈥榩retty lax about that kinda thing鈥.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 nice,鈥 Shouto tells him, passing his phone over the card machine. You press your lips thin to keep from laughing. A ping echoes out and the money goes through. 鈥淭hank you. Have a good night鈥.
Confused, the man gives a tremulous smile and nods, 鈥淭hank you for everything you do, Shouto, sir!鈥
Stepping into the tepid night air brings a wave of relief. Shouto releases your waist to pass you your cold treat. Falling into a lazy pace you start back toward the restaurant.
You鈥檝e chosen an ice cream bar on a stick. Teeth sink into it like warm butter, the first bite melting on your tongue. Shouto is eating his delicately with a small pick and at your satisfied moan, he freezes, the next piece halfway to his open mouth.
鈥淚 haven鈥檛 had ice cream in forever,鈥 you effused, licking the remnants from the corner of your lips. 鈥淒o you like yours?鈥
鈥淵es,鈥 he replies, strained. You watch him from the corner of your eye. There鈥檚 a blush high on his cheeks. Drifting into the car park, he catches your gaze, slowing beneath a stream of light coming from the street lamp above. Cast in a syrupy, honey toned veil, he holds out the pick to you. 鈥淲ould you like to try some?鈥
You smile at this, and then wordlessly part your lips. Shouto visibly swallows as he feeds it to you. Sweet earthy flavours harmonised with a hint of bitterness flood across your palate. Chewing, you hold up your mostly eaten ice cream bar and gesture for him to finish it.
Like you, Shouto opens up in a silent request to be fed. You turn the tacky stick between your fingers so he can get to both sides. 鈥淭hank you,鈥 he mumbles, gently brushing his thumb at your mouth to wipe away a smear of cream. 鈥淔or the ice cream and for tonight鈥.
鈥淲hat鈥檙e you thanking me for?鈥 you smile, besotted. His arms rise to welcome you into his chest. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e the one that did everything鈥.
Shouto squints in obvious disagreement and dips to give you a kiss. His lips are careful, still sweet with vanilla. You feel the soft tickle of his breath to your cheek, fingers carding through his hair as you breathe each other in.
鈥淟et鈥檚 go home,鈥 he murmurs.
Arriving at the apartment together is somewhat odd. The air is charged. Where you鈥檇 bid any other date goodbye, Shouto crowds into the genkan behind you and locks the door. You shrug off your coat and the thin hair on your nape tingles as he places hands on your hips, guiding you to the side and slipping past you.
Shouto lingers and you wonder if he鈥檚 having the same thoughts. 鈥淎re you following me?鈥 you tease lightly, giddy at his presence so close to your heels.
鈥淚鈥檓 walking you to your door,鈥 he says.
鈥淲hat a gentleman,鈥 you laugh under your breath. Turning to lean against the frame, fingers wrap around the handle behind your back. Head cocked, you add, 鈥淕onna come in for coffee, too?鈥
Hearing the innuendo, his expression settles into fond amusement. He cups your cheek. You lean into the shallow of his palm and draw him closer with your eyes. He inclines his face, nudges his nose against yours, and your mouths come together, already soft and open. You kiss for a while, before his lip curls and you both devolve into quiet laughter.
Breathless when he pulls away, you say, 鈥淕oodnight, Shouto. Thank you. I really enjoyed myself鈥.
鈥淪leep well,鈥 he returns. 鈥淚鈥檒l see you in the morning鈥.
Upon entering the solace of your bedroom, you鈥檙e overcome by an urgent giddiness. The energy has you bouncing on the spot, a squeal building in your chest that you don鈥檛 release until your face is buried deep in a pillow.
Sleep finds you in the early hours, creeping in amongst your tumultuous thoughts, mentally listing the options of what to do for the second date.
It鈥檚 as though you blink and morning shutters in. You stretch, limbs caught in the covers, and shy away from the light bleeding through your curtains. As senses sharpen and your body wakes, the distant sound of pots and cutlery draws your focus.
Your feet drag on the cool floorboards, dazedly wandering towards the tantalising smell pouring out from the kitchen. Shouto stands at the sink in a wrinkled shirt, the hem falling over his red boxers. There鈥檚 a slight bounce to his step as he moves, and his expression visibly brightens as he notices you.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e perky this morning,鈥 you mumble, still one foot in sleep, rubbing at the corner of your eye. 鈥淲hat, did you have a hot date or something?鈥
Hearing the affection in your voice, Shouto flashes a small grin. He slumps against the counter, leaning to check on the rice cooker. Steam curls up into the air. 鈥淎 really hot date,鈥 he affirms. A smile pulls at your lips.
You notice the two bowls already set out and turn to the coffee machine to pull out a second mug. 鈥淪ure there鈥檚 enough water in that?鈥
鈥淵es,鈥 his puffy eyes narrowed. 鈥淚 remembered this time鈥.
You hum, satisfied. Shouto drapes himself around your shoulders and you turn to press a soft kiss to his bare collar, exposed by the loose material of his sleep shirt. The roommate act falls away. 鈥淲hen do you need to leave?鈥
A warm breath brushes your temple as he sighs, 鈥淎bout twenty minutes鈥.
鈥淵ou should go ahead and get ready, then. I鈥檒l plate this up鈥.
Shouto nods with some reluctance. While he鈥檚 gone you fill his bowl and break an egg into it. Adding a little soy sauce and a dash of salt, you whip the rice with a pair of chopsticks until the egg is golden, turning foamy and giving the rice a tender texture. After repeating the steps you sprinkle mixed seasoning over both meals.
You set his coffee down on a coaster as he jogs out into the living room, hair lazily styled and his hero suit zipped to his midsection. 鈥淭hank you for the meal,鈥 he says, slightly faster than usual, before proceeding to shovel the rice into his mouth.
鈥淒on鈥檛 choke,鈥 you pluck a sticky grain of rice from Shouto鈥檚 cheek and eat it. He blinks at you as he chews. 鈥淎t least give me a few years first鈥.
The crinkles by his eyes deepen, scar tissue pulling taut. You swallow a hot mouthful of coffee to distract yourself from the way he visibly brightens. 鈥淚 can give you more than a few,鈥 he replies.
Heat prickles beneath your skin, 鈥淣o romancing me at breakfast鈥.
Shouto laughs warmly. And with that you finish your meal together. He departs for work in a hurry, kissing the top of your head and calling out as he goes,
鈥淗ave a good day, love. I鈥檒l see you at home鈥.
Tumblr media
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socalscents 11 months
This smells GOOD! Wanted by Night by Azzaro
Wanted by Night by Azzaro is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men. Wanted by Night was launched in 2018. Wanted by Night was created by Quentin Bisch and Michel Girard. Top notes are Cinnamon, Mandarin Orange, Lavender and Lemon; middle notes are Fruity Notes, Incense, Red Cedar and Cumin; base notes are Tobacco, Vanilla, Leather, Cedar, Benzoin, Iso E Super, Cypress and Patchouli.
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fueledbysano 9 months
what fragrances I think tokyo revengers characters wear
so if yall wanna smell your mans go sniff this at your local store. also most of these are unisex! u can do ur research and get them for yourself or a similar one!
鈾 ft: Mikey, Shinichiro, Izana, Rindou, Sanzu, Ran, Inui, Koko, Taiju.
鈾 a/n: just my opinion as a fragrance connoisseur. bc my flight is delayed and I wanted to pass time. also I was in the middle of writing if then chapter 12 when this came in mind so watch out for that too. also, if u want other characters just suggest them. I need something to work on while on the flight anyways.
Tumblr media
Mikey - Straight to Heaven by Kilian
Tumblr media
you will audibly moan when you get a whiff of this. very mysterious, dark, and elegant. it's sweet, boozy, and very commanding. hell, I think this was made FOR HIM. literally straight out of heaven. and i think it really adds to his attractiveness and vibe. it stays on his skin when you're cuddling after sex. which eventually, lingers on yours too which will stay for hours, reminding you of the intense night you had together.
Shinichiro - TABAC 28 by Le Labo
Tumblr media
might have a bit of a bias because I wear Le Labo too but THIS. when I first smelled this, he's the first man that came in mind. it's super musky, has tobacco notes, and overall smells very fresh and comforting. really gives off the good bad boy vibe. he wears an extra spray when you cuddle so it lingers on you too and let the others know that you're his, without speaking a word.
Izana - NAXOS by XerJoff
Tumblr media
this scent is so intoxicating, I'm telling you. almost seductive, if you'd ask me. it's bright, sparkly, and warm. it's a little lavender citrusy, dominated by honey, vanilla, and some sweet tobacco. and it's unisex too! much like Izana, it's inviting, unique, and unforgettable. When he leaves, he sprays it to your clothes as a reminder that he's not so far away.
Sanzu - Bergamote 22 by Le Labo
Tumblr media
another Le Labo man. LISTEN鈥 he's arguably the most difficult one to assign a particular scent to. I thought of Suavage, Eros, and a lot more very manly scents. While I very much think that he wears those, I think this is his signature scent. Very androgynous, fresh, and expensive. It is fruity and musky in scent. smells like your boyfriend who drives an expensive car and lets you be the passenger princess.
Rindou - Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male
Tumblr media
it's very bright and sweet鈥 minty, pear-y, a little musky, and vanilla in scent. youthful and fresh. I heard that it is amazing for clubbing, perfect for Rindou who owns the club. he sprays it on you on club dates to note to everyone that you are untouchable and taken by him.
Ran - YSL Y La Parfum
Tumblr media
we all know that Ran loves Mont Blanc and YSL. But I think he wears scents from the latter one. Now this man knows his fragrances. He has a big collection and probably wears them in layers too. But when I think of a YSL scent that screams Ran Haitani, it's the LP. It's seductive, sweet, and dark. It's fruity, sage-y, and powdery, in a way that it smells manly. and I read somewhere that this scent attracts the women; but that isn't his goal when he already has you, smugly watching the girls who turn their heads to follow that sexy scent only to discover that his arm is already linked with yours.
Koko - Fucking Fabulous by Tom Ford
Tumblr media
Koko is in fact, fucking fabulous. this fragrance is so expensive-smelling (and literally so expensive), which is his brand. and yes, it's a unisex scent. It's lavender, leather, and vanilla in fragrance鈥 a beautifully formulated combination of sweetness and musk which is a masterpiece. I just know that Koko is a fragrance man too and this is his signature. He does not gatekeep and gets you a bottle so you can turn heads together.
Koko - Santal 33 by Le Labo
Tumblr media
okay, fine. maybe there is a bias but Le Labo is just the goat when it comes to unisex fragrances which I think would be Inui's preference. I personally wear this scent. It smells like an expensive hotel. it is musky, powdery, and woody in scent. It's comforting, calming, but strong. Inui also dresses well so this really compliments his overall style. when you ride his motorcycle, you always get a whiff of it and Inui could tell from how much you cling onto him and rest your chin on his shoulder. and he thinks it's adorable.
Taiju - Gentle Fluidity Silver by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Tumblr media
SO SEXY. fresh, crisp, and sophisticated. while it may seem like it's a manly scent, it's unisex. people on the internet like to describe it's scent as young, sexy ceo vibes and I couldn't agree more. I think Taiju would go for this instead of smelling like every other mothefucker in the streets. He sprays it in your car too so you are reminded of his presence, and whoever dares to get in it.
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sdr2lovemail 3 months
Tumblr media
Anything for My Lady!
Synopsis: You're Muzan's faithful aide and she rewards your hard work with sweet words and a kiss. In reference to this post I made.
Note: Manipulation (kinda, reader is aware and is fine with it.) Gn Reader.
Requests are open!
Tumblr media
Becoming the perfect being is what Muzan wanted. She almost had it all; immortality, eternal youth, and an army of bloodthirsty demons. Though there was one thing stopping her from becoming perfect, her inability to conquer the sun. Muzan had spent years, decades, centuries trying to find a way. She looked through every book, every village, every person but has yet to find an answer.聽
Nothing, not a single book in the infinity castle had any new information. Flipping through pages and tossing them to the side, Muzan was getting frustrated. Before her resolve could fully snap, she found something. A formula dating a few centuries back, one she had not tried before. With an almost crazed smirk, she called out to the demon with a biwa.
鈥淣akime, summon my precious aide for me.鈥 Her voice practically purred.
Positioning her fingers on the strings, Nakime gave a subtle nod. 鈥淵es, Lord Muzan.鈥
You were confused, being pulled from your home and into a never-ending labyrinth so suddenly. Though the confusion quickly wore off. Seeing the familiar complexities of the infinity castle made your chest warm. It meant your lady needed you.
A shiver goes down your spine when you hear it. The sound of your name falling from soft lips. Muzan stands tall in the center of the room. Her hair was in its usual bun, her kimono perfectly draped. With quick yet elegant steps, she鈥檚 in front of you. Her sharp, red eyes pierce through you. 鈥淜neel.鈥
It was as if your body switched to auto-piolet. You get down on one knee, a hand on your chest, bowing your head. 鈥淟ady Muzan, it鈥檚 so wonderful to see you again. Is there something you need of me?鈥澛
Muzan reached a hand down, bringing the tips of her fingers to lift your chin. She smiled. The sight caused your stomach to flutter. 鈥淵es, there is something I need. Rather urgently at that.鈥 With her free hand, she holds a sheet of parchment. 鈥淪ee these ingredients? I need you to collect them for me.鈥澛
Your eyes look into hers, shining with pure devotion. 鈥淥f course, I will go right away.鈥澛
Muzan gleamed at your eagerness. She kneels next to you, her hand cupping your chin. 鈥淎lways so happy to please. You鈥檙e unlike my demon subordinates. No, you鈥檙e far more special. You can do things they can鈥檛. I can call you day or night.鈥
Your spine tingled as she leaned in close, her breath tickling your ear. Her voice was low as she whispered.聽
鈥淢ake quick work of this task, and I鈥檒l reward you. Don鈥檛 disappoint me.鈥 Muzan鈥檚 lips grazed against the shell of your ear. Her waxy lipstick left a faint mark.
Clasping your hands together, you look on at Muzan with awe. She was so close. The floral fragrance of her perfume wafts into your nose, sending a jolt through your body. 鈥淚 won鈥檛 let you down! I鈥檒l get everything on the list, I promise.鈥澛
鈥淕ood.鈥 Muzan pulls away, standing to her full height. She turns around and gives a dismissive wave of her hand. Nakime sends you off with a strum of her biwa.
Once you鈥檙e gone, the demon king walks back to her desk with a smirk. You were so easy to work, so malleable. You would do anything she said. She liked that. Unlike some of her demons, you never complained or whined; never asked for anything in return. Just working for her seemed to be enough payment. She couldn't help but wonder, would you still serve her in her other forms?
Hours had passed, and the sun was going down on the horizon.聽
鈥淭hey have returned, Lord Muzan,鈥 Nakime announced as she strummed the strings of her biwa. The infinity castle shifted and shuffled until you were back in front of Muzan. You held bags and parcels of many shapes.
You stand tall, bowing your head, and a light blush covers your face. 鈥淚鈥檓 back, my lady. I got everything on your list.鈥
In a flash, the items were out of your hands. Muzan takes her place in front of you. The way she looked down at you made your heart beat faster. She brings her hand to your cheek, a well-manicured nail grazing against your skin. 鈥淲ell done. You didn鈥檛 have any trouble, did you?鈥 Her voice was like honey, and you just wanted more of it.
鈥淣o! No trouble at all. I found everything with ease. I only had to visit two villages as well.鈥 It didn鈥檛 matter how many villages you went to. You鈥檇 scour the whole globe if it made Muzan happy.
Slowly, Muzan leans in. Her fragrant perfume fills your senses once more. 鈥淧erfect. Now, for your reward.鈥澛
The touch is light, but it still invigorates you. Her lips were soft and gentle against yours. Still cupping your cheek, she used her thumb to stroke your skin. The smooth feel of her lipstick was pleasant on your lips. Just as quick as the feeling came, it was gone. Though it was a chaste kiss, it felt like an eternity to you.
Once Muzan pulled away, she smirked. 鈥淗m, you just might be my favorite. If you keep working this diligently, I鈥檒l have to keep rewarding you.鈥
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