#dc x dp au
There were reports of paranormal activity once again in Gotham, and it was getting more annoying than usual. Thankfully, the approval for establishing a franchise in Gotham had gone well, and it was usually went off after something had gone wrong. It did.
Just not in the way the Ghostbusters expected it to go, but as a citizen of Gotham, you could’ve seen this coming a mile away.
Daniel “Danny” Fenton (Phantom) decided to transfer over to Gotham, after Phantom had been unexpectedly banned by superficial “moralistic” people who were full on crazy. Once he transferred, he, along with his friends, transferred to Gotham, hearing that it had a lot of paranormal activity in the area. They were warned that the “average” criminal element was usually handled by either the Gotham City Police Dept., or by the elusive “Bat-Man”.
Only two days into working as a Ghostbuster in Gotham, and their first fight with the cult, dubbed the “League of Shadows”, and they believed that Ra's al Ghul is somehow immortal. While it sounds far-fetched and insane, it’s later revealed that the science behind it is pretty sound. The nasty side-effects as they find out, outweigh the help to restore vitality like it does to Ra’s. So when they summoned up ghosts, they handled it pretty well. That was when the Bat Family decided to drop in.
Batman (Bruce Wayne) at the time, thought that the Ghostbusters were a bunch of con artists, mainly due to the fact that he did do deep digging into the product that was Ghostbusters. That changed the night the League of Shadows tried to summon a deity. It didn’t go so well, and instead an army of ghosts were causing a ruckus, thus causing the Ghostbusters to arrive on the scene. They tried talking the LoS down, and when that didn’t happen and they stuck their ghost on them, the GBs handled it like pros, capturing the spirits and trapping them easily, including a few experimental products that they decided to field test right then and there (the tripod dual trap worked like as easy as a store bought pie). It surprised Batman that these Ghostbusters were legit and not some kind of hoax.
Meanwhile, the Bat Family was trying to figure out the four new Ghostbusters while handling Ra’s al Ghul’s plan.
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minnesota-fats · 15 days
Fic idea
Ellie in Gotham, vibing it up, when this guy (Batman) comes out of nowhere and asks her to do a DNA test.
Ellie: “lol, sure, but your gonna be real confused.”
Ellie finding out she shares DNA with this guy and pauses before whipping out her phone and calling Danny.
Ellie: “Yo Danny? Are you adopted?”
Danny: “What no???”
Ellie: “Then why is Batman saying he’s my dad???”
Danny: “What?”
Batman: “who’s that?”
Ellie: “the guy I’m cloned from.”
Batman: “?????”
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dxrksong · 2 months
Just a funny what if
The classic batfam being used to summon the ghost king scenario. Danny claws his way out of the circle and tries to intimidate everyone
Danny: WHO DARES-JOHNNY13?! Is THIS Where you've been this whole time?!
Jason: unfortunately.
Danny: wait, are you alive?!
Jason: unfortunately.
Danny: is that your family???
Jason: kid, wait up!
Danny: ?? What's up?
Jason: take me with you, PLEASE! I can't deal with their constant drama!!
Danny: John-JASON, I really don't think That's a good idea! With your family being overprotective as it is, your.....weird biology of being essentially a halfa ZOMBIE. I'm honestly concerned about what would happen if you went back into the zone.
Jason: kid please! There's hardly any ambient ectoplasm here that ISN'T tainted to high hell! Look, you can get a doctor or something if it'll make you feel better but I REALLY need to go back!!!!
Danny: *sighs* fine fine! I'll get frostbite. Just wait here for a little bit!
Danny: uh huh, just don't die again. Oh, and btw, you might wanna start running now.
Jason: huh? Why?
The batfam, misunderstanding that entire conversation and gearing up to smother and protect Jason at all cost:
The Bike who drove itself home the moment Danny appeared because it knew Jason was gonna be fine:
Frostbite isn't one for swearing
For one he's more than often surrounded by younglings and the other is to maintain the image of his tribe. For if he were to start swearing like a sailor, the rest of the yeti tribe will be sure to follow. And of course it'd be nearly impossible to reverse such a thing.
So when he met with the great one's distressed friend, all he could do was freeze as he desperately tried to pick his words VERY carefully.
What the FUCK was he LOOKING at?!
This.....this poor thing is SERIOUSLY ILL!!
Oh-wait! The great one was saying something, he completely tuned him out!
FB: Great one, we MUST get him to the infirmary IMMEDIATELY!!
Danny: huh? Why? Is it really that bad- *Frostbite grabs Jason and runs back into the zone* -and wow he didn't even wait, this must be serious.
Frostbite......has no words.....
This......shouldn't be possible....
And yet for some reason it is....
FB: You have a parasite.
Jason: huh?? Like a virus?
FB: yes.....Which shouldn't be possible.
Jason: what?? How? I'm technically alive right?
FB: yes, but that's not why. It's the parasite itself, that's the impossibility!
Danny: what do you mean?
FB: it appears the parasite is mimicking a central nervous and vein system out of ectoplasm not unlike what the Great one has, hence your reserection.
Jason: and that means???
FB: it essentially means you have a second core! But it appears unfinished. Though I am curious as to WHY it's using itself so diligently to keep you alive...
Danny: so what were to happen if we were to remove it?
Jason: ?!?!?!
FB: he would have to be put in an intensive care treatment immediately as the shock would no doubt threaten to stop his heart or rupture his core.
Jason, trying to keep himself calm: so there's no way to fix this?
FB: on the contrary, it appears your body might be trying to absorb it. Or more specifically the corrupted ectoplasm that came with it.
Jason: ok?! And??!
FB: well if we get rid of the corrupted ectoplasm, the parasite SHOULD be weakened enough to the point we can just take it out, simple as that.....in theory.
Jason growled, green coating his vision. Before getting a small electric shock in the neck
FB: it appears the parasite reacts to your emotions. If you get angry, it boosts your strength. Although unfortunately it seems to elevate your emotions as well, which seems to only confuse the parasite more till the threat is neutralized or out of sight.
Jason: so, what? It's sentient??
FB: it appears so, however it doesn't look to be very smart. Only reacting to emotions and the stress levels in your system. Kind of like a blob ghost with it's herd now that I think about it.
FB: well I'm NOT not saying that-
Danny had to drag Jason back home before he injured frostbite.
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grapeflavoredmutiny · 3 months
I think if anyone in the DC universe is going to somehow end up elbow deep in the ghost zone and Suffering For It, it's gonna be Barry "goes back in time anytime he drops his nachos" Allen. He has A LOT of temporal manipulation to answer to Clockwork for.
And Barry, BARRY, okay. So now. He owes this ghost(?) Like, 259 favors because CW is an absolute HOMIE (is used to wrangling irresponsible superheroes (*cough* Danny *cough*)) and has been adjusting the timeline to avoid paradoxes and offshoots whenever Flash deigns it necessary to fuck around.
SO NOW Barry Allen is in the super undesirable position of owing an ancient, undead, possibly immortal being multiple favors, and he's shidding crying screaming and throwing up, trying to figure out what to DO and how to get out of this weird gooey dimension whenever CW drops this feral rat glowing teenager in a hazmat suit in front of him and just goes "your turn to babysit, see how you like it"
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ekat-fandom-blog · 2 months
Danny didn't hate the Justice League for never showing up to deal with the world ending things he dealt with. He's not been upset with them over this since he learned about overshadowing being a thing.
That is, he wasn't upset with them. Until he met Dan. Dan who had killed the Justice League. Dan who had destroyed the world. Dan who had told him about Justice League Dark. The secret magic division of the Justice League that apparently could have dealt with the bs Amity Park has been through since the portal opened.
They had the resources to avoid being overshadowed and they were, even just one of them, powerful enough to have taken down Fright Knight or Vlad or Pariah Dark. Instead they'd marked Amity a "no fly zone" and promptly ignored the town. Their reason? Danny was already taking care of it.
So years later, he's King of the Infinite Realms and being summoned by the Justice League. (in all his kingly regalia of course) He's being rather belligerent whenever one of the magic members start talking, but is rather friendly towards the others. When asked why he mentions Amity Park.
The JLD's reply? The Embodiment lord of Balance is taking care of that place.
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yupekosi · 13 days
back at it w another dp x dc prompt!! :0
you know the setup; Jack and Maddie go evil mad scientist mode and Danny and Jazz have to run away to Gotham.... except the only adult Jazz can think of that they could go to is their auntie Harleen.
she was the 'cool aunt', their favourite babysitter as kids, and the one who inspired Jazz to become a therapist. more importantly, she knew all about the Fenton's ghost hunting, and that ghosts were even real. Harleen never liked that the kids were being raised on top of a lab filled with dangerous weapons- she argued with her sister, Maddie, all the time about it- and she always told Jazz if their parents ever made them feel unsafe she and Danny could go to her.
but at some point, she just... dropped off the face of the earth. she still sent cards and texts, but she stopped showing up for Thanksgivings and Bat Mitzvahs. this was, of course, after she met the Joker, not that she told Maddie and the kids about that part, just that her work at Arkham was keeping her too busy to visit. even less than sane, she still wanted her family as far away from Mister J as possible.
Jazz knew auntie Harleen lived in Gotham, and she could get her number from their mom's phone. hopefully she still meant what she'd said when Jazz was a kid, and wouldn't mind two traumatised teens showing up on her doorstep.
Harley, of course, is delighted to see her favourite niece and nephew, and Ivy has to physically restrain her from coming after the Fentons with her mallet
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caspertheloudassghost · 3 months
Sooooo in Batman: The Adventures Continue #9, Jason has a dead older brother named Danny Todd (who is only mentioned in that issue and never again).
Tumblr media
Where are the DCxDP people and why haven’t they found this yet
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Might make a fanfiction out of this.
This idea came to me yesterday while I was taking a break from my studies.
What if Jack Fenton is not the clone or half-brother of Bruce Wayne. What if he was the stolen twin brother of Bruce Wayne, and their parents thought he died a few hours after he was born because someone wanted the Waynes to suffer. Thomas and Martha were too heartbroken to ever speak about the death of their son. Then Damian and Danny meet in Gotham during Casper High’s field trip. Damian thinks Bruce had a child with another woman, and he’s p*ssed off about it. Danny insists that he wasn’t some billionaire’s child, and that his parents are both loyal to each other. Then Danny shows Damian a picture of his parents. Now Damian thinks his father was cloned instead. They call the whole Fenton family in Gotham. They do a DNA test. Bruce finds out. Turns out, Jack’s kidnappers took him as far away as they can manage, which was in Minnesota. They dropped him on an orphanage and his adoptive parents eventually took him in as their child (as an infant). Bruce is freaking out. The batfam is in chaos. Alfred is heartbroken, but is doing his best to support the Wayne family. Damian has been appeased. At least this boy isn’t an usurper.
I know this breaks like a lot of lore from Danny Phantom. This is just a ‘what if’ and a random idea.
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leftover-fridge · 1 month
I like to think about scenarios where Danny makes a bunch of connections completely seperate from eachother and it blowing up in his face.
He met Red Hood bleeding out in an alleyway after getting shot. Being homeless in gotham usually leads to situations like that. Not only can Jason not in healthy conscious just leave, but somthing pulls him towards the kid- screaming "We're the same" He patches him up and gives him his number. He can call him whenever he feels the need.
Constantine is just messing around as he always does. Danny meets him as the king of ghosts, acting all ghouly as his position requires. He helps him out of a bind on the condition he stops selling his soul as the paperwork is atrocious. He is one of the only beings in the workd who can actually contact Constantine on command.
Diana sees Danny as a strictly political figure. As King of a Realm of the Dead and friend of Pandora, they tend to run in similar circles. Many on Themyscira speak highly of his battle prowess and defeat of the previous tyrant. She respects him for his supposed age, battle prowess, and leadership skills.
Danny met Dr. Victor Fries as a state level competitor for a Science Fair. They only spoke in passing, but Fries remembers the project very well. It was some made up "ectoplasm" theory and the capture of ghosts. He didn't win.
Raven already had a connection to the occult and death on account of Trigon, but her meeting with Danny was by coincidence. When meditating one day she finds out one can summon ghosts. Honestly she should have known this could be a possibility with all the candles and random ingredients strewn about her room. They clear up the confusion quickly and trade numbers.
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alexandthensome · 3 months
I feel like Danny has a really specific relationship with everyone in the BatFam that culminates in very different ways
Like Danny and Tim would have a lot in common based on the fact that 1.) their parents are kinda weird and 2.) they don’t tell anyone about anything until it comes up out of nowhere
Like one day while Danny was watching TV with Dick, Jason, and Tim, Tim mentions something about The Joker being hospitalized before getting sent back to Arkham Asylum.
Danny without missing a beat goes
“Oh please he’ll be fine, I almost got killed fighting my future self once and look at me, I’m great now.”
Everyone except Tim stops what they’re doing because they’re trying to comprehend the sentence they just heard
Dick replies, “Im sorry, you did what?”
And Tim who has also been traumatized enough times that he needs a punch card replies
“Oh, that’s nothing. This one time I had injuries that were so bad I had to get my spleen removed.”
Dick, fully losing his composure screams at Tim “I’m sorry, YOU DID WHAT!!!”
Danny replies “Dude, that’s so metal.”
Jason is busy doing mental gymnastics trying to figure out how none of them figured this out yet and he just goes
“When did you have the time to lose your spleen??”
Which prompts Tim (who is still unfazed at this point) to recant the entire situation that led to this and then he finishes his story like
“And now I have no spleen and no immune system. 🙂”
And poor Jason and Dick who are genuinely never on the same wavelength both yell
Meanwhile Danny is just sitting here watching this whole thing go down and just goes
“God I love this family, they’re just as crazy as mine.”
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kettlefire · 4 months
DP x DC Therapy Prompt
Bruce Wayne makes a point to send all his kids to therapy. It didn't matter how much they moan and groan, they were going.
If Alfred thought it was a good idea to force teenage Bruce to go to therapy, then it's definitely a good idea to send the Batkids.
And it helped. Therapy did good for his kids, and eventually, without fail, the kids started being okay going.
Wanting to go.
So yes, when a new black hair, blue eyed teen joins his family, he included him.
Especially when Danny dropped a trauma-bomb during the middle the dinner like it was nothing. 
If any of his kids needed therapy, it was him.
Thing was, getting Danny to the therapist was like getting a dog to the vet. If the dog had ghostly abilities and was extremely hard to catch.
Cut to the new weekly tradition of "will Danny go to therapy this time?"
They never managed to catch him for his appointment.
Bruce was getting fed up with all the chasing, and arguing, just all of it.
So he decided on a new course of action. His therapist absolutely wasn't the one to suggest it. He decided to finally just ask Danny why he was so against therapy.
He didn't get an answer. Instead, Danny deflected the question. Asked him why it's so important, the teen was fine. He didn't need therapy. Danny got defensive.
Bruce dropped it.
After all, how could he forced an over-powered teenage king into going to a regular old therapy office?
As much as Bruce says he forces his children into therapy, he doesn't actually really force anyone. If someone puts their foot down, he'll back off.
He never brought up again, never bothered trying. Danny made it clear he didn't like therapy, regardless the reason.
Bruce can respect that. He just wished Danny would just give it a try.
Then one night, when he got home from patrol, Danny was waiting for him in the cave.
Looking ridiculously uncomfortable, and fidgeting, Danny finally talked to him. Even as Bruce watch tears gather.
Danny recounted everything that happened when he dealt with a therapist for the first and only time. How she turned out to be an evil ghost, driving the students of his high school into a deep depression.
How it took so long for him to be able to get pulled out of it. His fear that there will be a repeat, and he doesn't think he can handle it. All the fear and anxiety he felt every time they mentioned him going to therapy.
The adrenaline response he’s body would kick into. 
That night ended with a hug as the teen silently cried. Bruce promising him over and over again that no one would force him to go. If he ever decided to give it a try, he can leave the session at any moment. Fire the therapist.
Whatever Danny needed, Bruce would give it to him. 
A few weeks later, Bruce was happy Danny was giving it a try. 
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Bruce taking in Jazz and Danny and comforting (attempting to) Danny about his grades or something. I don’t know. Could be anything and anyone.
Bruce Wayne: “You’ve done the best you can. Don’t beat yourself up. You’re only human.”
Danny: “Of course I am! Just human. Absolutely nothing else. Perfectly normal. 100% homosapien. Not ghostly whatsoever. Completely a person. Yessiree.”
Bruce: …
Danny: 😬
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minnesota-fats · 5 months
Another thing my roommate pointed out to me is that if Danny is Bruce’s clone then he would be able to get into all of Bruce’s fingerprint/eye scanner locked shit!!!
Like Danny is half asleep and Tim and Jason enter his room and are like, “hey Danny, we need your thumb for a second.” And Danny is like, “wha- yeah sure whatever.”
But then I countered my roommates thought with: but what if since Danny is a ghost—and not bound by human body function—can detach and reattach his body parts!
And so when Tim and Jason barge into Danny’s room and is like, “hey Danny, we need your thumb for something.” And Danny is like, “yeah whatever.” And fuckin’ detaches his whole hand and just throws it at them before plopping back down onto his pillow.
Tim starts screaming before Janson shuts Tim’s mouth and grabs the hand, saying, “we don’t have time for this, shut your mouth and let’s go.”
For context: here
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dxrksong · 3 months
Johnny meeting Richard for the first time
Dick: Jason?!
Johnny: Who the fuck are you?!
Tumblr media
Jason and Damien when Damien shows up at Wayne manor
Tumblr media
Rivals? Frienamies.
Jason: *core chirps for any reason randomly*
*gets several hundred chirps back in response with varying levels of emotions*
Jason: *looks around wildly* Hello?
Gotham: *trying to convince Jason he needs ghostly parents and that her and the shade population are good candidates for such a task.*
Jason: *just realizing that he got adopted by the biggest hord of shades he's ever seen and a CITY ENTITY* Ō_Ō
Jason: *has a shadow core*
The Shades: that is our little blorbo. We love him, he's ours.
Jason, just trying to figure out what the hell to do with his life: ????
Gotham: look Jason, a bank robbery! Don't you want to join it?
Jason: I really don't want to actually.
Gotham, practically glowing: do you want to stop it then??
Gotham: Yep! :) *picks up Jason*
Jason: W-WAIT!! GOTHI NO!!!- *Gets yeeted*
Robin!Tim: *seeing Jason* oh fuck-uh. Wh-why are you here..?
Jason, who just got yeeted again: *defeated* as if I had a choice.
Tim: ?????
Jason flees to a nearby city just to spite Gotham.
Only to forget that the nearest city was Nightwing's territory.
Nightwing: *tackles Jason off a building* LITTLE WING!!! How nice of you to visit me!!
Jason: *managing to stop the both of them from splattering onto the pavement with his hovering.* ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US?!
NW: oh relax, I knew you'd catch us!
Jason: I don't even have a good handle on this and you know it!
NW: all the more reason to tackle you!
Jason: omfg Dick, if I didn't know for a fact you were fucking with me, I'd be REALLY concerned for your mental health!
NW: hey, that's what brothers are for!
Jason: hey, Dick. Quick question.
Dick: oh?
Jason: how come you aren't freaking the fuck out about this? *gestures to himself*
Dick: oh trust me, I am. It's just I'm too happy you're alive right now to acknowledge it.
Jason: *totally not crying* oh...ok.
Dick and Jason sparing
Dick: come on, Jason! Do the somersault I taught you!!
Jason: Dick, I can't even remember how to do a backflip!
Also Jason: *does a backflip automatically to dodge something*
Dick: You LIAR!
Bruce: I miss Jason
Tim: I don't.
Bruce: just because you had a little fight-
Tim: he tried to kill me!
Batman: but he apologized didn't he?
Tim: he gave me. A juice box.
Batman: oh.
Batman: I still miss him tho.
Tim: I know you do.
Damien: *tries to kill Jason*
Jason: jokes on you, Brat! I'm already dead!
Duke: *looks at Jason for the first time* what the fuck-
Jason: *literal blackhole thanks to his core* ??? What?
Tim: *tries to kill the joker to get Jason on his good side*
Jason: *not only saw this but had vivid flashbacks and freaked out.*
Tim: *witnesses Jason going ghost and now is trapped in a bear hug, in some weird black dome* ??!!
Batman: where's my kid???
Tag list!
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inked-spirit · 5 months
Another random DpxDc au thought...
Came up with all this while playing gotham knight today lol
Aight so base line of the au, this is a Jason adopts baby Danny kinda thing.
And because I like all the other angsty things that can come with this one, still a halfa baby Danny:)
The portal was completed when Danny was just shy of 6 months old.
Jack and Maddie never really paid that much attention to there children and so most of Danny's care came from 7 year old jazz.
In the living room on the day the portal was complete, an exhausted jazz was passed out on the couch. Her little brother climbing out of her arms and following the strange green light he saw permit from the basement door.
Jack and Maddie were too engrossed in there work to notice there 6 month old son make his way over to the portal before his little delicate hand tripped a loose wire and the portal activated itself.
They find little halfa Danny and decide to keep him as a specimen down in the basement.
Tests, experiments, ect: all unethical. They belive there son is gone and that little phantom is just an exhausted of him.
Jazz tried on many occasions to help her baby brother get out and to a safe place, eventually one of her attempts succeeded when a ghost in purple robes came to her aid with a promise to bring him to a family that would love and protect him, to a man who's similar to Danny and would make a perfect father.
Jazz agrees with the promise that she'll get to meet him one day when he's older to see who he'd grow up to be.
Cut to Jason who was just passing through crime alleys docks when something stirred the pits and he heard a cry.
He followed the pits to find a bundle of writhing fabric behind a crate.
Inside was a baby who looked almost identical to Jason from the hair to the eyes. Little baby Danny. He quickly stopped up the child and finds a green (glowing?) Sticky note poking out of the side.
"To the man who's walking dead,
This is Daniel, a child in need of a safe home."
A closer look showed the infant had small scars and a few nicks/bruises. Something that should never be apon a child. Especially this young.
The child's eyes flashed a Lazarus green in retaliation to Jason's own.
He cooed reaching his little hands towards Jason. With a little happy smile.
Jason felt something tug in his chest at the sight of the little guys show of affection.
Fuck Bruce, this little one is his.
I'm terrible at writting little things of information but much better when just writting it as a story. Sorry if it doesn't really make sense.
I have so many little scenarios and the base storyline down in my head that I may talk about tommorow if anyone would allow me to elaborate. For now I'm tired and going to bed.
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moss-on-trees · 10 days
dp x dc prompt: danny gives batman blood blossoms to kill him in case he goes evil au
danny, traumatised after meeting dan and learning that the alternate future version of him killed the justice league, seeks out batman with a file on phantom he can use against him and a bunch of blood blossoms seeds, explaining to him what they do and the reason why he's doing this. he tells him that he trusts him more than his parents (this could even be a bio dad!bruce au for extra angst) to only use this if it's necessary.
bruce wants to adopt him so bad. dick already called alfred and told him to prepare the adoption papers.
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