#dc x dp crossover
DP x DC prompt: All ghosts feed on fears.  The Batman receives a signal that Scarecrow has a tourist from Amity Park as a hostage. He rushes into the building and sees the Scarecrow..crying on the floor. The boy uses fear toxin as a vape and seems to be enjoying himself.
Danny: Johnny’s gonna love it. Can I have some more?
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karmavongrim · 3 days
Tumblr media
Was inspired by these two (1, 2) to make an outfit for Danny. He's not afraid to show support for his mom! Presenting Danny Quinn!!
You can find this on my Deviantart as well.
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Only the Dead 4
part 3
Their way through the city is slow. Several times, they have to backtrack to avoid a ghost horde; others, they’re forced to proceed from ground level. Fortunately, the spectral skeletons they do encounter are easily dealt with by Phantom.
They’re halfway to Crime Alley when Damian notices Phantom shivering. Deliberately, Phantom takes in a breath-- Damian hadn’t even been aware Phantom could breathe-- and when he exhales, his breath fogs. “Are you cold?” Damian asks incredulously. It’s the middle of summer, and he’s sweating enough for his Robin suit to stick to him uncomfortably.
“Cold as the dead,” Phantom jokes. Despite his jovial tone, his brows are furrowed together, and his lips purse grimly. “It’s an extrasensory ability. I get chilled when I sense other ghosts.”
Damian drops from the roof to the next level of a fire escape, where they’re less likely to be seen. Phantom floats after him. “You didn’t have this reaction to the horde’s we’ve passed.”
“Sure, but the skeleton ghosts are weak, and like, subsentient? Even the weakest sentient ghost I know can take them one-on-one if he wants. And they’re everywhere.” Phantom waves an arm expansively. “But whatever I’m sensing now is strong. Really, really strong.”
“Then we must proceed with caution.”
Phantom hums an agreement and dims his aura to near nonexistence.
They go even slower after that, carefully checking corners and even breaking through windows and cutting through buildings if it helps them avoid confrontation.
They’re a stone’s throw from Crime Alley when they find them. On the street below them are Nightwing, Red Robin, and Batgirl. Even from the distance, Damian can see that Dick’s face is wet with tears, but they look unharmed and alive. Damian’s knees go weak with relief.
Thoughtlessly, he opens his mouth to call out to them, but Phantom slaps a hand over it to silence him. He ignores the glare Damian shoots him. “Listen,” he says, very, very quietly.
”...yet my forces fail to advance,” Batgirl is saying. “Even if it isn’t that wretch Phantom, doubtless it is another of his vile species. Bring me its core.”
“Yes, my liege,” says Red Robin. He bows and turns toward Crime Alley.
“Pariah Dark’s a woman?!” Phantom mutters.
Red Robin stiffens, face turning toward them. He sees them.
Suddenly, Damian is falling, down and down, his vision flickering as they pass through the floors and then beneath the building. Just as quickly as they had started, they stop. Damian draws a breath and is assaulted by the stench of sewage. He shoves away from Phantom and valiantly tries to avoid retching.
Phantom hovers over him awkwardly, hands close but not touching him. “Robin! Are you okay?”
“What was that?” Damian hisses, scrubbing the back of one hand over his lips.
“I’m sorry!” Phantom says. “He saw us! I had to get us away!”
“He wouldn’t have seen us if you hadn’t given us away!”
“I know! I’m sorry!”
“Take me back,” Damian demands.
“What? No! Are you crazy?”
“Those are my-- comrades.” Damian barely manages to catch himself. “I have to save them.”
“What can you even do?” Phantom rakes his hands through his hair. “That ghost overshadowing Batgirl is the strongest ghost there is! Even if you had a way to force him out, and you don’t, we’d still get crushed like bugs!” Phantom cards his hands through his hair again and heaves a breath. Calmer, he says, “We have other priorities anyway.”
“Like what?” Damian says through clenched teeth.
“Were you even listening?” Phantom says. “We need to get to Crime Alley. We need to get to whoever you wanted to meet up with before the Fright Knight does.”
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letoasai · 2 days
I didn’t know how much i would enjoy the Danny Phantom x Jason Todd fandom.... but i am quickly running out of material... 
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minnesota-fats · 15 days
Fic idea
Ellie in Gotham, vibing it up, when this guy (Batman) comes out of nowhere and asks her to do a DNA test.
Ellie: “lol, sure, but your gonna be real confused.”
Ellie finding out she shares DNA with this guy and pauses before whipping out her phone and calling Danny.
Ellie: “Yo Danny? Are you adopted?”
Danny: “What no???”
Ellie: “Then why is Batman saying he’s my dad???”
Danny: “What?”
Batman: “who’s that?”
Ellie: “the guy I’m cloned from.”
Batman: “?????”
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littlemoonglow · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I really liked the idea of half-ghost Jason, so I did my take on a design for him 😀
Unlike Danny, Jason's halfa mode is closer to Vlad since the death and rebirth didn't happen at the same time.
It looks more like what the person wants to project as vibe?
The spectral cloak was initially there look more ghostly, but then my brain cooked up the idea that it acted almost like a bunch of whiskers, sensing ectoplasm or potential threats around him (like an octopus, idk if it's funny or cursed 😅)
Jason would probably use (maybe abuse a bit) of his ghostly powers after Danny somehow purified the Lazarus waters in his system (Danny, head in his hands : I didn't mean to perform accidental halfa creation).
- - -
The Bats are not having a good time. There is someone killing off criminal left and right in Crime Alley and the culprit is extremely efficient and clearly trained.
No sign of entry at the crime scene. Not even a spec of dirt left behind.
Crime Alley has become suspiciously calm recently.
They whisper about a boogeyman, a red ghost.
(I honestly really want to continue this ❤)
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polter-heist · 2 months
Dp x Dc prompt 7
(most likely a limital!amity park)
a feud between Amity Park residents and the Justice League but it's one sided.
any time an Amity Parker goes out of town and ends up in a location where the Justice League gets called or any member gets called, an Amity Parker Will Take Care Of It.
Amity Parkers have dropped-kicked Lex Luther, ganged up on the Joker, punted Mister Mind, and more.
The Justice League and Villains are desperately trying to find out What Their Problem Is for different reasons.
When confronted, the answers vary but a concerning consistency is "If our dead teenage superhero can take care of world-ending threats by himself, we can take care of the little things."
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brothebro · 2 months
Tumblr media
Just a wee scene from chapter 10 of The Curious Case of D. Grayson
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faithblob-says-things · 2 months
Dp x Dc prompt 3
(probs Eldritch and or Ghost King! Danny. whatever suits your taste)
Danny goes on vacation to the dc universe, only to vibe and do nothing else. He'll let the heroes in this universe deal with whatever. He doesn't plan on doing any hero work or getting involved in any of their nonsense. Every magic user however is scrambling and panicking over the overwhelming amount of death magic that just entered their universe and is just sitting there menacingly.
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cyrwrites · 15 days
Danny cannot go to the school because he's a fugitive of the GIW. However, he's still interested in learning.
He possesses the poor schmuck that is always falling asleep in school. Ironically, this means Tim Drake gets good grades, despite not being awake at class 90% of the time.
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alexandthensome · 3 months
Danny and Jason have this weird Ghostie Bro bond thing that nobody can really understand
Like Jason is for sure the most antisocial brooding mysterious person ever, meanwhile Danny is just all smiles like “oh yeah I can walk through walls, disappear, and fly!!”
But somehow when they meet each other for the first time, they are automatically on the same wavelength and it freaks everyone out.
As far as the BatFam knows, they’ve only ever seen “sweet but no brain.”Danny so they have absolutely no idea that Danny can (and will) get just as unhinged as Jason until he fights the joker one day.
Round after round Danny gives the joker nothing but shit. He went from sweet babygirl ™️ to unhinged Eldrich nightmare in 0.05 seconds and it scares everyone except Jason who just looks at a blood covered danny in the middle of the fight and goes,
“Hey, you wanna hang out later?”
and Danny who has his hands around the Jokers throat just goes
“Yeah sure 😃.”
And that’s how the chaotic nightmare duo of Danny Fenton and Jason Todd is born, and believe me when I say that absolutely nobody is prepared for that duo.
*final edit: fic is posted here
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dxrksong · 2 months
Just a funny what if
The classic batfam being used to summon the ghost king scenario. Danny claws his way out of the circle and tries to intimidate everyone
Danny: WHO DARES-JOHNNY13?! Is THIS Where you've been this whole time?!
Jason: unfortunately.
Danny: wait, are you alive?!
Jason: unfortunately.
Danny: is that your family???
Jason: kid, wait up!
Danny: ?? What's up?
Jason: take me with you, PLEASE! I can't deal with their constant drama!!
Danny: John-JASON, I really don't think That's a good idea! With your family being overprotective as it is, your.....weird biology of being essentially a halfa ZOMBIE. I'm honestly concerned about what would happen if you went back into the zone.
Jason: kid please! There's hardly any ambient ectoplasm here that ISN'T tainted to high hell! Look, you can get a doctor or something if it'll make you feel better but I REALLY need to go back!!!!
Danny: *sighs* fine fine! I'll get frostbite. Just wait here for a little bit!
Danny: uh huh, just don't die again. Oh, and btw, you might wanna start running now.
Jason: huh? Why?
The batfam, misunderstanding that entire conversation and gearing up to smother and protect Jason at all cost:
The Bike who drove itself home the moment Danny appeared because it knew Jason was gonna be fine:
Frostbite isn't one for swearing
For one he's more than often surrounded by younglings and the other is to maintain the image of his tribe. For if he were to start swearing like a sailor, the rest of the yeti tribe will be sure to follow. And of course it'd be nearly impossible to reverse such a thing.
So when he met with the great one's distressed friend, all he could do was freeze as he desperately tried to pick his words VERY carefully.
What the FUCK was he LOOKING at?!
This.....this poor thing is SERIOUSLY ILL!!
Oh-wait! The great one was saying something, he completely tuned him out!
FB: Great one, we MUST get him to the infirmary IMMEDIATELY!!
Danny: huh? Why? Is it really that bad- *Frostbite grabs Jason and runs back into the zone* -and wow he didn't even wait, this must be serious.
Frostbite......has no words.....
This......shouldn't be possible....
And yet for some reason it is....
FB: You have a parasite.
Jason: huh?? Like a virus?
FB: yes.....Which shouldn't be possible.
Jason: what?? How? I'm technically alive right?
FB: yes, but that's not why. It's the parasite itself, that's the impossibility!
Danny: what do you mean?
FB: it appears the parasite is mimicking a central nervous and vein system out of ectoplasm not unlike what the Great one has, hence your reserection.
Jason: and that means???
FB: it essentially means you have a second core! But it appears unfinished. Though I am curious as to WHY it's using itself so diligently to keep you alive...
Danny: so what were to happen if we were to remove it?
Jason: ?!?!?!
FB: he would have to be put in an intensive care treatment immediately as the shock would no doubt threaten to stop his heart or rupture his core.
Jason, trying to keep himself calm: so there's no way to fix this?
FB: on the contrary, it appears your body might be trying to absorb it. Or more specifically the corrupted ectoplasm that came with it.
Jason: ok?! And??!
FB: well if we get rid of the corrupted ectoplasm, the parasite SHOULD be weakened enough to the point we can just take it out, simple as that.....in theory.
Jason growled, green coating his vision. Before getting a small electric shock in the neck
FB: it appears the parasite reacts to your emotions. If you get angry, it boosts your strength. Although unfortunately it seems to elevate your emotions as well, which seems to only confuse the parasite more till the threat is neutralized or out of sight.
Jason: so, what? It's sentient??
FB: it appears so, however it doesn't look to be very smart. Only reacting to emotions and the stress levels in your system. Kind of like a blob ghost with it's herd now that I think about it.
FB: well I'm NOT not saying that-
Danny had to drag Jason back home before he injured frostbite.
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karmavongrim · 1 day
A Poor Guide to Parenthood fanfic idea
DP x DC crossover fanfic idea which I decided to call "A Poor Guide to Parenthood".
Danny and Jazz are distantly related to Oswald Cobblepot, otherwise known as Penguin. In their most desperate hour they go to him seeking sanctuary. Well, who’s he to say no to free PR, even if he didn’t read the memo of accepting the role of a caring father.
Was reading The Family Business and this Tumblr post and was inspired. You can find this on my Deviantart as well.
Jazz really deserved this vacation in Danny’s humble opinion. She’s done so much for him and this was the least he and uncle Os could do, an all-payed luxury spa weekend with the girls which included Harley, Ivy and Selina.
What could go wrong? Apparently a lot, nothing related to the girls but to the boys. Who knew that sending away the only person keeping a hyperactive teen with zero self-control on a leash and leaving said boy to the sole care of their mildly diabolical and eccentric adoptive father was a bad idea.
A good chunk of the mansion was missing with some of it’s iced over remnants embedded to the ground around the plot. Danny looked like he’d gotten to a fight with a fridge and Oswald wasn’t looking any better to either. A distance away some of the goons could be seen dragging their half frozen brethren away from the site, he’ll have to apologize to them later. It was a miracle that none of the police or even the bats were there to question them about this mess. Really, all their were trying to do was to create a new ice machine for the Iceberg Lounge with the help of his ice core that wouldn’t run out of ice as fast nor would it melt as quickly, it would safe quite a bit of money and time too.
Now, Danny was intelligent but whatever he was smart was another question entirely. He knows how to make a fully operational hoverboard equipped with weapons any day of the week, but drop some cold hard common sense in front of him and it’d be like alien language to him. In summary: an intelligent man knows how to built a bomb, a wise man knows not to go and poke at it. And that wise man was be Jazz who was absent. Danny knew exactly what to do in this scenario.
“We’re not going to tell Jazz about this.”
Oswald, who has been quietly contemplating about his life choices for a while now finally opened his mouth “…We can pin this on Mr. Freeze.” Danny nodded sagely, clad to see they were on the same page on this one. Neither of them wanted to face the disappointed rage of the red head.
“All right, let’s start planting ‘evidence’ before the girls come back and she’ll never know a thing!” Danny said as he clapped his hands, only to stop when they both heard a very distinctive voice they both didn’t want to hear at that moment.
���You so sure about that dear little brother?” Since the jig was up both Danny and Oswald turned around to face the music. Behind very disapproving Jazz stood Harley, Ivy and Selina with various degrees of amusement. She gave the boys a hard glare “Want to try that again?”
The two glanced at each other for something before Danny nervously started “Ummm… How was your weekend ladies?”
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grapeflavoredmutiny · 3 months
I think if anyone in the DC universe is going to somehow end up elbow deep in the ghost zone and Suffering For It, it's gonna be Barry "goes back in time anytime he drops his nachos" Allen. He has A LOT of temporal manipulation to answer to Clockwork for.
And Barry, BARRY, okay. So now. He owes this ghost(?) Like, 259 favors because CW is an absolute HOMIE (is used to wrangling irresponsible superheroes (*cough* Danny *cough*)) and has been adjusting the timeline to avoid paradoxes and offshoots whenever Flash deigns it necessary to fuck around.
SO NOW Barry Allen is in the super undesirable position of owing an ancient, undead, possibly immortal being multiple favors, and he's shidding crying screaming and throwing up, trying to figure out what to DO and how to get out of this weird gooey dimension whenever CW drops this feral rat glowing teenager in a hazmat suit in front of him and just goes "your turn to babysit, see how you like it"
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yupekosi · 13 days
back at it w another dp x dc prompt!! :0
you know the setup; Jack and Maddie go evil mad scientist mode and Danny and Jazz have to run away to Gotham.... except the only adult Jazz can think of that they could go to is their auntie Harleen.
she was the 'cool aunt', their favourite babysitter as kids, and the one who inspired Jazz to become a therapist. more importantly, she knew all about the Fenton's ghost hunting, and that ghosts were even real. Harleen never liked that the kids were being raised on top of a lab filled with dangerous weapons- she argued with her sister, Maddie, all the time about it- and she always told Jazz if their parents ever made them feel unsafe she and Danny could go to her.
but at some point, she just... dropped off the face of the earth. she still sent cards and texts, but she stopped showing up for Thanksgivings and Bat Mitzvahs. this was, of course, after she met the Joker, not that she told Maddie and the kids about that part, just that her work at Arkham was keeping her too busy to visit. even less than sane, she still wanted her family as far away from Mister J as possible.
Jazz knew auntie Harleen lived in Gotham, and she could get her number from their mom's phone. hopefully she still meant what she'd said when Jazz was a kid, and wouldn't mind two traumatised teens showing up on her doorstep.
Harley, of course, is delighted to see her favourite niece and nephew, and Ivy has to physically restrain her from coming after the Fentons with her mallet
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notedgyanymore · 4 months
Dp x Dc idea 💡
Jazz has been dating Jason for the last few months the bat family loves her, and she hasn't given any of them red flags to trigger their paranoia as to make them look into her past, so to them jazz just seems like a normal nice girl. Everything changes though when she gets custody of her younger brother, who according to her has spent the last six months recovering from an unknown disease in a specialized hospital in another country.
Danny unlike jazz is a walking red flag, you can tell in your gut that there is something inhuman and terrifying about him and now the bat family is scrabbling to find information about Danny and jazz's past which seems so far to be purposely erased in a way that is so efficient that it's as if it never happened in the first place. The bat family current theory is that Danny is some kind of monster/creature that has infiltrated Jazz's life and altered her memories and that she never had a brother in the first place this corroborates with the fact the while Jazz Fenton existence is very well documented by government, there's virtually no evidence of the existence of Daniel Fenton before he appeared the last month with a fake recently made ID.
The truth is Danny has spent the last six months recovering in the ghost zone from an attempted dissection courtesy of Jack and Maddie Fenton and was being taken care of by his ghost guardians/parents frost bite and clockwork, while healing he discovered the that he really likes "living" in the realms specially after a traumatic experience, not having to deal with humans feels great ! Anyhow, Danny decides that he wants to live full time in the ghost zone and makes a wish to Desiree so his identity both as Phantom and Fenton get erased and the only people who remember that he ever existed are jazz, Sam, tucker and of course the ghosts.  
Jazz wasn't all that happy about the wish, but she understands that it is better that her parents forget Danny's existence, so they can't go after him again also making a new identity together seems easy enough. The reason why jazz got Danny's custody in the first place was because of the agreement she made with clockwork and frost bite that Danny should at least finish high school and get to complete his eighteen birthday on earth, and they were fine with this deal after all is just a few years and ghost children age much slower which means that clockwork and frost bite would also get to raise their kid.
Danny currently is very unhappy with the deal having to live on earth, specially on a city like Gotham, moreover having to deal with Jazz's terrible boyfriend and his family who are treating him like dirt. Well jazz isn't happy either, she loves Jason, but she will not stand anyone treating her brother this badly, so he better step up before he gets dumped.
Note : Out of the bat family, Jason is the one with the most antagonistic attitude towards Danny, the pits recognize him as a threat to their existence and activate a fight or flight response in Jason. He tries to be sneaky and not say anything bad about Danny when his sister is around, but Jazz knows what going on and is deeply disappointed. Also, after six months in the zone, Danny has gotten worse at hiding his ghostly nature.
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