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thekitsunesiren · 5 months
Dp x Dc Prompt
Danny Fenton is scared of the Wayne family. Most specifically: Bruce Wayne.
Not because he knows that they're the bat family and they could kill him. Not because he's another hero that's secretly living in another heroes terf.
No. Danny was afraid of Bruce Wayne because he didn't want to be adopted.
It started out not too long after her first arrived to Gotham. Someone has mistaken him as one of the Wayne family children, and when he said that he wasn't.
The person apologized before making a sly remark that if he wasn't a Wayne yet, then he will be soon.
That comment was something that creeped him out, but he was sure that it was a one time thing and it wouldn't happen again.
Except, it did. Multiple times.
Various people thought that he was a Wayne; asking for interviews, photos, or even trying to kidnap him. It was happening enough that he was starting to get worried.
Then he met them: The Waynes.
It was entirely on accident that he really didn't want to do it in the first place. How and when they met was definitely something that he would blame Clockwork for.
But he could see why. Bruce Wayne and some of his children looked exactly like each other, Danny couldn't believe that they were adopted.
And that, was what set Danny's alarms of. (For some reason)
He just escaped one crazy fruit loop trying to make him his son, he didn't want to deal with another one who potentially who had more power and was more dangerous.
And who knows if his kids were even adopted?! They could be kidnapped children he made his soldiers or clones of himself to carry on his legacy. Nope. Danny wasn't dealing with any of that!
Fast forward to Danny trying his hardest to avoid every single Wayne family member to to the best of his ability, whether in human or ghost form.
The batfam are just suspicious about this why this random child is avoiding them at all costs, wondering what he could be hiding for him to be doing so.
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blackfoxsposts · 4 days
DpxDc prompt:
Dick woke up one day to find that a little girl broke into his apartment, raided his fridge and pantry, exploded a smoothie in the blender, and started cooking pancakes on his stove. When he asked for a name and what she thought she was doing in his apartment, she claimed that she's his daughter Dani.
Dick knew she was blowing smoke. With how old he guessed Dani's age to be, the only likely mom culprit is Babs, and she didn't have any kids.
For now, Dick will see how far this little gremlin will go with her farce and get her to clean up her mess, starting with the pink smoothie spatter on the ceiling.
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tofuingho · 2 months
I've been reading sad prompts again and need some happy:
Soulmate AU Jason/Danny
In this universe, on the youngest soulmates 18th birthday, the two people swap bodies for an amount of time. I think typically in this type of soulmate story, it's supposed to happen when they're asleep (they wake up in the other's body), but the chaos of it happening when they're awake/in the middle of something is too funny. Maybe they switch at the exact minute the youngest was born?
Anyway, imagine:
Danny is suddenly in the body of tall muscular beefcake Jason and Jason is in the body of is-this-a-child-? Danny (short twink king Danny).
1) They switch when Jason is in the middle of family dinner at Wayne Manor.
2) They switch when Red Hood is in the middle of kicking the shit outta someone.
3) They switch during Danny's daily ghost battle. (Danny was flying when they switch, so Jason immediately falls 50 ft to the ground)
4) [Angst] They switch while the Fentons are in the middle of vivisecting Danny.
5) They switch while Danny was in the Ghost Zone and Jason is very stressed about being in some sort of Lazarus realm.
6) The switch while the Batfam is in the middle of fighting Joker. Danny throws Jason's gun in the Joker's face and then just starts pummeling him. Danny does NOT like clowns and this one's clearly an asshole.
7) They switch while Jason's in the middle of making dinner and Danny does NOT know how to cook.
8) Jason is the younger and the Batfam decides to try to look as normal as possible, so they set up a birthday party for Jason. When they switch Danny has a moment of 'Oh fuck no' because his soulmate is rich.
9) Jason is younger and Danny is very concerned about how shitty his apartment is. Were those gunshots?!
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xysidhequeen · 4 months
So sorta a prompt/sorta a brain worm that got stuck in my head.
What if.... When Jason died originally he came back as a ghost and he and Danny met. Jason helped him fight ghosts and taught him some tricks of the trade. He offhandedly told Danny that if he ever needed help to go to Gotham/Blüdhaven (depends if you want to spin Jason still feeling kind towards Bruce or him being more in Dick's corner). Jason vanishes when he's resurrected and Danny doesn't hear from him for years.
Well something happens. (Either everyone he loves dies, and he runs to the GZ or away to prevent himself from turning into Dark Danny, or his parents find out his secret and react Badly. Or maybe they react well but the GIW takes them out)
Danny runs to the only place he thinks can offer sanctuary, Gotham/Blüdhaven. Running off the words of a friend he hasn't seen in a long time.
He arrives and is probably exhausted, stumbling around when he feels a familiar energy. He follows it, only to nearly collapse at Jason's feet as Red Hood. (This is probably post Outlaws when Jason has a more peacefulish relationship with the Bats) and looks up.
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why are there no dc×dp fics on ao3 with Danny Phantom or Fenton interacting with Flatline???? they would be amazing!!!
king of ghosts meeting someone who kills to get abilities of the person they killed!
I do hve ideas if anyone wants some.
also if there are fics could someone pls tag me or link them?
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stealingyourbones · 4 months
Short DPXDC Prompts #468
Danny is a Chemistry teacher at Gotham Academy. His favorite student is Tim. He shocks the students by teaching and creating a Fear Antitoxin for the kids to learn as part of their curriculum.
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Clockwork sees how stressed Danny is from trying to be the goodest boy and never do anything remotely bad that could turn him evil and thinks he may have overdone it. At this rate his panic over never doing anything evil is going to force him to emotionally burn out and stop caring. Then he'll turn evil anyway.
So Clocky does something that sounds completely ridiculous in theory. He scoops Danny up and drops him into a universe full of superheros and villains and tells him to "Do whatever you want. There will be no consequences for you." Then he leaves.
And just like that, Danny goes apeshit. He decides to do the one thing he always wanted to do but was too afraid to because he didn't want to be judged, or worse, forced to join his parents.
He becomes a supervillian. Not as Phantom, no. But as Fenton! He goes full super genius mad scientist and terrorizes whatever city he's in. The local superhero is being driven insane as Danny builds death rays, shrink rays, his own modified version of the GAV, ect.
The best part if that the local heros can never catch him for long and when he is caught he always escapes before he is transported to whatever facility they wanted him in. He always ends up back in his home dimension where he goes back to acting normal and no one from either human dimension or the Infinite Realms knows what he's up to (except the stop watch of course)
After a particularly fun day in which Danny highjacks all broadcasting services to teach everyone in the world how to make insulin at home so you didn't have to pay a ridiculous amount for necessary medication, the Justice League was now on his tail.
Danny just laughs, thinking there's no way they'd ever be able to arrest him. Little does he know some guy calling himself Batman is leading the mission and he has no intention of arresting him. Danny, much to his horror, becomes far to familiar with adoption papers. As in he keeps having to set them on fire.
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layyeschips · 27 days
Patron God/Ghost King au
where after a few centuries of boredom, Danny gets a sudden influx of college student worshippers but it's not too worrying since all the offerings he's gotten so far are just different snacks ranging from crackers to a full bowl of mac n cheese. Without any other options, he goes to the only halfa he knows who had finally settle down from dimension travelling to studying in a dimension where she knows the people wouldn't need an extra helping hands of a hero.
King Danny "get me out off paperwork" Phantom: Heya Dani, do you know if something happened that resulted in mass worshipping?
Danielle "I built a shrine of my brother in the empty storage closet of my dorm building to see if it would work" Phantom: gee golly I have no clue on what could have happened to result in that
Words tend to spread really fast especially when it comes to tired students who has nothing else to lose. Besides, after leaving a a potato chip on the creepy looking shrine in the storage room and feeling a strange wave of calm/relaxed/focus and passing that paper you've been struggling with for the whole year, who wouldn't keep doing it and leave even more snacks.
Next thing you know there'll be a creepy little shrine piled with snacks on top of it in empty storage rooms of different college and universities. Eventually the students find out what to call their entity of calm after one claimed to left their notebook in the storage only to find a little scribble that says Phantom in that slightly glowing and possibly toxic green ink.
In hindsight, Tim should have probably stayed at home and rest after staying up all night finishing a paper due the day after tomorrow but Bruce had asked if he wanted to tag along the JL meeting with the JLD because of... whatever it was Bruce mentioned so who in their right mind would say no to that. So now here he was half listening to the banter meeting about some eldritch entity that could be a threat to humanity and what offering should they provide to complete the summoning. Of course after hearing a familiar name of his preferred deity of submitting papers on time, the delirious boy never even registered what he said.
Tim "barely conscious on his 11th cup of Pedro Pascal's Starbucks order" Drake: Phantom?? give 'em poptart... green flavour...
[this was just a fun little thought but I might add on to it from time to time]
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ghostly-frogly · 1 month
You were supposed to be normal
Danny was adopted by the Wayne’s and they all thought he was a civilian in a bad home situation who got along with the family nicely. Danny knew full well that they were the Batclan of Gotham but he is enjoying being a regular teenager to much to care. The Bats thought they were going a perfect job with keeping their new family members in the dark about their nightly activities. They weren’t expecting to see Danny get flung through a wall at the beginning of dinner by a robot with a flaming green mohawk. They also weren’t expecting Danny to get up like nothing happened and launch himself at the attacker. And least of all they weren’t expecting Danny to win the fight.
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spacedace · 24 days
Okay but the Justice League finds out their new baby hero teammate Phantom is the Ghost King by virtue of the Fright Night showing up while they're in the middle of a meeting, looking terrifying and such and scaring the shit out of everyone- even more so when Constantine starts freaking out over the fact that the sworn night of the King of the Infinite Realms is in the Watchtower what the fuck that's apocalyptically bad Pariah Dark is supposed to be locked the fuck up forever - but instead of trying to smite them all or yeet them into the nightmare dimension he just pulls out a space themed packed lunch??? And gives it to Phantom??
And the mildly eldritch giant murder ghost is talking about how "The Queen Mother commanded me to ensure you ate my Lord, she says you missed your morning meal."
And Phantom is just grumbling about over protective sisters and "there's a cafeteria i would have been fine" what the fuck is happening right now?
What do you mean "oops you forgot" Phantom I thought the ghost thing was just a theme!
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phantom-dc · 1 month
Jason was acting strange.
Bruce was worried. It had started when the batfam investigated the hideout of a new gang in Gotham. They had attacked Jason earlier that week with strange weapons, so Batman, Nightwing and Red Hood followed them to a warehouse. They saw the men in white suits with the weapons, several vans and some sort of powersource they called a core. Batman and Nightwing were making a plan when one of the men activated the machine housing the core.
Suddenly Red Hood had gone ballistic! He attacked them recklessly, with much more force than neccesary. Nightwing had to sto him from beating one of them to death! Batman was furious. They left the men for commisioner Gordon and took some evidence to the cave. When they arrived, Jason looked shaken. Bruce wanted to scold him, but the look on Jason's face made him pause. He needed to focus on the case, but he knew he couldn't bring Jason along. So he 'benched' Jason. Thats what the Robins called it, anyway. But someone needed to guard the evidence, they had no idea what this power core even was.
He expected Jason to protest. To insult him to complain. But when Bruce told Jason to look after the core, he instead looked suprised. Really? Jason had asked. Then Jason had told Bruce he could count on him. Red flag number 1. This had confused Bruce, but if it kept Jason from following then it was fine.
Then Jason had started carrying the core everywhere. He held it in his hand, close to his chest. He stayed in the manor, wich was red flag number 2. Damian had caught him talking to the thing numerous times. Alfred had heard Jason in the library, reading a children's book out loud. Tim noticed whenever they discussed the gang of men in white suits that Jason would leave, instead of listening. Dick had even caught Jason singing softly to it! Too many red flags to count.
Bruce was worried about him. He was starting to worry about mind control! But when he had tried to confront Jason, he had cut him off. Jason told Bruce that he knew he had messed up at the warehouse, that he had gone too far. So he was really happy that Bruce had trusted him with this. After that Bruce had been too stunned to say anything about it. But they knew the problem had to be adressed. During dinner, the whole family where going to discuss this matter with Jason.
That was before the core transformed into a glowing, white haired child.
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thekitsunesiren · 2 months
I love the thought of Feral Danny just activating whenever he knows that Joker is around. He has two senses: his ghost sense and his clown sense, and both are wonderful.
I also love the thought of him just stopping in a conversation when he knows Joker is around. Just picture him just sitting and chilling with one of the batkids when he just freezes, sits up and looks around like a startled meerkat. He then excuses himself and dashes away out of any building and in any direction that he felt it. There is then a crash and some startled cries, and everyone just runs towards the sound to see Danny beating the hell out of Joker with no restraint, practically foaming at the mouth with ghostly aura and everything.
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blackfoxsposts · 25 days
Dpxdc prompt:
In a universe were Damian murder clones are created, one of them fell through a naturally made ghost zone portal and landed right on Jazz's lap.
Jazz ended up adopting the lost clone and inadvertently deprogramed him from his brain washing over time.
One day, the JL faced a threat that had them risk summoning the ghost king. None of them was as surprised as Batman and Robin when they summoned a Damian lookalike.
Confused over being summoned and called 'Ghost King' the clone doesn't pay much attention to what the JL is saying. It's not until he recognized the ruin for prince where the rune for king should be that he realized what's going on.
Telling the JL, he's not the Ghost king. He pointed out the wrong rune. But he can't for the life of him remember what Danny's king symbol was.
So he tricked them into summoning Jazz, who isn't pleased with her son's recent kidnapping.
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tofuingho · 18 days
Imagine Jazz is dating Dick and the Batfam knows. They probably haven't had a formal introduction, but they've done a bit of investigation. They know all about the Dr.s Fenton and their inventions. The know about Danny and Dani's different achievements.
The one weird thing is that they can't find any clear photos of Danny or Dani.
One day, one of them sees her out and about with an absolute mountain of a man. He's very attractive and has black hair and blue eyes.
They're obviously very close to each other. They're very comfortable in each other's space and often put a hand on the other's arm or shoulder.
Oh my god. She's cheating on Dick.
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imjustkindaherelove · 1 month
Bruce Wayne, on live TV, gets asked who his favorite superhero is. As soon as that question leaves the reporters mouth, Bruce feels his stomach drop. He can’t pick himself, his kids would mock him for days, and he can’t pick any of his kids, as the other ones would probably poison him, and he can’t pick any of the other JL members without them mocking him-
All of a sudden, Bruce’s mind flashes to a small town hero whose profile he had been reading over in his afternoon board meeting. “My favorite hero is Phantom from Amity Park. Not many people know him, but I really admire him and his dedication to the job.”
There, short and sweet and probably going to end with the least amount of mockery.
Meanwhile, in Amity Park, three teenagers gaped at the screen as their homework lay forgotten in their laps. “Danny-”
“what is happening.”
“That was Bruce Wayne-”
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kuroishuuha · 2 months
DP x DC Prompt - Accidental Crime Lord
Danny didn’t want to be a crime lord.
In fact, he didn’t even know how he became one.
One minute he was a starving immortal unemployed teenager, and the next he was running a relatively respectable “crime” empire.
If he had to blame someone or something, he would blame his bleeding heart (and his empty stomach)
It all started when Clockwork dumped Danny in this new dimension with nothing but the clothes on his back. He had managed to get back the first couple weeks but he knew his luck wouldn’t last. One night, when he was walking back to his crappy apartment (that had “illegal” written all over it), he heard a scream of terror and pain. When he ran to check it out, he saw some drunk jackass behaving in “ungentlemanly” ways. He knocked the guy on his ass and helped himself to some of the guy’s cash (hey, strong morals had no place to talk when rent was due). The jackass’s girlfriend invited him over for dinner as thanks. 
Well rumors spread, and SOMEHOW Danny became known as the guy who would “take care” of the more unsavory bunch of people in the neighbor for some cash or food. It later evolved to include information. And maybe a few “liberating” of some artifacts that definitely belong back in their home country.
Some of the older street kids joined in (and by the Ancients if these kids are joining in, Danny’s gonna make sure they are safe, be it with proper housing, equipment, money, and food)
Next thing Danny knows, he’s gotten his own “nickname”
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