hypewinter · 3 days
Danny raises Superman au
So we all know that Superman touched down in Kansas and was adopted by the Kents and bla bla bla. But you know what state also has farms and is only like 600 miles away? Illinois.
So Danny is chilling in the countryside, enjoying his sweet, peaceful early retirement when an alien pod, that's a little a lot off course, suddenly crashes near his house. When he checks it out, there's a baby inside. Welp looks like he's a father now. No way is he risking the government getting their greedy little mits on this precious ray of sunshine.
Clark grows up with a father who teaches him early on how to control his powers and use them for good (They may or may not stop a robbery or two occasionally). He also gets two cool aunts. One is free spirited and always bringing him souvenirs from her travels. The other is very grounded and teaches him many techniques to deal with his conflicting emotions (his father is not happy when he uses said techniques on him).
Danny for his part is happy we his son develops a support system like he did. They can even actively help him beat up the villains! He's overjoyed at the man Clark becomes and even happier when he brings home an ace reporter who knows how shifty the government can be. He might be already saving up for their wedding but who can say?
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minnesota-fats · 1 day
The Manson’s and the Wayne’s are distant cousins and when bruce gets a call from his cousin Jeramy that they need somewhere to send his daughter to for the summer so she could experience more from the world. Bruce thinks why not and says yes.
Fast forward to the day she arrives, everyone is nervous, damian is angry because this random unknown (“she’s not an unknown, damian, she is your cousin who we have already researched”-Dick) teen girl living in the manor.
They were expecting some snobby rich kid and instead got a chaotic Goth chick who didn’t want to be here either.
Her and Damian become besties, Sam the cool older cousin and Damian the angry duckling that follows her around because she also likes animals and swords (even though I feel sam would be more into blunt force weapons)
With in the first day, Sam figured out that bruce was batman and found her way into the bat cave(used context clues when she followed a sleep deprived Tim) because she cant keep her nose out of anything. And at dinner looks bruce in the eye and says, “so, your Batman.” To everyone’s horror.
Tim dying because she is like an older meaner Damian but less stabby
Dick is excited that the baby of the family has made a friend
Cass likes Sam and teaches her to blend into the shadows
Jason thinks is hilarious until she points out that she can feel that he had died then immediately likes he again when she manages to sucker punch the Joker after he called her little girl.
Bruce has a migraine
Thats not even including the ghost shenanigans that could happen!!!
Like also at dinner sam just looks at bruce, “so, why hasnt the justice leauge come and visited amity park. We called you guys enough times that you’d think you guys would at least send over someone to just take a look at all the ghosts”
And everyone just looks at her like, “wait what now?
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brothebro · 2 days
Woop woop woop! Chapter 2 is here
Dan dropping truths:
Tumblr media
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mrowtastic · 3 days
Tumblr media
I decided to draw Danny from the fic "Rings of Power" by nighteyam. It is a wonderful story and I love it! Please check them out!
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phantomskeep · 2 days
Happy WIP Wednesday!
This first bits are from chapter three of my slowburn Dead on Main DPxDC fic, "Putting the 'Fun' Back in 'Funeral'", and the second is from a little crackfic I'm writing because oh god I made C3 very depressing and it made me sad. The first part of PFBF is from Danny's POV and the second from Jason's.
Just an FYI none of this has been beta'ed yet, so please pardon any errors!
While the local ghost hero was waiting for a response, he was lazily heading south from Fentonworks. Easily drifting on his back above the cloud layer currently overhanging Amity, Danny couldn’t help but rest his heavy gaze upon the millions of twinkling stars before him. It was only twenty-four hours ago that he had fought his last ghost as a semi-normal person. His entire world had shifted, changing completely. Danny now had the ultimate power of the Ghost Zone. It was a startling realization that hit him quickly and he couldn’t help but grieve his childhood. While he hadn’t really had much of one in the first place, Danny still wished things could have been different. That he was in university with his friends, studying astrophysics, trying to be an astronaut.
But no. He had to step into a portal to a different dimension and have it open up on top of him. He had to die before he even started highschool - and he couldn’t even do that correctly.
A loud groan of annoyance left cold lips, gloved hands coming up to grasp at white hair. The ghost boy flipped around to float on his belly, facing the dark clouds rumbling below him. Grasping on the tingling feeling of intangibility, Danny summoned his power to the forefront of his being before letting gravity take hold of his form. He dropped quickly towards the ground, eyes closed. It was from years of practice that he knew when to allowed such a pesky notion of gravity peel away from him, his monochrome shape hovering just above the down-trodden apartment complex he called home.
A bright flash lit the sky behind Danny’s still form, the clap of thunder chasing behind not even a second later. Bright green eyes tracked his shadow as the late-spring lightning storm passed through Amity. He hovered there, for a moment. Allowing the wild winds whip around him and such a storm’s power picked up, shaking the leaves of blossomed trees. Distantly, Danny registered that rain began drizzling from the cloudbed he was just so far above. It was with a mournful shake that Danny finally moved to enter his barren apartment.
When his boots lightly tapped his threadbare carpet floors, Danny let the rings of his transformation wash over him. Gone was the royal outfit he had still yet to inspect, and in its place was the slightly dirty clothes the young man had pulled from his floor earlier that very day. Black hair flopped to cover his eyes, no longer snow-white and being kept out of view by his powers. It was with a quiet sigh that Danny moved to push the strands back, pulling his beat-up phone out from his pocket.
With practiced movements, Danny allowed himself to fall back onto the worn couch shoved in the middle of his living room. The halfa didn’t move to turn on the lights around him - there would be no point in it, after all. He could see better than an average human. Just another of the many side-effects of half-dying.
A quick entering of his password had Danny’s cracked phone unlocked, icy blue eyes skimming the two messages of confirmation from Sam and Tucker. Quickly tapping out “jazz?” and smacking the send button allowed Danny to let the device fall onto his lap. He threw his arms back dramatically, face tipping back to eye the water damage on his ceiling critically.
He really should put in a maintenance notice.
It was there that Jason could see the form of Dick, back turned towards Jason as the elder fiddled with something on his light-stained butcher block countertops. As much as Jason wanted to annoy his brother by sneaking up on the distracted Nightwing, exhaustion still pulled heavily on his limbs.
“Didn’t I say that any bannings in Alfred’s kitchen extended to my own?”
The question clearly startled Dick, but he didn’t show it besides turning around with a bright grin.
“That’s only for cooking, Little Wing!” The older winked at his brother, gesturing him closer with his hand. “I ordered some delivery, I got your favorite from that one Thai place.”
Jason couldn’t help the creeping excitement in his voice as he fully stepped into the kitchen space. “Moo Yai?”
“Of course.”
Clapping a hand on Dick’s shoulder, Jason easily reached up to start grabbing the dishware the two of them would need. He passed Dick whatever he grabbed with a practiced ease.
Having various Bats and Birds hide away from the rest of the family at Jason’s apartment had become something the young man had come to expect. Often, he was told it was due to the coziness of his loft or his cooking prowess. He knew it wasn’t only because of those two things. The theme of finding one of his siblings breaking into his home had only begun after a particularly bad incident at the manor which caused Dick and Tim to recruit the others into making sure Jason was okay. It was information that he was not supposed to be privy to, but after the first time Tim had passed out at Jason’s place, he managed to snoop through the younger’s phone and put two and two together.
It wasn’t something Jason was… against, per se. But it was annoying when he was having a particularly bad day with the Pit Rage and he was surrounded by people he didn’t want to hurt again.
However, despite everything, moving around another person (or persons) in his kitchen had become a routine. One he never expected, but he was grateful for it all the same.
This next bit is from a pure DP one-shot within the realms of "crack treated seriously". I'm hoping to get it posted in a few days!
The last couple of weeks had been a chaotic stream of pandemonium. It all started with one Vlad Masters pulling an absolute Fruit Loop move which resulted in an ancient evil being awoken from his sleep. A sleep that, according to any ghost willing to talk to Danny, Pariah Dark was forced into because he was the Biggest Crazy Ever™. Of course, Danny did what any fourteen year-old superhero would do! He fought the bad guy, locked him back up in his creepy sarcophagus in his creepy castle, and then passed the fuck out.
Worst of all, that wasn’t even the really chaotic part.
No, that had to come after Danny had woken up in his bed with Jazz fretting over him. A ghost Danny had never before met had begun haunting him whenever he went on patrols. The clock-themed ghost had started off with saying things like “You bested Pariah Dark in single combat, now it is your time to take the crown” and “Young Danny, you must come back into the Infinite Realms and take your place as the Crowned Head.”
And look, Danny wasn’t the smartest kid on the block. He didn’t have the best grades, was often oblivious, and tended to ignore things that he didn’t want to deal with.
So he just ignored the blue annoyance following him everywhere.
That is, until the dang ghost stopped time and made him listen. Clockwork, which was apparently the ghost’s name, all but dragged him into the Ghost Zone, set him in front of Pariah Dark’s spooky coffin, and made him eat part of the ghost?! Apparently a “core” is something that all ghosts have but it was still gross! Danny kept throwing up afterwards, but he couldn’t seem to upchuck the weird pearl thing he had been made to swallow like an angry cat that wouldn’t take their medicine.
And now he’s here. Sitting in Mr. Lancer’s English period, waiting for the clock to tick by and end his day.
Danny’s stomach started to feel a bit weird mid-way through the previous class (algebra one with one of the football coaches) and he was fully planning on heading to the Far Frozen once the day is done.
The Far Frozen was an area in the Ghost Zone that the ghostly blue annoyance had herded him to before forcing him to eat another person. The ghost yetis there were pretty cool and were basically ghostly doctors. One of the yetis, Frostbite, had made some awesome hot chocolate and Danny was absolutely craving it. He figured it was because his stomach was upset and he really didn’t want Jazz hovering over him.
So, therefore, a trip to the Zone for some hot chocolate with some ghost yetis.
Hope you guys enjoyed the WIPs :) Chapter three should be posted within a couple of weeks, and I'm hoping to get the silly little fic posted before the end of March uwu
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herbatahleb · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh no there's two of them
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so, a while ago, there was a dcxdp prompt that was like "Danny Fenton gets hired by the Justice League and slowly realizes that he was hired to hunt down Danny Phantom with Justice League Dark, so he has to gaslight gatekeep girlboss his way out of it" (link in the replies if you find it bc i can't)
but what if this prompt was more chaotic?
like, dani learns whats happening and instead of trying to get her template out of this, she decides to make it worse.
the team discovers the daughter of Ghost King Phantom (and Dani should probably have a different name in ghost form, maybe a star name? Maybe she can shapeshift into her original age, so she looks five) is sabotaging their work. when they finally capture her, she immediately latches onto Danny.
Dani: Papa! Danny, immediately: I'm not your dad! Dani, eyes tearing up with devious glee: I don't care if you and Daddy got divorced. You're still my Papa and I still love you! Danny: what. Constantine: YOU WERE MARRIED TO THE BLOODY GHOST KING!?
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alienzil · 1 month
DP x DC Prompt/notion #1
Danny is summoned by some superheroes. Maybe by accident or maybe they didn't know what they were doing but they don't really know who he is (or that he's the ghost king)
Danny isn't entirely honest about his powers or who he is for reasons and the Justice League mostly just classify him as an average power level teen hero and sign him up for the teen titans (or young justice, whichever).
After hanging out with the younger heroes for a bit, Danny gives them his summoning spell because it's the most reliable way to get ahold of him.
Danny's summing spell has very specific requirements (as is the norm) but after a while one of the other heroes gets annoyed at having to go through the whole process every time they need Danny (maybe Danny is going back and forth between Amity and the hero team and they have to summon him every few days?) Specifically, I'm picturing Red Robin. So he decides there has to be a better way.
There's a big battle and Danny isn't there. The teen heroes all have a pretty good idea by this point that Danny is more powerful than the Justice League knows. They're dodging explosions and flying debris and one of them shouts to Tim that they need to summon Danny, does he have the supplies?!
"Download the app!" Tim shouts back.
"App?!" they respond "What app?!"
"The app I made to summon Phantom, it's in our secure sever."
"That can't possibly work?! The summoning needs a circle drawn while chanting the spell!"
"The image of the circle is loaded on the screen and the spell plays via a recorded audio file. It actually works better because there's no way to mess up the incantation or the circle requirements since the app does it all!"
"You need 7 candles of pure beeswax!"
"That part's just about not being cheap with the lighting! That phone costs over a thousand dollars and has a backlit LCD screen with the highest resolution available. It exceeds the requirements."
"What about the blood?"
"There's blood inside your hand, your hand is holding the phone. It works fine. "
Naturally the app works and Danny shows up to help save the day.
I'm picturing one of the Justice League's bigger magic users (Constantine? Zatanna?) finding out about the app and they want to see it. This ultimately leads to them getting details on the summoning spell (presumably with some shenanigans along the way if the younger heroes know the secret and are helping Danny hide it) and finding out Danny is the ghost king.
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regonold · 3 months
Ok normally i just send stuff like in asks but i liked my idea enough to attempt this so
Danny does a reveal to his parents and it goes badly his parents capture him and start dissecting and experimenting on him
Tucker and sam are out of town on family stuff and jazz is at college
So who notices Danny's gone for a few days? His rouges
So they meet up because what happened to the kid i mean they got free reign now but the kid was powerful where was he (definitely not because they were missing him no not at all)eventually they all decide to investigate the Fentons because they're theost likely candidates
So they investigate and find the horrific sight of danny pinned open with the Fentons experimenting in stuff about his body
So they do what any self respecting ghost would do they save him because ancients he's a kid no ghost deserves to go through that especially not a kid so they save the kid and take him to the realms to heal but he can't stay in the realms forever he's Human as well he needs human food and sunlight and water
So they Brainstorm who could look after the welp the 2 friends were out they lived in the same town as Fenton he'd be found in a second. Plasmus no just no they'd rather not
Then boxy give them a good idea what about a hero phantom was considered a hero wasn't he? So why not a hero they aren't in amity so the Fentons would have less chance to find them
But which hero who could help then walker has an idea the ghosts of criminal had talked as he was booking them there was a hero he killed he was freeing spirits who wanted revenge so it was decided danny would go to this hero
But they had to make sure this hero knew they were watching him so they made an entrance
The batfamily were having a family dinner it was as peaceful as a wayne family dinner could be: in short chaos
That changed when a swirling circle lazerus water opened up above the table releasing multiple figures who as one turned to jason
"Hero Redhood you have been chosen for a great mission." One of the figures said "your mission is to help the hero phantom" the 2nd figure declared "BUT BEWARE SHOULD YOU FURTHER HARM HIM YOU WILL FACE THE MIGHT OF THE BOX GHOST" the third figure yelled "if you harm the welp i will hunt the bat clans pelts" the large metallic figure threatened and with that the figures disappeared leaving behind a young boy with stitches all across his body
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muffin--queen · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
When you summon the Ghost King for help, but he ends up being a little shit. 
Was trying to sleep, but this drawing idea was keeping me up so here we are. Pretend the rest of the league is there, only drew Batman cause he was the easiest lmao. Btw I ripped that jpg off a random corner of google images. 
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hypewinter · 20 hours
Danny is an amalgamation of the batbros. He has Dick's physique and skills, Jason's temperament, Tim's sense of style and aversion to a healthy sleep schedule, and Damian's face. The batbros are absolutely convinced he's a clone designed to be the superior robin. He's not. Just a broke college student running away from the government.
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minnesota-fats · 1 day
If yall have read any of my prompts before yall will know I LIVE for the chaos and that I love making two vaguely similar characters clones for no real reason other than than pursuit of chaos!
So how about this:
Jack is a failed clone of Bruce that happened to escape whatever containment he was put into. He meets Maddie (and Vlad if your so inclined) who helps him forge an identity and find a place in the world. They don’t know that he is a clone of Bruce but they know he just needed a new place to go with a new name. And the reason Jack is so dumb all the time is because he does what bruce does and acts dumb so people underestimate him but he also plays it a little too well because he wants to be his own person outside of Bruce.
Bruce try’s to DNA test danny and finds that he is technically the the father only for danny to just whip out a picture of Jack and be like, “no fuck you! This is my dad!”
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brothebro · 2 months
Tumblr media
Just a wee scene from chapter 10 of The Curious Case of D. Grayson
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nerdpoe · 27 days
fucking shit here's another one
danny is heir apparent to the realms, and while he cannot be summoned as he has not been crowned yet, he can still receive gifts.
bear with me
as he is heir apparent, his will is mirrored by the infinite realms. so in the middle of English class, as he's staring at Mr. Lancer, his deep, resonating thought is
"Fuck man I don't get any of this, I need like, a really good English tutor."
meanwhile, in the batcave, constantine goes fucking rigid and stares at Red Hood, who he just knows that the High King wants for some reason or the other.
"Hood, were you aware that the High King of the Infinite Realms wants you handed to him on a silver platter?"
meanwhile all over the world English professors and teachers and straight A students are going missing and turning up in Amity of all places.
cultists are confused because like, normally the King of Death wants cheeseburgers and frenchfries, but now it wants people? weird but alright, they'll send over people they guess.
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lordgrimoire · 15 days
Alright a little thing.
It’s not the Justice League that comes to help Danny protect Amity Park after Pariah Dark is felled, well not technically the League.
The new Ghosts that walk the streets, that spar with the living and dead, that haunt the Fenton Portal in such numbers that the town approved an expansion for the Fentons’ Lab. These Ghosts are Kryptonian, Martian, Thanagarian, they Gail from every world with a concept of protection and kindness, they wear the colors and uniforms they served in while alive, whether that be with the crests of Kryptonian houses, Thanagarian warriors, or the Martian Military. They all now bear Phantom’s seal, and it’s during one of Phantoms attempts to get away from Superman somewhere above Pennsylvania that Superman meets one such warrior.
The field he follows Phantom into is marred only by the Ghost Boy’s impact crater, he hadn’t meant to hit him that hard but anything less would not have stunned him.
“Surrender Phantom, there’s no where to run.” The boy looks terrified as he scrambled to get up, staggering and falling twice.
“No, no I’m sorry please, just, just leave me alone!” Superman approaches, caution in mind as he closes to get the inhibitor cuffs on Phantom, only for a pair of figures appear between them, the taller one, wearing a HAZMAT suit crouches and collects Phantom while the second stubs Superman.
It’s a soldier of Krypton, with matte white painted armor of a militiaman, and the House of El’s crest displayed on their chest. “What? Who are you?”
The soldier turns, and the helmets sight being focused on him gives him pause. “Will you pursue him?” Superman blinks at the question.
“What? Yes, he needs to come to the Watchtower to- URGH” The soldier was faster, Clark realized, faster and better trained. Before Clark could even argue he’d been thrown hard enough to break the sound barrier, and when he twisted in the air, trying to recover, he was smashed again, and he realized they had flown out over the Atlantic.
Who was this guy?
As Superman turned to face the direction he’d last been hit from he noticed that the Soldier hadn’t followed, he was gone, but in his last place was a fluorescent green balloon with a box tied to it. When Clark opened that box on the ground it had two items in it, a patch, obviously a military one from Krypton, and a note.
[Leave the boy be Kal-El, we dead do not take kindly to him being harassed by a government that wants him vivisected]
Clark knew one thing, he had to bring this to the League, and tell them of the Soldier.
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cursedzucchini · 2 months
Danny and Jason meeting each other for the first time like:
Danny, pointing at Jason: baby???????
Jason, who just walked into the kitchen for cookies: baby!!!!!!!
Danny: what the fuck is a baby doing here???????
Jason: who left the baby unattended?????? Where are his parents????????
Bruce: i adopted both of you wh-
Jason & Danny, screaming on top of their lungs: BABY!!!!!!!!!!
Idk I'm just imagining Bruce adopting Danny, not telling anyone, bringing him home and Jason was just in the mansion. And their stupid dumb ghost brains go
Danny: not even filly formed baby in pain!!!!!! He's been suffering for so long.... Need to protect!!!!!!!
Jason: a fucking two years old baby!!!! (Wait what) very very young, very dumb, need to protect!!!!! (Who tf is this kid)
And when put together, they immidietly adopt each other. I feel like the scene that follows is Jason force feeding Danny a cookie, rambling Abt how thin he is and how he should eat more, and Danny fighting him while trying to give him ectoplasm so his core can fully form, cooing and telling Jason how he doesn't need to worry, Danny's here
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