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Tumblr media
A lil meme based on a Batpham server conversation lmao
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DP x DC prompt - Dream a Little Dream
Danny and Jason live in separate dimensions but somehow meet when Danny crosses over to Jason’s dimension while he (Danny) sleeps. This has been going on since both were children.
Danny doesn’t know why this happens but he rolls with it and befriends (and falls in love) with Jason. As time passes, he starts to realize that maybe the reason he keeps appearing before the other boy is to help him through his loneliness - to be there for him (to be there for each other)
He helps Jason through some rough times (from his childhood to the Pit Rage) and is the friend/lover(?) Jason needs/wants (to fill the gaps of emptiness/loneliness)
One day, Clockwork tells Danny to “say your goodbyes” and Danny knows what he means.
So the next time Danny meet Jason (which at this point Jason has reconnected with his family) Danny tells him, “You are not alone now, I guess it’s time to say goodbye” and disappears.
Jason is devastated to lose the one constant in his life.
Do they meet again? Is it a doomed love?
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Happy WIP Wednesday!
This first bits are from chapter three of my slowburn Dead on Main DPxDC fic, "Putting the 'Fun' Back in 'Funeral'", and the second is from a little crackfic I'm writing because oh god I made C3 very depressing and it made me sad. The first part of PFBF is from Danny's POV and the second from Jason's.
Just an FYI none of this has been beta'ed yet, so please pardon any errors!
While the local ghost hero was waiting for a response, he was lazily heading south from Fentonworks. Easily drifting on his back above the cloud layer currently overhanging Amity, Danny couldn’t help but rest his heavy gaze upon the millions of twinkling stars before him. It was only twenty-four hours ago that he had fought his last ghost as a semi-normal person. His entire world had shifted, changing completely. Danny now had the ultimate power of the Ghost Zone. It was a startling realization that hit him quickly and he couldn’t help but grieve his childhood. While he hadn’t really had much of one in the first place, Danny still wished things could have been different. That he was in university with his friends, studying astrophysics, trying to be an astronaut.
But no. He had to step into a portal to a different dimension and have it open up on top of him. He had to die before he even started highschool - and he couldn’t even do that correctly.
A loud groan of annoyance left cold lips, gloved hands coming up to grasp at white hair. The ghost boy flipped around to float on his belly, facing the dark clouds rumbling below him. Grasping on the tingling feeling of intangibility, Danny summoned his power to the forefront of his being before letting gravity take hold of his form. He dropped quickly towards the ground, eyes closed. It was from years of practice that he knew when to allowed such a pesky notion of gravity peel away from him, his monochrome shape hovering just above the down-trodden apartment complex he called home.
A bright flash lit the sky behind Danny’s still form, the clap of thunder chasing behind not even a second later. Bright green eyes tracked his shadow as the late-spring lightning storm passed through Amity. He hovered there, for a moment. Allowing the wild winds whip around him and such a storm’s power picked up, shaking the leaves of blossomed trees. Distantly, Danny registered that rain began drizzling from the cloudbed he was just so far above. It was with a mournful shake that Danny finally moved to enter his barren apartment.
When his boots lightly tapped his threadbare carpet floors, Danny let the rings of his transformation wash over him. Gone was the royal outfit he had still yet to inspect, and in its place was the slightly dirty clothes the young man had pulled from his floor earlier that very day. Black hair flopped to cover his eyes, no longer snow-white and being kept out of view by his powers. It was with a quiet sigh that Danny moved to push the strands back, pulling his beat-up phone out from his pocket.
With practiced movements, Danny allowed himself to fall back onto the worn couch shoved in the middle of his living room. The halfa didn’t move to turn on the lights around him - there would be no point in it, after all. He could see better than an average human. Just another of the many side-effects of half-dying.
A quick entering of his password had Danny’s cracked phone unlocked, icy blue eyes skimming the two messages of confirmation from Sam and Tucker. Quickly tapping out “jazz?” and smacking the send button allowed Danny to let the device fall onto his lap. He threw his arms back dramatically, face tipping back to eye the water damage on his ceiling critically.
He really should put in a maintenance notice.
It was there that Jason could see the form of Dick, back turned towards Jason as the elder fiddled with something on his light-stained butcher block countertops. As much as Jason wanted to annoy his brother by sneaking up on the distracted Nightwing, exhaustion still pulled heavily on his limbs.
“Didn’t I say that any bannings in Alfred’s kitchen extended to my own?”
The question clearly startled Dick, but he didn’t show it besides turning around with a bright grin.
“That’s only for cooking, Little Wing!” The older winked at his brother, gesturing him closer with his hand. “I ordered some delivery, I got your favorite from that one Thai place.”
Jason couldn’t help the creeping excitement in his voice as he fully stepped into the kitchen space. “Moo Yai?”
“Of course.”
Clapping a hand on Dick’s shoulder, Jason easily reached up to start grabbing the dishware the two of them would need. He passed Dick whatever he grabbed with a practiced ease.
Having various Bats and Birds hide away from the rest of the family at Jason’s apartment had become something the young man had come to expect. Often, he was told it was due to the coziness of his loft or his cooking prowess. He knew it wasn’t only because of those two things. The theme of finding one of his siblings breaking into his home had only begun after a particularly bad incident at the manor which caused Dick and Tim to recruit the others into making sure Jason was okay. It was information that he was not supposed to be privy to, but after the first time Tim had passed out at Jason’s place, he managed to snoop through the younger’s phone and put two and two together.
It wasn’t something Jason was… against, per se. But it was annoying when he was having a particularly bad day with the Pit Rage and he was surrounded by people he didn’t want to hurt again.
However, despite everything, moving around another person (or persons) in his kitchen had become a routine. One he never expected, but he was grateful for it all the same.
This next bit is from a pure DP one-shot within the realms of "crack treated seriously". I'm hoping to get it posted in a few days!
The last couple of weeks had been a chaotic stream of pandemonium. It all started with one Vlad Masters pulling an absolute Fruit Loop move which resulted in an ancient evil being awoken from his sleep. A sleep that, according to any ghost willing to talk to Danny, Pariah Dark was forced into because he was the Biggest Crazy Ever™. Of course, Danny did what any fourteen year-old superhero would do! He fought the bad guy, locked him back up in his creepy sarcophagus in his creepy castle, and then passed the fuck out.
Worst of all, that wasn’t even the really chaotic part.
No, that had to come after Danny had woken up in his bed with Jazz fretting over him. A ghost Danny had never before met had begun haunting him whenever he went on patrols. The clock-themed ghost had started off with saying things like “You bested Pariah Dark in single combat, now it is your time to take the crown” and “Young Danny, you must come back into the Infinite Realms and take your place as the Crowned Head.”
And look, Danny wasn’t the smartest kid on the block. He didn’t have the best grades, was often oblivious, and tended to ignore things that he didn’t want to deal with.
So he just ignored the blue annoyance following him everywhere.
That is, until the dang ghost stopped time and made him listen. Clockwork, which was apparently the ghost’s name, all but dragged him into the Ghost Zone, set him in front of Pariah Dark’s spooky coffin, and made him eat part of the ghost?! Apparently a “core” is something that all ghosts have but it was still gross! Danny kept throwing up afterwards, but he couldn’t seem to upchuck the weird pearl thing he had been made to swallow like an angry cat that wouldn’t take their medicine.
And now he’s here. Sitting in Mr. Lancer’s English period, waiting for the clock to tick by and end his day.
Danny’s stomach started to feel a bit weird mid-way through the previous class (algebra one with one of the football coaches) and he was fully planning on heading to the Far Frozen once the day is done.
The Far Frozen was an area in the Ghost Zone that the ghostly blue annoyance had herded him to before forcing him to eat another person. The ghost yetis there were pretty cool and were basically ghostly doctors. One of the yetis, Frostbite, had made some awesome hot chocolate and Danny was absolutely craving it. He figured it was because his stomach was upset and he really didn’t want Jazz hovering over him.
So, therefore, a trip to the Zone for some hot chocolate with some ghost yetis.
Hope you guys enjoyed the WIPs :) Chapter three should be posted within a couple of weeks, and I'm hoping to get the silly little fic posted before the end of March uwu
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phantom-dc · 1 month
A deal with the Ghost King
Part2 AO3
Danny was getting impatient.
He had been annoyed at being summoned, then exited when he found himself in the Justice League Watchtower. He was in space! But then the guy in the raincoat begun offering a piece of his soul in exchange for destroying a meteorite, and he had become annoyed instead. He doesn't want a soul! Doesn't this guy get he'd be Danny's slave for eternity? So taking a page off Clockwork's book, he said something cryptic and ominous so no one else tried to bribe him with souls. They had turned white and raincoat guy asked if they could be excused for a moment before pulling the other heroes into a different room. Wich, first off: Rude. Second: Danny couldn't leave the summonning circle unless he made a deal or if he was send back. At first he had been curious what they would offer him now, settling into a more humanoid form instead of the eldritch nightmare being summoned always forced him into. That had been a while ago though, and now he was getting impatient. They better come back soon so he can go deal with the problem. He'll do it for a Pop-tart at this point, as long as he can go break that overgrown space-rock!
Jason was pissed. Batman had ordered everyone to come to the Watchtower immediatly. Jason wasn't even allowed to wear his helmet (he scared the younger Leaguers), having to settle for a domino mask instead. Good thing he had 2, because Nightwing had even brought Alfred! Jason wanted anwsers, why did B rush them here? He hadn't even greeted or explained anything to them, just had Plastic-man bring them to a room to wait. But Jason was done waiting, so he stormed to the main briefing room. He expected B and his Justice club. Instead he found a glowing, floating hero. The floor glowed a bit beneath him, his skin tinted green and his hair floated as if underwater, a crown surrounded by its own northen light. He was beautifull. Anger forgotten, he made his way over, deciding to make some small talk. 'Hello there! Are you a new hero? I've never seen you before?'
Danny was startled. He'd been focussing on the door the heroes left through, trying to will them back. He hadn't even noticed the Liminal behind him until he spoke! He turned around, and was again caught of guard. Even with the Domino covering his eyes,he could tell this guy was really handsome! A mountain of chiseled muscles and a white streak of hair that gave him something mysterious. Oh crap, he was staring. What did he say again? 'Hello! I'm Phantom. It's nice to meet you!' The Liminal introduced himself as J. 'Anyone ever tell you you're drop-dead gorgeous?' Danny laughed. Hot and death puns? Yep, he's going for it. The Leaguers aren't back yet anyway.
Jason was kicking himself. Really? That's the best he could come up with? Thank god Phantom had seemed to like it. 'Well, it certainly wouldn't get a rise out of me if they did!' he said. 'So what are you doing here? I didn't see you at the meeting?' Jason shrugged. 'No idea actually. B called for all hands on deck, so here I am. What are you here for?' Phantom sighed. 'They got me here to deal with some stupid rock, but then ditched me here for an impromptu meeting. I just want to go take care of it, but I can't just leave.' Phantom looked annoyed. Jason asked if Phantom wanted a tour of the Watchtower, surely Flash could get him when they needed him? Phantom looked dejected. He couldn't leave without being dismissed. Jason decided to make a move. 'Ok, how about this: you deal with that rock, and afterwards, we can meet up in Gotham and I'll give you a tour there! Deal?' Phantom looked up, an inhumanly while smile on his face.
After that Phantom had left, saying the boyscouts had their chance. 'I look forward to our date!' He said and then dissapeared. Jason was exited! He went back to the others, who hadn't noticed he'd left. No matter, he had a date to plan!
Contantine was freaking out. The meteorite had proven too much for the Justice League. Most of their heavy hitters had been off-planet or out off commision. The damn thing was even made of kryptonite! He had no choice but to summon the only being that he knew of that could deal with it and could be bribed. He had offered the mighty Ghost King a piece of his soul, but been rejected! Batman had offered his own soul instead, but again this offer wasn't enough. The Ghost King explained there were billions of mortals about to become his subjects. Why trade that for 1 measily soul? He needed a better offer if they wanted his help. Panicked, Constantine had pulled the other League members into a different room, not wanting them to make a deal by accident. They were all making desperate suggestions. What could be worth more than every soul on Earth? They had made a list of magical and historical artifacts from every members background. It was a long shot, but the meteorite was getting too close. As they went back to the Ghost King they were praying it would be enough.
The King was gone. Suddenly in the distance the meteorite exploded. Someone had made a deal with the Ghost King, and no one knew who. What had they offered?
What could possible be worth more to the High King of the Infinite Realms than every living soul on Earth?
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nelkcats · 2 months
Crow services
After Danny died he noticed that some animals had become more attached to him while others had moved away. Aggressive or death related animals seemed to react positively to his presence, although friendlier animals such as birds tended to fly away.
Of course, none of this prepared him for the number of crows that landed on his window daily. At first he was scared that they would consider him a corpse and try to eat him but after the third time they brought him a shiny object he assumed they just liked him.
Those crows became very fond of him, they let him pet them, they would perch on his head or shoulders, always present and sometimes even watching over him (A particularly intelligent crow he named Poe would drive his parents away with distractions).
So when he moved to Gotham to complete his studies he prepared for a farewell to his feathered friends; said friends simply ignored him and followed him around the city. Danny assumed he wasn't going to be able to fight them, so he let them be.
This is how the phenomenon called "The Invasion of Crows" began in Gotham, the animals were not aggressive but mostly indifferent, some of them agreed to carry letters as homing pigeons (After Danny asked them for the favor) starting "Crow services"
As long as you had the money or something shiny to pay them the birds would carry messages from one place to another, ironically they would give that payment to Danny, who only sighed and let them pass to his apartment, giving them: some food, shelter and a place to sleep, although he was worried the moment his neighbor would complain about the noise.
At first he let them stay on the streets because they were supposed to be free, but after the sixth time he caught Damian Wayne trying to adopt one he just rolled his eyes and now the little ones were living with him.
So yes, when Jason finally decided to visit his neighbor he didn't expect the red eyed crowd staring at him and judging his actions, one in particular lunged at him and he swore he was about to gouge his eyes out before a voice yelled "Poe, wait! "
Said crow looked at him for a few more seconds before perch on the head of the prettiest boy he had ever seen, who approached to offer him a hand "I'm sorry, they're very overprotective" he muttered worried.
Jason almost fell over laughing when he noticed that this was B's "weird case" about the rise in crows alongside the supposed "new rogue" in town, when all he saw was a college boy with a murder of crows living in his house, maybe creating a new messaging system.
He was going to have so much fun with this, maybe he'd even manage to go on a date with his eyes intact, who knows.
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Ever since Penguin had found that street rat and offered him a job his life had been on easy street.
The young man had been wearing a bandana over the bottom half of his face while cleaning the floors of one of his establishments when the bats came crashing in through a skylight, showering both of them in glass.
The fight began quickly after that, the man in his confusion threw one of the bats away from him, which turned out to be a mistake. They now saw him as a goon and began attacking him too.
Panicking, Danny didn't want to lose his job. He didn't want to go back to living on the streets...so he made a decision. He used his intangibility to run through one of the bats and grabbed penguin who was already handcuffed and subdued.
Then they were gone.
The bats checked their thermals, checked for energy readings, everything, but the two were gone.
Penguins new goon was a meta who could teleport. Worse. He may have just become the Penguins private bodyguard.
They were right of course. Penguin took care of his own and Danny adored being cared for. Cobblepot gave him whatever he wanted and the ghost felt he was in to deep to tell his boss no when it came to most jobs. He always did have a problem with giving his loyalty to people who didn't deserve it. His own parents were a testament to that...to think his death hadn't actually been an accident...
This continues with the bats trying to stop Penguins plots and trying to find a way to stop or investigate this new meta and coming up with nothing cause "Ghost" isn't even from thier multiverse.
This all changes though when Catwoman informs them that Phantom has a massive crush on Red Hood.
Everyone looks to Jason who refuses to play around with some guys heart. He's done a lot of messed up things but hes not that scummy. The others protest saying that's not what they wanted and Hood does eventually agree to meeting with the guy and is caught off guard by how excited the guy is to meet him.
He treats him like an actual hero. He insists that he is one. Danny then drops some of his own tragic backstory about his insane mad scientists parents who experimented on him and his sister thier whole lives with this green glowing death water and how it didn't do much until they murdered him and led him to believe it was an accident.
They thought he survived.
He didn't. Its one of the things he liked about Red Hood. He wasn't actually revived either.
Jason demanded to know what he meant, but Danny only responded, "You're one of us." Before vanishing again.
Jason is more than a little freaked out.
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"If You Want My Husband, You're Gonna Have to F#cking Kill Me."
So, Dead on Main is the best, right?
So, Jason and Danny are secretly married. It's was an accident; somehow, those two managed to do a ghost courting ritual and acceptance without realizing it--Danny's a halfa, Jason is a remnant, neither one was informed that ghost marriage was thing. The two go on an adventure in the Ghost Zone to disolve the marriage, but over the course of the journey, surprise! The two develop feelings and decide that they prefer being married. Maybe it gives them a power up, lets them know how the other is doing/feeling? It's nice, to have someone who's always there for you, that's all their saying.
Obviously, they don't tell anyone. Or at least, no one knows they're still married.
fortunately, it comes in handy. Red Hood, Red Robin, and Stabby Robin got captured by a pissed Black Mask or maybe the League of Assassins... I'll go League, bc less guns. Jason's injured, about to be killed, when Danny bursts through the door, says the title line, and starts ripping through the goons.
he's so pissed, he doesn't even transform, he's using entirely his parents weapons and he's good with them. (no murder Danny, sorry. But he'll probably get covered in other people's blood thanks to the concussive effects of his parents weapons on humans.)
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Tbh id love if there was a DP x DC fic where Danny lives in the same apartment building as Redhood (or whoever) but thats it. They dont know each other, Danny is not superheroing. Danny is just that one extra in a sitcom.
Like their first meeting is when a group is sent to kill Redhood at his home but they go into the wrong apartment and by the time Redhood gets down there Danny has causally knocked them all out "wha- how" "dude its 3am can you please tell your enemies to stick to acceptable invasion hours" "uh" "i have work at 7. I need my sleep." "Okay..."
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Ghostwriter was really asking for soup time at this point.
He had apologized for his first Christmas truce before, last year he even convinced Clockwork to help him make a copy of the original work he had ruined.
So why in god’s gracious earth did he wake up to Amity Park being in a hallmark movie.
Danny glared as the people milled about the center of town like they haven’t since the portal opening.
It was unnerving, the only thing really missing from the equation was some out of town love interest or something.
“Hey, excuse me.”
Tall and built with black hair and blue eyes.
Oh you got to be-
Dick tried to make himself look more charming as the guy he approached turned around.
When he heard that the justice league were getting concerning calls about a town In Illinois, he saw an out from the Christmas gala.
Sure Dick enjoyed the season, but the fact that he has to spend a large amount of the winter season putting up a front as the perfect firstborn was not something he wanted to do unless he had to.
That being said, the town was a bit unnerving. He hadn’t seen anything supernatural per say but the constant cheer is something he had only ever seen on the silver screen of his home. He had tried to approach several different people only to be met with seasons greetings and promptly ignored when as they ran off to do whatever small towns do for the holidays.
This guy at least wasn’t plastering a smile on his face.
“Hey, excuse me I’m new in town and looking around, my name is-“
“Let me guess, Rupert or Orlando or some shit.”
“Well it has to be pompous and annoying. It’s kind of a trend and shit last time I checked.”
“I have no clue what you’re talking about man I just wanted to ask-“
The man snorted as he left, throwing over his shoulder with a large amount of snark,
“For a tour around town? A place to stay? A friendly face? Sorry man, man but I’m not interested. The town square is full, ask someone else I have a date with a caffeine addiction.”
Dick watched a bit stupefied as the guy weaves into the ground and out of his eyesight.
“Well he seemed charming.”
Dick raised his phone to the earpiece and sighed,
“Yeah well, he’s the first person who didn’t sound like they weren’t on a script so far. I didn’t even know that midwesterners took Christmas so seriously. How long until you reach town Jay?”
I’m reaching midtown just about now. It looks like Santa took a shit on every-“
There was a sudden squeal of tires as the line cut.
Oh no.
Jason gasped as he tried to calm his breath glancing at the guy he almost hit on his bike.
Jesus Christ that was close.
“Shit man are you alright?”
“Peachy. Always liked pancakes and all that.”
Danny felt a blush hit him as the behemoth of a guy let out a snort. It was embarrassing that he didn’t notice the guy until he almost became a smear, the dude was built like a tank and wearing a red helmet.
“I shouldn’t’ve taken that turn that quickly.. sometimes forget I’m not at home.”
“Oh yeah? Where’s home for you?”
“Gotham if you believe that.”
“Explains why you drive like you’re chased by death.”
“You have no idea..”
He took off his helmet with another snort and shake of the head. A white wisp in a sea of black shook out while mirthful blue eyes met his.
“Name’s Jason. You are?”
The guy raised a brow mildly confused.
Danny took off before he was done with the sentence. He could feel eyes on his retreat for the second time today.
‘Jesus, smooth recovery Fenton.’
Tim rubbed his eyes as he listened to his older brothers bicker over the coms.
He couldn’t understand the issue with the surveillance! All the cameras and mics are properly functioning but for some reason everything is corrupted and it’s driving Tim up a wall!
A break, Tim needed a break from this Airbnb and something caffeinated.
‘Just ten minutes, ten minutes and he could get his drink, he could rant to his friends on the group chat afterwards and wait out the story. ‘
And with as much bravo as any tired young adult, he entered the shop.
Danny almost left the cafe as he heard another unfamiliar voice bellow out.
“What do you mean you don’t have coffee, it’s a coffee shop!”
Blue eyes, black hair, surprisingly smaller than the first two and eye bags that could rival Danny some nights.
Danny was done.
Fuck the treaty this was war.
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aziraphale-is-a-cat · 1 month
AU where the portal kinda took danny when he died.
So unlike Canon, upon his half death danny got transported to the infinite realms and learned how to ghost over there, rising up in the power hierarchy and eventually at around 20, coming back to the living realm for a bit.
He acts like a full ghost and has no idea how likeley his strength is to hurt people since he trained it arpund ghosts, treating humans like glass and just generally being quite careful with everything else.
Danny decides to Vacay at gotham, due to the ambient ectoplasm in the city and being unable to return to his hometown. He ends up being next door neighbors with one Todd Peters, why by complete coincidence is also undead. They start talking and hit it off.
Jason really doesn't know how to feel about his new neighbor danny, there was something so obviously off about him, too sharp teeth and unwarranted caution when handling anything, even the built to last fridge he'd had installed.
At first the delicate treatment had felt insulting, he was the Red Hood for fuck's sake, he could take a little push! But after a bit it was growing on him. The feeling of being treated with care rather than Brute force, of melting into feather light hugs instead of tanking hits. He started to look forward to it.
So now Danny's worried about hurting the cute revenant next door and Jason's having a crisis over his new not-human neighbor/crush while bemoaning the fact that if any of his brothers found out he'd never live it down.
Also danny not knowing how delicate or sturdy regular people is is so funny to me
Danny, freaking out: shit, is it okay? Will your body.... fix it???
Jason, who just got a papercut: I'm fine.
Or, alternatively:
Danny, covered in blood standing over the joker's mangled corpse: oops, I broke it ):
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imjustkindaherelove · 2 months
Danny having a ton of weird ghost instincts cause he’s half dead and Jason also having weird ghost instincts cause he’s a living ghost and they accidentally end up ghost married
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kuroishuuha · 2 days
DP x DC prompt - Not So Starcrossed Lovers
This started off in the Dead on Main discord - go join if you want to read more developed discussions
Danny is on a time travel errand for Clockwork and travels to the past.
Jason is also back in time for [some reason - the reason why is up to you]
The two meet and fall in love, but are tentative about the relationship and their emotions because they think the other is a resident of the past.
How they find out that they are actually both from the present is up to you. Do you want fluff? angst? It’s your decision!
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Danny: Jazz, pack your bags, we need to get out of Gotham!
Jazz: But I have practice at the Arkham Asylum in two hours. What happened, Danny?
Danny: Oh, without Joker, there's not much left to do, let's go. nothing to lose.
Jazz: Danny, explanation! Right now!
Danny: Well, we just need to immediately tell our parents that they were a little wrong about ghost's courtship rituals.
Who would have thought that on the way to a soulmate, sorry, core-mate, some moral boundaries are erased...
and ghost might not find nothing wrong in tearing off Joker's fucking head and ripping out his heart as a valentine if it helps to call on a date!
Jazz: So... he said yes?
Danny: Jazz, I've got a crazy overprotective Batdad on my tail!
Jazz: Sure, sure, right...
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moss-on-trees · 16 days
dp x dc prompt: dead on main au where danny leaves the joker's body on jason's doorstep as a courting gift
in this au, danny lives in the ghost zone full time. (he's also a little unhinged.)
along with the power boost he gained as the king of the infinite realms, danny's status as a half-dead half-alive being makes him develop the peculiar ability of knowing the cause of death of all ghosts and undead he encounters.
he meets jason on a visit to the living realm and falls in love with the revenant at first sight. since his ability lets him catch a glimpse of his crush's death, he decides killing the joker would be the best way to win him over, so he hunts down the clown, unalives him and wraps his dead body with a nice green bow and sends it to jason via portal along with a bouquet of asphodels.
cue the bat clan freaking out over the unknown entity who just gifted a corpse to their undead family member with no explanation whatsover.
(danny probably should have remembered to leave a note.)
jason is both creeped out and charmed.
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phantom-dc · 1 month
Batman had to act quickly.
At first he was happy that Jason had been coming over more, and being more agreeable. When Dick asked about his good mood, Jason admitted he had been seeing someone for a little while now. Bruce had been happy for Jason, worried his rage would prevent him from finding love. But that was before he did some digging.
Daniel Fenton. Son of ghost hunters. That fact had worried Bruce. Did he know about Jason's situation? Was he a threat? He couldn't take any risk, not when it came to his children. Batman was going to have some questions for him.
When he had dropped behind Fenton in the alley, things had gone south quickly. Fenton wasn't afraid of him at all. In fact, he had started to taunt him! B was ashamed to admit, something caused this kid to get under his skin. He threatened to make sure Fenton would regret it if he ever hurt Jason, but then Fenton said something odd:
'Why? It's not like its illegal!' Fenton explained the Ecto-acts and the G.I.W., to B's horror. Appearantly everyone could take away his son and torture him in the most gruesome of ways, and they wouldn't get so much as a slap on the wrist! Fenton had 'reassured' him, saying he was just 'observing' Jason... for now. That had earned him a black eye but Batman had bigger things to deal with. Afraid Jason wouldn't believe him, he made sure Nightwing and Signal kept an eye on Fenton. He wouldn't hurt Jason. Bruce had to call a meeting with the JL and JLD. Once those Acts are gone there will be nothing protecting Fenton from prison. He had to be quick.
Meanwhile 2 dead guys were sitting on their couch, one putting a cold compress on the others black eye. 'So let me get this straight. B found out your parents hunt the dead, he interrogated you because he was worried for me, and you insinuated that you were going to vivisect me?' Danny leaned back into Jason. 'I never said I would. I just said it would be totally legal if I did!' Jason laughed. 'You know he's going to go full Batman on you now, right?' 'I don't care, he made me drop my coffee!'
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