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linzlu · 2 years
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April’s Decade of the Month is 1920!
I’ll be focusing on creating 1920′s custom content this month.
Support me on Patreon to gain access to a secret idea board, see behind the scenes progress, and vote for next month’s decade!
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agentromanoffsir · 7 months
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neocities guide - why you should build your own html website
do you miss the charm of the 90s/00s web where sites had actual personality instead of the same minimalistic theme? are you feeling drained by social media and the constant corporate monopoly of your data and time? do you want to be excited about the internet again? try neocities!!
what is neocities?
neocities is a free hosting website that lets you build your own html website from scratch, with total creative control. in their own words: "we are tired of living in an online world where people are isolated from each other on boring, generic social networks that don't let us truly express ourselves. it's time we took back our personalities from these sterilized, lifeless, monetized, data mined, monitored addiction machines and let our creativity flourish again."
why should I make my own website?
web3 has been overtaken by capitalism & conformity. websites that once were meant to be fun online social spaces now exist solely to steal your data and sell you things. it sucks!! building a personal site is a great way to express yourself and take control of your online experience.
what would I even put on a website?
the best part about making your own site is that you can do literally whatever the hell you want! focus on a specific subject or make it a wild collection of all your interests. share your art! make a shrine for one of your interests! post a picture of every bird you see when you step outside! make a collection of your favorite blinkies! the world is your oyster !! here are some cool example sites to inspire you: recently updated neocities sites | it can be fun to just look through these and browse people's content! space bar | local interstellar dive bar creature feature | halloween & monsters big gulp supreme peanutbuttaz | personal site dragodiluna linwood | personal site patho grove | personal site
getting started: neocities/html guide
sound interesting? here are some guides to help you get started, especially if you aren't familiar with html/css sadgrl.online webmastery | a fantastic resource for getting started with html & web revival. also has a layout builder that you can use to start with in case starting from scratch is too intimidating web design in 4 minutes | good for learning coding basics w3schools | html tutorials templaterr | demo & html for basic web elements eggramen test pages | css page templates to get started with sadgrl background tiles | bg tiles rivendell background tiles | more free bg tiles
fun stuff to add to your site
want your site to be cool? here's some fun stuff that i've found blinkies-cafe | fantastic blinkie maker! (run by @transbro & @graphics-cafe) gificities | internet archive of 90s/00s web gifs internet bumper stickers | web bumper stickers momg | gif gallery 99 gif shop | 3d gifs 123 guestbook | add a guestbook for people to leave messages cbox | add a live chat box moon phases | track the phases of the moon gifypet | a little clickable page pet adopt a shroom | mushroom page pet tamaNOTchi | virtual pet crossword puzzle | daily crossword imood | track your mood neko | cute cat that chases your mouse pollcode | custom poll maker website hit counter | track how many visitors you have
web revival manifestos & communities
also, there's actually a pretty cool community of people out there who want to bring joy back to the web! melonland project | web project/community celebrating individual & joyful online experiences. Also has an online forum melonland intro to web revival | what is web revival? melonking manifesto | status cafe | share your current status nightfall city | online community onio.cafe | leave a message and enjoy the ambiance sadgrl internet manifesto | yesterweb internet manifesto | sadly defunct, still a great resource reclaiming online social spaces | great manifesto on cultivating your online experience
in conclusion
i want everyone to make a neocities site because it's fun af and i love seeing everyone's weird personal sites that they made outside of the control of capitalism :) say hi to me on neocities
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bloodrediscream · 6 months
My new Wally AU! Rubber Hose Wally! 🎬
Tumblr media
I plan to make fun animations and comics for this one, so I hope you guys stay tuned! Also, thank you guys for so much of your support!
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bundibird · 19 days
For me, I'm in my 30s and the last time I was druuuunk-drunk was approximately 8 years ago. I've only ever been tipsy since then, but never properly drunk. (It was a really, reeeeally bad hangover that caused me to never want to be drunk again, if only to save me from the subsequent hangover.)
Anyway let me know in the tags when you were last drunk and what age (ish) you are! I'm curious to see if there's any discernible patterns.
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sualne · 7 months
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have some trans swan lake barbies
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anomalousmancunt · 5 months
this disability pride month i'd like to remind y'all that "visibly disabled" does not imply "mobility aid user" (nor anything else other than "people can see there is something about you that doesn't fit abled hegemony")
OP is autistic and talking about its experiences being autistic (AND multiply disabled). don't fucking touch if you have no solidarity towards autistic people.
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So there's this post going around about how the OP was almost recruited by some Nazis at a Pro-Palestine protest, and they were so shocked that there were Nazis there marching with them. I don't want to bash the OP (that's why I'm not linking or responding on that post) because I really do think they mean well. Still I can't help but think, "Where have you been?", I've been seeing Nazi shit from these protest for a while now. Does no one remember the protest in Australia back in October, where a bunch of people starting chanting "Gas the Jews!"? Nevermind how any discussions on Judaism or Jewish people inevitably ends with a lot of people spamming the tags or comments with "Free Palestine" even if the discussions had nothing to do with Israel or Palestine. I'm not even Jewish and I've been seeing Nazis co-opting the movement for years, and I've been seeing Jewish people calling them out on it for years. Also what do y'all think white supremacists and Nazis look like? Do you think they're all wearing SS uniforms or have swastikas tattooed on their foreheads? Or do you imagine that they're all white trash trailer park losers? Did we all forget Richard Spencer? You can't believe that you can spot these people by looks alone, you have to know the dogwhistles they use otherwise you wind up parroting back their rhetoric without a second thought. The movement deserves better than to have Nazis take over the discussions, but until other protestors shut that shit down I don't see it changing anytime soon.
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madootles · 1 year
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it’s always october 3rd somewhere
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sableeira · 6 months
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whoever edited that bsd official art to make it look like chuuya is holding onto dazai’s arm will be put on trial for irrevocably changing my brain chemistry and making me so much worse
Tumblr media
the original and the edit in question. this artwork really makes me crave a mid to late 19th century historical au where Chuuya is a swordsman struggling with changes to his job due to the meiji restoration and with Dazai as a detective/private investigator who hires Chuuya as his bodyguard when a seemingly harmless investigation turns dangerous. they kind of hate each other (as per usual) but Chuuya needs the job and Dazai, while he proclaims to dislike chuuya, is also very smitten with chuuya’s fighting style and temper (as per usual).
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thebibliosphere · 11 months
How are the new glasses working out?
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Yeah, they're um, *clears throat and starts crying anyway* they're working great.
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linzlu · 2 years
Tumblr media
March Decade of the Month is 1900!
I’ll be focusing on creating 1900′s custom content this month.
Support me on Patreon to gain access to a secret idea board, see behind the scenes progress, and vote for next month’s decade!
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expiredsoda · 25 days
SLIGHT SPOILERS of resident lover donna's route BEWARE ?🐢
(just the shits and giggles, nothing serious ig but better safe then sorry though ówo
anyway i draw out a couple of scene that I enjoy they're so adorable I can not stop squealing and screaming through out the whole playthrough so yeah W game
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game of the year, game of the century, a 10000 out of 10, the devs have done a wonderful job, they ate it up for real, the amount of gratitude towards them I can not express enough, I love them all <3333 🐢
here have a smug kitty angie :
Tumblr media
seriously bro I love this game qwq thank you all
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everything in ghost trick is the fault of a judicial system that relies on making cops desperate for approval and distinction even if that means punishing innocents
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drawberry03 · 2 months
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So before anime my first love had always been cartoons, I only recently watched Hey Arnold! recently (I blame betaruga's art I've been sucked in ever since) and its been a hyperfixation for months now. I wanted to make a comic based on one of my fave fics of Shortaki.
I wanted to show my appreciation via this project, which has been fun and challenging so far (tell ya what my environment and angling of panels have never looked as good lmao). And I have fallen in love with pencil textures.
Here's the fic made by Reinamy (I love everything you've written!): https://archiveofourown.org/works/6896269/chapters/15734773#workskin
I never told @reinamycloud about doing this but I hope they like it anyway. I'm planning to eventually make the other chapters as well but it will take time cuz I'm going back to school.
P.S. Idk who Trevor is, so I just made up his face lmao.
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heroesriseandfall · 8 months
Comics timelines are so funny because whenever I feel like college is taking forever I have to remember Dick Grayson went to university in 1969 and dropped out in 1980 and after all that they revealed he’d only been there for one semester. Well no wonder he dropped out, I would also drop out if one college semester took me a decade.
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spicynectarines · 5 months
I’m on a Thrawn frenzy today it seems
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