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Exorcist who instead of forcefully ejecting demons from the host via holy rituals, tricks them to leave. Demon: This body is mine >:) Exorcist: lol Demon: ? Exorcist: 馃憖 Demon: what's wrong with my host Exorcist: 馃槶馃槶馃槶 Demon: fucking tell me
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coreyvoss 2 days
Tumblr media
I care about them so much.
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nerdycartoongal 3 days
Tumblr media
Cartoon demons 馃槇
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paperheartsarts 2 days
Tumblr media
I regret that I haven鈥檛 been able to write the way I want to.聽 I need to be *in* that headspace and immersed in the emotions of the characters, and that hasn鈥檛 been feasible with the issues at home.聽 Drawing is calming for me, though, and I can pick up and doodle when I have a free minute.聽 This is my first digital piece ever, 鈥淣ot My Sister,鈥 my visual take on what Mulder sees in my horror fic.聽 I have always wanted to learn digital, but wasn鈥檛 sure about it.聽 I still have a lot to figure out.聽 Thanks for looking at and critiquing the work.
and here鈥檚 to days coming when I actually have hours to write.聽
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my-lovver 7 hours
Ive got a request: GN MC having troubles at home and one of the brothers saying i can "fix" by the means of posession.
And they sort the situation out but do other stuff like trouble.
"I'll Fix It" a/n: i'm so so sorry this took so long, i got caught up in a lot of stuff with school and work. i'm actually really happy that you sent this request in because it was different than what i'm used to! i decided to go with lucifer and mammon because they're my favorites tehe. anyways, i hope you enjoy this! reader is gn as always!
Tumblr media
Mammon held your face in his hands, you wept silently as he dried your tears. "It's okay, Mc." He whispered. "It's gonna be okay." You collapsed into his chest. "No it's not, Mammon!" You sobbed, blowing your nose into his shirt. "My parents are struggling to pay bills, there was an absolute disaster with the plumbing, and they still have a dog to take care of! I can't even help them because I'm HERE and Lucifer is being a huge asshole-" Your voice cracked when you mentioned the dog, and Mammon felt his heart break a little. "Don't worry, Mc." He muttered. "I'm gonna fix it..." You looked at him with watery eyes, demanding an explanation. "How?"
"Dammit, Lucifer! Why did you have to come with me?! I can handle this just fine!" Mammon stomped around the streets of the Mortal Realm, as his older brother followed behind. "Yes, yes, Mammon. I understand you just wanted to help Mc's parents, but it would be completely ridiculous to let you wander the Mortal Realm all by yourself. You are Mammon after all." Lucifer wrinkled his nose as he walked past a group of humans. "Besides, I think I'd be of great assistance this time around." He let his lips slip into a wicked grin. Mammon only groaned, "BRO- What the hell are ya even talking about?!"
"Why'd I have to get this meatsack?! This dude has NOTHING in his pockets! You get the good vessel and I get this fucking loser!" Possession was usually frowned upon in contemporary times, but Lucifer had made the executive decision that for this occasion it was necessary. He wasted no time in finding an attractive businessman, briefcase and all, while Mammon had taken over the mind and body of a college student walking nearby. He shuffled around in his new body, and blew the long red hair out of his face. He flipped his pockets inside out, dramatically patting his pants. "Besides, why are we even using vessels?" He said.
Lucifer smoothed down his new gray hair, and looked at his handsome reflection in his phone. "Mc checks the cameras at their parent's house everyday...." He waited for Mammon to catch on to what he was saying. Mammon just stood there with his mouth open. Lucifer pursed his lips, "What would they think if they saw the two of us breaking into their parents house, Mammon?" Mammon only blinked, then realization hit. "Ohhhhhh." Lucifer raised his elegant human hand and smacked Mammon across the head. "Why must you be such an idiot?" Smoothing down the lapels of his coat, he looked pointedly to the house across the street, "Are you ready?" Mammon sighed as he rubbed his head, "Let's do this..."
This was the one time Mammon was allowed to let his skills shine: picking locks was his specialty! The lock clicked, and the door swung open. The house was quiet, the only sound was a light dripping noise, Mammon figured that was the plumbing issue. "Alright," Lucifer broke the silence. "Mammon, please find a tool kit and fix the plumbing issue." Mammon whipped his face towards Lucifer. "What?! Why ain't you doing it?!" Lucifer only rolled his eyes, and Mammon only stomped away grumbling to himself.
Lucifer looked around. He hated the way humans smelled, and this house reeked of them. Not only that, but he took over the body of a human, which means the smell was simply emanating from him. He shuddered. But this was for you, after all. He stepped into the kitchen, wary of the leaking coming from the ceiling. He picked at the stack of opened letters on the counter, bills, bills, bills. A pang of anger swelled in his chest. There were so many bills, and Lucifer emphasized with your parents. The only difference was that the bills he had to pay were fixable, these weren't. He pulled out his vessel's phone and looked at the phone number on one of the papers, dialing it deliberately.
A few rings went by, and he was greeted with a cheery voice on the line. "Yes, hello, I'm calling to make several payments to the bills sent to this address." He recited your parent's address twice. A few moments passed and the operator spoke. "The card registered at this address has been declined several times, sir-" Lucifer had heard enough, "Yes, I'm well aware of that." He pulled out his, or rather his vessel's, wallet. "I'd like to add a new account. And make sure this payment plan is automatic, I don't want any slip ups." A wicked grin settled on his face, it's not like this vessel would miss the money anyways. And after he finished with that bill, he did the same thing for the next bill, and then the next. Your parents would not have to worry about paying their bills ever again...
Mammon worked hard upstairs in the bathroom, fixing pipes and cleaning leaks. Usually, he would make someone pay him for his labor, but this time he didn't mind. He'd do anything to make you smile again. He wiped his brow, why do humans have to get so sweaty? He screwed the last bolt into place, hollering with excitement as he finished. "Hell yeah! Who finished that? The Great Mammon-" He stopped. What the hell was that sound? He turned around, only to be met with the angry gaze of a small chihuahua. "The hell ya growling for?" He asked it. "Ya know, I've met a chihuahua before. And he wasn't as angry as ya-"
The dog pounced. "WHAT THE FUCK-" Mammon cowered next to the bathtub, the dog snapping it's tiny jaws. With the way you always described this dog, he thought it was cute and fluffy. This dog was something from hell, and not in the good way. He picked the chihuahua up, and tossed it into the bathtub, scrambling for the door.
"MAMMON!" Lucifer had made his way upstairs, and was taken aback by the situation before his eyes. "What is going on? Did you finish the plumbing?" Mammon stood up and slammed the door behind him, "Yup! Let's go!" "Were you just being attacked by a chihuahua?" "NO! Can we get outta here now?"
Lucifer and Mammon had left their vessels in an alleyway, they would wake up in a few hours. Mammon stomped around in his own body, shaking off whatever was left of the human he had possessed. "That dog was bein' a jerk!" He rubbed his neck, stretching his body right afterwards. "But we handled the situation, yeah?" He turned to Lucifer, who was simply checking his DDD. "Of course we handled it. Now Mc won't have to worry. They might finally be able to do well in their classes now..." Mammon rolled his eyes and checked his DDD, as well. "Maybe we should get back now." And with a job well done, they went back to the Devildom.
"Mammon!" You called once you saw him at the House of Lamentation. "Where have you been?! I've been looking all over for you!" He felt himself blushing, "I was out handling something, why, what's up with ya?" You only smiled at him and told him the whole story. "It's kinda crazy that these people broke into my parent's house just to help them..." Mammon wanted to tell you that it was him who did that, it was him who convinced Lucifer to let him go to the Mortal Realm, and it was him that pulled the whole thing together. But he let it slide. That was a story for another day.
He grinned at you. "Well! Maybe there's still some good in the world, eh?" You bounced with excitement and tackled him into a hug, which he gratefully accepted. "I'm really happy you're smilin' again, dollface."
"That dog was mean as hell, though."
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papabirdurskeks 1 day
Tumblr media
I tried to go for silkie chicken feathers but failed miserably at that
At least having noodle fingers with retractable claws can be fun
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hee-blee-art 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
some bedevil test pages
[image ID: two digital comic pages. the first is in colour, showing a father eli (he/him), a young thin priest with light skin and light hair, sitting in the lap of keth (he/it), a tall lithe demon with red skin and black fur. they are in a dim candlelit room in a wooden chair, keth gently grabbing eli's neck and thigh as it says "so delicate, so sensitive..." the second is greyscale, showing eli standing in front of bentley (they/them), a thin person with light skin and a shaved head, who is posessed by keth, smoke streaming from their eyes and mouth. they approach a shocked and blushing eli, grabbing at his collar and reaching to touch his chest and then his face as they say in keth's voice, "you're shaking, elias. don't worry, we'll take care of you." end ID]
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synthhorror 2 days
What does Lucifer_or other lords of hell_ do when a satanist is plagued by the big sad?
I just had to write for this one asap! Sorry if there's typos, it's currently very late where I'm at lol.
It would really depend on the situation and circumstances of their encounter. For this, I鈥檓 going to have the scenario be that the satanist is a sibling of sin who is devoted to that specific Lord, but they would react this way with any of their followers!
鈥淵ou can always come to me. You don鈥檛 have to act like you鈥檙e okay. I鈥檓 right here if you need me.鈥
Dad mode is in full gear. I just want to put it on the record that Lucifer has done this many times with Primo. If a sibling is within Lucifer鈥檚 presence while in such a mental state, he will keep his voice low, and his energy as low as possible. Soft black feathers would brush against them, and even surround them if they wish to be hidden. His voice will be kinder and softer than ever, like the low rush of rain falling outside. This is where the role of the guiding star comes in, and all the other aspects of Lucifer take a back seat. One may be shocked to known just how familiar Lucifer is with dealing with this sort of thing, despite having never been human. If they were to look into Lucifer鈥檚 eyes, they may catch a glimpse of that excruciating pain he鈥檚 in. But there can never be growth, nor change, without pain. The sibling would feel a firm, but warm hand grip their shoulder if they allow him to come closer, perhaps even two strong arms around them too. Lucifer will listen if the sibling wants to talk, and he will offer guidance if they want it. For a demon that, on several occasions, has knocked back 20 shots of holy water infront of the congregation just to prove a point that it鈥檚 bullshit (He gets super fucked up from this in a few hours), he gives really sound advise. He is a proud and wise king despite all the antics. Lucifer will leave or remain at a distance if they don鈥檛 want him to come close. He鈥檚 aware how intimidating he is, both as a bishop and as the unholy master. He really doesn鈥檛 want the sibling to feel as though they have to be perfect for him just because of who he is and the fact that they鈥檙e working with him. If they attempt to hide how they鈥檙e feeling from him, he鈥檚 going to know. He can tell. He鈥檚 fully aware and accepting of how imperfect a human is鈥嬧. The only thing I can see him struggling with is if the issue stems from poor self esteem. He is proud of all his followers, and wants them to be proud of themselves as well. He鈥檚 having none of it if you say differently. If for whatever reason he has deemed that they are unsafe, he will remain close by and watching, even if the sibling does鈥檛 necessarily feel his presence anymore. The Unholy Father will never force you into a specific direction, but he will not allow you to fall.聽
The other Lords are under the cut!
鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you come over here and sit down with me. I鈥檓 not gonna bite, I promise. Let me spoil you, just this once.鈥
This man is a charmer and the king of materialistic self love. If a sibling that is devoted to him is struggling emotionally, his immediate response is to provide what would make them feel better in that moment. Beelzebub can provide anything you desire, as he is the Lord of abundance. He is a very dominant and strong demon, and one can imagine how it must feel to be in those large arms and laying on that strong, broad chest. The sibling is in one of the safest places in the world. Beelzebub鈥檚 large claws will gently lay on the small of their back, even running them up and down if they鈥檇 like. He won鈥檛 break the skin, don鈥檛 worry. He will offer his follower the finest of things if they desire it during this time. He radiates warmth and smells like the finest cologne. He is the fire channeling heat against the harsh, cold night. He will do his best not to attempt to offer solutions if that鈥檚 not what the sibling wants. He鈥檚 not the greatest at listening, as he tends to want to solve the problem as soon as he can, but he will do his best to just hear you. This is a problem for devotees like Secondo, who will rarely ever talk about what he truly needs, and ultimately will just drown his sorrows in substance. Beelzebub would never perpetuate this kind of indulgence, but he鈥檚 also not a hypocrite. You didn鈥檛 hear this from me, but if he allows the sibling to lounge with him, they may get to hear and even feel that deep, rumbling purr from his chest.聽
鈥淪weetheart, what鈥檚 wrong? Let me see those eyes. How can I make my pet smile for me?鈥
This is a dangerous game, my friend. If a devotee of Asmodeus isn鈥檛 doing well mentally, the Lord of Lust is going to want to be intimate with them. He is going to want to make them forget their sorrow, and remind them how beautiful they are and can feel. He will have them thinking of nothing by him and what his hands are doing in just a short while.Terzo will always testify to how good Asmodeus is with his hands. Papa learned from the best. This doesn鈥檛 necessarily always mean sex however. Asmodeus will actually set that boundary when he first assesses his follower in that moment. Sometimes, pleasure can provide comfort and happiness, but that is not always the case, and he will not initiate that kind of touch if the sibling doesn鈥檛 desire that. If a sibling summons their King while they are driven by an unhealthy lust, wanting him to alleviate their burdened mind instead of what they truly need, he will refuse to even touch them. Asmodeus doesn鈥檛 need to be pressed against his follower in order to make their heart skip a few beats though. This man could read the dictionary and it would be captivating. Being intimate can also mean gentle kisses on their hands and head, whispering praise and encouragement to them. It can mean massaging their neck until their limp in his arms, draped across him like the bewitching spectacle he sees his adored devotee as.聽
鈥淥h- shit. What happened, who did this to you? No don鈥檛 lie to me, give me their name.鈥
Satanas forbid a devotee of Belial entered a depressive episode because of the actions or words or another person. Belial is not the best when it comes to this sort of thing, not at all. He will snarl and bare his teeth. His tail will thrash on the floor, and his claws may cut the sibling by accident if both are not careful. This is not directed at his follower though. He will want a target and he will want their blood spilled on his altar as atonment for that they did to his devotee. All they would need to do is give him a name, and the the problem would be cut down that night. He would kill anyone for them, and over see their torture in Hell is immesurable. He would make their pain tenfold that of which they caused the sibling. He would of course want them to share his blade with him during this, but he wouldn鈥檛 force his follower. Belial is a very complicated demon to work with in these situations. It may be that he has to stay away from the sibling entirely. He doesn鈥檛 want to end up feeding off the negative energy you are in and perpetuating the problem. This seperation is difficult for both of them. Belial is a wicked king, but he is also very aware of how worthless he is viewed as. It is hard for him, at times, to see how adored the other Lords are. This is why he latches on so tightly to each of his few followers. Belial will never openly admit this to his devotee, as this is something only five other entities in existence know about. But this is also why devotees of Belial are often those who are troubled with mental burdens and episodes such as this. They seek comfort in those who share in the persistent ache of such a deep sadness. Once he鈥檚 stablized himself a bit, and relaizes the root of the problem is not from a lowly person, he would sit down with the sibling and apologize if he had scared them. He鈥檚 bound to make you laugh some how, at the very least smile at his attempts. He鈥檚 asking if they want to watch a movie, play video games, or go steal snacks and booze from a gas station or something. He was a terrible influence on Copia honestly. But Belial wants to stick close to his followers at all times, but especially when they鈥檙e like this. He does care, that鈥檚 why he鈥檚 trying. He鈥檚 trying to be a good King. He really is a sweet boy, just let him show you.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry you鈥檙e feeling this way, honey. Do you want to talk? You鈥檙e going to be ok.鈥
A sibling of sin that follows Lilith is honestly going to have the best experience in her presence. The Unholy Mother would not be their Lord in that moment, she would be their friend. She would let them cry and tell her about what鈥檚 going on in their head as she runs her hands through their hair. She鈥檇 even braid it if its long enough, or if the follower needs to do something with their hands in order to focus their mind on something, they may braid her hair. Lilith鈥檚 voice is incredibly soothing, and her eyes are so soft and warm, her devotee can鈥檛 help but feel cared for. She was human before her descension, and so she may know what the sibling is going through better than any of the Lords. If the sibling just wants to lay in silence, she will do that with them as well. In fact, this just gives her more of an opputiunity to dote on them in other ways. Have they not eaten yet today? Oh would you look at that, dinner is ready. She鈥檚 bringing them water, their medication, a specific item that comforts them, anything they need. She knows her devotee scarily well. Only after she is satisfied with their basic needs being met will she have them sleep or just relax. This is also where she will offer her advice if the sibling wants it. Lilith has survived a great deal of hardship, and she will always remind her followers that they are capable and will survive and overcome too. She would hug them tightly, and promise them that her and their father in Hell love them very much.
鈥淚 see the burdens behind your eyes, my child. Come to me.鈥
I did something like this with Satanas in a previous ask, but for the sake of a full set, he would also be great in this situation. Each one of the Emeritus boys found themselves in his stable at least once in their childhoods. He would allow his solemn follower to pet his fur as long as they wished. He would not require them to speak, as he would likely not say much himself. Sometimes actions and being present with eachother in聽 times like these have more comfort than words. However, his devotee is free to speak whenever they would like to, and however much they would like to. Satanas will answer them by resting the weight of his head on their lap, or pressing his nose to their head. Looking into his eyes is like gazing into the night sky itself. They know and see every piece of you. With that said, he may offer some great words of advice, incredible words even, but it would be far more significant to a sibling that is so emotionally vulnerable in that moment, to feel his warmth and softness. The wisdom of an eternal being isn鈥檛 necessarily always comforting, even if it is true. Depending on the circumstance of the sibling鈥檚 state, such as the source of the sadness, be may just whisper something in their ear that turns that sadness into rage. While not all the time, there are some situations where justice is the only thing that can truly heal, even if it is through rage. The wrath of Satanas is one that rivals all the Lords, and by extension, the church is very mindful not to cross any of the followers of the goat.
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idoart 2 days
Pov: someone handed this demon bitch a baby drone
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Must protect.
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teeteeella 2 days
Tumblr media
Before there was Uber... (1896)
The title of this piece is "Luther and Katrca on the Devil's Chariot" and it was created by an unknown artist.
"The depiction of the 16th-century German Protestant reformer Martin Luther is derived from propaganda counter-reformation prints.聽The motif shows the devil taking Luther and his wife Katrca, the former nun Katarina von Bora, to hell.聽" - Source.
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aemulatorizrafel 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jean my horrible puppeteer demon of a man Happy Birthday聽 鈾
I probably won鈥檛 finish the sketch unfortunately but I figured I鈥檇 still share it!
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pussydrunkfyodor 2 days
If Fyodor was my sub I could never do orgasm denial with him cause like, imagine edging him and trying to not let him come but he鈥檚 staring at you 鈥滒煡吼煡吼煡吼煡簆lease?鈥 ARFARFARFARF
godYEA he has the best puppy dog eyes ur giving him head bringing him to the edge before pulling back to maybe finger him a bit or suck on his nipples and he is just whimpering and whining like no other just so desperate and not afraid to show it just BEGGING you with a tearful 鈥榩lease please i鈥檒l do anything鈥 in the way he knows gets right under your skin with the most pitiful face until you can鈥檛 help but give in and take him back in ur mouth and suck him off til his body is shaking and he鈥檚 moaning and crying as he cums down your throat hehehe
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crazywolf828 8 hours
Rating: Mature
Archive Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Category: F/F
Fandom: RWBY
Relationship: Blake Belladonna/Yang Xiao Long
Characters: Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long, Weiss Schnee, Raven Branwen, Adam Taurus, Ilia Amitola, Salem (RWBY)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Demon Hunters, Alternate Universe - Angels & Demons, Demon Yang Xiao Long, Demon Hunter Blake Belladonna, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Slow Burn, Heavy Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending, Canon-Typical Violence, minor blood, Past Character Death, Saving the World, past truama, Hurt/Comfort, Listen it's a lil heavy, But happy ending for the bees just keep that in mind
Their world is hell, has been for as long as she can remember. Flames and beasts around every corner, raised with a gun in her hand and a cross around her neck.
Blake wonders what it was like before, before the invasion, before they had to build walls around every city in a weak attempt to keep the demons out.
It doesn't really matter though, she thinks as she fires, a bullet landing dead between the snarling beast's eyes, they're here now, stuck in this reality.
Yang's eyes scan the town, no demons in sight, no living ones at least. There's piles of corpses shoved against the wall, red leathery skin and blinding white fangs, soon to turn to ash with the morning sun.
It's not a new sight, every town she goes to is the same, but as she walks by, a flash of recognition crosses her face, she thinks they deserve it.
Demons cause nothing but problems, after all, she's a prime example of that.
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ichimakesart 5 months
Tumblr media
You're conducting a dangerous research
Remember to bring sweets
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abz-j-harding 3 months
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The Mari Lwyd is coming...
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isnyr 5 months
Tumblr media
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