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don't ask
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Cassandraaaaa I looove you
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okay, sassy much?
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What is in that smoke that makes his hair so luscious and wavy???? LMFAOOO
Blue Beetle #7 (1986)
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Page from Detective Comics #468. 1977. Art by Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin.
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It's been a while since I did a panel redraw what do you all think it's very accurate in fact I'm not gonna post the original panels just take my word for it this is exactly what happens when Jason takes off his helmet in under the red hood
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Some Bat-Family Shenanigans. This is more of a younger Damian vibe but I love his latest uniform,
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War Day
After Danny was crowned he decided that the truce party had to have a counterpart, after all ghosts became friends mostly through battles, and he assumed that one day letting them fight wouldn't be a bad thing, it might even help stir up some grudges.
This was how High King Phantom, ruler of the infinite realms inaugurated the long-awaited "Day of War" or just "War Day", a moment when the Infinite Realms naturally became chaotic; alliances were allowed but it was not advisable to trust on them.
And of course, you were free not to participate, you just had to put a blue or green band on your arm, or a little green clock in the backyard of your haunt so the ghosts would leave you, your haunt or your territory in general alone.
Danny thought of it as some kind of giant paintball day, only with no paintballs and full of aggressive ghosts with various powers, it was especially exciting since everyone knew there would be no hard feelings after it and they would end up in the king's palace eating sweets as little children.
They usually celebrated it on a day close to any celebration related to death in human world, when their powers were especially powerful and therefore everyone could have more fun.
The problem was that since Danny had human friends (liminals?) who came to play, they didn't really consider it weird when some humans fell into the realms by a natural portal, and since they weren't wearing any blue or green arm bands they were definitely in the game.
For their part, the family of bats along with some League allies found themselves literally standing on a field of war where everyone seemed to be going for the kill, Jason was strangely excited about it, as was Damian.
When Dick asked one of the locals for an explanation, a guy on a motorbike threw him into the air laughing and yelled "LET THE HUNGER GAMES BEGIN!"
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Bruce: *gets slammed in to a wall and rubble falls on him during a mission*
All of his children running over:
Dick: Dad! Dad! Are you hurt?
Bruce: Of course I am hurt!
Jason dumping dirt on Bruce with a shovel: We shall miss you father!
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Danny: All billionaires are evil
Red Robin: Not all of them :(
Red Robin: Bruce Wayne donates a lot of money to charity and actively tries to fight against crime in the ways civilian can
Danny: I will bet you $20 here and now that he has a secret lair under his rich guy mansion
Red Robin:
Red Robin: wtf
Danny: Its a thing! The mayor in my hometown is a billionaire rich guy who's secretly a supervillian and he has one! I bet Brucie has a hidden passageway or two that leads to his. There's so many metas in this dimension, who's to say he's not one of them.
Red Robin: This dimension??? Are you not from here
Danny: *running away* You'll never take me alive!!!
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kettlefire · 5 months
The Batfam spent days waiting for Danny's first Tabloid. Each and every member of the family, official or unoffical, has had one made for them.
It was like a initiation at this point. You were finally seen as a part of the Wayne family when a tabloid is made. Especially if it mentions the Wayne name.
Everyone's excitement for it died the moment they read the title. All cheers and celebrations for the newfound member withered away into dust.
"New Wayne Family Friend, Danny Fenton Secretly Ghostly Hero Phantom!?"
It was go time after that. Everyone pulling every idea and possible favor they could cash in, to figure out how to spin this. Spin it in a way that the citizens of Gotham wouldn't give this reporter a second thought.
They hadn't expected for Danny to just lazily glance over it, laugh, and pretend it wasn't a problem. They definitely didn't expect the reason and excuse that the teen gave.
"Wes Weston? Of course, no one's gonna believe him, not with the stalking chargers and restraining orders."
The concern just left them for a moment, because thankfully this can all be brushed away by exposing the reporter's criminal history against Danny.
But then, it all comes flooding back because....
Restraining order???
Danny has a Stalker???
Had or has???
Is this a problem?
Do they need to pay someone a visit?
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look at my boy’s FIT
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Has Vic ever canonically lost his hat? Like it falls off his head all the time fighting. How many of those bad boys does he have?
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