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— THE CONCUBINE GAME !! ♡. Synposis ; After many months of persuading, the emperor, Y/N L/N had finally agreed to take in a select few concubines and consorts—not an official partner.. but concubines. This caused an uproar in court; however the emperor promised to choose an official partner; amongst the crowd of concubines and consorts.. Who will the emperor choose?
Tumblr media
— Themes ; Harem / historical au , Twisted wonderland , multiple characters x reader , royalty au , includes rsa + yuuka/yuuken. ♡ . • . will contain suggestive themes.
ꕟ Notes ; I'll try to research for this but I really just want to experiment around with this, I have an idea in mind for the plot and this may go on for quite a few parts, so prepare for a long read. This isn't a smau, since phones didn't exist back then.
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Twisted Wonderland Characters Signing Your Shirt
So when I was in primary school, on the very last day of term, the year 6 leavers would sign each other's white school polo shirts with felt tips as a sort of parting gift before we all went our separate ways to secondary school. I thought it might be cool if the reader shared this tradition with her friends at NRC.
Warning: I write reader as female
I literally had no idea what to write for bat grandpa and Silver so I just didn’t write them. In return, I’ll add snippets of Trein, Crewel, Vargas and Sam
Word Count: 8k+
Despite the comfort you felt with your friends in Twisted Wonderland and the obvious collective effort that your fellow students showed in making you feel at home in this strange new world, sometimes it did strike you just how different your current abode was - well, barring the universal use of magic that was so common that even infants were capable of it, of course. Such instances when your geographical displacement was most apparent was when you were reminded that there seemed to be little to no shared holidays between your world and this. For example, whilst Halloween did exist here, the concept of Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day didn’t - and neither did Mother’s or Father’s Day or even the smaller holidays like International Best Friends’ Day. It made you wonder if this world had any holidays or traditions that yours didn’t. This exact conversation starter was how you found yourself sitting cross legged on the floor of Ramshackle with your fellow first year friends as you all discussed different traditions that you’ve all partaken in (when in fact you were supposed to be using this timeframe to be studying for an upcoming assessment). 
“You know,” you mused out loud, “my primary school had this tradition where on the very last day, all of the leavers would sign each others’ shirts.”
“Really?” Deuce looked at you with sparkling wide eyes, and leaned forward slightly, as if he was hanging onto every word you said and was careful that he would miss a single syllable that came out of your mouth despite sitting less than two feet away from you.
“Yep. It was basically as a parting momentum we’d give each other to show our support even if we are parting ways and may never see each other again. I still have mine hanging in my wardrobe at home. By the end of the day, it was covered in so many felt tip marks that it was more colourful than white,” you gave a nostalgic smile at the memory of your eleven year old self being surrounded by your laughing and tearful classmates as they decorated each other’s polo shirts (and even some a lot of skin) with well wishes, signatures and drawings that were partly sweet, partly adoringly offensive and partly completely random and out there that you had no idea of what to make of them. It did make you wonder how they were currently doing and then it hit you - you had no way of knowing. Atleast back home, whenever you found yourself revisiting your younger years, you had the ability of picking up your phone and finding out for yourself. But here - here in this world where your friends and family didn’t exist, where your life had about as much substance as a black hole until that fateful day you appeared in front of that dark mirror - you had absolutely no way of connecting to anyone you once knew. You didn’t even have any pictures or mementos from your world to remind yourself that they were even real to begin with. How long would you be able to cling on to your memories and -
“Y/N,” Jack's voice pierced through the blurry memories as sharply and swiftly as Rook’s arrow, shattering every thought like glass and every fragment of them fell and dissolved into nothing until you found yourself out of your head and sitting in your dorm’s living room floor with Grim on your lap and your friends nearby. His face contorted with concern the second he noticed your smile going from fond to bittersweet, “are you okay?”
Were you?
“Why don’t we do that?” Epel blurted out.
You looked at him in confusion as Jack and Deuce glared at him for his interruption (but, honestly, you were very grateful for that), tilting your head to the side, “huh?”
“The-the shirt signing thing. I never did it when I left elementary. It sounds like fun?” he looked at the other boys, “whatdya fellas think?”
“I’m in,” Ace stretched out his arms.
“Me too,” Deuce said immediately after, sitting up a little straighter.
“I’ll-I’ll join in as well,” Jack stuttered out, “just ‘cause you guys are. Not-not because it sounds fun or anything, alright.”
“Hmm,” Sebek scoffed, crossing his arms and looking down on the rest of the group with an expression that says ‘I’m very much interested but I’m not going to say that because I’m a tsundere who pledges allegiance to my large commissioned portrait of Waka-sama every morning’, “I suppose these human customs seem adequate enough for me to partake in them. If at least to ensure that you do not tread on a path that could cause a disturbance to Lord Malleus, as is my duty as his knight.”
Ace rolled his eyes, “sure, pal.”
“Everyone wait,” Grim yelled out, “I should go first. As Y/N is my minion, she should receive the honour of getting The Great Grim’s mark first.”
When Ace and Deuce looked like they were about to argue, you silenced them with an, “alright, Grim, you can go first.”
Since he’s so small, he couldn’t really reach that high, even though you were sitting down
He signed ‘to my favourite minion, from the great grim. P.S buy me more tuna’ at the bottom of your shirt near the hem of your shirt
He added a little simple drawing of a fish and a doodle of a small tin of tuna next to his words
Since he didn’t wear any clothes, you signed your own name with a cute little heart on the dangly end of the ribbon that made up the bow around his neck.
He and Deuce played rock, paper, scissors to decide who should go next
He had to be reminded by everyone not to write anything too big
“That means that I can barely write anything. You’re so short and small that half a sentence would take up half of your shirt,” he snarks with a teasing grin.
Deuce hit him over the head with an unimpressed look for that one
Good boy Deuce
He uses one of his red pens to sign ‘your best friend and favourite person in the whole world who you like more than Deuce, Ace Trappola’ with a smiley face and a doodle of the ace of hearts card under under your collar, near your chest area before surveying his masterpiece and looking up at you with a smug wink
Deuce hit him again
You signed your own name on his collar with a heart next to it
“A heart?” he wiggled his eyebrows at you, “are you trying to tell me something, prefect?”
Baby boy is so scared
He’s so worried that he’ll ruin your shirt with something you won’t like that his hands are shaking
Protect him
After you reassure him that you’ll love whatever he does (Ace: not as much as mine, though 😏) he nods, eyes burning with determination as he braves himself and picks up a dark blue biro
He slowly and steadily writes out, in his neatest handwriting ‘you’re my best friend and I can’t imagine NRC without you. You always make me happy, Deuce Spade” with a little coloured-in spade doodle next to his name on the stomach part of your shirt (because the mere notion of idea of going any higher made his head spin and face burn)
The entire time he was diligently writing, he was looking at his handiwork with the most concentrated expression you had seen, with his eyebrows furrowed with great attention and care whilst his tongue stuck out slightly from between his teeth
He does know that this is supposed to be a fun little activity, right? He knows that he’s not signing his last will and testament (of course he does. In his mind, this was way more important)
“That’s great, Deuce. I love it.” you smiled softly at him when he finished
He perks up at the praise before blushing and looked down, his pink face conveying how bashfully pleased he was that he didn’t mess up
He’s so going to tell his mother about this during their nightly phone calls
“Thank you, Y/N,” he shyly smiles back at you
You place your own signature on his shirt as he looks on at you with still pink cheeks
You beam at him after punctuating your name with a small little hear
“You didn’t say anything about miiinnee ~”
No, his tail is most definitely not wagging in excitement when he approaches you with a gel pen in hand so shut up
No one said a word, wolfy
Writes a swift ‘keep up the good work. Jack Howl’
A simple wolf, our Jack is
Please ignore the red blossoming along his cheeks and nose and the still wagging tail as he doodles a little cactus next to his name
You give him a smile as you sign your own name on his shirt and add a little smiley face next to it
You can still see some red peeking out from under his hand as he covers the lower half of his face with his palm, his tail wagging like crazy 
You swear that you can hear a faint little “thank you”
“Hell, yeah! Move aside, losers, it’s my turn!”
*coughs and clears throat* “ahem, I mean - it’s my turn to sign your shirt, prefect.”
Uses his dark purple gel pen to sign his name and draws an apple next to it
Pretends that he isn’t elated to see your name on his shirt
Is planning to proudly wear that shirt to Vil’s etiquette lessons, propriety be damned
Is also whooping and punching the air the second he’s out of sight
He strides towards you all stiff and square-shouldered
Signs ‘Sebek Zigvolt, loyal knight and retainer of His Glorious Majesty Lord Malleus, the beloved and awe-inspiring fae prince of the noble kingdom of Briar Valley. It is he who I pledge my eternal loyalty and allegiance to and it is my greatest honour to die in his name.”
You had to stop him from writing a whole essay on your shirt (complete with book references) about the might of the esteemed prince who you once found sulking in the woods because Lilia ate all of his ice cream during a Call of Duty session with Idia
He loudly explains to you that it is of poor taste to allow a human to sully the uniform of the great Waka-sama’s dorm as it is unheard of for a knight to appear as anything less of perfection as his attire reflects the power of his future king-
Uh, alright crocodile boy but why are you leaning closer to me?
You sign your name really small on his shirt so that it’s not immediately visible and only those who know where it is find it.
He doesn’t know why his heart is beating much faster at the sight of this magicless human’s name. Clearly he has contracted an illness. Quick, he must go to Lilia at once and remedy the issue lest Lord Malleus finds out.
Once you bid your friends farewell, you, Grim, Ace and Deuce, make your way to Heartslabyul for that afternoon’s unbirthday party
The students were still setting up the tables and food in the rose garden so the dorm leader and vice dorm leader weren’t present
Cater senses the four of you approaching as he finishes painting the last of the roses red and his eyes immediately dart to your shirt
“Hey, Y/N-chan. What’s with the get-up?”
You explain how it’s a tradition in your world to sign each other’s shirts and how your friends wanted to do it for themselves
“Aww, no fair,” he pouts at you, “Cay-kun wants to join in on the fun too.”
You offer him a pen, “you’re more than welcome to add your signature, Cater-senpai.”
He grins at you and writes a funky ‘Cater Diamond’ with doodles of the cartoony smiling four diamonds on his phone case on your shirt. Underneath his name he adds his magicam and other social media usernames.
“Well, Y/N-chan?” he sing-songs, twirling the pen around with his index and middle fingers the same way a drummer would a drumstick, “what do you think?”
“I love it, Cater-senpai,” you reply happily
He joyfully pats your head, “anything for my favourite underclassman”
Ace and Deuce: we’re here too, you know 🧍🧍
“Now smile for the camera,” he chirps, holding out his phone to take a selfie of him gesturing towards the area of your shirt with his name on it 
After you quickly jot down your own name on his collar before running off to help with the party preparations, he takes a selfie of himself and then spends a bit more time gazing upon your smiling face on his screen before making a post
#HangingOutWithMyFavouriteUnderclassmen #ShesTheBest #WhenACuteGirlAsksYouToSignSomethingYouSignIt #SheLooksReallyPrettyWithMyNameOnHerThough #ImNeverWashingThisShirtAgain
Comes out before Riddle to make sure that everything is set
And to see if you’re Ace and Deuce are here
Immediately notices the shirt and wants in on it
Uses one of his edible pens that he just happens to be carrying to write his name with a cupcake and clover drawn next to it
“Here you go, Y/N,” he says as he gives you the ‘I’m the responsible and reliable senpai even though you and I both very well know that I am capable of causing the most chaos here’ smile
Pats your head after you return the favour
You’re the first thing Riddle notices the moment he enters
Has to take a second to gather his bearings when he sees you smiling when you notice his arrival
At this point he’s gotten used to the teasing smile Cater shoots him when he’s in your proximity but that doesn’t mean he has to DO IT EVERY TIME HE’S GOT A REPUTATION
In Riddle’s head: Y/N’s here 😊 I must greet her with the grace every gentleman must have when they meet a lovely lady like her. Perhaps I should point out how wonderful it is for her to join us. Or personally escort her to a seat as I comment on how happy her presence here has made me.
What Riddle says: What has happened to your shirt 🤨
Don’t worry, Riddle. You tried your best
You apologetically tell him how it’s your fault since Ace and Deuce were trying to cheer you up and then Cater and Trey wanted to join them so you’ll take full responsibility if they broke any rules
“Well,” Riddle states primly, “there’s no rule forbidding it but bear in mind that I shall not accept you making a habit of unkempt attire. As Heartslabyul students and prefects both you and them are expected to possess a certain standard of decorum.”
“Does that decorum include personally fixing the prefect's tie in the middle of a busy public corridor in broad daylight?” Ace asks innocently
Riddle shoots him a sharp glare as he puffs up with anger
Before he can open his mouth, Trey swoops in to save Ace’s neck and Riddle’s vocal chords as he suggests that the unbirthday party should commence and then tells Cater to stop filming and put his phone down
The entire time you swear that you can feel someone gazing at you when you aren’t watching but every time to turn to look in Riddle’s direction, you notice that he’s looking elsewhere whilst Cater and Trey give each other knowing looks
When everyone has finished cleaning up afterwards, Riddle catches you and Grim on your way back and politely asks you if you could join him in the common room
You agree and set Grim down so he can trouble Ace and Deuce
When you get there he stiffly stammers something about wanting to know more about the shirt situation
How someone can be both poised and shy you have no idea but it’s adorably endearing
After you explained how it’s something friends do back in your world, he gets this contemplative look on his face as he looks down and twiddles his fingers before shyly asking if it would be alright if you permitted him to sign your shirt as well
Once you give an enthusiastic reply he gets out one of his fancy rich boy fountain pens and elegantly signs his name somewhere near your shoulder blades, his face burning the entire time
“If it’s alright with you, I could do the same back,” you offered, “I signed everyone else’s shirts but since you’re the dorm leader, I’d understand that it would be improper for me to-”
“No!” he blurts out, startling both you and himself. The red hue on his face gets even darker once he realised what he had just done and clears his throat before continuing in a tone that is much more controlled yet still a tad shaky, “no, I-I’d be honoured if you wanted to do so.”
So you take the pen he offered you from his outstretched hand and sign your name on his collar like you did the others
“Well, I’ll see you soon, Riddle-senpai. I hope you take care,” you smile at him before bowing your head slightly and walking out of the room to rescue Heartslabyul from whatever Grim had done
Riddle stared at the doorway from which you left from for a considerable amount of time before looking down at the hand where your fingers grazed his when you reached for the pen
He smiled slightly before shaking his head and composing himself. Then he marched out to supervise his dormmates
This sneaky little hyena catches you during one of his errands 
He finds you on his way to deliver lunch to a certain lazy lion
Was about to pawn off the job to you but catches the names on your shirt before he hears a lightbulb go off in his head
“Shi shi shi. It seems like our prefect has been busy.”
Without even asking for an explanation, he asks if he could sign it
Throws in some hopeful puppy eyes to ensure you say yes
You don’t need to do that Ruggie. To quote my non-twst friend when I showed hyena boy’s picture to her: I would commit arson for you
Honestly he’s only doing this 60% because he wants to and 40% because he knows that it would annoy Leona
You hand him the pen you have been carrying and he scribbles on his name with a picture of a sprinkle covered doughnut next to it
He then asks you to do the same to him
You comply, noticing how his tails wags excitedly behind him
You then offer to bring Leona his lunch to give him a break, which he hastily agreed to 
After you leave he wonders if he could sell this shirt to one of your simps before immediately scrapping that idea since he decides it’s not worth it this time
It took you a while to shake him ‘awake’
I say ‘awake’ in inverted commas because the second he hears footsteps in the botanic garden his ears perk up and he tries to determine if the scent from the incoming person is yours. If it is, he’s wide awake
But he’s also a jerk so he’s not going to make this easy for you
He’s internally smirking whenever he hears you’re irritated little huffs as you try to wake him up
The he considers that he should maybe throw you a bone so he opens his eyes only to see the names of your first year friends , those uptight Heartslabyul students and his own second in command on you
Something about that does not sit right with him and he has to fight back a possessive growl
At least he can’t see the names of that stuck up beauty queen and - god forbid - that stupid lizard
“You some to have something on you, Herbivore,” he drawls as he lazily flicks his eyes towards your face
Like you did to everyone else, to explain how it’s a thing in your world to sign your classmates’ shirts
At this he gets up, whilst maintaining eye contact, and takes one stride so that he’s right in front of you
Excuse me sir, we like to respect personal space here
Unless you’re a Twisted Wonderland character then no we don’t
“Does that mean you marked other people with your name?” he asks you with a tone that you can’t quite put your finger on but can definitely tell has hints of annoyance
You just look at him in silence, completely off guard by his proximity and out of the blue question
“Well?” he leans down closer to you
“Oh, um, yeah. I guess”
He just hums in reply before holding out his palm
You just look down at it before giving him a perplexed look
“Pen,” he says, “now.”
You place your pen in his hand before he immediately crouches down and writes ‘LEONA KINGSCHOLAR’ in block letters that seemed to be a bit larger than everyone else’s names
He holds out your pen, “your turn.”
“Oh, okay”
The minute you finish writing your name you he stands back up at his full height, green eyes gleaming with mirth
“You know, Herbivore,” he holds up your chin so you get a full view of his smirking face, “I can think of plenty of other ways I could mark my territory if you're ever up for it.”
He gives your head a pat, remarking “you know where to find me” before yawning and sauntering off to god knows where with one hand in the front pocket of his trousers and his tail swinging lazily behind him
You just blink at his retreating figure in confusion
“Oookaayy,” you drone out to yourself and then you make your way out of Savanaclaw as Grim mutters something about weird predators
Oh dear, it seems as if Floyd has found you for his daily accosting
You know that there is no way you can run from an eel so you just brace yourself with closed eyes as you hear the grunts, groans and shouts of several students being pushed out of the way as Floyd makes his way towards you for his completely necessary squeezing the life out of you hugging session
You open your eyes the second you feel those arms glomp you as you give the eel twin a smile, “hello, Floyd-senpai.”
Out of the corner of your eye you can see Jade casually strolling along the path that his brother had cleared with a pleasant smile on his face, completely ignoring the still groaning students on the corridor’s floor
“Good afternoon, dear prefect,” he greets you politely as you feel Floyds arms wrap tighter around your waist as he nuzzles his face into your neck, “I see that you’ve run into quite a few students on your way here - if your shirt is anything to go by.”
“Huh,” Floyd lets go of you and notices Riddle’s name at the back of your shirt. He then turns you around to inspect the front of your shirt only to be met with the names of all of these bottom feeders 
“Hey,” he pouts at you accusingly, crossing his arms in displeasure, “how come koebi-chan let goldfish and crabby and sea lion and all these other fish write all over her and not us. I wanna write on koebi-chan too.”
Jade gave a fond sigh at his brother’s whining before turning to you with a gentlemanly smile that barely concealed the grin of a predator, “I must say, dear prefect, I’ve got to agree with my brother here. It does seem very unfair for you to allow others to enjoy this event and not us. I feel rather hurt.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Floyd nods, “koebi-chan should let us write on her.”
“And what luck,” Jade piped up, taking a pen out of his pocket (though you had the strange suspicion that it was used less for writing and more for some weird torture technique that he and his brother liked to dish out), “it appears that I have a pen in my possession. Now, you will allow us to do so, right prefect?”
You knew for a fact that even if your brain decided to take a holiday and leave you to enter the boundless void of nothingness that inhabited your mental stability you would not even think to refuse him
“Alright then,” you said slowly and both of their faces lit up
“Me first, me first,” Floyd gleefully snatched the pen from his twin’s hand and bounded over to you, writing his name in big bold letters on your right sleeve. Underneath it he drew a picture of his eel form and a cartoony shrimp with arrows pointing towards both figures saying ‘ME!! :)’ AND “SHRIMPY!”
Jade then took the pen from his brother and wrote his own name on your left sleeve with a drawing of an anatomy correct shiitake mushroom under it. He then labeled different the different structures with their biologically correct scientific names
“Now write on us,” Floyd demanded, so you took Jade’s pen and did just that.
After he pocketed his pen, he turned to the other eel with a mischievous grin, “You know, Floyd. I believe Azul would love to see our dear prefect. What do you think?”
Floyd matched his brother’s expression with an even more unhinged one of his own, “yes, yes. Let’s go.”
And with that, the both of them each take a firm hold of each one of your shoulders and began to stir you to the Mostro Lounge, paying no attention to Grim, who was yelling at them about how it was his lunch time
Due to spending almost his entire life with the Leech twins, Azul was fairly accustomed to their antics - which was why he didn’t seem the least bit perturbed to the sound of the door to the VIP room slamming against the wall and Floyd’s cheerful voice loudly exclaiming “WE’RE HERE”. 
He just sighed and continued to finish the sentence he was writing before looking up to greet him when he did a double take when he sway you’re slightly embarrassed self give a small smile and wave from where Floyd had you rooted with the way his arm rested over your shoulders
“Ah yes, Floyd what is-PREFECT??!!”
No his voice did not crack at the end, thank you very much
Jade gracefully stepped into the room, “Azul, Floyd and I were just admiring the prefect’s shirt and thought that you would appreciate it if we brought her here to show you ourselves.”
“Yes, what Jade said,'' Floyd nodded happily, “Jade and I both wrote our names on koebi-chan as well, see. And she wrote on us. Isn’t that great?”
Despite clearing his throat, Azul’s voice still was choked when he let out a surprised, “yes, that does look rather nice.”
The four of you spent the next minute standing in awkward silence. The eels were directing their shark-like grins on a red and embarrassed-looking Azul who seemed to look completely stumped and you just stood there having no idea what to do
“Well,” you started when the silence got too much, “I’m so sorry for barging in on you like this Azul-senpai and interrupting your work. It seems like you are really busy in the middle of something important so I’ll just head back and-”
“Wait, prefect,” Azul pushed his glasses up his nose and made his way towards you with a pen in hand, “If-if you would allow me, I would love to add my name onto your shirt.”
“Go right ahead,” you reply
Now he’s written his name hundreds of times, with the business that he runs, but for some reason him signing his name directly onto the clothing that your wearing has his heart leaping and twisting in ways that he’s never felt before
He’s lying. He’s felt that many, many times before and strangely every instance has occurred in your presence
Once he’s finished he gives you a look that very clearly expresses that he wants to ask you something
“I could sign your shirt as well if that’s okay?” you half offered half asked, thinking you might know what he wanted
He gives you a shocked look, a rosy hue painting his nose and cheeks, before clearing his throat once more
“I can’t say that I would mind terribly if you did that. Of course,” he gives you his signature businessman octopus grin, “if you would much rather sign your name on a contract, I would be more than happy to oblige.”
“Yeah, no thank you,” you deadpan. You turn around, “if that’s it then-”
“Wait,” he grabs ahold of your wrist, “actually prefect, I would very much like that.”
Your face softens and you sign your name onto his collar and left the fish mafia to practice their Godfather impressions or whatever they did behind closed doors when they weren’t dealing with the poor unfortunate souls of NRC
Unbeknownst to you, Azul immediately changed out of that shirt and kept it next to his third draft of that marriage contract he had been preparing
It was after you left Octavinelle when you remembered that Kalim had invited you to a party at Scarabia so off to his dorm you went
Almost ten seconds after you enter, you hear a shout of “Y/N!” coming from above you
“God?” you mutter under your breath as you look up and find the resident sunshine boy of the campus beaming down at you from his magic carpet
You happily give them both a joyful and hearty wave, “HI KALIM-SENPAI! HI CARPET!”
The two of them descend towards you. Kalim jumps off when it reaches a few centimetres above the ground before tackling you into a hug that was filled with unbridled merriment. Carpet, feeling lonely, latched onto the both of you as well, wrapping its tassels around the two of you and squeezed in its own version of a hug.
The two of you laughed at its enthusiasm until it let go and Kalim pulled back
“Y/N, I’m so glad you’re here,” his smile filled with pure sunshine never once left nor faltered as he looked at you with all of the joy in the world, “you’re going to love it. Everyone’s dancing and Jamil made kunafah which is really really tasty and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and we can go for a magic carpet ride as well and - woah, your shirt looks so cool!”
You giggle at his amazement, “thank you, Kalim-senpai. In my home world, it’s a tradition to sign your classmates’ shirts when you leave school so
“Wait, you’re not leaving are you?” he gives you the saddest tearful golden retriever puppy-eyed look you had ever seen and you instantly hated yourself for being the monster that caused it, “please say you’re not. We haven’t even done half of the things I wanted to do with you. Please don’t say you’re going.”
“No, no, no,” you wave your hand erratically to show that you were most certainly not leaving, “I swear that I’m not going anywhere, Kalim-senpai. I just mentioned that to everyone and they wanted to sign my shirt for fun, that’s all. I’m staying right here, pinky promise.”
Of course, you had no way of leaving this world, what with the headmaster being a lazy idiot who makes empty promises but you didn’t say a word about that part
Kalim smiled and intertwined his pinky with your outstretched one
(Meanwhile carpet sulked because he wanted to join in on the pinky promise but he had no pinkies to promise with)
“So,” he gives you a hopeful look, “does that mean that I can sign as well?”
“Of course you can,” you smile at him.
He beams back at you, holds your hand and scampers towards his room
After bringing you inside, he rummages through his drawers until he procures some limited edition ultra deluxe sparkly golden sharpie pen that you know costs like enough to feed you for a week
He skips back towards you and signs ‘KALIM!’ all big and glittery on your back with a bunch of stars and hearts surrounding it and a smiley face to dot the exclamation mark
He then giddily hands you the pen and asks you to sign his clothes as well
You hesitate because there is no way that you are going to stain a piece of clothing that has enough zeros in its price to pay for your entire neighbourhood back home
But his hopeful/pleading face was too much for you to refuse so you did as you were asked
He now wants to buy an entire store’s worth of clothes just so that the two of you could write your names all over them
He also is so happy that he wants throw another party in your honour and hopefully make an event of having the two of you sign each others clothes
Not going to lie, he’ll probably commission the best painters in the Scalding Sands to make a giant portrait of his shirt so that he can hang it up in his rooms (no that’s not a typo) and show it to his parents, his siblings, his aunts and uncles, his cousins, his pet elephants, his pet peacocks, that tiger he was going to ask for his birthday…
He just wants to keep the memory of this moment forever
“Woah, Y/N, that looks great! Hey, I have a bunch of other clothes in my wardrobe that you can sign, I’ll go get them-”
You had to stop him before he did something that would make Jamil pop a blood vessel or consider alcoholism (again) so you asked him if he could take you to where Jamil was
Thankfully, he agreed and happily lead you to the kitchens
Jamil had no idea what to feel when Kalim barged into the kitchens
On the one hand, the Scarabia kitchens were his safe haven, the one place where he could be alone without his airheaded master coming in to cause further trouble due to the fact that Kalim is forbidden from stepping foot in it so his annoyance at seeing that bright face in here was more than welcome
On the other hand, however, Kalim had brought you along. The diamond among the soiled charcoal that were his peers, the coolness of his eyes that never failed to put him at ease no matter how unreasonable Kalim’s never ending laundry list of problems became so he did admit that he felt much more relieved when he saw your smiling face pop in to say hello in that enchantingly sweet lilt
But then Kalim dragged you in and showed off all of the names that had been written on your shirt for that bitter python of annoyance that he keeps chained and shackled in his gut to start coiling around in displeasure - only for it to start hissing and biting at his stomach when Kalim happily pointed out his own name standing out on your back and your name on his shirt, it’s teeth sinking into every vein it can find and contaminating his bloodstream with that pungent envy
On the outside, he regarded all of this with the same cool and unwavering expression he usually wore but on the inside he was raging at how happily you wore everyone’s names - how you wore Kalim’s name - whilst casting him to the shadows.
He simply reminded Kalim that he was not allowed in the kitchens and he had a party to host so it was best for him to leave
Kalim turned to you and was about to ask you to come with him when you told him that you’ll stay and help Jamil and you promise to dance with him later
“Alright then Y/N, see you later,” and then he skipped away, a cloud of sparkles and flowers following him
You approached Jamil, who appeared to be a bit more tense than usual and placed your hand on his shoulder
He immediately stopped, took a breath and turned to you
“You know,” you smiled at him, “I didn’t just come here to help you cook, though I would very much like to.”
He raised an eyebrow at you, “is that so, prefect? Then pray tell, why did you come here.”
“Well, you see, all of my dear friends have decided to write their names on my shirt after I explained that it was a tradition where I’m from and now that I’m here, I realise that I’m one name short.”
“Is that true?” he mused, his lips twitching ever so slightly
You nodded with the gravitas of a judge giving a sentence, “yes, it is. And you see, Jamil-senpai, the person whose name that I’m talking about happens to be someone who would never go out of his way to do something that he thinks might not be wanted - even if the receiver would very much want it - so the idea of him offering his signature like everyone else seems to be out of the question.”
“What are you trying to say, prefect?” he sighed and put his head down so that he can hide his blush by pretending to rub his temples
“What I’m saying, Jamil-senpai, is that I would absolutely love it if you wrote your name on my shirt. It just doesn’t seem right without you and having you there would delight me to no end,” you reply, taking out the pen you’ve been carrying in your pocket and holding it out to him expectantly
‘How troublesome,’ he mentally sighs, though the thought was directed not towards you but to the pleasant feeling of warmth that enveloped him whenever you were near.
Regardless, he takes the pen and signs your shirt in a manner that appears to be annoyed and rushed but anyone can clearly see that the calligraphy of his name is definitely carefully thought out with strokes that look more like artwork than a teenage boy’s signature
“So, um,” you start, “you can say no if you’d like but would you like it if I signed yours back?”
He shrugged, “I see no reason why not?”
Don’t let his perpetually controlled voice fool you, he is internally punching the air and screaming with elation at the prospect to you placing your signature on him
Usually he would hate to have another's name anywhere near him. He was already cursed with the invisible shackles of the Al-Asim family, he didn’t want any other form of ownership to strip the miniscule amount of control he had in his life. However, the idea of him belonging to you only filled him with bliss instead of the accustomed disdain
‘Oh, prefect,’ he thought, internally smirking to himself as he continued with the preparations of Kalim’s feast with your assistance, ‘the next time you want me to leave my mark on you, I may not be as gentle.’
You swear you take one step out of the mirror chamber and into the corridor before you find yourself face to face with Tamaki Suoh’s long lost cousin, who appeared out of frickin’ nowhere
“Petite mademoiselle trickster,” he cheers, “it has come to my attention that you are going around, letting the students write on your clothing and thus I must implore you to allow me the honour of joining them in this ceremonious ritual.”
Ritua - does he think that you’ve started a cult?!
Although, to be fair, that would be the least weirdest thing that’s happened in this school
You could’ve sworn you saw a bunch of Savanaclaw students standing in a circle and chanting so cultists are not completely out of line
And Crowley’s whole bird mask and making his students wear robes does seem very cult-y
Not to mention Sebek’s whole existence
Deciding to ignore the second part of Rook’s words (a standard procedure when it comes to students dealing with the huntsman) you hand him your pen
“Please allow me to write a sonnet so that I may pour out my awe at your splendorous beauty”
Yeah, you shut that one down hard
“Ah, I see. You’d much prefer a villanelle!”
No, Rook
A ballad or an Ode?
This is going to be another Sebek situation, isn’t it?
He did end up writing something
You must admit, you were impressed that he was able to conjure up a rhyming couplet dedicated to your beauty and general existence
In iambic pentameter no less
Now if only you could get him to stay still and quiet enough for you to write on your name
Great Seven, is he crying?
I’m flattered that there tears of joy but all I did was write my name on your shirt
I’m pretty sure my handwriting looked nicer on that contract that Leona turned to ash you really don’t need to praise the heavens for my existence 
Oh good, Vil-senpai, you’re here 
Your huntsman is broken
I know that he most probably came like this but it’s a bit unnerving
Vil was strutting through the hallways like NRC was a pageant and his catwalk was going to be crowned as the winner when he noticed Rook singing (yes, actually singing) your praises to you whilst you just looked at him like most people do
“Rook,” he called sharply, his high heels clicking through the corridor and the back of his royal purple robe effortlessly flaring out behind him, “I have been looking all over for you.”
“Roi du Poison!” he called out, “I was just engaging in the most splendid tradition with Petite mademoiselle trickster!”
“Ah, yes, Epel mentioned this during his etiquette lesson,” he looked down at the piece of your shirt that he was pinching between his perfectly manicured index finger and thumb, “whilst I understand the sentiment, I cannot believe you would allow these undeserving potatoes to tarnish your appearance like this.”
He huffs and pulls out a pen from one of his own pockets, “thankfully, I come prepared for situations like these. Honestly, what would you do without me? Be grateful that I’m here to save you from these unruly spudlings.”
He then signs his name onto you with complete precision, most probably from his years of experience as a renowned actor
“Now it would be unfitting for me as the dorm leader of Pomefiore to walk amongst these halls with ink stains on my uniform but I have a suitable substitute for you to use so that the criteria for your traditions have been met,” and with that he pressed an apple scented soft handkerchief into your palms
“Well,” he looked at you expectantly, “aren’t you going to sign it?”
“Oh, um, yes,” and you wrote your name on this obviously very expensive piece of cloth
“Wonderful,” Vil gave you an approving smile and took his handkerchief back before briskly turning around and walking away, calling out for his vice, “Rook!”
“Coming Roi du Poison!”
You made your way to Ignihyde for your regularly scheduled gaming/anime watching session with the otaku shut in of the school
But of course you couldn’t do that without saying hi to his younger brother because not greeting Ortho when you enter the dorm of the Lord of the Underworld is a crime worthy of death
“Big sister Y/N!'' is the first thing you hear when you step into Idia’s dorm. The adorable android with flaming blue hair greeted you with stone-melting giddiness, “my scanners informed me that you have arrived! That’s great news! Big brother has been waiting for you to join us all day! In fact, my sensors picked up that his heart rate increased by 15% everytime I or he mentioned you!”
You giggled and pet the little robot’s head, “that’s nice, Ortho. Say, would you like to sign my shirt? All of my other friends have written their names on it and I would be very happy if you did too.”
“Write my name on big sister’s shirt?” Ortho’s eyes widened and he clapped with glee, “yes, yes, I would love to. Please wait a moment.”
You watched with part surprise part wonder as Ortho’s right hand transformed into a tiny laser
“Big brother has downloaded and programmed over a thousand different fonts into my database. Is there a style that you prefer?”
“Um, not really, Ortho,” you reply, “why don’t you choose?”
“Alright then, I’ll apply a random generator to select one for us.”
After doing that he floated towards you and wrote Ortho Shroud onto your back
Well, it was less ‘wrote’ and more lasered ink in straight lines to create letters the same way a laser printer would shoot ink to create an image
“Thank you, Ortho, I really appreciate it,” you smiled at him, but then frowned, “though I don’t know if I can return the favour to you the same way I did to everyone else since you’re made of metal.”
“Hehe, it’s okay big sister,” he happily replies, “I’m sure big brother would be more than happy to have you write to him instead.”
If anyone were to ask what our resident technological genius was thinking about for last twenty minutes it would be that
You’d think that him knowing you for more than a few weeks, you rescuing him from his own overblot and learning his entire tragic anime backstory would prepare him for every time you come near him but Idia doesn’t work on the logic of normies
Can you blame him? You were like ultra SSR tier and he was so below you it wasn’t funny
Hey, at least he managed to beat that weird french blond guy with the bow and arrow in the fight over who got to be the leader of the Y/N fan club 
So when you and his brother, his two favourite people in the world, come into the sanctuary of his room with blinding smiles his heart does a one hit k.o
And what’s worse is that his body pillow is all the way over there on the bed so he can’t even sink his face into it for the comfort of darkness
And then when Ortho comes and says that you want him to sign your shirt and then do the same to you?
Well, the pink that was forming at the tips of his hair has erupted his flaming locks into a bright pink fuschia 
What kind of shoujo manga otome game special edition event is this
Okay, cool, Idia, cool
He takes one peek at you and then immediately covers his face with his palms as his hair grows pinker if that’s even possible
You tell him that you understand if he’s uncomfortable so it’s okay if he doesn’t want to do it
But, you see Y/N, he does
He would very much like to take part in this event
But his social stats are lower than the bottom of the ocean
And he doesn’t think he’ll be able to level up in the next two or three decades at least 
Seeing his brother’s internal plight, Ortho huffs at him to just do it
So he does it
Because he wants to, alright - not-not because he’s being shamed by his little brother
So he picks up one of his pens with a miniature funko pop of his favourite anime character on it and hastily signs his name without even looking 
Thankfully he signed on a free space on your back otherwise he would never show you his face again
You ask him if he wants you to do the same to him and he passes out
Sigh, Ortho activate the defibrillators 
You meet Tsunotarou after the sun has set on Twisted Wonderland and you invite him inside of Ramshackle so that the two of you can share some tea you’ve prepared before you can start your nightly walk in the woods
He politely questions you on the state of your dress and you laugh and tell him all about how you mentioned a tradition back in your home world to your friends and how that evolved into a sort of scavenger hunt for signatures 
As delighted as he is that you seem to be enjoying yourself and as thankful as he is that you were able to surround yourself with people who lift your spirits and ease your homesickness, he couldn’t help but feel a dark cloud of dread invading his mind and questioning whether or not this was another occasion that he was not invited to
“Tsunotarou?” you speak up, and hold up the pen that had accompanied you throughout this whole ordeal, “would you like to sign your name as well.”
He gives you a pleasant smile as he takes a sip of his tea, “I suppose I could, Child of Man. But that begs the question.”
You tilt your head in confusion and he internally laughs at how endearing you look, “what question?”
“On how you would like me to sign,” he gives you a smug little grin, “names are very important to the fae, you see. They’re very powerful, as well. In fact, a human giving a fae their name without thinking is often considered an act of foolishness (ouch, you could sense that subtle dig at your initial meeting but, in your defence you were new to this world and the concept of fairies and magic in general, and you didn’t even know the guy). So I would need to ask you if you would rather have me sign as the crown prince, Malleus Draconia or as the Tsunotarou that you met wandering around in the woods near your abode?”
“Is there really a difference?” you pose a question of your own, “Tsunotarou is Malleus and Malleus is Tsunotarou. To me both are the same. I know the rumours of you being powerful aren’t unfounded - I mean, you fixed the entire VDC venue in a second and called it child’s play so I can only imagine how strong you are. But the thing is, when I look at you, I don’t really see some crown prince who can destroy an island in the blink of an eye. All I see is a friend that I enjoy being in the company of - even if he can be a bit odd at times.”
“Odd? How brave of you to describe the future king in such a way. I was right in stating that you have no fear,” he teased you, eyes twinkling with mirth, “very well, I shall accept your request.”
He signs his name on you with the grace and elegance you’d expect a prince would have
You feel a slightly electric tingle from where the pen touches your skin through the fabric of your shirt and you can’t help but wonder if he had cast some sort of enchantment where his name was.
Once he has completed he hands you your pen back and you smile back at him, “I trust you, Tsunotarou. Not just because you’re my friend but also because you were one of the few who truly made me feel welcome even before we even knew each other. Actually, I trust you so much that-
You beckon him towards you, causing him to lean closer towards you. You take the pen and sign your name right on the first patch of white that you can see and reach
-that I would give you my name a hundred times without even a second of hesitation.”
ALRIGHT, TEACHER SNIPPETS: The next day, you take the shirt that you had worn the previous day and carry it around in your hands around campus so that you could ask the teachers to sign their names
PROFESSOR DIVUS CREWEL looks down at all of the names with disdain and mutters something about ‘rowdy mutts slobbering around his pup’ and something about ‘neutering’ before signing his name on your shirt with a flourish
PROFESSOR TREIN looks at you fondly and gives you one of his tea biscuits before signing his name. 
COACH ASHTON VARGAS gives you a booming laugh and a hair ruffle as he gladly signs his name all big and loud with several exclamation marks and some reminder to always work out
MR SAM argues with his friends from the other side on whether or not he should add their names as well. Instead he just signs his name and draws a cute little skull next to it
P.S. Please note that, if given the opportunity, any one of the NRC boys would very gladly and willingly write their names directly onto your skin with no hesitation whatsoever.
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would you still love this part of me?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— little things he noticed you do for him that he can’t help but feel he’s falling inlove with you all over again.
characters. ruggie. vil. cater. kalim. silver. idia. epel. deuce. x gn!reader
warnings. none. overload fluff.
an. my friends forced me to write this /j
tags. @yelshin @neojiarchives @rayisalive @moxxbox @la-lolita
Tumblr media
꒰ ruggie bucchi ꒱
“Here,” you brought up your hand towards the hyena making him break out into a smirk. “shishishi~ what a great reward you have there, thank you~” taking it off swiftly in your hands you only shake your head at him.
He smiled as he opened the wrapper putting the sweet treat on his mouth. Feeling the sweetness erupt in his tongue as it erupts into many flavors. You only smiled at him as he saw this, he erupt into a cheeky smirk again though with a slight tint of pink on his cheeks.
Ruggie notices you keeping candies in your pockets. He didn’t notice it up until now. How you always gave him candy whenever he did a great job, feelings stressed, or anything really. A simple piece of sweet treat given to him as he ate it. Maybe the lollipop you gave him was too sweet but he doesn’t mind.
While he may say it's quite childish for you to do with him. He can’t help but want you to continue doing this after all it makes his heart go crazy because of you.
꒰ vil schönheit ꒱
Looking at the mirror intensely, he looked at any flaw in his appearance but yet he spotted nothing. He smirked, feeling satisfied as he closed his pouch mirror, “waah! vil you look so pretty today too,” a voice took his whole attention as he looked at who it was. There you are with all his glory with a smile on your face looking at him.
You complimented vil as he gives you a cocky smirk though a slight tint of pink can be seen in his cheeks, “I know, a beauty like this is hard to manage so thank you.”
You only looked at him with sparkles in your eyes as your mouth then again drifted off to another topic as he listened intently.
A compliment from you every morning. Vil knows he’s beautiful but he can’t help but feel quite delighted when he hears those simple compliments you’ve given to him early in the morning. Something so simple yet it makes him feel like he ate a sweet apple.
He has heard it multiple times though it just feels different when you're the one complimenting him. He doesn’t wanna admit it but he just wants your compliments all to himself. He can’t help it. Afterall, you just made him fall in love with you all over again.
꒰ cater diamond ꒱
“Cater look, a butterfly doesn’t it look lovely?” you pointed out to a butterfly, its blue wings slowly flapping though not enough to make them fly. Cater could only look in awe at how it looked sitting on top of a rose.
Soon enough the butterfly flew away as you two looked at it in awe of its beauty with a smile. As soon as the two of you weren’t be able to see it cater then thought of something, “ARGGGGHHH!! THAT WAS SO MAGICAMABLE I COULDN'T TAKE A PIC OF IT!!” he screamed irritated at himself as you only chuckled at this.
Cater pouting slightly as you only smiled. How cute.
How you make his mind drift into things and live in the moment. Cater himself prides on his photogenic photos he has caught over the years thus the reason why he’s always on magicam. Though just the way you point out a simple cute butterfly admiring its beautiful blue wings flapping slowly as it flew away from the flower it once stood makes him feel irritated that he didn’t take a picture of it way earlier but still happy that he got to enjoy it with you.
You just make him in awe and make his head empty to the things you show him that he can’t think of magicam. Something he holds on fondly after you of course. So continue on making him in awe would you? cause everytime you do just make him more in love with you.
꒰ kalim al asim ꒱
Furrowing his brows he looked at the notes he had taken and back the board. He only pouted as he couldn't seem to understand the lesson though his eyes widened as he felt something intertwined in his pinky.
Looking at it, it was your pinky with him. You look back at the board and take notes while listening intently to the professors. Kalim can’t help but smile as he too, intertwined his pinky with yours.
Kalim might go berserk once you two intertwine your pinkies together. Such little contact but it makes him happy, it makes feel like he has fallen in love with you again. It was like you two are making a promise. A promise to be with each other no matter what and he’ll be there for you no matter what. Doing everything for you.
It makes him feel happy, at peace, and many more. It makes him feel like it's the first time he has seen you and fallen in love immediately. Sure he could hold your hand, hug you, or any physical contact but intertwining pinkies together makes him feel like he’s in heaven. Afterall it feels like you're promising to be there with him. No matter what.
꒰ silver ꒱
“my. . . sleeping in a place like this?” you talk to yourself as you look at the sleeping beauty you have found. There silver laid in the grass as the sun’s ray hit his face, sitting near him, you slowly took his head off from the ground and placed it on your lap.
Running your finger on his silver hair feeling its silky locks as he continued his sleep undisturbed. “fuhuhu~ truly such an adorable sight,” a tint of pink appeared on the sleeping silvers cheek as he continued to sleep soundly.
Perhaps he was awake all along?
Silver knows that his sleeping habits are a bit off. Constantly sleeping everywhere that's why he feels weak when out of all people runs your finger through his hair while he’s sleeping. It makes his dreams much more vibrant, filled with colors, emotions and many more.
It makes him feel at peace as you continue to admire him whilst you run your fingers through his scalp. He can’t help but indulge himself over something so little. Perhaps he loves you a little too much, is what he would think.
꒰ idia shroud ꒱
knock. knock. knock.
A series of knocks came from his door as idia looked at the chamber door with anticipation to hear someones oh so familiar voice, “Idia? Can I come in?” there it is, his favorite part of the day.
“ye— yeah! come in!” He saw the door open, seeing your figure with a smile waving at him like you usually do, “yohoo! idia,” a blush coating his cheeks as his flame-like hair had tints of pink on it. Nodding at your greet he greeted back, “he— hey (name),”
Idia knows he’s no good boyfriend. Why did you still go out with him out of all people? He's a creepy otaku that refuses to go outside yet you still go out of your way and visit him everyday. Even if he shouldn’t feel this way, he anticipated those visits. You knock on the door with a smile even if you have nothing with you. He just wants you to knock on that door and ask for his presence.
Always visiting him makes him feel special, going inside his room as you go on talking about your day, sharing whatever treats or things you’ve recently discovered he’s always there listening for you. So visit him more, after all isn’t he your boyfriend? boyfriends like him are allowed to be greedy, right?
꒰ epel felmier ꒱
“Haah,” epel let out a big sigh as he tried to wipe off a sweat he had after training, “here,” suddenly his eyes caught a water bottle and a towel in front of him, looking at who gave it to him you looked at him with a smile.
Epel can’t help but feel his cheeks erupt into a blush as he awkwardly says, “th- thank you!”
The way you give him a simple water bottle and towel after he “trains” to become a strong guy. Something so simple but it makes him think that you support him and care for him greatly. A simple action that made his heart skip a beat.
It makes him more motivated to become a big strong guy so that way he could protect you, take care of you, and love you how you should be! Even if you say you love him the way he is, he can’t help but want to be a better man for you. Afterall you deserve the best.
꒰ deuce spade ꒱
“Deuce have you done the homework due tomorrow on potionology?” you ask him tilting your head slight as his eyes widen at this, there was homework? oh dear, “(name) thank you for reminding me! what was it about?”
You chuckled at his panic state as you reach for his hands and intertwine it with yours hands together, “let's go to the library and do it together afterall I haven’t started on mine just yet,”
The way you remind him of something that is due. Believe it or not deuce spade is quite forgettable on things that needed to be done immediately. Thus the reason why he’s so glad he’s your lover, you were far more greater than he is but god does it fuels his motivation to do better.
To become a great lover for you. To become someone that could be relied on, so please continue on loving him you won’t be disappointed. He’ll definitely ace the upcoming exams and homeworks that is given to him!
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azulsluver · 3 days
How would the boys react to a mc who knows how to fight? Like who would and wouldn't like it?
Those who would:
Jack, Rook, Kalim, Lilia, Silver,
Unexpected unless they knew about this from afar. Jack and Rook fall into the category of, “wow so strong…respect!” Kalim thinks it’s cool, he wants to see you and Jamil spar one day. Lilia is a freak, he thinks it’s sexy that you can fight. Silver respects that you can fight for yourself, but it wouldn’t stop the gnawing of you getting hurt to ease his mind.
Those who wouldn’t:
Riddle, Cater, Deuce, Ruggie, Azul, Vil, Epel, Jamil, Malleus, Sebek
How dare you fight back, it’s really offensive and you actually can’t do that because I said so! (Riddle, Sebek) You’re hurting Cater’s feelings, don’t hurt his pretty face now… Deuce let’s put his evil side #dontmesswithhim, in all seriousness respect but please don’t. but Azul, Vil and Jamil find it annoying that you’re not docile. Epel is a whole other breed of offended. Malleus will give you the puppy eyes before locking you up in isolation as he cries himself to sleep. Ruggie didn’t do nothing wrong, you’re the boss!
Those who like it only because they get to hurt you afterwards:
Jade, Floyd, Trey, Leona,
Tsk tsk, sadist. Jade wants to see how far you can go, your punches are strong and you know how to put somebody in a locked position, he’ll show you what he knows as well. Floyd thinks you have much to learn, he likes the fact you can stand up for yourself but you lack some techniques that’ll be easy to take advantage of. Hell show you how to actually hurt someone. Trey’s unique magic scares the shit out of me and it’s top tier when it comes to fucking people up mentally. You’re prodding at his authority, Trey might not be able to fight as well as you but he can sure suck up a punch to the face(buff Trey supremacy). Alright pants down and lay on his lap y’all know the drill. Leona…would depend on gender. Respect if you’re a chick, but he’s still gonna be bitchy bout it so sleep with one eye open. You getting decked if you’re a guy, sum it up— everyone start looking behind when you walking.
Gets his ass beat: Ace and Idia
No comment
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yulin-pop · 3 days
⤷ ✧ Ace and Deuce with the same crush
Gender neutral
- order 72 | Headcanon | Ace + Deuce
⇥ Cater+Trey ⇤
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They are the worst! They are always at each others throats when it’s about you.
It all started because of Ace teasing Deuce about him having a crush. He was just joking he didn’t actually think Deuce had a crush on anybody but out of pressure he admitted that his crush was you.
“Wait, don’t tell me that…”
He didn’t need to finish his sentence for both of them to realize that they both like you.
Then again it was pretty obvious for both of them but they’re both morons so they didn’t realize until it was explicitly stated.
They argue a lot. They’re around each other all day. In the dorms, in classes, at lunch, they can’t escape each other. After they found out about each other’s crush, the arguing just got worse.
Eventually everyone (being you, Grim, Epel, Jack, and Sebek) told them to stop arguing over the littlest things.
They get so pissy about who gets to sit next to you. Ace will physically try to move Deuce or slide between you two any chance he gets.
You may ask, why can one be on the right and the other be on the left. Well, Grim is always on either side.
Istg they always push each other and they end up accidentally pushing each other into you.
Ace gets more possessive around Deuce which makes sense. Ace feels personally threatened because it’s Deuce.
Ace and Deuce get so competitive. They’ve always been competitive but it just gets worse. Honestly you can use it to your advantage.
“Whoever is quietest for 10 minutes gets ice cream.”
Then you get your moment of peace.
They’re gonna be with you everywhere they can. They will make any excuse to get in each others way.
Ace invites you to watch his game, Deuce is going to support his friend of course!
Deuce lends you a hand moving around some furniture in Ramshackle, Ace can help to!
When you all have sleepovers, Ace always tries to slid into bed next to you (of course Grim kicks him off). Then they both just sleep on the floor.
There are times where they join together and gang up against someone else. With Deuce’s outbursts and Ace’s crude mouth, they are very effective in chasing someone off.
Ace is really annoying because he’s ways asking which of them you like more. Not wanting to hurt feelings, you say you like them equally but with how frequently he asks you’re tempted to say Deuce.
The other first years all figured out on their own. And all of them feel so bad for you because Ace and Deuce are always fighting over you or around you.
Not to mention sometimes they pull up to Ramshackle without any warning.
I luv them so much I want more content NOWWW !!
Tumblr media
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mlk082 · 1 day
Playing Games With the First Years
You play cards in the Heartslabyul lounge.
It could be cheat, it could be go fish, it could be war, it could be poker.
You play whatever Ace feels like playing, unless you have an objection.
Ace bets homework answers whenever you play. He knows you did the work, but he also knows that you won't give him the answers for free.
He doesn't bet all the time though. Sometimes, Ace is just bored of staying in a tiny dorm with seven guys, so he goes over to your dorm or calls you over to the lounge because it's less crowded.
Doesn't tell you if he can see your cards.
Either joins a card game with you and Ace, or does something outside. It's a series of things.
Wanna race?
No? Wanna play a video game?
Video games are simple and they don't take that much more thinking like board games do.
Unless you want to have a race, because he would love to do something competitive.
Maybe go down to the docks and see how many times you can get a stone to skip?
He won't trick you into helping him with homework, Deuce will ASK and then make it a contest.
No way is he challenging you to a race, he knows you'll lose and he likes to be fair.
In the same sense, tag won't work.
So you and Jack play catch.
It could be a Frisbee or a ball of some sort, but it's catch. Should he help you brush up on your MagiShift skills?
Jack won't throw the ball
too hard but you better be ready to be outside for the next 2 hours. Your hands will be red by the end of it, but you'll be fine.
He used to climb trees on the farm and run around getting mud all over him with his cousins.
But he can't do that at Pomefiore. He'll get in trouble by the ever so esteemed Housewarden. And Rook would have some comment because he was watching.
No one would get mad at him for flying in the field though. It happens to be school related.
Maybe you wanna play MagiShift with him? He could get the others in on it too!
But you and Epel race on brooms whenever you're bored because it won't get him in trouble, and he doesn't want to be in the dorm. Unless Rook is still at school after clubs, no one should be watching him be a goof on a broom.
Epel will stand on the broom or hang on it. Definitely challenges you to do better.
Malleus Trivia!
What a wonderful game, don't you think? He created it himself.
Sebek always wins so it's not a fun game for you. Why are you doing this?
If you complain enough, he'll eventually just play a normal game of trivia.
You're still at a disadvantage but you do way better.
In the section of pop culture, you do WAY better than Sebek. It's the section that gets you the most points from the game.
(Lilia isn't allowed to play because he knows all the answers.)
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demon-lover-669 · 21 hours
Ace and deuce making a YouTube video!
Deuce: ok so what is the next item we are reviewing? And are you going to hold my cock the whole time?
Ace: oh yeah sorry *moves his hand*
Deuce: thank you
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queenscodex · 21 hours
I wonder
An missed opportunity, a hesitated breath, or simply a frightened heartstruck boy. He ponders what could have been a relationship, had he not been so scared
Gender Neutral Reader
- Includes; Various
- Warnings; a tiny bit suggestive, a little angsty
Tumblr media
Setting the scene;
He lends you his coat, his school supplies( unbeknownst to you, your name is written on the inside of an easer cover). He lends you a shoulder to sob when the weight of your troubles make your knees buckle. The one to stand in the middle of the rain just so you may hold his umbrella and get back to your dorm without getting wet. And yet despite all, he has a pile of crumpled up paper in the corner of his room, pencil etched harshly and messy; failure to properly express his feelings. Why is it so hard to say I like you? He ponders. No matter the attempts, he couldnt bring himself to say it. And as time carries on he forges fake smiles when you refer to him as a brother/familial figure, his hopes diminishing like a fallen penny through thin cracks. He stands aside when your heart tugs for another, fingers tight by his sides, wondering why hadn't he told you. But in the meantime, his mind is free to wander.
He wonders of holding your hand- the mere thought makes his ears tint red. He wonders of being able to call you his partner, a flutter to his delicate heart. His hands subconsciously makes doodles on his homework, scribbles of you on the corners on the parchment. He sheepishly scribes your initials together, brain entering a realm of possibilities once again. He imagines you jumping into a loving embrace, tripping over his feet as he goes to catch you. And even though his ankles stumble, his face and voice expresses a blissful moment of joy. And he wonders what it would feel like to card his fingers through your hair as you share a lingering kiss. The thought causes his heart to skip a beat.
- RIDDLE ROSEHEARTS, Ace Trappola, Azul Ashengrotto, Malleus Draconia, Trey Clover?
He wonders of holding your hand- the mere thought makes his ears tint red. He wonders of being able to call you his partner, a flutter to his delicate heart. His hands subconsciously makes doodles on his homework, scribbles of you on the corners on the parchment. He sheepishly scribes your initials together, brain entering a realm of possibilities once again. He imagines you jumping into a loving embrace, tripping over his feet as he goes to catch you. And even though his ankles stumble, his face and voice expresses a blissful moment of joy. And he wonders what it would feel like to card his fingers through your hair as you share a lingering kiss. The thought causes his heart to skip a beat.
- Deuce Spade, Jamil Viper, Epel Felmier SILVER, Azul Ashengrotto, Idia Shroud
He imagines all the trouble and pranks the both of you can pull. The bubbles of adventure race through his mind; wind through his hair, a distant but beautiful horizon within view, and his hand taking your vacant one as his tongue makes a sheepish stutter to express his fondeness. He imagines comforting you when you reach your lows, kissing the crown of your head and whispering reassurance after another. And he can't stop himself about wondering about holidays. Gifts upon gifts, anything to see you smile and say 'I love you.' He may go broke at the very end, but that's a worthy sacrifice as when it comes to you, he's a fool.
- Kalim Al-Asim, Trey Clover, Floyd Leech (?), Ace Trappola, Ruggie Bucchi
His thoughts run a little darker. He catches himself starring at your lips, his mind flashing images. He invisions those same lips kissing his cheek, a chuckle escaping him as you rub your nose against him. Then a kiss to his lips, full of love and a force of his affection. He imagines lipstick smudges on his neck, unapologetic and bold- his face has a rosy blush now- as much as he tries to conceal it, it lingers. He imagines you running your fingers through his hair, a grin twisting onto your features as you whisper little things to him. But he also imagines you baring a blush deep as crimson, his mouth carrying teases with no mercy. He has to suppress a shiver but he certainly can not stop his heart from beating faster.
- Vil Schoenheit, Ace Trappola, ROOK HUNT, Lila Vanrouge(?) Sebek Zigvolt
Imagines the golden rays of the sun descending through the peeks of the windows and landing graceously in a sophisticated dance on your features. He envisions the smell of hot coffee and burnt breakfast, the sound of his dormmates muffled in the background. He imagines waking up besides you every day just like this, being able to wish you good morning and a tender good night. He wonders of the various picnic dates and the pictures plastered on his phone and wallpaper of said dates. But most of all he imagines being able to share his inner troubles and hidden truths. A true love touched relationship in which he feels nothing to hide. It's a shame that fear can even conquered the most powerful emotion.
- Jade Leech, Rook Hunt, MALLEUS DRACONIA, Cater Diamond(?), Riddle Rosehearts
He imagines the small intimate moments. A slow dance, the world melting beyond his care as his eyes are fixated on you and you alone. He imagines how you would brush his cheek with the palm of your hand as his own goes to your wasit, guiding you through the next steps of the dance. He imagines the first kiss, how shy he would be in the moment, eyes squeezing shut with uncertainty. His heart would flutter the moment the space between you closed away with the brush of two lovers kiss. He imagines being a lovestruck fool, sneaking out during the late hours to meet you and cause a wonder of troubles(and no doubt he'll take the blame if you're caught). He imagines saying I love you for the first time, a vulnerable word with such powerful meaning. And he wishes for nothing more than to hear those words from you too; unfortunately the only thing replying back is the familiar silence.
- SILVER, Jamil Viper, Idia Shroud(?), Epel Felmier
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azandsstuff · 2 days
soulmate that is not destined to be together
Tumblr media
Summary : Yuu already return to their own world while leaving their partner With nothing to remember them. While there was a sudden rumour about a soulmate going around.
A/N : I was reading this while suddenly think about dangerously yours and remember that one Greek myth about soulmate :v
My other work
"Do you know that humans do not always look like this. We used to have one body, 4 hands , 4 legs and 2 heads. Until one day we make god mad and punish us two separate from our other half. After that we are always searching for our soulmate" said some student. "Really, then my soulmate must be from another world since I never found them" reply by other student. "Shut up, dude. We need to go to sir Trein class" said that student while trying to move faster to go to they history class.
What they didn't know was that certain people heard them from all around the corner. Among them all that people who heard them are ...
If that was true then he would wonder if his soulmate is from here. But what does he care about anymore after all the people he is in love with are you and yet you move on so easily.
He remembers during the shooting star event. He asks you a question that the answer still lingers in his mind.
"Look ,(Y/N) . A shooting star!"
"Did you make a wish?"
He asks you while looking at you with a star in his eyes .
"I don't have time to wish"
You answer with a sad tone.
"Really, What did you wish for?"
"I was wishing that we were two other people who were meant to be together forever and I was wish that I meet you during our childhood so you won't feel lonely anymore"
He remembers the look in your eyes. Your eyes have a sad look but also have a hopeful look in that. Only if he knows how short the story both of you have.
"If I betray you, I betray myself"
"If I betray him, I betray my world"
"My world is very dear to me"
"Dearer than I ?" He asks while looking at you with hopeful eyes.
You answer nothing.
"Dearer than you" you answer his questions while looking straight to his face. He can't believe the answer that comes out of your mouth. After all those months you guys have been together, after a year you guys have met."
If only he knew
It has been 2 months since you went back to your own world. Up until today he can't move on from you. He still remembers the word that you give to him before you go back.
"You live a long time yet, (You S/O)"
"An eternity without me?"
"You will look at the face of that passers by hoping for something that will, for an instant, will bring me back to yours"
"You will find the moon at night strangely empty because, when you call my name through them there will be no answer"
"Always your heart be aching for me"
"And your mind will remind you how soulmates never existed in the first place and how your heart will never recover from the fact that I choose to leave you alone instead of staying together with you"
"That's how broken your heart are, trying to forget our memories together"
If only he knew how true those words are then he will wish that he never fall in love with you in the first place. And now he left with nothing to remember you. Not a single thing but his memory of both of you when you guys are together.
Past forward a few days later, there a strange rumour at school about a soulmate. But how does he care when the person he wants to be with forever is already gone and choosing their own world than him.
Until Crowley decided to show a mirror that whoever looked into the mirror could see their soulmate. He tested it. To see if his soulmate here perhaps he can move on from you and perhaps he can look forward to be with a 'new soulmate' he can fall in love.
How weak he leg is when his saw who that mirror shows who his soulmate is. Of course it is none other than you who he sees in that mirror. How tears fall immediately from his face seeing you there. Oh, how he wishes he can turn back time just once and make you stay with him. And perhaps if he shows you this then perhaps you can stay together with him. And then he sees the mirror start to show some sort of memories being replayed of you and a certain someone.
"Tell him the truth?"
That other person nod.
"Tell him the truth so that he will watch the star through tears?"
"Instead of following the one cold star that hid destiny?"
You ask that to another person who is beside you. To only answer with simple nods.
"No ... No I can't do that"
"Perhaps I let him think that I never loved him"
"Or let him think that I never love him from a start and make sure he hates me with full might when I leave from this place"
"So perhaps when I go he moves on better and lives a normal life again without remember me"
It stops. Video or the memory that play from the mirror stop.
Oh, how cruel are you leaving him like this. Leaving him thinking that you never love him from a start thinking and how cruel of you that you decided that the best way to walk off from his life like that.
Oh, how cruel of you.
Fast forward to a few more days.
(At Ramshackle Dorm)
Here lies all both of your memories together and here also lies you beloved monster who is already gone from this world. Perhaps that monster is too scared to live alone and decide that following you to the afterlife is better. At his grave he lies a bouquet of yellow roses to symbolise their friendship. On the other hand, near the monster grave he lies a bouquet of carnations. There are many colourful carnations in that bouquet.
Pink in that symbol gratitude for you.
White in that symbol pure love and how lucky he is to have you.
Dark red is how affected he is with your love that you give to him.
Meanwhile light red in that show how he admired you from the moment both of your eyes meet from eyes to eyes.
But there is also Yellow in that to show how disappointed he is when you choose your world over him and how the fact you reject.
Oh, if only you choose him over that world of yours. And perhaps he can understand you better.
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hii would like tender relationship headcanons for heartslabyul with a giggly and sociable mc with golden curls, yeah mc look something like goldilocks from the farytale /ᐠ. .ᐟ\ฅ♡⸝⸝ that's all <3 thanks yuu and have a good day ^^ *hug*
Making it Just Right
Genre: Fluff
Contains: Heartslabyul boys
CW: none
Word Count: 602 (without A/N)
Riddle Rosehearts:
-Riddle would greatly enjoy spending time with a goldilocks MC, at first he'd be drawn to the need of perfection, watching as you'd run around trying to make things 'just right' as you'd say.
-Dating Riddle would be filled with events such as unbirthdays and attending his equestrian club meets, he'd defiantly love having you around the dorm as his significant other but doesn't like how little rules you follow do to your goldilocks nature.
-Seeing you interact with others is always a joy as well, specifically with his dormmates, trying to help out and gossip as much as you can, always seeming to have made a new friend every time you visit.
-Yep, this relationship is just right.
Cater Diamond:
-Dating Cater is a match made in heaven with your bubbly personality and his influencer type status on magicam. You'd always have the most perfect couple pictures posted, whether it's small snippets of your dates or just you two laying about enjoying each others company.
-Cater would love spending all the time he can with you, always relying on your key eye of perfection when it comes to camera angles and lighting for new pictures.
-Just as sociable as you, so I can assure you, you'd be great friends with the light music club, the four of you sitting around the room after a practice gossiping about latest trends and school news.
-This relationship isn't too low or too high, it's perfect.
Ace Trappola:
-Oh where to start...
-The fact that you, a goldilocks personality, can even put up with the ever chaotic soul and spirit that is Ace is a blessing in it of itself. You're Riddle's favorite of all of Heartslabyul's significant others, obviously not counting his own.
-Whenever you're around, Ace clearly tries to impress you, which results in him losing his head. Though you're influence is definitely starting to rub off on our chaotic neutral boy here. With you adding an input in most situations, public or private, Ace starts to actually think through what he does or plans on doing.
-Despite constantly wanting to impress, he doesn't want to see you hurt because of his antics, most of what he does is only done if it means you're safe and ok.
-His love for you is beyond just right, and it makes your heart flutter every time.
Deuce Spade:
-Basically Ace 2.0 but with more braincells. This means he has two more braincells. Because Deuce follows in almost everything Ace does, it results in you sometimes getting stuck in the middle. Even if Deuce tries to keep you away, because of your sociable personality, it causes slight airheaded traits and moments.
-With the want to keep you safe and to be a son that his mother could be proud of, Deuce will do his best to make you happy, sometimes at the risk of facing Riddle's wrath.
-You want to come to an unbirthday with him? He's unknowingly annoying the dormhead for permission. You want him to sleepover and spend the whole night cuddling? He's sneaking out of the dorm to keep you warm in the bitter ramshackle hovel.
-Spending time in public with you is amusing, seeing you chattering about with almost every student is adorable, he loves seeing your eyes glittering and the bounce in your stance as you ramble. He does get jealous if your attention is on another for a while but can you blame him? You're just too cute when happy.
-While under his protection and in his loving arms, you'll be just right in this new world.
Authors Note: Thank you for the request! As stated previously I won't be writing for specific characters due to not knowing enough about them, one of these characters is Trey Clover, I apologize if you were looking forward to his but I currently don't have too much knowledge about him.
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kokofromwattpad · 1 day
Featuring: The First Years Plot: You speak your(my)home language in front of them Cw: Reader speaks Afrikaans because it's the only language I can actually understand without a translator, Gn! reader, cursing, translations/explanations after every scenario A/N: Holy crap, the French translated version of La Seine is so *mmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* Also reader does say some South African slang as well.
Ace Trappola
You were busy in the library, stressing over a test that Crewel had set for the very next day, when Ace walked in, trying to find you so that you could help him with studying.
"Hey prefect! I was wondering if you would help me with studying with that test thats comin' up." he quires with his usual large smile plastered on his face.
You shoot your head up at him, your eyes staring at him with blood lust.
"Het jy regtig net my studie vir jou idiotiese gat onderbreek?!" you scream.
Ace stares stunned for a while, his arms hang stupidly by his sides.
" Nou het jy niks om te sê nie!" you yell angrily.
You gathered all of your books and your sling on bag and marched out of the library to retreat back into Ramshackle.
Much later at night, Ace messages you a fat apology, saying how he didn't know that you were stressed and wanted to make up to you. (He also says its cool that you know a different language)
->Het jy regtig net my studie vir jou idiotiese gat onderbreek?! = Did you really just interrupt my studying for your idiot ass?!
->Nou het jy niks om te sê nie! = Now you have nothing to say!
Deuce was busy helping you out in Ramshackle with some cooking in the kitchen. You were on one end of the room, humming a song a song that Deuce was not paying attention too, until he hears a soft,
"Eendjies, eendjies, staan in 'n ry. Een, twee, drie, vier, stap hul' verby"
He turns his head curiously at you with a questioning face.
"Prefect, what are you singing?" he asks gently.
You stop your singing and turn to look at him. You did not realize that he had been listening to you.
"Oh it's an old lullaby my mother used to sing to me when I was little. I kinda just remembered it just now. Sorry for surprising you!" you explain.
The boy just smiles happily and continues on with the rest of day, but he just happier knowing that you relived a little bit more about yourself to him than you do to others.
Translation= Ducklings, ducklings, all in a row One, two, three, four, see how they go. {Fun fact: Most South African children learn this lullaby when they are in preschool/Grade RR}
The track and field team was going against RSA in a race today and you in the stands cheering him on.
As Jack is running, he suddenly hears form the crowd,
It was you screaming your lungs out for him. Even though he had zero idea what you had just said, he still appreciates it continues to do his absolute best.
Translation: SLAAN HULLE MY SEUN! = BEAT/HIT THEM MY BOY (I personally like to assign my friends a family title, and because I said so, I assigned Jack as the son)
Epel was stomping down the hallway, anger painted beautifully on his face. He was absolutely pissed at Vil for booking a hair and makeup appointment for him even though he did not need it.
Once he saw you walk out of your final class for the day, he immediately runs up to you and starts to vent about the 'bullshit that Vil puts him in' and so on.
"Awww, shamepies" you teased.
Epel turns his head at you with a mix of anger and confused on. "What the hell did you just say?" he breathed out.
You stood surprised and then it hits you like a damn train. He doesn't understand your slang.
Quickly you explained that 'shames' means a lot of different things and it is not always bad.
Epel now uses it against Vil.
(Shames is usually not used to degrade or reprimand someone, rather it is usually used in a sarcastic or comforting way, like what reader did, they faked pity while teasing Epel for having to deal with Vil.)
Sebek opened the door to Ramshackle to give you a message that was sent from Malleus. Something on the lines of meeting the prince in a different location for their nightly walk.
But when Sebek walked deeper into the dorm, he heard loud screaming coming from the lounge.
"Julle het regtig gedink dit is 'n goeie idee om soos 'n klomp apies op te tree!" you lectured.
The troublesome trio looked shamefully down at the floor, trying to ignore your harsh, blade like stare. Your hands were on your hips and thee were shattered pieces of a blue vase scattered all over the floor.
Sebek then decided that it would be better to wait in the foyer until you calmed down and decided the trio's punishment.
Translaton: "Julle het regtig gedink dit is 'n goeie idee om soos 'n klomp apies op te tree!" = "You guys really thought it was a good idea to act like a bunch of monkeys!"
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tiyoin · 1 month
i like to think the world of twst has weird names for diseases / illnesses
for example:
yuu : *gets a chill up their spine*
deuce : you okay yuu?
yuu : yeah i’m fine. just got a bad case of the goose bumps - what?
adeuce staring at them horrified : how… how are you still alive???
Tumblr media
yuu : yesh man, don’t spook up on me like that! you gave me the heebie jeebies!
azul pauses mid rant, before looking horrified : i i don’t- i don’t have
azul : *runs away*
hours late
azul : how DARE you joke about such a lethal disease that took the life of millions 200 years ago! that was a dark time in twisted wonderland where-
yuu :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ruggie : yeah leona had to go home because he got a case of brain freeze
yuu : aww could the wittle wion not handle a cold beverage 🥺
jack :… yuu, brain freeze means your entire brain function has stopped working- it has a 80% morality rate
yuu :
jack :
ruggie :
yuu :… awww could the-
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Fem!Yuu/Reader: *blows a kiss at Ace and Deuce*
Ace and Deuce: *both reach out to grab the air in front of them* She was aiming at me - whaa - no way was she aiming at you, she meant it for me! *immediately start brawling on the floor for literal thin air*
Grim: *facepalms* What do you see in them?
Epel: *watching them rolling around and punching each other* Do you want other ones? We have better ones.
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dotster001 · 3 months
How they get you under the Mistletoe
Summary: Twst NRC students x gn! reader. How they get you under the Mistletoe.
A/N: Merry Christmas if you celebrate that! If not, happy holidays! I was gonna do the staff too for this, but it got so long 😂 if people enjoy this, I can do the staff and RSA/Noble bell.
Ace Trappola
You have no idea until it's too late.
You had to admit, despite the strict rulebook she made, the queen of hearts knew how to throw a holiday party. You were finishing off a glass of the best sparkling cider you'd ever had when you felt an arm around your waist.
You turned to see Ace, just in time for him to lightly punch your shoulder as he told some random student, "And this one? You shoulda seen them, they really whipped our asses into shape."
"You're exaggerating," Deuce pouted from next to him.
"Am not," Ace said. He pushed you slightly forward and gestured to you.
"You wouldn't know it by looking at them, but our beloved Y/N can be a hard ass."
He took a step forward, and whispered, "Huh. Would you look at that prefect. It appears we are under the mistletoe."
You wanted to wipe that smug grin off his face, but it was too late. His lips were already on yours.
The world around you faded, and for a moment it was just you and him. Then you were brought back to reality by …
"Ew, Ace," Deuce groaned, and walked away, as did the other Heartslaybul student.
You were about to follow after them to apologize for Ace's tomfoolery, when he grabbed your wrist and whispered, "Hey, we're still under the mistletoe. Can't wreck tradition, now can we?"
Deuce Spade
You were setting up decorations together
First years were in charge of setting up the decor for the Heartslaybul holiday party. Ace and Deuce had of course come begging on their hands and knees for you and Grim to come help.
You'd decided it would save time if you split the work, so Ace and Grim were working on the upstairs hall decor, while you and Deuce were working on the common room.
You were on a shaky ladder trying to hang up some garland and mistletoe, when Deuce panicked and held your ladder still.
"I feel better knowing that I'm holding the ladder still for you," he said, looking up at you nervously.
You nodded, and finished hanging the things, before climbing down (sort of) into his waiting arms. You were about to say you were okay, when you noticed his reddened cheeks, and his eyes flicking between the mistletoe and your lips.
Knowing Deuce as long as you had, you knew you'd have to initiate the thing he clearly wanted. You pressed a quick peck to his lips.
His eyes widened, then darkened as he smiled mischievously. He grabbed your face and kissed you fervently until Grim came through hoping to escape, and screamed.
Riddle Rosehearts
You have to follow the rules.
Riddle had been acting funny the entirety of the party. He'd been quiet, and his face was a bright red, but you figured he was probably tired from exams, and/or stressed about returning home for the break.
It was nearing the end of the party, when he suddenly approached you with a stern frown on his face.
"I know you aren't a member of Heartslaybul, but remember, when you are in my kingdom, you have to follow my rules."
"Why yes, your majesty, of course," you gave a mock curtsy. "And now I'm sure you're gonna tell me what rule I broke?"
He scowled before he turned away.
"Rule 533, the queen and their beloved must share a kiss under the mistletoe, if the holiday is being celebrated under a full moon."
"I'm your beloved?" You couldn't decide whether to tease him, or flush yourself. But this whole thing was very vulnerable of him, and your heart was melting.
"Yes" he whispered. "Now are you going to follow me to mistletoe, or do I have to punish you?"
You gave a fake sigh, "Lead the way, your majesty."
He led you under the mistletoe, and gave you a chaste kiss.
"That's it?" You scoffed.
"What do you mean that's…"
You cut him off with a deep kiss, that he reciprocated incredibly quickly.
When you pulled away, it hit you.
"Wait, isn't it a crescent moon tonight?"
His eyes widened at being caught, and he said the first thing that came to his otherwise empty brain.
"Off with your head!"
Trey Clover
A quiet (orchestrated) moment alone
You were helping Trey with the baking for the party. Knowing Heartslaybul, the party itself was going to be raucous, so having some time to just chill with Trey was nice.
Once everything was in the oven, you began trying to clean up some of the clutter.
"There's no need to do that right now," he said with a soft smile. He took a seat and patted the chair next to him.
"Come sit for a moment, just relax," he hummed before crossing his arms behind his head, closing his eyes, and leaning back.
You took the seat next to him, and did your best to find a comfortable position before sighing.
"I'm not an old man like you. I can't just sleep anywhere."
He opened his eyes and cocked an eyebrow.
"Old man?"
"Yeah, let's face it Trey. You're an old man in a college kid's body."
He smiled mischievously. "That so?"
He pulled out some mistletoe he'd been holding on to and held it above your head, using his other hand to seductively caress your jaw.
"Well, ya gonna give this old man a kiss?"
"That came out weird," You said with a laugh.
"I know, I heard it after I said it," he winced. "Still…"
He leaned in even closer.
"Part of that question still stands," he whispered.
Before you could tease him with a "which part", he was kissing you like he was starving, and you were his last meal.
Cater Diamond
Doing an innocent trend
Being the token non magic student at NRC, Cater knew you were a gold mine for content. You'd become a frequent guest on Cater's magicam, and a popular one at that.
So when Cater had told you before the party that he would need you for a trend later, you didn't think too much about it.
Now he was dragging you off somewhere, giggling over his shoulder as you spilled your drink, or tripped on a stray student. You figured you'd pay him back later.
He stopped abruptly, and told you to stay put as he set up his camera. You had ten seconds once he started the camera to get set, so he always filled you in while he set up any filters or sound bites he wanted.
"Kay, so you're under mistletoe right? So the trend is to kiss your bestie's cheeks under the mistletoe, then hug. All you gotta do is stand there and look fabulous, until the hug part."
It sounded like a pretty boring trend to you. But, whatever, that's why Cater was in charge. He finished set up, pressed the button, and the ten seconds timer started. He ran back over to you, gave you a reassuring, "ready?", And then kissed your cheek on the far side to the camera as the video started.
He kissed your other cheek, and you began to move closer for the hug, when his arms were around you, and he was kissing you.
He took a step back, and took in your appearance, which was flustered and shocked. Your jaw was dropped so far you were certain it was on the floor. And your heart, oh God your heart, you were worried it was beating way too fast.
The set time of the video ended, and Cater practically skipped over to his phone, where he checked the video, added some effects, put in some tags, and posted it.
All you could do was watch him the entire time, words completely gone from your brain.
After the video posted, he put his phone back in his pocket and gave you a smug grin.
"I tagged you in it," he said, eyes looking softer than usual as he pointed to the pocket you kept your phone in.
You pulled it out, and looked at the video you were tagged in.
"Kissing my crush under the mistletoe to see how they'll react."
Leona Kingscholar
It was an accident, but he's not complaining.
Ruggie had asked you to bring Leona the food plate he'd asked for, since he was trying to put as much food in Tupperware as he could before the Savannaclaw party finished. You were a good pal, so you agreed, knowing full well that the second the plate was secure, and you were in arms reach, you would become a nap buddy.
But you weren't complaining. Even though Savannaclaw was hot, it still felt nice to cuddle with a heater during the holidays. For the vibes, of course.
Just as predicted, he opened a single eye, had you set down the plate, and suddenly, you were a little spoon.
"Thanks herbivore," he hummed half heartedly as he nuzzled into your neck.
You were finally starting to drift off, when you were flipped on your back, and he was hovering above you. His eyes were lit up with mischief as he looked down at you like the prey you were beginning to realize you were.
"I guess my nap spot just happens to be under the mistletoe. You'll indulge me, right herbivore?"
Then his lips were on your neck, your jaw, your cheek, but never your lips, until you whined at him to stop teasing you.
He laughed lowly, and whispered, "As you wish." And finally gave you what you wanted.
Ruggie Bucchi
If you don't know how he does it, hi, you must be new. Welcome to the fandom 😂
"Laugh with me," he whispered, and before you could cuss him out for being a prick, he was already giggling and walking you both over to the mistletoe that you'd seen a Savannaclaw student and his Octavinelle boyfriend making out under an hour ago.
When you both stopped under it, he gasped in mock surprise.
"My my my, what have we here? It appears we've been caught under the mistletoe!" He said, as his grin turned sneakier and sneakier now that he was certain he'd won.
His tail was wagging at a mile a minute as you "reluctantly" puckered your lips out to him. He pressed a chaste kiss to your lips, and you thought it was over.
But Ruggie is an opportunist.
Hours of making out later, you finally pried yourself from Ruggie's embrace, but only on the promise that you would bring back some hot chocolate to share.
Jack Howl
You'll have to initiate.
The entirety of the party, you'd seen Jack's eyes flicker to the mistletoe, over to you, and then down to the floor in embarrassment.
He'd made sure neither of you wandered over in that direction, and if you asked him if something was wrong, his cheeks would darken.
Naturally, because this was Savannaclaw, you, Ruggie and Jack were the only ones there for party cleanup.
You subtly made eye contact with Ruggie and nodded towards the mistletoe, then towards Jack.
Ruggie grinned and made a gesture for money with his hands. You rolled your eyes and nodded, and he smiled.
"We're out of garbage bags, I'll be right back guys," Ruggie said before leaving the room.
Jack started to follow after him, and you grabbed his arm.
"Wait, where are you going?"
"We have trash bags right here," he nodded at the obvious box of trash bags, and you cursed Ruggie in your head.
"He's just giving us privacy, come over here," you did your best to pull him over to the mistletoe, but he was made out of stone.
"Gah! Just trust me!"
He frowned, but allowed you to pull him over. Once you were under the mistletoe, his tail started wagging like a fan, but his eyes couldn't meet yours.
You pressed a soft kiss to his lips, until he sighed, and relaxed.
It was over far too soon, but you knew Jack would probably explode if you overdid it. And you'd rather not have that happen.
What surprised you, though, was how you were suddenly engulfed in his arms, as he buried his face in your hair, and held you close.
Azul Ashengrotto
His wingmen are simultaneously the worst and the best.
The Monstro Lounge was having a winter themed night. Azul may or may not have been planning with the tweels how he was going to effortlessly get you under the mistletoe.
You arrived, as planned, with Grim, and had taken a seat at a table near the VIP room.
"Prefect! I apologize for interrupting your meal, but I was hoping you could look at the menu I'm thinking about for the next semester."
"Of course," you stood up and followed him to the chosen spot, but now that you were here, he was nervous to initiate. So he continued pointing out dishes on the menu until…
"Have you kissed them yet?" Floyd shouted from across the lounge.
"Yes, you see we've been keeping other students away from the mistletoe, but they are starting to get upset. I'd hurry up if I were you," Jade said at a much subtler volume.
Azul turned a bright shade of red as you looked at him.
You gave him a nod, and he took a deep breath, and kissed you.
"God finally!"
"Subtly, Floyd!"
Jade Leech
You don't know until it's too late, part 2.
"There's something I'd like to show you in my room. My new terrarium has produced interesting results."
You were following Jade to his room, when you realized he was no longer walking with you. You turned around and saw him furrowing his brow at his phone, and typing something.
You walked back over to him to ask what was wrong, and you were suddenly pulled flush against him as he gave you a smug grin.
"Looks like you've trapped me under the mistletoe," he said as though he wasn't the one who had pulled you in.
"Ah well," he sighed, with a surrendering smile, running a gloved finger along your jaw, then tilting your chin up. "if that is what you truly desire, I suppose I shall have to oblige."
Floyd Leech
You have three options.
There are three ways this can go, and it all depends on his mood.
Route 1:
Floyd had joined you in your booth and continued slouching, until he finally just laid himself in your lap.
"Floyd, there is mistletoe over there," Jade said as he dropped off the food you'd ordered.
Floyd groaned, "Shrimpy and I can just kiss over here. What's the big deal about a leaf?"
Route 2:
Floyd immediately grabbed your hand when you set foot in the Monstro Lounge. He giggled excitedly like a kid on Christmas morning.
"C'mon Shrimpy! We gotta kiss under the mistletoe!"
Whether you're flustered or not doesn't matter. Prepare for excited sloppy kisses.
Route 3:
Floyd said nothing as you entered the lounge and he just….scooped you up. Long boy was way too strong to fight off, so you just kind of let him. But that was the only way to get along with Floyd really. You just had to be along for the ride.
Once he reached where he was going, he adjusted your position so that you were pressed to him, and his hands were under your knees, and you wrapped your arms around him for more support.
"Hmmm…. I've caught myself a Shrimpy," he said lowly, but his eyes were glittering with excitement.
"Well, it's too late for you," he leaned in and nibbled your lip. "Because according to Azul and land people's traditions, that leaf above us means you have to kiss me."
Kalim al Asim
Just asks you like a normal person.
The Scarabia holiday party was hopping, obviously. You'd expected nothing less. He'd planned for everything including...
"Y/N! Let's go kiss under the mistletoe!" He said excitedly as he grabbed your hand.
He froze for a minute then looked at you sheepishly.
"Only if you want to, of course, but I'd really like to kiss you, please?"
How could you say no to those puppy eyes?
"Of cour-"
The words weren't out of your mouth when he was pulling you to the mistletoe, and excitedly kissing you all over your face, really anywhere he could reach, like his affection for you was exploding in kiss form.
Jamil Viper
A quiet moment, in private.
You knew Jamil was probably in charge of a lot for the party. He seemed particularly stressed, too, because after this he had to oversee cleanup, and then helping all the students get ready to go home for break.
So you stayed out of his way during the party, and offered to take over cleanup manager, while he helped final inspections and packing.
He finished a little before you, then helped you finish, and invited you for tea in his room. When you both had your tea, he exhaustedly flopped backwards on the bed with a groan.
"That was a lot," he sighed.
"Yeah, but you have a little break now," you said, massaging his shoulders.
He sat up with a start.
"I was supposed to kiss you!"
Instead of answering, he just started fervently making out with you. Eventually, your lips were free as he held you close and kissed your neck and the rest of your face.
"What do you mean you were supposed to kiss me?"
"Under the mistletoe," he managed to get out. "It's the whole reason Kalim put the stupid thing there."
Vil Schoenheit
He just asks (pt 2) He's not an animal, potato.
The holiday party was a formal affair in the Pomefiore dorm. Vil was seated in his throne, with Rook standing by his side, as his potatoes mingled. His eyes were on a single potato. You.
At length, Rook gave a laugh.
"Roi du poison, just go kiss them. You know you want to."
Vil sighed, and gave a glare to Rook, but it was too late. He was already calling you over to the throne.
You arrived and gave a mock bow.
"Your highness," you said with a grin. "You called?"
"Yes," since you were going to act like a smart ass, he'd play with you a little. "I'd like you to join me under the mistletoe, if you'd be so kind."
Your jaw dropped, and you looked like a blubbering fish. He smiled to himself, and stood up from the throne, gracefully taking your arm and walking to the mistletoe.
He tilted your head up with a single finger and smugly asked, "Well?"
You gave a vigorous nod. He laughed and pressed a soft kiss to your lips.
Then he just walked away.
Always leave your audience wanting more.
Rook Hunt
Everything seems normal-WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU COME FROM?
He must have been hiding nearby. Waiting for you. A part of you was chiding yourself for not knowing.
You had intended to walk past the mistletoe into the kitchen, where you would get some more snacks. No one had been around. You were certain.
Rook dropped from the sky just as you stepped under the mistletoe.
"What the fuck!" You shouted, but he was simply giggling, and wrapping his arms around you, trapping your arms to your sides.
"You let your guard down, Mon Trickster."
"Yeah, that's on me," you sighed.
"Is the prey surrendering?" He laughed out in amusement.
You gave an experimental wiggle, then sighed .
"Yeah, looks like it."
He leaned in and spoke against your lips, his warm breath sending a shiver down your spine.
"Then I'll take my prize now."
Epel Felmier
Thinks it's stupid…until it's not.
"Kissin' under the mistletoe is a stupid tradition," Epel said for the fifth time in an hour. But this was the first time you'd heard it. You'd been elsewhere all day. But he'd said it to literally everybody else.
"Yeah, it kind of is," you laughed back, and his frown deepened.
"W-well, it's not that stupid," Epel said.
"Sure it is, I mean who even came up with it?"
"It's not stupid! I'll prove it to ya!"
He grabbed your wrist and dragged you off under the mistletoe, and kissed you hard.
"See? Not stupid," he said smugly. Until he realized what he'd just done. Then his face turned a bright red.
"Fuck," he muttered. " 'S a stupid tradition."
Idia Shroud
Lmao not happening.
He'll die before he goes to the holiday party. And he'll die before he participates in such a stupid normie tradition.
Sorry Idia simps, but you know I'm right.
Malleus Draconia
Over prepares.
Whoever was in charge of decorating….had definitely overdone it.
The ceiling was covered in mistletoe. You couldn't go more than a couple steps without finding yourself under another sprig.
"Child of man, are you enjoying your festivities?" Malleus suddenly boomed from behind you.
"For sure!" You turned to face him with a smile. "Thanks for inviting me!"
Malleus smiles for a moment, then releases the fakest gasp you've ever heard.
"Child of man! It appears we are under the mistletoe!"
You look at the multitudes of mistletoe on the ceiling, and laugh, "I think it'd be weirder if we weren't under the mistletoe."
He furrows his brow and pouts. "Lilia told me about the human holiday tradition where you must kiss if you are under the mistletoe."
You felt your cheeks warm as you put two and two together.
"O-okay, if you want a kiss then-"
His lips are on yours immediately, his hands in your hair and on your back, like if he stops moving them you'll be able to escape his grip.
He pulls away and licks his lips seductively.
"There, we have not broken tradition."
You both walk a couple of steps, then…
"*Fake gasp* Child of man! We are under the mistletoe yet again!"
Lilia Vanrouge
Hijinks and mischiefs.
You have no idea how you ended up under the mistletoe with Lilia. But now he was floating around you in circles, tapping his chin thoughtfully with a satisfied smirk.
"Now what do I do with you, little human? It appears you have fallen in a trap set by the very crafty Lilia Vanrouge."
You felt his breath on the back of your neck, as he hovered close behind you, but not close enough to actually touch.
"I suppose I could let you go."
He whispered.
Then his breath was on your right ear.
"Or I could trap you here forever so that you have to kiss me whenever I want."
He floated in front of you and narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. Why it hadn't occurred to you to just leave him there, you had no idea. But with all the hovering and breathing on your skin, you thought you would lose your mind if he didn't kiss you soon.
He hummed to himself, then tilted his head and leaned in close. As his lips were about to brush against yours, he abruptly shifted up and pressed a quick peck to the tip of your nose.
Then he grinned and flew away.
Cheeky bastard.
A goodnight kiss.
Silver had fallen asleep halfway through the party. He'd woken up at the end, when you were about to leave. He knew it had been snowing, so he'd offered to walk you back to Ramshackle.
As you reached the door, Silver found himself taken with how beautiful you looked surrounded by the snow. Your eyes glinting from the cold, your hair shining with the glitter of snowflakes. Truly radiant.
"Wait," he said softly as you turned the handle.
You turned back to him and raised an eyebrow. He walked closer, and took your hands in his, rubbing his chilly nose against yours affectionately.
"I don't know if I'll get to see you again before break is over," he whispered. You leaned the rest of the way in and softly kissed him, before slowly pulling away and stepping inside.
"Goodnight Silver," you whispered, and he swore he'd never been more awake than that moment.
Sebek Zigvolt
It's stupid until it isn't (pt 2)
"Y/N keeps walking very close to that mistletoe. Dangerously close," Lilia whispered to Sebek.
"So?" Sebek asked, as though he hadn't been watching you do this for the last half hour while you talked to some random second year in his dorm.
"It looks almost like Donovan is doing it on purpose," Lilia said with a smirk, nodding at the second year in question. At a second glance, Sebek saw Lilia was right. It looked like he was trying to back you into it.
Sebek scowled. "It doesn't matter. It's a silly human tradition of little substance."
His train of thought was interrupted as he heard you laugh loudly at something Donovan had said.
Without a word he marched over to you.
"Oh, hey Sebek!" You turned with a smile. "What's-"
He wrapped a single arm around your waist, and pulled you close as he kissed you under the mistletoe.
He kept the arm around your waist as he turned to Donovan, who had a rather ugly scowl on his face.
"EXCUSE ME DONOVAN, MY HUMAN AND I ARE GOING TO HAVE A PRIVATE CONVERSATION IN THE HALLWAY CLOSET!" Sebek said, louder than even he intended. But your flustered expression, and Donovan's rage, as he walked you to the hallway, made it all worth it.
Tag list- @lleoll @shytastemakerthing @stygianoir @leonia0
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fukashiin · 3 months
how they admire you from afar
— w. ace, deuce, floyd, kalim, jamil
⤷ times when they stare at you and think "wow theyre pretty"
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
- you? beautiful? him staring at you because of it?
- audacious. seriously
- he stares at you so much and he hates YOUR guts for it somehow
- like why do you have to look so breathtaking when doing the most ordinary of tasks? do you WANT him to stare at you? (not like you’re aware of how much he does anyway)
- and you miss the salty side eye he gives to the previous person you were talking to
- fail to notice the subtle pouts he sends your way and he ignores you back for the next week
- like literally what is his problem
- but the time he spends trying to “ignore” you doesn’t last for long
- because. you don’t know. how beautiful you are in his eyes.
- scribbles the most illegible notes down in his journal back in his dorm because he just can’t get rid of the sight of your face (no human is supposed to be that pretty. he’s just being ridiculous)
- posts weirdly ominous captions on his magicam stories about how “he’s going to lose it” or “how can someone be THAT blind?” 
- he removed you from his close friends just so you couldn’t view it
- and he’s still wondering why you aren't taking the hint? ace please wake up you're going to harvard
- the next day is his basketball tournament. you were invited
- and the moment he was about to shoot the ball through the basket, he saw you amongst the crowd, cheering for him, yelling his name, encouraging him to score a point for NRC’s team
- he misses the shot with his hand a centimeter away from the basket and the ball bounces off the ring
- the whistle blows and the tension falls off of everyone’s shoulders
- he’s not ashamed in the least. in fact he was still focusing on you. why did you look so confused? head tilted and everything? now is not the time to distract him when he’s in a tournament you know? this is a very important day for him and he absolutely cannot miss this shot.
- he comes back to his senses when both teams that were competing against each other disappeared from the ring. only turns out it was time to take a break and he was informed of his foolish mistake 
- he sees you running up to him, scoffs, and turns away
- why do you have to put him through so much? just when will you notice his dumb advances towards you?
- but all his thoughts dissipate into thin air when you smile at him so sweetly and reassure him that he’ll do better the next round
- he really hates you
- and he’s really down bad for you
- no. he can’t accept this. he won’t accept this. what happened to his first priority to become NRC’s notable honour student?
- stage 1: denial
- his gaze settles on you entirely, while you’re taking notes in class and you’re unaware of a hungry gaze that burns into the back of your head
- deuce then realises that he’s been balancing on the front two legs of his seat this entire time
- slips and hits his chin directly on the edge of the desk when mr. crewel calls out his name
- pull out the bandages with my melody characters cutely printed onto them, he’s going to need it 
- but when your hands come in contact with his skin
- he absolutely
- “let me bandage it up for you” you said. “i promise it won’t hurt one bit” you SAID
- stares at you the whole time while you’re focused on cleaning his bruise (caused by you)
- he takes notice of the bandages and feels the childish tears pricking at his eyes (caused by you)
- mutters a weak ‘thank you’ once you’re done and when you push your hair back to get rid of the accumulated sweat on your forehead, he feels an arrow shooting right through his heart
- can he blame you? everything you do is just so seemingly flawless and attractive that he can’t help but wonder if he’s truly worthy of your attention. after all, you are aware of his past 
- spams his mother’s phone once he’s back at the dorm in the evening, telling her that there’s this person who’s so drop-dead gorgeous that he can’t get them out of his mind and he’s begging her, asking her what he should do with such unfamiliar feelings that poke at his heart
- except ms spade was probably dealing with a workload that evening and had her notifications off for the entire day (and probably forgot in the process so she’s worried about his son not texting her for one whole day)
- they’re bothj so silly
- the next couple of days fly by, same as ever, with deuce admiring your features at the other side of the table while you help wipe the crumbs off of grim’s face during lunch
- his entire thought process was just about how dreamy you were, he’s so lovestruck it’s insane
- and great seven does he thank them above for being able to live this day
- because you suddenly remembered that your fridge back at ramshackle dorm was out of stock
- so you offered deuce this golden opportunity to head to sam’s store together to help shop for missing groceries that you desperately needed to fill your fridge again 
- he snaps out of his own thoughts and nods his head. violently. was he trying to mimic those bobble head figures?
- you were content and looked at him with that killer-smile
- instant K.O
- ace watches from the sidelines and gets up to purchase another deluxe steak hamburger that the cafeteria was handing out for a limited time
- completely ditches his work at mostro lounge just to sit at the booth you’re at to stare at you
- he doesn’t even say anything
- he just stares
- maybe even twirls a lil strand of your hair if you consent to that
- and he’s completely head-over-heels for you. but who knows that other than jade and azul thanks to their gifted intuition? not you, for all they know
- absolute menace
- casually slings an arm around your shoulders, wrap his arms around your waist from behind-he does all of these and starts a countdown out of nowhere for the person that you were conversing with to get away from the two of you
- you: ( ゚д゚) Floyd: (*^ω^*)
- what’s that about personal space??? yeah he has zero idea of what that is while he continues staring at you
- your lips to be specific.
- every part of you just seems so-pretty? whenever you two have mixed classes together all his thoughts go right through the window and you’re the only thing that his eyes see
- leaves the classroom feeling pretty goofy. slacks his arms behind his head and accidentally whacks a student right in the face with his elbow
- hallway chases are nothing new
- you have to run twice as fast as you do in PE
- he justt thinks you’re so cute the nicknames are endless
- “my adorable shrimpy” “my cutesy little sherbet in a cup” “my one and only mike wazowski”
- they’re not even related to sea animals anymore
- revoke his pet name privileges please
- smitten the moment he makes eye contact with you
- menace number #2 (lovingly)
- what’s wrong? you don’t want a costly chandelier installed in ramshackle’s lounge? Funny! kalim does not bother and your complaints fall on deaf ears
- cups his cheeks in his hands and kicks his legs while he watches you from afar like a little high school girl
- he has a big fat crush on you and he isn’t afraid to show it
- INSISTS jamil that they should bring back every traditional cuisine from their hometown for you to try out
- sends unprofessionally written love letters onto ramshackle’s doorstep when he’s away for the holidays (jamil modified some parts of the letter to not make it too hard to understand)
- think his only love language is giving gifts? absolutely not. doesn’t even know what the five love languages are but masters them all (and it doesn't even take him any strenuous effort)
- rambles to jamil about how beautiful you are during lunch. proceeds to even make an hour-long powerpoint presentation to show to his 30 younger siblings back at home with low-quality images downloaded from shutterstock.
- “how pretty are they?” “are you two going to get married?” “can i see them in person some time? I’ll be nice!”
- no you did NOT give him permission. but you’re okay with that. you love him too much to scold him anyway<333 
- one time you were invited to scarabia’s dorm where they were holding a large banquet (kalim sat beside you and mindlessly kept placing portions of food from the table onto your own plate-it started overflowing you HAD to stop him from grabbing the tongs)
- by the time everything was settled, you went back to your own dorm to get a goodnight’s rest
- but kalim was so adamant on not letting you go that a student from his dorm basically had to rip him off of your figure 
- he loves you and your cute face so much 
- scratch that he loves everything about you from head to toe
- when he was back in his room daydreaming about you, he heard the door burst open
- turns out it was jamil needing to inform him about the upcoming dorm leader meeting happening the next day
- kalim accidentally called him “teddy bear” thinking it was you who decided to come back and give him a farewell kiss
- jamil took his first shot that day
- jamil viper is not like the other guys
- no he’s different
- he stubbornly pushes all his surfacing feelings down and outwardly ignores the elephant in the room!
- which is his abrupt crush on you
- but seriously-he has no idea what to do
- when you offered to help him make dishes for the next dorm feast scarabia was having
- he couldn’t stop staring at the way your hands handled the kitchen utensils so effortlessly 
- and how you looked so laser focused on chopping the ingredients with beads of sweat starting to form on your forehead
- he’s DEFINITELY not into you at all. there’s nothing outstanding about you. he does not think you’re even pretty in the least. (press X to doubt)
- kalim takes notice frustratingly quick and suddenly he’s not a dorm leader anymore but a persuasive wingman
- kalim: you like them right??? do you want me to confess to them for you???? i promise i wont make you look stupid!
- jamil: PLEASE STO
- but when you start to become aware of the subtle signs and how he’s much more softer when it comes to you, jamil assures you that you had no fault in this at all and he’s stupid for letting such affection get to his head
- “It’s not you, it’s me.”
- (he secretly tells himself that it is kind of you because you’re just too charming to take his eyes off of??? inflexible much)
- but he still continues to stare at you. he doesn’t even know if it’s out of pure habit or if he’s just shameless anymore (news flash: it’s both)
- throw your personality into the mix and he’s very much in love
- and you were kind enough to not pay mind to it. when you do notice and call him out-he’s flushed. he’s flustered. bro ascended.
- and when you do accept his feelings, he’s relieved. he even offers to cook for you every day 24/7. and you’re rather surprised at his ability to balance all his responsibilities on his shoulders without a single slip up.
- sometimes kalim would walk with you guys in the hallway when arriving to your locker to pick up some books for your next lesson. jamil doesnt particularly mind but
- why does it feel like he’s the one who’s third wheeling?
- but in all honesty, he doesn’t mind in the least
- because he knew that you reciprocate his feelings so sincerely-and he’s grateful for it.
- mega W if you start dating jamil you won in life
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shkanoin · 4 months
what are we?
summary. texting your boyfriend ‘what are we?’ as a prank does not go quite as expected
featuring. ace trappola, deuce spade, jack howl, epel felmier, sebek zigvolt
t//w. reader gets an engagement scare in sebek’s part but it’s just for laughs el oh el
notes. man i haven’t made these in a while
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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