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Ace, Deuce, and Epel: *dressed as old ladies fighting*
Ace: I have to confess something
Epel: I’m scared but I’m listening
Ace: I’m a man! I have a giant cock!
Jack: what the fuck!
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Calling them by their full name as a prank
This was me testing a new app so I apologize if it's shit (I also don't know if this was done before)
Warning: cringe
Ft: Vil, Floyd, Deuce, Epel
Part 2
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don't plagiarize my shit please <3
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Ace: Me and Yuu are dating now.
Deuce saying all proud: Watch your s/o Ace! My mama said im a handsome boy~!!
Ace: Deuce,dude. Stop.
Yuu: he is right tho...
Ace: YUU!?
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Hey, was just wondering if you would do a request where the s/o, when they get too excited or enthusiastic, their logic kind of switches off? Like words running together or half finished sentences. If so, can it be people from the Whitebeard Pirates by chance? (Like Marco, Ace or Whitebeard, your pick). If not, have a lovely day or evening and thank you for reading my ask!
yeah no worries! I hope you enjoy <3
Tumblr media
Ace grew up with Luffy so he’s pretty good at understanding you even when you are madly waving arms and running your words together.
He smiles and puts his hand on your shoulder as you carry on jabbering happily at him and pointing to the things that got you so excited in the first place.
Ace even manages to keep up with you, answering your slew of over-excited chattering.
Everyone around wonders how Ace is so good at understanding you when you get like this, often asking him to translate, which he does, flawlessly.
He never minds either, just finds it very adorable.
He slowly blinks when you burst into his office and start to tell him about something happily and excitedly.
You can tell there’s a dial-up connection sound in his head as he raises both eyebrows and pieces things together as they fall out of your mouth.
He gets the missing clues from your body language, always able to read you one way or another.
His smile turns into a smirk as he chuckles when you come closer to him, putting your hands on his desk and carry on chatting at him.
“Is that so?” He says with a hum, amused.
“Whoa, whoa there Hunny.” He says with a chuckle and puts his hands on your shoulders as you go full speed, telling him about whatever it is that has you happily riled up.
He listens as you repeat it a few times, and he clicks in time and understands what you mean, maybe after the third go over but he gets there.
Thatch doesn’t mind, just liked to hear how happy you are and he gets there eventually.
He furrowed his brows and pouts as you jumble up words and talked a mile a minute. He tried to catch what you said but he fails.
But he's polite and listens, lets you get it all out, waving arms and pointing and rambling and he sits, he waits, he nods sometimes.
“Darling,” he starts and rubs your shoulders. “Can you repeat that? I didn’t catch it.” Izou says with a smile to let you know he’s not mad at all.
He kinda looks at his beer and wonders for a moment if it’s you or if he’s actually had too much to drink.
He decides to scoff and laugh loudly as you happily ramble at him.
“Maybe pause and take a breath my love.” He says with another laugh as he gently reaches to bring you closer to him.
He listens as best as he can as you carry on, he thinks he knows what your going on about, or at least pretends to.
If Marco or Ace was around he’d get them to relay your message once you’d calmed down.
“Yeah…” He says with a slow nod as he looks at you.
You're still telling him about the thing that made you so excited and he wished he could get a better grasp on what you were saying.
He’s normally good at writing down things a fast-paced person is saying but the missing sentences, unfinished and hanging cause him to struggle.
The more he gets used to you though, the more he understands.
Tumblr media
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random person: Well, what do they look like?
Deuce *while sobbing*: BEAUTIFUL
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The Lady and Her Musketeer
🖤 Pairing: Yandere! Deuce Spade x Female! Reader
���� Word Count: 1,4k+
❤ Warnings: -
Do not re-upload my writing to another website or use it without my permission. Also, don’t ask for a sequel unless I like the story enough to write one. Please reblog so other people can see my stories!
Deuce’s masquerade clothes reminds me of a musketeer ngl, so sorry if there’s some mistake! I’ve never written a musketeer before, but this idea is too good to pass up.
Tumblr media
It was a one-time mistake.
A moment of negligence, fooled by the darkness that you thought would cover you well from the dangers lurking nearby. It wasn’t a baseless assumption, for you’d gone home from waitressing every night without any harm so far. But Lady Luck couldn’t favor one person eternally, and under the silent yet pitying shine of the moon, a thug intercepted you in an alleyway.
Panic set your mind to a frenzy, and you feared he’d use the momentary opportunity to cut you with his knife if you screamed. Yet Lady Luck wasn’t entirely heartless, it seemed, for a sword suddenly stabbed his stomach from behind. The thug coughed and choked, dribbling blood from his chapped lips. He soon collapsed the moment the sword withdrew and lay in a pool of crimson.
Looking up, you saw your savior was an average-height man with fierce cyan eyes and navy hair as dark as the sky above. He wore a black and blue musketeer uniform trimmed with gold. His chest was checkered, while his hat was decorated with a playing cards pattern. His sword, once a cold hard silver, now angry wet red. He was a picture of chivalry and justice, until he met your eyes and was reduced to an earnest yet a bashful boy.
“A-are you alright?”
The sudden transformation warmed your chest that once hammered from alarm, and you found yourself smiling half bemused half grateful.
“Yes, thank you. You’re my hero.”
The title flushed his cheeks, and he immediately turned his head and coughed.
“It’s nothing. I was merely doing my duty to protect the kingdom and its people.”
“And you’ve done well.” said you. “May I know the name of my hero?”
“I-It’s Deuce. Deuce Spade.”
“That’s a nice name.”
His cheeks glowed brighter.
“What about you?”
“[Name] [Last Name].”
“It’s… it’s a beautiful name too!”
You beamed at the compliment, while Deuce coughed again. He extended his hand.
“So, shall I accompany you to your house?”
You stepped forward and interlinked your arm with his.
“You shall.”
Perhaps it was due to you being older, you couldn’t help but consider Deuce as the younger brother you never had. Every day he visited the restaurant you worked on, and on days where he was particularly busy, he’d still come either late at night or early in the morning and left a tip bigger than you usually received. His kindness even extended to him always accompanying you home, and while you appreciated it, you worried about whether he overexerted himself when it came to you. But Deuce dismissed it with a careless statement of him liking to help you. This favoritism didn’t go unnoticed by your coworkers and boss, most of whom teased you relentlessly. Your boss – a quiet, perceptive old man – excluded himself from the banter and warned you.
“Ensure that you assert your boundaries, [Name], or else he might just assume you need his help and protection even in the safest places.”
As foretold, Deuce started to encounter you outside of your workplace. On the streets, in the market, and even in the public park. Your worry for his well-being now redirected its course to you, who eventually stopped him when he appeared in your house uninvited with a bouquet one day.
“But why?” he asked. “I thought you appreciate my help.”
“I do, but this is going too far. You’re not my personal knight, Deuce. There’s no need for you to care so much about me.”
“But you are precious to me!”
Deuce panted from his passionate declaration, while you were left stunned. It was when you realized this confrontation was still happening on your doorstep, and fearing unwanted attention, you quickly ushered him inside.
“Since when have you been harboring feelings for me?”
With that musketeer uniform, Deuce stood like a sore thumb in your humble house. Still, his attitude around you very much resembled any shy kid around your neighborhood.
“I’m so sorry for shocking you! I was planning to confess to you today but–”
“Deuce, answer my question.”
He sighed, “Truthfully, I don’t know when or how. Ever since I saved you in that alleyway, I began to fear for your safety. What if someone harms you when I’m away? What if you die without my knowledge? So, perhaps that concern eventually bloomed into… love.”
Blushing, Deuce bowed his head. You followed his gaze to the rose bouquet in his hands, and your mind unhelpfully deduced its romantic meaning.
“Forgive me, Deuce, but I don’t see you in that way.”
His gloved hand stopped fiddling with the red petals.
“… Why? Is it because you’re older than me?”
Your eyes widened. How did he know that? Did your coworkers tell him about your age? Maybe they didn’t. He was a musketeer, after all, and you didn’t doubt his vast network of information.
“I know you might equate ‘young’ to ‘immaturity’, but I’m far from it. I swear! My mother can attest to that. At least, I hope she sees me that way.”
You didn’t hear his muttering on the last part and were more focused on how to convince him to stop pursuing you and leave your house for good.
“I’m so sorry, Deuce. Truly. But nothing can change my mind. We can still be friends, if you’d like.”
The hopeful gleam vanished from his eyes, and what replaced it was fleeting darkness that sent chills down your spine. Then, he blinked and his eyes returned to their normal piercing cyan.
“O-of course, I understand.”
Deuce excused himself, bringing along the vibrant bouquet that contrasted with his sadness. You lamented his tacit rejection of your friendship offer and shook your head, opting to rest for now.
It was better this way, you thought, for Deuce deserved a woman who would love him out of sincerity rather than pity.
There was a chill in the air; the kind that forebode danger.
Your hair bristled, and you cursed yourself for neglecting to wear a coat this morning. The streets seemed deserted at night, and although the job paid you well, you began to dislike how late you went home every day. For once, Deuce didn’t come to the restaurant and your coworkers instantly crowded around you for an interrogation. Still, you persisted in your lie that you didn’t know where he was. They were skeptical, of course, but your boss came to the rescue and ordered them to return to work. You thanked him, and it only occurred to you how unsafe you felt without Deuce’s security once you stepped out of the restaurant.
Regardless, you persevered for you hated to depend on him too much. What if he mistook it as you conceded to his constant surveillance? It was enough that you dismissed your boss’s warning once. You didn’t want a repeat and suffer a worse scenario.
Yet, the worse just had to happen.
A large, gloved hand clamped your mouth from behind and dragged you to a nearby alleyway. Your scream was muffled, but you heard the perpetrator talking to another person. Two men, and you, a woman without a single fighting skill, were overpowered. Your tearful eyes stared longingly at the shining exit ahead of you, so far yet so near, hoping for anyone to save you.
You thought it didn’t matter if Deuce were to rescue you again, but a blunt force hit you on the head before you could pray for his arrival and knocked you unconscious.
For a split second, you expected to wake up in a dark and dingy place. Perhaps a shack in the middle of the woods, or a storage room. And dark and dingy it was, yet the pool on your feet was certainly out of your prediction. The stench was metallic, and when you looked up, you could make out the silhouette of a hand lying on the floor.
A severed hand.
Was this a torture room? Were you about to be tortured? For information, or pure sadism?
“I’m sorry…” Someone whispered behind you, and you felt them untie the ropes on your wrists. “… was about to save you… but too late…”
Your body slumped forward, still too dazed to react.
“… Saw them drag you away… I followed…”
A pair of arms propped you up to a heaving, warm body.
“… Got angry and… all died…”
You glanced up. Piercing cyan eyes greeted you.
“I’m sorry. I can’t stay away from you.”
You succumbed to another dreamless sleep, and this time, you woke up somewhere worse than that dark and dingy room.
For Deuce’s bedroom was comparable to a torture room, indeed. Silk bounded your wrists to the bedposts, and his treatment, although lacking in harshness typical of kidnappers, still retained the ignorance of his vice.
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caycaysdiamond · 3 months
I wanna marry you, right here, right now.
Request for @liliasleftpinkytoe : "OK I'm taking one for the team twsts characters of your choice + lilia with a (later s/o) friend that legit pursues them for their hand in marriage, constantly flirting, doing things only for them and proposing with a new ring everyday?"
Thank you for my first request qaq! this is such a cool prompt so I hope I did it justice!!
Characters: Lilia Vanrouge and Deuce Spade Friends to Lovers, reader is astronomically down bad, lovesick writing, prefect or non prefect reader, cursing, long asf post
Lilia Vanrouge
Lilia Vanrouge was no stranger to your fondness of him. Your eagerness to help him with anything whether it be some meager dorm task or rehearsals with the light music club. 
The fae male wasn't complaining either, far from it. In fact, he often encouraged you to be around more and more, subtly mentioning a task he would be doing all alone and how boring it would be. Telling you how long practice with the club was going to be. Or mentioning a meeting or two he knew he'd have to go to.
Naturally, you would respond, "Hmm, I can spare some time." 
That's what friends are for, after all. 
And let's not forget the pet names that would spur from your lips at a moment's notice when referring to your dearest friend or the lingering touches you both would share. You would give Lilia soft gazes when you thought it wasn't paying attention to you. The lovesick sighs that would fall from your lips when your mind would wander to thoughts of him.
Lilia was simply playing coy to your feelings, maybe a bit cruel but he was eager for the day that you finally confessed to him. 
He received the first paper ring on his desk in his homeroom class. It was a simple, band-styled ring made of notebook paper. Beside it, there was a simple, straight-to-the-point note: 
I want to marry you, Lilia Vanrouge.  
He simply laughed, knowing who it was from even without a signature, and slipped the paper band on his ring finger. Later that day, he, of course, mentioned the paper ring when you met after classes. 
He flashed it proudly and with his signature smirk said, "They want to marry me, reader! My secret admirer, fufufu~ I wonder who they are." 
You felt a blood vein pop but responded coolly, "Oh? Is someone trying to steal you away from me, darling?
He shrugged, playing along, "Who knows? Maybe they're jealous of you. You are always around me, maybe they're...trying to take your spot in my heart, hm?"
You froze at the words Lila spoke, just for a moment but a moment was all he needed to continue, "It's sad. I have no way of knowing who did this. The ring is so finely made and whoever went out of their way to make it must really love me."
"They must, you're right," you looked away, "They must cherish you; handmade gifts always have very special places in people's hearts."
Lilia grabbed your hand and caressed it, "You're right, just the thought of someone who loves me making something just for me is enough to make me swoon."
"Really? Is that all it takes?" You rolled your eyes and squeezed his hand a bit.
"Do you think they'll give me more? I'd love to have a collection."
A small smile crossed your face at that, "Of course."
The second paper ring came in the same way as the first, only two days later. This ring though, was much more elaborate, instead of lined paper, it was made of light pink construction paper and resembled a flower. The note beside it read: 
I love you, Vanrouge. 
No other person would I ever do such incredible sappy confessions for in the form of these paper rings and crudely written notes. 
Words nor actions can accurately portray the feelings I truly have for you and you know, in fact, I believe you've always known.  
Were you waiting for me? For us?
I do want that. Want us. Forever.
I'll ask you the rest of my questions later.  - Reader
Lilia slipped the second ring on his finger, smiling at it fondly.
"Are you trying to take my whole heart, Reader?" He spoke to no one in particular, "Well...it's working."
The third ring came much later in the day, both of you were together but no verbal communication was taking place. At least, not between the two of you. No, instead, you were at a house warden's meeting with the vice house warden, writing notes that you would slip to Malleus later. The other house wardens never questioned your presence at these meetings either, as natural as water flow where Lilia was you were too, and vice versa. 
You knew that Lilia would be going directly to the light music club after this meeting, so this time before you both began to go in opposite directions after the meeting you slipped the third paper ring on his finger and placed the note tenderly in his arms.
"Another proposal, dear?" Lilia smiled and admired the third ring: a band that alternated between green and black with a thorn design drawn on. 
You just nodded as you started walking in the opposite direction, turning back you yelled, "I'm gonna steal your heart and marry you!"
Lilia just laughed and began reading the third note: 
Could I have called you mine sooner? 
Have I always had your heart?  
You've always been mine to me. 
You've always had my heart; it's only ever been you. 
Lilia, where would you want to have a honeymoon? 
You've seen the world more times than I could count, and I want to experience the world with you. 
Do you want to experience that world with me? 
Love always, Reader.
The fourth and final ring came days later as you helped Lilia recreate an old fae recipe in the Diasomnia kitchens, it was late at night and the two of you worked diligently. Lilia's previous three rings sat on the island in front of you both, none of them looked even a bit damaged. All night you found yourself sneaking glances at them, occasionally fiddling in your pocket with the final ring to complete the set. 
"You seem distracted," Lilia pointed out, "Something on your mind?"
"Nothing in particular," You replied to him a bit too quickly as you mixed up some ingredients in front of you.
Lilia feinted distress at your words, "Not even me? Oh, I'm so hurt and here I thought I would be ruining your every little thought like you do to me, sweetheart."
"That's the effect I have on you? Do elaborate for me, I want to know every moment you've ever thought about me."
"Every moment? We'd be here a while, there's been a lot since we first met."
"I've been driving you crazy since we first met?" you questioned, curious now.
Lilia simply nodded as he took your ingredient bowl and combined it with the rest, "Since before really, I've always had my eye on you. You've always been so intriguing...fufufu...I couldn't help myself, I had to get to know you."
"You're right, I was thinking about you," you decided to admit, "as always."
"Oh? Do tell."
"I was thinking about how many times you've probably made this recipe. And how many times you probably ruined it."
"Cooking is an art and I am only being an artist," he corrected, "Regardless, the hard part is over now we wait."
It was as Lilia turned to put the food in the oven that you decided to finally reveal the last ring to him, it was made with more sturdy paper than the ones thus far: It was a black ring with a green gem, very tiny pink flowers encased the area around the gem with little thorn vines. 
"Will you marry me, Lilia Vanrouge?" 
Lilia closed his eyes and smiled, "Of course, my love."  
You slipped the ring on his finger and let out a breath of relief. 
"You know I was kind of scared you'd say no." 
Lilia only laughed, "I would never torment you that much, dear," he dusted off his hands then rolled them, appearing in his hands were three identical rings to the ones you made earlier as paper, only these were very real. 
He slipped the first ring on your finger, "I want to marry you too," 
Then the second, "I was waiting for you." 
Lastly the third was slipped on, "You've always been able to call me yours because you've always had my heart. As for our honeymoon...ah we can decide that together, no? We have so much of the world to partake in together, after all."
Tumblr media
Deuce Spade
Every week, you and Deuce studied together in the library. Though sometimes the days changed due to both of your responsibilities throughout the year, somehow both of you always found time for both sessions without fail.
You were incredibly protective over your study time with him too.
Ace and Epel always asked to tag along but you always told them no. Your excuse was always, "I'd get distracted studying with so many people."
Or even sometimes, "Why don't you just study with Jack?"
They even tried to schedule their own study sessions with you! 1-on-1, just like the ones with Deuce and you rejected them again!
Why? "Who needs to do group studying that much?" You'd roll your eyes and puff, "Anything else I can just do on my own."
They quickly realized that you just wanted to monopolize time with Deuce, teasing you for such lame excuses. The two boys get it though, well if your obvious favoritism didn't stop there!
You would bring Deuce snacks if he off-handily mentioned he was a bit hungry, hide him from Riddle when you knew the housewarden was on a streak of 'Off with Your Head' that day, get him lunch, check on him if he was feeling slightly sick and it doesn't even stop there!!
In simple terms, Ace and Epel were absolutely stunned by how much you loved Deuce and how absolutely oblivious he was to it!
"Off to your study sessions, you fucking simp?" Ace leaned against your wall as you packed your school bag and slipped in a few snacks for good measure.
"Yes," you rolled your eyes, "so get out of my room, I don't need your weird cooties infecting my space more than it already has today."
You grabbed a red, heart shaped keyring from your desk and shoved it in your pocket.
"You may not want my weird cooties but I know whose you're practically begging foraaaaAHH-"
You didn't allow him to finish that statement instead you grabbed his wrist, opened the door, and slung him out. You followed behind him closing the door with a loud slam and ignored his protest, practically sprinting to the library. Once inside you made your way to the usual study spot and was greeted by Deuce, frantically writing out some alchemical equations and glaring the paper with only the anger a student could have.
"Deuce! Sorry I'm late!" You sat down next to him, pulling out your notebooks.
Deuce's expression immediately softened, "It's fine, Reader. I haven't been here long."
You glanced at his paper, "You wanna work on alchemy first today?"
Deuce simply nodded, "I want to try getting my hardest work out of the way while I'm with you today so that I'm not bothering you later in the week for help. You're getting busy with club work right?"
"Yea but I always have time for you!" You cupped his hands, "You could never bother me, Deucy, but thanks for caring about me so much." You let go of his hands then rummaged through your bag for your own alchemy work. Deuce watched you the entire time, the slightest bit of blush dusted his cheeks.
"Hm, found it. What problem are you on?"
"Uh, the first one..." Deuce admitted reluctantly.
"That's fine, I'll walk you through it since I already started on this earlier."
You began stepping through each problem with Deuce, letting him take the lead with working problems out and only helping when he was confused or used the wrong alchemy rules. It was late when you guys finally finished working, after double checking everything to make sure your work was correct, decided that was enough for today. The crisp winter winds assaulted your face as you left the library together and the moon was high above both of you. You both walked in a comfortable silence as you made your way to the Hall of Mirrors.
"I'll see you tomorrow," Deuce began to walk towards the Heartslabyul mirror but you grabbed his arm before he could go in.
"Wait um, I have a surprise," you gulped, "Close your eyes and gimme your hand."
Deuce did what you asked without much question, though he did give you a puzzled look as he closed his eyes and held out his hand. You slipped the red keyring onto his finger swiftly. The foreign metal made the ravenette shiver and his hand recoiled but you held it in place.
"Can I open my eyes?" He questioned.
"Y-yea," you answered.
Deuce opened his eyes to see you down on one knee, his hand still in yours with a red keyring around his finger. His eyes widened at the scene before him, and small mumbles of your name began to leave his lips. Your eyes were glued to him, face red, "Will you marry me, Deuce Space?"
Ace and Epel blinked at each other before bursting out laughing.
"Can you not?" Deuce rolled his eyes as he finished the story about how he got the red keyring, "This is why I didn't want to tell you." The three boys were currently sitting on the floor of Adeuce's dorm room listening to the ravenette's current plight.
"Okay okay so is it a similar story for this rest of the keyrings?" Ace asked after his laughter high calmed down, however Epel's did not and the shorter boy was barely holding it in enough for Deuce to finish.
Deuce fished the other keyrings out of his pocket and pointed to them as he explained, "The second one was the orange key ring, I got that after school then the yellow one was after my track meet, the green one was during lunch one day and the blue one I got when I was painting the roses for an Unbirthday party.
"And every time Reader ask you to marry them?" Ace questioned as he began to twirl a keyring around his finger. Deuce simply nodded and leaned back on his hands, "Everytime."
Epel rolled his eyes a bit, "Didja ever answer?"
"Um, well no..."
"NO?!" Ace slammed the keyring his was playing with to the ground, "What do you mean 'no'? What did you do then!? How do you not answer that?"
"You don't understand, they told me not to answer."
Epel laughed a bit, "Oh, I get it."
Ace whipped his head to look at the shorter male, "Um, I don't? Who ask a question that they don't want answered, multiple times?"
"Use yer brain, dumbass! It's not that they don't wanna answer, that ain't the point! They're tryna court Deuce!"
Deuce tilled his head, "Court me? With keyrings?"
Epel nodded and took a deep breath," Look," Epel began pointing to each keyring as he spoke, "Red, orange, yellow, green, blue. Reader been givin' Deuce rings in rainbow order so the next color ought to be the last color, purple, right? Since purple the last color, that's probably when they wanna hear Deuce's answer. Catch the drift?"
Deuce nodded, "That makes sense, actually!"
"Yeah, yeah but why keyrings?" Ace said to no one in particular, "They could have used, like, plastic rings that look like engagement rings or something right?"
"Don't know, would have'ta ask'em."
"What if it's like, you're getting keyrings because you already have the key to their heart?" Ace giggled, "That's so cringe!"
Deuce punched his dormmate in the arm, "It's not. It's...cute..."
Epel also punched Ace in the arm, "Nah he's right, woulda never excepted that from Reader. I guess it show's how head over heels they are, huh?"
"I think head over heels is pushing it, Epel," Deuce sheepishly waved off the comment, "I'm just happy to know they like me back."
"Oh puh-lease! Deuce no one just purposes to someone like that! Or always checks on you, packs you lunch, shows up to every track meet, makes you study guides, studies with you---solo, multiple times a week might I add, bails you out of trouble, and comments on like every Magicam post of yours. Do I need to go on? Cause I can! I'm so absolutely sick of you to lovebirds! Do you know how hard it is for us, lowly single non-crushing peasants!"
Deuce cleared his throat, "Okay, okay I get the point!" He stood up and dusted himself off, "I have to go meet them, studying, as usual." He grabbed his bag from his desk and threw it over his shoulder, "You two should be too, you know, Trein's history midterm next week isn't going to be easy."
"Whatever that's a problem for next week me, thanks," Ace waved off, "Don't be late for your date."
"Don't mind this jealous hick, go get your significant other~," Epel teased, "I gotta feeling that they're gonna give you the last ring today."
Deuce smiled and left his room, there was a noticeable pep in the first year's step as he made his way to the library. Excitement was just rolling off the boy's shoulders, knowing you'll probably be waiting there at the usual table you sat at on the second floor, hiding the keyring somewhere and just waiting for the perfect opportunity to present it to him. You'd probably do it as your session finished, he thought, since you both take your study sessions so seriously. Or maybe right at the beginning? He began imagining at the possible scenarios where you would propose, and he would say "yes". So, to his surprise instead he found you sitting outside the bench to the library seemingly waiting for him and his imaginary scenarios seemed to be wrong.
"Deuce!" You waved, "I was...waiting for you!"
Deuce nodded and flashed you one of his shy smiles, "Ah! Well, I'm here!"
You nodded, "Uhm, you are!"
You and Deuce stared at each other for a while, neither moving nor looking away from each other. As the time passed, both of your expressions became more flustered.
It was almost adorable how awkward you two were at the moment, you seemly losing the confidence you had at your previous proposals and Deuce simply waiting for you, not wanting to steal your moment.
"I had this...piece of paper of everything I wanted to say right now but I threw it away and told myself to speak from my heart! But it's difficult, you know? And well it shouldn't be because well you already know how I feel, I mean no friend would ask you to marry them, right?" You laugh and Deuce nods, edging you to continue your speech.
"Well, I think I've just been so scared of what you may say. Just in case, what I've felt hasn't been conveyed, I'll spell it out for you! I love you, Deuce Space. You've had the key to my heart for a while now and anyone, everyone could see it. I want to be there for you forever," You pulled out the purple keyring from your pocket, "So will you marry me?"
A brilliant smile erupted from the man in front of you, "I do."
small a/n: originally, i was gonna do more characters but instead I just made the first two I wrote longer. maybe I'll come back to those other ideas in a later post! thankfully I'm done with my semester now and hopefully have more time to write!!!
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Inspired on Deuce's Dorm Uniform Story but in domestic tehee
Deuce and his little baby chick were watching Gudetama together while your on work.
Followed by an announcement of live action series of Gudetama he also bought and now wearing a matching iconic Gudetama egg outfits on sale his baby wears the onesies one and he wears the pajama. Cute right?
While they were watching, Deuce remembered that he needs to give you the outfit he bought before he forget because he's excited to see how would you look on it he couldn't help but imagine it.
Minutes passed his little baby fell asleep already followed by him after several minutes thinking of you wearing the outfit he fell asleep too.
You came home just a while hearing no sound of your baby and your husband playing but the sound of the TV was on. You closed the doors and walked in the living room and there they were.
Sleeping peacefully as Deuce hold his baby softly while your baby clutches his shirt and holding the Gudetama plush both have sleepy drools on their faces.
How adorkable it is.
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treysimp · 7 months
Stuck Forever (GN!Reader/Deuce)
Tumblr media
GN!Reader/Deuce Spade
Twisted Wonderland One-Shot:
Tags: Slight angst, but mostly comfort and fluff. Implied violence, but not towards the reader. Reader's body is not described, nor are pronouns used.
Working thru some stuff so I wrote Deuce being a cutie. This is entirely self-indulgent, haha.
Want more TWST? Here's my Masterlist!
Tumblr media
The first time you saw him, you thought that your breath had been sucked  directly out of your lungs.
His dark hair, bright eyes, how he put his hand to his chin when he was thinking… you might have fallen in love at first sight. 
Then you got to see more of him, and it didn't go away.
The first time he saw you, he wasn’t entirely sure what to think.
Someone had popped out of a coffin, accompanied by a bratty fire-monster, no magic, and yet more guts than he had ever seen in his previously-delinquent life. 
The gleam in your eye when you had an idea, the grimace you made when you skinned your knee on a bad broom landing in gym, the way your eyes crinkle in delight when you saw him. It might not have been love at first sight, but it was love at every consequential sight since then, surely. 
“Deuce?” You asked, jogging him out of his reverie.
“Yes?” He replied, pushing a stray strand of dark hair behind his ear. 
His strands were a little dry, a bit more like straw than he would like. Those couple of years of bleaching his roots every two weeks had done a number on his ends. He was very proud that it was almost grown out at this point, though. Maybe a month or two more and all that hair would have been untouched by the old-Deuce. The blood spatter that he despirately tried to scrub from his yellow hair had finally left his body. The heartbreak he felt at seeing his mother sob when he came home late from another fight. When he came home smelling like the cigarette that had been put out on his jacket sleeve before he had taken out another guy's front teeth in recompense. It would be gone soon, it felt like a weight would lift and he would be able to finally become who he wanted to be.   
“What do you want to do when you graduate?” You asked, resting your head on the knee you had propped up next to you. 
Deuce noticed that you said ‘you graduate’ and not, ‘we graduate’. 
It scared him, he felt awful for wishing that you’d never leave, but it felt like every interaction he had with you contained that little whisper that kept repeating: ‘maybe this is the last time’. Maybe that future he was imagining for himself would be missing you in it and that thought terrified him more than most.
“Is it bad that I want to keep going on like this?” He replied, gaze pulling away from your face and instead forcing himself to watch over the beautiful courtyard that you both had chosen for today's study session. 
Both of you were situated on a charmingly vine-encrusted stone bench, enjoying the first sunny day after a week of rain. Everything smelled fresh and clean, and the bite of the cool air kept him awake when he otherwise might be tempted to fall into a history-reading-induced sleep.
You looked at Deuce’s profile thoughtfully. At the moment, you weren’t sure if you agreed with him or not. Did you want to keep going like this? Wanting to go home was something that hung heavy in your heart, but it seemed like every day it ran away further. 
You tried to summon thoughts of those you cared for in your own world. You weren’t sure if you could imagine their voices anymore. It scared you. 
You could recognize bits and pieces of those you loved in yourself. In the way you said certain syllables, the foods you craved for comfort on difficult days and the stories that you couldn’t properly tell other people because having to explain the backstory alone would take hours and you just didn’t have it in you. 
With a sigh, you leaned your forehead on Deuce’s shoulder. His body stiffened at the contact. 
“You’re not okay, are you?” he asked softly, resting his gloved hand on your shoulder. “Do you want to talk about it?” 
“I’m not sure how.” You said after a long pause. Trying to hide the tears that wanted to spill out of your eyes, you nuzzled further into the smooth fabric of Deuce's blazer. 
Hoping that he hadn’t noticed the tears that had already fallen on his sleeve, you tried to hide your face. Looking absolutely wretched from crying as well as being horribly depressed was the last thing you wanted to do today. It was on the list after 'talk to Grim about his shopping habits' you just didn't want to.
A thumb slowly swiped under your eye. The leather slightly squeaked as it removed the single tear that had escaped. Despite your efforts to disappear in the wool-blend of your friend's sleeve, it seems like you were seen anyway. Of course you were, that's what you liked about him.  
Starting from the action, you jerked your head up to look at Deuce, who had a smile on his face that didn't quite reach his eyes. 
You both sat in silence for a moment, seemingly at a loss of what to say. His hand drifted back up beneath your eye to wipe away another tear. 
They stubbornly kept coming, and each time he would wipe the new one away before it could reach your chin. Deuce pulled off his gloves with his teeth and stowed them in his interior jacket pocket. Once the gloves were out of the way, he resumed pushing the tears away with his softly calloused hands. 
It was hard not to look at Deuce's hands, you rarely saw them after all. 
His knuckles had lots of small scrapes and white-moon scars peppering his skin, showing that despite how he looked now, he used to be a different person. 
“This one was from a guy’s front teeth!” He had told you proudly one day, pointing out a particularly deep jagged line on his knuckle. 
Deuce was embarrassed about his past, but he still grinned when retelling particularly satisfying fights and spats he got into when he was younger. It was only after he got wrapped up enough to almost yell out the details of the tale that he would snap his trap shut and flush a pretty crimson at his own antics. You loved seeing him that way. You loved how he would be so passionate and headstrong one moment and meek at embarassed the next. 
It’s hard to change, you knew that more than anyone. You had so much respect for him wanting so badly to change. You didn't know if you would be able to do the same in his shoes.
Your lip quilvered at his kindness in continuing to mop up your tears, him quietly whispeing 'it's okay,' and 'you're okay,' to you on repeat. It felt kind of pathetic, really. So many people at this school were so overflowing with pain that it quite literally flooded out of them in a gush of magic and hatred, but you only had small salty tears for your own catharsis. 
This sucks. 
Meanwhile, Deuce was distracted by how soft your skin was under his touch. The puffy swelling of your lids did nothing to hide how your eyes gilmmered as they looked at him. It felt almost like he was fighting the tears to keep looking at you. He was willing you to keep looking at him, keep thinking about him. Please keep thinking about him. 
He would do anything for you to keep thinking about him. 
“...hey.” Deuce said hoarsely, clearing his throat to start again, “If you’re stuck…” he shook his head, no, no. That’s not right. 
He deeply inhaled through his nose. 
“As long as you want me… as long as you want me with you, I mean... I won’t leave, okay?” He finished firmly. 
Deuce's scarred hand moved to cup your cheek in comfort and you couldn’t help but lean into its warmth and close your eyes. 
“You’ll regret that,” you say with a tired smile, “What if I say that I want you forever?” 
You’re joking. If this goes bad… then you can say that you’re joking.
You basically just confessed to him but maybe it’s better for both of you if you are joking.
“Then I guess you’re stuck with me forever, huh?” You could hear the mirth bubbling out from his chest from the statement. 
Your eyes snap open and stare at Deuce in surprise. 
He had moved closer than he had been just a moment ago. A petal-soft warmth on your cheek swiped away the final tear that his hands had missed. 
Deuce slowly separates from you and gives you a close eyed smile. 
“I won’t let you change your mind on that one. No matter what. You can't get rid of me now.”
Tumblr media
Just wanted to do something a little sappy and cute. Don't worry, not abandoning any of my many WIPs, haha.
Thanks for reading, love you!
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rayisalive · 1 month
Tumblr media
!¡A/N: I present to you part 2 of the Rapunzel reader Au, enjoy hh-
Who should I do next?
!¡Includes: GN reader, Deuce and Jamil x reader, mentions of blood and angst.
!¡Context: Do I look like I know how they got like this? No I don’t. Context is for bitchless people(/j but also it’s on the first post hh-)
!¡Tag.List: @yinenovica @snek-disappearedagain
←Magical Tears(part 1) Picnic Date→
Tumblr media
His blue hair almost glowed in the light, contrasting to the rest if him, looking as if the color was being drained from him.
Holding him close, you whispered sweet nothings, trying to distract him from the pain. No, he couldn’t go out like this, he just couldn’t!
“Deuce, Deuce please you have to hang in there,” you murmured, the words hanging in the air.
The only thing that kept you from breaking down was the possibility that he could be saved from this fate.
Tears pricked his eyes, almost acting as the water for his ocean colored eyes.
He couldn’t believe it, he never imagined his life would be cut so short, just as he had found happiness with you.
Why was this happening? Why couldn’t he stay alive with everyone? Why did this have to happen to him?
Tears began falling as the realization of what was happening hit him, he really was dying, wasn’t he.
Staring at his face, seeing the sudden tears falling, you felt your own began to pepper your face, wetting your face as they rolled down.
If it were going to be his last moments you were going to make sure you treasured every moment you had with him.
The two of you stayed there, believing in the false hope that someone would come soon, in time, basking in eachothers presence.
As time went on you could feel his steady heartbeat soon come to a bittersweet stop, marking the end of his life.
You wept and wept, tears rolling down your face as you clutched his limp body close to your own.
Your tears fell, few landing on his face. And yet, that was all it took for a miracle to happen.
You felt a whisp of warm air blow against you, followed by coughs.
Moving back you were surprised to see Deuce giving a few coughs before looking up.
You took a moment to register what had happened, looking at his face.
Suddenly it had hit you, he was alive! He really was alive!
Deuce pulled you into a tight hug, unwilling to let you go.
Soft tears fell from him, the softer side of him showing.
You could feel the warm tears against your body as you began crying as well, the tears falling down.
Deuce had wanted to ask how this was possible, how he was alive, yet at the moment he couldn’t care less. Right now all he needed to know right now was that he was alive and with you, it was all he needed.
Jamil felt your tears against his skin as you wept, clutching his hands.
Pain overtook him as he layed there, unable to move.
Was this real? Was he really about to die?
Everything he had done, his entire life, it was going to go all to waste now.
He had done so much, and yet now here he was, lying in your arms, on the thin line between life and death.
Looking up he saw your face painted with tears. Seeing you so sad, he felt tears of his own began to form.
If he was going to die he was atleast happy that he would be able to spend his last moments with you.
A soft smile formed on his face as tears dotted around.
He took his hand, using it to wipe your tears away.
He hated seeing you like this, in such a weak state. He wanted you to be happy and smiling, his diamond in the rough.
His hand was cold against your tears as you held his other, gripping it tight.
The two of you stayed there, until finally his hand had stilled, and so had the rest of his body.
Despite having thought the tears had stopped they had come again. Big fat crocodile tears fell as your whines echoed through the walls.
You felt yourself be pulled down i to a warm embrace, taking you by surprise.
Jamil had thought he was dead, he was sure that it was his last moments, and yet he had been pulled back to reality.
Pushing the thought away for another day, he held you close.
You were so unsure of everything, how was this possible? And yet you ignored your questions and took in everything, the fact that he was alive and ok was enough for you.
Tumblr media
©rayisalive 9/16/22 None of my work is to be translated, plagiarized, or reposted without my knowledge. If I inspired you be sure to tag me so I can check it out!
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underqualified-human · 7 months
Deuce Spade x reader opening up about their feelings
Request: um, hello! you can ignore this if your requests are closed, but if it isn't, may I have headcanons for deuce spade from Twisted Wonderland with a gender neutral s/o who's finally starting to open up about their feelings/emotions? it's like they usually bottle up their feelings because they find it hard to be vulnerable with anyone, but now they're beginning to trust deuce enough to let him in. sorry if this doesn't make too much sense, you can ask questions if you'd like. anyways, take care and stay safe <33
Warnings:  no beta, none other that I can think of
A/N: Thanks for the kind words Anon, I hope I understood what you meant.
Fandom: Disney:Twisted Wonderland
Pronouns: They/Them
Tumblr media
Deuce understands why you may not tell him about all your problems, he himself has had issues in the past that he couldn't talk to anyone about
This is very much his first rodeo when it comes to relationships so he has no idea what he’s doing
He tries his best to support you even though you don't ask him to
He often worries if you think he’s being too clingy, so he tries giving you space but then he worries he's being too distant
Once you start opening up to him he reassures you that you don't need to be vulnerable with him if you don't want to 
After a lengthy discussion about boundaries and what your okay with sharing, he finally understands
If you feel angry or sad he'll happily listen to you rant. Same if you feel happy or excited, he'd sit for hours and just listen to you talk about your interests.
He's constantly worried he might accidentally betray your trust, so whenever you come up in conversation he opts to just say nothing at all
Deuce also shares some of the weirder coping mechanisms he learned while trying to get a hold of his anger.
He'd also be up for hearing any coping mechanisms you might have
He may not be the richest guy but he'd definitely be up for buying you stress toys if that's something you want
Deuce knows it must be hard for you to open up, so if he sees anyone picking on you for something you've opened up to him about he's throwing hands. 
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demon-lover-669 · 28 days
The first years play prop hunt!
Ace a prop: hey hey deuce look at the white board!
Deuce a hunter: *looks at white board* why?
Ace: *sniffs deuces ass*
Epel: 😂😂😂
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haru-natsuka · 9 months
Rejection (Deuce Spade x Female Reader)
Genre: Angst
What burden you must beared due to be from another world...
Tumblr media
(As per usual, the photo is not mine. It belongs to its rightful owner. If anyone knows who is the person, feel free to let me know)
Both of your relationships had went too far already since you both first meeting during your high school. You fell for his kindness and he fell foryour braveness. From being a friend to a couple and the two if you about to take another step in the journey which was being engaged with one another. Hopefully could be each other soulmate for the entire life.
Everyone knew how Deuce would like to make his mother proud of him. Therefore, every single big decision he would make, must got through his mother consent first and his engagement plan included in it too.
He had successfully fulfilled his dream to be an honour student before so he aimed for being the son his mother had. He prefered to listen to his mother's words whether he liked it or not as his mother knew the best for his son right?
"You cannot be together with her anymore. She is not for you, my son. I'm sorry dear Y/N, please find someone else."
"B-but mom! I only love-"
"You should tell me the truth beforehand when you tried to take it further with Y/N" Deuce's mom immediately leaved the room to not hear further excuses from her son while the cold tension still remained.
You could just hang your head low as you stared at the food prepared by Deuce's mom that was just getting cold by seconds past. The blame really was on you for not telling her the truth of your origin which was from another world than Twisted Wonderland. The fright evidence in her voice still echoed in your head repeatedly as you could relate with her. You were scared too.
The same fright you had long fruit inside the heart from the first day you were sucked into this world. You were afraid of suddenly disappearing from the world you had come to love and left Deuce too. If you could swap from one world to another, there was a chance the same thing could occur in the future.
It was not a guarantee you could grow old with Deuce and worst he would be affected by your disappearance the most. Deuce's mother did not want he precious son to go through heavy heartache so it was far better to stop everything now.
"Y/N, we, I will convince mom more so don't be sad alright?" The one who was far woe was Deuce as his eyes were busied spilling tears and he looked extra miserable as he was torn between to listen to his mother or not.
You wiped his tears away with your thumb with determination. Only you could lessen the burden Deuce carrying right now and only one thing needs to be done. Let's just listen to someone wiser.
"Let's stop here, Deuce" Deuce's eyes stared wide into yours and it mixed with betrayal due to your sudden confession. He, in reflex, held both of your shoulders to convince you more to not lose hope due to his mother's lack of blessing. He would never give up to persuade his mom so you should not leave him, please...
"Wh-what b-but Y/N I'm gonna proposed to you"
"Then, I will reject it as you-" are just too dear for me. You did not dare to end your words. It was painful enough for both of you but everything was for Deuce's future happiness to be assured as what his mother desired.
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ryker-tiredtimes · 5 months
ʏᴏᴜ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴍʏ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ ɪɴ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʜᴀɴᴅꜱ
Tumblr media
Please do not repost my work/ideas on other websites!
N/A | He's so cute I swear, best boy right here <3
Reader | He/They but in 2nd POV so You/Your
Reaction To | Things Deuce does while you're dating
Deuce Spade . . .
Loves to hold onto you
whether it be by your hand or something on you, like a bag or your shirt, hes always seen holding onto you
it’s like his hand has a mind of its own cause as soon as he’s close enough, he’s gripping onto something on you
the most common thing he grabs his your shirt, or school jacket, he likes the feel of the fabric in his hands as he gently rubs the black material between his fingers
he likes to keep you close to him as you two walk together, him either walking slightly behind you as he holds onto the back of your shirt or backpack, or he’s walking right next to you, holding onto your hand as you two take turns rubbing your guys thumb over the back of each other's hand
he doesn’t necessarily notice he does this unless you point it out, or Ace/Grim tease him about it, Trey will also join in on the teasing every once in a while
Deuce Spade . . .
Loves to help you study
sure he’s not the best in his classes or the best at studying when he needs to, but he likes to help you any way he can, so what better than to help you study!
plus he thinks of it as a way to spend more time with you, the two of you sitting at ramshackle, the library, or at Heartsabyul in his room or the commons area
he brings his backpack that is full of snacks and drinks and just sits with you for a few hours, helping you and you helping him with homework or studying for an upcoming quiz
sometimes, most times actually, you two get distracted easily, whether it be by each other as you two stray off topic or by Ace, who decided to crash your little study date and drag you two out somewhere
If you two are studying different subjects then it'll be mostly quiet besides the few questions from each other as you two focus on trying to cram the, probably useless, information into your head
he'll reach over the table you two are sitting at and just hold your hand, squeezing it every once in a while when he’s stuck on a question
Deuce Spade . . .
Remembers everything about you
He remembers your favorite color all the way to your least favorite memory from the real world, almost word per word
He knows everything about you due to remembering everything you told him and everything hes found out, he knows you the best and is like a mind reader when he sees you in your thoughts
It’s like he has a file stored in the back of his brain with three passwords and a riddle he only knows the answer to
he won’t tell a soul anything about you unless you allow him to unless it’s something simple like Fav color or sweet treat, but he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable or feel he’s untrustworthy with info on you
this surprised the teachers and students as Deuce isn’t the best at remembering things as he usually has to use some type of tactic (creating a small poem on it, a little song, a phrase to remember it by, etc.)
so for him to remember everything about you makes you really special
Deuce Spade . . .
Loves to go shopping with you
Whether it’s for one thing or for dinner for the next week, he loves to go to Sam's shop with you
he loves to carry around the carry basket (they have those there…right?) for you as you ramble on about your day or anything or he’s talking to you, telling you memories about his childhood
Going shopping with you reminds him of helping his mom shop when he was younger, holding the basket for her so she didn’t have to carry the ‘heavy thing!’
either way, he just loves to go with you, it’s like a date for the two of you as he buys you your favorite sweet
plus he loves to hold your hand, feeling you tug him gently whenever you move, making him stumble slightly but not enough to make him fall over
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cyborg-franky · 1 year
One Piece Characters Bathing/Showering With Their S/O
Cute idea that @donivanessdoodles so we put our heads together for something wholesome <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ace - More of a shower person then a bath person. - Sometimes he's forgetful and is a little bit of rat boy and needs reminding, the promise of getting to shower with his partner is great motivation though. - He loves a hot shower, he will whine if it isn't super hot, you might have to sit out for a second. - He can't help it but he defiantly gets a boner -Has a boner? Good luck washing up, that's the last thing on his mind. You'd have to fight him to actually clean up - Always has to use your products cause he doesn't have his own. - Loves, loves, loves when you wash his hair for him, he melts into your touches and enjoys the attention. - Also loves when you scrub his back, will do it back but he's a big into getting the attention. - Forgets to lock door, forgets shower, no shame as he walks around ass naked.
Tumblr media
Deuce - Depends on his mood if he wants a shower or a bath. - Spends sometime making sure everything is neat and tidy. - When alone he listens to loud music and tends to stare at the water having an emotional crisis. - When he's with his partner he loves to wash their hair, body, make sure they are clean, enjoys having his hands all over them in a non sexual way most the time. - Would rather clean himself up though. - You might need to leave him to shower alone because he can take hours in there, runs out of hot water. - Checks every label ever for anything harmful or bad for skin.
Tumblr media
Izou - You can never run a bath good enough for him, he needs to be the one to do it. - Uses flower petals, bubbles, bath bombs, soaps, oils, you name it. - Has three times as many products as you. - Candles, he loves to really build up a good vibe, a lovely spa like atmosphere around you both. - His collection is worth that of a small ship at this point. - He likes when you use face masks with him. - Likes to have a bath with his partner after they have sex, it's a cleanliness thing but also an intimacy thing. - Has to be in the right mood or close to someone to share his baths. - Can soak for hours. - Loves to have his hair washed, it can take such a long time and he uses various treatments.
Tumblr media
Marco - Loves baths, loves to soak and enjoy himself. - It's how he destresses. - If you say you don;t want to join him, too bad you are. - Makes alot of mess, puddles everywhere. - He enjoys taking up the entire bath by having his wings out, preens, does that little 'flutter wash' that birds do. - Enjoys lots of bubbles. - Loves to preen and clean you and shower his you with sweet nothings. - Sings while bathing, tweets, coos, birb brain - Like to sit behind you, clings to you like an octopus. - If you wash his back or chest for him he very much enjoys it, prone to getting a boner from the attention. - Likes to get a little handsy using the soapy water. - Just wants you to be comfy and enjoy yourself.
Tumblr media
Thatch - Doesn't mind showers with his partner but he prefers baths. - Has two rubber ducks, one for you one for him. - He is very touchy feely with his partner, both in a sexy way and in a wholesome way. - No one gets to see him with his hair down, except his partner. - He prefers to wash his partner, loves washing their hair, taking his time to wash every limb of his partner. - Doesn't mean he doesn't love when his partner washes his hair, brushes the knots out. - Will hum and sing sea shanties softly as he baths you. - has monogrammed towels - Likes to give his partner a bubble beard so they can match him. - bubble pompadour too - Likes to be the one to dry off his partner.
Tumblr media
Whitebeard - Loves a big bath, enjoys being surrounded by comforts. - Enjoys the peace and quite of just being with his partner, lots of candles around the bath. - Depending on how big you are you could have a little raft in his tub. - You're the rubber duck - Just wants good vibes. - Doesn't mind if you want to be there five hours, five minutes, or just chill at the side. - Long profound conversations about life. - The Best company - Drinks in the bath, sometimes talks shit like 'if you were a tree what kind of tree would you be?' - Likes to wash himself but loves to have his hair washed [when he had hair] he just needed a team to do it.
Tumblr media
TAG LIST: @undercoverweeeb @slut4animedilfs @sanjithesimp @acesmarigold @iloveportgasdace @fire-fist-ann @secretsnailor @dxvilmanlev @aifozu @useless-potatho @saisei-no-hano @strawhat-bast @mimi-ya @rivvd-art @simp4ace @angeltani @childofblackmaria
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it-happened-one-fic · 9 months
Can't Help Falling in Love - Deuce
Author's Notes: I did write this while listening to "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis. I suppose this sort of counts as a brainrot that was inspired by a video for the song this was written to that had Deuce as the background image. Reader is gender-neutral.
Type: Fluff/Romantic
Word count: 731
Tumblr media
I huffed as I fell back against my bed that released a squeak of distress at the sudden appearance of my weight. I was lucky Grimm wasn’t bothering me at the moment. 
Usually he’d be in here pestering me for a can of tuna even though the last thing he needed was excess feedings. He was going to be obese at this rate….
But that was hardly my greatest concern at the moment. My biggest worry should be getting home or whether or not someone else was going to overblot and send everyone’s lives into disarray. Again.
But neither of those were my greatest concerns either. My source of distress was actually something quite mundane. Something that one would think would be exciting rather than worrying. 
Feelings of love for a certain close friend. Feelings that I couldn’t quite understand and that definitely put a wrench in the works revolving around me getting home.
True, that was largely up to Crowley so there wasn’t much in the way of ‘works.’ And I could hardly complain when I was the one who’d put myself in my current position.
 If I were smart I wouldn’t have fallen for him but I’d definitely proved myself a fool in this case. I’d fallen and fallen hard. 
Of course it didn’t help that he kept coming to my aid and helping me out of the messes I got myself into as the lone magicless student at NRC. He was truly a good person. A good person who was constantly striving to become an even better one.Which made my situation all the more difficult.
Because these feelings certainly did create problems. I no longer wanted to go home quite so much. Instead, I wanted to spend more time with him. More and more often I found myself questioning if staying just a little longer would be so bad. And was getting home quite so pressing?
To be honest it was a little startling considering that when I’d first started my tenure here at NRC getting home and surviving had been the only things on my mind. Then I’d met him and the overblots had started. 
That was when things had startled getting muddled. My priorities suddenly became wildly different. An issue that had gotten progressively worse and now I’d reached this point.
And it wasn’t like I hadn’t seen it coming. I had seen it from quite a ways away. I had, to some degree, tried to head it off by distracting myself. Something that had worked for a short time when I’d had to deal with yet another overblot.
But then he’d helped me again and that made it worse. Distraction didn’t work and it had finally reached the point that I couldn’t really ignore how I felt.
I could hide it though. So far as I knew no one in my little friend group had discovered my affection for him. A fact I was proud of since he was part of said friend group. But I really didn’t know how long I could keep that up either.
I let out a quiet groan when I heard the front door opening downstairs with a loud, squeaking groan. 
That was something else that I needed to be more concerned about, rather than idle daydreams of romance. The sorry state of my current home.
I pushed myself up, ready to go downstairs and greet whoever had come only to freeze when I heard him call my name. 
I was briefly frozen, halfway expecting his call to be echoed by one of my other friends. But instead it was just him, calling for me again. This time sounding confused.
The next thing I knew I was scurrying out the door and onto the staircase, looking down at where he stood. His back was to me and he was looking around the room as if he thought I’d appear out of thin air.
I almost snickered at his confused circling but managed to hide my amusement as my eyes met his bright green ones. He smiled, an easy expression that slipped onto his face naturally. An expression that I’d become used to but still made my heart do a small fluttering dance within me.
“Y/n! There you are,” He called, waving his arm in a greeting and I waved back, a much smaller and shyer motion than his, “Hi Deuce.”
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