#did i mention that i love soup?
seasonedbroccoli · 2 months
Favourite vegetable?? Pls vote. trying to prove smth!!
Tumblr media
1105 votes • Poll ends in 5 days 9 hours
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🥕 carrotjesus Follow
OP clearly yuor followers are biased. Carrots are objectively better than broccoli of all things and i think it's problematic that you called carrots stinky it's really manipulative. also tomatos aren't technically a vegetable. maybe try thinking before posting passive agressive polls next time
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🤡 jizzardtower Follow
Tumblr media
shgdfdsg these tags. yes. chicken wings my favourite vegetable
Tumblr media
✴ cadylady2002 Follow
Haha. I just realized the #eggplant looks a little like a d***. That is so #funny !!
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👁 shreksbellybutton Follow
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🦷 pigeonsarecool Follow
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🍵 souperdouper Follow
shoutout to soup. won't stop making shoutouts for soup until one hears me and comes walkig over. i want soup.
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reaperkiller · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
if i was born as a blackthorn tree, i'd wanna be felled by you, held by you, fuel the pyre of your enemies.
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nagihonos · 5 months
nah cus i truly have so many thoughts about butterfly soup 2 i need to replay it before i write any sort of dissertation on it
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ineffablefool · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
someone help me pick D:
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bee-ideas · 6 months
i mean yeah life sucks but did you even try sharing a hearty bowl of soup with your mother
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wanderingandfound · 1 year
Just read the first chapter of a (so far one-sided) epistolary fic that unlocked the memories of reading Ella Enchanted and getting to that point where the emotions are so strong and every choice is a heartbreaking one.
#Yes I did just mention Ella Enchanted (the movie) like yesterday. No I did not remember the letters.#Things I usually think of when remembering Ella Enchanted: a) the freckles b) the banisters c) the elves with their soups#d) the best friend e) the giants being three times as tall as humans but just as thin f) the scene where they find the glass slippers#g) bad embroidery h) the mother dying#(none of that list was in order)#(I'm now remembering her mimicry skills)#i) the scene where she's sobbing and declares she won't marry him.#Things I don't remember apparently: them moving from friendship to love over a series of LETTERS.#That book is so good I should reread it.#liveblogging stories#personal#Okay I was going to make (a shorter version of) this post while I was reading the chapter but I exited out once I came to trying to spell#epistolary (I think I got it right but I doubted myself because autocorrect didn't have it) and I was trying to eat supper and read the fic#and pay attention to my parents who were watching Interview with a Vampire and pet my cat so I didn't make the post and deleted the draft.#And then while I was writing a comment on the fic itself I got the notification that the author followed me here and I got cold feet about#making this post.#But like. I deserve to keep my public record of things I like even if it's embarrassing to be potentially perceived. So. here's the post.#The fic is linked a few reblogs back under the art of the orc writing a letter.#The artist/author also makes books and can design awesome playing cards so truly an amazingly talented person.
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iloveyoumorethansoup · 11 months
Update on my mental health testing I’ve been doing since I finally got my diagnosis. I was not diagnosed with adhd or ocd like I thought I’d be. Apparently there is a disorder for inattentiveness due to screen time that I’m diagnosed with but was told that doesn’t cover all of my issues. And then I was told that I’d need some more testing to prove this but the psychologist testing me thinks that I just have too high of an iq and am simply bored. Catch me making a list of symptoms now both good and bad
#my iq is just too high. if that’s it I swear I’m gonna lose it. I’m bored?? that’s my problem??? everything’s too easy???#yeah so I get an iq test next fall#she’s like I think that would cover a lot of things! and also why you’re able to be doing relatively ok in life#like girl I’m suffering out here#anyways. my tests all mostly asked about what I struggled with which is mostly just. no motivation procrastination#but my day to day life?? includes obsessing over the things I love checking in online like clockwork and definitely obsessing over my things#little witch single handedly is shaping huge parts of my life bc I love it so much and definitely not a normal amount#like. I’m taking odd classes I would have never taken moving even more cross country in a year to do voice acting and just like#dedicating tons and tons of time to just. interacting with people who love the show as much as I do as well as making my friends watch it#i am by no means upset with my diagnosis my psychologist was like this is the thought you need lots more testing tho#with an additional hey I put in ur results that I’ll give to the school that u clearly need help and to get you in for more testing#also she did mention that if I wanted to totally rule out the screen time thing I’d probably have to do like a complete detox for 60 days#which is certainly not feasible for school I have to take digital notes or else I will fail classes but also#quite frankly I’d die. like my mental health would speed run itself so far down I would simply die#so! i certainly will not allow that to happen bc I’m not interesting in seeing how hot glued my brain is together via the internet#probably very. but yeah essentially I have gained nothing except my time on the waitlist is up#¯\_(ツ)_/¯#soup talks
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meloneta · 1 year
thoughts on soup
so glad u asked i have stuff to say.
the thing is-i have a hard time with food that's just the same texture all over, like mashed potatoes or just.. food that doesn't have more than one texture to it. honestly it probably has something to do with one of the ~things~ i have but the feeling is just that i get sick of it very very quickly. like it gets boring, texture-wise.
so in that aspect (you're all gonna hate me for this) i don't really love soup.
soup that has more textures (like a thicker soup with vegetables in it or some soup with noodles or rice in it) i do enjoy. and it's warm and nice. so at this point i'm settled on "i like it usually".
side note-getting "bored" with the texture of food while eating it is,,,very ADHD of me
side side not-i don't know if any of this was coherent but. yeah.
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headgehug · 1 year
does anyone else like cook good food, soup or stir fry or whatever for example, and then just not be able to eat it like it disgusts you for some reason. 
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Quick guys I need a funny post for my Hetalia ask blog
#not actually#I just really wanted to chat with myself in my tags#by chat I mean talk about my grandma lmfao she’s the best I just wanna express it somewhere ya know?#it’s very nice#I like it a lot honestly but I haven’t been doing it a lot which makes me upset because as soon as I post it I think of things for the tags#sucks to be me then but still#my grandma and sister made bread today#and my grandma is always like ‘shush we’re making bread’ and I think I’ve mentioned it before but she’s very strong In her belief in that#so obviously we do too (we being me and my siblings lol)#she’s the best honestly#I love her so much man I could never fully express to her how much I love her with words because that would do it an injustice#did you know she had 11 siblings? I didn’t up until a week or two or three ago#she also used to live in Chicago! it’s very cool#she makes very good food which is delicious every time everybody I know likes my grandmas cooking mmm very good cooking#i like the soup she makes it’s very good#she’s very religious too#every night when I go to say goodnight to her she reminds me to pray and tells me to sleep with angels#which you could totally interpret as like a creative way to say ‘go die’ but no she doesn’t mean it like that#pfft I’m her favorite too ✋😌 she gave me a full starburst candy thing and my brother got so jealous#try being the favorite like me smh 🙄#she even says I’m her favorite lmfao#I’m just flexing at this point but still#in like a few months or later this year she’s going to move out of our house though#she’s going to move 4 hours away to where I was born and where my grandpa is buried#though I’d be sad about it it’s alright becuase I know she’d be happy because she’ll have her brother and sister there with her :DD#we used to visit there every like month but then we stopped because of Covid yk#it’s also kinda dangerous but Oh yeah I was gonna talk about my bed ok so#I took everything off it right? ok we put two blankets down then a giant pillow#then this one Chewbacca squishmellow I got then normal pillow on the side for my cat to lay on#then pillows at the side of my bed too (it’s a corner bed) and I put all of my stuffed animals right in the middle
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bombontheevilcat · 1 month
maybe I’ve just been shown a lot of negative content regarding persona 3 lately and people arguing over FES and Portable and which is the “better” or more “definite” versions but honestly I don’t think it’s that important??
now quick notice for Portable’s release but I think that people should bring more attention to //but not harass anyone over// the rushed nature of the Persona 3 Portable rerelease which is what I have seen a lot of people do, not over the fact that Portable got the modern consoles release but the RUSHED not lazy, job done. it’s people at the top that are greedy but honestly in game development “lazy assets/work” is usually a red flag for something being rushed and cut in time for release. We’ve got some bad audio compression worse than the PSP original version, upscaled-but-not-touched-up 2D backgrounds and other elements, there are missing QoL features that have been in most releases past P4G, etc. None of these are deal-breakers but should be brought to attention. However there are some nice things about this release too. P3 being easily available on modern platforms and with new localizations in other languages makes it WAY more accessible for people, the PC release makes for native modding and there have been some English localization fixes, though not everything has been fixed but could be in an update. Plus the localization teams got credited after push-back which is like a good/bad thing; good in that it’s slowly changing the standards for localization credits, bad in that it wasn’t there in the first place but had to be pushed for after release.
Anyways, back to the FES vs Portable thing. (that wasn’t just a quick notice now was it)
I’ve been playing both to compare and contrast and I think that, on a mechanical level, the games are different enough that you will get a unique experience either way. That’s only part of the appeal of going FES ---> Portable ofc, the other being the new story and social link content of FEMC, but even going Portable ---> FES and assuming you’ve played both protags you still get something new from FES in The Answer and the mechanical systems that were streamlined or changed to balance for the “on the go” quick burst play sessions that Portable was designed for. These include things like the fatigue/sick system, giving out command tactics instead of controlling your party, and some light changes to dates/event timing/other smaller less significant things. For some those FES mechanics might sound like they add tedium and I’m not going to argue or say anything against that cuz....yeah it’s kinda true especially if you have a hard time working with them but they still are elements unique to this version and they do make for more interesting and --more than not-- fun play, for me at least. //that is in regards to planning around the system for slower periods of play and in the long term, beating it with a stick or something once I’ve learned to exploit it// There are also features I appreciate in Portable, it’s added control, quick travel, less confusing map, etc //wishing we could have a command/control option like with Fire Emblem’s Classic/Casual mode tho that would be really cool honestly//
I*M LAZY SEE TAGS BUT DUAL AUDIO EVERYONE; WE HAVE PERSONA 3 DUAL AUDIO, AKIRA ISHIDA My beloved meowmeow <333 Rie Tanaka and Tara Platt absolute queen performances for Mitsuru!!
#persona 3#persona 3 portable#persona 3 fes#idk sausage liege I just thought it was kinda sad to see people being so dismissive both ways but look at it positively and with playinmind#oh no my experience with this 60 hour jrpg social sim is RUINED because the GUN SOUND MADE A CRACKLY LOW QUALITY SOUND /J#also this verison has DUAL AUDIO I FORGOT TO MENTION DUAL AUDIO I love both the english and japanese track I have immense nostalgia for them#I watched the movies first#and honestly that might be a more terrifiying thing for a persona 3 fan than someone playing portable first so like youre good sausage liege#and i love persona 3 so like i wouldnt change a thing honestly#but yes this is the first time im playing the games for myself Im going to go FES MaMC to Portable FeMC and i'm so excited!!!#but also the MaMC social links are 50/50 crap or amazing like I love the old couple the author and bébé#but then we also have a creepy friend who wants to date a teacher and decides to blame her for not wanting to date him ??....nozomi.....#a few are also just kinda meh and forgettable#I did go in and edit a few things just now but a lot of this is just word soup#apologizes for the word-skipping tho it's a feature of my posts I guess#if there are any that is idk i'm not reading all of this#also for clarification the negative content hasn't been on tumblr it's been a very nice and fun time here#and when people have discussed it they have actually been discussing it and not verbally deriding each other over it#bombonwastherereadytocry
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insanitysoup · 4 months
I thought I fell in love but it was just food poisoning.
#soup rambles#no really. i think actually it's both food poisoning and a new crush#I was on my first con since the pandemic and fell in love with at least ten people#it happens.#also an older friend i had a crush on came back to the city as well and we were hanging out and it was really fun!#like she was abroad and came nack to the country to stay and visited the con as well! good times!#but the main guy. the main crush of mine. he looks like a musketeer. with the moustache and wild hair#i laugh at my own crush. that's who i am. i judge my own taste cause its bad#but the guy was really nice and at least i spoke with him a bit and even know his name!#also. i am awaiting further contact from him! cause he was one of the photographers on the con!#he took a picture of me when I didn't notice and said something like 'gotcha now!' and it was the moment#the moment my heart decided yep he's cool. i wanna kiss him. or rather i want him to kiss me#either way. this rant is getting long and no one will read it but. i had to scream it to the world you know#and if i scream here there's a great chance no one will hear it#and about food posioning: I'm fine mostly. just ate meatballs and didnt notice they in fact weren't gluten free#so now my tum hurts. but I'll be fine!#I'll be wary of meatballs for the future. stay safe out here celiac gang!#(did i mention the photographer guy added me on facebook first??? idk i think hes kinda into me lmao)#(no he's probably not but a girl can dream shut up!!!)
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sanjisblackasswife · 20 days
Tumblr media
Monster Trio Having “Flashbacks” (NSFW)
Tumblr media
@roronoaswifey taught me something 😁
Black Fem Reader in Mind
CW: Mentions of Sex the night before
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Luffy (While Eating)
“Thanks for the food!”
“Yeah. Yeah. This is like the 4th plate.”
Sanji waved off to his bottomless pit he calls a captain to eat. Luffy indulges himself once again to a meal of delicious juicy meat.
The sweet and savory mix of the marinade Sanji cooked to the tender beef coated his tongue with each bite, Luffy hums at the table eating to himself.
However, he takes one big bite and some of the meat squirted out on the table and onto his fingers.
Without thought he sucked on his thumb,
and that’s when it happened.
“Lu—!” Your breathless moan echoing in his mind, your thighs trembling over his sweaty broad shoulders now lowering to the sides of his hips as Luffy sits up on his knees to get a good look at you.
“You came a lot.” Luffy spoke seeing your sloppy, wet slit, covered in his spit and remnants of his cum, “But m’not done eating you up, Y/n.”
He gigglies lowly, his right hand rubbing up and down your shaky hip and thighs. He wasn’t wrong, already being fucked dumb by his cock and without letting you breathe he goes back down on you to “clean you up” which was always Luffy’s favorite part of having sex with you.
“Hm?” He plays dumb, leaning into your face, the tip of his cold fingers tapping on your sensitive clit from below making you hiss, “Whatcha say?”
“More..please, papi…please..”
Dammit you knew the magic word (or name in this case) and it fucked your captain up a little. Whenever he hears the purrs of his nickname only you give him it gets his mind so fuzzy.
Right before he goes back down to finish the job he sticks his thumb inside your slit, wiggling it a little, cock twitching at how slimmy and wet you were, squirting just a little more on his wrist.
“Damn..” He looks at his hand, right before he takes a long lick from his wrist to his thumb, popping noises is the last thing you hear paired with a satisfied chuckle before he—
“Lu!” You snapped at his big doe eyes, He finally blinks and chokes a little at the remnant of food he has in his cheeks, you laugh a little. “You okay? You just was in some other planet just now mid bite.”
Not knowing what to say, he stares at you. Face unreadable to you which makes you stare at him back.
Your beautiful innocent smile that was once quivering lips of his name last night. He wasn’t sure why he had such a random memory of something you both do so often, but now wasn’t time to think, because once he took his last bite he took YOU back to recreate the mess he made of you yesterday.
You are such a special woman to him. So special that he even wanted to keep you beside him as he cooked.
“Whatcha makin’ today, pretty boy.”
Sanji smiles, stirring the boiling pot of soup as you sat on the counter beside him, pink dusted his cheeks hearing your nickname for him.
“Just lunch, sweetheart. Wanna try some? See how you like it.”
“I always love your cooking, Ji….but yes I do.”
You share a giggle as he places the wooden spoon to your lips, his other hand cupping below it you slurp the delicious meal he made, slightly rolling your eyes back at how amazing it all melted in your mouth.
However, some of the soup dripped down your lip and to your clevage causing Sanji to quickly grab a paper towel and wipe it for you, leaving you a little warm in the face for when he wiped your breast so cautiously, moving up and down your chest seeing it wiggle with each movement he did.
And he noticed to, “Oh…sorry…”
“Don’t be. You can do whatever you want I won’t get mad.”
You peck his cheek before leaving the kitchen to use the bathroom and left him with his thoughts.
his eyes going back to the pot but his mind now to earlier this morning.
This was such a sight for sore eyes, your pretty supple tits wrapped around his cock, tongue laid flat out to swirl around his blushing tip each time he thrusted upwards.
His voice is a broken record to your name, repeating it, being so needy for more of your touch, his hair was a wavy sweaty mess, hip thrust, head falling back. He couldn’t believe he never asked to be waken up like this sooner.
“Cu—cumming again ah fuck im cumming again! Fuck fuck fuck!”
“Cum for me, Ji.” Your words are just broken moans somehow getting just as much pleasure as your pervy cook just from watching him glide his cock between your tits.
He does so, leaving your neck down coated in his sticky cum, you couldn’t even enjoy the feeling of it dripping down your skin before Sanji grabbed your throat to kiss you. He moans so slutty, it vibrates on your tongue, he nearly swallows it whole once he shoves his inside your mouth.
“S-sorry…lemme…repay you really quick…” His lips tremble against yours with a slight grin.
“Do whatever you want to me, Prince…I’m all yours.”
You in an instant felt Sanji pull you up to lay you back on the bed, his head leaving open mouthed kisses all over before he reaches the special spot right between your legs,
“SANJI!” You snapped at him. He blinks repeatedly and almost notice his soup burning he panics to move the pot. “You okay baby?”
He turns to you, eyes immediately looking at your chest again, how supple they look, and how even prettier they were when—
“Y/n, my love….can we go to your room really quick?”
Zoro spent his afternoon like he usually does training. You however wanted to ask him if he wanted to have lunch so when doing so you interrupted him.
“In a minute, woman….I’m almost done.”
“You always do 2,000 pushups cant you cut it today?”
“No! I have to get stronger.”
“Ugh. Fine. You’re so mean when you ignore me.”
“I’m not—-whatever.”
You stick your tongue out at him before leaving to eat. Zoro grunts a little more and finishes his set when he gets reminded of yesterday’s training with you.
“Z-zoro! T-too too much!”
If there was one thing Zoro loves more than Sake and his swords, was your face when under him.
“C’mon…gimme 2 more.”
Your ankles on his shoulders, back on the cold wooden floor of the Crows Nest you try your best to contain your breast but no longer were you able to do that when Zoro presses himself further into you.
Your cries were on deaf ears, he was already fucking you into over stimulation. Just cumming twice and he didn’t even give you a moment to ride out the high just for you to get closer to a newer and harder orgasm than before as Zoro forced you to take all he had to give you.
Your mind couldn’t even begin to figure out whether to ask him to stop or keep going, but your body was starting to speak for you.
“Got damn girl—fuck! Locking me in huh—ah fuck!”
You wrapped your ankles around him, your arms above your head, now given up to the erratic hip snaps that Zoro was giving you.
“Ganna cum? hm? “
His fucking heavy breathing and his slurred voice in your ear made you clench down harder, hand right on his undercut about to claw it, if he kept talking to you. He knew exactly how to get you riled up by his voice.
“You’re so…mean fuckkkkk…” You whined leaning against his sweaty face as he was buried in your neck he down a low chuckle and picks up to pace. He doesn’t need you talking right now he needed you to be too dumb fucked to do so.
“C’mon. Cum for me. Do it c’mon baby..cum on this cock for me please.”
His palm moves to your lower belly pressing down of the vague bulge of your belly, and your eyes nearly pop put of your socket body shaking against his as you just couldn’t stop convulsing, crying his name in his ear up until—
Zoro falls face first on the floor, not realizing he space out holding a plank for way too long. He looks up from the floor and huffs.
“That damn woman…shit.”
At lunch you couldn’t figure out why Zoro’s hand kept caressing your thigh as you all ate. He wasn’t really into PDA like that so it startled you a bit.
Eventually though.
He fessed up and it led to another training session.
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vxntagedior · 3 months
I have a request for a Xavier Thorpe one-shot. Could you write one where the reader is on their period and Xavier comforts them/makes them feel better. Only if you're comfortable with writing that of course
summary | xavier helps you feel as comfortable as you can during your period
pairing | xavier thorpe x fem!reader
warning | fluff, periods, hurt/comfort?, mentions of sex
word count | 0.9k
Pulling your head out of the blankets, you practically were glaring at the door. “Enid, I told you I’m fine, I don’t need anymore chocolate.”
Satisfied, you started to lay back down before you heard someone knocking on the door again.
“Enid, did you not-” Frustrated, you started to make your way to the door, swinging it open. 
“Hi.” Xavier said sheepishly, “Enid told me you weren’t feeling well, so I brought you soup and medicine.”
Bless his heart, Xavier was always a caring boyfriend, putting his needs before yours making sure you were always okay. 
“Xavi.” You sighed softly, trying not to laugh, “I’m not feeling well, but I’m not sick.”
“You're not,” You could see the gears turning in his head, “She said that you had a headache and bad cramps and -oh.” 
The realization finally occurred and Xavier shifted awkwardly, “Sorry, but I still have food, and we can cuddle.”
“You don’t have to do that.” You said, “I don’t think you want to spend your Saturday in bed all day.”
“I get to spend my Saturday with you.” He reiterated, “Now are you gonna let me inside?”
Opening the door, further, Xavier walked in, setting down the meds and soup on your desk. Crawling back into your bed, you opened your arms towards him, making grabby hands. 
“You need to eat first.” Xavier said.
“No, cuddles.” You insisted, “You have to be nice to me today.”
Rolling his eyes, Xavier obliged to your words, getting under the covers with you. It was a tight fit in the twin bed, the two of you practically on top of each other. 
Since being together, You made it known to Xavier that he was a space heater, and using him to his advantage, his hand was placed right above your abdomen, acting as your hot water bottle. 
“Have you taken any medicine this morning?” He asked, his arm wrapped around your shoulder, twirling a piece of your hair that had fallen down. 
“No.” you whispered, “I got up to go to the bathroom and went right back to bed.” 
Leaning up from under the bed, he leaned over to grab your water and some of the advil he brought earlier, “Drink.” 
Sitting up, you took the meds and water, swallowing them down. 
Xavier was already out of bed, starting to prepare your soup. “X, you said we were gonna cuddle.”
“You need to eat now.” He insisted, “It’s gonna be better for the meds.”
You just sighed, leaning against your headboard, watching as he made your way around the room before coming back over to you.
“Feed it to me?” You asked hopefully. He just smiled, sitting on the edge of your bed. You were just milking it now, but Xavier didn’t seem to mind. 
Feeding spoonsful of soup, occasionally wiping up some that slipped from your lips. Seeing his lips so close to your lips, you pucker your lips, kissing the pad of his thumb.
“You need to eat.” He tilted his chin down, “We’re not going there.”
You just huffed, leaning against the bedframe, “You’re no fun, first you won’t cuddle and make me eat and now you don’t have wanna have sex.”
Xavier tried not to laugh knowing that your hormones were messing with your emotions. 
“I know baby, I’m such a bad boyfriend.” He said sincerely, “Wanting to make you feel better.”
Hearing Xavier call himself a bad boyfriend made you tear up slightly, “Didn’t mean that.”
“I know.” He said, pressing a kiss to your forehead, “Do you finish the soup or save it for later.”
“I’ll finish it.” You decided, there wasn’t much left anyways. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Finishing the soup, Xavier cleaned up before coming back in bed with you, the two of you laying back down together. You let Xavier talk, always finding his voice soothing, your head rested on his chest, breathing softly. 
It wasn’t long before you fell asleep, Xavier little snores coming from you as he talked. Looking down, your eyes closed, your breathing before deeper, snuggling against him. 
Taking a nap sounded nice to him, adjusting the two of you without waking you so he felt more comfortable to fall asleep. His arm was still wrapped around you, pulling you in him closer, pressing a kiss to the crown of your head.
You felt your eyes flutter, opening your eyes, blinking rapidly adjusting to the light, looking up to Xavier to see that he was still sleeping. 
Getting out of bed as quietly as you could without waking him, you made your way into your bathroom to freshen up. Coming out, you didn't wake up. 
“Go back to bed.” You whispered, slipping back under the covers. 
“I’m already up, couldn’t really sleep with you snoring.” He snorted. You gasped, looking at him offended. 
“I do not snore.” You pointed a finger at you, “That was you.”
“You sure?” You saw the playful glint in his eyes, before tackling you. Laughing, you tried to pull his hands as the two of you started to play wrestle. Finally getting the upper hand, you were able to flip the two of you over, with you on top of him. 
“Got ya.” You smirked, pinning his hands above his head. Your faces were inches apart, your nose touching his, lips ghosting his. Just as Xavier was about to lean towards you, you pulled apart before settling back in bed. 
“What the fuck!” He said frustrated, adjusting his pants before coming towards you. 
“You said it yourself, Xavi, no sex.” You giggled, “Now cuddles.”
“Woman, you are insufferable.” He whispered. 
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magicchai · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
—pairings: eddie munson x female!reader
—summary: eddie gets sick and is clingy to y/n.
—warnings: established relationship, eddie being a dramatic baby because he’s a man at the end of the day, medication mention, sick mention — a past detail, pet names, eddie shirtless in a low bun being cute ( i just feel i have to mention it because it’s making me fall in love at the image. )
—word count: 1.1k
—additional notes: you can find the steve harrington version here <33
Tumblr media
“Okay I’m back, honey bun!” Y/n can hear the loud groan from down the trailer upon her entry and trudges through with an added plastic bag in her hand. She gently pushes the door she had closed on her way out an hour back, her eyes settling on Eddie’s frame that lays under his duvet with a sad look on his face, clearly feeling sorry for himself.
Through his tired, half-lidded eyes and frazzled fringe, Eddie looks at Y/n who sports a pout upon her lips when she walks over to the foot of the bed to dump the bag onto it. His hair is placed in a rushed low bun with a loose hair-tie Y/n found while Eddie was being sick. However, several stray hairs escape the hold and sprawl across the pillowcase and his bare collarbone as he throws one arm, littered with black ink, atop the covers while watching carefully.
“Did you get me a sandwich?” asks Eddie, still adamant on proving himself to quick recovery and Y/n scoffs while rifling through the objects, “pfft, you know for a fact I didn’t,” she starts, Eddie groaning disapprovingly through her sentence, “you can’t have proper food yet, I got some soup? look! the perfect remedy.”
One side of Eddie’s top lip tilts up as he gazes at her holding a tin of tomato soup with a slight glare, nothing malicious as Y/n knew, but he was fed up with being sick already and hated the thought of the sick remedies. “Or the perfect remedy is actually this…”
Eddie watches curiously when Y/n sits the soup down to dig through the plastic bag again and pull-out medication, liquid drink to help battle the flu he currently has. Eddie can only groan again, this time pulling the covers up his shirtless chest and over his face, arms peeking through as he dramatically collapses them beside his head.
“The perfect remedy is your kisses,” Y/n could hear Eddie muffle against the material, and she only tuts, “which you’ll get plenty of,” Y/n pulls the bottom of the duvet so it falls down the frame of his face, his grumpy face back in view, “but medication will help first and foremost.”
“The orange flavour is the worst flavour, honey,” Y/n couldn’t help but feel her heart tug sympathetically as his voice is louder, straining, and croaky. The slight nasal undertone indicating his blocked nose. “I know, I went to two different shops to try and get the strawberry but there was only orange left, I’m sorry.”
Eddie grunts, sniffling before he replies, “’s fine, not your fault, just hate the orange one.”
His eyes follow Y/n like a lost puppy as she walks towards his side of the bed, “how are you feeling, anyway?” leaning down to feel his forehead and chest, his temperature still scorching. “Take a wild guess, doll,” Eddie laughs, lowly and sadly as his hand sneaks up to his face when her fingers graze his cheek, palm holding hers flat to his face to nuzzle against the small ounce of touch.
It was never normal to see Eddie so unmoving, so quiet or tired, so Y/n was more than willing to become his nurse to get him back to his usual self. And Eddie didn’t mind being looked after so lovingly, hardly being able to stop thinking of her back caresses and light tugs to unknot his hair as he was being sick or the forehead kisses as he sat on the closed toilet seat to brush his teeth, or the way she tucked him in bed before leaving to the supermarket.
“Okay, will you be brave enough for me for a second?” Y/n asks, leaning over to grab the bottle of medication and Eddie moves his arms to weakly lift his heavy body into resting his back against the headboard, “you’re talking to Eddie Munson, the bravest boyfriend you could ever wish for.”
“Sure, open up big boy,” Y/n orders while using the little plastic spoon given to pour the strangely-pure-orange mixture onto, listening to Eddie’s deep huffs in preparation and missing his grimaced face as he can already taste the medication from memory.
He nods with a prideful chest puff as Y/n lifts it to his mouth and his hand sneaks to her free one, limply tying their fingers together and swaying them back and forth as he forces the awful medication down his throat, letting out a melodramatic yell as he does so.
“I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy.”
Y/n chuckles quietly as she places the bottle to one side, squeezing his hand as his expression contorts smacking his lips together to try and pass the taste. “Here, baby,” Y/n ushers, reaching back to grab a bottle of water from the bag before passing it to him, a kiss to his cheek following which swoons Eddie immediately.
After taking a couple of sips and resting the bottle to one side, Eddie’s hand grips Y/n’s wrist when she pulls back, “wait, where’re you going?” asks Eddie doubtfully when she moves to stand, “want you close.”
Leaning back in, she presses another fond kiss against his cheek, pushing his scatty hair away from his face afterwards, “making you some soup, baby. Gonna make you feel better, okay?”. Eddie shakes his head, a light tug in his grip, “no, no, no,” Y/n raises her eyebrows, “no?”.
“No.” Is all Eddie responds, letting go of her hand to extend his arms wide, “where’s my celebratory hugs?” he asks. “In celebration of what, Munson?” asks Y/n as she climbs under the covers, landing on top of his large frame as her hands hold his face, his arms engulfing her into a well-needed hug.
“For being a brave boy,” Eddie chuckles against Y/n’s temple when she tucks her face into his neck and shakes with laughter, feeling Eddie slide down the bed so his head hits the pillow. “What are you? Five-years-old?”.
Eddie ignores her teasing, mumbling against her skin, “where’s my celebratory kisses?”. Y/n looks up as Eddie puckers his lips expectantly but Y/n places the tips of her fingers against his mouth with a giggle following, “no kisses until that orange taste is gone.”
“Told you it sucks,” Eddie grunts, closing his eyes as he nuzzles into the pillow warmly, “now for more reasons than one.” Y/n shakes her head when his hands squeeze her hips affectionately, “you’re so dramatic.”
“If it means I can’t kiss you, then absolutely, doll.”
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strawberry-cowmilk · 3 months
Reaction to mc saying she's pregnant? Like they had NO idea. It's their child, maybe she hide it with magic or something and they generally couldn't tell, if that is okay! It's okay if not,
I just think it's a cute conecpt, like just pretend barbs doesn't look into the future,
Again it's okay is not! No pressure,
Wolf !
Hi, wolf! Of course it's okay! I hope you like it
they find out mc is pregnant after hiding it
-> brothers and side characters x mc (no luke)
mc's gender is not mentioned, but is pregnant, not proof read (somebody lmk if the tag is wrong)
content warnings: pregnancy, mild angst
he's a little offended (??) hurt (??) that you hid it from him, were you afraid of his reaction or was he scary?
regardless, lucifer loves both you and the child to death from the moment he finds out they exist
he's going to take great care of you (though he might come off as a little overprotective)
if you are standing up for a minute too long he will let you sit down
oh no, you were play fighting just yesterday, did he accidentally hurt you or the baby?
when those worries ebb away, mammon is so happy he's telling everyone at rad about it
yes he's sad you hid it for a long time but the happiness is way stronger than the hurt
'mc I'm gonna go to the mall to get baby's first gold bar' 'mammon the baby isn't even born yet-'
of course you hid it for a long time, imagine you're the child and you find out your dad is a gross otaku
you're gonna have to calm him down
it takes levi a while to warm up to the idea, but when he does he's really excited for his baby
he's going to want to read tsl to your stomach as a bedtime story (if the baby is a boy he wants to name him henry too)
satan is kind of in denial, if you were pregnant he would have known right? why didn't you say something?
he's never thought about being a father, he needs a moment to let it sink and do research on babies
but he warms up to the idea eventually, and he'll be the softest you've ever seen
satan got little children's books and those cute music boxes for when the baby comes
out of everyone, asmo would me the most upset you tried to hide it
but he loves you and the baby so he forgives you soon
asmo might not know how to be a father at first, but he's willing to learn and raise the baby with you
plus he's going to want one of those maternity photoshoots, but if you don't it's okay
yes he's not happy you kept it from him but baby :))
beel would do anything to make you and them happy
he's really worried you're going to get hurt though, if you're cooking together beel does not let you pick up a spatula or get close to the stove
also beel loves to hug your stomach, it's basically what he does every night now
he's not happy about it at first because he honestly did not want a child
but seeing you pregnant, realising you'd make a great parent, it changed his mind
belphie gets the best pillows and blankets so you can be comfortable while sleeping
if the baby is keeping you awake belphie will try to calm them down
he understands why you hid it from him, imagine getting pregnant with the demon prince's child- oh no are you scared?
it doesn't matter whether you are actually scared or not, diavolo will take his time to show you all is well, he's really happy to welcome his child
he took a picture of you and your cute baby bump, made it his ddd wallpaper and stares at it when he doesn't want to work
it took him by surprise, but barbatos can adapt quickly
he's really happy to be having a baby with you, he's ready to give you anything you need to make the pregnancy easier
do you want tea, a massage or something else? barbatos has got you
he can't wait to meet his baby, he doesn't want to use his powers and spoil it for himself
...so that's why you could eat solomon's soup last week without getting sick
he forgives you for hiding it, surely you had a good reason
simeon loves the baby so much he sings lullabies he used to sing to luke for them already, this man's face physically softens every time he sees the baby bump
but really, maybe you should stay away from food that randomly appears in the fridge that simeon didn't make
he's a little upset but that's okay, in all his years he's never felt this happy
he can't wait to hold his little baby for the first time
being a human too, solomon knows plenty of stuff about human pregnancy so that's great
'simeon why are you stopping me I'm just going to offer mc a sandwich I made'
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