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Solar storm confirms Vikings settled in North America exactly 1,002 years ago (as of 2023)
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The Icelandic sagas – oral histories written down hundreds of years later – tell of a leader named Leif Erikson and a settlement called “Vinland”, assumed to be coastal North America. But while it is known that the Norse landed in Canada, exactly when they set up camp to become the first Europeans to cross the Atlantic, marking the moment when the globe was first known to have been encircled by humans, has remained imprecise.
This study, published in the journal Nature, made use of the cosmic-ray induced upsurge in atmospheric radiocarbon concentrations during a known solar storm in AD993, which released an enormous pulse of radiation that was absorbed by trees at the time.
The logs, with bark still attached, were from trees alive during that solar storm, and excavated from the site. Such solar storms are reflected in annual tree growth rings. In all three samples, 28 growth rings were formed after the one that bore evidence of the storm, meaning the trees were cut in AD1021.
By Caroline Davies for The Guardian (Oct 21ˢᵗ 2021)
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Also, everytime I rewatch Tig Notaro's first appearance as Commander Reno I think back to that time I told my partner about Notaro being in Star Trek. I said something along the lines of "Oh yeah, she plays a lesbian in Star Trek: Discovery." and that led my partner to believe for a little while that "lesbian" was like a distinct species on Star Trek. They were disappointed when I had to tell them the truth
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No one will ever be able to explain the Magic of Science! Good Morning!!!
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"STS-128 Discovery Awaits the 747 SCA
With Space Shuttle Discovery hoisted 60 feet above ground in the Mate-DeMate gantry at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, NASA's modified Boeing 747 shuttle carrier is towed beneath for mating with Discovery prior to their ferry flight back to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida following the STS-128 shuttle mission."
Date: September 19, 2009
NASA ID: ED09-0253-98
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update  lost 20$ billion
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update David Zaslav ..fool no one,big moron never  we never seen
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It's so sad that HBO, I mean, Warner Bros Discovery doesn't give a single fuck about any of it's creators
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Dive into the green / Château de Sannes
© Thibaut Modelia
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reasons why it's very frustrating to be someone who wants to work in a creative industry right now:
warner brothers/hbo/discovery decided to scrap the batgirl movie in post-production before anyone outside of its test audiences could actually see the film
the same company also decided to remove 36 titles from its streaming platform hbo max, several of which were hbo max originals and can no longer be viewed outside of pirating sites, which means the creators will no longer be able to get paid for their work
simon & schuster and penguin random house are in the process of merging. if the DOJ trial doesn't stop the merger, we're going down from having a big five to a big four in the publisher world, with the two of the biggest publishing houses merging.
Barnes & Noble recently decided to stop stocking new middle school books unless they know they're going to be major bestsellers, which multiple new authors didn't find out until weeks before their debuts. B&N accounts for a large chunk of publishing sales for said authors, and limiting what books are available there means debuting authors are mostly screwed unless they put together a massive marketing campaign on their own.
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astralbondpro · 2 months
I really, really like Ethan Peck as Spock. You will never, even with a billion lifetimes be able to top Leonard Nimoy. That version of Spock is a cultural icon, so why bother even trying to be THAT? Go a different direction, and take a different approach. And this version of Spock is one I absolutely am falling in love with the more time we have with him. I know guardians of the precious canon will come in and have a lot of things to say but... fuck 'em. I'm just here to be entertained, and I very much am.
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afirewiel · 7 months
Please, please reblog for a bigger sample size.
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stra-tek · 5 months
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Ever wonder what the writers of Star Trek: Discovery looked like? Here you go.
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sixpenceee · 1 year
Footage from the Mariana Trench. 10,792 meters (36,000 feet) below the Ocean surface.                          
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There is one thing from Star Trek: Discovery that sticks with me. It's the one crewmember in a wheelchair.
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Why? Because in a future where almost any medical condition is curable, being disabled or using a wheelchair isn't seen as something that needs to be fixed.
Does he have a name or a backstory? No. But unlike Pike (ToS), Emory Erickson (Enterprise), or Admiral Jameson (Next Generation), he's not in the wheelchair because of some tragic accident or illness that left them scarred, paralysed, and/or disabled. He's not made the centre of a story of struggle and pity like Melora Pazlar (Deep Space 9).
There's no story of him trying or needing to be "fixed", "healed" or "cured", there's no story of him trying to adapt, there's no story of him getting in the way or being a burden. He's not seen as a tragic victim. He's not seen as unfit for duty or disabled.
He's just a guy in a wheelchair and a member of the crew.
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"Space Shuttle Discovery was carefully placed atop the Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft during mating operations in preparation for its ferry flight from NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards, CA to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida."
Photographed by Tony Landis.
Date: September 18, 2009
NASA ID: ED09-0253-100
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