eidolons-stuff · 1 day
Wednesday: "I assure you Enid likes me more than you are willing to admit"
Ajax: "How would you know? You don't even LISTEN to her!"
Wednesday: "Because she told me before we kissed"
Xavier: *shook*
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karlmarxverstappen · 2 days
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90svoorhees · 9 months
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haha-yes-haha-yes · 1 month
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Mukbang thumbnails are a form of cosmic horror
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I don’t wanna get out of bed. I don’t wanna eat. I don’t wanna go to work. I don’t want to go anywhere. I just wanna fall asleep and never wake up.
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howifeltabouthim · 2 months
And I felt immediately repulsed by all of it—by men, by aging, by humanity, by my disgusting needs.
Taffy Brodesser-Akner, from Fleishman is in Trouble
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betyourefine · 2 years
I'm so sick of myself
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What's the point in talking anymore no one listens to me anyway 😕
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“consensual workplace relationship” someone slap this man
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foundwithlove · 5 months
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king-keery · 8 months
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Joe Keery as STEVE HARRINGTON STRANGER THINGS 4 4x07 “Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab”
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one-time-i-dreamt · 7 months
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yestrday · 6 months
Are there times where housewife!Scaramouche and reader just have soft moments with each other? Like things doesn't matter and they're just holding each other in silence?
of course there is! you wouldn't have been able to convince scara to marry you if he didn't connect with you on a deep, emotional level! bonus points: you're the only one in the world who will ever see him like this!
your husband is a... troubled man, and more often than not he'll get nightmares from his past. it's obvious in the eyebags and his red-rimmed eyes that he hasn't gotten much sleep. silently, you'll take over his chores and cook breakfast for the two of you. sliding him a steaming mug of milk, you kiss his temple and sidle up at his side on the couch. your breaths come out— yours slow and steady, his shaky and shorted— but they come out nonetheless. it's a grateful reminder for you and especially for him.
on other days you're typing away on your keyboard, desperate to send in your project proposal before the deadline. it's well into the night, 11 probably, and you've gotta submit this before midnight. dimly lit by the golden glow of your lampshade and the burning light of your laptop, you tap tap tap away with increasing desperation.
you barely register the shuffling of the bedsheets behind you, the light pained gasps from under the blanket, till scara shoots up straight with scarcely a scream. it does startle you, and your reading glasses slip off when you hurriedly turn to check on scara. he's pale, barely breathing, and when you lock eyes with him there is a small and silent plea.
fuck the deadline.
you gently close your laptop and slip under the sheets with him, hugging his pale and clammy figure close to you. he buries his head into your chest, choked-out sobs barely there. it's pathetic it's pathetic it'spathetic, screams his mind at him as you stroke his head. you pepper kisses on his hair, saying otherwise.
you hug him close, till his painful sobs ease and give away to deep, shallow breathing. you let yourself close your eyes and drift off to sleep with him.
the next morning scara nags at you for missing the deadline, and you laugh sheepishly as you get your body out of bed. no one brings up what happened last night, but he does slide you a plate of your favorite breakfast.
today you kiss him even more gently than you ever did, and scara kisses back, affectionate eyes turned up into a silent thank you.
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Me: I should really shower I haven’t moved in hours
My brain: or you could lay in bed and rot
Me: or I could lay in bed and rot
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earthfluuke · 4 days
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bilboboggins · 1 year
can we all stop acting surprised that amazon defaced middle earth and all its characters? like it’s amazon. did we really expect some company owned by a capitalist white man to stay true to the story?
did we seriously expect amazon to let the men be feminine?
or let the dwarven women have beards?
or let their poc characters be more than a selling-point?
or let the elves have actual gender non-conforming armour? like they always had??
they’ve stereotyped galadriel, let all their “new” characters be POC, (because they’ll get the brunt of the hate), made elrond a politically ambitious jerk, and let game of fucking thrones be the “spiritual predecessor” of the show. fuck amazon.
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