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New painting 馃檶
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Story sketches for Mulan (1998) by Chris Sanders
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More Ariel and Melody! <3
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Barbie MugShot but its the three caballeros聽 鉁
Close ups:
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Disney TVA pilots
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The fact that "Topolino" means "Baby mouse" makes it feel like the comics were calling mickey a pet name/name of endearment. Kinda like calling someone "baby girl, honey, baby" ect and I think that's really funny and also cute.
It's too cute it's literally the little guy!
could you imagine if he actually was a baby
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This is totally just a nitpick and didn't diminish the film for me in any way, but I did feel robbed of seeing this transformation for Ursula in the new Little Mermaid adaptation. This is one of my favourite transformation sequences in a Disney film so I wanted to pay tribute with my own spin on it!
Check out more of my work on other platforms!
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If you want to turn me on. Play your horn, don鈥檛 spare the tone. And blow a little soul into the tune.
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Poor Cinderelly. Ev'ry time she find a minute, that's the time when they begin it.
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[Anthony Mackie posts new photo of him and Harrison Ford on set of the now officially titled: Captain America: Brave New World鈥 via @anthonymackie (IG)鈥 Marvel Studios 鈥 6/5/23]
鈥 DeckardsDwelling
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Important Huntlow Hand Moments 馃挍馃馃懌馃挌
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some other gijinkas i made in january :)
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Disney Animation be like
鈥淵ou know what, fuck you. 鈥
*un-Isekais your protagonist*
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Am I Feeling Love?
Characters: Azul Ashengrotto
Synopsis: From the moment Azul Ashengrotto heard of soulmates as a small child, he had a vision of a beautiful life with someone who was meant for him - regardless of what he was or would become鈥
Word count: 5.3k+
Warnings: Some Yandere elements
Notes: I wanted to thank @yanderloversworld on tumblr for the yandere!Azul w/ Soulmate S/O headcanons/backstory that I saw for inspiring this piece. I鈥檝e never written anything like this before, but I wanted to give my hand at it - especially since it involves my favorite cecaelia character from twisted Wonderland. You can check it out here: https://www.tumblr.com/yandereloversworld/718766985773760512/yanazul-with-a-soulmate-so?source=share
The two songs used to inspire this story:
Am I Feeling Love? (The Thief and the Cobbler/Arabian Knight Soundtrack): https://youtu.be/NXYnClTZ4QY
One Day She'll Love Me (The Emperor's New Groove Soundtrack): https://youtu.be/8Sv3ECj7PdY
Tumblr media
I close my eyes and see his eyes
So soft and warm and clear
I dream awake of holding her
I dream that she鈥檚 right here
I sense in all his silences
More than his words could say
鈥楧on鈥檛 fight your feelings鈥 says my heart
A heart I will obey
鈥淎zul鈥 we need to talk.鈥
The sound of his mother鈥檚 broken voice pulled Azul鈥檚 attention to the larger cecaelia as all eight of his tiny tentacles stilled, each and every one of his appendages dropping an assortment of books, quills, and shell to the grotto鈥檚 floor as the silver-lavender haired boy looked upon his mother. The typically confident cecaelian now appeared scared and upset; her pale baby blue eyes were wide with worry and her ruby lips were set in a straight line - her heavy-set body swayed with the current that entered their home while her black-colored tentacles fidgeted nervously, the lavender underbelly of each appendage curling into itself repeatedly before releasing its grip on emptiness.
Azul stood, his own appendages curling inward, 鈥淐an this wait, momma? I鈥檓 very busy at the moment-鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 afraid it can鈥檛, baby,鈥 his mother entered his room before perching herself on his bed, tapping the seafoam cushion, 鈥渃ome here.鈥
Azul sat beside his mother, looking down at his hands before looking up at his mother, who watched him with interest.
鈥淶ully鈥 the neighbors have told me they鈥檝e seen you sneaking out at night,鈥 his mother spoke quietly, 鈥渁nd it has been apparently going on for a while - without my knowledge. You and I both know that night is a terrible time to be going out, especially alone - you鈥檙e smart enough to know that you could鈥檝e been seriously injured or killed by the creatures that lurk just beyond the reef of our city. Do you know how heartbroken I would be if I lost you?鈥
鈥淚 know, momma鈥 but, I promise I have a good reason!鈥
鈥淲hat good reason would you have for sneaking out in the middle of the night?鈥
鈥淢y soulmate.鈥
His mother looked taken back, her hand resting to the Nautilus shell necklace that rested on her collarbones as her already wide eyes widened further, 鈥...S-Soulmate?鈥
鈥淵es!鈥 Azul鈥檚 powder-blue eyes sparkled like gems in a treasure chest as a huge grin spread across his features, 鈥淚 overheard some of the merkids talking about them at school a few weeks ago - o-of course I had initially thought they were talking about me, since I seem to come up in conversation here and there鈥 but still! Oh, momma! To know that there鈥檚 someone out there that is literally MEANT to be WITH ME! Me! Azul Ashengrotto!鈥
鈥淶ully, now wait a minute-鈥
鈥淎t first the concept did fascinate me,鈥 Azul continued, slowly standing and moving to the opposite end of his room while ignoring his mother鈥檚 words, 鈥渁nd what intrigued me more than anything was that my soulmate would love and cherish every last thing about me - not the way the other merkids seem me as; a pathetic, fat鈥 ugly crying octopus fry that can鈥檛 even excel in studies or athletics. The silly little octo-twerp that鈥檚 an ink spiller.鈥
鈥淶ully, you know that鈥檚 not-鈥
鈥淏ut you know what momma? Thinking about my soulmate has made the days sooo much easier, even when I鈥檓 getting bullied - I think about them seeing what those other merkids are doing and they put a stop to it, saying things like, 鈥楲eave Azul alone! He鈥檚 not a pathetic little octo-twerp!鈥欌 Azul turned to his mother again, his tentacles writhing with excitement, 鈥淪o, to be ready to meet them, I鈥檝e been working to increase my knowledge - I want to be so powerful like the great Sea Witch herself that my soulmate will know who I am by sight alone! I鈥檝e studied every book I could get my hands on and have memorized every single potion recipe there is available - even learning how to improve its effects and prolong them even! I鈥檝e even studied every law text there is in the Atlantica public library - I have every law memorized word for word.鈥
His mother sighed, running a hand through her silvery locks, the motions creating little bubbles that appeared as she let out a sigh, 鈥淎zul, there鈥檚 something you should know-鈥
鈥淎s for the sneaking out,鈥 Azul continued, throwing his hands behind his back as his fingers twisted together while he rocked back and forth on the edges of his eight appendages, 鈥淚 was searching for my soulmate. I don鈥檛 know if they are here in the Coral Sea or not-鈥
鈥淎zul, please listen to me-鈥
鈥淏ut I wanted to see if I could find them. The first few nights after learning about their existence, I was having trouble sleeping - so I started doing a short swim to clear my head. I promise I wasn鈥檛 going too far away from the house! However, on those walks, it got me thinking that maybe instead of sleeping, I should be searching for them. There was no better use of my time than to strive for a better life with someone who must sense my loneliness like I sensed theirs鈥︹
鈥...If they weren鈥檛 so rare, baby.鈥
Azul snapped to attention, his eyes wide, 鈥淲hat?鈥
His mother rested one hand on her knees while the other rubbed at her forehead, 鈥淶ully, I know and understand your longing to belong and to have a friend - trust me, I鈥檝e been there. However, you can鈥檛 fixate on a single being that you hope to encounter at some point in your life. Finding that so-called 鈥榦ther half鈥 is like - well - like the story of the mermaid princess and her longing to be with a human. It鈥檚 a rare occurrence that only happens once in a millennium if not longer. Many times, people - humans, fae, and merfolk alike - often settle for someone they are content and happy with, someone that isn鈥檛 their other half.鈥
Azul stared in shock, inky tears threatening to spill down his chubby cheeks, as his hands balled into fists, 鈥淣o! No! That isn鈥檛 true! What about you and daddy when he was alive?! Both of you were soulmates!鈥
鈥淣o we weren鈥檛鈥 At least, I don鈥檛 think we were,鈥 Azul鈥檚 mother came forward, resting a hand gingerly on her son鈥檚 shoulder, 鈥淎nyone can be happy with or without their soulmate, Azul. There鈥檚 no reason you should go to such lengths to be with someone who may not even exist. You may not even meet them in this lifetime, either鈥︹
鈥淭HAT鈥橲 NOT TRUE!鈥 Azul pushed her away, anger bubbling up as his tentacles writhed in anger, his vision becoming blurry as ink spilled down his face as he snapped at his mother and guardian, 鈥淗OW DARE YOU!? You DON鈥橳 KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT the CONNECTION BETWEEN SOULMATES! THEY FEEL AS I FEEL! THAT CONNECTION IS WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE!! An UNBREAKABLE BOND that CAN NEVER BE SEVERED!! And how DARE you CHEAT on your OWN SOULMATE!鈥
鈥淎zul! Now wait a minute!鈥 his mother raised her voice, 鈥淚鈥檝e been around the bend a few more times than you have and know about these sorts of things. I WILL NOT ALLOW this behavior to continue in my house!鈥
鈥淔ine! Then I鈥檒l leave!鈥
鈥淎zul! Where are you going?! Azul!!鈥
But the little cecaelia was gone, swimming as fast as he could away from his mother鈥檚 typically loving embrace.聽
鈥楬ow could she?!鈥 he mind was running as he sped up to get further and further away from his home, 鈥楬ow could she say that? Why momma鈥 why?!鈥
He was sniffing hard when he arrived at his hidden octopot, big ugly fat tears of black rolling down his chubby cheeks while mucus dribbled down his nose, running into his open mouth as he gasped out big grotesque sobs. He pulled himself along enough to climb into the pot, his appendages pulling him into the confined space as comfort slowly surrounded his shaking form. One tentacle came forward, wiping at the tears in his eyes as Azul allowed his hearts to calm down.聽
He wrapped his arms around himself as he looked out into the darkness of the Coral Sea; the pale moonlight reflected off the caverns that surround Azul鈥檚 hiding spot, the water growing colder and colder with each passing hour as several sea creatures passed over - not that Azul noticed though. Normally, he would have been interested in what creatures came out at night - but the words his mother spoke forced a jolt of pain on all three of his hearts.
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 fixate on a single being that you hope to encounter at some point in your life,鈥 her words echoed in his mind over and over, 鈥淔inding that so-called 鈥榦ther half鈥 is like - well - like the story of the mermaid princess and her longing to be with a human. It鈥檚 a rare occurrence that only happens once in a millennium if not longer. Anyone can be happy with or without their soulmate, Azul. There鈥檚 no reason you should go to such lengths to be with someone who may not even exist鈥︹
鈥榃hat if she鈥檚 right?鈥 he thought, his tentacles tightening around his body, 鈥榃hat if I never find them? What if they think the same way she does? What if鈥 what if they鈥檝e already been taken from me?!鈥
His eyes narrowed as a darkness slowly filled them, glaring out into the cruel twisted world from the darkness of his octopot. No, even if his soulmate was already claimed he would鈥檝e known - he would know if they were, he鈥檇 felt it; the tangling of another soul within his if his other half were to be mated to another without his consent. However, that hadn鈥檛 happened yet.
鈥or now.
Azul curled deeper into himself, his thoughts growing darker and darker as he made plans to continue his search for his other half; his beloved soulmate. He wouldn鈥檛 give up the search, even if he died trying. He wanted to see them; see what they looked like and to hear their sweet voice, to feel a sense of belonging鈥 to protect what was rightfully his.
I'd never imagined before that the world could be turned on its head
I'd never have thought to be here in this place
I'd never have dreamt that in love I'd be lost and so easily led
I guess I was caught by that hint of a smile on her face
鈥淎zul-chan, are we almost finished here?鈥 a figure on the cecaelian鈥檚 left muttered, 鈥淚鈥檓 bored.鈥
鈥淔loyd,鈥 the figure on Azul鈥檚 right spoke up, murmuring and pressing a finger to his lips, 鈥淭here are still some students that need to be housed. Just be a little bit more patient.鈥
鈥淪peaking of which,鈥 Azul eyed the two carefully, 鈥淎ny news from our sources, Jade?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 rather difficult to track down something when we ourselves don鈥檛 know what we鈥檙e looking for,鈥 the second figure - Jade - answered softly, 鈥淎 description usually helps in these circumstances, Azul.鈥
鈥淧erhaps,鈥 the cecaelian shrugged indifferently, 鈥渉owever, it鈥檚 hard to pinpoint exactly what I鈥檓 looking for, myself.鈥
The two second-in-commands looked at each other, confusion crossing their features.
Ten years had passed slowly since that terrible day when Azul鈥檚 mother planted the first seeds of doubt into her son鈥檚 head, her chiding and the doubts never leaving him completely. However, that did not stop him from continuing his search for his other half - exhausting himself beyond belief. By the time Azul was twelve - nearly five years following his discovery of the existence of soulmates - he had searched every crevice of the Coral Sea with no luck; it was also around this time that he met the Leech twins - Floyd and Jade.聽
Jade was the oldest of the two by a few minutes and was very resourceful as well as very soft-spoke and courteous; his younger brother, Floyd, on the other hand was unpredictable due to his mood swings - he could be interested in one thing one minute and grow bored of it the next. The two moray mers had come across Azul during his younger days when they were in the same class together, watching with awe as his eight appendages hovered about his hidden grotto, writing inscriptions on shells and flipping through pages of grimoires. Originally, they weren鈥檛 sure what to make of him, but now that they knew about his capabilities from stories they heard about someone granting wishes for a price - the two were now invested in keeping Azul close to their sides.
And vice versa.
Eventually, the question of why he was doing it came up; Azul took the time to explain the story about how he had first learned about soulmates and how he had been searching the past five years for his, eventually coming to the conclusion that his other half was nowhere in the Coral Sea.
鈥淚 have searched every nook and cranny of these waters and have yet to find them,鈥 Azul explained, pouring ingredients into a cauldron as he spoke, 鈥淭hus, I鈥檓 鈥榰sing my resources鈥 to spread out the search for my other half.鈥
鈥淪o, some of your deals include gathering any information about a particular person whom you鈥檝e never met nor spoken to?鈥 Jade asked, very intrigued by Azul鈥檚 train of thought.
鈥淗ah鈥 sound boring,鈥 Floyd chimed in, reclining atop of one of the rocks in the grotto.
鈥淚t鈥檚 more interesting than it sounds,鈥 Azul answered, popping a cork off a bottle and dumping the contents into the cauldron as the liquid turned from pale pink to eerie green, 鈥渂esides, the sooner I find them, the better off they鈥檒l be. However, the problem here lies that if they鈥檙e not in the Coral Sea - then where are they?鈥
Neither of the twins could supply an answer.
It was also around this time that Azul鈥檚 appearance had also changed. Baby fat melted and hardened into muscle while his gut and belly dissolved into toned skin, chubby cheeks evolved into high cheekbones; his face sharpening into arched brows, thin lips, and a pointed nose - though his eyes, now filled with knowledge and pride, remained the same. Gone was - in Azul鈥檚 opinion - the fat crying octo-twerp of his youth as a handsome, defined sea witch stood in his place; a perfect figure that his soulmate would be proud of once they set sights on him.
The dramatic weight-loss and muscle built scared, not only Jade and Floyd, but also his own mother - whom he did speak to on seldom occasions due to her connections as the owner of the Atlantica Grotto Bistro, which was slowly becoming a local hot spot and where Azul worked full time as a waiter and assistant manager. It was also where he would lure unsuspecting victims - mainly those from his youth or clients with means - into signing his newly-perfected golden contracts, sealing their powers away for his own in exchange for whatever it was that they wished for. Of course, Azul鈥檚 mother never suspected a thing about her son鈥檚 side business - now a bit preoccupied with the courtship of an older squid mer who had slowly made a presence in her life as well as teaching Azul the fundamentals of building his own business.
When Azul, Jade, and Floyd reached the age of sixteen, they were invited to attend Night Raven College - a boys鈥 prestigious school for young mages. Azul鈥檚 mother had been proud of Azul鈥檚 accomplishment and Azul, himself, was secretly thankful that he would be given the chance to explore a different world versus hearing things through the grape vines from his sources. It was during his first year of attending that he made a name for himself, following practically in his mother鈥檚 and the Sea Witch鈥檚 footsteps; he was now the headwarden聽 and the owner of the Mostro Lounge that his dorm - Octavinelle - operated on the school property. He also was the student others went to when they needed help or had a wish that only he could grant. Jade and Floyd both helped, taking his place into luring potential clients into his clutches.
Now, the three of them were entering their second year at NRC - and Azul was barely hanging on by a thread. For the past year on land - thanks to the potion he created that would allow himself, Jade, and Floyd to attend the school - Azul had used his network of informants to extend his search for his other half.
He never forgot the promise he made to continue his search for his soulmate - the contracts were just a starting point to his grand scheme for searching for the person who would love and cherish him as no other could. By building a name for himself, Azul essentially had been given enough money to spend as much as he pleased for information about any leads and his extensive network of informants were at his beck-and-call should he need them to snoop out any potential tips he heard. He had cleared out both Harveston during winter break the previous year and the Queendom of Roses as well as the Shaftlands the previous summer before he was summoned to return to Night Raven. Sunset Savanna would be next on his list during the winter break this year and he would attempt Briar Valley over the summer.
But even that wasn't soon enough it seemed.
Azul鈥檚 spirit was practically crying out with each failed search, lead, and tip - nearly to the point that his soul was exhausted and he found himself hearing his mother鈥檚 chiding words in his inner ear again. But he was stubborn - incredibly so; and he made plans before leaving his home city again to extend any knowledge to him from outside the school鈥檚 barriers.
Azul sighed as the last first year was placed into their dorm, forcing a smile as he addressed his new students, crossing his arms over his chest, "New students! I congratulate you on your achievement. As the dorm head of Octavinelle, I am honored to have the opportunity to support you in what I hope will be a fulfilling campus experience.鈥
"Hey, does anyone know where the headmage went?" Azul arched his brow as the dorm head of Pomefiore, Vil Schoenheit, spoke, 鈥淗e disappeared midway through the ceremony鈥︹
"Some headmage he is," Idia Shroud, the head of Ignihyde, grumbled from his tablet that hovered in the chamber.
"Maybe he had a tummy ache?" the ever naive dorm head of Scarabia - Kalim Al-Asim - asked with a shrug.
The doors burst open as the head mage himself appeared, shouting, "I most certainly did not!"
"Ah, speak of the devil," Riddle, the dorm head of Heartslabyul, grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest.
"If you must know," the headmage continued, pulling a cloaked figure along with him, their slender wrist tight in his grasp, "I was searching for the new student who failed to show for orientation. Come along, you are the only one who hasn't been assigned to a dorm - step up to the dark mirror and be quick about it. I'll hold onto your weasel."
Azul watched as the headmage pulled the figure along, causing them to stumble slightly, before he released them. The cloaked figure lifted their head, taking a tentative step towards the mirror as the headmage held tightly onto another being - a little gray cat creature with burning fire in his ears with eyes wider than saucer plates. Something about the shy figure had drawn Azul utmost attention as they stood before the dark mirror.
鈥淪tate your name,鈥 the mirror spoke, its voice deep and dark.
鈥淚鈥檓 (MC),鈥 the first year student said, so quiet that everyone had to strain to hear them.
鈥(MC)... The nature of your soul is鈥︹ the dark mirror hesitated, narrowing its pitch-black eyes before announcing, 鈥...unclear to me.鈥
鈥淲hat did you just say?鈥 the headmage crossed his arms over his chest as a murmur rippled through the crowd.
鈥淚 sense no magical power from this one,鈥 the dark mirror answered, voice grim, 鈥淪oundless. Colorless. Shapeless. Utterly vacant鈥 Therefore, no dorm would be appropriate.鈥
With his final answer, the mirror鈥檚 face disappeared as the headmage let out a cry, 鈥淎re you suggesting the black carriage went to recieve a person who cannot even use magic?! That is absurd! The student selection process has not erred once in its century of existence!鈥
As head headmage continued to squawk in surprise, Azul nearly felt his heart stop in his chest when the supposed first year looked in his direction.
As soon as their eyes locked with his, Azul knew.
His soulmate was here.
Azul鈥檚 soulmate was a pretty blond with tints of strawberry weaved into short locks that framed her soft features hidden under the black and gold hood of the ceremonial robe she wore, the exotic eyes of cornflower blue filled with wonder and surprise - with a underlying hint of fear, likely due to the shock of being called 鈥榓bnormal鈥 by a piece of glass - and an hourglass-figure with slight gut that likely stood only a few inches shorter than him. A pleasant pink painted her rounded cheeks, turning them into red delicious apples that tempted Azul to take a bite, as her pale pastel pink lips parted in surprise. She must have sensed a strong connection between the two of them as Azul found himself unable to look away, staring at her with quiet longing and lovestruck clearly written across his features.
鈥淎zul?鈥 Jade snickered, 鈥淲hat is-鈥
鈥淚 think octy just found what he was lookin鈥 for, Jade,鈥 Floyd snickered, his eyes shifting between the startled first-year and their lovestruck boss.
鈥淚 quite agree,鈥 Jade鈥檚 voice came out sickly smooth as his eyes shifted between the three of them, 鈥渢his has just gotten interesting鈥︹
Azul hardly noticed though the twins鈥 snickers in his ears, his thoughts were already running wild with ideas of how he wanted to spoil the newcomer - his found other half, his precious mate.聽
The problem now was that she was a non-magic user and a female to boot - never mind that she had just been put on display like an exotic animal. The whispers that echoed in the chamber forced Azul鈥檚 soulmate to look away, her body quivering with fear and unease as he was brought back to reality.
鈥楬ow DARE they insult her while in my presence?鈥 Azul felt a growl bubble up in the back of his throat, his pale blues shifting from the crowd to his mate to the headmage and back again as his hands curled into fists under the sleeves of his cloak, 鈥楢nd how DARE the dark mirror put (MC) in this situation!鈥
鈥淗eadwardens,鈥 the headmage鈥檚 voice echoed in the chamber, silencing every whisper as he took control of the situation, 鈥減lease escort your students back to the dorms as the orientation is now complete.鈥
鈥淲hat about (MC)?鈥 the voice of Coach Vargas spoke up, 鈥淪urely you are not expecting someone like her to remain here?鈥
鈥楢nd you鈥檙e first on the list of people who will suffer my wrath for saying something so hostile to my mate,鈥 Azul thought, thinking of what the best way would be to attack the coach indirectly.
鈥淭his is a most unfortunate turn of events, yes,鈥 the headmage agreed, tapping his chin in thought, 鈥淒ue to her being female and that she is a non-magic user, I鈥檓 afraid you cannot attend Night Raven College. You seem like an amicable young lady, however this is an all-boy鈥檚 school and I cannot admit a student - male or female - with no magical ability. But fear not, the dark mirror will see you safely home.鈥
鈥楴O! You CAN鈥橳!鈥 Azul was barely holding himself together at this point - he had just found his soulmate and now the world wanted the two of them to be separated forever?! He would not allow it!聽
Before he could act on impulse, the mirror鈥檚 face returned, its deep voice echoing in the chamber, 鈥淭here is no such place.鈥
鈥淲hat?!鈥 Crowley squawked again as murmurs rose from the crowd yet again.
鈥淭here is no place in this world where this soul belongs,鈥 the dark mirror answered again, 鈥淣one.鈥
鈥淗-How can that be?!鈥 Crowley asked, his hands shaking with an inner rage, 鈥淢y, but today is a veritable cavalcade of impossible phenomena! This has never happened throughout my long tenure. I must confess I am at something of a loss.鈥
Azul could sense the sadness radiating from his mate as well. Was she disappointed that she couldn鈥檛 return from wherever she had come from? And if so, why would she want to go back if now she knew of his existence?
Perhaps a little persuasion was needed鈥
Azul smiled darkly, before taking a step forward, clearing his throat, 鈥淗eadmage Crowley, I understand that all of us are at a loss of what to do with our strange guest - however, may I offer a solution to our little problem?鈥
鈥淢aster Ashengrotto,鈥 Headmage Crowley crossed his arms over his chest, 鈥淚鈥檓 not certain what you mean. We must send (MC) back to where they came from.鈥
鈥淎nd how do you propose we do that?鈥 Azul countered, shrugging while keeping his eyes trained on the headmage while he faked a painful look, 鈥淚t is easy to return us to our homes, but we have no idea where she comes from - or if we can even get her back.鈥
鈥淭-There must be a way though鈥 right?鈥 (MC) spoke up, her eyes pleading with Azul鈥檚.
鈥淚 hate to agree with Azul, but he鈥檚 right,鈥 a tan-skinned, dark-haired figure spoke up, 鈥淚f this herbivore is from another world entirely, the chances of getting them back are slim to none.鈥
鈥淟eona is quite right on the money with that one,鈥 Vil answered with a nod.
Azul smiled, knowing that the ripples of shock and disbelief were now falling onto the headmage for being incompetent in dealing with this matter. He couldn鈥檛 turn (MC) away now that Azul had spoken up with two additional dorm heads also taking his side.
鈥淲hat do you propose then?鈥 Headmage Crowley asked, eyeing the headwarden of Octavinelle uneasily.
鈥淥ctavinelle, as I鈥檓 sure you remember, has plenty of rooms for rent,鈥 Azul answered, turning to (MC) with a reassuring smile, 鈥淎s the dorm head, I will gladly take (MC) into my dorm where she can stay during her time here. If she鈥檚 agreeable, she can work within the Mostro Lounge to pay for a place to sleep and to have food in her belly.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not sure, Master Ashengrotto鈥︹ Crowley spoke, rubbing his chin with a clawed gloved hand, 鈥渁 single woman in a dorm filled with boys is highly improper鈥︹
鈥淚mproper would be the term used for the predicament your so-called black carriage put you in,鈥 Azul snipped, his eyes flashing dangerously at the headmage, 鈥淏esides - the rooms we rent are on the opposite side of the aquarium in our dorm, quite a ways away from the rooms the dorm members reside in for that particular purpose. We also have security within our dorm and I鈥檓 usually the one to deal with matters of鈥 problematic nature.鈥
鈥淧erhaps, however-鈥
鈥淐onsider it one less problem on your plate as well. If (MC) is brought to my dorm, I will take full responsibility for her - and I might be able to find a way to get her home in the process as well.鈥
鈥淵ou what?鈥 (MC)鈥檚 eyes widen with hope, her hand reaching out and clasping the edge of his robe.
鈥淚 have an endless network of resources at my disposal, my dear - I can likely find you a quicker way to get home than you can with anyone else here,鈥 Azul answered confidently, thinking, 鈥楾hough you don鈥檛 know I won鈥檛 now that you鈥檙e here with me.鈥
鈥淰ery well then,鈥 Headmage Crowley let out a sigh, 鈥(MC), are you agreeable with staying with the Octavinelle dorm and working at the Mostro Lounge until Master Ashengrotto can find a way to return you to your world?鈥
鈥淥f course! Thank you so much, Mr. Ashengrotto!鈥 (MC) beamed with joy.
鈥淎zul,鈥 the dorm head answered with a nod, 鈥減lease, call me Azul.鈥
鈥淎zul, then.鈥
The human-cecaelian smiled sweetly at his soulmate and offered an arm out, his hearts practically bursting with joy when the young woman slipped her own arm through his - the two of them now link together via soul and side by side.
Azul brought (MC) to the Octavinelle鈥檚 renting dorm after ordering Jade and Floyd to start the welcoming party for the first years as well as to get them ready for tomorrow night.
鈥淒o what you need to do,鈥 Azul smiled at the two.
鈥淥f course.鈥
鈥淵ou got it, boss!鈥
When the two of them were out of earshot, (MC) looked up at Azul, 鈥淭hank you so much for your help back there. I wasn鈥檛 certain what was going to happen if you hadn鈥檛 stepped in.鈥
鈥淟ikely the headmage would have thrown you out of the college and left you to fend for yourself,鈥 Azul smiled down at her, 鈥渂ut I, on the other hand, would never allow something so pitifully disgusting to happen to you.鈥
(MC) giggled, the sound pulling on Azul鈥檚 heartstrings.
鈥楽he鈥檚 here, she鈥檚 real,鈥 his thoughts quickened as the two continued their leisurely pace, 鈥業 knew that she was real, that she and I would meet. It will only be a matter of time now - once she confesses her feelings for me, I will make her mine.鈥
The two stopped outside one of the doors, Azul pulled out a key ring and unlocked it before ushering his soulmate inside.
鈥淵ou can stay here,鈥 Azul answered, peering around and wishing that it was cleaner than it was now, 鈥淭here鈥檚 spare blankets in the closet in case you get cold during the night and fresh towels in the bathroom. I鈥檒l have Jade or Floyd bring you a spare pair of clothing since you鈥檝e brought nothing with you.鈥
鈥淥h, you don鈥檛 have to鈥︹
鈥淚 insist,鈥 Azul answered, 鈥淲hat sort of host would I be if I didn鈥檛 provide the best service?鈥
(MC) giggled again, her smile even wider, 鈥淲ell, thank you again Azul.鈥
Each time she spoke his name, Azul鈥檚 heart gave a leap of joy.聽
He coughed, blushing slightly, 鈥淲-Well then, should you need anything during your time here, just let me know.鈥
鈥淥f course, but - may I ask a question?鈥
鈥淵ou already have,鈥 Azul聽 snickered at her. Her pout was adorable that Azul burst into laughter.
鈥淲hy were you willing to help me? A complete stranger?鈥
鈥淚 have a gift of sensing someone in need,鈥 Azul answered, his grin spreading wider over his features, 鈥淚 have helped many poor unfortunate souls in my short lifetime and intend on continuing to offer my services in exchange for something.鈥
鈥淲hat sort of payment?鈥
鈥淒epends - but it isn鈥檛 something you should worry about. I like to keep a few things in my personal life private - regardless of my relationships with other people.鈥
鈥淥f course, I can respect that.鈥
鈥淭hank you, I appreciate it,鈥 Azul reached out, pushing the hood down and stroking (MC)鈥檚 soft hair gently, 鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you rest now? I have to attend the welcome party for the new students and make sure no one is destroying anything in my absence. I will have Jade or Floyd bring you something to eat in a little bit along with that fresh change of clothes. Tomorrow, we鈥檒l discuss our contract.鈥
鈥淚 always have my employees sign a business contract before they begin work - regardless how long they work in the lounge for,鈥 Azul answered, 鈥淚t helps to have things in writing when dealing with problems later down the road.鈥
With a nod, (MC) grinned, 鈥淭hank you again, Azul-san.鈥
The cecaelian couldn鈥檛 help himself as he leaned forward, pressing a kiss to (MC)鈥檚 forehead before pulling away and leaving his other half to stare at him in shock and surprise.聽
When the door clicked behind him, Azul pulled the keyring out and locked the door to prevent anyone from entering and her from leaving. His eyes gleamed menacingly in the low light as a black gloved hand stroked the doorframe gently.
鈥楢t last鈥 you鈥檙e here with me, my precious pearl. Forgive me, but now that I have seen you鈥 I can never let you go鈥︹
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