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random-twst-things · 2 days
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Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Goodnight moon.
Mc/Y/N/Yuu Goodnight tree.
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Goodnight ghosts that only I can see.
Ace: We can see the ghosts too ya know?
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, turning around very slowly to face Ace:
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Let me feel fucking special for once okay? 🙂
Ace: ...okay, so-rry 🫤
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: As I was saying *Turning around towards the big window*
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: and goodnight to the tall man with horns who watches me sleep every night
Ace, whipping his head around so fast he could break his neck: IM SORRY, THE WHAT?!
Malleus, outside the window: Goodnight my child of man ☺️ *waving*
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rayroseu · 2 days
The Ordeal of Finding a Friend
(This is based on the theory that if Meleanor is in the dark mirror,,, then does that mean that she's responsible for recruiting students for NRC--?? then does that mean that she also chose someone to be Malleus' friend(Prefect🔥)-- with a little assistance from Levan if he's Crowley🐦‍⬛🐉
also inspired by that scene in Maleficent 2 where Maleficent was displeased about Aurora's engagement and the mini plan to just turn Philip as a goat cuz she thinks its better than a human--
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thus,,, on the day of the Orientation...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I like to imagine that this is Meleanor and Levan's dynamic ykyk its a nice callout to Maleficent and Diaval where Maleficent is dubious on Philip but Diaval is just supportive of Philip's proposal because it makes Aurora(in this case Malleus) happy 😭✨
I also like to imagine that Meleanor slowly opens up to humans like she isnt easily fond of them- so if you introduce one to her, you'll need to 'work' for it
so during those times where Meleanor still disapproves the Prefect and Malleus' dynamic... even though Levan and Lilia repeatedly confirms that theyre a green flag... they'll just annoy her like the annoying partners they are-- (also Lilia living the life‼️finally✨ he gets to bother Meleanor🔥(cuz she always bother him with her troubles lol))
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I really want other faes to react that Malleus first normal social experience was through a magicless human too‼️
they sheltered their prince out of humans (except for Lilia w/ Silver ehehe💖) but the first one to befriend him normally was a human too
like,,,, fr this nation is destined to get along with humans,,, no wonder Levan was trying to convince anyone to sign the peace treaty already 😭
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Baul reacting to MalleYuu and he's just having war flashbacks about his daughter eloping with her human husband whldhsk
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yoha-oa-art · 3 days
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Sebek might be my least favourite but damn it he turn out goooood💚
I was this close 🤏🏽 to give silver an old man sleeping gown but Saku talked me out of it, but I'm gonna do it later anyway 。⁠◕⁠‿⁠◕⁠。
Cater & Floyd
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yaemikobbg · 3 days
Asking Lilia and General Lilia if you look good in your dress
Warnings: suggestive themes, not proofread
Tumblr media
General Lilia
You had found a new dress in a shop but you weren’t too sure how it looked on you. Lilia wanted to take you to an important meeting so you wanted to look nice. Melenor gave you some money to go find one. It might’ve been a little bit more than you expected but she doesn’t care since your one of her favorites.
You finished changing and came out of the bathroom to show him. “Hey, Lilia? Does this look okay?” You said with clear nervousness in your tone. You messed with the dress adjusting it not realizing that he was standing right in front of you. You only noticed when you felt his hands running up and down your sides as if he was admiring your figure. He kissed you as he pulled you closer to him. He looked you up and down as he pulled away a grin on his face. “I could just eat you.”
Lilia Vanrouge
Lilia was going to take you out to dinner on this fine night since he found a new restaurant he really liked. You had decided you wanted to find a new dress to wear and surprise him with and he quickly agreed.
As you returned from your trip and changed into the dress Lilia decided he was a little impatient today and opened the bathroom door to interrupt you putting on your makeup. He surprise attacked you with latching onto your back wrapping himself around you in a tight grip. He propped his chin up on your shoulder as he admired you in the mirror thinking about how lucky he was. You didn’t even have to ask him if it looked nice because he was already singing praises your way.
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artsyco3xist · 1 day
Hair-swapped TWST Part 35
Tumblr media
Look what y'all made me do 😰
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qwakque · 15 hours
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ai-kan1 · 18 hours
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Long time no lineart 💥
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selfishlovebug · 2 days
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art dump
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twistedmionn · 3 days
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Twisted Wonderland incorrect #41
Vil is a Lady Gaga stan & you CANNOT change my mind on that
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talt0sh · 2 days
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Ehehehe. Malleus is so handsome but his mother? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSOBEAUTIFUL<3
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cheapshrimpysheep · 3 days
Hi hi!! Can I request a oneshot with Sebek where he has a crush on reader but they're oblivious. Sebek himself is in denial that he might even hold feelings for somebody, but it's clear how he truly feels through his actions (aka acts of service, helping the reader). He pretends to act annoyed about it but the red on his face gives him away to everybody except reader who's just 'hes such a nice guy!". It's gotten to the point even Ace and Deuce of all people are trying to tease/hint to them about what's going awn 😭
Tumblr media
COMMENTS: Hi! Um... I'm not sure if this is what you wanted, but I ended up being inspired* to write a story in which Ace and Deuce, with Lilia's help, created a plan to make Sebek confess his feelings. I'm also the oblivious type in these situations so...
I hope you and all enjoy ;)
*(You can see this by the number of words I ended up writing. This doesn't usually happen to me)
CHARACTERS: Sebek Zigvolt x Reader
TAGS: Fluff; GN Reader; Declaration
WORD COUNT: 1.520 words
Tumblr media
“Each day this gets even more ridiculous, cringe and awkward.” Ace complains. “And every time we tease them, Sebek pierces our eardrums and (Y/N) gets closer to becoming the third member of the Face Palm Club.”
“Yeah...” Deuce says “He even started appearing out of nowhere just to be useful to (Y/N), even when it's not necessary. I wonder where he learned to be so sneaky with that height and that voice.”
“In fact, the situation is starting to lose the fun it had at the beginning.” A voice suddenly said, startling Ace and Deuce. Lilia just did his upside down appearance.
“Is Sebek acting strange in Diasomnia too?” Deuce asks, after recovering from the scare.
“Well, he was always a peculiar boy.” Lilia chuckles. “I believe you also had fun teasing him.” he sighs “But Sebek's denial of (Y/N)'s obliviousness is already starting to go on for a long time. Even for me. He started talking about (Y/N) the same way he talks about Malleus.” He starts to laugh softly to himself.
“What's so funny?” Ace asks “Did you remember anything embarrassing that happened?”
“I did. One day...” Lilia had just talked to Sebek to try to get him to admit that he have a crush on you. His mission failed due to Sebek’s stubbornness. Lilia was close to the door and Sebek wasn't paying attention to it. He was yelling at another Diasomnia student for some reason. Lilia smiled mischievously and said loudly something like: “Oh (Y/N)! To what do we owe the visit?” Sebek’s thunderous voice fell silent immediately and he turned to the door with a smile that was unthinkable a second ago. Lilia was amused to see his expression turn to embarrassment upon discovering that Lilia had tricked him.”
Ace and Deuce laughed.
“Dude, the other day I was trying to hint (Y/N) that Sebek had a thing for them. Do you know what they replied to me?” Ace imitates your voice with a cute smile on his face “Aw, he's just being nice. And I was like, He’s only nice to you!”
Lilia started by laughing, but then wondered: “As (YN)’s close friends, do you think they might feel the same way about Sebek?”
“Oh, definitely!” Ace confirms “But since he's in denial, I think (Y/N) understands this as not being interested. I mean, you just said he treats Malleus the same way. Do you think he has a crush on Malleus too?” Ace laughs.
“I've been further from believing in such a thing.” Lilia whispers to himself. “But despite the treatment he gives them both is similar,” he says to them “I can distinguish between the admiration he feels for Malleus and the affection he feels for (Y/N). He sees Malleus as an extremely respectable superior. In (Y/N)'s case I believe it's more like someone weaker but worthy of his protection and respect.”
“What do you think it would be like if they finally declared themselves to each other?” Deuce asks.
“Well, as I've never seen Sebek go through anything like this before, the results might be surprising.” Lilia smiles mischievously “An experiment worth testing, don't you agree?”
Tumblr media
You were in Ramshackle Dorm when you hear someone knocking on the door. A strong, firm type of knocking that you recognize.
“HUMAN! How can you be so reckless with your own safety?!” Sebek says the moment you open the door. If you say "Hello to you too" before asking what he's talking about, he will blush slightly and respond: “I apologize for not greeting you properly. But Lilia-sama told me about your cursed room. And that's why I'm here.” he gets a smug on his face “Lilia-sama entrusted me with instructions to solve your problem.”
You ask him what he's talking about. You didn't have any cursed rooms. At least that you knew.
“Lilia said maybe you don't know yet. He suggested asking the ghosts if this is true. They would have more knowledge about this subject.”
You do this and the ghosts confirm it. They say yes, that there is a scary, cursed room in the dorm and that they are very grateful to Seberk for being there to help them. And you know something is up. Not with the dorm, but with the ghosts. Was Lilia messing with Sebek again and asked the ghosts for help?
The ghosts guide you to the "cursed room". If you ask where Grim is, they'll tell you he was so scared by that room that he hid in your bedroom. That excuse doesn't convince you.
“You know,” One of the ghosts tells Sebek. “We’re very happy to see that someone cares about (Y/N) as much as you do.”
Sebek starts to blush a little. “W-well, this is nothing special. Don't think I'm doing this because I have some strong feelings for (Y/N). Don't let those two Heartslabyul humans get that idea into your heads. I'm here because I was entrusted by LIlia-sama himself to solve the problem that a poor human without magic wouldn't be able to deal with.”
The ghosts look between them, disappointed by Sebek's stubbornness and denial.
Once in front of the cursed room's door, you open it. You and Sebek enter a dusty and unused room like so many others in Ramshackle Dorm. And the door abruptly shuts behind the two of you, leaving you locked inside.
Sebek takes a step as if to run towards the door but stops himself. You ask why he did that, if he wasn't going to try to open the door.
“My first instinct is to do so. But Lilia said this would happen. And that I needed to be firm and follow the instructions he had given me.”
“Which are...?” you ask.
“The ones in the paper on my pocket that Lilia said I shouldn't open until this very moment.”
Even though I knew it sounded like a Lilia prank, you also knew that it didn't matter what you said to Sebek. He never disputes Lilia's word even if it's the silliest thing anyone has ever heard. And he wasn't going to start doubting it now. Your only option, besides having a useless argument with Sebek, is to play along.
He takes the paper out of his pocket, unfolds it and reads it. The next thing you see is a look of astonishment and a loud "WHAT?!" coming from his mouth. You ask what is written on the paper and he needs a few seconds to take a deep breath before telling you. He blushed again and read it out loud.
“To break the curse, two people must sacrifice their freedom within the room, until they both confess their true feelings for each other.”
Yes, you know that sounds like a non-sense romantic trope, but once again, Sebek won't question anything Lilia says. Or in this case, writes. He turns to you.
“Well, you are the host. By all means, go first.”
Well, that all sounds to you like some kind of prank. So you decide not to tell the truth. You say you like him, but not in a way that he perceives as romantic, to protect your feelings.
“I'm glad that you realize how valuable I am in your life.” He says this with a smug that disappears right after. “You... for a human are very... respectable, and... worthy of my devotion. Yes, I think this would suffice.”
He quickly heads for the door. Pull it. It doesn't open. Push. Nothing. He starts trying to force the door open, but the only thing he can do is practically shake the wall.
He gives up, frustrated. He inhales and sighs, turns like the soldier he is and walks towards you with a determined look in his eyes. “Human, I wasn't completely honest with you. I want to reiterate that I am only doing this to break the curse! Everything that is said in this room must never leave the same! UNDERSTOOD?”
You agree. Sebek closes his eyes, as if it would be easier for him to say it. And his cheeks start to blush.
“I don't know what this is.” He opens his eyes, with that exaggeratedly angry look of his. “And I refuse to call it... being in love or, as those humans you hang out with say, having a crush.” he calms down again “What I said earlier is not a lie. I do respect you, and I do see you as one of the few worthy of my devotion. But not like the Young Master or Lilia. I...” he closes his eyes again, and his blush intensifies “I NOURISH STRONG PLEASANT FEELINGS FOR YOU! THAT IS ALL I KNOW!”
You take this opportunity to be honest with him as well. In your own way and with your words you say that you feel the same way about him. You two are silent for a few seconds after that. Sebek doesn't know what to say or what to do, he just lets himself look at you with a surprised and affectionate look that you've never seen before.
The door slowly opens by itself.
Tumblr media
If you dropped in here out of the blue and want to read more from me, you can find it in my pinned post: INDEX
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random-twst-things · 13 hours
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Malleus: I require assistance on what to get my dear Mc/Y/N/Yuu for Valentine's
Lilia: oohoho? Why of course! What do you have in mind?
Malleus: I'm not sure, but I do know I want it to be something that is lasting
Lilia: something lasting?
Malleus: Yes, something that will last an eternity and when they look at it they will think of how much I love them
Lilia: fufufu~ it's as if you were to propose with a wedding ring 🤭
Malleus, in deep thought: a wedding ring huh?....
Lilia: I never said it had to be a wedding ring Malleus
Malleus: but a ring is a symbol of love for humans, no? It is something that symbolizes a forever with that person and if my child of man were to look at it they would always remember my love for them as well, no?
Lilia: My~ you do have a point
Malleus: Perfect. Well then, thank you for the help father
Lilia: Malleus, wait you have to-
*Malleus not in his spot anymore, gone without a trace*
Lilia, sighing: Oh dear~ Young ones these days are so passionate
*Somewhere at Ramshackle dorm*
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, sneezing: achoo!
Grim: hey! You better not get the great Grim sick! Not that I can get sick anyways!!
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: oh hush! It's not even cold out, someone was probably just talking about me
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, picking Grim up: I just hope it wasn't anything weird or crazy
Tumblr media
Dividers from @/cafekitsune
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blues824 · 2 days
Hello again bestie coming back with the yandere pic request but for sebek feel free to do what you want to go feral bestie❤️.
Tumblr media
The things I would let this man do to and for me…
Warning: This is a Yandere fic. I do not condone this behavior in real life.
Tumblr media
Sebek Zigvolt
There was little time until he got in.
You were panting, out of breath from running back to your dormitory, and you immediately started barricading your front door. You knew it wouldn’t be enough, however, so you used whatever energy you have left to sprint to your room, where you further barricaded yourself into it.
“Y/N WHERE ARE YOU?!” A shout came from outside, scaring you out of your wits and making more tears fall from your eyes. 
Why couldn’t he just LEAVE YOU ALONE?!
He already hurt your friends, you remember seeing Ace coughing up blood because of what he had done. Deuce had a blackened eye. Epel and Jack didn’t look much better. Of course, this was not without struggle. They did manage to deal some damage, but not enough to get him to stop chasing after you.
“Darling, there you are!”
Shit, you forgot about the window!
He was standing on a broom to float, and even though you sat on the opposite side of the room, you could see the figurative delusional hearts in his eyes. Quickly, he used his fist to punch out the glass pane of the window, and he quickly got into your room.
However, what he saw only made him angrier. He saw the armchair, the table, and the nightstand pressed against the door, and he immediately knew what you were trying to do.
“Y/N, were you trying to hide from me? Trying to keep me from you?! Well, you should’ve known that it wasn’t going to work!” He got closer and closer, shouting, making you curl up further and further into yourself.
You knew this wasn’t the Sebek that you had grown to care for. He was under the influence of a potion. A few students thought it would be a funny idea to prank the knight and get him to follow you around like a puppy. However, he went total psycho and possessive.
Earlier today, you sought out your friends to ask for their help in getting you away from him until the potion wore off. However, he managed to find you in Heartslabyul, where you were hiding out, and he lashed out and beat your friends to a pulp. 
Jack fought bravely, managing to scratch him and punch Sebek in the nose, which broke something, as blood dripped from his nostrils. However, he lost in the end, but you ran while the fight was going on. You jumped into a random mirror and it just so happened to be yours.
And that’s kind of where you are now. You would have to personally murder those students later, but right now you have to deal with a yandere and angry Sebek. 
“Darling, why are you cowering before me? I would never hurt you. I’m supposed to be your knight in shining armor…” He kneeled before, taking your wrists into his hands and making you reveal your face to him.
You were praying to whatever being resided in the heavens that Lilia had a club meeting and could hear what was going on in your room. You peered into the half-fae’s eyes, and his lips were closing in on yours.
“Remember that you will always belong to me, and only me, Y/N,” You tried to push him away, but he kissed you with the force of a cannon ball, even as you wiggled and squirmed beneath him.
Once he pulled away, his eyes were glowing a bright green, and he had a smirk on his face.
“Why are you doing this?!” You screamed at him.
“Because you somehow managed to make me fall in love with you: a human who won’t live for very long. I need to be there for every moment… to savor it until I join you in the stars. Then, I’ll still be obsessed with you because you are a mystery to me.”
Usually, something like this would make your heart flutter and you flustered, but right now it just filled you with a sense of dread. You had the entire confession planned out, and it would have been simple and normal, and he probably would have shouted his feelings for you.
But now, with him whispering, it felt wrong.
Really wrong.
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yoha-oa-art · 1 day
The Schoengeit family : Family Time 🪞
Tumblr media
How I imagine Vil and his father spending their free time together:
Next probably either Shroud or Al Asim ♡
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Azul: leave
Yuu: I would love to, but Grim is eating
Azul: leave him alone then
Yuu: are you sure that leaving Grim without supervison would be a smart move
Azul: ...
Yuu: thought so
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Jade: Azul, we need more servers desperately for today's shift, there is a overload of customers due to Christmas
Azul: Ah.....Why don't you call Yuu and see if they are willing to take up another few shifts and maybe some overtime
Floyd: Eh? But that won't be enough
Azul: We all know their worth ten of our best servers at this-
Leona: wait herbivore Is working for YOU?
Azul: Has been since October, probably due to the insufficient funds given by Crowley
Jack: And they do all of his dirty work just to get that small amount....It's skeezy and Unethical
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