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— "AND WHILE YOU SLEEP, I'LL BE SCARED." overblot gang 
SYNOPSIS: Your lover waking up from a horrific nightmare and scrambling to listen to your heartbeat so he can make sure you're still alive.
⊹ [ cw ] — angst, hurt/comfort, overblot, blood, glass shards injury, anxiety/panic attacks, insecurities, mentions of death, crying (them)◞
⊹ [ tags ] — ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIP. GN! READER | riddle tears his room apart, leona feels immense guilt, caring leona, azul having a panic attack, vil being an absolute mess, vil speaks german, shy idia, jamil injures himself accidentally, jamil calls you 'albi' (my heart), malleus immortality angst ◞
⊹ [ w.c ] — 1.5k+◞
Tumblr media
It's far past his scheduled time for sleep.
A bitter taste is bubbling up in his throat and frothing against his tongue. Riddle doesn't know what this wretched feeling is. All he knows is that he's terrified. Perhaps that's why he allows himself to disturb your sleep, the maddening emotions slamming against his head becoming too much for him to handle.
"I-I apologize for waking you," Riddle rasps, slipping into your shared bed and burrowing his face deep into the crook of your neck. His breaths come out in quick and fleeting puffs, heart thrumming hard against his ribs.
In the dimness of the night, the myriad of mangled and torn-up books that were strewn and flung about the room in a frenzied fury could hardly be seen. Your gaze flickered down to your lover. The tips of Riddle's fingers were a blistering raw red, his once well-groomed nails now visibly chipped at its ends.
With a touch of your tender hands, you pull him down to rest against your chest.
"What's wrong?"
"I–I just…I recalled the incident of my overblot and how I hit you with that blast. H-How you nearly—" Clamping his eyes tight, Riddle dared not to finish that sentence. The boy trembles in your arms—ears fervently straining to hear the steady and melodic thump of your heart, a melody he feared he would never hear again.
A choked sob tumbles from his lips and your chest aches.
"…I'm sorry," was his quiet cry. "I'm so sorry."
Tumblr media
Peacefully fast asleep, your back was nestled snug against the Leona's chest while his firm bicep protectively curled around your ribs.
Over the course of your relationship, Leona began to realize how much he loved having you in his arms. You were at peace when you slept, untouched and untainted by the stress and pain you dealt with every day.
He crept his free hand up your torso, cold fingers slipping underneath your shirt, skimming up your stomach, and settling above the spot on your chest where your heartbeat danced vividly against his touch. Leona splays his fingers out more, fixated on how the thrum of your life felt against his skin.
It was a daily struggle to keep his emotions at bay, ensuring that his strong feelings and magic wouldn't hurt you again. The nightmarish phantom of his blot still haunts him to this day. That wrath was an ugly and hideous beast he wished to keep locked away in the depths of his mind for all of eternity.
Yet, at the soft beat of your delicate heart against his sullied hands—Already, Leona finds himself wavering, uncharacteristically weak.
An overpowering mix of stress and strain washes over him, pooling up into watery blobs and flowing down his cheeks in faint streaks as he silently wept.
"Fuck," Leona curses, pulling your dozing form closer to him. "Fuck. Fuck, I'm sorry. You don't deserve this."
Tumblr media
The torment of nightmares was far worse than he remembered, but this dread he felt was unquestionably different, pressing in on him like a frigid cold. The icy sensation seeps into the marrows and dips of his flesh—his sole respite being your touch, which both warmed and scorched at his skin.
"Angelfish." Azul breathlessly sputtered, blindly patting around the bed in search of your body.
Through the fringes of his blacked out vision, he could barely make out your worried drowsy visage. This caused him to panic, pulse picking up, but you were quick to soothe him—reaching a hand out to press against his cheek. Finally finding you, the octo-mer pulled you towards his side of the bed, engulfing you in a tight hug.
Azul tried to stop the flood of tears that layered his face, but your soft lips strewn with kisses on his skin seemed to further elicit his unceasing cries. 
"I'm not going anywhere, Azul. I'm here." You whisper, cradling his face, but he was inconsolable. The octo-mer desperately clawed at your shirt as he pressed his ear deeper against your chest, practically melting into you.
The throbs of your heart echoed through his anguished mind, providing him with some semblance of comfort.
"Don't go….Please…" Azul sputters, body shaking from every deep, labored heave of his burning lungs, "Please."
Tumblr media
A strangled scream awoke you from your abyssal sleep, your bleary eyes ripping open to dart here and there around the room in a manic frenzy. The ensuing shattering smash of a glass further threw your thoughts into disarray.
Your lover had stumbled off of the bed, now kneeling against the wooden flooring with the bedsheets pooling around his hips, sheets damp from the shattered glass of water on the floor.
A bloody hand clenched at his palpitating heart, glass shards digging into his skin, as his lungs fought to maintain his breathing.
You sprang from the mattress and skidded in his direction, but Jamil scrambled away from you.
"Albi, no. There's glass. Stay away. You're going to get hurt," Jamil stammered. Holding a shaky hand up, the boy avoided your gaze.
"Jamil—" Brows pinched together, you eased towards him. "I'm not going to get hurt, don't worry."
You stepped over the shards of crystal glass with caution and made your way past, "See?"
Once you were within his reach, Jamil caved in and slowly brought you into his arms—careful with his injury. He could feel the distant sting of the cuts on his hands, but he couldn't bring himself to care.
Leaning down, he lay his head over your heart. Even though the batter of your heart was frantic and panicked, it somewhat provided a steady beat for him to follow as he worked to untangle the complexities in his thoughts. Your lover sunk against you, anchoring himself against the warmth your body radiated.
Tumblr media
As the minutes pass, Idia was rapidly losing every meagre amount of confidence he managed to scrape together.
"Idia…honey? Please get up." You croon, running a hand through his flaming hair.
Though it seemed as if he didn't hear anything—Idia kept his head glued against your beating chest, refusing to get up from his position on the floor.
He's been kneeling before you for so long that the rough fabric of his pants burned and skidded against the tender skin of his knees, sending excruciating stings along the threads of his flesh.
"I—No…N-No…I can't." Idia's lips quiver, eyes glossing over as he diverts his gaze. The weight of his arms lay heavy against your legs, elbows resting by your knees while his dull nails dug into the skin at the back of your thighs.
"Why's that?" You whisper.
Idia shut his eyes. The flash of numerous dreams and nightmares he's suffered at the hands of his own demented twisted memories clouded his mind. It did not help that they were all molded out of his own self-inflicted pessimism...cruel and unforgiving. A reason as to why he couldn't bear to look at you tonight, not when the image of your mangled body was still fresh on his mind.
"I-I'm s-sor-sorry…I ca-can't get up…I need to…” he stumbles for words, his breathing picking up its pace. "I need to…need to know you're okay."
Tumblr media
"Vil…" You worriedly murmur, pressing your lips against his mascara-stained cheeks, not minding the bitter aftertaste it left lingering in your mouth.
Laying atop the plush silk sheets of his king-sized bed, the dorm leader's eyes were ripped wide open as his chest heaved viciously. It was quite a rare sight as your lover lay vulnerable before you, heart bared open.
Oh, he was an absolute mess.
Dark streams of teary mascara ran down Vil's cheeks, his uniform wrinkled and his golden hair splayed out everywhere—unbound from its braids and tangled up.
The grip of his arms around your midsection tightens as he pressed you up closer against him, his head resting atop your chest. At the sound of your heartbeat, Vil allowed himself to unwind and let your affections banish away even the most ominous of his thoughts.
"Liebling…Es tut mir ehrlich Leid—" Vil rasps, his mother tongue dripping like honey from his lips as he suddenly found it difficult to speak the language he was so accustomed to every day.
Hushing him, you press a fleeting kiss against his brow line and Vil clamps his red-rimmed eyes shut, ceasing to say anything more.
"Hush now. Rest, my prince." You press a gentle kiss to his temple and brush the frizzes of his blonde hair away from his face.
A small smile quirks on his lips as he feels his stomach fluttering from the nickname. The look in his eyes is softly lit, warm like a candle.
Tumblr media
One day, Malleus knows, you will be nothing more than wilted and withered ash.
It was a truth that wrapped around him like shackling chains—tearing, whipping and lashing against his raw, bare skin. No matter how hard he pulled, scratched, and screamed at it, the chains remained.
The clanging and grating iron truth about reality cannot be so easily pushed away. Human lives are fickle, and you would inevitably leave him.
Once you do, the fae prince knows he will be a mere shadow of his former self, a wretched and lonesome creature awaiting and longing for his lover who was no more than a ghost of his fleeting memories.
"I apologize for the disturbance, my treasure."
And yet, Malleus presses his hand firmly against your beating heart. A distant marching beat serving as his reminder that you were very much alive and well.
"I truly apologize." Malleus heaves, hands clamouring against your collarbone.
Although thick tension and silence still hung heavy in the air, the dragon basked in the warmth and feel of your flushed skin, a bitter smile gracing his lips as he lay beside you on the bed.
"Sweet dreams, beastie…"
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
— " I CRAVE YOU " Overblot Malleus / Gender neutral reader / fluff | Is this suggestive? [ Can be read as both non yandere and yandere ]
Tumblr media
He melts in your grasp, heavy breaths falling from his mouth as if it were a melody, a song curated to your liking; everything around you was silent, yet quiet unsaid words of comfort helped ease the tension. You let him hold onto you for dear life, worrying that he’d lose you too if he had let go, “You're not going to leave me, are you?”, his voice cracked, the words came out just barely above a whisper, and that broke you. Even in such a state, he was willing to shed some insight into his emotions, too you. 
You closed your eyes, taking in a deep breath; letting the endless words and fountains of confessions, worries, and questions spill from his lips, secrets that he’d rather keep locked away and hidden all unlocking and revealing themselves as his emotions got the better of him; heavy breathing turned to choked sobs to a full on meltdown. And yet he never let you go, not even when you could feel a slight wetness in your shoulders, implying that he was crying. You could feel him shift in a different position, hiding these flaws away from your sight— he must look hideous right now… 
He won’t calm down— How could he calm down?; Losing you is the same as losing his entire world, you were his world. His mornings and days were not full until he had seen your face, knowing and being reassured of the fact that you were safe— That was his comfort, that kept him ok.. That kept him sane— Hell he doesn’t care if you go back home.. He could visit you, but will that ever be similar to knowing you were safe? Knowing you were there.. knowing that you still loved him? 
He must seem so greedy— He is greedy. His thirst and need for your love is unquenchable, and he can’t help but fear losing it. He needs to hold you— He needs to hold you in his grasp, he craves you… And he’d do anything to keep you, and it may be cruel.. but could you blame him? The only mistake he’s truly ever committed was falling for someone as perfect as you, and he can’t even bother to feel a tad bit of guilt or shame for his actions. 
Tumblr media
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can i just request tickle headcanons of any twst boys of your choosing pls and ty!
may I have your attention?
Tickling headcanons for your guy
Characters: Dorm Leaders (Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, Malleus)
Synopsis: Your lover isn't paying attention to you, so what better way to get their attention than a tickle attack?
Tags: tickling, fluff, bot proofread
Word count: 258
Notes: This is my first ask, I'm so excited!!! Thanks for asking <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ticklish rating: 7/10
was probably studying when you attacked him
full on yelps like "what are yo- aHAHAHAHA"
you’re lucky he’s not in public or else he’ll get mad, probably collaring any witnesses
he wants to be mad but he can’t get mad at you
especially when your laugh is so cute
also feels kinda bad for yelling at you, even if it was just a bit
is kinda happy you wanted his attention
but please do it in other ways
please never tickle him in public, he’d be so embarrassed
be sure to comfort him with cuddles and kisses, instant forgiveness
he’ll be blushing so hard you’ll worry about his heart rate
but it’s okay he really enjoys it
"What was that for?!" he demanded, feeling extremely vulnerable. His cheeks were flushed and his hair was in disarray. You took in his dishevelled appearance eagerly; it’s not always you see the strict Heartslaybul Dorm Leader in such a state.
"You... wanted my attention?" Riddle shook his head, feeling a mix of emotions he couldn't quite place. He knew he should be angry at you for breaking his concentration, but a part of him couldn't help but gleam at your affection.
"Sorry, my Rose. I just...I don't like being caught off guard like that," he said, his voice softening slightly. "Shall we take a break? I bought some new tea leaves that we can share together."
Tumblr media
ticklish rating: 4/10
see this man isn’t ticklish
except for his ears
probably sleeping in the botanical garden as always when you attack him
immediately squirms and flinches away, hissing like a cat
he’s glaring at you and he’s so caught off guard
"Oi, why the hell d’ya do that herbivore?"
he’s mad at you now
couldn’t you have woken him up from his nap normally
grumbles and complains, but his hand reaches for your waist, pulling you into his embrace
well your punishment is to sleep with him now
you can’t see it because he’s hugging you so tightly but he’s smiling into your hair
Leona scowled, "I'm not a cat, and it's not cute. That wasn't funny," he grumbled, his glare is so intense anyone would start trembling and apologising, but it’s you and you know he’s not being completely serious.
His eyes sparkled with mischief as he huffed, "You’ve got some nerve toyin’ with a lion." With that, Leona lunged at you without warning, trapping you in his arms and holding them tightly. "This is your punishment. Now, stop wigglin’."
As you give up and start to relax into his hold, he attacks your sensitive spots as revenge, delighting in your flushed face and gasps for air.
"Heh. What's not fair?" he teased. "I thought you liked tickling."
Tumblr media
ticklish rating: 8/10
resident octopus is sensitive to touch since he always has his gloves on
he’s sitting in his office working at the contracts some poor unfortunate soul signed
too concentrated to notice you getting closer
he gets so flustered "w-where are you touching???"
you swear his glasses got foggy
tries to look unaffected because he wants to save face
but he’s squirming and shivering until eventually he’ll burst out laughing
and while you’re cheering in victory he’s pouting
he’s so embarrassed you saw that ungentlemanly side
snuggle him and give him kisses and he’ll cheer right up
don’t let the twins see him like this, or else your man’s gonna be short staffed every time they blackmail him with this information
since that tickling session, he’ll be more careful than ever, always on the lookout for any attacks
"Okay, okay, you win!" he gasped between laughs, his glasses crooked. "I'll take a break."
Azul turned in his chair to face you, still catching his breath, his cheeks flushed , "I can't believe you just did that." His eyes were swirling with confusion and disbelief , as if you had betrayed him.
He chuckled and shook his head. "You're impossible," he said, reaching out to pull you close. "But I suppose I can spare a few minutes to talk about my latest plans."
Tumblr media
ticklish rating: 10/10
he’s super sensitive to tickling
he’ll be spacing out on a study date
and once your attack begins, it’s full-on cackling, like "AHAHAHAHA sto-"
he’s a giggling mess, wriggling all around trying to inch away
but you’re persistent and by the time you stopped he’s panting and his sides are still tingling, even his turban has come loose
he pouts a bit after, but he melts instantly when you hug him
how can he stay mad at you?
smiles so widely and snuggles closer
what? you tickled him to get his attention?
rest assured his attention is fully on you now, he’s physically attached to you at this point
you better help him retie his turban, or else jamil’s got more work to do
jamil just stares at you two in disapproval; idiots
Kalim laughed and shook his head. "You could have just called my name, you know. But, I have to admit, that was pretty effective, ahaha!" he said, still chuckling.
Kalim wrapped an arm around you and leaned in for a kiss. "You're always on my mind, even when I'm distracted," he said, grinning. "Even if you are a tickle monster, haha!"
"Hey, do you wanna go on a magic carpet ride?," he said, eyes wide full of excitement.
Tumblr media
ticklish rating: 6/10
he’s not that sensitive, and he can pretend pretty well to be unaffected
he’s super focused when he’s applying makeup
he laughs a little but his scolds you half-heartedly, "Stop it, darling!"
if you persist, he’ll continue squirming and lets out more laughs
he’s a bit upset you’ve messed up his appearance
but he secretly enjoyed you vying for his attention
turns back to the mirror, makes sure there are no creases or any imperfections
once he’s sure he looks perfect he turns his attention to you
scolds you lightly for disturbing his work of art
but once that’s over he’ll be teasing you about how you couldn’t keep your hands off him
hugs you and tickles you for a bit
when he pulls away, he taps your nose teasingly, promising revenge later
Vil tried to regain his composure, straightening out his clothes and checking his makeup. "You know, laughing can cause wrinkles and ruin my makeup by making creases," he scolded you, still trying to keep his regal composure.
Vil huffed at your compliment and stood up to admire himself in the mirror. "Of course I’m beautiful, I suppose you have a point," he said, grinning at his reflection. "Flattery will get you everywhere, however." Vil said, as you laid your head on his shoulder. "I’m simply extenuating my features."
"You know I love you, right?" he said with a soft smile as he turned to give his lover a kiss. "I’m sorry I don’t always have time for you."
Tumblr media
he’s not used to people, he’s extremely ticklish
ticklish rating: 9/10
he’s busy trying to beat a new rage game, mumbling curses every once in a while
you take him off guard completely, he lets out a burst of laughter and snorts
he tried to squirm away but to no avail
"OMG, stop! I can't breathe. You're like a raid boss with that tickling!"
his hair is flickering wildly like a flame in the wind
he’s left gasping for air in your arms
honestly your distraction really cheered him up
that stupid game was getting on his nerves way too much
melts into your hug and nuzzles into your neck
you’re his recharge station now
eventually he’ll get back to the game, determined to be one of the firsts to beat it, relishing any opportunity to show off to you
please never tickle this man in public, his poor heart would burst
"LOL, you're really getting me with those tickle combos. I think I need a potion to recover," Idia joked.
"You totally caught me off-guard; it was like a sneak attack. Maybe I should level up my tickle defense skills." He rolled his eyes playfully.
Idia grinned into your embrace. "You’re like, a pro at cheering people up. It's like your superpower or something." He nuzzles into you more.
Tumblr media
okay hear me out; he’s a dragon, they’re reptiles, they have tough skin, he’s definitely not ticklish
ticklish rating: 2/10
he’s completely immersed in a book about gargoyles
so you try to get his attention through tickling
unfortunately, he’s not affected like you had hoped
"Child of man, what are you trying to do" with bewildered expression on his face
Okay that plan failed
well, there are of course other ways to make him squirm
so you leaned in to place a kiss on his cheek
leaning back, you took in the sight of his dazed eyes, flushed cheeks and surprised expression
congratulations, you’ve succeeded in making the great Malleus Draconia speechless
once he’s regained his senses, he’s like a puppy dog leaning in for your touch
give him more kisses and he’ll be a good dragon boi, ready to lay the world at your feet
Malleus looks at you, his expression slightly confused. "Tickle?" he repeated, as if he didn't understand the concept. "I don't think I understand," he said, his brow furrowing slightly.
Malleus reaches out and takes your hand, his grip firm yet gentle. "You don't have to tickle me to make me gain my attention, Child of Man. You’re always on my mind," he said, his voice sincere.
"I may not be ticklish, but you still manage to fluster me," he said, his voice low and husky. Malleus looked at them with a small smile on his face, "How curious. I find myself longing for your touch."
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twst-shenanigans · 2 days
twst Incorrect quote #301
Jade: “There’s nothing to be afraid of. I don’t bite.”
MC: “Yeah, but do you stab?”
Jade: “... I don’t bite.”
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jelsah27 · 3 days
Teachers talking in the lounge
Crewel: You know the Prefect has seemed distracted lately. Well more so then usual.
Trien: Well you know they are at that special age when a mind is on one thing.
*Meanwhile at Ramshakle*
MC: *hudled under a blanket in front of the fireplace*
Grimm: Henchmen, are you alright? You've been quiet for a while now.
MC: *burning a letter from Crowley saying he has a new job for them* No one plans a murder out loud, Grimm
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juno-of-wonderland · 2 days
mc/reader who can speak french
- you were talking to the first years until Rook appears and greets them
- "oh mes chéris, la journée est radieuse aujourd'hui n'est-ce pas ?...oh sorr-" "he asked if the day was radiant"
- everyone was silent
- Rook had bright eyes as he stared at you.
- your peace no longer exists from then on
- he will always talk to you in french
- and how you are praised
- words like "incroyable" "magnifique" and "intelligent" are quite common now
- things get better with flirting in french
- this man completely melts when you compliment him
- and it's cool that others around don't understand, it's like it's the secret of just the two of you
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blues824 · 3 days
Twisted Wonderland Housewardens reacting to GN!Ciel Phantomhive!Reader who summons Sebastian in a time of great crisis?
Platonic, to make it easier for myself. Reader is not Yuu.
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
Mans really related to you. Not only was he underestimated because he was young, he was also made fun of because he was short. The two of you actually got along that way, as well as you understanding the importance of listening to the Queen and her different rules. Plus, you both had a sweet tooth.
You both could honestly talk for hours and hours about the pressure that was being put on your shoulders constantly. You won obviously, since not only were your parents dead but you made a deal with a demon to help you get revenge. On top of that, you had to run a toy manufacturing company.
When he overblotted, he was trying very hard to reel himself back from hurting you since he looked at you as a sibling. However, you seemed to have a pretty confident attitude, as you had a chair placed right in front of him for you to sit at. Then you yelled, “SEBASTIAN”.
Riddle was confused, until a sudden force kicked him in the stomach. The figure was too fast for him to track, and he was defeated in a matter of a few moments. As he was fading out of consciousness, he finally got a look and saw the figure (who acted as your butler, bowing down to you) that you had told him about.
In the infirmary, you waited by his side for him to recover. It was both sentimental and not, since you were worried and saddened that he came to such a state but you didn’t jump around in joy when he woke up. You did prepare some tea for him, though.
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
You both found each other absolutely insufferable. He often teased you and poked fun at you for being both young and short, and walking around with a cane acting as if you own the place. The big lion often did this just to make you angry, like an older brother.
What made it worse is that he never apologized. Whenever you were offended, he would say that you need to ‘grow up’ and you often tell him that you’re more grown up than he would ever be because you actually own an empire (the toy business) while he doesn’t. Screaming matches happen very often.
When he overblotted, you planned on making him regret ever making fun of you. You shouted the name of your butler and ordered Sebastian to fight him but make sure that he remained alive. It didn’t take long, as this kind of thing fell into the demon’s repertoire.
As Leona was laying on the ground in pain and fading out of consciousness, you went up next to him and asked Who’s laughing now? He has never wanted to throw hands (paws?) with you more than ever, but he was too weak.
The thing is, neither of you have apologized yet. There was no need, as you sat next to his bed in the infirmary worried about him. You both came to an understanding where your rivalry came to a stand-still, as there was a newfound respect that the two of you discovered. 
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
Both of you understood each other from an entrepreneur point-of-view. He ran the Mostro Lounge, you ran Funtom Corporations. However, you were a child. He couldn’t imagine the struggle you went through with trying to run a full business, as he had Crowley’s support and you didn’t.
One thing he was rather jealous of was that you could keep all of the money you earned, and since you were part of the high society you had more business deals and more influence. In addition to that, you were one of the sponsors for the Spelldrive Tournament. This meant that you were his superior.
When Azul overblotted, you were rather annoyed with all of the other overblots. You didn’t really like having to employ Sebastian’s help, but it was his job. After a few moments, the demon butler was standing over an exhausted cecaelia in the ocean before making sure that you were alright.
It was very sad to see such talent be overtaken by selfishness and greed, but oh well. Sure, he was a dear friend, but he was also a competitor when it came to business. It wasn’t personal at all, and he actually didn’t take it that way.
After he recovered, your business-people relationship continued. Since you had multiple shops open, you gave him advice about branching out to different areas. The Lounge is marine-life themed, so it would be better to place more restaurants on land so that people get a feel and a love for the aesthetic. That, in turn, would also boost the economy of the Coral Sea with tourism.
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim
It’s the Twisted Wonderland version of Lizzie, and you can’t tell me otherwise. He’s definitely the same sunshine-and-rainbows person that Elizabeth was in the show. However, it wasn’t the annoying version but rather the sweet part of it all.
You both were very wealthy, and your products were often on the ships of his merchant family members. Some of his siblings had the toys that your company produced. So, you had a long family history along with a long history of partnerships. But, the two of you were friends as well.
When Jamil overblotted, the last thing that Kalim had expected you to do was summon a demon. But you just sat yourself down and watched the battle unravel. The Scarabia Housewarden was very worried about his friend as he knew that he stood no chance against your hell of a butler.
Even the young Al-Asim had trouble keeping track of Sebastian’s movements. It came as a surprise to no one when the Vice Housewarden was lying on the ground completely exhausted from even trying to keep up with the demon butler’s attacks.
After all of this, Kalim’s view of you hasn’t changed. You might be a little more calculating and even maniacal than he originally thought, but you were still his friend. It didn’t matter that you had a very strange employee working for you at the price of your soul, because you were still a person.
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
I would say that you both were friendly and cordial in a passive-aggressive way, just like siblings. You both had your own spotlights, him being an actor and you being the owner of a multi-million dollar business. The two of you tried to be more humble in the public eye, and the rivalry got so bad that Neige wasn’t even relevant anymore.
You were wealthier than he was, but he was more famous. What really shoved money in his face was when you donated a large sum of money so that the movie he was casted in could continue filming with ease. Mans was so angry, but he hid it with a smile.
When he overblotted, you were very happy to bring out your secret weapon. After all, some people just needed to be put in their place, especially after disrespecting the Phantomhive name. So, Sebastian was summoned and he dealt with the overblot for you.
It wasn’t until Vil was on the ground utterly drained of energy that you really got a good look at him, and he you. Maybe it was time to put the rivalry to rest, as it caused much more stress than necessary. You accompanied him as he was taken to the infirmary.
While you were there sitting at his bedside, he took that time to learn more about you and your life. It was shocking to him that you not only lost your parents, but also your aunt that had to die because she was one of the people who was Jack the Ripper. He underestimated your maturity by a lot.
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
You reminded him of the character from My Parents Perished In a Terrible Fire and I Made a Deal With a Demon to Help Exact My Revenge. That aside, he understood you perfectly because he was going to be the heir to his family’s business. Only difference is that you were focused on selling toys while he was focused on studying overblots.
Honestly, as much as you would have liked to, there was no way that your businesses could have synced up aside from you having information that he might need through connections that you have or vice versa. It is rather unfortunate, but it’s all good.
When he overblotted, he wasn’t aware of the butler you had a contract with as you liked to keep it a secret. So, Idia really stood no chance against the demon. It did make you rather sad, as you looked up to him as a sort of older brother figure.
Now, you had to offer some comfort to Ortho that Idia would be alright because as shy as the older Shroud was, he was strong and determined. It didn’t do much, but as he woke up in the infirmary he heard you both talking and it warmed his heart to see that his siblings were concerned for him.
As you both stayed with him while he recovered, you all got to learn about each other a bit more. He understood you more than he originally thought, what with losing his brother but a replica was made of him. Sebastian was making sure that Idia was getting to a healthier state, and you have never been grateful for you butler until now.
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
He was very worried for you as another magicless human at NRC, and not just that but you also had a respiratory problem and walked with a cane. This guy already saw you as another member of his family, so he wanted to make sure that you were alright.
Malleus found you and your butler quite interesting, as you were able to run an entire company at a young age and Sebastian was a big help with that. The fae Prince knew better than to underestimate your abilities, though, as age doesn’t correlate with cognitive capability.
One thing he has seen though is you dealing with the overblots. You often perched yourself on a chair/throne of some sort as you summoned your demon butler, and the latter always seemed eager to do your bidding. It wasn’t until later that you explained you promised him your soul as compensation.
Again, he already sees you as a member of his family. You are the sibling he never had, and Lilia finds your relationship adorable. I think it comes from a place of easily relating to one another, as you both do not have your parents but some distant relative that is still around, as well as being expected to inherit something at a young age (you actually having inherited it).
You can not tell me that you don’t always extend an invitation to him whenever you’re invited to any sort of event. You even host many events at your manor during the holidays for those who aren’t going home, and Malleus always makes an attempt to attend
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oheyfox · 2 days
I really wanna snuggle with them 😭
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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themilkshanghai · 3 days
Basketball Club
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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happy magical wheel day, y’all
Tumblr media
EVERY TWST APRIL FOOLS’ DAY HAS BEEN ABOUT MAGICAL WHEELS 😂 (Idk what the obsession is with them, but it’s so random it’s hilarious—)
In 2021, TWST jokingly said they were now selling actual magical wheel models as merch! In 2022, they released a driving mini game and you could earn a magical wheel license (that expires on the same day you earned it)!
This year:
You can buy a limited Guest Room furniture item from Sam’s event shop (until the 7th)!It’s a magical wheel, black model!
They made this fancy schmancy webpage to advertise the vehicle!! There’s even a link at the bottom to purchase…
… a figurine/tape dispenser in the shape of a magical wheel! I believe it even comes with a magical wheel license card 🛞 Orders being taken until the 9th.
Aniplex released this silly promo video for “Magical Motors” which basically has the same information as this post. (Please note: the video is only available in certain countries; you may need a VPN to view it.)
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igiulss · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I am a simple person: Sir Uchiyama dubs a new character, I fall in love with that character, the character is basically a modern, mercenary, improvised dad, version of Idia, I realize that and,, I go crazy 🫣
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thecoolsquirrel · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I wanted to do the different types of teeth the Diasomnia boys might have based off the respective animals theyre based off of plus bonus Silver and then I just added all the non human bois EXCEPT Azul cause I literally had no idea
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cupids-chamber · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— MARRIED FOR 24 HOURS, COMMITED FOR LIFE ! Crackfic / Gender neutral reader / Shitty writing / Multi-characters / Fluff
Tumblr media
“Remember the time we got married for 24 hours..?”, they hummed in response, waiting for you to continue; “A part of me thinks.. that you didn’t think it was JUST 24 hours..” you paused for a moment, and then continued “You still wear the promise ring I got you, on your ring finger.. “ you let out a small chuckle, “I don’t know how to phrase this easily, but temporarily.. until the REAL THING happens.. I’m gonna need you to sign the divorce papers.” 
“Marriage is sacred.. Surely you don’t plan on breaking the sacred vows the two of us made and shared underneath those bright lights”, he continues on, phrases and misleading the crowd of onlookers until you give up.  — Riddle Rosehearts, Jamil Viper
He closens into you, a light chuckle leaving him as he does so; he leans in and grabs the paper from your hands. He tears and shreds the poor thing to pieces and lets out a chuckle. “Try and get rid of my dear, I anticipate how creative you can be..”  — Azul Ashengrotto, Jade Leech
"Have you ever been blackmailed love 🙂" — Trey Clover, Floyd Leech, Rook Hunt, Lilia Vanrouge
“HAVE YOU THOUGHT OF THE CHILDREN” “YOUR LEAVING US? AFTER ALL WE’VE BEEN THROUGH” — Ruggie Bucchi, Cater Diamond, Idia Shroud (replace children with Ortho), Sebek Zigvolt
Grim hands him the divorce paper and he casually rips it apart; Grim hands him another one, “Don— Don't rip it—” tearing noises. “God damn it!”; Grim hands them four new copies of the divorce paper, and he rips them again. “Darling you're making this way more difficult than it should be” you said, trying to convince them to stop. “No, you’re making this difficult” 
Grim hands him another five packets of divorce papers, “We can do this all day” he said, but he ripped them apart again.. “You’re not going to go through with this are you..” you ask him; “No, but it’s funny seeing you try to divorce me”. Grim smashes another 15 packets onto the table, “DEUCE I’M GOING TO NEED 600 MORE COPIES OF DIVORCE PAPERS”  — Vil Schoenheit, Ace Trappola, Malleus Draconia, Leona Kingscholar
*Holding back tears* — Deuce Spade
Silence, dead silence, avoids your gaze and questions. — Silver, Jack Howl, Kalim Al-Asim, Epel Felmier
Tumblr media
© cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation.
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wolken-himmel · 2 hours
In which (Y/n) tells the dorm leaders that they're the most handsome person in Twisted Wonderland.
What was meant as an April Fool's joke somehow turns Night Raven College into a battlefield.
Idea by anon.
Tumblr media
"Why did you go around and tell the dorm leaders out of all people that they're the most handsome person in the world? Why, (Y/n)?"
Deuce paced back and forth between the fire place and the couch of Ramshackle's living room, his hands crossed behind back. The frown on his face deepened even more when he found you lazily lounging on a nearby recliner.
"I thought it would be funny to see everyone's reaction!" you said and laughed to yourself. "And actually, seeing Riddle turn as red as his hair was hilarious. Also, you should have heard Idia's screaming through the tablet."
Ace's lips quirked upwards into a grin. "Okay, that does sound funny."
"Quit the yapping," Grim yelled from the other side of the living room. He had a few wooden boards in his arms and a hammer balanced on top. "I need help barricading the windows."
"Right." A hum of exasperation escaped Deuce's lips while he pointed into the direction where all the commotion was coming from. The noise must have originated from the main building, and the fact that it was still audible in the Ramshackle mansion was incredibly concerning. "I don't think you realise how dire the situation is out there."
"Did someone call me?" a newcomer suddenly asked.
All four of you whirled around to find Crowley standing by the entrance to the living room. He had his arms crossed in front of his chest. Without allowing you any time to react to his sudden appearance, he rushed over to your side with wide steps. His heavy shadow loomed over you.
"Oh, it's just you, Headmaster," you began and sat up. "How are you—"
He interrupted you with a dramatic sigh. "You truly offend me, my darling child." Without further explanation, he put his hand to his forehead and sank into the couch, right next to you.
"What?" You sat up straight. "What have I done now?"
"You go around telling the dorm leaders that they're the most handsome person in the world! But you forgot about me?" A playfully offended frown decorated his face. When the resident ghosts dared to peek around the corner in curiosity, he addressed them immediately, "Did the prefect also compliment you three?"
"Of course!" the ghost in the middle exclaimed dreamily. His eyes practically took the shape of hearts when he put his hands to his chest. "My heart began beating so quickly, I thought I had come back from the dead. The prefect truly has a way with charming people, dead or alive."
His reply had the headmaster sink into the cushions of his seat even further. "Oh, how you wound me..."
Deuce furrowed his eyebrows in innocent confusion. "Is that why you came here, Headmaster?"
At his words, Crowley lazily rose to his feet again and straightened his cloak. "Partly, yes." He cleared his throat, although he sent you one last glare before moving on, "I also came because the entire campus is a warzone. The dorms have decided to band together and fight against each other to defend their leader's honour. Everyone thinks the others are lying."
"See?" Grim pointed to the windows he had already barricaded. "And you think I'm the one overreacting?"
The volume of his voice had you rolling your eyes. "Calm down, everyone." Then, you finally summoned the willpower to rise to your feet. "Can't I just talk to them?"
"You must, since you are the perpetrator."
A rush of annoyance came over you. The constant noise from the main building caused a headache to form. You rubbed the bridge of your nose. "It was just an April Fool's joke... I didn't think anyone would take it this seriously," you muttered in resignation. "These boys... Fine, I'll go out and clear things up."
Grim stopped you before you could leave the living room. His large blue eyes shone meaningfully. "Henchhuman, just in case you don't return, I wanted to tell you that..." he trailed off and took your hand into his paws. "I'll be taking your favourite scarf! You won't need it anymore, right?"
At once, you ripped your hands out of his grasp. "You're an idiot, Grim," you grumbled and simply walked around him to exit the building.
Deuce came rushing after you. "We'll accompany you, (Y/n). That's what friends are there for."
"Really? Do we have to?" Ace asked with raised eyebrows. He seemed reluctant, still remaining by the fire place where he had last stopped pacing. But even he wasn't immune to Deuce's pressing gaze, and with the headmaster joining in, he was done for. Begrudingly throwing his hands into the air, he joined your side. "Fine..."
"I'll stay here," Grim yelled after the three of you, "to make sure they don't break in and steal my tuna."
"They're in the Hall of Mirrors. Please stop them before they destroy my prized mirrors!"
"I knew you were a schemer, Azul. But I didn't take you for a liar."
"You call me a liar, Riddle? Me and my business are very much trustworthy. The same couldn't be said about you, though."
You arrived in the Hall of Mirrors not a second too late. The place was packed to the brim with students from every dorm. Just blinking once had been enough to lose track of Ace and Deuce. And by now, you had given up on finding them in this huge mass of people. You would have never thought that you would one day see so many people fit into this hall. But here you were, struggling to make your presence known with the loud and large crowd.
You could already see most of the dorm leaders facing off against each other in the very middle, where the students had formed a pit. But none of them seemed to hear your voice over all the murmuring.
"Come on, let's get this over with quickly," Leona said and rolled his eyes. "As soon as we have established that you're all in the wrong, I can go back to doing something more productive, such as napping."
"Guys, why can't we all be the most handsome person in the world together? I'd be open to sharing the title," Kalim said in worry when he noticed how everyone's voice dripped with malice.
"As a matter of fact, 'most handsome' is the superlative form and implies that the title is exclusively reserved for one person only." Everyone's eyes solely lay on Malleus as he spoke, his deep and calm voice bouncing off the walls to reach your ears. The air turned cold out of a sudden, and nobody dared to whisper even a single word — not even you.
But Rook dared to cut through the tangible air with his cheery voice. "Oh, a fight for beauty! This battle will be legendary!" he exclaimed in excitement, as if he had been born for this very moment. "I will gladly defend your honour, Vil."
His dorm leader didn't seem to reciprocate his enthusiasm, however. "Quit it, Rook. We all know that the prefect's compliment for all of us was in mere vain — a joke to gauge our reaction," Vil said and flicked his wrist elegantly. "Tell everyone to return to whatever they were doing previously, I have more important matters to attend to."
"Ortho, can you get me more popcorn—" a voice came from the floating tablet in the first row. An embrassed shriek escaped its speakers once everyone turned their attention to it. "Oh, I forgot to mute... Sorry, everyone." And on cue, the speakers went silent.
An awkward cough went through the crowd, but the dorm leaders quickly returned to facing off against each other.
"So, shall we begin?"
"I suppose."
Just as one was about to make the first move, you managed to stumble into the middle of the pit. "No, stop it!" you yelled at the top of your lungs.
A round of gasps went through the crowd, and everyone's eyes widened in surprise at your sudden arrival. Vil was the only exception. "Ah, the prefect has arrived," the dorm leader drawled. Knowing chuckles escaped his perfectly painted lips. "Now, would you mind enlightening the others about your little joke?"
"Right, tell the others who you really think is the most handsome."
"Yes, I want to see the grins wiped off their faces."
You hated yourself after having gazed upon their expectant faces. Most of them wore a pair of puppy eyes that gleamed brightly with eagerness. Unable to face them, you lowered your gaze in shame. "Actually, I told every one of you that you were the most handsome person in Twisted Wonderland." Nervous chuckles escaped your lips when the entire hall went deadly silent. You raised your hands into the air defensively. "Please, it was just a joke. Today is April Fool's, guys."
Riddle clicked his tongue. "A punishment for unfunny jokes is in order."
"You hurt our feelings, (Y/n)!" Kalim cried out and put his hands on his hips. When Jamil handed him a handkerchief, the dorm leader blew his nose loudly.
An unreadable smile appeared on Azul's face. "Perhaps it is time we banded together," he suggested, as if negotiating for a contract.
Your smile turned more nervous by the second, especially when they began to circle you. "Guys? It was kinda funny, don't you think?" you said, suddenly unable to hold in your laughter anymore. "Your reactions were priceless."
"Get the prefect!" everyone yelled at once.
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demon-lover-669 · 20 hours
Y/n: so I was thinking…
Ace: you wanna spray paint Crowley’s car
Y/n: exactly!
An hour later Ace has broken one of the car windows
Jack: how?
Y/n: I may be on the same wavelength as him but that doesn’t mean I can explain his or my crazy
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Yuu: I made you donuts
Ruggie: I love you
Yuu: what?
Ruggie: (eating) you heard me
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