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on familiars
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In this recent tweet, Yana Toboso shares that originally Kalim was planned to have a small monkey familiar (which would make him similar to Aladdin, who also had a monkey companion, Abu).
There are apparently other students with familiars as well (I assume she means mob students that we don’t get to see, maybe even scrapped familiars for members of the main cast??). Some examples Toboso-sensei lists of familiar animals are owls, penguins, and puppies. (I wonder if Crewel was going to have Dalmation familiars?)
This is interesting, since the only other major mentions of familiars is when Crowley mistakes Grim for Yuu’s, and the lore that Trein’s familiar is Lucius (both of whom are cat-like creatures). Besides that, we don’t really hear of animal helpers to mages (unless you count Iago/Flotsam/Jetsam/Diablo etc. as familiars to the Great Seven). Silver’s woodland creature companions and the flamingos and hedgehogs that Heartslabyul tend to don’t appear to count as familiars.
I hope we get to learn more about familiars and how that kind of a bond forms with a mage!! How are familiars differentiated from just regular animal friends some of the students already have?? Maybe we’ll witness the TWST boys picking up familiars later in the main story…? 🤔
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Staff with a scrawny and bitey Child!Yuu
Warning(s): cussing
A/N: thought I might as well get the rest of the staff introductions out of the way cause of some asks.
[Bitey child!Yuu Masterlist]
Divus Crewel
You first officially met Professor Crewel when you walked into your first class with Grim
he was about to start his lesson when he just saw a small child and some type of fire cat thing sitting at one of the desks
just to give you a lil picture, you were prob sitting down on the seat with only your head making it over the desk, same situation with Grim.
so he paused his lesson and brought you two out to the hall to ask what in the ever loving fuck you were here and not with either your parents or the authorities, and why Grim is allowed here
Grim tries to explain, but Crewel just takes you to Crowley to clear things up.
Let's just say Crewel is none too pleased that the headmaster is having a child stay on campus until he can find a way to get them back
but he begrudgingly excepts it.
He allows you to sit in on his lessons but when its time to make the potions he has you sit behind his desk, where you'll usually take a nap
when he first found out about your biting habit it was when a random student walked into his class to talk to a friend or smth, and out of nowhere you just lunged at the poor kid
he quickly pried you off the kid's leg and scolded you.
He hates this habit
but a small part of him finds it funny, especially when the person you bite is being an asshole
is one of the ppl who tries to stop this habit you have.
He's almost like a strict uncle or smth like that
random but, he always fixes your clothes and hair when there messy
he'll always re-tie your bow around your wrist when Grims not around
you will sometimes come to him at random times to help with an untied shoe, he'll sigh, pick you and sit you on his desk then tie em for ya.
Overall, he almost treats you like an untrained puppy. He has a feeling that the reason for your habit isn't as random as most ppl say, but he feels its not his place to ask.
also, you may sometimes take naps on his jacket when he takes it off.
Mozus Train
Train has conflicted feelings about you.
First time you met him you didn't bite him, but you did stare at him for a long while
he was so confused by you for a minute, but eventually realized you were staring at Lucius in his arms
so he kneeled down to your level and let you pet the cat.
Most of the stray cats you ran into weren't very nice, most would bite or scratch you
so your not very fond of them, at least not as fond of the as you were dogs
but this cat seemed especially friendly since it was all cuddled up in this old guys arms
after that you'll usually waltz into his class at random times to hang out with Lucius.
He found out about the biting from overhearing a couple students complaining about getting bit
at first he thought they were talking about some animal but then he heard your name
he heavily scolds you the next time he sees you, which you didn't even listen to, just stared at him.
Train isn't pleased by this obv and tries his best to get you to stop, spoiler alert,
doesn't work.
You remind him slightly of when one of his daughters was little, so he grew a small soft spot for you
and when he realized how big the uniform was on you and that you didn't have anything else, he was happy to give you some of their old clothes, he was meaning to get rid of them anyway.
Overall, he and Lucius enjoy your presence. He finds it almost adorable how invested you are in his lectures and like having you there. He might be one of the ones who hates your biting the most.
Also very concerned about who taught you this, or why your guardian allowed it to continue.
Ashton Vargas
This mf LOVES you!
Your so strong for a child your age and size.
yeah you bit him
but he gave no reaction
I'm not sure he even felt it to be honest.
You decided to stay in his calf for some reason and he didn't even notice until someone pointed it out
to which he laughed and pulled you off.
Vargas is one of the few that encourages your biting, even giving you tips on how to strengthen your jaw to have a better bite force
he also finds it pretty funny, but he still pulls you off the person when he sees you biting someone
every time he laughs around Train or Crewel they hit the back of his head.
During gym class he does child-friendly exercises with you when he doesn't need to watch the other students,
Overall, thinks your a cool kid and is impressed by you. He doesn't rly care about why you do it tho, just thinks your a weird kid.
He thinks your quite interesting.
The first time he met you was when Grim dragged you with him to get tuna
he heard of you from the students when they were shopping around
so he also heard of the bites
was a lil cautious of you the first time he met ya, not wanting to get bit, but after like a half an hour of you and Grim looking for the tuna and not being able finding it it was on a top shelf
he relaxed and helped you two.
From then on you would come in to get things and he'd have you help around a lil bit to pay for it
minus the occasional biting, you were a good little helper
he even gave you a small pin that said
'Little Helper'
you loved it so much, that you wore it the whole day on the days you were going to help Sam
and would show it off to your friends
which he heavily much encourages a lot since that time you told Cheka about Sam's Shop, and his dad made a very big purchase.
Overall, he likes having you around, thinks your quite adorable and funny. He's neutral about the biting, as long as you don't bite him or too many customers then he doesn't care all that much.
Slightly curious about who taught you to do it and why they did, but doesn't think its important.
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TWST Incorrect quotes#394 Spelldrive
Now if Yuu was allowed to play spell drive before grim...with the secret out she was a female...The ghost trio celebrated you once you got home from your first practice
Skinny: Yuu, how was practice?*Smiles as he sits beside him at the table*
F!Yuu: So good!
Muscle: Tell us everything~
F!Yuu: The boys were a little mean at first, but I handled it!*Puff his chest proudly*
F!Yuu: Can I warm up with you?
Heartslabyul1:I don't play baseball with girls
F!Yuu*Smirks at the Bully*Really? Your friend's playing with one~
Savanaclaw1:-oh oh!*Laughs at his friend*
Smiley:...I am so proud of you*Sniffs into the napkin, Proud his baby roasted a sexist jerk*
-In Your First game the other kids' team threw the disc aimed at Your head , You dodge in time-
Referee: Penalty!
Crewel: Whoa!*Stands up in shock angrily so*
Trein: Oh! Dear Seven!
Vargas: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold it!*Stops the faculty from getting in*
Vargas: It happens, she's okay, Brush it off, Kid!*Giving her thumbs up for being a better sport*
When You were given another chance ...the guy AGAIN aims for you're face which you managed to miss last minute
Epel: Whoa!
Ruggie:... What the hell?*Glares at the scene before him*
Leona: Son of a bitch!
Vargas:Hey! Hey, hey, hey. Hold it! We talked about this!*Is about to Lecture The Student but notices You angrily remove your headgear on the ground and run towards the other team player*YUUUU!
F!Yuu*Tackles the Teen boy to the ground and gets on top of him*UGH!
Vargas:: Ah, well, here we go...
F!Yuu: Eat dirt! Eat it!
Ace&Deuce: Kick his ass!
F!Yuu: Does it taste good?Huh?~
Vargas:*Shrugs it off and smiles and starts to cheer for you*Yeah, listen to your buddies Kick his ass!
F!Yuu: You gonna cry?~ Huh? Do it! Cry!~*Taunting the teen boy and continues to hit him with glee*
Crowley: Do something! Break it up!
Vargas*Snickers not looking away from the scene now and pats Crowley's shoulder*H-Hang on, she's winning~
Crowley: Yuu! Yuu!, you stop beating up that boy!
A-deuce,Leona, Ruggie & Epel: Punch him in the nuuuuuuuts!
Tumblr media
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Falling Asleep in their Class
(Featuring Sam)
Pronouns: They/them
Note: Platonic friendships here! I’m tired from all nighters for assignments and I got new classes a while ago so I thought I’d write this for fun. I literally got called out in math by my teacher for dozing off. She wasn’t mean about it tho. :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He’s offended. Are his classes simply too boring for you? Or do you just not care about these very important lessons? Either way, he finds it very insulting that you had the audacity to show up in his classroom just to sleep and not pay attention
He’s aware that his classes are more active compared to most other classes run by Mr. Trein, so others tend to stay awake
But you? You’re usually more up and focused compared to the others. He had assumed it’s because your learning things that you wouldn’t have learned in your world. Now that you’re falling asleep, are his lessons not as exciting for you anymore?
“Hold it right there, Pup. I need to have a word with you. Ace, Deuce, Grim, you three are excused.” He’d stop you before you walk out the door
Welp, you’re dead
“Pup, you’ve been falling sleep recently. You’re notes have been sloppy and you’ve been participating less than usual.”
“I’m sorry, Mr. Crewel, but the Headmaster has me running around and doing jobs for him across campus. Then Grim broke something in the Octavinelle again so I had to work to fix it because I can’t afford to pay for it and-“
“Stop!” He cuts you off. You were expecting a scolding and held your head low
“The Octavinelle incident; I can understand. But you’re telling me that Crowley has been sending you out to do his jobs? That’s ridiculous! I can’t believe he’d have you do that while you’re doing so much already!” He raged
“Oh, you simply must get more sleep, pup. If you keep doing this late night routine you’ll ruin that pretty face of yours. On top of that, it’s not good for your health. Alright, here’s what we’re going to do,” He said sympathetically
You were surprised. You thought he’d be mad at you for making excuses. But instead he immediately believed you and took your side
He ended up letting you take your time to catch up on assignments and offered to help you with anything you need that may keep you up at night. He, of course, knows you have to magic. You have him as your homeroom teacher after all
He sees how hard you work and he just wants to help as much as he can since you have so much on your shoulders already
You got your sleep schedule back and now you’re doing better in class. You’re back to your normal self and that’s all he ever wanted. From now on you ask for his help more often if you know it affects you and he puts up no fuss
He won’t tell you, but he’s only doing so more than he needs to because you’re his favorite pup- erm…student
Tumblr media
He’s actually pretty surprised. He hadn’t expected you of all people to fall asleep to his history lessons. You had seemed so invested when you got to NRC, he thought you’d at least last until next year
But then he started to realize that you dozing off wasn’t patterned like the others. While others tended to stay awake during interesting or new topics, you fell asleep all throughout and even for your favorite topics
That’s when he realized that you would even walk into the room tired and you had eye bags under your eyes. He wondered what could possibly keep you up so long or what would stress out your mind enough to keep you up
“Halt, (L/n). I’d like to have a word with you.”
You thought for sure you were dead
“Don’t think I haven’t taken notice of you dozing off. Care to explain your reasoning as to why?”
“I’m so sorry I’ve been sleeping through class this week, Mr. Trein! Headmaster Crowley gave me jobs and errands to run. He gave me time limits with those as well. Then something happened with Grim so I had to help with that. Then I had a late study session with Kalim and Jamil. But I was working late at the Mostro Lounge for some extra cash and-“
“Enough! Enough, I’ve heard enough.”
Oh, you are definitely sure you are dead
“I cannot believe the Headmaster would put so much on your shoulders! How irresponsible of him to not take into account that you aren’t like the other students and require much more time and attention?”
“Don’t worry, I’ll handle everything. Including the extra cash. I don’t want you hanging around those Octavinelle students more than you already do. From now on if there is any issue that will halt your ability to learn please come to me. Understood?”
…well that was an unexpected response. But you nod and quietly agree nonetheless. You didn’t have the energy to retaliate so you just agreed. He excused you for the rest of the day saying he will tell explain you situation to the other classes. He also gave you more time to finish assignments for you to get more rest
He then proceeded to send Crowley a very detailed message complaining that he should stop putting so many responsibilities on you since you’ve already got so much on your plate. He also told Crowley that is he’s going to have you run around and least pay you a decent amount of money to live off of instead of having you work for at the Mostro Lounge for extra cash. He was livid to say the least
Tumblr media
He’s mad! But slightly impressed? Out of all the rookies he teaches, your one of the ones he actually admires. You don’t have any magic, you’re not even from that world, and you have never even seen a flying broom in person your first day there so your achievements in his class were very astonishing
Even on days we’re you were least active, you never actually fell sleep, however. That was new to him
He didn’t notice anything was wrong because he was keeping his eyes on another student. He found out you had fallen asleep when your broom had drifted off and slowly bumped into him…with you sleeping on it!
Again, he’s impressed. But so mad that you thought it was appropriate for you to be slacking off!
He was prepared to yell at you to wake you up, but a closer look on your face showed that you weren’t just sleeping from boredom; you were exhausted. Like you had dark eye bags type of exhausted
That’s when he decided to shake your shoulder to wake you up. Not hard but just enough for you to feel it. If you fell asleep mid air and began drifting off, he wasn’t sure how much you could sleep through at this point. He wouldn’t be surprised if you had slept through the whole class adrift on your broom
Luckily him shaking your shoulder did the trick. You blinked and looked around, only to jump up and fall off your broom when you realized you where in front of your teacher
“(L/N)! What’s going on with you? You know how I feel about slackers!”
“I’m sorry, Mr. Vargas. I didn’t get enough sleep the past few days because I’ve been catching up on assignments for other classes.”
“So you spend you time sleeping in my class instead?”
“NO NO! I don’t mean to, I promise. I’ve just been running around for the headmaster and doing side jobs for extra cash. That’s why I’ve been working late for assignments! I’ve been trying to catch up.” You explain as best you can.
Vargas pauses and thinks for a moment. You, in your mind, come to the conclusion that you are in big trouble
“Go to the nurses office. Take a nap, go to your next class after the bell, and email me when/if you have to make up your missing work outs.”
…what now?
You take a moment to process what he just said. That was nowhere near the reaction you thought you’d get. Nevertheless you follow it anyway
Unlike the others Vargas isn’t on Crowley’s butt about it but he does have some complaints. He’d appreciate if Crowley wouldn’t drive his students to exhaustion before their PE classes, that’s all
(You may or may not also secretly be his favorite but he doesn’t really think about it much)
Tumblr media
He literally caught you taking a nap outside his shop. You weren’t working for him today or anything. He just needed to make a trip to the main building and saw that you had fallen asleep in front of his shop. He’s impressed at how you’re so comfortable around his Mystery Shop
He approaches you carefully and gently wakes you up by shaking your shoulder. It took a minute but he eventually got you to open your eyes
You jolt awake after realizing where you were and what you were doing. You felt embarrassed but also concerned as how you thought that was a good idea
Sam wasn’t stressing over it. In fact, he just giggled and helped you up from the ground. He couldn’t help but wonder why you fell asleep in such an odd area
“Hey there, Little Imp! How’d you end up sleeping out here? You must have been pretty exhausted for you to doze off under my tree here.”
“Sorry, Sam, I didn’t mean to cause any trouble. I guess I just dozed off thinking this was a good spot. …now I see it wasn’t.”
Sam just smiles and gently laughs it all off to show you’re not in any sort of trouble
“It’s alright, Little Imp. What made you so tired in the first place, if you don’t mind me asking?”
“I’ve just been running around doing a lot recently. Working at the Mostro Lounge to get extra change, helping Ace and Deuce study late, cleaning up the whole dorm, not to mention I’ve been running errands for the Headmaster for a whole week.”
Sam paused at that last bit. Everything else made sense but that last part got him thinking
“You’ve been running around for the headmaster? He doesn’t pay you?”
“He does! …just not enough to keep food on the table for more than 3 days a week. I use what he gives me to buy Grim his tuna.”
“And that’s why you’ve been working at the Mostro Lounge? Wow, that’s dedication. Let me guess; you fell asleep while waiting for me to get back so you can continue those errands he gave you?”
You nod
“Well, come with me then. I’ll get you what you need. And I’ll give you some food for you and Grim too. On the house.”
“Oh no, Sam! I can pay don’t worry about it!”
“No no, I insist. I’ll also get my friends on the other side to talk to Crowley for you. Now come on in, before it gets cold!”
Then ever since that chat Sam has been leaving small baskets of food on your door step every time you needed it. You’re not sure how he knows each time but you’re thankful nonetheless. And if you insist he allows you to work at the shop too.
You’re not sure how he did it but whatever he did got Crowley to pay you more. You’re grateful for him being such a good friend. He also allows you to fall asleep under the tree in front of his Mystery Shop any time you want
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Tumblr media
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riktorart · 2 days
Tumblr media
A small walk among the cherry blossoms.
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Tumblr media
Never change, Trein, you old b-
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here's another commission for the wonderful @verticalsea continuing their last comic commission!
You know Ace is going to be in even more trouble now
These guys definitely aren't cut out for taking care of babies 😔
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twst Incorrect quote #295
MC: “When you see him, please don’t freak out, ok?”
Crewel *cough* father figure *cough*: “To think you think so lowly of me. I’m not going to freak out. Whoever you’re dating, I’ll accept him.”
MC: “Ok... You can come in.”
*Floyd enters the room*
Crewel: “Leech get out of the way. I am about to see who MC is dating.”
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equestriagirl16 · 4 months
MC: Sooooo I did a thing.
Crewel: Oh dear-
MC: Nonono-it’s completely harmless I promise! Lemme just..*removes hat*
Crewel: *gasp*
MC: *reveals a white streak they dyed in their hair* U-Um, I just thought it’d be a cool idea for us to be matching. Ya know like a..father-child thing.
Crewel: *crushing you in a hug* Oh pup, you look wonderful.
MC: *hugs back* So am I correct to assume you like it?
Crewel: *chuckling* I love it.~❤️
Tumblr media
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For Tuna; The Search Continues
Summary:gn!reader Grin has begun round two of his search for his your sugar daddy. Luckily, this time he got a babysitter for you, so no interruptions!
This is such a crack fic...And I deeply love it 😂
A/N: It's in my pinned post, and I've mentioned this in a couple posts, but if this is the first of my stuff you've read, I view NRC as an actual college, so reader here is 18+. If it makes you more comfy, imagine it as grad school age.
Part One
"Thank you all for meeting me here," Grim said to the crowd of people. "And thank you all for the gifts. They shall be taken into consideration. Now, today will go as such."
He looked around the room in confusion. "Wait, it appears we are one person short, I guess-"
"Yeah! Me!" Floyd bursted into the room, revealing Jade clutching his cheek, and sitting on the floor.
"What the hell, Sealie! We had a deal! You promised I was in!"
"I don't know what you're talking about," Grim shifted in his seat nervously.
"Then I'm gonna squeeze you so hard you have to remember!" Floyd made to rush Grim, as Azul wrapped his arms around Floyd's middle, not even seeming to break a sweat as Floyd "ran" in place.
"Jade, please come get your brother, before he kills Grim and ruins it for everyone."
"I tried to stop him," Jade hummed as he retrieved his brother.
"Sure you did," Azul sighed, casting a quick stun spell so Jade could  get him out of the room. Once things had settled down, Grim called for silence again.
He put on a wig styled in your style and color.
"You will court me as though I am Y/N. You will only move on to the next round if you prove yourself here today. Any questions?"
Idia raised his hand.
"Yeah, who are the normies?"
He pointed at the two random Octavinelle students sitting at the table.
"Ah, yes. Two of our applicants couldn't be here today. They have special circumstances surrounding their absences, so they will be doing their tests at a later date. These two are here to remind you all to step it up."
Rook raised his hand. "Not a question, I just want to say your fur is looking soft and luscious today, monsieur Fuzzball."
Leona, Riddle, and Malleus all groaned and mumbled to themselves, while Vil massaged his temples in pure exhaustion.
"Thank you, Rook," Grim said with a smug smirk. "An anonymous donor has been providing me with a new fur product." Rook winked at him before grinning at Vil.
Silver raised his hand. Lilia attempted to shove it down, but it was too late.
"Again, this feels wrong to me. Firstly because Y/N has no idea about any of this, and secondly, because Y/N should pick their lover! I mean we've all known the prefect long enough to know that-"
"Look!" Grim slammed his clipboard on the table, calling for silence. "I've had enough of you and your goody two shoes ways! The only reason you made it through to this round is because the prefect says you're "baby girl", and I want to say I at least tried to think about Y/N in this process, but if you don't get it together, I'm cutting you completely!"
Silver looked at Lilia in wide eyed confusion, and saw Lilia was grinning. He wasn't sure which was scarier. Not knowing what the hell Grim was talking about, or the fact that his father seemed to be very pleased by it.
"If there are no more questions, then I will give you all the scenario. You are to act as though this is your anniversary dinner. Some of you have already lost points, because you forgot a gift," Grim pointedly glared at Silver.
"Oh! I almost forgot. Silver entrusted me with his gift," Lilia said, excitedly pulling out a gift bag.
"No, I didn't."
"Yes. You did."
Silver shrunk into his chair, as Grim happily accepted the present.
"Alright then. Now," Grim cleared his throat, then in a horrendous mockery of your voice, "Let us begin."
"Yo! Y/N!" 
You heard Ace's voice shout behind you as you kneaded the bread dough Trey had asked you to help with.
You turned over your shoulder, in time to miss Trey's expression darken.
"What's u-"
"Ace!" Trey shouted, startling both of you into silence.
"Perfect timing, I need to speak with you. In private," Trey said through gritted teeth, attempting to cover up his earlier blunder with a smile.
"What? No don't distract me, I'm here to-" but Ace was cut off as Trey not so subtly shoved him out of the kitchen, telling you they'd be back in a minute.
"Trey, with all due respect, what the fuck? You know full well that right now, Grim is running a practice date with-"
"Ace, shut up for just one moment, I'm trying to help you!"
Ace's mouth snapped shut in shock.
"My first question is, did you have to take out a loan to be able to afford to come here?"
"Yeah everyone has to-"
"The kind of numbers we are fighting against is people who have so much money, that they might as well not have even come here, because they definitely don't have to work a day in their lives."
"But Y/N doesn't care about-"
"Ace, seriously. I need you to think this through, or I'm leaving you here to rot," Trey said tiredly. "No, Y/N doesn't care about money. But they care about Grim. Grim, if he's as smart as I'm starting to suspect he is, is going to make his final pick, then spin it as a fairytale choice for Y/N. He'll wait long enough that they have forgotten about him interviewing people, and he'll come in with a sad little face and be like, 'Y/N, you're my family, but I'm worried that I can't give you everything you need.' And he'll continue to say stuff like that, and lay the ground work, until one day he sets up a cutsie spontaneous date in the living room with his chosen suitor."
Ace frowned for a moment. "That's…that's actually pretty smart. But Y/N says Grim's a dumb ass all the time. Why would they listen to his arguments now?"
"Ace, sevens, I shouldn't have to spell everything out for you. There's a difference between "my dumbass friend" and "my dumbass roommate, who is wholly reliant on me, who is also my cat, and who is my only family in this world"."
Ace pouted for a moment, before spitting out, "It's not fair! How are we supposed to even compete then!"
Trey grinned. "Well, we're here, and they're there. The plan doesn't work if Y/N has already picked someone before Grim has."
Ace broke out into a grin. "Trey, you're just as devious as the rest of us!"
"I don't know what you're talking about. Now, do you want to help Y/N and I make bread? This is a one time offer, after this you're on your own."
"Absolutely. Nothing like making bread amongst friends."
"Riddle, it was so very wonderful that they allowed you to have our anniversary dinner off," Grim hummed as he cut a piece of meat. "Unlike last year…" he sighed whistfully.
Riddle gritted his teeth. "I'm sorry, my rose, but it was unavoidable. I had to perform life saving surgery."
"You always say that. I'm starting to think you are avoiding me…."
Before Riddle could come up with a response, Malleus had risen from his seat and knelt before Grim.
"My treasure, our lives these last few years have been so wonderful, especially since we have been able to provide the Great Grim with his own estate, and a lifetime supply of sea meat. But I feel I cannot truly continue to share anniversaries with you, unless," he looked at the floor bashfully, "Unless they were with you ruling by my side."
Suddenly, a shimmering ring appeared in his hand.
Grim gasped. "Darling!"
"No fucking fair!" Idia shouted.
"Agreed, this stinks of deceit, lizard," Leona spit out angrily.
Rook subtly returned the ring box he'd been holding to his pocket.
"All's fair in love and war!" Lilia said with a boyish laugh. "But I suppose it is time for my move now."
He stood up from his seat, composing himself, before putting on a face of pure horror.
"My little bat, I beg you not to accept his proposal! You see, as his longtime attendant, and closest adviser, and general of his armies-"
"General?" Vil muttered under his breath, as he furrowed his brow in utter confusion.
"Aim high, I guess," Riddle muttered back.
"I have come to the terrible knowledge that, his highness, king of those who worship darkness, and highest of all draconic fae, has been seeing another on the side!"
"No!" Grim gasped.
"That's a vicious lie!" Malleus spit out, a green thunderbolt striking the ground behind him.
"Is it? Then why did I see you roaming the grounds in a lover's embrace with Silver yesterday?"
"What!" Silver shot up from his seat.
"No, that wasn't what it looked like!"
"Malleus! How could you do this to me? And on our anniversary no less?" Grim sobbed.
Malleus rushed to explain himself, while Lilia handed Silver a notecard.
"No! I'm not…I'm not reading this!" Silver exclaimed.
"Just do it! It's fun!" Lilia laughed, completely ignoring the sobbing Grim, and terrified Malleus.
"No! Fa-Lilia, how does this not seem weird to you in any way? How are you okay with any of this?"
Lilia stared at him blankly, before understanding dawned on his eyes. "Oh, right, see because I raised you so well, I sometimes forget you are human. But we do this all the time back home. I've hosted three of these for you already." 
Lilia shrugged, totally ignoring Silver's jaw dropping. 
"Obviously, no one has been worthy of my precious Silver, but I figure if anyone is it's Y/N. See if you win, you get Y/N, and I've raised the perfect son. If I win…well your odds are high of also someday finding a kick ass person."
Silver would have yelled at his father about the Insanity of his thought process, except he collapsed back in his chair and was asleep.
"That's it!" Grim shouted. "I'm clearly not enough for you! It's over!"
Malleus started sobbing. 
"For seven's sake," Vil groaned, before standing up, and stepping around Malleus' fetal positioned body. "Darling, I decided we're finally going to go on that vacation we've always dreamed about. And Grim will obviously come too, with all the gold and food  he could ever wish for. Happy anniversary, my apple blossom."
"Oh Vil, how romantic!" The betrayal from earlier completely forgotten, Grim sighed happily.
"But how are we able to afford it?"
"Sorry?" Vil choked.
"Your manager called this morning. She says no one wants to cast you anymore because you're too old."
"Vil, you're almost 25 now," Grim said pointedly. "You're practically dead in the industry, and those looks are only going to hold up for so long."
"I bought you an island!" Idia shouted over the table.
"I bought you an island, and the ocean around it," Azul said with a smirk.
"Oh yeah? And how is Y/N supposed to get there, if I bought all the yachts, and patented all travel technology for myself?!" Idia shouted, hair turning a deep crimson.
"I will turn Y/N into the siren they were always meant to be, and they will swim to our island and oceanic home, far away from the dystopia of you running everything!" Azul hissed.
"Capitalist dipshit!" Idia yelled, before launching himself at Azul, both of them soon wrestling on the floor.
In the chaos, Rook, had snuck over to Grim and wrapped an arm around his shoulder.
"Mon amour, let us escape this room to explore parad-"
Leona yanked him by the collar, looking him right in the face.
"Back away from my mate, hunter."
"Oh Rois des Leones. I shan't surrender to you."
And now Leona and Rook were wrestling.
"Look, darling, I meant to get last year's anniversary off, but-" 
"Save it, Riddle," Grim somehow managed to get his sniffle to carry over the fighting. "All you care about is work!"
"It's the only way to afford the lifestyle I want to give you! I want to clothe you in finery the Queen of Hearts could only dream of!"
"If only I could believe that was true, you're only doing this to please your mother."
"I'm not old!" Vil suddenly shouted, as one of the wrestling duos hit the table too hard and caused it to collapse.
Grim pushed back a lock of Vil's hair, and smirked. "Is this a gray hair I see?"
"What?" Vil panicked and pulled out his mirror, before tripping over the still sobbing Malleus.
"Little bat, our romance is forbidden,"Lilia whispered into Grim's ear. "But now that you know Malleus is cheating on you, we can run away together! Start our own kingdom elsewhere! We'll be so happy together!"
"Lilia, I am flattered, but I think I should try to make it work with Malleus…"
"What? After all he's done to you? He tore out your heart and gave it to Silver!" Lilia shouted, before pointing at the seat Silver was passed out in. Or used to be passed out in.
"Where did Silver go?" It was the last thing Lilia got out before getting knocked over by a wrestling duo.
Silver wandered aimlessly through the NRC halls, trying to clear his head. 
"Silver?" He heard from behind him. He turned and saw Jamil, holding a bag of ingredients.
"If you're looking for, well, everyone, they're baking in Heartslaybul. I'm headed there right now with more flour of you want to come."
Silver nodded, figuring some baking would help him relax. When they arrived he saw you, the first years, Trey, Cater, Ruggie, Kalim and  Ortho, all baking in harmony.
"Trey, I brought Silver and the flour you texted for- Kalim! What are you doing here!" Jamil's calm voice turned into panicked yelling.
"What do you mean?" Kalim's asked, all confused. But Jamil was already shoving him out the door.
"You're supposed to be at…that thing. Remember? We talked about it?"
"Oh yeah! The thing where grikahzj" Jamil covered Kalim's mouth as they both stepped out the door.
"Well, since Kalim is gone, you can help me with kneading the dough, Silver," you said with a bright smile.
Silver smiled softly, and nodded, before joining you at your station.
One week later 
"Darling! I'm the headmaster, I can't just take off because our anniversary happens to be in the middle of a school week! You said you understood that when we got married!"
"You told me you were fine that I had a career in fashion! You know I think you are more beautiful than any model, why are you jealous now?"
Grim simpered in his seat, taking a sip of his apple juice, before saying in his Y/N voice, "I think we should see other people. Happy anniversary."
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blackopals-world · 5 months
Crewel: Ive decided that I won't punish you pups.
Ace and Deuce: Thank god.
Crewel: The Prefect will.
Yuu:(In the distance) Tweedle Dee and Tweedle dumbass!
Crewel: God, help you.
Ace: Please just whip us or something!
Deuce: Am I Dee or dumbass?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
some halloween doodles 
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little-miss-mei · 5 months
Trein: Kids these days are such wimps.
Crewel: It's not their fault that back in your day, you had to know how to defend yourself from dinosaurs.
Trein: How old do you think I am!?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Based on a textpost from @a-local-idiots-shitpost​.
Eggy’s Art Training Arc Part 2
Art Masterlist
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hxjikonn · 4 days
Little Moments: Eps. 5
Characters: Twisted Wonder Staff x reader (platonic!)
Synopsis: Just stuff I think Yuu/MC does, asks, says to the twst characters.
Tumblr media
Crdts to original artist
Tumblr media
You: *somehow ended up in the middle of a staff meeting* uhm…I just wanted to hand you guys the event list for—
Crowley: shhhh later child we’re discussing about adult stuff, sit down. *waves for you to sit down* *his feathered cape brushing against your nose*
You: *sneezes*
Trein/Sam/Vargas/Crewel: Bless you.
You: Thanks dad- *panics* uh I mean sir…sirsss??
Crowley: Excuse you?? If anyone should be called ‘dad’ it’s me!
Crewel: Too late, I’ve already adopted the pup.
Trein: ‘pup’ ? Crewel they are a HUMAN CHILD. Not a dog. I think they’d be better off having me as a guardian.
Vargas: Uh I think you mean me? I’ll raise to be as strong and skilled as I am!
Sam: *taps your shoulder* I’ll let you take anything from my shop if you declare me your legal guardian…
Crowley/Crewel/Trein/Vargas: SAM DONT BRIBE THE KID!
Them: *listening*
You: LILIA WILL BE MY FATHER *runs to diasomnia*
Tumblr media
A/N: This is a mini-series that has no plot whatsoever, prolly gonna be mostly crack. Just something I came up with when I have a dumb scenario in my head abt Yuu/Mc 💀💀💀
Edit: Wth how did this reach 1k tysm 😭🤚🏻
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