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yeehawpim · 7 days
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a comic about different types of storytellers
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neodotexe · 1 month
I've been seeing a lot of those "guess which event isn't canon" polls so I'm doing one for my current hyperfixation
feel free to rb for a bigger sample size
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brainrockets · 5 months
WBN Tuesday.
Dimension 20 Wednesday.
Adventuring Party Thursday.
Just three whole days of Aabria, Lou, Brennan and friends. (Only one day with Erika, but it is a very good day.)
Feels kind of decadent.
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transfemmes4murph · 8 months
This is Incredible I need Everyone to se this!
Credit to u/quantumpenguins on reddit!
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thatsmymoony · 2 months
Do I need to watch critical role bc I love all the fan art I see but idk if I have the patience. Is something sapphic happening??? Where do I start
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transplanarrpg · 3 months
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In the beginning, there was Nothing. In the beginning, there was Everything. In the end, there was [ERROR ❌].
Our story follows three doomed TRANSPLANAR agents on their Journey™️ through the multiverse. The Chaos Protocol PREMIERES in ONE WEEK on Saturday, June 24th at 8pm ET on Twitch.
Join @byconniechang as the Game Master with players @valiantdorian, Samm Star, and @estelofimladris as they uncover the dark secrets of a brand new non-colonial, anti-orientalist world. May Fate be kind to them.
Art by @crowesn. Production by @seaplays. Podcast by Hemlock Creek Productions.
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damselsindicestress · 3 months
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9 DAYS TO GO DEMONS AND DAUGHTERS, the first actual play D&D campaign by Damsels in Dicestress, launches on Twitch Wednesday 12th July 7pm UTC+1 & hits YouTube Saturdays. Set amidst the demons and decorum of 1820s England, three young ladies are about to discover their world is not all it seems.
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wafflefrie · 5 days
I’ll re-listen to Lathe’s Letters and cry
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maxer-blaster · 9 days
I need TTRPG Actual Play recommendations.
I'm looking for compelling stories, engaging characters and I wanna FEEL THINGS.
My Favorite Actual plays that I have watched are Dimension 20: Fantasy High. Fantasy High Sophmore Year and Mentopolis.
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saikoroparty · 16 days
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First cast announcement for algor mortis! We've got @micahsolusod as Makoto! 🦋
As leader of a team of ghost hunters, Makoto shoulders a lot of responsibility. But what else are you gonna do when you've been seeing ghosts your entire life?
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yeehawpim · 7 days
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autistic-bugbear · 2 years
Me: sorry I can't tonight I have plans
The plans:
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brainrockets · 3 months
I feel like Dungeons and Drag Queens is going to be a great starter drug for ttrpgs and actual plays for a lot of people.
Like they are making it fun and accessible using all the things they've learned over many seasons and I'm just so delighted.
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transfemmes4murph · 9 months
I don't meant to bust a nut all over this page but..
Brian Murphy oh my GOD
Did he have to showcase maybe the BEST early season combat In NADDPOD history, and one of the best encounter designs in actual play
No spoilers but oh my god
And the episode started with a prolonged bit about saying "no" to everything murph said.
I love him.
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frumpkincat · 1 year
I have a working theory for actual play dnd celebrities , I haven’t figured it quite out yet maybe y’all can help me flesh it out.
Laura Bailey fans are guaranteed to love Emily axford
Sam Riegel fans will probably like Caldwell Tanner
Ally Beardsley fans and taliesan jaffe fans are one and the same
If you love Liam Obrien you will probably also love Will Campos (and likely Brian David Gilbert too)
There’s something overlapping with Zac Oyama, Jake Herwitz, Robbie Daymond, and Travis willingham but idk what it is
Marisha and Aabria?
Justin McElroy Lou Wilson?
Much to consider.. there’s something here though
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transplanarrpg · 3 months
[cw: glitch effect]
Get ready for your next all-trans, all-queer, POC-led dark fantasy actual play obsession.
❌ JUNE 24, 2023. 8PM ET. TWITCH. ❌
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