zephyrbug 2 days
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A little gift for a friend of their Yuan-ti divination wizard!! Her arcane focus is a polished bronze mirror and I went for a more gorgon-inspired approach to Yuan-Ti 馃悕鈿滐笍馃獮 Didn鈥檛 expect to take that long a break but finally back to making some character designs!! I felt really out of practice going into this and struggled quite a bit but I was able to get her done finally so that鈥檚 a win! (also I鈥檒l be opening commissions at the end of this week so keep an eye out if your interested!)
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kroovv 9 hours
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Here's to the one with the smoking stare 鈿旓笍鈾︼笍
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dicedragonjo 3 days
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'Box of Chocolates'
Polished, painted gold, inedible. Y'all are DEFINITELY not allowed to eat these. Do NOT put these in your mouths.
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montreal-derogatory 24 hours
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dungeonmapster 2 days
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Fort Faustus Interiors, up on patreon
I've done forts before, but I wanted to make a proper one, and take an honest shot at applying a little perspective to it while retaining it as a playable space. Ideally, this is the before shot of a ruined version that I can give the "Dark Souls" treatment afterward, but it's much easier to make an intact version then bust it up than it is to draft a ruin and then fix it. Stay tuned.
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charliedzilla 2 days
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Some doodles with my DnD characters. Firefly mage Svetlana and gastrosapien cleric Zelina! Each from different campaign <3
Also, last pic featuring my brothers fairy boy Cinnamon!
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luckyblackcatxiii 1 day
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A very small preview of what鈥檚 to come, but a new campaign has started, which means I have to make boba heads again...guess who鈥檚 officially baaaack?~
(It鈥檚 already been a great start, it鈥檚 been so fun to be Saverio again and I鈥檓 very excited to draw CoS things again >:3c)
Kaz belongs to @tricksterair and Magni belongs to @bettiqua
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vanhelsingapologist 18 hours
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Don't give it a hand, offer it a soul Honey, make this easy.
We met Kasimir officially and my DM did this great description of him pulling his hood off to reveal his scars and ears.
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catinthedicebag 2 days
Sometimes it can be as simple as one colour and a little bit of glitter flakes. These are the "Fruit Tea" dice and because the flakes sink to the bottom, the highest number is extra shiny.
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ghostcashew 2 days
鉁 i'll post art of whatever character this ends up inspiring! 鉁
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offbeatworlds 21 hours
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New D&D portrait commission of a KDA-inspired tiefling! This was almost a dealer's choice commission; other than making sure she was a blue tiefling I had almost free reign on her design and it was so much fun.
You can find more info about my commission here
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the-fluffy-folio 22 hours
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Disc of Dashing 鈥撀燱eapon (any club or maul), very rare
Only the most skilled filiodons know how to craft weapons and tools from the magical remains of the wondrous creatures roaming their windswept lands.
馃敭 If you like my work, kindly consider to support me on Patreon to gain access to monster pages, tokens & artwork of 200+ of quirky creatures, items and potions.
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dev-the-dm 2 hours
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Template: Mycolyte
Some who live in the woods don鈥檛 simply enjoy nature as part of their surroundings, but might want to take part in it in a much more literal way. Any who embrace and accept the limitless decay of moulds and fungi that grow on trees may find it can grow on them, too. Their acceptance of the natural cycle of death and life spreads the spores of their philosphy and physical affliction wider - and some believe they are all the more peaceful for it.
This template can be used on any creature of your choice if you want to introduce a fearsome, natural terror or a wise creature of immortal age, always rotting but never dying. It will introduce some deadly powers in your creatures, though, so be wary of any fungal powers that may overwhelm your group!
Do you like this template? I have a few more ideas for other ones, so let me know in the replies of this post or send me an ask and I鈥檒l work on a few more!
For better, full-page high quality imagery, go take a look at the Mycolyte template at the Homebrewery聽here!
My other templates can be found here.
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its-paprika 3 days
TMA characters as things my DND group have said part two:
Elias: any time you are not using the fidget spinner you have to give it to me
The Eye at Jon: that鈥檚 my emotional support minor!
Tim: does this mean the world had a reverse Gallipeo?
- Sasha: do you mean Galileo???
Elias:*breaks another milkman鈥檚 heart*
Jon: I鈥檓 gonna use my small brain to try to comprehend these papers
Jon: why did you do that?!?
-Martin: cause you鈥檙e being a bitch and need to listen
Melanie: *turns toward the window and flips off the sun*
Peter Lukas: *watches Martin* Ah, baby鈥檚 first bar fight
Georgie: it鈥檚 like he鈥檚 ready for the apocalypse!
-Melanie: He works at an archive so that鈥檚 understandable
Jon: communicate? Do I look like an iguana for you?
-Martin: you鈥檙e an iguana now, suck it up!
鈿狅笍鈿狅笍鈿狅笍鈿狅笍Spoiler warning warning 鈿狅笍鈿狅笍鈿狅笍鈿狅笍鈿狅笍
Jonah: I鈥檓 trying to think of any of you could be my ancient grandchildren
Entire Archival staff: NO
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moss-cola 2 hours
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Some D&D spell sheets for my portfolio :)
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jadenite 22 hours
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Two things: First, I made this Orym portrait to go with the rest of the C3/2.5 set (which is still incomplete and I aim to eventually paint all of them by the end of this year).
Second, my commissions are still open, and I've actually decided to do them at reduced prices during February (because it's my birth month), with a possible option to extend this through March too.
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