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kuroishuuha · 2 months
DP x DC Prompt - Accidental Crime Lord
Danny didn’t want to be a crime lord.
In fact, he didn’t even know how he became one.
One minute he was a starving immortal unemployed teenager, and the next he was running a relatively respectable “crime” empire.
If he had to blame someone or something, he would blame his bleeding heart (and his empty stomach)
It all started when Clockwork dumped Danny in this new dimension with nothing but the clothes on his back. He had managed to get back the first couple weeks but he knew his luck wouldn’t last. One night, when he was walking back to his crappy apartment (that had “illegal” written all over it), he heard a scream of terror and pain. When he ran to check it out, he saw some drunk jackass behaving in “ungentlemanly” ways. He knocked the guy on his ass and helped himself to some of the guy’s cash (hey, strong morals had no place to talk when rent was due). The jackass’s girlfriend invited him over for dinner as thanks. 
Well rumors spread, and SOMEHOW Danny became known as the guy who would “take care” of the more unsavory bunch of people in the neighbor for some cash or food. It later evolved to include information. And maybe a few “liberating” of some artifacts that definitely belong back in their home country.
Some of the older street kids joined in (and by the Ancients if these kids are joining in, Danny’s gonna make sure they are safe, be it with proper housing, equipment, money, and food)
Next thing Danny knows, he’s gotten his own “nickname”
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otter-in-styx · 3 months
This has already been explored a ton but I love it and WILL talk about it anyways
I just love Danny in Gotham being so used to the most off the walls shit that vigilantes and villains generally just… don’t phase him, especially so since a large chunk can’t affect him anyways. And since he’s so friendly either way, he becomes kind of like a capybara for criminals? They don’t realize he’s not a civilian when they all talk to him, but he’s chill, and doesn’t talk down to any of them or see them as people to put on a pedestal. It’s just…having a peer that you can see on equal ground, which is pretty rare for most of the folks in Gotham, hero or villain. So whenever someone’s having a rough day, they find him wandering around and just talk for a bit, just wanting someone to listen or to hangout with, and it goes great.
There’s been a few times when some of the bats have crossed paths with villains talking to Danny, but it’s become a sort of unspoken agreement to avoid starting fights in his area. Occasionally a few villains try to start trouble, but that doesn’t usually last long. Either Danny is unaffected just enough for it to be a little unsettling, or someone realizes they’re fucking with everyone’s favorite stray cat personified and absolutely decks them. For the first, one time Scarecrow tried to catch Danny off guard by dropping in to hangout with a little too much fear gas for anyone who breathes to be fine after it. What he can’t see, though, is that under his overworn hoodie Danny has a gift from fright knight after his coronation as king. A necklace that makes him immune to mind tampering; especially fear. (It intended to act as a way for most of fright knights unique powers to be rendered useless against Danny as a form of goodwill and loyalty, but this was a pretty good bonus.) So, they’re talking, and scarecrow is waiting for Danny to go at least a little off his rocker, and he just…doesn’t? And Scarecrow is sure it was the right amount, and even if he’s resistant to this kind of thing it should have done something, and what the fuck? The only result was Danny coughing a bit, the only indicator he had even noticed his attempts to -
“Hey, dude, it’s fine if you vape, but can you not bring that stuff here? I get if you need to take a break in private or something, but it really bugs my throat, sorry.”
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minnesota-fats · 4 months
Another thing my roommate pointed out to me is that if Danny is Bruce’s clone then he would be able to get into all of Bruce’s fingerprint/eye scanner locked shit!!!
Like Danny is half asleep and Tim and Jason enter his room and are like, “hey Danny, we need your thumb for a second.” And Danny is like, “wha- yeah sure whatever.”
But then I countered my roommates thought with: but what if since Danny is a ghost—and not bound by human body function—can detach and reattach his body parts!
And so when Tim and Jason barge into Danny’s room and is like, “hey Danny, we need your thumb for something.” And Danny is like, “yeah whatever.” And fuckin’ detaches his whole hand and just throws it at them before plopping back down onto his pillow.
Tim starts screaming before Janson shuts Tim’s mouth and grabs the hand, saying, “we don’t have time for this, shut your mouth and let’s go.”
For context: here
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yupekosi · 9 days
back at it w another dp x dc prompt!! :0
you know the setup; Jack and Maddie go evil mad scientist mode and Danny and Jazz have to run away to Gotham.... except the only adult Jazz can think of that they could go to is their auntie Harleen.
she was the 'cool aunt', their favourite babysitter as kids, and the one who inspired Jazz to become a therapist. more importantly, she knew all about the Fenton's ghost hunting, and that ghosts were even real. Harleen never liked that the kids were being raised on top of a lab filled with dangerous weapons- she argued with her sister, Maddie, all the time about it- and she always told Jazz if their parents ever made them feel unsafe she and Danny could go to her.
but at some point, she just... dropped off the face of the earth. she still sent cards and texts, but she stopped showing up for Thanksgivings and Bat Mitzvahs. this was, of course, after she met the Joker, not that she told Maddie and the kids about that part, just that her work at Arkham was keeping her too busy to visit. even less than sane, she still wanted her family as far away from Mister J as possible.
Jazz knew auntie Harleen lived in Gotham, and she could get her number from their mom's phone. hopefully she still meant what she'd said when Jazz was a kid, and wouldn't mind two traumatised teens showing up on her doorstep.
Harley, of course, is delighted to see her favourite niece and nephew, and Ivy has to physically restrain her from coming after the Fentons with her mallet
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moss-on-trees · 11 days
dp x dc prompt: dead on main au where danny leaves the joker's body on jason's doorstep as a courting gift
in this au, danny lives in the ghost zone full time. (he's also a little unhinged.)
along with the power boost he gained as the king of the infinite realms, danny's status as a half-dead half-alive being makes him develop the peculiar ability of knowing the cause of death of all ghosts and undead he encounters.
he meets jason on a visit to the living realm and falls in love with the revenant at first sight. since his ability lets him catch a glimpse of his crush's death, he decides killing the joker would be the best way to win him over, so he hunts down the clown, unalives him and wraps his dead body with a nice green bow and sends it to jason via portal along with a bouquet of asphodels.
cue the bat clan freaking out over the unknown entity who just gifted a corpse to their undead family member with no explanation whatsover.
(danny probably should have remembered to leave a note.)
jason is both creeped out and charmed.
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vala-dreams · 7 months
Do you think Danny would be scared of Batman?
Like, the guys intimidation stats are maxed out, there's no way Danny won't feel at least a little bit nervous about looking him in the eye. Especially if Danny meets him early on, like before he gets comfortable fighting things all the time.
Imagine the JLA hearing about all the emerging ghost stuff in Amity, with actual unedited videos and pictures posted on the internet as proof (probably posted by Caspar high students) and in all the posts they keep seeing this one ghost "inviso bill" over and over and over again. They can't really see his features, because of how blurry all tye footage is, but they keep seeing him in ever other picture. And they keep hearing about how "evil" he is. (Mostly the Fentons saying that, we all know how bigoted they are when it comes to ghosts)
So they come over to check it out. And they're expecting a fight, theyre expecting eldritch spirits with claws and fangs and the whole nine yards. They're expecting monsters, especially this "inviso-bill".
Instead, they get a child.
He doesn't look a day over 14, with baby fat still on his cheeks and a slight stature. He doesn't look anywhere near as eldritch as the photos made him seem. He's just a kid.
A terrified kid trying to protect what probably was once his home.
. .
And then Batman naturally has to adopt him. The only problem is— the ghost kid is scared shitless of him.
Cue Batman trying make himself look less intimidating to Danny and then eventually coming to the realisation that he's probably going to have to try as Bruce Wayne, otherwise, no luck.
Bonus points if Danny is hiding behind Jason this entire time because he registers him as a ghost too. A little fucked up ghost, but that's nothing an ectoplasm bath can't fix.
Don't imagine Bruce being irked that Danny somehow prefers the Red Hood over Batman, but being relieved that he's at least got someone in his corner nonetheless
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new-revenant · 2 months
A So Called Tamaranean
Edit: Ao3 Link!
Danny falls through a portal leading to a world full of superheroes. Unfortunately, he happens to bare an uncanny resemblance to a certain race of aliens here-Tamaraneans.
So my post about Danny being mistaken for a Tamaranean is being seen by more and more people, so I’ve decided to finally post this one-shot I’ve made around the time I made the original post. I have no idea if I’ll continue this or not, I kinda just wanted to write about my little idea for a bit and figure out how to write Nightwing. I think he would good with kids. I also only refer to Dick with they/them pronouns because it makes it so much easier to differentiate who’s who when referring to someone.
The last thing that Danny remembered was green. Lots and lots of green ectoplasm. And before that? He was trying to escape from one of the many dangers of the Ghost Zone. He couldn’t even see what it was, but he sure as hell could sense it. Both with his ghost sense, and by being beaten up by it.
He never meant to go so far from the portal, so far from his home. And he definitely didn’t mean to get hit right into a different portal.
When he woke up, he couldn’t sense any ectoplasm at all. Death and decay, however, he could sense. And smell. He mostly smelled burnt rock, just like all the other times he got slammed into the ground by ghosts. He really needs to learn how to dodge one day.
His eyes fluttered open, then closed them just as quickly as dust went right into his eyes. He had seen smoke and rock, just like he expected. He groaned, trying to push himself up, but fell in an instant. He was so tired. And yet, he could tell he was still in his ghost form. How could he still be in his ghost form when he had no energy left? He had no idea.
So Danny laid there, trying to think about where he could be and why was he stuck in his ghost form. At least he thought he was stuck in his ghost form as he usually turns back into a human when he passes out.
Then he heard something. Something other then the ringing in his ears. It was a voice, maybe a masculine sounding one, that had an “are you okay?” tone to it. Danny would know because he’d been asked that hundreds of times before whenever he’d gotten injured. Instinctually, he tried to say that he was fine, but all that came out was a whimper.
Then the ringing in his ears got quieter, and he could hear the stranger’s footsteps coming closer.
“Hey kid, are you okay?” Danny could finally make out the person’s words. His eyes fluttered open again, revealing the person to have black hair, a pale face, and what looked to be a long black sleeved shirt with some blue on it, and a domino mask.
Was he in the 18th century again? Wait, had he’d ever been to the 18th century before? Well he couldn’t be now, not with the striking blue the guy had. Pretty sure they didn’t have blue dye like that back then. Oh god where the fuck was he? He had heard from all his ghostly friends-mostly Frostbite and Clockwork-that the Ghost Zone could bleed into other universes and timelines. Danny really hoped that was not the case. Danny had to get up.
He was in so much pain, his entire body stinging. But he pushed himself off the ground anyways, like he always did. When he sat up he saw the stranger stretch out their hand to him. Danny hesitated for a moment, before scrambling away from them because he did not trust them one bit. Well, maybe two bits but nothing more.
He hovered a bit off the ground, a good few feet away from the masked guy. They looked surprised, and looked at him rather analytically. Danny looked back at him analytically as well. The person seemed to wear this one-piece suit with black gloves and boots, with the wings of a blue bird-like symbol on their chest going across his shoulders and extending to their hands. They were lean and muscular and could probably take down many normal humans in a fight. And Danny.
Danny only hoped that this guy wasn’t some sort of weird murder or something. Maybe they were normal for this world’s standards. Maybe he was normal for this world’s standards. Probably not to be honest.
And then Danny was taken out of his questioning by a question posed by the stranger, “Are you a Tamaranean?” they asked. They weren’t speaking English, Danny could tell by the way their mouth didn’t match their words. Hurray for ghost speak.
“May-“ Danny coughed, his throat sore, but it was fine, he’ll get over it, he always does. “Maybe I am, why do you want to know?”
The guy smirked, making Danny feel a bit uneasy, “You did answer my question back in fluent Tamaranean.”
“So I did, again, why. Do. You. Want to know? How do you know about Tamaraneans? Who are you?” Danny was so confused about everything in this situation and he thought he asked decent enough questions. He had no idea what theses “Tamaraneans” were but he’ll play along as long as he won’t get shot.
“I’m called Nightwing,” they said calmly, “And I want to know what you are because I want to help you,” then they took a step forward. Danny was not expecting this and instinctively shot at them with ectoplasm. Danny yelped, both in surprise that he shot at them and at the fact pain almost immediately shot up his left arm. He could almost feel the nerves in his arm burn. That’s not good.
And yet Nightwing dodged it easily, skillfully, and didn’t seem too bothered by it. In fact, they seemed more concerned for Danny’s well being.
“I’m not going to fight you,” they tried to talk to Danny, “And I know how to help you, I’ve met other Tamaraneans, Tamaraneans who have powers like you.”
Okay so these Tamaraneans could also shoot green beams and fly, duly noted. And not all of them had these powers. God this place was weird. Danny couldn’t care about how weird he was or how weird his world was, but this place just felt weirder.
“You have?” Danny asked in a whisper to put less strain on his throat, floating down to the ground, holding his arm. “Who?”
“Starfire and Blackfire for one, those two have powers,” Danny noticed them happily say Starfire’s name and the tone of distaste they had for Blackfire. So Danny had an idea for which of the two was probably evil. Not really because the guy he was speaking to could still be evil and not to be trusted.
Nightwing then started to list more names of Tamaraneans, which Danny tried to pay attention to so he could give a good enough fake name to them.
“So kid, again, I just want to help you,” Nightwing bent down to one knee, like every non-teacher adult does when they want to talk to a small kid. “I may not know exactly what happened to you, but you don’t have to be alone.”
Danny didn’t expect to feel so...touched. Maybe this guy wasn’t too bad. Maybe he should just tell the guy what he was-actually that could still be a bad idea. Danny didn’t know if they would just flip like a dime and turn around and try to rip him apart. Molecule by molecule.
“What’s your name?” Nightwing asked. Their voice and face was soft, Danny noticed, but their body seemed alert, just ever so slightly tensed, ready for combat on a moment’s notice.
“My name…” Danny mumbled, looking away from Nightwing to think. In a moment of panic and many racing thoughts, he was able to think of something.
“Nightgale,” Danny said, a mirage of a smile on his face, “A bit like your name, isn’t it?” He was somehow able to remember that his last name used to be Fentonnightingale earlier in his family line, and got the name ‘Nightgale’ from it. Thank you infini-map.
“Yeah it does!” Nightwing laughed, “Well, it’s nice to meet you Nightgale.”
Danny really should’ve expected them to stretch out their hand again. He really should’ve been a bit less on edge then he was at that moment. And yet he shot Nightwing in the face when they tried to outstretch their hand.
“Sorry, sorry! I didn’t mean to-oh no no no no,” Danny panicked, looking around to see where he could escape to and he was in a goddamn field with a city surrounding the entirety of the park. Danny just now realized that he had absolutely no idea where he was. He just shot his only hope at figuring out how to get home-probably, knowing his luck, definitely.
And yet Nightwing practically brushed it off. Yeah they stood up, stumbled backwards, swore in pain, and had to remove their mask for a quick second to rub their eyes, but then blinked a few times and seemed okay.
“Well that wasn’t as bad as when the other two did that,” Nightwing muttered in English, “Did the other two do that? Yeah probably. Anyways” -Nightwing switched back to speaking in Tamaranean- “It’s fine kid, you can calm down.”
So Danny did calm down. Mostly. Not really as he was still muttering apologies. His arm hurt even more now.
“I can ask Starfire to teach you how to control your powers,” Nightwing started. Danny has heard this spiel before, but this time he actually had a bit more trust in this random, and honestly somewhat terrifying stranger than he had with Plasmius. And Danny did not want to wait through it.
Danny grabbed Nightwing’s hand and looked up at them with the most pleading eyes he could muster. It worked as Nightwing’s face softened and they had finally shut up.
“Okay Nightgale, we’re going to go somewhere safe, then I’m going to get Starfire over to help you out, does that sound good?” When Nightwing asked that, Danny didn’t felt like he was being talked down to, unlike when other people said similar things. Maybe it was their tone.
“Where are we going? Where are we now?”
“Oh, right, I probably should’ve said that earlier. Well, for one we’re on the planet Earth, and right now we’re in Blüdhaven, New Jersey, the town I protect.”
“Yeah, I’m a vigilante, which basically means I fight crime and protecting people who can’t protect themselves.”
Ah, now things started to make sense. This guy is a superhero. No wonder Danny felt oddly safe being with Nightwing. They just radiated safety-ness. Danny’s eyes lit up with glee, someone he could finally related to!
Even while slinking into the dirty, bloodstained shadows of Blüdhaven, Danny was skipping around Nightwing. He was in a weird place and situation, but he felt like a giddy kid. Nightwing moved with precision and grace that Danny wished he had.
Danny saw billboards and signs that seemed to mention other heroes as the two went. Random people calling out to Nightwing when they saw them, Nightwing sometimes giving them a little wave. Danny mimicked them, and each time the people gasped at him. Danny was able to pick up that these Tamaraneans that Nightwing thought he was weren’t common, so that’s probably why they looked so shocked.
It was nice, and for a moment, Danny forgot that he was a stranger to this world-that he wasn’t supposed to be here. This place was new and exciting, yet familiar all the same. Maybe he’ll stay a little longer, it’s not like he could just will himself to leave anyways.
For now, Danny was just a kid, exploring a world similar to his own, yet alien at the same time.
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lunamugetsu · 2 months
I see a lot of people going with the idea that if Danny were to be captured and tortured by the GIW, that the main people that would find him are Young Justice, Teen Titans or the Justice League main heroes.
So I raise you this idea.
The one who finds the GIW facility that's keeping Danny prisoner is The Question. The resident faceless conspiracy theorist hero that works for the Justice League. (the one I'm thinking of is the guy from Justice League Unlimited. The one that got together with Huntress. You can imagine this with the Renee Montoya version if you want, but I'm just thinking of the guy Question)
Now hear me out. The Question is known for having crazy conspiracy theories and in the the cartoon, Supergirl asks Green Arrow why they have the Question on the roster for the Justice League since he has such crazy theories, he must be insane. And Green Arrow replies with that some of his theories have actually turned out to be true.
So couple that with how The Question gets crazy theories and he does investigate them on his own time. It wouldn't be a stretch that he finds out that there's an obscure government agency that he instantly starts getting suspicious of as there's very rarely any documentation he can find about it. But what hammers his suspicions in is the obscene amount of money that's being pumped into that agency and a serious of facilities that somehow exist and yet also do not exist but he knows it's real because some of them required a humongous power grid to be able to have the facility function.
The Question starts investigating the facilities. Going undercover finding obscure ways to get into the building. He gets in finds a super secure, heavily fortified area that he could tell where most of the energy is being powered to keep locked. He finds the lab areas where he can see the autopsy tables all with machinery that are definitely raise some eyebrows. He starts downloading information about the facility from their servers and finds that the codes to unlock the area that was blocked to him before.
He goes to investigate that area and low and behold, who does he see but an imprisoned Danny who has clearly been tortured. The Question would then go "well I'm breaking him out" and just does an impromptu jail break and takes the kid which sounds the alarm. They're getting the heck out of there. The Question contacts the Justice League gets him and the kid to the Watchtower.
Later on Danny is staying with the Question, because Danny need a place to stay and he's cool with the faceless dude that saved him from his prison. The dude is like super chill with all of the stuff he talks about and actively listening to everything he talked about. Even adding comments of his own like
"I knew it! Lunch Ladies are connected with creation of the mystery meat! And they're funded by the government so they can use it as a brain control weapon to control the future generation!"
"The politicians of today could possibly be possessed by the ghosts of the past. They're unwilling to relinquish any power they possessed even in the afterlife!"
Plus, Danny's like completely cool with making food and cleaning up after Question. Because one, the food doesn't come to life and try to attack him like it does at home. And two, the man keeps all of his conspiracy stuff pretty organized so there was hardly anything for Danny to clean up. And sure the guy has a weird lifestyle with things such as brushing his teeth with baking soda because he says fluoride is used by the government to be able to see the people better from their satellites. Or that he'll look through everybody's garbage and would sometimes drag Danny with him to help, which he later learns is a great way to gather information about someone. And having conversations with the dude is kind of creepy when he can't see the dude's face, but he gets used to it and then starts practicing his shape shifting to see freak out the other heroes when they see he has no face.
Meanwhile The Question would have moments while working where he's like "Wait! Did I feed the kid this morning?" also Huntress is there because she doesn't trust her boyfriend at keeping a human being alive, even if they are half dead.
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Might make a fanfiction out of this.
This idea came to me yesterday while I was taking a break from my studies.
What if Jack Fenton is not the clone or half-brother of Bruce Wayne. What if he was the stolen twin brother of Bruce Wayne, and their parents thought he died a few hours after he was born because someone wanted the Waynes to suffer. Thomas and Martha were too heartbroken to ever speak about the death of their son. Then Damian and Danny meet in Gotham during Casper High’s field trip. Damian thinks Bruce had a child with another woman, and he’s p*ssed off about it. Danny insists that he wasn’t some billionaire’s child, and that his parents are both loyal to each other. Then Danny shows Damian a picture of his parents. Now Damian thinks his father was cloned instead. They call the whole Fenton family in Gotham. They do a DNA test. Bruce finds out. Turns out, Jack’s kidnappers took him as far away as they can manage, which was in Minnesota. They dropped him on an orphanage and his adoptive parents eventually took him in as their child (as an infant). Bruce is freaking out. The batfam is in chaos. Alfred is heartbroken, but is doing his best to support the Wayne family. Damian has been appeased. At least this boy isn’t an usurper.
I know this breaks like a lot of lore from Danny Phantom. This is just a ‘what if’ and a random idea.
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amaramizuki666 · 4 months
Dp x DC crossover
So let's say it's been hundreds of years and amity is gone and all of danny's friends and family are gone. His human form stopped ageing when he died but hes able to manipulate the way he looks. So let's say down the line danny has a kid with a human he didn't know about but the kid knew about him. And that kid is John Constantine.
John was running out of options, the one time he actually volunteered to help the JL and everything goes to shit. "Whatever your doing Constantine do it faster" the flash says pushing his body against the large door trying to keep it shut with the assistance from wonder women.
"I'm going as fast as I can, this won't end well if I fuck this circle up" john snapped, he looked over his shoulder sending a worried glance to the downed batman and superman. John didnt know if this was a good idea but he sure as hell didnt have any other options.
John finished the summoning circle and was almost finished the chant when the cultists bust threw the doors knocking wonder women and flash down.
The circle started leaking fog and the air in the room turned frigid. Black tendrils pulled a figure threw the circle. A boy with pale green skin, white gravity defining hair and glowing green eyes stared at Constantine winding shoked.
John could tell he knew as soon as the boy laid eyes on him. The ghost king you could tell it was him by the crown of green fire above his head. He stared at Constantine looking at his condition then looked at the JL members then to the cultists.
The kings eyes narrowed looking at the cultists. You could feel the cold furry radiating off his body. His form morphed from a boy to an eldric abomination that barely looked humanoid. john new the sight of it was going to haunt him.
The being opened its maw and roared "ꑛꆂꅐ ꁕꋫ꒓ꍟ ꐟꆂꐇ!" The words echoed through out his mind. As his brain tried to process the imagery he was seeing.
The eldric creature ripping apart the cultists with its claws, stragling them with black gooey tendrils, swallowing them whole.
It was over within a few minutes, but those few minutes will be burned into his and the JL members who where unfortunate enough to see minds forever.
The being turned to Constantine and slowly shifted into his original form. The kings eyes impossibly wide as he stared at john. "Son?" He asked in strained English almost as if he hasnt spoken it in century's. The disbelief at the discovery he has made left the king confused.
Constantine looked at the boy, the ghost, the KING, he knew this day would come eventually but he didnt know how to feel about this. "Fuck, um hi" john says uncertain, I mean what exactly was he suposed to say 'hi eldric abomination ghost king, I'm the son you never new you had but I knew you where my father and how to reach you but never informed you of my existence' ya no john will pass.
If anyone wants to continue this go ahead I'd love to see it.
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DP x DC idea:
I’ve seen a lot of the “Billy and Danny bond over being kids pretending to be older.” And “Danny adopts/mentors Billy” all good, all fun.
But! Have we considered, this:
Danny joins the JL, and yea he’s maybe a bit shy at first but quickly warms up to most of the other heroes. Hanging out, helping on missions, and such. The only ones he keeps a distance from, Shazam, Static Shock, Nightwing.
He’ll work with them, but it’s professional and distant compared to everyone else. Then he’s helping one of those three fight a ghost, the ghost dodges their attack at the last second and it hits Phantom. Who goes down with a scream. The ghost stops fighting, glares at the hero, and takes Phantom back to the Ghost Zone/Infinite Realms.
The JL call a meeting to figure out what happened, and when it’s explained, Constantine curses.
“It’s death echos.”
“Which means?”
“Phantom was killed by being electrocuted. Shazam has lightening, Static uses electricity, Nightwing has his electrified escrima sticks. No wonder he doesn’t like you three.”
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kuroishuuha · 2 months
DP x DC prompt - Midnight Muffins and Math HW
An immortal Danny finds himself making a home in Crime Alley
One of the first thing he notices is the disproportionate number of children (babies, they’re just babies) out on the street at night. 
Most Some of these kids look like they haven’t been to school in years.
Most Some of these kids have definitely skipped one too many meals.
Well Danny won’t stand for that.
With full access to the infinite wealth of the Infinite Realms and no longer needing to sleep, Danny opens up a 24-hr library cafe where anyone can come in for a hot meal and access to all sorts of books. He begins offering tutoring for the people who come in and also helps some of the adults apply to jobs. 
Danny definitely cries when one of the older teens tells him they are finishing their GED and applying to college because of him.
Now if only the creep in the red helmet could do something other than stare at him all night.
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otter-in-styx · 3 months
DC X DP prompt
Instead of working at Wayne enterprises or something similar, what about Danny working as a groundskeeper at one of the graveyards in Gotham? He keeps everything immaculately clean, occasionally gets to talk to people (depending on how you define “people” given that a good chunk of them are also like, super dead, but hey, semantics), and has never been bugged by anyone on the Night Shift. Sure, that’s in large part because he’s pretty hard to surprise or scare, but it’s helped a little that anyone who’s ever tried to disturb Danny, or worse, the graves, has had a very, very bad time (and the graveyard got a reputation for being well maintained and well protected not long after he started working there). But that’s pretty rare, and given the circumstances of his last job being “my entire city (and my parents) collectively wanted my head on a stick every now and then”, this one was a pretty big step up, and the pay was pretty good on top of it. So, until he finished school or Gotham tried to kill him, he wasn’t planning to leave his new job or his new graveyard friends.
Also, he definitely meets Jason that way (bonus points if it’s while cleaning his grave, mostly because it’d be funny.)
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blueflipflops · 2 months
Been deep into dp x dc rabbit hole these days. Don't know how those two fandoms got together like this but damn do they make good stuff. So heres my little hat in the ring.
I know we love @tourettesdog's Little Baby Man! Danny but how about we pitch in an Eldritch Nightmare! Jazz in the same au?
Imagine while Damian takes in Little Baby Man!Danny, he sometimes disappears and reappears back at the mansion at weird intervals like a stray cat that invites itself to your house, demands to be fed, naps, and then leaves to roam around in the streets.
Damian tries his best to entice the creature to staying permanently in the mansion with food, bed, toys, etc but while Danny likes to stick around him, he doesnt stay for more than a week before he leaves the mansion to roam again. One time Damian tried to stop him, he just gave him big teary eyes and Damian folds like a wet paper towel.
He can't exactly keep him in the mansion when Danny keeps doing this so he tries to follow him instead to know who/what is keeping this creature's attention more than him. It should've been easy but Danny keeps losing Damian either with his powers or he just flies too fast or to small narrow places.
He is so invested on keeping this strange creature that the others are noticing Damian's weird behavior. When they do, they inevitably got invested as well that they actually make bets on catching the weird flying creature their little demon brat of a brother wants to keep as a pet.
They noticed that the creature was going to same area everytime, no matter how far he came from. So they investigated this on their free time until they narrowed it all down to an abandoned warehouse near the sewers.
One of them (y'all pick which batkid, I like to imagine Tim cuz i love tormenting the lil guy) followed the trail to this warehouse and hear the familliar happy excited chirping of the flying menace but the vibes are off. They held their breath as the air suddenly feels heavy. Like one wrong move could be fatal. Like they're in the prescence of a predator. For a minute, everything is silent. Until... something chirped back.
It was a deep and guttural echoing sound that they felt deep within their bones. Their heart raced as they realized that this might have been a bad idea. Nevertheless, they took a deep breath as they turn around to peek at what the actual fuck made that sound.
Their breath caught as their face rapidly lose colors. Before them was a huge creature with a long orange hair that pools onto the floor, similar ears and tail to their brother's little pet, a humanlike face and upper body--well, until the torso which was showing ribs and the creature's insides barely being held together by a thin membrane across its 'stomach' but some intestine like thing is dripping down. Its arms and hands are boney with a thin purple blue skin and long sharp claws.
It hummed as the little guy flew around the eldritch creature with excitable chirps and it felt like the wall he's hiding behind shakes in vibration.
Throwing caution to the wind, they sent a messege to their group chat with a slightly blurry and static-y picture.
'Found your flying noodle. Also found its mother/sister/something??? What the fuck, Damian. What the fuck did you brought back to the mansion?'
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Heres without the green haze
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minnesota-fats · 1 month
Long time no post!
Anyway! Dp x dc fic idea:
Danny is the future son of Dick Grayson and Koriand’r that was kidnapped and threw into some time portal or something and taken in by the Fenton’s.
Clockwork see’s the discrepancy but does nothing to fix it because he sees all the good that could come from Danny’s involvement in the time stream.
Danny, being half human and half Tamaran, has Starfire’s power set. Yet before the accident, no one knew about the powers until Danny half died and unlocked them through some ghostly genetic unlocking of heritage or something.
Danny was just thrown in the deep end with no real explanation so he just assumes that all his powers are ghost related and not because of his bio moms powers.
Danny inevitably meets the Justice League and they immediately want to categorize him as a Tamaran and Danny is like “uhhh…. A what?” Then after gaining more trust with wherever he is placed he uses his human form around people who also are like “WAIT! WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE A BABY NIGHTWING?”
(Edit: after doing some digging on Tamaranian’s I know know that the reason they fly is because their bodies can absorb radiation and it basically makes them fly! Danny just got zapped with enough radiation to knock out a whole city and came out with little to no side effects like Vlad did. Probably the reason why!)
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moss-on-trees · 8 days
dp x dc prompt: danny haunts the portal au
jack and maddie find out vlad and danny are halfas. unfortunately, the confrontation happens when the justice league is investigating rumours about amity park's ghost problem and particularly the claim that the town was temporarily sucked into another dimension. the visiting heroes didn't really expect to find extra-dimensional beings, mad scientists and a megalomaniac supervillain.
the fentons are summarily arrested and their equipment confiscated, vlad goes into hiding and danny... well. since the confrontation happened in the lab and his parents reacted really badly, he tried to hide in the ghost zone before they could shoot him.
he had rotten luck though: maddie read his intentions and shut down his access to the zone before he could get to it. so danny did the next best thing and hid inside the turned-off portal, hoping he would be able to turn it back on when the situation calmed a bit. he certainly didn't expect it to be confiscated and taken to the watchtower.
that's how he finds out that the portal being the cause of his half-death and the literal entrance of his haunt means that he can't stay away from it for too long, especially not while he's in an emotionally weakened state.
so now he's stuck in space with a bunch of heroes.
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