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tanglepelt · 3 days
Dc x dp idea 13?
Danny just gaslighting the JL and JLD.
They summoned the ghost king obviously Danny shows up cause i love that for him. He’s in human form. He does that on purpose.
Must ppl assume they messed up send him back and leave it at that. Nope not these people.
Constantine is checking the summoning circle again. Just tells Danny he won’t fall for his disguise and that he knows that he’s ghost king. And says he wants to make a deal.
Danny knows this man sells his souls more then his parents claim they want to tear phantom up molecule by molecule and he has no use for a soul anyways. So Danny just says if i was a king i wouldn’t be failing high school. He wouldn’t even go to high school.
Then Danny goes on about how he has a bully so obviously he couldn’t be a king. Not to mention his human non royal parents. They were mad scientist and ghost hunters but that’s as interesting as they got. Also hello he is alive what did Constantine think he was secretly a ghost.
Danny then walks around the circle just pointing at the total correct symbols going are you sure it’s meant to be a crown. What if this king is a queen and has a tiara. Like who are you to assume it’s a king if you’ve never met them.
John isn’t falling for it at all. Now everyone else is doubting him. Batman pulled up Danny on the computer a perfectly normal human child. So Danny is gonna pull out the big guns. Looks at him and goes if i step out will that prove I’m not currently the ghost king.
It’s one of the other JLD members who says he wouldn’t be able to if he was king. It was warded to keep the king in. So Danny who is currently human just steps out.
See he’s totally not the just king. Currently.
Turns out they needed someone to deal with the box ghost. Danny just say oh i got that. He soups him and goes i did say my parents were ghost hunters
Danny failed to realize once he stepped out of the circle they couldn’t send him back that way. So now he is stuck being questioned but hey at least he is in space.
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chaoswarfare · 2 days
dp x dc text message crack :)
✨just because ✨
Bat Chat
danny: bruce
danny: bruce
danny: bruce
danny: dad
danny: dad
danny: father man
danny: daaaaaaad
danny: batman
bruce: what
danny:… do you have this set up just to notify you when someone says batman and nothing else.
jason: don’t be so quiet, answer the question old man.
bruce: what did you need
danny: oh yeah
danny: just about forgot about it
danny: so
danny: i may or may not have
danny: possibly/maybe
danny: ate a chunk of kryptonite on a dare
jason: …what????
dick: danny no
dick: we have better impulse control than this
danny: we absolutely do not and you know it
danny: but also say hi guys, kon is here
dick: why do you still need our help if the supers are there?
danny: kryptonite
jason: oh yeah, almost forgot about that part
tim: what did i just wake up to
jason: go back to sleep replacement
danny: scroll up
danny: i can say with full confidence that this has never happened before
danny: usually when i eat solid objects i can just phase them back out.
danny: like the time i swallowed a fork back at casper high when my parents raided the school looking for my ghost half.
tim: excuse me what the fuck
danny: i know right, they couldn’t have waited five minutes until i stopped eating
dick: why can’t you just phase the kryptonite out
danny: i would, but it’s wedged in there pretty good
danny: it just goes intangible with me :/
tim: i have decided i am going back to sleep
tim: it is too early in the afternoon for me to deal with this
jason: good
danny: well, b-man’s here to save me now so i’ll tell you all about it in a few hours
jason: are we going to bring up the fact that danny called bruce dad like 3 times?
dick: he did what
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ghostly-frogly · 2 days
An unwilling motorcycle chase
Finally leaning to the more friend part of frenemies relationship he has going on with all of his rogues gets Danny some pretty convenient favors. One of those being Johnny giving him a ride anywhere on his motorcycle.
Having never used a proper bus or a train before, due to how small Amity Park is, Danny wasn’t very exited to ride either to work or school in Gotham. He was nervous about learning how to work the subway and wasn’t thrilled on the possibility he will get off on the wrong stop. Danny vented about this to Johnny and Kitty the day he officially moved out and Johnny offered to give him a ride.
It wouldn’t be the first time he rode with Johnny and due to him breaking every street law imaginable they usually get to their destination in five minutes. What’s five minutes to a ghost? Absolutely nothing that’s what.
So here Danny is outside his shitty apartment building waiting for Johnny. Some days he’s a little late, it’s not like he can tell time in the Ghost Zone, so Danny isn’t worried. When he hears the sound of a motorcycle in the distance he knows his ride is close. What he wasn’t expecting was for Johnny to come to a screeching halt on a bike that definitely wasn’t his yelling “get on! Get on, get on, get on!”
What was Danny supposed to do? Not get on?
Next thing the half ghost knew he was speeding down the street faster than he thought a normal bike could possibly go. At some point he started screaming along with Johnny. Danny had his arms tightly wrapped around the ghost’s torso holding on for any life he has left. He distantly recognizes the sound of another motorcycle chasing after them and quickly looking back confirms it.
Behind them was the Red Hood chasing after them on a blue and black bike. Taking a closer look to the one he was on he noticed that he and Johnny were currently riding Red Hood’s well known bike.
Danny’s yell of “what the fuck did you do Johnny!!?” Was lost to the wind.
He wasn’t making it to school today.
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urnotpoppunk · 3 days
This was inspired by this post. This will also be turned into a multi chapter fic on my ao3. You can subscribe here
But enjoy <3
Tw: talks of vivisection and abuse
Harley Quinn stumbled through the streets of Amity Park, newborn baby clutched to her chest as she furiously checked over her shoulder to make sure no one was following her. She had done it, she had finally gotten away from Mr. J for good just six months before. If he came lookin’ for her, she would be able to handle him on her own, especially with the help of Ives. But Danny wouldn’t be able to do jack shit against his crazed sperm donor. So, Harley was doin’ what she thought would be best. She was going to ask her step-brother and see if he and his wife could take him.
If anyone would be able to protect her baby it would be Jack Fenton, her step-brother was a hulking giant of a man and while his aim may have been shit, his wife’s wasn’t. The two were scientists, ghost hunters if Harley remembered right and they would be just crazy enough to think Mr. J was a ghost if he showed his slimy face around Amity Park.
“Don’t worry Danny, they’ll keep you safe, I promise. You’re never gonna have to worry about a crazy father tryin’ to kill you or use you for his own gain, I won’t ever let that happen,” Harley said quietly before pressing a soft kiss on her son’s head and knocked on the door of Fenton Works.
His father was trying to kill him. Danny allowed his sister to drag him out of Fenton Works and to her car, head spinning, lungs burning for oxygen. Telling his parents about his ghost form had gone bad, it had gone so, so, so bad and now Jazz and Danny were running for their lives as Jack Fenton shot another ectoblast at the siblings.
“Jazz, where’re we going to go? What are we going to do? You destroyed the portal,” Danny gasped out once Jazz had shoved him into the backseat of her beat up, gray, ‘78 Volkswagen Beetle. He scrambled in just as Maddie shot in the spot he had just been occupying, his sister grunted as she took the shot. While she was liminal, she still had enough human in her that it was nothing more than feeling like she got an instant sunburn.
Jazz slammed the door shut, ignoring the shouts from the Fentons behind her as she got around to the driver’s seat and sped off, tires spinning against the pavement.
“We’re going to Aunt Harley’s,” Jazz said determinedly.
“My mother?” Danny squawked from the backseat. “Didn’t Da-Jack say she was crazy?”
“Jack’s crazy Danny! He had you strapped to a table-” Jazz stopped herself as a guttural growl escaped her lips. “Whatever. Aunt Harley will be the best option. If anyone can keep us away from the Fentons it’ll be her.”
Danny slumped down in the backseat and finally looked down at the giant cut on his chest and let out a groan. His mother. Jack and Maddie had never hesitated to tell Danny where he had come from. Jack in particular boasted about how his poor, abused sister trusted him of all people to raise her baby and keep him safe from harm.
Joke’s on him apparently considering he was the very person who had managed to hurt Danny the most. Danny wasn’t stupid, though, he had heard about Harley Quinn. The psychiatrist turned villain who was now in her own way a hero but remained the self titled Queen of Chaos. He knew that his mother was dangerous, each time she had come to visit with her pasty white, tattoo covered skin, chemically bleached hair, and slightly crazed look in her eyes, Danny knew. He knew that the reason Dan was a reality was because of his genes, because of where he came from.
He had done everything he could to make sure he wouldn’t turn out like his mother. And if his suspicions were correct, he would do everything to make sure he didn’t turn out anything like his sperm donor. There was a reason Danny hated clowns and it wasn’t just because of Freakshow.
“Do you think she’s going to be happy seeing us at her house, though? Or Aunt Ivy? She’ll probably be annoyed that we dropped in unannounced,” Danny said before reaching down and grabbing the metal box that held his first aid kit. He used his powers to thread a needle with fishing wire and bit his lip hard as he forced the needle through his skin and started to sew up where his parents had started the vivisection. It would most likely scar but Danny didn’t want to think about that right now. Danny didn’t want to think about anything right now except for the fact that they were going to his mother’s house of all places.
“Danny, your mom adores you. She didn’t drop you off at the Fenton’s to abandon you. She did it to protect you. Aunt Harley knew that she wasn’t capable of raising a baby and she did the most responsible thing she could think of. But she loves you, she’s loved you from the moment you were born,” Jazz told him, glancing in her rearview mirror to watch her baby brother sew himself up as she sped down the highway.
“And how do you know that?” Danny asked, a hiss escaped from between his clenched teeth as he got to the worst part of the cut and continued with his sewing.
“Because I was there the night she brought you home. And I see it in her eyes when she comes to visit us. She loves you Danny, she was just in a bad situation,” Jazz reasoned, knuckles white on the steering wheel as she sped onto the onramp to start their journey from Amity Park, Illinois to Gotham City, New Jersey.
“And she’s just going to be happy to have her sixteen year old son randomly appear in her front door? She couldn’t take care of me then, what makes you so sure she can help us now?” Danny spat out as he finally finished his stitching and tied off the thread. He reached into the kit once more and grabbed a few of the antiseptic wipes that had been packed in and cleaned the ectoplasm-blood mixture off of his chest as best as he could before taping gauze to his chest. It wasn’t the best patch job and Frostbite would probably be horrified if he saw it, but it was the best Danny could do with a tiny first aid kit in the back of his sister's rickety car as she went well over a hundred miles per hour in a seventy.
“I think so, yeah,” Jazz admitted after a few minutes of silence. Danny let out a huff of a laugh as he struggled to sit up. “There’s a shirt in this bag,” she said, tossing him the backpack that sat in the passenger seat, the go bag for if the worst had ever come to fruition. Which it definitely had.
Danny dug through the bag and found the tried and true NASA shirt folded carefully within the bag and let out a sigh through nose as he carefully maneuvered around to get the shirt on without angering the stitches on his chest too much. Even if his mother wasn’t happy to see them or able to take care of them, she’d be able to help. She was a better option than any other.
Vlad was completely out of the picture. Dani was ancients only knew where and she wouldn’t have been able to do much anyway. Sam and Tuck still didn’t even know what had happened and Danny hadn’t decided how he was going to deal with that. Aunt Alicia would most likely call mom-Maddie if she saw them on her doorstep.
Aunt Harley was their only option now that the portal was destroyed and Danny certainly did not have the strength he would need to open a portal. Plus, Gotham had plenty of ambient ectoplasm according to Tuck’s research.
When they had first made this plan, Tucker had looked into any place that came close to having the same amounts of ectoplasm as Amity Park and Gotham had been number one on the list. So at least Danny had that going for him.
“I’m going to try to get a little bit of rest, getting cut open drains a guy,” Danny said with a chuckle, pressing the backpack into the car seat and carefully laid back down. “When I wake up, we can switch and I can drive for a bit. You need rest too.”
Jazz simply hummed in response and said nothing more as her little brother settled into the backseat and allowed sleep to take over.
“I told you I could have helped drive here,” Danny muttered as Jazz pulled into a shady looking, nondescript building.
“Danny, you had to sew yourself back up in my backseat. You needed the rest far more than I did, besides, no use in complaining, we’re here now,” Jazz said, glancing back at the tired, pouty look on her brother’s face and smiled. “Aren’t you excited to see your mom and Aunt Pam?”
“Is she technically my stepmom?” Danny asked once Jazz put the car in park and shut off the engine. She got out and went around to Danny’s door and helped her baby brother out of the car.
“Technically?” Jazz said, crinkling her nose as she thought it out. Yeah, that would make the most sense anyway. “Are you okay?” She asked as Danny winced, pressing a hand to his chest as he climbed out of the small car and leaned heavily against Jazz’s side.
“Yeah, just hurting,” he murmured and shook his head as if that would get rid of the pain. “Let’s just go.”
Jazz gave her brother a concerned look but locked her car nonetheless and started to help the boy up the stairs before she rung the doorbell.
The two tensed as they listened to footsteps stomp their way.
“Look, I’m Jewish, I ain’t interested in that Jehovah’s Witness shit,” they heard Harley shout before the door swung open.
Harley’s jaw fell open as she froze in place at the scene in front of her. The two teenagers were quite the sight. Harley had never seen the usually put together Jasmine look so frazzled as long as she had known her niece. Her son was in even worse states, if the eyebags on his face, the strange blood and green stains on his shirt, and panting told her anything.
He looked up at her tiredly, the dark circles under his eyes even darker than she had initially noticed. “Hey mom,” he said with a huff, hanging from Jasmine’s shoulders.
“Aw fuck, come in, come in,” Harley said wearily, ushering the two into the building. “Ives! I need your help!”
Harley carefully moved her niece out of the way before she quickly lifted her son into her arms and started down the hallway. “It’s okay Danny, Mama’s gotcha,” she murmured, cradling the sixteen year old boy to her chest as she carried him bridal style. Jazz followed her aunt as they made it to the living room just as Ivy came out of the bedroom looking confused.
Her eyebrows shot up in surprise, though, as she spotted the three before her. “Shit, I’ll get the salves,” she stated before her eyes landed on Jazz. “Come help me?”
Jazz looked between her aunt and her brother before looking back at Ivy and gulped, nodding her head once before following the eco-terrorist back into the bedroom.
“Oh sweetie,” Harley murmured, carefully setting Danny on the beat up couch. “Baby what happened to you?”
“Jack and Maddie happened,” he said with a hiss as his mother raised his shirt and took in the cuts that had been sloppily stitched up.
Harley’s eyes flicked between the incision that seeped red-green liquid and Danny’s pained face. “Jacky boy did this to you?”
Danny nodded, letting out a whimper. “It’s a long story,” he said as his mom traced a finger over the cuts, the pieces connecting in her brain.
Harley Quinn was a lot of things but she was not stupid. She may not have gotten the chance to visit her son as often as she wanted but the last time she had seen him she had noticed something was different about him. She had been around Ivy long enough to know when someone had gained powers that they barely had control over. She had noticed the way her son’s eyes would flash a startling green whenever his emotions got out of hand. Noticed the way he was colder than before and how his shoulders looked as though they carried the entire world on them.
She didn’t know what had happened to her son or what it had done to him, but she knew he was more than human now. She had seen that plenty of times before. And it looks like the Fentons had discovered this and decided that Danny was one of their new experiments.
“You’re dead, aren’t you?” She asked bluntly, recognizing the toxic ectoplasm that seemed from between her son’s stitches. “Not all the way but somethin’ happened and they didn’t like it.”
“Yeah. I uh, I was fourteen, didn’t kill me all the way, just enough for me to be considered a ghost and you know how mom-Maddie and Jack are about ghosts,” Danny said just as Ivy and Jazz came back with towels, wet rags, and salves to cover the incisions.
Harley raised her eyes from Danny’s wounds and looked her son in the eyes. “I’m gonna kill ‘em,” she snarled, snatching a wet rag from Ivy and started to better clean the wound. “I’m gonna murder them and then when they turn into ghosts I’ll give ‘em a taste of their own medicine,” she said, hands gentle as she cleaned around the wound.
“You’re going to need to redo those stitches,” Ivy said softly, sitting beside Danny’s head and taking it in her lap as she ran her fingers through the black locks, trying to distract her wife’s son from the stinging pain he was likely feeling.
“There’s no point, the wound will be closed by tomorrow,” Jazz said quietly and handed a warm, dry towel to Harley after she had finished cleaning the incisions and carefully patted the skin dry. She then took the salve and carefully coated it over her son’s chest.
“Don’t kill them,” Danny said quietly, taking his mother’s hand in his and squeezed the pale hand in his. “Just, mom, just protect me. Please?” He asked, voice cracking slightly.
Harley let out a sigh and squeezed her son’s hand tight. “Baby, I’ll always protect you,” she promised, still feeling her chest burn in anger at the fact that her step-brother, the one person on this earth she had trusted to take care of her son had caused him this much pain. Jack and Maddie Fenton would rue the day they hurt Harley Quinn’s baby.
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cyrwrites · 3 days
My Regrets Follow Me To The Grave
I'm thinking about...
The Fentons suddenly dying in a freak accident and almost immediately returning as ghosts- only to realize that if they are ghosts, they feel too real to be mere simulations and/or imitations of the real thing. And if what they are feeling feels real enough to matter, then what does that mean for the boy in their basement?
They had cut him open, this ghost boy that's claiming to be their son, not thinking much about the damage they put his ectoplasm through. And surprise, surprise! They have a change of heart after they realized that Phantom may be a real boy.
So, they try to sew back together his wounds... But it's not going well. They arrive at the operating table, only for their hands not to properly interact with the medical equipment.
They lose time trying to interact with the real world. Phantom has not jolted or reacted in any way in the entire time they've been trying to save him...
But the real horror starts to creep in when the ghost boy suddenly turns into THEIR BOY.
Their mental scream summons Martian Manhunter into their town.
He's extremely disturbed by what he finds.
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Rogue: “This is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you.”
Danny: …
Danny: “I’m dead so I don’t think that should count.”
“I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation.”
Danny, without breaking eye contact, flies off whistling Pinocchio’s I’ve Got No Strings.
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lord-of-0blivion · 14 hours
Wonder Woman:"Which God are you the child of?"
Danny: Silly hero, gods are not real.
Also Danny *Thinking*:'Oh sh*t oh f*ck! If the gods are real that means Dan killed them! Oh sh*t, that means I can kill gods!'
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nelkcats · 2 days
Past Errors
While traveling through Amity Park, Jason was arguing with Bruce and said the forbidden word in the city "Since you didn't save me, I wish I could travel back in time to save myself!", this was unfortunately overheard by Desiree, who fulfilled his wish and made him travel in time.
The only problem was that instead of waking up in his child body as expected, he woke up as a Lasiurus bat, and how was he going to save himself like that?!? The little Jay was staring at him and he had no idea how to help him, Jason felt helpless and powerless.
On the other hand, in the original timeline Jason's audio had gone silence. Bruce was worried, Jason usually hung up the calls not just disappeared. And no matter how angry he was, he would not stop communicating with his siblings because of him.
When Bruce went to investigate the last place his son was, all that was left was Jason's motorcycle crashed in the middle of the road and without trace of the boy, it seemed the vehicle had exploded, Jason helmet and clothes were completely burned in the place where he should be.
Fearing the worst Bruce began to investigate, but he would have noticed if Jason had been kidnapped (or his body was). Had he lost Jason over an stupid argument again? His fears multiplied as he remembered the way he had lost him the first time, and the start was not much different.
Unknowingly, Jason was stuck in the past, with his family thinking that he had died a second time in the future.
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Only the Dead 3
part 2
“What?” Damian asks. “Overshadowed? Who are you? What are those things?”
The entity raises his hands defensively, palms flat in surrender. “Uh? Those are ghosts.”
“Bullshit,” Damian says. “Ghosts aren’t capable of affecting the mortal world to this extent!” He jabs a finger at the entity. “Tell me the truth!”
“I am!” the entity squawks, hastily lowering his hands. “Look, normally we don’t have enough ectoplasm to interact with the human world, but it can happen under the right circumstances!”               “Such as?”
“I don’t know. Maybe if someone opened a portal to the afterlife? Or maybe if there was a big enough mass murder in the vicinity.” The entity grimaces. “Considering the general atmosphere of Gotham, maybe if someone dropped a nuke on Newark?”
Damian doesn’t like the sound of either of those options. “You didn’t answer all of my questions. Who are you?”
“I’m, uh...” The entity shuffles awkwardly in midair, avoiding Damian’s gaze. He wraps his arms around his chest protectively. “You can call me Phantom.”
“Phantom,” Damian repeats skeptically. “And you’re one of those things, Phantom?”
Phantom cringes and shoots Damian a green-eyed glare. “I’m not a thing,” he says. “And I’m not subsentient like those thralls. And I didn’t come from where they came from, either. I was already in Gotham when this started.”
“You’ve been here? Doing what?” Damian asks.
Phantom wilts. “I’ve been trying to help the civilians, but I don’t have anywhere safe to escort them and I don’t have any way to contain other ghosts right now.” He floats a few inches forwards, looking Damian in the eye. “I saw that skeleton try to overshadow you. Please, if you can resist it, you’ve got to work with me!”
Damian doesn’t miss that Phantom dodged the question, but he lets it go for the moment. “What do you mean, overshadowing?”
“It’s like possession? Only possession is specifically for dead bodies,” Phantom says, “and overshadowing is for living people.”
“They’re taking over bodies?” Damian asks, aghast. He takes a deep breath and deliberately relaxes. “Fine. If they’re capable of possessing people, why can’t they possess me? How do I fight them?”
Phantom shrugs. “You punch them? There’s anti-ghost weaponry, but I don’t think you can find any in Gotham. As for resisting overshadowing, uh... I don’t suppose you’ve died and been resurrected or something? Maybe with a big personality change afterwards?” Damian stiffens. “Or maybe if you’ve just been around enough ectoplasm for long enough. I don’t suppose you’ve seen any weird ass glowing green pools of goo? Or white? I think humans without enough exposure see it as white instead?”
Damian’s never heard of someone seeing the Lazarus pit as white, but they certainly fit the description of a glowing green pool of goo-- and as for resurrections...
“I see,” Damian says, nodding. Phantom tilts his head, but Damian doesn’t elaborate. “If that’s the case, I may know where we can find someone else who can resist possession. We need to go to Crime Alley.”
@thegreawizards @gin2212 @theauthorandtheartist @rosecinnamonbun @yazz-frost @coruscateselene @caraafton @just-for-dpxdc
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oliveofvanders · 13 hours
Death finds you laying still, do you welcome him in?
Kinda based of aziraphale-is-a-cat's "Danny Can't Sit Still After the Accident"
Danny can't sit still- never as waiting for an interrogation felt more boring.
"Danny, calm down" Sam sighed as she heard the tapping of his feet and the snapping of his fingers.
"I don't think he can, Sam" Tucker sighed as he leaned back in his chair. He looked towards the ceiling, letting boredom take over his mind as he tried to think of anything. Anything better than a blank canvas or the rigorous tapping sounds coming from Danny.
"Hey Danny!" Ellie chirped, making Danny turn to her. "Yeah?" he raised an eyebrow, "I dare you to sit still for a minute. One whole minute. If you lose you have to go by Inviso-Bill" Ellie dared. Danny blinked then groaned, "Fine" he grumbled.
He was now sitting completely still, waiting for the Justice League to come in and interrogate them.
Suddenly, Danny wasn't in the holding cell anymore. His body was now slumped against the table, not moving. His mind was elsewhere.
He looked up to see a wolf, somewhat humanoid and a grin on his face.
"Hola, pequeño fantasma" the wolf drawled, and suddenly Danny felt like he wasn't in Kansas anymore.
That's how Danny found out that if he stayed still too long, he was sent to duolingo lessons with Death. Who was apparently appalled to learn that Danny was failing any language.
At least he freaked out the JL when he woke up, though.
I took German instead of Spanish, so I won't continue this idea because I know I'll end up butchering the words :]
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DPxDC: A Cry for help
Okay so I've been busy the past little bit because I'm prepping my cosplay for IEX on Saturday and I made the entire thing from scratch. I'm currently feeling like crying so Danny and Dani are too!
There have been reports of soft sobbing from all over the world, everyone can hear it no matter where they are but it's not loud it's soft. Eventually the JL is called in to take a look and Captain Marvel follows a trail of magic to a small forested area.
Inside the forest the trees and landscape seem to shift but the sobbing is also louder and it sounds like two voices instead of one.
Captain Marvel, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter go in since the others would either be too much or are extra vulnerable to magic.
Captain Marvel follows a trail only he can see and J'onn is hit with a wave of emotion.
"It's pain and grief and a deep sadness with just a touch of fear. But the minds are so young. Still children." Batman pulls into himself he hates when children are hurt and it seems like several have been.
They follow the path untill they come across two children with White hair and Green eyes faintly glowing crying above the body of a third even more inhuman person (Vlad.) The children are both bleeding green and the man's blood seems to have stopped as the blue of his skin appears to be fading away.
They interrupt the scene and the children whip around and try to stand and block the body from view but they can't seem to manage it.
"Why are you here? Haven't you humans done enough" the boy who looks 14 bares his fangs and it would be more intimidating if he had managed to stop crying and wasn't wrapped around the girl.
Captain Marvel is the one who steps forward recognizing them.
"I apologize your Highness but people all over the world could hear you crying and no one could find where it was coming from." The other three members exchange looks - Marvel recognizes these children? And they're some kind of royalty. Batman steps forward
"Can we ask what happened?" He asked gently, more gently then you would expect from someone so many criminals fear. The boy and girl exchange glances.
"The US government has declared all beings of the Infinite Realms as non-sentient and to be exterminated when possible." Captain Marvel let's put a string of curses as Batman reels back both from the language and the info. The girl chokes back her tears.
"It was just a normal day. I was out exploring in Amity with Danny when the GIW agents saw me. Daddy saw what was happening and got in the way. They chased us to a place near here and got a good shot in, Daddy covered us with his body and got hit. We took him here to attempt to heal him but it's no use" she breaks into tears again and the boy wrapped himself around her physically changing his body to do so. Wonder Woman was enraged at what had happened to these children and so were the others.
"The children are telling the truth. The GIW seems to be a government agency created to track down and experiment on their kind. It seems their blood can be used as an energy source." The JL heard projected into their heads and each fought to keep an expression of dismay or disgust show on their faces.
"Is there any way we can help your Daddy?" Batman asked
"No. Nothing can help him now" they boy responded "The weapon cracked his core," his voice broke "There's no coming back from that."
"Core?" J'onn asked. The boy perked up
"Martian Manhunter?" He muttered before sighing "Swear to not turn us into the GIW. A Vow" his voice rang with more then a request or order, something otherworldly and heavy. Captain Marvel is the one to make the vow
"We as Members of the Justice League and I as the Champion of Magic swear to you Crown Prince Daniel Janus Phantom of the infinite realms child of the Zone and to you Princess Danielle Phantom named grandchildren of the guardian of hope that we will not turn you over to the GIW and will seek to help you." The children stopped crying in almost shock and the others stood and wondered what was happening.
"We accept your vow Champion of Magic and hold you too it."
What had they gotten themselves into
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tanglepelt · 1 day
Dc x dp idea 14
I always pictured Danny as liking galas. Not cause he enjoys the atmosphere but because he can cause subtle chaos. Then one time it’s not subtle at all.
Jack forces Danny to go events with Vlad. Danny just makes subtle remarks to Vlads peers about his bad practices.
Hinting towards how his wealth was massed odly and suddenly. Pointing out things that just went missing and suddenly one day Vlad just had. Overall each event he goes to Vlad looks worse and worse.
Danny has hinted to him being forced to be at event. That he doesn’t like being called little badger. He’s also getting the inside scope on new tech and ideas by playing dumb. Tucker is taking advantage of the inside info.
So there is a huge gala going to happen in Gotham. The masons and vlad are both going to be in attendance. Obviously this means Danny is getting forced into it same as Sam.
Now sam openly causes problems at the gala. Like standing on a table screaming about animal rights or something. She’s an activist she would so do it. Just imagine Damian joining in. He doesn’t like the galas either after all.
Both sam and danny snuck in reporters. Danny did it to ensure sam would never have to go to another gala. He could use them for his fun as well.
Dick is on a chandelier now to add more chaos. Jason is having the time of his life watching it all unfold.
So Danny just “unknowingly” talking to the reporters about vlad. He also starts talking about the masons. Vlad got distracted talking to another rich person he was planning to rob.
Tim assumes Danny doesn’t know he’s talking bad mouthing ti reporters and goes up to him. Danny is just like dude let me trash talk the fruitloop. When Tim subtle pulls him off to the side.
Danny “accidentally” reveals that vlad is trying to kill his father, marry his mom and adopt him. He is so used to people not believing him why would this rando.
So on top of making a gala a madhouse now the bats are investigating Vlad. Not that Danny realizes until the bats show up in amity.
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chaoswarfare · 21 hours
dp x dc prompt 
tim’s horrible, no good, very bad luck with new siblings.
after both jason and damian tried to kill him immediately after meeting him, he thought that was the end of the problem.
enter one danny fenton; half ghost extraordinaire who is slowly working his way up from only trusting liminals to trusting non ecto-contaminated people again
and then in walks one tim drake-wayne, without a drop of ectoplasm in his body.
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the-witchhunter · 7 hours
DP x DC: Silver Kryptonite
So there’s a couple of posts about Kryptonite working on Danny or even ectoranium being a variant of kryptonite. So let me direct you to a less well known variant 
Silver kryptonite
Prized my occultists for its mystical properties, it has a rather... interesting effect on Kryptonians. It gets them high. Direct quote from Wikipedia “causes Kryptonians to suffer from altered perceptions, loss of inhibitions and extreme hunger cravings” 
Sometimes it’s shown to cause hallucinations like it did in the Supergirl TV show, in Smallvill it made Clark paranoid, but still, it basically acts like cannabis
So if this rock, prized by mystics, also affects Danny, just imagine the chaos.
Just Danny instantly giggly and happy and trying to eat things he shouldn’t while some serious occultist is trying to get him to do something. 
“Stop eating the candles!”
Then more chaos when a Super shows up and is also affected. Kon would be my vote, he seems like he’d be chill. Clark just gets stressed and has a bad trip. Kara might be cool.
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moss-on-trees · 2 days
dp x dc prompt: snow white au
danny pulls away from his friends and family due to an incident where a ghost coming to challenge him for the throne almost killed jazz. he flees to the ghost zone and spends his time ruling the ghost zone - which is suprisingly chill, considering ghosts are used to ruling themselves. he could do without the paperwork - and helping clockwork set the timeline right when it is necessary. he is only ever out in his human form when he is travelling back in time.
on one occasion, he is about to go back to the ghost zone after handling an issue with the timestream in [insert distant time period there] in another dimension when he is stabbed in the back while he is in his human form. close to death, he freezes himself with his ice so he can be safe while he heals, waiting for clockwork to take him back. but the ghost of time never does what's expected of him: he puts danny in a time out and hides him from view.
eons later, a team of superheroes find a young man trapped in glowing ice with a green sticky note stuck next to his face saying it is time for the ghost king to wake up.
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cyrwrites · 2 days
Random Snippets/Prompts/Ideas
Desiree trying to tempt Nightwing into wishing for riches
Desiree: Don't you want to be richer than your father? Think about the money, the power you'll have over your minions!
Dick: Bitch, I've seen Tim and Bruce managing their company and I am not touching that even with a ten foot pole. I like being miserably poor.
Tim, trying to put to rest his suspicions about vampire!Danny
Tim: Hey, want to eat some of Alfred's garlic bread?
Dick wants to give his boyfriend some flowers in Valentine's day.
He gives him blood blossoms.
DC VS Vampires, but Danny is Dick's boyfriend.
Danny: You know, somewhat weirdly, I'm really into this whole vampire shebang.
Danny: However, the evil personality is a big turn off..
(Confession: I wanted to make a whole section of Danny dominating Evil Vampire Dick and convincing him of abandoning his plans of world domination by the power of gay sex.)
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