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tanglepelt · 3 days
Dc x dp idea 13?
Danny just gaslighting the JL and JLD.
They summoned the ghost king obviously Danny shows up cause i love that for him. He’s in human form. He does that on purpose.
Must ppl assume they messed up send him back and leave it at that. Nope not these people.
Constantine is checking the summoning circle again. Just tells Danny he won’t fall for his disguise and that he knows that he’s ghost king. And says he wants to make a deal.
Danny knows this man sells his souls more then his parents claim they want to tear phantom up molecule by molecule and he has no use for a soul anyways. So Danny just says if i was a king i wouldn’t be failing high school. He wouldn’t even go to high school.
Then Danny goes on about how he has a bully so obviously he couldn’t be a king. Not to mention his human non royal parents. They were mad scientist and ghost hunters but that’s as interesting as they got. Also hello he is alive what did Constantine think he was secretly a ghost.
Danny then walks around the circle just pointing at the total correct symbols going are you sure it’s meant to be a crown. What if this king is a queen and has a tiara. Like who are you to assume it’s a king if you’ve never met them.
John isn’t falling for it at all. Now everyone else is doubting him. Batman pulled up Danny on the computer a perfectly normal human child. So Danny is gonna pull out the big guns. Looks at him and goes if i step out will that prove I’m not currently the ghost king.
It’s one of the other JLD members who says he wouldn’t be able to if he was king. It was warded to keep the king in. So Danny who is currently human just steps out.
See he’s totally not the just king. Currently.
Turns out they needed someone to deal with the box ghost. Danny just say oh i got that. He soups him and goes i did say my parents were ghost hunters
Danny failed to realize once he stepped out of the circle they couldn’t send him back that way. So now he is stuck being questioned but hey at least he is in space.
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blackfoxsposts · 2 days
DpxDc prompt:
Dick woke up one day to find that a little girl broke into his apartment, raided his fridge and pantry, exploded a smoothie in the blender, and started cooking pancakes on his stove. When he asked for a name and what she thought she was doing in his apartment, she claimed that she's his daughter Dani.
Dick knew she was blowing smoke. With how old he guessed Dani's age to be, the only likely mom culprit is Babs, and she didn't have any kids.
For now, Dick will see how far this little gremlin will go with her farce and get her to clean up her mess, starting with the pink smoothie spatter on the ceiling.
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ghostly-frogly · 2 days
An unwilling motorcycle chase
Finally leaning to the more friend part of frenemies relationship he has going on with all of his rogues gets Danny some pretty convenient favors. One of those being Johnny giving him a ride anywhere on his motorcycle.
Having never used a proper bus or a train before, due to how small Amity Park is, Danny wasn’t very exited to ride either to work or school in Gotham. He was nervous about learning how to work the subway and wasn’t thrilled on the possibility he will get off on the wrong stop. Danny vented about this to Johnny and Kitty the day he officially moved out and Johnny offered to give him a ride.
It wouldn’t be the first time he rode with Johnny and due to him breaking every street law imaginable they usually get to their destination in five minutes. What’s five minutes to a ghost? Absolutely nothing that’s what.
So here Danny is outside his shitty apartment building waiting for Johnny. Some days he’s a little late, it’s not like he can tell time in the Ghost Zone, so Danny isn’t worried. When he hears the sound of a motorcycle in the distance he knows his ride is close. What he wasn’t expecting was for Johnny to come to a screeching halt on a bike that definitely wasn’t his yelling “get on! Get on, get on, get on!”
What was Danny supposed to do? Not get on?
Next thing the half ghost knew he was speeding down the street faster than he thought a normal bike could possibly go. At some point he started screaming along with Johnny. Danny had his arms tightly wrapped around the ghost’s torso holding on for any life he has left. He distantly recognizes the sound of another motorcycle chasing after them and quickly looking back confirms it.
Behind them was the Red Hood chasing after them on a blue and black bike. Taking a closer look to the one he was on he noticed that he and Johnny were currently riding Red Hood’s well known bike.
Danny’s yell of “what the fuck did you do Johnny!!?” Was lost to the wind.
He wasn’t making it to school today.
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kuroishuuha · 1 day
DP x DC prompt - Mr. Fenton and His Magic School Bus
I’ve seen a lot of posts where there is unhinged science teacher Danny and people compare him to Ms. Frizzle.
But what if it can actually happen?
Like Fenton-Tech is weird enough and Danny (as Ghost King) would have access to all the tech and magic across all dimensions. Not to mention he has a good relationship with someone who is essentially the Lord of Time.
So imagine Gotham Academy Teacher Danny who believes in practical experience and/or first-hand experience.
Mix in a bit of Fenton-tech here, a bit of time magic there and you have a class full of high schoolers who have witnessed things.
It’s a toss up whether people believe them or not because thanks to Clockwork, no time has actually passed when they left.
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moss-on-trees · 3 days
dp x dc prompt: splintered core au
a year after the events of canon (minus phantom planet), vlad tries to absorb pariah dark's core in a bid to get more power, turning him into a monster worse than anything danny has ever faced. he fights him for weeks until he finally manages to End him, exhausted beyond belief. when he takes a look at his surroundings, he finds himself surrounded by stars, with the earth underneath him. but he doesn't recognise any of the constellations.
clockwork shows up as he's panicking - putting them in time out - and calls him the king of the infinite realms. he tells him that he punched a hole in the fabric of reality during the fight and that he is now in a new dimension. he explains that his home couldn't sustain the damage done by pariah!plasmius and that nothing is left but rubble.
danny's core splinters and he wails. when he comes back to himself, clockwork is gone, only leaving a green sticky note behind saying, "heal, my king. the throne can wait until your decond death."
the justice league is wondering how to approach the wounded eldritch god they just saw pulverise an enemy with enough force to propel himself into a new dimension.
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cyrwrites · 3 days
My Regrets Follow Me To The Grave
I'm thinking about...
The Fentons suddenly dying in a freak accident and almost immediately returning as ghosts- only to realize that if they are ghosts, they feel too real to be mere simulations and/or imitations of the real thing. And if what they are feeling feels real enough to matter, then what does that mean for the boy in their basement?
They had cut him open, this ghost boy that's claiming to be their son, not thinking much about the damage they put his ectoplasm through. And surprise, surprise! They have a change of heart after they realized that Phantom may be a real boy.
So, they try to sew back together his wounds... But it's not going well. They arrive at the operating table, only for their hands not to properly interact with the medical equipment.
They lose time trying to interact with the real world. Phantom has not jolted or reacted in any way in the entire time they've been trying to save him...
But the real horror starts to creep in when the ghost boy suddenly turns into THEIR BOY.
Their mental scream summons Martian Manhunter into their town.
He's extremely disturbed by what he finds.
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Rogue: “This is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you.”
Danny: …
Danny: “I’m dead so I don’t think that should count.”
“I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation.”
Danny, without breaking eye contact, flies off whistling Pinocchio’s I’ve Got No Strings.
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tofuingho · 2 days
What if Dani's melting problem is less about being an unstable clone and more about the aging up process that she went through?
Obviously, if they can figure out how to reverse the process, she'll be fine. And they know just the right guy for messing with time!
But now they've got a baby with superpowers and nowhere to keep her. She obviously wouldn't be safe at Danny's house, the Manson's would flip their wigs and send Sam off to boarding school, and Tucker's parents would definitely ask a LOT of questions. Vlad's obviously a no-no since he's the one that made this mess in the first place!
I think either:
1) Jazz takes Dani with her to University. Maybe she pretends that Dani is her bio-baby or maybe she tells people it's her little sister. I think Jazz is smart enough to get some scholarships, but the Fentons also seem to be fairly well off, so she could probably support herself and a toddler with a part-time job. (Can be Jazz/Jason or Jazz/Dick; maybe go avant garde Jazz/Roy or Jazz/Starfire)
2) Danny, Sam, and Tucker use their skills to find someone to take care of Dani. At first, they wanted to drop her off with Superman, but then they find out about how he treated Conner (pre- or post-makeup.) and just don't feel comfortable leaving her with someone who's shown bias against clones. Then they thought about Batman, but the "No Metas" rule and how dangerous Gotham is made them decide against him. (I couldn't pick who they'd leave her with. Probably Wonder Woman or the Flash. Maybe they give up and decide to figure out a way to keep her. It'd make a good 5+1 fic)
To include:
*Several people mistake Dani as their/a friend's illegitimate child.
*Superboy has the same problem, but hasn't started melting yet. The JL/YJL finds out that Superboy has an impending melt issue due to meeting Dani. (Yes, they have to de-age Superboy too.)
*Dani hates one member of the JL and goes feral kitten on them whenever they're in the vicinity.
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nelkcats · 2 days
Past Errors
While traveling through Amity Park, Jason was arguing with Bruce and said the forbidden word in the city "Since you didn't save me, I wish I could travel back in time to save myself!", this was unfortunately overheard by Desiree, who fulfilled his wish and made him travel in time.
The only problem was that instead of waking up in his child body as expected, he woke up as a Lasiurus bat, and how was he going to save himself like that?!? The little Jay was staring at him and he had no idea how to help him, Jason felt helpless and powerless.
On the other hand, in the original timeline Jason's audio had gone silence. Bruce was worried, Jason usually hung up the calls not just disappeared. And no matter how angry he was, he would not stop communicating with his siblings because of him.
When Bruce went to investigate the last place his son was, all that was left was Jason's motorcycle crashed in the middle of the road and without trace of the boy, it seemed the vehicle had exploded, Jason helmet and clothes were completely burned in the place where he should be.
Fearing the worst Bruce began to investigate, but he would have noticed if Jason had been kidnapped (or his body was). Had he lost Jason over an stupid argument again? His fears multiplied as he remembered the way he had lost him the first time, and the start was not much different.
Unknowingly, Jason was stuck in the past, with his family thinking that he had died a second time in the future.
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phantom-dc · 3 days
Damian was actually a bit younger then he looked. After all, the League had accelarated his growth using artificial means. When he arrived as a 10 year old, he'd only been 5.
Jason knew this, all the Bats did. But something had been bugging Jason. Talia wasn't the type to gamble like that. Why risk her beloved's sample on an untested procedure?
But when he found a kid with green glowing eyes that looked just like him, he realized his night with Talia hadn't been just for fun. Guess she tested it after all.
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shinsandtins · 2 days
DP x DC Prompt
(Feel free to reblog ur stories) Danny visits Clockwork for a time, something goes wrong suddenly, or Clockwork decided to show him something, and Danny suddenly wakes in the body of his future self, in a bedroom that is definitely not his own, he can see vintage Arabian furniture, and then hears a man’s voice speak up. “Habibi, shouldn’t you be getting ready to pick up our child?” Danny’s brain bluescreens.
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tanglepelt · 1 day
Dc x dp idea 14
I always pictured Danny as liking galas. Not cause he enjoys the atmosphere but because he can cause subtle chaos. Then one time it’s not subtle at all.
Jack forces Danny to go events with Vlad. Danny just makes subtle remarks to Vlads peers about his bad practices.
Hinting towards how his wealth was massed odly and suddenly. Pointing out things that just went missing and suddenly one day Vlad just had. Overall each event he goes to Vlad looks worse and worse.
Danny has hinted to him being forced to be at event. That he doesn’t like being called little badger. He’s also getting the inside scope on new tech and ideas by playing dumb. Tucker is taking advantage of the inside info.
So there is a huge gala going to happen in Gotham. The masons and vlad are both going to be in attendance. Obviously this means Danny is getting forced into it same as Sam.
Now sam openly causes problems at the gala. Like standing on a table screaming about animal rights or something. She’s an activist she would so do it. Just imagine Damian joining in. He doesn’t like the galas either after all.
Both sam and danny snuck in reporters. Danny did it to ensure sam would never have to go to another gala. He could use them for his fun as well.
Dick is on a chandelier now to add more chaos. Jason is having the time of his life watching it all unfold.
So Danny just “unknowingly” talking to the reporters about vlad. He also starts talking about the masons. Vlad got distracted talking to another rich person he was planning to rob.
Tim assumes Danny doesn’t know he’s talking bad mouthing ti reporters and goes up to him. Danny is just like dude let me trash talk the fruitloop. When Tim subtle pulls him off to the side.
Danny “accidentally” reveals that vlad is trying to kill his father, marry his mom and adopt him. He is so used to people not believing him why would this rando.
So on top of making a gala a madhouse now the bats are investigating Vlad. Not that Danny realizes until the bats show up in amity.
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blackfoxsposts · 2 days
Serious chaos prompt:
"I trusted you," Dani's soft voice hit Damian like a truck. Her eyes glistened and a few somber tears escaped before she disappeared.
"Dani!" Damian called, taking a few steps toward the last place she stood, "Dani wait! Dani!" He searched the sky, roof tops, and the streets down below for any sign of her, "Come back." But there wasn't any sign. No familiar soft whisper in his ear. No gentle invisible hands teasing his hair, their signal to meet on the manor's roof later.
She left.
She wasn't coming back.
Clenching his fist, Damian whirled around, baring his teeth in a snarl, "Damn it, Father!"
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imjustkindaherelove · 6 hours
Due to a series of general shenanigans, the JL come to believe that Phantom and Captain Marvel are divorced. (This is mostly because Black Adam and Pariah Dark were actually married, but that’s a story for later.) Now, as Captain Marvel is obviously very lonely and glaringly single, they’re trying to get the two back together. These actions have consequences.
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kuroishuuha · 1 day
DP x DC prompt - Time Travel Paperwork
Clockwork is getting annoyed at the Speedsters and their constant messing with the timelines. He figures since he can’t stop them completely, he may as well make it more difficult for them to mess with the time stream.
He creates the “Time Travel Paperwork” system.
Anytime a Speedster wants to time travel using the speed force, he pulls them into an inter-dimensional pocket and has them fill out mountains of paperwork so he can keep track of which timeline(s) is being affected.
Danny, being the Ghost King, is the unfortunate soul in charge of signing the paperwork as a “third party”
And for retrieving the speedsters when they have completed what they said they were going to do and/or stopping them from doing anything not paperwork approved.
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moss-on-trees · 2 days
dp x dc prompt: "never ever let a fenton drive", or team phantom's dimension-hopping adventure
danny inherited the abysmal driving skills of his parents. the people in amity park are used to it though so this wouldn't be such a problem if he hadn't started learning to create portals recently, as seen when he opened a portal under his car while driving to avoid crashing into someone else while pursued by the GIW (sue him, it was a stressful situation). jazz is passed out right next to him, sam and tucker are screaming in the backseat while dani's cackling between them, adrenaline junkie that she is. the car is falling into the ghost zone and right out of another natural portal. they land right in front of a group of weirdos dressed in colourful costumes.
"... the only reason why i'm not killing you a second time is because this city looks super goth," says sam, waving the fenton thermos threateningly.
"there's nothing stopping me," mutters tucker, eyeing the costumed people warily.
danny squirms. "well, at least the GIW can't get us there?"
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