hochgouez-nerzhus · 10 months
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Labyrinth Rock Carving - Tintagel - Cornwall
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palkiapng · 6 months
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something something love knows no boundaries etc.
hey it’s been a while here’s some art
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thesilicontribesman · 4 months
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'Rowtor Rocks' Druidic Folly, Birchover, Peak District
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retaliationraven · 9 months
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summer solstice and pretty summer flowers
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memoryslandscape · 7 months
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caballosblancos, Druidic, 2010
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dndtreasury · 2 months
Grimoire of the Green Arts
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solitary-pagan · 2 years
Pagan Holiday Ritual Template (Simple)
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What is a ritual?
According to my definition and understanding, a ritual is simply a religious/spiritual celebration or the fancy word for a spiritual work. What makes it special is its structure and mixture of verbal and physical acts.
1.) Preparing the space
Both physical and spiritual cleaning should be done before a ritual. We are supposed to feel safe and relaxed in the place where we are going to perform a ritual. I believe it is pretty obvious how physical cleaning is performed (vacuuming the floor, wiping dust etc.). However, spiritual cleaning, that is cleansing is usually done by sprinkling some salt, or (salty) water or it is done by going around with an incense a.k.a smoke cleansing - my favourite. There are some other ways too, but these are the most common ones. The goal of cleansing is to remove any unwanted energies from the space. When it comes to my experience, since I perform my rituals at my home, I actually do not have a problem with negative energies but I still do the spiritual cleansing because it sets me in the mood for a ritual. If I am outdoors, however, then I usually leave some small offering for the natural world instead of cleansing, because I believe that the nature is actually pure in that sense.
2.) Self-cleansing
As we prepare our space, we also have to prepare ourselves for the ritual. This can be done by taking a shower or a bath, smoke cleansing, short meditation, short walk in nature etc. After this, we are supposed to be mentally and physically ready for what is to come.
3.) Drawing a sacred circle
Although this practice comes from Ceremonial Magic and Wicca, I like to use it as a part of my ritual structure. A sacred circle is supposed to be an energetic barrier, a ward that blocks unwanted energies and a place where wanted energies easily stay. From my point of view, a sacred circle is simply a border of my sacred space - as churches, mosques etc. have walls which determine a holy and special place in them, I have the sacred circle. The circle also reminds me on Stonehenge or a forest grove, so that is one reason more why I like to use it in my spiritual practice.
4.) Invocation
The word invocation comes from the Latin verb invocare, which means "to call on", "to beg for", "to cite". In this part deities, ancestors and the other beings could be invited to join the ritual. When I say "invite", I must say that so far I have never experienced anything supernatural (nor I have such expectations - at least not anymore) but this step is important for me because I believe that deities and ancestors are going to pay much more attention to me and to what I am going to say. I also like the gest of acknowledging that they are welcome in my sacred and special place.
5.) Celebration
This part of a ritual is what could be called a classic religious celebration. At this stage I usually firstly pray to the deities and my ancestors, then I put on some appropriate music, I contemplate about things that are related to the holiday I am celebrating, I do some divination etc. It is my favourite part of a ritual because it is the most informal - I can freely enjoy in all the beauty of my pagan path and practice.
6.) Feast
The Feast is a part of the ritual where food and drink is being consumed in deities' or someone else's honor. This is the time for the offerings.
7.) Closing
This is the end of a ritual. A farewell is bid to the deities, ancestors and the other beings, if they were called, and the sacred circle is being closed.
Note: This template is how I do my rituals. Not everyone's rituals must or should look like this - that is mostly why I wrote a lot of my thoughts and experiences, to maintain the subjectivity of this template. I hope some of you will find it useful for your spiritual/religious practice.
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dndcharactersinfo · 9 months
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cosmicbirch8 · 8 months
Sweet Intention
In the mossy shadow drenched depths
Of the sacred forest
She searches with aching intent
Within the entwining treasure trove
For him
His grove
A beguiling twisting mass of leafy limbs
Reaching wistfully for inky skies
Her soul wishing to bathe in the rich earthiness
Of his ancient atmospheric eyes
Cernunnos coaxes gently
Calling to her soul
Whispering words of encouragement
To travel where life reaches into the cosmos
And curious roots push into an atavistic landscape
Calling to her feminine essence
An unabating urge
To dance where timelines cross
and their two worlds magically converge
To move with sweet intention
Beneath the oldest wizened oak
Wild, like the wood
Discarding her carefully embroidered cloak
Eyes, violet in the milky moonlight
Hair dancing in the midnight breeze
Skin shining starlight bright
Like the surrounding silver birch trees
Glowing celestially
With each slow, innate, organic motion
She gifts him her essence
Her love
Her eternal heart filled devotion
Cosmic Birch
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croshnaloov · 1 month
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Ayee another game another character. Her name’s Wither, Druid of spores, just cus I find it so funny how their features work lol
Also I just got an iPad and this is the first digital piece I’ve tried making
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minnesotadruids · 30 days
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60th Anniversary of Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA)
May 6 & June 17, 2023 Carleton College Arboretum, Northfield, MN
Opportunity for sacred pilgrimage this Beltane and Midsummer! Celebrate the origins of American neo-druidism: the Reformed Druids of North America. We're gathering at the Carleton College Arboretum in Northfield, Minnesota to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the RDNA at its birthplace! All are welcome! See also the Facebook event listing or Oakdale Grove’s website. 
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hochgouez-nerzhus · 9 months
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Ancestor Stag
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thesilicontribesman · 5 months
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'Dunino Den', Pre-Christian Sacred Grove, Dunino, Fife, Scotland
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retaliationraven · 9 months
my breath, my life.
When I take path into the forest, it becomes one
My heartbeat joins that of nature
We breathe together, me and the trees
I wouldn’t call us friends, not yet
But soon, I think we can become friends
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swirley1618 · 2 months
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