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batfaminsanity · 2 hours
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Hey you!
Yes, you, reading this right now! Go vote for Cass and Duke on the Sun and Moon duo poll! Right now!
They are the ULTIMATE sun and moon duo, they complete eachother so perfectly and totally deserve the win. She teaches him to harness darkness and he brings her into the light, they are eachother’s waypoint and anchor.
So in case you didn’t read it the first time… go vote for Cass and Duke!
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ms-nesbit · 8 hours
batfamily as stupid shit ive done (pt 2)
cass: pretended to have an imaginary friend named carlos so people would leave me alone and give me more time on the swing
tim: broke up w my cheating ex, and start to have a fling w her (much, much hotter) cousin
kate: strayed white catholics away from their toxic religious practice. doing my ancestors work :)
duke: remained in love w my best friend for years, maladaptive daydreaming a life w him
steph: preordered the elf x dunkin collab, only to physically eat the lip gloss bc it tasted like glazed donut
bruce: training for a marathon two weeks after foot surgery, running 2 miles a day while lying to my doctor that i was still relearning how to walk properly
dick: posted thirst traps of myself on IG, got surprised when it got a lot of attention, and deleted my account when i started receiving DMs
barbara: gave my bestie's bullies the incorrect answers to copy from on a test. They all received a 36%, having to retake the test and miss homecoming :)
damian: stopped talking to my older sibling for a year because they took the last cookies'n'creme pop tart, and it was rightfully mine
jason: trusted and believed my abusers when they told me they cared about me
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insert-cleverurl · 14 hours
batfam week day 5 fill
King’s Guard fantasy au | friendship/team bonding | “there’s more of you?!”
i woke up so worried that the angels let go (ao3)
There’s a murmur and a stammer, then the tent flaps sweep aside. A young man in a green kefta, gold-accented like the Darkling, steps in, eyes sharp as flint as they take Duke in.
“Get up, sun summoner,” he says. “We have places to be.”
This is how he meets Damian al Ghul.
or; reverse robins, ft. sun summoner!Duke and older brother!Damian, in the Grishaverse
characters: Duke Thomas, Damian Wayne, Tim Drake 
i don’t have anything to add besides what’s on the tin tbh. content warning for the use of merzost that happened in grishaverse canon against nikolai (or, for those who have not read any grishaverse books, transmutation). enjoy !
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goatsghost · 22 hours
Tumblr media
i love them
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fancyfade · 23 hours
video: a hand holding the duke action figure initially in profile view, up close so the udience can see his shoulder joint. the thumb rotates his arm back and forth and his yellow shoulder pad moves with the arm. then the hand turns the figure facing front and shows his shoulder joint has some mobility but not much side to side, rather than back and forth. end video
OK i was gonna RB this on the other duke post but it wouldn't let me add a video so here we go! Duke's shoulder joint! forgive the dirty finger nails
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mikeluciraphgabe · 1 day
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Part four
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slumberingcorpse · 1 day
Duke: “Okay so on a scale of one to ten, how mad is Bruce right now?”
Stephanie: “Hmm...well have you ever heard Bruce with a thick British accent before?”
Duke: “Umm...No...”
Stephanie: “You will soon.”
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bartistic · 1 day
hc that when duke thomas’s bones break they glow like a glow stick
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*Game Night for the older kids a.k.a. No Damian Allowed* Duke: Tim, your turn
Tim, who had been using the time to take a nap on Cass: Huh? Two truths and a lie right?
Cass: Yep
Tim: Okay then. Uhhh, I have the highest body count out of everyone in this family, Lady Shiva hates me, and I made a deal with Klarion to stop aging so I don’t become Batman
Jason: You really think you’ve slept with more people then B? Well it’s obviously the last on- wait. Tim, I need you answer this seriously, how old are you?
Tim: 17
Dick: That’s no possible, you were 17 when Damian was 10, and he’s 14 now
Tim: I am aware of that. I am also 17 years old at this moment.
Jason: Why the fuck would you make a deal with Klarion?!
Tim: I can’t become an evil Batman if I never become a legal adult
Steph: Putting that aside, You and Lady Shiva have causal sparring matches like once a month Duke: Can we go back to the fact that Tim doesn't age?
Tim: No we can not
Dick: I will skip over the fact that you keep making friends with people who have tried to kill you fo now, but we are going back to that later Steph: Does that means you’ve actually slept with more people then Bruce? The "Brucie" Wayne?
Tim: I never said I’ve slept with more people
Jason: Then what do you mean by body count- Tim. Have you killed people?
Tim, now fully awake and panicking: Okay I was briefly out of employment with Bruce and the League has a very different company policy-
Dick: The League? like the League of Assassins- TIM WHO DID YOU KILL?
Tim, backing his way out of the room: You know what we should talk about? How the height of all Death Note jokes are “kinda gay” and how it stems from the fact that Yagami spelt backwards is-
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big-gay-apocalypse · 3 days
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// Batman (2016) Vol. 3: I am Bane
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sisaloofafump · 3 days
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Detective comics #1000
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(Spoiler, no one got kicked out of the family)
Double bonus:
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jayzelnut · 3 days
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I'm really trying to push my poses and backgrounds recently
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demonic0angel · 3 days
Tim: Why can’t I join the club?!
Danny: Sorry, only people who have a D starting their names can join.
Damian and Duke: *nods*
Tim: Then why is Cass in there?!
Danny: C is close to D and she’s cool.
Cass: *nods*
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orancola8-3 · 4 days
His helmet ears are more like cat😸
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goatsghost · 22 hours
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fancyfade · 23 hours
Duke figurine came in!
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there are some others i technically bought but forgot to post but for right now here is duke!
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