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Room 701 Canines
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馃槀One of my favorite moments馃槀in the Beastars馃惡manga
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Early Anglo-Saxon glass 鈥榗law beaker鈥. 5thC, found at Castle Eden, Durham.
(via claw beaker | British Museum)
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You guys have no idea how utterly freezing and still my past week has been. I feel like I am inside the most beautiful painting.
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21/9/21 | Working on some job applications while I wait for things to kick off and get busy
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Sample Size: 1,561 stories
Source: AO3
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Coal-miner's Bath, Chester-le-Street, Durham, 1937
Photograph by Bill Brandt
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Hippo Size | 漏inyoureyes69 | Linktree
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Spending a week studying classics at Durham was amazing! Very much Secret History vibes
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Here we go folks, it's round 2! This time with 100% less Jack!
Going to let it run for a week again, I'm very curious if Collot will be able to give the same strong showing as before. Or maybe Jack's fans will go for a wild card?
As always, do please reblog to spread this to a wider group - let's get as much of the fandom as we can!
(Yes, I am going to run this as a reverse elimination style tournament, with the winning order announced after all 5 polls are done. Why? Because I'm bored and unmedicated, and I have too little enrichment in my enclosure.)
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by Paru Itagaki
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Many folk tales have been forgotten now, but not that of the Lambton Worm. Every northerner knows this, the story of a worm-like dragon, a witch鈥檚 curse, and the rebellious and surly heir of the Lambton estate.
It鈥檚 set in County Durham in the north east of England, and it tells the story of the "ne鈥檈r-do-well鈥 heir, of whom his father despaired. He made an extra effort to be unpleasant, and on Sundays when he should have been at church in his finery, he donned his oldest clothes and went fishing.
On one such Sunday the young man sat by the River Weir but not one fish did he catch until, at the point of giving up, he finally felt a tug on the line. He pulled and pulled, and eventually a creature surfaced, a聽鈥渓ong evil-looking worm鈥 that he thought looked like聽鈥渢he Devil himself鈥. Disgusted, he threw it down a well and left it there. A passer-by saw it too, and said of it聽鈥淭hat beast tokens no good鈥.
Years passed by, and the heir left Lambton to fight abroad, whilst the creature continued to live in the well. Eventually it grew and was able to climb out, and it would lie by the river during the day, and would go up to Penshaw Hill (pictured above) to sleep at night (they say the beast left an impression of it鈥檚 coils on the hill, which you can see if you look closely at the picture). It would feed on any living creature it could, and the whole county lived in terror. The old Lord of Lambton tried as best as he could, and some of the bravest and strongest knights in the country travelled up to Durham to slay it, but it could not be slayed - it was even cut in half, but it immediately assembled itself and was stronger than before.
One day, the heir of Lambton returned a new man, and vowed to his father that he would rid Durham of the creature. But first, he consulted a witch who told him he must fight the creature in the River Weir. He thanked her, and she said as payment he must kill the first living creature he saw.聽鈥淚f you fail to do so,鈥 she warned,聽鈥渢he Lords of Lambton for nine generations will never die in their beds鈥.聽
The young man rushed home to tell his father, and they planned that on killing the beast the heir would sound his bugle, and his father would release one of his dogs so that he might kill it and fulfil his obligation to the witch. He then went into the Weir and did battle.
The witch was right to tell him to fight in the river, for whenever the heir cut a piece off the creature the Weir would rush it away before the worm had a chance to reassemble. Finally, he killed it and the county was rid of the beast. However, as he sounded his bugle his father, overjoyed at his victory, rushed to see him, making the old Lord the first living creature the heir encountered. He couldn鈥檛 bring himself to kill his own father, however, so he continued his plan and killed his dog. But the curse was set, and, for nine generations, not one of the Lords of Lambton died peacefully in their beds.
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[Sources: British Folk Lore, Myths, and Legends, Folk Tales of the North Country by F. Grice].
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From fascist clubhouse to kebab shop: Durham 1934 & 2020.
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701 boys
link to the artist
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鈥淒urham is a little old city with lots of hills and cobbled streets, and I loved it because I felt like I was in The Secret History or some other deep and mysterious university drama where there鈥檚 lots of sex and murder.鈥
A Book set in Durham in Durham!
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