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Tumblr media
Ambroys basking in his cache of gifts and sweet words from secret admirers. Gotta be careful, though. If his ego is inflated any more, he'll pop.
(I wanted to doodle something to accompany a post answering some messages regarding this candy-colored cad but got a bit carried away. :P Well regardless, asks under the cut!)
Tumblr media
Why thank you! He would drunkenly insult people, though he tends to be more passive-aggressive and backhanded rather than outright insulting - well, most of the time, anyway. He thinks he's a lot more subtle in his derogatory comments than he actually is.
Tumblr media
Aaaw, this is too sweet!
Older Ambroys is much more reserved about seeking and accepting physical affection than his younger self, for myriad reasons (that one day I will expound upon in more detail, fate willing). He still enjoys it, though.
He's still proud of the stars on his cheeks and the gold in his hair and all that, but the signs of age are something he is not at peace with. For some, like the wrinkles, they're a sign that his time on this earth is finite - and death terrifies him. For others, like his paunch, it's more just embarrassing to him in a more mundane and vain "I was voted Prom King in high school and I was on the Varsity track team now look at me I'm an old man boo hoo hoo" type of way (though he's actually more physically adept in his older age than he was when he was younger for Magical Heritage Bullshit reasons, the sentiment remains).
As for your question, it's totally fine with me for Ambroys to be portrayed as non-heterosexual in fanfic or fanart or one's secret imaginings. Even though all of his "canon" love interests are women, I wouldn't rule out of the possibility of him developing affections for someone who isn't a woman. Chase your bliss!
Tumblr media
Haha well both furry and aasimar Ambroys would bask in the attention, though poor aasimar Ambroys' jealousy is not going to be helped!
No shame on being a furry though. I didn't consider myself one either but I feel like it's harder to make the argument that I'm not given the sheer number of ponies I've drawn by now...
Tumblr media
He would accept this, so long as you don't mess up his hair.
Tumblr media
He would say: "good!" I would say "don't waste your life on him!"
Tumblr media
Oh he would be pleased to be so distracting, I'm sure.
And sometimes we can't help but to have a type... I know I seem to have a thing for rich effete douchebags with buck teeth and big pointy noses... not quite sure what's up with that.
Tumblr media
Yessss... yesssssssss... or perhaps I should say "I'm sorry."
I didn't mean to make him this way... I guess I underestimated the power of a brushable mane.
Tumblr media
Ambroys DOES like being worshipped (way too much and way too literally, as you might be able to tell) but he wants to have his imperfections hidden if he can!
He's just horribly, horribly vain and unwilling to let go of his youth... even though he got to enjoy being youthful for three times as long as a mortal would.
Tumblr media
YES that song is on his playlist (which I have for all my main characters because I'm a dork). It's just too perfect. One of the many ideas on my miles-long to do list has to do with depicting a scene from that song. The trouble is that it has to do with dancing, and boy am I not very good at drawing dancing poses. xD Oh well, gotta try for the boy!
Tumblr media
Heh well I think we could agree that a normal horse probably couldn't pull off the breeches he wears quite so well... I'm flattered that you think of him when you see horsies in the flesh! Huzzah, I've ruined one of the Earth's beautiful creatures for you! >:)
Tumblr media
Oh wow, my guy is stepping out of my brain and into other people's subconsciouses... I need to put a leash on him. :P But this was a fun read!
It's very in character Ambroys to try to undercut a rival's self-esteem by framing it as something OTHER people say, but oh no, he'd NEVER say something like that, of course. Mean girl behavior. He does have friends that don't actually like him - and he doesn't like them either. But one needs to have friends for appearance's sake - just one more accessory, really!
OKAY, I think that's everything! Or at least enough for this post, ahah.
Thanks to everyone for your kind words on my not-so-kind character.
Unlike him, I'm really humbled and grateful by the positive reception he's received. I deeply appreciate your kind messages... even when it takes me eons to reply to them, gah.
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Route Translation (JP)
Tumblr media
Kicho's Main Story Ch. 11 Pt. 1 Dramatic
These translations are not intended as a replacement for the game. Please support cybird by buying their stories. SPOILERS under the cut. Expect mistakes. I didn't proofread this.
Tumblr media
Mai: “Oh no.”
I could be erased by an unseen force.
I think he was being considerate by not using that word, but there was no way I wouldn’t get scared of something unexpected and unimaginable.
Mai: “I’m going to die一No, I’m going to disappear?”
Mai: “I一”
I felt suffocated, and my heart thumped wildly as I clutched my chest.
Tumblr media
Kicho: “It’s my fault.”
Kicho: “I caused chaos throughout Japan to continue this turbulent world, but by the time I finally woke up, I’d reached a point of no return.”
Mai: “That’s not true.”
Kicho: “It’s true. I brought this upon myself.”
Mai: “............”
I couldn’t completely deny it.
True, it was him, and no one else, who initiated this whole mess, but whatever the trigger, what followed was undeniably the people's will.
(History is not made by one person. It’s made by the people who live there, which I’m part of.)
Mai: “Kicho, look at this!”
Kicho: “What are you doing all of a sudden?”
Mai: "I'm pinching my cheek."
Kicho: "I know. But why are you doing that?"
Mai: "To make sure."
I quickly let go of my cheek and smiled at him.
Mai: "It hurts after I pinched it."
Kicho: "Of course, there's a pain sensation there, too."
Mai: "Then, that means I'm still alive."
Mai: "My handkerchief is gone, but I'm still alive."
(I'm afraid of losing myself, but if I'm still me, I can't just be afraid.)
Mai: "Don't worry. I'm the type of person who always struggles."
Tumblr media
Kicho: "Yeah, you're right."
He hugged me and smiled gently.
Kicho: "You're still trying to live in this turbulent world, even though your dreams got cut off."
Kicho: "You're here because you never gave up."
Kicho: "And I loved you for that."
My heart, beating wildly with fear earlier, was now shaken by a sweet feeling as he put his ear to my chest to check my heartbeat and slowly shut his eyes.
Kicho: "If human life is more precious than anything else, as long as there is love, then for me, your life is irreplaceable."
Kicho: "I will never let it disappear."
Mai: “Kicho...”
(Just having him say that to me is reassuring.)
He looked up as I cradled his head against my chest.
Kicho: “But first, I want to tell you something.”
Kicho: “Don’t do something like what you just did.”
He brushed his fingertips across my cheek and furrowed his eyebrows lightly.
Kicho: “There are plenty of other ways to check you’re alive besides pain.”
Mai: “Even if you say that...”
(That was the only thing I could think of on the spur of the moment.)
Kicho: “You look like you have no idea.”
Kicho: “I don’t care what it is. As long as it’s not your cheeks turning red like this.”
Mai: “Okay. How about this, then?”
I straightened up and dropped a light kiss on his lips.
Mai: “The fact that we're still touching like this means I'm still here.”
Kicho: “I see.”
Tumblr media
Kicho: “Not bad, but that would turn your cheeks red, too.”
Mai: “Mnn...”
I accepted his kiss this time as he stroked my already hot cheek.
(My heart is pounding like crazy, and my whole body is on fire.)
(This also makes me feel I’m still very much alive.)
Eventually, when our lips parted, a silvery thread glowed deliciously.
Mai: “Kicho...”
Kicho: "I take back what I said earlier. If you want to make yourself red by kissing me, fine."
Kicho: "Now you know a new method. Next time, don't pinch your cheeks again."
Mai: "Okay, I promise."
(He scolded me just because I hurt myself.)
(That's how much he cares about me.)
The depths of my chest gradually warmed up.
(Still, we can't just sit still.)
Mai: "Um, Kicho? What on earth should we do now?"
Kicho: "Well, we need to meet up with my men first."
Kicho: "Then we'll move you to a safe place and go to defuse the situation."
Mai: "What?"
Kicho: "Well, obviously. There's bound to be conflict."
Tumblr media
Kicho: "I can't take you to that kind of place."
Mai: "That would slow you down, though."
Yesterday, all I could do was guide everyone through the chaotic town so they could evacuate because I was powerless to stand up to those with weapons, let alone stop the conflict in Japan.
But even though I knew this in my head, my heart couldn't catch up.
(Even if it's Kicho, this is still too much for him.)
(There's still Motonari and the weapons circulating throughout Japan.)
Mai: "Oh!"
(If it's him, I'm sure...)
Mai: "Kicho. I know someone who might take our side."
Kicho: “Who?”
Mai: “Kennyo.”
Kicho: “You met him?”
Mai: “Yes. I was supposed to be a hostage, but he saved me.”
Mai: “And then...”
Mai: “Are you going to stop the riots?”
Mai: “This could be your chance to get revenge, you know?”
Kennyo: “Are you really saying that to me?”
Kennyo: “There are just too many of them to take to hell. That’s all.”
---------Flashback Ends---------
Mai: “He was trying to contain the riots in the same way.”
Mai: “If he has the same goal as us, we should cooperate.”
Tumblr media
Kicho: “I see. You’re right.”
Kicho: “Do you know where he is?”
Mai: “He’s probably at the branch castle on the outskirts of town right now.”
Kicho: “I see. Then we’ll change our plan and head for Kennyo’s place first.”
Kicho: “Things will start moving at once when night falls. Before that happens, we should talk to him.”
Kicho: “Will you go with me?”
Mai: “Eh? I can go with you?”
Kicho: “Yeah, because there’s something only you can do.”
Kicho: “You have the most important role in this meeting.”
Mai: “Okay!”
(I honestly don’t know what my role is, but whatever it is, I’ll do my best.)
Tumblr media
I rode with him through the darkness of the forest on horseback.
Kicho: "The branch castle should be at the end of this road."
Mai: "Okay!"
(I hope he's still nearby.)
As I prayed in my heart and strained my eyes to see even a tiny light, something suddenly glinted at the corner of my eye.
Mai: "Kicho, look out!"
Tumblr media
Kicho: "----!"
He pulled the reins, and a person, dressed in black, jumped out of the trees and pointed a sword at us.
(Enemy attack!?)
Man: "Who are you?
Kicho: "My name's Kicho."
Kicho: "You must be Kennyo's man based on your outfit."
I looked closer and saw that it was indeed similar to the one worn by his disciples.
(If his disciple is here, that means...)
Kicho: "I need to talk to Kennyo. Can you show me the way?"
Disciple: "What do you want to talk about?"
Disciple: "You're the mastermind behind those riots. Are you here to take our heads off?"
Kicho: "I'm indeed the mastermind, but that's not what I'm here for."
Disciple: "Do you really expect me to believe that!? I won't let you meet him."
Mai: "W-Wait! Please put your weapon down."
Mai: "We really一"
Disciple: "Shut up. I won’t tolerate this!"
Mai: "Ah!"
As soon as the man swung his sword toward us, I heard the sound of a bell.
Tumblr media
Kennyo: "Wait."
Disciple: "Ah…”
Mai: “Kennyo!”
Kennyo, who suddenly appeared and intervened, gently narrowed his eyes at the surprised disciple.
Kennyo: "Thanks for patrolling so late."
Kennyo: "You look tired. Find someone else to take your place and get some rest."
Disciple: "But..."
Kennyo: "Don't worry. I can judge for myself if he's a worthy guest or not."
Disciple: "I understand."
His disciple bowed deeply, picked up his sword, and strode away.
After seeing him off, Kennyo turned to us.
Kennyo: "Mai. I see you're safe."
Mai: "Yes. I'm glad to see you're safe, too."
Kennyo: "You're glad, huh?"
Kennyo: "We've already subdued the rioters and recovered their weapons."
Kennyo: "Looks like you got what you came for too."
Kennyo looked at me, then at Kicho.
Tumblr media
Kennyo: “Then, Kicho. What do you want from me?”
Kicho: “We need your help.”
Kennyo: “Just so you know, I don’t agree with what you and Motonari are trying to achieve.”
Kicho: “Yeah, I know that. That’s why I’m here.”
Kennyo: “I see.”
Kennyo: “Mai, looks like you knocked some sense into him.”
Kennyo smiled a little sadly but soon returned to his original expression.
Kennyo: “I understand. If we have the same goal, let’s join forces.”
Kennyo: “I see no problem with Kicho’s army and our army fighting together.”
Mai: “Thank you!”
(I’m glad he agreed. Now...)
Kicho: “No, it’s not like that.”
Kennyo: “What?”
Mai: “What do you mean?”
Tumblr media
Kicho: “You told me earlier that if other people share the same goal as us, we should work together.”
Mai: “Yes, I did.”
(Isn’t that why we’re here?)
Kicho: “There are others who have the same goal. And they have more troops with them.”
Kicho: “Perhaps they have already come to this area.”
Mai: "Don't tell me...!"
Kicho: "I'm joining forces with Nobunaga. That's what I came here for."
Kennyo: "With Nobunaga?"
Mai: "Um, wait a minute!"
Mai: "I can understand why you'd join forces with the Oda army, given their numbers, but why Kennyo?"
Kicho: "If he's planning revenge, he would've already sent one or two of his spies to him."
Kicho: "I'm sure they have some information about his movements."
Kennyo: "You mean you want me to give you that information?"
Kicho: "That's right. I could join my men and have them investigate Nobunaga's whereabouts, but it's almost dawn."
Kicho: "I don't have time to waste."
Kennyo: "But..."
???: "Lord Kennyo, I'll guide them."
Kennyo: "-----!"
The scent of flowers suddenly wafted through the air as someone with grayish-pink hair appeared among the trees.
Tumblr media
Mai: "Ranmaru!?"
Ranmaru: "Good evening, Lady Mai."
Mai: "Good evening…wait, no! What are you doing here!?"
Kicho: "You know each other? So that means you're the spy hiding under the Oda army."
Ranmaru: "That's right. I heard you're clever, but I didn't expect it to be true."
Ranmaru: "Good thing I joined the Oda forces after you left."
(I can't believe Ranmaru is a spy.)
(Wait, no. From Kicho's point of view, Keiji and I were probably the same.)
(This is probably normal in the Sengoku period.)
Kennyo: "Ranmaru. Why are you here?"
Ranmaru: "I'm sorry for being selfish, but I thought I should get in on this conversation."
Ranmaru: "He started a riot in which he was prepared to turn his former comrades against him, and now he's trying to stop it."
Ranmaru: "I don't know what happened before that, but..."
Ranmaru glanced at me and quickly returned his gaze to Kennyo.
Ranmaru: "At least he didn't change his mind because of something so trivial."
Ranmaru: "Also, if this is something we have to stop, I can't just ignore it."
Kennyo: "............"
Tumblr media
Kennyo: "Okay. I'll give you the info."
Mai: "Are you sure!?"
Kennyo: "Yeah, but I don't completely trust you guys."
Kennyo: "I'll go with you to make sure you don't reveal Ranmaru's identity."
Kicho: "What? Does that mean that you'll also join forces with Nobunaga?"
Ranmaru: "Lord Kennyo! That's dangerous."
Kennyo: "It's fine. I'll attend the meeting, that's all."
Kennyo: "Besides, anyone who can vouch for our lives will be there."
Mai: "-----! "
All eyes turned to me.
(I see. This is what only I can do.)
It's not easy to move people's feelings with a single word, much less exchange words without pointing a weapon at each other.
But if there's someone out there who still has hope, there's no need to hesitate.
Mai: "I understand. I'll be your hostage."
A moment later一
Oda soldier: "Lord Nobunaga!"
Oda soldier: "Ranmaru, who was on patrol, has just returned."
Nobunaga: "I see."
Nobunaga: "Why didn't he come here directly?"
Oda soldier: "It looks like he ran into Kicho and Kennyo, who took Lady Mai hostage."
Oda soldier: "They demanded a meeting, so they came together."
Nobunaga: "Oh?"
Oda soldier: "Lord Nobunaga, this must be some kind of trap."
Tumblr media
Oda soldier: "We should keep Lady Mai safe while they一"
Nobunaga: "No. Gather the others and set up a meeting place immediately as requested."
Nobunaga: "Until I give the signal, you are not to interfere in any way."
Oda soldier: "Yes, sir."
Nobunaga: "I never thought she would bring that man back to me."
Tumblr media
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Bad to the core (part 1)
Rating M for strong language dpxdc, Dan/Jason with a sprinkle of halfa Dan and Dan redemption. here we go!!! ao3 link
There is a man floating parallel to the old carpet floor of Jason's apartment.
More accurately, it's his downstairs neighbour, Daniil Nightingale, in all his 6'5, Cruella de Vil-coloured hair and dalmatian print jammies glory floating—and snoring— a foot and a half above Jason's floor.
What the fuck.
Jason glances at the clock he has mounted above the 32-inch flatscreen TV - 3:40 am - and back to the sleeping mountain of a man. Partly because he's still in his Red Hood gear and because he's pretty sure he's met Daniil as Jason before he's not keen on waking him up just yet to ask why on earth he's floating in the middle of his living room.
Silently, he tip-toes to his bedroom where he changes to his Pjs- Wonder Woman, always Wonder Woman- and returns to the living room to wake the man up and demand some answers.
Daniil is still there when he returns and Jason approaches him with caution, careful not to startle him awake too violently.
Jason clears his throat. Nothing happens.
He says softly, "Time to wake up."
He tries louder.
The man does not move. Seems that he sleeps like the dead.
Slowly and carefully, Jason shakes Daniil's shoulders. Unsurprisingly nothing happens again. Save perhaps the fact that Jason's shaking moved the man half a foot closer to the floor.
Huh. He can work with that.
Jason continues pushing Daniil towards the floor — it'll be easier, he tells himself, to wake him up if he's not floating — and lo and behold!
 Daniil is now halfway through the carpet.
 Fucking fuck!
 Well, that answers how he got here.
 With a final big push, Daniil's form sinks downstairs and Jason hopes he didn't just kill his neighbour accidentally.
 He mentally notes to check on him in the morning to see if he's alright and then, perhaps, follow him around a bit because if he's a meta— Scratch that he's definitely a meta. Anyway, he should make sure Daniil is not in any danger because of it and that he is not a danger.  
 Yeah. That could work. No need to alert the Bat yet.
 Dan isn't an idiot. He's known since day one that his upstairs neighbour is the infamous crime lord Red Hood. It's why he chose this apartment to begin with. Not that he'll ever tell the squirt or Ellie that. Nah.
 He quite enjoys his 'parole' as Danny puts it. No need to get souped that soon after he finally got out. And got gifted a neat human body by the Old Time Fart.
 Sadly, he's been threatened with extended soup time if he dares joins a gang — Red Hood's included— not only by the squirt but Ellie too and — don't tell anyone — Ellie he respects and sometimes even fears. Best clone sister a man could ever dream of.
 Anyway. He can't join Red Hood in his maiming business but he can be his neighbour and friend. Plus, nobody said he couldn't date a crime lord and Lord, Red Hood is such a fine piece of ass. With mask or without.
 Which leads Dan to the current predicament. Red Hood in his civvies is following him to work for some ancient's damned reason. He thinks he's being sneaky, hiding in Gotham's long shadows, tip-toeing around like an itty-bittie mouse, or well, bat.
 Might as well play with him a little.
 The café Danny approved of as a 'normal job for a human in his early twenties' — whatever that means— doesn't open for an hour more. Dan had been meaning to walk through the park for a while and enjoy the silence before rush hour starts but he's considering taking a more… scenic route instead.
 He leads Jason around the shadiest fucking areas in the goddamn neighbourhood and makes a point to linger in alleys and actively seek out danger. It's not like anyone has the barest of chances to actually harm him but Red Hood doesn't know that; in fact, he's probably suspicious of Dan now that he thinks about it and well…
 Never it be said Dan does anything halfhearted. Playing tag with his hot crime lord slash vigilante neighbour in the worst parts of Crime Alley included.
 A couple of muggers cower the moment they lay eyes on him— good— and he continues his walk whistling a Humpty Dumpty song, hands slack in the pocket of his hoodie.
 When the time his shift begins approaches he makes his way to the little book café that decided employing a war criminal is legit for its business development. Not that they know it, but the thought makes Dan smile.
 Jason's face when he enters the Coffee Library and he sees Dan in his pink and brown apron is priceless.
 "Oh hey, Jason, was it? What can I get ya?"
 Jason stares at Daniil unblinkingly, eyes wandering from the little smirk on the man’s lips to the low bun he wears his dual-coloured hair in and then to — nope. Not gonna stare at his chest. Or arms. God those arms. They look so good in his uniform.  
 Nu-uh. Brain outta the gutter Jason!
 “Hi,” he manages to croak out, silently berating his mind for betraying him. He had a plan and everything damnit! A plan, you hear that brain? His possibly-definitely meta neighbour is suspish as fuck. Wandering Crime Alley like that early in the morning! Given, he didn’t actually do anything other than walk and whistle punk rock songs but still! Suspicious!
 Daniil cocks a single thick black eyebrow at him.
 Jason clears his throat.
 “Daniil, I didn’t know you worked here.” Good job Jason, way to make yourself a fool in front of the Person of Interest.
 Daniil snorts, eyes glimmering in amusement. “It’s pronounced DaniEEL not DAHnil, but you can call me Dan, pretty boy.” He winks. “So, what would you like to order?”
 Jason’s face feels uncomfortably hot all of a sudden. He swallows thickly. Stares at the blackboard catalogue on the wall behind Dan for a few seconds. “Spiced black tea… and an apricot croissant, please.”
 “I see you’re a man of culture as well,” mutters Dan under his breath, punching Jason’s order in the machine.
 “What was that?” Jason asks innocently.
 Dan shakes his head. “Nothin’. Just pleased I don’t have to prepare some sort of caffeine monstrosity so early in the morning.”
 “Not a fan of coffee?”
 “Doesn’t agree with me, though my little brother loves it. Makes me pump him a glass of 12 shots of espresso every time he passes by. Drinks it black too. The heathen.”
 Jason huffs out a low laugh. “Sounds like your brother would get along great with mine."  
 Dan lets out a world-weary sigh. “Promise me to never let them meet.”
 “I won’t say anything if you don’t say anything,” says Jason in a conspiratorial whisper.
 And that’s the moment he realises he’s grown too comfortable in the other man’s presence. He’s supposed to be investigating, goddamnit, not sharing family titbits. Though, he gotta admit Dan seems remarkably normal for a man that levitated his way into Jason’s apartment in the wee hours of the morning and led him to the world’s most dangerous stroll through Crime Alley at 6 o’ fucking clock.
 Fuckity fuck.
 Dan was supposed to mess with Jason. Make him think he belongs in Arkham or Blackgate or whatever other Soup equivalent they have in Gotham. Ya know, impress him, the big bad Crime Lord. He wasn’t supposed to engage in small talk with the man, and more importantly, he wasn’t supposed to like it.  
 What a mess. He even called the squirt ‘his brother’ for fuck’s sake.
 Oh well, when in Rome and all that shit.
 He’s about to go to Jason’s table to pester him some more, on account of the cafe being empty and whatnot, when the door jingle thing chimes.
 Dan curses under his breath.
 Fucking rush hour.  
 Jason has been meaning to stay in the cafe for the bare minimum; eat his breakfast and drink his tea and go back to sleep until sundown because —      phew — two hours is by no means enough to sustain his nightly activities, no matter what Tim ‘Never Sleep’ Drake claims. Instead, he’s been here for six hours already —has ordered lunch too— deeply engrossed in The Song of Achilles, his mission completely forgotten.
 Well sue him, he’s been meaning to read this book for ages now and it just stared at him mockingly in all its blue and white glory from the bookcase across from him. What’s a man gonna do? Ignore it?
 “Is the book any good?” Dan’s deep voice rumbles. He doesn’t wait for Jason’s answer and sits across from him, hands propped under his chin.
 “It’s great.” Jason huffs a laugh. He memorises the page number and leaves it to the side. “Don’t tell me your manager told you to scare me off already.”
 Dan hums and smiles. Jason thinks he can see too-sharp, too-long canines. “Well.. you’ve been here for six hours already. But no, Mrs G actually thinks you’re good for business. So, congrats! You can stay for as long as you like!”
 “Hurray!” Jason says in a monotone voice and claps his hands once. “No, but seriously, it’s a great place for reading.”
 “Oh gee, I wonder why that is? It’s not like it’s literally named the Coffee Library or something!”
 A peal of laughter escapes Jason’s mouth. Damn it. He likes the guy. Meta or possible goon or both.
 “Speaking of which, how come a big guy like you—”
 “Lives in Crime Alley and works a normal mundane job at a cafe?” Damn the guy is sharp. “I mean what would I do? Join a gang?” he scoffs. Perhaps Jason had misjudged him. Perhaps he really is just a normal-ish dude that happens to be built like a brick shit-house. “‘Sides Crime Alley rent is dirt cheap. And it’s not like anybody with half a brain would dare break into my place! I mean have you seen me?” He grins and yep, those are definitely fangs. “Gotta ask you back though, what are you doing in our pretty little corner in Gotham?”
 Jason blinks once. Twice. He shrugs a shoulder. Might as well go with his cover story around Crime Alley. “Work for RH. Soup kitchens,” — Jason thinks he hears Dan say ‘ew soup’ under his breath— “protection, that sort of thing.”
 Dan nods in understanding. "I see, I see."
 "You… want an in with RH?" Jason tries and fails to pass as nonchalant. It would make sense to employ him in his crime ring if only to keep tabs on him better. Not because Dan's an absolute unit, no sire.
 Dan snorts out a laugh in response. Shakes a dismissive hand. "Nah, I'll pass," he says and Jason can help but feel disappointed. "Not that life in crime doesn't sound absolutely irresistible, but I'd hate to disappoint my siblings. I promised to behave," he smirks.
 "I can't tell if you're messing with me or not."
 Dan shrugs. "The interpretation is up to you, pretty boy.”
 He works for Red Hood! Hah! As if. But Dan can appreciate a good cover story and despite what his siblings might think of him he’s not one to      unmask a vigilante crime lord in the middle of a busy cafe. So he plays the understanding Crime Alley resident and declines the offer for work despite knowing that it would be thrilling to do anything else than brewing tea and coffee for entitled Gothamites all day long.
 And when he calls Red Hood a pretty boy… Well, let’s just say that the man in question can blush in such a pretty shade of red that makes his signature helmet seem almost obsolete. He realises at that moment that he’d love to see Jason blushing again.
 Aw, fuck.
 He likes likes him, doesn’t he?
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there are many good reasons not to see avatar but if you DO see avatar definitely see the 3D version. the entire movie is effects. same movie as the first one just underwater now. also if you are wearing 3D glasses it is less obvious that you will cry like seven times.
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promise this is my last time bitching about all of this ignore it but
#really truly and genuinely just don't want to exist right now every time i think this situation cannot get worse it somehow manages to#i just cried at the dmv and the lady just glared at me like i was the scum of the earth like maam i don't even cry around people#i trust i don't *want* to be crying right now i'm *sorry* okay i just don't know what to do i got given the wrong forms and papers and i#tried explaining all of that and she just looked at me like i was an *idiot* and wouldn't help me with *anything* it was so humiliating#i can't drive the temporary car until it has plates because if i get pulled over for that it's a $500 fine and if i get hit with that on top#of everything else i literally don't know what i'll do i'll probably end up losing my license#but if i can't drive the car i can't go to work and i also can't afford to not go to work right now#i literally feel sick all the time i can't sleep the last few times i've tried to eat anything i feel like throwing it up#and i just feel... so hopeless right now everything i'm trying isn't working or i think i'm getting somewhere and i hit another wall#and one of the most upsetting parts is i feel like no one is helping me and no one cares how hard i'm struggling right now#i literally just want to be allowed to be upset over this but when i got visibly upset at home everyone accused me of taking my frustrations#out on them and being self pitying and 'it could always be worse'#like i don't even know at this point but if i hear the words 'could always be worse' one more time i'm going to maul the person who says the#no one wants me to be upset that's too much to deal with i am *never* allowed to be upset i just want to vent about how shitty this is and#scream and cry at the unfairness of it for a little bit but literally *no one* is letting me do that#'it could always be worse so stop complaining' or if i am visibly upset at all all that matters is it's inconveniencing or upsetting to the#other person.... not that i'm struggling or need help or anything like that#i just want it to be OVER i want it to end i'm so sick of this every time i feel like i'm scraping to somewhere managable in life#something like this happens and this is the scariest and most upsetting thing yet#and i'm not even allowed to be frustrated or upset or sad or angry because then someone else is upset and that matters more than me#so it all built up and a cried at the dmv and every one stared at me like i was annoying and stupid and i want to KILL MYSELF#i want to melt into the ground i want to stop existing i don't want a single person to talk to me because i hate everything right now#but i also desperately want to actually say all of this to a person and them not get mad at me for and tell me it IS unfair it DOES suck and#i didn't deserve this shitty thing that happened or all the other shitty things that happened beforehand#i would also appreciate just pretending it wasn't a thing for a few hours and doing something enjoyable to me with a friend or two...#but that also feels far fetched and then i would feel guilty for not trying to fix this 24/7 even though at this point there's literally#nothing else i could do#i'm just.... so tired and so SO upset and i feel like nobody cares that i'm upset and i'm so sick of EVERYTHING#i'm tired of living
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ever be like. u kno idk why everyones so mean to freshman :( and then interact with freshman and go 'oh'
#i am usually indifferent to class bullying bc i could not care less my class was known for its apathy#thats not even a joke in hs my class was literally THE uncaring lazy ass class everyone knew it#but at my uni there is a freshman building and everytime upperclassmen drive by they go#FUCK [freshman building name]#as is custom bc as the youth say 'fuck them kids' but i dont really care either way bc it doesnt affect me and until today#most of the freshman ive met have been fine but i was in the dining hall and ngskdfgsd#homophobia... i forget its still real ppl r so weird#there was a group of freshman girls sitting near me and despite my best attempts to ignore them completely they were loud and gossipy#(also over dressed which is how i knew they were freshman and also wearing their lanywards around their necks lmfao fucking frosh)#but god hearing one of them go 'yeah idk she just had lesbian vibes so i didnt talk to her' 😭😭😭😭????#not even a joke i do not think i have heard the terms 'lesbian vibes' since the fucking fifth grade what on EARTH#anyways am i saying being homophobique is freshman behavior? no. but also yes it is grow up idiots#LITERALLY have no heard ANYTHING like that (at least for girls) since elementary school like thats literally the last time i can remember#the girls at my school were mostly the type to rip ur head off for saying shit like that and the ones who said it#were the ones i never talked to ig?????? idk man my school wasnt really caring abt that sort of stuff i am REELING#i feel so bad for that girl they were talking about 😭😭 girl RUN#anyways now im in a mood :/#v.txt
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ooh watch this
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You're dead to me [3]
dad!Jake Sully x human!daughter!reader
Tumblr media
In which Jake Sully leaves his life on earth to settle down with the Omatikaya people as Toruk Makto. Having a family that consists of four kids with Neytiri, everything seems to work out just fine, but what if the past comes back for him? And his babygirl is right there in front of him?
warning: english isn't my first language, barely proofread, a lot of awkward tension cause Neytiri and humans + reader being in conflict, terrible na'vi sentence.
Word count: 3,8k
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A superior of you recommended you to Norm, a human scientist in an avatar body that went against the RDA a decade ago. He lives close to the war, which means close to the Omatikaya. This means you were going to face your father, the man you really didn't want to see. It wasn't that big of a shock to you when you were told that you were going to the front lines. You were always preached about for being one of the best warriors, you saw it coming. Both Raja and Seb were also ranked as one of the best warriors among your group, so it was fortunate you could at least be close to your friends if you were to break down. Yet you weren't planning to do that. Deep inside you yearned for him, wanting to jump into his arms the moment you see him and call him daddy again, but another side of you told you to keep quiet about it. Let him figure it out on his own. Act like you don't care and show him what you became. Was it the mature way? No, definitely not. But you threw your childhood away to become a warrior, being childish every now and then shouldn't hurt too much. And I mean, they had your files. The information of you potentially being Jake Sully's kid was out in the open for the higher-ranked to see, so whether he was interested enough in getting to know his soon-to-be acquaintances or not, the choice of figuring out you are his babygirl is really up to Jake Sully himself. It's not like he would notice it by looking at your face, your mask wasn't see-through and covered half of your face. Besides that, you look different than what you looked like over a decade ago. So here you were, in this helicopter with Raja and Seb on your way to the Omatikaya clan, adrenaline rushing through your veins as Raja kept her grip on your forearm.
Jake Sully held his wife in his arms as he begged her to accept the help that is supposed to get to home tree soon. Norm already told him weeks ago that the resistance was coming soon. He didn't know what he meant, unaware of the things that were happening on earth. He was explained how earth was in an uproar, divided into three groups: with the RDA, against the RDA, or being neutral. Information was leaked about the RDA's doings, how they were sending humans to Pandora to kill the natives. History repeats itself. From killing their own kind centuries ago to killing a different species on a different planet. Norm told him how he was in contact with a huge resistance party on planet earth, one that was open for it to directly take action, how they wanted to send their trained warriors to Pandora to end the wrongdoings of mankind and keep the RDA away or any human that was a potential enemy to Pandora and its nature. Young warriors that just finished their training, choosing to fight for someone else's freedom rather than living a safe life on earth. Safe as in not getting attacked then, because planet earth is definitely dying. Jake could appreciate this selfless decision, whether some may be in it for the paycheck or just an act of kindness, all of them were there to help. He was hoping Neytiri could see it like this too, they were here to help fight against their own kind. Jake's pleading eyes couldn't make Neytiri decline, so with a loud hiss she agreed, "fine, but I'm coming with you. If they make one wrong move I'm going to pierce an arrow through their skulls, ma Jake." Her tone sounded annoyed, but she couldn't help but lean into his touch.
Even though Neytiri agreed to accept help from the sky demons, she was against the idea to bring those demons directly to high camp. It was that feeling all over again, when Jake betrayed her and the RDA came to destroy their past home, home tree. She was scared for her people, for her children. Jake could understand where she was coming from and agreed with Norm through his throat microphone to meet at the lab instead. His children were listening from afar and Tuk jumped out of their hiding spot, much to Neteyam's, Loak's and Kiri's dismay. "Are we going on an adventure?", giggles left her lips as she jumped towards her mother, her arms wrapping around her waist. Her chin was pressed against her mom's hip as she looked up at her with sparkles in her eyes. Kiri smacked herself against the forehead as their little sibling ran towards her parents. The three got out of their hiding spot, Neteyam walking in front as he was ready to confront his father, "sir I-" he started, but was immediately cut off as Jake spoke over his voice, "Neteyam I need you to come with your mom and me. We are retrieving guests, sky people. This will be part of your Olo'eyktan training." Jake's tone was fierce as he spoke to his son, treating his own blood as nothing but a warrior. Neteyam pursed his lips as he nodded his hand in response, "yes sir." was all he had left to say. Loak groaned as he felt left out of the situation. He wanted to go on an adventure too, and spend time with his father. "What about me? Why can't I come?" He didn't hide the disappointment in his tone as he asked his questions, mainly directing them to his father. "I need you to stay here and take care of Kiri and Tuk." Kiri then decided to chime in on the conversation, planning to get more information on the current situation, "what is this all about dad? They're going to help us, but what are they exactly?" Jake sighed in response as he brought his hand to his forehead. It was no use hiding anything, they would get to know the truth eventually. So he just decided to tell them everything he knew from Norm.
Everything comes to light after all.
Jake Sully prepared himself for their departure. Hunter's knife strapped to his hip and his throat microphone attached as always, in case Loak gets into trouble yet again. "Ma Jake? Are you ready soon? My mother would like to see you as well before we do." Neytiri called from outside their family pod. "Almost almost, I'll get to her tent soon." Jake was frantically looking around the pod as he spoke. He was looking for his good luck charm. Childish one may call it, but it made him feel at ease during these stressful times. There it lay, the thing he was looking for, under one of the woven carpets. He picked the round charm up, holding it between his thumb and index finger as he tried to open the lock. His heart pounded into his throat as he did so, struggling to open it because of his much bigger hands. He was delusional, scared to lose it. He breathed out when he came face to face with your cute baby face, all smiling and giggling. "Thank Eywa," he mumbled to himself and tied to chain to the handle of his knife. When Jake Sully opened the flap that separated the inside of the pod from the outside world he came face to face with Neytiri, "Mo'at wants to see me?" She responded with a nod as her head nodded to the healer's tent, "she wanted to speak to you, she told me." He wondered what that could be about. He wasn't injured or suffering from any illnesses, so what could have possibly happened? Jake Sully nodded his head before speaking up, "I still don't think it's a good idea that you come." Neytiri crossed her arms at his words, "Ma Jake, I need to see what kind of people are about to enter my clan." And with that, she walked away. A sigh left his lips since he knew things would not turn out too well. He stepped towards Mo'at's tent. Time to find out why she needed him, as he entered the tent Mo'at was supposed to be at. "Ah, Jake Sully. I was awaiting you." She motioned for him to come in and he followed her order. He awkwardly stood next to her as she busied herself with her herbs, "Eywa has spoken to me. It has to do with you, Jake Sully." His ears twitched in curiosity, motioning for her to continue speaking. "You are about to be in a huge conflict. Hearts will break and tears will stream. You mustn't give up as Eywa has spoken to me this needs to happen for you to continue forward, so don't back down, Jake Sully." This just confused him, what conflict? Does this have to do with the arrival of the resistance? Is this about the RDA? But he doesn't dare ask, because he knows the Tsahik can't get into detail. His gaze is focused on the herbs the Tsahik is mixing up into medicines. Was it to distract herself from this conversation? He didn't know what else to say, but there is one thing he dared to ask, "when will this happen?"
"Way sooner than you will ever expect, Jake Sully."
"Your codename is Buttercup?" Norm looked at Seb in disbelief as the guy in question just shook his head, "I was forced, this is a crime." The three of you were talking about yourselves to Norm as Norm listened carefully. Raja giggled at the embarrassment of her friend, "so there used to be this cartoon I found in one of my great grandma's old boxes. It was called the Powerpuff girls. It is about three sisters that fight against crime and we needed codenames, so I forced (Y/N) and Seb to match with me." This made Norm realize how the three trained warriors in front of him were actually still kids at heart. Of course he knew that they were young, but this just showed how much they missed out on beings kids. You chuckled at the conversation and shrugged, "I mean, my codename is Blossom so it's not too bad, not like being a buff dude and getting called Buttercup. Raja's fits hers, bubbles. It fits her bubbly personality." Seb continued complaining about how it was two against one and that he couldn't escape from his codename being Buttercup. "We are here," Norm commented and you felt the nerves go through your body once again, your grip on your katana so hard your knuckles turned lighter. As the helicopter lowered, you looked outside the window and there you saw three blue figures standing next to one another close to a facility in the middle of the forest. There he was. Your dad. Standing all high and mighty and he was so tall. He looked so different, yet still the same. You noticed certain features that just made him look like your dad. You wished you were a little kid again. If it was little you in your place right now, she wouldn't have given a damn. Would've run up to him and told him who you were as you would have jumped into his arms. But you grew up, full of anger and pain. You pursed your lips as you watched him talk with his mate and son, silently wishing it was you there, by his side as he had a proud look on his face. You had an intense conflict within yourself. Why did you have to be such a tryhard? If you slacked off, you could have been chilling with the other warriors that were spread around the other forest clans. Yet, this was something to be proud of. You did this on your own, you should prove yourself to them, to him. But were you ready for this confrontation? All this inner dialogue made your head hurt. You had to stop fighting the thoughts in your head and focus, because you were getting lost in your thoughts a lot. That wasn't acceptable, not on a battlefield. Once the helicopter landed, Norm was the first to step out of the helicopter, followed by Seb, Raja and you. When the three of you stood in a line you were standing right in front of the Na'vi: Seb in front of Neteyam, Raja in front of Neytiri, and you in front of Jake Sully right in the middle. As if Eywa herself wanted this to happen, wanting the two of you to reconnect. He analyzes you from head to toe, his gaze burning into your skin making you push your mask further into your skin. You wanted to crawl into a cave right there and then.
"Oel Ngati Kameie," the three of you say in unison as you brought your hand towards your forehead, dropping it slowly to the height where your chest is at. The na'vi in front of you do the same na'vi greeting, before Jake Sully switched to English, "I, Jake Sully, Welcome you to Pandora, I can speak for everyone of the Omatikaya clan that we are very thankful for your arrival and your help." His English sounded rusty, but understandable when you haven't been using it for the past decade. Your eyebrows raise at his English, "we understand Na'vi. Pxoeng nolume Na'vi." You spoke to your dad through your mask and you could see the surprise on his face. It made you smile, he looked proud. Fortunately, the mask covered your mouth, otherwise, everyone could have seen your happy expression. Norm chimed into the conversation, "These three are the best warriors of their group. (Y/N), Seb and Raja, all scored fantastically on their physical exams. Six years ago, these warriors left just a few weeks before RDA's departure. We got a few weeks to plan out a raid against their new forces." Everyone nods in unison and you glance at your dad once again, locking eyes with him, since he was already looking at you.
Jake's eyes widen at that name. It was a name he didn't hear in so long. He thought of his babygirl, wondering what you could be doing right now. Did you graduate? Have a boyfriend? Girlfriend? Was he a grandfather? He got so overwhelmed at the thought of you. He missed you so much. His little girl, who is probably not so little now. Regret and guilt fuels his body as he remembers that he was the one to leave you and never return to earth. How he hoped to see your face again. Come and live here with him on Pandora, was that a selfish thought?
Norm took out a form and cleared his throat, making Jake Sully wake up from all his thoughts, "Jake, the warriors first need to do this checkup before they can get to work, resistance orders," he passes him the map with your files and your heart immediately dropped to your stomach. You knew he was about to get your last name eventually, but on the first day? You don't know if you can do that. "This was supposed to be my task, but I trust that you can do this, oh great Olo'eyktan? Max is researching something and he urgently needs my help with it." Great Norm, just great. Eywa, is this your doing? Because you would rather wish she takes you to her right this instant. "You can trust me with this, Norm." Jake flashes him a grin. "Don't lose it and I really mean that," Norm's gaze reaches the three of you once again, he almost looks worried, "I read the checkup, good luck, because as a scientist I could never." And to the lab he went.
"What was that supposed to mean?" Seb raised his eyebrows in concern and his eyes glanced at the map your father was holding. Neytiri has been quiet this entire time as well as Neteyam. Both were weary ever since they met you three, like mother, like son. Everyone could notice the tension, it would have made Jake's arm hair stand if he had any. "Okay, let's see what we have here.. Pretty.. gruesome.." Neteyam was looking over his dad's shoulder, frowning at all of them, "sir, is this normal for humans?" Again, you raise your eyebrows and you couldn't stop the next words you say from coming out of your mouth, "you call your father 'sir'? What is this, an army?" Raja widens her eyes, as well as Seb. Neytiri hisses your way in defense, Jake putting his arm out in front of her as to not make her pounce in you, but you don't flinch. You just looked at your father in disbelief at how he was treating his own son. It was awfully quiet as Jake didn't know what to reply. Your hard gaze on him made him feel something, guilt? Pain? He couldn't describe it, but he felt weird in some way. Luckily, Norm came back in his human body, clear mask on his face, "false alarm, he already got help from the other scientists and everything is go- what the hell happened here?" Norm could feel the tension in his bones as he watched the six of you. You were the first to speak up, "nothing is wrong here. So you will do our checkup right?" You walked towards your father, gripping the file map out of his hands and handing it over to Norm. Everyone's jaws drop to the ground and Neytiri drew her hunter's knife, "you sky demon I knew you couldn't be trusted! Such disrespectful behavior!" Jake takes a hold of his mate. They couldn't fight, not now. Neytiri needed to get out of here before blood was about to be drawn. "Ma Neytiri please, it's fine, could you please check up on Loak?" The tension was unbearable for Jake Sully. His eyes pleaded for himself to handle this. The grip on her knife loosened as she hissed again. Neteyam stepped towards his mother as his hand wrapped around hers, the one she was gripping the knife with, "mother please, please trust father." He himself had doubts about these humans, but it looked like his dad trusted them, so he should at least try right? As future Olo'eyktan. Looking into her son's eyes, she felt herself calm down as she lowered her knife, attaching it to her hip. She put her hand on Neteyam's cheek for a second before pulling her hand away. Once again, she threw a glance at you. "I'm watching you." She sent you a hiss as a warning and crept back into the forest. Great, you have a bad relationship with your dad's mate. Maybe this was for the best after all. Jake sighed, he shouldn't have taken Neytiri with him even after all her demands. With sky people she just met it was bound to go like this.
After that awkward ordeal, Neteyam led everyone to an open field in the forest. With your dad's gaze still lingering on your body, you decided to try and ignore it. Easier said than done. You yearned for your dad, but you couldn't give in. Neteyam and Jake stood to the side as the three of you started stretching in the conveniently open field that was formed into a circle. "The checkup is about strength, focus, and speed. You need to fight one vs one hand-to-hand combat battles against one another without masks on."
"Without masks?! Are they out of their mind?!"
"Do you expect an answer or?"
"No I don't!"
Seb and Raja continued their daily bickering as always, but your mind was completely somewhere else. Jake seemed to notice this, as he walked towards you. He had this urge to comfort you. Could it be, because you had the same name as his daughter on earth? Maybe, but maybe if he took care of you, he could feel at peace again. He sat on his knees and put his hand on your shoulder, making you look his way. "I'm sorry for my mate, she can be very protective of me," he softly spoke to you, "and I don't blame you, you woke up after 6 years and your entire life is upside down. I understand." You pursed your lips at his words. Why was he being so soft to you? You couldn't stand it, not when he spoke like that, reassuring you like that. You didn't reply, you just gave him the shoulder as you stepped away from his grip. This just made him even more confused as his chest hurt, did he do something wrong when he met you? Was he staring at you a little too long? Did his gaze offend you?
"We will do three rounds and in those three rounds, you need to put your enemy down for ten seconds to win."
"Let's dance then, shall we?"
And those words you spoke, felt awfully familiar to Jake Sully.
Neteyam Sully watched in awe as you fought the final round against Seb. Your mask was on the ground as you pounced on the much taller guy. He tried to lock your legs with his to make you lose your balance, which would have given him an advantage, but you punched him in the face with your fist, making his mouth open and gasp for air. In his moment of panic, you used it to knock him face-first into the dirty mossy ground, keeping his head on the floor as you twisted his arm. You sat right on his back as you used your knee on his neck to keep him down, the other weighing on his lower back and arm. You gasped for air as you saw blurry, listening to Norm count to ten was honestly something. It sounded like he counted to a hundred in slow motion. When he yelled the word ten, you quickly got off your friend, crawling towards your mask. Jake wanted to run up to you to help you, but Norm told him to stop and that this was what you were supposed to do in a real battle if it would ever happen that you lose your mask. You quickly took your mask in your hand and put it on your face with a shaky hand, gasping for the oxygen you needed. You coughed loudly as you sat on your knees with your hands on the ground. Jake rushed towards you and put his arm around you, rubbing your back with his free hand, "are you okay?" worry in his tone as he spoke. Your eyes widen at the familiar hug. The warmth of his arms as he used to hold onto you as you snuggled against him in your sleep. But you couldn't. You held onto his hand, letting the touch linger your skin before you pushed it away, "I'm good, yes." You stood up and walked towards Norm, not looking back at him once.
Just what was it with you?
And why did it hurt how you treated him?
A/N: I was lowkey insecure about posting this part 3 fr, idk if I liked it. I kept adding and adding details in the hope I would feel better about it, so here's a longer part than usual. Hope you enjoyed it. Pls tell me what you think. <3
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nelkcats · 2 months
Amity's hero
Don't let Amity Parkers lose their hero or you will face the consequences; even good intentions can become unforgivable
The Justice League didn't speak directly to the G.I.W, they didn't quite take their word for it but reports of ghost attacks and property damage caught their attention, the call log with the multiple Amity Park appearances being the most ignored of the list practically marked as spam broke their hearts.
So they arrived as a team, yelling about getting rid of the ghosts, certain that their presence would only cause long-term damage, Phantom immediately showed up, questioning what was wrong; they simply ignored him and began to recite that he and his kind should return to his place of origin (because these ghosts must have a place far from earth, right? They had read something about them living in another dimension), ignoring all Phantom's pleas by simply listening
Unlike a few years ago, Amity Park was not under attack, it had a direct truce with Infinite Realms in which the ghosts were on their best behavior, playing with humans, protecting them from unknown entities (because this was their Amity, they were territorial), keeping at bay the animal ghosts that came out of natural portals, and turning from villains to heroes, being led by his King Phantom, the one who started it all.
The ghosts were happy with the arrangement and with being able to visit human world; Klemper, Lunch Box and Youngblood made a lot of new friends, Ember had concerts, Johnny and Kitty formed their own biker gang, Spectra was the psychologist she'd tried to be at first, Walker kept everyone in line, even ghosts who straight up preferred the realms visited from time to time: Pandora, Frostbite, Ghost Writer, etc. Even Nocturn tried to give everyone good dreams.
But the heroes didn't care, they considered everyone as "threats" and threatened them, Phantom, completely tired of being ignored looked towards his city and gave them a sad smile, you couldn't reason with those who didn't want to listen to you "If we do that Amity could be in danger" he tried one last time, the league didn't know how to deal with liminals.
"We'll protect them, you're just invaders making them sick in the end" Green Lantern snorted, as if it was the obvious solution "So get out and leave these people alone"
"Fine, but when you see how badly you end up handling everything, call us" Danny was tired, he could reason with his own parents and not with all these "heroes", he supposed it was better to teach them the consequences. He tossed a Fentonphone at them, hoping they'd do the right thing.
Flash felt uncomfortable when he saw the ghost children approaching the humans, were they attacking them? He was about to interfere when he saw the human children approach the ghosts to hug them and cry together; he reasoned that made sense, sure the kids didn't know their friends were dangerous, but something inside of him wasn't satisfied with that answer.
Then Danny just whistled, attracting the attention of the ghosts in the city "Well, you heard them, go back to the realms" complaints could be heard, both from the ghost and the human sides. But for now, the halfa had some kind of plan in mind.
Wonder Woman felt especially uncomfortable when she saw Pandora walk past Phantom, giving her a disappointed look, Batman told her that surely she wasn't her friend, and that if she was she wouldn't be the same person, but she wasn't so sure about that.
The ghosts withdrew from Amity then, going through the portal that the Phantom himself had opened in the center of the city, each one of Justice League members could feel the hateful looks pointing directly at them "It's for the best", Batman informed them "we'll assign you heroes that monitor that they do not return"
"NO" that seemed to be what broke the silence "We don't want any more heroes, Phantom is our hero" and with that said, a girl of about 8 years old hugged the halfa's leg, crying uncontrollably "Please don't go"
The League was about to interfere when Phantom reached down, picking up the girl "I don't want to leave Stacy" he whispered stroking her back lovingly, hoping she would stop crying "But the guys over there say I'm a danger to you and you know I want to keep you safe" he kissed the girl's head, handing her over to her parents "I love you Amity Park, thank you for loving me back" he told the population affectionately, before going through the portal.
The League just looked uncomfortably, once there were no more ghosts they informed the city that they would send heroes regularly for protection and monitoring the situation but the city inhabitants just scoffed.
"You don't get it" Dash spoke, completely furious "Phantom is to Amity what Batman is to Gotham" he frowned "And rest assured that this city will protect him from you, we don't care if you told him to leave, we'll bring him back, you're way over your head on this" he continued "Of course, you don't understand because you're the hero in this scenario, and you don't know what a city feels when you take away their hero"
The Justice League only watched as the townspeople turned their backs on them, but they reasoned again that it was for the best, eventually the townspeople would understand.
A few days passed and Amity declared itself isolated from the League, every time they tried to send a hero they rejected, over and over again; dozens of different heroes couldn't get past the limits because they were shot, taunted, or simply knocked unconscious before entering. Superman was starting to regret destroying Phantom's phone but they had to know how it worked, at the end it was a regular phone with weird aesthetic.
The only "hero" who managed to cross the limits was Red Hood, who at the end of the day became a messenger "You don't understand B, that city is out for blood" Jason tried to reason with Bruce "They're furious, I swear I saw a 6-year-old boy practicing archery and the target had your head placed in the center" it was not normal for Jason to worry, Bruce was a hero, but for the same reason he did not know what it felt like when you lost one. Amity had basically been building her own army within the barriers, they even offered him refuge away from heroes "You must talk to them."
"Mhm" Batman hummed, pulling out his comlink to schedule a meeting, he'd thought of calling one anyway, he'd had sightings of what looked like animal ghosts all over Gotham but they were basically invincible, he wondered if it was Phantom's revenge.
"Just give them back their hero Batman" was what the commissioner Gordon told him when he asked for an opinion on how to deal with the reaction of the city "They're right, you don't know what it feels like"
Of course, Batman couldn't be wrong, so he guessed Gordon's comment was due more to his weariness. Upon arrival he noticed everyone completely dejected, basically stating animal ghosts and ¿drops? through all their cities. They couldn't fight any of them so they decided to go back to Amity, they figured if they had fought these things for years they must have knowledge.
Upon reaching the city, although they were allowed to pass, they were greeted with mockery, half the population carried one weapon or another, the League was tense "Having problems so soon?" Paulina looked at her neon green nails, she was sure she could cut a man with them "You should have accepted Phantom's help, you know"
"Phantom was a threat invading your city" Batman growled "we saw the reports, his continued presence caused medical changes in all of you that you won't even let us see"
"Make no mistake" Mikey interrupted him "Amity was always an access point to the Zone, we were contaminated long before you existed" and of course they would not trust this heroes with their liminal status, Frostbite was already helping them before all the mess and they did not need to add human doctors with no knowledge.
"Then what do you suggest? We let the ghosts come back and destroy the whole city?" Hal scoffed, completely incredulous of how they were being treated, from the first second they refused to give any useful information.
"It's funny that you think we can't defend ourselves" Paulina rolled her eyes "you all could be beaten by Mikey, and is Mikey, no offense" she shot a look at the boy next to her.
"None taken" Mikey shrugged, it wasn't the first time.
"The thing is, we're just used to it; we like to be protected and not have to protect ourselves, it may sound cowardly of us but we're civilians" Kwan spoke "we're not defenseless, but we prefer not taking action, our hero made sure of it so we don't like to take cards in the whole self-sacrifice thing"
"Phantom is a danger" Superman tried to stand his ground.
"For us?" Star sneered "Or for you?"
"Besides, if you think we don't move out of the city for aesthetics, you're wrong, we just like to feel safe" Dash yawned, bored with the conversation "Phantom and the other ghosts are territorial, it's kind of nice, no threat gets past that sign, rates of crime? Zero, very difficult to want to kill or assault someone if they can come back as a ghost to kill you I guess"
"But the reports" Flash was worried about the indifference.
"The reports from 5 years ago? Before we had the truce that you guys ruined?" Star sneered "I'll call Sam or Tucker and bring Phantom back, we'll start the truce again, get out of Amity"
"You can't do that." Superman crossed his arms, trying to remain threatening as Hal muttered in a panic about breaking peace treaties and the Oa wanting his head.
"Oh, but we can" Paulina approached Superman, running her hand over his arm "and we'll do it" slowly, she placed her fingernail on his suit, cutting the material and drawing blood from the hero, who immediately moved away at the threat.
"Get the hell out of Amity and don't come back" Dash rolled his eyes, stroking a ghost snake, the heroes tensing more at their newest enemy.
"It was you?" growled Batman; recognizing the snake as one of the many haunting Gotham.
"Not exactly, the veil ruptures always existed" Kwan said, stroking the head of a ghost wolf "We only tame them, or send them back to the Realms, if there were veil ruptures it's not our problem" he looked towards the League "If any of them escaped because we weren't watching and they followed your scent it's not our fault either"
"And can you tell us um, how to deal with them, or tame them?" Flash tried.
"No, since you are sooo good at gathering information I'm sure you will come up with something" With that said, Dash motioned for the snake to lead the heroes away and before they knew it they were all thrown away from the city.
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hee-pster · 3 months
scooby dooby doo, lookin’ for boo!
Tumblr media
+18 content read at your own discretion, please scroll if you’re uncomfortable with. [MDNI]
pairing: football player!jake x afab!virgin!reader
genre: smut, strangers to lovers
summary: Santa was real, he had to be and Jake felt like he was finally out of the naughty list, because this christmas came bearing gifts for him. Not only his longing for pussy was about to be over but his life was about to be changed completely, thanks to you and your cute little Velma costume entering his life so unexpectedly. As surprisingly pleasant as this was for Jake, it was even more so for you, considering how determined you were to stay as a virgin. Guess Chaewon and Yunjin's plan of getting you laid wasn't so bad after all, cause you were sure that nowhere in this world, there could be another Shaggy who's capable of making you change your mind, let alone doing it this fast.
word count: 15.8k
warnings: dom!jake, sub!reader, first time sex, unprotected sex, multiple smut scenes, oral sex, fingering, edging, boob kink, ass kink, objectification, Jake is a pervert, usage of pet names, marking kink, dirty talk, mentions of shower sex, lmk if I missed something
a/n: hi hi everyone, it’s been a while :3 I wanna start by wishing you all a very happy new year and I hope you are having a good time 🫶🏼 I have been working on this fic for a while and now that it’s finished, I wanted to give it you as a new year’s gift <3 it took me a lot to write this so I’ll be really happy if you would give me feedback with comments, reblogs and asks, I’ll be looking forward for your thoughts on this! Also if you are wondering about how i am, please don't worry, I’m fine and I’m currently enjoying my own company in peace 💖 thank you for being patient with me, I love you, I’ll be seeing you later 🫶🏼
Tumblr media
Boring and monotonous — that's how your last year at university started, not very different from your previous ones. 
Being a girl who was the definition of socially awkward, you weren't surprised by the outcome of your own actions. Loneliness was kind of your thing ever since elementary school, but despite the fact of your very poor “human” skills, you managed to gain two great friends through these 4 years of college — Yunjin and Chaewon, the only people who cared enough to know about your existence.
You loved them, you really did with your whole heart, but there was a tini-mini problem about them that made you wanna bang their heads together from time to time, like you've been wanting to do lately.
The thing was, for some reason you couldn't figure out just yet, you managed to befriend the two most extroverted people on the face of earth with never ending energies, your polar opposites to be exact. 
And as much as you enjoyed the serenity of your own company, they hated it, enough to make finding you a boyfriend their task. 
It wouldn't be wrong to say that they were quite popular at school, always receiving flowers and chocolates from the guys in your classes at valentines day, often being asked out to concerts and parties by different boys from different departments of your big university. 
Admittedly, it was fun to gossip with them about their hookups, but undeniably you were curious — curious on how it would feel to have someone interested in you, in a romantic way or more precisely, in a sexual way as well.
The saying that “curiosity could be the worst curse” was true in your case, since you were terrible at suppressing it. Which would often result with you asking the girls very private questions that they had fun answering, most of them being about their sex life. 
That being said, considering the personalities of your two best friends, it wasn't hard for them to see the intention behind your “innocent” curious questions — you wanted to get laid.
No, you needed to get laid, as soon as possible for that matter. 
So, unlike they did in classes, this time they were more ready to take some responsibilities to do what it takes for their beloved cute nerd —  you, and make it their mission to find the perfect guy for you to discover the answers of your “fantastic” questions on your own. 
And to achieve that, they didn't hesitate to drag you along with them wherever they went, parties and clubs, you name it. 
Speaking of parties, since it was the last month of the year with Christmas being right around the corner, people didn't think twice before using it as their excuse to throw a house party every other day, one after the other. 
Normally, this situation wouldn't be any of your concern but like it was stated before, Yunjin and Chewon were the biggest extroverts of all time.
And what did extroverts love more than anything? Yes, parties, no matter which kind. 
Adding the new mission they took upon themselves to get you laid at least once before graduation, you had no option other than following them to each and every party at this point, one being scheduled for tomorrow  — a costume special themed party thrown at Park brother's mansion, the most popular guys in the entire campous. 
The guys that Chaewon and Yunjin had their eyes on, so as you can guess, there was no way to bail out. 
You still did everything you could to not go, going as far as not buying a costume for yourself since it was the dress code even when you knew that Chaewon would try and kill you with her bare hands. 
But your plan miserably failed when they showed up at your place with their hands full with shopping bags, some of them being purchased for you. 
Of course when it came to real life stuff, you couldn't outsmart your friends, cause they knew you too long to fall for your cheap excuses which often repeated themselves. 
For that exact reason, they already guessed that you probably wouldn't even look for a costume so instead, they did the job for you and bought one — the one that they thought would suit you the best considering your personality, a Velma from scooby doo costume.
The very costume of the most recognized and the sexiest nerd for the one they knew, a match made in heaven. 
The only thing you were lacking was a Shaggy by your side, which they hoped you'd find at the party, a steamy type of one though — a one that would help you solve the mystery of the likes of your vagina. 
Well, it seemed like the sincerest wishes really did come true like the saying, 'cause Sim Shaggy was feeling in the mood to solve some mysteries, particularly the naughtiest type of ones. 
Tumblr media
You were good at maths, you really were. 
But there were no equations whatsoever to make you understand how exactly a 24 hour time period could flow so fast, cuz it was already friday, aka the day of the big party. 
You were currently resisting to unlock the door of your dressing room to your two friends who were busy banging on it with furious fists, yelling at you to come out so they could see how the costume looked on you. 
Turns out it was more revealing than you thought as you stood there right in front of your big mirror, trying your best to adjust to the size of your mini skirt and the exposed skin of your tummy, because what was supposed to be the turtle neck was actually a crop top and a very slim fit one at that. 
It was so tight that it felt only like a thin layer on your skin, making you feel naked since you normally only wore loose clothes, because you felt comfier in them. And not to mention how the burgundy skirt you were wearing wasn't covering anywhere it was supposed to, leaving your buttcheeks almost entirely on full display.  
So as Yunjin said, costumes were indeed slutty, and yours was the perfect example for that. 
“Guys I don't think this costume suits me!” you yelled behind the door, trying to fix your skirt to cover at least some more part of your ass, not that it worked.
“Just come out and let us see first!” came Yunjin's voice from a distance, Chaewon's hum of agreement following right after. 
You took a deep breath and cupped your face as you unlocked the door, wanting to hide the matching tone of red that your cheeks were painted with, similar to the color of your skirt. 
“Ta-da!” you attempted to chant as you walked out, gaze focused on the floor while you tried not to cry at how your voice cracked. 
For some reason you were extremely uncomfortable, although the two girls who were looking at you with big eyes and dropped jaws literally saw you naked for more than once or twice. 
It was almost like you were trapped inside of someone else's body, everything felt too unfamiliar, even though you knew it was just you overthinking. 
“Fuck girl, you look amazing.” Chaewon walked up to you, gently held one of your hands and made you spin on your platform heels, eyes glistening with your beauty as she spoke, “You're definitely getting laid tonight.” 
“It's not really what I want though, unless you didn't notice ..” you sulked, “.. virginity is so underestimated these days.”
“Yes, it's not what you want, true ..” Yunjin shook her head rather dramatically, shooting a glance over you through the mirror as she continued to perfect her eyeliner. “.. because it is what you need, what your body literally screams for.”   
“No, it's not — ”
“Mhm — ”
“Either way ..” you raised your volume, rolling your eyes at the way both of your so-called best friends were humming at you sarcastically instead of believing you, feeling deeply betrayed by their actions. “.. I look like a slut begging for some dick like this..” you sighed, “.. and I feel like a fucking clown too.”
“Hey, that's definitely not true, okay?”
“Yeah, you look nothing like a slut.”
The way you and Chaewon gave Yunjin the “be fucking for real” look in sync was enough to make her clear her throat and speak again, this time using the right words to express her thoughts. “What I mean is, you look daring and hot, okay?”
“Do I really, though?” you asked, avoiding eye contact as you used your hands like fans to cool down the hotness of red on your cheeks. 
“Yes, really ..” Chaewon gave you a reassuring nod, holding your hands gently and caressing them in her palms, “.. I wouldn't be shocked if there would be a huge line of Shaggy's on your front door, waiting to fuck you after tonight.” she teased, wiggling her eyebrows, making you bite on your lower lip to not laugh at her silliness. 
“For the nth time, I'm not gonna fuck anyone tonight, especially not any Shaggy.” 
She raised her hands up, acting like she was surrounded in defeat. “I'm just saying it in case, okay?” she shrugged, looking away as she mumbled the rest of her sentence, “If it happens though, make sure to choose the one with long fingers and a high nose.”
“Alright, enough bickering ..” Yunjin interrupted you, trying her best to look serious as if she didn't snort at what Chaewon said like thirty seconds ago, “.. let' s get your makeup done, we don't wanna be late to the party.”
Tumblr media
Park's mansion, at 9 pm
“Dude, what the fuck?” Sunghoon said to Jake, eyeing him up and down with a confused expression on his face, “Where the fuck is your costume?”
“This is my costume, genius.” Jake muttered, grabbing himself a drink from the tray some cute waitress was holding, “I'm Shaggy, from scooby-doo.”
“It looks like you're only wearing a very cheap looking green shirt with some pants you stole from your grandpa's closet for me.”
“At least I'm not dressed up as Dracula for the nth time.”
Sunghoon scoffed at his friend, one shotting the remaining alcohol in his fancy glass. “At least I'm still gonna get laid tonight.” he said, winking at his visibly annoyed friend, Jake, who wanted nothing more than to get high and not remember anything from tonight. 
Jake shot him a death glare, cursing at him with his eyes. “With that eye makeup? I wouldn't be so sure.” he mocked, reaching for another drink, needing something stronger this time. 
“So whose mother are you after tonight, Shaggy?” Sunghoon asked, knowing exactly which buttons to push to make Jake lose his temper, distracting the subject away from his poorly made eye makeup easily.
“For fuck's sake, how many more times do I have to tell you guys that it was a fucking mistake?” Jake finally snapped, knocking over 2 shots of vodka one after the other, scrunching his whole face at the bitter taste in his throat. 
“Yeah but, how did you managed to fuck Ray's mom in their house, at the party they were throwing and get caught while piping her?” Sunghoon kept on with his teasing, enjoying the strong taste of the drink just as much as he was enjoying watching Jake struggle to come up with responses that made any sense. 
How could a person not know if the woman they were fucking was the mother of their friend — the mother of their team captain also, in Jake's case.
So what happened was, last year during Halloween, Jake got invited to a party which was special to the football team of the university only. It was also a costumed party just like this one, but the host was Ray — the captain of the football team that Jake was also a part of. 
They knew each other ever since Jake started university and were super close because Ray was always there for Jake like an older brother, even though their age gap was no more than a year.
With that being said, it wasn't hard to guess that wherever Ray was, Jake would be there too  — they were basically inseperable, but that changed completely after what Jake did. 
Jake was a casanova, has been a casanova since day one and there was no soul who didn't know about this. 
He liked to fuck every chance he got, and once he's turned on, nothing other than putting his dick inside someone's pussy mattered to him. 
Nothing about age, looks, place could stop him from getting what he wanted. 
So, due to the lacking of his rationality skills, he accidentally ended up fucking Ray's mother inside their bedroom, on the bed she was sharing with his father. And if this was not enough, he got caught by Ray while he was balls deep into her pussy, halfway through breeding her. 
As terrible as this sounds, the aftermath was much worse, he almost got kicked out of the football team and lost his scholarship, all because he didn't think of asking the woman who she was since she was too hot for him to not hit for that matter.  
But thankfully after Ray's graduation last year, things got better, and he actually had the chance to be the team captain this year. So, he really needed to not mess anything up. 
Thanks to the trauma that Ray's party left on him, he stopped going out for clubs and drinks as well as parties, which meant he hasn't been fucking for almost more than a year now. 
So as it could be guessed, he was about to lose his mind due to how much he was literally craving pussy and his beloved friends making fun of him for not getting any like Sunghoon did wasn't helping, not at all. 
It wasn't that he couldn't get laid, he was choosing not to, since he was afraid of fucking up even worse. 
“So how long are you gonna continue this pussy fasting?” Sunghoon slightly nudged his arm with his elbow, separating Jake from his not so pleasant flashbacks. 
“Not any longer than tonight ..” Heeseung barged into the conversation from the corner, holding an almost empty bottle of beer in his hands. “.. a very hot Velma at 9 o'clock, if you're not banging that, I definitely am.”
Not needing to hear anything more, Jake instantly turned his head to the indicated direction, his jaw dropping at the sight before his eyes. 
There you were, standing awkwardly next to your two friends with a worried expression on your face, very easy to spot thanks to the warm colors you chose to wear. 
Unlike the uncomfortable look on your face, you didn't seem like you were struggling to stand up in your burgundy platform heels, your posture looking perfect from Jake's point of view. 
He couldn't stop himself from eyeing you up and down, observing his surprise match with admiration. 
You looked like the real version of Velma, only hotter than he could ever imagine. Everything about you was so pretty, from the way your legs looked under your short skirt inside those orange thigh highs, to the way your matching color of crop top covered only some of your upper body so tightly, making your boobs pop out so sexily. 
He licked his lips to control his drooling, feeling like a caveman as his eyes stayed glued on your body, traveling upwards to now study the pretty features of your face. 
Your makeup was the definition of perfect, the hot tone of red that you wore on your lips complementing your skin tone gorgeusly. Your cheeks were blushed, he couldn't be quite sure whether it was the make up or it was because you were shy but either way, you looked cute — too fucking cute for him to stay uneffected. 
And not to mention how well your big round glasses fitted your whole look, making your pretty face shine even more. 
Shit, if he were to fuck you, he'd definitely make sure you'd keep the glasses on the entire time. 
“Dude ..” Jay's enthusiastic voice distracted Jake from his small analyzing session, making him slightly flinch as he looked up to Jay to listen to what he had to say in such an excited way. “.. I think I've found the perfect match for Jake.”
“Oh ..” Sunghoon giggled, “.. He's already watching her.” he said, signaling the direction where you and your friends were sitting, where Jake couldn't turn his head away.
“She's a friend of Chaewon, the girl I've been talking to ..” Jay smirked, “.. so she's completely safe Jake, don't worry, she's not anyone's mother or anything.”
“Not that it would stop you.” Heeseung blurted while snorting, fist bumping with Sunghoon on the side. 
“Haha, you guys ..” Jake let out a sarcastic and a very fake chuckle, getting up from his seat as he spoke, “.. you're so very fucking funny.” he rolled his eyes, walking away after grabbing a big sized bottle of beer for himself.
“Hey, where are you going?” Jay shouted behind him, feeling slightly guilty for teasing his friend so much. 
“I'm gonna go get some fresh air!” Jake shouted back, feeling his need for oxygen increase because of you, because of how much you took his breath away while sitting there, without a clue on what you've been doing to him by simply being present.  
Fuck, he thought, how was he supposed to survive tonight without getting his hands on you?
Tumblr media
You wanted to throw up and you wanted to do it right onto the face of the guy who was doing everything to flirt with you, instead of getting the hints that you weren't interested in him and leave. 
There he was sitting right next to you, cracking one unfunny joke after the other, his hands desperately trying to touch your thighs with every minute that passed. 
You've been forcing yourself to endure his miserable existence for approximately thirty minutes now, doing it only for Yunjin and Chaewon, since the guy happened to be their friend. 
But nope, it wasn't gonna work out, not when the only thing you wanted to do was to punch him right on the nose.
Which you nearly did, once he tried to throw his arm over your shoulders to pull you closer to him. 
You pushed him away almost immediately, getting up from your seat as you told him that you wanted to get some air, and that you wanted to do it alone. Seemed like this time he picked up the signs of you not wanting him around, which he only responded with a nod before walking away. 
Thank God, you sighed, at least he wasn't some sort of an obsessed creep. 
You scanned the room briefly, looking for your two gorgeous friends, not surprisingly spotting them next to Jay and Sunghoon — the hottest brothers of the campous, step brothers to be exact. 
Since you were a great friend, you figured that it was best to not interrupt them or in other words, cockblock them, so you picked up your phone and typed a quick text on your group chat to let them know you were gonna get some fresh air on the terrace.
Without waiting for them to read, you exited the room, wanting to get away from the loud crowd as fast as you could. This party was the worst one you've been attending so far, and maybe for the first time ever, you were feeling disappointed about it. 
Considering how you've been actively being dragged to parties by your friends for over two weeks now, this was the only one you actually put any effort to get ready for, only for you to get hitted on by some dude that did not know what the word “respect” meant. 
Even though he didn't physically assault you, his eyes were enough, the way he kept staring at your boobs and legs was engraved in your brain in the most awful way, making you feel sick in the stomach. 
You desperately needed some fresh air, for both your nausea and the tears that swelled up in the corners of your eyes. 
After climbing two flights of stairs there you were, finally on the terrace floor, being welcomed by the cold breeze that hit your face as soon as you stepped up. 
“Wow.” you mumbled at how pretty the view of sky was, taking quick steps to walk over the edge, wanting to get a better sight of the sea that was lying just across the fancy mansion of the Park family. 
“Everything looks so pretty from here ..” you breathed out, hugging your shoulders as you took in the most glorious scenery you've seen in your life so far. 
Maybe it was the beauty of the sea or the serenity of the silent sky, but for some reason you couldn't quite distinguish, you were crying, warm tears flowing down from your eyes to meet with your cold cheeks.
And not long after that, your breathy sobs started to be heard, which made the guy who was quietly watching you from the corner break his silence, his husky voice carrying a hint of worry as he spoke.
“Are you okay?” Jake asked, trying his best to use his softest tone so that you wouldn't get scared, not that it worked.
You flinched at the sudden accompaniment of an unknown voice, almost tripping and falling as your surprised eyes met with his concerned ones. He rushed over to help you gain your balance back, gentle hands supporting you kindly by the waist as he mumbled a fearful “Be careful.”
“I'm so sorry ..” he apologized, swiftly removing his hands from your body, “.. I didn't mean to scare you like that.” he said, looking everywhere but your eyes. 
His heart was beating like crazy, chest almost cracking open due to the rate of his heartbeats. Of course he couldn't look you in the eyes, I mean, how could he even survive an eye contact with the prettiest girl he has ever seen while he was feeling this weak already?
“I-It's okay ..” you cleared your throat, “.. I'm the one who didn't notice you.”
Jake licked his lips nervously, not knowing how to put his thoughts into words correctly. He took a deep breath and finally managed to look at your eyes, his voice going down in octave as he spoke again. 
“I know this is really not my place but ..” he blurted out, pausing for a brief second, “.. would you wanna let out what's bothering you? I mean .. I have beer, if you want.”
You couldn't help but giggle at him, thinking he was too cute for his own good when he was just trying to communicate casually. You wiped your tears away with the back of your hand, hoping that your waterproof mascara was actually waterproof.
“You have beer, huh?”
“Y-yeah I mean, since they say alcohol makes it easier to talk, that's why I'm offering.”
“Hmm is that so?” you teased, liking the way his cheeks started to show a really cute tone of red, “Who exactly are “they” though?”
“You know ..” he shrugged, smiling nervously, “.. just p-people.”
“Just people, huh?”
“Do you always stutter this much?” you asked, enjoying his constant struggle to form any words to answer you. Was he flustered because of you? Aw, that would be so cute.
“When I'm n-nervous, yes.”
“Why are you nervous?” you stepped awfully closer to him, standing only mere inches away from his face, unaware of the boldness of your moves. “Are you planning on doing something, like getting me drunk, hm mister —” you stopped, realizing that you didn't know his name yet. Great, you thought, this was the best excuse to learn it. “ — wait, who were you again?”
“Shaggy, y-your Shaggy ..” he blurted out, not exactly thinking before speaking out, “.. fuck, I meant, Shaggy — I'm Shaggy from Scooby Doo.” 
You didn't bother holding your laughter at his never-ending clumsy mistakes, which made him cuter and cuter by the passing minute in your eyes. “My Shaggy, huh?” you imitated his tone, “Sounds cute.”
“Since you're Velma and t-they're a c-couple you know, in the cartoon ..” he gulped down, letting out a defeated sigh before facepalming once he realized he only made it worse the more he talked. “.. fuck, I should shut up.”
You chuckled, muffling his hair gently with your delicate hands, feeling close to him for some reason you couldn't explain. “Thanks for enlightening me about our relationship, my Shaggy — ”
“Ugh, please —” he groaned, palming his face and hiding his blushed cheeks on your shoulder. Oddly for you, skinship with a total stranger like him didn't feel awkward at all, if anything, it made you excited over the contact.
“I appreciate everything you said but, I meant to ask you who you really are ..” you gently pushed him away, separating him from your shoulder to form an eye contact, “.. like, what's your name?”
“J-jake, it's Jake ..” he almost whispered, unable to keep his eyes locked with yours, “.. from the mathematics department.”
 “Y/n, from chemistry.” you reached your hand out to him, watching him hesitantly grab it after blinking a few times. You had to admit, you've never seen anyone looking so adorable while they were confused, Jake was truly an exception. 
“It's a cute name, y/n ..” Jake commented, the shy smile on his face turning into a more confident one gradually, “.. I like how it rolls off my tongue so smoothly.”
“You do?”
“Mhm.” He nodded, still holding your hand, thinking how perfectly it fitted inside his big palm. “I really like it.”
“Enough to share your beer with me?” 
“Oh, sweetheart ..” Jake shot you a side smirk, bringing your hand to his lips to leave a feathery kiss on your soft skin, “.. I would share it with you even without knowing your name.” 
Tumblr media
“So, if you mix this and this and add a bunch of these ..” Jake spoke enthusiastically from behind the counter, playing the role of your personal bartender as he made you a drink that he claimed to taste way better than the beer you two shared a while back on the terrace. “.. you get this pretty baby named, the zombie.”
He wiggled his eyebrows as he landed your special cocktail to you, making sure to pick the fanciest glass for the fanciest girl at the party, you.
“You see y/n, I'm no chemist like you but ..” he leaned closer to you, watching you squeeze your eyes shut as you took a sip from his recipe, “.. I know a lot of formulas to work with.”
You took a small sip, feeling slightly anxious because you didn't do well with bitter things and since he mixed a lot of everything together, you were worried it would cause a chemical burn in your throat.
But surprisingly, aside from the cringyness of his words there was truth to them, since the special potion he made just for you actually tasted so sweet that you were easily able to finish it at one go, leaving him with a proud smile on his face as he watched you. 
“Normally, it's strong enough to knock you over if you finish it at one go like this ..” he chuckled, “.. but I adjusted it so it's weak and sweet enough for my lady to enjoy.” he tapped at your nose, giving you a puppy-like smile. 
He was so adorable that you were sure, this couldn't be only the illusion of the alcohol that was mixed in your blood. 
He was sweet and it was genuine, maybe that's why you opened up to him so fast, not doubting once before sharing the cause of your tears back on the big terrace, accepting his kind offer of beer. 
You told him the real reason why you were present at this party which was hosted by two of his close friends as he shared, Jay and Sunghoon, telling him how pressured you actually started to feel due to your two best friend's what's-supposed-to-be a sweet act.
You knew they meant only well with their little “lets get y/n laid” movement but besides from the goofiness of it, considering how traumatic it was for you to endure one of their “friends” with the exact intentions of trying to hit on you, it was safe for you to say that you wanted nothing more than for them to stop — which was the part that Jake get involved.  
He, being the sweetheart he is, offered to be your company for the night, telling you that with him by your side, no one would come to bother you. 
And he was right on that, since it's been almost an hour you two came back from the terrace and no one — including your two best friends and their spouse candidates for you, bothered neither you nor Jake. 
Things were going so smooth so far, until Jake pointed behind you, where your two best friends and his two best friends were sat together in pairs — Chaewon with Jay and Yunjin with Sunghoon, staring at your direction, observing the coincidental perfect match between you and your Shaggy, Jake.  
“I believe they are staring at us.” Jake commented, putting his palm under his chin, narrowing his eyes as he acted completely immersed in his mystery-solving Shaggy role. But just as it was in the cartoon, he was looking nothing other than a clown, a cute one at that, with his terrible acting skills and handsome looks. 
“Oh yeah?” you mocked, imitating him as you put your elbow on the counter just like he did, cupping your chin with your palm. “And how do you suggest we get rid of their curious looks?”
“Dance ..” he said, reaching his hand out with a somewhat flirtatious look on his face, “.. I believe we best dance to decrease their level of suspicion.”
You couldn't help but to giggle as you held his hand, “Then, we shall dance.” you said, following the lead of his dorkiness. 
You let him carry your hand in his as he got out of the mini-bar thingy that he used to show off his chemistry knowledge on drinks to you, walking into the depths of the crowd that moved their body to the rhythm of the current song that was playing. 
“By the way ..” you spoke once you arrived at your destination, smiling as you wrapped your arms around the neck of your pretty date for the night, “.. It was a really lame way to ask for a dance, mister Shaggy.”
“Hey ..” he chuckled, looking like an absolute smash with his rosy cheeks and plump lips, making your heart flutter with his unintentional flirting skills. “.. It still got me a dance though, didn't it?” he bit on his lips, pulling you closer by your waist with his big palms placed on both sides.
Yep, he was right, it did get him a dance. And maybe — just maybe, it was gonna get him something more, something he has been craving for so long. 
Tumblr media
“Should we be doing something about this?” Chaewon said to Yunjin, taking the opportunity of having Jay and Sunghoon being absent to get drinks, pointing at where you were very wildly dancing with Jake. 
“I mean, I'm kind of getting worried.”
Yunjin scrunched her face once she noticed how Jake's hands were resting very close to your ass, watching you sway your hips in harmony with his while laughing at something he seemed to be whispering in your ear. 
Oh God, she thought, I hope it's not dirty talk. 
“I can't be sure if she's faking it to get rid of us ..” Yunjin responded back, narrowing her eyes to focus on reading your body language. “.. or if she's really into him.”
“I don't know which one is worse ..” Chaewon shook her head, almost gagging when Jake spinned you around and pulled you closer to himself, his lips almost brushing against yours. “.. but it looks like the second one to me.”
“I mean I know we told her to get a Shaggy but, did it have to be him?” 
Chaewon sighed in frustration as she let out her question, wanting to just snatch you away from the guy who she knew that had a terrible reputation on the entire campus. 
She despised him, especially because she watched it first hand how what he did almost ruined Ray's life, one of her closest friends of years. 
Yeah, she knew that she didn't really have any rights to talk about Jake since she wasn't even involved, but witnessing Ray's struggle unintentionally made her grow some sort of hatred towards him, she could not help it.
Thankfully Ray was doing much better with his parents now, moved into another city and enjoying his newly started life there. 
But unfortunately, that didn't seem to lessen her despise over Jake, since she was barely holding herself from ruining your fun.
She tched, rolling her eyes at the irony of this situation. 
She was the one who told you to go and find yourself a handsome looking, sex beast Shaggy and you did just that, but now there she was, trying to decide whether or not she should boycott your once in a lifetime experience. 
She couldn't help but to feel awful, you were her best friend.
“You know ..” Yunjins voice brought her back to reality, separating her from the sly thoughts in her head. “.. this is partially your fault.”
Chaewon glared at her, annoyed by the fact that she was thinking the same way as her. Ugh, why didn't she think better before encouraging you to go find yourself a pretty faced Shaggy and do the deed with him?
“Shut up, Yunjin.”
“No, because if you didn't tell her to go for a high nose and pretty hands, we might not be facing this situation.” she huffed, unable to hide the disgust in her face as she tried to stop the thoughts of you banging Jake from coming to her mind while she watched you two basically do a mating dance. 
Yep, she thought, you were definitely gonna lose that v card today.
“How could I know she would actually listen to me?” Chaewon defended herself, crossing her arms over her chest, “She literally never listens to me!” 
“Well, either way, It's too late now ..” Yunjin shrugged, accepting the obvious truth before her eyes. You looked like you really enjoyed Jakes company, which seemed to be coming in a romantic / sexual way, not that she took pleasure from witnessing. 
All there was left for them to do was to support you, which wasn't gonna be easy, but well,  as your best friends, it was their duty.
“.. we should just accept and —” her sentence got corrupted before she could finish it when the two handsome brothers that left their side came back, carrying a couple of glasses that were seemingly full with expensive looking drinks.
“Hey there ladies ..” Sunghoon cheered as he got back to his seat next to Yunjin, gently handing her drink out. “.. what are you discussing so passionately?”
“Nothing!” Yunjin let out a fake chuckle as she reached to get the drink from Sunghoon, watching Chaewon doing the same with Jay. “We were just talking about how your friend seems to be getting along so well with y/n, right Chaewon?”
Chaewon nodded with an awkward smile on her face, locking her eyes with Yunjin's approval seeking ones to avoid Jay's gaze. “They look like —”
“— like a cute couple, right?” Jay finished her sentence, turning his head to watch how his best friend was all over you while you were dancing to an upbeat song. 
You go tiger, he thought to himself, trying to hold his laughter back while observing Jake.    
“Haha, exactly.” Chaewon took an annoyed sip from her drink, cursing internally for ever agreeing to come to this party. 
“They're really sweeping the dance floor,” Sunghoon commented, “Look at them, they rock the whole place.” he said, leaning onto Yunjin, eyes looking at her as if he was offering to do the same. 
“They totally do!”
Jay one shotted his drink at the same time as his brother and placed the glass on the small table before their feet, reaching his hand out to Chaewon with an attractive smirk on his face. 
“Should we join them, then?”
Tumblr media
As lovely as it was to dance with the most popular brothers of the school, maybe for tonight, it wasn't the best thing to do for neither Chaewon nor Yunjin. 
They were stuck with the Park brothers in the middle of the dance floor, while a rather romantic/slow song was playing and despite the fact that they scanned the entire room maybe for the nth time, you were nowhere to be found, nor was Jake. 
“Do you see her?” Chaewon mouthed at Yunjin who was wrapped with Sunghoon's arms next to her, as she rested her head on Jay's shoulder, giving up from searching for you. 
“Negative.” Yunjin shook her head, pouting at her friend as she let Sunghoon pat her back, his gentle hands caressing her exposed skin through the thin fabric of her dress.
They both sighed as they accepted their defeat, leaning on their handsome partners while trying to suppress the buds of worry inside their gut. 
Where could you have disappeared?
Meanwhile, y/n and Jake, in one of the rooms at Park's mansion
“God,” you groaned into Jake's mouth, letting him corner you between himself and the door, “you have such kissable lips.” 
He giggled at your cute confession, big palms coming down to cup your ass under your skirt, fondling your flesh with his pretty hands. 
“And you have an ass to die for, sweetheart.” 
You smiled at his naughty compliment and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him into an even messier, deeper kiss. You welcomed his tongue inside as he swiped it along your lower lip, tasting your cherry flavored, burgundy lip gloss once again.
The way you tasted so sweet was getting him high, your intoxicating scent spreading everywhere from the tip of his nose to the ends of his veins. He could feel you all over his body, which had his dick desperately twitching in his pants with the lust he felt for you.
You let out an attractive chuckle as he kept kissing you, reaching your hands down to the tent on his crotch, where he was poking in between your legs with his hardness. You palmed him over his clothes, making him whimper against your lips when you traced your fingers on the outline of his cock, gently stroking him through the fabric. 
He felt so weak under your delicate touches, almost as if he was poisoned with the way you moved your lips on his. Everything about you was so irresistible; your pretty smile, your adorable moans, the softness of your ass and most importantly — the way you called out his name. 
It had the same effect with the song of the sirens, alluring him more and more every time you opened your mouth to let his name out.  
“I want you so bad, y/n ..” he whispered in your ear, nibbling with your earlobe after breaking the kiss, “.. so fucking bad.”
“Then take me, Jake,” you responded to him, pressing your swollen lips onto the exposed skin of his neck, placing an open mouthed kiss at where he seemed to be sensitive. “I'm all yours.”
He pulled out from your embrace briefly, resting his forehead on yours to form an eye contact, which made your knees give out. “I want to fuck you ..” he whispered as he pecked your lips, “.. hard and raw.”
Your heart skipped a beat on his words, his lustful gaze hypnotizing you with his blown out pupils, an unfamiliar feeling making your stomach burn. 
Was this how desire felt like? 
You assumed so, because it was the first time you ever wanted a man to touch you, to do unspeakable things to you. 
You wanted him and he wanted you, there was no need for stopping. 
You fluttered your lashes as you observed his features, his high nose and plump lips looking even more beautiful than the beginning of the night, the dim lights in the room shadowing his well sculptured face just perfectly. 
You thought about how you ended up here, right where your friends planned you to be, and looking back at what you've done, you had no regrets whatsoever, surprisingly.
You didn't regret kissing Jake. 
You didn't regret initiating something for the first time in your life, with the most adorable guy you've ever landed your eyes on. And you were sure that you werent gonna regret losing your virginity to him either, cause at the end of the night, it all was meant to be. 
You two were meant to be, you thought, destined to be together. 
As overdramatic as it sounded, Jake actually shared the same thoughts with you, cause what were the odds of you two matching in a random party as one of the most known couples of the cartoon world, in one of his favorite TV shows that he still watched to this day?
That's right, yes, close to zero. 
A Little fun fact about him: he was always a Velma boy, always has been and still was. 
Just now he has noticed how right his decision was once again, cause he definitely and absolutely had the biggest, the fattest crushes on Velmas — well to be precise, on a certain Velma, you.
There was something about the way you looked at him with your gorgeous eyes behind your round glasses, your lips swollen and your lipstick smeared all over your chin due to his kisses. 
He traveled his hands on your body, stopping on your chest to cup your tits with one of them, and resting the other one on your blushed cheeks. He caressed your lower lip with his thumb, soon after pressing his finger on your tongue for you to suck. 
He hissed as you played with his thumb in your mouth, giving him a preview of how good you'd look if you were to suck him off. The thought of it almost made him moan out loud, the effect you had on him being like none other, not compatible with any girl he's ever hooked up with before.  
Fuck, he thought, realizing the bitter truth — he was never ever gonna be able to get over you. 
And maybe, if he got lucky, he wouldn't need to. 
“Y/n,” he called your name out, almost as if he was whining, “you're driving me crazy, baby.” he said, massaging your boobs, one hand perfectly enough to cover them both over your tight crop. 
You hummed as you reached to his hands, placing yours on top of his large ones. You let his thumb slip out of your mouth as you replaced it with his index and middle finger instead, giving him a provoking look as you let his digits slide on your tongue, taking them in your throat as deep as your gag reflex allowed.  
“Shit.” he grunted once you clenched around his fingers, making him wish that he would feel the same thing around his cock one day, if not tonight. 
He pulled his fingers out of your mouth after letting you have your fun for a little longer, smashing his lips onto yours as soon as he removed them, kissing you harder, with much more of an uncontrollable desire this time. 
“I want to be the first,” he admitted in between breathless kisses, “and the only guy who ever gets to touch you like this.” he continued, letting the hand you just sucked on sneak under your skirt, brushing his fingertips over the dampness on your panties. 
“I want to be your only one, y/n,” he whispered like he was begging for your approval, resting his lips on yours as he kept speaking, “I can please you that well baby, I promise.”
“Then do it, Jake ..” you responded to him with a tender voice, your eagerness reflecting onto your tone. “.. what's stopping you?”
Tumblr media
“J-jake!” you reached your hands out for the man that left your side on the bed to kneel in between your legs, his eyes locked on yours as his hands never left their place on your clothed core.  
“Shh baby, I'm right here.”  he said with a calming tone, leaning to press a wet kiss on your upper, inner thighs. 
Feeling how wet you were on the tip of his fingers was making it really difficult for him to take things slow, the urge to rip all the clothings off your body was getting incredibly hard to ignore. 
Yet he was trying his best to keep his promise of giving you the best night of your life and to be able to do that, he knew that he had to be patient.
That's why he was taking one step at a time with you, trying to go at the speed of baby steps, starting off by using his skillful hands on your clothed pussy. 
Seemed like his efforts were worth the trouble, he thought, considering the way you were grinding your hips against his palms.
You were finally ready for him to get to the next step, oral sex. 
Oh how much he wanted to eat you out right now, to absolutely devour every single drop of your blissful orgasm with his tongue. 
He just knew that you'd taste better than any dessert he's ever tried, a sweet little recipe that him and only him would ever get to try.
Yes, he was gonna make sure of that, he was gonna make sure that he'd stay as the only one to ever be that lucky.
With an excited sigh, he pushed your panties to the side, revealing your throbbing pussy for his hungry eyes. 
The sight was mouth watering, he was flabbergasted at the way your little hole was pulsing out a white drink for him. 
Not wanting to waste any second, he licked it up, sucking on your cunt like he was left hungry for years. His fingers remained still on your clit at the same time, doubling up your pleasure with the way they rubbed your sensitive piece of flesh.    
He moaned once you snapped your legs around his head, cutting out his oxygen flow for a brief minute before he managed to separate them to breathe. 
“Shit, y/n ..” he cursed when he detached his lips from your cunt, his chest heaving up and down as he was looking at you with his dark eyes from where he was sitting on the floor. 
“I don't think one time is gonna be enough for me, not when you taste this good, love.” he said, being struck by the addictive taste you left on his tongue. 
It was making him wanna risk anything and everything just so he could keep you to himself.
“Wh-what do you mean?” 
He chuckled at your naive question, biting his lips before diving back on his meal for tonight. “It means that I'm gonna make sure ..” he whispered, licking a long line from your butthole to your clit, “.. make sure to give you a reason to see me again.” 
And with that, he poked his tongue inside your hole, strong hands coming up to grab your hips so that he could pull you impossibly close to himself, not letting you escape from the indescribable amount of pleasure he was giving to you. 
Silence was not an option for you at this point, the only thing you were able to do was to moan his name out very loudly as you were pulling on his soft, dark hair, challenging the strength of the roots of his silky strands. 
Honestly speaking, now you were totally getting the hype about sex in your generation, cause damn, this shit was mind blowing, at least with Jake it was. 
You could swear that you were seeing stars, choking on your words as he fucked you with his tongue, his nose brushing against your bud ever so often to make sure you were losing every bit of your remaining sanity. 
You were already weak and the way he held your legs placed still over his shoulder with his beautifully large hands was not at all helping you move in your spot, you were completely immobilized from waist down on the bed.
One hand gripping the sheets and the other tugging on his equally soft hair, you were feeling over the edge, shaking under the effect of a strong burn in your stomach. 
That must be my closing high, you thought to yourself, lowkey impressed that you still had some functioning neurons left in your brain after everything Jake was doing to drive you crazy.
Just when you were thinking what more he could even do to you, he did it, slipping a finger through your wet folds with ease. 
He was gentle, for now, as he was moving it in and out of your tightness, making sure to curl it so that he could make even more of a mess out of you. 
You could feel his smug smirk on your skin as he drifted his plump lips away from your cunt, peppering soft, feathery kisses all over your exposed thighs as he drew small circles on your tummy with his other hand.   
He was soft but rough, sweet but merciless at the same time, adding a second finger inside as he paced up once he felt how much you started to clench. 
He was aware of the fact that you were overstimulated, completely fucked out yet it gave him nothing but pleasure, if anything, it was only encouraging him to go harder on you. 
After taking a quick glance at your face, he chuckled, seeing how you were chewing on your lower lip to keep yourself from being embarrassingly loud. 
You already wanted to disappear in thin air due to the lack of control you had over the twitching of your legs, your whole body spasming under his weight as he raised on his feet to hover over your defenseless body, the pace of his fingers remaining exactly the same as he did so. 
“Nuh-uh, baby ..” he shook his head, freeing your lip from your teeth with his thumb, “.. do me a favor and never keep that pretty mouth shut when I'm touching you, okay?” he asked, gently pecking you on the lips. 
“Fuck, Jake —”
“Exactly,” he giggled, adoring how quick you were at obeying, “be very very loud for me, yeah?”
You nodded, rather eagerly to his like, grasping the collar of his loose green shirt to pull him closer. You kissed him just the way he liked to be kissed, sloppily and needily, your tongue fighting with his, even though you knew that you had no chances of winning any kind of battles against him. 
Giving up, you allowed him to conquer the insides of your mouth once again, bucking your hips up desperately with your closing high. 
He wrapped a hand around your throat to keep you from moving as he suffocated you with endless kisses, casually biting and sucking on your lips because the marks he left on your neck and thighs weren't enough for him to be satisfied. 
“Jake, I think I'm g-gonna —” you panted against his mouth once he permitted you to breathe, his chest moving along yours as he felt himself leak some of his cum into his boxers.
It was pathetic, yeah but what could he say? It's been forever since he touched a girl and well, this was hands up the very best hookup he's ever had. 
Maybe even too good to stay as only a hookup, even.
“Do it,” he spoke, not letting you finish your sentence, “you're doing so well love, now show me how you cream my fingers, okay?” he comforted you, resting his forehead on yours with nothing but love and admiration in his eyes. 
The way you could feel the pulsations of your walls was a quite new experience, you were light in the head as your heart was beating like it was trying to drill its way out of your chest. 
Everything was so new and admittedly a little scary, but for some reason, the way this complete stranger of a boy touching your private parts made your worries disappear. 
He was astonished while watching how hard your orgasm hit you, your very first one excluding that one time you tried a vibrator out of curiosity, moving his fingers out of your hole to land a sharp smack on your clit. 
“Shit —” you gasped, squeezing your thighs together around his hands, visibly shaking under his weight with the wave of pleasure that washed over you. 
“You did amazing,” he whispered, leaning to your ear, “absolutely amazing, y/n.” 
“So did you,” you replied, pulling his head out of the crook of your neck, your eyes searching for his before you made the boldest request that you've ever made so far. 
“Now do it again, but with your dick this time.”
A wide grin spread all over his face as he slowly got up from his spot, took his loose shirt off while he was standing right in the middle of your tired legs. 
“What my princess wants,” he spoke, undoing the button of his cargo pants in the blink of an eye, “is what my princess gets.” 
He let his pants fall from his waist to reveal his boxers and the very visible bulge under it, diving his hands under the tight fabric of his underwear to stroke his aching length, knowing just exactly what he was doing to you.
You never thought something other than food could be craved, but there you were, trying to control your mouth from foaming at the delicious sight before you. 
And when he slid down his pants to his knees, that's when you knew that you were crazy, enough to let out a whiny cry over the looks of his pretty cock. 
It was just the perfect size, yes apparently the perfect size did exist, veiny and not too thick with a cute pinkish tip.   
“Like what you see, huh?” he asked, rightfully smug, letting a glob of spit fall from his lips on his dick, his eyes daringly locked onto your flustered ones. 
He knew that he had you right in his palm but only for this night, you could allow it, since it felt hot to be weak and vulnerable for the first time. 
“Yeah I do,” you licked your lips, letting him spread your legs even further apart as he positioned himself against your hole, brushing his head lightly over your wet folds. “very much so, love.”
He giggled at the way you mimicked his tone, pulling you by your nape to steal a kiss from your still somehow glossy lips. 
“That so? Let's see how much you'll like this then.” 
With that, he was easily balls deep inside you, grunting out a husky “fuck” over the way you clenched around him just right. The feeling took his breath away, making him dizzy for a quick second as he watched how you took every inch of him.
You were buried in the sheets, still fully clothed as he begun to fuck you because let's be honest, your costume was a dream come true. 
Your back was arched and your legs were resting against his chest while his hands were busy traveling the length of your legs, massaging your flesh gently while he was thrusting inside you, moving slow to let you adjust his size.
So, in short, everything was perfect — well at least it was, until his phone started to ring non stop.
He ignored the first and the second calls, convincing you that it was probably one of the guys who was calling him, to make sure he wasn't knocked out somewhere due to how heavy he usually drinks.
But on the third call, you stopped him, telling him to get it because something wasn't feeling right. What if it was important, sex could wait for another day after all, right?
Extremely annoyed, Jake listened to you, reaching to his back pocket to answer the incoming call from his best friend that he now was hating for cockblocking him. 
Yes, it was Jay, the pain in his ass. 
“What do you want?” he huffed against the speaker, hoping Jay would get the hint and never bother him again. 
“Where the fuck are you?” 
“In the middle of something, Jay —”
“Like what? Y/n?” Jay teased,  “You better not be in my room, or else I'll give you a second butthole.”
Jake sighed, rolling his eyes out of annoyment. You were lying there all pretty with your little hole around his cock right before him, yet as if there was no other time for Jay to bother him, he picked this very moment to ruin. 
How perfect, why was luck never on Jake's side?
“I'm hanging up.”
“No wait —” Jay stopped him, sounding out of breath as if he was running. “I'm afraid you and y/n will have to wait, this is important.”
“I'm sorry but my understanding of what's important is not the same as yours right now, Jay,” Jake said sarcastically, caressing the sides of your calves, “So if you'll excuse me, I gotta go.”
“We're taking Yunjin to the hospital, idiot, so no i can not excuse you!” Jay finally snapped, the sound of his yelling was loud enough to be heard by where you were lying. “You need to take a break from fucking because this shit is important, now get your ass up and meet us at the location I'm gonna send to you.”
“What the fuck happened?” Jake asked, looking very confused as he slipped himself out of you, signaling you to get cleaned in the bathroom near the door. 
You had no idea what was going on but you didn't object to him, since whatever they were talking about seemed to be really serious for your little sneak out with Jake to not get interrupted. 
He mouthed “I'll explain.” at you while grabbing his shirt from the floor, wearing it clumsily as he was listening to Jay explaining the details of what the problem was. 
When you came out of the bathroom looking a little less fucked out, he walked up to you with open arms, pulling you into a warm hug as he mumbled out an apology for your very first night to be ruined like this. 
“It's okay,” you kissed his neck, patting his back as he swung your bodies together. “It's not your fault,” you told him, “now tell me what happened.”
“Okay, but dont panic alright?” he sighed, cupping your face, trying to find the best words to explain the situation to you.  “Yunjin's at the hospital, apparently she injured her ankle.”
“What?!” you yelled, stepping away from his embrace in shock, “Where, how?!”
“Well, Jay said she drank a little too much,” he scrunched his nose, looking down on the floor while talking,  “and didn't wanna come down from the dance floor even though Hoon and Chaewon begged her to.”
“Sounds like her,” you shook your head, scratching your forehead with exhaustion, “and where are they now?”
“Jay was gonna send it to me,” he said, reaching to take your hands in his big ones as an attempt to comfort you, “hold on, let me check.”
“Here, he sent it.” 
You read the name of the hospital out loud as he showed you the screen of his phone, letting him intertwine the fingers of his other hand with yours.
Everything about tonight was so confusing that you were having a hard time catching up, but one thing was for sure, you trusted Jake. 
It was awkward, yes, and maybe even wrong because you knew nothing about him, but that seemed to not be an issue for your emotions because the only thing you were feeling was comfort while holding his hand.  
“Let's go.” he said, kissing the tip of your nose, his eyes looking very different from minutes ago, so innocent and kind. 
However, they were pretty either way, making you wanna fuck everything up and give this game called “love” a chance.
“Mhm,” you hummed, brushing the intrusive thoughts away for now, “Lets go.”
3 weeks later, the night of the new year 
“Happy new year, baby.” 
You were staring at the message that you sent to Jake for like an hour ago, pouting in disappointment cause he still hasn't responded to you.
I mean, not that you'd like admitting but he was actually ignoring you the way you thought, you could understand his reasoning cause if you were to be honest, you kind of had it coming. 
Why? Well because, practically speaking, in this new relationship thingy with Jake, you weren't even giving him the bare minimum, where he was giving more than everything you could ask for to you.  
So far, he sneaked out almost every night to meet with you, and even took you out for multiple dates, doing it all the while respecting your decision to keep your relationship a secret from both his friends and yours. 
But even though he agreed with you on being private for now, you could still remember the enthusiasm leaving his eyes when you first told him about it. 
It was obvious that it was not at all what he wanted, yet he still did it, only because you seemed happier that way, and that was the only thing he cared about. 
It was the most heartbreaking sight you've ever seen and you couldn't help but to feel guilty, because right now everything between you two seemed to be falling apart, despite how good it started. 
And you couldn't help but to blame yourself for that, since Jake couldn't be more perfect than he was right now.  
Even after your first night — the night of your first sex which got interrupted in the most ridiculous way, thanks to Yunjin and her clumsy ass who was doing great now — Jake never did anything to offend you, in fact, he didn't even bring up the topic of what went down that night, because he was afraid of making you feel uncomfortable.
He seemed to be always so considerate towards you in some way, but if you were to be honest, you felt like you were the complete opposite of him, which made you think like you were only making him feel bad, especially tonight. 
So what happened was, he was begging this past week for you to spend the christmas night with him, and well, it wasn't an offer you wanted to reject either. So, you ended up saying yes. 
Because as much as he wanted to be alone with you, you wanted the very same, since you couldn't stop thinking about your very steamy first night and how great things could've been if only it wasn't ruined. 
And for that exact reason, you decided to dress up a little for him tonight, hoping that by the end of the night, nothing but Jake's warmth would be wrapped around your bare skin. 
But things unfortunately didn't go as planned — when did it ever with you anyways —  and just when you were getting ready to go out, Chaewon and Yunjin decided to pay you a visit, just like how they did every year with a big turkey they brought along themselves to cook for the night. 
Yes, that was right, you totally forgot about your yearly tradition with your two best friends, such a great move from you. 
Thus, you ended up ditching Jake with the lamest apology message, which he still hasn't returned understandably, cause he had every right to be angry with you, or even stop talking with you for good although that was a torture for you to even think of. 
“Fuck.” you huffed, shuffling on the mattress of your bed, crossing an arm over your face as an attempt to dry away the newly formed tears in your eyes. You felt helpless, because you didn't have the guts to call him, but all you ever wanted to do was to hear his soothing voice telling you that it was okay.
Was it selfish? Most definitely, but you were too desperate to care about it. 
There was only one thing going on repeat inside your brain, the thought of not wanting to lose Jake. It hurt a lot, more than you could express with words. 
But as you were busy fighting with your tears, you were forgetting about something, something really important about Jake. And it was the fact that he was already too in love with you to ever leave you, no matter how angry or offended he felt, therefore your worries were irrelevant. 
Because if not, what on earth was he outside of your door right now, freezing in cold as he was waiting for you to pick up your phone. 
Feeling the buzz next to your head, you wiped away your tears and sniffled, smiling widely as you looked at the name on your screen with wet, swollen eyes and a red nose. 
“Jake,” you whined once you answered his call, your voice cracking as your eyes started to shed a waterfall out of a sudden, “I'm so sorry, baby.”  
“Y/n,” he breathed out, his heart dropping at the sounds of your sobs, “baby why are you crying?” 
“Because I'm sorry,” you heaved a sigh, “I'm sorry that I couldn't be with you tonight even though I promised, I'm such a terrible girlfriend.”  
“Aw sweetheart,” Jake let out with his usual soft tone, feeling his eyes burn because of how terribly it hurt to hear you cry like this, “that's okay, please don't cry, hm?” 
“Are you not mad at me?”  
“No, how could I be mad at my angel?” he responded, chuckling, “If you don't believe me, why don't you look from your window and see for yourself, huh?” 
You got up from your bed, confused, and waddled towards your window, cleaning your face with the back of your palms in the meantime. 
The sight you saw was beautiful enough to make an extremely excited squeal escape from your mouth, he was here, Jake was here for you. 
Slapping a hand over your lips, you tried to contain yourself from being too loud since the said two girls were staying over the night, currently sleeping like babies in the guest room. 
You allowed yourself a minute to calm down, watching your handsome boyfriend through your window. He was leaning against his car as he was staring at your way, waving at you cutely from where he was standing. How could he possibly be more endearing than this? 
Not being patient enough to spend another second without him, you ran outside, going down stairs with the speed of lighting as you dropped your phone on the floor of your room, leaving Jake hanging once again.  
He called out your name a few times after seeing your silhouette disappearing from the frame of your window, knitting his eyebrows together in confusion until he heard the sound of your front door opening to reveal a very happy you running towards him with wide open arms. 
He lifted you up as you hugged him tightly and spun you around while giggling, wishing you a very good year that you both hopefully would get to spend with each other.
“Y/n —” he let out, placing you back on your feet, his arms still wrapped around your waist as your hands rested on his nape. 
Unable to resist how pretty his puffy lips looked, you cut his words the best way you ever could and pulled him in for a kiss, moaning once you felt his sweetness on the tip of your tongue. 
He returned your moan with a deep grunt, showing you that he was sharing the same feelings with you — desire and love. 
He was so into you that even a simple kiss like this made his stomach do endless flips inside him, sending shivers down his spine. He couldn't resist you, he couldn't ever, not that he would want to try either. 
So he surrendered, leaning down and lifting you up once again, making you wrap your legs around his waist as he walked towards your house to keep you both safe from the cold, carrying you inside quickly. 
But the cold was not the only reason why he was rushing to move things under a roof, since his stomach wasn't his only organ that was left affected from your endless kisses.
Yes, you are guessing right, he could feel his dick harden inside his boxers, which was making him let out soft moans ever so often into the kiss. 
It was so funny to him that after years of hooking up with girls, you were the only one he didn't need a prep with before sex — since with a touch, you managed to get him as hard as a rock in the matter of seconds, good to go for as many rounds as you could want.  
Getting inside your place, he was able to shut the door not so loudly with the back of his foot, immediately turning you around and slamming your back against the hard surface for a more efficient make out session.
His hands were on your hips as he was grinding against your core, his lips sucking on yours desperately, making you lose your barely existing patience. The way you whimpered against his mouth was nut worthy, yet he was trying his best to save his babies for your pretty little cunt that he has been craving more than ever lately. 
“Jake —” you gasped, tugging on his hair as an attempt to briefly break the kiss, failing once he pressed his hungry lips back on yours in no time. 
“Shh, keep it quiet baby,” he whispered, sounding somewhat sarcastic, “didn't you tell me your friends were gonna stay over tonight? Do you want them to hear us, hm?”
“I don't care anymore —” you responded, finally saying 'fuck it' to everything, “ — I want you, right now.”
“So far from staying private, huh, sweetheart?” he teased, rocking his hips against yours in a way he knew that would make you cry out of joy, smirking once he got the exact reaction he wanted from you — a high pitched moan. 
“P-please,” you whined, pecking his lips, “I need you so bad, please.” 
He giggled, enjoying to see your struggle over your desire for his cock. Maybe it was finally the time he let you get a taste of it, he thought, to put an end to your hassle. 
“Where's your room?”   
“Upstairs.” you pointed at his back, innocent eyes blinking in expectation as you observed his pretty features like you did at the night you first met. He was so pretty, even prettier than that night. 
“Let's go then, princess,” he smirked, eyes looking a few shades darker, “Let's fulfill your needs.”
Tumblr media
“Shit, It's so hot in here.” Jake mumbled as he dropped you on your bed, aggressively removing his coat and then his sweater, giving you the best of deja vu's while standing in between your legs.  
Everything he did was reminding you of your first night, from the way he was so impatiently undoing the buttons of his pants to the way he was looking at you with a lustful gaze. But this time, you weren't two complete strangers, you were together, like a real couple. 
He was your boyfriend, even though nobody knew, yet.
You giggled at the thoughts in your head, thinking how great it was for you to be able to call the statue-like guy before you as yours. You were lucky, but if you'd ask him, he would say that he was the lucky one. 
You were driving him crazy no matter what you did, but even though he didn't understand why, he liked the way you made him lose all the control he had over his body when around  you. 
Looking at you lying on the sheets of your large bed, he was feeling his blood boil in his veins, his skin burning hot as his dick kept twitching inside his pants. 
All you did was to kiss him outside and here he was, no better than an animal at self control, watching you wrap your still unfortunately clothed legs around his hips to pull him on top of you.    
He fell on you with a deep grunt escaping his lips, large hands creeping up to pin your arms upon your head as you kissed him, your tongue dancing with his feverishly. 
“Don't move your arms.” he ordered as he broke the kiss, now conquering the exposed skin of your neck with wet pecks and gentle bites.  
He then trailed his hands down to where they belong, on your boobs, and cupped them over your shirt, massaging them slowly. From the way you whimpered next to his ear, he knew that you liked it, which was the only signal he needed to keep doing what he was doing. 
But not only he kept on working his hands, he involved his hips into the game right after, and lit the first spark of your fiery night by grinding his bulge on your throbbing core. 
Despite the layer of clothing between your bodies, you could feel his hardness sharp and clean, the friction of having him so close sending your eyes to the back of your scalp. 
In that moment, you realized how addicted you were to him, as if he was the master of your body and you were nothing but a puppet by his side. His warmth was intoxicating against your skin, and your bliss only increased once he tugged his fingers on the hem of your shirt to push it over your chest, revealing the delicious sight of your pretty waist and soft tits.
“God,” he groaned, stealing a glance from you, “I fucking love you so much, y/n.” he whispered, before diving his head onto your boobs.   
He pulled the cups of your bra down to gain better excess for his hungry lips as he kept on suckling on your tits, leaving pinkish marks everywhere his mouth touched at the same time. 
You were a panting mass underneath him, having a difficult time keeping your arms still and your hands in place the way he ordered you to. With how welcoming his soft locks looked as he was busy devouring your tits, you gave up, reaching to tug your delicate fingers on his soft strands. 
He grunted when you pulled on them, detaching his lips from your abused skin as he gave you an authoritative look. “What did I tell you, angel face?” he asked with a stern yet a soft tone, gently grabbing your wrists and placing your hands back where they were supposed to be — above your head. 
“Keep your hands in place and be patient, like a good girl, okay?”
“But —”
“No buts, I'm gonna take my time on you this time,” he cut your words, “and you're gonna let me, understand?” he said, not waiting for your response as he slithered down on your defenseless body, stopping once his knees met the floor. 
You knew this scene very well, feeling butterflies having a dance party in your stomach as you watched Jake kneeling in between your legs, his face perfectly being perfectly in level with your clothed core. 
He didn't waste any time at saving you from the unbearable weight of your clothes, sliding your sweatpants down to your ankles and then taking them off along with your panties with one swift move of his talented hands. 
“Mmh,” he hummed, bringing his face closer to where you were throbbing after tossing your clothes somewhere on the floor, “smells like heaven.” he commented, before licking your wetness away. 
The funny thing about this was, even though the whole point of him eating you out was to give you pleasure, he was actually doing it for his own amusement. 
He liked to eat you out, he liked to fuck your little hole with his tongue, so fucking much.
In a way he couldn't quite resolve, he grew an addiction to your taste after your first time together, which resulted with him craving you more and more with each passing day till now.
The only reason why he kept his thoughts to himself was because he was afraid of scaring you away by being well, too eagered, but since that did not seem to be the case now, he didn't really have any reason to hold back from the true desires of his heart.  
With that being said, of course he jumped right into having a feast on your pussy, restraining your thighs with his strong hands to keep them from snapping around his head like before. He didn't want to be interrupted in any way as he worked his tongue on your cunt, feeling how much you were already shaking under him adding a new spice to everything that was going on. 
It seemed like you didn't give two shits about being caught anymore, considering how loudly you were crying out his name, gripping on the bed sheets with all the strength you had left in your body. 
“Jake! fuck, please!” you whined for maybe the hundredth time, bucking your hips up against his mouth in hopes of gaining more friction. But nope, this wasn't anywhere near to be enough for you.
You needed something more, much more than only his pretty lips, something big and hard like his beautiful dick.
“Please what, baby?” he asked with a nonchalant tone as he kept poking your clit with his tongue, naughty eyes looking at you as if he was enjoying the torture he was making you go through. 
He knew it as well as you did, that you wanted — no, that you needed something more than what he was giving to you right now, but where was the fun in that if he just let you have it that easy, right?
No, he was gonna play with you, just a little bit more. 
He stole one last peck from your pussy before he raised on his feet, a cocky smirk forming on his face as he leaned down, now hovering over your body with his taller figure. 
He reached his hands down to your cunt this time, since he couldn't bear the thought of leaving your pretty little hole empty, easily inserting two fingers inside your folds as his face rested mere inches away from yours. 
He chuckled when you winced with the sudden wave of pleasure washing over you, your jaw hanging loose whilst letting out the cutest moans he's ever heard. 
“Please what, y/n?” he repeated his question, fanning his hot breath against your cheeks. 
“I want you, please Jake.”
“You already have me baby,” he responded, pointing at his two fingers that were moving in and out of you, “is this not enough?”
“No, it's not even close to being enough,” you replied, letting your frustration win, “this is what I want, Jake,” you spoke as you palmed his cock over his pants, ignoring the 'don't move your hands' rule he forced on you, “this is what I need.”
“Is that so?” he sighed against your lips after stealing an open mouthed kiss, pushing his dick against your hands almost as if he was urging you to stroke him even more. 
“Yeah, it is.”
“Then why don't you try asking politely for it, y/n,” he got up, pushing down his pants along his boxers to reveal just what you've been dying to see — his pretty, veiny cock, and let a ball of spit fell from his lips on his tip as he finished his sentence, “just like a good girl would do, hm?”
After licking your lips, rather provokingly I might add, you smiled, feeling relieved since you were finally gonna get what you have been dreaming for, the only thing you had to do was to ask for it kindly as Jake put it, and you were more than ready to walk over your pride for your body's needs.
“Jake, can you please fuck me hard and raw,” you spoke, pausing to take off your sweater along with your bra, “then fill me up with your cum, pretty please?”
“Of course, my sweetheart,” he cooed, “as always, what my princess wants, is what my princess gets.” he said, aligning his dick at your entrance while holding the eye contact with you, his one hand placed on your hips as the other worked on smearing his spit all over his length. 
After a minute of silence, he was deep inside you, going as far as he could fit while stretching your walls deliciously. His head fell back as he managed to push his full length in, his abs tensing and his body shivering due to how tight you were around him. 
Oh boy, he thought, this was gonna be a long night.
“Baby,” he groaned, hands roaming on your clothless thighs as you wrapped them around his waist, “try to relax a little for me, hm?” he asked, visibly struggling before your eyes.
“I-I'm trying —” you choked on your words while trying to answer him, accidently causing your walls to clench even more as you coughed. 
“Shhh, take it easy,” he whispered, cupping your blushed cheeks with his big palms, his thumbs gently caressing the corner of your swollen lips, “breathe in with me, okay?”
You nodded and did as you were told, trying to follow the rhythm of his chest as you inhaled, closing your eyes. He took this chance to close his lips on yours, kissing you gently with his soft, puffy lips. 
His sweet act actually ended up having a calming effect on you, making your muscles relax and your breath to settle in. You hugged his neck as he began to slowly thrust his dick inside you, helping you adjust to his size with gentle pushes.
You could tell how much he was trying to hold himself back from being rough with you considering the way his kisses became much more messier in the span of a minute, needy moans escaping from his mouth to yours ever so often. 
“I like this so much.” you confessed, breaking the kiss for a brief moment, watching how his eyes lit up with joy as he smiled at your cute confession. 
“You do?” he asked, pulling his whole length out before slamming it back in, observing the way your face scrunched with nothing but pleasure. 
You were so beautiful, more than anything he ever saw on the face of earth. 
“Yeah, it f-feels so good Jake,” you whimpered, giving him a sloppy kiss, “so so good, baby.”
“That so?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow at you, lifting you up from the bed with one swift move. “How about this, angel, does this feel good too?” he said, now fucking you in standing position, his hands supporting your butt as you bounced on his cock in the air.     
“Oh God!” you let out a high pitched scream, holding onto his shoulders as tightly as you could, “Yes — fuck, it does, please dont stop!”
He had no intentions whatsoever to stop, but admittedly, it was hard to support your weight and keep his balance while you were violently rocking your hips on top of his. Thus, he found the solution by pushing you against the nearest surface available, which was the wall next to your work table. 
But as eager as he was, he was clumsy too, knocking down your miniature Christmas tree next to your chair on his way accidentally. 
“Oops, sorry —” he apologized, smiling sheepishly, looking down at the ruined decor that was gifted to you by Chaewon and Yunjin. “Merry Christmas by the way love, may we keep having sex like this the whole year.” he said, winking at you playfully. 
“You're such a dork.” 
“Correction, I'm your dork,” he objected, pouting cutely, “and admit it, you love it, you love me.”
“Hmm, let me see,” you sighed dramatically, wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him closer, “I may like you, but just a little bit.” you teased, pecking his pout.
“Just a little bit?” he asked, sounding disappointed, continuing to fuck you as if this was nothing but a casual chat between you two, something you always did. 
If you had to admit, you liked how normal everything felt despite how your previous attempt ended up in a disastrous way, you were feeling happy now and most importantly, you were feeling safe. 
“Yeah, just a little bit.” 
“Let me see if I can change your mind, then.”
And with that, you found yourself laying flat on your table, your legs resting on his shoulders as he cleaned his workplace from any unwanted accessories — and by that I mean your beautiful trinkets, pencils and notepads being thrown on the floor by him carelessly. 
Well, not to worry, he would be more than happy to buy you anything you wanted, as long as you kept your pretty legs wide open for him, just as you were doing right now. 
Watching you from this point of view was totally a bliss, he knew, because there was no other time in his life that he felt his dick twitching so hard, enough to keep him on alert so that he wouldn't accidentally cum inside you.
One thing he didn't know though, was the fact that it was exactly what you wanted him to do. 
Clueless on what you were thinking, he pulled out, with the intention of keeping it safe since he couldn't quite tell when he was going to bust a nut. He predicted it to be soon though, thanks to how hard you've been clenching around him and how much he couldn't hold back anymore. 
“What are you doing?” you asked, watching him stroke himself upon your tummy with a very confused expression on your face. 
“Im gonna cum —”
“Then why did you pull out?”
“Because I'm going to cum?”
He was lost, not understanding a word you were saying. Was it wrong of him to pull out of you? How? That was what he always did, at least until today. 
This was probably one of the reasons why he got so shocked when you asked him to put it back in, almost choking on his spit, he coughed, looking at you with big puppy-like eyes.
“E-excuse me?!”
“Did you just ask me to put it back in as in,” he stopped, gulping nervously as he felt his cheeks burn, suddenly getting shy over what he was about to say, “as in, uh, to breed you?”
“Exactly,” you smiled, reaching a helping hand out to take his dick from his palms and align it back against your entrance, “heard it was a good way to start your year, you know?”
He giggled, landing a smack on the sides of your thighs as he pushed his dick all the way inside you once more. “I wonder where you heard that from, huh darling?”
“From someone very wise,”
“So,” you bit your lower lip as you threw him a naughty look, wandering your hands on his forearms that were currently crossed over your bare legs as he began to thrust inside you, going with a faster pace this time. “you must not stop until I'm filled to the max, okay?”
“Got it,” he answered, nodding his head, placing a light kiss on your ankles, “I guess it's never too early to be a dad.”
You laughed at his statement and moved your legs from his shoulders, wrapping them around his waist instead to pull him down on you. He didn't resist you, in fact, he was more than happy to be meeting your lips again as you kissed him needily. 
He tugged his fingers in your hair and deepened the kiss, feeling his legs shake and his body burn due to his closing high. 
Noticing the messy disrupt on the rhythm of his hips, you hugged his neck and decided to help him as much as you could by grinding against his cock, ending up doing a really good job since he began to let out the most beautiful sounds of satisfaction you've ever heard in your life right after. 
This was gonna be his strongest orgasm ever, he could tell, feeling his knees almost giving out over the way your walls squeezed him just perfectly.
He pulled on your roots and buried his head on your chest, letting a huge wave of pleasure wash all over his body as he spurted his hot seeds inside you, his moans muffling against your skin.
He was feeling so high, even higher than the clouds that he almost didn't notice how your body was spasming under his weight, your own climax hitting you just after his.
His smile was wider than ever as he was massaging your thighs, his body resting on yours while he was praising you, telling you how perfect it felt to be with you and how grateful he was for having you all to himself. 
He was peppering small kisses all over your chest, nibbling with your nipples playfully, biting on them slightly to see your reaction. 
He pouted when you let out a squeak and pushed his face away, fighting with your hands to gain back a spot for his head on your boobs. He was addicted to them, yes, reasonably though — because let's be honest, no man in his right mind would prefer pillows over his girlfriend's pretty and super soft tits. 
“Hey, let me lay on your chest!”
“Promise to not bite then!”
“Fine I won't, Oh my god ..” he sighed dramatically, returning back to his position finally with your allowance, “.. I just wanna stay like this for a while with my girlfriend.”
You chuckled,  “You can be such a baby sometimes,” you commented, playing with his hair, “but I like it though.” 
“A baby who just fucked you raw.” he smirked as he looked up to you, his eyes glistening with joy once he realized the shade of red on your cheeks. 
“By the way how did I do? What do you think about our first time?” he asked, hoping to get you a little bit shyer, since you were even cuter that way. 
You booped on his nose, overwhelmed by his curious eyes, you sighed, giving up on trying to play it cool.
“It was a-amazing,” you responded, glancing away, “y-you were perfect, like you are at everything.”
“Awww, my baby —”
“But you could have made a lesser mess, I mean, look what you've done to all my beautiful decors.” you cut his words, giving him a sarcastic roll of your eyes, knowing damn well that he was gonna be irked.
Good, he had it coming. 
Of course you had to tease him in return, what was he thinking, that you would cut him a slack this time? 
Hah, no way in hell. 
You were shy, true, but you most certainly were not naive. 
He pressed his lips together, trying to hold himself back from giving you a bitchy answer since his plans for your eventful night were not over, not yet. 
“Well, let me clean up this mess then,” he mumbled, hugging your waist and lifting you up, “starting with you, my love.” he winked, leaning in to kiss the corner of your lips. 
“Would you mind showing me the way to your bathroom, honey?” he asked, trying to mask the meaning behind his words by using his innocent-looking, boba eyes.
You grinned, well, this was a great offer of truce. You could never turn off his booty call, even if you just had sex cause lets be honest, it would be a dumb move. 
“It's the second room on the hall,” you whispered against his lips, smiling sheepishly with excitement almost as if you didn't just get dicked down minutes ago, “from the left.”
“Let's go then, shall we?” he walked towards your door, rather eagerly, not wanting to waste any more time before resuming your fun activities. 
“Wait —” you stopped him as he grabbed on the knob, causing him to flinch with the sudden high-pitched tone of your voice.
“What if the girls woke up?” you asked, worried, “I don't want them to see us like this, I mean, we're naked and —”
“They won't.” he cut your words, pecking the tip of your nose as an attempt to calm you down, yet failing to succeed.
“How do you know?” you pulled your face away, looking in his eyes dead serious, “We made a lot of noise, It's possible for them to be awake.”
“Well, even if that's true, you have nothing to worry about.” he spoke, being careful to sound as comforting as he could. 
“Because, my angel, If that ever happens, I will man up and use my tough guy stare to scare them away, okay?” he said, trying to imitate the Chad face that he seemed to be obsessing over lately. 
You had to admit, this was smooth, as well as it was funny. 
You hit him on the shoulders as you broke into laughter with him, trying your best to silence since you were still afraid of the scenarios in your head becoming true and your two best friends catching you with your boyfriend's dick buried deep in your cunt. 
“You're such an idiot.” you commented, trying to catch your breath as he was still laughing, cupping his face to watch how pretty he looked while cracking the lamest jokes ever.
He was cute though — the very cutest, with his long locks covering his eyes messily. 
“For the nth time, y/n,” he sighed, throwing his head back with annoyment, “I'm your idiot, okay, not just an idiot, there's a difference.” he let out, emphasizing on the word 'your' as he rested his forehead against yours. 
“Got it, my idiot.”
“So are we doing this?” he asked, signaling the door, eyes begging you to say yes. 
“Yeah, we definitely are,” you responded, watching his face glow with a pleased smile, feeling your heart warm up at the sight. 
Ah, you were so in love with this man that it was kind of dangerous, yet that didn't seem to change anything. Maybe it was because he was worthy of it all, you thought, looking back at every risk you took for him and yeah — he was more than deserving, anything and everything you've done so far. 
“It's Christmas anyway,” you sighed, “there’s no better time to have shower sex, right?”
© hee-pster on tumblr
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notedgyanymore · 3 months
Dp x Dc idea 💡
Jazz has been dating Jason for the last few months the bat family loves her, and she hasn't given any of them red flags to trigger their paranoia as to make them look into her past, so to them jazz just seems like a normal nice girl. Everything changes though when she gets custody of her younger brother, who according to her has spent the last six months recovering from an unknown disease in a specialized hospital in another country.
Danny unlike jazz is a walking red flag, you can tell in your gut that there is something inhuman and terrifying about him and now the bat family is scrabbling to find information about Danny and jazz's past which seems so far to be purposely erased in a way that is so efficient that it's as if it never happened in the first place. The bat family current theory is that Danny is some kind of monster/creature that has infiltrated Jazz's life and altered her memories and that she never had a brother in the first place this corroborates with the fact the while Jazz Fenton existence is very well documented by government, there's virtually no evidence of the existence of Daniel Fenton before he appeared the last month with a fake recently made ID.
The truth is Danny has spent the last six months recovering in the ghost zone from an attempted dissection courtesy of Jack and Maddie Fenton and was being taken care of by his ghost guardians/parents frost bite and clockwork, while healing he discovered the that he really likes "living" in the realms specially after a traumatic experience, not having to deal with humans feels great ! Anyhow, Danny decides that he wants to live full time in the ghost zone and makes a wish to Desiree so his identity both as Phantom and Fenton get erased and the only people who remember that he ever existed are jazz, Sam, tucker and of course the ghosts.  
Jazz wasn't all that happy about the wish, but she understands that it is better that her parents forget Danny's existence, so they can't go after him again also making a new identity together seems easy enough. The reason why jazz got Danny's custody in the first place was because of the agreement she made with clockwork and frost bite that Danny should at least finish high school and get to complete his eighteen birthday on earth, and they were fine with this deal after all is just a few years and ghost children age much slower which means that clockwork and frost bite would also get to raise their kid.
Danny currently is very unhappy with the deal having to live on earth, specially on a city like Gotham, moreover having to deal with Jazz's terrible boyfriend and his family who are treating him like dirt. Well jazz isn't happy either, she loves Jason, but she will not stand anyone treating her brother this badly, so he better step up before he gets dumped.
Note : Out of the bat family, Jason is the one with the most antagonistic attitude towards Danny, the pits recognize him as a threat to their existence and activate a fight or flight response in Jason. He tries to be sneaky and not say anything bad about Danny when his sister is around, but Jazz knows what going on and is deeply disappointed. Also, after six months in the zone, Danny has gotten worse at hiding his ghostly nature.
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weasleytwinwheezes · 1 month
smart man, smarter mouth
tsu'tey x na'vi!reader
in which jake tells tsu’tey about some of the more intimate ways earth people mate
warnings: this is pure filth, minors PLEASE do not interact
a/n: i seem to write smut much quicker than angst so requests open! please nothing weird for the younger kiddos, i dont feel comfy writing that :)
Mated life with Tsu’tey was bliss. He was caring and attentive to you in all ways. Never eating too much food until you had your fill. Letting you lead the way in decorating your home. He had even gone so far as letting you name the new banshee he bonded with after the War. 
The way he treated you in the domestic roles of your relationship definitely carried over into the more intimate side of it. He was what the elder ladies of the clan called- a giver. He was all hands, tongue, and teeth when he had the chance. Tsu’tey enjoyed mating like any other male, but he especially enjoyed it when he knew you were just as hungry for him as he was for you. 
The two of you weren’t shy about sex. It was a normal thing to do, but it seemed like something was missing. You had heard of the things Jake and Neytiri had been doing behind closed doors. Neytiri was not afraid to share the intimate details of her mating with Toruk Makto. She often snipped about how his smart mouth had other uses to her. The things you learned had you more than a little interested in experiencing them yourself. 
You just didn’t know how to broach the subject with Tsu’tey, but thanks to the insufferable Jake Sully you wouldn’t have to. 
One rainy evening you laid around the small fire in the middle of your home. Your mate at your back, strong arms thrown over you. You had not anticipated him wanting to mate this eve. He had a rough hunt today and the weather didn’t help his somewhat sour mood. 
You didn’t know what exactly caused the puckered look on his face, but he had worn it since he arrived back to high camp. Knowing how he could be, you decided not to press. He would share when he was ready, you just didn’t expect it to be so soon. 
Settling into your mates arms, his breath fanning lightly against your neck-you heard him let out a deep sigh. 
“What troubles you my yawne? You do not seem like yourself?” you lightly asked, playing with his large hands. 
You watched as he balled his fist over and over, going tense at your back. Almost as if at war with himself. 
Tsu’tey stayed quiet for several moments, before his deep voice replied, “There was something interesting Jake mentioned today. About how people of Earth would mate.” 
“Oh? Do they not mate as we do?” you questioned, heart pounding as Neytiri's words swam to the forefront of your thoughts. 
He sat still for a what felt like eternity, seeming to be searching for the right words, “He says that they will use their mouths on each other. All over each other and I think I would like to try that with you. If it’s fine with you yawne.” 
Suddenly you were very aware of every place your skin connected, especially his hard groin pressing into your back. The air in your tent felt smothering as Tsu’tey ran his hands along your still form. 
“I-I do not mind. I would like to know. If you’re sure?” you answered through a shaky breath. 
With your now spoken permission, he was like a man possessed. Flipping you underneath him, his lips met yours in a fiery kiss as he pressed his full weight into you. 
“Do you feel that my yawne? Do you feel how excited I am to please you?” he growled into your lips, slightly rocking his hips against yours. 
Before you had the chance to answer he was nipping and sucking at all the skin in his path downwards, leaving dark purple marks that you were sure would be noticeable tomorrow. 
Your body felt like it was on fire from the attention he was giving it. Minutes felt like hours as Tsu’tey took his time reaching the band of your loincloth. You nearly jumped when you felt his sharp fangs graze the soft skin of your navel. Peeking downwards you were rewarded with your mates lustful eyes as he pressed his long nose against your clothed cunt. 
A wave of arousal flooded you as you watched him inhale deeply, before pushed your loincloth out of the way. The cold air against your hot folds was enough to make you whine loudly, wanting any kind of friction you could get. 
The first lick was tentative, him unsure of how you would react. But the loud moan that ripped from you lips, had him digging in like a man starved. 
You didn’t even have a word to describe it, your mind completely blank as he worked his tongue and lips along your sex. Below you could feel the slight move of his body, most likely rocking himself into the soft furs to relieve a bit of tense. Knowing what he was doing and the feeling was otherworldly, you felt like you were floating. 
Until he nipped at the little bud that sat atop her folds, resulting in you fiercely grabbing his braids. The sharp tug you gave his hair, pulling a muffled groan from the man below you. The vibrations directly on your clit quickly overwhelming you. It didn’t take much more for you to reach your high as his large hands came up to knead your heaving breasts. Pushing your top out of the way, he twisted one as he also paid special attention to your clit.
 Your orgasm hitting you like a direhorse as you pulled even harder on his hair. A low moan mixed in with your more high-pitched one and you knew what had happened. Tsu’tey came from what he was doing to you. 
Neytiri was right, his smart mouth really did have other uses.
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toomuchdickfort · 1 year
*comes up with a cool ass scene for a character that is in no place to have that scene rn and not developed enough to figure out how that scene would happen*
#theyre coming to terms w the idea that unless they want to wait for days or weeks in a plane they hate they dont have any way back to the#people they know and love bc their teleporting goes weird most of the time and they can only have 1 or 2 places they can consistently for#sure get to and they lost one of those roots so they can either sit at the pools for fuck knows how long until someone else shows up bc#they cant work the gateway or they can just try and do the best w what they have which is what theyre doing#and like. theyre apart from anybody they care enough abt to have one of those 'screams hard enough to kick up in power for a little bit'#moments. which like. theyd not be able to do hardly anything anyways bc they keep the magic of like their whole being unstable to be able#to shapeshift but like. reference rey jaret through 'if they were a paragon of their kin they could create wonders. They could cleave open#the earth beneath them and rend the skies asunder and re-thread the very fabric of reality. ...But they're not. And all that happens is a#hum in the air and a little kicked up dust.' because like!! rey did that!! they had a little help but they went to the hole in reality and#slapped some stitches on the main hole in reality!!!#and it carved through their being enough to leave golden scars crawling like cracks up their arm and across their body from the hand they#held outstretched to this hole in reality and it took them weeks to recover#and now they're kind of possessed but shh its probably fine#and also their memories have been yoinked to put into someone made with their blood but thats also. probably fine.#character rambles#elysur#rey jaret#mikail barne#cyrn o’neal#edit: I was able to put it into another one so 👌
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i-cant-sing · 8 months
It's very hard to come up with romantic yanderes but I've just got this idea:
Imagine Toji Fushiguro being betrothed to you, Y/n Gojo. Ever since he was a kid, he was told that he would marry the Gojo Saturo's older sister to make the clan stronger.
Now we all know that Toji hated being told what to do, so he swore to himself that he'd never marry you once he grows up. In fact, Toji grew up hating you because all the elders tried to drill it into him that he only existed to marry you and he's useless otherwise.
Alas, Zenin clan did end up forcing Toji to marry you. However, Toji remained defiant even after marrying you. He did not care that you were actually in love with him, he told you once that this was a "marriage of convenience" and that he'd never touch you with a 10 foot pole even if you were the last person on earth because you're a "manipulative bitch". Now reader is 100% confused because she didn't understand why Toji resents her, but decides to work on this marriage for the sake of her family.
Toji cheats on you, slept around with pretty much anyone and everyone, ended up having Megumi with someone and then forced the baby into your lap, wasn't home much because he'd much rather risk his life doing a bounty hunt than sleep in the same bed as you.
You on the other hand, continued to surprise him as you took it all with a smile. When he told you he was cheating on you, you just nodded and asked if he'd like you to run him a bath. When he dropped Megumi in your lap, telling you it's his son, you smiled and cooed at the baby, promising to take care of him. Whenever he tried to sneak out of the house early morning, you'd come out of the kitchen with his lunch, wishing him a safe journey.
He thought you were crazy. No one in their sane mind would react how you had.
Toji won't lie, he may have not fallen for you, but you had managed to soften up his heart and change his opinion of you from "I MF HATE HER-!" to "She's alright."
He doesn't remember what exactly it was that made him fall for you, but it mightve been the time when he found out how you lied to Zenin clan when they asked if Toji had been treating you well or not. You smiled gently and sang hsi praises, and he couldn't figure out why you did that. You had no reason to, your clan was superior to his, they would've protected you. Toji knows how respected and loved you are by your family.
Or maybe it was when he'd return home with injuries and you'd stay up all night taking care of him. There had been quite a few times when he was near death's door, and it was you who had brought him back.
Or maybe it was the fact that Naoya told him that it was you who paid the Zenin clan to give Megumi to Toji. You paid, out of your own pocket, not your family's money, but your own. For him. And you never told him.
It was selfless acts like these that made Toji realise he was in love with you.
You'd always been so selfless, haven't you?
Eventually, Toji began to show you affection, began being the husband you deserved. You didn't change much, responding the same way you always had, a smile and a submissive nod.
One day, you had off-handedly mentioned to him how you don't think its safe for Megumi to be left with the Zenin clan.
The next day, Toji had returned with the news that he and Megumi were no longer associated with the Zenin clan. An act of love.
However, this act of love turned out to be the worst decision he'd ever made because 6 months later, you'd handed him the divorce papers.
"What is this?" Toji asked, frowning at the contents of the paper.
"Divorce papers. Now, I've already packed my bags, Megumi is still at school with Gojo so you can talk to him later. Don't worry, I'll explain that I found someone else or you can say that it was you who dumped me- whatever story you wanna go with, Toji. I'm fine with it!" You said nonchalantly as you rolled out your suitcases.
"Y/n. I- what are you talking about? What is the need for this?!" Toji demanded, slamming the papers on the table. "Why are you leaving?!"
You looked confused. "Huh? I thought you'd be happy?" You shook your head. "Toji, we are not a real couple. Now, you'd be free to marry whoever you want, and I can move on with my life."
"What are you saying?"
"A marriage of convenience." You smiled. "That's what you said on our first night. Now, you're free."
"No- why? Why now?" Toji asked, blocking the doorway.
"Well, I was gonna leave you after the first month. But then I saw how Zenin clan treated you and I realised you were just a victim in this. If I'd left, I knew the repercussions would've been deadly for you. So I stayed. Then you brought Megumi, so more the reason to stay. But when you told me you'd left the clan, oh! I was so happy! I'd have left the same day, but I wanted to make sure they didn't come after you or Megumi later. So I waited for a few more months and now we're here!" You explained with glee. "Now, you can sign those papers and send them over whenever you feel like-"
"No." Toji repeated, tears in his eyes. "No. You- you're not leaving. You can't. I still- I need you. I love you."
"Is this about money? Because I can still send you some even after we're separated." You sighed and tried to move past him. "Toji~ don't make this harder than it needs to be. Move aside, please." But Toji shook his head and hugged you, his large form completely engulfing yours, and he sneakily threw your bags to the side.
"No. You can't do this to me." He said, hugging you tighter when you tried to wriggle out of his arms. "I love you, Y/n. I fucking love you!"
"Toji, just sign-" Toji pulled away from you, grabbing your chin gently before slamming his lips against yours.
"We can leave, huh? We can go somewhere you like, spend away some time, hm?" He kissed you again when you tried to turn him down. "Just the two of us! I can show you how good I can be. I- I promise, I won't ever hurt you again, I'll be the best husband! I'd do anything for you!"
"Then sign the goddamn papers, Toji." You pushed him off, but he fell to his knees, once again blocking the door.
"Please don't do this." He begged, on his knees, hugging your torso. "I was made for you. Don't do this."
"Stop this, Toji. You're acting like a child. You don't need me anymore, so stop being so selfish." You said, throwing away your bags and hopping over him to get to the door.
"I'll kill myself." That stopped you dead in your tracks. Toji walked up behind you. "If you step outside of this house, Y/n, I swear to God, I'll kill myself." This was his last resort, blackmailing you to stay. You're too selfless, you care too much.
You turned around, with tears in your eyes. Toji felt guilty for pulling on your heartstrings like this but he'd cross any line to make you stay.
You slapped him across the face.
"How dare you?" You asked. "How dare you use that against me?" You raised your hands to slap him again but Toji caught your wrist.
"I'm sorry, but it's true. I'll kill myself if you leave. I'll have no purpose in life, nothing to look forward to if you're not here." Toji said, kissing your palm.
"Fine then." You pulled you hand away as Toji smiled. "I'll make sure to bring flowers over to your grave. Or would you like me to spread your ashes instead?" Toji's face never fell so fast. "If you wanna die, then so be it. I'm done feeling guilty for stuff I didn't do." You turned around to leave, only for Toji to grab you from behind and pull you to the basement (that he kept locked because its where he worked). You were freaking out as Toji dragged you down to the room he'd forbade you from ever entering. In a matter of seconds, Toji had grabbed something from the shelf and injected you with it.
Toji cooed sweetly as you fell limp in his arms. "Shh, go to sleep. You'll feel much better when you wake up." He stoked your hair for a few minuets before pulling out some cuffs and chaining you to the bed.
You think you dont have a reason to stay? Fine, Toji will remove that IUD device and give you a reason to stay.
Tumblr media
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leviismybby · 2 months
Tumblr media
Parining: Levi Ackerman x fem!reader
Warning: NSFW 18+, minors dni. Levi being soft for the reader in between, creampie, multiple orgasms, oral f! receiving
Part 2
Part 3
The sun hit Levi's face as he walked through the training ground rubbing his neck as he goes. He feels eyes on him, it's normal he is the captain but knowing the things he did with you in his office last night, he feels like he is walking a walk of shame.
He stands next to Hange who gives instructions on how to catch a titan. Everyone is listening closely except Levi who can't get you out of his head.
Flashbacks start to play in his head and he becomes thankful that everyone is paying attention to Hange.
"Levi.....harder..." You whimper beneath him digging your nails into his back. He growls at your request, picking you up with your legs wrapped around him he slams your back against the nearest wall making you moan.
He goes faster, harder, just like you wanted him to. Feeling your walls clench around his cock Levi hisses burying his head into your neck and biting the skin. He told you before that you shouldn't mark each other but that was out the window as soon as he got to kiss your skin.
Nails scrape even deeper down his back, Levi is sure that you drew a little bit of blood but he doesn't care. It just feels so damn good, he doesn't want to stop but he will have to at some point, you're looking exhausted.
How many times did you cum? 7? 8? He can't reflect how many times those thighs closed around his head or how many times your warm walls squeezed him.
"Earth to Levi." Hange snaps her fingers in front of his face, surprised at how distant he seems to be. "What?" Levi bluntly says scoffing at the brown-haired woman.
"Do you want to explain to them how you caught that one titan a few months ago?" All eyes are on him again, he feels like his face might give him away.
"Alright....." He starts to describe how he and his squad captured that titan but in the back of his mind, your moans are replaying in his head.
On the other side of the ground, you're cleaning the floor, legs sore, you're surprised that you even got out of bed this morning. You scrub the floor, trying to ignore the ache in your entire body, his every mark can be felt on your skin.
"Oww.." You grit your teeth as the ODM gear presses right onto one of the bite marks. "Are you alright, name?" Petra asks, genuinely concerned about you. She watched you struggle the whole morning, it looked like your legs were about to give up at any given moment.
"I'm fine just.....sore." You continue scrubbing the floor, trying not to make her worry even more. "Hmm must be from that training yesterday, Captain Levi never goes easy on us." You have never been more grateful for a turtleneck shirt than you are now, Petra would've figured it out in a second if she saw your neck.
Yeah.... training. You want to hit yourself in the head as activities from last night flood your mind.
"Gonna be a good girl?" You nod your head as Levi kisses down your body, his hands slowly parting your legs the lower his mouth goes. When he reaches your underwear, he looks up at you and you might just go crazy. He looks like he wants to ravish you and he does.
His lips trace the inside of your thighs and he bites hard on the flesh, your upper body is filled with his marks as it is but to Levi, it wasn't enough.
His bites get closer and closer to your cunt and you pull on his hair a little, letting him know that you're impatient.
"Naughty girl, can't wait for even a minute hmm?" You bite your lip at his words, never in your life have you had a man bring you this much pleasure and he isn't even halfway done with you.
"But since you have been good......" He slowly takes your underwear off, his cock twitches as he sees how wet you are."..I'll give you what you want after all she is desperate."
He slaps your cunt a few times before burying his head between your thighs. Your back arches off his table but he is quick to pin your hips down. His tongue feels so good, he knows what he is doing.
"Fuck. Fuck." You curse, eyes getting watery when you feel him suck on your clit, your hands in his hair messing up his perfect undercut. He is a sight to behold.
"Name did the floor do something wrong or..?" Petra asks, you have been aggressively scrubbing the same spot over and over again.
"Oh sorry." Your cheeks grow red, way to go. Not only did you have sex with your commanding officer but now you want to do it again, it just felt so right.
"Any questions?" Levi asks and when he gets no reply back, he turns to Hange. "If we are done, I have to report to Erwin."
"We are, you can go." She smiles at him but he just turns his back to her, heading back inside without another word. Levi doesn't have to report to Erwin, he just couldn't stand being there because all that's on his mind is you.
Levi hurries through the corridor to his office. Once he is inside, he leans his head against the door a sigh leaving his lips. Damn you and your perfect body and those lips...you aren't making things easy for him.
He sits back in his chair and notices a white piece of fabric on the floor. "What..." He mutters and as he takes it into his hands, his eyes go wide, it's your blouse that he ripped last night.
His fingers play with the hem of your shirt as he stands between your open legs, your eyes look everywhere but him. Levi grabs your chin with his hands making you look at him.
"Shy now are we? Keep those pretty eyes on me." He commands and you nod but that isn't the answer Levi wanted so he plants a nice slap on your ass.
"Is that how you answer to your superior? Talk." His hands are roaming your body but he isn't anywhere where you need him. "Yes sir, I will keep my eyes on you."
"There you go, atta girl." He leans in kissing your neck as his cold fingers run under your blouse tracing your spine delicately. Levi is harsh with words but the way that he touches you makes you think that he is doing it more for your pleasure than his own.
The truth is that Levi wants your eyes on him, he wants you to see a side of him that he doesn't let anyone else see. It's pathetic how much he craves your eyes at times, to him they make time stop and he can get lost in them. This is exactly why he is harsh on words with you, he doesn't want you to get the wrong idea. It won't go anywhere beyond sex. He has to make sure it doesn't.
As his lips kiss and bite at your neck, you moan pulling Levi closer to you. "Please Levi, take it off." He pulls back a little bit just enough to get a glance at your eyes and make sure that you're okay with this before he continues.
Levi doesn't see anything in them but desperation and that's all he needs. He dives back into your neck and collarbones as his hands harshly rip your shirt, a piece of it falling beside his chair but both of you are too eager to notice.
The blouse finally falls off your body and Levi wastes no time as his hands squeeze your breasts through your bra. You tug at his shirt in response and Levi is quick to take it off his body.
He will never forget the way your eyes devoured him, it's like you saw nothing else at that moment but him and it made Levi feel a certain way.
Putting the piece of your blouse away, he lets his fingers run through his hair. Why? He had you like he always wanted to have you, so why does he want to do it again?
When you are finally done with cleaning, you and Petra head back. She didn't question your weird behavior further, maybe it was just one of those days or maybe it was something else entirely, either way, she doesn't want to be annoying.
"I'm going to change real quick, my uniform is really dirty." Petra nods and you two part ways. You head back up the stairs that lead to your room, Levi on your mind the entire time.
Making sure to lock the door behind you, you slowly pull your turtleneck off to reveal your marked skin. There are bruises on your hips, plenty of marks on your upper body and neck, your thighs have little bruises from Levi's fingers.
Your eyes land on one particular hickey on your shoulder and you blush as the memory creeps in.
It's hot, his skin sticks to yours as he pounds into your cunt repeatedly. There isn't a place in his office that you two didn't have a go at. You fucked on his desk, his chair when you rode him, his wall, his office sofa and now you're on the floor in front of the fireplace.
Both of you are sweaty, the heat of the fireplace only adding to the atmosphere. You have come so many times on his cock that you can't even think straight anymore. You're breathing heavily not having the energy to moan anymore, Levi doesn't either it seems, as his head is buried into your shoulder.
Your legs are parted by his hands, nails digging into his biceps. Yeah, you two will have a lot to worry about after it's all done. You painted each other in marks like an artist paints a canvas, each bite and bruise has a different color.
"I'm close." He whispers in your ear kissing your forehead lightly. His thrusts start getting more passionate, you swear that you can feel him in your stomach as that coil starts to burn in your abdomen.
"Levi, cum inside me please." Levi's eyes go wide, he came either in your mouth or somewhere else on your body but neither of you are in the right mind to think about the consequences that could bring so he listens to you.
Levi pulls you in closer, so close that you feel his heartbeat against your chest. You kiss him and he moans against your lips before pulling away and biting into your shoulder as his cum fills you up.
You pant heavily, foreheads pressed against each other, eyes closed. It's clear as day that this wasn't just a fuck, Levi was making love to you.
Shivers run down your spine, there is no way that you'll ever look at your captain the same way, not after he held you in his arms like you were the only thing that mattered.
You change into a different uniform with the same turtleneck shirt. There are a lot of things you thought while joining the scouts, will you survive, what if you manage to save humanity, being worried about covering the love bites your captain gave you, wasn't one of them.
Levi sits in his office finally doing some paperwork to ease his mind a little but all that he can think about is you. What if he went too far? What if you regret it? What if his feelings for you only get stronger? What if this drives you away from him? Levi can't stand that thought.
There are too many unanswered questions in the air but one thing is for certain, both of you would repeat yesterday if you could.
Taglist: @youre-ackermine @the-milk-anon @sixpennydame @yakaaamoz @levisbrat25 @notgoodforlife @levisgreyeyes
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m1d-45 · 1 month
a soft place to land
summary: life can be hard. when the day is long and your body is weary, your lover is there. features zhongli, diluc, kaeya, alhaitham, and tighnari, in that order.
word count: ~800
-> warnings: none.
-> gn reader (you/yours)
taglist: @samarill || @thenyxsky || @valeriele3 || @shizunxie || @boba-is-a-soup || @yuus3n || @esthelily || @turningfrogsgay
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Tumblr media
his arms are sturdy around your shoulders, pressing you into him. one hand rests on your head, letting you hide in his shoulder. hes frowning, upset at seeing you upset, but carefully keeps it from his words.
“you’re alright, beloved. this will pass.”
you squeeze him tighter in response, a fresh set of tears sinking into his suit, but he doesn’t mind. you could ruin all of his clothes, and he only asks that you would be okay on the other end.
he promises you that, now. his hand slides down to the other, his embrace nearly crushing as he turns to whisper into your hair.
“it will be okay.”
you sink further into his arms.
maybe it will be.
diluc holds you close within his office, leaning against the closed door. he’s not sure what brought this on, but it’s clear now is not the time for questions.
he presses a soft kiss to the side of your head, gently wrapping his arms around you. soft coos and sweet words fall from his lips as easy as air, slipping into your ear and slowly driving the dark, thick muck of helplessness from your mind. his words are slow, his voice quiet, but you hear him clearly.
“im right here, beautiful. it’ll be alright.”
you take a shuddering breath, pressing your face further into his jacket and breathing in his cologne. when you exhale, some of the weight lifts off your shoulders.
his hands are almost kneading where they’re holding your sides, keeping you sat firmly in his lap. yes, he was technically on shift, but his paperwork could wait until you weren’t crying into his shoulder.
he’s hoping the repetitive motions of his hands will help ground you, his silver tongue failing when he needs it most. he wants nothing more than to reassure you, to say exactly what you need to hear and banish your tears to a far off corner of teyvat where they’ll never harm you again, but all that escapes his mouth is the soft, gentle sound of your name. it’s careful, filled with empathy, every shake of your shoulders reflected in the harsh twist of his lips.
he lets his head rest on your shoulder, taking deep breaths in an attempt to encourage you to do the same. in, and out, in, and out, every breath measured, an inaccurate picture of his mind. he wants to hyperventilate with you, to fret and worry over his love, to ask what’s wrong and how to fix it, but that’s not what you need right now. so he counts his breaths, in (one, two, three, four) and out (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight).
slowly, surely, you fall back to earth, right into kaeya’s open arms.
alhaitham’s eyes were fixed on his book, on the theorized etymology of some of the runes in king deshret’s ruins. he kept his voice low, calm and clear, reading slowly. one hand propped the pages apart, and the other was entangled in your hair, gently sweeping arcs with his thumb.
you were lying with him on the couch, head in his lap and face buried in his side. your hand occasionally flexed and tugged at his shirt, but you didn’t speak up when he paused.
he was fine with that.
he’d sit here with you for as long as you needed, picking another book up off the end table if he needed to. whether you wanted to vent off whatever was bothering you, or simply lie in his company, he would be happy either way.
alhaitham turned the page and continued to read.
tighnari’s tail flicked behind him, thankfully outside of your view. you hadn’t given much explanation before you’d pulled him into a crushing hug, but his jitters weren’t from irritation. no, he could never be upset at you; he was worried.
your arms were tight around him, a sharp contrast to the gentle circles he rubbed into your back. he wasn’t sure if you wanted to hear his comfort, so he settled for non-verbal signs of it instead, leaning the side of his head to yours.
for however long you wanted to stand there, he’d be there. when the moon sank below the horizon and stars glittered in the window, he’d smooth his ungloved hands over your shirt, only speaking to offer a cool cup of water.
when the you inevitably collapsed into bed, he’d lie at your side, holding you close until morning.
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